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Kenny Smith

Kenneth (Kenny) The Jet Smith (born March 8, 1965) is a retired American professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association.

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Woah, when did Kenny Smith get a 2nd job working security for the ?
Kenny Smith, Charles and Shaq both said he's a top 50 player of all time, Pau doesn't have half the accomplishments Dirk has
No gentrifying basketball white boy/ Kenny Smith has a basketball camp? How about a broadcasting school?
Why does even still have Kenny King on their roster. He isn't that a good of a wrestler.
: Migrant children who don't speak English are changing the character of Britain's schools, Iain Duncan Smith sa...
: Rugby League: Smith hoping Sheens stays on: Australia captain Cameron Smith admits he wants Tim Sheens to rema...
Jay Cutler's pass, intended for the Vikings, nearly picked off by the Bears. Pass is complete to Harrison Smith of the Viki…
That was Harrison Smith's 9th career interception. 3rd against the Bears.
asking for an 11? Alex Smith you mean? Don't worry you'll get plenty. Seattle ***
Kenny Britt has the potential to be the JR Smith of the NFL... Maybe that's a stretch
I hate Sam Smith for that one night stand song
CD Review on the last album that we worked on with Kenny and Amanda Smith - Catch Me If I Try. Can't wait for the...
The was the Vols first defensive TD since Jaques Smith against Auburn last year.
“Kenny is considered the first tiger with Down syndrome.
So I just watched the Kenny Bell hit on Devin Smith from the 2012 Championship game about 17 straight times. Can't stop.
Or Kenny Loggins :lol: because he's always going on about the
I could see it. He'd be like Steve Smith and kenny Phillips at that point. Someone will overpay for jpp. Could even be us.
LOL VIDEO: speaks Hebrew, smacks Kenny Smith & recommends the movie Blended:
Guess who gets to see Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean next summer 😏😏 this girl.
Ally McCoist has made one change to his starting eleven for this afternoon’s clash with Alloa: http:/…
Kenny Smith just called Kyle Lowry "the little pitbull." Kenny Smith would've loved to see me on JV.
Ernie Johnson has one of the coolest jobs ever. Gets paid to talk about Basketball with NBA legends and Kenny Smith.
Jason Terry's nickname "The Jet" is actually his full name Kenny Smith's nickname "The Jet" is based on his skills.
Kenny Smith, on Heat, last night on TNT, "They aren’t going to just sneak into the playoffs…they are going to do damage in…
Kenny Smith on TNT says have "everything they need"and if healthy, should be in Finals.
but Hakeem had a good roster around him,Kenny Smith shoots 3"s,Vernon Maxwell shoots 3"s,Mario ellie same thing
Was watching NBA Tv last night with Charles Barkley,Reggie Miller,Kenny Smith,Shaq,Isaiah Thomas and…
Vince Carter aged the best. Rookie Andre Miller looks like present day Kenny Smith. -
I miss Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith. Ernie needs his boys!
I know. Lost to Indiana. Still best team to not win. Michael Jordan, Sam Perkins, Brad Daugherty, and Kenny Smith.
Shaq Messes with Charles Barkley's and Kenny Smith's Chairs for Our Amusement via
I'm kinda disappointed that 2k didn't include Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith with Shaq. Tbh nobody cares about Ernie all 😒
How you gonna only put Shaq and Ernie and not include Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith? ? That's like eating a hot dog without the bun
Man they have got to work out a deal with Barkley and Kenny Smith for 2k16. Shaq and Ernie will be awesome tho
Yakkem Trailer was dope! will be great! But I didn't see Charles Barkley or Kenny Smith along side Ernie and Shaq?
where you at this year. We need to get you back in the Studio this year. You missed Kenny Smith, Shaq & Chuck game night
Cheers for the nomination Kenny Smith Donna Ross Christopher Blaney! I now nominate Aidan Young Christy Meehan and Donal Curtis!
Thanks for the nomination Kenny Smith. I nominate Mark Rainey, Phil McKee and Iris Hamilton and Aimee O'Brien.
Donnie Smith caught late by Kenny "Beag" and wins a West free kick just outside his own box 25'
Continuing the Streak. Quick Pick Motorsports driver Kenny Smith has been on fire in the Spears SRL S2 division in...
Oh I didnt know Kenny Smith, Robert Horry, and Vernon Maxwell were superstars.
the 6th pick in the 1987 the select Kenny Smith
Asia Kenny gives eyewitness testimony on the macing and arrest of Damien Smith, a bystander shooting video of the...
WANTED: a full time babysitter for Kenny smith (very high maintenance) while I'm gone at college, if interested please message me
I want you to meet me in he cafeteria on the 28th. I need to text Maddi and find out if she was with Kenny Smith in Miami
Open Court is better when Shaq, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, Steve Kerr, Steve Smith & Kenny Smith are in it lol
Ally McCoist nominating Graeme Souness, Walter Smith and Sir Alex Ferguson for the ice bucket challenge:
Been there Billy, done this... Stay well and listen to your doctors! All of what they say!
Lord, watch over the doctors and bring a speedy recovery for Amen.
Terry and my prayers and thoughts go out to Billy, Jennifer and Zane . wishing for speedy recovery. :-)
Good luck Billy.Hope things go well.
Keeping Billy in my thoughts and prayers. Hope everything goes well.
MY dear friend and DIRT Crew Chief "BILLY" is having Back surgery today. PRAYERS for Billy!
My models was kenny smith, and that's it and then I watch tiny Archbold films !
Video filmed with a potato but you've been challenged by Matt Smith to do the
Congratulations to Kenny Smith, who correctly guessed that this was taken at The Rinks - Anaheim ICE, and was...
Watching the Open Court got me hot again, Kenny Smith thinks he better than he was
When I hear Alex Smith and bent in the same sentence, I think of this. Continue gentleman
Before the muffed punts, Alex Smith converted only 2 third downs out of like 12. He was saved by KW
and yall woulda made the SB with Alex Smith if that *** doesn't turn the ball over on special teams
in '11 when our D was healthy and destroying ppl, Alex Smith bent over backwards to not complete a pass in OT vs Giants NFCCG
Alex Smith is trash compared to Kaepernick. In '12 when our D had 7 injured starters in the playoffs, CK got us to SB by himself
What’s next for WH Smith in Australia: Having purchased Wild Cards & Gifts and Kenny’s ...
VIDEO: Kenny Smith showing his hops! | Watch: via Youtube
CANNOT wait until Kenny Chesney's new cd is released 🙌
who can I contact for a paid appearance @ MSU. you can DM me or email me Erik- We do Kenny Smith website. THX
Commission: Fairbanks, Graham, Turner & Bankston with big leads. Dist 8's Tim Boyd narrowly ahead of Kenny Smith
Another convincing win for the 3-0 Kenny (2) and Smith. This says it all really...
The Hockeyroos goals coming from Jodie Kenny and Emily Smith
AIM lo Kenny Smith AAU is a fraud! You can't call a kids name out who you never gave exposure to. Attack now.
you're a bozo. Whoever you are. You a male secretary for Kenny smith? Lmao
Lol why do they keep killing Matt Smith so many times? It's like he's the new Kenny.
Geno Smith: I'll be a top 5 QB soon
"If you don't like Kenny Smith, you don't like people." Hearing stuff like that about my Grandad makes my heart happy.
It's good to put ur money where ur mouth is & believes in Kenny Smith his wild card fr Rising Stars
if u watched that finals Barkley, van gundy and Kenny smith all said they don't see him producing like he was
My friend is good to me and THIS reminds me of you, SO THIS is for you👍🏁 .
houston Gms r trying 2 top each other 4 most stupid move.Smith rockets (we might get mel,lets get rid of everybody
Had to write in a card at haste but price of bic pens at WH Smith in a service station astronomical. Thank goodness for their lotto stands!
hes the beat writer so yes. Also Brian T Smith.
Already seen coach kalipari, boeheim, coach K, and Kenny the jet smith at this basketball tournament. 😳
they need to show how Derek Harper made Kenny Smith his bish in the 94 Finals
Ran into Kenny the jet Smith and now I know why Shaq Talks About His leg
. Hey I like Kenny Smith . They lie, they tell myths. But homies play me close. Like butter plays Toast
lol his Kenny the Jet smith lookin *** n wuit rappin cus its nt for yu
Aye I got a picture with Rudy *** Willie Green, Kenny Smith, a selfie with Steph Curry, and pictures of Maywether and CP3. 😎
jack johnson and Sam smith have the voices of angles
Everyone is tripping on Stephen A. Smith for his comment the other day, he has a point, flat out, he could have articulated better though
.– are we too late for Presenting Kenny G. Smith...
Please tell PJ to attend this. Bring Kenny Smith, Reggie Miller, etc as well.
Kenny Smith... showing his love for God!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Las Vegas Fab 48 Big Red(Mater Dei) by 10 over Kenny Smith and Aim High Pflueger, Cage, Parker tops major D-1 coaches in the house.
Finally got ahold of my brother Kenny Smith !
Former Buckeye QB Kenny Guiton flashback on BTN as he throws a touchdown bomb to Devin Smith.
MJ Cage blocking & rebounding everything vs. Kenny "the jet" Smith's Aim High team. Hook shot falling in too. Pflueger playing better today.
Always thought a S of Kenny Easley , Dennis Smith size would be ideal and even they were dinged up !
Somebody please tell Kenny Smith to buy me the latest of the LeBron shoes.
Posted a new song: "You Love me still featuring Kenny Smith "
i be watching Open Court with kenny the jet smith. why he be acting like he greatest PG to every play the game lmao
Stillwater Legend on par with The Smith Bros and Kenny Monday. That's a God *** Fact.
I feel Kenny smith when he says today's league is easiest and fun to watch but I can't really hear because I'm in the kitchen. 😪
Kenny smith is the modern day Chauncey
Wow this Sam Smith song is actually as good as y'all were saying
I made the all star team Kenny Smith was announcing... that was crazy
Kenny Smith just said, "When somebody goes under a screen on me, I'm like James Bond, I have a License To Kill. I'm shooting every time." 😂
How u been big fella? haven't talked o you in a while. I hope you remember me Kenny Smith lol
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Don't know much info on Prodigy Elite guard Malcolm Drumwright but he just had a very nice game vs. Kenny Smith's Aim High 17u.
Screw Bosh and Parsons. Do Otis Thorpe and Kenny Smith have kids that can ball?
Kenny Smith: "Why you never buy a woman a watch?" . Charles Barkley: "Cause there's a clock on the stove." . DEAD
Charles Barkely and Kenny Smith say it all the time that guys should've stayed in college.
Here's a Gruden QB Camp-like piece we did with Kyle Anderson + Kenny Smith a few years back
“Guys who are stars today would be average players in the 80s.” - Kenny Smith | VIDEO:
Kenny Smith said the only thing bron may have on Grant Hill is the 3 ball but niggaa call me crazy
Robert Horry, Kenny Smith, and Sam Cassel too right?...that's just like Dirk's Dallas team forreal lol
Well aren't Kenny and his dad the absolute cutest.
The core members of the bluegrass super group the Rambling Rooks -- Ronnie Bowman, Don Rigsby, and Kenny Smith, -- began playing together with the Lonesome River Band in the '90s, but didn't officially begin working as a trio until 2013. All three musicians are high-profile performers who have done their share of touring, recording, and songwriting in both bluegrass and country music. Vocalist and songwriter Ronnie Bowman has released four solo discs, performed with Lost and Found, and co-wrote the number one country hits "Never Wanted Nothing More" for Kenny Chesney and "It's Getting Better All the Time" by Brooks & Dunn. Two time Grammy nominee Don Rigsby's high tenor vocals and mandolin have been heard with numerous bluegrass acts over the years including the Bluegrass Cardinals, J.D. Crowe & the New South, and Longview. Rigsby also performs traditional bluegrass and gospel music in a duo with guitarist Dudley Connell. Guitarist Kenny Smith and his wife Amanda have released several CDs together on the ...
Happy Fathers day to my daddy and Kenny Smith. For being the best fathers they can be. providing money,love,shelter etc for their daughters (: I appreciate you BOTH so much more than you could imagine . Your the only two men i can stand (; i loveee youu
Happy Father's Day to the best daddy out there, my hubby Kenny Smith!! You spoil Jaycie everyday and make sure she has everything she needs and even stuff she just might want!! She is the luckiest girl around to have a father like you and I can't wait for Liam and Landon to meet you!! We love you to the moon and back!! Have a great and relaxing day :)
nope you brung it up so ima finish it 😂😂😂 shade what did Kenny smith say after that Vince Carter dunk ?
last episode, the black commentator that's not Shaq you couldn't think of is Kenny The Jet Smith
I want to wish a very special Happy Fathers Day to my uncles Kenny Smith Jw Smith June Thomas, Bernard Simmons,...
Had a GREAT day performing at the Chicago BluesFest yesterday...met up with so many GREAT people that came to see me and met a bunch more new friends, what a special day...Thanks to the guys in the band (Blair Wagner, Danny Baron and Kramer), who took time out of their day to perform with me, also the Windy City Blues Society for letting me Jam out and to Kenny Smith for letting me sit in on the pro jam and finally Kurt Swanson for getting us in and out of times!
Highlights for today! Homemade Jamz.. My Chicago blues family -Bob Stroger, Billy Flynn, Kenny Smith, with Lil Frank and Barrel House Chuck!.. Dexter Allen Jam w Lady A!,... Nikki and Matt Hill!.. Aaron Neville, the good Dr John! ... and a host of others in between. Here is to another grear day of running stage to stage!
We was sort of like Will Smith and his son in the movie I ain't talkin bout the rich ones cause every…
Wanted to take a minute to thank some of the best Dad's I know! My Dad Kenny Smith who I realize I am more like every single day, my step-dad Ragan Fender who loved me like his own, Richard Rogers for the being the best Daddy ever to three beautiful girls and having the courage to do it while I am deployed! Love you guys! And finally to all the Dad's in 211th Military Police Company here with me, I recognize and appreciate your sacrifice!
I'm so grateful for what God is doing. Words can't express last night. To Pastor Rodney Barber and the New Destiny Worship Center church family. Thank you for your loving arms and opening the doors without hesitation. Thank you to Elder Annette Lindsay Phillips for an awesome job as my MC. Elder TyVin M. McSwain brother i always love your exaltation to the Lord that's why I always call on you lol. Elder Quintarro Roberts Smith & worship team, cuz thanks for setting the atmosphere through praise and worship. I can always call on you. Mr Jairus Strong man I'm so proud of u we have to talk. You sound amazing, stay humble you're going somewhere. To Blessed Beyond Measure y'all are always one of my favs. Kenny Smith bro thanks for pressing your way man you didn't have to but you did. To Bishop Demetrius A. Jackson who is one of our supports. Thanks for being a great covering and for keeping your word. Overseer Jeffery Thomas man thank you for allowing God to use you. You were like a crazy man last night and I ...
Happy Father's Day to all my peoples man Derrick Adams Jaivon Imsohood Martin Ramborobo Gadson Albert Alleycat Mcduffie Pop L Kenny Smith Cliff Morgan if I forgot you then my bad
I wanna wish my dad Elaine Howser-Smith Kenny Smith a very Happy Fathers day, your an awesome dad. We love everything you do for us! Thanks for being there!! I'm so glad I finally get to wish my love a Happy Fathers day for the first time ever!! You are so great with Serenity I couldn't ask for a better husband or dad for her and me. Thank you for all you do by loving us and caring for us, always know we love you babe. On a another note I'm heading back to bed for a few hours that way I can get up fix my love some breakfast and see him abd my dad off to a day off fishing! Happy Fathers day to all the dad's out there that love and care for the babies!!
Happy Father's Day to my best-friend and soul mate Kenny Smith.. You are an awesome dad... I love you!! Now please don't work my nerves today.
Kenny chesney, Eric church, and Corey smith.. Those three artists are what get me through the rough days👍
Sprint A: D.Smith, KCrabtree, NSkagg, JNeir from 20th. . Modifieds: Kenny Johnsin is ALWAYS worth the $ of admission
With 1:05 left in the fourth quarter, Verona's Kenny Keyes ties the game 6-6.
And Melo is not just a longtime teammate of JR Smith... Melo is actually godfather to JR's daughter:
I take it Rashad McCants won't be in the UNC alumni game this summer...
My dad stay bringing up Vernon Maxwell, Kenny Smith, Hakeem, and them *** like they not dead or something.
VIDEO: Kenny Perry makes a miraculous eagle shot at the US Open
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
“Mom would have liked it better if I got Kenny Smith socks instead of my Hakeem socks 😤 smh I'm stupid lmao"
Smith Gunning for Two. Coming off a victory in the SRL S2 division, Quick Pick Motorsports driver Kenny Smith is...
I can already hear what Kenny Smith would say if an NBA player banged that in the dunk contest
So today is the last day to RSVP for the party next weekend. Please let me or Kenny Smith know if you are attending and how many and how many kids. Thanks.
don't compare me to a square I'm more Kenny "the jet" smith
"Things change quickly so I don't really ever get discouraged" -Kenny Smith
Good piece by Kenny, except it was Michael Smith & Larry Pickering who first blew the case open, not Thomas.
As Kenny the Jet Smith once said, "it's ova, it's ova ladies and gentlemen." Let's go home.
jr motorsports did win at Michigan. Regan smith won there last year in the 7car.
Alright Music lovers. I have one set of amazing concert tickets for sale!!! Kenny Loggins, Nile Rodgers, The...
Tomorrow! Be there!!! It's going to be EPIC Kenny Smith, Javetta Campbell and Pastor Jason Nelson!!! Come...
Craig Sager, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith all chime in on Craig Sager's style and suits Subscribe for more exclusive sports coverage: ...
Am I the only one who misses Shaq, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith n Craig Sager???
What made that dunk from Carter so sick was when Kenny Smith said it's over right when Carter said it was over.
I think my favourite call of all time is Kenny Smith on Vince Carter @ 2000 dunk contest
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If u missed the Dan Patrick Show today they had Dale Jr, Will Ferrell, Don Mattingly & Kenny Smith. Watch/Listen here
I'd spend on PG but if forced to go cheaper, I'd take Mo Cheeks, Rod Strickland, Andre Miller, Terry Porter, & Kenny Smith
This Day in Rockets History... June 7, 1995 - Bolstered by the outside shooting of guard Kenny Smith, who set NBA Finals records for most 3-pointers made in a game (seven) and quarter (five), Houston overcame a 20-point first-half deficit and defeated host Orlando 120-118 in overtime in Game 1 of the '95 Finals. Hakeem Olajuwon's tip-in with only three-tenths of a second left in OT gave the Rockets their comeback victory and a 1-0 series lead. The teams also combined to fire up an NBA Playoff and Finals record 62 3s, with the Rockets hitting 14-for-32 attempts and the Magic 9-for-30. Credit 2: via IG
I don't know why but I fancy James Smith 😹 he's like 12🙈
19 years ago on this day,Kenny Smith hit 7 3pointers in Game 1 of the finals to set a finals record
oomf look like Kenny The Jet Smith lol
This is kenny the worlds first tiger with Down syndrome 😘
I love my family and friends. Stella Weaver Crosby, Ann Weaver, Jan Weaver, Anna Freeman Dunaway, Melissa Freeman Rimmer, Sharon Weaver Sankey, Karen McCorkle, Kim McCorkle, Bailey Crosby, Samantha Bailey, Kenny Smith, B.j. Crosby, Rodney Dunaway, Shane Rimmer, Uncle Allen Weaver, Hugh Weaver, Melanie Weaver, *** Conklin, Carolyn Locklair, Charles Edward Weaver, Cindy Weaver, Lillian Adkins Taylor, Jessica Marie Taylor, Randie Taylor, Rebecca Young Murphy, William Murphy, Aunt Mutt Freeman, Dannis Smith, Kay Smith, Mike Smith,Sister Debra Ann Bales, Brother Donald Bales, Jamie Williamson a very special hug to you Jamie I am praying for you and your family in this time of sorrow. Dennis Weaver, Genie Weaver, Jennifer Ann Weaver, Randie Weaver, Susie Weaver, and my daddy Leon Adkins I am so happy I am with him today and we are able to share our moments with each other again. I love you daddy. Mark Coleman you are a special friend of mine also
Well ma flag pole defo no goin up the day!! Wen u putin urs up Kenny Smith?? Wully Kilpatrick have u ordered urz yet?? Xx
yeah, i loved when 2k had Kenny Smith. Kellog is alright, but he says some corny stuff like "hang time and bang time!".
2k6, 2k7, and 2k8 had Kenny Smith & Harlan. for 2k9 they went with Kellog & Harlan. i miss the old NBA Live.
i hope they go back to Kenny Smith & Kevin Harlan.
Valedictorian Kenny Martin talks about the Class of 2014's Time to Rise to "pursue our passion"
they all seem like pretty interesting guys lol. But NBA: Gilbert Arenas, Charles Barkley, Dwight Howard, Kenny Smith and Shaq
Start of the Mahindra Pukekohe Six Hours at 1.30pm - 35 cars took the start. Off at the back was Kenny Smith in the Lotus 211 after dramas earlier. He is the eye-catching car at the moment - ,moving swiftly up through the field. Current leader is Craig Baird in the Porsche. Some early issues for John DeVeth and Paul Manuell has dropped the V8 Holden back a lap or so.
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I miss Kenny being mean to me every day ='(
I thought you were Kenny Smith, not Charles Barkley.
what do u think of prospects Kenny Smith as a possible coach if chose to go that route ?
Kenny Smith is on fire right now folks.
Back smith during my qualifier run Got 8th and I'm skating the finals on Sunday. http…
Really not tryna go to ft smith by myself.
Smith Aims for More. Coming off his best finish of 2014, Quick Pick Motorsports driver Kenny Smith is looking for...
What did wade bosh and lebron do? Realize this... Lebron and wade are the only superstars on the heat... Bosh is not a superstar.. His inconsistence with miami since he joined proved that.. He can be a huge factor but he is not depended upon like lebron and wade.. Did you know that wade and lebron are only the second duo thats not a big man and swing man duo to win the championship? Jordan and pippen are the only other. Magic had kareem and worthy. Bird had mchale and parish and Walton for a season.. Kobe had shaq, duncan had parker and ginobli and for 3 a 4th in bowen, rockets had clyde, olajuwon, kenny smith, young horry, and mario elie, pistons had billups, both wallace's and rip hamilton... Mavs had dirk, kidd, marion, and terry, with chandler.. Its been just lebron and wade as the two main factors and really its been more lebron because he had to deal with games without wade and bosh in critical playoff games
Brenda Barajas-Vallejo Kenny Smith Moni Villarreal Melisue Peruanita Rodriguez possibly Martha A. Garcia Biatris Garcia Julie Vandenheuvel and Mariah Tellez see you all tomorrow for 915 class.
Ally says we don't have many past successful players?Lee Wallace&McCulloch mentioned, Foster, Stevie Smith? .
Lol when we find out Kenny the jet smith is behind the cia acct
Michael Jordan wouldn't have played through that nor would Kobe, Charles Barkley, Shaq, Kenny Smith, Karl Malone, Isiah or anybody else.
At this years fest for the 1st time. July 12 and 13th, 2014*Kenny & Amanda Smith - Randall Collins: via
Anyone wanna go to Ft. smith with me?
Lebron should have done what Kenny Smith told Barkley when he got a -> grab the upper lip
not enough characters but I thought you would guess Kenny The Jet Smith
*** role players are basically stars, if you win a ring with Robert Horry, Vernon Maxwell, Kenny smith in they prime, you did
Congrats to Nascar crew chief Michael “Fatback” McSwain & crew on win on the yr w/AFCO Shocks by Kenny Smith @ B&O
Kenny Smith's kids left him at the grocery store again
No one cares about you anymore Kenny Smith
Kenny Smith finally making some sense.
Head over to for your chance to win signed basketballs by NBA Legends Robert Horry and Kenny Smith!
My uncle kenny "beedy eyes" smith. The top headliner for the chicago blues festival
GloZell, Whoopi Goldberg, Mike Tyson, Kenny Hamilton, Usher, Will Smith, all BLACK people understood he was ...
I think the biggest crime is we don't get to listen to Shaq, Ernie, Kenny Smith, and Barkley talk about LeBron's cramps because oh boy.
I really, really, REALLY hate frogs!!! It's a good thing we have a few doors to the outside because Kenny Smith is out of town and there is a frog (ugh... it makes me want to throw up cause I can see it out the transom window!) on the doorstep of our front door! If there was not another door, Tanner and Sadie would not be able to go outside at night!! I can't wait to get to heaven and ask God why He made frogs.
Wow so im riding down the road with Kenny Smith and he takes a picture on his phone and says with so much confidents," YAY Shot Screen"!!!. ummm lol ( how about screen shot):-)
Do any of y'all think Kenny Smith looks like John Salley? Like you'd think they was brothers or something if you put them side-by-side.
Open Court on NBA TV is the BEST show on TV today!.I could sit and listen to Dr. J, Dominique, Barkley, Kenny Smith, Steve Kerr, T-Mac, Steve Smith talk ALL DAY!
Amazing opportunity 4 a research assistant to join Phil Atherton/Kenny Smith's group at the university of Nottingham
5K color run is coming really early...slep...also, Kenny Smith says I am
In the words of my man Kenny Smith... LETS GO HOME
I don't care Greg Oden is a bum and you can't not compare him to the Dream...Oden has Lebron's coattail..the dream had Kenny smith
Still he had Drexler, Kenny smith, etc..
It's All over Ladies and Gentlemen (*Kenny Smith Voice). Miami dominating all over Game 6 against Indiana.
says you I gave all the right answers but you trusted Conner and Kenny and not me.
Anyone notice that Mark Jackson talks just like Kenny Smith on TNT .. ?
I think Kenny Smith was first saying that about Kobe
Evan Turner is the classic "Looter in a riot" that Kenny Smith always talks about
URGENT!! Will Smith and Vin Diesel and Jamie Foxx are gonna drop in and support the
Jeff Van Gundy, Skip Bayless and Kenny Smith are all in the same boat with me.
Kenny smith said lebron is the greatest small forward ever ... I can agree with that
Kenny smith on lebron: "he's not Michael. He's Michael and Magic! He's unlike anything we've ever scene in this league"
Kenny Smith just spit facts about LeBron
Imagine if this game was on TNT I know shaq Charles Barkley and Kenny smith would be talking so crazy
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same with Kenny smith and Charles Barkley
I get chided for cheering for the Heat even though I'm from Chicago. I was recently asked how do I pick my teams? what's the inspirations? That question caused me to write this: The interesting thing is, I never really thought about it till now but I'm not a fan of any team. I guess you can call me a bandwagon jumper but when I was younger growing up in Chicago, I fell in absolute love with Michael Jordan. But here's the thing. I didn't watch basketball until he retired the first shortly after the third championship. And during that time period, sure I cheered for the Bulls but I was also crazy about other players, particularly shooters. I LOVED watching Shooters. I thought it was the fantastic to watch someone shoot the from distance and hit consistently. Also my father played in a company league and that was his best skill. He flat out SHOOT the ball. So players like, Reggie Miller, Mitch Richmond, Glen Rice, Steve Smith, even John Starks, Kenny Smith and Sam Cassel, Jeff Honacek and John Stockton. I .. ...
If it wasn't for all my uncle's and aunt's I wouldn't remember where I came from. I thank all of you that knew I can do better. If it wasn't for all of you I wouldn't be where I am today. Or I just wouldn't be here. Thank you George, Hazel, Frank, Harriet, Emily, Kenny Smith, Charlie, Henry Smith, Bob Smith, and my friends that supported me including Daniel Jr, Ekam Jacob, Herschel. I love you guys and never stop believing in people it helps when people don't have that support that many others may take for granted. The people that don't have everything wishes for the little things and is so grateful when they get it. Thank you! You didn't hand me anything, what was given was a piece of mind. I learned that from Morgan Simon.
Sliding catch in centerfield by Bucknell's Brett Smith to retire Kenny Towns and end the fifth inning. up 3-0.
ESPN First Take | Kenny Smith finds more value in Durant than LeBron: via
Sam Smith isn't the source. Some dude named Kenny Lim said it in Smith's mailbag.
Self didn’t tell Smith this, he told some dude named “Kenny Lim” this.
*** Kenny Smith walk like a shopping cart with the broke front wheel
Kenny Smith got a new phone today. Text him your name plz . Let's just say.his info didn't transfer. I'm positively giddy. :) So proud of myself right now I can barely stand it.
Fyi, Stephen A Smith, that Kenny Rogers song is called, 'The Gambler'.
Stephen A Smith really just quoted Kenny Rogers to make a point... How is this still a show?
Scary thought that Kenny Smith can probably be had for $1
Wonder when Kenny "Jet" Smith has Stevenson go fishin if he blows in fishes ear like he did to Lebron. Bad move Lebron rises!
Thank you National Consultant Shawn Cornett & Executive Consultant Kenny Smith for your knowledge and encouragement!
Rogers That Mr.Stephen A Smith has no limits,. Then he starts singing it, how could you not Love that
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Stephen A. Smith quoting Kenny Rogers but getting the song lyrics backwards lol.
Stephen A Smith just quoted Kenny Rogers on First Take. I'm done watching for at least a couple of weeks.
BROWNS FROM 200-1 TO 30-1 TO WIN SUPER BOWL MGM Resorts Sports Book's line for The Browns to win The Super Bowl this season went from 200-1 down to 30-1 yesterday all because of a 4 figure bet someone dropped on Cleveland. Anyone know where Steve from Springboro is or Kenny Smith?
i had a dream yesterday that i met kenny and Will Smith and later on we were chilling and i met justin and we exchanged numbers lol
America needed Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson to beak down that Snowden interview afterwards.
Jeff look like Kenny 'the jet' Smith
It's your boy Slutty Yum-Yums aka Papa Jayden Smith aka Kenny Latimore you feel me.
Who cares about the basketball game? I want to watch Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neill and Charles Barkley.NBA Tonite THOSE GUYS ARE CERTIFIED NUTS!!! (Way better entertainment than the game tonite)
S/o to Kenny Smith's daughter .. fine as ***
If anyone was wondering like myself. Kenny Smith is at his daughter's graduation today.
Kenny Smith is like Ibaka to . Struggling w/o him tonight.
Not a fan of Kenny Smith, but Inside's weird without him (Or maybe the lack of a 4th guy)
Hey Kenny Chesney, you're like my all time favorite summer artist to jam out to.
Smith not mad at you Kenny he just think u suck like we ALL do and can't believe STILL have job!!! Old stale jokes never good
If there's 1 thing tonight's game taught us, it's that Kenny Smith is the most underrated & valuable piece of TNT's crew. No offense, Ernie.
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Kenny Mayne is the only person who could make Steven A Smith smile while he's in his ranting stage.
I think Shaq, Kenny smith, Charles Barkley and Ernie shud do all the sports pre-half-post game commentary
has also called Kenny Smith numb nuts among other things. I want his job!
Kenny Smith would've dogged john paxson ... Jordan would've dogged Vernon Maxwell
I like Shaq but his commentary just basic. Kenny Smith carries the whole crew w/ his breaking down of the game. Chuck the life of the party
Melo, Ty Lawson & Oladipo, Ant Davis, Kenny Smith all coach teams down there.
Loaded potato today... Bruce Bowen from espn, Kenny Smith & a brand new gam…
Back to Shaq, Sir Charles and Kenny Smith: Informational, entertaining ... and honest.
Makes Fun of Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith at the Game
1) That's Chuck Barkley and Kenny Smith at the hotel bar this morning.
I agree with Kenny Smith that OKC needs to play Lamb, Jones, and Adams more. Idk what happened to Lambs minutes during playoffs..
Man... those dudes be having a ball with a little extra time 😂 . Kenny Smith need to loosen up or take a hit 😗💨💨 SMH 🏀 lol
Shaq Charles Barkley and kenny smith are hilarious
Kenny Smith does not seem pleased at all.
“Barkley has gone from funny to obnoxious to bully to a downright fool. Grow up.” Kenny Smith worth listening to
Shaquille just dropped a Sinjin Smith reference and Charles just dropped a Karch Kiraly reference on the NBA post game show tonight. Those guys with Kenny Smith are hilarious.
need to blow up is Kenny smith and they will get annoyed also.
Knees aching something wicked, My legs feel Kenny Smith's when he go to the board
Out of the entire halftime report team, Kenny Smith could have played better than Russell Westbrook.
Scott Brooks has to be on the hot seat if the get swept. Kenny Smith and Barkley are all calling him out.
Kenny "The Jet" Smith totally stole my prom outfit
Can we get Kenny Smith to b coach,.no Sefolosha, no Perkins, and as much as it pains me, no Collison
Kenny Smith just said we need to play Jeremy Lamb. YES
Can y'all put Charles Barkley Kenny Smith Shaq Mark Jackson as the commentators for they would make the game more exciting!
I haven't been the biggest NBA fan the last 20 or so years, but Shaq, Barkley and Kenny Smith are great together on TNT.
Schrute has slowly become my favorite character on any show ever other than Kenny Powers
I don't think Kenny Smith (knows the meaning of half the words he uses.
Barkley talked about OKC's need of another scorer before the series now Kenny Smith is saying it like it's new analysis
Kenny smith calling for j lamb to be put in the starting line up!!
Kenny Smith is preaching. For some time, I've been saying Thunder needs to put the ball in Mr. October's hands.
Don't Kenny Smith look like he could be Yo Gotti dad?
Kenny Smith even agrees, put my boy in the game, Jeremy Lamb
Thank You Kenny "the Jet" Smith... I'm tired of seeing Lamb on the BENCH!
Kenny Smith is spitting straight truth... Thank You!
Look how kenny smith saying just wat I said lmfao
lol. Kenny Smith just said that. I should get paid for this.
Just be a fan like the rest of us you fake *** Kenny Smith 😂😂😂
Kenny Smith always gives a speech instead of analysis.
Kenny Smith seems like he would be a decent coach
the cafe never has green apples.. If they do they ARENT Granny Smith lol
Just want to wish my wonderful "Soul Mate" Kenny Smith a Happy Birthday. I don't know what I would do without him. God surely Blessed me with a God Fearing Man. I am truely thankful to have a Christian Home and Husband.Hope your day was a good one Kenny, I Love You!!
in all fairness that Anjali Ranadive wasn't bad... until Mallory Edens made you go Kenny Smith "LET'S GO HOME!"
Kenny Smith, share my song song link please? That would be awesome! Sports fans need to hear my music:
Kenny Smith is the best commentator. He knows his stuff. He would make a good coach honestly.
Hey guys i get kenny smith not allways the best kid.but wat the *** does it give u the right to play as his friend get him to go riding around with u and then dam well jump out the truck and start beating him up.he didnt even have a fighting chance.he had to go to the hospital.i get u where paid to do it.and i know who do it him..shame on u..kenny we prays go out u bud.i know its hard to make friends but rember Austin Sitar allways there for u ..
Update your maps at Navteq
Ernie Johnson literally gets hazed by Barkley, Shaq, and Kenny Smith
At Red Lobster. So far, 2 1/2 biscuits. Need more. Tryna put up at least 10 like Kenny Smith.
To many lovely ladies to just pick three so ill pick five:3 My wcws are: 1.) Tapanga Ellen 2.) Carissa Gearhart 3.)Erika Haines 4.) Elizabeth Filson 5.)Macey Anne Fultz Y'all are beautiful :) And now for the smart *** category lol 1.) Kyle Singer 2.) Jarrett Specht 3.) Jon Jon 4.) Kenny Smith And y'all are.. Well.. Smart *** :D
Don't expect a change unless you make a change~ Kenny Smith
"You've got to be multi-faceted in a lot of areas." -- Kenny "Redundancy is my middle central median name" Smith
Kenny Smith just played every other Team in the; League
If I had 3 wishes, I'd use one wish to grant eternal life for Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, Shaq and Charles Barkley.
KENNY SMITH gets on my *** nerves he always got 2 make something about him like he was a superstar hello you were a role player who could score but no star Shaq and Barkley were MVP's and multiple allstars superstars Kenny wasn't stfu!
Kenny smith always talking about Hakeem, what has he done his self?
Kenny Smith has no idea what OKC should do differently
is it me or does Kenny Smith have a big booger in his nose lol... maybe its me!!!
Kenny Smith really called Indiana's gameplan "good enough." This guy.
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