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Kenny Smith

Kenneth (Kenny) The Jet Smith (born March 8, 1965) is a retired American professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association.

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ESPN interested in Kobe Bryant for NBA. Could Mamba become ESPN's answer 2 TNT's Charles Barkley?
Critical information for all Learning from Denise Smith, Gavin Horn, Kenny Fent, & Steve Kerber
"There's a difference between wanting to win and making winning plays"- Kenny Smith
those guys are on TV a lot. Hard not to rehash stuff. Kenny Smith's college coach was an early adopter of per poss analysis.
‘interested’ in adding Bryant to TV coverage. Could Mamba challenge Charles at
Kenny JET Smith and his suits, dude gat some style.
Kenny Smith just broke the Thunder down to a science. KD doing too much. Playing to win vs game winning plays
Kenny Smith said you can't even put yo password in your phone around D'Angelo Russell 😂😂
Kenny smith doing all that talking like he's on Charles or shaq level. That fool career was full of averageness
Kobe need to work in TNT and get kenny smith outta there
I wish Kenny Smith coached our high school team dawg
I swear Shaq, Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie are the best thing on TV.Lmaooo, they're show was better than that game
Kenny Smith: April 27 *IS* necessary. I mean, as in it will happen. It won't be for the Rockets. They'll be eliminated by then.
Kenny Smith said the Houston Rockets' defense is "Washington General-like." LMAO!
TNT's Kenny Smith on Rockets: "This defense is disrespectful to the playoffs . . . it's Washington Generals-like defense."
Kenny Smith rolling over on his Jet right now
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Time to hear Kenny Smith gobble on the Warriors scrotum.
I'm still tryna see how Kenny smith play in the league with them legs 😂😂😂
Kenny smith Rollin over in his grave
The *** that spun will smith on his shoulders got some fire, Ima dm his line
Is it my imaginationm or is Shaq much larger than Charles Barkley on the set of Both are great! As is Kenny Smith!
trivia Kenny Smith played on the back to back World Champs 94-95 Rockets
If you want to butcher your vocabulary and cause perm damage to your brain listen to Kenny Smith. He never disappoints
Kenny smith is so right tho JBB don't know who his best 8 players is and I can tell you right now it ain't Brewer and Dwight
Lmao Kenny smith throwing plugs for his party again
Kenny Smith called the problems PERFECTLY "They aren't sure who their best 8 or 9 players are and who should be playing together."
Kenny Smith nailed it. The Rockets don't know who their best 8 players are. JBB probs.
Kenny Smith is on the money with his comment about how we have no idea what to do for our rotations.
Kenny Smith is finally brining some actual insight. Rockets rotations are terrible.
"Dallas has nobody that can stay in front of Durant" - Kenny smith . "They got no *** chance". - Barkley on the mavs.
Great halftime breakdown from Kenny Smith . Playing to Win vs Winning Plays. "Draw 2, give to 1"
did you hear Kenny smith at halftime refer to him as "the best player in the game"?
Headline "Thunder play to win but don't make winning plays" stolen from Kenny "The Jet" Smith
Charles Barkley n Kenny Smith called it...OKC wouldn't make the extra pass tonight
ya if they drop harden and get Kenny smith back
Kenny smith said KD the best player in basketball 😂😂. Is that *** even the best on his team 🤔
😂 Lettme know when Kenny smith comes back
Kenny Smith explained OKC to a T. Nobody wants pass bc they know they'll never get it back lol
Is Kobe Bryant’s next big step joining Shaquille O' Neal, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson, Jr. on "Inside the...
they debated GP and Kidd. Kenny Smith was hating. He liked Wade>GP. Shaq and Reggie said No
Reggie Miller said He taking Kidd and GP over Nash every single time. Kenny Smith wanted to talk bout Nash MVPs
For the last few years, the premier NBA show has been the NBA on TNT featuring Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Shaquille O'Neal, and Ernie Jo…
Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Shaq invites Kobe to be on TNT forever after he retires 😭
Kenny Smith just compared the Warriors to Michael Jackson 😒
Kenny Smith says Isiah Thomas and Brent Barry are on his hit list 🚶🏿
Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson keep interrupting Charles Barkley's message to Kobe Bryant
Kenny Smith may be considering coaching via
Kenny Smith may be considering coaching: NBA on TNT analyst Kenny Smith told Steve Gorman SPORTS! that he was ...
Reggie Theus, Kenny Smith & Vinny Del *** amongst many in the house for the final game at Arco!
Villanova buzzer beater, and you know Chuck just won a lot of money from Kenny Smith
With a cast of Clark Kellogg, Seth Davis, Kenny Smith and Greg Gumbel you're literally talking about a telecast w/ one shining moment.
The ACTUAL SHOT is right over his shoulder, yet Chuck is looking at the monitor. Kenny Smith disgusted.
Don't know if you saw this clip of Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith - Thrill and agony! Go Tar Heels.
I don't know whether to laugh at Chuck or cry for Kenny Smith...
Chuck just won 50 large off Kenny Smith though
look at that *** Kenny Smith, I hope chuck won a bundle off him
I love Kenny Smith ex Tar Heel reaction to Chuck lol
Hey Chuck, how do you feel about Kenny Smith getting his heart broken???
Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Seth Davis, Clark Kellog, Steve can all. Well nevermind. Just respect a WINNER!!!
Ah it's cause it's Kenny Smith. Never mind. He's an alum, but still man. Get him out of there lol he's better post game with Chuck.
Reggie Miller, Chuck Barkley and Kenny Smith. Can Turner get anyone else to not watch the first half but still talk about it?
Order Miche Bag Online!
Come by the show tomorrow at Root Park in Houston. Guests on set include Ralph Sampson...Kenny Smith...Bill Walton..Doug Got…
North Carolina Tar Heels killed it tonight! Kenny Smith, Michael Jordan and Davis Love III have some ring to...
Ernie Johnson, Reggie Miller and Kenny Smith just walked right in front of me 😳
Here's more Barkley and Kenny Smith on from today's event
Kenny Smith with some heartfelt words for Craig Sager.
Kenny Smith is in town and teaming with the Warriors' Community Foundation to refurbish a court in Oakland.
Listening to Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley is brutally painful. Don't know half the names and can't pronounce the other hal…
Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Clark Kellogg, Greg Gumbel turned into Muppets at halftime
Love the puppets of Greg Gumble, Clark Kellogg, Kenny Smith & Charles Barkley!
Puppet versions of Greg Gumble, Clark Kellogg, Kenny Smith and Chuck? I'm scared.
I look away from the screen and then I see puppet versions of Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, Greg Gumble and Clark Kellogg. Helpp
On CBS March Madness set in NY with Clark Kellogg, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and family. God is good.
How can Kenny Smith possibly be chosen to talk smack to fact nobody from UNC can talk tourney smack to IU
Lol, Phil Jacksons comparison of Chris Jackson and Curry is said by Kenny Smith and Shaq in NBA 2K
Vince Carter, James Worthy, Kenny Smith, Anton Jameison. Do I need to list more?
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Why does March Madness insist on using bald dudes for color commentary😂 Clark Kellog, Charles Barkely, Kenny Smith
Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith are so stupid lol
Have no interest in what Kenny Smith or Charles Barkley has to say about college basketball. Where's when you need him!
Memo to execs: Your studio show of on commentators Ernie Johnson to Kenny Smith to Charles Barkley needs to be benched
The forcing of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley into college basketball is a plague upon the tournament
Learning is the best journey in life. -Kenny Smith
Seth Davis has in the Final Four, Kenny Smith has in the Elite Eight.
Seth Davis and Charles Barkley pick Michigan State to win it all. Kenny Smith unsurprisingly picks North Carolina.
same talking points year in and year out. Barkley and Kenny Smith should not be a part of the program.
I like Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley sounds like Cleveland Brown and Seth Davis ***
Seth Davis says Valentine is the POY. Kenny Smith says deserves it because he "captivates the Steph Curry."
wow Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley HATE Seth Davis lmao they're staring daggers
Good Lord he's dumb as a rock and why is he and Kenny Smith even involved??? Stay in your NBA lane please.
Seth Davis wants so badly for Kenny Smith or Charles Barkley to offer him a fist to bump. Alas ...
Seth Davis talks about people who think about college hoops all the time. He's sitting with Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley.
Update your maps at Navteq
Seth Davis, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley: a table of three guys that don't know *** about college basketball.
Big thanks to for your ongoing support of Nice to meet you Kenny Smith at SAP. https…
Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith make fun of LeBron and Dwyane Wade making videos together
ESPNs whole countdown crew, Kenny Smith, Dennis Scott, Michael Irvin, and Warren Sapp all need to be fired. They suck as analyst
Kenny Smith just glowed about UNLV's Anthony Bennett, I agree, this could be next draft pick
Can you insert Kenny Smith's voice doing "Sweet Georgia Brown" with all these dunks & lobs?!
Here's a 90-second video of Dana Barros's 50-point game. He totally lit up Kenny Smith. :)
.in a way, Ernie Johnson caught on in popularity when the magic of Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley ignited.
Kenny Smith on the Pistons:. "The quiet assassin today was Detroit. They have put themselves in position to be in the top 2 or…
Barkley, Kenny Smith & Ernie Johnson are speechless & fumbling. What they/we just saw is indescribable. Gospel changes EVERYTHING. (Col. 1)
so apparently I look like Shawn Marion and sound like Kenny Smith, now I need their $$$
I'm telling u, if u closed your eyes and both were speaking, u cant tell the difference in Kenny Smith and
"Andre Drummond is like the black girl on the bachelor, he's got no chance" lmaoo chill out Kenny Smith
Happy to have seen Lowry and Bosh today but Kenny Smith, Carmelo and Steve Nash have all been seen around today. is popping right now
Kenny Smith & Greg Anthony said on NBAtv last night what I've said all season. This Miami team is built for the playoffs. Will be dangerous.
Charles Barkley, Shaquille O' Neal and Kenny Smith had some STRONG opinions on the NBA All-Star Game reserves...
Kenny Smith, "He might be the next Phil Jackson, or Pat Riley." He was referencing Ty Lue.
Tyronn lue should give up the all-star coach position to Casey, totally agree with Kenny Smith
Kenny Smith is right. Dwyane Casey should coach the East All Stars.
Kenny Smith hit the nail on the head. Ty Lue should decline coaching at the all star game and give it to Casey.
Kenny Smith believes Tyronn Lue should decline being the HC for the East All-Stars, and that Dwane Casey should have the job
"Stack every dime, even if you gotta penny pinch. Then you can call ya own shots, Kenny Smith." -
As I just found out, NBA 2K has a couple minutes where video game Ernie Johnson, Shaq, and Kenny Smith talk about Martin Luther King day.
This is what happens when you put Stephen A smith up against Kenny Smith (I'm Kenny in this case) if it wasn't already clear
Kenny Smith just agreed with Ernie Johnson that Isaiah should be an all-star.
me too, but Brent Barry, Steve Smith, Isiah, Kenny Smith, Dennis Scott and Rick Fox may all have 0
OF: Kenny Lofton, Reggie Smith, Jim Edmonds*. P: Kevin Brown*. *Willie Davis and Jim McCormick had more WAR but never made a ballot
just read Pitino's quote at end of the article to get an idea of the state of the program.
River Roast’s Sunday Blues act, Filisko and Noden + Kenny Smith, was included on
Gordon Smith came back on loan to play in league cup final.
Kenny look like a black male that get straight A's and play basketball
'Absolute greed' behind the downfall of *** Smith Electronics example of corporate greed gone bad and the customer suffers
Why do you have this weird obsession with Kenny Smith 😪
Women of Woodford calendar raises money for Versailles theater group. Photo by Kenny Smith.
we did get on TNT and NBATV. He immediately made enemies with Kenny Smith.
Radio personality Kenny J Smith passed away. He was battling an extended illness. He worked at Hot 105.7 and Hallelujah 104.3.
Steve Smith explains his decision to return:
Eisenhower (6-8) defeated Chicago Hope today 73 to 56. The Cards were led by Kenny Scott with 26 pts and lorenzo smith with 12 assists.
interested in selling Kenny Smith Racing branded openers through your website and having us dropship them?
Here on BZ has suffered a GREAT loss for Kenny J Smith has died. He was the first DJ at…
news-- Kenny M. Smith named Deloitte's financial services leader, and three big names join team:
Kenny Smith stays winning every time Gwen is on the PIR
:-( RAADR, Inc. Partners with Kenny Dobbs, Gary Smith, and The Dare to Dre...
Helluva question. I'm just gonna throw out Kenny Smith and Joe Wolf in '87. No idea.
Raadr announced the formation of a partnership with professional dunker, Kenny Dobbs, Gary Smith, and The Dare to...
Kenny Smith's Hot Wife -- We're Bangin' On Xmas!!!: Kenny Smith's wife is on the naughty list ...  For the first time in years, "Insi...
in my House District named its fellowship hall after the church's Pastor Emeritus Dr. Rev. Kenny Smith
Joined Rev. Walton and First Baptist Church of Vienna to dedicate fellowship hall to my friend Rev. Dr. Kenny Smith!
"He hits jumpshots." - Kenny Smith on Rajon Rondo, after watching him tonight for the first time, ever, apparently.
TNT: "Ernie Johnson, alongside Kenny Smith, Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal... and noted sexual harasser Isiah Thomas." And they're clapping.
"Kobe Bryant is the best Laker ever." -Magic Johnson. -Shaquille O'Neal. -Kenny Smith
GameTime: Curry's Impact: Kenny Smith and Isiah Thomas speak on the impact and chemistry that Stephen Curry brings…
Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith weigh-in on Kevin McHale's termination in Houston after the Rockets talk post...
Kenny Smith said Warriors will break 15-0 starts of '93 Rockets and '48 Capitols "b/c they play effortlessly to play at that…
Kenny Smith on Doc Rivers' luck comment re: Warriors: "You weren’t good enough to be there to play them. To me, that doesn’t…
Kenny Smith on Clippers thinking they could beat Warriors in 2015 playoffs: "If you were good enough, you wouldn’t have made…
Kenny Smith on Warriors' hot start: "There’s a certain level you have to play just to be in the game with them."
Kenny Smith mimics LeBron James tearing his sleeves and James ...
Kenny Smith will be performing at the "MELLO TV LAUNCH" come on out to the Nelson Mandela park tomorrow afternoon!!
VIDEO: Kenny Smith on Kings chances this season, memories of playing in ARCO & restoring inner city courts in Sac https… featured in NBC s Science of Love
A-Rod, Pete Rose and Frank Thomas is kinda like MLB's version of Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson on Inside the NBA.
Would pay to listen to Ernie call a baseball game with Chuck, Shaq, and Kenny Smith
Sekou, Lang and Rick sit down with studio analyst Kenny Smith.
He had John Lucas for a year, Kenny Smith was decent...but no real elite guards at any point in his career (again, besides older drexler)
they call it Blue Heaven for a reason. Ask Michael Jordan, James Worthy, or Kenny Smith. There is nothing like our
And the article about how Greg Anthony and Kenny Smith were the same person.
"Don't drink and drive...unless you think you can make it" - Kenny Smith 😂😂
Malone.If formed with Kenny Smith and Vernon Maxwell ,(first half of the decade 54mid-50's win's 2.5 of Midwestdivision
Line of the day from comedian Kenny Smith - saw a spider so hairy it looked like Robin Williams hand. Ha! Damage!
This 1995 Houston team playing on NBAtv had Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler, Kenny Smith, Sam Cassel, and Robert Horry 😳😳
Derek Harper was abusing Kenny Smith & Vernon smh
all Carolina team, who's your starting 5?. PG Kenny Smith. SG Michael Jordan. SF Vince Carter . PF Antawn Jamison. C Rasheed Wallace
Kenny Smith the real JET. Jason Terry the cheap Walmart knock off version
it's their nicknames, Jason Williams nickname is "White Chocolate "and Kenny Smith is known as "The Jet"
They have Jet, its for Kenny Smith the Original Jet
this is coming from Kenny Smith, not me, not the fans, Van Gundy, Mark Jackson, Steve Kerr, George Karl, Hubie Brown, all guys
Kenny Smith, Young Robert Horry, Clyde was still a all star, Sam cassell was nice
Hakeem had Clyde, Kenny Smith, Vernon Maxwell n Robert Horry what u talking bout
Someone has been listening to some Ram Jam! :) "OY BLACK BETTY ,,,BAM O LAM!" -Kenny Chef Smith
Hopefully that continues with Kenny Smith taking over...
people say the half time show is a little rough but they are no worst than the news reporters who ask a lot of stupid questions at the end of the game. Not only that most of the questions have nothing to do with the game. perfect example one the reporters ask Lebron James after game four do your head hurt ? I admit I am not the most intelligent guy in world but I wouldn't ask a person who fell into a camera and received stitches if his/her head hurts.
Kenny and Charles are the original sport analysis on inside the n.b.a. they bring it to you with humor and break down plays realistically from a players (champions, allstar) point of view. It's like taking the 11 o'clock news off of television. nobody wants to see coaches who haven't been past the round of the play offs break down the game. we want hall of famers recent retired champions, or retired hall of famers who been to the play offs if not all of their careers most of it breaking down plays. Fix this between Ernie , Charles, Shak , and Kenny. Thanks
Groove on over to the Mississippi Rhythm and Blues stage to dance to the Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith jam session!
so how about you go suck Craig or Kenny or your other lil *** *** and get off mine thank you
My All-Queens NBA team includes and See it and make your own:
Had a dream that I Met Shaq, Kenny the key smith, and Charles Barkley at superior , I told Shaq "BBQ CHICKEN" and he said it back
Enjoyed playing golf and supporting the Wampus Cats at the Kenny Smith Wampus Cat Open Golf Tournament.
"I saw Kenny skipping with the Smith sisters, I think he's a girl."
Shout out to my baby boy Kenny Smith...He starts his first job tonight at Pizza Hut.
Who's covering Hakeem? And who shoots better than Robert Horry & Kenny Smith & Clyde Drexler besides MJ?
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Sam smith, Kenny chesney, Tim McGraw and Christina Aguilera and Carrie Underwood oh and Blake Shelton
"I've seen Jordan play, I've seen Kobe play, I've never seen any superstar do more with less." - Kenny Smith on LeBron .
This was me for game 2 but at least I got to take pics with Kenny Smith & Roger Mason
I love Kenny Smith he keep it so real
Told ya that JR Smith game was coming 2/12
Nah Drake, Olajuwon only ate in that gap where Jordan retired and he had Cassel, Horry and Kenny Smith lol
exactly but like Kenny smith just said we praise Lebron when he's being superman but tonight he didn't get it done no excuse
😂😂 Kenny Smith is the funniest guy lol
Cavs really outchea running the Mozgov-centric offense while LeBron plays the role of Kenny Smith
Where tf is Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson & Shaq? Tf is this nonsense?
that's not Hakeem Olajuwon, Horry, Drex, Max and Kenny Smith g.
Kenny Smith got on too much make up.
TNT's Kenny Smith, "I didn't know that LeBron James could take the Knicks to the NBA Finals."
Great 6th picks in the past D.Lillard, Brandon Roy, Antoine Walker, Hersey Hawkins, and Kenny Smith.
😕 Really. I remember Kenny Smith, Rick Fox & 1 of my all time favorite, King Rice.
Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Shaq have signed longterm with Inside The NBA. Media column: htt…
I liked a video Kevin Hart Makes Fun of Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith
TNT has signed Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith to multi-year extensions to continue on Insi…
Turner Sports has signed Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaq to contract extensions:…
Was Shaq Set Up by Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson or Charles Barkley? via this is hilarious!
Inside the NBA signs Charles Barkley, Shaq, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith to extensions - NBA -
Charles Barkley, E.J., Kenny Smith & Shaq today signed longterm with Turner. So Inside The NBA rolls on in intact: http…
TNT has re-signed Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and SHAQ to longterm deals.
Really TNT nice halftime show!!! That was horrible of course the Cavs basher is not there tonight Kenny Smith!
Charles Barkley, Tom Jackson, Kenny Smith, Ray Lucas among others tell it like it is as should everyone else.
I used to love Inside the NBA and MLB Tonight. But Greg Amsinger, Dan Pleasac, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley now drive me crazy.
Kenny Smith and Tim Legler the only good NBA analyst on tv
I know yall heard Kenny Smith preaching DEVELOPMENT on INSIDE NBA
Another question: What's more embarrassing, Kenny Smith saying Perkins should start for Cavs, or Miller calling A Rivers a decent starter?
Looks like Kenny Smith was actually right about that whole Chris Paul vs. Deron Williams thing.
Why can't Reggie Miller or Kenny Smith say Barea? Who is Barerra?
"The Spurs always play at 8. If you play at 9 or 10, you'll beat them. But if you play at anything less than 8, you'll lose."- Kenny Smith
"Feels like a personality clash between management and Scott Brooks" - Kenny Smith on point 👌
Kenny Smith: this just feels like personality clash. there's something about that internally. His resume would not lead you to believe that
Kenny Smith trolling Chuck 😂😂 Chuck got him back with a sneak diss though😂😂
and idk why Kenny smith has a show lol.
Not tryna hear Kenny Smith drop some long winded analogy about Zbo being compared to a housekeeper cause he does all the dirty work. Later.
Kenny Smith speaking like Jody to you regarding the Nets and Hawks.
Oh you thought I was gonna stay awake and watch Kenny Smith analyze a Nets/Hawks game...YOU WERE THINKING INCORRECTLY.
News for Kenny Smith: If Spurs played at level 8 every *** game, they wouldn't be the sixth seed.
Indeed "Kenny smith wife so bad bruh... Sheesh"
Kenny smith got a bunch of fine women in his house between his wife and daughters
"There's no reason for him to leave the court" - Charles Barkley "Probably went in there and cried" - Kenny The Jet Smith lol u know he did
Kenny smith wife so bad bruh... Sheesh
Kenny Smith be talking like he carried Olajuwon to rings
The best part of inside the nba is kenny the jet smith walk to the board lmao
Too many bald head *** on this panel. Somebody gotta go. I pick Kenny smith
In other news, The Hawks aren't beating down the Nets like Mr. Kenny Smith said they would.
Today someone that I was Kenny Smith...seriously dude 😔
How will we break it to Kenny Smith that NOONE CARES ABOUT HIS FAMILY
Kenny Smith's reality show should already be cancelled.
Why does Kenny smith get his own show?
Didn't it take him like 43 attempts to do a dunk Kenny Smith did on 1 try? U copy the dunk first of all. AND you can't even do the dunk?
Kenny Smith's shirt is firmly tucked in tonite!!
Aye, TNT still ain't raised a love offering to get Kenny Smith right knee fixed yet?
Kenny Smith is officially Shaqs cosigner, wasn't you at TNT longer, stop riding EVERYTHING Shaq say
Kenny Smith is dressed like a gym floor.
My favorite part of every sprint TNT halftime show is watching Kenny Smith run to the big board 😂😂😂
I can't take Kenny Smith walking up to the big screen seriously at all. That knock-knee shuffle is hilarious.
Can somebody tell me the point of Kenny Smith having to run to a big screen to point something out?
😂😂 my sister is always clowning on Kenny Smith's legs. So foul dawg!
I promise Kenny smith's knee area has to chafe when he wears shorts
Kenny Smith close to falling every time he stand up
Kenny Smith's knees make the letter A.
Did Kenny Smith & Shaq start NBA on TNT by apologizing to Chuck, admitting he was right about Rondo & to their stupidity?
Kenny Smith have on Tennis on the set.
Kenny the jet smith is 6'3" and looks like a child next to Barkley and shaq
...but, Kenny Albert said it was Jason Smith's world and we're just living in it.
lol everyone besides shaq ,Ernie, nd Kenny smith
Kenny Smith just said on pregame show, "The never sweep teams, they make it a series." They've swept four of their last 11 series.
Kenny Smith just said the Spurs never sweep teams yet in 2012 and 13 combined they swept 4 series.
Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley got beef off that camera
Kenny smith just made a wu tang reference
Why did Kenny Smith just drop a seemingly random Wu Tang reference??
he should just be on the halftime show with shaq and Kenny smith
Kenny Smith had a cameo appearance on The Mysteries of Laura tonight which is pretty good if you want to check it out.
When did Kenny smith get popular enough to get his own show?
Much rather listen to Steve Smith and Reggie Miller than Kenny Smith and Oakley much more knowledgeable about college game
Basketball legend Kenny Smith and Karen Vaughn jammin in studio.
My pt God's NYC before me who I love Pearl Washington, Mark JACKSON, Kenny Smith, Rod Strickland, Kenny Patterson, Boo Harvey, Kenny Hunc!!
Inside the NBA pero wala si Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley at Kenny Smith :|
Zimmerman with the huge windmill off the board Kenny Smith style
All the talking heads HATING on DUKE! everybody except Kenny Smith weird huh? However, I think DUKE will take Gonzaga down! Haters gone hate
not really. Notre Dame could have pulled away. Kenny Smith just said "Towns wore them down." smith wanted doubles on him.
Kenny Smith basically saying don't stand a chance. We'll see...we'll see
Sir Charles and Kenny Smith getting on Big Frank right now..Kaminsky Johnny no show up to this pt...
Please help my friend Kenny Smith live, he needs a transplant bad!
The last single the Proteas made was Graeme Smith.
why in the *** did kenny smith get a freakin show?! The most boring *** guy in the world! Get some stats first, you kartrashian
Why is TBS giving Kenny Smith his own reality show?
Greame Smith at the semi. Nothing says "I'm avoiding my divorce than chilling at a worldcup
Please explain to me why Kenny Smith is getting a reality show
Someone needs to tell Chris Webber/Kenny Smith that yogi is on the The Voice tonight.
They give every body a show. Now Kenny Smith got one. I'm next !
It's a disgrace that Kenny Smith got a reality show before Sir Charles.
I liked a video Kenny Smith Makes Fun of Chris Webber Timeout
You've seen the March Madness commercial where Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Samuel Jackson are visiting "In...
Kenny Smith asks why there is no discussion in Immigration Integration report abt diff betw legal v undocumented immigrants
Congrats to former PVI asst coach Kenny Johnson on making it to Sweet 16 with Louisville!!! Go Cards!!!
nothing like precalc 101 with Kenny & Noce to make your brain hurt a little
Is it really necessary for Kenny Smith to have a show. No one cares what his family does.
Tomorrow find out what Rosie Noesi of Music Choice, Yandy Smith of Love and Hip Hop, Kenny Santucci, Donia...
Not sure which is better... Travis Trice being called "Trice Krispies" or Clark Kellogg calling Kenny Smith "Barbecue Chicken" ?
Kenny Smith got his own TV show, ain't nobody gone watch it.
The Rug, and my blog on and really tied the room together
Now Playing - 'Me & My Drink Ft. Ian Smith & Troy Ave' by 'Kenny Shane' Listen now at
My Rambo knife is eating nuggets with my smith n wesson 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie wrote a song about the Smith Tower - Teardrop Windows -
Kenny 'The Jet' Smith will be @ Memphis Urban League part of a Miller Coors Campaign to donate $20,000 to a local court!
Proposed to my wife at the top of Smith Tower. Special place.
Did you know Smith Tower was the tallest bldg on west coast for several years? Built by Smith of Smith/Wesson.
hey Kenny Smith on TNT last night said tarheel will need there A GAME TO BEAT WISCONSIN,cages odds are WISCONSIN by 8.
STASHED Roundtables: See and more make their March Madness picks
Charles Barkley Kenny Smith C Webb don't analyze/breakdown CBB all year but let's have them do it for the tourney
I want to watch some episodes of the reality tv show of Kenny "The Jet" Smith that used to play in the NBA. Congratulations, Kenny.
Some podcasts for your week. & Also follow 'RealFanLife' on Instagram..
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