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Kenneth Williams

Kenneth Charles Williams (22 February 1926 – 15 April 1988) was an English comic actor and comedian.

Sid James Michael Kenneth Williams Charles Hawtrey Barbara Windsor Tony Hancock Hattie Jacques Bernard Manning Joan Sims Maggie Smith Frankie Howerd Babs Windsor Kenneth Connor Bob Monkhouse Michael Gove Frankie Howard Phil Silvers

ARKANSAS UPDATE: State not attempting to proceed w/ Jason McGehee's execution now, so only Kenneth Williams remains sched…
Sid James, Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams fighting over roadkill for the right to devour the rotting flesh. Worst Carrion film ever
when is the ruling for the other 5 ledell lee,jack jones,Marcell Williams, Stacy Johnson and Kenneth Williams expected?
ITV4 435 Carry On Jesus (1972) Puerile fun with the usual suspects. Kenneth Williams as Pompous Privates and Jim Dale as the…
That Kenneth Williams one is bloody brilliant
Sorry to hear of the death of Kenneth Williams.
Kenneth Williams died on this day, the Titanic sank, and Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. All on this day. It’s been a…
made out like a bandit this year with only 7 schollies. Love OL Sam Seals and Kenneth Williams and DL Spencer.
Kenneth Williams died on this day 1988 . I love this one.
Remembering Kenneth Williams who died on this day in 1988.
Kenneth Williams Kidnapped and MURDERED MY AUNT.😡😡😡😡 SHE Didn't ask for it. He didn't care about her so why should we?
A grey dull day but I've just found out Sundance has made a series of Joe Lansdale's Mucho Mojo with Michael Kenneth Williams as Leonard OMG
Raising a glass to the happy memory of lovely Kenneth Williams who died 29 years ago but still makes us laugh
Today is the anniversary of Kenneth Williams' death. As a mark of respect, please read this letter in his voice. https:/…
Anniversary of Kenneth Williams's death? Any excuse for this ...
The great wit & raconteur Kenneth Williams died this day 1988 aged 62. A childhood hero, I was proud to have met him in…
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15th April is not a great day for comedy. Top stars who died on this day:. Arthur Lowe in 1982. Tommy Cooper in 1984. Kenne…
The gang from Carry on at Your Convenience by Albert Clarke. C-type colour print, 1971, . Kenneth Williams…
Kenneth Williams died on this day in 1988. RIP
In remembrance of Kenneth Williams, who died this day in 1988, here's a rather wonderful, candid photo from the making o…
talking about roman emperors and their identifications next Thurs in Yale why kenneth williams made…
Kenneth Williams (1926-1988) on Desert Island Discs in 1987 doing a great Dame Edith Evans impression:…
What did Jennie Linden have to say about Kenneth Williams, Ken Russell & Glenda Jackson? Find out here:…
and Kenneth Williams as the taxi driver who goes the long way round so he can see his girl. Classic episode!
. caught somewhere between Frankie Howerd and Kenneth Williams here. then lost it
Lee looks a bit like Kenneth Williams in Carry on Laughing there...
Fab! Can we have Kenneth Williams reading Dribblesome Teapots now too please? And Tom Baker / The Iron Man? And Nic…
Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques in Carry On Doctor (with the portrait of James Robertson Justice in the backgro…
Hello Ken - do you remember interviewing Kenneth Williams on 22/02/1984? Be great if you have any memories of this please
Why does June Brown remind me of Kenneth Williams? Similar voices when serious. I mean this in the best possible way. Lovely lady, Ken too.
Kenneth Williams & Elke Sommer play for subtlety in Carry On Behind
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What can you say, other than is a walking Carry On film. Martin could give Kenneth Williams a run for his money! 😉
Kenneth Williams, Maggie Smith & Sir John Betjeman on 'Parkinson' are predictably brilliant about critics.
- Kenneth Williams as Sandy in a 'Round the Horn' bookshop, The Two Ronnies, Monty Python & me :)
Is that Sean or the ghost of Kenneth Williams? Quick nurse, the screens! 😂
No but really: why *hasn't* David Tennant done a Bob Monkhouse biopic? I know, you're thinking Kenneth Williams, surely. Stop messing about.
what about Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Barbara Windsor and Jim Dale, are U getting those tomorrow? 😂😂
Hearing in the Kenneth Williams case on a state motion to block a defense subpoena.
how are Sid James, Charles Hawtry and Kenneth Williams doing on the open seas?!
No, no. That's Sid James and Kenneth Williams on the set of Carry on Computing in 1979. Lovely looking pair
carry on baking!the amount of innuendo in there is enough to make Sid James and Kenneth Williams proud!
I can see the resemblance to Kenneth Williams!
I've always gotten Don Cheadle and Michael Kenneth Williams mixed up lol
You'll have to go a very long way to find a man as brave as "Ice Cool Kenneth Williams".
How to make an already brilliant show better? Add Michael Kenneth Williams too it
Thanks Kenneth Barney for the follow! ThePikoffTeam-Keller Williams Houston is excited to connect
has to be either Agatha Christie or Kenneth Williams...two of my favourite people! ♡
Poor old Kenneth Williams was a classically trained actor, did Shakespeare and everything, and despised what he became
Kenneth Williams was a tank commander?
I liked a video from Kenneth Williams - Going Places - 1975 - Bloomsbury, Piano Museum
Kenneth Williams : is a famous British comedian and actor
"Forget what people tell you. If God tells you to something, obey and do so with a cheerful heart."- Pastor Kenneth Williams
Watching Kenneth Williams teach a powerful message about Order and Obedience. Sometimes we have unnecessary...
no the only way it would be improved is of Kenneth Williams presented it
constantly doing her Kenneth Williams impression isn't she
off topic but year did you graduate from High School? My uncle is from there Kenneth Williams
"Paper Boi, Paper Boi" did you see Michael Kenneth Williams aka Omar Little in 'The Night of' excellent as always
no, a chap called Colin. Can do a fantastic Kenneth Williams impression
But in brief: sort of Evil Kenneth Williams narration throughout, lotsa literary references, and also bashing people with a giant book.
"70S Fun with Elton John,Kenneth Williams,Tommy Vance and much more" by via
I was delivering a line Kenneth Williams style
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Brilliant blog post about my hero Kenneth Williams. So very exited for this all new book!
Next time I hear an MP say "We have a mandate", I'm going to think of Kenneth Williams saying, "Oo isn't he bold, though?"
Read this fabulous guest blog by here:
Michelle Williams had been wanting to work for Kenneth Lonergan for a decade. When he offered her the 'Manchester' role, she cried.
This just in. Michelle Williams cried when Kenneth Lonergan gave her the role in
Kenneth Williams delivers THE best anecdote ever told on British television.
Look as if Sam has basically laid no blame at players door. Carry on as before. (Just lacks Kenneth Williams)
Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey in the brilliant Carry On Camping
Chris Gittins as Walter Gabriel in the days when was still enjoyable. Kenneth Williams, Alistair Cooke, John Ebdon...
Col. Kenneth Williams takes command of the 2nd Sustainment Brigade
is a social commentator unlike Russell Brand who"s a Kenneth Williams impersonator. All the world's a stage
Man, Warriors Orochi 3 was hype. I even got to make a Kenneth Williams image about it way back when.
The adaptation of Moby *** with Orson Welles, Kenneth Williams, Gordon Jackson and Patrick McGoohan.
LIVE on Dr. Kenneth Williams at the Institute for New and Aspiring Principals.
When I was a child my favourite storytellers on Jackanory were Bernard Cribbins and Kenneth Williams. Do they still have Jackanory?
Congrats to Susan Bradley & Kenneth Williams, who will be representing SD-16 at the National Democratic Convention.
too easy for you mate. The challenge would be to become Kenneth Williams or Charles Hawtrey.
Which of the 84 mps who signed "the letter" are the Sid James, Kenneth Williams & Charles Hawtrey of the party
Orlando! 'Carry On Doctor'! I'll stick to Charles Hawtrey and Kenneth Williams! (I hate this guy!) 'TRUCKLOADS'??
Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey up for 72 hours at a chemsex party.
Can't help but imagine Kenneth Williams' Sandy persona from Round The Horne every time I see the word 'trolling' online.
Gyles Brandreth is being a complete knob, and not in an endearing, Kenneth Williams way.
I for one would like to know the Brexit stance of Vince Clarke from Erasure and the ghost of Kenneth Williams.
Oklahoma mother fights off burglar with vacuum cleaner, crutch and a knife: Natalie Williamson fought off suspect, Kenneth Williams, with a…
Joan Sims and Kenneth Williams fell out whilst making this carry on movie due to Williams' rudeness to her guests
Iain Dale could play Kenneth Williams in the New Carry On Film
So strange...sure I woke up in the early hours+started doing a 'Live' 'Kenneth Williams', then Joan Sims Impression to myself...Laughed with
There's going to be a new Carry On film? It's not the same without Sid James, Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims,
Yes. There was only one Kenneth Williams, one Sid James, one Joan Sims, etc. A Carry On without them is bound to disapppoint.
I'm trying to find a TV prog you narrated about *** s on TV starting with Danny La Rue/Kenneth Williams to present day.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Michael Kitchen's last shot in a Bond film is him pulling a Kenneth Williams face.
Sid James as Vito. Kenneth Williams as Tom Hagen. Charles Hawtrey as Fredo and Kenneth Connor as Michael.
Digging Way more fun than True Detective. Michael Kenneth Williams is a gift.
...if you're spoilt for choice (hard not to be), how about Tony Adams, Kenneth Williams, Betty Driver or either French or Saunders?
Kenneth Williams passed away on this day in 1988. Thank you for the laughs
all of them especially Joan Hickson, Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Williams and Leslie Phillips!
Kenneth Williams declines sharply over a couple of films. Connor's decline is more gradual much deeper. By Carry On Girls, he's unwatchable.
Kenneth Connor and Kenneth Williams both finish their Carry On runs as much worse actors than when they began.
The inimitable Kenneth Williams was born 90 years ago today.
in case you were wondering.. Got my clues mixed up!. BF - Bruce forester . KW - Kenneth Williams . NP - Nigel planer (young ones)
Yeah, so would I. I've got about 8 Carry On Books. And then Books on Sid, Kenneth Williams, Connor, Charles, Joan, Hattie etc
Also stars Jimmy 'whacko' Edwards, the incomparable Ronald Shiner & cameos from Frank Muir, Richard Wattis and Kenneth Williams
read Dazzers excellent bio you will see his influences Frankie Howard , Kenneth Williams and Hilda Baker
Watching BBC4. Really don't get Suede. Kenneth Williams and the Spiders from Mars.
"Carry On Trumpeting" with Sid James as Donald, Babs Windsor as Ivana, Hattie Jaques as Hilary Clinton and Kenneth Williams as Jeb.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Have we unearthed the new Sid James & Kenneth Williams in & Mark Lawrenson?!
ooh ooh ohh or Frankie Howard, Charles Hawtry, Kenneth Williams and Sid James
Only if delivered in a funny Kenneth Williams voice. Or in Polari... How bona to vada your jolly old eke!
And racist costumes. And that nose thing Kenneth Williams did. And the Sid James laugh.
if you go round to the house of Johnny Borrell and/or Kenneth Williams, you'll find it's their *** son... On Meow Meow.
I like Jeffrey Wright. Incredibly talented. Also, Michael Kenneth Williams. He was great in The Wire+Boardwalk Empire
Reminder of the importance of diaries:I read Orton's at their publication, which led me to discover Kenneth Williams
Just saw Kill The Messenger. During the credits my gf asked if Michael Kenneth Williams was Kenneth Williams' son
The BBC1 schedule from New Year's Eve 1985, including Wogan ("shapeless and ragged" according to Kenneth Williams).
MT 43 diaries of star Kenneth Williams acquired by https:/…
Baby Alexander Kenneth Williams and baby Christopher Wayne Williams ❤️ I love you my boys..
Kenneth Williams liked her. Not that that is any recommendation, mind.
Ran into Michael Kenneth Williams in Polo and said nothing. Just watched an episode of The Wire and regret not saying something to him.
Kenneth Williams had a wonderful laugh too...
When I were a lad ageing Shakespearian actresses were made Dames & Barbara Windsor stuck her boobs out at Kenneth Williams. Modern times!
Kenneth Williams laugh gets me every time.
From 1959! Carry on Teacher, Channel 5 now with the fabulous Kenneth Williams, Leslie Phillips etc etc ;-)
I'm surprised they didn't say he breitbarted himself or sandra bland robin Williams mike boorda Kenneth johanneman
Neil Kenneth Williams became a director at Lawn Bowls Limited. More there
I remember when her bra flew off & smacked Kenneth Williams in the face!
DAME Barbara Windsor! This means there's an alternate universe with a Sir Kenneth Williams!
Super impressed! Am nowhere near done...but Kenneth Williams a personal fave...
We've already had Julian and (S)andy in "Round The Horne". I could do my Kenneth Williams impersonation.
done the lot a treasure trove! Paul o Grady's and Kenneth Williams stand out genius
Sid James: 'And I'm Standing Elk'. Kenneth Williams: 'Mmm, we'd all like to see one of those.'
And Wyre Piddle sounds like he should be played by Kenneth Williams
I would have loved to have heard this read by Kenneth Williams :)
Kenny. (Kenneth Williams). A new project drawing people who give so much happiness yet experience & meet great tragedy
Can't believe I've made it so far through Christmas without any Kenneth Williams or Charles Hawtrey. Making up for it now...
I seem to recall Sheikh Sid James and renowned Islamic theologian Kenneth Williams had similar thoughts.
The moment I knew Barbara Windsor would be made a dame was when she jiggled her baps at Kenneth Williams and he said "…
They should just have a pic of Kenneth Williams and Sid James at the train station.
Treating myself to a Kenneth Williams documentary from 1983 and a bunch grapes. High point of Christmas, tbh.
Haven't seen that one Russ... We're Sid James & Kenneth Williams in it? ;-)
Kenneth Williams diaries used 'traditional' in a way that describes our (ahem) 'leaders'.
Heck Michael Kenneth Williams could continue if his character is an assassin
Because a Bra will always fall down not up but they attached a Rod to it & pulled it up into Kenneth Williams face,
Carry on Camping on ITV3. They used a fishing rod for the scene where Barbara Windsor's Bra flew into Kenneth Williams face,
I know Kenneth Williams hasn't had much experience with women, but how could he mistake Hattie Jacques bust for a shower tap
This year, I saw this excellent play by based on life of SK senator-
. I only heard of him when he portrayed Kenneth Williams in a TV bio-movie. Apart from that not much.
Do American audiences understand when the spends 20 minutes making Kenneth Williams references? What do they think if they don't??
I'll take them both over the voice of Kenneth Williams in his Storno heyday.
Andrew Pierce looking more like an ‘outraged’. Kenneth Williams. Far more than ‘any’ Keith’..
where's that Kenneth Williams pic when you need it?!
If the queen wants a modicum of respect from me, she should attempt a Kenneth Williams voice whilst making Babs Windsor a dame.
Fellow huge fans of Kenneth Williams , theres a retro in .
I come In Peace - music video. Buy the music at cd baby or iTunes thanks Kenneth J. Williams
Those comedians like Tony Hancock, Kenneth Williams etc.A dark intelligence to the funniest people.
Superb, short vid of Kenneth Williams dubbed over Darth Vader. Funnier than Phantom Menace.
Watching BBC Cuffs. Met Sir Ralph Richardson, Kenneth Williams, Big Daddy and many others at hotel in background
They did it for Kenneth Williams, Frankie Howerd, Hattie Jacques. ITV did it for Cilla Black...
Kenneth Williams is benign Christopher is malignant . KW is comical genius. CP is rorting ganiue
Oh my word. Whoever is half doing a Kenneth Williams impression on the Lost Hancocks is just toe curling.
Watch fab 1975 BBC 'Going Places' about this museum (7.56), & Kenneth Williams on Bloomsbury ht…
Just watched a brillian half hour of TV on IPlayer as recommended by Lee Mack - Comic Roots with Kenneth Williams. Catch it while you can
Little known fact about me: big Kenneth Williams fan.
I saw him once at Euston. What Kenneth Williams would call "a vision"
Who'd've thought the late great Kenneth Williams would be familiar with my work?...
Via watching Frank Skinner's On Demand, I'm now watching Comic Roots with Kenneth Williams. Both splendid
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
awesome. I saw Kenneth Williams & Babs Windsor in panto as a kid. Won a trolley full of board games for my Old McDonald pig oink.
Kenneth Williams can lead a horse to water AND make it drink.
Willo The Wisp, a bit bonkers but made special with the voice of Kenneth Williams
Today's theatre reviews in by Kate Kellaway: http…
Today's theatre reviews in by Kate Kellaway:
Kenneth Williams is brilliant in that one.
- There's something of the Kenneth Williams about him.
reminded me a little bit of Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams. Wouldn’t you want him to be your best friend? He moves from RP to Cockney to Polari with ease :)
Did you see that programme on iPlayer with Frank Skinner and Lee Mack in bed watching television? Kenneth Williams was AWESOME :)
Currently being entertained by Kenneth Williams singing cockney songs in an 80's boozer. Quality.
Kenneth Williams had it bang to rights:
thought it was Kenneth williams at 1st
Thought it was Kenneth Williams 'til I saw your name, OOH MATRON lol
Yeah I could listen Kenneth Williams all day!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
That programme about Kenneth Williams that Lee picked looks good.
'Evil Hold School' was read by Kenneth Williams on Jackanory way back when. Out of print now but I bet stock it!
Going through some old photos, I found this autograph sent to me by the wonderful Kenneth Williams thirty years ago.
A relaxed Khasi. Kenneth Williams up the Khyber pass
The Kenneth Williams Diaries is now on sale for £7.58 at Amazon. Product page:
I'd love to hear Kenneth Williams say it.
Lookn good Dreadnaughts...all the way from El Paso, Tx...c/o 84 Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams v Hati Jakes I know who my money is on!
WWPT AD Vern Thiessen talks to Tiffany Ayalik about her role in Kenneth T. Williams one-woman play,
Her voice is a bit like Kenneth Williams.
in the words of the late great Kenneth Williams 'Oh Matron put them away!
that reminds me of an anecdote told by Kenneth Williams about when Sinatra met the Pope with Phil Silvers during the war. Obvs.
No, but if they did John Hammond would make a great Kenneth Williams.
Unknown woman: What brings you down to these parts?. Kenneth Williams: I've got a lousy agent.
Our groundsman has done a fine job preparing the pitch for tonight's reserve game, 7:30pm KO
Lee Mack is the first Frank Skinner On Demand With... guest, sharing his love of Comic Roots: Kenneth Williams.
Debbie Harry's Kenneth Williams impression is pretty good.
.I like Kenneth Koch's parodic 'Variations on a Theme by William Carlos Williams' found here
Yeah, me too. Love Kenneth Williams and the wonderful polari references.
Michael Parkinson has an arguement with Kenneth Williams via
Karlos Williams is to LeSean McCoy as Kenneth Davis was to Thurman Thomas
I sometimes read to residents at a group home. Tonight I'll read the plum poems of William Carlos Williams, Kenneth Koch, and
Is that the thing Kenneth Williams used to host?
I honestly think my patronus is Kenneth Williams.
in 90 seconds you see the comedic genius that was Kenneth Williams there...brilliant. 😂😂😂
This is my other favourite anecdote - Kenneth Williams - Edith Evans
Rainy day blues? Just hang out with Blake Thorne and Kenneth T. Williams at Jet Fuel to make everything awesome all of a sudden :)
I bet you totally sound like Kenneth Williams when you do that !
When you replace all the pictures on the Mail Online with Kenneth Williams
Unless they get an impressionist to be Kenneth Williams, like Alistair McGowan. But that wouldn't be funny. At all.
It won't happen, though on account of Kenneth Williams being not a musician and dead.
I like to think of Kenneth Williams covering David Sylvian's 'Secrets of the Beehive' & calling it 'Secrets of the oo Behave'
I've just finished Kenneth Williams' Diaries - interesting mentions of Burton in those, circa 50s/early 60s, pre. Taylor.
15 years since the death of comedy actor Hugh Paddick / Talking Polari with Kenneth Williams, emblematic.
Maggie Smith, John Betjeman and Kenneth Williams on the vulnerability of the artist (from 3:42) via
in Maggie Smith the spirit of Kenneth Williams lives on.
via YouTube Bernard Manning and Kenneth Williams on TV am - 1985
VIDEO - Bernard Manning and Kenneth Williams together on TV-am in 1985 - via
Poor Tony Hancock. Poor Kenneth Williams and Margaret Rutherford. I wish they’d known that they still be listened to and loved in 2015.
Kenneth Williams and Bernard Manning talk to Anne Diamond on TV-AM:.
I can see it now. Carry on Baking, starring Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Williams and Professor Ashford
Ooh hello (in my best Kenneth Williams impression)
Old photos of Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey discovered in attic. Carry on being Camp ...
Have never watched this South Bank Show episode on Kenneth Williams before. It's rather good.
You've changed your profile pic from Tony Hancock to Kenneth Williams playing Julius Caesar - are you making proclamations?
Alan Rickman has one of those unique English voices just like John Gielgud, Kenneth Williams, Richard Burton etc..
"A fan club is a group of people who tell an actor he's not alone in the way he feels about himself" Kenneth Williams
Michael Gove is a bit like Kenneth Williams...
Michael Gove is a bit like Kenneth Williams...
I was never a great fan Kenneth Williams in Hancock's Half Hour. Preferred. the other 3,classic line up Sid James, Bill Kerr Hatti Jacques
Elevated by its grace notes, I thought. See also: Michael Kenneth Williams dancing in the hallway.
I situate this work within the Kenneth Williams critical framework...
Early publicity shots of Kenneth Williams via
No-really? David Jason & Kenneth Williams were also in the area then...glad Kid Jensen was nice!
Not sure if Kenneth Williams is part of or implicit culture.
Nice to see Kenneth Williams getting a mention
the magistrate has told Janner's barrister to "stop messing around". I hope she adopted the required Kenneth Williams voice.
No that was as in 'oh matron' and other Kenneth Williams phrases.
did he say it in a Kenneth Williams voice?
Watch footage of Robin Williams' final voiceover
Watching Kenneth Williams biopic 'fantabulosa' on beeb4 and loving it. Brilliant so far
I have about forty pages left of Kenneth Williams diaries. May get it finished by Sunday.
if thats not Kenneth Williams reincarnated - lolol
Have liked him ever since I saw him do the Kenneth Williams biopic.
But Michael Kenneth Williams is my husband so I watched the whole thing regardless.
- lol...almost Kenneth Williams in nature. 'Oooh matron.'
It was one of two impressions i could do. Tuther was Kenneth Williams
Great news. Kenneth Williams is alive and well in They've got all the polari.
I always though of Frank Field as the Kenneth Williams of the Labour Party. Carry On Birkenhead.
The once-mighty JH Clarke's of under attack today. And to think, Kenneth Williams signed his book there.
It's clearly Brian Williams. You've just outed him as another NBC ghost, a la Kenneth the page.
Kenneth Williams will attain statehood in 2009. His state flower will be the Magnolia.
On the Kenneth Williams album The Best of Rambling Syd Rumpo, he does the Clacton Bogle Pickers Lament.yes, really
the search is on to find a new Kenneth Williams
Check here for SPaceH on sell again Kenneth J. Williams.
Dead Again is on EPIX right now. Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, Andy Garcia, Derek Jacobi, Wayne Knight, Robin Williams in peak '90s form.
infamy infamy, they've all got it infamy. (c) Kenneth Williams
Do you remember Early One Morning - Kenneth Williams As Rambling Syd Rumpo? WSKIDRadio does...
Do you remember Tinker's Lament - Kenneth Williams As Rambling Syd Rumpo? WSKIDRadio does...
And who remembers this.*Kenneth Williams does the dirty name's General Pattern.*
'It's softened up, but I'm not surprised because it's so thick.' *cue Kenneth Williams impression*
'I'm waiting for my box to cool.' Kenneth Williams would have made a great host.
You are beginning to sound like Kenneth Williams!.
5 mins in - So many double entendres already. It should be called 'Carry on Baking' with Kenneth Williams kneading away! Oops rude!
The Wire: The Musical! Didn't know a drama could make such a funny musical! And the music? Amazing! Check it here:
To quote Kenneth Williams 'Oh whats the bloody point?' What's the point of the qualifications standards?
Do you remember Somerset Ditty - Kenneth Williams As Rambling Syd Rumpo? WSKIDRadio does...
Indeed! Kenneth Williams, Graham Chapman, Tony Hancock (though there the line can be very thin)...
Does watching/listening to Kenneth Williams make anyone else really uncomfortable? Same thing as with Peter Sellers, but worse.
yeah man! Ive ran into Kenneth Williams a couple times last year lol
And if the can't get Joaquin for the on edge cop, give it to Michael Kenneth Williams. That would be lit.
He also took out the Annual Kenneth Williams Impersonation award 3 years Running!
Carry On Screaming actress, Fenella Fielding loved my impression of Kenneth Williams so much, she asked me to chat in his
(Now you're in, I RT'd a TV AM interview with Kenneth Williams & Bernard Manning that I reckon you'd find fascinating.)
It's hard not to love that door handle that looks like Kenneth Williams.
impression of Bob Willis is almost as good as the real thing... Being played by Kenneth Williams
just seen this, good luck for tomorrow feller. If in doubt, lay back & think Carry on Doctor. You'd make a great Kenneth Williams.
Great news Aussie. Given yr over here & she's in Oz,reminds me of the Kenneth Williams saying, Infamy infamy they've all got it.…
Why is there a trend of comics being so tragically sad? Spike Milligan, Eric Morecambe, Tony Hancock, Kenneth Williams. Not tho!
That is for the Observer/Navigator! Shades of vintage Tony Hancock and Kenneth Williams?
Not that I know off, have seen docudramas on Hattie, Tommy Cooper and Kenneth Williams
Oh to have been in the green room on that Aspel & Company show back in 1987 - Loretta Swit, Dennis Taylor and Kenneth Williams.
How do they compare to other great diaries - Kenneth Williams, Noel Coward, Palin, Alan Clark?
Kenneth Williams in Carry On Constable helping a woman across the road she'd just crossed?
"The true face of Shakespeare": Suave, noble dude. Would've been a fine foil for Kenneth Williams in "Carry on Cleo"
People we don't have proper satisfying live recordings of: Max Wall, Kenneth Williams, Danny Kaye, Sammy Davis Jr, Billy Dainty.
.Kenneth Williams, Nick and Dirty Harry are the cringiest BB showmance of all time. She's dysfunctional, he's a nervous wreck!
If you could meet famous people after death who would they be? Mine would be Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Sid James and Kenneth Williams.
An audience with The Queen. It's a slip for ITVs showbiz, not like an audience with Kenneth Williams or Frankie Howerd. All queens though
In yesterdays dream a music session was gatecrashed by Bruce Forsyth, Bob Monkhouse, and Kenneth Williams!
It's like listening to Sid James and Kenneth Williams!
Watching more Newzoids, I realise that the voice for George Osborne sounds like a malevolent Kenneth Williams.
I share a birthday with Bruce Forsyth, Drew Barrymore & Kenneth Williams. Make of that what you will.
For some unknown reason John Partridge reminds me of Kenneth Williams from the carry on films...😂😂😂
I was actually thinking Kenneth Williams and of course Michael Palin
Has anyone noticed the remarkable resemblance between George Osborne holding a 'Henry' and the late Kenneth Williams? Ooh Matron!
Yeah, when I go on Parky with Kenneth Williams & Peter Ustinov, I’ll wow them with that time I met Gok Wan and my Frania joke.
in the Carry Ons? I adore both Kenneth Williams and Peter Butterworth
I should have fought harder for Phil Silvers and Kenneth Williams bronze heads buried in sand for the 2004 Camber masterplan
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