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Kenneth Kaunda

Kenneth David Kaunda (born April 28, 1924), also known as KK, served as the first President of Zambia, from 1964 to 1991.

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The amount of speed humps in Kenneth Kaunda street, now i gota go cycle via Nelson... Smh.
Through out his life, 1st republican president of Kenneth Kaunda has survived 4 assassination attempts. He is 92 years old now.
Great article on Zambia's founding leader
Did Kaunda's upbringing foretell his impact on Zambia?
The Father Of Our Nation Kenneth Kaunda & in the background a Statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincolm Memorial
I've been saying it all along: please do not demonise Robert Mugabe. I'm no...
I must mention also, there was bad blood & tension between & 1st Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda whom he had defeated.
An active trade unionist who grew up in a mining town in Copperbelt region, seemed an unlikely figure to unseat Kenneth Kaunda.
Dr Kenneth Kaunda is Zambia's First Republican President and founding father of Africa's peace loving...
Thank you great interview with talking Ikgate Motlhala One ofAKind Ride honouring Dr Kenneth Kaunda cc
“It requires no special talent to criticise and insult. Even the stupid, the ignorant and the insane can, and do criticise.” Kenneth Kaunda
Our latest by Derrick Muwina. What does Kenneth Kaunda mean to Zambians today?
(Breaking News) Travelling from Zambia to Malawi — traveling to Malawi from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Kenneth Kaunda: "The moment you have protected an individual, you have protected society."
It requires no special Talent to Criticize or insult, even the Stupid, ignorant and insane do and can criticize - Kenneth Kaunda
Zambians voted Kenneth Kaunda out 27 years after liberation. Liberation parties are not invulnerable, particularly if they perform badly.
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Have we reached peak kenneth david kaunda?
48 years ago today, Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered. That him with Kenneth Kaunda great Pan-African from Zambia h…
First Zambian cabinet with super kk- Dr Kenneth Kaunda
Traveling mercies — traveling to London, United Kingdom from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Father: Son who was the first president of zambia? Son: I don't know Dad. Father: (slaps the boy) kenneth kaunda...
I know... but can't you just say I'm here by Robert Mugabe clinic instead of between Kenneth Kaunda and Robert Mugabe street?!
We are in Chinsali District today to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School. Chinsali...
Peace, Kalusha Bwalya, Kenneth Kaunda, apparently the women are good in bed
Ever heard of Kenneth Kaunda? He was first president and he has been crowned as a “living legend”:
The Journey to the annual pilgrim @ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Wow!!! That's so cool!!! Mr Kenneth Kaunda rocked!!! He took such great care of us in exile:-)
The Doctor Kenneth Kaunda district municipality in launches free Wi-Fi in public areas
PF taking us back to the days of Kenneth Kaunda... And you still hear people chanting ifintu ni shani shani.. Do...
After leaving office Zambia Pres. Frederick Chiluba tried to deport Kenneth Kaunda on the grounds that he was a Malawian (from his father).
guess whose back. (@ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN) in Lusaka)
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On my way to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. Wish me luck.
Incumbents don't lose elections in Africa. Only Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia did.
CHIPOLOPOLO BACK!. Zambia touched down at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport after 06 00 hours this...
Kenneth Kaunda and thomas sankara my true african revolutionaries, for our freedom
The inability of those in power to still the voices of their own consciences is the great force leading to change. - - Kenneth Kaunda
First Lady Esther Lungu on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on Saturday, March 26,2016. The First...
Are people now saying that Kenneth Kaunda was not fit even to become a district councilor because he didn't have a Gra…
On 22 March 1964 Kenneth Kaunda is sworn in as the first President of the newly independent
Kenneth Kaunda - youngest person to be president of Zambia (40 yrs old). Michael Sata - oldest person to be president of Zambia (73 yrs old)
"I reject absolutely violence in any of its forms as a solution to our problems". Kenneth kaunda
I'm out. And i made a new friend. 😏 (@ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN) in Lusaka)
EM Pinky Moloi: We intend to have coverage across the entire district of Dr Kenneth Kaunda very soon.
Dr Kenneth Kaunda diesel generator》 It will have a significant impact on the ability of enter...
Books from Achebe, Flora Nwapa, Chukuwemeka Ike, some South African dude I can't remember now, Kenneth Kaunda
yo man the kenneth kaunda airport design looks so fresh and out of this world..OR tambo will probably have some competition now😬..
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The comments on the first public viewing of the new design of Lusaka's Kenneth Kaunda International Airport 😂😂😂 so dead
22 October 1964 - The fireworks show to include the portrait of Dr Kenneth Kaunda. PART 2
1 October 1964 – The first and last Northern Rhodesia team goes to the Olympic Games. Richard Hall’s book on Dr Kenneth Kaunda is out.
PHOTO: President Edgar Lungu and Dr Kenneth Kaunda follow proceedings at the Nc’wala ceremony at Mtenguleni on...
FOUNDING President Kenneth Kaunda has appealed to Zambians to continue supporting President Lungu in his quest to...
Faces Of - Kenneth Kaunda: The man with a big heart via
When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees - Kenneth Kaunda
Let us respect old people like, Dr Kenneth Kaunda & the rest of them all, coz they graduated without Google & Wikipedia.
The power which establishes a state is violence; the power which maintains ...
Wanna read Zambia shall be free by Dr Kenneth Kaunda
I remember the larger than life presidents Kenneth Kaunda, Hastings Kamuzu Banda and Mobutu Seseseko. . Hanky, whisk and leopard hat
We have access to all ACSA-owned airports in South Africa, Kruger International Airport and Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka.
I hope those booths are air conditioned, like the ones at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, otherwise... sweat!
Meeting Hillary Clinton; interviewing Kenneth Kaunda and more recently; interviewing Robert Pires
Vintage photo of Portrait of Zambia politician Kenneth Kaunda. - Colin Davey
Hey, does anybody know how I can get hold of Kenneth Kaunda? First Zambian president.
.Kenneth Kaunda, 1st president of Zambia, also attended
It's hard for me to believe that if Kenneth Kaunda hasn't built this place we'd be kinda stuck.
To the heart of Africa..!:) — travelling to Kigali, Rwanda from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
But according to Kenneth Kaunda, Abacha never had a foreign account.
Thank you, let's win this guys. representing Dr Kenneth Kaunda District on Radio Voice, get ready to vote
On this day, 6 February 1962: chatted to Kenneth Kaunda for an hour in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
traveling to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from Kenneth Kaunda Int Airport
Kenneth Kaunda was born on the 28th April 1924 in Chinsali, Northern Rhodesia.
Off to Shakaland – thinking about better days at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
After demonising Kenneth Kaunda with his Presidency style , he must be laughing now and laughing loudly at all this mess
2 great men, Dr Martin Luther King and our founding father, Dr David Kenneth Kaunda first President of Zambia.
The country’s first President Kenneth Kaunda popularized humanist principles as the framework of national...
Yours truly and fellow Cdes will be at Dr. Kenneth Kaunda region doing organizational work.
Dr Kenneth Kaunda Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Aiming to revive youth entrepreneural spirit
Kenneth Kaunda is the youngest president Zambia has ever had.
Kaunda with Martin Luther King talks to the media in the United States of America
traveling to Kitwe from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Zambia
Kenneth Kaunda was a musician by profession before his presidency.
Free State, Bloemfontein: Kenneth Kaunda will be closed on your way into town at Bayswater Animal Clinic due to an…
Father of modern Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda, had his weaknesses but a lasting endowment was a drive to educate fellows.
CAN WE TRUST THE VOTERS TODAY?. By Martin Walubita Mubita. This is prompted by the fact that after Kenneth Kaunda...
I like this picture though Mandela is in it.Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Oliver Reginald Tambo.
"We are partly to blame, but this is the curse of being born with a copper spoon in our mouths" Kenneth Kaunda.
Lusaka compound, Helen Kaunda, is named after the mother to Zambia's 1st republican president, Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda.
In response to Mugabe's critics, former Zambian leader Kenneth Kaunda blamed not Mugabe for Zimbabwe's troubles, but successive British gov.
Women carry blocks to sites @ the Kenneth Kaunda Work Project in Zambia in 2003
Kenneth Kaunda is still very strong by the grace of God! God bless him! God bless
it was successfully implemented at three other local municipalities of Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality since the beginning of August
the Kenneth Kaunda regime the value of the currency was fixed at a rate of approximately 1.2 kwacha to 1 USD.
While in Zambia, I was privileged to be invited to the "Father of Zambia's" home. Kenneth Kaunda was Zambia's...
Free State, Bloemfontein: There will be roadworks on Kenneth Kaunda and Wilcocks Road today and tomorrow. Please…
Kenneth Kaunda Speech After Release From Prison.Arrested for 5mths 7days for nothing by Ka Chiluba
That's what they say abt Vladimir Putin, what they said about Kenneth Kaunda - and it was a lie then. Sources?
We are delighted to announce our support and participation in NW Province's Dr Kenneth Kaunda District "Tourism...
real Mallorca F.C. from Wolmaransstad in the North West Province, playing SAB Leagues in Dr Kenneth Kaunda Region.
BY REGINALD KANYANE THE ANC in Dr Kenneth Kaunda district in North West said they condemned the actions of unruly...
"When you are sober and at home on a saturday night, that's when you learn the most about yourself.".Kenneth Kaunda
( End of Kenneth Kaunda Week). Through out the week we looked at one of Zambia's great...
Kenneth Kaunda “what a nation needs more than anything else is not a Christian ruler in the palace but a Christian prophet within earshot.”
job well done. I wonder why Lake Victoria's name has not been changed to Lake Kenneth Kaunda
(Kenneth Kaunda Week). In 1976 Kaunda assumed emergency powers, and he was reelected as...
Zambians know more about Caitlyn Jenner than they do about Kenneth Kaunda
Some Zambians think Robert Mugabe and Kenneth Kaunda are in the same bracket as Nelson Mandela! SMH...
Kenneth Kaunda, the root of the problems Zambia faced! mentality...weak and trapped
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Kenneth Kaunda and my dad went to the same school
It is regrettable that Kenneth Kaunda abrogated the Barotseland Agreement 1964 - Outgoing...
The Executive Mayor of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, Cllr. Pinky Moloi who is also a member of the...
No man did more 4 the freedom of Southern Africa than KENNETH KAUNDA. FOUNDING FREEDOM tells the story of a peoples fight 4 equality
I only know that the team landed at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport at 12:30 on Tuesday.
The Executive Mayor of the Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, Cllr Boitumelo Moloi to address Consulting Engineers
Linus Idahosa Hosted by the Founding Father and Former President of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda
Urgent opening for a Safety Officer at China Jiangxi Corperation to work under the Kenneth Kaunda International... htt…
This is serious Wananchi! How can I be saying farewell to Kenneth Kaunda?
Kenneth Kaunda never leaves his white handkerchief.
Kenneth Kaunda's trademark "Handkerchiefs are top 10 most disgusting things ever."
by the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, it's currently on the airwaves. I've hosted/Mc'd 13 events of high magnitude this yr
I like some new street names in Durban. There's Julius Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda.
5-car convoy in Kenneth Kaunda district and this is how crazy my people…
to meeting with Kenneth Kaunda and Sec. of State James Baker in Zambia, 1990
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Linus Idahosa: Del-York CEO was spotted in Zambia former President, Kenneth Kaunda: The CEO of Del-York Intern...
Minister Hanekom engaging with tourism stakeholders at the Bonjanala and Dr. Kenneth Kaunda districts.
Touch down Zambia! . I'm so excited to see these nutcases!!! @ ZEGA LIMITED kenneth kaunda…
Kenneth Kaunda.Super Ken..the Liberator of southern Africa..putting Africa first.
Chris Brown can drop kick Kenneth Kaunda, *** on Mandela's grave but would still dance his way back into black peoples heart @ the2016 BET
So Zambia's founding father,Former President - Kenneth Kaunda,is among the Frontline Member-of-states Champions...
What an incredible man Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia at 91& still going strong? Hosted the ANC, ZANU & SWAPO for many yrs
I liked a video BBC HARDtalk with Kenneth Kaunda, President of Zambia 1964-1991
When it hits me that The Game's Cactus suit is Kenneth Kaunda's Safari suit. Lmao
with his host Lungu of the Republic of Zambia at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and first president of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda
President Kenyatta also held discussions with the founding father and FIRST President of the Republic of Zambia Dr.Kenneth Ka…
Zambia's First President Kenneth Kaunda's declaration of blessings over Zambia on 25th May, 2015 at the...
Those who wish to talk to us about 2022 should do so through our son Peter Kenneth. Maoni yangu tu lakini!
Thank you Dr Kenneth Kaunda for the blessing we receive it in Jesus Name
OK. Done. Please get the Friday edition. "Ntambalukuta, Please Pray For Us: An open letter to Kenneth David Kaunda"
This is going to be something. I am working on this: "Ntambalukuta, Please Pray For Us: A letter to Kenneth David
In 1991, Zambian President, Kenneth Kaunda conceded defeat and handed over power to Opposition candidate, Frederick Chiluba.
Kenneth Kaunda's prayer is working. This hammering of Ghana is not a coincidence
Kenneth Kaunda says a prayer for Zambia.
Kenneth Kaunda Releases Zambia from all Curses, Pronounces Blessings - See more at:
Editorial: Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia not an Honourable man. Must come Clean on Barotseland. We have said it before...
I am saying that Kenneth David Kaunda is a Malawian and is a Zambian. He is an African par-excellence.
I am an African I owe mu being to Kenneth Kaunda, don't @ me about colonial identity
Its comic, if not tragic, to see a naive native like undermine elders like Kenneth Kaunda
"Deep and Controversial: An analysis of Kenneth Kaunda's speech on Africa Freedom Day."
Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia. Interesting personality in many ways.
Kenneth Kaunda wants Zambia to "forever remain a united people under the motto: One Zambia, One Nation". This is controversial.
It is easy to criticize Kenneth Kaunda. And sometimes he gives us lots of reason to. But no, I choose to bite my tongue and be grateful.
In keeping with the traditions of his father, David, Kenneth has now become Zambia's Prophet. When did KK become pentecostal?
"I submit the souls now living and posterity to the salvation and Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Father." - Kenneth Kaunda
"I release the nation, its people and the presidency from every negative forces made against Zambia" - Kenneth Kaunda, first president
We receive this blessing from our Founding Father of the Republic of Zambia Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. Our nation...
TBH, Zambia's First President Kenneth Kaunda's prayer raises more questions than answers. I'm not judging…
Lmao. Ba KK is a hilarious man mweh. Was that a speech or an invocation? Kenneth Kaunda the Intercessor.
The liberation movement in Zambia which used 2b led by Kenneth Kaunda was toppled in the national elections.
"This is why i contrast ego with soul & regard egotism as the great enemy of mankind" . -Dr Kenneth Kaunda 1972.
Community health workers in Kenneth Kaunda District in North West given 365 bicycles by NW Health. Way to go!
Vintage photo of Kenneth Kaunda gesturing. -
Ambition never comes to an end. . Kenneth Kaunda
Kenneth got friendly with which is less bad, but still.
power is sweet; leaving it is hard...Kenneth Kaunda and Goodluck Jonathan must have really been prayed upon
Found an old copy of Kenneth Kaunda's shall be free. Felt like I found gold (or fuel, if you're Nigerian).
For all you keen historians, which year was Kenneth Kaunda International Airport opened?
I had marvelous day at Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School with teachers that tought me when I was a young boy.Thanks to them
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Amongst his most revered SADC leaders, Kenneth Kaunda comes out at the top.KK sang a memorial song at funeral of Nujoma's m…
"Shawn Da Kaystar". Off to USA ATL... — at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport about to board.
Am coming from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.
I believe I can fly! — traveling to Lusaka from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Lusaka, Zambia
Last night I dreamt that I met Dr Kenneth Kaunda. How I wish the dream could come to life.
President Edgar Lungu being welcomed by Vice-President Inonge Wina on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International...
Just heard Zwakhe Mbuli say we can't spit on the grave of Kenneth Kaunda!! :'''D
Wow,dreamnt I spent an afternoon with OR Thambo and Kenneth Kaunda
How much AFRICAN history is taught in our schools? Patrice Lumumba, Mugabe,Ahmadu Bello, Kenneth Kaunda, Gaddafi etc? ... Nothing."
Kenneth Kaunda and Ruth Mompati are gon have Christmas in July
Last Question Who is Kenneth Kaunda? Answer An Old dude who spoke at Mandela funeral but he is from Uganda
Just to be honest kenneth kaunda was a smart dictator
Dr Kenneth Kaunda, former president of Zambia, is born | South African History Online
Happy 91st birthday Dr Kenneth Kaunda the founding President of Zambia. God bless!
Happy 91st Birthday to our first President Dr Kenneth Kaunda. You are a great inspiration.
KENNETH Kaunda has celebrated his 91st Birthday at home with his children, grandchildren and friends.
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Former President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda.
Happiest Birthday Super Ken Pres Kenneth Kaunda ,Zambia's first president. And he has outlived all the ones that followed. YOU the Man KK
1924 - Dr Kenneth Kaunda, former president of Zambia, was born
We wish a very happy and special birthday to our Patron, Dr Kenneth Kaunda,God bless him with many more days.
Happy b'day to our other President, Baba vedu Dr Kenneth "One Zambia One Nation" Kaunda.
Happy Birthday to a true son of the soil, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda who turns 91 today.
CHESWA Silwizya says her father, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, is well and relaxing at home in readiness for his birthday...
Happy 91 birthday to my beloved president kenneth kaunda! Wishing you more years to come
Happy Birthday to first and former President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda, 91 years old today! . Zambia and Sweden...
Happy 91st Birthday to the 'Father of the Nation' Kenneth Kaunda
Heartfelt from Ambassador Finke and the staff of the Embassy to the 1st President of Dr.
1924 – Kenneth Kaunda, Zambian educator and politician, 1st President of Zambia. Happy 91th!
Happy Birthday President Kenneth Kaunda. 91 is no child's play, we wish you many more years.
Kenneth Kaunda's reign started in 1964 and ended in 1991. A very long presidency.
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Its Nelson Mandela's friend Kenneth Kaunda birthday today. He turns 91.
Happy Birthday to Zambia's founding Kenneth Kaunda who lead the country to independence in 1964
2. In 1991, Zambian President, Kenneth Kaunda of the United National Independence Party (UNIP) which had ruled Zambia for 27 years
Africa is not free, until South Africa is free Kaunda
Dear God Kenneth Kaunda, how did you ever run your government with this much cabinet volatility???
Congratulations to Zambia’s First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda who was selected as a Champion for an...
Former President of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda & Former President of Malawi, Joyce Banda are attending today.
Why pay K300 to Kenneth kaunda airport when you can pay less than K200 and get K100 off your 6th trip.
Photo: I got some good advice to post more photos. here we go. to (at Kenneth Kaunda...
Kenneth Kaunda, former President of to ensure children living w/HIV have access 2 treatment
En route Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. Safe flight to momma bear and Miselo
.. I wonder o. Afterall he is not the first in Africa. Kenneth Kaunda, Banda, Abdoulaye Wade all stepped down.
Proflight Zambia’s new 50-seater jet aircraft touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport this week
26 days to Kenneth Kaunda's birthday. 91 years old is no freaking joke with this current life expectancy
It's Kaunda "looking at the parallels between Kenneth Kaunde's Zambia and current SA politics."
The severe pithy judgement Lee Kuan Yew observed of Zambian Kenneth Kaunda in early 1990s applies neatly on South African ANC Gov in 2010s.
I think of Lee Kuan Yew's passing of judgement on Zambian erstwhile president Kenneth Kaunda and I weep w sorrow for South Africa.
The Great Kenneth Kaunda was unseated as Zambian President via the ballot after spending over 20 years in power.
My prayers for the speedy recovery of our father President Kenneth Kaunda
Celebration of Pres Goodluck conceding defeat,some have called it a 1st. founding father Mzee Kenneth Kaunda conceded 1991
Not really. Zambia's Mzee Kenneth Kaunda lost election to Frederic Chiluba in 1991
In 1991 Fredrick Chiluba defeated incumbent kenneth kaunda in Zambia. In 2011 Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast was banged by Allassan Outtara
I believe Kenneth Kaunda was the first to do so. GEJ makes his mark on account of country's political history.
Very few African leaders have left power through a ballot paper, starting with Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia. Things are changing faster today.
was just having that convo true but she was a president of circumstance, actually Kenneth Kaunda lost his second term as well
Zambia has two of those accolades - Kenneth Kaunda in 1991 and Rupiah Banda in 2011.
ANC must study how Zambian Kenneth Kaunda's Political Party (UNIP), lost power at the hands of organised Labour.
Years ago, Kenneth Kaunda - Zambia's first Republican President, once famously threatened to resign in protest at Zambians' drinking habits.
1999 - High court declares ex-leader Kenneth Kaunda, born to Malawians, a non-citizen
Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Kenneth David Kaunda, and Seretse Khama were model champions of leadership when African freedom was an infant
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Government has disclosed that construction works on the modern Kenneth Kaunda International Airport will commence next month
A priviledge to interview the 90 year old African freedom fighter, Zambia's first President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.
Tate Kenneth Kaunda doesn't look well at all. He couldn't call in sick?
Dr Kenneth Kaunda has arrived in Windhoek for Namibia's Independence celebrations on Saturday
I Was asked to accompany the Embassy staff to welcome Kenneth Kaunda at Hosea Kutako.. I politely turned down the offer.
O re bone, re go bone – Legislature Takes Parliament to the People in Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District. Chris Hani Hall in Tswelelang 17/03/2015
Committee on Agriculture to meet with farmers at the Dr. Kenneth Kaunda district
President is back in big welcome at Kenneth Kaunda Airport via
President Edgar Lungu addressing journalists at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on arrival from South Africa
President Edgar Lungu at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport this afternoon when he arrived from South Africa
Bright and shiny morning flight from to @ Kenneth Kaunda…
I recently came to know Martin Luther KING and Kenneth Kaunda actually met.
Kobil filling station Kenneth Kaunda International Airport available now
Yes she remembers it fondly 😃. Saw this interesting interview of KK on BBC's HardTalk
Kenneth Kaunda has urged Zambians to pray for the quick recovery of President Edgar Lungu. Dr. Kaunda says...
How I adore and respect one of the fathers of African independence, the one and only Kenneth Kaunda
I heard Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and Kabila of Congo. Saying we’ll only listen to the bull of South Africa. For he is not standing but doing.
(Meanwhile in Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda is still alive and healthy as an ox...)
Kenneth David Kaunda won the Zambian elections on 25th August 1964 and became the first president of Zambia
Our health promoters and community health workers have commenced with TB awareness in the Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District.
SA will commemorates world TB Day on the 24th March in Kanana Stadium, Matlosana sub-distirct, Dr Kenneth Kaunda District in the North West
President Jakaya Kikwete and former Zambian leader Kenneth Kaunda toast during a dinner hosted by Zambian Head of...
Dr Kenneth Kaunda is a celebrated African hero and icon whose leadership qualities should be emulated, says...
The Zambia U20 National Soccer team has arrived at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on its way to the...
She hsnt been on my All the best || Tht beard tho..😃© @ Kenneth Kaunda…
Chelsea fans are confessed racists. Yet they regard Didier Drogba a club legend.I think they are stupid *** as Kenneth Kaunda would say.
So I got an extra week to visit my awesome physiotherapist to get me fit for Dr Kenneth Kaunda District trails
Fascinating insights today from the first president of HE Kenneth Kaunda. What a full life he has lead.
ER24 providing medical standby at Dr. Kenneth Kaunda athletics in Orkney and Potchefstroom. (PR)
Am so sad to hear about The father of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda you will be missed.
HC: before Chipolopolo the national team was known as "KK XI" (as in Kenneth Kaunda).
Kenneth Kaunda Zambian 1st president can't even live in his home country after he destroyed it. Pathetic Human
Reading Clive Shamwana's blog I see all the awful and ugly Kenneth Kaunda did during his rule far outweigh any good he did for Zambia.
. 18 February, 1998. Kenneth Kaunda, the former and first president of Zambia, previously...
I can't wait for Dr. David Kenneth Kaunda day. If it weren't for him I would have friends who are Tonga, Luvale,...
Thabo Mbeki,O.O,Benjamin Mkapa,Kenneth Kaunda...some of the leaders the likes of Museveni,Mugabe n power hungry kenyans shud emulate
(2/2)...that far back 1991, Kenneth Kaunda was defeated after 27yrs in power and he left office quietly.
Economic Freedom Fighter leader, Julius Malema is implicated in the murder of Anc's ANC Dr Kenneth Kaunda...
I found them waiting Ku airport... Glad to be back. @ Kenneth Kaunda International…
Finally, back home. I can't wait! @ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport- ZEGA
But I stand by my thoughts on Dr Kenneth Kaunda-a grand old man who believes in peaceful solutions but stood bravely for his principles too.
Former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda has been discharged from the Trust Hospital in the capital, Lusaka.
Kenneth Kaunda was in bed with South Afrikan president Vorster, Rhodesia's Ian Smith and Portuguese leaders in Mozambique. cc
Kenneth Kaunda's "I Wish to Inform the Nation.” speech of 1969 – An Act of Deception in His Quest to Fix...
Are you a doctor looking for a career in Read why you should work in Dr Kenneth Kaunda District in SA
First Republic President KENNETH KAUNDA is in Mfuwe were he is joining President EDGAR on his working...
Dr Kenneth Kaunda hasexpressed gratitude to President Lungu for inviting him to the Presidential...
A senior diplomat has revealed that former Zambian leader Kenneth Kaunda is unhappy with…
resident Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) welcomes Former President,Dr.Kenneth Kaunda at Chichele Presidential Lodge in...
Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda arrives at Chichele Lodge in Mfuwe, South Luangwa National Park and joins President...
The first cabinet constituted by Kenneth David Kaunda in 1964.
Mayihlome News: After the banning of the PAC and ANC in 1960, one of the most talked about leaders in this country was PAC founding President Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe. This is confirmed in an article in Drum magazine of December 1962 written by Nathaniel Nakasa. In his Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela inadvertently corroborates this point further when he writes that in his 1961 trip to several African countries, he was asked where Sobukwe was by African leaders and heads of state, including Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia who now pretends he never knew about Sobukwe and hardly mentions him. In fact, Zambia expelled the PAC in 1968 because they were influenced by Moscow which favoured the ANC. After the assassination, in March 1975, of ZANU leader Herbert Chitepo, while in exile in Zambia, Kaunda expelled ZANU following spurious claims that there was in- fighting within ZANU. Kaunda can’t repeat those fanciful claims now that the latest revelations are that former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith’s CIO, ...
I am an African, I may not be in the class of Thabo Mbeki , Col Mohmmar Gaddafi of blessed memory,President Robert Mugabe, Kenneth Kaunda , Nelson Mandela, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Dr Kwame Nkrumah but in my little way if judge I will be standing in their line of achievement if and when the mother Africa deems necessary. South Africa, be it as it is an anti African nation. The immigration law are anti Africa, it is painful, annoying and an eye sore to find out that you are a foreigner in your own continent. The new Migration law be it as it were is favouring European and Asian countries than Africa, We have been termed undesirable element in our continent, in a country that depended more on African during its struggle, in a country that most of their struggle icon ran to for safety and support. Africa the continent that stood tall and protested what was happening in South Africa has been a living *** They are tightening their immigration law which of course is not bad but to the detriment of a continent that .. ...
Interesting titbit about Zambian Presidential elections: "Long-time leader Kenneth Kaunda, who left office in 1991, has so far outlasted all but one of his permanent successors. Two presidents died in office, one died after standing down and the fourth, Rupiah Banda, is still alive. Mr Kaunda, born in 1924, is himself still going strong as he approaches his 91st birthday. Another oddity is that each successive Zambian president has served a shorter time in office than his predecessor. Mr Kaunda leads the way with 27 years and nine days. He is followed by Frederick Chiluba (10 years, 61 days), Levy Mwanawasa (six years, 230 days), Mr Banda (three years, 86 days) and Mr Sata (three years, 35 days). Were the winner of this election to then lose the 2016 poll, that trend would continue." --Nomsa Maseko, BBC News
Kenneth Kaunda will never die, all of these your HH's and EL's will die but KK will live forever. KK wamuyayaya
I know! It's is so frustrating! Kenneth Kaunda tried with his but we have regressed badly in recent decades.
I wonder why the failed dictator of African Countries end up in RSA ? Kenneth Kaunda ? Their people are Starving
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