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Kenneth Kaunda

Kenneth David Kaunda (born April 28, 1924), also known as KK, served as the first President of Zambia, from 1964 to 1991.

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Actually, Guy Scott was legally prevented from running for Pr…
has been voted Africa Liberation Prize Winner. The award is conferred by the African Liberation Award Commi…
Wait what? Rogue chief you're saying next elections are in 2023??😱. Africa is changing. How far is Uganda b…
Dr Kenneth Kaunda have confirmed their trial date and venue for Saturday 27 January, NWU Netb…
Age doesn’t necessarily matter much in these things, and this is not about that. It is about what translates into s…
Christmas day of that year Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, the former head of state, and leader of the United National Independent…
"What a nation needs more than anything else is not a Christian ruler in the palace but a Christian…
Africa is changing. How far is Uganda behind?
What's happening in Kenneth Kaunda land? Zambia oh my Zambia
Africa is changing. How far is Uganda behind? via
The development I see is in Zambia heartening – Kenneth Kaunda
Kenneth Kaunda International Airport - Lusaka - Zambia has been published on ProdAfrica Business Map -…
You know how you say "Nisala pa arcades" and the driver passes and all the passengers come together screaming "ASALA MUNTU!"…
🔸[Quote of the day]🔸 Kenneth Kaunda, first President of Zambia
"When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees.". Kenneth Kaunda
Prophet Walter Magaya meeting with the first President of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda (7 December 2017).…
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The tribute that stood out for me was from Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. I teared up.
Eye-gouging cops jailed The five police officers, who gouged a civilian’s right eye after assaulting him with baton…
“I came on Thursday, having spent a whole week with the World’s greatest man, Kenneth Kaunda in Zambia. I ought to…
We have a chance to make sure history never repeats or what Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, Milton Obote, Nelson Ma…
And then Sir Alex Ferguson must be the Kenneth Kaunda of the situation be called in to convince in to leave.
Is there something here? The 3 gentlemen that ruled longest in Africa and in the Federation of Rodhesia and Nyasala…
In Zimbabwe Calls for the former president's birthday to be made a national holiday were adopted by the government…
I concur Tinashe, what I really don't know is wether Mugabe is just like Kenneth Kaunda?
utter rubbish we ddnt even knoe that there is a president called Lungu until the inaugural ceremony..maybe u…
Heh? 😕 His efforts or Kenneth Kaunda's efforts? y'all need to put some respek on our transition wh…
.Happy Independence day to our Zambian brothers and sisters S.A. owes its freedom to you. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda 🇿🇲✊🏿
Freedom fighters and statesmen. Former Pres. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia;…
We were delighted to have in our midst Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, The First President of the Republic of at…
Way back our First president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda told the nation "Go back to the land" and people scoffed and respon…
You’ll make a huge difference in Africa – Kenneth Kaunda to |More here: http…
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Kenneth Kaunda - can make massive divergent for Africa Finder on 'eboboba' with your Diva
.calls on Dr Kenneth Kaunda, 1st Zambian President. Nana Addo urged to continue to shine the torch of Africa.
Traffic was severely affected on Umgeni Rd today as protestors set DSW truck on fire. On Kenneth Kaunda drive...
Akufo-Addo will make a huge difference for Africa - Kenneth Kaunda
LATEST UPDATE : President Akufo-Addo will nourish and make Africa different – Kenneth Kaunda
🇿🇲and 🇬🇭 common history is intertwined in the shared values by our Founding Fathers Dr. Kwame Nkurumah &…
"The goals set by Dr. Kenneth Kaunda have not changed".
"Continue to shine the torch of Africa. ~ Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda
"They may even be from a different political party, but we are all brothers and sisters". Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda
Ghanaian President in for state visit, took time to visit First Republican President, Dr Kennet…
"Help deliver the progress and prosperity for the longsuffering masses of Africans". ~ Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda"
"The Bible tells us to love your neighbour as yourself". ~ Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda
We work together to do our part in God’s work. With love, we can overcome great challenges”. ~ Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda
"That neighbour could come from another colour, origin or religion". ~ Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda
1st and 4th republican presidents Dr. Kenneth Kaunda & Dr. Rupiah Banda are products of Munali Secondary School. Show…
Former Zambian President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda turns 93 years. Happy birthday to Kenneth Kaunda who turned 93 years...
Kenneth Kaunda, turns 93 today. He's one of the last surviving leaders of the anti-colonial era.
Kenneth Kaunda and the national question – By Dr Owen Sichone
ZCSD wish the first Republican President and Patron of ZCSD Dr. Kenneth Kaunda (Super Ken) a Happy 93rd...
The power, heritage and history that is in this pic is beyond me 🙌🙌. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda & Mama Africa, Mirriam Makeb…
Kenneth Kaunda played a huge role in Zambia’s independence movement before becoming its 1st President & peacefully…
Kenneth Kaunda might have had a dark side and made many mistakes, but he was a selfless man in many ways. We often overlook that.
May's speech in America - as they say in Ireland "She can scutter on" - I've only heard a longer more boring speech from Kenneth Kaunda. Zzz
Pres Kenneth Kaunda, dancing here with Margaret Thatcher in Lusaka in 1979, sacrificed much for Zim's independence
> Kenneth Kaunda (then 89) run up a stage to pay tribute to his comrade Mandela and bring the house down
It was wonderful meeting an elderly Zambian man Kalaba who narrated the joy of watching Kenneth Kaunda roar chipolopolo.
I woke up thinking about the speech Kenneth Kaunda gave in was vibrating with much energy
After the transition to democracy, the SA govt awarded Kenneth Kaunda the Order of the Companions of OR Tambo in re…
in 2014, refugees in said former president, Kenneth Kaunda, deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for hosting many asylum seekers in
I added a video to a playlist Dr Kenneth Kaunda Municipality interview at Skills Development Summit
Great things about to happen in the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District from AGN Media SA
The inability of those in power to still the voices of their own...
I just bumped into AKA Mr FRESH ALL DAY at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.…
"When You Go in Search of Honey . You Must Expect to Be Stung by Bees." . -Kenneth Kaunda
The power which establishes a state is violence; the power which m...
Show some love for mampi and Kenneth Kaunda
It would have been disastrous for Zambia if we had gone multi-par...
First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda and the current head of State Edgar Lungu led the rest of the...
I feel honored to stand with, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, during the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Declaration of Zambia…
Dr Kenneth Kaunda bashikulu thank you for your blessing sacrifice and never ending love to mother zambia
Grandfather went to school with Kenneth Kaunda, Robert Mugabe and others studying the same things.
Africans have got a bad habit of doctoring history! In Zambia and Africa Kenneth Kaunda is being feted as a 'Saint'…
I'm still looking at Kenneth Kaunda and Sam Nujoma as actually good fathers of their countries that are still alive
As I bided farewell to the Ugandan President, HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport... https:…
See you soon kiddo miss you @ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Off to the airport not a good day but farewell to lil bro. Love you 😔 @ Kenneth Kaunda…
"Be back soon. For now have to go get some fresh air." — traveling to Cape Town, South Africa from Kenneth Kaunda...
Kenneth Kaunda as long as his drink is spiked with truth serum.
A Zambia singer crying out shortly after YK Museveni departed Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Mayor of Lusaka also here... You all know OR Tambo lived in Lusaka for a number of years at President Kenneth Kaunda's house
That sounded like Dali Tambo's voice also like Kenneth Kaunda's voice...
Ranjeni M: "Unless this ethical and moral lacuna is resolved, the ANC will go the way of UNIP, Kenneth Kaunda’s United Independence Party."
Malawi is Scotland in Exile in Africa. Kenneth Kaunda called David Livingstone Africa's first freedom fighter. More:.
The moment you have protected an individual, you have protected society.Kenneth Kaunda
President declares himself disciple of Africa's statesmen Julius Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda.
Government says construction works at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport have progressed with 95 percent works complete.
A British representative hands over the instruments of power to Dr. Kenneth Kaunda on Independence Day, 24th October,1964
I really wanted to introduce the Kenneth Kaunda Annual Lectures...
H.E. President this morning paid a courtesy call on Dr. Kenneth Kaunda in Lusaka.
Pres on Kenneth Kaunda: He's my father. I’m a great follower of these old men, their disciple https…
Today In 1964 - Northern Rhodesia gained independence from Britain, became Republic of Zambia, with Kenneth Kaunda as…
OTD in 1964, Zambia (Northern Rhodesia) gained its independence from Britain, with President Kenneth Kaunda taking pow…
Visit the Bio Market on the corner of Kenneth Kaunda & Berg Street for organic goodies & arts & crafts. Open every…
24 October 1964, Zambia became independent of the UK and prime minister Kenneth Kaunda became the inaugural president.
- 1964: Zambia, led by Kenneth Kaunda, gained its independence from Britain
This morning I visited Zambia's founding father, Kenneth Kaunda, at his home in Lusaka, Zambia.
President Yoweri Museveni has expressed great admiration for 92 year-old Kenneth Kaunda, the founding father of... https…
Talk about The tension that was between the late Fredrick Chiluba and Kenneth Kaunda...smh
I will cry when Kenneth Kaunda dies. It was enough not meeting Nelson Mandela but Kenneth Kaunda too? Which hero will i meet then? 😭
Where is "Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University"? I'm hearing about it for the first time.
Zambia: Ex-leader Kaunda calls for peace after disputed elections: LUSAKA - Zambia's first President Kenneth ...
I spent most of my childhood reading Kenneth Kaunda's Zambia shall be free, Peter Abraham's mine boy, the beautiful ones are not yet born...
Today,1997- Zambian police shoot and wound former President Kenneth Kaunda at an opposition rally in Kabwe
I'm not a fan of Kenneth Kaunda. I've read books. Watched videos.
wasn't the deceased a politician? Kenneth Kaunda did the same at Madiba's funeral, which to me was pertinent n relevant
First Republican President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda has called on all Zambians to maintain peace during the...
First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda has called on Zambians to maintain peace during the post election...
In Zambia, the party of Kenneth Kaunda went from 95% support to 1% support in 25 odd years. ANC's on the same road.
Under the Presidency of Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia supported African liberation movements such as the ANC & ZAPU.
Former President Kenneth Kaunda, won the first elections of an independent Zambia on this day in 1964.
Zambian former President Kenneth Kaunda won the elections this day in 1964.
Kenneth Kaunda wins Zambian elections to become its 1st president post-independence
Kenneth David Kaunda won the elections in Zambia.
This day, Kenneth Kaunda won the elections in Zambia.
25th August 1964 Kenneth Kaunda wins Zambian elections and will become the first president of Zambia on 24th October 1964.
do you know of any water issues in Kenneth kaunda.. we have no water so just checking if it's neighbourhood or just us?
live the souls of African heros who never abandoned South African struggle for freedom: Kenneth Kaunda, Mugabe, Nyerere and Machel
Dr. Kenneth Kaunda's citizenship was at some point detained and his citizenship forfeited
I just paid a courtesy visit to one of Africa's inspiring leaders, HE Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia's 1st President
If the name African National Congress is not outdated why during Zambian liberation Kenneth Kaunda changed it? ANC is mentally colonised.
Farms members talking to the leadership about farms evictions. Dr Kenneth Kaunda Region
Visited members of the ANC in the Farms between Klerksdorp and Wollies Dr. Kenneth Kaunda Region
And Natalie who refuses to go on swarm! (@ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN))
I've been saying it all along: please do not demonise Robert Mugabe. I...
Some of the alumni of Fort Hare university. Kenneth Kaunda,Julius Nyerere,Yusuf Lule,
Who's ready for an adventure? @ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
turns 100; produced leaders like Nelson Mandela, Robert Sobukwe, Kenneth Kaunda cc
Zambia Airports Corporation Ltd discloses that significant progress has been made on construction of Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to have a modern terminal by October 2016
Terminal ready in 2016: The Kenneth Kaunda International Airport will have a new and modern terminal by Octob...
Went to Kenneth Kaunda's old house last year. It was touching seeing his old furniture and pictures.
Kenneth Kaunda should've written a proper book or memoir. It's his responsibility to render his knowledge, wisdom, experience to the nation
SAns must not forget the role played by the global community, Kenneth Kaunda, Tanzania, Cuba
Kenneth Kaunda was the coolest president man.
An awesome "welcome home" gift would be a kind electricity schedule. (@ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN))
Vintage photo of Kenneth David Kaunda siting with men. -
On this day 92 years ago, Zambia's founding President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda was born. Salute to a great man!
The amount of speed humps in Kenneth Kaunda street, now i gota go cycle via Nelson... Smh.
Through out his life, 1st republican president of Kenneth Kaunda has survived 4 assassination attempts. He is 92 years old now.
Great article on Zambia's founding leader
Did Kaunda's upbringing foretell his impact on Zambia?
The Father Of Our Nation Kenneth Kaunda & in the background a Statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincolm Memorial
I must mention also, there was bad blood & tension between & 1st Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda whom he had defeated.
An active trade unionist who grew up in a mining town in Copperbelt region, seemed an unlikely figure to unseat Kenneth Kaunda.
Dr Kenneth Kaunda is Zambia's First Republican President and founding father of Africa's peace loving...
Thank you great interview with talking Ikgate Motlhala One ofAKind Ride honouring Dr Kenneth Kaunda cc
“It requires no special talent to criticise and insult. Even the stupid, the ignorant and the insane can, and do criticise.” Kenneth Kaunda
Our latest by Derrick Muwina. What does Kenneth Kaunda mean to Zambians today?
(Breaking News) Travelling from Zambia to Malawi — traveling to Malawi from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
It requires no special Talent to Criticize or insult, even the Stupid, ignorant and insane do and can criticize - Kenneth Kaunda
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Zambians voted Kenneth Kaunda out 27 years after liberation. Liberation parties are not invulnerable, particularly if they perform badly.
Have we reached peak kenneth david kaunda?
48 years ago today, Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered. That him with Kenneth Kaunda great Pan-African from Zambia h…
First Zambian cabinet with super kk- Dr Kenneth Kaunda
Traveling mercies — traveling to London, United Kingdom from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Father: Son who was the first president of zambia? Son: I don't know Dad. Father: (slaps the boy) kenneth kaunda...
I know... but can't you just say I'm here by Robert Mugabe clinic instead of between Kenneth Kaunda and Robert Mugabe street?!
We are in Chinsali District today to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School. Chinsali...
Peace, Kalusha Bwalya, Kenneth Kaunda, apparently the women are good in bed
Ever heard of Kenneth Kaunda? He was first president and he has been crowned as a “living legend”:
The Journey to the annual pilgrim @ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Wow!!! That's so cool!!! Mr Kenneth Kaunda rocked!!! He took such great care of us in exile:-)
The Doctor Kenneth Kaunda district municipality in launches free Wi-Fi in public areas
PF taking us back to the days of Kenneth Kaunda... And you still hear people chanting ifintu ni shani shani.. Do...
After leaving office Zambia Pres. Frederick Chiluba tried to deport Kenneth Kaunda on the grounds that he was a Malawian (from his father).   10% Off
guess whose back. (@ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN) in Lusaka)
On my way to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. Wish me luck.
Incumbents don't lose elections in Africa. Only Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia did.
CHIPOLOPOLO BACK!. Zambia touched down at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport after 06 00 hours this...
Kenneth Kaunda and thomas sankara my true african revolutionaries, for our freedom
First Lady Esther Lungu on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on Saturday, March 26,2016. The First...
Are people now saying that Kenneth Kaunda was not fit even to become a district councilor because he didn't have a Gra…
On 22 March 1964 Kenneth Kaunda is sworn in as the first President of the newly independent
Kenneth Kaunda - youngest person to be president of Zambia (40 yrs old). Michael Sata - oldest person to be president of Zambia (73 yrs old)
"I reject absolutely violence in any of its forms as a solution to our problems". Kenneth kaunda
I'm out. And i made a new friend. 😏 (@ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN) in Lusaka)
EM Pinky Moloi: We intend to have coverage across the entire district of Dr Kenneth Kaunda very soon.
Dr Kenneth Kaunda diesel generator》 It will have a significant impact on the ability of enter...
Books from Achebe, Flora Nwapa, Chukuwemeka Ike, some South African dude I can't remember now, Kenneth Kaunda
yo man the kenneth kaunda airport design looks so fresh and out of this world..OR tambo will probably have some competition now😬..
The comments on the first public viewing of the new design of Lusaka's Kenneth Kaunda International Airport 😂😂😂 so dead
22 October 1964 - The fireworks show to include the portrait of Dr Kenneth Kaunda. PART 2
1 October 1964 – The first and last Northern Rhodesia team goes to the Olympic Games. Richard Hall’s book on Dr Kenneth Kaunda is out.
PHOTO: President Edgar Lungu and Dr Kenneth Kaunda follow proceedings at the Nc’wala ceremony at Mtenguleni on...
FOUNDING President Kenneth Kaunda has appealed to Zambians to continue supporting President Lungu in his quest to...
Faces Of - Kenneth Kaunda: The man with a big heart via
Let us respect old people like, Dr Kenneth Kaunda & the rest of them all, coz they graduated without Google & Wikipedia.
Wanna read Zambia shall be free by Dr Kenneth Kaunda
I remember the larger than life presidents Kenneth Kaunda, Hastings Kamuzu Banda and Mobutu Seseseko. . Hanky, whisk and leopard hat
We have access to all ACSA-owned airports in South Africa, Kruger International Airport and Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka.
I hope those booths are air conditioned, like the ones at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, otherwise... sweat!
Meeting Hillary Clinton; interviewing Kenneth Kaunda and more recently; interviewing Robert Pires
Vintage photo of Portrait of Zambia politician Kenneth Kaunda. - Colin Davey
Hey, does anybody know how I can get hold of Kenneth Kaunda? First Zambian president.
.Kenneth Kaunda, 1st president of Zambia, also attended
It's hard for me to believe that if Kenneth Kaunda hasn't built this place we'd be kinda stuck.
To the heart of Africa..!:) — travelling to Kigali, Rwanda from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
But according to Kenneth Kaunda, Abacha never had a foreign account.
Thank you, let's win this guys. representing Dr Kenneth Kaunda District on Radio Voice, get ready to vote
On this day, 6 February 1962: chatted to Kenneth Kaunda for an hour in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
traveling to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from Kenneth Kaunda Int Airport
Kenneth Kaunda was born on the 28th April 1924 in Chinsali, Northern Rhodesia.
Off to Shakaland – thinking about better days at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
After demonising Kenneth Kaunda with his Presidency style , he must be laughing now and laughing loudly at all this mess
2 great men, Dr Martin Luther King and our founding father, Dr David Kenneth Kaunda first President of Zambia.
The country’s first President Kenneth Kaunda popularized humanist principles as the framework of national...
Yours truly and fellow Cdes will be at Dr. Kenneth Kaunda region doing organizational work.
Dr Kenneth Kaunda Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Aiming to revive youth entrepreneural spirit
Kenneth Kaunda is the youngest president Zambia has ever had.
Kaunda with Martin Luther King talks to the media in the United States of America
traveling to Kitwe from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Zambia
Kenneth Kaunda was a musician by profession before his presidency.
Free State, Bloemfontein: Kenneth Kaunda will be closed on your way into town at Bayswater Animal Clinic due to an…
Father of modern Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda, had his weaknesses but a lasting endowment was a drive to educate fellows.
CAN WE TRUST THE VOTERS TODAY?. By Martin Walubita Mubita. This is prompted by the fact that after Kenneth Kaunda...
I like this picture though Mandela is in it.Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Oliver Reginald Tambo.
"We are partly to blame, but this is the curse of being born with a copper spoon in our mouths" Kenneth Kaunda.
Lusaka compound, Helen Kaunda, is named after the mother to Zambia's 1st republican president, Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda.
In response to Mugabe's critics, former Zambian leader Kenneth Kaunda blamed not Mugabe for Zimbabwe's troubles, but successive British gov.
Women carry blocks to sites @ the Kenneth Kaunda Work Project in Zambia in 2003
Kenneth Kaunda is still very strong by the grace of God! God bless him! God bless
it was successfully implemented at three other local municipalities of Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality since the beginning of August
the Kenneth Kaunda regime the value of the currency was fixed at a rate of approximately 1.2 kwacha to 1 USD.
While in Zambia, I was privileged to be invited to the "Father of Zambia's" home. Kenneth Kaunda was Zambia's...
Free State, Bloemfontein: There will be roadworks on Kenneth Kaunda and Wilcocks Road today and tomorrow. Please…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Kenneth Kaunda Speech After Release From Prison.Arrested for 5mths 7days for nothing by Ka Chiluba
That's what they say abt Vladimir Putin, what they said about Kenneth Kaunda - and it was a lie then. Sources?
We are delighted to announce our support and participation in NW Province's Dr Kenneth Kaunda District "Tourism...
real Mallorca F.C. from Wolmaransstad in the North West Province, playing SAB Leagues in Dr Kenneth Kaunda Region.
BY REGINALD KANYANE THE ANC in Dr Kenneth Kaunda district in North West said they condemned the actions of unruly...
"When you are sober and at home on a saturday night, that's when you learn the most about yourself.".Kenneth Kaunda
( End of Kenneth Kaunda Week). Through out the week we looked at one of Zambia's great...
job well done. I wonder why Lake Victoria's name has not been changed to Lake Kenneth Kaunda
(Kenneth Kaunda Week). In 1976 Kaunda assumed emergency powers, and he was reelected as...
Zambians know more about Caitlyn Jenner than they do about Kenneth Kaunda
Some Zambians think Robert Mugabe and Kenneth Kaunda are in the same bracket as Nelson Mandela! SMH...
Kenneth Kaunda, the root of the problems Zambia faced! mentality...weak and trapped
Kenneth Kaunda and my dad went to the same school
It is regrettable that Kenneth Kaunda abrogated the Barotseland Agreement 1964 - Outgoing...
The Executive Mayor of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, Cllr. Pinky Moloi who is also a member of the...
No man did more 4 the freedom of Southern Africa than KENNETH KAUNDA. FOUNDING FREEDOM tells the story of a peoples fight 4 equality
I only know that the team landed at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport at 12:30 on Tuesday.
The Executive Mayor of the Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, Cllr Boitumelo Moloi to address Consulting Engineers
Linus Idahosa Hosted by the Founding Father and Former President of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda
Urgent opening for a Safety Officer at China Jiangxi Corperation to work under the Kenneth Kaunda International... htt…
This is serious Wananchi! How can I be saying farewell to Kenneth Kaunda?
Kenneth Kaunda never leaves his white handkerchief.
Kenneth Kaunda's trademark "Handkerchiefs are top 10 most disgusting things ever."
by the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality, it's currently on the airwaves. I've hosted/Mc'd 13 events of high magnitude this yr
I like some new street names in Durban. There's Julius Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda.
5-car convoy in Kenneth Kaunda district and this is how crazy my people…
to meeting with Kenneth Kaunda and Sec. of State James Baker in Zambia, 1990
Linus Idahosa: Del-York CEO was spotted in Zambia former President, Kenneth Kaunda: The CEO of Del-York Intern...
Minister Hanekom engaging with tourism stakeholders at the Bonjanala and Dr. Kenneth Kaunda districts.
Touch down Zambia! . I'm so excited to see these nutcases!!! @ ZEGA LIMITED kenneth kaunda…
Kenneth Kaunda.Super Ken..the Liberator of southern Africa..putting Africa first.
Chris Brown can drop kick Kenneth Kaunda, *** on Mandela's grave but would still dance his way back into black peoples heart @ the2016 BET
So Zambia's founding father,Former President - Kenneth Kaunda,is among the Frontline Member-of-states Champions...
What an incredible man Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia at 91& still going strong? Hosted the ANC, ZANU & SWAPO for many yrs
I liked a video BBC HARDtalk with Kenneth Kaunda, President of Zambia 1964-1991
When it hits me that The Game's Cactus suit is Kenneth Kaunda's Safari suit. Lmao
with his host Lungu of the Republic of Zambia at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and first president of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda
President Kenyatta also held discussions with the founding father and FIRST President of the Republic of Zambia Dr.Kenneth Ka…
Zambia's First President Kenneth Kaunda's declaration of blessings over Zambia on 25th May, 2015 at the...
Those who wish to talk to us about 2022 should do so through our son Peter Kenneth. Maoni yangu tu lakini!
Thank you Dr Kenneth Kaunda for the blessing we receive it in Jesus Name
OK. Done. Please get the Friday edition. "Ntambalukuta, Please Pray For Us: An open letter to Kenneth David Kaunda"
This is going to be something. I am working on this: "Ntambalukuta, Please Pray For Us: A letter to Kenneth David
In 1991, Zambian President, Kenneth Kaunda conceded defeat and handed over power to Opposition candidate, Frederick Chiluba.
Kenneth Kaunda's prayer is working. This hammering of Ghana is not a coincidence
Kenneth Kaunda says a prayer for Zambia.
Kenneth Kaunda Releases Zambia from all Curses, Pronounces Blessings - See more at:
Editorial: Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia not an Honourable man. Must come Clean on Barotseland. We have said it before...
I am saying that Kenneth David Kaunda is a Malawian and is a Zambian. He is an African par-excellence.
I am an African I owe mu being to Kenneth Kaunda, don't @ me about colonial identity
Its comic, if not tragic, to see a naive native like undermine elders like Kenneth Kaunda
"Deep and Controversial: An analysis of Kenneth Kaunda's speech on Africa Freedom Day."
Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia. Interesting personality in many ways.
Kenneth Kaunda wants Zambia to "forever remain a united people under the motto: One Zambia, One Nation". This is controversial.
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