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Kenneth Kaunda

Kenneth David Kaunda (born April 28, 1924), also known as KK, served as the first President of Zambia, from 1964 to 1991.

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In transit at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Lusaka on way to Nairobi.
On this day in 1986, Zambian President Kenneth D. Kaunda accused Britain and the United States of "kissing...
Kenneth Kaunda now sharing the Relationship he had with Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula's
We document the Role played by the ANC under Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula & UNIP under Kenneth Kaunda in the Independence struggle Hrs on ZNBC
What a day with the Dr Kenneth Kaunda district Managers Dept of Social development under the directorship of Mr Kgobe
On this day in 1986 Zambia President Kenneth Kaunda accuses the British government of "kissing Apartheid".
hi Glen its Boipelo here in Bloemfontein,just wanted to say 2 Mr Rob Burn Eufees rd is nw called Kenneth Kaunda. Lov da traffic
Free State, Bloemfontein/Kenneth Kaunda: Accident close to the Northridge Mall Entrance. No officials are on the...
I met the father of my nation, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. He gave me his blessing
Dunno, but of recent, a good fraction my thoughts have been on Kenneth Kaunda.
If the good die young, how wicked is Kenneth Kaunda??
So I'm watching a documentary and what so you know... Kenneth Kaunda went to his Zimbabwe concert
| Grading Zambia's Presidents - Kenneth Kaunda - [Zambia Reports]Faced with the current state of our econo...
Dr. Kenneth Kaunda is one of those notable heroes tht didn't only brng independence 2his motherland bt to other countries too
article about grading kenneth kaunda is very compacted for knowledge purpose! That's very great guys(KIU)!
I would love to share a cuppa tea w Ntate Kenneth Kaunda. He reminds me of my late gramps. The most loving and cheerful soul :)
Mulenga Sata today received a mistaken "presidential" welcome at Kenneth Kaunda airport from PF cadres who thought it was President Sata.
Kwame Nkrumar of ghana,Mugabe and Chibwechitedza mqabuko of zimbambwe ,Nelson Mandela of southafrica,Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and kenneth kaunda of zambia , worked hard fo us africans to realise a democratic africa.But Robert Mugabe is now regarded as no 1 african hero, after implementing anti-imperialist programes,so am nt ashamed to call dat old Bob my hero.Facts are stuborn.
Duped By the Wynter team GUY SCOTT SAYS HE, GIVEN LUBINDA AND MULENGA SATA DO NOT QUALIFY TO STAND AS PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA UNDER THE LAW! Zambia's Vice President Dr Guy Scott says under the current law he does not qualify to stand as Vice President. Dr Scott says even Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda and Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata do not qualify. "Me I'm not qualified to stand as President because I'm excluded by the same amended 1996 constitution which excluded Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, and excludes as far as I understand, me, Given Lubinda and excludes Mulenga Sata. Both your parents have to be Zambian." Dr Scott added that Acting President Wynter Kabimba was the senior most person in PF who qualified to stand as President. Source: Copy and Paste from PF's Tumfweko! Now let's put things straight here! If Scott is right in his interpretation of the law here, PF MPs such as Kambwili who have some presidential ambitions have been duped or it may mean the end of PF! Look, Kabimba is fully aware of implica ...
THE ‘NEW’ South African GOVERNMENT ’S ATROCITIES AGAINST FREEDOM FIGHTERS! Posted by Mayihlome Kenny Motsamai The “New South Africa” boasts of being a “democracy.” Indeed, in some areas that are not fundamental to democracy such as homosexual marriages, “sex workers”, “abortion on demand”, and an education system that allows a pass mark of 30%, this “democracy” is excelling. But on fundamental political issues, that includes equitable redistribution of land and its riches according to population numbers and treatment of former freedom fighters who gave their lives to destroy apartheid colonialism in South Africa, the “rainbow nation” democracy is an unmitigated disaster. Through its International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid, the United Nations declared apartheid a crime against humanity. The crime of apartheid is akin to the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. According to this Convention, genoc ...
Cde Tambo also wore fatigues too. Same with Kenneth Kaunda.
This book...Letter to my Children by Dr. Kenneth Kaunda simplified Virtues that make a man.
Media Statement SASCO NORTH WEST PEC 25 June 2014 Receive our humble and revolutionary greetings on the year of the 20th anniversary of our beautiful democracy. “MY BLOOD SHALL NOURISH THE TREES THAT WILL BEAR THE FRUITS OF FREEDOM. TELL MY PEPLE THAT I LOVE THEM AND THEY SHOULD CONTIUE TO FIGHT”. SOLOMON KALUSHI MAHLANGU. We will continue to fight until there is total freedom and equality: The South-African students Congress in the North West Province has observed on numerous occasions on the views by the Afriforum an organ that seeks to promote racial divisions and that seems to be spitting on our revolutionary gains of 1994. We are highly outraged as an organisation that views itself as the influential independent stake holder in the institutions of higher learning and research with the recent media statement by Afriforum Youth about what transpired at the Potchefstroom Campus of the North West University about the evil Nazi initiation practices. As Regional Leadership of SASCO in Dr. Kenneth Kaund ...
PART 8 (The Earl of Listowel continues...) THE EARL OF LISTOWEL (CONT..) But I believe that Zambia's greatest good fortune is that independence will see the continuation of the leadership of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. Everyone, I think, realises that in a new country it is the quality of leadership that matters more than anything else. I know, both personally and by reputation, all the leaders of our former Dependencies in Africa, and to my knowledge there is no one with a finer character or more balanced political judgment than Dr. Kaunda. I think this needs to be said, and to be said here, because in the past Dr. Kaunda has been subjected to much harsh and, I think, unjustified criticism, even in your Lordships' House. The choice by Zambia of such a leader is a wise one, because he has exactly the qualities that will be needed after he takes up the much heavier responsibilities entrusted to him by the new Constitution, on the assumption, which I think it is fair to make, that he will become the first President ...
There were some religious men wu were preachng the word of God, so they mit an old man nd askd a Question "wu z our protector our creator nd our saviour on earth?" then the old man answerd "Kenneth kaunda".
Who among the following was associated with the freedom struggle of Tanzania? (a) Patrice Lumumba (b) Kenneth Kaunda (c) Kemal Ataturk (d) Dr. Julius Nyere. Ans:d
Mrs Mary Chinery-Hesse - Profile Mary Chinery-Hesse has had distinguished careers in her Country’s Civil Service and at the United Nations. In the UN and in numerous other Organizations, she continues to be an important voice on economic development issues, an ardent defender of human rights, particularly women’s rights and gender equality, as well as an active advocate for African imperatives. A Graduate of London University, she holds an Honor’s Degree from the University of Ghana in Sociology and Economics, and was awarded a Doctorate of Law (honoris causa) by her Alma Mater the University of Ghana, the first female product of the University of Ghana to be so honoured. At the University of Dublin she undertook Post-Graduate Programs in Development Economics, and also at the World Bank Institute in Washington D.C. where she was inscribed as a Fellow of the Institute. Mary Chinery-Hesse’s first post at the UN was that of Resident Coordinator of the UN System and Resident Representative of the Un ...
You might know about Kenneth Kaunda, but do you know about the rest of the continent?
Me with His Excellence First Zambian President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda seeing us off after documenting his life at his...
Dedicating my second book to the founding father of our nation Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, and to all the heroes that fought of our nation. Zambia
Remember when President Chiluba stripped his predecessor Kenneth Kaunda of his Zambian citizenship for being "Malawian"?
The esteemed leadership of the 70's Southern Africa. Kenneth Kaunda Sawubona.
FORMER President Dr Kenneth Kaunda has been awarded honorary citizenship of Mozambique by President Armando...
Ambition never comes to an end. Kenneth Kaunda
Mingling with the business people and the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Mayor at the Protea hotel
Zambia: Chinese VP visits Zambia Wednesday (Y) Hope for Africa Chinese Vice-President Li Yuanchao was due here Wednesday for an official visit during which he is expected to sign eight agreements on Chinese grants and loans to Zambia. Li will be leading a 21-member entourage of senior government officials and Communist Party members and will be in Zambia until 21 June to strengthen relations between China and Zambia. Li, the most senior Chinese leader to visit Zambia since President Michael Sata came to office in 2011, will be in the country at the invitation of the Zambian vice-president Guy Scott. The Chinese Vice-President will hold private talks with President Sata, and also meet first president Kenneth Kaunda, as well as take part in the photographic exhibition on the results of cooperation between Zambia and China in the last 50 years. “The purpose of the visit is to commemorate the golden jubilee of the Zambian independence and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between ...
AU: What has happened to the Pan-African vision?: Part One By Shepherd Manhambara AN important point which any serious observer is likely to notice about our continent is the sharp contrast between the African past of the 1950s, 60s and 70s and the current era! That past had the likes of Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Haile Selassie, Sekou Toure, Kenneth Kaunda and others who spearheaded the African project to liberate the whole continent from the shackles of Western colonialism. With hindsight that project generated an unprecedented sense of purpose and solidarity across the continent and a sense of identity based on the belief that all of us shared a common African destiny. The positive outcome of that common purpose and solidarity which the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) enjoyed is that by 1994 the whole of Africa was free at last! In sharp contrast, the current era symbolised by the African Union (AU) is turning out to be far less dramatic by way of its agenda and method, far less inspiring so fa ...
extract from manuscript.The trailblazing record of positive and progressive path-finding thinking, labouring and living of Mbikusita Lewanika, and others of his generation, set an appropriate foundation for Zambia’s Independence, with Barotseland as an integral part of the Zambia unity project. However, this Zambia-founding contribution is not affirmed or accredited or appreciated. What is worse is that this foundation has been destroyed and discarded. Up to date, this contribution is eclipsed by a shadow of reigning ignorance, imposed silence, propagated distortion, sustained prejudice and unfounded fear of the unknown. This contribution remains hidden, even as the Government of Zambia rolls out its programmes and trumpets its messages towards celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its Independence. People who have called for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement can claim Mbikusita Lewanika’s heritage. This because he was part of its negotiation, and he regarded it the essential and peaceful ...
Kenneth Kaunda has managed to rewrite history. Gone is the tyrant who bankrupted the country and killed opponents. Now we love him! :)
My Journalist friend Inutu Mupango Mwanza please sit Kenneth Kaunda down one afternoon and record a soft chat with him, what is it we dont know about KK.then present it to us the millions of ZNBC TV addicts. 90yrs on Planet Earth and all we make him talk about is the Liberation struggle - we all love grandpa stories.make him tell us a good one.
Enjoyed the interview of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, and that he supports the leadership of Michael Sata
Definition of poverty according to first republican president kenneth kaunda." ignorance, hunger & theft".
First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda on CNBC Africa discussing Zambia's history on ZNBC TV right now. Interesting interview. Tune in.
At Kenneth Kaunda International Airport ready for Lagos!
I tell every Zambian I meet that I've met Kenneth Kaunda twice and eaten at his house
just my family with Kenneth Kaunda. No big deal.
"Democracy is of little benefit to the people, if they remain uneducated,unemployed, and the number of illiteracy remain high" (kenneth kaunda)
Nkana Fc...safely landed at Kenneth Kaunda Airport en rout to tunisia. For the game against Etoile...
Billy out, Mbewe, Chibuye in as Kalampa leave for Tunisia Nkana leave for Tunisia this evening but will have to do without veteran defender Billy Mwanza who is suspended but welcome back into the squad striker Festus Mbewe and midfielder Frank Chibuye who has been out for weeks injured. Mbewe recently returned from a six month spell with Golden Arrows in the PSL. In naming his 20-man travelling party for the defining match against Etoile du Sahel in Suousse on Saturday, coach Zeddy Saileti decided to leave behind Francis Kombe, whose spot Mbewe takes. In Billy's absence, Kalampa will have the relief of welcoming back Christopher Munthali. Billy has been pivotal in Nkana's campaign, featuring in all the Zambian champions' continental matches so far. Munthali was suspended for the last two matches. Billy's suspension is as a result of the red card he received in Nkana's last match at home, the 1-1 draw against Ivorian side Sewe Sport. Nkana are on the 21:45hrs Emirates flight from the Kenneth Kaunda Interna ...
zambia is known on the continent and beyond as a country of mixed blessings,a land of peace and above all a sizzling political bed that forever provides enough material for political students from all walks of life to mull on,for days and even weeks on end.its has been so since independence wen kenneth kaunda constinually became the proverbial"black moses" through to fredrick chiluba,Levy Mwanawasa,Rupiah Banda and now president micheal sata
Very humble insights by Former President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda via
The legendary Kenneth Kaunda on CNBCA. Let's get in tune
Grow Africa Debate featuring a number of African leaders on now, followed by Africa Rising featuring Kenneth Kaunda.
When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees. Kenneth Kaunda
'The pursuit of equality prohibits ruthlessness in the strong, protects the weak from wanton injury ...' Kenneth Kaunda (1973)
Is Mbendera becoming a weeping prophet like his country man Kenneth Kaunda?
1st president of Zambia Dr.Kenneth Kaunda receiving a DLonra Scrabble board to celebrate his 90th birthday.
On this day in 1982 Zambian president Kenneth David Kaunda meets with South African president PW Botha in Botswana.
who among African leaders would you consider as a benevolent dictator? Mwalimu Nyerere? Kenneth Kaunda?
I can't believe that former president of Zambia kenneth kaunda is 90 years old.
Former President Kenneth Kaunda sits down with at 9:30pm CAT.   10% Off
Kenneth Kaunda. I wanna meet him one day! ☺
We all can't wait for President Kenneth Kaunda'a autobiography.A great son of Africa
Dr Kenneth Kaunda is more than 5 history textbooks.So much knowledge and wisdom.We are blessed to have such in our midst
great interview with Kenneth Kaunda. Well done sir.
Kenneth - "I talk to regularly about unification of Southern Africa"
I just got reminded that Dr Kenneth Kaunda was a member of Zanu when it was formed in 1963.
Watching Cde Kenneth Kaunda in CNBCA's Africa Arising. I respect and honour this great father of Afrika. Long live, Cde KK, Long live
The man (Dr Kenneth Kaunda) has a memory like an elephant, so much of our history is housed in our elder statesmen
Southern Africa is moving generally in the right direction. Kenneth
Kenneth Kaunda says he is "very proud" of what President Sata is doing in Zambia. That says a lot!
Privileged to be watching the legendary African icon Dr Kenneth Kaunda being interviewed on
Former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda on right now with watch via :
leading financial journalist Godfrey Mtizwa has the privilege of interviewing Kenneth Kaunda. Nice chat.
Last year a like a post with these facts, now i just had to look for it and copy paste the facts after whats happening in Malawi right now. Its so deep... 1. Both Dr. Kaunda and Dr. Kamuzu Banda were longest serving President’s of both countries and their roots are somehow not traced from Zambia and Malawi, respectively. Both Kaunda and Kamuzu, having a common slogan of “Wamuyaya” (Forever), had something to carry in their hands as symbol of authority; 2. President Chiluba, born in April 30, 1943, took over from Kenneth Kaunda (old guard) in 1991 and Bakili Muluzi,born in March 17, 1943, took over from Kamuzu Banda (old guard) in 1994. Both Chiluba and Muluzi went on to seek a 3rd term of office but failed after extreme opposition to both bids 3. FTJ Chiluba brought in Levy Mwanawasa and campaigned for him single headedly; Bakili Muluzi brought in Bingu wa Mutharika and campaigned for him single headedly 4. As fate would have it both Mwanawasa and Mutharika won those elections. 5. Shortly after bein ...
BIGGEST CHEER FOR MUGABE IN SA Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe arrived to loud applause and whistling at the Union Buildings on Saturday for the inauguration of president-elect Jacob Zuma. Mugabe, in a dark suit and blue tie, arrived in Mercedez Benz, and then slowly made his way down the red carpet with his wife. He smiled and waved as loud cheers echoed through the amphitheatre. Other dignitaries to receive cheers were former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda and Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan. Local and foreign dignitaries continued to stream in and 4500 were expected to attend. A further 20,000 people were expected to watch from the south lawns. The ceremony was due to begin with inter-faith prayers, followed by a recital of the Preamble to the Constitution of South Africa, before Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng swears in Zuma. Zuma was due to take the oath of office before he signs the swearing-in certificate, followed by a congratulatory item by imbongi Zolani Mkiva. Zuma will address the nati ...
2014 SA Presidential Inauguration at Union Buildings in Pretoria. As for President Robert Mugabe and King Mswati makes my blood boil. I love X President Mbeki though and Kenneth Kaunda.
MR Guy Scott is in South Africa at "Inauguration" of President Jacob Zuma with Dr Kenneth Kaunda former president. Many people in South Africa think Guy scott is our president because they know nothing about Sata and they don't see Sata a lot since he became the president.
Reaffirming my Africanism by reading the Inaugural speech by Robert Sobukwe as a PAC president read more "Sir, Sons and Daughters of Afrika! Mr. Speaker as already informed you that we had hoped that this inaugural Convention of the Africanists would be opened by Dr. Kamuzu Hastings Banda, failing which, by Mr. Kenneth Kaunda of the Zambia African National Congress in Northern Rhodesia. Both have been unable to attend our convention, for both are now, in the language of the colonialists, "detained" in some concentration camps because they dared to demand the right of self determination for the indigenous African people of Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia. The honourable task of opening this conference has, therefore, fallen to me, an Africanist, and I wish to thank the Central Committee for the honour. I am particularly grateful for the opportunity this offers me to treat briefly of certain issues relevant to our struggle which, though adequately treated in the documents that will be considered by this Con ...
Africa knows no more peaceful people than the humble people of Malawi. When defeated in elections, Malawians concede graciously and hand over power peacefully. Look at Kenneth Kaunda, and then look at Rupiah Banda. These are very peaceful and gracious Malawians. President Joyce Banda should not spoil for us the great legacy that Malawians have bequeathed to the African continent. JB's character belongs to other nationalities I cannot mention here. During this very difficult time, we appeal to Amai Joyce Banda not to pull a Mugabe on us.
The President of Malawi should desist from causing further trouble and casting doubts on the Malawian Electoral Commission. She must let the MEC announce results without interference. Her Excellency might need to know that eminent Malawians have lost elections before and have peacefully handed-over power. For now, Kenneth Kaunda and Rupiah Banda come to mind as those eminent ones. Both Kaunda and Banda are alive and well and Her Excellency can call them to get the fortitude she needs to accept Malawian electoral results.
In 1960 met Gamal Abdel Nasser of Ahmed Sékou Touré of and Kenneth Kaunda of the
Katungu finalising KK land Rover repairs=The National Heritage Conservation Commission,in collaboration with a lusaka mechanical engineer Nikky Katungu,is finalising the rehabilitating of Dr Kenneth Kaunda's Land Rover used before Zambia's independence and plan to have him drive the vehicle.And katungu says he feels humbled that among the over 13 million Zambians he has managed to restore the Land Rover to running an interview,NHCC acting executive director,Kagosi Mwamulowe,said NHCC was currently working on various logistics such as the security of the Land Rover when is finally taken back to chilenje House National Monument."we are in the final stages of the completion of the Land Rover and we plan to hand it back to the First Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda and also hope he can drive it in not a distant future.what is holding us back are logistical preparations,especially where the Rover will be when it goes back to Dr kaunda's chilenje House;Mwamulowe said.Katungu said the rehabil ...
Nobody can give u freedom,nobody can give u equality or justice.if u re a man...u take it. kenneth kaunda
Hello Zambia tell me how you doing!!? (@ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN))
The greatest threat to freedom is abscent of criticism. . .me na N.b.m kenneth kaunda player.
In the mid 70s President Kenneth Kaunda tried to abolish bump dance, saying it was immoral. Then his son was found performing the "immoral" dance at a public function (was it Panji?) Who will remember this?
Trip to Texas, Houston for TechEd North America 2014. (Checked in at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport)
All volunteers at Klerksdorp .all Kenneth Kaunda Ululation and joy in the stadium
Pay us a visit at our offices 3250 kenneth kaunda and corner wynne street and lets discuss your special days transportation needs.
Africa's economic problem is they don't consume what they produce." Dr Kenneth Kaunda (former Zambian president)
KK, LIWEWE UNIFIED ZAMBIA - PROF FRANCIS CHIGUNTA PROFESSOR Francis Chigunta says April was a special and unique month on the country's calendar because Zambians from all walks of life united to celebrate Dr Kenneth Kaunda's 90th birthday and Dennis Liwewe's life. In an interview in Lusaka, Prof Chigunta, a development expert and former political advisor to Rupiah Banda, said national unity was a rare and precious commodity. "Precious in that without unity, a country cannot make any substantive progressive. Without unity, a country cannot move forward. Now you see the death of Dennis Liwewe and of course the birthday of Dr Kenneth Kaunda helped in unifying the country, which is how it should be," he said. "And during the celebration of Easter and Dr Kaunda's 90th birthday, we saw political opponents, rivals, putting aside their party differences, coming together to shake Dr Kaunda's hands. We saw former President Rupiah Banda sit with President Michael Sata with opposition leaders present as well during E ...
To all who indicated interest by name. Please let me know if any is not Kenyan. John Sang William Kimeli Lex Njiru Peter Nyarenchi Isaiah Maloba John Kiarie George Nderitu Julia W Mwaura David Kangethe Daniel Machanje Semper Fortis Duke 'Bash' Michieka John Kibe Here are the pics of the board once more. You may ask anyone who played at ECASA about the boards. Abba Hydara bought one. I made a special personalised one for Dr Kenneth Kaunda. You can also ask anyone of Zambia scrabble about these boards. During the competition fifteen of them were used. All who gave comment about playing on them gave positive feedback. The boards will last a lifetime all tiles fit in the grid the playing surface will never fade or get dirty - GUARANTEED about 55cm in diameter high quality products used with a high quality finished product researched and manufactured by professional engineering people COST: US160dollars I reiterate, to keep costs like freight charges down, I will bring them to Ke ...
Tomorrow we will know which school will represent the North West at the national finals. Anyone living in Potchefstroom, or who can get there, go to the Ikageng Stadium to see your winning regional teams compete in the provincial final. Games start at 10am The Schools are: Mphe Batho Primary Schools from the Bojanala District Kgetleng Primary School - Ngaka M Molekma District Agisang Primary School - Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Manamolela Primary School - Dr RS Mompati District
What will it be for this Generation? In terms of the African Agenda! Is our future, is our solution for these our challenges, are our answers for these our troubles - both in South Africa, SADEC & the rest of Afrika; Far distanced, far divorced, alienated & enstranged from the foresight, vision, dreams, strategic goals & objectives that were long espoused and pointed to, by our ancestors? Were these African colossals amiss, nor incorrect, or perhaps even 'wide of the mark' on the direction they gave for Afrika ~ Nkosi Albert Luthuli, Nkwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Kenneth Kaunda and all the Elders of Afrika??? Nkosi sikelel' iAfrika, iAfrika mayibuye! Zemnk' iinkomo magwalandini ...
at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport seeing off President Sata he going to livingstone
Many other eminent scholars and leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah, Cheikh Anta Diop, Marcus Garvey, Patrice Lumumba, Julius Nyerere, Sekou Touré, Kenneth Kaunda and Thabo Mbeki also called for the rebirth of Africa. Despite the recurrent echoes of such ideals by the aforementioned Africans, the lack of progress has been astounding. If it requires the youth to revolt against their authoritarian leaders, whether through peaceful or violent means, in order that change is effected, then so be it. Liberation from authoritarian rule will not be handed out on a silver platter, but needs to be taken. The future of the African Youth is dependent on our will to be the catalyst for change. That brighter day envisioned by our forefathers shall rise only when we, the African Youth, rise against the injustices visited upon us.
Colin Morris reflects on Kenneth Kaunda, the ‘Black Mamba”, on his 90th birthday in our special feature.
Career dream fulfilled; just interviewed African liberator, Zambian statesman and nation founder Kenneth Kaunda
of interviewing Kenneth Kaunda at his office.
First Republican president KENNETH KAUNDA says Zambians should continue being united even when he will be long...
The inability of those in power to still the voices of their own consciences is the great force leading to change. ~Kenneth Kaunda
I fed Kenneth Kaunda with the birthday cake we gave him during the Queen's Birthday reception!
What surprises me, Madiba, mahatma Ghandi, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, Dalai Lama and the Pope! Is somehow faulty human thinking! Men and women alike sacrifice their health in order to make money. After making some money, then they sacrifice the same money to recuperate their health! And then men and women become so anxious about the future that they do not enjoy the present; the result being that they do not live in the present or the future; they live as if they are never going to die and then they die having never really lived! Lol! Please let us all live this life to the fullest before leaving this life! Aspire to inspire before you expire! Be blessed and stay blessed! Happy Sunday folks!
The way The Great Mandela has been honoured and respected and his legacy celebrated by not only South Africans but also Africans and the world at large is an example of how a nation and a people should celebrate the legacy of The Great African men and women.Celebrate our heroes and heroins by erecting statue in their honour, putting their potraites on money, sing songs for them, do movies about them, write books about their lives, name towns, cities and significant buildings and places in their honour . Here are some of Africa's great men and women that come to mind are, Queen Nanny, Malcolm X,Martin Luther King Junior, Heuy Newton, Medger Evers, Angel Davies, Muhammad Ali, Hannibal Barca, Taharka, Mansa Musa, Queen sheba, Queen Amina, Queen Nandi, Steve Biko, Oliver Tumbo, Joshua Nkhomo, sobhukwe, Robert Mugabe, Kenneth Kaunda, Julius Mwalimu Nyerere, Samorah Mitchel, Patrice Lumumba, Jomo Kenyta, Kwame Nkurumah, Ben bella, Haile Silase, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, menelik the first and the second and ofco . ...
02nd May, 2014, The Zambia Republican President, Mr. Michael Sata, State House, Lusaka Zambia. Dear Sir, RE: PRESIDENT MICHAEL CHILUFYA SATA OF ZAMBIA REFUSED TO SIGN A PERMANENT COURT OF ARBITRATION SUBMISSION AGREEMENT & WITHDRAWAL ZAMBIA’S GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS. Unlike Zambia’s treacherous leaders like you Michael Sata, the Zambia Republican President, in a fashion of what The Barotseland Agreement 1964 sought to achieve for Northern Rhodesia and Barotseland in the Republic of Zambia. Whereas Tanzanians have been taught to understand and celebrate their unity in diversity, Kaunda and his successors sought to torture, maim arrest and in some cases kill those who have over the years reminded them on their need to honor the Barotseland Agreement 1964. Under Kenneth Kaunda, the Zambian government arrested in January, 1971 Muchanza Lisulo, Sitamulaho Sitamulaho, Welesani Mulele, Simataa Simwinji, Wamunyima Mupatu, Biemba Muteto, Zeko Mulundumina, Mukena Kaluwe, Pumulo Mulopo and others merely for peace ...
31 years ago, i was privileged enough to be Master of Ceremony for Dr. Kenneth Kaunda's 59th a very tender age i was picked among a group of boys and girls that used to be called 'Young Pioneers' to manage the proceedings of the then President's birthday party held at State House.a daunting task it was but a momentous occasion that I will never forget.i believe that moment and many others in my early years like commanding a Guard of Honour for the late Presidents Julius Nyerere (Tanzania) and Samora MacHel (Mozambique) & even Angola's Dos Santos, shaped me to be who i am today and do what i do today & i can only say THANK YOU LORD for you have brought me this far.your favour, grace and mercy was surely upon me then and I am a living testimony of your goodness more so now.Happy 90th Birthday to our founding father KK.
Please be upstanding for Kenneth Kaunda, who is 90 today. Here he is fighting the good fight with Samora MacHel &...
ANOTHER BIG BLOW TO THE ZAMBIAN FOOTBALL FAMILY- BA DENNIS LIWEWE IS GONE Retired football commentator Dennis Liwewe has died. Liwewe, once described by the BBC as the "doyen of African football commentators" was known throughout much of Africa as the 'Voice of Football'. His fame for radio commentary captivated millions and he was among a rare breed of people who could read the ingredients on a tin of soup and make it sound as dramatic as a penalty shoot-out," the BBC Farayi Mungazyi, one of Africa's best sports journalists once wrote. Liwewe, 78, died in Lusaka. He was awarded the Order of Distinguished Service by ex president Kenneth Kaunda in1977. Zambian Football is saddened by the death of Liwewe and proffers its condolences to the Liwewe family, Zambian football fraternity's and fans alike. We pray that he rests in peace as we remember him and his contribution to Zambian football. MHSRIP...
Among the Queen's good friends have been African leaders like Nelson Mandela, Kenneth Kaunda, Julius Nyerere, Kwame Nkrumah & Jomo Kenyatta.
Today I Decided to go to St Ignatius Parish to attend mass... I was very Happy to go in and see President Sata, Rupiah Banda, Kenneth Kaunda, share the same bench in church and even JOKE smile and laugh together.. I also So Mike Mulongoti, Nawakwi,Nevers Mumba, among others, it was a very good mass and I saw how much Jesus Suffered for us.. I am not Catholic but I decided to go there and see, Rupiah Banda isn't Catholic also but he was present.. It came to my surprise after looking all over the church to see Hakainde Hichilema not present in that church, why is Hakainde a Bitter guy his friends were in church enjoying mass and JoKIng they put their political differences aside and put God first, I wonder where Hakainde was today because he didn't attend any mass all maybe he was at a radio station, Those close to Hakainde Please tell him to get back to earth and not be bossy, he can't think people of zambia will take him to State House if he doesn't humble himself.. Otherwise was a good mass mwe God bless ...
In African affairs, Haile Selassie's courage and his tenacity as a nationalist gave him a position of leadership among such anticolonialist statesmen as Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, Sekou Toure of Guinea and Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia. Despite his autocratic rule, the Emperor represented independence from overt foreign domination as well as the artful acquisition of foreign economic aid. It was Haile Selassie who convoked the first meeting of the Organization of African Unity in 1963 and devised the charter for the 38- nation bloc. Its headquarters are in Addis Ababa.
Pan-Africanism Pan-Africanism is an ideology and movement that began as part of the emancipation of the African continent. It encourages the solidarity of the sovereignty of all Africans worldwide which is based on the belief that unity is vital to economic, social, and political progress and aims to "unify and uplift" people of African descent. As a Pan-Africanist, you have to believe in Africa. This belief was laid down by great leaders of our race like; Haile Selassie, Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Joseph Hill, Kwame Nkrumah, Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela (Madiba), Kenneth Kaunda, Jomo Kenyata, Yaa Asantewaa just to name a few of our heroes and heroine. Today, all African descents must raise and uphold the course of our founding leaders, Pan-Africanism.
INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THE ROLE OF MALAWI IN Southern AfricaN HISTORY. Kenneth Kaunda, was born on the 28 th of April, 1924, in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia). He is a nationalist who led Zambia to independence in 1964 and served as the Zambian president until 1991. Kenneth Kaunda’s father, was a schoolteacher from Nyasaland (now Malawi), and his mother, also a teacher, was the first African woman to teach in colonial Zambia. Robert Gabriel Mugabe's father was a Malawian migrant worker, born Masuzyo Matibili, and renamed Gabriel Matibili. At the height of his oppressive leadership, in the last 14 years, Robert Matibili's government enacted a law that stripped Zimbabweans of any right to dual nationality unless if they renounced their claim to any foreign citizenship. This turned out to be a successful way of deny millions of exiled Zimbabweans, their right to vote in general elections as of the year 2000 because ZANU PF feared they were going to vote for the opposition MDC. No offence to an ...
" I am happy one of my boys is President," . Dr. Kenneth Kaunda said after President Michael Sata became...
Kenneth Kaunda,Baba Hugh Masekela,Zuma,Obama,Thabo Mbeki and "Who are some people you’d like to meet someday?
It seems there is a desire by many Africans to remain poor and live in the “comfort” of poverty forever. This, writes WONDER GUCHU, is like the children of Israel who pleaded with Moses to leave them in the comfort of their slavery rather than endure the long walk home to freedom. This, the writer argues, is the case with Malawi and its late President, Bingu wa Mutharika. Leaders of the character of late Malawian President, Bingu wa Mutharika, often never live to see the dream they have for Africa come to reality. A darling of the West and a recipient of aid, Mutharika’s last days were dark because he had taken up the gospel of empowering not only his people, but change the way all Africans think about themselves. This was the same dream that Kwame Nkrumah, Amílcar Cabral, Leopold Senghor, Frantz Fanon, Milton Obote, Patrice Lumumba, Kenneth Kaunda, Samora MacHel, Robert Mugabe, Julius Nyerere, Chris Hani, Julius Malema, Martin Luther King Jnr, Malcolm X and many others have all tried to advance. T ...
UNZA PRODUCT Levy Patrick Mwanawasa was born in Mufulira, in Zambia's Copperbelt region, part of the small ethnic group, the Lenje. He was educated at Chilwa Secondary School, in Ndola district, and went to study law at University of Zambia (Lusaka) in 1970. He graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree in 1973. Mwanawasa started his career as an assistant in law firm in Ndola in 1974, he qualified for the bar in 1975, and formed his own law company, Mwanawasa and Co., in 1978. In 1982 he was appointed Vice-chairman of Law Association of Zambia and between 1985 and 86 was the Zambian Solicitor-General. In 1989 he successfully defended former vice-president Lieutenant General Christon Tembo and others charged with plotting a coup against then president Kenneth Kaunda When Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda (United National Independence Party, UNIP) approved creation of opposition parties in December 1990, Levey Mwanawasa joined the newly created Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) under the leadership of Fr ...
Ex-Zambian leader Kaunda hospitalised Zambia's founding father and former president Kenneth Kaunda was taken to hospital on Sunday, but is said to be in good spirits, the government said. President Michael Sata visited his predecessor in a Lusaka hospital, where 89-year-old Kaunda is reportedly being treated for fatigue. Images released by the Zambian government showed Kaunda standing and smiling while receiving guests including Sata. "The first lady and I have just returned from Lusaka Trust Hospital where we went to visit our founding president Dr Kenneth David Kaunda," Sata said in a statement after the visit. "We were happy to find KK in high spirits. Get well soon." Kaunda ruled Zambia for 27 years from independence in 1964. While in power he hosted many of the movements fighting for independence or black equality in other countries around the region, including South Africa's African National Congress. Initially a popular leader, he became increasingly autocratic, but eventually ceded power in the fi ...
Julius Malema on 702 just gave Zambia as an example of a country in which nationalisation has succeeded. What nonsense because nationalisation failed dismally in Zambia. After decades of stagnancy, Zambia has patched up it's tatted economy to be the fastest growing African economy today by reversing nationalisation: privatizing previously nationalized assets, selling some parastatals, cracking down on government corruption, protecting property rights and aggressively courting foreign investment. Moreover, it was people like the exZambian President, Kenneth Kaunda and Julius Nyerere, who advised ANC against nationalisation and communism because of the negative consequences it had had on their economies. In fact, Kaunda was instrumental in inviting PW Botha and South Africa to intervene in the Angolan war to stop the ploriferation of Russian and Cuban communism in Southern Africa.
Kenneth Kaunda, Julius Nyerere, Agostinho Neto, & many other African leaders in the history of our struggle lie doment in the archives of our history. Their story of heroism & defiance seldom told. As Kenneth Kaunda lies in Hospital I hope many of us will proudly tell his story, that we will not wait until he is laid to rest. His story must b told whilst he is alive. His story of bravery needs to be told. Our children need to know that Lusaka was our second home. Kenneth Kaunda, Oliver Tambo, Archie Sibeko, Govan Mbeki & many freedom fighters should b what we all aspire emulate. Selflessness!
Zambian President Michael Sata says former president Kenneth Kaunda - is in good health.
Why didn't President Kaunda go to UTH for medical attention, like he has always done? President Michael Sata has fired all nurses there. At Lusaka Trust Hospital we pray for a quick recovery of Kenneth Kaunda. We also ask His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata to reinstate the fired nurses at UTH. Not many of our people can pay to access the fired nurses now working for private hospitals such as Lusaka Trust.
Here go .finally to India — feeling excited at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Michael Chishala shares a much needed alternative view on the Government's decision to support copper mining in the Lower Zambezi. REFRAMING THE LOWER ZAMBEZI MINING COPPER PROJECT DEBATE The Zambian government recently made a controversial decision to grant a licence to Zambezi Resources Ltd for copper mining activities in the Lower Zambezi National Park. The action triggered a hullabaloo that has no signs of abating, what with a court injunction granted to environmental groups to halt the process for the moment. Although I am a very fierce critic of the the current Patriotic Front government, this is one of the few things they have done right, even if it is for totally selfish reasons. The main argument given by opponents of the project is an environmental one (i.e. that mining activities will destroy the beauty of the national park and reduce its tourism value). There are also arguments on pollution from the mining process. My observations are as follows: 1. Have the people opposed to this project prod ...
Barotse Petition Sends Shivers and Jitters in Zambian Government Circles as Solomon Jere and Siandenge head to Banjul Lusaka, Zambia. The Zambian Government is said to be gripped by shivers and jitters since receiving the 258 page document of Forensic Evidence and Arguments from The African Commission for Human and Peoples Rights ACHPR earlier submitted by Barotseland to the commission. The Government is expected to respond to the Evidence and Arguments within a period that is believed to lapse on Saturday 22nd February, 2014. The Sata led PF Government switched into panic mode this week as they realise that the time is slipping away without any tangible progress towards their response to the commission. On Monday 17th February, 2014 the Litunga of Barotseland was air lifted from an unknown place in Barotseland (Most likely Kaoma) to the Zambian State House for a crucial meeting the same day. The meeting was also attended by the president Mr Michael Chilufya Sata, first republican president Dr. Kenneth Ka ...
Huge house party tomorrow night every1 pull in!! 23 kenneth kaunda road ,right by chicken licken ,byob and let's jol!
Zambia overhauls airports The Zambian government will invest billions to upgrade and modernise three of the country’s international airports, President Michael Sata announced last week. The re-development of Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Lusaka, will cost $385 million (R4.18 billion) and will see the airport capacity increase to handle four million passengers a year. The rehabilitation of Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport, Livingstone, as well as the construction of a passenger terminal building for one million people will cost $40 million (R435 million). The relocation and construction of a new Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport, Ndola, with a passenger terminal building for two million people will cost of $522 million (R5.67 billion). “It is my sincere belief that, our Government’s commitment to investing heavily in our country’s economic infrastructure such as the upgrading and modernisation of airport infrastructure will boost our agriculture, manufacturing and tourism sectors, ...
Taking breakfast in Adis Abeba's Ethiopia hotel. The very first hotel in this city. They count amongst others Nelson Mandela, Nkrumah, Lumumba, Ahidjo, Kenneth Kaunda, and other top OAU names as their guests. It's amazing that the hotel carries the name of the country.
Mung’omba’s body to be cremated in SA THE body of the late former Constitution Review Commission (CRC) chairperson Wila Mung’omba, who died on Monday after an illness, will be cremated in South Africa today. This is according to family representative Ian Sikazwe. Mr Sikazwe said the remains of Mr Mung’omba, 74, will be flown into the country on Thursday, February 20. Soon after arrival at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on Thursday, there will be a valedictory service at the Supreme Court followed by a funeral service at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Mr Mung’omba is survived by his wife Betty, two daughters and five grandchildren. The late Mr Mung’omba was appointed CRC chairperson by late President Levy Mwanawasa in April 2002. He served as President of the African Development Bank from 1980 to 1985. From 1995 to 1998, Mr Mung’omba was the World Bank’s appointed Team Leader in the initial preparation of the ZCCM Limited privatisation report and plan by the United King ...
Almost overnight, Dr Nevers Mumba has moved from being an unimpressive opposition leader to holding the country's second most prestigious political job. But who is he? He is perceived as a man who is driven as much by his deep religious conviction as his boundless ambition. The 54-year-old Dr Mumba was born in the north of Zambia in Chinsali, reputed to be the true heartland of the Bemba people. He is married to Florence, who apparently after the fifth child, stopped Mumba from fulfilling his desire for siring 12 children. Lol! His mother is one of the sisters of Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia's first president. The founder of the well-known Victory Ministries, he made his name as a fiery TV evangelist. For many years he has pulled in huge crowds, preaching with eloquence a message of hope and dignity through Christ with his catchphrase, “Zambia Shall Be Saved”. He is well known not just in Zambia but also in Namibia, Uganda, South Africa, Canada and the USA. In his own words (according to the BBC), he heard ...
You cannot hurry the sunrise, the rains and the harvest but style is more important to us than pace. Zambian Humanism. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.
A white man from england was coming to zambian for the first time in his life,he was told,in zambia where you are going,,people answer questions by asking a question again,so he NOTED that point.The hour came,he flew nicely to zambia,when he reached at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport,he found a very smart man reading a newspaper,,then he was like:goodmorning sir,my name is Mcfinley am coming from england,is this zambia where they answer a question by asking a question again when they are asked? Then in reply the man said: WHO TOLD YOU???.Exactly what Mr Mcfinley was told in england.So what do you think was Mr Mcfinley's conclusion?
Ours cannot be reduced into a democracy in which the only time leaders drop knowledge was when the books fell from their school bags.During Nelson Mandela's memorial Joyce Banda summed up leadership as the ability in which you fall in love with people and they fall in love with you in return.From Steve Biko Black conscioussness,Robert Sobukwe's pan africanism,Leopold Sengor's negritude,Nkwame Nkruma's belief Africa be self reliant,Julius Nyerere ujamaa,Kenneth Kaunda notion of humanism and Nelson Mandela's reconciliation over recrimination mother Africa has always provided good leaders.As the elections draw near we need leadership which does not play populist card which divide society,bring fear,resentment and prejudice.We need leaders who will show us not to look back in anger but instead look forward in hope.Nations are not build by a politician or single person but by millions of people signing up to a single vision and living out a set of common values.We need leadership which wears it heart on its sl ...
Feb 1998—Kenneth Kaunda -1st president is charged w/ concealing info. about a failed coup in 1997
1998 - Kenneth Kaunda, first president of Zambia, was charged with concealing information about a failed coup in 1997.
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Jere riri nani!!! Nkwame Nkrumah came out from prison And became president. Nelson Mandela from prison to president Obasanjo from prison to president Kenneth kaunda from prison to president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa from prison to Minister. Jomo Kenyatta from prison to President Robert Mugabe from prison to prime minister then president n still president.. *Prison is far much better than University* Am off to Chikurubi Maximum Prison. Nhasi chaiye ndorara ndavemo!
pple say am too cheeky i should'nt win the award of best learner in Dr Kenneth Kaunda bt me i dnt care coz i dnt give a ***
Do you live in a developing country? Do you need better airports? Do you need better fertile land for agriculture? Is your country at dispute with another country over finances and land? Do you want to increase tourism to your home country to increase your money to feed your family? Do you want more industrial companies in your country no work no food no home? Do you need access to better hospitals better medicine that we in america take advantage of Are scientist and community tell us through media to stop giving antibiotic when not need? Do you need better postal service in your country? Do you want better education tired of barely getting by on English that in not beyond a 6 year old in our county? Do you want your country to be a part of the science community not all science is chemical weapons?! Are you sick and tire of just accepting hand outs do you want more for your country You deserve better. Listed below is a list of agencies and banks that only give money to countries in need of money. World b ...
In this life a fight is everything but a fight with a just course is worth fighting. I was born in the times of Kenneth Kaunda; was raised in the times of the great Ngwazi Dr H. Kamuzu Banda; I became a teenage in the times of Bakili Muluzi; and I opened my eyes in the times of Bingu Wa Mutharika,madam Joyce Banda oversaw my wedding. And now here I am: a husband looking at the future. My times are now: i have grown up in this city,i grew up with hope that one day in this city my life and that of others and our children will be better. Today,i see the future opening its doors to us: Blantyre is againn staring at a clear picture of what it wants its children to experience. I remember the vision 2020 dream,six years away from it i still believe our city can turn around and be the dream we dreamed, time has come for us the people to cast a vote in the local government elections and make the difference. I know some of us are confortable with what we gat but am asking you to help those unconfortable with your v ...
Ok I must confess that I am enjoying this Tom and Jerry game between the President and HH. Now, for those who are interested, let's read this story from the Post of 11th November, 2009 on a Wednesday. Rupiah is ugly - Sata By Patson Chilemba Wed 11 Nov. 2009, 04:01 CAT PATRIOTIC Front (PF) President Michael Sata yesterday charged that President Rupiah Banda behaves like Satan, who doesn't care about the people. And Sata said President Banda should not mislead himself that he is more handsome because he is so ugly that he can win an ugly competition. Reacting to President Banda's assertion that he was a son of Satan, Sata said it was only possible that an irresponsible, none caring leader like President Banda would carry the traits of Satan. "Didn't he go to hire a big jet to go to Burundi when people are starving? He leaves the jet which Levy Mwanawasa and Frederick Chiluba left and he goes to charter something very big, just for him and his wife. And is it not him who, without giving us any reasons, the ...
Thank God for a safe flight — at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Our Product of the Month is Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge. The Lodge was originally built for Kenneth Kaunda, the former Zambian president, in the 1970s. This historic property was recently restored to maintain the original colonial style. A majestic arched entrance leads you into a huge colonial-style lounge and outside the grand dining room, a long veranda stretches with views down the valley to the Luangwa River. The main area features a comfortable lounge, intimate fireplace and bar area. This magnificent game lodge offers panoramic views across the game-rich valleys of the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. Special Offer - Book the perfect family safari getaway! Stay a minimum of 2 nights at any of our Sanctuary lodges & camps in Botswana and/ or Zambia and for every full paying adult, one child under 15 sharing with his/her parents will stay free of charge. T&C's apply. Call today for details (02) 9541 4199
Mugabe turns 90 this friday and he's still clinging on to power.. When will he take time to relax and ponder his life like Kenneth Kaunda
By Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika While in captivity, I used the time to meditate and decided to take seriously the calls to actively participate in Africa’s politics. My many years of stay in Europe where I took my time as a novelist, publisher and medical academics gave me the opportunity to follow political developments in Africa. More especially in my country, Zambia. As a young man between the ages of fourteen to eighteen and while living in Mufulira, I had the opportunity to attend different public rallies addressed by Mr. Harry Mwanga Nkumbula (ANC), Mr. Nalumino Mundia (UP).Dr. Kenneth Kaunda (UNIP) and by Mr. Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe (UPP). I am still proud to have witnessed this era of participatory of democracy. Within my family we also felt the importance of democracy and the fruits of different political ideologies. My grandfather Mr. Snake Kapika was a staunch supporter of the opposition leader Mr. Harry Mwanga Nkumbula. While his nephew Mr. Pierre Kapika rose up to a government post as a deputy Minist ...
I heard Fergal Gaynor he reminds me of a colonial administrator( Kenneth Kaunda calls them boars) mattering filthiness of how the law should be followed yet they have just crafted the law the keep a stranglehold on Africans.
Zambia appoints its 1st president Kenneth Kaunda as 2019 Africa Cup bid ambassador. KK played golf & accordion--but good luck still
The bankrupted, delusional and denial-orientated City of Matlosana is in serious need of new leaders as these ostriches have dug their heads too long in the sand. The Mayor, Speaker, Chief Whip and the Dr. Kenneth Kaunda "Regional Secretary" have to vacate their offices for bringing our municipality into such an embarrassing state. Office of the Premier - North West Province - South Africa should come and invoke the entire section 139. A new Mayor who will start by renouncing the budget of an R800 000 car, rid the council of grade 10 learners who are deployed in the Mayors' Office and many strategic municipal office, section 57 & 58 Managers who are useless. Who is the upright, fit for purpose, has sound economic, social and political foresight and is frank & honest, loved by the majority of Matlosana to lead us out of this *** Who is your ideal person for Executive Mayorship of Matlosana Municipality,
Africa's economic problem is that they don't consume what they produce. We consume what we don't produce. ''Dr Kenneth Kaunda''(former Zambian President)
Catch u later — traveling to Lilongwe, Malawi from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
IS GBM HEADED FOR A POLITICAL DOWNFALL? Yesterday saw an unprecedented defense of GBM's Range Rover gift to his wife which was heavily criticized in some known quarters. Undoubtedly his reputation and success as a businessman precedes him. What is yet to be revealed to his detractors and fans alike is his political mettle. Historically, political heavyweights have been known to tumble even in their traditional strongholds when they fell out with the government of the day. Examples abound: Emmanuel Kasonde -Kasama, Sylvia Masebo - Chongwe, Lameck Mangani - Chipata etc. Granted the foregoing would it be right to assume that perhaps GBM may have overstepped his political boundaries by equating business success to political success and that an experienced Sata knows this full well and will exploit it much to GBM's dismay. Do not get me wrong I sincerely admire his courageous act to challenge the political order or is it disorder but all of us have to face reality squarely at all times. Bring it on. LANDS mini ...
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FIRST president Dr Kenneth Kaunda has described President Michael Sata as a great thinker, actor and great player...
Lusaka, Feb 15 (Prensa Latina) Zambias historical leader Kenneth Kaunda welcomed the vice president of the Cuban...
I don't know why they still allow former Zambian President Dr Kenneth Kaunda to deliver speeches, heyi this guy is old, its painful to listen to him speak.
The New Kenneth Kaunda International Airport(KKIA) Terminal. To be developed at a cost of $385M and with a capacity to handle 4 million passengers per annum. Lusaka is 2 hours or less away from all sadc and comesa capitals and thus is expected to be turned into a regional hub.Phasing of the project is not clear yet though works have already started and are on a tight 3 year timeframe.
Mobuto Sese Seko after recieving the news through a note from one of his aide which reported that President Kenneth Kaunda has just lost the elections in Zambia , is said to have exclaimed '' Kenneth Kaunda is really stupid , how he can lose elections that he is running himself?''.
Elder statesman & former president Kenneth Kaunda has been appointed ambassador for Zambia's 2019 AFCON bid.
Teacher; Who was the first president of Zambia? Pupil; Dr. Kenneth kaunda, if am not mistaken. Another pupil; How can u be mistaken when u're a boy. You should be Mr. Taken!! Aha aha ahaa =D =)) Happy valentine's day taken ones.
Bashimane bame ke le eleletsa mosepele o montle ko Zambia, enjoy the trip n have a memorable stay in the land of Kenneth Kaunda. Babeshoe, Madondo, Monaks, Butcher represent us well as i knw u are capable of duin the assignment diligently. Tirelo, o thokomele Kitso a seka a tloga are wa duela mo sefofaneng are gongwe ke base.
The Symbolic Banquets of the Bembas Richard Katebe - KitweOnline Zambia is a country of diverse cultures that have successfully existed side by side in harmony. Credit must go to all the political leaders who have continued the “One Zambia, One Nation” policy initiated by Dr Kenneth Kaunda (the first Zambian President) after independence. In the 1930s, copper was discovered on the Copper Belt. This provided great employment opportunities for people from all 72 tribes in Northern Rhodesia (as Zambia was then called). People from surrounding countries, Western and Eastern cultures also came. In the early days, parents were hesitant, or even strongly opposed to the idea of their child marrying into a different culture. With time, intermarriages become more common place. The marriage traditions that have been practised have tended to be influenced by a number of factors. Some people, growing up in an urban environment, have not fully understood the meaning or interpretation of their own ceremonies. Some h ...
In november 1982, a young lady secretly tipped a group of Zambia Army soldiers. She said, "if you want to shoot my husband, you can only do it if you go after him naked." As crazy as that sounded, the soldiers had no choice but to adhere to her instructions since the fugitive in question outmanuvred them for years. So while the fugitive was walking back from collecting wild honey, he met with the band of soldiers and they shot him instantly. The news of his death spread quickly but few believed the story that this man, Adamson Mushala could be dead. He had been cheating death for years, and as the myth went,would appear and disappear in thin air to avoid capture. In the eyes of the Zambian public, this man was invincible, untouchable and with the help of his "witchdoctor" Yotam Chimwanga,he was unstoppable. One may seek the relevance of adding Adamson Mushala to the book of achievers when he was such a personality symbolising destruction,dissent,and hitler like heartlessness. Yet, we will justify his incl ...
AWAKENING TO REALITY Nowadays it appears people have specific things they want to hear and say men! But who am i to keep quiet on things that really matter? like politics, like gender based violence, the welfare of my people and above all Religion. There is so much happening around us, yet only a few seems to be concerned. My hope is for you to start noticing something happening around you and in you. Like our First Republican president, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, LET US WALK TOGETHER TO REALITY. Nelson "Madiba" Mandela also taught us a lesson: USE YOUR MIND over your Subjective norm (teachers, friends, pastors, spouses tell you. subject everything to REALITY. This is not in any way aimed at promoting antagonism in any arrangement, but REALITY is seen no matter how hard someone hardens the their Jaws!)
It is Never easy for those who want to be Great! The pathways of troubles is the school designed for their perfection! The Great Master of Life sums up this in one Simple Sentence "Before Honor is Humiliation!" Meaning if ure Not Ready to be Humiliated then you are Not prepared to be honored! But when ure being tried u have to stand your ground, you should not cow down because if you cow down you will have lost out from being honored at God given Time! Let's learn from our Leaders of this Nation! Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and other Africans who Rose and said "enough" to the white Mans Rule did so at the Most dangerous time at a time when it seemed impossible for a Black Man to rule himself but these People went ahead to fight using every available arsenal they had! President Frederick Titus Jacob Kafupi Mpundu Chiluba rose at a time rising against Super Ken who had even declared that God only ruled in Heaven meant a self impossed Death sentence! Then came Levy Patrick Mwanawasa who was hammered from all angles b ...
First Ramaphosa interrupted Kenneth Kaunda at Madiba's Max stops imbongi. Where are we?
Can you still recall old names of these roads streets and avenues in your respective towns and cities and others that you know . E.g.Kenneth Kaunda ave _Railway ave .What about Nelson Mandela ,Julius Nyerere, Masotcha Ndlovu,Robson Manyika,Leopold Takawira,Mbuya Nehanda,Kaguvi ,Josiah Chinamano,Robert Mugabe ,Samora MacHel ,George Silundika,Simon Mazorodze,Seke road etc
KK library to benefit nation Lusaka, February 12, ZANIS---Secondary School Teachers Union of Zambia (SESTUZ) Deputy General Secretary Emmanuel Zulu says the proposed establishment of the Kenneth Kaunda Memorial Library will benefit the nation. Mr Zulu said the library will enable the nation to preserve its history and culture for the future generations. Speaking in a telephone interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today the Secretary General noted that the Memorial library will also help keep the country's political history alive. He said that the library will save as a political foundation for future political ventures the country intends to undertake. Mr Zulu further appealed to government to make sure that the proposal comes to fruition for the benefit of the nation. Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba presented a letter to Dr Kenneth Kaunda at his residence early this week proposing the establishment of the Kenneth Kaunda Memorial library. In his proposal, Mr Kabimba, who is also Justice .. ...
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Zambia sports minister Chishimba Kambwili announces first president Kenneth Kaunda as bid ambassador for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations
GOVERNMENT has appointed former President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda as Zambia's ambassador for the 2019 Africa Cup of...
An aerial view of the artistic impression of Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.
It's always something wonderful to be with this great man. Photo: This morning with Dr Kenneth Kaunda at his office.
"Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, told Botha what he thought of attempts to beat his country out of support for our liberation movement. The time had come to increase support for the ANC, Mugabe said after the raid. Four weeks later, 40 000 Zimbabweans gathered in Harare to pledge their solidarity with our struggle. President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia also said he and the Zambian people would stand steadfast behind our liberation struggle." Umsebenzi 1986
FROM THE LOVE POET..,TO ALL MY FRIENDS.,TITLE; "TRUE FACE OF LOVE'."love is like a flood it washes off bitterness and fearfulness"."love is like a rain, that quenches the fire of violence"."Africa needs against injustice"."love against oppression"."love against mental & economic slavery"."Africa needs peace"."Nelson Mandela of South Africa', stood for love.'Mahatma Ghandi of India', stood for love.'Martin lurther king jnr'. stood for love.'Rosa Parks stood for love'.'Nnamdi Azikwe of Nigeria stood for love'.'Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, stood for love'.'Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia', stood for love."What do you stand for...? LOVE OR Hate'.BY. EMMAN.D.GEORGE...,
."So, Sata's industrial development corporation is not a wild dream. And moreover, as Dr Kenneth Kaunda once put it, "Let us be bold and not be afraid of creating precedents, for more often than not, today's precedent may well show itself as tomorrow's stroke of genius" .post Just like Thomas Sankara said. "It took the madmen of yesterday for us to be able to act with extreme clarity today. I want to be one of those madmen. We must dare to invent the future."
Dr. Kenneth Kaunda officially appointed. as ambassador for Zambia in FAZ bid for. 2019 AFCON by Hon. Chishimba Kambwili.
{Crisscrossing the land of Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia... See Mzansi soon}RT what's up Ninja, you are so quite
KENNETH KAUNDA'S ZAMBIA WAS HOME TO AFRICA ! MILTON APOLO OBOTE (28 DEC 1925 – 10 OCT 2005). He is the only president that won elections and ruled Uganda twice, the other Ugandan presidents came in through military coups. Milton Obote led Uganda to independence and ruled it as the first prime minister from 1962 – 1966 and then ruled as president from 1966 - 71. In 1971, Brigadier General Idi Amin overthrew Obote but Amin himself was removed by a joint force of Ugandan and Tanzania soldiers and Obote became president once again from 1980 – 1985. In 1985, Obote was again removed from power by rebels led by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who still rules Uganda until today. So, in 1985, President Milton Obote fled to President Julius Nyerere in neighbouring Tanzania and made his way to Kenneth Kaunda in Zambia where he was given a house and lived the rest of his life in Lusaka. In 2005, Milton Obote fell ill in Lusaka and was rushed to hospital in South Africa but he could not make it, he died. He could have be ...
"I HAVE FOUGHT AGAINST BLACK AND WHITE (Orlando pirates) DOMINATION"-Nelson Mandela The great man has spoken Obama has visited Naturena village before he go back to America while Kenneth Kaunda former Zambia president has visited Parktown after Madiba's funeral. ••• BOLD is what we have become, and GLAMOUR is a prerequisite
Africa and the economics of continued exploitation (III) In his book, ‘Looting Africa: The Economics of Exploitation’, aspects of which we have been reflecting on for the last two weeks, the South African political economist, Professor Patrick Bond, exposes the sheer intellectual laziness, mental lethargy, ideological bankruptcy and shameful hypocrisy of contemporary African leadership. Reading this book, it becomes obvious that unless there is a radical change in the nature and character of African leadership; the emergence of thinker-leaders who can break out of the underdevelopment-generating mould of intellectual dependency on western imperialism, the Continent’s presumed desire for positive transformation will remain a mirage. The current crop of African leaders certainly do not measure up to the high standard of mental rigour and independence of thought exhibited by the immediate post-independence leadership such as Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Kenneth Kaunda, Sekou Toure, Ob ...
MY THIRD MUSIC ALBUM RECORDED AND LET LOOSE Album Title: JANZA LITOLO (Lazy Hand) as Title track All songs were LIVE ON GUITARS RECORDING. No programming, no computer. As raw as you like! TRACK DETAILS AND MEANING The songs appear in this order 1. Bamooba (ILA) It talks about how demons fear to enter a praying crowd of people but will gladly enter an idle isolated person and persecute he/her until he/ her dances like an immature child 2. Zambia 50 years old (TONGA) It’s a song of appreciation to our freedom fighters as Zambia celebrates her golden jubilee of 50 years of independence. It features therein Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, Kenneth Kaunda, Mwansa Kapwepwe, Mainza Chona, Daniel Munkombwe and Chibesa Kankasa 3. Tulibanji (ILA) This is a song unifying the Bantu- Botatwe ethnic groupings of Zambia of their common origin so that they stop marrying each other but should continue producing twins, triplets and quartets of babies in order for the clan to grow. Some selected chiefs such as Nkomesha, Mungule, C ...
FYI Friday. Some peeps we've taken on our tours: Ela Gandhi, Kenneth Kaunda, Zweli Mkhize, Die Heuwels...
St. Xavier, Kutama College, and Fort Hare: 1942–1954 Mugabe was raised as a Roman Catholic, studying in Marist Brothers and Jesuit schools, including the exclusive Kutama College, headed by an Irish priest, Father Jerome O'Hea, who took him under his wing. Through his youth, Mugabe was never socially popular nor physically active and spent most of his time with the priests or his mother when he was not reading in the school's libraries. He was described as never playing with other children but enjoying his own company.[18] According to his brother Donato his only friends were his books.[20] He qualified as a teacher, but left to study at Fort Hare in South Africa graduating in 1951, while meeting contemporaries such as Julius Nyerere, Herbert Chitepo, Robert Sobukwe and Kenneth Kaunda. He then studied at Salisbury (1953), Gwelo (1954), and Tanzania (1955–1957). Originally graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Fort Hare in 1951, Mugabe subsequently earned six further degrees ...
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Morng bahlobs why our Eastern Cape Provinnce alwayz get the lowest rate of Matric result and we are blaming the lack of resources,Quality education, During the Apartheid era we used to be best Province who produced the Icons, if I can Qoate the likes of Dr Nelson Mandela,Oliver Tambo,Robert Mangaliso Sobukhwe, Steve Bantu Biko,Bishop Desmond Tutu,Walter Sisulu,Thabo Mbeki,etc. We also got the Worldwide recognised University of Forthare in this Province that also produced the entire World dignitaries like Robert Mugabe,Kenneth Kaunda,Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi, kungatshonilanga ndibabiza,WHY NOW , I am not politicising this ndifunukwazi or else we used to be called abantu abakrelekrele zezinye iintlanga
Kombi yakanyura down Kenneth Kaunda.. poor drainage in Harare the roads are flooded!!
Excellent speech by dr. Kenneth kaunda. Full of love
What an amazing day "Inspired day w H.E. Kenneth Kaunda, Cheswa Kaunda, Oliver Tambo's grandson
An inspired day with H.E. Kenneth Kaunda, Cheswa Kaunda, and Oliver Tambo Kingston in
The man next to Mandela is Kenneth KK Kaunda. Remember him at Mandela's funeral? He was president of…
So we have Kenneth Kaunda Road in bloem. Hehehe
Kenneth Kaunda "Love your neighbor as much as yourself - James 2:7"
Who told Enca reporters not to report Boer comments by kenneth kaunda
Well, former President of the independent Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda took office on the 24 October 1964. Just thought I should drop that note.
General Olusegun Obasanjo (RTD) should retire from politics too. He should go into what people like Bill Clinton and Kenneth Kaunda are into
Watching the Kenneth Kaunda's speech at Mandela's funeral. Perfect tribute from a great man to another great man.
Kenneth Kaunda is as honest as only old people are, gave up on etiquette & all it's pretentious bull. As if the truth is al…
The best part was the former Zambian president, Kenneth Kaunda's speech. That guy didn't sugarcoat anything.
ah exe when u hear a concert of Duch caliber in zed pay for it when u see kendrick postn picks at kenneth kaunda international
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heard about Kenneth Kaunda killing a certain tribe but did not know about this in Zim
Kenneth Kaunda is known for Freedom and liberatin Zambia Fredrick Chiluba for Democracy Levy Mwanawasa for fight against Corruption Rupiah Banda for acceptin corruption Mongu and Mansa kilings Michael Sata for ruling on the ten commandments and development projects Nevers Mumba for a failed pastor and Hakainde Hichilema for.?
FULL SPEECH BY H.E. DURING KENYAJAMUHURI CELEBRATION AT SAFARICOM STADIUM KASARANI . You are all aware, last week on Thursday the former President of South Africa, Hon. Nelson Mandela, passed away.There is no doubt the late Mandela will remain, even in his death, an inspiration to all people of the World who care about humanity and freedom. In this regard, it is befitting, before I proceed any further with my remarks,we all observe a minute of silence to honour this truly African icon.We pray our Mighty God rests Mandela’s soul, in everlasting peace. As we celebrate this defining moment in our history, let us also remember all those pan-Africanists whose sacrifice and unity of purpose saw the liberation of our continent. Together with our founding president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Algeria’s founding President, Ahmed Ben Bella and of course Nelson Mandela, these were visionaries who saw a united Africa as the foundation ...
Our parents and grandparents' generation have the likes of Kenneth Kaunda and we're left with characters like Kenny Kunene.
Can some 1 please explain to me why Kenneth Kaunda was so happy to see Maria.The late Julius Nyerere's wife?
Kenneth Kaunda Vs Michael Sata Many people have been talking about straight talker Kenneth Kaunda having watched his theatric Closing Speech at the Mandela Funeral during the weekend . If you think he is worse I will remind you of Michael Sata the new Zambia President, nicknamed King Cobra. On his last visit to Botswana -When introduced to Ndelu Seretse , Sata Whispered to President Khama; “Is he your cousin." - When assistant Minister of Education Masimolole, gave a vote of thanks, Sata allegedly leaned towards Khama and asked, “Is he a soldier as well? This is a government of soldiers!” -When accepting a chair gift, instead of thanking his hosts as expected Sata said, “You are giving me a chair! Are you suggesting that I am too old and all I have to do is sit and relax?” -When MP Ntuane raised the issue of the de-registration of the main opposition party in Zambia, Sata replied; “You think we don’t know you are related to Rupiah Banda (leader of the opposition)?
“I had a chance to meet a number of friends of the Boer company. I spent three nights with [former prime minister John] Vorster on a train [stationed on the railway bridge over Victoria Falls, which separates Zambia and Zimbabwe]. I asked the prime minister to please release Nelson Mandela and his colleagues and come together in discussions. It came to nothing. Then came another Boer leader — I think he was called [PW] Botha — to discuss the future of South Africa together. I didn’t succeed and it also came to nothing. Then came my meeting with FW de Klerk… and, after a few hours, I called a press conference where I said: ‘I think I can do business with this man’. Thank goodness he released this great man.” .Kenneth Kaunda (During the Requiem Mass for Madiba in Qunu).
Doug Anglin, VC of U of Zambia, showing univ bldg sketch to Julius Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda, July 1966
It was nice to see Dr. Kenneth Kaunda running to the podium. It says a lot about his diet, for those who don't know, he's vegetarian! But the outstanding remark for me was when he told Cyril Ramaphosa: this young man is trying to stop the old man who fought the boers and his persistence of using the word at every instance. Had they given him enough time, you would've seen his tears. Great leaders of our times. Not forgetting Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkurumah, Mwalimu Nyerere, Bantu Biko, Brendan Simbwaye, Robert Mugabe, Sam Nujoma, Toivo ya Toivo, Andrew Mhlangeni, Chris Hani, Mama Winnie, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther king jr., Govan Mbeki. Be reminded they did theirs, power now is within me and you. What can we use this power for? Find the answer to that question within yourself. God bless Africa.
History books should be rewritten. Our people know more about Barack Obama than they know about Kenneth Kaunda, Kamuzu Banda, Julius Nyerere
Without Julius Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda we would be slaves in our own country.
+1 “I am glad Kenneth Kaunda is there.He and Julius Nyerere worked over time to help liberate Southern Afric…
Joyce Banda and Kenneth Kaunda makes us proud to be Africans.
Now as the funeral of Tata Madiba reaches it's conclusion. I must express my adoration for Ms Joyce Banda , Kenneth Kaunda and Madala Kathy Kathrada for their inspiring words as well as Chief Bantu Holomisa for the Vote of Thanks. It is time now for accountability and consequences that I strongly believe the current ANC leadership have to face. The nation has not forgotten the Nkandlagate, Armsgate, Guptagate, ETollgate, the deterioration and collapse of, specifically, our Health and Education sectors which includes the massive corruption and mismanagement issues.. Finally.It is going to be arrogant and irresponsible for the ANC to go into the 2014 elections with cde J Zuma.Long live the legacy of N R Madela, O Tambo,
I thought President Museveni would have been given an opportunity to tell the world the role Uganda played in the liberation of South Africa. Instead the floor was given to President Jakaya Kikwete Of Tanzania and Kenneth Kaunda former President of Zambia. Tanzania and Zambia were the rear bases for the political struggle of African National Congress!
Hope King Mswati listened n heard the message by Uncle KK(Kenneth Kaunda). yet Uhuru till the people of Swaziland, Western Sahara n Palestine are free.
General Bantu Holomisa's Vote of Thanks :).Siyathokozisa isizotha emngcwabeni kaTata.Tomorrow will discuss Kenneth Kaunda lol
Gayle King thoroughly enjoying Kenneth Kaunda's (KK) speech. What an amazing man!
Kenneth Kaunda about Cyril Ramaphosa: This young man is trying to control an old man!
What a hoot ...a man in his element ... Kenneth Kaunda looks like a young man again .. more power to him ..
And then Kenneth Kaunda does the Carl Lewis Sprint to the podium!
Oprah Winfrey, Prince Charles, Joyce Banda, Kenneth Kaunda are among the dignitaries in
Why do I see a notion being propagated in Uganda that support for the anti-apatheid struggle in the country started in 1986 with the arrival of Pres Yoweri Museveni? Do people remember how vocal Iddi Amin was against the apatheid regime or the role that Obote played alongside the like of Mwarimu Julius Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda?
The following article on Nelson Mandela by our beloved Dr. Kenneth Kaunda published under KK's Diary in the Post Newspaper on November 13 2005:- Nelson Mandela By Dr Kenneth Kaunda: Sunday November 13, 2005 THE name Nelson Mandela is considered a symbol of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s life is linked to the story of the ANC. Mandela is linked to the history of Southern Africa, Africa, and the world. In turn, events in the region and other parts of the world have affected Nelson Mandela’s life. Nelson Mandela and Oliver Reginald Tambo were for a long time the closest of friends in the struggle. While Oliver Tambo, also knows as “OR,‿ was born in 1917, Nelson Mandela was born in July 1918. They were quite close in ideals. Together, they had been expelled from Fort Hare University for student protest. Together, they were partners in a law firm. In the early 1940s, they had been involved in setting up the Youth League of the ANC. With the 1948 official com ...
As the razzmatazz of the burial of the elder statesman, respected foremost Pan-Africanise Nelson Mandela was in procession, I asked my second son who is a Philosopher, what he thought about the veneration and encomiums being showered on him even at death. Instantly, he waxed philosophical, “Time and chance is all that happened to him. Others did something similar but were not so recognized” he quipped. “Well I don’t quite agree totally with that view point son, I think many African Leaders have had their opportunities to become heroes and print their names in gold but chose to write their histories with pencils and charcoal”, I retorted.   “When we were younger”, I continued, “the popular Pan-Africans we heard of were Joseph Seko who fought the colonial Masters so hard that he chose to renounce the name Joseph for Mobutu Sese Seko. Others were Michael Samora, Jomo Kenyatta, Julius Nyerere, Sam Njomo, later Kenneth Kaunda and so on.” “Nelson Mandela was not well known like these leade ...
A tearful farewell to Mandela at Union Buildings Nelson Mandela's family, local politicians and foreign leaders were the first to view his open casket at the Union Buildings on Wednesday, bidding a solemn, sometimes tearful farewell. Her head bowed, his widow Graça Machel walked a few steps behind President Jacob Zuma after pausing at her husband's coffin, resting on a platform in the amphitheatre outside the seat of government. She was followed by his ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and her daughters, before former presidents Thabo Mbeki and FW de Klerk paid their respects. De Klerk's wife Elita dabbed away tears, as did Mandela's personal assistant of 18 years, Zelda la Grange, who clutched the hand of U2 singer Bono as she made her way to the casket. Former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda was the first of a contingent of African dignitaries to pay their final respects to Mandela. They included Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan and Liberia's Ellen Sirleaf Johnson. Deput ...
Madiba is in the same elite groups of Julius Nyerere,Nkwame Nkrumah,Jomo Kenyatta,Emperor Selasi,Martin Luther King,Kenneth Kaunda & many other leaders who have inspired the people globally as SA we were blessed to have a leader of Mandela calibre God Bles
I strayed on my Social Studies reader for my primary education, which was way back in the late 80s. The book is quite old, but it brought fresh memories, especially after reading the statement ".Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in 1963 for life at Robben Island .". I just reflected on how some people can sacrifice their lives for the freedom of many. So sad Madiba is gone. The day b4 his death, I was even saying Southern Africa is left with 5 prominent surviving freedom fighters - Kenneth Kaunda, Robert Mugabe, Sam Nujoma, Edwardo Do Santos & himself. The book made me remember the following, and am sure Africa thinks the same: Julius Kambarage Nyerere TANGANYIKA (Tanzania) Jomo Kenyatta KENYA Milton Obote UGANDA Kwame Nkhrumah GOLD COAST (Ghana) Sir Seretse Khama BECHUANALAND (Botswana) Samora MacHel Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique) Haille Selassie Ethiopia Hastings Kamuzu Banda Nyasaland (Malawi) Oliver Tambo South Africa Steven Biko South Africa Walter Sisulu South Africa Patrice Lumumba BELGIAN CONGO . ...
Giants of African Liberation such as Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah, Tanzania's Julius Nyerere, Zambia's Kenneth Kaunda, Botswana's Seretse Khama were not even acknowledged in the many eulogies that I heard yesterday. A desperate attempt to re-write the African history by those who now control the means of public specter. However, the sacrifices of the African peoples shall not be erased from our memories. We lived through it, we experienced it and it is firmly embedded in our psyches. God bless Africa, Nkosi sikeleli iAfrica.
I will take exception to the assumption that Africa has never had true leaders except Mandela. To say or to agree to such assertions exposes the lack of historical knowledge of most people. For sure Mandela was great, but how and why? The answer to the question of when and where is already too obvious. There are persons that I categorize as front-line African leaders; those that won independence for their country; those that formed the political ideology of their states; those that built the epistemic foundation of their nations. They fought the wild beasts to emancipate their people; they sacrifice sleep and comfort for political and moral freedom; they suffered ill health as a result of constant exposure to hazardous weather; they risked losing their families as a result of continual absence from home. Such men include Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Haile Silesia of Ethiopia, Jomo Kenyetta of Kenya, Patrice Lumumba of Congo, Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and even Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. But where did these m ...
President Sata signs a book of condolences at the South African High Commission and asks Dr. Kenneth Kaunda to...
In 1979 I traveled to Britain for the first time in my life. This was a prize for an essay competition I won. While in London, I attended a debate organized at the London School of Economics on the efficacy of the liberation struggle in Southern Africa. Having come from a country which was ruled by a progressive freedom fighter, Dr Kenneth David Kaunda, I made a contribution which stated that Nelson Mandela and other prisoners on Robben Island were freedom fighters. I was ridiculed as a communist apologist by the main speaker. I sought solace in the crowd and yet speaker after speaker spoke against me for daring to equate convicted terrorists to freedom fighters. I was traumatized but not humiliated. Yet its the same London academia that is now lauding Mandela as God's gift to humanity. Voices, like mine, that bore the ridicule of London liberal academia have been silenced by their mass media and the amnesia of South African press. Real freedom fighters like Kenneth Kaunda and his colleagues in the then F ...
Kenneth Kaunda’s Forgotten Key Role In Mandelas Release Kenneth Kaunda Dear Editor, Everyone is singing praises about how great Nelson Mandela was. And indeed this praise is well deserved, but I believe history has conveniently overlooked the LEADING role that Kenneth Kaunda played in getting Mandela out of prison after his 27 year incarceration. KK is no angel as we know, but the international media should not be blind to the truth. Yes, Dr Kenneth David Kaunda was human as you and I are and no perfect person on this planet exists. He made some mistakes but he played a profound and lasting role in the liberation struggle against the evils of white minority rule in Southern Africa as well as the termination of imprisonment of Nelson Mandela. KK put himself on the frontline to free Mandela, not any of the big political and Economic Powers that are singing Mandela’s praises today. Where where they? Where was the US, the UK, the USSR, China, Germany, France? KK put his life in danger of South African Ai ...
Moses is one of the Greatest Revolutionary ever lived, the man entered into Egpyt with only his stuff and started a movement to liberate the Jews from slavery after being exile for many. How many who came after him in Africa, Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Ghaddafi, Jonas savimbi, Kenneth kaunda n many more *** just read the bible
Many of us are so proud of knowing who discovered this and that, and surely we envy these discoverers, yet we tend to forget that we too are discoverers in all respects. And of all the discoveries the greates and the most important one is SELF DISCOVERY, many a people have not yet found them selves, they have not discovered who they really are. This is the more reason why we have the so called SLEEPING GIANTS, WHITE ELEPHANT, SLEEPING BEUATY and many other things. We look at our selves and judge our selves to the limit of dwafs or grasshoppers. where is that spirit which was in those folks of old, which made them say, '' i have a dream.'' that spirit which was in Nelson Mandela, of not tiring , the spirit which made him say, '' there is no easy to freedom'' that driving force in kenneth Kaunda, that spirit in J F Kennedy, yes in kwame Nkhuruma where's it has it gone with them to the grave? These people wre not super human all they did was to discover who they were and that was fuel enough to drive them. l ...
This is well worth the full read! POLICY DIRECTION OF THE MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT, WORKS AND COMMUNICATION FOR 2014 [Speech by Minister Hon Yamfwa Mukanga, National Assembly] Thank you for giving me this opportunity to outline the policy direction of the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication for the year 2014. As the House may be aware, this ministry is charged with the responsibility of facilitating the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure. It is also responsible for promoting the development of the transport and communication sector in order to contribute to the socio-economic development of our country. It is further responsible for the control of Government transport, office equipment and Government printing. It also provides meteorological services. Part of the priority programmes for my ministry are as outlined in the Speech given to this august House by His Excellency, Mr Michael Chilufya Sata, the President of the Republic of Zambia during the Official Opening of th ...
Celebrating the Spirit of Envy: Alastair McIntosh on Boris, Kenneth Kaunda and the Gaelic IQ:
Kenneth Kaunda with fire fighters who put off fire at the grave of his wife
Good afternoon. We have just landed at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Thank you for your prayers.
Tanzania-based low cost-airline Fastjet has announced the launch of its second international route from Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN) in Lusaka in Zambia.
First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda has urged young people to guard against HIV and AIDS in order for them to contribute to national development. Dr KAUNDA says young people should be responsible enough to keep themselves away from diseases. He said the fight against HIV and AIDS needs to be joined by the young people who are future leaders. Dr KAUNDA said this in an interview with TV1 News shortly before he teed off a one-day Golf tournament at the Lusaka Golf Club
Kenneth Kaunda is an absolute hero of mine
Financial constraints to higher education By The Post Editor Professor Nevelyn Wilombe, education deputy minister, says financial constraints are denying a lot of young people an opportunity to attain higher education. This is true. It is no longer easy for one to go to university or college simply because they have got good O levels or A levels. It is no longer what it used to be in those good old days when Dr Kenneth Kaunda and UNIP were in government when what one needed was to pass his or her exams well and all the doors to higher education opened widely. Today, we have many young people who are not in college or university not because they have poor results but simply because there is no one to pay for them. Even those who are on government bursaries, it is still difficult for them to meet all the financial obligations required for them to study with a peace of mind. We will not achieve much as a nation if we do not come up with a system that allows as many of our young people who want to study to do ...
Kenyatta was crowned as King of Bunyoro - Thought and Ideas Ex-Kenyan president Jomo Kenyatta was crowned king of Bunyoro in 1962. In Summary Retired Kenyan judge says after Uganda’s independence celebrations in 1962, Prime Minister Milton Obote arranged for his large Kenyan delegation to visit Hoima District. But what later transpired at Omukama Tito Owiny’s palace left all the gusts bemused. When Justice Benna Lutta returned to Kenya in 1959 as a barrister from London’s Middle Temple, he found himself unemployable. There were no African law firms and none of the Whites and Asians were keen on his services. He headed west to Uganda which had a substantial number of people from his ancestors’ Wanga kingdom. There, with two former fellow students from the UK, Abu Mayanja and Anil Clerk, he set up a law firm. Those were the heady days preceding independence. Milton Obote, a legco member -- the country’s colonial Parliament -- and head of the Uganda People’s Congress, spent long hours at the firm ...
Checking in @ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.
I already feel at home,KENYA BOUND @ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN)
December watch word: "If u r in search of honey, expect some stings of bees". (Kenneth Kaunda) Challenges 's part of man.
Mina angizenzisi ma ngishaya ingoma. Who is Gatsha Buthelezi? Who is Kenneth Kaunda, who is me. Who is Bhambatha!
Assignment? Research the Kenneth Kaunda San Franscisco interview. Find out what it takes to wander.
wht are your views about the recent house donation to former Zambian mentor,Kenneth Kaunda?
Touch down!!! Always Happy to be back :) (@ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN))
At Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, waiting for a delayed South African airways flight and hoping to connect in Jonesburg, what a challenge.
"An individual's success was the community's success" Kenneth Kaunda in a Humanist in Afrika
Zambian Watchdog 19 hours ago RELATIVE CONFIRMS KK PLANNED MARRIAGE TO NKOMESYA BUT MURDERER KABARANGE SAYS WON'T WASTE TIME ON ZWD A close relation to Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukambo II has confirmed the Zambianwatchdog revelations that she is planning to get married to former president Kenneth Kaunda. The relative disclosed that as a family, they have been aware of the planned marriage but are very embarrassed about it. “Maybe they will stop now that you have exposed it. People have tried to cancel our antie (Chieftainess Nkomeshya) but she seems deeply in love with KK. As I am talking now, she has even been sponsored to London by President Michael Sata who is the bashibukombe (a go between). She is out shopping in London. Can you imagine,” the relative disclosed. More than half a century ago, (more than 50 years), it was again Mr. Sata’s parents that organized the marriage of Kaunda to late Betty Kaunda and today the son (Sata) is again organizing the marriage of Kaunda to Chieftainess Nkomeshya. ...
I totally agree with you that this country owes an eternal debt of gratitude to Kenneth Kaunda and Zambian nation
It will be a shame,an eternal crime,if Kenneth Kaunda was not to have something big big big done for him by SouthAfrica.A shame & scandal
If former president kenneth kaunda cn remarry at da age of 88, wat Cn stop my grandmother 2 get married at da age of 95yrs.
Lusaka Times: Kenneth Kaunda Appeals to the Supreme Court Over the More Than $ 1 million Owed to Five Law Firms
Finally the Ambassadors of Christ are here.-Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. LUSAKA
The awards were instituted by the Foundation named after Zambia’s first post-apartheid leader, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda
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Care to know about Issa Galedou and what happened to him! By Austin Kaluba: In the late 80’s, a historic meeting to discuss Zambia reverting to multi-partism was convened at Garden hotel in Lusaka. The meeting attracted prominent politicians, trade unionists, academicians and clergymen. Globally, the period was remiscent to the 60’s Wind Of Change that the Conservative British Prime Minister Harold Wilson had predicted on nationalist gaining independence. This time the Soviet Union was crumbling and Third World dictators were being challenged with calls of multi-partism. At the meeting, the convenors nearly differed on which candidate they were going to feature to challenge Kaunda in the first multi-party elections for years. Arthur Wina was proposed but his name was shot down because he did not command national support. After much deliberation, Chiluba’s name was accepted to challenge Kaunda. 2. A former accountant-turned journalist Frederick Imakando Mmembe joined the MMD information wing responsi ...
FORMER President Kenneth Kaunda has appealed to the Supreme Court against a High Court decision ordering him to...
Casper and Mike went for an interview for employment. Mike was the first to enter the interviewing office.. (the manager asking Mike questions). Manager: who was the first head of state in Zambia .. Mike: Dr Kenneth Kaunda.. Manager: when did Zambia gain its independence? . . Mike: 1964.. Manager. Dat is gud of you.. Question no 3, is it true that the cure for hiv/ aids is discovered .. Mike: eehm.. yes but not scientifically proven... Manager: good way of answering questions, pls can you wait for us outside and we will attend to you later... (when Mike went outside Casper asked him).. Casper: Mike, what are the questions and please tell me the answers??.. (as Mike was about to tell Casper the questions and answer, the manager shouted from inside `NEXT'.. Casper then said to Mike).. Casper: Ok tell me only the answers.. Mike: answer to number 1 is: Dr Kenneth Kaunda, number 2 is=1964, number 3 is=yes but not scientifically proven (Dammy casper got to d interview, after exchanging greetings, d manager told ...
In the face of difficulties , oppresion and intimidation courageous man kenneth kaunda boldly declared 'ZAMBIA SHALL BE FREE' indeed zambia became free in 1964 and has bin since den . Irrespective of what goes on today have it deep in ur spirit and split in out is with courage 'I WILL OVERCOME' and sure one day you will .trust in d Lord
Time For Consoling Illusions Is Over THURSDAY, NOV 28, 2013 BY WYCLIFFE MUGA On Friday 15 November, the UN Security Council cast a vote which disappointed the hopes of all those who had expected that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s pending trial at The Hague would be postponed by a year. Subsequently, according to the New York Times, “Rwanda’s ambassador to the UN, Eugène- Richard Gasana, called the outcome shameful and said, “Let it be written today in history that the Security Council failed Kenya and Africa on this issue.” Kenya’s ambassador, Macharia Kamau, said: “Reason and the law have been thrown out the window. Fear and distrust has been allowed to prevail.” Two points here: First, while the Rwandan ambassador was making his eloquent speech about how shameful that outcome was, he forgot to mention that his own country had taken the farsighted precaution of not joining the ICC in the first place. Second is that when our own ambassador announced that “reason and the law have been throw ...
(Courtesy of lusakatimes) HH condemns parliament approval of motion for Zambia to borrow more money The PF arrogance of numbers in parliament that saw the approval of the motion to allow them to recklessly borrow has the risk of consigning the country to another debt burden like the one we inherited from UNIP government after the economy crumbled leading to regime change in 1991, opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has said. In an interview following the motion that saw PF defeat the opposition MPs and allowed them to increase the borrowing in this year’s budget, Mr. Hichilema said future generations should now brace for tough times and harsh economic measures ahead, similar to the ones the country went through when MMD took over power in 1991. “We all know what the country went through that time of the IMF and World Bank Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAP) that eventually made the country being declared a Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) when our debts were only cancelled after concert ...
At kenneth kaunda airport. I thank God it has come to pass, he is faithful.
So the old man Dr Kenneth Kaunda wants to marry Chieftness Nkomesha :s
Waiting for hubby at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.its really owesome.
Dr. Kenneth kaunda wants to marry again? wow!
surely our first president Dr Kenneth Kaunda wants 2 marry.
Zambian Watchdog 13 hours ago KENNETH KAUNDA TO MARRY CHIFTAINESS NKOMESHYA Former president Kenneth Kaunda is said to be in the process of marrying Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II of the Soli people in Chongwe District. But there is a problem. Kaunda’s long-term concubine Sally Kamanga will not have it and has promised to raise *** . But Kaunda has the backing of President Michael Sata. OP sources have told the Watchdog that in fact, it is Sata who is pushing the two to get married and he is the go-between. According to senior OP sources, Sata told Kaunda that the he needs personal company and that it would not look good if he died without a wife. ‘They are just waiting for the opportune time to go public otherwise they have agreed to marry and that is why she is always where KK goes. Even when KK goes outside the country, she is with him’, said a senior OP official. Kaunda’s wife Beatrice Kaweche Banda affectionately known as ‘Mama Betty’ died on 19 September 2012. She was 8 ...
A Zambian newspaper reports today that founding President Kenneth Kaunda will remarry soon. Achiri nesimba here?
Ted Stuckie The story of Rhodesia by Jim Levenderis A tribute to Rhodesia and Rhodesians, and truth. Thought you may like to read. This is currently "doing the rounds" and to some it may be worth a read. Many will see it as biased, but to most it will ring true especially those of us who went through it all. The name Cecil John Rhodes will generally excite debate where it is recognised and most of the comments, particularly amongst the liberal establishment, will be negative. Familiar epithets are rapidly forthcoming. Racist, ruthless, greedy capitalist, oppressor, imperialist. These are brands his legacy will forever contend with but what even his most vehement critics will struggle to deny is that for better or for worse this was a man possessed of astonishing and unselfish vision. It is notable that two figures central to recent history, President Bill Clinton and General Wesley Clarke the NATO commander in Europe are proud to announce that they went to Oxford as beneficiaries of Rhodes Scholarships. I ...
Having received a newly-renovated house in Windhoek, Cde Kenneth Kaunda is rumoured to be getting married very soon. And he's got the full backing of President Sata, according to the Zambian press :-)
But what is wrong for our first Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda getting married to CHiefteness Nkomesha if they all so wish according to watchdog. Actually, I am offering myself to be on the lineup. Why blaming? And for GOD sake, they have not yet come out publicly. Let's wait for the announcements to be made. Ulululululululu. In advance
my x school,i really miss Kenneth kaunda high school
Kenneth Kaunda lost to Frederic Chiluba in Zambia with same statistics as in SA? 2014 not same? Budget favour ruling alliance agree?
Kenneth Kaunda International Airport set for major upgrades!
SACP JB Marks District Statement, 19 November 2013 Outcome of the ANC Dr KK Regional Conference The South African Communist Party in the JB Marks District of the North West Province hereby congratulates its ally the African National Congress Dr Kenneth Kaunda Region on its successful conference held over the weekend of 16 – 17 November 2013 at Ngwenya Lodge in Stilfontein. We salute the sterling work of delegates who engaged right into the night to ensure the election of a balanced leadership collective fit to can take the ANC region to a higher level. In particular, the SACP would like to congratulate the election of Cde Itumeleng Mosala as regional chairperson and Cde Lopang Rothman as regional secretary, both of whom have previously served as trade union leaders and therefore bring a strong working class background into their new roles. We are further elated by and salute the election of Cde Rothman who is currently a serving member of the SACP. We believe this conference has produced quality outcome ...
THE HAPPENINGS. AGAIN FOR THE SECOND TIME BODY OF THE PF CADRE, MOSES EXHUMED FOR THE SECOND TIME. Police have again exhumed the body of the PF cadre who was believed to have been murder during a clash at Kenneth Kaunda Airport. This move forced police to exhume the body for the second time saying the first postmortem indicated that Moses had suffered a cardiac arrest. The second postmortem which was conducted by an independent pathologist revealed that he had sustained some injuries in the ribs and alms. We do not know what the third postmortem will bring out. The third postmortem was accepted by the family in order to exactly determine the real cause of death that took the precious life of their loved one. Let us see what this third postmortem will bring. May God help the family as they experience this painful exercise on their son. Ernesto Critix.
Carl Nelson The Carl Nelson Show Launched Mon-Fri 4-7pm on WOL-AM 1450 February 6th 2012 in the nations capital. Ground-breaking, Peabody Award-winning broadcast news journalist Carl Nelson, has interviewed Presidents, Prime Ministers, Heads of State, politicians, authors, celebrities, civic leaders and people from all walks of life over a four-decade career that has taken him from Nelson Mandela’s prison cell in South Africa, to the Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles, to his present career as host of Washington DC’s latest daily newsmaker radio program, The Carl Nelson Show, a 3-hour daily news program on Radio One’s flagship radio station WOL-1450 AM. Carl Nelson was the first reporter allowed to interview Nelson Mandela on the eve of his historic 1991 release from his South African prison and, as News Director for Stevie Wonder’s KJLH Radio, was the only news reporter allowed across police lines during the 1991 Rodney King riots. KJLH’s acclaimed coverage of this civic unrest garnered KJLH the ...
I was marking Standard 5 content exams over 50 years ago. It was my first 'real' day to watch tv.During other times we would peep at the television kwana Charles Mutsvairo if they were kind enough to leave the dining room door open during the late afternoon. I had just finished writing my Standard 6 exams, my teacher asked me to mark the standard 5 papers. As a Standard 6 teacher at George Stark School, he had no end of year exams to mark so he had to help out. He was a proud owner of a Grundig black and white television. There was television in 1963 in Southern Rhodesia. At about 11.00 p.m. the programme we were watching was interrupted for a news flash, it was not breaking news then.This was 50 years ago. I am grateful to God's grace. Reading in a paper the quotation 'It was said a whole generation can say where they were on the day Kennedy was assassinated in Texas 22 November 1963.' I added a new word to my vocabulary, assassination. No Standard 6 student worth his salt would not have known JF Kenne . ...
I went to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to meet Mr. Osama but little did I know Mr. Dix has changed completely to be handsome gentleman. well shaved.
FELLOW COUNTRY MEN AND WOMEN. NOW AND THEN WILL BE GIVING AN INSIGHT TO WHERE IT ALL STARTED: Practice Insight “Making hay while the sun shines”: Experiences 2011:4 with the Zambian Task Force on corruption. In 2002 the Government of Zambia established an intra-governmental task force to investigate allegations of corruption against former President Frederick Chiluba and his inner circle. The task force was mandated to prosecute those who had engaged in corrupt conduct, and to recover any state assets that had been stolen by them. This U4 Practice Insight examines the challenges faced by the task force and by the development community which supported its work. Background Politics in the African Copper Belt Rich in copper, Zambia was a relatively prosperous and stable country through its first years of independence, particularly when set against the profound economic and political struggles that afflicted Sub-Saharan Africa at that time. Yet the prosperity of early independence was short lived. Fallin ...
Upon hearing that president Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia has lost elections to Frederick Chiluba, this is what Mobutu sese Seko of the then Zaire said "lose what? Elections? That's stupid"! I guess we all know that Mobutu was an antithesis of democracy!
Wow, It must have really been an honour for you to Interview our Hero's (Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and Mwalimu Julius Nyerere).
ROAD BUILDER SATA ENTHUSES ZAMBIANS BUT UNNERVES FOREIGN INVESTORS * Road projects, labour policies popular with Zambians * Disputes with business worry foreign investors * President threatened mine owner over lay-off plan * Protecting profits no reason for redundancies - minister * Mega-projects at risk due to rising funding costs KATOBA, Zambia, Nov 24 (Reuters) - John Moyo is at the end of the road. At least now it’s paved. “I never imagined a paved road coming to my village,” said the spry and bespectacled 82-year-old Zambian as he sat in the shade of a tree. About 42 km (26 miles) of freshly tarred road, replacing a gravel one, end exactly at his homestead. President Michael Sata’s drive to upgrade the country’s rough roads, which often become impassable in the rainy season, is popular with many Zambians like Moyo. But foreign investors, who must partly fund such ambitious schemes, are less keen on his costly promises and very public dust-ups with business. Sata swept to power in 2011 on a ...
It will be interesting how long Nicolas Maduro will stay as a president of Venezuela. In the late 1980s, Zambia's first Republican president Kenneth Kaunda was forced out due to food shortages that started with high mealie meal prices (sic). Maduro must be thinking of the next move, hungry stomachs know NO politics.
By ZamFoot November 7, 2013 Comment Zambia national soccer team interim coach Patrice Beaumelle has said he was disappointed with his team’s 1 – 0 loss to Jordan last evening but was happy that some of the local players rose to the occassion when they were given the chance. Speaking to at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport when the team arrived from Dubai this afternoon, Beaumelle said he was extremely happy with the performance of the players despite the loss. “It is not a good result but if you see how the boys played I am very proud because Jordan are still in the World Cup qualifying race, they play in the play-off against Uruguay in two days,” Beaumelle said. “They never lost at home, it’s a strong team with lots of experience. So, the way we played I think we even deserved to win, it was an own goal after 75 minutes but during the whole game the boys showed that they can play very good football. The Frenchman praised his team tactical discipline as well. They ...
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