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Kenneth Kaunda

Kenneth David Kaunda (born April 28, 1924), also known as KK, served as the first President of Zambia, from 1964 to 1991.

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.. I wonder o. Afterall he is not the first in Africa. Kenneth Kaunda, Banda, Abdoulaye Wade all stepped down.
Faces Of Africa - Kenneth Kaunda: The man with a big heart: via
Proflight Zambia’s new 50-seater jet aircraft touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport this week
26 days to Kenneth Kaunda's birthday. 91 years old is no freaking joke with this current life expectancy
It's Kaunda "looking at the parallels between Kenneth Kaunde's Zambia and current SA politics."
The severe pithy judgement Lee Kuan Yew observed of Zambian Kenneth Kaunda in early 1990s applies neatly on South African ANC Gov in 2010s.
I think of Lee Kuan Yew's passing of judgement on Zambian erstwhile president Kenneth Kaunda and I weep w sorrow for South Africa.
The Great Kenneth Kaunda was unseated as Zambian President via the ballot after spending over 20 years in power.
My prayers for the speedy recovery of our father President Kenneth Kaunda
Celebration of Pres Goodluck conceding defeat,some have called it a 1st. founding father Mzee Kenneth Kaunda conceded 1991
Not really. Zambia's Mzee Kenneth Kaunda lost election to Frederic Chiluba in 1991
In 1991 Fredrick Chiluba defeated incumbent kenneth kaunda in Zambia. In 2011 Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast was banged by Allassan Outtara
I believe Kenneth Kaunda was the first to do so. GEJ makes his mark on account of country's political history.
Very few African leaders have left power through a ballot paper, starting with Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia. Things are changing faster today.
was just having that convo true but she was a president of circumstance, actually Kenneth Kaunda lost his second term as well
Zambia has two of those accolades - Kenneth Kaunda in 1991 and Rupiah Banda in 2011.
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ANC must study how Zambian Kenneth Kaunda's Political Party (UNIP), lost power at the hands of organised Labour.
Years ago, Kenneth Kaunda - Zambia's first Republican President, once famously threatened to resign in protest at Zambians' drinking habits.
1999 - High court declares ex-leader Kenneth Kaunda, born to Malawians, a non-citizen
"When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees." . - Kenneth Kaunda
Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Kenneth David Kaunda, and Seretse Khama were model champions of leadership when African freedom was an infant
Government has disclosed that construction works on the modern Kenneth Kaunda International Airport will commence next month
A priviledge to interview the 90 year old African freedom fighter, Zambia's first President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.
Tate Kenneth Kaunda doesn't look well at all. He couldn't call in sick?
Dr Kenneth Kaunda has arrived in Windhoek for Namibia's Independence celebrations on Saturday
Amongst his most revered SADC leaders, Kenneth Kaunda comes out at the top.KK sang a memorial song at funeral of Nujoma's mother.
I Was asked to accompany the Embassy staff to welcome Kenneth Kaunda at Hosea Kutako.. I politely turned down the offer.
O re bone, re go bone – Legislature Takes Parliament to the People in Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District. Chris Hani Hall in Tswelelang 17/03/2015
Committee on Agriculture to meet with farmers at the Dr. Kenneth Kaunda district
President is back in big welcome at Kenneth Kaunda Airport via
President Edgar Lungu addressing journalists at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on arrival from South Africa
President Edgar Lungu at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport this afternoon when he arrived from South Africa
Bright and shiny morning flight from to @ Kenneth Kaunda…
I recently came to know Martin Luther KING and Kenneth Kaunda actually met.
Kobil filling station Kenneth Kaunda International Airport available now
Yes she remembers it fondly 😃. Saw this interesting interview of KK on BBC's HardTalk
Kenneth Kaunda has urged Zambians to pray for the quick recovery of President Edgar Lungu. Dr. Kaunda says...
How I adore and respect one of the fathers of African independence, the one and only Kenneth Kaunda
I heard Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and Kabila of Congo. Saying we’ll only listen to the bull of South Africa. For he is not standing but doing.
(Meanwhile in Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda is still alive and healthy as an ox...)
Kenneth David Kaunda won the Zambian elections on 25th August 1964 and became the first president of Zambia
Our health promoters and community health workers have commenced with TB awareness in the Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District.
SA will commemorates world TB Day on the 24th March in Kanana Stadium, Matlosana sub-distirct, Dr Kenneth Kaunda District in the North West
President Jakaya Kikwete and former Zambian leader Kenneth Kaunda toast during a dinner hosted by Zambian Head of...
Dr Kenneth Kaunda is a celebrated African hero and icon whose leadership qualities should be emulated, says...
The Zambia U20 National Soccer team has arrived at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on its way to the...
She hsnt been on my All the best || Tht beard tho..😃© @ Kenneth Kaunda…
Chelsea fans are confessed racists. Yet they regard Didier Drogba a club legend.I think they are stupid *** as Kenneth Kaunda would say.
So I got an extra week to visit my awesome physiotherapist to get me fit for Dr Kenneth Kaunda District trails
Fascinating insights today from the first president of HE Kenneth Kaunda. What a full life he has lead.
ER24 providing medical standby at Dr. Kenneth Kaunda athletics in Orkney and Potchefstroom. (PR)
Am so sad to hear about The father of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda you will be missed.
HC: before Chipolopolo the national team was known as "KK XI" (as in Kenneth Kaunda).
Kenneth Kaunda Zambian 1st president can't even live in his home country after he destroyed it. Pathetic Human
Reading Clive Shamwana's blog I see all the awful and ugly Kenneth Kaunda did during his rule far outweigh any good he did for Zambia.
. 18 February, 1998. Kenneth Kaunda, the former and first president of Zambia, previously...
I can't wait for Dr. David Kenneth Kaunda day. If it weren't for him I would have friends who are Tonga, Luvale,...
Thabo Mbeki,O.O,Benjamin Mkapa,Kenneth Kaunda...some of the leaders the likes of Museveni,Mugabe n power hungry kenyans shud emulate
(2/2)...that far back 1991, Kenneth Kaunda was defeated after 27yrs in power and he left office quietly.
Economic Freedom Fighter leader, Julius Malema is implicated in the murder of Anc's ANC Dr Kenneth Kaunda...
The inability of those in power to still the voices of their own consciences is the great force leading to change. -Kenneth Kaunda
I found them waiting Ku airport... Glad to be back. @ Kenneth Kaunda International…
Finally, back home. I can't wait! @ Kenneth Kaunda International Airport- ZEGA
But I stand by my thoughts on Dr Kenneth Kaunda-a grand old man who believes in peaceful solutions but stood bravely for his principles too.
Former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda has been discharged from the Trust Hospital in the capital, Lusaka.
Kenneth Kaunda was in bed with South Afrikan president Vorster, Rhodesia's Ian Smith and Portuguese leaders in Mozambique. cc
Kenneth Kaunda's "I Wish to Inform the Nation.” speech of 1969 – An Act of Deception in His Quest to Fix...
Are you a doctor looking for a career in Read why you should work in Dr Kenneth Kaunda District in SA
First Republic President KENNETH KAUNDA is in Mfuwe were he is joining President EDGAR on his working...
Dr Kenneth Kaunda hasexpressed gratitude to President Lungu for inviting him to the Presidential...
A senior diplomat has revealed that former Zambian leader Kenneth Kaunda is unhappy with…
resident Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) welcomes Former President,Dr.Kenneth Kaunda at Chichele Presidential Lodge in...
Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda arrives at Chichele Lodge in Mfuwe, South Luangwa National Park and joins President...
KK JOINS EDGAR IN MFUWE. First President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda up and about. Here...
The first cabinet constituted by Kenneth David Kaunda in 1964.
Mayihlome News: After the banning of the PAC and ANC in 1960, one of the most talked about leaders in this country was PAC founding President Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe. This is confirmed in an article in Drum magazine of December 1962 written by Nathaniel Nakasa. In his Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela inadvertently corroborates this point further when he writes that in his 1961 trip to several African countries, he was asked where Sobukwe was by African leaders and heads of state, including Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia who now pretends he never knew about Sobukwe and hardly mentions him. In fact, Zambia expelled the PAC in 1968 because they were influenced by Moscow which favoured the ANC. After the assassination, in March 1975, of ZANU leader Herbert Chitepo, while in exile in Zambia, Kaunda expelled ZANU following spurious claims that there was in- fighting within ZANU. Kaunda can’t repeat those fanciful claims now that the latest revelations are that former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith’s CIO, ...
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I am an African, I may not be in the class of Thabo Mbeki , Col Mohmmar Gaddafi of blessed memory,President Robert Mugabe, Kenneth Kaunda , Nelson Mandela, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Dr Kwame Nkrumah but in my little way if judge I will be standing in their line of achievement if and when the mother Africa deems necessary. South Africa, be it as it is an anti African nation. The immigration law are anti Africa, it is painful, annoying and an eye sore to find out that you are a foreigner in your own continent. The new Migration law be it as it were is favouring European and Asian countries than Africa, We have been termed undesirable element in our continent, in a country that depended more on African during its struggle, in a country that most of their struggle icon ran to for safety and support. Africa the continent that stood tall and protested what was happening in South Africa has been a living *** They are tightening their immigration law which of course is not bad but to the detriment of a continent that .. ...
Interesting titbit about Zambian Presidential elections: "Long-time leader Kenneth Kaunda, who left office in 1991, has so far outlasted all but one of his permanent successors. Two presidents died in office, one died after standing down and the fourth, Rupiah Banda, is still alive. Mr Kaunda, born in 1924, is himself still going strong as he approaches his 91st birthday. Another oddity is that each successive Zambian president has served a shorter time in office than his predecessor. Mr Kaunda leads the way with 27 years and nine days. He is followed by Frederick Chiluba (10 years, 61 days), Levy Mwanawasa (six years, 230 days), Mr Banda (three years, 86 days) and Mr Sata (three years, 35 days). Were the winner of this election to then lose the 2016 poll, that trend would continue." --Nomsa Maseko, BBC News
Kenneth Kaunda will never die, all of these your HH's and EL's will die but KK will live forever. KK wamuyayaya
I know! It's is so frustrating! Kenneth Kaunda tried with his but we have regressed badly in recent decades.
I wonder why the failed dictator of African Countries end up in RSA ? Kenneth Kaunda ? Their people are Starving
in Bloem we have a few, like Kenneth Kaunda Road
In Dr Kenneth Kaunda District the scenery is beautiful & the medical work fulfilling. Click
I liked a video Conversations with History: Kenneth D. Kaunda
Bloemfontein Kenneth Kaunda TRUCK CRASH at the traffic circle - Both Ways
Free State, Bloemfontein/Kenneth Kaunda: Accident involving a HMV. The vehicle is obstructing lanes as you want to…
| PF is Also Tribal, claims Kabimba - “We are destroying the foundation that Dr Kenneth Kaunda worked ha...
would have been 86 years old today (pic with Kenneth Kaunda in Atlanta) HT
50 years of freedom & beyond with Kenneth Kaunda, President of 1964-1991 25 mins long
Fmr. Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda at the swearing-in ceremony for Filip Nyusi.
"Kenneth Kaunda's policies took me to school. I went to Hillcrest.I graduated and went to Bible school in the USA. I can now speak English."
Sibeta Mundia 42 mins · More options The genesis of Nkoya extraction and how they're related to other Barotse tribes I would like to shed light on the genesis of the Nkoya tribal group of Barotseland, in order to disprove the innuendo being peddled that certain tribal extractions are under subjugation of other tribal groupings in Barotseland. This incorrect assumption is being engineered by political stewards who are our brothers and sisters from the group that professes to be of the "Nkoya" extraction which claims not to belong to Lozi nationality. They have argued that Nkoyas are not part of the Barotse-speaking people. According to a Nkoya traditionalist, Robert Litungu. It is better to explain this issue because the matter is being exaggerated and fuelled by forces outside Barotseland who are Zambian politicians aiming at bringing division among the diversified ethnic groupings of Royal Barotseland Kingdom. It is therefore, proper to discuss this matter honestly in order to remove the unnecessary inn ...
Anderson Mazoka NubaTonga mwalimwizi na mwaalumi oyu utegwa Anderson Mazoka? Zambian Eye HOME LATEST NEWS POLITICS BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL NEWS SPORTS LIFESTYLE & FASHION DESTINATIONS About Us Real Estates Tourism Perspective Trade Corner Photo Gallery Health & Nutrition Jobs Contact Us Search in site... Anderson Mazoka, the President that never ruled May 26, 2013 | Filed under: Latest News | Posted by: Editor inShare Mazoka Mazoka Seven years ago on May 24, Zambia’s politician and businessman Anderson Kambela Mazoka founder of opposition United Party for National Development – UPND died in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mazoka the president who was elected to led the country but never ascended to the throne in 2o01 because his victory was robbed. Mazoka could not be declared the winner despite leading the poll beyond stipulated time by the constitution. The MMD under outgoing president Frederick Chiluba could not release the results for four days and only did so on the fifth day after manipulating the po ...
Just found Kenneth Kaunda's Zambia shall be free. Ages since I read it. Should be more interesting now.
Thank you Dr Kenneth Kaunda, thank you 1st Class performance as usual the Legend indeed, Thank you Potch
Number of Zambian tribes? Depends. Kenneth Kaunda told us we were 73 tribes.
limbi 'kenneth kaunda airport' is a name of a club in kitwe. Lol
I congratulate the former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa on being installed the second Chancellor of Cavendish University Uganda, replacing the former Zambia President Kenneth Kaunda who has been executing the role of being the Chancellor since the establishment of CUU. The events of graduation and installation have today happened concurrently. I wish Mkapa the best time and work in the new environment.
ECONOMIC Freedom Fighters (EFF) MP Dali Mpofu has rejected moves by a lobby group in the party to challenge Julius Malema for the presidency, Business Day has learnt. While Mr Mpofu on Thursday declined to comment, those close to him confirmed this week that a group that has fallen out of favour with Mr Malema, had petitioned Mr Mpofu to stand for the post. The group is linked with the EFF’s number two, Mpho Ramakatsa. Mr Malema seems set to be elected unopposed, according to the leadership slates being circulated among EFF members ahead of the "national people’s assembly" to be held next weekend in Mangaung. The event will mark the EFF’s first national leadership election since its formation last year. It would provide the party, now the third-biggest in Parliament, with an opportunity to refine its organisational processes and pecking order. Mr Mpofu’s entry to the EFF gave it gravitas at a time when it was uncertain whether the party would develop beyond Mr Malema’s disgruntlement with the Af ...
Is in ndola yaba jst an hour to land ktk to Kenneth kaunda by
In my opinion the 20 January elections are supposed to be postponed indefinately. A politician who finds it impossible to say out my name while campaigning cannot solve anything for the people. In 1988 I won an essay writing competition organized by the London-based Zambia Society. The organizers sent me a single-volume encyclopedia as the prize and a letter in which Dr Kenneth Kaunda, who was the Zambian President then, sent me his congratulations. The BBC simply messed up my writing career.
Private Charter .is their any other way to fly ?! I (at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN)) [pic] —
Zambian former President the honorable Kenneth Kaunda at tata Mandela's funeral...he gave me life.
Jeremy Thorpe had been top TV reporter in '50s, early '60s for ITV's "This Week". Big intvs w Kenneth Kaunda, King Hussein, Hastings Banda
Jeremy Thorpe's interview with Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda, as a budding News at Ten reporter, March 1980
In 1979, after his acquittal, Jeremy Thorpe tried to become a reporter with ITN, & even did interview for News At Ten with Kenneth Kaunda
H.E Benjamin Mkapa will represent Mzee Kenneth Kaunda, Cavendish University's Chancellor, at the graduation ceremony in Munyonyo
Screen the flight will land at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport at exactly $300,000 this Sunday...Enjoy flight Umupondo.
THURSDAY. First President Kenneth Kaunda receiving instruments of power at Independence. ZANIS PHOTO
Aar the joys of business travel . (at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN)) —
As Milton Obote, Kenneth Kaunda were working on nation building, Jomo Kenyatta was keen on owning all Kenyan land
On the eve of Zambia's golden jubilee we play the song that has rung in our ears for over 60 years now.Made famous by Zambia's first president Dr Kenneth Kaunda here is the song "Tiyende Pamodzi". The song talks about preserving the unity of Zambia and thus was coined the slogan ,One Zambia,One Nation Probably the most popular song to come from Zambia,Tiyende Pamodzi is a song of national unity. The song was recorded twice in 1974 and 1990. The first recording in 1974 featured Kenneth Kaunda with the Heritage Singers(John Mwesa,Judith Parkinson,Brenda Stevens,Jane Boston,Kamal Kant Sharmar and Promod Shankar). This was a milestone and a breakthrough on it’s own as the song later went on to be played across the SADC region and featured an African president with a multiracial band. Kaunda would later say,”The language of Africa is the language of song and dance. Many People have contributed to these songs-myself included. They are unstoppable,because they are songs of hope and friendship,and there is .. ...
Kenneth Kaunda must have buried an albino tortoise in the Presidential office... Rupiah Banda is also alive though..
A 37-YEAR-OLD woman of Kaminsenga village in Chief Mulonga’s area in Solwezi has given birth to triplets and has named them after three former presidents. Agness Sempela gave birth to three boys at Solwezi General Hospital last week and named them after presidents Kenneth Kaunda, Frederick Chiluba and Levy Mwanawasa, respectively. Solwezi General Hospital public relations officer Levy Muna said this in an interview. “The babies weighed 2.9 kilogrammes, 2.7 Kg and 2.5 kg ,respectively. The first one was named Kaunda, the second Chiluba and the third Mwanawasa,” he said. Mr Muna said the three babies are in a healthy condition. He, however, appealed to members of the public to provide financial and material support to the parents of the newly-born babies because the couple is unemployed. “The husband actually came here and he was in a drunken state. The most unfortunate part is that the father of the triplets is not in any form of employment to support the triplets. This is in addition to the five c ...
Acting Republican President Lungu leads in celebrating golden jubilee Acting Republican President Edgar Lungu today led hundreds of patriotic Zambians and former Republican Presidents at the freedom statue in laying wreaths in remembrance of all fallen heroes. Mr. Lungu who first layed the wreath at the Statue later saw First Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda to lay his wreath followed by his fourth republican counterpart, Rupiah Banda. Defense Chiefs and diplomatic followed in laying their respective wreaths in remembrance of the departed heroes and heroines who fought for Zambia’s independence struggle. Mr. Lungu was given a 21 gun salute mounted by Zambia Army Second battalion. The Acting President who arrived at the Freedom square at 08-40 hours local time was greeted to a thunderous welcome. Zambia National Service (ZNS) Director of Chaplaincy Henry Matifeyo quoting from Isaiah 61:1 – 4 urged the Zambian people to restore human dignity by loving, respecting and uniting together for a common ...
WRIGHT KING MUSOMA BORN: 27TH November, 1971 RELIGION: Christian OCCUPATION: Politician/Entrepreneur ETHINICITY: Bemba HOME TOWN: Nchelenge, Luapua Province CITIZEN: Zambian NATIONALITY: Zambian POLITICAL PARTY: The Zambia Republican Party ZRP A stylish, pragmatic, visionary, honest, eloquent and a man of the people with a forward thinking, is a new president of the Zambia Republican Party ZRP. He took over from Zambian mogul of Business, Ben Yoram Mwila founder and president of ZRP who tutored and inspired him in politics. Musoma comes from very poor back ground. He crawled out of poverty and un told misery through determination, focus and displine. He is what many would call the man that has refused to be refused, denied to be denied and rejected to be rejected. When he sensed the strong and irresistible desire to be president of his country one day,Musoma prepared himself by seating under different great politicians, technocrats and entrepreneurs, not only in Zambia, but also in countries like Zimba .. ...
HHs Statement on the Jubilee Introduction Fellow citizens, first and foremost, the United Party for National Development [UPND] recognises that the Jubilee Anniversary is an important national event that transcends political party affiliation. It is for all Zambians. This is an opportunity as citizens to spend some time and indulge in serious, deep national reflection. We shall commemorate but not celebrate this Jubilee. Let me on behalf of UPND pay tribute to the gallant freedom fighters who sacrificed all to give birth to our independence. The late Godwin Mbikusita Lewanika, Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Kapasa Makasa, Nalumino Mundia, Lawrence Katilungu, Humphrey Mulemba, Mainza Chona, Mama Julia Chikamoneka, Munukayumbwa Sipalo and Dr. Peter Matoka, Solomon Kalulu, Mungoni Liso and many other gallant sons and daughters of mother Zambia, some alive like Mr. Grey Zulu, Samuel Mbilishi and Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. To these and others we owe our political freedom. Special tribute is due to the ...
DEMYSTIFYING INCUMBENCY FACTOR:: SIGNPOST TO IMMINENT 2015 INCUMBENT DEFEAT: For four decades post-independence, regime change through democratic elections was unheard of in Africa. In some countries, regime change was even impossible constitutionally because one-party rule was legitimized by constitutional instrument. On the other hand, countries whose constitutions had provisions for multi-party in practice, as the incumbent presidents or prime- ministers as the case may be, sat tight, often changing the provisions of the constitution regarding tenure to perpetuate their rule. However beginning from the 1990s, there have been pockets of democratic regime changes in Africa. Here am referring to inter-party change whereby upon defeat of a ruling party’s candidate, power is ceded to an opposition candidate as was the case in Zambia (1991), Ghana (2000), Senegal (2000),Kenya (2002), Benin Republic (2006), Sierra Leone (2007), Ivory Coast (2010) and Malawi (2014) To enhance the preparation of the Nigerian ...
VALIDITY OF PARKING TARIFFS This notice serves to inform the Motoring Public about the two tier tariff regime and areas in which the parking tickets are valid. 1. CENTRAL CBD AREA: - $1 PER HOUR The central CBD area incorporates the following: - Rotten Row to the West, Fourth Street to the East, Herbert Chitepo Avenue to the North and Kenneth Kaunda to the South. 2. PERIPHERAL CBD AREA: - $0,50C PER HOUR The peripheral CBD area incorporates all the areas outside the central CBD area but within the boundaries of the new expanded CBD area of Harare 3. VALIDITY OF PARKING TICKETS $0.50c per hour parking tickets are only valid in the peripheral CBD Area. $1 per hour parking tickets are accepted as valid in both zones only for an hour. Vehicles will be clamped for displaying 0.50c parking ticket in the CBD area. Thank you for your cooperation PLEASE PAY THE APPLICABLE PARKING FEE TO AVOID YOUR VEHICLE BEING CLAMPED.
BoZ unveils 50th Independence Anniversary commemorative currency Lusaka, Oct 23/14, ZANIS-The Bank of Zambia (BoZ) has unveiled a 50th Independence Anniversary K50 commemorative currency bearing portraits of four former presidents and the current Head of State, Michael Sata. Finance Minister, Alexander Chikwanda launched the banknote in Lusaka yesterday as Zambia’s tribute to the founding President Dr Kenneth Kaunda, second Republican President, Frederick Chiluba, third President, Levy Mwanawasa, immediate past President Rupiah Banda and the incumbent, President Michael Sata for their visionary leadership which has united the nation. Mr. Chikwanda said the commemorative banknote bears the same features as the currently circulating K50 banknote except for the portraits of the five Heads of State and the “50th Independence Anniversary” wording. “The K50 commemorative banknote, unlike previous commemorative coins which the Central Bank issued to celebrate various historical events, will circulate sid ...
. 1920 Vast copper reserves discovered, particularly at Broken Hill. Prompts migration of European miners and entrepreneurs. 1924 Administration of Northern Rhodesia taken over by British colonial office. 1953-63 Part of Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (aka Central African Federation). 1959 Kenneth Kaunda is detained for nationalist activity. 1960 United National Independence Party (UNIP) formed by Kenneth Kaunda. UNIP campaign for dissolution of the federation and for independence. 1961 UNIP banned. 1963 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland is dissolved 24 October 1964 Independence. Northern Rhodesia renamed Zambia. First president is Kenneth Kaunda of the United National Independence Party (UNIP). 1970 Zambian government takes controlling interest in copper mining. 1972 UNIP now one-party government. 1973 Border with Rhodesia closed by its white settler regime.
50 Years of Independence celebration with a new K50 bank note as Zambia turns 50... . As Kenneth Kaunda said that...
Kenneth Kaunda meets delegation on eve of country's Golden Jubilee
Back to the 60s. Rev. Martin Luther King talking with visiting African leader Kenneth . Kaunda. Location: Atlanta,...
He was a leader of such anticolonialist statesmen as Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, Sekou Toure of Guinea and Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia
Hello really looking forward to reporting on your 50th independence celebrations - hoping to interview Kenneth Kaunda tomorrow
Download this fresh joint by S-O-K titled Kenneth Kaunda by following the links listed below its dope don't miss...
African Hip hop wit a Zambian face Kenneth kaunda or thanks and God bless
our proudest moment to date is screening to First President Kenneth Kaunda on Monday.
Zambia's Tourism history and development cannot-be complete without the mention of our first President Kenneth Kaunda.
"The moment you have protected an individual, you have protected society." -Kenneth Kaunda
When I rejected that white chick who wanted to get in my pants, I could hear Kenneth Kaunda reciting tiyenda pamodzi for me.
Zambia @ 50 on Thursday and the man who fought for our independence Dr Kenneth Kaunda is still alive!!! What a...
FIRST Republican President Kenneth Kaunda has said it is imperative that his former Chilenje House *** National...
African writers are the best. Ngugi Wa Thiong's 'Grain Of Wheat', Elechi Amandi's 'Sunset in Biafra', Kenneth Kaunda's 'Zambia shall be free
Hhhhmm, so people still wear "kaunda" suits, you know, short sleeved jacket, no tie. Named after President Kenneth Kaunda I believe.
If u are Not Kenneth Kaunda, Ain't no way am gettingU an Independence Present..
jubilee. Zambia’s first President Kenneth Kaunda will be honored with the country’s first ever...
ZAMBIA AT 50. In 1964 Kenneth Kaunda became the first president of Zambia who became the first Vice President?. -...
Zambia: Images of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s visit to the US in 1960. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda visited …
Not true! Kenneth Kaunda, Kwame. ...Liberation parties never get defeated in Africa."
THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has honoured former President Kenneth Kaunda for his contribution to the...
Keep supporting me my friends u all I got Kenneth kaunda. or...
Lock me up like u did madiba coz u fear change . Kenneth kaunda or thanks and God bless Africa
Hostile Attitude Towards Amama Mbabazi Create Cracks, Will NRM Be The Same. By Goodluck Musinguzi President Yoweri Museveni never wanted a powerful Secretary General, Deputy Vice Chairman or Vice President and PrimeMinister. Journalist Andrew Mwenda a former critic now a close friend of first family writes in his independent magazine. In 2005, Museveni met Ministers Crispus Kiyonga,Otafiire at Statehouse. Museveni cited four examples as to why he didnt like want a strong SG. President Museveni said the late President Milton Obote had problems with three of his SGs in the 1960s. John Kakonge, Grace Ibingira and Felix Onama. Museveni said Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya had problems with Tom Mboya,Julius Nyerere in Tanzania with Oscar Kambona, Kenneth Kaunda in Zambia with Simon Kapwempwe and Kamuzu Banda in Malawi with Kanyama Chume. Museveni said there is one common feature about these examples. " When these Presidents fell out with their strong SGs, the officials were either eliminated or exiled, the Presidents c ...
Kenneth Kaunda did look like the true father of Zambia with his cravat and safari suit. Perhaps not appropriate for 'town'.
TIL Kenneth Kaunda, former dictator of Zambia, is an avid ballroom dancer and has been spotted in the audience of D…
THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has honoured first Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda an award of Excellence...
Dr Kenneth Kaunda says there is hope for Zambia regarding corruption. Cc
at the Dr. Kenneth Kaunda district cross country tournament.
"What a nation needs more than anything else isn't a Christian ruler in the palace but a Christian prophet within earshot." ~ Kenneth Kaunda
When is Dr. Kenneth Kaunda publishing his memoirs? We done waited far too long now.
JCTR will host ecumenical day on Friday 17th October at St Ignatuis. Church. first Republican President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda to attend.
This is in relation with the murder of ANC Dr. Kenneth Kaunda region secretary David Oubuti Chika.
DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY SAFETY AND TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT VACANCY CIRCULAR NO. 9 OF 2014/2015 FINANCIAL YEAR This Department Is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer. It is our intention to promote representivity (race, gender and disability) in the Department through the filling of these posts and candidates whose transfer/promotion/appointment will promote representivity will receive preference. An indication in this regard will facilitate the processing of applications. APPLICATIONS: The Head of Department, Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Private Bag x19, MMABATHO, 2735 Office No. 146, 1st Floor, New Head Office Complex-Old Parliament Building, Modiri Molema Road, for attention Ms. Gadifele Noge. NOTES: (a) Applications must be accompanied by a signed and dated Z83, a recent updated comprehensive CV with at least names of three(3) referees with current contact details. Originally certified copies of all Qualifications, ID document and other required documents. Failure ...
The King of Zambia: Mwanawina III and the making of a new nation - by E. Munshya, LLB (Hons), M.Div This republic we now call Zambia is a product of several currents. As we celebrate 50 years of its existence we must look at all the stories that could help us navigate through these currents so that we can learn from history and not repeat mistakes from that history. Fifty years after our independence, there is no issue that could potentially divide our nation more than the contentious Barotseland Agreement of 1964 (BA 64). Nevertheless, as contentious as it may be, we would be doing a great disservice to ourselves if we do not confront this story. The BA 64 and the role of King Mwanawina III in the formation of our nation are important Zambian stories. Discussions on the BA 64 have dwelt on its formation in 1964 and its abrogation months after independence. However, in order for us to understand the role, if any, it played in the making of our nation, we must situate it within its own context and milieu. ...
Kenneth Kaunda the Great with the late Dr Martin Luther King . . . Frozen in time :)
Still primitive in technology — at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Lusaka, Zambia
Can Kenneth Kaunda and Thabo Mbeki tell us what is to be done when Afrikans point fingers at each other instead of building Afrika.
| Know anything about Kenneth Kaunda? Visit now to answer today's question.
Kenneth Kaunda was among the first African leaders to recognize as a state.
Great to finally say it out loud that will be shot at my home district, the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District in NW Province :)
I axe lord kenneth david kaunda say dodorima to all malaysia zone
Maxuilili never minced his words. I recall a near diplomatic crisis when he told off Kenneth Kaunda in Lusaka in 1984.
Traffic: Kenneth Kaunda Road, at Bayswater Circle - expect delays.
killing boredom... cant wait for tomorrow — watching Ninja Apocalypse at Meanwood, Kenneth Kaunda International...
With one of my heroes(Dr Kenneth David Kaunda-First President of Zambia. The great son of Africa!
Mbeki is actually hilarious. He just told he a hilarious story about Pik Botha and Kenneth Kaunda.
Finally the African chartered Airline has touched down at Kenneth Kaunda Airport. Safe trip and all the best
File:Henry Tayali showing some of his artwork to then Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda, 1972
Boarding a charter flight into the beautiful Kafue National Park. — at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
The country's Founding President Dr Kenneth Kaunda set the tone for ... A year before the publication of "Zambia Shall Be Free", Kaunda had written "Black ... in darkness; now there is the grey light of dawn, and I know that ZAMBIA WILL BE FREE, AND YES IT'S. HE HAS DONE GREAT.
Can African pride be this shallow? (My Tuesday column) Perhaps I’m a despicable, counter-revolutionary, neo-colonialist settler after all. During my entire adult life, I have called myself an African. I have visited most countries on the continent and I have met and/or interviewed 13 heads of African states. I’m proud of and associate myself with the people, history and cultures of the people of Africa. I have written much about and made two documentary films on pre-colonial and early colonial African history. But now I find myself out of sync with many of those who also claim to be proud Africans. The Africa I’m proud of appears to be a different one from the one they revere. I’m deeply proud of African leaders who fought for the liberation of Africa and the emancipation of her people. I’m talking about leaders like Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Leopold Senghor, Samora MacHel, Kenneth Kaunda, Julius Nyerere, Nelson Mandela and Thomas Sankara. But now I find that the darling hero of so many of ...
Former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda pays tribute to &boy&Moi for offer... -
Former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda pays tribute to Moi for offering selfless leadership
Cllr Boitumelo Moloi of Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality will chat to from 8 until 9am tune in to the
| Let's Praise God for Peace - KK - [Times of Zambia]FIRST Republican President Kenneth Kaunda has urged Z...
Dr Kenneth Kaunda has really made a difference in fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS ...
Just touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Hazy skies and a lovely balmy heat. Good to be back!
Today,1964- Kenneth Kaunda wins Zambian elections to become 1st president of independent republic
Great hanging out with H.E Kenneth Kaunda at his State Lodge residence today, great man, that one.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I have not seen any Ebola notice at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. Seen several at Oliver Tambo, Sir Seretse Kharma airports
You saw how Kenneth Kaunda called Cyril Ramaphosa "Young man"
My pencil portrait drawing of former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda. . Hope y'all like it :)
Dr Kenneth Kaunda is the only district where a decrease in the HIV prevalence has been noted, from 36% to 29.1%”
Women like her are shame to womenhood
Other people who got this recognition include Nyerere, Samora MacHel,Sir Seretse Khama, Kenneth Kaunda and Agostinho Neto.
And here we go again — traveling to Johannesburg, Gauteng from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
"Just in case planes go missing these days lol" — traveling to Nairobi County from Kenneth Kaunda International...
Ever heard of a SA provincial netball team: Dr Kenneth Kaunda North West South? Jip, played in final of national champs!
Gauteng North were crowned the SPAR Netball National Champions today after an emphatic 63-37 win over Dr Kenneth Kaunda.
Gauteng North repaid Dr Kenneth Kaunda by claiming 2014 title in style in Bellville on Sat
Dr Kenneth Kaunda can be happy with their feat. They fought till the very end. Its wasnt for their taking
Surely Dr Kenneth Kaunda, at his age, and alone, what hardly a match for a whole netball team?
This was the first defeat of the tournament for North West side Dr Kenneth Kaunda, but it was hardly a contest
Gauteng North are once again after thumping Kenneth Kaunda 63-37 in the final. Heartache for KK, joy for GN
Gauteng North are the 2014 winners beating Dr Kenneth Kaunda 63-37 in the final
Gauteng North are winners of with 63-37 win over Dr Kenneth Kaunda.
Gauteng North have won the title, beating Dr Kenneth Kaunda who went unbeaten throughout
Gauteng North have coasted to a 63-37 victory over Dr Kenneth Kaunda in a one-sided final at Bellville Velodrome
nkosi yami "Dr Kenneth Kaunda" Kanti what kind of play is this? Missing scoring chances like this pathetic -hai...
Kenneth Kaunda must keep fighting to the end. But jaw dropping netball from Gauteng North... In awe
Gauteng North are getting their revenge for midweek defeat - lead Dr Kenneth Kaunda 41-26 after 3rd quarter in the final
Gauteng North are running away with this now. They lead Dr Kenneth Kaunda 41-26 after three quarters
After third quarter in the final Gauteng North 41 Dr Kenneth Kaunda 26
My friend is on fire commmeee ooon Lentsi *Dr Kenneth Kaunda
Gauteng North up 27-19 halftime v Dr Kenneth Kaunda in final.
Gaiten north stretch their lead over Kenneth Kaunda (Ñorth West South) and are ahead 27-19 at halftime
At half time in the final Gauteng North 27 Dr Kenneth Kaunda 19
watching the finals at Belville Velodrome. Kenneth Kaunda vs Gauteng North
After first quarter in the final Gauteng North 15 Dr Kenneth Kaunda 9
Gauteng North lead Dr Kenneth Kaunda 15-09 after 1st quarter in final of the . Can the North West side come back?
Gauteng North lead 15-9 against Dr Kenneth Kaunda after the first quarter
A few minutes to the start of the A-section final at Bellville Velodrome. Gauteng North v Dr Kenneth Kaunda
All the best to my home-girls from Dr Kenneth Kaunda in the finals match against Gauteng North today.
while we name our skuls and roads after other africa freedom fighters,South Africa hav a netball team called Dr Kenneth
Almost show time! FINAL between Gauteng North A and Dr Kenneth Kaunda LIVE on SS Select!!
Will Gauteng North rule again or will Dr KK win their first earlier this week Gauteng North A 45 Dr Kenneth Kaunda 56
Gauteng North and Dr Kenneth Kaunda to meet in Netball Final:
Gauteng North to meet Dr Kenneth Kaunda in Saturday's final.
Kenneth Kaunda became a vegetarian and fought for independence so that I can slide into women's DMs at these hours.
Great historical article on Chinsali, the region that gave us Kenneth Kaunda & Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe
Gauteng North established as likely co-finalists with arch-rivals Dr Kenneth Kaunda
I had a jolly good time with First President Dr Kenneth Kaunda most of today. The aura around the man is just beautiful. I arrived at his office as his vehicle was pulling in behind me. He looked at me, got out of the car and waited because I was still picking up some stuff from the car. What amazed me about this man is that the groundsmen went over to greet him and he had all the time for them. I'm told he does this with all staff every day. When I walked over to him, he beamed and said, "The boss is here! He has even taken my house!"
Not enough books have been written about Dr Kennethrole in the liberation of southern Africa. Is there a publisher out there?
Yes, that's right, Dr Kenneth Kaunda has given Frances Baard a hiding. Weird names given to our district netball teams
Log leaders Dr Kenneth Kaunda remain unbeaten after six matches, romping to a 63-28 win over Frances Baard
Dr Kenneth Kaunda roll giants Gauteng North in major upset of Day 3 in Bellville on Wed
Buchizya became Kenneth David Kaunda, adopting his father's first name as his middle name. Buchizya means "unexpected"
"It was all about the team and the team effort," said Kenneth Kaunda coach Dorette Badenhorst.
!st game up this morning in the A section sees Dr Kenneth Kaunda v Guateng West also Nelson Mandela Bay v Buffalo City
Dr Kenneth Kaunda (North West) remain unbeaten after three matches, securing a 43-28 win over Nelson Mandela Bay
Dr Kenneth Kaunda coach Dorette Badenhorst speaks to media at bt Nelson Mandela Bay
has moved into a new head office in Lusaka located in Kamloops, now closer to Kenneth Kaunda Airport.
.Arrival on a twin turbo-prop into Kenneth Kaunda Airport: memories of another era.A bientôt
at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on way to Dar es Salaam
I need to take a selfie with Kenneth Kaunda. last time I met the man I was on a Nokia 2660
Our African Lions, who never Succumbed to the Capitalists . Kenneth Kaunda, Samora MacHel & Julius Nyerere
Malawi? Seeing as Joyce is from there. "Kenneth Kaunda was to Zambia, what Kamuzu Banda was to.
This past June, I was sitting with faculty on the new stage of Luther College High School, celebrating the graduation of its Grade XII students. As in all of these kinds of gatherings at Luther, prayer and praise began, and later ended the celebration with the idea being that in all things, we do it solely to the glory of God – ‘Soli Deo Gloria’. Before the graduates crossed the stage to receive their diplomas and awards, the Luther Choir sang two or three pieces, one of which was a South African Zulu song, ‘One By One’, accompanied by drums and hand clapping. The auditorium came alive: eyes looked up, some relatives and friends began to clap or sway with the choir, smiles were everywhere, and one teacher on sabbatical danced at the back of the gym. I, on the other hand, suppressed tears and strong emotions, because this music from Africa brought back many good memories from the ten and half years I taught in Zambia and Malawi in Central Africa; memories of choirs I had directed there, the joy o ...
POSTBAG GREAT EAST ROAD REHAB Editor, Many are the times we see both local and international companies bidding to be awarded lucrative government contracts to build schools, roads, hospitals or bridges. However, once most of these firms are awarded the contracts they have been chasing, they begin to drag their feet in completing the projects within the stipulated timeframe. I am particularly concerned with the pace at which the stretch between Arcades roundabout and Kenneth Kaunda International Airport roundabout on Great East Road is being worked on. First, the speed with which the contractor removed the upper surface of the road was amazing because one would even find workers working on the said stretch as late as midnight. To my dismay, after that exercise was done, the contractor seems to be moving at snail’s pace with no serious resurfacing works going on. I will not be surprised if the rainy season comes and find the works not complete. We are already seeing the underlying layer of the road which ...
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In transit at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Lusaka on way to Nairobi.
On this day in 1986, Zambian President Kenneth D. Kaunda accused Britain and the United States of "kissing...
Kenneth Kaunda now sharing the Relationship he had with Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula's
We document the Role played by the ANC under Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula & UNIP under Kenneth Kaunda in the Independence struggle Hrs on ZNBC
What a day with the Dr Kenneth Kaunda district Managers Dept of Social development under the directorship of Mr Kgobe
On this day in 1986 Zambia President Kenneth Kaunda accuses the British government of "kissing Apartheid".
hi Glen its Boipelo here in Bloemfontein,just wanted to say 2 Mr Rob Burn Eufees rd is nw called Kenneth Kaunda. Lov da traffic
Free State, Bloemfontein/Kenneth Kaunda: Accident close to the Northridge Mall Entrance. No officials are on the...
I met the father of my nation, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. He gave me his blessing
Dunno, but of recent, a good fraction my thoughts have been on Kenneth Kaunda.
If the good die young, how wicked is Kenneth Kaunda??
So I'm watching a documentary and what so you know... Kenneth Kaunda went to his Zimbabwe concert
| Grading Zambia's Presidents - Kenneth Kaunda - [Zambia Reports]Faced with the current state of our econo...
Dr. Kenneth Kaunda is one of those notable heroes tht didn't only brng independence 2his motherland bt to other countries too
article about grading kenneth kaunda is very compacted for knowledge purpose! That's very great guys(KIU)!
I would love to share a cuppa tea w Ntate Kenneth Kaunda. He reminds me of my late gramps. The most loving and cheerful soul :)
Mulenga Sata today received a mistaken "presidential" welcome at Kenneth Kaunda airport from PF cadres who thought it was President Sata.
Kwame Nkrumar of ghana,Mugabe and Chibwechitedza mqabuko of zimbambwe ,Nelson Mandela of southafrica,Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and kenneth kaunda of zambia , worked hard fo us africans to realise a democratic africa.But Robert Mugabe is now regarded as no 1 african hero, after implementing anti-imperialist programes,so am nt ashamed to call dat old Bob my hero.Facts are stuborn.
Duped By the Wynter team GUY SCOTT SAYS HE, GIVEN LUBINDA AND MULENGA SATA DO NOT QUALIFY TO STAND AS PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA UNDER THE LAW! Zambia's Vice President Dr Guy Scott says under the current law he does not qualify to stand as Vice President. Dr Scott says even Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda and Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata do not qualify. "Me I'm not qualified to stand as President because I'm excluded by the same amended 1996 constitution which excluded Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, and excludes as far as I understand, me, Given Lubinda and excludes Mulenga Sata. Both your parents have to be Zambian." Dr Scott added that Acting President Wynter Kabimba was the senior most person in PF who qualified to stand as President. Source: Copy and Paste from PF's Tumfweko! Now let's put things straight here! If Scott is right in his interpretation of the law here, PF MPs such as Kambwili who have some presidential ambitions have been duped or it may mean the end of PF! Look, Kabimba is fully aware of implica ...
THE ‘NEW’ South AfricaN GOVERNMENT ’S ATROCITIES AGAINST FREEDOM FIGHTERS! Posted by Mayihlome Kenny Motsamai The “New South Africa” boasts of being a “democracy.” Indeed, in some areas that are not fundamental to democracy such as homosexual marriages, “sex workers”, “abortion on demand”, and an education system that allows a pass mark of 30%, this “democracy” is excelling. But on fundamental political issues, that includes equitable redistribution of land and its riches according to population numbers and treatment of former freedom fighters who gave their lives to destroy apartheid colonialism in South Africa, the “rainbow nation” democracy is an unmitigated disaster. Through its International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid, the United Nations declared apartheid a crime against humanity. The crime of apartheid is akin to the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. According to this Convention, genoc ...
Cde Tambo also wore fatigues too. Same with Kenneth Kaunda.
This book...Letter to my Children by Dr. Kenneth Kaunda simplified Virtues that make a man.
Media Statement SASCO North West PEC 25 June 2014 Receive our humble and revolutionary greetings on the year of the 20th anniversary of our beautiful democracy. “MY BLOOD SHALL NOURISH THE TREES THAT WILL BEAR THE FRUITS OF FREEDOM. TELL MY PEPLE THAT I LOVE THEM AND THEY SHOULD CONTIUE TO FIGHT”. SOLOMON KALUSHI MAHLANGU. We will continue to fight until there is total freedom and equality: The South-African students Congress in the North West Province has observed on numerous occasions on the views by the Afriforum an organ that seeks to promote racial divisions and that seems to be spitting on our revolutionary gains of 1994. We are highly outraged as an organisation that views itself as the influential independent stake holder in the institutions of higher learning and research with the recent media statement by Afriforum Youth about what transpired at the Potchefstroom Campus of the North West University about the evil Nazi initiation practices. As Regional Leadership of SASCO in Dr. Kenneth Kaund ...
PART 8 (The Earl of Listowel continues...) THE EARL OF LISTOWEL (CONT..) But I believe that Zambia's greatest good fortune is that independence will see the continuation of the leadership of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. Everyone, I think, realises that in a new country it is the quality of leadership that matters more than anything else. I know, both personally and by reputation, all the leaders of our former Dependencies in Africa, and to my knowledge there is no one with a finer character or more balanced political judgment than Dr. Kaunda. I think this needs to be said, and to be said here, because in the past Dr. Kaunda has been subjected to much harsh and, I think, unjustified criticism, even in your Lordships' House. The choice by Zambia of such a leader is a wise one, because he has exactly the qualities that will be needed after he takes up the much heavier responsibilities entrusted to him by the new Constitution, on the assumption, which I think it is fair to make, that he will become the first President ...
There were some religious men wu were preachng the word of God, so they mit an old man nd askd a Question "wu z our protector our creator nd our saviour on earth?" then the old man answerd "Kenneth kaunda".
Who among the following was associated with the freedom struggle of Tanzania? (a) Patrice Lumumba (b) Kenneth Kaunda (c) Kemal Ataturk (d) Dr. Julius Nyere. Ans:d
Mrs Mary Chinery-Hesse - Profile Mary Chinery-Hesse has had distinguished careers in her Country’s Civil Service and at the United Nations. In the UN and in numerous other Organizations, she continues to be an important voice on economic development issues, an ardent defender of human rights, particularly women’s rights and gender equality, as well as an active advocate for African imperatives. A Graduate of London University, she holds an Honor’s Degree from the University of Ghana in Sociology and Economics, and was awarded a Doctorate of Law (honoris causa) by her Alma Mater the University of Ghana, the first female product of the University of Ghana to be so honoured. At the University of Dublin she undertook Post-Graduate Programs in Development Economics, and also at the World Bank Institute in Washington D.C. where she was inscribed as a Fellow of the Institute. Mary Chinery-Hesse’s first post at the UN was that of Resident Coordinator of the UN System and Resident Representative of the Un ...
You might know about Kenneth Kaunda, but do you know about the rest of the continent?
Me with His Excellence First Zambian President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda seeing us off after documenting his life at his...
Dedicating my second book to the founding father of our nation Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, and to all the heroes that fought of our nation. Zambia
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Remember when President Chiluba stripped his predecessor Kenneth Kaunda of his Zambian citizenship for being "Malawian"?
The esteemed leadership of the 70's Southern Africa. Kenneth Kaunda Sawubona.
FORMER President Dr Kenneth Kaunda has been awarded honorary citizenship of Mozambique by President Armando...
Ambition never comes to an end. Kenneth Kaunda
Mingling with the business people and the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Mayor at the Protea hotel
Zambia: Chinese VP visits Zambia Wednesday (Y) Hope for Africa Chinese Vice-President Li Yuanchao was due here Wednesday for an official visit during which he is expected to sign eight agreements on Chinese grants and loans to Zambia. Li will be leading a 21-member entourage of senior government officials and Communist Party members and will be in Zambia until 21 June to strengthen relations between China and Zambia. Li, the most senior Chinese leader to visit Zambia since President Michael Sata came to office in 2011, will be in the country at the invitation of the Zambian vice-president Guy Scott. The Chinese Vice-President will hold private talks with President Sata, and also meet first president Kenneth Kaunda, as well as take part in the photographic exhibition on the results of cooperation between Zambia and China in the last 50 years. “The purpose of the visit is to commemorate the golden jubilee of the Zambian independence and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between ...
AU: What has happened to the Pan-African vision?: Part One By Shepherd Manhambara AN important point which any serious observer is likely to notice about our continent is the sharp contrast between the African past of the 1950s, 60s and 70s and the current era! That past had the likes of Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Haile Selassie, Sekou Toure, Kenneth Kaunda and others who spearheaded the African project to liberate the whole continent from the shackles of Western colonialism. With hindsight that project generated an unprecedented sense of purpose and solidarity across the continent and a sense of identity based on the belief that all of us shared a common African destiny. The positive outcome of that common purpose and solidarity which the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) enjoyed is that by 1994 the whole of Africa was free at last! In sharp contrast, the current era symbolised by the African Union (AU) is turning out to be far less dramatic by way of its agenda and method, far less inspiring so fa ...
extract from manuscript.The trailblazing record of positive and progressive path-finding thinking, labouring and living of Mbikusita Lewanika, and others of his generation, set an appropriate foundation for Zambia’s Independence, with Barotseland as an integral part of the Zambia unity project. However, this Zambia-founding contribution is not affirmed or accredited or appreciated. What is worse is that this foundation has been destroyed and discarded. Up to date, this contribution is eclipsed by a shadow of reigning ignorance, imposed silence, propagated distortion, sustained prejudice and unfounded fear of the unknown. This contribution remains hidden, even as the Government of Zambia rolls out its programmes and trumpets its messages towards celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its Independence. People who have called for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement can claim Mbikusita Lewanika’s heritage. This because he was part of its negotiation, and he regarded it the essential and peaceful ...
Kenneth Kaunda has managed to rewrite history. Gone is the tyrant who bankrupted the country and killed opponents. Now we love him! :)
My Journalist friend Inutu Mupango Mwanza please sit Kenneth Kaunda down one afternoon and record a soft chat with him, what is it we dont know about KK.then present it to us the millions of ZNBC TV addicts. 90yrs on Planet Earth and all we make him talk about is the Liberation struggle - we all love grandpa stories.make him tell us a good one.
Enjoyed the interview of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, and that he supports the leadership of Michael Sata
Definition of poverty according to first Republican President kenneth kaunda." ignorance, hunger & theft".
First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda on CNBC Africa discussing Zambia's history on ZNBC TV right now. Interesting interview. Tune in.
At Kenneth Kaunda International Airport ready for Lagos!
I tell every Zambian I meet that I've met Kenneth Kaunda twice and eaten at his house
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just my family with Kenneth Kaunda. No big deal.
"Democracy is of little benefit to the people, if they remain uneducated,unemployed, and the number of illiteracy remain high" (kenneth kaunda)
Nkana Fc...safely landed at Kenneth Kaunda Airport en rout to tunisia. For the game against Etoile...
Billy out, Mbewe, Chibuye in as Kalampa leave for Tunisia Nkana leave for Tunisia this evening but will have to do without veteran defender Billy Mwanza who is suspended but welcome back into the squad striker Festus Mbewe and midfielder Frank Chibuye who has been out for weeks injured. Mbewe recently returned from a six month spell with Golden Arrows in the PSL. In naming his 20-man travelling party for the defining match against Etoile du Sahel in Suousse on Saturday, coach Zeddy Saileti decided to leave behind Francis Kombe, whose spot Mbewe takes. In Billy's absence, Kalampa will have the relief of welcoming back Christopher Munthali. Billy has been pivotal in Nkana's campaign, featuring in all the Zambian champions' continental matches so far. Munthali was suspended for the last two matches. Billy's suspension is as a result of the red card he received in Nkana's last match at home, the 1-1 draw against Ivorian side Sewe Sport. Nkana are on the 21:45hrs Emirates flight from the Kenneth Kaunda Interna ...
zambia is known on the continent and beyond as a country of mixed blessings,a land of peace and above all a sizzling political bed that forever provides enough material for political students from all walks of life to mull on,for days and even weeks on end.its has been so since independence wen kenneth kaunda constinually became the proverbial"black moses" through to fredrick chiluba,Levy Mwanawasa,Rupiah Banda and now president micheal sata
Very humble insights by Former President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda via
The legendary Kenneth Kaunda on CNBCA. Let's get in tune
Grow Africa Debate featuring a number of African leaders on now, followed by Africa Rising featuring Kenneth Kaunda.
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