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Kenneth Anger

Kenneth Anger (born Kenneth Wilbur Anglemeyer; February 3, 1927) is an American underground experimental filmmaker, actor and author of two controversial Hollywood Babylon books.

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Lying Down, from the films of Jean Cocteau, Maya Deren, Kenneth Anger and Luis Buñuel
A little light on story, but it's quite striking how Bigelow blends Douglas Sirk & Kenneth Anger sensibilities.
ClingyyBoypren: I hate when my anger turns into tears.
In which I quixotically try to make some sense of Kenneth Anger's scandalous debut Fireworks -
In Kenneth Havens words.The moment he realised sickness was from the devil his anger for the devil heightened . Which is understandable.
Bought it from Kenneth Anger, no doubt
Did I offer peace today? Did I bring a smile to someone's face? Did I say words of healing? Did I let go of my anger and resentment??
there is a difference between correction measures driven by love and penalising the person driven by Anger
There's a great book about past celebs and shocking happenings, called Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger. A fascinating read.
I really just want to get high and rewatch all of Kenneth Anger's movies right now
...but Ellis comes out with stories of Hollywood sleaze so grotesque they could be from Kenneth Anger. And he names names
Nobody in America, in the modern generation, has read their mythology ...
For a few secs last week, no thanks to a dream I had, I thought the name of the dad on Family Matters was Kenneth Anger.
don't tease me. The old Kenneth anger dvd collection needs the criterion treatment
Seriously folks, my birthday is in a couple of days, & here, a Kenneth Anger jacket waiting
The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome - Kenneth Anger via
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Just got the Kenneth Anger joke in the title of Neighbors 2, who am I anymore even
I also showed how MTV and a lot of Hollywood bile evolved out of the historical avant-grade such as Kenneth Anger via narcissistic mirroring
cant wait to see it! Btw history that needs to be delved in, i rec. noir + kenneth anger anything else watching, same as me
Kenneth Anger makes freaky films that I love to death.
my best regards from Russia! I've heard you like Kenneth Anger, so you might like this
bathrooms = sterling, awed I live where I can hop a train and go watch Kenneth Anger weirdness on loop within 45 minutes.
I think Jon Taffer & Kenneth Anger are secretly brothers.
he reminds me a lot of Kenneth Anger which I'm 100% sure is what he goes for sometimes.
Sunday June 5: Vaginal Davis screens 16mm films by Pasolini, Kenneth Anger, Chantal Ackerman in new Berlin location
Kenneth, it's not your fault. Let the anger go. Dad Zoobs is sorry ok.
I screened this in dublin a couple of weeks ago!!! Lots of kenneth anger i haven't seen yet
The Neon Demon's aesthetic is not only indebted to Suspiria. It appears to be strongly influenced by Kenneth Anger—whom Refn admires.
"A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger.". via
I have a problem with censorship by the lawyer - by legal people by th...
I've made several films that haven't been shown.
And Bill Crystal has an uncanny resemblance to Kenneth Anger.
Can't tell if it's journalistic spin or losing his marbles, but is not a
Being a VET myself I want to cry with anger, disappointment & dis-belief every time is see a pic like this! Unreal. htt…
A band from Bristol now. This video features footage directed by cult film maker Kenneth Anger, and comes complete with canned laughter.
I've never made a film using dialogue or speech.
This song reminds me of Scorpio Rising by Kenneth Anger
We said it will be 99% about ANC than plans for clean gov no transformation watchmore anger
is it much more expensive to dwell in the sultry alternative Manhattan you inhabit with all the haunting Kenneth Anger filters?
So, tonight's the night I break out the Kenneth Anger Boxset.
Just installed this Kenneth Anger poster designed by my old tutor Biddy Peppin in the Shoot…
He's a writhing mass of poisonous snakes bound by leather & nitrous Aryan Kenneth Anger roaring into darkness.
The music rights at the time cost me $12,000 in 1964 money, which is about ...
last one - Do What Thou Wilt: Kenneth Anger on Aleister Crowley and the Occult - Hammer Museum
Our series starts with a bang: works by Kenneth Anger, Jean Genet, Jean Cocteau
imagine having push button control of a ten gun battleship salvo. Last man who used that in anger just died
Update your maps at Navteq
Wanna have a kid so I can get all Kenneth Anger on Jen & say "Zap You're Pregnant That's Witchcraft"
John Waters and Kenneth Anger of the older guard.
hmm gonna go with Blood and Black Lace, Ruth Chatterton's wardrobe in Female, all Kenneth Anger movies
Kenneth Anger launches official ‘Lucifer Rising’ baseball jacket in time for the holidays
exhibit on with biker culture by Kenneth Anger - intriguing cultural snapshot
I don't know what I'm supposed to feel after watching Kenneth Anger's Fireworks. Like, I feel nothing, lmao.
Lucifer Rising(1972). Dir:Kenneth Anger. I fell asleep after watched the movie. I had a dream like this scene…excited h…
your door its not u Vic your wife and kids have rights association please keep your anger to yourself & I need your address pls ?
i could never top Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon ; the ultimate book about the movie industry ( imo )
Highly recommended "outsiders" at AGO for anyone who likes dope photography. Huge Goldin prints, Lyon's Bikeriders, and some Kenneth Anger.
Flipping through Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon II this morning, found ourselves staring at…
So whites must first get angry about their sins so I can feel an equitable anger towards Guptas?
Robertwithers We're on it. Feature-length doc on the life of Ludwig Wittgenstein & Sigmund Freud Sung by Kenneth Anger - Invocatio
You can't help but love the color in Kenneth Anger's Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. A visually striking film.
Went for Arbus. Kenneth Anger's Scorpio Rising edits stole the show for me over Danny Lyon's Bikeriders
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
.travels to Hollywood to meet with avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger
The song's intro was apparently taken from a soundtrack Page was working on for fellow Crowley admirer Kenneth Anger's film "Lucifer Rising"
upcoming good things:. -kenneth anger screening. -trip back home to Chicago for a week. -antiquarian book fair. -symposium on rosemary's baby
Kenneth Anger & chill? The Bachelorette but I just try to bribe people into seeing movies with me aka
There is so much anger in Kenneth's body 😂
have you read by Kenneth Anger? Something tells me you'd like it. Very cool & crazy.
feat a young Kenneth Anger if I'm not mistaken
AGO Outsider show advertises there being a lot of Kenneth Anger work, instead only has Scorpio rising
also, I can't believe someone used the 2008 scenecore font for this kenneth anger shirt
Gospel of Saint Matthew. And okay Kenneth Anger being weird and The Last Temptation of Christ, and Simon of the Desert as my favourites
Spending the night editing footage of 50s Hollywood and it's turning evermore into a VHS version of Kenneth Anger's ***
Kenneth Anger double bill... disturbing fetishism in Scorpio Rising
Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon is inaccurate or completely false + i think this is due to his research method "mental telepathy, mostly."
The Devil in the Details: Kenneth Anger, the Inventor of a Celluloid Avant-Garde, Nears 90 | ARTnews via
Kenneth Anger: "Nobody in America-modern generation-has read their legends". Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome 1954
Kenneth Anger: "Magic causes changes to occur in the universe. ". Interview by Roger Ebert (1976)
Kids who grow up in protest learn meaning of revolutionary love & righteous anger. TY Kenneth Braswell
Convert sadness to anger and punch a couple holes in your wall, it helps.
come on, DO IT!! If I recall, Kenneth Anger had tons of material on that
It's Kenneth Anger's 89th birthday today. I hope he's celebrating it Satanically, as you'd expect.
Kenneth Anger was such an odd bird, huh?
Five reasons is one the most important directors in underground filmmaking.
fawnvelveteen:. Marianne Faithfull on the set of Lucifer Rising directed by Kenneth Anger, 1971 …
Five reasons Kenneth Anger is the most influential director in underground filmmaking: Kenneth Anger turned 89...
From surf vids to spooky magic: 5 reasons you should get to know filmmaker
Huck’s guide to American cult filmmaker Kenneth Anger.
Kenneth Anger: Rabbit's Moon is recut and rescored as an interesting experiment to diminishing returns.
Happy Birthday to visionary experimental filmmaker, Kenneth Anger!
It seems that Kenneth Anger was 89 yesterday. Can this be true?
"I've always considered movies evil; the day that cinema was invented was a black day for mankind."- Kenneth Anger
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Kenneth Anger: 'The occult never quite goes away'
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNETH ANGER!. Anger's films screen each year in our series: htt…
Some very famous directors have started in the mail room, which is just get...
We have to find short films we like and perhaps present it…I'm gonna come out shouting about Kenneth Anger, aren't I?
Film legend and 'Hollywood Babylon' author Kenneth Anger takes questions from the crowd during his talk.
Pretty sure Kenneth Anger referred to her as Princess DisGrace in original Hollywood Babylon
Imagine if only there had been podcasts back when Kenneth Anger wrote 'Hollywood Babylon'
Just finished this novel. So good. Very dark and based on Manson murders, Rolling Stones and Kenneth Anger
Karina Longworth did an amazing series on Charles Manson and Hollywood. One episode is about Kenneth Anger.
Getting tipsy at Apiary studios on jack&coke cans w while watching a short starring Vincent Gallo in sequins & Kenneth Anger
A period/biopic coming of age film about how Shirley Temple and Kenneth Anger were in tap class together
This week, I'm the voice of Kenneth Anger on excellent Check it out here:
Charles Manson's Hollywood continues on with the story of Bobby Beausoleil
The inventor of rocket fuel blows himself up on the new is not the strangest part of the episode
Big thanks to and for playing Bobby Beausoleil and Kenneth Anger this week
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Hey! I'm super privileged to play Bobby Beausoleil on the latest Manson-centric
if you didn't know about the link between *** biker films, Jet Propulsion Lab magic cults and Hollywood, listen here
This latest with Jack Parsons, Manson and Kenneth Anger must have been made just for me, right?
New ep! Kenneth Anger, Bobby Beausoleil, Hollywood Babylon, Jack Parsons, occultism and the first "Manson murder":
_podcast YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS has been amazing. This episode’s on Kenneth Anger & Charles Manson
Gorgeous new releases of Kenneth Anger's groundbreaking short films by
I just started following KENNETH ANGER on
QUOTE: "If you go through life angry you will end up with nothing but you and your anger." - Kenneth waters Jr
Annoyingly I suspect many in the crowd seeing Chemical Brothers have never even HEARD of Kenneth Anger, let alone watched his films :-(
WOAH Kenneth Anger references half way through? I wasn’t expecting a rip/remake of one of his films during Chems ‘I’ll See You There'
Hope kenneth anger gave you permission to reproduce Pleasure Dome imagery?
In the spirit of Kenneth Anger I put a curse on you!
le coffret DVD indispensable de Kenneth Anger sur ... you're mine soon...
Kenneth Anger, I think I love you. Tell me everything.
not a big Kenneth Anger fan, but commented that tech has made life impersonal and the significance of a hand letter.
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Shout out to the inclusion of Kenneth Anger's Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome in HBO's Going Clear.
Urs Fischer and Kenneth Anger's yurts at Station to Station
Surprised nobody has SCRPIO given Kenneth Anger film Scorpio Rising, or MAGICK, CTHULU or GWAR but wouldn't put on my motorcycle
Gotta like Kenneth Anger, lover of pop culture, artist, rabble rouser, occultist, & all around free thinker. My type of guy.
Hey how bout you give some love to this title by Kenneth Anger?
Purging memories of Kingsman with Kenneth Anger's Magick Lantern Cycle: self-conscious Decadent aesthetic on film, set to a pop soundtrack.
Kenneth Anger and 'The Sordid Secrets of Babylon.' via
Kenneth Anger probably has some great gossip for Hollywood Babylon 3, but for fear of big lawsuits it was shelved. Thoughts?
If you have never read Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon, do so: it is brilliant trash.
Judy Garland, *** men, hysteria, amphetamines and Kenneth Anger.
Ray Davies, Maya Deren, Kenneth Anger, Nathanael West. Hollywood obsessed them all. Add us to the list. New tour:
Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon, my in-between read between textbooks and handouts.
Brian Butler on Aleister Crowley Biopic and Collaborating with Kenneth Anger via
Whoa! I've not seen this before: Donald Cammell, Dennis Hopper, Alejandro Jodorowsky + Kenneth Anger in Cannes, 1971 http:…
ooh!! Speaking of, Y'know i never finished Hollywood Babylon because Kenneth Anger is a satanist but grabe the dirt on that!
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sounds great, by the way did Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon influence you in writing Mirror?
Free Bobby B. kenneth anger, {1969} invocation of my demon brother: via
Slightly merry and now going to chuck a few Kenneth Anger shorts on for some late night viewing.
Check out my new of director Kenneth Anger:
Loving the new video Queen: Feisty lyrics-"No family is safe, when I sashay"- & Kenneth Anger visuals
Jonathan Halper's music from Kenneth Anger's Puce Moment is one of my favourite recordings of all time
LOL! Nothing wrong with a little Kenneth Anger once in awhile but I liked Marianne Faithful better.
Testing out some stone circles for the next short. Went a bit pagan in the name of Kenneth Anger.
No idea what this film is about, but it's suitably Kenneth Anger/Jodorowsky-esque
Banana is a happy fruit. Eating just one can help relieve irritable emotions, anger and or depression.
Last RT: I think that when Kenneth Anger finally dies, the sky may crack open as the world as we know it ends.
Scorpio rising by Kenneth anger was really good
he only recorded the two songs on the YouTube vid. They're the soundtrack for Kenneth Anger's film "Puce Moment"
That moment when you find out your grampy starred in several Kenneth Anger films.
Also, call Kenneth Anger, someone raided his props closet.
Little Giant Ladders
The silent, split-second shot of Cespedes rocking in his chair facing away from the camera looked like something from a Kenneth Anger movie
7.15 DJ SLUGBAIT An evening inspired by the soundtracks of Kenneth Anger & John Carpenter fillms.
Ghostwood Sessions VII, June 20th! Performances from *** *** Daddies (members of Bukkake Moms), Gungar (Ayrton Chapman), Milo Smith and Half Asexual. The evening will start with a screening of a Kenneth Anger film.
IFS DAY 12 - Come out tonight and see David Del Valle talk about and screen the Films of Kenneth Anger at 10:00pm! http:/…
think the video reminds me of Kenneth Anger movies.
I just finished this fantastic, thorough analysis of filmmaker Kenneth Anger's career. Definitely…
The best ever black magic artworks, from Kenneth Anger's orgy of the occult to Hew Draper's sorcerer graffiti
Kenneth Anger uses that word "American". I do not think it means what he thinks it means.
Why do my family always take their anger out on me and no one else?
I just bought: 'Hollywood Babylon' by Kenneth Anger Reply w/ to add this via
Kenneth Anger: 'I'm reasonably proud to be American' via
The top 10 magical artworks: Kenneth Anger – Invocation of My Demon Brothe...
"as if Kenneth Anger tried to remake THE WAY WAY BACK." - on
You can’t see your reflection in boiling water… similarly, you can’t see the truths in your life in a state of anger.
The top 10 magical artworks | Satanic sensuality ⦠a still from Kenneth Anger's 1969 film Invocation of My Demon...
pop gossip as shaped by Kenneth Anger rather than Neil Tennant
Taken from the short film made by cult filmmaker Kenneth Anger for Missoni, Fall 2010.
Prolonged use of overtime playoff hockey may cause: accelerated heart rate, puckered sphincters, and random spurts of anger at televisions
Always enjoy the opp to write about Kenneth Anger: Me on how 10 movie taboos were broken:
"Michelle Phillips with a copy of Kenneth Anger’s famous scandal book Hollywood Babylon"
Kustom Kar Kommandos: via kenneth anger love the song in the clip
...brought back to life through some kind of evocation." - Martin Scorsese on Kenneth Anger's Scorpio Rising
Doo Woppin the moon. Kenneth Anger captures it best! .
Parker Ito by me is in the same ish of as KENNETH ANGER BY HARMONY KORINE hi Kenneth
Photo: jasoncwoodson: Kenneth Anger grew up in Hollywood and started out as a child actor, but his interest...
I tried, without success, to explain this to Kenneth Anger and the O.T.O once. He thought he was too good to reply - point made!
Bobby and Kenneth Anger on the set of Invocation of My Demon Brother shot by Chester Kessler.
Foto: dollmeat7: Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, Kenneth Anger.-1954
A Brief History Of Jimmy Page's Lucifer Rising Soundtrack. ~ Jimmy Page first composed his original score for Kenneth Anger's film 'Lucifer Rising' at his (t...
Here's an epic photo. Donald Cammell, Dennis Hopper, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Kenneth Anger. Dream team right there. http:…
The original cut of Kenneth Anger's "Lucifer Rising" was rediscovered in a mislabeled box, and is now fully restored: htt…
It gets harder to control my anger and certain times too.
Exit Log: Directed by Kenneth Anger. Script by Robert Heinlein, with assistance from Julius Evola.
you're my wonderwall Kenneth, so don't look back in anger
Does she like movies? Maybe Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger for sordid, unsubstantiated old-timey celebrity gossip.
Do you think Katy Perry's Dark Horse video was influenced by Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising?
Our vote is in! Selected low-income housing for next documentary. Cast your vote: cc:
Low Income Housing!!! I just voted for next documentary. You can too here: cc:
Kenneth Anger: “In fireworks are released, all the explosive pyrotechnics of a dream. The inflammable desires, dampened by day under the cold water of consciousness, are ignited at night by the libertarian matches of sleep, and burst forth in showers of shimmering incandescence. These imaginary displays provide a temporary relief. ”
Vincent Gallo perusing his copy of Black & Grey after the Kenneth Anger show in
My film "La Santa Muerte" is showing May 2nd at 10:30 p.m. at Cinemarfa, with films by Kenneth Anger & Harry Smith.
Hollywood Babylon II Kenneth Anger (Author) (110)96 used & new from $1.15(Visit the Most Gi...
Anger toward Fleury is deserved, but at some point Crosby/Malkin need to end this playoff drought. They're the leaders & get…
Kenneth Anger, filmmaker, actor and author of Hollywood Babylon
Photo: After the Cinespia Kenneth Anger show, check the eye ring
Star Apartments in Skid Row? or Kenneth Anger's films? Pick the subject of our next video:
My brain is oN FIRE SEDATE ME PLZ I HAVE TO GET UP IN 3 HRS but I can't stop thinking about avant-garde cinema why not now Kenneth Anger!
Vote to make my Kenneth Anger profile an actual documentary to be seen on teevee!
Kenneth Anger by Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, edited by Tequila Mockingbird and Valerie Milano
Kenneth Anger? Or futuristic LA housing? Vote for the next documentary here:
My Experimental Narratives students are writing on a Kenneth Anger film of their choice for their final project. How fun!
. reminds one of the notorious Kenneth Anger.
Today on I had a wonderful chat with filmmaker extraordinaire Kenneth Anger. Read all…
New poll: Star Apartments in or The films of Kenneth Anger? Choose our next documentary:
"Invocation of my Demon Brother" - Soundtrack for the Kenneth Anger Movie *** Jagger)
Kenneth Anger on the Occult - Lucifer Rising Part I; Poster from 1973 “I was raised a Presbyterian, but re...
Kenneth Anger on the Occult - The grand – and scandalous – old man of cinema, Kenneth Anger, di… via
Kenneth Anger, the grand - and scandalous - old man of cinema, on the occult via
The brilliant & scandalous Kenneth Anger talks his lifelong obsession with the occult:
Read a chapter on the influence of Maya Deren and 'Meshes Of The Afternoon'. It lists Kenneth Anger's 'Fireworks', works of Stan Brakhage...
If you like Gaspar Noé here is a cool video of him interviewing Kenneth Anger :
Be afraid, Easter is dead, Anger lives!
Kenneth Anger was to show Jimmy Page version of 'Lucifer Rising' on 4.17 & didn't. Glad I didn't buy tix
My essay on public housing in LA could be made into a public TV segment. Please vote for it!
"My reason for filming has nothing to do with 'cinema' at all; I consider myself as working evil in an evil medium" - Kenneth Anger 2014
so *** is a state of mind, and not Dante's Inferno as directed by Kenneth Anger and made of matter. It might even be (1/3)
I won a pair of Peep socks for my Kenneth Anger inspired Instagram video. Thank you…
Resentment and anger are negative. They occupy space and add no value. Evict them. Immediately.
Kenneth Anger/Magick Lantern Cycle Photobooth . To see all the photos visit
Kenneth Anger on the Resurrection of "Lucifer Rising" via
Kenneth Anger on the Resurrection of "Lucifer Rising" | Los Angeles | Artbound | KCET - Filmmaker Kenneth...
Katrina Del Mar is telling a story tonight!!! Katrina is the inspiration for tonight's theme, Summer. Katrina del Mar is a New York-based photographer, video artist, writer and award-winning film director. Her work has been described as “beautiful” exuding an “intimate chemistry” and also as “filth of the highest quality.” Katrina herself has been described as a “major league cutie,” “a wild woman,” “the *** Russ Meyer,” and “apparently, the *** stepchild of Kenneth Anger.” Her solo exhibition GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS was presented in January 2013 at Participant Inc. in New York. Her solo exhibition, Gangs of New York was presented in 2010 at Wrong Weather Gallery in Porto, Portugal. Invited to teach at the University of the Arts in Bremen, Germany, she conducted the first ever *** Trash Feminist Film Workshop,” also in 2010. In 2012, she presented a series of films and photographs from the Golden Age of Performance Art (1988-2000 with Dona Ann McAdams, On the Edge of S ...
Scorpio Rising is a 1963 experimental film by Kenneth Anger, starring Bruce Byron (who Anger asserts was "half-crazy") as Scorpio. Themes central to the film...
The Stars Have Lost Their Glitter … I recently chanced upon an ancient book by controversial film director, Kenneth Anger, entitled ‘Hollywood Babylon’. The front cover features a striking photograph of equally-controversial, motion picture star, Jayne Mansfield. Described as ‘the working man’s Marilyn Monroe’, Mansfield had a short-lived film career that she relentlessly tried to revive by attending many publicity events where she allowed her bosom to pour out of many an outfit. Tragically she died only aged 34 when involved in a horrific car accident. Please excuse the crudeness, I was inspired to reinterpret this photograph as I am so captivated by how it encapsulates the vice-stricken madness of the not-so elegant Hollywood lifestyle.
Alternative Wednesday at Hidden Door Festival just keeps gettin' better... KinoKlub are showcasing incredible American Surrealist film throughout the day, and will be freaking us OUT well into the night... The main evening screening starts at 7.30pm, which will feature iconic work by auteur Kenneth Anger, king of the American underground and one of the most influential independent filmmakers in cinema history. His films variously merge surrealism with homoeroticism and the occult, and have been described as containing "elements of erotica, documentary, psychodrama, and spectacle." KinoKlub DJ Baron will be on hand to get you in the mood from 7pm, with a DJ set plus American underground visuals to end your suave avant-garde evening... Get your tickets now at
Meet Black Singles 300x250
This week's reviews include DIVERGENT, BAD WORDS, and OCULUS. And an analyses of STARSHIP TROOPERS and director Kenneth Anger.
"Puce Moment" by Kenneth Anger. Filmed and released in 1949. Re-released in 1966
Kenneth Branagh was once in Look Back In Anger. I wonder if he was quite the man to eke out all that working class angst
Why didn't people just hire Kenneth Anger to make their videos instead of ripping him off.
If I was to ever let all my anger out at once. It'd look like Godzilla came to town.
Reacting to your children out of anger or convenience may destroy both of you later. Make choices with love not hate. –Mar…
Lately I've been wanting to slide everything off a table in anger.
Attended DC screening of "Spit'in Anger", latest project of advocate Kenneth Braswell. Genuine. Revealing. Touching.…
Photo: Went out to support Bro. Kenneth Braswell at the viewing of his documentary Spit’in Anger - Venom of...
Spit'it Anger film premiere with Kenneth Braswell (Executive Director of Fathers Incorporated) and Dave...
Talking about 'anger' in Ethics right now, keep zoning out and thinking we are discussing Kenneth Anger
Kenneth Anger is an interesting guy. I like him. Hollywood Babylon is practically church to me.
Working on my Kenneth Anger audition tape...or dragging a couple tons of coffee
Rabbit's Moon - Kenneth Anger (Reconstruction of the 1971 version): via One of my favorite film shorts ever.
Photo: Inauguration of the Pleasuredome. Kenneth Anger 1958 This is a very great inspiration for Venus by...
Great image. Kenneth Anger's book "Hollywood Babylon" does a phenomenal job of covering this scandalous period of filmmaking.
control that anger of yours Kenneth
Movies: they're just shadows on a cave wall, right? Well, this caveman just sat (on his haunches) through two cult/underground/American New Wave classics: Scorpio Rising and Flaming Creatures, at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Let me give you my Neanderthal Reviews: Scorpio Rising (Kenneth Anger, 1963): Dudes fix motorbikes. Dudes dress up in motorbike leather gear. Main dude (Scorpio?), who is a James Dean fetishist, reads comics in bed, owns cats, gets dressed in leather gear, accessorizes with a gun, then goes to some kinda fun club for hijinx with other fun guys. There's mooning! Then: Oh dear, is that a Nazi flag? Oh god, did I just see Hitler flash by? Afterwards there is a kind of Black Mass and a motorcycle rally; all of this is set to the boppin'-est pop tunes of the day. Caveman gives it: 4 rocks out of 5. Setting clips from an old Bible epic of Jesus wandering around Being Jesus to The Crystals singing "He's A Rebel" is impossible to beat. Scorpio Rising Caveman Movie Math: Chicks: 0 Dudes: Oh, a ...
Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome is a short 38 minute film by Kenneth Anger, filmed in 1954. Anger created two other versions of this film in 1966 and the l...
Zero Kama - Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, from the 1991 album The Secret Eye of L.A.Y.L.A.H. Clip from the 1954 Kenneth Anger film Inauguration of the P...
Just had a chance to read 'It Girl' by Jessica Martin Blimey. It's rather good, isn't it? Someone give this lady a gig adapting Kenneth Anger's 'Hollywood Babylon'.
On Saturday, while a snowstorm struck, I wanted not to think but simply to have my senses stimulated, so I went for experimental film and old school Grade B horror, with my first two films by Kenneth Anger (Fireworks, 1947 and Scorpio Rising, 1964; both 8/10), the excellent, atmospheric and haunting I Walked with a Zombie (Jacques Tourneur, 1943; 9/10) and the first disc of By Brakhage: An Anthology, with my first four of Stan's films: Desistfilm (1954; 7/10) and Wedlock House: An Intercourse (1959) and Dog Star Man (1961-64; both 8/10) and The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes (1971; 1/10). Film Club! =) I Walked with a Zombie (1943) Directed by Jacques Tourneur. With Frances Dee, Tom Conway, James Ellison, Edith Barrett. A young Canadian nurse (Betsy) comes to the West Indies to care for Jessica, the wife of a plantation manager (Paul Holland). Jessica seems to be suffering from a kind of mental paralysis as a result of fever.…
Guess what I watched on Guy Fawkes Night?. Short films by Kenneth Anger, that's what.
It's a little freaky, so many of my favorite filmmakers discovered themselves, in one way or another, while watching 'The Wizard of Oz'. David Lynch, Kenneth Anger, John Waters...
Tuesday Night, have a devil of a time with Sid Caesar, Ronald Reagan, Betty Boop, Kenneth Anger, Anton LaVey and...
bbc's Arena series was a very remarkable thing. in the last week i've watched (free on youtube) well-researched, first-person documentary/interviews with R. Crumb, the Everly Brothers, Kenneth Anger, Orson Welles, and the staff/occupants of the Chelsea Hotel (ca 1983). sad that this isnt still an ongoing thing but at least it existed. treat yourself, my insomniac lovelies!
The most butch of all films, Kenneth Anger's SCORPIO RISING. Req'd viewing in all my film classes, trust.
Associate Curator of Artists' Film interviews Kenneth Anger for Take a look here:
I liked a video Kenneth Anger: A Weekend of Anger
Kenneth Anger talks Crowley, London, & why he's never made a pop music video
A Weekend of Anger: check out this clip: conversation with Kenneth Anger, forefather of the music video
Oh, and by the way, Tourniquet 2013 at Summerhall is the best piece of magickal art since the last time Kenneth Anger …
New Quasi video, "inspired by Kenneth Anger's work with the Monkees"
Hadn't noticed new films from Robert Beavers and Kenneth Anger in the midst of all that WAVELENGTHS frenzy.
Join us for tomorrow's Lunchtime on Edmund Teske's Kenneth Anger | 12:30PM | FREE
I thought Kenneth Anger was in the restaurant. Then he started fapping in his booth. Guess it could still be Kenneth Anger...
oof, this new track is a stunner. nice Kenneth Anger visuals too:
Thelemic Culture Update for the month of July. Have you heard about the interview with Kenneth Anger on 'Lucifer...
depends what you're after, long or short? Kenneth Anger has a few short ones that are on point, or David Lynch for longer
I really hope they'll just let me talk about John Waters and Kenneth Anger the whole time ;~;
I’m quite excited to find out that Transformers 2 is on tv tonight. It’s an amazing film, on par with the work of Kenneth Anger.
it was the Love generation as Kenneth Anger called it, so I think it was the "thing" to freely have sex.
"I just want to drink wine and play with cats and watch Kenneth Anger movies like a normal heterosexual man"
That time we made a Kenneth Anger light box for aafilmfest. He dug it. Might still have a signed…
Behind the scenes photo shoot with Doug Aitken & Kenneth Anger.
Is it wrong that I want to try to knock on Kenneth Anger's front door and see if he wants to have a Campari and chat?
A not to miss event on Friday 19th July at 8.30 pm at Salon Bohemia Bookings on 01843-863-033 Sophie Parkin lifts the lid on one of London’s most renowned Arts clubs Sophie Parkin’s recent publication, The Colony Room Club 1948-2008 – A History of Bohemian Soho, is about the naughtiness around Soho and St. Giles. The Colony Room Club was a club like no other, it was a hub of bohemia in post-war London, and included notable patrons from the worlds of music, theatre, art, literature, comedy and poetry (to list but a few!) At Salon Bohemia, Sophie’s hilarious talk and slideshow will feature stories and pictures from the book, as well as extras that did not quite make the final edit! She’ll be telling stories about Soho’s bohemian denizens, from Victor Spinetti and Vivienne Leigh to Kenneth Anger and Tynan, to George Melly; not to mention the connection with Pere UBU, Francis Bacon, Tracey Emin, the Bernard Brothers and other sacred monsters. Sophie will be signing copies aft ...
Today's gonna be devoted to watching films by Kenneth Anger.
" Lucifer Rising is a short film by director Kenneth Anger. The film was completed in 1972 but was only widely distributed in 1980. Anger began filming aroun...
Jimmy Page observes a picture of Aleister Crowley from Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising...
If I had a time machine I would go back to 1966 and schedule a dinner with William S Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Kenneth Anger, Hunter Thompson, and Jack Parsons. I would also take Anna O Morgenstern and Pearson M. Greer with me.
Kenneth Anger had a planned to make a film titled Denunciation of Stan Brakhage. LIFE FOREVER INCOMPLETE!!
Kenneth Anger is the Stan Brakhage of short films with people.
Here's what someone wrote about this album--which I have not heard--in the comments section of this pic. I haven't vetted the story, but it's fascinating if true... "Page actually released the soundtrack to Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising. I was fortunate enough back in the 1990's to have heard the actual soundtrack, which is completely psychedelic. Lucifer Rising is an experimental film on an interesting little Englishman called Aleister Crowley. Jimmy was into him for a while, even bought Crowley's house on the shores of Loch Ness. Well it turns out that Kenneth Anger didn't like Jimmy's score, they had a falling out mainly because Kenneth refused to pay Jimmy for the work he had done. Kenneth went with *** Jagger whose score sucked *** and finally ended up with Bobby Beausoliel. Can't wait to get it now ...Thank You Jimmy, its much appreciated."
James Franco. Satanic music video that's NSFW. Kenneth Anger playing a theremin. What else do you need to know?
Just found these photos of Kenneth Anger's 2011 ICONS exhibition in London :)
The Kenneth Anger 'Icons' exhibition at Spreuth Magers Gallery looks AMAZING!! Love him.
Someone has anger management issues.
like...Kenneth Anger has the coolest name ever.
Kenneth Anger exhibition. That's my next Saturday sorted.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It's that man again: Kenneth Anger's memorabilia collection at Sprüth Magers, London:
Photo: Inside the Pleasure Dome, Kenneth Anger’s personal Movie Museum house in Hollywood.
Or Kenneth Anger at Spruth Magers, that'll be good
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