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Kennedy Center

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (on the building itself called the John F. Kennedy Memorial Center for the Performing Arts, and commonly referred to as the Kennedy Center) is a Performing Arts center located on the Potomac River, adjacent to the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C.

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Trump has no idea what Nobel prizes or Kennedy Center Honors are. Moron.
With the notable absence of Trump, the Kennedy Center celebrated singers Lionel Richie & Gloria Estefan, r…
Honoring pays Lionel Richie, Gloria Estefan at the Kennedy Center Honors
Kennedy Center 'grateful' Trump and Melania won't be there
Bring the Kennedy Center revival of Chess to Broadway 2k18
Saw it at the Kennedy Center in DC about 8 years ago, was phenomenal. You get why the King stood up(r…
Q: Catch NSO Pops: A Holiday Pops! featuring Megan Hilty, December 8 & 9 at the Kennedy Center. Who will be conduct…
Note: is the reason we have Letterman, who was honored in October at the Kennedy Center for his cont…
Eddie Vedder paying Warren Zevon for Dave Letterman at the Kennedy Center was legendary
Now Playing, John Mellencamp — Do Re Mi from Woody Guthrie at 100! Live at the Kennedy Center, Disc 1
Yesterday I watched make references. Tonight I saw it at the Kennedy Center, its like it was meant to be.
I kind of really appreciate saying this totally obscene remark at Washington's pristine Kennedy Center. h…
With an unstoppable passion for music, Taequann Davidson '18 recently interned at the Kennedy Center.
Robert Battey writes last night's intsta-review of NSO brings a mélange to the Kennedy Center
This fall at the Kennedy Center, don't miss Melania Trump starring in Victor/Victoria!
and Jimmy Page is not exactly a paragon of virtue even though he received Kennedy Center Honors. I luv RNR but some stars R scum
.is grateful Trump won't attend the Kennedy Center Honors and calls for "spiritual" unity
Great night celebrating Tyscot Records co-founder Dr. Leonard Scott at the Kennedy Center with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee…
Looking forward to this! SELMA screened at Kennedy Center w/ Congressman Lewis + live score by Jason Moran. Haven't watched in 2 y…
Kennedy Center Honors beacons of grace, wisdom, intelligence, and beauty. Everything this Presiden…
Trump’s decision to skip the Kennedy Center gala eases pressures this year — but leaves questions about the future
Is this the one next to the Kennedy Center?
Watching the Kennedy Center tribute to Jerry Herman and suddenly craving a "Mame" revival with Christine Baranski and Christine Ebersole.
You voted for a guy who boycotts WH Correspondence dinner and Kennedy Center Honors cuz hims is too skeert of honor…
Kennedy Center Honors recipients were boycotting because of Trump. Now Trump is skipping. | via
Kennedy Center on Trump skipping honors: We are "grateful for this gesture" . In his honor, dinner menu will include Orange…
BREAKING — and pass on Kennedy Center Honors, "to allow the honorees to celebrate without any political dis…
Trump not attending Kennedy Center Honors. What a heal.
Kennedy Center thanks Trump for 'gesture' of not attending annual honors
How hated is Trump? Bush and Cheney went to 2008 Kennedy Center Honors. Hollywood hated him and his approval was in the twenti…
Trump, First Lady won't participate in Kennedy Center Honors to avoid "political distraction"
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Someone call the burn ward, the Kennedy Center is throwing some serious shade at Trump 😂👌
Despite being honorary chair of the Kennedy Center's Board of Directors.
This will be the first time (and I suspect only until his resignation) I will utter these words, but Thank you,...
45: I won't come. Kennedy Center: Good riddance. We don't want your drama in our home.
Lol! Had to pull out of Kennedy Center because no on wants to be seen with you!!…
So and are skipping the Kennedy Center Honors to avoid political distraction? Cowards. Absolute cowards.
Trump, to skip Kennedy Center Honors. ... honorees said they would boycott a White House reception.
The White House announces Donald and Melania Trump will not attend the Kennedy Center Honors.
Yo, These Kennedy Center honorees in 2003 were willing to sit by GWBush. You think they all loved…
Trump to sit out annual Kennedy Center Honors
When the Kennedy Center is "grateful" that you are "choosing not to participate" in this year's program, your presidency i…
.announces he will skip Kennedy Center Honors. Lionel Richie reveals plans to dance on ceiling all night…
Trump is so toxic he can’t attend the Kennedy Center Awards, can’t comfort a grieving mom, can’t be a leader.
This week: Several Kennedy Center winners said they'll skip White House trip. Today: Trump says he'll skip Kennedy Center ***
In 1994 missed Honors for NATO Security meeting in Budapest... not a sit out h/t
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Donald and Melania Trump said they wouldn't participate in Kennedy Center Honors to avoid "political distraction"
I actually applaud him for avoiding the Kennedy Center awards. It would have been awkward for everyone
Proves how polarizing a figure Trump is! George W. and Barbra could make nice. We need a president who respects all!
Trump won't participate in the Kennedy Center awards because he needs to dedicate his time buying more Tiki torches for…
Hey Kennedy Center, if you're looking for a real POTUS and FLOTUS to preside over the ceremonies, I know two people who wou…
.to skip Kennedy Center Honors to allow for celebration without 'political distraction'
Trump is skipping the Kennedy Center Honors to avoid "distraction". Why can't he do the same thing with Phoenix?
He's scared. knows that he would not get a warm welcome like he does at his hate rallies. Chicken…
Of course & aren't going to the Kennedy Center Honors. They have no interest in the arts & culture.
White House says President doesn't want to be a "political distraction" so will not participate in this year's Kennedy…
The White House Correspondents' Dinner, now the Kennedy Center Honors. We have a president that can't even do the easie…
Trump to stay away from Kennedy Center awards to "allow honorees to celebrate without any political distraction":
Awful that our POTUS. has to skip Kennedy Center Honors
LL Cool J (will be the first hip-hop artist to receive Kennedy Center Honors in its 40-year history.
Change the name of the Kennedy Center - The Kennedys were white supremisists/Nazis.
Looking for replacements for the Trumps at "Kennedy Center" honors. Hmm..🤔
.is 95 years old, and he led a revolt that chased the president away from the Kennedy Center Honors https:/…
Real presidents and first ladies go to the Kennedy Center Honors
.is the first President to turn his back on the Kennedy Center Honors. Here: President & Mrs. Reagan w…
Kennedy Center is "grateful" Trump is not attending this year's honors, what a brutal low-key burn
Trump has now skipped White House Correspondents dinner, Kennedy Center Honors + a bunch of semi-regular events for past pres…
Good for Trump for passing on the Kennedy Center Honors in December. It’s just another liberal awards celebration anyways.
Trump pulls out of the Kennedy Center Honors after stars boycott. via
Trump breaks with tradition, will skip Kennedy Center Honors
First time in history the President skipped his portion of the Kennedy Center Honors.
& Melania Trump will skip Kennedy Center. Honorees said they'd boycott WH reception
Donald Trump, First Lady Melania will not attend Kennedy Center Honors
President Trump, First Lady will not attend Kennedy Center Honors
Trump was actually upset that the Kennedy Center refused his demand to honor Dog The Bounty Hunter and Erika Elenia…
JUST IN: The president will not participate in events honoring recipients of this year's Kennedy Center arts awards. htt…
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Join us Oct. 1 for a trip to the Kennedy Center to see Shear Madness. Register today at ac…
i've been wondering how the Kennedy Center Honors would look under trump
⚡️ “LL Cool J will become the first rapper to join Kennedy Center Honors”.
Gloria Estefan stunned by historic Kennedy Center honour
to :. “Do everything the opposite of what you said you’re gonna do.” .
Gloria Estefan is a recipient of the 2017 Kennedy Center Honors
Awardees appear to be divided on how best to respond to the honor — or whether to attend the festivities at all
No one thinks compromising the credibility of awards & prizes from the Government is good for democracy?.
I went to congratulate LL Cool J on becoming the Kennedy Center's first Hip-Hop honoree and
News: The 40th Annual Kennedy Center Honors to Air December 26 on CBS: Actress, Dancer and Choreographer Carmen de…
This year’s Honorees were just announced and I’m incredibly honored to be part of the 2017 class!
Gloria Estefan stunned by historic Kennedy Center honour
Gloria Estefan stunned by historic Kennedy Center honour...
LL Cool J will be the rapper to get Kennedy Center Honors via
They have enriched and shaped the cultural life of America. Introducing the 2017 Kennedy Center Honorees.
LL Cool J named first solo rap honoree of the Kennedy Center
Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Stevie Wonder performing “Blowin’ in the Wind” , Kennedy Center, Wa……
Norman Lear plans to boycott the Kennedy Center Honors reception at the White House, a rare snub https…
Trump critics are among the 2017 Kennedy Center honorees
Congrats to the Giant that is on his prestigious enshirement as the 1st M.C. Inducted into the Kennedy Center…
LL Cool J to be the first hip hop artist recognized at the Kennedy Center Honors
Blog Post: LL Cool J and Gloria Estefan make history with Kennedy Center honours
LL Cool J to become first-ever rapper honored by the Kennedy Center:
Here's who is getting honored by the Kennedy Center this year.
Jazz icon Herbie Hancock is coming to the Kennedy Center. What he’ll sound like is tough to predict.
Back by popular demand, tickets to limited fall engagement (Oct 24-Nov 29) are on sale now!…
In this summer? reports back from his trip to Space Center…
Arts integration defined by the Kennedy Center
Go follow as I follow the flight hardware across the country to Kennedy Space Flight Center.
Looking for a family friendly activity this week? Check out The Kennedy Center's production of The King and I!…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Saw Gina Yashere on Friday at the KelThe John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. She was hilarious!
Ant: David Letterman to recieve Mark Twain Prize for American Humor from Eddie Vedder!
Yay! Just got tickets for Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center with good friends! Can't wait to see it. I hear such good things!
In case you missed it, here you go 🙌 Kennedy Space Center VISITOR COMPLEX 2017 l SATURNO V l HD…
great first full day of vacation. went to Kennedy Space Center. absolutely an amazing place
looked good on Kennedy Center Honors tonight !!
I can't wait to speak for I will be appearing at Aug.5 details:
Best date night ever! Front row center for at The Kennedy Center!! http…
Make sure to check out Kennedy Space Center while planning a trip to Orlando. So much to see and do!
What I'm wondering is what will be of the Kennedy Center Honors. Or do you think he'll be gone before it?
An Apollo Saturn V rocket rolls out of the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Center. Painted for NASA by Rob…
Excited to speak for I will be appearing on Aug.5 details:
Tonight's production at the Kennedy Center was fantastic. As relevant as ever.
David Letterman will receive the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.
Underground Standup Showcase. Nothing better than a FREE comedy show at the Kennedy Center w/my girl Dana Fuller!
in 1969, a voyage into history begins when the Apollo 11 mission blasts off from Kennedy Center in F…
If people don't know that the Kennedy Center is withing walking distance of Kennedy Center, they should s…
Trump to honor veterans at Kennedy Center event vb?ocid=st. Trump has done more for Vets in 6 months than the *** Obama did in 8 years.
Trump to honor veterans at Kennedy Center event.
Trump to honor veterans at Kennedy Center event.. Related Articles:
Clearly, this is how you honor our country's Veterans at the Kennedy Center. Keeping it classy as always 😲
Trump to honor veterans at Kennedy Center event...
Trump to honor (lie to) veterans at Kennedy Center event. Your promises to veterans are public relations stunts.
OK, Don. This was yesterday's Kennedy Center rally which was intended to honor U. S. Veterans,…
Meanwhile, at the Kennedy Center event to honor Veterans, Don went all "Onward Christian Soldiers.".
Trump to honor veterans at Kennedy Center event
Trump didn't honor vets when he & some wringers slimed the Kennedy Center. Needed adulation and to rant as stupidly as…
Trump using religion to prop up his fascist regime and the dupes fall for it big time!
Trump declares his profound ignorance and pleases his ignorant flock of sheep at Kennedy Center. Utterly…
Watching our deliver speech to vets at Kennedy Center. Am so proud he is President. Am so proud to be an American!! 🇺🇸…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Trump to honor veterans at Kennedy Center event:
NASA Resource Prospector mission aims to be the first mining expedition on another world - mobility test at Kennedy…
On this day in 1962, what is now called the Kennedy Space Center, was founded. (Part 1 of 2).
Friends were at Kennedy Performing Art Center and took this photo of Trump.
I have seen many, many events at the Kennedy Center over the decades. Never has it witnessed something like what Trump i…
Mr. President, your speech tonight at the Kennedy center was awesome! Fight on for us.
I'm going to say it now, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND IN GOD WE TRUST! President Trump at the freedom rally in Kennedy center
Pastor Jeffress gives the introduction of a lifetime no question of the love for our president in the Kennedy Center in…
Watching our giving his presentation at the Kennedy Center for Celebrate Freedom Rally. God bless!.
Trump declares at Kennedy Center that our country was founded upon belief in God. . He knows nothing about our founders.
President Donald Trump speaks during the Celebrate Freedom event at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in...
Trump's appearance at Kennedy Center is an absolute obscenity. . Govt sponsored Arts Event becomes Nazi style rally. Intoleran…
* PLEASE just quit, leave! Trump praises veterans, hits media at Kennedy Center via
What? You mean to tell me they're letting that *** wipe into Kennedy Center? I can't wait to die, so I…
.arrives in D.C. to attend a rally/concert at the Kennedy Center. He returns to New Jersey tonight. https:…
POTUS tells veterans and evangelicals at Kennedy Center rally his message to "fake media" is: I'm President and you're…
"Our rights are given to use by God, and no earthly force can ever take those rights away," at The Kennedy Cent…
Pres Trump has departed NJ golf club to return to DC this evening to honor veterans at "Celebrate Freedom Concert" at Kenn…
That man should never be allowed near the Kennedy Center,let alone inside it. He's proven repeatedly he doesn't giv…
Pres Trump steps off Air Force One and boards "The Beast" for motorcade to the Kennedy Center.
President Trump at the Kennedy Center:. "My administration will always defend you religious liberty."
Tonight LIVE at 8pm Eastern at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC join us for a wonderful…
Posing with Tony in the front yard last night before Ben Folds Presents at the Kennedy Center (which was amazing) 🐱🐱
TONIGHT- Danay Suarez performs w/ Ben Folds and The National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center. Here's a...
Thanks! Getting down to the Kennedy Center every night at rush hour is a pain and a half but , it IS 2 we…
Saw the movie, plus Frank Langella singing it as part of the Brooks tribute at the Kennedy Center Honors
I might go to at Kennedy Center in Washington, DC - May 8
This Week in Jazz, featuring Rene Marie, Ravi Coltrane, the Kennedy Center's Abbey Lincoln tribute, and much more.…
Where to buy clothes before the Kennedy Center in DC Second Hand Rose
CMA drag bingo benefit, then off to Kennedy Center for Alan Cummings.
Fourth grade students at the Kennedy Center for the National Symphony performance.
Catch an all-star jazz lineup celebrating the great Abbey Lincoln at the Kennedy Center. . Mary Lou Williams Jazz...
The Maly Drama Theatre's THREE SISTERS at the Kennedy Center was so rich and raw and surprising and also at times totally hot and desperate
My visit to Kennedy Space Center part three via
.Space Telescope was launched in 1990 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
See 🇵🇰 singer Sanam Marvi live on April 18 as part of & exchange program
2h drive to Kennedy Space Center commencing naw! 🚀
Travel Fun - Private tour of Kennedy Space Center WOW, what a day!
Have you seen the two breathtaking films created for at the Kennedy Center?
Talented high-schoolers gather at the Kennedy Space Center are being added to Flickr.
Kennedy Space Center brushing up on procedures for tomorrow's docking of the new HTV cargo ship.
Just watched Heart tribute to Led Zeppelin at the Kennedy Center and the Obamas were there. Such class. Such cool.
To your point, the Kennedy Center Honors are going to be very skippable.
We've got Ariodante at the Kennedy Center with a week from Tuesday and I might die from so m…
Pics from me & award winning performance at The Kennedy Center 🎭
📢 tickets for May 5-6 at Kennedy Center Terrace Theater in Washington →
DC Got to attend a performance at the Kennedy Center with nanaefwha ! @ The John F.…
.Art Competition Awarding $60k in Prizes to Disabled Youth Artists ages 16-25. Submit by May 3
1st annual 5k/10k Gateway to Space at the Kennedy Space Center.
How wonderful! (And I cannot wait for The Red Shoes to come to the Ke…
one year ago i met you at the Kennedy Center in washington dc 💕
Kennedy Space Center is a fun, educational Florida attraction for kids & parents!
Amazing performance at the listening to
15 seconds into the soundtrack's main theme, I wanna borrow the Saturn V from the Kennedy Space Center and send it…
I just found out is coming to the Kennedy Center this fall and I'm fully prepared to sell a nonvital o…
I has been exactly 1 year since I saw / live at the Kennedy Center, it felt like it was…
Visiting the Kennedy Space Centre was one of the highlights of our trip to Florida last year https…
SpaceX next up on Eastern Range with Falcon 9 NRO launch - :
In Florida, we went to Aquatica, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, Ron Jon's in Coco Beach, and Sea World.
on . Kennedy Center is tribute to John Lennon, in 2 weeks. Almost sold out!.
My favorite place for picnics when I was little was beneath the X-15 in the Kennedy Space Center rocket garden.
Search without having to be know whether to look in the Kennedy Space Center's archives or Jet Propulsion Lab's.
Science is what will take us to space and beyond. Pictured: launch site at Pad 39A, Kennedy Space Center
The FEELS...after performing at the Kennedy Center this weekend! A true dream come true.…
An incredible lineup of artists will pay tribute to John Lennon at the Come together May 8:
Just returned from a pilgrimage of sorts to Kennedy Space Center. Wish I were smart enough to be astrophysicist :)
Benjamin Millepied's Hearts & Arrows at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
- Brandy signing my CD's after the show at the Kennedy Center.
My visit to the Kennedy Space Center part one via
This is a great opportunity for others around the world to see how diverse and wonderful the is!...
& his policies are mainstream pro-EU/center-left. Strikes me as closer to Kennedy '80 or Obama '08 with different political i…
I liked a video First Trip to Kennedy Space Center
Exciting news! I'm interning this summer at the Space Life Sciences Labs at Kennedy Center!
Taha Muhammad Ali, one of my favorite poets, takes center stage at the Kennedy Center
Great day for & Kennedy Center for the Arts Education Recognition Award and $10,000 grant!
Hamilton Collection
Workers Day of Action on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. A bus is leaving from the Kennedy Center on Pierson Road that...
in 1965, astronauts Gus Grissom and John Young train in the Gemini simulator at Kennedy Center in…
A very cool partnership with the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts ~
Our first performance at the National Memorial Day Choral Festival will be at the Kennedy Center. What an honor!…
Downward dog in the Grand Foyer at the Kennedy Center? Indeed! Free this summer at the Sign me up!
D.C. yogis can get their vinyasa fix for free at the Kennedy Center this spring and summer.
- Free Yoga at Kennedy Center. Classes in Kennedy Center’s Grand Foyer.
DC cleared homeless camp near the Kennedy Center today. Here's Councilmember Jack Evans on Occupy camp in 2011 vs.…
Here's the link to watch live stream the performance at 6pm at the Kennedy Center .
I will be at the Kennedy Center on Sunday, February 19th...See you there !
Didn't the Devos Foundation fund an arts institute at Kennedy Center, that then moved to UMD with Michael Kaiser?
The Cincinnati Ballet performed this holiday staple at the Kennedy Center while New York City Ballet opened its se …
The Learning Center, HUM01, is open for business!
We don't know what you consider a good deal, but you can purchase tickets here: No timeshare pitch!
orchestra is going on tour in Washington DC because we were invited to play at the Kennedy Center
Okay! We really just turned the Kennedy Center in Washington DC into the tunnel ... MOS DEF
On January 11, tour the solution that Panasonic & the Kennedy Center's Washington National Opera team developed:…
wait did I see you sing at the Kennedy Center Honors? You're amazing! :)
I guess we won't have to worry about them getting Kennedy Center Honors for 4 Years at least.
Just watched the Kennedy Center Honors. Geez, Henley, couldn't you have looked just a tiny bit honored?
Just watched the Kennedy Center Honors. Cynthia Erivo singing the impossible dream was amazing
Kennedy Center awards had great tutorial by Kevin Spacey on doing Al Pacino impression-- 1) look around 2) be surprised and 3) the huff.
Tacky that not all the Eagles were included in Kennedy Center Honors (Don Felder & founding members Randy Meisner & Bernie Leadon ignored).
Checked into hotel California and loving the Kennedy Center Honors ...thanks Kennedys, Clintons and Obamas for this amazing community. Love
Something terribly wrong about Kennedy Center honoring The Eagles and not mentioning Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner and, yes, Don Felder
Always love watching the Kennedy Center Honors. Such a great celebration of American arts and culture. Art is freedom.…
2017 Kennedy Center Honors. Kid Rock. Larry the Cable Guy and David Duke. USA. USA. USA. Make it happen
They're honoring James Taylor at the Kennedy Center and playing his songs😍
Kennedy Center awards are on. Bill Clinton talking about James Taylor
The contributions by Don Felder, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner to the Eagles should have been recognized by the Kennedy Center.
You rocked the tribute to Mavis Staples at the Kennedy Center. & your dress was dynamite.
Can't believe they didn't have Robert Di Niro on stage at the Kennedy Center Honors for Al Pacino
Don't forget to watch Joe Walsh being honored at Kennedy Center on CBS Dec. 27 at 8pm central. Ringo Starr and Barbara B…
Saw Wicked at the Kennedy Center the other day. No front row tix this time (a little pricey ...) but I think I still got good seats for my
Al Pacino reflects on Kennedy Center honor, iconic role.
.2017 is going to be a great year for comedy at the Kennedy Center.
at the Kennedy Center for the 19th annual Mark Twain Prize honoring Bill Murray.
I interviewed creator Carl Reiner at Kennedy Center when Bill Cosby got Mark Twain Prize
Mos Def gonna be at the Kennedy Center and the Apollo Theater???
Last night celebrating all the Honorees at this years Kennedy Center Honors ❤️ @ Kennedy Center
Kings of Leon performed “Take it Easy” for Kennedy Center honorees's The Eagles last night
Blues singer Mavis Staples and pianist Martha Argerich are among this year's Kennedy Center honorees
Obama pays tribute to the Eagles, Al Pacino at Kennedy Center.. Related Articles:
Apollo 8 commander Frank Borman dons his helmet for a simulated flight in the Kennedy Center altitude chambe…
Cafe at the Kennedy Center here in DC blasting "25th December" by . Glorious to hear in...smidge edgy too.
Website Builder 728x90
9:01 AM PST 11/21/2016 by THR Staff This will be the 'Late Show' comedian's third Kennedy Center gig in a row.
.returns to host 2016 Kennedy Center Honors
Com on down to the Fall Craft Fair TOMORROW, Sat 11/19 10 - 3pm at the Kennedy Center, North Quincy!
This Saturday! Fall Craft Fair. Crafts, quilts and more! Sat 10 - 3pm at the Kennedy Center, North Quincy!
Misty Copeland is among stars of American Ballet Theatre’s “Swan Lake” at Kennedy Center - The Washington Post...
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes her official operatic debut at the Kennedy Center.
Prolonged applause rings out from Kennedy Center crowd as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes operatic debut
With the Great Tenor Lawrence Brownlee after "La Fille du Regiment" at the Kennedy Center.…
Next years Kennedy Center Honors will be a film retrospective of Scott Bain's work and a concert by Ted Nugent.
Kennedy Center got stodgy (my word) in the 80s, but Millennium Stage is good for contemporary sounds. 2/2
Packed house at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage for Luxor Folk Dance Troupe Egyptian dance tonight!
"Alive. It's pretty good, right?" What Happened When Bill Murray Was Honored at the Kennedy Center via
When the Kennedy Center honored Bill Murray, it made sense to expect the unexpected
View of Georgetown from the Kennedy Center balcony. ''Twas a beautiful night. @ The John F.…
Watch Bill Murray accept his prestigious Mark Twain Prize at the Kennedy Center
Bill Murray honored at Kennedy Center with Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, the nation's top prize for comedy.
Billy Murray, 66, wins Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at the Kennedy Center.
Bill Murray at the Kennedy Center tonight accepting his Mark Twain Award -- what a great night
Excited to be at Kennedy Center for Mark Twain Award. This year's winner: Bill Murray.
Bill Murray to receive humor prize at Kennedy Center
Billy Murray to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at Kennedy Center.
Mike Lester from Kennedy Space Center is our special guest to celebrate our anniversary. You are invited too!…
The exec chef at The Kennedy Center personally witnessed an angry Hillary call a black man a *** .
Teachers-you won't want to miss our upcoming Kennedy Center Partners in Education workshop being held at the...
- Looking forward to seeing this performance with great excitement.
Bill Murray's potential conflict: Attend NLCS Game 7 at Wrigley or a Kennedy Center event in his honor?
Richard Kiley and Jane Alexander did this at the Kennedy Center in DC and they were both thrilling.
I added a video to a playlist Follies live at Kennedy Center (Revival Cast - Complete)
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at the Kennedy Center with a performance by Eugenia Leon and more!…
Apollo 12 astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean train for the Moon at Kennedy Center, Octobe… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Tonight begins the Washington National Opera's new season at the Kennedy Center. The Marriage of Figaro leads off.
the Kennedy Center first opened on September 8, 1971, 45 years ago on this day.
Charlie Rose showed his elitist DC bias. Desperately tried to convince George Lucas that the Kennedy Center award is a big deal. Lucas: meh
Ward 6 community meeting will be held Monday, 6:30 p.m. to talk project at 97 Atlantic St. Meeting to be held at Kennedy Center.
Saw tonight at the Kennedy Center. He was pretty funny. For a Brit.
Dreamed I went back to high school to teach drama. The theater dept had a huge new Performing Arts complex the size of the Kennedy Center.
Chicago student chosen for Kennedy Center program in D.C.
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