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Kennedy Center Honors

The Kennedy Center Honors is an annual honor given to those in the performing arts for their lifetime of contributions to American culture.

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and Jimmy Page is not exactly a paragon of virtue even though he received Kennedy Center honors. I luv RNR but some stars R scum
.is grateful Trump won't attend the Kennedy Center honors and calls for "spiritual" unity
“LL Cool J Is Grateful Trump Won’t Attend the Kennedy Center Honors and Calls for -
.told me exactly how he feels about the President not going to the Kennedy Center Honors.
Speaking of Kennedy Center Honors, have we honored Patti Labelle, yet? I'm waiting for that tribute performance. Long ove…
The Kennedy Center honors is just what it's name means! Honor. Performing Arts is for people who appre…
Trump, First Lady pull out of Kennedy Center Honors ’to allow the... -
Should we be surprised that President Trump is skipping the Kennedy Center Honors? writes
Kennedy Center honors beacons of grace, wisdom, intelligence, and beauty. Everything this Presiden…
Just me thinking: . What if the catalyst for Trump resigning is when his wife gets fed up with being ostracized...
No surprise that The Donald won't show up to the Kennedy Center Honors. He only appears in public when the crowd is stacke…
trump bowed out of the Kennedy Center Honors cuz he didn't want to be booed. He only ventures in public when…
Aretha Franklin Brings Pres to Tears Performing @ Kennedy Center Honors 2015. 🎤drop was meant for this!.
UGH I'm still crying at MY President and MY First Lady jamming at the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors
Imagine blowing off the Kennedy Center Honors to avoid "political distraction" and then going to Houston where you'll severely harm efforts?
The Kennedy center honors have become a joke. They've run out of qualified recipients.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Why does W look like Andre the Giant here
Just went out to dinner w/ my 5kids on vacation & didn't eat any French fries. What do I win? How about 1 of those Kenned…
Trump’s decision to skip the Kennedy Center gala eases pressures this year — but leaves questions about the future
Trump bowed out of the Kennedy Center Honors. Some say it’s a blessing in disguise.
Donald and Melania are skipping the Kennedy Center Honors because they're not until December and they realize they'll b…
Trump won't be attending the Kennedy Center Honors due to a scheduling conflict. The KKK will be honoring him at a cro…
newsbusters: Trump needs to skip the Kennedy Center Honors, because liberals can't tolerate sexually harassing presidents. Uh, it's the KEN…
Trump, First Lady to skip Kennedy Center Honors over concerns of "political distraction"
Sad/pathetic we live in a country where Trump withdraws from attending Kennedy Center Honors. Fake…
b/c he can't take the slightest criticism. Trump pulls out of Kennedy Center Honors
You voted for a guy who boycotts WH Correspondence dinner and Kennedy Center honors cuz hims is too skeert of honor…
He will probably come up w/an excuse to opt out of that as well. Just like he did for the Kennedy Center Honors.
According to the WH pre-gala will not take place & all artists are expected to attend all othe…
Trump to skip Kennedy Center Honors amid boycott threat; center is "grateful"
The Kennedy Center Honors event is a disgraceful display of snobs with no respect for the citizens of this country.
It will be just the fourth time in the event's 40 years that a president will miss it.
Truly amazing. Can't remember when a president has ever been so toxic he couldn't even do The Kennedy Center Honors. h…
President and First Lady skipping Kennedy Center Honors to eliminate 'political distraction'
Kennedy Center honors recipients were boycotting because of Trump. Now Trump is skipping. | via
Trump to skip Kennedy Center Honors awards program.
Trump praises Bannon but will skip Kennedy arts event over Charlottesville
never thought I'd answer yes to ... Trump to skip Kennedy Center Honors ... MT - ABC News - via
Kenedy Center Honorees send strong signal to Trump: We don't approve of racism. BRILLIANT! . https…
It would be terrible if the fire alarm were pulled three or four times during the show.
Racist *** Drumpf just pulled out of the Kennedy Awards because it would be a 'distraction'. Too late!
⚡️ “POTUS and FLOTUS will not attend Kennedy Center Honors”another tantrum from a man who wants to be king. .
Trumps will skip Kennedy Center Honors to avoid 'political distraction'
Kennedy Center on Trump skipping honors: We are "grateful for this gesture" . In his honor, dinner menu will include Orange…
Reinvented the sitcom ✅ . Kept Trump from attending the Kennedy Center Honors ✅ .
Trump isn't going to the Kennedy Center Honors because he's scared to face artists who will speak truth to power.
Can the Obamas attend the Kennedy Center Honors instead?
(WTKR) to skip Kennedy Center Honors : President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump..
BREAKING — and pass on Kennedy Center honors, "to allow the honorees to celebrate without any political dis…
President Trump says he's skipping the annual Kennedy Center Honors in December.
Trump lauds Bannon but Charlottesville fallout persists with new row over arts event
.and won't be attending the Kennedy Center Honors because...well...quite frankly nobody wants…
Trump to skip the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony. Instead will be attending a Neo-Nazis and the Klan…
President snowflake isn't going to Kennedy Center Honors because he can't find a way to make any money off of it
Donald Trump is unable to attend the Kennedy Center Honors becuz of a conflict - not becuz if he goes nobody else w…
Trump not attending Kennedy Center honors. What a heal.
You finally did something smart - not going to Kennedy Center Honors. Did make that decision? Kelly?
Trump & wife say they skip Kennedy Center which they were never invited, Center says. . https:…
Get out go live in Russia forever no1 wants you here to skip Kennedy Center Honors
“It’s new territory for everybody in America. This is a new world that we’re all in.” An all-purpose quote.
President and First Lady say they won't attend this year's Kennedy Center Honors to avoid political distraction
1 day after petition to un-invite Trump to Kennedy Center Honors, he announces he won't be going. He's President of You C…
Trump is a coward. Look at his Vietnam War record. Trump to skip Kennedy Center Honors - The Washington Post
"JFK was a loser. I like presidents that weren't shot in the head, OK?"-on why he won't be attending Kenned…
They are a disgrace. Donald and Melania Trump to Skip Kennedy Center Honors -
To avoid embarrassing himself by honorees boycotting the event, racist Nazi sympathizer Trump decides to skip Kennedy Cent…
Kennedy Center thanks Trump for 'gesture' of not attending annual honors
President Trump, First Lady to skip Kennedy Center Honors
No POTUS or FLOTUS at this year's honors.
The Kennedy Center Honors are a yearly must-see in our house. Glad Pres preserving event by not attending.…
"In keeping with the principles that I and so many others have fought for," Carmen de Lavallade is kindly declining https:/…
Boston Common. Kennedy Center Honors. When leadership fails the people, count on average Americans to…
The Kennedy Center Honors doesn't happen til December. canceling now is his way of saying "I HAVE NO HOPE…
Flashback Saturday: and with recipients of Kennedy Center Honors. Good times!
How hated is Trump? Bush and Cheney went to 2008 Kennedy Center honors. Hollywood hated him and his approval was in the twenti…
Three of the 5 honorees had already said they planned to boycott the White House reception or were considering it.
The honorees revolt, the president cancels WH party. Welcome to the era of the politicized Kennedy Center Honors. http…
Trump/WH backed out of attending Kennedy Center Honors and hosting Gala because they were about to be embarrassed by c…
Trump, First Lady won't participate in Kennedy Center honors to avoid "political distraction"
Kennedy Center Honors not until December. I'm sure President Mattis will be happy to attend.
President Trump & Melania will not be attending the Kennedy Center Honors. I knew they wouldn't bother with this even be…
Breaking: Trump, Melania, will not attend Kennedy Center Honors ceremony to avoid "political distraction."
In another major break with tradition, the Trumps will skip this year's Kennedy Center Honors: ht…
Why would veterans support him when he risks soldiers lives? Donald would have contradicted Kennedy Center Honors
Donald and Melania Trump, citing "political distraction", will not attend Kennedy Center Honors
Trump, to skip Kennedy Center Honors. ... honorees said they would boycott a White House reception.
Trump to sit out annual Kennedy Center Honors
.announces he will skip Kennedy Center Honors. Lionel Richie reveals plans to dance on ceiling all night…
.to skip Kennedy Center Honors to allow for celebration without 'political distraction'
Of course & aren't going to the Kennedy Center Honors. They have no interest in the arts & culture.
The White House Correspondents' Dinner, now the Kennedy Center Honors. We have a president that can't even do the easie…
Awful that our POTUS. has to skip Kennedy Center Honors
LL Cool J (will be the first hip-hop artist to receive Kennedy Center Honors in its 40-year history.
President and Mrs. Obama happily attended the Kennedy Center Honors for 8 years. They cherished the arts and artists cheris…
.and Worst Lady to skip Kennedy Center Honors. Good riddance. This is how I'll always remember them ⬇️ ht…
NEW this morning will NOT attend December's Kennedy Center Honors.
Trump’s too toxic to attend the Kennedy Center Honors.
WE KNOW why Hollywood supports George Soros & his anarchy. FOLLOW THE MONEY. I'm with .Kennedy…
Change the name of the Kennedy Center - The Kennedys were white supremisists/Nazis.
He's not being selfless, he's trying to avoid more rejection. Donald & Melania Trump to Skip Kennedy Center Honors ht…
Trump pulled out of the Kennedy Center Honors event because honorees pulled out in protest. Good time to remind him he l…
Looking for replacements for the Trumps at "Kennedy Center" honors. Hmm..🤔
.is 95 years old, and he led a revolt that chased the president away from the Kennedy Center honors https:/…
First president in history afraid to go out in public, unless it's one of his tightly controlled hate rallies.
Trumps to skip Kennedy Center Honors after artists boycott event.
Real presidents and first ladies go to the Kennedy Center honors
Incidentally, the people calling for boycott of the Kennedy Center Honors before this never minded that it was funded…
The Kennedy Center has released this statement on Trump's decision to skip this year's Honors activities.
Gee, wonder why would skip another night honoring left leaning, hateful, communists.
Trump not attending Kennedy center honors bc he can't bear being mocked to his face on national tv
1979 President Carter did not attend Kennedy Center Honors b/c of Hostage Crisis - Trump first to just sit it out
Trump pulls out of Kennedy Center Honors (several honorees were boycotting part of), cites 'political distraction'. https…
.is the first President to turn his back on the Kennedy Center honors. Here: President & Mrs. Reagan w…
2012 Kennedy Center Honors. Heart covers Zeppelin and makes Robert Plant cry. Barack and Michelle look on in awe. It's…
Kennedy Center is "grateful" Trump is not attending this year's honors, what a brutal low-key burn
Donald Trump has now skipped the White House Correspondants dinner, the NAACP keynote address and Kennedy Center Honors ce…
Trump has now skipped White House Correspondents dinner, Kennedy Center honors + a bunch of semi-regular events for past pres…
Kennedy Center Honors are more presidential without this president. Literally unpresidented.
To avoid the embarrassment of celebrity no-shows, Pres & Mrs Trump bowing out of the Kennedy Center Honors this year.
When I attended the Kennedy Center Honors last year, people I talked to were dreading the Trumps showing up this year.
Trump decided to skip the Kennedy Center Honors. That's fine b/c a dishonorable POTUS has no place at a ceremony bestow…
Trumps Will Skip Kennedy Center Honors Amid A Growing Celebrity Boycott-Would you please just quit? Asking for world https…
Trump is not attending because he does not want to be embarrassed in person - plus he has never appreciated the arts htt…
Good for Trump for passing on the Kennedy Center honors in December. It’s just another liberal awards celebration anyways.
Thank you for taking a stand against hate by boycotting reception after Kenn…
Trump pulls out of the Kennedy Center honors after stars boycott. via
This morning, the White House announced the president and First Lady won't attend Kennedy Center Honors' activities.
White House announces Trump and First Lady are pulling out of Kennedy Center Honors event.
Pres. Trump and the First Lady will not attend the 2017 Kennedy Center Honors ceremony. https:/…
Trump & First Lady announce they won't participate in this year's Kennedy Center Honors.
Trump, First Lady will not attend Kennedy Center Honors: White House
Trump will not participate in Kennedy Center Honors after the entire national humanities council resigned
Trump pulls out of Kennedy Center Honors. Becoming Charles Foster Kane more and more each day.
Norman Lear to boycott Kennedy Center Honors reception over Trump
Dear Thank you for boycotting The Kennedy Center Honors. Every other honoree should follow your lead!. S…
LL Cool J becomes the first rapper to be Kennedy Center Honors recipient
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Take the few moments it takes to nominate Patti! She is on a roll this year with a lot of special honors.
Honoree "said she plans to use the Kennedy Center Honors to challenge the president on immigration."
"All in the Family" creator to boycott Kennedy Center Honors reception to protest Trump
Congrats to LL Cool J first HipHop artist to be honored at the Kennedy Center Honors. 👊🏾
Norman Lear plans to boycott the Kennedy Center Honors reception at the White House, a rare snub
i've been wondering how the Kennedy Center Honors would look under trump
LL Cool J will be the rapper to get Kennedy Center Honors via
LL Cool J to be the first hip hop artist recognized at the Kennedy Center Honors
Gloria Estefan becomes the first Cuban-American to receive Kennedy Center Honors recognition. Felicidades
yo Kennedy Center Honors is LIT . Carmen de Lavallade. LL Cool J . Lionel Richie. Gloria Estefan & the white guy is Norman Lear!!
What I'm wondering is what will be of the Kennedy Center Honors. Or do you think he'll be gone before it?
Things that happen in 212: Watching Billy Joel's Kennedy Center Honors video and sobbing together over how incredibly talented he is
I was just sending you this Moving... Stairway to Heaven Ann & Nancy Wilson - 2012 Kennedy Center Honors
To your point, the Kennedy Center Honors are going to be very skippable.
I think we all remember where we were when we first heard Susan Boyle do Warm Leatherette at the Kennedy Center Honors
If this didn't give you goosebumps idk what else will . Barbara Cook - Kennedy Center Honors - Music Tributes
If you didn't see the Kennedy Center Honors, treat yourself.
They just received Kennedy Center Honors award ...finally
And the Kennedy Center Honors are awkward to the point of uncomfortable to watch.
Kennedy Center Honors are so strange—Elite Washington pinning medals on old rock-n-rollers. . I wrote about it once:
have you watched the Kennedy Center Honors yet!? James Taylor and The Eagles were inducted. 😍
Barbra Streisand's Kennedy Center Honors tribute is the funniest thing that has ever happened
Congratulations to upcoming headliner Mavis Staples on the Kennedy Center Honors award. (2016 honorees...
. breaks down while singing 'Shower the People' at 2016 Kennedy Center Honors
Yay Mavis Staples at the Kennedy Center Honors. Learn how "Respect Yourself" was written and recorded in my new book, "Anatomy…
can't believe none of you fakes told me that Sara Bareilles sang You've Got A Friend to Carole King at her Kennedy Center Honors smh
Nielsens: 'Kennedy Center Honors' up, 'New Year's Rockin' Eve' down. The news behind the numbers.
Hello, is it possible to purchase past episodes of the Kennedy Center Honors?
Pub 2 on in 6.1d. Elle King at the 2016 Kennedy Center Honors
Our is She was honored at the Kennedy Center Honors. See her perform on Jan. 14 & 15 at…
Stephen Colbert thanks the Obamas at the 2016 Kennedy Center Honors via
Actors Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater Are Expecting // Thought she looked pregnant on Kennedy Center Honors.
The 39th Annual Kennedy Center Honors special aired on CBS on December 27 at 9PM ET. The event was pre-recorded...
Huge congrats to a true musical hero on her richly-deserved recognition at the Kennedy Center Honors. http…
wait did I see you sing at the Kennedy Center honors? You're amazing! :)
What was your favorite moment from last night's Kennedy Center Honors?
Thanks for tuning in! Experience memorable moments from past tributes at
is being honored on the Kennedy Center Honors right now!
Me gustó un video de Former Eagles members not welcome at Kennedy Center Honors: This is Not right!
Enjoy Kennedy Center Honors from a different perspective: backstage.
Kennedy Center Honors: was 1st big concert I ever attended in 1978. Saw Bob Seger in 1980 ...
. GarthBrooks broke down during his tribute to JamesTaylor_com:
In a year of such loss of talented artists watch The Kennedy Center Honors show — feeling thankful
Kevin Spacey imitates Al Pacino at Kennedy Center Honors see more
I added a video to a playlist Kennedy Center Honors - Bettye LaVette - Love Reign
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But only one of us is Stephen Colbert, the Late Show host whom CBS tapped to host their post-Christmas tradition
Stephen Colbert shreds at the Kennedy Center Honors with a little help from Steve Vai.
I guess we won't have to worry about them getting Kennedy Center honors for 4 Years at least.
Garth Brooks was one of the artists at the Kennedy Center Honors to pay tribute to James Taylor and The Eagles.
.performing at the Kennedy Center Honors honoring The Eagles, Martha Argeri…
Watch Garth Brooks & Darius Rucker’s Soul-Soothing Tribute Performances to James Taylor at the Kennedy Center Honor…
If you missed last night's Kennedy Center Honors, you can watch it here:...
Just watched the Kennedy Center honors. Geez, Henley, couldn't you have looked just a tiny bit honored?
Great job at the Kennedy Center Honors. Would have loved to hear you song some Eagles.
Here's how to watch the Kennedy Center Honors tonight.
Watch: The Eagles, and honored with star-studded covers at Kennedy Center Honors
Nice Eagles tribute at The Kennedy Center Honors. You are a man much missed, Glenn Frey. My heart still breaks everytime I rmb you're gone.
Watching DVR of my favorite feel good show, the Kennedy Center Honors 2016.
Ringo Starr, Kings of Leon, Juanes, Bob Seger paid tribute to the Eagles at the 39th annual Kennedy Center Honors.
Handy tip for a lovely (and much needed) escape: Kennedy Center Honors available on demand. . 🌈🏆 🎶
Okay so this isn't at the WH, but it's Phylicia Rashad, Debbie Allen, & Cynthia Erivo at the Kennedy Center Honors- PE…
Steve Vai performed the classic Eagles hit "Hotel California" on last night's 39th Annual Kennedy Center Honors,... htt…
Did u see Steve Vai on Kennedy Center Honors last night? Skip to the 14:35 mark.
See Ringo Starr, Kings of Leon and Bob Seger cover the Eagles at Kennedy Center Honors
Watched the Kennedy Center Honors on DVR for a happy break! and band did an awesome job. Great show as always !
Just watched the Kennedy Center honors. Cynthia Erivo singing the impossible dream was amazing
I just can't do politics anymore. Just watched Kennedy Center Honors...Impossible Dream...verklempt.
Kennedy Center Honors: best 2 hours of TV every year. Hands. Down.
Did anyone else think Obama was somewhere else other than the Kennedy Center Honors that was televised last night?
Just caught the Kennedy Center Honors, wins the night but plays a really mean
Kennedy Center Honors (a day late) convincing me I have to see Mavis Staples at
WATCH NOW: Profiles and interviews with honored artists ahead of the 39th annual Kennedy Center Honors
An emotional tribute on stage last night at the annual Kennedy Center Honors. [VIDEO]
In case you missed it - here's Rolling Stone's recap of the star-studded Kennedy Center Honors earlier this month.
Timothy B. Schmit of the Eagles on Kennedy Center Honors, Glenn Frey, solo album
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He can't wait:announces winners of the 2017 Trump (formerly Kennedy) Center Honors: Scott Baio, Ted Nu…
Guard of Honor? The Kennedy Center Honors, Martha Argerich and the high arts.
A Nobel peace prize winner sold twice as many weapons as bush and bombed way more countries 😡 Kennedy Center Honors https…
Kennedy Center Honors: Rita Moreno was dazzled by President Obama's smile
We know what we'll be watching tonight. Don't miss Honors on and CBS All Access at 9/8c.
Dear Kennedy Center Honors- This is how the James Taylor tribute should have ended...Would have not been a dry...
Garth Brooks Performs 'Shower the People' at 2016 Kennedy Center Honors [Watch]: Garth Brooks took the stage at the…
and at the Kennedy Center Honors together on TV last night - love it! lookin' so good 😍
Al Pacino @ Kennedy Center Honors : I have something to say "I have a small crush on you:)"
The 2017 Kennedy Center Honors reminded me of Al Pacino's great acting. Off to to see what I can find.
Mavis Staples​, Al Pacino, The Eagles​, James Taylor​ and More at the Kennedy Center Honors . A bright spot in...
My mama records every special Obama has, but somehow didn't record the Kennedy Center Honors so I could see Al Paci…
Kennedy Center Honors: Timothy B. Schmit is best known for his work with Poco and…
Schmit recently attended the Kennedy Center Honors, where he and other members of t…
"Wow, you Leon Kings did a good job on the Kennedy Center Honors." -Mom
Just think - no Linda Ronstadt, no Eagles . Kennedy Center Honors
Watching JFK tribute on Kennedy Center Honors begs the question - what the *** happened to USA where we elect most unqu…
Gayle King was into it during the Kennedy Center Honors. Every time they showed Obama, she was behind him singing, eyes closed
Grwat watching him on Kennedy Center Honors singing James Taylor for POTUS
A rapist spoke at the Kennedy Center Honors thing this past evening. Did you have any "pizza" tonight too Bill Clinton?
Maybe it wasn't a great idea to watch the Kennedy Center Honors. I beg you artists, resist! Don't answer the call for next year.
Checked into hotel California and loving the Kennedy Center honors ...thanks Kennedys, Clintons and Obamas for this amazing community. Love
Hope DJT watched the "Kennedy Center Honors Show" tonight. At least he got to see some performers he won't see 1/20.
Just finished watching Kennedy Center Honors. Wonder who will accept honor from Pres. Trump. "A Lifetime Achievement award for... CHACHI!!!"
outstanding job of hosting The Kennedy Center Honors! The ending was hilarious! 🤣
Just watched the Kennedy Center Honors on CBS. The President and First Lady looked resplendent in their box, with the honorees nearby.
Stellar guitar work on tonight's broadcast of the Kennedy Center Honors. You're a shoo-in for the Rock n Roll HOF!
Michelle Obama looked perfectly festive in her dress at the Kennedy Center Honors https…
Obamas get the longest, loudest standing ovation at their final Honors.
If the Kennedy Center Honors can't be done without involving the then-POTUS, they should go on sabbatical for the next 4 yrs.
lol I'm Watching the Kennedy Center Honors pay tribute to The Eagles. It's all good.
Next year, Trump is gonna be like "Kennedy Center Honors? It should be called the Trump Center Honors! And all the tributes are for me."
Kennedy Center Honors doesn't mention Don Felder or Randy Meisner yet has the audacity to play Hotel CA-kind of a *** move guys,just sayin'
I added a video to a playlist James Taylor on red carpet at Kennedy Center Honors
I was watching the kennedy center honors and James Taylor is the cutest old man I've ever seen
Visiting back home & watching Kennedy Center Honors - my folks are really getting into this Bob Seger performance 🙊🙊🙊
Yes, I cried watching the Kennedy Center Honors' tribute to the Eagles
Can we get Trump impeached before next year's Kennedy Center Honors? Please?
Loving the Kennedy Center Honors for the Eagles...solid tribute for some incredible music.
DVR note: Enjoy tonight's Kennedy Center Honors. Might be the last star-studded D.C. event for a while
Being a fan of good piano performances (for one, I loved to listen to my favorite Glenn Gould Bach piano fugues...
Sick w/ flu & fell asleep during the Kennedy Center Honors - woke up and thought, "My god, I had no idea…
JFK's hot grandson Jack Kennedy Schlossberg spoke on stage tonight at the http…
Kings of Leon is performing in the Kennedy center honors sam Emma and Claire come collect
"And now, inferior versions of the songs you fell in love with by less talented artists!" --- Kennedy Center Honors
Chris O'Donnell and Gabrielle Anwar dancing on stage at Kennedy Center Honors tribute to Al Pacino was so unexpected and l…
Just watched the Kennedy Center Honors. Congratulations to the Eagles & James Taylor! .
Tonight we celebrate artistic excellence. Kennedy Center Honors on starts NOW!
Watching the Obamas at the Kennedy Center Honors - struggling to picture the Trumps in their place - it is excruciating.…
Watching at the Kennedy center honors tonight and honoring seeing Obama singing to her song. Make…
Trump and Melania proudly honor the 2017 Kennedy Center Honors recipients-Joe Piscopo, Scott Baio, and Omarosa
Always love watching the Kennedy Center honors. Such a great celebration of American arts and culture. Art is freedom.…
Sad watching final Kennedy Center Honors show with the Obamas in audience. Can't imagine it will quite the same with Donald…
Gorgeous tributes. Unforgettable moments. Kennedy Center Honors starts on and CBS All Access at 9/8c!
2017 Kennedy Center honors. Kid Rock. Larry the Cable Guy and David Duke. USA. USA. USA. Make it happen
I'm at work and can't see the Kennedy Center Honors until later. But it sounds like a good one. Consistently the best award show.
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