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Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins (born November 10, 1984 in Nederland, Texas) is an American professional basketball player who plays as a center for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA.

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Boston College hoops legend Troy Bell* who was involved in the trade that brought big bad Kendrick Perki…
If you don't shut yo Kendrick Perkins lookin *** up🙄
Kendrick Perkins just turned it over😂
It's crazy that 3 players that good, all MVP caliber, offensive savants would be on the same team. Also Kendrick Perkins just turned it over
Kendrick Perkins, Big Baby, and Rondo need to play in The Big 3 League
Not as long as Kendrick Perkins is in the league
This is what a 1 on 1 game between Andre Roberson and Kendrick Perkins looks like
Kendrick Perkins had committed to Memphis in out of Ozen High in Texas in 2003, but opted to go to the NBA instead.
Kendrick Lamar brought out J. Cole in Detroit. ( via:
Watching an old Celtics vs Bulls playoff game Derick Rose was blocked by Kendrick Perkins on a jumper and ripped by Glen Davis.
Is Odubel's bat flip so *** terrible that Cam Perkins subs in instead of him when Kendrick goes down?
Howie Kendrick is out of this one after being hit in the hand in the third. Cameron Perkins in the game in his stead.
Replacing Kendrick with Perkins isn’t exactly an upgrade at all but what choice does Pete have.
Bad news continues for trade chip: Howie Kendrick has been replaced by Cam Perkins due to a HBP on hhis left hand/wrist.
I'd rather have a one-handed Howie Kendrick bat instead of Perkins
Howie Kendrick being pinch-hit for by Cam Perkins. Howie got hit with a pitch, so no tonight
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Cameron Perkins is pinch-hitting for Howie Kendrick in the fourth inning. Kendrick got hit with a pitch on the left hand in the third.
Cameron Perkins batting for Kendrick, who was hit by a pitch earlier in the game - injury? goodbye trade?
exactly. only bum *** fans think bums like Kendrick Perkins are game changers
Stipe you down to be our 10th man? Come off the bench in Kendrick Perkins esque role? He…
When Kendrick Perkins is an excuse for anything, it's time to log off for the day.
Kendrick Perkins took the ball on vacation for a week and still didnt get called for traveling (Vine via
Yea..Replace him with Ty Kelly, Nava, an oft injured Kendrick, Perkins?? He is younger than all of them.
Rudy *** on Kendrick Perkins: "He might as well play with his face painted, he's a clown to me."
Glen Davis tryna join and get Nate Robinson and Kendrick Perkins. I think I would like to see that.
kendrick Perkins icing his knees after s huge 8 minutes played
Breh when my guys used to go to the cafe without me, I felt like Kendrick Perkins leaving IG comments. "Y'all just gonna go without Perk?"
Kendrick Perkins and his mom didn't rule out the possibility of a reunion. There wouldn't…
And we would've won in 2010 if Kendrick Perkins didn't get hurt stfu
Kendrick Perkins said Pierce and KG talked about joining forces at the free throw line during a game. That's wild.
Ima make that Kendrick Perkins jump shot ( check 2k for that lmao)
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Right they just let Kendrick Perkins walk
Mahinmi is the evolutionary Kendrick Perkins contract
So much potential, looked like Charles Barkley at times. Other times(most) he played like Kendrick Perkins at the end of his career
Kendrick Perkins is reportedly attempting an NBA comeback.
Kyrie is only 24-25 and still has plenty room to get better, don't ever disrespect it. You look like a K…
if Pau was a top player then why did Kendrick Perkins give him the business in the finals? Pau even s…
Kendrick Swann and Perkins of current guys, would like more retros Kidman, Val Venus, Bar…
"At the end of the day, man, you know, you never know, man." - Kendrick Perkins
Source: Cavs trade everyone except for LeBron and get a year's supply of pizza rolls. Sign Kendrick Perkins and Bugs Bunny.
2011 | spins and dunks on Kendrick Perkins!
Kendrick Perkins has to be the worst player in the NBA.
It literally breaks my heart that Rondo , Kendrick Perkins , Paul Pierce , Big Baby , and KG won't forgive Ray Allen for going to Miami :(
Yeah I'm salty. But I took that from Celtic fans too when they said Kevin Garnett was out in '…
Who can forget when Wade did a nasty spin move then dunked on Kendrick Perkins? Wade fans can probably remember this amazin…
Bron had Kendrick Perkins, Brendan Haywood, Mike Miller, James Jones & Joe Harris at the end of the bench when he came back lmao
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Kendrick Perkins with the strap I hardly ever shoot it.
Idk I'd probably rather build a team around Kendrick Perkins too
Kendrick Perkins is looking to make an NBA Comeback
Not to be outdone, the cavs have acquired Kendrick Perkins in exchange for a lower interest rate on his mortgage w/quicken…
Phil Pressey. Tony Allen. Tayshaun Prince (for like a week). Kendrick Perkins. Brandon Bass
CLE should also sign Korver to max deal, and search for Kendrick Perkins
He decided to not offer Harden the full max because he wanted to keep Kendrick Perkins lol
give me a team of Eddie House, KG, Pierce, Kendrick Perkins and James Posey
Durant was always this good. He was just always playing with guys like Thabo sefalosha and Kendrick Perkins and nick collison.
I hate Kendrick Perkins till this day but that may stem from my pre Stephen curry days when Lebron was my guy
Pierce, rondo, allen, Garnett with tony allen Glen Davis and Kendrick Perkins as supporting cast FOH
Not to mention this team had Kendrick Perkins, tony Allen, James posey, Eddie house, Ras…
Can the Cavs re-sign Kendrick Perkins for Kelly Olynyk-related reasons before Game 1?
This is the same Scott Brooks who was never able to figure out that Kendrick Perkins was useless.
This reminds me of Scott Brooks in OKC. He's mindlessly playing Gortat like he did with Kendrick Perkins.
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That dude a DAWG. He like a Kendrick Perkins that can drive like bron and got range like steph
Ray Allen chimes in on last night's Area 21 featuring Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce & Kendrick Perkins
Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are ‘back on talking terms,’ according to Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins casually letting hoops world know that Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook are back on speaking terms https…
Kendrick Perkins comes out of nowhere and breaks news that the entire NBA community wanted to know.
Patiently waiting for 2008 Kendrick Perkins, to come out of the tunnel and replace Amir Johnson. Not even KG, just Perkins
Amir Johnson needs to man up against Lopez, start playing like '09 Kendrick Perkins
Like for ex. Gary Payton turned into Ray Allen into Jeff Green into Kendrick Perkins into Enes Kanter for SEA/OKC (2 of 2)
Chris kaman is the Kendrick Perkins of the clippers
David Manley took Ellison to regional final w Zack and Zo and lost to Ozen and Kendrick Perkins
When presti uses a roster spot on nazr mohammed and Kendrick Perkins>>
The Celtics wasn't stacked with out the big 3? Tony Allen, Rondo, Rasheed Wallace, Kendrick Perkins, Nate Robinson,…
yea but It's a running gag like Brian Scalbrine or Kendrick Perkins being called GOATS.
I would check with Kendrick Perkins and Ray Allen if Rondo is good to go!
let us not forget that Sam Presti didn't give harden a max extension because he wanted to be able to pay Kendrick Perkins
or the 2008 Celtics - Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Kendrick Perkins, Rajon Rondo, Ooops should I continue?
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the tight Clyde Drexler meets the green Kendrick Perkins 😺
now blocked by Kendrick Perkins, Shawn Marion and Bauer x2 that i know of smh
Kendrick Perkins sheds light on the OKC breakup
Dahntay Jones, Boris Diaw, Delfino, Kendrick Perkins, Barbosa, Josh Howard who fell off a cliff but was good, Steve Blake, Zaza, Bogans, etc
LOL @ Kendrick Perkins & KD possibly back together again in the Bay Area. Let's get all the former Thunder players on that team!
Kendrick Perkins and Rudy *** had beef years ago. Perkins: "I'd rather be a clown than a cancer." . Can't ignore team improvement W/O Rudy.
Kendrick Perkins would have been a middling enforcer in the 80s or 90s. Today, everyone acts like he's Chuck Norris.
The Warriors are interested in signing Kendrick Perkins. Perkins is close friends with Kevin Durant!
Then, they traded for Kendrick Perkins to compete with bigs, then everyone went small lmao
yep. Team getting broke up for nothing. And all due to getting Kendrick Perkins lol
Birdman is like that Kendrick Perkins type player for the cavs. He can go in and knock out curry
Bleacher Report - - Warriors Rumors Latest on Kendrick Perkins Ray Allen and More
Report: Warriors have expressed interest in Kendrick Perkins...
Dwyane Wade incredible slam dunk on Kendrick Perkins RT featured in NBC s Science of Love
NBA Rumors: Warriors looking to add more veterans, eye Mario Chalmers, Kendrick Perkins
I thought Kendrick Perkins and Glenn Davis were related for the longest time
Free agents the Warriors will target:. Mario Chalmers . Kendrick Perkins. Ray Allen. (via
We getting another good player? so Kendrick Perkins is still on the list
Fake ufc fans be like : hope kendrick Perkins fasi's Kevin Durant for leaving OKC 😂
kendrick Perkins will never be better than Chris webber bro
I haven't prayed to the sports gods since just before Game 7.. But I'm back and asking them to please make sure GSW sig…
The Warriors are interested in Kendrick Perkins (via )
bruh scores like Kendrick Perkins tho
😬 you Kendrick Perkins in the flesh lmaooo
13 years ago today, the Celtics signed Kendrick Perkins to a multi-year deal.
yeah bruh the Warriors tryna get Ray Allen, Kendrick Perkins, n Mario Chalmers
Warriors interested in signing; Kendrick Perkins, Ray Allen, and Mario Chalmers.
The Golden State Warriors are interested in free agents Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen, and Kendrick Perkins, per
been a thunder fan since they had Derrick fisher, thabo sefalosha & Kendrick Perkins
they also have Kendrick Perkins and Omer asik both 7fts that play all the mins at center
Where is Kendrick Perkins when you need him
Paul, rondo, KG, Ray Allen, Eddie house, Glen Davis, devonta' west, Kendrick Perkins and the others. That was a good Celtics squad.
Kendrick Perkins not a championship difference type of player so he irrelevant James Harden was
it was Kendrick Perkins, Kendrick Lewis is a football player
I doubt Doc Rivers will compare losing Chris Paul to losing Kendrick Perkins
"Doc Rivers just kind of compared Stephen Curry to Kendrick Perkins | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo Sp..." via
Doc Rivers on Curry being sidelined: "It happened to us. In 2010 Kendrick Perkins was hurt for Game 7.". 😐
I will forever hate The Celtics. Ray, Paul, KG, Rondo, and Weak as Kendrick Perkins are the ones to blame for my hatred.
The cavs need a Kendrick Perkins or a Ron artest like how you let someone elbow ya best player in the head then let him get a layup
Kendrick Perkins says he's talked to Kevin Durant about where he might play next season.
I never knew Kendrick Perkins sign to play basketball for Memphis Tigers
I got going from 6 to 1, Ed Davis, Tyronn Lue, Tarik Black, Kendrick Perkins, Brian Scalabrine, and Kwame Brown
I'll NEVER understand how Jarnell Stokes can't get a roster spot but Kendrick Perkins & Metta World Peace get mins. http…
Kendrick Perkins and Luke Babbitt both responded with "Thumbs Down" to the question "Does he (the player) like Kittens". Shame.
Batum and Parker are too young/athletic. Andre Miller at PG and Vince Carter at SG. Sixth man is Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins as Oklahoma Governor, because he keeps "fallin" out. Get it!
Kendrick Perkins is an army of tanks and their commander in one big useless package. But hey I'm sure the Thunder/Cavs miss his leadership
Kendrick Perkins is a straight thug
Kendrick Perkins is on my starting 5 any day
"I'm from Oakland.". - after being clotheslined by Kendrick Perkins. Story » https…
Kendrick Perkins tried to bring the WWE to the NBA.😐.
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the thoughtless Vin Baker meets the poised Kendrick Perkins ⛲️
Joe Johnson, Kendrick Perkins, Shabazz Napier. Beginning to think 'NBA GM' will not be in LeBron's future.
Kendrick Perkins broke his own ankles 😂
OKC should have been more concerned with developing Jeremy Lamb & Perry Jones. Instead they brought in Kevin Martin & Kendrick Perkins smh
the New Orleans "we pay Luke Babbitt and Kendrick Perkins actual U.S. dollars to play" Pelicans
Kendrick Perkins may be the only human on earth Russell Westbrook is ok with doing this
where is Kendrick Perkins these days?
trade David Lee for Kendrick Perkins, maybe toss in James young too. We need a 5 Danny, and Kendrick wants mins.
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(VIDEO) Congrats to Kendrick Perkins on the lifetime achievement award!
Anthony Davis listens to veteran Kendrick Perkins' advice, guidance on tough season
I remember in the summer I made a killing off of Kendrick Perkins
flashbacks of the Kendrick Perkins gather on that one
Anthony Tolliver just payed homage to Kendrick Perkins.
All time starting 5 Derrick Fisher, Paul Pierce, Rashard Lewis, big baby Davis and Kendrick Perkins smh feedback lol 🙄
Kendrick Perkins received pretty big ovation when he checked in. Immediately guarding Dwight Howard. Perkins 1st home appearance since 10/30
Don't shoot your shot if you know your personality built like Kendrick Perkins
I wish we still had Kendrick Perkins to come in for 3 seconds and punch Draymond Green in that donkey mouth
Enes Kanter has heard the stories about what happened to Kendrick Perkins. Fouls Blake Griffin hard enough to not allow the dunk.
Kendrick Perkins trying to guard Randy Foye was kinda funny
The biggest mystery in sports: why Kendrick Perkins still gets minutes
Kendrick Perkins took setting a screen to the next level, by setting one on no one. (Vine via https:/…
'Kendrick Perkins' appeared on Thursday 19 at the 3rd place in the Top20 of Oklahoma's Trends:
.Why give DeAndre all that money when you could have signed Kendrick Perkins?
Kendrick Perkins injury has provided some space for others to shine on Shaqtin'
True, but Kendrick Perkins in the league so...
Legit don't get it. Glenn got gifted one of the best rosters of all time, blamed a Kendrick Perkins injury for only winning one championship
When you think you Steph Curry but in reality you Kendrick Perkins
yeah jordan is an athletic Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins would have had 41 points and 12 boards.
Doc Rivers still dealing with karma for getting rid of Kendrick Perkins
Blake Griffin with a moving, holding screen that would make Kendrick Perkins blush
Ron artest and birdman vs. Steven Jackson and Kendrick Perkins
what's up with that dude? Some nights he can put up 16 points in 6 minutes, and others he looks like Kendrick Perkins
Speights with the Kendrick Perkins shot chart
Kendrick Perkins just strolled into the Thunder's locker room. Nobody yelled out, "We just let anyone up in here now?"
Anthony Davis & Kendrick Perkins are in Cook right now 😂👀
Him, Kendrick Perkins, and Javale McGhee were too good to be on my list
People say the Internet is forever but when I was a young sports reporter I once compared Kendrick Perkins to Shaq.
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Kendrick Perkins returns to OKC tomorrow. During his time with the Thunder, he had a strong impact:
Kendrick Perkins picks up a technical foul from the bench.
Pelicans would be a playoff team this year if Kendrick Perkins and his scowl were healthy.
Per game notes, Kendrick Perkins, Tyreke Evans, Quincy Pondexter, Norris Cole, and Jrue Holiday are out vs. San Antonio.
Going through Kendrick Perkins' likes was fun.
Craij why are you dating Kendrick Perkins
Russell Westbrook took a second before the game to say hi to some old friends, including Kendrick Perkins.
Pre-game last night. Russell Westbrook shows love to Kendrick Perkins & former Thunder assistant coach Robert Pack. https…
As a Celts fan, this brings me back. Chris Wilcox, Kendrick Perkins, Greg Stiemsma, Ryan Hollins ... so many TOs.
"Kendrick Perkins (Pectoral) Out Indefinitely No Asik No Ajinca Now no Perk Is Davis going to play center?
Kendrick Perkins has more points than Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis combined. Just like we all predicted.
Kendrick Perkins still looks like a confused parrot 100% of the time.
Ish Smith and Kendrick Perkins are combined 8 of 8 for 15 on the road at GS. Alvin gentry is a wizard
Kendrick Perkins has to be in the 2015-16 MVP conversation right now.
The road to the Finals goes through Kendrick Perkins.
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Marcin Gortat looks like an Egyptian pharoah who killed Kendrick Perkins to take the throne
C Mike port Arthur??? He is Beaumonts own. Beaumont has little to be thankful for give them C Mike and Kendrick Perkins !!
who in their right mind would want Kendrick Perkins to mentor their franchise player.
So got Kendrick Perkins, AD, Nate Robinson, Tyreke Evans (IR), Eric Gordon, and Norris Cole. They have a good chance. 😁
.spellbound. I have never been but just imagining Kendrick Perkins sleeping in this room is a riot.
Sleeper alert: Kendrick Perkins in BEAST MODE!. Watch full highlight of his 10 points vs Clint Capela:).
Kendrick Perkins meet the human wall Clint Capela!!!
Capela Rejects Perkins Clint Capela gets up and blocks Kendrick Perkins at the rim.
New Pelicans veterans Kendrick Perkins and Alonzo Gee bring experience on and off court: With each of New Orle...
brian scalabrine would easily destroy him. Don't forget about Kendrick Perkins either.
You tell me Chris Paul ain't overrated ima assume you liked Kendrick Perkins on them 08 Celtics
Miss our Kendrick Perkins roundtable today? We tackled tough questions like who would win in a race Perk or Omer Asik
by trading Harden for bag of chips, Jeff green for Kendrick Perkins & signing Kanter to the max LMFAOOO
I always wanted to play Joel Anthony and Kendrick Perkins in a game of horse for the bread, free throw range extended
who are you more excited about return game to OKC Kendrick Perkins or Reggie Jackson??
NBA free agency 2015: Kendrick Perkins goes to New Orleans and ...:
"LeBron James and Kendrick Perkins have a connection that goes way back...
I was on the bulls for rivals clash and instead of getting a loul deng (spelled wrong) I got Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins is signing with Pelicans in 1-year deal. (via Marc Stein)
Kendrick Perkins has agreed to sign with the New Orleans Pelicans, according to Marc Stein. 1-year veteran...
ElAmor♥ Kendrick Perkins to Sign with Pelicans: Latest Contract Details and Reaction: According to Marc Stein...
but in all seriousness how is our management fine with signing Kendrick Perkins and having Toney Douglas as our 2nd pg
Reggie Evans, Jusuf Nurkic, Kendrick Perkins, and Matt Barnes would be better suited
Kendrick Perkins is now in the Southwest division.
pullout game on Sam cassel or better yet Kendrick Perkins
Sad thing about OKC matching for Kanter is they could have kept Harden for less money. Was losing Kendrick Perkins contr…
do you think there's any chance we will resign Jason Terry or maybe Kendrick Perkins?
BREAKING: JR Smith has signed a one year deal with Wendy's, will compete with Kendrick Perkins for a chance to be star…
The Mavs should sign Kendrick Perkins just to elbow Deandre Jordan in the head 6 times
Jason Maxiell, Nazr Mohammed, Kendrick Perkins, Darrell Arthur, Quincy Acy, Henry Sims - choose your brand new Mavs center right now!
I don't want to scare you, but Kendrick Perkins and Greg Oden are still available. So are Jordan Hill and Andrea Bargnani.
Apparently the only thing Chris Paul hates more than losing is JaVale McGee or Kendrick Perkins potentially starting cen…
Paul peirce, Dahntay Jones, Kendrick Perkins, Manu Ginobili, Tony parker, LeBron James, Ibaka, there are so many.
To Celtics fans: Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins are all free agents.
29 NBA teams are going after marquee free agents while the Knicks are going after guys like Kendrick Perkins and Dahntay Jones.
You can't even make this stuff up, Knicks connected to Jeremy Lin, Landry Fields and Kendrick Perkins this offseason.
This is what happens when there's no more basketball. Okafor is Al Jefferson with Kendrick Perkins foot speed and 33-yr old SGs go to LA.
Allen Iverson, JR Smith, Ron Artest, Rasheed Wallace, and The Birdman with Kendrick Perkins and Delonte West off bench. Greatest team ever
So Lebron had no help..When Shawn Marion, Mike Miller, and Kendrick Perkins sittin on the bench with at least 1 ring...CLEVEL…
In hindsight, the Cavs filling three roster spots with Shawn Marion, Kendrick Perkins and Mike Miller may have been a mis…
bro he has Shawn Marion, Mike Miller and Kendrick Perkins! Think about how good that team would have been in 2008
Draymond Green is slowly making his way into a group of NBA players I hate. Along with Kendrick Perkins, Tyler Hansbrough and Joakim Noah
David Blatt. Bring in Kendrick Perkins and let him lay out Green. Please
Kendrick Perkins needs to start and he needs to throw steph curry to the ground when he drives. Who cares if he gets ejected?
Kendrick Perkins keep getting up and cheering for Mike Miller..u ain't getting in buddy
your "bench" consists of Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, Kendrick Perkins, Brendan Heywood, and Joe Harris... So yeah give it a try
Kendrick Perkins on Scott Brooks firing: "One things about Scotty is he won games.":
Kendrick Perkins career has been done since Blake Griffen banged on him
Brendan Haywood, Kendrick Perkins, Joe Harris, and Shawn Marion? Really? Fatigue happens to everyone.
my *** that got Kendrick Perkins. Brendan Haywood, Joe Harris on their bench.
Kendrick Perkins says he's never seen LeBron anywhere near this aggressive. "He smells blood."
I hate the fact that Kendrick Perkins has gone from starting on a championship team to Lebron's cheerleader.
he's a troll. There r a few people in the world id like to punch. He's 1. Along w/ Delly, Kendrick Perkins, and will muschamp
Are you watching this Scott Brooks? This is how you use Kendrick Perkins in the playoffs.
PREDICTION: Cavs will finish the game with Brendan Haywood, Joe Harris, Shawn Marion, Mike Miller, and Kendrick Perkins. Lol
Kendrick Perkins. Brendan Haywood. Shawn Marion. Joe Harris. Let's make this crunch time lineup a reality,
Which Cavs bench player will get the most minutes tonight? Joe Harris, Kendrick Perkins, or Brendan Haywood?
"Kendrick Perkins is going to be forced to play soon with all these injuries." HA
Kendrick Perkins needs to get in this game and absolutely pummel Draymond Green
I hate when people say rings matter because they are basically applying that Kendrick Perkins and Austin Daye is better than Melo
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Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, Kendrick Perkins and Brendan Haywood (!) are all active. For real. And LeBro…
Speights vs Kendrick Perkins vs Glen Big Baby Davis in 21. Who yall got???
look at Glen Davis for the clippers or Kendrick Perkins. And then can't forget lineman in football
Kendrick Perkins game winning 3. I'm calling it
Joe Harris, Mike Miller, Brendan Haywood, Shawn Marion, and Kendrick Perkins just been along for the ride collecting a check 😩😂😂😂
Andrew Bogut. A proud alum of the Kendrick Perkins school of illegal screens. He took the class online.
do u really want Kendrick Perkins to get a ring? How bout Brendan Haywood? James Jones?? Do you hate America???
Shawn Marion, Kendrick Perkins, Brendan Haywood, James Jones, Mike Miller have all won championships before.
ask choose: Sam cassell's face as your face or Kendrick Perkins as your best friend for life.
Kendrick Perkins, Mike Miller, James Jones, Shawn Marion Brendan Haywood all have finals experience too though...
I'm guessing the cavs will win in 4...they have Brendan Haywood, Kendrick Perkins, Mike Miller, and James Jones. All guys with experience 😂😭
Kendrick Perkins reflects on choosing Cleveland Cavaliers: 'I made the right ... -
James Jones, Mike Miller and Kendrick Perkins have to be some of the luckiest NBA players ever lol.
TFW you’re getting hooped on by Kendrick Perkins and Joe Harris
JR Smith and Kendrick Perkins believe that LeBron could pass MJ as the greatest ever.
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JR Smith and Kendrick Perkins believe LeBron could pass Michael Jordan as the greatest ever
Of course it would be JR Smith and Kendrick Perkins
it's ok. Kendrick Perkins blocked me lol
You know your getting old when Kendrick Perkins, Sean Marion, and Mike Miller are on the bench and don't get 1 second of playing time.
That's how I feel about John Gruden and recently Matt Barnes / Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins bout as useful as a white crayon.
Every game, same question comes in my head. . How does Kendrick Perkins get an NBA paycheck? . Was Eddy Curry busy?
Glen Davis n Kendrick Perkins lowkey the same dude.
Scott Brooks started Kendrick Perkins in a NBA Finals game. Dont tell me hes a good coach..
The Thunder should have fired Scott Brooks when he decided to rock with Kendrick Perkins over James Harden
If you give Tristan Thompson, maybe defensive minded Shawn Marion gets mins and you got Kendrick Perkins. Already those guys upgrade your D
We may not have Kevin Love anymore, but we still have Kendrick Perkins, Joe Harris, and Brendan Haywood! *cries*
Kendrick Perkins of the Cleveland Cavaliers doesn’t play by the rules. Case in point, this stroll he recently went on d…
Kendrick Perkins will play vs the bulls! He will get boards and b physical
Kendrick Perkins just grabs you by the neck and throws you down when he sets screens
BREAKING: Both Kendrick Perkins & J.R. Smith have received fines/suspensions for their incidents in Game 4.
Pero Antic a -12 in 1st half. Don't get why he ever plays. Such a terrible basketball player - like he's sig worse than Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins and JR Smith. Thugs Incorporated. Lebron best of luck. Trouble ensues
NBA will also fine Kendrick Perkins $15,000 and upgrade his foul to a Flagrant 2.
Cavaliers center Kendrick Perkins’s second quarter Flagrant Foul 1 has been upgraded to a Flagrant Foul 2 and he has been fined $15,000.
Kendrick Perkins so MF trash I can play better than him and I suck
...but Kendrick Perkins doesn't get suspended for this???.
Kendrick Perkins will drop him 1 on 1 😂
We should start a gofundme account to pay Kendrick Perkins fine as a thank you
G JR Smith suspended for two games and Kendrick Perkins is fined $15K.
With Tristan Thompson and Shump starting, the Cavs bench consists of Kendrick Perkins and Matthew Dellavedova 😅
Bulls playing the cavs Saturday no Kevin Lovr, Jr Smith, or Kendrick Perkins, to clutch
Kevin Love will miss the East Comference semi final. Jr Smith has been suspended for 2 games. Kendrick Perkins...
Kendrick Perkins Wikipedia entry may be the best thing on the Internet.
JR Smith and Kendrick Perkins should be cell mates! How do players like them get in2 the trouble everywhere!
BREAKING: an updated Wikipedia page on Kendrick Perkins.
Game 4 continues to be physical between Cavs & Celtics. Kendrick Perkins and Jae Crowder tangle after hard screen. http:/…
BREAKING: J.R. Smith and Kelly Olynyk suspensions have been announced. Full details:
J.R. Smith suspended two games, Kelly Olynyk suspended one game and Kendrick Perkins fined, league announces
LeBron, Kendrick Perkins, Tristan Thompson, & Timothy Mozgov are gunnah get a lot more playing time while K-Love is out.
David Blatt said referees partially responsible for Kevin Love, Jae Crowder injuries and Kendrick Perkins is Jim…
Kevin Love thought that play was bush league?? You're playing with JR Smith and Kendrick Perkins lol
Kelley Olynyk wasnt going for the ball. He literally just pulled down on Kevin Loves arm, and Kendrick Perkins should have been ejected
See, we have Kendrick Perkins for a reason. JR Smith can't be doing his job like that.
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