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Kendall Hunter

Kendall Hunter (born September 16, 1988) is an American football running back for the San Francisco 49ers.

Frank Gore Marcus Lattimore Mike Davis Kyle Williams Michael Crabtree Colin Kaepernick Lamichael James Anquan Boldin Jarryd Hayne Carlos Hyde Aldon Smith Bruce Miller Jim Harbaugh Cam Newton Sio Moore Anthony Dixon Vick Ballard

I met Kendall hunter yesterday and didn't even know who he was lol I don't do sports
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I'm so sick, Hunter might come home to my dead body tonight 😭😷
Kendall Hunter with a jumper to stop a Gannon rally. Crimson Hawks lead 26-18 with 6:42 to play before halftime
oh no doubt. But if Murray leaves they'd need a number 1 back. Washington/Richard more change of pace/Kendall Hunter types
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With all the plastic surgery, even doesn't know if it's Kendall or Kylie
Torii Hunter Jr. found his Halloween costume in the end zone today!
Jeren Kendall, Alex Faedo or Hunter Greene would all look pretty good in that Rays system.
Donald Brown, Zac Stacy, Kendall Hunter, Cyrus Gray, David Cobb are FA RBs to go along with Karlos Williams and CJ Spiller.
Bruce Miller who was one of football's best fullbacks in the league, Kendall Hunter who was very nice when healthy
Need a plug and play WR3 in a standard league. Who do you like out of Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter or Corderelle Patterson?
team of Week 7 for is Mariota, Quizz, Ware, AJ Green, ARob, Kendall Wright, Hunter Henry, Cooper, Ravens
if Kendall Mullins has impacted ur life in a positive way
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Supporting former students Hunter Spears and Kendall Pearson, former Webb students playing for Sachse
Kendall Hunter was a fun back when healthy. Great change of pace guy.
Plus I read an article about how Kendall J. always got teased for being tall when she was younger, but shes 5"10 & a succ…
Kendall hunter is irrelevant and Browns don't use draft picks well Soo we won with Gordon
Kendall Hunter is garbage and I think Josh Gordon's chance of coming back is better than a 2nd rounder
Worth noting Cleveland once backed out of a trade that would have sent WR Josh Gordon to SF for RB Kendall Hunter and a 2…
Niners Nation > 49ers once had Kendall Hunter, draft pick trade in place for Josh Gordon
Huge thanks to and for painting our letters for our Mardi Gras exchange! https…
S/o to Kendall Hendrickson and Hunter Zupko for finishing in First Place at Sections!
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But Cyber Hunter TODAY is the first day if the month of February. 😕
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aww you look pretty too hunter, thanks Kendall 🖕🏼
Kendall Jenner needs to stop being this attractive
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Btw, new volunteer coach is Hunter Veach, brother to Kendall Veach (freshman catcher). So is still a family affair.
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The cyber hunter does NOT take her promiscuous ways lightly. She was very serious.
2012 draft wasn't that great either. Aldon an overrated drunk, Culliver marginal player at best. Kendall Hunter stinks B. MIller?
Kendall Hunter with the Stephen Davis tribute jersey number
New RB Kendall Hunter was mentioned in infamous Gregg Williams speech
updates: RB Kendall Hunter is No. 46; CB Tony Carter is No. 37, so RB Bronson Hill switches to No. 48.
usually I just end up with guys like Kendall Hunter and Stephen Hill.
if you have a crush on Kendall Jenner
where's Kendall Hunter when you need a backup
did anyone claim Kendall hunter? After injury settlement... Any grumbling about bringing back?
Kendall Wright, Delanie Walker, Justin Hunter and of course DGB... Mariota has weapons
Nah, not at all. I think both Hunter and DGB should be playing with Kendall Wright.
Wow. A Kendall Hunter return article. Well done well done
who cares forget Kendall Hunter the 49ers are not going to do jack with the players they have.
Are 49ers preparing for Kendall Hunter's eventual return?
Gone but not forgotten. Looks like Kendall Hunter could return mid season to practice squad.
As pointed out by , Kendall Hunter still has his locker in tact. With pads and all..
Oh okay. All that Kendall Hunter talk earlier, ignore it. IR. MY BAD
Maybe I'm crazy, but Kendall Hunter still has a locker there. With pads and all... Why is that?. ??
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Because he was relatively cheap and fits in the Kendall Hunter/LMJ role mold.
I definitely agree, I wonder why Kendall Hunter was let go, I think he had upside
CB Mook Reynolds, playing for Kendall Fuller, with the interception. Ruled a fumble, somehow.
The reached an injury settlement with RB Kendall Hunter, source said. He’s now a free agent.
Notebook: Geep Chryst on the O line & Kendall Hunter waived/injured.
So we like to drink in a big parking lot before football games.
It's not just Cecil's killer: Female hunter killed Africa's endangered 'big five' aged 14
Caden Murray & Hunter Kendall each had their first varsity goals for Troy boys.
Kendall Hunter went to IR so he's gone for season. Jarryd Hayne already playing ahead of 4th rounder Davis, so he's now 49ers 3rd RB.
3rd rounder Kendall Hunter and 4th rounder Mike Davis
Kendall Hunter watching Mike Davis and Jarryd Hayne taking his roster spot like.
Mike Davis outrushing Kendall Hunter at the end of the first half. 10-for-21 with Hunter, 7-for-33 with Davis. Hayne averaging most YPC @ 6
.Dyer would be great on the PS. Think Raiders could pick up 49ers RB that is let go: Kendall Hunter or Mike Davis.
10 carries for Kendall Hunter, 6 for Mike Davis so far for the
So Greg Papa suggesting the Raiders trading Sio Moore to the for Kendall Hunter lol
Greg Papa just suggested trading Sio Moore for Kendall Hunter and now I wanna throw my computer.
Jarryd Hayne will push RB Kendall Hunter out the door in 2015. Do you agree or nah? Learn Ryan Sakamoto's...
OLB Aaron Lynch, DE Darnell Dockett, Jimmie Ward, RB Kendall Hunter and RB Reggie Bush will continue to have low rep count n practice
My main trophy hunter I've concentrated on is Kendall Jones.
Kendall Jenner shows off her bikini bod: Kendall Jenner showed off her toned body in an orange string triangle...
There's a lost name, Kendall Hunter. Remember when he was the next man up?
Mike Evans is miles above what DGB presents, kendall Wright and Delanie Waker will eat first and MAYBE Hunter for some crumbs
Bout to be a beach bum for the next week. 👌
Ah look it's Kendall 'KIller' Jones, is there nothing this trophy hunter won't kill I ask?, I doubt it, STOP K JONES
oh my gosh Kendall hunter is actually clever !
49ers' Kendall Hunter is on the road to recovery from his ACL tear -
Welcome back !!!. offense wasn't whole without you. .
Orlando always about very young ladies.. Selena Gomez now Kendall Jenner. Soon to hear rumours they r fighting over this hunter.
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She says that love is for fools that fall behind.
Kendall Jones is a blonde cheerleading hunter from Texas. All that right there offends me
49ers' Kendall Hunter ready for training camp at full health
I actually like our 3 RBs with Hyde, Bush and Kendall Hunter to be honest. With rookie Mike Davis just in case at 4.
San Francisco 49ers NFL 2015 news: Kendall Hunter heads to training camp: The San Francisco 49ers are looking ...
Sister sister... Kendall and Kylie Jenner both step out for lunch in style: 19 year old Kendall and her 17 yea...
49ers RB Kendall Hunter Enters Training Camp with Clean Bill of Health via
Can Kendall Hunter play a Full Season this year?
Just got my first share of Kendall Hunter. Figure end of the bench in is the place to take a shot.
New post: 49ers&Kendall Hunter ready to training camp at full ... - San Francisco ...
RB enters training camp w/ clean bill of health. That's a good feeling
Raul Duke was Hunter S Thompson's pseudonym. People called him Dr. Gonzo too. The lawyers name is Oscar Acosta
Jim Tomsula says RB Kendall Hunter is 'coming along great'
Nearly eight months after ACL, Kendall Hunter looks ready to roll
Niner fam , we are getting set up BIG time for running the football Rob Chudzinski ( Cam Newton's former coach in Carolina ) or Mike Shanahan ( Steve Young , John Elway , and RG III ) so you see where I'm going with this with Kaepernick . We are going to run , run , run and play power football this year . Look , here is how it is going to work . We all know Tomsula is a fiery coach that gets the best out of his players for one , two , we know we got Foerster back as our O line coach who guys like Rathman , Gore , and Staley are already familiar with from back in 08 & 09 when he was offensive line coach . We all know what Frank Gore , Carlos Hyde , and Kendall Hunter can do and then you throw Kaepernick in the mix with our O line , fullback , wide receivers , and tight ends blocking down field and we have a good power run game again .
A little further away, Jeremy Wilson is 489 shy of John Tyler's all-time career rushing record of 2,799 (Kendall Hunter,…
have lost the following players for the season: . Patrick Willis. Jimmie Ward. Chris Cook. Daniel Kilgore. Kendall Hunter
Reminiscent of Kyle Williams and Kendall Hunter a couple years back.
Eerie feeling seeing 2 49ers on cart in this stadium. Same thing happened in 2012 when Kendall Hunter & Kyle Williams got hurt on same play.
Ian Williams (left ankle) carted off with Ellington (knee). In 2012 here, Kyle Williams, Kendall Hunter carted off together with injuries.
Not good for RBs so far in training camp: Vick Ballard (torn Achilles), Kendall Hunter (torn ACL), Tyler Gaffney (torn meniscus) & now James
There are only 2 OSU players that I'll say I really liked and respected. Kendall Hunter and obviously Barry Sanders.
San Francisco 49ers RB Kendall Hunter tore ACL on Friday. Losing the backup runner puts more pressure on rookie RB Carlos Hyde
What does Kendall Hunter's ACL tear mean for rookie Carlos Hyde?
Kendall Hunter, Keith Toston, Tatum Bell, Vernand Morency, Joseph Randle, etc. they've had plenty of good ones
Those top backs in 2011 have a hard road. LeShoure, Ryan Williams, Alex Green. Even Vereen, Kendall Hunter and Murray have been banged up.
Funny Bree This coming from someone who has tagged and bagged flesh & blood her way to the top of the AVN awards. 😜.
In defence of Kendall Jones, teenage hunter. >>
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Actress Michelle Rodriguez fantasizes about going all 'Wild West' on 'b*tch' hunter Kendall Jones.
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Check out this pathetic sad little cheerleader Check it out!..
Ian you have to see this PLEASE … someone has to stop her, PLEASE SIGN!!!
Kendall Hunter shouldn't be forgotten in San Francisco, yet [Pro Football Talk]
The Sacramento Bee expects the running back pecking order to begin with Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter to open the 2014 season.
He didn't want them to sing happy birthday for nothing lol, Tryna act shy yea right!! Lol Ronald HunterRonald Hunter Jaquan Hunter Emmanuel Hunter Kendall Hunter Jr.
Nate Washington, Justin Hunter, Damian Williams, Marc Mariani, Kendall Wright, Delanie Walker. These dudes are the best.
Thank God for His traveling mercy made it to Jersey with Whitley JamesMommy Littlejohn Kendall Hunter Zahra Hunter and James. Missed my folks
Kendall Wright and hopefully Justin Hunter is all the got. Hope they draft well. No playoffs in the near future.
“In the gym with Kendal Shawn and Wuan making this Apology Letter 😒😒” kendall*
So I met Kendall hunter. It feels weird to meet somebody who is on Wikipedia.
playing time and such. But what do you expect? It's not our fault Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter and Marcus Lattimore are better
Just messed this kid up in Kendall Hunter : 25 ATT / 296 YDS / 4 TDS.
This is why gumbys is my favorite pizza place
a shame LeShoure had that injury, which is death for RB. A lot of peeps still holding out Kendall Hunter hope.
okay magcon is one of the best things that happened to this world I cant even explain it in the limited …
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What will be the future of Rb Kendall Hunter? via
yea he aint a kendall hunter for sure.. i much rather took a stab at a RB this yr.. but o well.. bw webb should develop
. Yeah, I was there then. Kendall Hunter took a fall. bunch of *** Bee Ess
With Lattimore and Gore in the fold, what does the future hold for Kendal Hunter?
I should have taken a picture before I ate some but I came home from class to this from my gorgeous…
Team Rider Hunter Hicks getting it done yesterday in Hatteras. pc: Kendall Ballinger
will Lattimore win the back up role over Kendall Hunter?
Im done with you. You know what I meant😒
Well I'm no longer a teenager and I've lived two decades 😂😂😂 what a joke. Please hurry up 21 lol pointless turning 20
When I'm watching the end of a college basketball game. My GF- "But it's only the second inning what's the big deal?" 😂😂😂
This was by far my worst bracket I've ever done. I got 1 of the elite 8 teams right and 0 final 4 teams. 😁
I knew about Kendall and I don't follow hunter
““Everyone is cristal *** I'm glad I changed” WHO ELSE IS CRISTAL” Kendall and Hunter was yesterday but she
Kendall & Kylie are so young, wow they got hot fast
some mock draft got the titans taking mike evans but we already got nate kendall wright and Justin hunter idk if that necessary
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you guys should've tried to trade for Kendall Hunter. Could be your feature back. No joke :)
Smart GMs that aren't liking this RB class and don't want to pay someone like Ben Tate should be calling the about K…
Watching the 2011 Divisional Game on Love watching Kendall Hunter run. Wish we could see more of him. I see an…
Just want to see one game where Kendall Hunter gets 20+ carries. The ones he gets are predictable and few ans far between. …
Unfortunately Stevie was 193rd, only guys like Vick Ballard, Kendall Hunter there. Working on a Floyd/Bell swap
Enjoying a night with the BEST Recruiter in NCAA.Cam Newton,Tre Mason,Dez Bryant, and Kendall Hunter. That's Curtis Luper
Playing with the 49ers, mrgroove21 lost to the Jaguars 35-36 on All-Pro in Play Now. The leading passer was Chad Henne with 223 yards, and the leading rusher was Kendall Hunter with 75 yards.
Yeah, for good reason. He was unreal in college. That was a sick O with Kendall Hunter and Weeden
if we do end up having school, I'm blaming you for sticking with the same ritual instead of helping me cover the roads.
kendall hunter give me 2 TDs please!!!
I'll leave that up to you.. I will do the trusty drop 3 ice cubes in the toilet.. never fails
lets just go dump water all over the main roads in town. Guaranteed ice day.
I pointed at Kendall Hunter like an *** on that 3rd down
I feel yah. I'm sure no teacher would be disappointed if we didn't have school. Unanimous vote goes for no school.
exactly. It wouldn't hurt to get that extra day in there to prepare for the feast. 🐔 It's only beneficial to us in the end.
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Kap totally missed Kendall Hunter on that last play!
Kap we all seen that Kendall Hunter was open why didn't you?
Kendall Hunter was wide open & he threw it to Boldin in double coverage! 😤
Kendall hunter was wide open smh c'mon
Kendall Hunter was open as the check down :/
that was Kendall Hunter. Gore is on the sideline wearing a jacket
Can Kendall Hunter just stop stepping foot on the field? FRANKly, I'd prefer Gore
Smh Kendall hunter wide open in the flats kaepernick completely looks him off
Kendall Hunter was open underneath. He would be able to break a tackle for the 1st down. Can we please have ANY coach tell Kaep to dump off?
Hit your check downs!!! You had Kendall Hunter on the flat for a 1st down!!!
Kendall Hunter had an easy first down. smh
So Kaep didn’t see Kendall Hunter in the flat, huh? Figures :/
Kendall hunter was wide open. Kaep needs to open his eyes.
Kendall Hunter open on the swing pass and Kaepernick never looked at him.
Kendall hunter the check down was wide open. Would've had that 5 yards no problem
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exactly. I need to be at full health for this Thanksgiving dinner.
Kendall Hunter wide open to the left on that last play
Bruh you had Kendall hunter open to the left
Wow. I assume everyone else saw Kendall Hunter in the flat, too?
Yeah let's just run up the middle with Kendall hunter that won't cause us to deal with 3rd down AGAIN
Well snow day it is! We don't want to put anyone's lives in jeopardy.
I almost fell on the sidewalk.. if the side walk is slippery we don't want anyone to get hurt. Therefore- snow day lol
There are some times when Kendall Hunter looks like a top 5 NFL back. But there are far more times where he looks like he can barely stand.
Kendall Hunter is in the backfield. Kendall Hunter gets the ball... every single time. Don't be lazy Roman!
If Kendall hunter wants the ball more... Do something lol
We gotta get Boobie Dixon more carries I think Kendall hunter is trash.
Mychael remembers when Kendall Hunter dragged a DE for a first down. Mychael was juiced even tho it was for the niners.
Cowboys should trade for Kendall Hunter since 49ers have so many RBs
Hey Kendall Hunter, there's always room for at Dallas.
Kendall Hunter is a good running back
Kendall hunter should get more touches *** we got the weapons but no offense
Met Bruce Miller once at a hotel in Ohio. He was eating Handels ice cream with Kendall Hunter.
Kendall Hunter! 3rd year out of for the Niners. I'm a fan, but it's nice to see successful Cowboys in the NFL.
I need Kendall Hunter to house one.
Kendall Hunter with the tackle on the opening kickoff.
Kendall Hunter, Nick Moody new additions to the 49ers' kickoff coverage. Moody back from a broken hand.
Not sure I've noticed before but Kendall Hunter is on 49ers kickoff coverage unit.
Toward bottom of TV screen, I'll be watching 32 Kendall Hunter and 40 Darryl Morris on kickoff coverage.
"Is that Hunter- tell her I hate her". This is Kendall now not Synclair... Last time I call home LOL.
Serious question guys: if you had to put big $ on Roy Helu or Kendall Hunter to get you 8 fantasy points tn, who would you start/sit?
Kendall Hunter putting in work for me !!
Kendall Hunter will make a big impact
My seed may depend on Kendall Hunter
Someone verify this dude getting Jimmy Graham, Mike Tolbert and Kendall Hunter for Tony Gonzalez, Andre Brown and Joique Bell?
I want Greg Roman fired & Kendall Hunter cut. Roman is the reason we have any losses at all.
Jim Harbaugh takes a long stroll with referee Carl Cheffers after end of first half. Wanted penalty on hit to Kendall Hunter.
Jim Harbaugh hit himself in head to demonstrate shot on Kendall Hunter.
they offered me this guy plus a 7th for Kendall Hunter. Browns dumber in video games than real life.
I have Blackmon, Dez, Jordy, and Keenan Allen ☺️ Then Rashard Mendenhall and Kendall Hunter as RBs 😞 Need Demarco healthy.
Fantasy Football is taking over. I got screwed on waivers for LeGarette Blount, so do you take the chance on Stevan Ridley being slightly less lousy, or do you take the chance on Kendall Hunter having another great game? Oh dear... Ridley against the Bengals defense has to be a disaster, but then I also own the Bengals defense, and they've kinda been sucking it up... And then the 9'ers are going up against the Texans, and the Texans are gonna bring a lethal balanced offence, so would we really run it all that much? I'm using way too much brainpower on this...
Byes: Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Washington     SAN FRANCISCO 35, ST. LOUIS 11 The Niners bounced back in a big way - at least on the scoreboard - and the Rams floundered through another tough performance. But we can’t really fault the Rams for this, as they’ve played two strong defenses the past few weeks in Dallas and San Francisco.   Niners: Colin Kaepernick had a much stronger week, going 15-of-23 for 167 yards and 2 scores, and had 11 yards rushing. You expect Kap to bounce back after a tough week and you can start him against the Texans, especially if you don’t have RGIII or Big Ben this week...Frank Gore was dominant with 153 yards and a score but may find tougher sledding against that Texans D. I rate him as a low against Houston...Kendall Hunter may be a sneaky flex play as he had 11 carries for 49 yards with a score. If he’s on waivers he might be worth taking a flier on, especially if you’re a Gore owner...Anquan Boldin had 5 catches for 90 yards and a score and has cemented ...
Who would you rather have for dynasty, Marcus Lattimore or Kendall Hunter?
Will Harbaugh, Baalke, Fangio, Roman and company find a way around the injury bug? Will Aldon Smith grow up and start acting like a responsible adult instead of an inner city teenager? Will Kaepernick find a way around the "spy" set in the box to keep him locked down on the read option? Will our receivers find ways to get separation? Will the coaching hubris abide and allow Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter to return us to confusing offenses with a strong running game? Will we stop being pass happy and try to get more balance? Will ball control and time clock control re-enter the team vocabulary so we can keep the defense off of the field for longer? Any thoughts?
Running backs: Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter and Anthony Dixon combined for 13 yards on 11 carries. That is embarrassing.
Sports Birthdays of the Day: Elgin Baylor turns 79, Robin Yount turns 58, Orel Hershiser turns 55, Tim Raines is 54, Kendall Hunter is 25.
I would like to hear what players like Justin Blackmon, Dez Bryant, Kendall Hunter and Brandon Weeden have to say about the SI allegations.
Daniel Thomas, Josh Freeman and Kendall Hunter. And you better use Yahoo. Only Hoosiers play at the Mouse House
Look for teams to force him to cover a RB out of backfield. Like Roy Helu or Kendall Hunter.
I love Frank Gore maan , nd Kendall Hunter, but yes i favorite C.J Spiller and FRED JACKSON more.
I mean he probably will because Kendall hunter is still coming back from injury & LMJ did start getting touches in playoffs.
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“Kendall Hunter represents day 24 of our countdown. it's been far too long! 🏈🏈🏈 !
Kendall Hunter represents day 24 of our countdown. Two-time All-American and NFL running back.
Kendall Hunter is progressing, but it has been 8 1/2 months since his injury. What does this mean for Michael Crabtree? explains
-- VIDEO -- Three and Out: Kendall Hunter's timeline bad omen for Crabtree? (via
gore lamichael Kendall hunter and lattimore week 10 hopefully
him, Gore, LaMichael, Kendall Hunter. Maybe Lattimore and some other goons they have in the stable.
Don't use nice guys to help you get over your *** exes. . That turns nice guys into ***
at some stage the 9ers need to start reducing his carries. The 9ers have flock of top notch backs, Kendall hunter is a...
"Anytime you wanna get HIGHER, Your Flesh has got to go LOWER!"- Kendall Hunter
Kendall Hunter on Madden dropping punt return catches
will Kendall Hunter be ready for Green Bay? Haven't seen any info.
what do you think of Kendall Hunter and/or Robert Turbin?
if the Niners would've kept Goldson & gave up walker, Williams & Kendall hunter 😒 lol. then I wouldn't be worried bout Willis injury.
I don't buy the reports of Michael Crabtree coming back in November from the torn Achilles. Kendall Hunter is not cleared after 8 months.
thoughts on Kendall Hunter? -- In a start up. Looking at various RBs in that range.
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Rehabbing Achilles. Doing a lot of running, but still on PUP for now MT how's Kendall hunter doing?
Thinking about picking up: Michael Crabtree, Golden Tate, Michael Turner, Willis McGahee, or Kendall Hunter. Thoughts?
Can't wait to see Frank Gore, and Kendall Hunter in the pistol offense.
Positive Injury Outlook: Notable sports figures such as Vinny Testaverde, Dan Marino, Terrell Suggs, David Beckham, Ryan Howard, Boris Becker and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, all suffered an Achilles tendon rupture and were able to fully return to high activity! Currently, Kobe Bryant, Kendall Hunter, Fred Davis, Michael Crabtree, and Devier Posey are all undergoing rehab for Achilles rupture as well. It will be interesting to follow their progress and gauge their return to professional sports. As I read extensively and learn more about this long journey of Achilles rehabilitation, I sincerely hope to return to my former abilities...
Kendall Hunter is the future of the running back position in the San Francisco 49ers. I am quite sure this will be Frank Gore's final year as a full time starter.
Dashon Goldson was a 4th round pick. So was Kendall Hunter. Marcus Lattimore could be the next Frank Gore. Victor Cruz...
Good overall notes on the including Kendall Hunter and Colin Kaepernick for owners:
Like he hated Aldon Smith, and Chris Culliver, and Kendall Hunter, and Bruce Miller?
RB Kendall Hunter will be ready for the start of training canp.
Well it looks like I have to get a new 49ers jersey to wear for next season since they just released David Akers. Tear. The hubs doesn't like my second and third choices: Kendall Hunter or Justin Smith (mostly because he's coming up on retirement age). I like Crabtree, Kaep, and Gore and stuff but I find myself rooting for the other guys. My other choices Aldon Smith and Vernon. The Hubs says I should go old school. Niners fans, your thoughts?
The 49ers have done some interesting things with the position of running back over the last couple of years. While the addition of Kendall Hunter in 2011 made sense — he provided a dimension of quickness to the 49ers’ backfield as well as a way to conserve Frank Gore — they went even smaller and qui...
oh, that's Kendall Hunter. Kid is for real. He and James would be a formidable duo if Gore hurt
All I am saying is this...Vegas again had the Niners favored, like last year against the NY Giants. Vegas favored them based on the weapons available to them, 2-100 yd, receivers (Davis, Crabtree), 1-100 yd rusher (Gore) and a 300 yd passer. LY the line looked similar but with A. Smith, and more fire power; Kendall Hunter and Kyle Williams. For Vegas this usually means a sure bet on the favorite. Now, I'm a die hard but there is no f-in way that Bill Walsh loses in back to back years without becoming a champion. And Jim was a hot mess yesterday from a coaching standpoint. Personally, I think Harbaugh either needs to get his coaching together or take a REAL HARD LOOK at his offensive coach. If the story repeats itself again in 2013 the faithful should be looking to lynch someone on that staff. Second place is not a consolation prize in my book.
One thing I keep thinking about the 49ers...they were hurt pretty seriously by injuries this year at skill positions. Kendall Hunter, Kyle Williams, Mario Manningham, and Parys Haralson were all on IR for the playoffs. Manningham was a starter at wide out ahead of Randy Moss while Williams and Hunter were one and two on the depth chart at the kick return positions. Haralson was the rotational outside linebacker who would have probably been in about a third of our defensive snaps spelling Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith on running downs. If you consider that all of those guys will be back next year coupled with the fact that the 49ers are going to have between 11 and 13 picks in this year's draft, there is no reason why they shouldn't return even better next year. We have some expendable free agents in NT Isaac Sopoaga and backup defensive lineman Rickey Jean Francois, both of whom I think will be let go. But they are all positions we need to upgrade anyway. The only real question mark is Pro Bowl safety ...
Revis for Carlos Rogers, Kendall Hunter, and 1st rd draft pick. let's do it.
Slipped up a little last year partly because of injury.. Daryl Richardson, Kendall Hunter, Shane Vereen...
Wish niners were healthy, smh having Mario Manningham would be that much greater for us and especially Kendall Hunter! Real niner fans know.
they can't stop kaepernick running and throwing or Kendall Hunter and Frank Gore OR Moss, Crabtree, and Vernon Davis tho
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Kendall Hunter dared the D to keep him out of the end zone. They couldn't.
Wanted - kendallfire: Okay, here is the Kendall smut I promised. Based off of Wanted by Hunter Hayes. If...
Good session of bball at the Rec center today 🏀👍
My dad is a shark hunter and my mother grows tomatoes in Africa
Jason have you heard any recent news on Kendall Hunter. Was his injury an Achilles?
God I miss Kendall Hunter. Watching him in GB/SF wk1, guy is quick, but powerful, too.
Had a great show last night with Ryan Hunter and tonight's is going to be a funny one with Kerry Kendall. Here's...
Tired of my kids outgrowing their clothes! Carter must have grown over 2 inches these past 4 months! He is almost eye to eye with me and I'm close to 5'8. Having taller kids suck sometimes!
Spoke with Kendall Hunter, and he feels 1,000 yards is the bare minimum he should get each year.
My fantasy team thanks Kendall Hunter for his ridiculous numbers this week.
When they've blocked for him, Kendall Hunter has shredded this year.
Loved seeing the dedication to the run by Kendall Hunter and his Patriots this year.
Walking through campus with some froyo. Relaxing but I wish everyone was back!
First time I've seen & Kendall Hunter back at facility working out -- on bikes
Just passed a sign that said san Marcos city limits!
The whole car ride I'm listening to this lol
Thanks for the memories north texas, dirty south here I come! ;)
Hunter hayes * RT"*Kendall Jenner RT"Oh my god. Blake Bliss. I love you.""
Ballin. MJ/Kobe and RB Kendall Hunter autograph courtesy of the broski just_intyme and my wonderful Mr. McC
About to watch abraham lincoln: vampire hunter...hope its good.
ya but Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter in front of him
Wish there was playoffs in college football. A&M beats both of these teams playing tonight if so
In 9th grade, me debo, Nelson, tommy, Damian, Kendall, hunter, Carson, devin and Levi were the best freshman team around
Anthony Dixon could also be a possibility or Kendall Hunter
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