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Kendall Gill

Kendall Cedric Gill (born May 25, 1968) is a retired American professional basketball player, now a sports analyst for Comcast Sports Net and the Big Ten Network.

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I think Kendall Gill was putting coconut oil in his high top fade
I just misread a headline that began with "Kendall & Gigi..." as "Kendall Gill..." 😂 Perfectly encapsulates how out of touch I am in 2016.
Why Kendall and Gigi ain't got no knees?. Why is that black person also a dog? . Why...why is there a magic ghost hand touching G…
8 Smart tricks to get hired in an overcrowded job market
impossible to March To Bottom of The Sea b/c of the salt. The kosher salt. And the water. Need gills for that. Kendall Gill(s).
Enjoyed seeing Measuring Silences with today! Beautifully exhibited - lovely use of the space!
Lineup Update: Sapphire Kendall Gill is fire and so is Manu off the bench. Need a better C, gotta get my MT up.
I was disappointed when I found out that Kendall Gill is not in this movie tonight Cubs 8 to 3 in the 9th Inning
I'm giving away something for you on Kendall gill. Get it here -
To this day I'm not sure if Kendall Gill was actually great or if that episode messed up my judgement
Lol smh I stopped messing with My Brother & Me when they was hyping Kendall Gill up like he was a legend
All the heavyweights are back this weekend Kendall Gill, Robert Archibald, Brian Randle Tyler Griffey & current NBA Meyers Leonard are here.
Hawkins was traded with David Wingate for Kendall Gill. Which worked out great for us. Wow no better?
what if i told you he grew up with Larry Johnson, Kendall Gill, and Glen Rice they all told him he wouldn't make the league
The guys chat with former Illini Kendall Gill about the NBA playoffs and Duncan vs. Bryant. Lon and Carp ask...
Robert Pack better than GP, Kemp, Perkins, Detlef, Kendall Gill or Ricky Pierce? Pack didn't average even 10 a game cmon man
it's like how it must feel to have to guard Kendall Gill on opposite day
Kendall Gill got kids, two of them according to the net
Feeling better?😊 . Hi Nanay!😊 . . insta update from cyrlmaenfra. . -Kendall💛 https…
Kendall Gill here the black Mason Raymond before Mason Raymond
Big day on GCR: talks Bash, new transfer L.G. Gill, Gary Kendall
Del curry ain’t never save Kendall gill like this
"her simple beauty captured the heart of many" . ©Mr.Alessio Difra. -Kendall💜
Kendall gill up here at the Matteson rec 😭
Ray Lamontagne, Vince Gill, Wilco/Jeff Tweedy, and countless others play Swart, but Michael manages to make me feel just as important
Amethyst Aminu, gold Nique, and silver Kendall Gill combined for 21 dunks.
maybe he means Kendall Gill, which makes quite a bit more sense
the jazz defeated the supersonics. The Charlotte Hornets led by kendall gill beat the washington bullets.
.Kendall Gill played with (Kirk Hinrich)?. Me: Kirk was his rookie! How many times have I told you that?!. 😭
Kendall Gill ain’t walking through that door, Alfie.
Mugsy Bouges and Kendall Gill ain't walking through that door for the Hornets
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Looking forward to watching the Between the Magic/Hornets, had all the gear b/c of Nick Anderson & Kendall Gill.
That team with him Kendall Gill Marcus Liberty etc.. at Illinois was TOUGH
The 94 Hornets on 2k i give out with papa Curry LJ Zo Kendall Gill and Mugsy
Sparred a few rounds and ran into my old friend Kendall Gill !
If Mr. West had any sense, he'd go all hipster and say his Kendall Gill fade is ironic but he thinks it's cool.
Kendall Gill has the smallest head I’ve ever seen on a fully grown man
This Warriors-Memphis game is like how I used to play NBA Jam with Kendall Gill.
Why didn't Kendall Gill get all this love on his last game???
WATCH: Why didn't the Bulls make the playoffs?: Will Purdue and Kendall Gill talked about what led...
I said Jordan is GOAT. LJ best Hornet, and Kendall Gill played most like me!
Are these moms all blind? Kendall is an entitled brat and Gill is an awful person. Grow up ladies
Watching dance moms and thinking I can't be the only one who wants Gill and Kendall to stay gone 😂😂
I named my first son after Kendall Gill! Raised him as a hooper and he eventually play D-1 ball at Wright State! Loved that IL team!
Kendall Gill Talks About the Time Michael Jordan Dunked on Alonzo Mourning to Get Him to Stop Talking Trash.
word til late 90s like 97-2001 when Kendall gill and Sherman Douglas was our main pieces. And the limo killa
'My Kendall Gill fade is dope, right?'
Kendall is not versatile, she's bland, it's only her height & name I swear that keeps her in fashion.
Miley Cyrus DESTROYS hunter Kendall Jones on instagram! via
Unconscionable? I'm sure Meyers Leonard and Malcolm Hill would disagree-Kendall Gill too-whose side are you on?
Y'all need to hype over more models that are POC like Neelam Gill. Literally it's only Kendall, Gigi, Cara, etc. There are better models.
Kendall Gill didn't put in blood, sweat and tears to have Andre Roberson shooting threes.
inside joke on Bama.. He knows nothing about Nick Anderson, Marcus Liberty or Kendall Gill. Or does he?
Yea only analysts I trust about the Bulls are local analysts. Kendall Gill, Will Perdue, people that actually watch this team play.
what's the Bulls record since Kendall Gill came back to CSN?
In addition to the court looking like the Kendall Gill-era Meadowlands, A-10 network struggling w/ its graphics
Please welcome one of newest dispatchers Kyle Kendall. He brings with him experience as a Gill firefighter and as...
Nickelodeon Night sounds cool and all, but it’s a total failure if you didn’t invite the kids from My Brother & Me and KENDALL GILL
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the wrong Kendall Gill meets the silent Darryl Dawkins 👔
If they don't sell a My Brother and Me shirt with Kendall Gill on it then I want no part of this.
Nick Anderson, Kendall Gill or Marcus Liberty. Those shorts are the best part though.
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Watcha know about My Brother and Me? The Kendall Gill cameo & oh yeah setting was West Charlotte!
Allen is going to endorse Kendall Gill. No one rocked a fade better than Kendall.
wasn't it going to be 90s specific? I hope, because I have a lot of thoughts about Kendall Gill.
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the unlikely Kendall Gill meets the silent Robert Horry 🚐
Ya'll niggaz don't know about Waymon Tisdale & Kendall Gill
In Duxbury girls' win, Emma Gill had nine points and Nicole Callander/Kendall Roland eight each.
Still got that Kendall Gill rookie card. Aw yeah thats who i was named after.
*** the 90s had so many good guards. Didn't mention Latrell, Kendall Gill, Hersey Hawkins...plenty good guards.
Kendall Gill or Erick Strickland for Monroe and a second rounder maybe??
Kendall Gill and Sam Cassell expected to be part of the deal. Al
Time to get that infamous box fade young kendall gill.
Raven Symonè had to make way for Kendall Jenner because she's "more important." 💀
I would still beat them with Kendall Gill and Larry Johnson, though.
So, when we saw a guy like Cedric Ceballos or Shawn Kemp or even Kendall Gill fly, it seemed more special. Now, everyone starts at that base
Kendall Gill was already on the Supreme Court
All those names too like Shawn Kemp, Kendall Gill, Rex Chapman. Doesn't feel like it was so long ago but here we are.
Bobby Sura.tough. Lindsey Hunter was a problem in college. Kendall Gill. Charles Smith(Iverson before Iverson-Gtown)
Halftime at girls' basketball:. Duxbury 25. Pembroke 14. Emma Gill with 9 points while Kendall Roland with 8.
I love Kendall Gill. The guy has a fire about him. Wish he was 15 years younger. He's the type of locker room vocalist the need.
Kendall Gill was a terrific player, in style aspect, he was the closest thing to Jordan even before Kobe, but his lack of
Not a fan of the Kilroy commercials? Did you not see Mitch Richmond and Kendall Gill rock em?
Charles Barkley sat Kendall Gill down & told him he was making a HUGE mistake... And his teammates ALLOWED for him to score 20 a night...
Bill Wennington and Kendall Gill both ripped into Derrick for sitting out tonight.
KENDALL GILL averaged 20 plus.. Curry not dropping 30 stop. And because he takes floaters and fast break
Can someone please tell Kendall Gill he has no idea what he's talking about?
All the Bulls analysts ripping on the Cavs and Ty Lue>>> lmao Kendall Gill said he thought they were gonna fire Lue after the 3rd quarter
Kendall Gill returning to CSN Chicago as Bulls analyst
Forever loving my tattoos (Kylie,gill,kit,Katie,Kendall are what they say)
With the random appearances by Kendall Gill and Hakeem the Dream
Custom order for our sweet science fitness family member Kendall Gill. Chicago native, fighting…
Electronic Device Insurance
Kendall Jenner is perfection, its so not fair
Remembering Johnny Bach... Great stories about coach Bach from Kendall Gill and David Kaplan.
Not familiar with the work of Nick Anderson, Kendall Gill, Steve Bardo, Kenny Battle, et al? Read this:
i'll remember him for taking that U of I team to the Final Four with Kendall Gill, Kenny Battle & Marcus Liberty for Lou Henson
My cousin stole my basketball that Kendall Gill signed and then got it stuck on top of the church
Sorry young guys u won't get this reference, but for Michigan has the exact same jumper form as Kendall Gill
Kendall Gill hit up a gym my homies were hooping in downtown about 4 years back. *** looked like Isiah Thomas amongst them
. Keith Van Horn, Aaron Williams, and I think Kendall Gill? looking on.
who held that prestigious title prior to him? Kendall Gill?
I think you were thinking Nick Anderson, Kenny Battle, and Kendall gill at illinois
Twirling skillz with theofficial.kendall…
Kendall Gill would be up there. And Kenyon was PF but he nearly made Antoine Walker cry
Kendall Gill crosses u off his Christmas list
alright i see you scared😏 Coulda had a Kendall Gill VS J.R. Smith showdown but i gotchu. One day ill find a way to play u!
I just spotted Kendall Gill going into the store on State Street.
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Mudiay walked into barber shop and asked for The Kendall Gill.
Kawhi is the NBA version of every really boring drill your coach made you do in high school and Mudiay looks like Kendall Gill
I just posted UR Kendall Gill but it went quick
Anyone have UR Bogut, Okafor, or Kendall Gill to sell for minimum? Just trying to fill out my last spots before starting a season
Timberwolves got all the throwback players. Kendall Gill, Troy Hudson, Wally Szcerbiak, Anthony Peeler.
Kendall Gill, LJ, and Alonzo on the same front line-only to have them all traded.
Yo that is Kendall Gill on the Bulls bench...
without Mj, I think Pippen would be like Kendall gill lol. Gill was an athletic player, who never found his
Syria poses challenges for Putin- excellent analysis by BBC's Bridget Kendall
and then my kendall gill untrained went for 5.5k. Fml
I'll go over the best silvers I'd recommend using in the video, I used Kendall Gill for them.
You should tell Kendall Gill to bring an autographed DVD of "My Brother and Me" to the contest.
love NYM, but time for real talk: Kendall Gill looks bad in Butch Beard's system + he couldnt stop Calbert Cheaney 2nite. ***
Kendall Gill discusses his decision to leave the Charlotte Hornets:
who is far left? Looks like Kendall Gill but I know it's not
: RIGHT ! I try to put Kendall on & he knows My My My by Johnny Gill so we are making some progress 😂😂!
Kendall Gill is rolling in his grave lol
Charlotte Hornets all time team: The shooting guards: - Austin Peters - Kendall Gill is my favorite NBA TV announc…
"Kendall Gill is my favorite NBA TV announcer during Summer League games." This is the worst piece, J. Mike.
"Liz Kendall couldn't lure a voter out of a burning building" - Frankie Boyle
'I hope Eastenders' stillbirth storyline breaks the taboo of baby loss' blogs
Kenny Anderson,Kendall Gill and Derrick Coleman used to all put in work for the Nets...and they had live jerseys
it's not the first time this would happen. Look at Turkoglu with por/tor in 2009 and then Kendall Gill with lal/njn in 2000
- Robert Pack drops Kendall Gill and goes full court and dunks on the reign man Shawn Kemp like…
Rule You can't talk trash to a player if you are wearing that player's shoes | VIDEO:
Kansas doesn't even like Kansas. On the other note, REO is the best thing to come out of Champagne since Kendall Gill
“Today’s biz students must learn to operate within every single country in the world.”—Kendall Roth
Me and my bro Jeff wit our 20+ homie Ex NBA star Kendall Gill at the Chosen Few…
youre a stats guy. Kendall gill once averaged 22 ppg when you were a knick fan lol
But we will sign Kendall Gill, Jermaine O'Neal and Marcus Banks!
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I just came back from the future and we finally signed Kendall Gill and Jermaine O'Neal!
I think Justise Winslow will be a terrific NBA player. To way player. Similar to Kendall Gill, Jimmy Butler, Kerry Kittles, maybe Scottie P.
George Karl has clashed with Kendall Gill, Ray Allen, Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, Boogie Cousins, and probably more. It ain't all Boogie
Zo Mourning, Grandmama, Mugsy Bogues, Kendall Gill, and Glen Rice. Dell Curry gotta come off the bench.
REMINDER: Kendall Gill's late-career Ricky Williams phase happened and was glorious.
he's what early-career Kendall Gill would look like after the machine that made Urkle into Stephon Urquelle
To celebrate that Warriors victory, this amazing picture of late-career Kendall Gill.
Dell Curry was one of my favorite players growing up. Along with Kendall Gill. Wonder what his kid is doing
Real talk though, Dell Curry has nothing on Kendall Gill, due in large part to never having a guest spot on My Brother and Me.
messed up. Couldn't get my squad: Jerry Stackhouse, Paul Milsap, Kendall Gill, J Will (white chocolate)
Who got the better of the Kendall Gill/Hersey Hawkins trade?
The Kendall and Kylie collection at Topshop is a huge disappointment
Kendall gill was good. What you think about porter
Kendall gill had steals record I meant shandon Anderson not wilie
Right now , Johnny Gill or Kendall Gill would be a better answer.
Kendall and Kylie finna happy till this Caitlyn umbe start tief dem clothes and wear.
Most blocks all-time by a player 6'5" or shorter:. DWade: 717. Dennis Johnson: 675. Michael Cooper: 523. J. Kidd: 450. Kendall G…
I like what Kendall Gill said , Thibs had to choose 1, either play them 40 minutes a game and let em rest in practice or ...
Happy birthday, One of my favorite NBA players, ever. Former podcast guest, too:
Kendall Gill: “Next year is the year for Derrick Rose to be great again” - WGN Radio
Happy 47th Birthday to former guard Kendall Gill.
Kendall Gill turns 47 today. Gill spent the 2004 season in The Windy City
Today's Bulls birthday... Illinois own Kendall Gill turns 47 today. Kendall spent the 2004 season with the...
Makes sense that Kendall Gill would think that, since I never saw him dive for a loose ball, like, ever.
lol he dnt. Kendall Gill played in the 90s he just said. You see a players legs u dnt put all ur weight into it
there is more than enough room. make it MARK/ Will Purdue & kendall gill for us next season.i miss Norm Van Lier
I would see former NBA player Kendall Gill all the time tho LOL.
I pulled another dupe UR of a RTTC card. Kendall Gill. That makes it three RTTCs in a row I've pulled a dupe, epic or UR.
you not gon slander me with that avi, Kendall Gill face.
Wow! I'll miss Friday Night Fights! Remember attending in Chicago near O'Hare Airport! Kendall Gill was sitting a few rows from me.
Ta to for drawing my attention to this on FB, it is very funny
Dell Curry used to play for the Charlotte Hornets and I used to think he was goofy and cute. But Kendall Gill was my baby though. My God.
the Hornets team with ZO, Grandmama, mugsy , kendall gill,curry etc were a fun and liked team. Kemps sonics as well
if I'd said Kendall Gill or Luther Head you'd be stroking yourself
I didn't realize Kendall Gill was still around !?!?
you should do a TBT show focusing on what's up with players from back in the day - Anfernee Hardaway? Kendall Gill?
I think he could be a Kendall Gill / James Young type player.
yeah that's BS but I'll sell you my Amare but I'm keeping Kendall Gill I'm an Illinois fan
you must have loved the Kendall Gill episode of My Brother and Me
that Hornets team was legit in the early 90s...Mourning, LJ, Bogues...and Kendall Gill. Racked the brain. No Google.
Kendall Gill couldn't even pull that off and he is a movie star.
I had a full Kendall Gill Supersonics jersey (shorts and jersey)- I wore it in AAU games
I traded a 96-97 Topps Redemption Kobe Bryant for my *second* Kendall Gill Autographics. Arguably a poor decision on my part.
When I was a kid I actually collected Kendall Gill cards specifically. He was my favorite player. I had binders full of Kendall Gill cards.
What is more 90's than the back of this Kendall Gill basketball card?
I'm jealous! Lol but that was a nice team, along with Kendall Gill and Dell Curry
The Charlotte Hornets acquired point guard Kenny Anderson from the Nets for Kendall Gill back in '96:
Apr.3 1999 nets player Kendall Gill had 11 steals. Tied for most steals in NBA game by payer.
have you ever heard of the Kendall Gill line? It's the Mendoza line, but for 3 point fg%.
Penny and Kendall Gill would be my 6th and 7th options
Kendall Gill on the Bulls elimination and Thibs ...
his stock soared once comped him as "the next Kendall Gill" LOL
thanks for stopping by today, Kendall.
WGN TV: Kendall Gill on the Bulls elimination and Thibs’ future
Kendall Gill posts video of Michael Jordan torching him, then dunking
Kendall Gill's not walking through that door
Kendall Gill ain't walking through that door!
Lebron might drop 50 in the first half on Kendall Gill
Kendall gill wasn't that good he wasn't even an allstar neither was Starks
Xb1 myTeam - anyone have Kendall Gill or Drew Gooden? None up currently
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West was 18 & 10 in that day. I don't think Kendall Gill had that impact. why they got washed in the Finals against the Lakers
nah bruh I don't know about Kendall gill bro, Kendall gill was nice, west is overrated in my opinion.. He just mean and strong lol
Reminds me of Kendall Gill's story of smack-talking Michael Jordan, who proceeded to obliterate them.
Illinois has guards Nunn and Tate from Chicago Simeon, 4 yr state champs. Nunn will be a great ala Kendall Gill. Need a big.
no love for the Illini? Kenny Battle, Marcus Liberty, Kendall Gill, lefty high risers! lol
Free Kendall Gill! He did the world a favor...Knocked out *** Tim Doyle...
I thought Kendall Gill was underrated,too.
Well I put a kendall gill up again... So 5...
hey I was on the phone so I was there in spirit
Major S/O to and for last night don't know what I would do without them two!!
it took a lot of time and dedication but no worries I got it guys
Dion Waiters is like a Kendall Gill lite. never liked the pick for Cleveland or understood the hype.
oh shoot... May have to delete the game sooner than later to save myself! 😂
I was on it for about 3 weeks and deleted the whole game. Lol not going to be a good time in your life 😂
don't forget Kendall Gill's magical season...
What about Gary Trent and Rasho? Heck, bring back Kendall Gill and Anthony Peeler, too.
Kendall gill is a bigger draw than you realize
Jiggy like Kendall gill in 92...y'all fufu guys can have that baby water blue🏀🏀🏀
Questioning Steve Bardo's memory. Can't find any pictures of Kendall Gill at Illinois where his shorts went below his knees.
Kendall Gill: "I look at Coach Groce as a young Coach Henson."
Oh, and tomorrow former Kendall Gill and Stephen Bardo will join us. This job is kinda fun.
Hornets fans just mad because the best moment in their history was when Kendall Gill was on "My Brother & Me" lol
Tbh I feel like Kendall Gill out there on tha court but I prolly look like Joe Pesci in "The Super". Whateva, its my zen.
picked 1 up over the weekend thank you though please keep me in mind on future kendall gill cards. Thanks again and god bless!
"Yes bro!!!" Hold on, is this THEEE Kendall Gill from the Flyin' Illini of 1989!?!?
NO LIE: Kendall Gill was just the answer to a scoreboard trivia Q, while they played Johnny Gill music. (It's 90s night.)
No, I don't think has the talent to carry a good team. Just like Kendall Gill. 3rd best player on a contender.
My bad, missed the context. Kendall Gill is still a good comp. Athletic ball handler and scorer but couldn't carry team either.
If you really want a "past player" pre-meltdown Kendall Gill might be a good comp.
Hornets had Mugsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, Kendall Gill, Zo, Ellis...Bulls ended them. Bulls just that good
DS is below the Kendall Gill line. That's a whole diff level of suck. Think you're shorting TB here. Plays against 1st tier too
tomorrow night sixers v. kendall gill and the Charlotte Hornets time TBD
So many messed up dreams last night - from being saved by Spider-Man to being BFFs with Kendall & Kylie to a wedding in New York 🙈
Autographs weren't anything great - Stacey Augmon, Kendall Gill, Brad Daugherty. Autos are snickered on, not on-card.
time to bring back Eddie Robinson, Marcus Fizer and Kendall Gill
“he's paying homage to Kendall Gill, bruh.” -> Touché.
he's paying homage to Kendall Gill, bruh.
"Pay a goon I just met to kill/ So chill Kendall and you'll only get a Gill" 😂😂😂😂
S/O to our fball/bball seniors on a great season so far and on senior night last night Riley Smith & Kendall Gill!!
"lmfao Kendall Gill be goin in on snapchat 😂😂😂" lmao I SWEAR!! I love his snap rants😂
lmfao Kendall Gill be goin in on snapchat 😂😂😂
Just to confirm, Kendall Gill was not on the Bulls when Jordan punched Perdue.
Kendall Gill's improvement was biggest I can remember.
Between Jackson & DART's Malik Gill, a good day for Ivy guards 5-9 or shorter. MT Kendall Jackson continues his strong shooting.
Kendall Gill a fake...I fought you out in Chicago..main event..your 1st fight...I was not a pro boxer..I never had a my amateur
Breast Cancer Awareness
If you don't have enough reasons to get to tomorrow, here's another ... it's Neon Night! http:/…
Favorite moment, meeting Kendall Gill my all time favorite player!
Remember when Kendall Gill was a Buck? That was awesome.
Word to Kendall Gill “Illinois changed shorts on today's throwbacks b/c Chief Illiniwek no longer allowed
The Illini are who we thought they were. Kendall gill ain't walkin thru that door anytime soon.
Illinois sporting throwbacks from the 1989 season. The Kendall Gill, Nick Anderson, and Marcus Liberty era. That was a fun team to watch.
Illinois' throwback uni's are dope. Where's Kendall Gill and Marcus Liberty?
Jordan beat up on Jeff Hornacek, John Starks, Reggie Miller, Dan Majerle and a bunch of bums. Maybe Clyde and Kendall Gill were his size.
Jordans, Huaraches and more classic 90's hoops shoes in this week's Kicks on Cards Collection
"Messing up my nails after just painting them is the worst"
And Kendall Gill! (Keith Van Horn lived in Franklin Lakes and was extremely nice.)
Kendall Gill in Air Jordan PEs and more in this week's Kicks on Cards Collection
Jamal Crawford is NICE! Gerald Green is also pretty good. Also some legends like Kendall Gill etc...
Jan. 14, 1989: Kendall Gill scores 26 points to lead the Flying team past Michigan, 96-84.
Homeboy wearing a Nets Kendall Gill jersey at the gym
Triton is an artificial gill that extracts oxygen from water eliminating need for oxygen tanks while SCUBA diving
Calling Kendall Gill -> when can we expect your commentary again , you are missed !
VaSID all-state football teams are out. Liberty's Jacob Hagen co-defensive POY w/ VT's Kendall Fuller; Turner Gill coach of the year.
Here is article on the firing of Kendall Gill from a few years ago
I miss Kendall Gill as Bulls pregame and postgame analyst.
"Does anyone else miss Kendall Gill?" The CSN post game show doesn't feel the same, thought it was just me smh
Kendall Gill>Will Purdue as a pre and post game analyst
You remember they didn't have Kendall Gill due to injury for a chunk of that season right?
Can you put up kendall gill for under 25k?
guys need help with the historic hornets collection... Need Kendall gill And Sidney Green for cheap !
The Hornets could play Muggsy Bogues, Dell Curry, Larry Johnson, Kendall Gill and ‘Zo right now and still beat the Knicks easily
nick van horn, not exel lol Keith.. U meant Kendall Gill?
SG is Kendall gill, but goes for a bit, good PG is Ray mcallum he bronze but really good
Anyone looking for sapphire Larry Johnson? Got the cheapest Kendall Gill on the block. (Xbox one)
When you say Kendall, I'll think Gill way before I think Jenner.
they're not playing well , now I have a better understanding of why Kendall Gill went after Dakich
Similar to the Kendall Gill | Stephen Bardo Illini team that made a run.
Do you like 90's Nickelodeon shows? Do you like NBA allstar Kendall Gill? Well allow me to present you
I miss Kendall Gill on the post game show.
Who wore it better: JR Reid or Kendall Gill?
Shout the homie Kendall Gill who's been real and been helping me out out here ✊
The Sonics were BADASS in NBA Live '95 (the last NBA video game I ever purchased) Kendall Gill didn't miss from 3 & Kemp dunks!
heres the My Brother and Me Kendal Gill clip. "Kendall GEL":
Happy 19th Birthday to Here's to another year of killing it on the runway:
I liked watching Kendall Gill. He had a few good years through the 90's.
Kendall gill was a 20 ppg guy. Reggie Lewis would've been high on this list too
have u seen Chris Douglas-Roberts' hairdo? Looking like awkward Timberwolves Kendall Gill
Kendall Gill is looking down from heaven at the Hornets smiling right now.
Kinda cool seeing the Charlotte Hornets blue back in action. Now wheres Mugsey, Grandmama, Zo, Kendall Gill, etc?
I had the starter jacket too. Loved Grandmama, Zo, Mugsy, Dell, Kendall Gill
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add Kendall Gill and u have a playoff team
Why are you leaving out Kendall Gill?
If I had to make a MT. Rushmore of NBA players it would be Bron KG Shaq Kobe and Kendall Gill llamf
Yo, T you remember the "Iron Unkind" on ESPN2. Kendall Gill was on every night.
when I think Charoltte Hornets ,there is only one name that comes to mind. KENDALL GILL
Not a charlotte fan but im glad they went back to being the hornets. Reminds me of Larry Johnson, zo and kendall gill.
20 is a lot of points for Kendall Gill. Kobe gets 20 in his sleep. 24ppg at least. Volume, yes. 15-20, no way. We'll see...
“This is why you shouldn't order a dress on eBay from China 😂😍
You know what would be dope, if LJ, Mourning, Mugsy and Kendall Gill came to First Hornets game.
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