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Kenan Thompson

Kenan Thompson (born May 10, 1978) is an American actor and comedian.

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Kenan Thompson is a talent and we need to acknowledge this.
Good Sunday morning, we saw Saturday Night Live yesterday and the following skit with Chance the Rapper, Kenan Thom…
Kenan Thompson is still out here living well. Not everyone can have a 20+ year run and he’s done it
I like David Ortiz on the postgame coverage, but can't help thinking about Kenan Thompson impersonating him on
Y'all member the days when Kenan Thompson was the face of nickelodeon
Angry sandwich boys were psychologically Kenan Thompson so I do math for a bad Minecraft hat.
Just met a dude that looks like Steve Harvey and Kenan Thompson at the same time. Life's crazy
opened my eyes with this article about being SNL's secret…
Minions are inexplicably Kenan Thompson then I dab on people with "Calvin peeing" bumper stickers.
Kenan Thompson Smile Parade check these guys out! .
We had a chance to catch up w/ to talk about his kickstarter for artists, 👏🏽. Read: https:…
.of shot for Check out his new proj Smile Parade: wwd:
Kenan Thompson is at my restaurant and I get to wait on him ??
Honey-roasted peanuts were *cough* Kenan Thompson then I perform half an a-press on Scarlett Johannson in a headlining role.
I don't know if this should be celebrated as a good thing.
Well then I guess I'm full on kkk because I love Kenan Thompson too much to stop using his reaction…
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There&a lot of pressure on kids, period, just to be successful in life. - Kenan Thompson
In honor of Kenan Thompson this week we discuss "All That". The comedy sketches are nearly as impressive as the mus…
Inside SNL, Kenan Thompson is considered one of the greatest sketch comics ever
Are we sure this is from LaVar or is this Kenan Thompson doing the "Fake LaVar? This comes to mind:…
Thoughts on this feat? Being versatile has made him longest running cast member!
Yo-kai Watch anti-fans were *cough* Kenan Thompson but I love the mongoose in spite of a vision of my own death.
Chromosomes were vaginally Kenan Thompson but I nut in the Great Caucasian Shark.
Hm, dunno how great this designation is. Can a brotha get a film career going? (Though me and CJ love his role...
Finished Dictionary piece of Kenan Thompson and Done with oil pastels and…
I read that like Kenan Thompson just yelled it at Kel. Lol
Wow! You have my vote. Then replace Steve Harvey with Kenan Thompson dressed as Steve Harvey.
Saturday Knight Live starring Sir Kenan Thompson of Nickelodeon. . Cc: Do u want 2 buy this idea?
Nickelodeon icon Kenan Thompson is on the verge of making television history as the longest-running cast...
Kenan Thompson on Retiring David Ortiz and Stepping into LaVar Ball's Shoes -
Kenan Thompson will make history as longest-running 'Saturday Night Live' cast member
Ahhh, here it goes: Kenan Thompson will make history as longest-running SNL cast member
Alec Baldwin returns to SNL, but Kenan Thompson's "Blacks for Trump" guy steals the show: via
Kenan Thompson did a great impression of LaVar Ball on SNL's "Weekend Update: Summer Edition." Watch:.
Kenan Thompson's LaVar Ball impression is spot on 😂. [via SNL]
Mel Gibson as Turdhat. Dolph Ludgren as Esta. Kenan Thompson as Fen. Bonus: Charlie Sheen as Sauce in a cameo part.
I have it. Eddie Izzard and Luke Wilson and Kenan Thompson make it worth it :3
Roy in Heavyweights was Kenan Thompson's greatest role.
Aight, so Nick Cannon, Kenan Thompson. Kel Mitchell, Gabriel Iglesias, Amanda Bynes...what happened to all the OTHER kids from "All That"?
Every time a Peter Tosh song comes on my Pandora I think it's Kenan Thompson
Members of the UN Security Council will be *cough* Kenan Thompson but I make sex at 1950's science fiction.
Kenan Thompson is at my job rn and I just want to crack jokes with him
On and off throughout today, I've been thinking about Kenan Thompson yelling, "Kevin Roberts got in my head!"
him, I think he's the funniest of the whole lot. via
Kenan Thompson is literally the light of my life. so pure. so talented.
New post (15 of Kenan Thompson’s Most Hysterical Saturday Night Live Moments) has been published on KennyWadeH ...…
Moravian Activities Council brought Kenan Thompson to campus this spring. Watch all the excitement! 🐾 Video by Vina…
Wow Kenan Thompson dominated, taking 100% of the vote over Gerry Thompson. Truly telling results
For a moment, I thought this was a sketch with Kyle Mooney and Kenan Thompson.
I want a recording of Kenan Thompson saying PIE for my text tone.
I don't think anyone at has ever actually watched Kenan Thompson and Bobby Moynihan aren't…
Thinkin' I should hit up for some special cookies! invited too.
Peanuts were unfortunately Kenan Thompson and I create dated memes for a Reuben sandwich.
Kenan Thompson need to do WWE stuff
A nice article about that is worth the read.
Lookie what had to say about today.
Republicans were *cough* Kenan Thompson so I televangelize about the exact point where the taint meets the ***
If he had just gotten fat& only incessantly repeated the same kinds of unlaughable bits like kenan thompson has bee…
An SNL skit featuring Kenan Thompson, with cameo by Kamala Harris. Opportunity missed.
working at Twisted Burger might top Kenan Thompson in Good Burger
Amazon Echo - SNL: The Amazon Echo Silver is specifically designed for the greatest generation (Kenan Thompson,……
Kenan Thompson is so under appreciated by the mainstream
I can't fathom SNL without Kenan Thompson. He's literally the foundation of every sketch that works.
Mikey Day is usurping Kenan Thompson’s role as go-to game show host.
great profile of him here. Save for when you have a few minutes to read.
Darrell Hammond. Keenan breaks it upon return next year. Great article on his SNL career:
Kenan Thompson has been killing it for years in comedy. Outstanding comedian
Kenan Thompson's still on What's the record for longest uninterrupted cast-member stint?
I'm hoping they'll cast Kenan Thompson as Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Do I want to see Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or Kenan Thompson? Both super talented; Kenan would enrage DT & Daddy Huckabee
Of course she can! But I was rooting for Kenan Thompson to play Sarah Huckabee. .
I added a video to a playlist Fat Albert ( Kenan Thompson, Kyla Pratt)
All the trash talk had me thinking of Russ Tyler in Mighty Ducks. Just realized he is Kenan Thompson!
Live from Gainesville it's SNL's Kenan Thompson and Michael Che on March 22 in the O'Connell Center at 8 p.m.!
Kenan Thompson is the Daniel Murphy of SNL. Reliable, consistent, and will only be appreciated once he's killing it somewhere else
Watch Father John Misty make faces as Kenan Thompson jokes about not seeing Hidden Figures in new promos
Kenan Thompson gonna play Sean Kingston in the Migos biopic
Some day soon, Kenan Thompson will play the Colonel. Mark my words, this will make the Pepes insanely mad
We have Kenan Thompson, so I just need Kel Mitchell added. Kenan and Kel need to be reunited!
Kel Mitchell, Usher, and Kenan Thompson in the 90's.
why do you use that gif of Kenan Thompson a lot — Watch Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks & you'll find t...
Chance the Rapper and Kenan Thompson as Run-D.M.C. is even better than it sounds.
Promo video for SNL (with Shawn Mendes, Emma Stone, and Kenan Thompson! Who's excited?
New promo for SNL with Shawn, Emma Stone, and Kenan Thompson playing Secret Santa.
I hope SNL does a Wikileaks skit and Kenan Thompson plays Donna Brazile.
Amy Poehler won her first Emmy! All thanks to the sequel to Carol (dir. Kenan Thompson).
true and you had Kristen Wigg, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudekis and Kenan Thompson too! Dream team!
What '90s Nickelodeon Star Are You?: Are you more Amanda Bynes or Kenan Thompson?
The perfect man has Kenan Thompson's heart, Mark Hamill's cruelty & Patrick Stewart's lauded animal magnetism
Kenan Thompson, & Jimmy Fallon to kick off first episode of 'Maya & Marty'
When Kenan said Alexa on the view today out Alexa turned on Thompson View
The View Kenan Thompson seems like a real sweetheart. Always thought so and so talented and humble
I want Kenan Thompson to narrate my life
[VIDEO] Jimmy Fallon, Kenan Thompson to appear on Maya & Marty...
Kenan Thompson returns as Miles Mouvay for Fandango, and welcomes a special guest:
The year is 2040: Kenan Thompson crawls free from the depths of 8H, his SNL debt has been fulfilled, he laughs for the first t…
Saturday Night Live is mom's basement and Kenan Thompson (and Bobby Moynihan) just won't move out
what about Kenan Thompson, Aries Spears, Ike Barinholtz, and Jane Kaczmarek on Game Shakers and Henry Danger?
Kenan Thompson busts out his David Ortiz impression on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'
"Kate Beckett will be dead by the end of the (night)" . (kenan thompson voice): WHY.
Omg just remembered Kenan Thompson and I have the same birthday 😍🎉🍾
I only know 2 black ppl with job security. My mom, a city worker for 30 years and Kenan Thompson.
Somebody tell me why Kenan Thompson didn't win an Oscar for Snakes on a Plane. 🐍
Happy birthday to my good friend, Kenan Thompson. Can't wait to celebrate tonight!!
New on kenan thompson, correct, Black Jeopardy, that's it
Checkout today's of the day! kenan thompson, correct, Black Jeopardy, that's it via…
Check out this new trending ! kenan thompson, correct, Black Jeopardy, that's it
Happy Birthday to my very funny friend, Kenan Thompson!
New trending GIF on GIPHY! snl, kenan thompson, correct, Black Jeopardy, that's it
(This GIF is trending! Tags: snl, kenan thompson, correct, Black Jeopardy, that'…
snl, kenan thompson, correct, Black Jeopardy, that's it GIF
Gif ~ snl, kenan thompson, correct, Black Jeopardy, that's it
Kenan Thompson is the worst & everything wrong with hes been on 13 yrs, does he have pics of Lorne Michaels doing a goat or something?
Gordon from Sesame Street has the fake mustache Kenan Thompson uses to play Steve Harvey.
I just watched yesterdays episode of "Saturday Night Live" & aside from Jay Pharoah & Kenan Thompson, I have no idea who those people are.
Elizabeth Banks has some tough love for Hunger Games hopeful Kenan Thompson: "You would die"
Gotta love 90's shows. Especially ones with Kenan Thompson.
Wow Kenan Thompson was even less funny as a kid.. Who knew that was possible
Me:*sees trailer for new Ghostbusters reboot* "This looks awful!". *hears rumor that Kenan Thompson has cameo* "I can't wait for this movie!"
Kenan Thompson carried SNL for so much crappy SNL too. What's Up With That was the only reason to watch for so long.
The fact that Kenan Thompson was on All That (aka SNL for kids) and then grew up and graduated to SNL for adults is so inspiring.
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Wait, is Kenan Thompson the only SNL cast member to have a career before being on SNL?
There's a kid show called Nature Cat and it has Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson, Kate McKinnon, and Bobby Moynihan as the voice talents.
Kel dishes on possible reunion with and talks Game Shakers!
"Weekend Update" features Finesse Mitchell as Donovan McNabb and Kenan Thompson as McNabb's mom from the Campbell's Chunky Soup commercials
Almost a week later and I still can't get over Kenan Thompson's David Ortiz impression.
Kenan Thompson does the greatest--and to my knowledge, only--David Ortiz impression ever. Havent laughed like that during SNL…
Kenan Thompson as David Ortiz hurts my sides from laughing too much
Happy birthday to Kenan Thompson! Here are some of his best moments:
Fat Albert was a great movie, Kenan Thompson played that role real well
A young Kenan Thompson comes on and does a lovable Bill Cosby impression, which would play very differently today
I liked a video Beats by Dre Presents: Kenan Thompson Tutorial
How is that Kenan Thompson janitor part on last night okay? Or is that not racism?
If I mention "Kenan Thompson" and you recognize him from SNL, not Kenan & Kel or All That! You're too young, bro.
Kenan Thompson been on SNL longer than Lorne Michaels 😂
What is going on with Kenan Thompson playing a Latinx stereotype? Felipe Ramirez? Are you guys serious? Come on SNL.
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Change the actresses in the trailer with Michael Sera, Jesse Eisenberg, Zach Galifianakis and Kenan Thompson. IT'S STILL TRASH
I was expecting Kenan Thompson to laugh during that last sketch; it ended up being Taran Killam! And Kate McKinnon's accent--fantastic!
The 'Champ' video--was it supposed to be funny? The only part I laughed at was Kenan Thompson's janitor character.
so now Kenan Thompson is hispanic.. ?
I like but I think Kyle Mooney, Kenan Thompson & Aidy Bryant should go. They can't act & aren't funny at all. Skits are awkward w/ them
kenan Thompson's acting is the same as it was on "Kenan & Kel"
Kenan Thompson finally got let in from being locked outside
Seems like Kenan Thompson locked himself out of the studio tonight.
Kenan Thompson, always knocking non american roles out the park!
Kenan Thompson as a Latino school janitor doing the worst Latino accent and impersonation I have seen in a while
Kenan Thompson's Felipe Ramirez is the star of that skit.
I know we're done with SNL diversity, but Kenan Thompson just played someone named Felipe Ramirez.
kenan thompson has been on SNL longer than anthony greco has been at ohio state
Hoping there's a Kenan Thompson "Shut the *** up" sketch about backlash on Leslie Jones' char on Ghostbusters. Or Weekend Update editorial?
If Austin Carr was someone who mattered, the Kenan Thompson impression of him on SNL would be perfect.
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I know that one. Can't remember the name but I know Kenan Thompson was in it.
Tracy Morgan and Kenan Thompson aint fooling nobody.
.Kenan Thompson is to SNL what Bobby Lee was to MadTv
Kel Mitchell says he and Kenan Thompson have talked about 'Good Burger 2'
Can't you see a sketch with Bill Murray, Kenan Thompson and Tara Killam impersonating these GOP candidates?
I will say this about Kenan Thompson tho: he's probably got the strongest Weekend Update character resume of any SNL castmember ever.
The only people in the SNL cast I recognize anymore are Bobby Moynihan and Kenan Thompson.
Kenan Thompson busts out his Steve Harvey impression for 'SNL' 'Family Feud' sketch. .
Leslie Jones cussed out Kenan Thompson after what he said about black female comedians
not the Jordan, but Kenan Thompson is doing the most
Steve Harvey is lucky he messed up after went on break. I have a feeling Kenan Thompson wouldn't have held back lol
Next year is too long to wait to see Kenan Thompson parody Steve Harvey's Miss Universe moment on SNL
'Saturday Night Live' preview: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Kenan Thompson have some fun -
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler turn Kenan Thompson into a snowman in funny new SNL promos
Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Kenan Thompson make for some hilarious promos: 👍
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Watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hug it out with Kenan Thompson in this promo
Tina Fey, Amy Poehler tease their gig by dressing Kenan Thompson as a snowman
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's new promos make us all wish we were Kenan Thompson:
Jane Lynch, Stanley Tucci, Kenan Thompson, Andy Samberg, Jeff Daniels -is this a SNL skit? Also I will be right over
Tim Meadows, Kenan Thompson, Fred Armisen, Daryl Hammond, and Seth Meyers? Meyers does not feel right but he did Update forever.
I see Kenan Thompson officiating the game tonight.
I feel like Kenan Thompson has been on Saturday Night Live for like a hundred years
So, I'm at the heading home and get stopped and asked if I'm Kenan Thompson from this…
tf is a *** I know mfs that look like the word *** . Like Kenan Thompson. He look like the word *** . *** face ***
Kenan Thompson clearly studied David Alan Grier’s Lion, down to the quavering jaw.
One hour away from MMC and All That uniting when Ryan Gosling and Kenan Thompson appear together in a sketch
Watched the funniest SNL skit ever earlier this night. Kenan Thompson is a monster. Dude had my stomach clenching
Kenan Thompson was on an episode of Felicity?!?!. Amazing.
Getting ready for the 40th season of with Kenan Thompson
Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell have all the juice
that kenan Thompson Gif is filled with heelarity
Some of yall think you Kevin Hart funny and you not even Kenan Thompson funny.
Kenan Thompson is killing me rn on the Thanksgiving episode of SNL 😂😂
Really dreading the day Kenan Thompson leaves SNL
Rachel Dratch, Will Ferrel, Gilda Radner, Chevy Chase, Molly Shannon, Tina Fey, Kenan Thompson,& so many more.. I love them all
*** if you don't get yo Kenan Thompson lookin *** ..
I'm Kenan Thompson will be here next spring?
Kenan Thompson makes me not want to use Fandango.
Why is Ne-Yo talking like Kenan Thompson from SNL?
Ne-Yo sounds like he's doing an impression of Kenan Thompson doing an old black man
Ne-Yo sounds like Kenan Thompson when he does his Steve Harvey parodies on SNL
Kenan Thompson or Shaq. Can't remember which one was first
the world needs a couple more Kenan Thompson's
I'm just glad to see Kenan Thompson lost weight.
I deadass thought this was kenan thompson lmfaooo
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What do you do when Kenan Thompson doesn't know how to skate? Strap him to a dolly.
Falcons fan Kenan Thompson is taking in today's game.
lol the substitute teacher said my friend looks Kenan Thompson 😂😂😂
I love Kenan Thompson so go damned much. I watched Kenan and Kel/All That as a kid. SNL as an adult.
Not to be "that guy" but Kenan Thompson as Jesus on looks VERY SIMILAR to my older brother
Back to the Future 2 got a lot of things right, but there's no way they could've known that in 2015 Kenan Thompson would STILL be on SNL.
Student theatre showcase is the best recurring thing on . And Kenan Thompson has killed it in every skit he is in.
Kenan Thompson, you aren't funny. Give up
Did anyone see Kenan Thompson wearing an hoodie at the end of last night? Awesome!
There's a movie about Joan Jett. But not Al Sharpton? Absurd. Who would play him? Kenan Thompson as young Al, Andre Royo as old Al?
Pretty sure Kenan Thompson was wearing an East Coast Lifestyle sweatshirt on the goodnights
I have absolutely nothing against Jay Pharoah... but Kenan Thompson was born to play Ben Carson. HUGE missed opportunity.
there's still talent! Jay Pharoah, Kenan Thompson, Bobby Moynihan! But the sketches are just...not funny...
Tru, I love Kenan Thompson he's still great
So many new faces on Pete Davidson, Kyle Mooney and Kenan Thompson are the only cast members work I'm familar with.
I'm excited that Kenan Thompson will eventually get to host one day
What was Ben Stiller and Kenan Thompson like to work with
There’s an argument to be made that Kenan Thompson is the most underrated SNL cast member ever.
Kenan Thompson has been hilarious for like the past 20 years
How long has Kenan Thompson been on anyway?!? Time to find something else to do. Not funny
Black Jeopardy on is going to be the new "What's Up With That?" for Kenan Thompson. Absolutely hilarious 😂
Kenan Thompson as host of Black Jeopardy is my favorite Kenan Thompson.
does a game show spoof and Kenan Thompson isn't cast as the game show host.
Just for clarification, I saw this ad in the Subway. I'm not just randomly thinking about Kenan Thompson in 2015.
Kenan Thompson really finessed this into a gig on SNL. Hasn't been funny since.
Elizabeth Banks trusts Kenan Thompson too much in her 'SNL' promos: …
Kenan Thompson was the first "Saturday Night Live" cast member who was born after the show premiered.
If you're boycotting tonight, you just missed an entire bit where Kenan Thompson played Toots Hibbert. Seriously.
Serious Q: Does TV and movie acting not pay well anymore? Why are Elizabeth Banks, Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson, etc. doing commercials?
In this new Fandango commercial, is Kenan Thompson supposed to be playing Magic Johnson's son. Because thats what he looks like.
Found my future husband last night. The Kenan Thompson look does it for me...
Kenan Thompson was born to meme. So we asked him to do a bunch:
Kenan Thompson really needs to leave SNL
Kel Mitchell on Kenan Thompson feud: Says he stays in touch with former .. Related Articles:
Ed () and Lester Oaks (Kenan Thompson) hung out backstage to talk Good Burger!
One more video to share - and this one is a must see. Starring the great Kenan Thompson.
Did I see Kenan Thompson up in here? Halloween is confusing.
When did Kenan Thompson start coaching MD football???
Great video by comedy site put together by and other funny minds:
Kenan Thompson sure looks good on The Steve Harvey Show I will forever have a crush on him.
.opens up about his relationship with his former Nick costars:
Solange Knowles as Zola, Kenan Thompson as Z (cuz y not), Aaron Paul as Jarrett, and Kesha can debut as Jess 😂😂😂
I like Brian Fellow and the Family Feud skit. Kenan Thompson does a great Steve Harvey. Favorite line: forgot to pull out. 😂
Kenan Thompson busts out his Steve Harvey impression on 'SNL' [VIDEO]
Afraid of the Dark? OK, cool show. A cartoon? Sure, once in a while. Kenan Thompson and Amanda Bynes? Not until way later
Michael Che, Pete Davidson, Leslie Jones, Jay Pharaoh, Kenan Thompson, and Sasheer Zamata are the last good reasons to watch SNL.
Pro tip: Here's your chance to bring Kenan Thompson to your college class.
Kenan Thompson and reunited for a "Good Burger" sketch last night. What a time to be alive.
Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell reunite for hilarious sketch on
Kenan Thompson would be a better Colonel Sanders than Darrell Hammond or Norm McDonald.
lmao second pic he honestly looks like Kenan Thompson doing an Al Sharpton skit
After working together on "Fat Albert," Bill Cosby told Kenan Thompson he would "need two d***s for all the women" he was going to get.
Hey man. One day I'll be washed. That's how the world works. Unless your Will Smith or Kenan Thompson
The one thing that stood out in this season is the uncanny resemblance between Adrienne C Moore and Kenan Thompson. You wont unsee it
Steve Buscemi auditions new co-hosts in this week's Park Bench. Spoiler alert: Kenan Thompson fails htt…
Dude on look like Kenan Thompson off that SNL skit
I want Steve Harvey to shave his moustache so I can tell the difference between Kenan Thompson's Steve Harvey & Charles Barkley impressions.
or the inevitable biopic starring Kenan Thompson and Casper the friendly ghost.
*** look like Domo Genesis and Kenan Thompson baby
😐 *** Mane intervened in our conversation, Kenan Thompson with a fade lookin ahh 😂
Why is Kenan Thompson on EVERYTHING sketch? He has never been funny!
Joshua Jackson and Kenan Thompson are my favorite members of the Mighty Ducks.
Watching Mighty Ducks 2, and it's Kenan Thompson?
I'm imagining a cameraman crawling along the ground to get a worm's eye shot of 3-foot-tall Kenan Thompson.
The simple word "boot" has become trivial in my household, thanks to Kenan Thompson &
Get Kenan Thompson into the goalie gear. might need a knuckle puck in the next 8 minutes.
the Ducks need to find Kenan Thompson and utilize the knucklepuck
when Kenan Thompson and Danny Brown get together.
Josh Server - 36. All That. Still acting. Recently in Deadly Prank. Still hanging out with Kenan Thompson!
Coonan Thompson gets a new one in his azz for always Dissing Black Women and Praising White Women as if neither...
Why is Al Sharpton making fun of Kenan Thompson's weight? Isn't your daughter suing NYC bc she tripped over her own feet?
He needs to gain his back. He look sick. RTAl Sharpton -- Lose Weight, Tubby! Fat-Shames Kenan Thompson
Since when Al Sharpton started to criticize Kenan Thompson..Knowing that he used to be VERY HUGE himself back in the day. How about.
Kenan Thompson talks about Mighty Ducks films in Marc Maron's *** podcast episode
Kenan Thompson in Good Burger is who I aspire to be in everyday life.
You guys realize Kenan Thompson has done sketch comedy for 49 percent of his lifetime.
Kenan Thompson my cousin all the while 😂
makes me think of Kenan Thompson playing him on SNL
Kenan Thompson calls Bill Cosby a 'monster' in stand-up set |
The best sketch on Saturday Night Live is Kenan Thompson's What's up with that!
This is the worst skit I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen Kenan Thompson on SNL before.
you should bring Kenan Thompson to the garage!
Kenan Thompson is the front row of your show right now
Worst comedians: Bill Hader, Danny McBride, and everyone on SNL except Kenan Thompson.
SNL Kenan Thompson's hilarious Ray Lewis impersonation last night..."No road is closed to Ray Lewis"
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" . Me: I want to be Kenan Thompson
5 Steps To Marc Maron And Kenan Thompson's Secret Handshake: Just in case you’re ever in the ...
Agree, wasn't very funny. And Frank Robinson in broadcast booth? Just trying to find something for Kenan Thompson to do?
"Hey, Goldberg! I bet if that puck was a cheeseburger, you'd stop it!" -Kenan Thompson 'D2: The Mighty Ducks'
"My Nickelodeon experience was a great one but I can't speak for everyone. Amanda." -Kenan Thompson
Kenan Thompson was the first SNL member to be born after the show began.
Kenan Thompson is one of the first American actors I've seen to do an almost passable Australian accent.
Eddie Murphy, Richard Brooks, Jamie Foxx, and Kenan Thompson in an all *** remake of Ghostbusters.
have a headstanding contest between Kenan Thompson and Fred Armisen
Let Steve Carrel, Jon, and Kenan Thompson scream about puppies
I want Fred Armisan to make out with Kenan Thompson passionately and then go up to Steve Carrel and scream I'm a ***
I would want to see Fred Armisen eat donuts off of Kenan Thompson's stomach... Yeah
I never get tired of Kenan Thompson on
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