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Ken Loach

Kenneth Ken Loach (born 17 June 1936) is a Palme D'Or winning English film and television director.

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This is a wonderful insight into film making from one of the best at real performance Ken Loach.
I, Daniel Blake is now available to watch on Here's my review of Ken Loach's stunning film
I, Daniel Blake or the damages of British capitalism or the stupidity of "Internet first". Great Ken Loach's movie
I just walked past Ken Loach. That was nice.
NEXT MONTH: We're screening 3 Ken Loach films. All proceeds of I, Daniel Blake donated to tix:…
Ken Loach accused of exempting himself from cultural boycott of Israel
Happy Birthday wishes today go to the inspiration that is Ken Loach, pictured here directing Kes..
A Cinema of Conscience: Ken Loach and Paul Laverty at Karlovy Vary by
Ken Loach, one of my favorite filmmakers, doesn't watch films much anymore. He prefers soccer because it's more unpredictable.
Ken Loach actually toned it down. The worst researched stories were left out because he sai…
Ken Loach's "Kes" (1969). Bleak, cynical, and at times brutal. But blown away by the beautiful scene b/t Colin Weil…
Very powerful movie. Ken Loach really pulls no punches with it.
Try watching ' The wind that shakes the barley' Written by Ken Loach. Reveals the brutality of the British Empire.…
Some experts including Ken loach think that Brexit will be bad for British Films. What do you think?
An interesting but 'annoying' subject…
out of a black and white Ken Loach film, but with colour introduced to our protagoni…
Saw a screening of Se7en at Tyneside years ago, had my student animated film shown there, met Ken L…
started filming our doc on English non-league and represented. This is famed director Ken Lo…
Fair enough just meant more authentic in the formal ways that a Ken Loach movie would be more authentic than The Big Sick.
.We support the cultural boycott of Israel
Recommend Ken Loach's A Fond Kiss for a more authentic & devastating take on basically the exact same…
"If you say how the world is, that should be enough" - Ken Loach
Ken Loach’s film company: We support the cultural boycott of Israel | Letters
I, Daniel Blake: Ken Loach and the scandal of Britain’s benefits system
"Good noW!"®,B"H. Ken Loach is ignorant of facts as an editor a total disgrace, Subjective, stupid and dangerous
Anti-Israel director Ken Campaigns for international of Jewish State. Russell Tribunal on Palestin…
It depends who the director is you know, I mean Ken Loach for instance. I've done up to 32 takes with him. -
down side of the poster was that we never got Steve's sig on it, got Eric's & Ken Loach
Delighted to hear Ken Loach won another Palm D'or... he's still got it.
Ending free movement to UK will damage film industry, says
Radiohead witch hunt is getting beyond a joke. Ken Loach is happy to pick up awards in Moscow, Roger Walters play in C…
Ken Loach calls for Labour MPs behind 'disgusting' Corbyn attacks to be driven out
"We have a Labour leadership that for the first time in my memory stands with the people" Ken Loach. https…
Ken Loach, the man who setup "Left Unity" and pitched candidates against Labour in 2015
"We were watching a lot of Ken Loach while we were writing it." Listen to new track
Ken Loach is trying to shut down one of this summer's red-hot events. And thousands are behind him [VIDEO].
Ken Loach and John McDonnell come together to slam the Tories’ ‘brutal’ welfare regime [VIDEO] via
Happy birthday to film-maker Ken Loach and former Education Secretary Estelle Morris
Ever relevant, Ken Loach gives a voice to those society has forgotten. I, Daniel Blake is out now on DVD & Blu-Ray: https…
Ken Loach on gig in Israel: is a simple choice, will he stand with oppressor or oppressed?
Tory strategists baffled that Ken Loach tack did better than the political equivalent of "Jeremy Clarkson caught saying n-word"
Ken Loach nails what the exit poll predicting big Corbyn gains means for the mainstream media
Ken Loach: 'If you care about the destruction of our society, get behind Jeremy Corbyn's Labour!'. h…
If you haven’t seen latest election broadcast, directed by Ken Loach, please take a few minutes to watch it t…
Funny you mention bias:. Nick Robinson booed by crowd after Ken Loach accuses him of bias ht…
Labour Party election broadcast produced by Ken Loach – video
Hamilton Collection
Ken Loach makes Labour Party video in support of Jeremy Corbyn
Ken Loach to address crowds at Durham Miners' Gala
Film director Ken Loach to speak at Durham Miners' Gala
Ken Loach to speak at the Durham Miners' Gala
Ukip's immigration plans and Ken Loach on Jeremy Corbyn: The day in politics... in 60 seconds.
Ken Loach says it's "desperately important" that Corbyn stays as Labour leader - live. h…
This new Ken Loach ep of Red Dwarf is so bleak.
Manchester by the Sea, 2016: there's a new Ken Lo in independent cinema, and it's Kenneth Lonergan. Sorry Ken Loach
“Dark And Heavy”? . Could Jessica Jones be anymore dark and heavy? . Who's directing this season?. Ken Loach and Crist…
Ken Loach is more effective than the Deputy Leader. Makes you wonder why we need https:…
Ken Loach is 80 and still angry. Paul Heaton is 54 and still angry. Always felt like there is a generation gap for someone to get behind.
“He’s (Jeremy Corbyn) the first Labour leader who’s ever stood on the picket line along with workers.” - Ken Loach
"This is what makes these Labour MPs so despicable. They aim to destroy Labour in the local elections." ~ Ken Loach ht…
I'd much prefer hearing Ken Loach talking UK politics than any of the paid political commentators or journos.
Labour's Diane Abbott and Left Unity's Ken Loach, is this the progressive alliance Clive Lewis keeps talking about?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
BBC 1 on Monday at 730 - featuring Ken Loach and John Saunders - it's about how any one of us could face homelessness
La La Land's wobble and the passion of Ken Loach: the Baftas 2017 verdict.
You certainly didn't do that... I, Daniel Blake star didn't want to 'ruin Ken Loach's career'
Dave Johns just won Best Male Newcomer for his performance in Ken Loach's "I, Daniel Blake". LOVE THIS MAN.
Great to see Dave Johns who plays Daniel Blake in Ken Loach's I Daniel Blake on
"Hidden revenue" sounds like a Ken Loach conspiracy movie. Starring Brian Cox, Alan Cumming, and wee Martin Compst…
Tony Blair giving Ken Loach and Paul Mason the smackdown.
Paul Mason ✔ Ken Loach is right: this article = like a flame held up to the embarrassed faces of...
Ken Loach travelled to Stoke and Copeland with Momentum to campaign for Labour. Read his analysis:.
Ken Loach's Guardian article has caused so much bile on my timeline from neocon-Labour ppl I must share it again https:/…
Don’t blame Corbyn for the sins of Blair, Brown and New Labour. Read this by Ken Loach if you missed it before: https:/…
Ken Loach: ‘If you’re not angry, what kind of person are you?’ |
Think how much time we could save if Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Loach, Paul Mason & Owen Jones just went to the back room of a pub…
Ken Loach just told radio listeners the absolute last thing Theresa May wants them to hear
Ken Loach on "He's the one hope that has had in my lifetime... he's the hope that ordinary people…
I remember her dismissal of a Ken Loach film where she actually attacked the director for being a lesser Mike Leigh so...yeah 😶
Tony Blair was backed by people like Rupert Murdoch. Jeremy Corbyn is backed by people like Ken Loach. . Just think abo…
At a screening of I, Daniel Blake tonight Ken Loach asked 'what crime is so serious that hunger is the punishment?' . Wise…
BAFTA-winning film director Ken Loach to kick off human rights festival at Oxford Brookes University.
Tory MP Tim Loughton who attacked Ken Loach for winning a BAFTA for I, Daniel Blake claimed huge amounts of expenses ht…
Most Britons don't share Ken Loach's dystopian vision of his country via
Daily Mail news conference yesterday morning: "Right guys, we really need something on Ken Loach. Sex, drugs, tax evasion.…
Ken Loach launches attack on 'callous brutality' of government in speech
Ken Loach calls out UK government for ‘callousness and brutality’ at 2017 BAFTA Awards
Congratulations to Ken Loach and the team | Ken Loach hits out at 'callous and disgraceful government' htt…
"They know the brutality they're inflicting": I, Daniel Blake director Ken Loach had some strong words for Theresa May's government…
Ken Loach used his speech to attack the "disgraceful" and "callous brutality" of Theresa May​'s government
Ken Loach slams the Tory Govt as 'callous, brutal & disgraceful' after winning Outstanding British Film award for I Dan…
Ken Loach says there'll be a war between the "rich and privileged" and the "rest of us". Funny I thought he was rich and…
Predictably it didn't take long. First virtue signal of the evening delivered by Ken Loach.
All purpose parts banner
Nobody challenges Ken Loach on this issue, he makes these claims with impunity. It's totally misleading.
I, Daniel Blake director Ken Loach speaks to about the film and political speeches at
Not sure whether BBC or Sky news yesterday gave Ken Loach a platform to spout his rubbish Not exactly an authority
"We live in a society where Fear and Hunger are used to discipline people" . - Ken Loach
.Ken Loach, Paul Laverty + Hayley Squires on the power of stories that reflect real life 📽
Hey Ian, Have you had a chance to listen to our Q+A with Ken Loach, Paul Laverty + Hayley Squires?
I Daniel Blake film at Selby Globe in Town Hall tonight supporting Selby Food Bank. Full house for critical themes raised by Ken Loach.
Hayley Squires & David Johns were outstanding in Ken Loach's I, Daniel Blake. A state system that has destroyed the very essence of a human.
Our sick are now being cared for by the Red Cross rather than NHS. What's Corbyn doing, waiting for Ken Loach to make a fi…
Community cinema brings award-winning Ken Loach film to Huddersfield and Colne Valley.
Ken Loach: life in austerity Britain is 'consciously cruel' via
At 80, British master Ken Loach remains a stalwart voice for the downtrodden with social drama 'I, Daniel Blake'
Ken Loach in Liverpool. Love and respect him even more for refusing an OBE.
Well worth a read - blog from a friend on the need for K Loach to keep banging on about poverty 50yrs after Cathy
I, Daniel Blake: the trailer for Ken Loach's Palme d'Or-winner – video
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
'I, Daniel Blake' review: Ken Loach looks for justice
George-have you read the ever-brilliant Mark Steel's evisceration of Young & the RW media re Loach?
I read somewhere there's a film being made of it. I wish Ken Loach had had a crack. It's a perfect fit.
How to Make a Ken Loach Film - - Delve deeper in this new interactive film that lets you pick your own path
your train journey directed by Ken Loach
50 years on from Cathy and Ken Loach still has work to do, exposing the ravages of poverty.
Idea for Ken Loach's next film: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but minus any of the factory stuff. It's just them at home in bed.
.I hope Ken Loach will film ENDEMIC UK CORRUPTION as documented by Liverpool Universit…
I, Daniel Blake director Ken Loach says 'incompetent' Tories not fit to govern
If you've never seen a Ken Loach film, I Daniel Blake is a good place to start. Be warned: when you get to KES, you'll be…
Exactly right Ken Loach we have nothing whatsoever to lose & everything to gain
The benefits cap will save little to no money which proves Ken Loach is right that the DWP is just implementing "conscious c…
Today at the City Hall, awarded film director Ken Loach an honorary doctorate from the University.
Click to 1 of 3 copies of Ken Loach's on Blu-ray with
Michael Fassbender and Ken Loach tipped at British Independent Film Awards via
Iain Duncan Smith says parts of Ken Loach's 'I, Daniel Blake' are 'simply not true' via
Ken Loach should have a special title in Labour Party. Something like : Most Trusted Advisor. He was brilliant on Q…
Ken Loach's speech about Tory 'conscious cruelty' brought the Question Time house down
He pretty much calls Ken Loach a "virtue signaller" (ugh) and complains that none of the characters are like they are on Benefits Street
Ken Loach on his way to office. Already planning the biopic?
Looking forward to seeing this film by Ken Loach who is a consistently significant, astute & compassionate filmmaker
Ken Loach just destroyed bthe Tory BS lies once again on
Director Ken Loach on social injustice in Britain
Ken Loach on 'I, Daniel Blake': 'The climate of fear is unacceptable' – video interview
Ken Loach currently destroying mealy mouthed Tory defence of "welfare reforms" as "conscious cruelty" on
'To be disabled or a carer, to be ill, elderly, frail or vulnerable in this country means that you live in fear.' .
I, Ken Loach: the acclaimed film director talks to Bath Weekend | Bath Chronicle
Movie Review: Ken Loach keeps it real with I, Daniel Blake via
Ken Loach: 'Most people don’t wallow in their poverty. Most people just get by'
Director Ken Loach: BBC news manipulative and deeply political:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ken Loach is not exaggerating – as a carer to a disabled child, I know the reality of benefits |
Ken was interviewed yesterday in the Disability News Service
a Brit and big fan of Ken Loach,will it be shown here in LA?
I understand Ken Loach's hatred of the Tory's mechanistic approach. Probem is etting up a humane way of separating…
I, Ken Loach: here's why the acclaimed film director is still angry after all these years…
Thanks As a carer to a disabled child, I know Ken Loach is telling the truth about benefits system htt…
VIDEO: tells "hunger is being used as a weapon to discipline people"
Looking fwd to seeing I, Daniel Blake solidarity with
Ken Loach's new movie opens Friday. If that guy doesn't inspire you, you're probably already dead.
Film director Ken Loach has labelled the BBC "a propaganda arm of the state." It adopts "a pretence at objectivity". No…
I, Daniel Blake: Ken Loach tells Britain it's time to kick the political door in | The…
This country would be a better place if we had someone like Ken Loach as Prime Minister.
Reading would just restore your faith in humanity a wee bit via
Powerful parable about benefit system's failings treats its troubled characters with humour & humanity
Ken Loach just exposed how TV broadcasters make people obey power, leaving the BBC red-faced via
Do you even understand the pain of having a lefty arts journalism lecturer? You just get Ken Loach and Alan Clarke films.
Ken Loach on I, Daniel Blake: 'The climate of fear is unacceptable' – video interview.
Ken Loach's new film is literally filmed where I grew up
Genuinely horrifying. (But morbidly compelling 😱). Ken Loach should be good value for money!
Ken Loach reveals why he felt he had to make moving film I, Daniel Blake
Loach for or or whoever it is in the driving seat these days:
Film director Ken Loach gives his verdict on dramas such as Downton Abbey
It's always the ones you least suspect. via Ken Loach to direct Downton Abbey film spin-off.
seeing 'I, Daniel Blake' next week. Looking forward to it. Q and A with Ken Loach.
Claudia Williams was on-hand to review Ken Loach's Palme d'Or winning film I, Daniel Blake. Read the full review...
Ken Loach is angry, but still optimistic - "There is a sense that we really have to change things now"
BUY MARIJUANA SEEDS: 9 reasons critics are calling Ken Loach's new movie 'I, Daniel Blake'...
I Daniel Blake, a must see film by Ken Loach
A bit disappointed with I, Daniel Blake: I'll always stand next to Ken Loach for the good things in his movies but he made better ones
Ken Loach: “That constant humiliation to survive. If you’re not angry about it, what kind of person are you?”
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Sounds ace . I'd listen the s**t out of that!. Ken Loach, Stephen Frears, Alan Parker, Gilliam. Love this idea!
I liked a video In conversation with Jeremy Corbyn | documented by Ken Loach
Ken Loach is one of the greatest directors of our time. I was thrilled that he asked to follow our campaign for two days…
Ken Loach encourages Corbyn supporters to call the BBC to complain about broadcaster’s bias against Labour leader. https…
Listen to the first in a series of podcasts from - Ken Loach icw .
We're excited to share our 1st podcast from 2016 - Ken Loach in conversation with 👂.
Cathy Come Home: Why it is still relevant 50 years on and why the world needs people like Ken Loach
Podcast with Ken Loach now available on Culturetheque! http…
Documentary Versus - The Life and Films of Ken Loach on this Saturday 21.10 plus Sweet Sixtee…
Terence Stamp with Carol White in Ken Loach's first film, the non-judgmental 'Poor Cow'. All three: never better
why Ken Loach is absolutely spot on about the coup against & correlation with the Spanish Civil War
John Pienaar never says much that's original. He's a cypher for the self-opinionated of the right & seemed to be baffled by Ken Loach
The peerless Ken Loach was asked about May's choice of Boris Johnson as Foreign Sec:
“It’s the day irony died, isn’t it?" Ken Loach responds to appointment as Foreign Secretary.
Ken Loach defines the state we are in. Public and collective assets have been stripped for individual greed.   10% Off
of Shakespeare, Billy Bragg, Ken Loach, Cornwall, Wallace & Gromit... We will miss you in EU.
Cillian Murphy appealed much to me not in the Nolan and Boyle films but Ken Loach's The wind that shakes the Barley. Powerhouse of an actor.
INTERVIEW: Crissy Rock on Benidorm, Ken Loach and setting up a sex line in her latest play - Warrington Guardian.
'Versus - the Life and Films of Ken Loach' 3pm today No set ticket price, pay what you can
Ken Loach: punishing the poor is part of David Cameron's project
Ken Loach speaks on C4 privatisation this Friday Alongside Daniel Elstein an…
"I, Daniel Blake," from the British director Ken Loach, won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival
[VIDEO] REPORT: British director Ken Loach wins the Palme d'Or at Film Festival |
British director Ken Loach won his second Palme d'Or at Cannes
David Bradley, star of Ken Loach's 1969 film Kes, on working with the director: ht…
Legendary director Ken Loach scolds the EU for ‘causing hardship for MILLIONS of people’
Fantastic Cannes wins for British realist filmmakers Ken Loach & Andrea Arnold (hope we're up there one day). Well done guys
The absolute highlight of this Cannes is I, Daniel Blake by Ken Loach winning the Palm d'Or. Andrea Arnold didn't do too bad with either!
Great wins for Ken Loach and Andrea Arnold can't wait to see Its Only The End Of The World & American Honey
Ken Loach on 'despair' behind benefit system film: Veteran British director Ken Loach has won his...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Huge congratulations to Ken Loach and Andrea Arnold for their wins at
Ken Loach wins his second Palme d'Or, while Andrea Arnold picks up her third Jury Prize.
Chouette! Andrea Arnold wins the Jury Prize at & Ken Loach wins the Palme! Bravo from all of us ❤️
I'm not completely sure what to think, Ken Loach & Andrea Arnold are both close to home, Intesting things about Neon Demon..
Huge congratulations to Ken Loach and Andrea Arnold. Thrilled for you all and for British film.
Ken Loach, Andrea Arnold, & Xavier Dolan at Cannes; Gillian Anderson for Jane Bond; & more pop news from the weekend http…
Brilliant news to wake up to from Cannes. Huge congrats to Ken Loach and Andrea Arnold.
British veteran Ken Loach wins Cannes’ top Palm d’Or for I, Daniel Blake.
Veteran British director Ken Loach wins top prize at Cannes for warmly realistic drama "I, Daniel Blake."
Veteran British director Ken Loach on Sunday won his second Golden Palm - the top prize at the Cannes Film Fe...
The for Best Film goes to I, Daniel Blake by Ken Loach
A pleasure to have been at least a small part of it!. Cannes 2016: Ken Loach's I, Daniel Blake wins the Palme d'Or. htt…
Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Loach at at the O2 Forum Kentish Town.
Mel Gibson and George Miller present the Palme d'Or to Ken Loach for I, Daniel Blake.
27 cities, 43 cinemas any price | On 5 June go see Versus: The life and films of Ken Loach https…
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Reviews of new films by Woody Allen and Ken Loach:
Hi Peter, wondered if you could give me a call re I, Daniel Blake. I work Ken Loach originates from our patch.
Woody Allen disappoints (again) but Ken Loach shines at 69th Cannes Film Festival
Ken Loach: I'm pro-EU, but it's 'not doing us any favours at the moment'
CANNES REVIEW: Ken Loach's I, Daniel Blake is angry, timely and one of Loach's best later films:
Battle of Orgreave: Ken Loach says "truth will come out" following Hill... via
So-goalposts moved again&it's all on for political Gunfight at the OK Corrall +JC&JMcD as Wyatt Earp&Doc Holliday.Ken Loach to direct please
Stephen Hawking supports the movement, as do Brian Eno, Mike Leigh, Ken Loach, Alice Walker & Adrienne Rich.
A Q&A with Ken Loach on Films and Football
Screening of Ken Loach's "The spirit of '45 at Wem Town Hall April 27th 7pm - tickets £3
Thanks StudioCanal, for taking down most vids of 1973 SEPTEMBRE 11. If Ken Loach stands for anything, it's a proprietary reln to copyright.
On solving the I agree w/Ken Loach.Of all parliamentary parties, are by far the best
Amazing film Exactly as Ken Loach would make a horror. Well Done to everyone involved. Really Excited to see what You do next
This looks incredible! FC United - EVENT: Ken Loach on Looking for Eric, Films and Football via
got mail: Grayson Perry and Ken Loach's for via
Update your maps at Navteq
I see are showing Ken Loach's Poor Cow on Friday night (Freeview 81)
Finishing up Sunday night at 1.50am, we've Ken Loach's comedy-drama Riff-Raff, with Robert Carlyle as an ex-con turning his life around.
Now I want to watch again some Stephen Frears or Ken Loach movies. Long time not watching.
Emer McCourt and Robert Carlyle in Bill Jesse's and Ken Loach's Riff-Raff about proletarian isolation (Film4 1:50am)
Riff-Raff by Ken Loach is on tonight, it's well worth staying up for.
Marginal lives of casual labourers explored with all the political & emotional trappings you’d expect from Ken Loach in Film4 0150
This should be interesting. I liked Treme more than the Wire. Also, Ken Loach's film, Land and Freedom is excellent.
All back to normal now. I played it really subtle and real. It was like a Ken Loach film
Libertarias or Ken Loach's Land & Freedom, for your Spanish Civil War film needs in the meanwhile
40 years before Eric, Ken Loach gave us Kes. See it for tonight tonight. No tix required.
And finally, treat us to a Ken Loach tonight with Robert Carlyle and Ricky Tomlinson playing Riff-Raff (*) at 1:50am.
"You dont need the KGB when you have the BBC" - Ken Loach
I think I might want to dig up my copy of Ken Loach's "Land and Freedom"
We have added an extra Ken Loach Q&A event later this month due to popular demand.
Goung back to the 60s ken loach etc
Website Builder 728x90
The central roles in Nell Dunn and Ken Loach’s Up the Junction; like Cathy Come Home, a driver of social reform
Syria's got mail: Grayson Perry and Ken Loach's postcards for refugees – in pictures
they're sorta like Ken Loach films, in that I have no enthusiasm for them but really enjoy them when I'm watching/reading
‘Cameron a hypocrite for applauding NHS staff in Christmas message’ – Ken Loach
with "I, Daniel Blake", Ken Loach would be Palme d'Or contender for the 13th time at Experience always wins the day
Ken Loach fans! There is a special preview screening of VS. at on June 2
Plus Garth Greenwell & Dheepan: Palm D'Or winning refugee film that goes from Ken Loach to Death Wish.
it sounds like a strange technique but if you're ready to iterate it can lead to real organic works. Ken loach is similar
Seamus Coleman has the face of the traitor who betrays his friends and leads the British to the rebels' camp in a Ken Loach film.
Grayson Perry and Ken Loach have teamed up with schoolchildren and artists to mark five years o …
Somehow I totally missed that Ken Loach made a movie about Jimmy Gralton till Himself found it on Netflix. Jimmy's Hall - watch it!
Bernadette McAliskey and Ken Loach mark Easter 1916 Rising in London via
Days of Hope [1975] Part I of 4 part Ken Loach drama series on 1914-26. You can then follow links to parts 2-4
Check out issue 4 of FILMMAKERS Magazine with content including Paul Laverty on collaborating with Ken Loach
Land & Freedom (Ken Loach, 1995) screening and discussion with tonight at The Packhorse
and of course Ken Loach's yuletide perennial Ladybird Book Ladybird Book
Personally I'd like to see Ken Loach direct a new series of Are You Being Served?
Ken loach " how do we honour the memory of those who fought in 1916?"
Ken Loach on UK propaganda says in actual fact the Dublin & Monaghan bombs by UK-supported paramilitaries was the single greatest atrocity.
Ken loach - "the violence was done to the Irish "
Ken loach talking about the Easter uprising
Ken Loach, Bernadette McAliskey, Liam Mac Uaid and Geoff Bell at public meeting on 1916. Geoff Bell first very good
Bernadette McAliskey (with Ken Loach) speaking in London now ..1916 commemoration
Waiting to hear Bernadette macalisky & ken loach talk bout the easter1916 # london16
Last time was different. A review of Ken Loach's Spirit of '45
We'll be selling books at this event in Bloomsbury on Monday about the 1916 Easter Rising
"Think what $55k could do for Palestinians whose homes have been destroyed & lands stolen," Ken Loach
I love Ken! Radical filmmaker Ken Loach speaks out to voters in Peckham this week. Inspiring words!
Probably going to watch Raining Stones by Ken Loach. I have not seen it in while. :)
In 2013, Premier of Ken Loach's film 'The spirit of 45'
My kids are OBSESSED with Our Family. Since they're obviously into gritty social realism I think they're ready for some Ken Loach.
If you get a chance watch this film by Ken Loach - The Spirit of ‘45. Watched it last night via this link. Recommend
Ken Loach calls for cultural boycott of Israel
watched by Ken Loach. A wonderful lady who has been fighting for for years
Ken Loach? Mike Leigh? Dennis Potter? Probably on a populist level your right though
He might be, but considering Colback and Tiote are Shane Meadows and Ken Loach that's not a bad thing
Hi Tom, sorry I don't have a link but the film was Cathy Come Home and was directed by Ken Loach. It may on the shelter website
Ken Loach film (1995) on the Spanish civil war about an Englishman who leaves to fight with the international brigades
Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe: Ken Loach's savage indictment of bedroom tax and cuts to family welfare benefits
Bullet Boy also a great one. And then there's 'The Wind That Shakes The Barley' by Ken Loach. which is half Irish and half a British film.
But there are some great British films that are British. Sweet Sixteen by Ken Loach is amazing, Adulthood and Kidulthood are great too.
'Jingle All The Way' is like 'A Ken Loach Christmas' compared to 'Home Alone'
The best coming of age film ever? . For me, Sweet Sixteen by Ken Loach, no ifs or buts.
Won't have internet access for most of the next week, fams. So if Ken Loach and Jeremy Corbyn could take care crossing the road, plz. TIA
the type of mythical nonsense Ken Loach came out with in The Sprit of '45. I guess I identified with the 'modernisers'.
I think Ken Loach is sitting directly behind me on this train. Should I:
Delighted with our incredible youth centre Champions, Ken Loach & Keith Armstrong
"The situation is worse than when I made Cathy Come Home" says Ken Loach
Trailer for Ken Loach's new sci fi movie set in Northern England. (Sort of.)
Ken Loach's 'The Spirit of '45' is a v.good watch. Great footage & commentary on social housing & much more besides.
This is making me want to rewatch Fatherland by Ken Loach.
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