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Ken Livingstone

Kenneth Robert Ken Livingstone (born 17 June 1945) is a British Labour Party politician who has twice held the leading political role in London local government, firstly as the Leader of the Greater London Council from 1981 until the Council was abolished in 1986, and secondly as the first elected Mayor of London from the creation of the office in 2000 until 2008. He also served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Brent East from 1987 to 2001. He is standing as the Labour Party candidate in the 2012 London mayoral election.

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Labour is traditionally the party of the oppressed. So it’s about time Corbyn sorted their issue with antisemitism.
I would have expected this uber ruling from Ken Livingstone. Not you Sadiq
I’ld think you find the location is Ken Livingstone’s back garden
Agreed he's not much good but surely not as bad as Ken Livingstone?
The reeducation gulag at is in the Ken Livingstone Then Hitler Went Mad Room - will all Blairites please make their way there now
4/ They promote the myth that Hitler supported Zionism and supported Livingstone.
Michael will be welcomed by many including moi, Sally Spangle All of the Free speach against Israel mob and the de…
Though night bus network a lot better than it was 10 years ago thanks to Ken Livingstone and TFL.
Yes Ben you're right. Ken Livingstone blamed it on the fact "Hugo Chavez did not execute the establishme…
You can't have forgotten Red Ken Livingstone, friend of the jihadis, already ... ?
Pointing out historical facts about zionism and naziism i.e the Havara agreement as Ken Livingstone did is not anti-semiti…
Why won't Jeremy Corbyn talk about what's happening in Venezuela?
*four Yorkshireman voice* that's nothing! I took the pre Ken Livingstone night busses. One an hour if you were lucky!
Ken Livingstone was an urban climate change leader. So is Bill de Blasio is not a climate leader.
Thanks to your question I have discovered this: Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of Ken Livingstone…
When the 7/7 bombers left 52 ppl dead did u ask these questions to the then mayor Ken Livingstone or do u just mix &ma…
Ken Livingstone sacked yet for anti semitism?
I still love the fact that the bikes costed, commissioned and implemented by Ken Livingstone are called Boris Bikes by some people.
Ken Livingstone introduced what you call "Boris Bikes"
You met Ken Livingstone on the tube?
The good thing about Ken Livingstone keep banging on about Hitler - nobody is listening to him any more.
I'm not a fan of Ken Livingstone but he has my support here. The Police work for the Mayor of London and not the...
Good reminder that without Ken Livingstone's Hitler rants Labour would have won three more seats & the Tories&DUP would…
Didn't take you long, Mikey, to mimic Left anti-Semites like Ken Livingstone...and ACTUAL NEO-NAZIS…
Venezuela's problems are "because Chávez did not execute the establishment elite”, claims Labour's Ken Livingstone
i used to work at city hall believe it or not, I moved Ken Livingstone out and Boris John…
It'd be like him meeting Ken Livingstone on Holocaust Memorial Day. Deliberate intent to offend people
Ken Livingstone: "You know who else understood Keynesian economics?"
Audience for Ken Livingstone 'spilling out' last night in Watford -
Rebels running London? The mayoralities of Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson compared
David Ward gave his support to Naz Shah and he now has got the boot. Ken Livingstone backed Naz & is suspended. Naz Shah still in job.
Adopting the media policy of Ken Livingstone doesn't sound like particularly great advice, given recent events.
Comment on the decision not to expel Ken Livingstone by Zionist Federation chairman
What Binyamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister says about Ken Livingstone's comments on Hitler/Zionism
Ken Livingstone looks like a brilliant WW2 theoretician compared to this.
.colleague quoted in the Daily Telegraph on Ken Livingstone's dodgy grasp on history
As succinct as the correct position on Ken Livingstone's nonsense can be. From David
David Baddiel gave Ken Livingstone the perfect slapdown over his Hitler-Zionism claim via
Everyone needs to read David Baddiel's thoughts on Ken Livingstone's Hitler comments
Reading responses from some self-professed left-wingers to David Baddiel's Ken Livingstone post is an utterly depressing experience
Here is the problem with what Ken Livingstone said, according to
Channel 4 News I don't see how Tom Watson can say that Ken Livingstone has showed no contrition. I've seen him,...
Where's big bad Diane Abbott hiding. Every court has a jester let's hear some gems on Ken Livingstone but no antisemitism please.
Ken Livingstone's been fighting fascism for decades is now condemned for quoting facts. While gives Marine Le…
Ken Livingstone suspended again over Hitler comments
Labour failed Jews by not expelling Ken Livingstone - Chief Rabbi. by
> You have zero perspective. Slimy little compulsive liars.
Was A in response to Ken livingstone comments on or rad…
No shortage of tory-lite so-called Labour MPs condemning Ken Livingstone tonight - Try condemning the Tories! Get out the…
Wrote a thing about Ken Livingstone. It is good and you should read it.
Ken Livingstone been suspended for disrepute yet Keith Vaz gets to choose the Blairite candidate for Gorton, he did cocaine n…
Ken Livingstone would rather sit with a terrorist than a progressive. He has a heart filled with hate and a head filled with s…
Is Ken Livingstone anti Semitic? Of course he is. He backs the IRA who backs the Palestinians who hates Israel. Rocket science…
CST is deeply disappointed that Ken Livingstone remains a Labour Party member. Here's our full statement
The IRA were drug dealers and criminals. Ken Livingstone and Corbyn supported them. How do I know this? . I grew up in it!! . Th…
You are not the first person who while looking for info to defend Ken Livingstone ended up at Holocaust-denial websites.
You may not like it, but what Ken Livingstone said was essentially true -…
Ken Livingstone and 300 Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants Condemn Israel's 'Massacre of Palestinians in Gaza'
Labour Kangaroo NCC suspends Ken Livingstone for 1 yr. "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolution…
Ken Livingstone wasn't charged with antisemitism. He could, and should sue you.
The Labour Party has done nothing as shameful as not expelling Ken Livingstone. And I include electing Corbyn as Leader.
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To all those (mostly anti-Jeremy Corbyn) Labour MPs kicking off about Ken Livingstone - here's a message for you from t…
Rubbish without a named source and evidence for his claim. Here's what real Jewish party members think on the rec…
Typically superb analysis on Ken clinging on. But feels like a sad demise
Ken Livingstone is NOT & NEVER HAS BEEN antisemitic, it is NOT a "Jewish co…
If Ken Livingstone chose a different hill to die on this might have got more coverage.
Ken Livingstone suspended from Labour Party for one year over Hitler comments. reports:.
Ken Livingstone Hitler row Labour suspends former mayor again.
Chief Rabbi says Labour has FAILED Jews as the party refuses to expel Ken Livingstone over remarks H: via
So what do you say to all those Jewish Labour members that support Ken?
Ken Livingstone suspended from Labour Party – video
Ken Livingstone's actions are despicable and dangerous. Today's outcome has shamed and degraded my party. I am utterly disg…
Ken Livingstone stands by shock Hitler claim as he"s suspended AGAIN from Labour.
."Antisemitism : A constructed crisis for political ends". A good soc…
Ken Livingstone not expelled from Labour Party. Deeply insulting to British Jews & Holocaust survivors. Labour should hold…
Former London mayor Ken Livingstone says Labour Party has suspended him for another year over Hitler comments
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Ken Livingstone has been suspended for another year following his comments regarding Hitler and Zionism. Has Labour made the right…
If you defend Ken Livingstone then I cannot agree with your claim that you are decent. You merely think of yourself as decent
Perhaps because there was no antisemitism? As many have pointed out. Here, for example:.
The get Corbyn saga grows ever more preposterous. Owen Jones jumps on bash Ken Livingstone bandwagon.
Ahead of the Labour's ruling on Ken Livingstone's 'anti-Semitic' remarks, the former Mayor spoke to
Ken Livingstone told people are forgetting one thing when they accuse him of anti-Semitism
Ken Livingstone defended his comments, which some have deemed anti-Semitic, in this interview with
Ken Livingstone should never have been hauled before Labour's kangaroo court:
before Labour expulsion hearing for saying Hitler was a Zionist, Ken Livingstone says Hitler set up SS training cam…
Really liking the look of the Ken Livingstone expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity
Blow for Ken Livingstone as Hitler distances himself from former London mayor.
My favourite example of Ken Livingstone's loyalty to the Labour Party was the time he stood against the Labour candidate fo…
Not only should the Left take back control of the Labour Party, Ken Livingstone should replace Iain McNicol as General…
I think it's the Ken Livingstone one. Loo up US mud puppy. It looks a lot like that! We used to catch em in the Creek.
West must come to terms that we funded Islamist fundamentalism - Ken Livingstone. ►Fact is West created ISIS Nusra.
Always a slight frisson of hope when one sees Ken Livingstone, or Norman Tebbit trending.Alas no.
The vast majority of suspensions INCLUDING Ken Livingstone was NOT Anti Jewish. It was anti ZIONIST
‘no threat to West, spends a tenth does on fmr London mayor Ken Livingstone
People like Ken Livingstone,Jeremy Corbyn,John Mccdonnell,George Galloway,Dennis Skinner should be listened to,and celebrated not slurred
Jimmy Carter, Justin Trudeau, Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Livingstone. All who we thought they were.
That's why Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Livingstone love it so much. It's what they want for here.
What a surprise, John "Ken Livingstone is an anti-Semite" Mann turns out to be a racist hypocrite.
Having read Kershaw and Evans I have had too much Hitler this evening, I'm not Ken Livingstone!
I've never declined to do an interview.
film works well on computer. Ken Livingstone asked me while back to address this unfairness. Which is merely being part of society
watch the Ken Livingstone select committee interview and then tell me if Chuka is suitable party leader or PM
Ken Livingstone Must Fall: Representative weighs in on York's statue dispute
Well it was nice of Ken Livingstone to let you know
Ken Livingstone there too. Sharing company with someone a little nicer than Hitler...
Ken Livingstone on doc post 7/7 bombs was an interesting reminder he wasn't always a ***
Oh Ken Livingstone, why can you not be as good as you were on that awful day.
Hey guys, remember back in the day when Ken Livingstone didn't bang on about Hitler all the time?
Jackie Walker Ken Livingstone for antisemetic tropes Jeremy Corbyn aiding and abetting
Ken Livingstone says Jeremy Corbyn should 'crack down' on Labour MPs
Dear Jonathan. You went after Ken Livingstone in the 2012 London Mayoral Election. You sided with Boris Johnson & L…
Despite forgetting to mention Iain Duncan Smith but Ken Livingstone always remembering to mention Hitler.
"So Ken Livingstone, another mandate for Jeremy Corbyn. Any thoughts? . "Well it reminds of when Hitler won in..." .
Ken Livingstone has fought racism all his life as has George Galloway yet they are called anti - semites ?
Im SO TIRED of the hard left saying "allegations of anti semitism", Ken Livingstone happened. We were there We saw &heard it
See Channel 4 are doing a Hitler series. Presented by Ken Livingstone?
I grew up in a house with very few books.
Polling in a general election is pretty accurate, because turnout is usually high.
Long day. Tired of explaining to Ken Livingstone that we can't call Momentum Kids Hitler Youth
And now a word from Ken Livingstone on the result
I couldn't care less if David Mellor & Ken Livingstone hosted it. Completely over hyped & tedious show.
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I want Ken Livingstone back with David. No one else can match them !
Must read: Response to the themes that Ken Livingstone has been adopting in his discourse (
Just like Alan Hutton, whenever Ken Livingstone trends it is *always* bad news
Ken Livingstone heading for the nearest toilet to take refuge in
Join us at November 21 for Ken Livingstone & Bob Marshall Andrews interviewed by Steve Richards!
He was also quick to denounce Ken Livingstone but silence over the Michael Foster Daily Mail rant!
Petition update. It took 5hrs to suspend Ken Livingstone. Why is Michael Foster still here?
Ken Livingstone and Tony Blair, Boris and Cameron. It wasn't a problem.
Ken Livingstone's speech to Labour Party Conference To book him as
Coincidentally, so was Ken Livingstone's favourite film director, Leni Riefenstahl.
Ken Livingstone; Historian Eustace Mullins will surprise us with the agreement and relationship between the...
I didn't think Ken Livingstone was a good mayor. Unfortunately this one is even worse and not one I trust.
What about Corbyn & Benn on Kinnock or John McDonnell & Ken Livingstone on Andrew McIntosh GLzc leader for 24hrs
Wenger fires Steve Bould, replaces him with Ken Livingstone.
segue Dave Spart Corbyn in Rodney Trotter's get up & 21st Century Corbyn in Ken Livingstone's wardrobe was quite dramatic.
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Historic Trivia. was a slogan first used by Ken Livingstone in 1989 when Kinnock bypassed conference to abandon unilateralism.
Looks more like Ken Livingstone to me
I've appointed Ken Livingstone as chief historical advisor in my Shadow Cabinet
I actually think the civil service, who are the malignancy at the heart of public life, have consci
I long for the safe, predictable days of spring, when all we had to worry about was Ken Livingstone shouting "Hitler!" fr…
Last seen with his arms around Ken Livingstone. Perhaps they could take him as well
The Left has a problem with anti semitism both from Communists like Ken Livingstone and from Islam such as Sadiq...
they're scared u gonna do Ken Livingstone on them
Most people are not shocked that I am occasionally rude to journalists. They are probably amazed I
What do we do about climate change bearing down upon us?
'we've won the London Mayoral for the first time since we stopped standing Ken Livingstone'.
I spent the 1960s and 1970s seeking myself - the working-class tradition of self-education.
didn't she used to work for Ken Livingstone?
i think that it's the equivalent of Labour replacing Corbyn with Ken Livingstone!
So is the new That's a bit like replacing with Ken Livingstone...
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I wonder when the leaders best friend for years was KEN LIVINGSTONE Hitler supporter how
It's getting serious 😂😂. I wanna see Ken Livingstone do the worm and Diane Abbott breakdance.
Ken “my memory’s not my best point” Livingstone concedes historical source anti-Semitic! via
don't encourage him, he likes the publicity. A bit like Ken Livingstone
So, a bit like Ken Livingstone used to be, then?
And is 'claiming' to be a Jew. Just like Ken Livingstone has now claimed it. Convenient that
Only other politicians I could imagine not resigning in same situation would be Ken Livingstone and Nigel Farage
There is not up for ken livingstone now lmfao.
So Ken Livingstone on Strictly this year then?
Have to say Blowers looks a bit like Ken Livingstone.
aye. And dead behind the eyes. Ken Livingstone once called 'em "flying rats" and he's not far wrong!
Ken Livingstone says creation of Israel was a 'great catastrophe' … Independent
Tim Bolen Talks with Ken Adachi & ZS Livingstone on Most Effective Tactics to Overturn CA Mandatory Vaccinations .
Why do you have to hash up people like Alex Salmond & Ken Livingstone. I just turn off when you do.
Ken Livingstone claims banning members from voting in leadership election is a "scam". featured in NBC s Science of Love
"His wife will have to put him on suicide watch." Ken Livingstone on Boris Johnson [VIDEO] https:…
Ken Livingstone's been on telly to defend Corbyn. Managed not to mention Hitler ht…
Ken Livingstone is wrong! Scotland is NOT heavily dependent on oil. The scaremongering over a Scottish referendum has a…
Hearing the police found Nazi memorabilia and a life size cardboard cutout of Ken Livingstone in Thomas Muir bedroom.
I hope that Ken Livingstone finds John Mann in the street and screams his views in his face about how much he disagrees with him.
John Mann pledges to confront Ken Livingstone again over 'Hitler backed Zionism' comment | The Jewish Chronicle …
Coming up 23 May: Ken Livingstone on the future of the Left; Lynsey Hanley and Gary Bell on social mobility and Dawn Foster on feminism.
Boris Johnson has his facts wrong about Hitler and the EU says Ken Livingstone -
You should be ashamed of yourselves. You have Katie Hopkins, Ian Collins and Nick Ferrari, yet no Ken Livingstone or George Galloway
Ken Livingstone quoted a historical fact about Hitler & is smeared by scum who are using anti-Semitism to discredit Lab…
Shadow minister Luciana Berger hits out at ‘absolute disgrace’ Ken Livingstone as she attacks L... via
From Michael Crick: Left to run Rhea Wolfson from Scotland on slate for Labour NEC, in place of Ken Livingstone.
Ken Livingstone to be on Vanessa Feltz's LBC radio show today.
Chief Rabbi calls creation of Ken Livingstone 'a catastrophe'.
*Ken Livingstone bursts on stage during the count*. "You know who ELSE was the first Muslim mayor of London? Hitl". *security dr…
Ken Livingstone from May 4 2000 - May 4 2008. Boris Johnson from May 4 2008 - May 6 2016. Now we have Sadiq Khan as the new Mayor of London.
Khan couldn't be anymore useless than Ken Livingstone or Boris Johnson either.
Thing that confuses me about this London Mayor thing is how do they go from Ken Livingstone to Boris Johnson to Sadiq Khan?
What is Anti-Semitism? A Quiz for Ken Livingstone. Michael Deacon. Are you Ken Livingstone? If so, my condolences.
So is the new lucky for him he wasn't running against Ken Livingstone or Boris Johnson People know who they are
“Ken Livingstone ... claims Boris Johnson was baffled by the idea of building rental homes.”
Labour's Barnet and Camden victor calls for Ken Livingstone to be "chucked out" of party&slams Barnet council for votes *** up"
Boris Johnson wrote a book on Churchill. Ken Livingstone won't stop going on about Hitler. Which 1940s leader will Sadiq Khan choose?
Do a Ken Livingstone and just start talking about Hitler.
Nothing but bullies. Those "red Tories" forcing Ken Livingstone to go on TV again to talk about Hitler.
Ken Livingstone is on the news, helping, by talking at length about Hitler again.
Ken Livingstone the toxic anti-Semitism row AGAIN govt says hitler is a myth so jews are irrelevant AGAIN
Ah good, Ken Livingstone is back on TV. That'll help on a tough day.
Corbyn was right to suspend Ken Livingstone - but where was Boris Johnson's suspension?
Ken Livingstone wades back into Labour anti-Semitism row and discusses Hitler on TV again
Godwin's Law, updated: as any discussion with Ken Livingstone grows longer, the probability of Hitler being mentioned approach…
Ken Livingstone re-joins Labour's anti-Semitism row and discusses Hitler on Sky News. .
Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone were a lot of things, but they were not bigots.
Boris Johnson in foul-mouthed rant at Ken Livingstone over tax claims - Politics | The Guardian
London Mayoral Election 2016: Boris Johnson was lucky to be up against Ken Livingstone via
Can't we just open a farm where we can allow Neil Hamilton, Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson to graze and roam freely?
As Alan Johnson noted, "there is no Labour crisis which Ken Livingstone can't make worse."
Historian says that there is no historical basis for Ken Livingstone's comments https:…
Exclusive: There is no situation so bad for Labour that Ken Livingstone can’t make it worse says Alan Johnson
Andrew Copson of BHA not keen on saying whether Ken Livingstone is or was a patron supporter of BHA !
Took 86 seconds to lay into Labour after Ken Livingstone's interview.
Ken Livingstone lectures on “Cities in the future”: The former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, will lay out his ...
Over 17,500 people have signed this petition calling on to suspend John Mann for attacking Ken Livingstone h…
yeah Hope, you're worse than Ken Livingstone
Isn't this Zionist Edwin Black making same point as Ken Livingstone?
Straw poll from outdoor Herefordshire Rogation service: Ken Livingstone story has cut through ('is he finished?'); rising Brexit tendencies.
you're saying Ken Livingstone is worse than Hitler? I'm sure Jewish people find that utterly reprehensible you sad little man
Why are people saying that Ken Livingstone started all this? Naz Shah started it.
A full transcript of what Ken Livingstone said about antisemitism, Israel, Labour, Naz Shah
It is not just Ken Livingstone. It is also Boris Johnson - as correctly pointed out by Jonathan Freedland. https…
George Orwell sums up the fascist attempts to silence/discredit Ken Livingstone for the Truth. https:/…
Just asked Ken Livingstone what point he was trying to make by bringing up Hitler - He tells me, "I can't remember."
Blairites have targeted Ken Livingstone ever since he blamed Tony Blair for 7/7. Blair is a war criminal
Tory election fraud No, right wing of focus on Ken Livingstone pre election!
So far, Ken Livingstone has blamed the media, (twice), Blairites and an unnamed gang trying to remove Co…
a senior Labour person with mental health problems! Ken Livingstone is vile&this is a disasterous day for L…
My knowledge of today's current events: Ken Livingstone, a man I don't like, is in trouble with another man I don't like.
Owen Jones is spot on about Ken Livingstone.
Welsh Labour Leader Carwyn Jones crawls out of his hole to demand Ken Livingstone's expulsion and says J Corbyn unwelcome in Wales. Traitor.
I liked a video Owen Jones on Ken Livingstone suspension and antisemitism (28Apr16)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Owen Jones has jumped on the anti-Ken Livingstone bandwagon with all the fervour of a rank opportunist.
Corbyn brought Ken Livingstone back to the frontline so the buck stops with him on that
Ken Livingstone now suspended by Labour for anti-Semitism 🙈 might as well call themselves the new Nazi party
Alan Johnson: "Certainly true that there's no Labour problem that the arrival of Ken Livingstone can't make worse" https:/…
BBC news: this is what civil war in the Labour Party looks like. No. That looks like John Mann shouting at Ken Livingstone for…
Ken Livingstone calling Hitler a Zionist was orchestrated by John Mann to damage Corbyn.
Ken Livingstone still to appear at Swindon Festival of Literature despite suspension - Swindon Advertiser
Hitler reacts to Ken Livingstone calling him a Zionist . 😂.
Not seeing much impartiality in BBC reporting of Ken Livingstone's comments. Dave couldn't have written that report better.
Wish I could understand the Ken Livingstone stuff. It's like people are arguing the sky is pink. Politics is so weird.
Racist Boris Johnson has called for Ken Livingstone to be banned from political office. We're going to need a bigger iron…
Can't help imagining Malcolm Tucker dragging Ken Livingstone out of the disabled toilet he's hiding in
Ken Livingstone and antisemitism. What were the conclusions on the Conservatives and bullying by the way? Mark Clarke etc? Anyone?...oh
I suspect this will be buried in Ken Livingstone coverage, but amazing news.
Ken Livingstone has been offending Jewish community for years in to divide Londoners. Compare and contrast with leadership today.
Press Officer: OK Ken, the Tories have left their goal wide open. You shoot now, you score. Ken Livingstone: *Burns down…
In the past Sadiq Khan has defended Ken Livingstone's anti semitism.
Still squirming over that Ken Livingstone interview. Another stick for the hypocritical Tories to beat Labour with.
Nice 2 see Mann show. Ken Livingstone up 4 the self opinionated *** he really is
Rolling updates - and video clips - as row deepens over Ken Livingstone's defenced of suspended MP Naz Shah:-
Why did Tony Blair allow trouble maker Ken Livingstone back in the Labour Party after he was suspended for standing against Frank Dobson?
Ken Livingstone just committed political suicide on national television. Wow.
Andrew Neil just said 'Even Hitler was kind to dogs' in an interview with Ken Livingstone. So, that's where we are.
Labour urged to suspend Ken Livingstone as antisemitism row deepens - Politics live
Jeremy Corbyn, John Mcdonnell Diane Abbot, and Ken Livingstone supported the evil corrupt Maduro regime in Venezuela. Says it all!!
Ha! I'd ask Ken Livingstone, Tessa Jowell and LLDC about that...
Here shows Ken Livingstone how decent people behave on Putin propaganda networks .
in the terms that he has been doing? WAS THAT WHY "someone" "united" that "front" of Oona King and Ken Livingstone who "jointly" "mounted"
E.g. Labour right believe Ken Livingstone's 2012 loss was based on perceived antisemitism. Labour right candidate was Oona King
Going to get in early this year! Vince Cable, Ken Livingstone and Joanne Harris amongst others. Great line up.
"London has fallen "starring Boris Johnson, Gideon Osborne, tfl and Ken Livingstone. A 2 hour farce as you sit in gridlocked traffic. ...
Remind us please what he said about Ken Livingstone when he made one. You mean you also missed it?
Why are we not cutting the same slack to Corbyn, Lindsey Germans, John Rees, Ken Livingstone etc?
Hedge fund manager and Labour donor Martin Taylor has written an open letter to Ken Livingstone, it's impressive:
Ken Livingstone compares Dan Jarvis to Jimmy Savile for taking Hedge Fund donation. Takes £8k from hedge himself.
I've written to colleague, Ken Livingstone, asking him to withdraw his recent comments.
Ken Livingstone tells he has "different" not double standards over hedge fund gig
The man Ken Livingstone describes as 'evil' for giving money to Jarvis is the same man who wrote this article.
that Ken Livingstone is standing by his comments about a hedge fund donation being like "Jimmy Savile funding a children's group"
When's Ken Livingstone's 'real Labour' going to pay back Jarvis backer hedge fund manager£600,000 donation to party?
Fury as Ken Livingstone uses Jimmy Savile jibe to attack Labour rival Dan Jarvis
dtn uK: Ken Livingstone condemned for comparing hedge fund donation to Dan Jarvis to sex offender : The Former...
Ken Livingstone: A hedge fund donation to a Labour MP is like "Jimmy Savile funding a children's group"...
The fallout continues after Ken Livingstone likened Dan Jarvis to Jimmy Savile:
Can you believe the pseudo/faux outrage of Ian Austin against Ken Livingstone re Dan Jarvis' millionaire donors. Any opportunity to have ago
Breast Cancer Awareness
Ken Livingstone stands by Jimmy Savile jibe at Dan Jarvis donors.
Why is Ken Livingstone still a front person for Labour, and not locked in a closet being fed past its sell by date ham?
Blair may have been the face of Labour, the left including Tony Benn and Ken Livingstone carried out the work
Ken Livingstone bowed to the unions, Sadiq Khan would do the same:
My ISIS debate, alongside Gen. John Allen and against Ken Livingstone and Rula Jebreal is going out on BBC World now
Follow the top Ken Livingstone stories for Feb 02 on our topical page:
Great news about Kevan Jones' resignation, but he still hasn't apoligised to Ken Livingstone. http…
Is it Mrs Overall, Pol Pot, Grandpa in my Pocket (with "oh no not the" shrinking cap), My Little Pony & Ken Livingstone?
Ken Livingstone puts Britain's Nato membership on the table | Daily Mail Online
Tell Ken the Warsaw Pact in no longer an option: BBC News - Ken Livingstone questions UK Nato membership
"The Labour defence review will consider joining the Warsaw Pact" - Ken Livingstone.
Ken Livingstone, repeating the mantra that the West is responsible for the terrorist attacks it suffers. Utterly vile.
Susannah Reid sitting next to Piers Morgan on as he postulates at Ken Livingstone. Her face says "I miss Bill"
I am almost certain Ken Livingstone slipped up on sky news this morning and called sky news Tory media
Why is Ken Livingstone still in the Labour Party? His treacherous support for Lutfur Rahman should have guaranteed his expulsion.
Simon Danczuk tells Labour to remove Ken Livingstone from 'sexting' inquiry - it's everyone's problem but his ..
Ken Livingstone nor any other member of the "Team" or "Shadow Cabinet" has spoken out against racism in clear unambiguous
Listening again to the best of Ken Livingstone this year on As David Mellor says. "Lord Livingstone of Tulse Hill"
George Galloway, Ken Livingstone, Glenn Greenwald, John Rees, Ibrahim Hewitt, Mo Ansar... how many do you want?
iCYMI: Ken Livingstone says he would take a seat in the House of Lords, if asked by Corbyn. https…
Labour frontbencher and Corbyn ally Cat Smith on Ken Livingstone: "I don’t see him playing a big role in the future."
Ken Livingstone being lined up for a peerage and Shadow Cabinet seat, Labour moderates fear
via Labour moderates fear that Ken Livingstone will be given a peerage and appointed to the Shadow Cabinet.
"What we can't be is Americas poodle again. I watched Tony Blair do whatever George W. Bush wanted." ~ Ken Livingstone.
Just wanna know where the hate campaign is by the media for David Cameron's comments? Ken Livingstone seemed to get a rough enough ride.
David Blunkett on saying Ken Livingstone should pipe down because he's a has-been. Apparently without irony.
Ken Livingstone: Bombing Syria will make Isil more determined to 'come here and kill us'
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