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Ken Jeong

Kendrick Kang-Joh “Ken” Jeong (born July 13, 1969) also known as Dr. Ken, is an American comedian, actor, and physician.

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Elsewhere starts shooting in Sooke today & stars Aden Young, Parker Posey, Ken Jeong and more!…
We have Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Brenda Song, Ken Jeong, Constance Wu & Michelle Yeoh and Hollywood still think they'…
Constance Wu, MICHELLE YEOH, Awkwafina, Ken Jeong and they still haven't released all the cast.
Marshawn Lynch starred in a Train music video - George Lopez and Ken Jeong are also included in the video.     ... https…
The voice actor for premier Chen is James Hong not Ken Jeong. Just helping you out.
Ken Jeong? The actor who played Leslie Chow in the Hangover movies?
TIL: Ken Jeong, who played Senor Ben Chang on Community, is actually a real life physician. Who knew?!?!
One of our favorite interviews ever... - MARIO
Comedian is best-known for his role as Leslie Chow in The Hangover films a…
EWP honors and at our 51st Anniversary Visionary Awards on April 24!
For those who don't know, Ken Jeong IS an actual doctor.
Ken Jeong steals the show in Rob Riggle's best musical performance to date
watch the entire thing and just listen to everything Ken Jeong has to say. your day will be brighter.
Honestly, out of these 8 recent Worldstar vids, the Ken Jeong one is the most disturbing.
Jimmy Learns Odd Facts About Ken Jeong with a Round of “So Jeong or So Wrong”
Dr. Ken Jeong medical advise, he's a real DR when he's not doing Hangover movies!! | Mackenzie | WZRX-FM
Ken Jeong & tonight's host Joel McHale counting votes at the https…
The three contestants for the Asian team are: Ken Jeong (Actor), Jackie Chan (Actor), and Ryan Higa (Youtuber)!
Either him or Ken Jeong or Alison Brie next...
So are Margaret Cho and Ken Jeong just the same person now?
It's pretty cool how Margaret Cho is morphing into Ken Jeong.
give me Donald Glover. give me Yvette Brown. give me Joel McHale. give me Alison Brie. give me Ken Jeong. give me Jim Rash. pls & thx
The Koreans give Ken Jeong to the whites for the McDonalds franchise
I think everyone's different but in comedy, I try to do my scene to ma...
Tune in to the Ray D'Arcy show tonight on RTE1 live at 9.45 to see me and my guitar💓 💓 💓 wearing
Ken Jeong to join Fresh off the Boat?! Nice
I strongly believe Dr Ken Jeong is the FUNNIEST person in the whole world! Seriously! Or is it "Word"?
“You can have all the tools in the world but if you don’t. genuinely believe in yourself, it’s useless.” . Ken Jeong
Ken Jeong opens up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about going to the Golden Globes -
Is it me or this guy looks like Ken Jeong
Hysterical clapping at work when you're tired, like omg
I enjoy Paul Rudd in most things. Role Models is kind of a trashy comedy, but hilarious. Also has Jane Lynch & Ken Jeong in it.
Ken Jeong arriving at LAX Airport in Los Angeles: via
wait... I thought you were both Ken Jeong
Here's an exclusive first look at cameo on
And now a clip from The FINAL DVD GAG REEL!
I went to Duke with Ken Jeong. That GIF makes me laugh.
Ken Jeong for sure, Seth Myers as the Secretary. You gotta have that straight guy, Myers kills that lol
I liked a video Laura Marano and Ken Jeong "Boombox" Switch | Radio Disney
Can & just be in everything together, or start their own comedy show? https…
Thx to doctor/comic Ken Jeong for featuring UpToDate from Wolters Kluwer in "Dr. Ken" medical sit-com.
I like Ken Jeong, but the TV show is horrible.
OMG! Part 3: This is like an Infinity Hall of Mirrors, except with Ken Jeong 😄.
Ken Jeong from the movie "The Hangover" graduated high school at 16 and had a medical degree by the age of...
A restraint Ken Jeong is a good Ken Jeong. You see this in The Duff. When he's over the top, in his other roles, he's pretty crap
Ken Jeong (from explains why everyone loves Chow - - ...
Ken Jeong and Jim Rash talk Dr. Ken reunion, and, yes, the possibility of a Community movie …
Curiously, in S04E04, Ken Jeong voices the character Dr Yap, even though the Asian American accent doesn't sound at all Asian.
BBM should get Ken Jeong as a celebrity endorser 😂
At least Latinos have dope actors. Michael Peña, Benicio Del Toro. Who we got? Ken Jeong...
"we've got no nominees this year, again. We do have Ken Jeong as best Asian clown character though."
Ken Jeong reminds me of an older you
Ken Jeong somewhere listening to black actors complain about not being nominated and saying "boo F-ing hoo! least y'all got invited!
Amen to that. Let George Lopez and Ken Jeong fight for theirs!
Ken Jeong needs to host next year to make good for that accountant gag
At black people. Specifically. Like folks don't b demanding Ken Jeong talk about immigration reform.
Ok point taken...then can we have Asian actors too? (other than Ken Jeong making an *** of himself?).
why aren't people up in arms about Asians not being in film, TV, anything? we need to do better than juss Ken Jeong
new show on abc Friday night. Ken Jeong plays a doctor he was in hangover movies and on community
Giving Ken Jeong his own tv show is literally the best thing ABC has ever done.
I added a video to a playlist Ken Jeong Is Not Big In Korea
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Ken Jeong to guest star on FRESH OFF THE BOAT:
When People of Color Are Discouraged From Going Into the Arts: Kevin Hart, left, and Ken Jeong p...
I met a handful of my favorite celebs today, I even got a high five from Ken Jeong !
Ken Jeong and Keegan Michael key are so funny in the on IFC
Walking in with Ken Jeong at Film Independent Spirit Awards. Already laughing!
Ik vind een leuk: Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard Funny Ads with Ken Jeong
The nurse attending my dad looks like ken Jeong
I liked a video Ken Jeong AHA Hands-Only CPR video
Ken Jeong actor/comedian at the Golden Globe on the red-carpet with Ms. Bridgette Lewis.
Ken Jeong graduated from Duke (undergrad) and got his M. D degree from UNC. He's the actor from…
staring Tim Allen, Cedric the Entertainer, George Lopez and Ken Jeong! Opens this summer!
Ken Jeong has in stitches during and a woman gets a MUCH needed Steve...
Newswire: Ken Jeong and Randall Park will just take turns guesting on each other’s shows now
Drama students from thrilled to meet Ken Jeong at taping last night. Fabulous show everyone! http…
Actors Tika Sumpter (L) and Ken Jeong speak onstage during the 47th NAACP Image Awards presented by TV One at...
Pretty, pretty good. Larry David’s impersonation is reason enough to tune in to tonight
Ken Jeong is my fav actor of all times.
The Hangover's Ken Jeong used to be a doctor, now he's playing one
Watching Community for the first time. Not seeing what all the fuss is about. Though Ken Jeong is great.
Ken Jeong and the chick from Truth Be Told.. I'm loving it already.
👨🏾Ice cube: . You ran from us because we’re black !?. 👲🏻ken jeong:. Have you seen you ? You would run from you.
Suited up! Ken Jeong and Anthony Anderson stepped out in style in their dapper suits
Day 5 working on this episode of Dr Ken! Playing with Jim Rash & Ken Jeong is a blast! 'Dr. Ken'
Great review of tonight's episode:. "Visually, the whole “kid” gag between McHale and Ken Jeong worked brilliantly."
Dr. Ken Jeong is truly funny, and crazy smart too.
Holy crap Ken Jeong was in an improv group on an episode of the office.
Community alumni Joel McHale and Ken Jeong spar anew on Dr. Ken. Read:
How can Ken Jeong go from Community to THIS?!!
Strange seeing actors on before they were on stuff I actually know them for. Like seeing Ken Jeong on season 2 of
It's the 1st Friday of Heart Health month! Celebrate with comedic actor Ken Jeong & a little disco lesson in CPR.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I see Ken Jeong in movies, and I go like, *** what do you want again..
.& show some love ahead of tonight's Reunion on
From an interview with Ken Jeong in the -- so true (as a white boy/haole who grew…
I thought it was the Bad Boys remake that I envisioned with Kevin Hart and John Cho/Ken Jeong, and it ended up being Ride Along 2.
Ken Jeong to reunite with COMMUNITY co-stars Joel McHale and Danny Pudi in Valentine's Day episode of DR. KEN:
‘Community’ stars Joel McHale and Danny Pudi reunite with Ken Jeong for ‘Dr. Ken’:
Community mini-reunion alert: Joel McHale and Danny Pudi to guest-star on Ken Jeong's Dr. Ken
Rob Riggle and Ken Jeong gave us an Adele-inspired song about the NFC East.
Ken Jeong and Rob Riggle took on Adele's "Hello" -- and it was hilarious! Watch:
Ken Jeong and Rob Riggle Collaborate in Fox NFL Sunday Parody of Adele's "Hello": Even football fans can't get...
I vote both. You can get a sitcom that way like Ken Jeong.
Ken Jeong wants to spread awareness about cancer in India
the judge looks like Ken Jeong with a mustache
what do you think about Ken jeong? Plays up the Asian stereotype will IMO
Ken Jeong plays such an evil asian in Role Models.
Ken Jeong reacting to a fan freaking out over meeting him at ASW
All my success is due to that movie: Hangover star Ken Jeong
They're trying to make Ken Jeong stick but like fetch, no.
Ken Jeong and Zach Galifinakis are from and live in NC so that's kinda awesome. We're clearly good for something
Three weeks 'til Thanksgiving. How is going to celebrate?
Started watching Community the other night. Gotta say, the only real good acting on that show is from Donald Glover and Ken Jeong.
Ken Jeong was in my dream last night. 😂
WANTED...Ken Jeong on SNL as on of this season's Host. Unite!
Ken Jeong is The Man. Doctor, Actor, Pageant Winner, Dancer. Dare we say the Korean James Corden
Ken Jeong is so funny and weird and unpredictable. Just our kind of human =)
this is so great. He adds to the list with one of the best yet to Ken Jeong tonight.
how on earth has Ken jeong ended up with Erin???!!! Lucky *** !!
Ken Jeong filmed "The Hangover" as his wife was fighting breast cancer, so he sprinkled inside jokes throughout the movie to…
Good news for Ken Jeong, Dave Foley, and Tisha Cambell--great cast!!!
I liked a video Ken Jeong on Being a Doctor Who Became an Actor
Next week's guest on the show Adam Carolla, Jesse Ventura, and Ken Jeong. Have a great weekend everyone.
I don't see the point of this news scene with Thomas Haden Church, Ken Jeong and Cooper. It's pretty uneventful.
Nathalie Emmanuel, Sunita Mani and Sophie Turner for Charlie's Angels. Ken Jeong as Bosworth. Kanye as the voice of Charlie.
LIVE on Ken Jeong of The Hang Over & Tisha Campbell of Martin: Q & A for new show Dr. Ken!! 🎥💻⭐️
Role Models is a good film but I'd love to see Paul Rudd, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jane Lynch, Elizabeth Banks & Ken Jeong do another one
They interviewed Ric Flair and Ken Jeong for the I Hate Christian Laettner piece? LAWD
Like this one between The Hangover's Ken Jeong, Matt Walsh and Sam Richardson
Rainn Wilson, Ken Jeong, T.J. Miller. Who decided what kids want in their robot movies is slightly seedy adults their parents watch on TV?
How about this Gillian Jacobs for Captain Marvel and Ken Jeong for MODOK?
How about a 3 Amigos reboot with Randall Park, John Cho, and Ken Jeong protecting a Tibetan village from Chinese mercs in the 1930s?
Hanging out with Dan Harmon, Danny Pudi, Ken Jeong, Joel McHale, Jim Rash, and Gillian Jacobs tonight
i recognised you've vs Ken Jeong but how about Will Yun Lee. Korean actors that act ching-chong baddies instead of K
Ken Jeong is the funniest man alive.
I just really disliked how much screen time they gave Ken Jeong. I believe Chang was only good in small doses.
Ken Jeong ffunniest actor of all time
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Why are Rashida Jones, Donald Glover and Ken Jeong on the muppets right now..
(I like Paul Rudd, guys. It's a reference to the television show Commhunity, starring Ken Jeong.)
Ken Jeong is just the coolest person ever
I ended up liking Ken Jeong more than that UNC fan who wrote a book about Duke sucking
Hey next time you should reply to ken jeong with "I hope this won't cause friction".
Ken Jeong went to Duke and he was in The Hangover III
casting Ken Jeong as a frat boy who has long overstayed his welcome is pretty on-the-nose, Bob's Burgers
Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong had a brief conversation about Ferdinand Marcos lol omg "is Marcos still around?" ok.
So is Ken Jeong just in everything now?
Adult Goonies with Melissa McCarthy as Chunk and Ken Jeong as Data.
Ken Jeong Photobombs Kate Upton’s GQ Photo Shoot – The Women of GQ: Subscribe to the all-new...
Cupcake Ken Jeong. “Community's 100th episode is on RIGHT NOW. We did it, Ma!
Ken Jeong shares what he thinks people love about Mr Chow from the ...
Ken Jeong is one of the funniest actors
Video: Ken Jeong of the Hangover Took the Role for His Wife Who Was Battling Breast Cancer
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I would love to see a remake of The Karate Kid with Ken Jeong as Mr Miyagi.
CORRECTION: It was worth it for that Keith David face & Jason Mantzoukas yelling at Ken Jeong.
I love how much Ken Jeong clearly loves his work. Gives me the warm and fuzzies.
Hangover's Mr. Chow is a real life doctor and more facts about actor Ken Jeong via
What would be hilarious is if it were Ken Jeong.
Especially since that's the one that always ends up naked. Full-frontal. I've seen Ken Jeong's junk too many times.
Just ran into Ken Jeong and got to tell him how much I love 'Community.' He patted me on the back. . It was a Life-CHANGing experience
Oh and also Ken Jeong. (Mr chow from hangover and Ben Chang from community)
Assemble! . Ken Jeong is hosting as special rewatch tonight at 7:00 PST / 10:00 EST. Let's do this rewatch style!
get George HW Bush. Or roger Staubach. Or Bryce Harper. Or Ken Jeong. Or Rob Lowe. Or Charles Johnson. You want me to keep going?
Hangover 4: the whole 1 1/2 hour movie is an apology for making us see ken jeong's ***
Ken jeong is my favourite comedic actor of all time.
Loving Thanks for the recommendation hey! You should read this if you haven't already
The thing that stood out most after watching the "I hate Christian Laettner" documentary is that Ken Jeong went to Duke
So, Penguins of Madagascar: I came for the designs (Chris Ayers worked on it!), the Ken Jeong-voiced seal, and of course, the Penguins.
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I love it when interviews add greater depth & dimensionality to actors than their characters allow
Ken Jeong? «Kentucky has Drake&Judd.MSU has Magic.Wisconsin has Rodgers&Munn.who gets the TV cut away for Duke in the Final 4?»
Actor says his role in The Hangover was "the most obscene love letter to a spouse one could ever have.”
The role of Leslie Chow came down to Ken Jeong and myself.
the last one with Ken Jeong is really good. Only 25 minutes
You may not know comedian is an MD, or how “The Hangover” helped him heal after his wife’s breast cancer:
so my dad texted me about Ken Jeong being a real doctor, and i was like "you didnt know that?" and he was like "no!!"
Best podcast I've listened to this week: talking to Ken Jeong about medicine, comedy & his wife's cancer
to be pitiful. in Tinashe to come to. Japan!
Ambassador, discusses his wife's diagnosis & how it changed his
If I'm ever going to watch this it's only because of Ken Jeong.
Jim Rash and Ken Jeong are awesome this season.
also Ken Jeong is undeniably the best actor
Favourite piece of data from my blog - someone found my review by searching "ken jeong brenda thyroid community".
After seeing Ken Jeong in the Hangover and then finding out he was actually a licensed physician, I thought it...
Actor/doctor reflects on his unexpected career path and his wife's cancer diagnosis. ht…
Do you know your Sina?! Which celebrity have I never talked/worked with A. Matt Morrison B. Eva Longoria C. Ken Jeong D. Henry Winkler
Well, I just balled my eyes out. Dr. you and your wife Tran are an inspiration. 💕 you.
Ken Jeong is one of the funniest people alive
wow. the real reason ken jeong did "The Hangover". (Thanks Tuyet)
TIL that Ken Jeong actually took the role as Mr. Chow in Hangover because his wife was battling breast cancer at th…
the fact that Ken Jeong is a die-hard Duke Basketball fan makes me extremely happy
The casting of Brittany's parents is just perfect; Jennifer Coolidge and Ken Jeong. It honestly couldn't get any better.
Much respect to U never know what pain lies behind the laughter. Awesome that wifey is now 🙌.
Don't life too seriously, we all die in the end. Ken Jeong story behind his infamous part in the Hangover movie -
I never knew this. . I had no idea. knowing this changes changes my opinion of him totally.
Great Sunday watch. Mr.Chow from HANGOVER went through the most difficult time when he was on top of his game.
Holy schmoly. Tears of laughter and heart break and joy.
I'm going to start watching Community solo por Ken Jeong.
Ken Jeong explains the moving connection between his wife's cancer and The Hangover
It'd be mad funny if a news station covering the first *** marriage in a state played that clip of Ken Jeong saying Ha! *** right after.
Your daily tearjerker. Ken Jeong from The Hangover talks about his wife's cancer:
“Ken Jeong went to duke?” He was a doctor before quitting for a career in comedic acting
Daniel Dae Kim and Ken Jeong on the red carpet of the premiere of "Ktown Cowboys" at the 2015 SXSW Film Festival.
This Transformers scene with Ken Jeong and Shia LaBeouf is peak annoyance.
Ken Jeong is such an annoying actor to me.
Ken Jeong, Jim Rash, Paget Brewster and Keith David join the fun
Sup when white people can choose which actors can play them based on personality, I get to choose from John Cho or Ken Jeong
This is so awful, but yet again, Jennifer Coolidge and Ken Jeong as Brittany's parents is perfect.
Yes, Glee has jumped the shark, but it has been worth watching this season just to see Jennifer Coolidge & Ken Jeong as Brittany's parents.
Leo Howard, Paul Zimmer, Harrison Ford, Colton Haynes, Patrick Stewart and Ken Jeong all share a Birthday with you! 😀
Ken Jeong is really, really happy about a couple of things. First, his sitcom, “Community,” returns for a sixth season on Second, he has a film in competition at the Sundance Film Festival. “Advantageous,” ...
I am glad this issue of Korean/American comedian Margaret Cho's impression of a Korean general is being met with disgust. In this spirit, I would like to discuss other racist tendencies I have noticed in Hollywood over the last few years: 1. Mike Myers as the Dutch Super Villain Goldmember in that Austin Powers film 2. Mandy Patinkin as the Spanish sword man in The Princess Bride 3. Eddie Murphy as the African Prince Akeem Joffer, the prince of Zamunda in Coming to America 4. Bill Hader's impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Golden Globes 5. Any Monty Python Sketch where Graham Chapman played an American businessman 6. Christian Bale as American businessman Bruce Wayne in the Batman 7. New Zealander Murray Hewitt played by Rhys Darby on Flight of the Conchords 8. Forest Whitaker as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in the Last King of Scotland 9. Ken Jeong as Leslie Chow in the Hangover Trilogy 10. Woody Allen in all his movies
Our short Student/Athlete from Ken Jeong looks at former Notre Dame Football kicker Reggie *** who left the gridiron for the operating room.
Would Notre Dame Football have gone undefeated in 1988 without Reggie *** Ken Jeong's new 30 for 30 Short Student/Athlete looks at his story.
Our latest film, from actor Ken Jeong, tells the story of how a 5-foot-5 premed student played a crucial role in Notre Dame’s undefeated football...
Is Ken Jeong like actually funny because I haven't seen him act funny. Can I get like a link to him being funny somewhere?
Ken Jeong is a successful comedian & a qualified doctor in California and if that isn't enough proof of what Asians can do, WHAT IS
Listening Ken Jeong Interview podcast, Marc (interviewer) talks about being 1st generation in the US and how there is this pressure on you.
I liked a video Penguins of Madagascar Featurette - Mockumentary (2014) - Ken Jeong Movie HD
So apparently Ken Jeong is playing Brittany's dad on the sixth and final season of Glee.that's really weird.
I've acted with someone who's been in a improv troop with Ken Jeong. How many degrees away am I from Kevin Bacon?
Pretty amazing story. Wow! And it was directed by Kim Jong Un, aka Ken Jeong, MD. Will Hollywood turn this into...
It´s good because it´s good. Que buen documental de Ken Jeong.
Nice little piece here by Ken Jeong (on former Notre Dame kicker Reggie ***
forgot how funny Ken Jeong was in Trasnformers 2
Ken Jeong as Ken Jeong is the better Ken Jeong
And some Ken Jeong like this picture, you'll be my god. I'm not asking for much.
A good story by Ken Jeong on Reggie *** Worth the time today.
Ken Jeong and Jennifer Coolidge to play Brittany's parents on Glee
Jennifer Coolidge, Ken Jeong to guest star on
is back on & you can meet Brittany's HILARIOUS parents NOW!
You realize if you ever get sick the headline will be 'Ken Jeong Ill.'
Jennifer Coolidge, Ken Jeong and (Gina Gershon book guest spots in final season of GLEE:
I was stunned to see Ken Jeong in it too.
This "30 for 30" short on Reggie *** is fun. Directed by Ken Jeong of Hangover fame which is also interesting.
Ken Jeong .gif, i see. I bring you this... BEAT THAT, (you cant)
Awesome film directed by Ken Jeong, about the most underdiscussed Student/Athlete from ND, Reggie ***
Better Notre Dame story then Rudy? Probably not, but pretty close. Produced by Ken Jeong from Hangover too.
Seriously you're going use a Ken Jeong still from the hangover to promote his 30for30 film?
Shout out to who is the official rock star of the new Collection campaign!
A must-watch 30 for 30 short on Notre Dame's Reggie *** directed by Ken Jeong
My Korean mom frets like only a Korean mom can over Ken Jeong giving up being a doctor for acting.
Can the North Korean hackers please issue threats against any studio that casts roles for Ken Jeong.
Way cooler than mine, I got Ken Jeong and Cheech Marin on mine.
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did she say Franco and Rogan were sent to kill Ken Jeong?
Ken Jeong told me about his favourite telly, and very kindly offered a co-creator credit on his new project.
Ken Jeong’s favourite TV: The Hangover and Community star talks TV thrills and what leaves him ill Continue re...
Guess who's at the game representing the Raiders - Ken Jeong, also known as "Mr. Chow" from Hangover and Hangover 2.
how about Ken Jeong. That guy is a comedian and a doctor!
I'm psyched for the Hollywood adaptation. Ken Jeong's set to play no-mouth.
I liked a video Ken Jeong on David Hasselhoff
Remember Ken Jeong from the hangover? this is him now, feel old yet?
Ken Jeong is a hilarious comedian. it has nothing to do with my dating habits.
I liked a video from Ken Jeong gets in Kevin Hart’s Face | Behind the Scenes
I'm sorry but every time I see this picture of calum, I immediately think of ken jeong in the hangover 😂
Going through some photos I took yesterday... Crazy that Ken Jeong was also there taking pics of Jian Ghomeshi
Fun fact : Ken Jeong lives 4 houses down from my aunt
Surprised Ken Jeong didn't pull much of a "Leslie Chow" moment with Short Fuse when voicing lawl.
I'm not lying, every single project I've done, they've all been great. Ken Jeong
Breast Cancer Awareness
Ken Jeong is just comedy gold no matter what he's in.
For some reason my dad didn't find it funny when I said he was like Ken Jeong. If he was skinny... and happy 😂
Why isn't there a Ken Jeong impressionist in Vegas? 😞😥
Yotubazos:"Ken Jeong and Daughter on Jimmy Kimmel"->:
We don't know for sure, but there was a pic in Brittany's room w/ her, a blonde lady, & Ken Jeong from Community. :/
We don't know who they're playing but Heather took picture with Jennifer Coolidge & Ken Jeong in Brit's bedroom
If Brittany can have Jennifer Coolidge and Ken Jeong as her parents, Blaine can have a mother of that comedy acting calibre too.
I liked a video Ken Jeong on David Letterman Late Show 2013 full interview
Nothing like Ken Jeong's AHA video to help you remember how to give CPR.
I liked a video Ken Jeong Gets Daughter's Perspective on New Movie
I actually read this book. I didn't like it. Probably will not like the movie either but will watch bec of Ken Jeong
Watch Benedict Cumberbatch, John Malkovich and Ken Jeong get into character for Penguins of Madagascar!
Josh Horowitz sits down with Benedict Cumberbatch, John Malkovich, Tom McGrath, Ken Jeong, and Pitbull to talk about penguins and their worth in life. Subscr...
Photo: Ken Jeong attends the premiere of “Penguins of Madagascar” on Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014 in New York.
Siri, can you imagine if. Ken Jeong were your. primary care physician tho?
Update your maps at Navteq
Kate Upton .. nipple .. Ken Jeong.. is there a need ...
Ken Jeong is about to pop up on the screen as Jet Li.
I am aware, but I've still been called worse. Also Ken Jeong is hilarious.
Now off to NY to interview Benedict Cumberbatch, Ken Jeong and Pitbull for
"Ken Jeong got the role? You said it's an Asian boy genius, he's like 45?!" "Yeah well Americans can't tell the difference." I AM DYING
Ken Jeong was working as a physician when he got his first film role in Knocked Up playing a physician.
'sorry you cant have the role they gave it to ken jeong'. 'you said it was for a BOY'. 'americans cant tell the difference'
The film is starring Bella Thorne, Nick Eversman, Ken Jeong and Allison Janney.
I search my heart for injustices I still harbor. I forgive them, and let them go. ♒️
Ken Jeong is Good For Us: ...created and reinforced. Since World War II, the Asian male image in pop culture h...
Ken Jeong shares his best moment on set from the movies and ...
well I tried to find the Ken Jeong *** vine on its own in reply, but searching *** vine wasn't a good idea!
it's actually ken jeong don't think dave is Chinese
Does anybody know which character Ken Jeong voices in the
if this isn't Hannah then why did you follow Ken Jeong first?!
If I was an actor I have a bad feeling I'd be more of a Ken Jeong than a John Cho...
Ken Jeong graduated high school at 16. Graduated college at 21. Got a medical degree at 26.(this is what happens in english)
Ken Jeong (Mr Chow from explains how he got into
Rob Schneider, Ken Jeong,"Ice Age" Font and "Open Season" quality CGI from an unknown studio?.sounds like a winner to me!
Ken Jeong shares pictures from his private fb profile on his fanpage profile
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