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Ken Clarke

Kenneth Harry Ken Clarke, PC, QC, MP (born 2 July 1940) is a British Conservative politician, currently Member of Parliament for Rushcliffe, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice.

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Tory MP Ken Clarke explains why he will not vote in favour of the bill, despite the referendum result
"You follow the rabbit down the hole and emerge in a wonderland," says Ken Clarke on UK's future trading outside EU
Ken Clarke telling us all that we don't know what we are doing and only he does. A walking heart attack waiting to happen - Alan Clarke MP
She’s certainly no Ken Clarke or Harold Macmillan. But she is also a prisoner of the head bangers.
Brexit: Ken Clarke asks why anyone would deal with Britain if we make all the rules
Ken Clarke is still unsure as to whether he is member of the conservative party or in a proverbial Blair government. Lost the plot.
Ken Clarke on top form this morning - leaving the customs union would be "folly", Liam Fox "has nothing to do for the next…
post 92 we benefitted under europhile Tory chancellor Ken Clarke from a long period of inward investment under our bespoke EU deal
Dear Israel, Can you please "take down" Tony Blair and Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron and Ken Clarke and Donald Tusk and Jean Claude Junker
Ken Clarke, who “looks forward to the day when the Westminster parliament is just a council chamber in Europe”, on
Why does Ken Clarke keep telling us how to negotiate?. He wants us to stay in the EU. That should tell you why.
Tony Blair once told Ken Clarke that his goals as PM were to get Britain to love Europe, and Labour to love Mandelson
Sir Ivan was Tony Blair and Ken Clarke's secretary!! He was never, ever, in 10,000 years, going to be +ve about anything brexit
Prizes for Ken Clarke, Dennis Skinner, Paul Flynn and Micheal Fabricant in MPs of the year. ... circa 1996…
BBC News - Ken Clarke sex abuse accuser Ben Fellows is cleared Is this fake news
Ken Clarke leads Tory calls for MPs vote on negotiating strategy before Brexit via
Me 2 Paul. is proof of this. I also think highly of Ken Clarke but Tories cut and privatise. NHS always a mess.
Journo & frmr abused child Ben Fellows had to leave the UK for safety after exposing MP Ken Clarke:
Ken Clarke,Andrew Lansley, Andy Burnham join Norman Lamb,Alastair Campbell and Andrew Mitchell with demand for Govt action…
.Ed Balls did not initiate independence of Bank of England. Plans were drawn up under Ken Clarke in
"Calm yourself man" says the Speaker, suggesting noisy MPs should follow the example of Ken Clarke
Great event with Nick Clegg & Ken Clarke. Ken said he agreed with Nick on most things and that he'll vote agains…
debate Wednesday in Parliament. Will you be attending? Ken Clarke
Really enjoying Ken Clarke's memoirs. There's lots like this...
Ken Clarke, Dean Rees, Ruth Amery, Dave Fuller, Harvey Benton, Harry Bussell and Mark Currie will form the new council
Love this section in Ken Clarke's autobiography on a meeting with Rebekah Brooks
Wonder if Cathy McGowan provided support to any of the 4 who did win in Wang city ward: Ken Clarke, Dean Rees, Ruth Amery and Dave Fuller.
Ken Clarke in silk stockings, Peter Mandelson on the Tube and the French version of Bake-Off. All in
.Why doesn't Ken Clarke understand thst we lost control of immigration in 2004 thanks to Tony Blair and the FuEU !
The Prime Ministerial honeymoon's over. Tough for her today; Angus Robertson, Lisa Nandy, Ken Clarke & even Corbyn all roughed her up.
She, Nicky Morgan, Ken Clarke, George Osborne are all anti-democratic and I hope they get de-…
Stan Tracey doesn't really look amused by "raconteur" Ken Clarke
The indiscreet Ken Clarke says that Nick Clegg,when he first met him,was assistant to Leon Brittan and wanted to be a Conservative MP.
The Pound is tanking because there is no plan for Brexit, former Tory cabinet minister Ken Clarke warns
currently living for this photo: Ken Clarke on his wedding day (with Michael Howard, John Gummer, Leon Brittan, Nor…
David Cameron did not discuss EU referendum with his Cabinet before he called it, claims Ken Clarke.
Cameron called Tony Blair the MASTER and was a PR-obsessed control freak, Ken Clarke says
A great anecdote in today's from Ken Clarke's memoirs, ‘A Kind of Blue’, out soon:
It's a tough contest, but I think this (in today's may be one of my favourite Ken Clarke anecdotes…
I'd probably have Gaitskell, Healey, Joe Chamberlain, Ken Clarke, Macleod. Hezza, Alan Johnson also up there.
I once taught an evening class sounding exactly like Ken Clarke on Ted Hughes' Crow. No idea why, not intent. Cold I suppose.
David Cameron will go down in history as "the man who made the mistake of taking us out of the EU", says Ken Clarke.
Shame on Ken Clarke for holding the British public in such contempt, writes this morning
Revealed by Ken Clarke: Cameron failed to tell cabinet before announcing intention to hold the EU referendum:…
Go Ken!. 'You don't know what you're doing!' Ken Clarke launches scathing Brexit attack on May
Brexit: MPs should be free to reject referendum result due to lack of clear plans, says top lawyer | The Independent ht…
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And well done Ken Clarke who has stepped up to the plate again
100 days since Verdict from Tory grandee, Ken Clarke: "Nobody in the government has the first idea of what they'r…
What was that Ken Clarke was saying about the government having no idea what to do about Brexit?
RCorbett MEP is fanatically pro-EU to the point of flawed analysis. A federalist, like Ken Clarke.
Ken Clarke: Theresa May has no clue what she's doing on Brexit
Ken Clarke gave a reach-around to a goat on a platform at King's Cross
Ken Clarke becomes first Tory MP to say he will not vote for Brexit in Commons .
As Ken Clarke points out, May, Fox, Johnson and Davis haven't got a clue what to do about Brexit.
running a 'government with no policies' (and no clue on claims Ken Clarke .
Ken Clarke warns that Brexit will take 8 years in Sunday Times interview
Thing is for every remainer that will accept the decision. Theres a Owen Smith, Anna Soubry and Ken Clarke.
As opposed to paying them £350m a week ( less the rebate & the bit that never leaves) in tribute. Ken Clarke needs to now…
Clarke: May Govt doesn't have 'first idea' on Brexit
Theresa May is running a 'government with no policies', claims Ken Clarke  via
Pity they have to spoil it with interview with Euro fossil Ken Clarke.
Our quote of the week appropriately falls on the 100th day since the vote and comes from former Tory cabinet minister Ken C…
Ken Clarke warns May however much eurosceptics love her plans now they will declare them a "betrayal" eventually. See…
Patrick O'Flynn MEP - "The likes of Ken Clarke and Nicky Morgan need to accept the will of the British people."
Ken Clarke tells May 'You don't know what you're doing!' The ship is out to sea but no one know…
Ken Clarke definitely. I fear Osborne too damaged by his Remain campaign threats. Anna Soubry?
Ken Clarke launches scathing Brexit attack on Theresa May. No fool like an old fool …
Ken Clarke sort of saying over brexit Govt can't run a p... up in a brewery all over the place via
NEW - Ken Clarke: Theresa May’s government has no idea how to carry out Brexit
Ken Clarke 'failed to act' over Lord Janner and Cyril Smith child abuse tip-offs
Ken Clarke tells Commons: Do not sacrifice UK access to EU single market of 500m just to turn away foreigners that employ…
👲 Ken Clarke More than 100 Tory MPs want to stop Brexit, says Ken Clarke ♥♥♥♥
Ken Clarke is Cardinal Wolsey in this analogy
In the final vote for Leader by Tory MPs alone in 1997 William Hague defeated Ken Clarke.
Not surprised Alain De Boitton, Ken Clarke and Alastair Campbell think similarly - all went to the same college in Cambridge.
Ken Clarke "It’s strange anyone who questions neo-lib economy that's failed ordinary people is seen as not sensible” https…
People who - for all of us - would be better off retired: Lord Lawson, Michael Howard, Norman Tebbit. (Ken Clarke can carry on for a bit.)
yes but Ken Clarke, Anna Soubry and Damian Green support May.
Ken Clarke's off-air comments on Tory leadership candidates – read the full transcript
Ken Clarke is all of us at an office leaving do after half a bottle of wine.
Would watch: a weekly chat show with Malcolm Rifkind and Ken Clarke.
We could do with more of this honesty 😂
.brillaint on his dad's recorded conversation with Ken Clarke - "parents. both of them are not fussed at all"
Ken Clarke: “I don’t think either Andrea Leadsome or Boris Johnson are actually in favour of leaving the EU.”
Ken Clarke confirms he's a fool adding to rumours with extraordinary open mic gaffe via https:…
Media blog: Is off the air off the record?
Ken Clarke brands a 'bloody difficult woman'. When will the 'men' of politics realise that gender is their issue, not hers.
Well played Ken Clarke !! -at last we hear some home truths about the candidates
Ken Clarke/Rifkind filmed in Westminster studio making remarks about candidates
POLITICS: Ken Clarke denies helping Michael Gove write his new campaign slogan.
Gove on Clarke comment "Ken is Ken, and one of the things I absolutely believe in is a strong defence, but we should be ca…
Anyone who thinks Ken Clarke's comments weren't meant for broadcast needs to wake up...Don't be a sheeple.
"I think with Michael [as prime minister we'd go to war with at least three countries at once."
That moment when you hear the Ken Clarke live mic conversation
Nice to see a politician being brutally honest for a change. Ken Clarke recorded criticising Tory hopefuls -
I think Ken Clarke is great not to complain about His comments were brilliant and accurate.
Ken Clarke tells that only Mark Carney is "running the shop" right now in the UK...
Dummy run in the fridge ready for adornment tomorrow, check. Ken Clarke stating the facts, check. Economic Brexit doom, check.
look up Ken Clarke on Not the aristo background I'd assumed :)
Ken Clarke, arch-lord of misrule, revels in this Tory ‘fiasco’ | Andrew Gimson
Where is the leaked email from Sarah vine about Ken clarke's comments?
Ken Clarke supporting er sort of... Tory 'fiasco' -
Senior Tory Ken Clarke has been caught calling Theresa May a "bloody difficult woman"
Gawd bless Ken Clarke! If only he was leader of the CONservatives
Everybody interested in today's Tory leadership election should read this. Truly wonderful
Very amiable tonight so far...but then who wouldn't be with that jolly Ken Clarke clip to kick off?
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WATCH: Ken Clarke says Tory leader contest “an utter fiasco” and Gove would “start three wars” vi…
Worrying headline but Ken Clarke's comments on the Tory leadership hopefuls are hilarious if a bit sexist
Are we to believe that Ken Clarke gossips in perfectly formed paragraphs?.
Was right to broadcast Ken Clarke talking about the candidates? He was taking off air. I don't like it
Oh bless you Ken Clarke. Like the drunk uncle at a wedding commenting on how ugly the bridesmaids are
I reckon Ken Clarke would have said all that to their faces let alone on the record - too wily a politician to be caught 'off camera' :)
WATCH: Ken Clarke's hilarious critique of the Tory Leadership candidates by
Ken Clarke caught on camera ridiculing Conservative leadership candidates
This is funny. I do like Ken Clarke though!
Jocular former cigarette salesman caught on camera speaking honestly about Tory leadership nightmare. Must-see.
I sort of can't help but love this. Thank you “Sky News release off-air footage of Ken Clarke”.
Ken Clarke: "But you and I worked for Margaret Thatcher..." Yes, you "worked for", nothing more significant.
Ken Clarke knew what he was doing. Anyone who thinks otherwise is misguided. He's an experienced politician. He wanted hi…
'A bloody difficult woman' according to Ken Clarke. .
Ken Clarke. Statesman. Pathetic behind the scenes. This is what the Daily Mail used to do in 1990. Old school, old tricks, dirty.
After his Sky appearance, I hope Ken Clarke didn't have to drive himself home.
trends as women respond to Ken Clarke's comments about Theresa May via
Wild, bloody difficult and stupid. Ken Clarke's verdict on the Tory candidates. Tomorrow's Guardian
The more I see the Ken Clarke video, the more I'm sure he knew exactly what he was doing
These MPs have nothing but contempt for voters today Ken Clarke illustrated this all to well. Stand by for…
Ken Clarke's office have been urging him strongly to complain about his comments being broadcast. His response: nah, i…
Say what you really think why don't you, Ken Clarke?
For the 50th time in the last 20 years, I say "I bloody love Ken Clarke"
Ken Clarke and Malcolm Rifkind filmed in Sky News Westminster studio making remarks about Tory leadership candidates
'Dishevelling with Ken Clarke' SKY programme where a half cut Ken comments on topical events with an inside view with cohost Stephen Toast
Ken Clarke, sitting in a TV studio with a mic on and Cameras pointing at him didn't realise he might be recorded!?. Nah, ain't buying that.
But he [Ken Clarke] did praise the justice secretary for ruining ex-London mayor Boris Johnson's leadership bid.
If only Ken Clarke was young enough to stand
Ken Clarke caught on camera ridiculing Tory leadership candidates
My fave bit. Ken Clarke: "I might give Stephen Crabb an encouraging vote first, but I don’t know what Crabb’s views are on most things." 1/2
Malcolm Tucker hears about Ken Clarke's on-mic slip-up:.
Love every word of it. Ken Clarke speaks the truth!
Ken Clarke caught on camera slagging off ALL the Tory leadership frontrunners
Ken Clarke, what happened to the second allegation against him, after Ben Fellows case ?
Ken Clarke picking our next PM: "I'll give an encouraging vote for Stephen Crabb first. I don't know what Crabb's views are on most things."
Theresa May is a Remainer & has support of Heseltine, Ken Clarke, Edwina Currie & Alistair Campbell. Have you joined the…
Equally if Phillip Hammond and Ken Clarke's son support May then we've got ourselves a Top Gear pun.
Michael Gove should quit the Tory leadership race now, says Ken Clarke. Interview here:
Ken Clarke : Gove should quit PM race as he can't be trusted after Boris's betrayal- James Tapsfield via
Ken Clarke lashes Michael Gove and says no-one trusts him after his betrayal of Boris
Geriatric rabid EUrophile Ken Clarke backs Theresa May. That's all we need to know. ABM . they are going to ignore the refer…
Tory leadership: Ken Clarke urges Michael Gove to quit
Ken Clarke calls for Michael Gove to stand down from the Tory leadership contest on "You do need the trust of yo…
Michael Gove 'should be disqualified from contest' says a fuming Ken Clarke htt…
Unhappy with EUReferendum result, Ken Clarke wants Michael Gove excluded from Tory Party Leadership Campaign. We need for PM
Int'g use of the word 'papabile' by Ken Clarke . I wish Alastair Campbell would stop being Cardinal Wolsey.
Absolutely fascinating memories of being a Minister by Ken Clarke:
Though these are some of his less finer moments, over the years he's been a great politician - Ken Clarke
Every time Ken Clarke shows his face I see Ben Fellows..David Mellor I see missing IDS I see death..Harriet…
In UK Ben Fellows was sued by Ken Clarke. Clarke lost. Had to. Evidence would put cameron in prison !
LeaveEUOfficial: Ken Clarke's described as pro-EU by nsoamesmp on He's putting it mildly...
Ken Clarke: ‘absurd’ that defunct prison scheme still keeps people in jail – The Guardian
so basically are Nick Clegg & Ken Clarke the only people consistently pro-EU in the country ?
Boris Johnson “is a much nicer version of Donald Trump but the campaign is remarkably similar” says Ken Clarke
Ken Clarke: "I think Boris and Donald Trump should go away for a bit and enjoy themselves and not get in the way" https…
😔 Ken Clarke Nick Clegg and Ken Clarke pocket ?10-a-year after their time in ... 😜😔
Nick Clegg and Ken Clarke are making a LOT of money after time in coalition.
Ken Clarke says it is “quite absurd” that prisoners are “serving a sentence Parliament agreed to get rid of”. Story: https:…
Ken Clarke asks to run seminars for eurosceptic colleagues to better understand international trade
Ken Clarke "reeling with surprise" that Boris Johnson is in the Leave campaign. Political ambitions, perhaps...?
Ken Clarke implies Mayor Johnson has done nothing!
Heseltine is so detached from reality he makes Ken Clarke look like Ross Kemp
no but you all could have stood against a right wing plot by not allowing Ken's suspension.
No of course they couldn't they'd committed to Ken Clarke's budget to get elected.
Tories criticising Corbyn for taking hours to suspend Ken have forgotten it took Cameron 6 days to suspend Burley.
I was only in Labour to rebel against my Thatcherite father. I'm a Tory. I am a Ken Clarke/Soubry Tory.
I can only say to Ken Clarke I hope your approaching retirement is a happy one!
At least Ken Clarke is honest about where the EU is going. The rest of us should be warned.
Ken Clarke molesters milk 18 biscuits win year end with free
Ken Clarke= 'Sell Out'. Let's hope these individuals, that belittle the UK lose their parliamentary seats in 2020.
Sadly Ken Clarke had so much to offer; it's a shame his views about his own country and Europe were so abhorrent.
Ken Clarke might do, but I'd rather the vote that I have to wait 5 years to exercise meant a lot more than that.
yes and Ken Clarke would also have joined the euro. Ignorant or deliberately misleading to pretend his views are typical
Ken Clarke plots attack 18 punks at 2050 at 'back of the queue' says South East
To be fair to Ken Clarke, if gassing Jewish people was the -Final- Solution they must have tried a few things out first, just sayin
Thanks for listening, chairs next week with panel Ken Clarke MP and
Ken Clarke is bae. Sometimes I feel my Ken Clarke love has gone too far tbh.
I'm going to pretend that it's about Ken Clarke or Barbie's Ken.
Pleased to announce that Ken Clarke MP and will be joining me in to debate the For tickets: https…
Ken Clarke gave a *** to a stuffed lion while coked up to the nines
People are being misled by this manufactured conflict. Ken was wrong in many ways. As was John.
Ken Clarke shagged a goat at the Bullingdon club
I'd rather be Ken Clarke tbh. But I'm more than happy with May :)
Ken Clarke deny buy 5488 farmers by 2019 from immigration
On that "Which MP are you?" quiz it said I was Theresa May. When everyone knows I'm Ken Clarke. What balls!
Observation: a lot of those quick to defend Ken Clarke against accusations of anti-semitism and equally quick to accuse Tories of racism.
How have changing newspaper business models impacted the quality of reporting?
Oi *** !! out with the old aka Gove, in wid the new. Keep DC & GO, & the ever mercurial sir ken Clarke
My favourite thing is Ken Clarke saying he intentionally wound Barbara up because he enjoyed seeing her lose her temper
Fascinating 'The Reunion' on this morning on Maastricht with Ken Clarke, Norman Lamont, David Davis. Fab snippets on whipping.
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Kenneth Clarke has condemned the 'detached elite drifting away from the general population' It's…
Ken Clarke, John Major etc. My favourite Tories are all on today
Nope given up on R4 Ken Clarke makes me want to vomit
Great edition of The Reunion on now - the Maastricht Treaty with Ken Clarke, Norman Lamont, David Davis, Stephen Wall...
Ken Clarke on talking about "that hideous jumper" Mrs Thatcher wore for the last EU referendum.
what was the ken Clarke one? I still like the day I wore odd shoes and got an odd look from Francis Fukuyama
I'm holding out for Farage 1v1 Ken Clarke
So u pick on one from out campaign. I give u another in-EU Bilderberg, Ken Clarke.There's LOTS more Bilderberg for in-campaign
a man defeated by progressive liberalism..even in Maggie Thatchers regime. Ppl like Ken Clarke...wet wet wet.
In the style of Paddy Pantsdown,Goldilocks Hezza and Hush Puppy Ken Clarke
I'd have Ken Clarke at a push, but other than that it's all reds for me...
Ken Clarke is spot on. Junior doctors' strike: the BMA cares about pay – not patients. | via
Yes that Ken Clarke, one of the UKs most prolific killers
That's Ken Clarke the blindly loyal fellator of all things EU?
Just think, if social media had been around in 89 Ken Clarke might not have killed as many people as he did.
Ken Clarke denials deal 68 hospitals in referendum for David Miliband
Oh by the way - Tories to be investigated for election fraud. Anyway - back to Ken
Livingstone's media intervention today was best interview round since Ken Clarke did a tour of Millbank studios classifying types of rape.
I must defend my friend Ken Clarke -their top quality Hush Puppies; just re-soled too many times.
indeed - we prefer to talk about DH Lawrence, or even Ken Clarke though.
I guess Ken S is just tired of that nom de plume, and will stick w Dr Clarke for now.
Ken Livingstone and antisemitism. What were the conclusions on the Conservatives and bullying by the way? Mark Clarke etc? Anyone?...oh
on in June 2012 with Ken Clarke, Len McCluskey & Ruth Lea
Ken Clarke when he made comments on race, Phil Woolas and Joanna Lumley...rare but happens. Word spreads
Ken Clarke, we never had a Tory gov as corrupt as this one, more ruthless dishonest than Thatcher gov,
As Ken Clarke notes Cameron won't last 5 minutes if the Brexiteers win. Leaving would give us the most right wing UK gov…
'I don't know if my heart can take more of this!' jests Ken Clarke sorry Nicky Henderson, raises his hand to roaring crowd
Used to think Nicky Henderson looked like 'The Penguin' I'm now veering towards a thinner version of Ken Clarke
Dream on! the federal case. Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg & Ken Clarke. case closed.
Ken Clarke: "Cameron won't last 30 seconds if we vote OUT". Sounds like a good reason for Corbyn supporters to vote Le…
What happened to the second allegation about Ken Clarke ? Ben Fellows case !!
Angus Robertson, SNP, has dethroned Ken Clarke and Vince Cable, as prissy, self righteous, Windbag in Chief
After check out The Hardy Report for interviews with politician, including Ken Clarke, Clive Lewis & more
Ken Clarke is a top dry on many economic matters.
I see myself as being of the Ken Clarke side of the Party. But probably more socially left.
Ken Clarke claims nationalised British Steel failed... but that's not what he said in 1987. http…
Nice reflections from Ken Clarke - 'you can declare war more peacefully than you can reform a healthcare system'
Ken Clarke claims state owned steel failed - but that's not what he said when he privatised it - Mirror Online
Am convinced that Ken Clarke has adopted Clement Freud's 'Just a Minute' approach to political interviews.
It's a pity Ken Clarke was never PM. The most sensible voice in this Tata steel business.
Ken Clarke ' I know Port Talbot well. I've driven past it''. Sums Tories up brilliantly.
Great article by Ken Clarke & Jack Straw: Brexit offers illusion of sovereignty but without the power. https…
Martin Redmayne loses Rushcliffe in - won by Ken Clarke in '70 of course, held ever since. Yes, Martin is an ancestor of Eddie.
.That is SO funny. You can respect people like Ken Clarke who have always been Remainians, but...
'One Day We Will Join The Euro' - Ken Clarke on the EU, David Cameron & who'll be the next Conservative Party leader
Ken Clarke's approach to doing Red Boxes is a little different to mine
This is a great read. Ken Clarke reflecting on his time as a Minsiter
Rather enjoyed this quote from Ken Clarke's interview.
so Ken Clarke failed to act upon sound intelligence about Grevil Janner and Cyril Smith. Interesting...
Ken Clarke helped to cover-up for mass child rapists Greville Janner and Cyril Smith
Look who's defending ... Ken Clarke 'failed to act' over Lord
Osborne could become first Chancellor since Ken Clarke in 1994 to suffer a Budget defeat.
Not relevant to UK in EU today. Quote from Ken Clark's comment 20 yrs ago. Cameron achieved opt outs with Ken Clarke's support.
Bilberberger crony-corporatist & inveterate €/EU-phile Ken Clarke on A reminder of his opinions. https:…
Ken Clarke. Do up your tie, put on a proper suit & comb your hair.
Stephen Fry is slowly morphing into Ken Clarke
Yes. This is a scheme by Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine to create a mini EU in the tory party as an experiment.
I've always respected Michael Heseltine and his views - he's a very wise man. Ken Clarke has always been a very reasonable man.
Ken Clarke has told George Osborne to slash the 'extremely generous' pension tax breaks for the rich
"He gave the impression he doesn't have any strong views or convictions" Ken Clarke on Boris Johnson https…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Meanwhile Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Richard Branson, Diane Abbott, Ken Clarke want us to remain in... Nuff said!
Ken Clarke recalling his days as Health Secretary doesn't mention his 10yrs as Deputy Chairman of British American Tobacco.
George Osborne serves Chardonnay 'too warm.' Wouldn't have happened in Ken Clarke's day.
I see BBC biased to the Leave campaign- no supporters of Br(itain Rem)ains. or Brains as I call it, except old Ken Clarke,a tory
Listening to BBC re EU negotiations- all commentators are for Brexit save Ken Clarke- my new word today is Br(itain Rem)ains = Brains.
What do David Cameron, Roger Cook, Ken Clarke and Carlton TV have in common. Google it mofo's
Of course most of the press just as stupid. Honourable mention should be made for Ken Clarke though, the 1 good Tory? As on
Never thought I'd say this but am actually feeling nostalgic for Ken Clarke: only person talking any sense about on
Ken Clarke talking lot of sense on limits of parliamentary sovereignty & international treaty obligations above & beyond the EU
Always funny when wheel out Ken Clarke to say the UK is just an insignificant speck on the back of the glorious EU superstate
Ken Clarke on looks like he's dyed his hair again
Ken Clarke is so disingenuous about the
Ken Clarke is right. There's no way that Cameron can change the principle of EU legal supremacy.
Can the PM reassure his bbenchers on soverignty? I discuss with John Baron,Ken Clarke & 10.30 BBC2
"I have the best seat in the house," Rev. Ken Clarke. He says he sees a diversity of ppl present.
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Ken Clarke MP seems pleased as punch about the Cameron "deal". Say no more
In other news: Ken Clarke may vote to remain
even arch-pro-Europe Ken Clarke had to advise PM to use (not as argument to convince new EU nations to support deal
What's with the Boris obsession, journos? He's clearly "Remain". You might as well speculate that Ken Clarke will be for "Leave".
Fellows was adopted, he never lived in an Orphanage and that's not Ken Clarke either
Child actor 'invented claims he had been groped by Tory MP Ken Clarke' via
The biggest insult to Scots today was Ken Clarke referring to "English workers" in the Commons today.
Ken Clarke would praise any pro EU "suggestion"
Ken Clarke barely knows what day it is.
Ken Clarke praises David Cameron on EU reform deal.
When Ken Clarke gets up to speak, it feel as if a leading actor has stepped on to the stage. It might be illusory but it isn't boring.
Ken Clarke pro Europe no matter what the problems
Ken Clarke MP is a European legend listen to what he says and vote YES
Ken Clarke MP interestingly sheds a light on what Cameron may have traded for his "deal" - UK troops?
Ken Clarke wants to put more NATO troops on ground in Central Europe to buy their support for free movement restrictions - we don't agree
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It looks like that, unlike with the Maastricht treaty, Ken Clarke has actually read the proposed UK:EU deal
Unity speech from Ken Clarke. Good stuff on NATO keeping the peace.
Ken Clarke suggests we offer stationing more troops in Eastern European countries to win their support for deal.
Ken Clarke explaining why “in work benefits” aren’t really benefits at all but in fact a low wage employer subsidy.
I hate when Ken Clarke speaks - I sometimes have to agree with him
Ken Clarke says PM could her support from East European countries on immigration by reminding them UK/Nato protects them from Russia
Ken Clarke says Cameron should offer to beef up uk's Nato role in central and Eastern Europe to help sell the deal to those governments
Did I imagine it or did Bercow just sing Ken Clarke's name??
Ken Clarke says Cameron surpassed expectation with the EU deal - though that really only says he didn't expect much.
Oh what a suprise Bilderberger Ken Clarke gets to speak first in the commons We all know what Ken thinks.
Ken Clarke 'The PM has achieved more in the renegotiations than many of us thought he would'
Ken Clarke "English people" . Quick someone tell Ken that England enter into a UK in 1707.
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