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Ken Burns

Kenneth Lauren Ken Burns (born July 29, 1953) is an American director and producer of documentary films, known for his style of using archival footage and photographs.

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watching Ken Burns documentary " The Vietnam War " ( I can only watch it in increments...) and this song came...
Among other things, Ken Burns' series on Vietnam is a study in duplicity, especially the duplicity of Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.
Seeing you as a POW in Ken Burns' The Vietnam War made me angry all over again regarding Donald's st…
Podcast: Ken Burns talks to ITPL re his new documentary, The Vietnam War
The contradictions of Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s “The Vietnam War
Hey do you have plans to broadcast Ken Burns / PBS documentary on the Vietnam War?
Damnit, Ken Burns sure does know how to make a good multi-part history documentary
I have a well understanding of First and Second World War, but now I can say that too about Vietnam War. Thanks, Ken Burns!!!
Can’t wait to see the Ken Burns series about the Trump Presidency, narrated by Andy Samberg.
Just finished “The Vietnam War” documentary. It’s the best work Ken Burns has ever done. Outstanding.
Thanks to Mark Harvey for this blog from analyzing the shortcomings of Ken Burns documentary."
If you aren't watching Ken Burns' magnificent "The Vietnam War" on you should be.
Fascinated by Ken Burns' film? Read ASPHALT AND BLOOD to learn Navy crucial role in the conflict…
‘You’ve watched all 18 hours of ‘The Vietnam War.’ Here’s what Ken Burns wants you to remember.
Ken Burns' "Vietnam War" should be required viewing by all Americans
I hope every American watches Ken Burns' "The Vietnam War". You may remember that war, the one draft-dodged…
Had anyone else been watching the Vietnam documentary by Ken Burns? I remember. Phenomenal
James Bamford: Fabulous private screening last night with producers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick of the last episode...
Thank you Ken Burns, Lynn Novick, Sarah Botstein, Bravo challenging event to document, understatement!
Thank you Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. It feels like a cold shower of truth.
📺I'm really into this show. Ken Burns & Lynn Novick. 👍
Having watched most of Ken Burns & Lynn Novick's Vietnam War series, the tumultuous times back then look like something to envy from here...
For those watching the amazing Vietnam series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.
Thank you to Ken Burns & Lynn Novick the scope of the Doc was incredible
America’s secrets, it’s even worse than I thought, a must watch documentary by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick
Marc Maron's has an episode of his podcast with Ken Burns and Lynn Novick that is outstanding.
I keep hearing interviews about the Ken Burns / Lynn Novick Vietnam documentary. I can't bri…
Watching Lynn Novick and Ken Burns "The Vietnam War". Remembering a history I grew up during. . A moment of dread. It is still 1968.
Every American should be required to watch this Ken Burns / Lynn Novick documentary series. It's so important.
Ken Burns and Lynn Novick directed 'The Vietnam War' together. Why is only one of them famous? | The Washington Post
From, "The Vietnam War: A film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick." via
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Ken Burns and Lynn Novick: The Vietnam War Is the Key to Understanding A... via
PODCAST: Ken Burns and Lynn Novick talk 'The Vietnam War' and the secrets of storytelling in the digital age:
It should have been over that very day. Watch the Vietnam War by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick episode & watch McCain…
Two more nights of Ken Burns'/Lynn Novick's VietNam series on PBS. Yes, it's very difficult to watch, but a
Ken Burns & Lynn Novick's 10-part documentary, 'The Vietnam War' is very difficult to watch, but watch it you should. It's painfully honest.
Ken Burns and Lynn Novick discuss storytelling in a digital age
Probably not a surprise to those familiar with Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, but the Vietnam doc is really good.
Time for the annual listening of the entire Ken Burns catalog.
Streaming is ideal way to watch Ken Burns' Vietnam documentary series
Ken Burns spent 10 years making a documentary about the Vietnam War. It’s on BBC tonight and you should watch it.
The Vietnam War by Ken Burns begins tonight on BBC Four. This LRB piece by David Thomson makes it sound incredible.
Give the servants the evening off, decant the port, and settle down to the first part of Ken Burns' The Vietnam War on BBC4 tonight at 9.
A new 10 part Ken Burns documentary called "The Vietnam War" starts tonight on BBC4 at 9:00 and also on RTE1 at 11:35.
Ken Burns' epic doc series about the Vietnam War starts tonight on BBC4. The BBC version is 10hrs instead of 18!
Every time I hear Peter Ciyite on a Ken Burns doc, I think he's Henry Fonda. .
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I'm looking forward to Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's The Vietnam War. Even more so having read this:
Ken Burns and Lynn Novick went on Fresh Air with Terry Gross to discuss how their work on The Vietnam War PBS...
Ken Burns' new 10-part history of the Vietnam War. Reviews: + +…
Right now I'm watching Ken Burns: The Central Park Five. They've got the Paradise Lost trilogy, too. It'…
In two days I've watched the Paradise Lost trilogy, The Red Pill, and now about to watch Ken Burns: The Central Park Five.
Ken Burns' Viet Nam. Difficult to watch, but necessary.
We hope you have had a chance to see episodes of Ken Burns' documentary currently airing on PBS. The library...
Haven’t been watching Vietnam War, but this makes me think it wasn’t accidental that Ken Burns & Errol Morris didn’…
Ken Burns & Lynn Novick are on with Terry Gross, discussing their documentary 'The Vietnam War'. . .
For those watching Ken Burns and Lynn Novick are being interviewed by Terry Gross, Fresh Air, on public radio
Free Vietnam War lesson plans from Ken Burns and Lynn Novick:
Ken Burns' new Vietnam documentary dismisses the origins of the disastrous conflict
Ken Burns on why the Vietnam War can give us hope for America today - Vox
The Vietnam War further proves that Ken Burns and his team are masters at editing. It's so mesmerizing in its construction. Remarkable.
Incredible - key "witness" in Ken Burns' Vietnam series is wife of a former RAND interrogator/counterinsurgent in the war. Th…
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Ken Burns's 'Vietnam War' isn’t just about the war but the consequences it had for Americans.
If John McCain has anything positive to say about Ken Burns' Vietnam War Doc, that's a really bad sign.
"We were probably the last kids of any generation that believed our government would never lie to us." -John Musgrave on Ken Burns' Vietnam
I'm just going to go home and relax tonight watching Ken Burns' Vietnam.
scrolling quickly, I thought this was David Schwimmer and Ken Burns
Ken Burns and PBS Special "The Vietnam War" shows how the nation is manipulated by war mongers. Oh! Did "Fake Hair" go off script?
Watching the new Ken Burns doc? Here's our Teaching the War With Primary Sources From The NYT…
Ken Burns talks and new 'The Vietnam War' doc on
Ken Burns is wearing me down and the war still has a long way to go.
The Vietnam War documentary by Ken Burns is indeed excellent. I can see that anyone who had to be involved in it...
As a nation, we need to talk about Ken Burns' hair style a lot more
BTW - for Ken Burns & history nerds...He said that his NEXT series was going to be on LBJ.
Was lucky to see Ken Burns & freaking Francis Ford Coppola at a seminar 2 weeks ago about the Don't miss this, guys.
The Vietnam War defined a generation. Ken Burns' landmark PBS documentary will change the way you think of America.
Ken Burns did such a great job with the Vietnam Documentary, really brings to justice those who fought over there
Update your maps at Navteq
US war in Afghanistan now in 17th year, way longer than Vietnam War. Where's the Ken Burns doc?
A new Vietnam documentary series from Ken Burns and Lynn Novick is a chance to debunk some misleading myths
Ken Burns with Vietnam goes the way of all good liberals. Jeff Stein reviews the new PBS series.
Author Bao Ninh makes appearance at start of Ken Burns' "The Vietnam War." Only those who didn't fight talk about who wo…
Sooo, I could go watch Ken Burns streaming PBS documentary on the Vietnam War - or sit in my kitchen drinking beer. Who wins? # BassAle
"Ken Burns' 'The Vietnam War' is required viewing -- all 18 hours of it" (via
"The Vietnam War" is not Ken Burns' most innovative film, but it is probably his saddest
Ken Burns: How Vietnam War sowed the seeds of a divided America
Wow! Understanding the Vietnam War for the first time! Thank you Ken Burns - spellbinding history from all perspe…
Ken Burns & Lynn Novick created a masterful series on the War but muddied its anti-colonial origins.
My dad, a Vietnam vet, is watching. He never watches Vietnam shows. He liked Ken Burns shows on Jazz & Baseball though.
"And don't miss it!" -Vietnam veteran Sen. John McCain on "The Vietnam War" the latest from Ken Burns & Lynn Novick, air…
Just watched episode 1 of Ken Burns's "Vietnam War", and it made me realize how little I knew about the subject. Can't wait for the rest
"The amazing thing this film is how similar our Marine and Army guys sound to the Viet Cong and the NVA." -Ken Burns on…
Ken Burns' 'Vietnam' going to be a whitewash of Communist holocaust?
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Not watching the Emmy's or Ken Burns's Vietnam to watch live
So far, Jane Fonda has not protested Ken Burns' Vietnam at the
New podcast episode! Ken Burns on the making of The Vietnam War on PBS
We spoke with Ken Burns and Lynn Novick about 'The Vietnam War,' premiering Sunday night on PBS https…
'Vietnam War' director Ken Burns keeps returning to Minnesota
How creating an 18-hour documentary 'exploded' Ken Burns' interpretation of the Vietnam War - Entertainment Weekly
David Thomson describes the new Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam as 'the best film I have ever seen' in the LRB.
Wait, so Ken Burns is or is not married to Christy Turlington?
"With The Vietnam War, Ken Burns and Lynn Novick have created a film that rehashes some old, tired tropes. In...
That sounds desperate, but really, I'm very very excited for it. Ken Burns, Lynn Novick, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross did the soundtrack--YES
The wait is almost over: Part one of Ken Burns’ highly-anticipated new documentary The Vietnam War premieres tomorrow night at…
Anyway, why did I buy an antenna? Because I've been waiting for YEARS for the new Ken Burns/Lynn Novick doc series.
Mass protests taking place across the country against the sitting administration; a White House in disarray, obse...
Rob is a writer who writes for other writers who write for PBS. . He…
To make better choices in the future, study mistakes of the past. History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme. https:/…
I was in NYC when that happened, watched Ken Burns doc pr…
Ahead of "The Vietnam War," we’ve put together a guide to the best Ken Burns documentaries available online
Like Burns's earlier work, the series is encyclopaedic and solemn—but there is also an element of psychedelic frenzy https…
Ken Burns on the legacy of Vietnam in American life via
‘The Vietnam War’ Is the Documentary I’ve Been Waiting for as a Vietnamese Refugee and an American via
How to on Sat nite: stay in, watch Ken Burns documentaries on Netflix, make chicken chili & drink a 420.
'Time heals most wounds': Ken Burns returns to tell story of the Vietnam War
Like many other historians, Burns and Novick trace the points at which things might have taken a different turn
Ken Burns new Vietnam War documentary highlights how questionable foreign wars so often driven by domestic politics…
Ken Burns:. How Vietnam sowed seeds of a divided America. Film considers lessons as Trump works to further dIvide us. https:…
Biting critique of Ken Burns' new documentary from Jerry Lembcke, who knows a thing or two about the Vietnam War https:/…
Listening to Ken Burns Vietnam documentary tomorrow, you will, no doubt hear the names of John Kerry & Bob Kerrey, but yo…
I can't wait to watch this. History by way of Ken Burns just res
Ken Burns and his faith in the power of documentary to bring Americans together
Pay attention to Ken Burns’ ‘The Vietnam on PBS, there's much to learn
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Someday the Battle of Juggalos vs Trump supporters will be in a Ken Burns documentary. "My dearest Martha, whoop whoop."…
Mr. President, if you haven't watched "Ken Burns:The Roosevts An Intimate History" perhaps you should.
I am so excited for this dicumentary. All of Ken Burns series have been wonderful.
Ken Burns wants ‘The Vietnam War’ to unite America. Can anyone do that under Trump?.
Ken Burns's new TV series and the companion book by Geoffrey C. Ward revive painful memories of a divisive war
Can't wait for Ken Burns' Vietnam War documentary on KERA!
Ken Burns and Lynn Novick discuss the importance of the Vietnam War.
Ken Burns' Vietnam will run Sun. Sept 17 - Sept. 28. Check your local PBS listings because start times, episode...
What movie am I looking forward to? The Vietnam documentary from Ken Burns on PBS. I’m hopping from foot to foot in anticipation.
Ken Burns' new documentary exposes the emotion behind the Vietnam War
I'll cut my hair like Ken Burns and get Canelo tattoo if he wins. Can I have a glove, please? Missed that part.
Ken Burns is a delusional liberal twit! Get off my feed!
Cheers erupt in Midtown Atlanta as the power comes back on. Missing Ken Burns already.
Beginning on Sunday. Ken Burns' great on Then read about the pros…
How cool is this? and our Vietnam Veterans being interviewed as part of the outreach for the PBS Ken Burns Vi…
Emotional standing ovation for John McCain tonight, and others at screening of Ken Burns' The Vietnam War.
Just finished Ken Burns' 18-hr Review coming tomorrow, but it's stunningly good. As well as deeply personal for many of us.
I know you're a cynical SOB, but I just re-watched Ken Burns Baseball documentary to get ready for th…
Join us tomorrow 9/13 at 6PM at for a preview screening of Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War! RSVP here:…
Watching Ken Burns' Vietnam War really puts ones own personal stress - or our current political strife - in perspective.
Thong Nguyen explores his perspective on the Vietnam War with https:…
Weds, DocuWest Film Fest. Join and Colo Pub TV: Ken Burns' Vietnam and a convo after abt vets, PTSD
Ken Burns, famed for recycling American history as pablum, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America
I want Ken Burns to narrate my second night of no power in ATL like it’s a Civil War documentary about Sherman’s Ma…
I had the pleasure to work on many Ken Burns films. Check some of them out here ->
Reminder courtesy of rewatching Ken Burns documentaries
A cute and nice man with whom to watch Ken Burns's Vietnam War and make out, then we go our separate ways. DM me if you know someone.
GETTING PUMPED for Vietnam War Ken Burns let's be honest
Ken Burns says history has a way of making you an optimist.
Vietnam: Ken Burns takes a long look at the that took our sunshine away
Ken Burns, and Atticus Ross. Could not think of a better combination of talent to put together such…
Ken Burns asks Vietnam vets to stand. Then Vietnam protestors to join screening of The Vietnam W…
At preview of Ken Burns Vietnam doc at KenCen, McCain tells story of 'John Kerry, who I hate.' Hagel calls both 'losers.'
Ken Burns' great doc on Check out Tony Hirashiki's on the many who made the coverage possible…
I never make films about things I know about. I make films about things I want to know about. Ken Burns On Vietnam
Rachel, it's not just 1 hour sans commercial, it's a 10 part mini series by Ken Burns.
'Echoes' of Vietnam in Donald Trump era - ABC News - via
Vietnam: Ken Burns takes a look at the war that took our sunshine away .
Why Ken Burns decided this was the time to make a Vietnam War documentary via
Ken Burns + Nine Inch Nails? I have never been so excited in my life.
The countdown is on. Less than 10 days until the highly anticipated Ken Burns, Lynn Novick documentary, "The...
New episode: this week Andrew is in conversation with Gary Edgerton about Ken Burns new film Vietnam. Inside the Box.
Ken Burns has a lot to answer for. :)
Hey just wanted to get "The Vietnam War" on your radar. New documentary by Ken Burns. Saw 1hr tonight & I'm speechless.
I'm going to sit it out and wait for the Ken Burns documentary.
Hosting our for coffee and breakfast before a special preview of the Ken Burns & Lynn Novick documentary "The Vi…
Ashokan Farewell in Ken Burns' Civil War. Accompanies the letter from Sullivan Baillou to Sarah. I w…
Ken burns and company always do a great job. Thanks
Ken Burns never knew how wrong he was about the Vietnam War
I was watching Lemonade again and now I think Beyoncé should narrate all Ken Burns documentaries.
Rewatching Ken Burns Civil War. Was there ever a more incompetent command general than McClellan?
One of the most underrated living Americans, and a national treasure:...
Hey we're going to need the seven hour Ken Burns-style documentary The Fantasy Draft ASAP
went to PBS preview of Ken Burns's Vietnam War tonite. Much from Vietnam point of view, both south and north. 9/17/17 PBS.
Been watching a baseball documentary by Ken Burns. Pretty interesting stuff. YouTube it.
Like docs? Recently watched Ken Burns' Prohibition and The Civil War; well done. The OJ Simpson one, Ma…
Listening to 810, they've Ken Burns on talking about his latest documentary. Loved Baseball. Why hasn't anyone made a similar football doc?
The history of jazz is phenomenal. An excellent college elective. Amazing textbooks on. Great Ken Burns documentary on.
Actually, this seems to be largely Boomer apologia, so caveat .
Attending 2nite premier showing, Ken Burns documentary The Vietnam War Honored to be w so many of our veterans.
Saw a preview of the Ken Burns Vietnam War doc tonight, as well as a rich illuminating conversation about it. Pumpe…
Just watching Ken Burns "America" on Great Courses Plus. A fantastic yet sad reminder of what America used 2 be! Fabulous, welcoming & great
Watching the Ken Burns Civil War documentary and did Daniel Bryan fight in the war? 🤔 h…
Preview Screening of “The Vietnam War” documentary series with at Cheney Library, Sat 9/9, 2pm
The proto pivot to video moment. Framed in sepia tones and papa roach tracks. Getting my ken burns on
Ken Burns' latest project, "The Vietnam War," deals with one of the most divisive eras in US history.…
.Lynn and walk into a bar: a memory at Minneapolis
One day Ken Burns will run out of US wars to do documentaries on and will personally provoke them to provide fresh…
Nick Swardson, Lynn Shawcroft and Ken Burns walk into a bar
Led by a Vietnam War Opus, a Rich Season of Documentaries
Here's an idea. How about the memoir, Gun Totin Chaplain to be read before the Ken Burns PB…
Enjoyed this wonderfully done profile of Ken Burns in the New Yorker.
Salon ran my interview with Ken Burns and Lynn Novick on
Thanks for the recommendation of Ken Burns Civil War series. People need to know the true
They just use the Ken burns effect with a bunch of pictures of an event
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Heard some Steely Dan in the preview...that be good. Nobody creates films like Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.
the ken burns breakout you meant to ref was the 'Civil War'. 'Baseball' nice, but shelby foote was 1st burns star, then buck.
He jumped the shark with the Ken Burns documentary on Jazz - only wants to play like its 1960 or before.
Inside Ken Burns' New Hampshire studio, as he prepares to release a documentary about the US's most bitter war.…
"We didn’t have a political agenda," tells about his new Vietnam documentary.
Come to the unveiling of exhibits @ the WPSRVC and a sneak peek of a Thoreau film executive produced by Ken Burns https…
I'm looking forward to seeing what Ken Burns does with the Vietnam War excerpt:"The word and the war still stick...
it's the documentary Ken Burns was born to make
'I was humiliated by what I didn't know'
Hi Randi, your caller was referring to the Civil War series on PBS by Ken Burns. You can also youtube it
What Ken Burns Won't Tell You about Vietnam. Part 2 of my Vietnam Trilogy. The Phoenix Program Terror in ht…
I love Ken Burns documentaries, this one was a much more manageable length!
Thank you Ken Burns 'Vietnam War' is the standout highlight of the fall season
Looking forward to The Vietnam War screening in Boston's Back Bay at 7p. Ken Burns & Lynn Novick will be there for discussion
Ken Burns’ Big Tent Theory Of History: . “To the satisfaction of many viewers, and the dismay of some historians, B…
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Ken Burns on making his Vietnam War documentary: 'I was humiliated by what I didn't know'
“Our silence makes some estimate us as incapable, and soon we are left out of anything meaningful.” DJ Savarese
I added a video to a playlist Do More with Ken Burns Effect - Final Cut Pro 10.3 Tutorial
CJR and J-Source redesigns within two weeks, roughly. (J-Source now has what is effectively the Ken Burns Effect on…
- watch once a year (at least) - you are so great in the Ken Burns jazz documentary.
This shot of Ben Mendelsohn and Gary Oldman at Telluride is poetry. Ken Burns just hovering there in the corner.
For some reason I decided to watch Ken Burns' Jazz again.
Watching the Ken Burns documentary series on Jazz. Brilliant exposition on my fav music. The 1st American modernism…
"The genius of our country is improvisation & Jazz reflects that. It's our great contribution to the arts." ~ Ken Burns.
Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's documentary "The Vietnam War" offers an origin story for our current societal fractures
We're excited to invite you to a FREE exclusive preview screening of The Vietnam War, a new film by Ken Burns.
Ken Burns Says Entrepreneurship Is at the Heart of the American Dream
"We are a country stitched together by words and more importantly their dangerous progeny, ideas." -Ken Burns-
Ken Burns could not have done a better job. Congratulations Mr Reed.
Ken Burns needs to remake his "Civil War" series in color and widescreen... Good work!
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Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's upcoming series on Vietnam War | 10 years in the making:
Besides GM,V & those Time-Life ads, I never learned about Vietnam. In school it was all George Washington. Ken Burns will finally teach me.
Vietnam vets previewing a Ken Burns film at the Ocean Springs Civic Center.
& The Varsity Center will be presenting a FREE viewing of A Film by Ken Burns & Lynn Nov…
Vietnam vets & refugees are getting the chance to share their experiences from the war & preview a new PBS Ken Burn…
The Vietnam War, a film by the amazing Ken Burns. A must watch on PBS.
Prof. Tim Miller has been interviewed by about a new Ken Burns documentary! Read more here:…
"Cult of Personality" will be featured in this portion of Ken Burns's documentary on the Fall of America.
In Ken Burns' "The Civil War," Shelby Foote explains why this is one of his favorite pictures. It's a great one.
Back in 2012, told us his formula for telling a great story. Don't miss him at this year ht…
See how filmmakers and Lynn Novick took on (From
Did you catch this profile of KB in the New Yorker? The comments on his…
review of is mentioned in We're the "critics from the left"!
Will the coming Ken Burns Vietnam doc finally tell Americans the whole story?Don't get your hopes up.
We were less interested in collecting a series of arguments than we were in collecting a series of facts"
The only new Ken Burns documentary I want to see is a 12-parter on his barber.
This is really, really great from - who dives into the new Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam: .
Shot by Shot: Building a Scene in Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s Vietnam Epic
Interestingly in the new Ken Burns doc on Vietnam: No historians. No potentially polarizing names (McCain, Kerry, Fonda, et.…
with Brant Greens and Ken Burns (Ontario) making buttons for young green thinkers!
😍😍😍 I love Ken Burns. I've been a Civil War nerd since age 10 thanks to his documentary. And don't ev…
Negative profile of filmmaker Ken Burns in the New Yorker is worth reading for his very problematic approach to historiography.
One time my wife walked in on me watching Ken Burns' Jazz. Years of couples therapy ensued.
It's getting to be about that time where I re-watch all of Ken Burns' Jazz again.
Armstrong is to music what Einstein is to physics and the Wright Brothers are to travel. - documentary producer Ken Burns
Reviews of the Week, with Lauren Oliver, Kristin Cashore, Ken Burns, and More!
I really don't want to see Ken Burns' Civil War be banned. Or the Vietnam M…
Ken Burns explains why his Vietnam War documentary is more relevant than ever.
Marvin Miller and Jack Morris and Curt Flood and Joe Jackson and Sonia Sotamayor and Ken Burns and…
Just finished watching Ken Burns' "The War" series again. Fantastic as always.
Follow up to emma_dykstra and The Civil War. Just for fun ... Emma as Ken Burns might think of…
Why The Vietnam War is Ken Burns and and Lynn Novick's Most Ambitious Project Yet, via
reworking WATERWORLD as a ken burns documentary and dreaming of antarctic beaches
Yeah just watching Ken Burns's Baseball as a thunderstorm happens.
Whenever you and Ken Burns are in Saigon, I'd be glad to meet and talk about the Vietnam War in the eyes and mind of Southerners
I can't sleep. *puts on PBS series Ken Burns: The Dust Bowl*. That oughtta do it.
The answer my friends, is blowin' in the wind .
Im working my way through it now. Just got done with Civil War 360 from the Smithsonian also. Ken Burns, much more in depth.
The Civil War was just madness. Watching that Ken Burns doc about it was life changing
Ken Burns did a great documentary called The West. Just watched it, very informative.
Just finished Ken Burns' absolutely incredible documentary on The Civil War. The last 5 minutes broke me to the point of tears. Are we out …
Oh yeah she's my hero. I highly recommend watching the Ken Burns Doc on the Roosevelts. It's seriously good.
Good Question: Ken Burns to Evangelical Voters: 'What Part of Donald Trump Reminds You of Jesus Christ?'
Watch Ken Burns Civil War series and reAd uptown sinclair's Jungle and Jacob Riis the other side. You're dreaming
KEN BURNS, 1908.—The Fitchburg Sentinel (Fitchburg, Mass.) published this news item in its Nov. 13, 1908,...
How old is Ken Burns? Feel like he's got a busy few years ahead of him.
The first review I've seen, and it is monumental.
So if you haven't seen 'The Civil War' by Ken Burns, you should right now, and if you have.
MrKamp: Got the first complete look at KenBurns & LynnNovick’s Vietnam doc, for VanityFair. It’s... resonant. …
Ken Burns and Lynn Novick documentary about the Vietnam War will be broadcast on PBS in September:
One, I still need to watch Jackie Robinson. (Yes I know I'm late.). Two, I'm very excited for this.
May 2017: 5 yrs cancer-free on her 12th bday, Emily Whitehead's story continues:
The new Ken Burns documentary on the Vietnam War shows how America became "reflexively cynical about our leaders"
As Ken Burns ask the Evangelicals, what about Trump reminds you of Jesus Christ? I think there may be a bit of hypocrisy going on here.
Looks like a cropped still from a Ken Burns documentary
The other day I said "Ken Burns' WrestleMania" as a joke, but now I kinda want it to be a real thing.
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the background and excessive Ken Burns effect.
So glad doing miniseries on Central Park 5, subject of Ken Burns' top doc. Story's releveance does not go away. http…
If you'd like to learn more about Jack Johnson, watch the Ken Burns documentary "Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson"
Whip it good: Ripple Whips and Ken Burns make a great combination
Ready for the next Ken Burns documentary? Me too.
Everything by Ken Burns. I don't even like baseball but I'll watch his documentary on it. Favs are C…
Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan talk Trump and National Parks. Read more:
I'll wait for the Ken Burns. There's too many subplots, spycraft, sharkjumps and Red shirts to keep things straight atm.
Finally saw Winning: Paul Newman. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a perfect film. Ken Burns is a journeyman to you.
I finished Ken Burns' JAZZ, and the weirdest part is definitely when they get to the 1970s and say nothing happened in jazz…
love to hear your thoughts when you get done. Ken Burns gets the Obamas, lots of Rachel Robinson, h…
From the archives: Ken Burns doc shows how trailblazer Jackie Robinson got labeled an Uncle Tom |
nope mine just says the same thing omfg. now mine's wandering about the living room talking to me over Ken Burns: The West
Except maybe by watching Ken Burns' THE WEST, which is also on Netflix. (And is also ~12 hours.)
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