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Ken Burns

Kenneth Lauren Ken Burns (born July 29, 1953) is an American director and producer of documentary films, known for his style of using archival footage and photographs.

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I can't sleep. *puts on PBS series Ken Burns: The Dust Bowl*. That oughtta do it.
The answer my friends, is blowin' in the wind .
Im working my way through it now. Just got done with Civil War 360 from the Smithsonian also. Ken Burns, much more in depth.
The Civil War was just madness. Watching that Ken Burns doc about it was life changing
Ken Burns did a great documentary called The West. Just watched it, very informative.
Just finished Ken Burns' absolutely incredible documentary on The Civil War. The last 5 minutes broke me to the point of tears. Are we out …
Oh yeah she's my hero. I highly recommend watching the Ken Burns Doc on the Roosevelts. It's seriously good.
Good Question: Ken Burns to Evangelical Voters: 'What Part of Donald Trump Reminds You of Jesus Christ?'
Watch Ken Burns Civil War series and reAd uptown sinclair's Jungle and Jacob Riis the other side. You're dreaming
KEN BURNS, 1908.—The Fitchburg Sentinel (Fitchburg, Mass.) published this news item in its Nov. 13, 1908,...
How old is Ken Burns? Feel like he's got a busy few years ahead of him.
The first review I've seen, and it is monumental.
So if you haven't seen 'The Civil War' by Ken Burns, you should right now, and if you have.
MrKamp: Got the first complete look at KenBurns & LynnNovick’s Vietnam doc, for VanityFair. It’s... resonant. …
Ken Burns and Lynn Novick documentary about the Vietnam War will be broadcast on PBS in September:
One, I still need to watch Jackie Robinson. (Yes I know I'm late.). Two, I'm very excited for this.
May 2017: 5 yrs cancer-free on her 12th bday, Emily Whitehead's story continues:
The new Ken Burns documentary on the Vietnam War shows how America became "reflexively cynical about our leaders"
As Ken Burns ask the Evangelicals, what about Trump reminds you of Jesus Christ? I think there may be a bit of hypocrisy going on here.
Looks like a cropped still from a Ken Burns documentary
The other day I said "Ken Burns' WrestleMania" as a joke, but now I kinda want it to be a real thing.
So glad doing miniseries on Central Park 5, subject of Ken Burns' top doc. Story's releveance does not go away. http…
If you'd like to learn more about Jack Johnson, watch the Ken Burns documentary "Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson"
Whip it good: Ripple Whips and Ken Burns make a great combination
Ready for the next Ken Burns documentary? Me too.
Everything by Ken Burns. I don't even like baseball but I'll watch his documentary on it. Favs are C…
Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan talk Trump and National Parks. Read more:
I'll wait for the Ken Burns. There's too many subplots, spycraft, sharkjumps and Red shirts to keep things straight atm.
Finally saw Winning: Paul Newman. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a perfect film. Ken Burns is a journeyman to you.
I finished Ken Burns' JAZZ, and the weirdest part is definitely when they get to the 1970s and say nothing happened in jazz…
love to hear your thoughts when you get done. Ken Burns gets the Obamas, lots of Rachel Robinson, h…
From the archives: Ken Burns doc shows how trailblazer Jackie Robinson got labeled an Uncle Tom |
nope mine just says the same thing omfg. now mine's wandering about the living room talking to me over Ken Burns: The West
Except maybe by watching Ken Burns' THE WEST, which is also on Netflix. (And is also ~12 hours.)
Still up at 2am watching Ken Burns': The West
“In a larger sense, the help us all understand almost everything better" - Ken Burns
Oh, man. Ken Burns is doing Vietnam this fall. | THE Vietnam War | Extended Look | PBS
Adam Curtis is like if Ken Burns had paranoid schizophrenia
Ken Burns coming to Dallas for screening of 'Vietnam War' docuseries |
Ken Burns historical documentaries are keeping me sane on my travels recently. 16 hour American Civil War documentary? Sign me up! 👌
Feel like Ron Howard might be needed to do a kind of Ken Burns-esque history documentary of our times. He'll say that phrase a lot
Gonna start aggressively journaling/writing beautiful letters to my wife so I get a good spot in the Ken Burns doc about…
The best part about the Jazz unit of music appreciation is I get to tear apart Ken Burns jazz series.
I've seen the ending number of All That Jazz so many times that I think I could've just seen all of Ken Burns' Jazz twice by now
Man on Wire, 13th, Anything by Ken Burns and Unbreakable: The Western States 100.
he was voiced by Morgan Freeman in "The Civil War" by Ken Burns on PBS. Oh wait..PBS...nevermind
1st heard of him via Ken Burns' Civil War, voiced by Morgan Freeman, 20+ yrs ago. Always remembered the following quote: 1/2
Yup one of the best, along with Morgan Freeman, Ken Burns, David Attenborough, The Captain, etc. etc.
I added a video to a playlist Ken Burns - History of Jazz 08 - Risk (1945–1956)
I never knew that Ken Burns grew up in Ann Arbor and graduated from Pioneer.
The reading of this letter by the late Paul Roebling in Ken Burns' Civil War documentary makes me tear up every tim…
just catching up on news from last week and i’m seeing that Trent Reznor is scoring the new Ken Burns doc on The Vietnam War?!
Band frontman now film composer Trent Reznor created the score for a Ken Burns series on Vietnam War out this fall. https…
You know what's cool? A Ken Burns documentary about the National Parks system, soundtracked by Coil.
Alright - here are a few gems. Frickin' ASHOKAN FAREWELL for all my Ken Burns fans (
Drinking coffee and watching "Baseball" by Ken Burns. A true student never stops learning.
Ken Burns' Baseball is the goat documentary
And then Ken Burns will slowly pan over black & white cartes de visite photos of our unsmiling faces while David McCullough narrates.
See the first look of Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's The Vietnam War here:
Another masterpiece from Ken Burns (PBS) and Lynn Novick coming to Basin PBS Fall 2017
Ken Burns & Lynn Novick tell the story of the Vietnam War as it's never-before been told. See the first look videos:
“Not since the Civil War have we as a country been so torn apart," Ken Burns said of the Vietnam War.
"Vietnamese vs. Vietnamese." One of many perspectives on The Vietnam War: An Epic Event from Ken Burns (PBS) and...
. Need more skate journalists than what we have:. Gary Rogers = Trevor Noah. Pat O'Dell = Ken Burns. Chris Roberts = Jimmy Fallon
Sam Waterston as Abraham Lincoln voiceover in the Ken Burns documentary.
Aw, crap. My bone feelings are being validated by Ken Burns: Trump is using Nazi playbook
When is George Will just gonna give up and go sip bourbon in a wood-paneled room, watching Ken Burns' "Baseball" on repeat forever?
Ken Burns: Trump is using Nazi playbook - CNN Video
With the Sessions AG pick, I must unfortunately recommend you watch Ken Burns' doc on the Central Park Five
When historian *Ken Burns* says Trump is using Nazi playbook, we don't give him a chance; we mobilize
along with Bill Kurtis, Ken Burns is one of the best narrators alive.
Yo were you the person who made that video of Ken Burns saying 'jazz' 2.97 billion times?
This makes for a cool compare/contrast to the one of Ken Burns saying jazz billions of times.
Fun fact: Ken Burns and Michael Moore made a pact 15 years ago to give each other haircuts for the rest of their lives.…
Please research on her history with Fredrick Douglas. Or watch Not For Ourselves Alone by Ken Burns.
Ken Burns on Donald Trump's presidential run: 'Let's make this nightmare history' |
Ken Burns' previous works on Jazz, Baseball, and the Civil War have been magnificent. We are really looking...
Biggest WS moment for Carlos Santana since Ken Burns used "Oye Como Va" over highlights from the 1971 World Series in "Baseball…
I'm an old soul: Civil War by Ric & Ken Burns. Extremely well done. Not fit for one night (long). Can get it at library.
Was about to joke about this Ric Burns being Ken Burns' unknown sad brother & then googled & it is REAL
have you heard about Ken Burns? Apparently he posted about Travon Martin's butthole on Reddit
A great shot of our 2016 History Makers honorees Ric and Ken Burns with our Board Chair Pam Schafler and President/CEO Louis…
In other news, Moe Howard from the Three Stooges called from the grave and wants Ken Burns to give him back his hai…
ICYMI: Trump still insists the Central Park 5 are guilty. Ken Burns lays out why he thinks that's textbook racism. https:/…
Ken Burns blasts Donald Trump over comments on Central Park Five: "The height of vulgarity"
Ken Burns, Tony Bennett, and Trevor Noah. It's a good weekend to be in Rochester.
Tony Bennett, Ben Folds, Trevor Noah, Ken Burns ... oh my. attracts big names for Meliora Weekend
also Ken Burns' American West series and Elliott West's Contested Plains are brill
Ken Burns describes "easily lies, creates environment where truth does not seem to matter"
I am definitely going to see Bob Woodward, Sarah Vowell, Shonda Rimes, and Ken Burns.
300 Piece Puzzle Thor's Hammer & Hoodoos, Bryce Canyon National Park Utah Based on the PBS Film by Ken Burns the
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Ken Burns shreds Trump: You need a president who ‘doesn’t just lie 200 or 300 times a day’
Famed historian Ken Burns warns presidency will “make the recession of 2008, 2009 look like child’s play.”
finally got to the part of Ken Burns' Baseball when the Mets show up!!
I can't be the only one who confuses Ken Burns for Dave Barry. (looks-wise, not oeuvre)
2016 Stanford Commencement address by Ken Burns. Trump - the failure of the republic.
Denied pretrial release, refuge occupier David Fry left the court visibly upset
David Fry answers ?s about reincarnation and alien invasions before court denies his release again
Historians warn against Donald Trump. I squealed when I saw William Leuchtenburg is still alive. 💙.
Per Olson tries to argue that David Fry is not volatile & unstable. Talk about being an optimist.
I'm telling you, there is nothing more American than watching anything Ken Burns.
Tim Duncan (watching Ken Burns documentaries while ironing blue jeans) has announced his retirement.
History's just been made for sale to an inside deal.
Historians shed objectivity to take on Trump.
David McCullough & other historians steeped in dead politicians take on a live one: Donald Trump. About NY https…
"A monstrous clown with a monstrous ego." Historian David McCullough breaks decades of neutrality to speak on Trump. https…
Historian David McCullough calls on the GOP to come to its senses and stop Trump.
Historian David McCullough: Trump is a "monstrous clown with a monstrous ego, with no experience"
Ken Burns JAZZ Collection: Miles Davis First Emerging in Charlie Parker's Quintet and the Hothouse of
yes. Ken Burns was the topic of that film
. You should watch the Ken Burns documentary
Documentarian translates his love of U.S. Presidential trivia into a picture book ht…
has of 6 style background: static image, Ken Burns effect, youtube video, Street View, GMap, snowflakes animation
Ken Burns, "The Civil War" is an excellent one for the American Civil War, but very long
Ken burns speech at standford about trump and other topics. not sure if you saw it or not yet
The flame is not out, but it is flickering.
Excellent questions, with no good answers. For the complete interview, which is very interesting:...
Jazz is a very accurate, curiously accurate accompaniment to 20th cent...
It is snoring graham phone call with a future ken burns documentary.
was stretched into 14 hours by Ken Burns.
watching DC fight is like watching a ken burns documentary.Its alright, u want to see the end, but at one point its long and boring
love watching Ken burns' The West PBS on the computer. Made me cry more than this week has made me cry. Such selfish people.
Can't wait for the Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War
Ken Burns' doc about the Civil War? Although he's probably seen it. Ooh! A Union soldier cap!
I like Ken Burns. I've seen a bit of his Civil stuff. Must check out The West. After all, SF was once the Wild West
Ken Burns to Evangelical voters: What part of Donald Trump reminds you of Jesus?
Ken Burns documentaries on Jazz and the Civil War 👌
Our upstairs neighbor is watching Ken Burns' Civil War. GOOD TASTE MAN.
Ken Burns' Civil War is providing some comfort.
I'm hoping someone burns it down just to see ken ham's reaction
I'm not a Trump supporter, but I'm certain Ken Burns is not qualified asked this question.
The people who don't learn from history, is condemned to.. WATCH: Everyone Should Listen To Historian Ken Burns’
I don't even follow sports and Ken Burns's "Baseball" is honestly the best thing I've ever watched.
Ken Burns to Stanford grads: Trump is "an insult to our history" via
Most excellent question for religous right wingers from the great Ken Burns via
Went to My phone now has a Pokemon game on it. Still watching by Ken Burns
Ken Burns to Voters: 'What Part of Reminds You of Jesus Christ?'
Ken Burns said it's like asking a newly-minted driver to land a 747.
Like a layer on a pearl, you can't specifically identify the irritant,...
You catch any of Ken Burns Roosevelt's doc?. Favorite part was FDR telling his mom that he didn't like TR's prez powers expansion.
My FB full of talk about HRC getting away w/ mishandling classified info. According to FB, Ken Burns(!) is trending: https…
Fact 12: I love history A LOT. like I watch the Civil War doc by Ken Burns more than 10 times a year.
All this Battle Hymn of the Republic got me wanting to switch off Raw and just go watch Ken Burns' Civil War
.removing the stream option for Ken Burns' "Civil War" is probably a good sign that I need to cancel my subscription.
July 4th is as good a date as any to start watching Ken Burns' "Civil War" series again
Not surprisingly, Ken Burns is not a Trump fan via
You need to team up with Ken Burns and bring out a doco about Trump. Urgent. Espec the rape allegations.
I wrote a thank you to and I implore you to watch his films. There is no greater modern storyteller.
Pride of the Yankees, Forest Gump, 56:The Streak by Ken Burns...I love be an American! Happy 4th of July America! But...Go Red Sox!
*New Video: Adobe Premiere Quicktip: Create the "Ken Burns" effect in Adobe Premiere. Check it out!
I love the "how metal and alloy is always stronger than its constituent parts" quote
domain names
The Rep. Party has been successful at getting many groups of people to vote against their own interests -Ken Burns
Ken Burns: ‘Trump Lusts After His Own Daughter’ I think this quote may be out of line, but this is a MUST read!
Excellent Article! Ken Burns is a bright man who makes thoughtful observations!
Ken Burns, documentary-maker extraordinaire, made a documentary of the Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer. And it's on netflix.
what do you base that on, beyond a Ken Burns documentary?
The great Ken Burns on and why we need to be pro-immigration:
Plunge into American history this weekend w/ Spotlight on
Ken Burns on how Trump has hoodwinked evangelicals, "lusts after his own daughter":
Ken Burns in the streets, Ric Burns in the sheets
Ken Burns: "Trump lusts after his own daughter..."
hates blacks and lusts after his daughter! Do you agree racist supremacist.
Ken Burns: Evangelicals back Trump even though ‘he lusts after his own daughter – how is that Christian?’
Making the Ken Burns' Civil War drinking game with This is Sunday done right.
Netflix giveth, and Netflix taketh away: all of the Ken Burns documentaries on UK/Irish Netflix (THE Civil War, THE WEST, PROHIBITION, —
I didn't realize there were so many photographs from the American Civil War. Thanks Ken Burns.
Have you seen Ken Burns' documentary on the Civil War?
why tf did you take Ken Burns: Civil War off Netflix, I wasn't done with my 8th time through it
'Ken Burns: The Civil War' has been removed from Netflix AUS...
Anything by Ken Burns. His US Civil War one is very strong.
The Civil War is on PBS. Which reminds me that Ken Burns is everything.
Ken Burns: Confederate flag isn't about heritage. It's about resistance to civil rights. via
Read. The book is still the greatest manmade machine of all—not the car, not the TV, not the smartphone.
Keep Ken Burns, Shelley Burnham's father, in your prayers for healing and comfort. This picture reflects the joy...
Tribute to Brian Moss in today's Guardian. Thanks to Joyce Moss, Ken Irvine, Rob Marrs and others for lots of help https:/…
Ken Burns on Trump at Stanford's commencement via
One day there will be a Ken Burns style documentary after someone goes through our hard drives and reads our notes to ourselves.
Brilliant commencement by Ken Burns, worthy of ll.44. Listen. Heed.
You'll love it. Oh. I also own Ken Burns' JAZZ.
YUP! this one caught my attention in my Indep Day Era Re-Viewing of the great Ken Burns series. 44. Orville C.
.Be curious, not cool. Feed ur soul, too. Every day. Ken Burns' Stanford Address via
If you haven't watched Ken Burns' cancer serious on Netflix, you need to
The more I watch things like Ken Burns' The West, the more I dislike white people. 😠
and never forget it invented the Ken Burns effect
Ken Burns' Stanford speech assesses Donald Trump but says much more along the way. Listen carefully! via
Watching Ken Burns' Prohibition with my dad. It's adorable how entertained he is. He keeps giggling and nodding at the show
Ken and Willa Burns recite the list of presidents.
Ken Burns on the value of a treasury of American Presidents, and why “words really matter.”
17: I love Ken Burns documentaries. I watch them a lot.
Nice Gibney Profile but aren't you omitting Ken Burns from list of people who make a living doing dox?
Ken Burns' nine part series on the Civil War
having watched all 1000hrs of Ken Burns Civil War documentary, I agree.
Wow, seriously!? That's incredibly kind! Of course I still have ye olde tape deck. Ken Burns is a master historian and filmmaker
I hear the Ken Burns Civil War music when I read that.
Dang, Ken Burns... it's ok to take a break once in a while. Roosevelts got me like
I binge-watched Ken Burns' The Civil War over the last week, so everything in current UK politics seems less horrific now by comparison.
Brilliant speech by Ken Burns on curiosity, responsibility, citizenship, life - and the need to stop Trump.
Ken Burns' wife complimented the webinar I presented on & a coworker said I'm a good dresser (wearing Harry pants, obvi) so today's my FAV.
Great day to crush Ken Burns Jazz doc. Incredible piece of work. 🎺🎷
Ken Burns, a historian, would know about patterns of dictators and tyrants. via
Ken Burns on Trump speech: 'My responsibility as a citizen' via
Why the Ken Burns Effect makes creating video so cool
Ken Burns ate my soul. On the outside looking in. I am a monster.
"Get out the bread and mustard folks - because that is a Grand Salami" OR "Call Ken Burns - that ball is History"
I believe it was supposed to be a Ken Burns documentary on hockey and failed miserably ;)
Clarinetitis by Benny Goodman from the album Ken Burns Jazz - Benny Goodman. Listen at
Looking for some today? Check out the speech NO ONE can afford to miss by :.
Do not lose your enthusiasm. In its Greek etymology, the word enthusiasm means simply, “God in us.” . – Ken Burns
Thank you, Ken. "Reject the a troubling Unfiltered Tourettes of his Tribalism.".
I watched 1 of those Ken Burns joints lst nite. Man,what happened 2 Jazz? Only room 4 1 at top? Sadly that's the way all music is & its wack
would love to see Ken Burns do this though
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Bigger than Roots, New Roots, O.J., the other O.J. one, North and South, and all of the Ken Burns stuff combined.
FINAL WARNING: Ken Burns: The West (1996) will be removed in the next couple of days!
It's the only Civil War media besides Red Badge of Courage and Small House of Uncle Thomas I have ever enjoyed (apologies to Ken Burns).
is one of the best and most riveting documentaries ever made. It's on par with Ken Burns' "The Civil War."
"Don’t confuse success with excellence.. Insist on heroes. And be one.. Read.". -Ken Burns.
Free State of Jones: Unremarked upon in Ken Burns terrific documentary about the Civil War, a group of Confed...
Having some dinner, early, and put on Ken Burns "The Civil War" (as in American) because why not
This is a good evening to put in Ken Burns' Civil War (cue old-timey violin solo 🎻)
does anyone else's reading/viewing change by season? in summer, I want to watch Ken Burns' Civil War, Rear Window, & All the President's Men
As of yesterday, work on has lasted longer than the Civil War. Not the Ken Burns documentary, the actual American Civil War.
you think so I hope Ken Burns is still around to do the documentary 🤔
You say: "and not too hot.". Pizzeria guy hears: "Ensure that I can watch Ken Burns' 'The Civil War' in its entirety before this is edible."
Imagining the Ken Burns documentary with the Civil War fiddle music, and some stuffy old pipe smoking British historian.
Ken Burns' The Civil War is leaving Netflix on July 1 so, y'know, go watch it now
Address by Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker, at Stanford University on June 12, 2016.
Prepared text of the 2016 Stanford Commencement address by Ken Burns - sums up election year via
Our director, Peggy Bendroth, is now a Fellow of Good company: Ken Burns, David McCollough, and Lizzie Barker.
Full transcript of that Ken Burns speech, via
I have more: Sinking the Lusitania (PBS), The Thomas the Tank Engine Man (1995) (YouTube will have it) & Any "Ken Burns" hist.
Ken Burns's blistering attack on Donald Trump in Stanford commencemnt speech h…
Ken Burns offers blistering takedown of Donald Trump in epic commencement speech via
Thanks To hear Billy Collins, Alec Baldwin, Sonia Manzano,Tim Gunn &Ken Burns speak, all in one evening!
Ken Burns, Tim Gunn, Sonia Manzano and more honor teen artists and writers at Carnegie Hall | On Our Minds:
Tomorrow, Alec Baldwin, Ken Burns and more will honor teen artists & writers at Carnegie Hall!
Ken Burns turns focus to story of country music.
Ken Burns narrator voice: "In the end, it was determined that Andrew couldn't remember how to spell 'ketchup.'"
I was pretty surprised to see Carly Simon show up in Ken Burns' Jackie Robinson documentary.
No one will ever understand how much I hate the ken burns effect
Sext: "wanna come over and watch one of my Ken Burns DVD sets? I have 'National Parks' and 'The Civil War'--you pick ;)"
Ken Burns uses Jefferson Lecture to defend the humanities and the role of narrative
Hamilton Collection
ten years ago this weekend, I worked the Georgetown University commencement + I had the privilege of seeing Ken...
I can't tell what's on right screen, but I kind of wish it were a Ken Burns Civil War documentary.
I got through 1890 to 1920 in the ken burns baseball documentary so most of my mental imagery is very sepia
Cinematography is serving some Ken Burns documentary realness.
Watch HenryLouisGates and KenBurns discuss the history race in America at 2016
Watch and discuss the history race in America at 2016
Um 100% n then I wondered why we're even watching it n found out its ken burns
was watching a rerun of Ken Burns' show on Jazz -- remember when musicians could play music and didn't look like graffiti thugs?
I accidentally saw the Ken Burns version. I was wondering for half the movie why all the superheroes were so old...
Just watched the first part of Ken Burns: Prohibition on Netflix. A powerful documentary about that astonishingly bad policy.
so heavy in fact that they actually used footage from Ken Burns' dustbowl doc in the film 😋
Ken Burns on National Parks and presidents: ☆
Watching Ken Burns's Prohibition... Prohibition was a fiasco is more ways than I even realized.
Just amazing. I'd watch a 14-hour Ken Burns special on this topic alone.
At home on a sick day. Wanted to game but fell into a Ken Burns Jazz docu hole. Not complaining.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ken Burns on National Parks and presidents
I liked a video How to Create Ken Burns Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro
Learn about what stuff goes down if rules the world in 's week long Ken Burns homage
I think most of the Ken Burns docs are on there. I love them.
and the Ken Burns excellent documentary miniseries Civil War if you can get your hands on it. Might be streaming.
Love learning about a on and then to there.
Stanfords ken burns sets fire to Air Force academy's Obama in a no contest match btw intellect and derelict. 2nd round march ups to follow
I grew up certain for a while that I was going to be an anthropologist...
What can learn from Jackie Robinson: “Jackie Robinson,” the latest Ken Burns documentary,…
Parallax Effect in Photography (tutorial): The Parallax Effect is also known as the Ken Burns eff...
iMovie if you peeped those Ken burns at the end lol 👀
Well, we saw Hamilton tonight. It was good, but not certain what all the fuss is about. It wasn't exactly Ken Burns.
Does anyone wanna ken burns and chill w me 😂😂😂
Learned of podcast today; hey! A Ken Burns interview. Great PROCESS talk at about min 11 https…
*Ken Burns voice* The 2nd Civil War didn't start in Philly or Cleveland like many thought but instead at a screening of Ghostbusters
oh listen to episode 5, were they mock the conservative fantasy of a second Civil War and do Ken Burns' 2nd Civil War
It took me 25 years but I'm finally finishing Ken Burns - The Civil War. I can only commit to this sorta stuff for binge viewing.
I just finished rewatching Ken Burns' Civil War one yesterday. Maybe not fun, but fascinating, I love it.
Like, sure, Ken Burns' Civil War might not have Paul Rudd but that William Tecumseh Sherman wasn't a slouch either.
Sometimes I just get a compulsion to just binge through Ken Burns' The Civil War!
I added a video to a playlist Ken Burns' Captain America: Civil War
Back on that Ken Burns' Civil War. Go, go gadget Shelby Foote!
They should've called in Ken Burns to direct Marvel's Civil War
Just started watching Ken Burns' "The Civil War" on Netflix. Spoiler alert: the Union remains intact and the South never did rise again.
I thought Captain America: Civil War was Ken Burns' best work to date.
Ken Burns did "The Civil War" and "The National Parks: America's Best Idea". Like documentaries? U should know Ken Burns!
"Ken Burns: The Civil War" has consumed not only my life, but my brothers as well.
Notes from the board today re: lead-up and start of US Civil War and background on Ken Burns'…
In the Ken Burns series, The Civil War, Shelby Foote was a contributor who became a favorite with viewers.
Much like Ken Burns' version of Civil War, waiting until the second weekend to avoid crowds. And the never weekend for G'n'R version.
I've been watching Ken Burns' Civil War movie for a little while and haven't seen Captain America yet. Does he fight with the Union?
No, but up in NH we loved the Civil War/Ken Burns joke!
Jar Jar Blinks Uncontrollably &rambles on American Civil War of this galaxy of which he is not - by Ken Burns
you of fan of Ken Burns' Baseball doc? He somehow found a way to shoehorn Shelby Foote(from his Civil War doc) in which is great
Not enough Ken Burns effect in this new Civil War. Also, I'm questioning the facts a little...
According to Ken Burns' The Civil War, this usage changed right after the Civil War.
Me, to a co-worker: Did you watch Civil War?. Dentist: Why are people so interested in Civil War? Was it on KQED? A documentary by Ken Burns?
Wait, are you guys saying this "Civil War" movie everyone's talking about WASN'T directed by Ken Burns?
No problem. One of those things I picked up from many viewings of Ken Burns's Civil War.
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