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Kem Sokha

Kem Sokha , born on 27 June 1953 in Takéo, Cambodia, is the President of the Human Rights Party, a member of Parliament in Cambodia, and Vice President of the Cambodia Democratic Movement for National Rescue formed in July 2012 as a joint movement between the Human Rights Party and Sam Rainsy Party to create a new political party called Cambodia National Rescue Party .

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Please disregard any Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy are as one. is as strong as ever, won't be divide…
Chhum Sereysokhom React to Mr. Mom Samong Do about he give next name to Mr. Sam Rainsy & Kem Sokha: via
San Buntheoun sponsors foods for Kem sokha and his bodyguards: via
Cambodia’s ruling party hammers opposition as election looms
Discussing politics, elections, economic development & in at HQ with HE Kem Sokha today
He say that what is Mr. Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha help Cambodia | Cambodia news today: via
Mr. Ton Sen reaction what is Mr. Hun Sen speech to Mr. Kem Sokha | Cambodia news toda
Cambodian gov't says it will forcibly suppress any protests against possible arrest of Kem Sokha | Cambodia Daily
Kem Sokha in ‘safe place’ as police hunt for CNRP deputy leader, National, Phnom Penh Post
"Kem Sokha stands for the nation" - Words that keep Prime Minister Hun Sen awake at night
Kem Sokha's purported mistress summonsed over allegations of prostitution and providing false testimony
Ms. Chin Davy talking about prim minister Hun Sen and a group of students with Mr. Kem Sokha.: via
Brother Chhery reactions to prim minister Hun Sen about his on Mr. Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy.: via
31 December 2015 will mark the 10th year anniversary of the arrest of Kem Sokha who was imprisoned for standing...
RFA, Protest Leader Called for the Removal of Kem Sokha Appointed as Hun Sen Assistant: via
Protest leader called for the removal of Mr. Kem Sokha appointed as Mr. Hun Sen assistant: via
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This man reacts to a man who talks about Mr. Sam Rainsy and Mr. Kem Sokha: via
Kem Sokha speculated PM Hun Sen's repeated speeches always cased on in any statements, said that Cambodia would...
I added a video to a playlist Cambodia news today | On 20 October 2015, Mr. Kem Sokha said the CPP is
Kem Sokha: Judicial Reform a Priority: CNRP vice president Kem Sokha said the first thing his party would do i...
New post: ly 2015 Mr. Kem Sokha in Visit to the 11 Activists at Preysar
Discovery of the day, Kem Sokha testified at the 1979 People's Revolutionary Tribunal.
"They need justice." Kem Sokha will stop at nothing to free 11 jailed activists:
Hours after Kem Sokha says insurrection convicts will be released soon, Hun Sen says no deal, it's up to the courts
Hun Sen warns Sam Rainsy:. “Tell Kem Sokha, if he criticizes one more time, the CPP will vote to fire him.”
I added a video to a playlist Kem Sokha talk about Champa religious and thier freedom | Khmer news
Cambodia news today | Hun Sen threaten to Vote down Kem Sokha | Khmer hot news today: via
Hun Sen shares text-message conversation with Sam Rainsy, including warnings to rein in Kem Sokha |
Mr. Sam Rainsy and Mr. Kem Sokha now say that the problem with land grabbing is due to "subordinates withholding...
Mr. Hun Sen said to remove Mr. Kem Sokha from VP of parliament, again. Could someone explains why a VP post in a...
Samdech Hun Sen, Cambodian Prime Minister warns that CPP will vote to step down Kem Sokha from the first vice...
Cambodia news today | Kem Sokha, criticized the government failed to resolve the land dispute ...: via
I added a video to a playlist Mr Kem Sokha speech to Khmer people on 26/04/2015 and CNRP Khmer
Hun Sen to Kem Sokha: "Your Excellency, you are lucky you didn't do anything (more than hold protests). If you...
Cambodia news today | CNRP TV News Today | Sam Rainsy, Kem Sokha, Hun Sen and Khem Veasna -
leaders Sam Rainsy, Kem Sokha over the weekend made a whirlwind tour of five provinces in the country's north: htt…
A person who is CNRP's activist, was detained. He try to ask for release on bail, but the court denied. He will be released after he is appointed as lawmaker, because he has immunity. It is the politic game of CNRP. If we look at this case, there is a lawmaker will be remove and appointed Mr. Meach Sovannara to be lawmaker. This case show that: 1. CNRP face internal crisis or 2. They want that lawmaker to become a member of New NEC or 3. CNRP try to break the rule of law, and send a message to people that this case is politic, because Mr. Sovannara will be released. CNRP try to use immunity to control the court. A lawmker who will be remove, he or she is lawmaker from Sam Rainsy or Kem Sokha? Why CNRP pay attention on Mr. Sovannara? How about two other activists?
Kem Sokha had never said he would form a political party until his Human Rights Party was established. Now Kem Ley has said he has no intention to form a political party. But at the end of the day, everyone has every right to form a political party, which is totally fine for everyone. If Kem Sokha had gone all the way to become the First Vice President of the National Assembly, why not Kem Ley?
Kem Sokha summoned to court again over violent clash [Is Hun Sen negotiating on the one hand and pointing guns...
Breaking : Kem Sokha and 7 MPs are summoned by Hun Sen’s Court again
Hun Sen spoke with Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha for about 10 minutes … and the two leaders chose Mrs Pung Chhiv Kek.
Publics Forum with Cnrp Leader LP Sam Rainsy and LAP Kem Sokha with the supporters in Takeo province today 13/05/2014
Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha visit Cambodian-Vietnamese border in Svay Rieng where Vietnamese authority had plante...
(The Phnom Penh post) Fri, 31 January 2014 Meas Sokchea Kem Sokhon, the brother of Cambodia National Rescue Party deputy president Kem Sokha, is continuing to progress through government ranks. Sokhon – who has been openly critical of his brother’s policies since defecting from the opposition –...
01-27-14 Here are my advices: 1. H. E Sam Rainsy and H.E Kem Sokha have to go back to National Assembly soon in order to bring more supporters next election 2018, otherwise your party get ruined or your party still lose in 2018. Please do not listen to outsiders rather than yourself and Kem Sokha. The more demonstrations, the more losing. Both of you need to fight in the National Assembly to show our nation that you care about country and you are very clean and smart guy for prime minister for 2018. This is for Samdech Hun Sen: You have to make difference by changing cabinet members, reducing corruptions, looking at some countries like U.S, England, Japan, China, and other democratic countries. Just remind for Samdech that we cannot do prime minister for ever until you die and we need to limit terms. For instance, Samdech Chea Sim is now disable but he is still chairman of our senate body. What can Samdech Chea Sim does as the chairman because he is on wheelchair all the times. This is a real example. And ...
CBN Media BREAKING NEWS: UN Special Rapporteur Surya Subedi will meet with Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha and will accompany them to the court on 14 January. The International Commission of Jurist of ICJ (International Court of Justice) will also be in Cambodia to witness the hearing.
Opposition leaders Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha say they plan to file suit against Prime Minister Hun Sen at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.   The leaders of the Cambodia Nationa...
UPDATE: Phnom Penh Municipal Court issued summonses for CNRP president Sam Rainsy and vice president Kem Sokha to appear in court on January 14 over their role in the demonstrations that turned violent.
"Phnom Penh Court summons Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha on charges of incitement to commit violence [This is actually an arrest warrant and both will be arrested if they attend the court as summoned]"
Phnom Penh, Court of Appeal prosecutor call Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha on charge that they incite to the workers.
Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha announce the suspension of talks with the CPP due to police crackdown of protesting g...
Small Talk! Firstly,I would like apologize to all cambodian citizens,and khmer kroms who are living,and hold cambodian citizenship in Cambodia. # Thanks cambodian government that welcomed khmer kroms as cambodian citizens. # khmer krom from kampuchea krom shall be neutral...because we are not a independent state. # Sihamoni,the king of cambodia,Hun Sen the prime minister,sam raingsy and kem sokha...are the leaders of cambodia...they know who they are...they know their history...they know who is who...especially khmer krom...was part of their knowledeges...May be don't need khmer krom to remind them...or involved in their movements. # Khmer Krom is thirth party in the cambodian politics...voiceless! # Khmer krom following Son Ngoc depost King Sihanouk...strong belief in Khmer Republic helping liberation kampuchea Krom ...finally we lost.second mistake with Son KKF relying on Sam Raingsy to liberate kampuchea krom...hoping that CNRP will help khmer krom to gain self determinati ...
Making a fourth protest just one day, during more than three months, and with also the authorisation of the illegal YUONDOG government will not remove the dog from the power. It's useless, and a waste of money of those who will attend it. The Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha should use their brain a bit more effective
Dear Excellency! Mr. Shinzo Abé, It is nice to see your image in the face book. I am Khantey one of the Cambodian voters who is now demanding for justice and transperancy after the July 28, 2013 election had been finished. Also thanks for Mr. Abé that your nation has a good relationship with our people and setting up embassy in Cambodia for long times. Moreover you are one of the great donor to my country. Even this donor linking with interest charge or not, it is thankful for that. Unfortunately your visit to Cambodia on November 16 - 17, 2013 to meet with Mr. Hun Sen makes us unhappy and affecting our people's feeling. Mr. Abé ! you know why ? we have fully rejected Hun Sen as our prime minister because the huge irregularities happened after the July 28, 2013 election process and his party IS NOT the winner. Through National Election Committee who robbed our votes and upside down the election result to give Hun Sen party for a win. Actually most of Cambodian people vote for Excellency ...
My Khmer hero Mr Vice President Kem Sokha I will see you soon
CNRP leaders Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha said Tuesday that the opposition party will no longer negotiate over the political deadlock with the CPP until the ruling party agrees to a transparent election investigation.
Cambodia News - Mr Kem Sokha meets the poeple at the boder: via
We've been waiting for the general protest across the country since the election day. it's up to MM Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha to call for it.
HE Kem Sokha will be in Long Beach on Saturday November 30, 2013 Please join us to welcome our CNRP leader,
I added a video to a playlist Cambodia News - CNRP Kem Sokha visits Khmer Victims in Stung Meanchey
Khmuoy Srey Thy Sovatha ! you are not a lone, lots of people knew who you are.Being a social activist it is normal.Other people can let you down and say what ever they wanted to say but you yourself don't get into the trap.You know when you decided to get into political scenario you have to accept all good and bad effects.Good feed back make you happy but when you got bad comments on you, it will make yourself stronger than event before,please keep up doing the good work incorporating with CNRP and your friends hand on hand to be who you are to proof your innocence and your conscience . you need to stay focusing on your principal to fight for your Motherland.You can see a good example Leaders like LK Sam Rainsy, LK Kem Sokha and Mu Sochua,they are getting stronger stronger everyday.This how a free society is going to be and we want this kind to get into Cambodia.In the democratic countries,their leaders never fight back with the Media.Good and bad will brought up a good solution for all.We need to fight . ...
Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy forget to include in the coming rally to ask the release of YORM BOPHA and CHHOUK BANDIT. Why?
H.E. Kem SOKHA will be coming to Seattle-Tacoma, WA on Sunday, December 1, 2013. 2 Major Events will be held in Seattle and Tacoma. More details will follow. SAVE THE DATE FOR NOW!!! SPREAD THE WORDS!!!
It's time for Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha to declare publicly they won't negotiate with AH KNHOM YUON anymore and take serious actions. Remove him by any means whatsoever!
Dear H.E. Kem Sokha and H.E. Sam Rainsy, You have all my highest respect! Please find my below messages. Dear CNRP , There are number of way that CPP/ government's youth are trying to distract and dismantle CNRP youth. And i am very concerned about this because those CNRP youths member are young and possess less political experience , However, it is the right time for you to both strengthen and promote your youth in order to continue the momentum of rescuing and leading Cambodia to real democracy in the near future. My suggestion during this time is for youth to convene a series of meeting with you youth experience.
Please thinking on what Mr said , what do you think after you want this video? I would like to suggest you to listen to the other too. khem veasna kem sokha ...
Kem Sokha is taken away by the police
QUOTE OF THE DAY: KEM SOKHA, vice president, Cambodia National Rescue Party: “I see that people have already changed [the way they think]. Only leaders who try to cling to power who have not changed their mindset. But I hope some day people will demand those dictators to change.”
Mr Sam Rainsy & Mr kem sokha have to be responsible khmer people part part 04
Wonderful poem! Sooner or later, "with or without Sam Rainsy, KEM SOKHA, CNRP" , Khmer together will oust ACHOR LORK CHEART.
Mr President Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha is my Khmer hero
On behalf of page owner, i love all the person who support the CPP, espacially Samdach Hun Sen. And I wnat to thank to all the critic for Improve the lack point of CPP. But I hate all the person who want to destroy Cambodia. Thy Sovantha, is a girl that make Cambodia down not only in local but International like A SAM RAINGSY and Kem Sokha.
Today i went to Takeo Province to joint bon kathen at Phnom Da with Cnrp Takeo, have H.E Sam Rainsy and H.E Kem Sokha that has hundred of people to joint in it, i'm very happy although i walk 4 km from car to Phnom Da because has alot of cars to go there.
Bon Kathen at Phnom Da, Koktlork, Takeo, with HE Sam Rainsy, HE Kem Sokha, and our CNRP team
Khmer Hot News - Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha Visited Victims at Russian Hospital on November 16, 2013. To find more khmer hot news, please go to the channel bel...
VP Kem Sokha met with Amb Williamson to discuss the recent
As foreseen, A SAM RAINGSY AND KEM SOKHA, USA' s DOG, after getting out from US Embassy, another political protest will take place again...! No comment!
More than 3 months after the election, will Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha still have some strategy to explain to us how to take power, while YUONDOG HUNSEN is getting more and more brutal, more and more yuon invaders, no water festival, no forest, more Yuon Police etc.
Let's rise-up right now. Don't wait the exhausted Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy to call us to do.
Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha visit the home of Ms. Eng Sokhom who was shot dead during clashes between protesters ...
Bon Kathen with HE Kem Sokha and other CNRP leaders in Takeo
Visiting demonstration victims at Khmer-Soviet hospital, Phnom Penh with HE Sam Rainsy and HE Kem Sokha and CNRP team.
This party kem sokha daughter and politics
H.e samrainsy and H.e Kem Sokha at kompot thom province
Khmer Rouge method! How could Sam Rainsy, Kem Sokha become deaf and dumb with this savagery?
And Mr. Sam Rainsy and Mr. Kem Sokha are SO SCARED too for just letting all SUPPORTERS to hear all those TAPES , from three MEETINGS were held with HANOI CPP SECRETLY !
Some MPs of CNRP have complained about Mr. Sam Rainsy's late political strategy. They knew that Mr. Sam Rainsy is delaying the talk with CPP for his own benefits and will negotiate some positions in the government for himself and his small group. Mr. Sam Rainsy and Mr. Kem Sokha took money from people oversea and guaranteed them position in the new government ( Mr. Kem Sokha has admitted the deals in his video last week ). This is Sam Rainsy's dirty politic !!!
CNRP Mr Kem Sokha in Kampong Speu (13 nov. 2013) he condemns all violent acts of government police mistreated people and monks at Stung Meanchey លោក កឹម សុខា...
In the name of kon Khmer and khmer people , I am so pity of demonstrators injured and died and the people who attacked by arm force and polices , they all wants better work condition and better salary to support daily life and their family , please I strongly condemn to arm force and police , all police and the demonstrators are the same Khmer, why not government show this problem ? Why the government crackdown cruelly to demonstrator ! And cnrp has some responsibilities to involve in this problem, I call for cnrp and UN in Cambodia take urgent action to prevent a freedom of all demonstrators! Khmer we love and pity of Khmer! Mr Sam Rainsy and Mr kem Sokha need help them pong , they got nothing and nobody to depend on . They will be die , if we don't help them !
What makes a leader to be a great leader of a country? How do you decide which leader you like? - a down-to-earth and gentle appearance is one of the most important factors? How would you compare Hun Sen vs Sam Rainsy/Kem Sokha personality? I would be feeling more secure to stay close to CNRP leaders than to Hun Sen... not because he's our (theft) PM, but because I am afraid I get stoned...
Look carefully at the map! Siam takes all the striped part of our land, and they still wanted the temple. To my surprise, why Sam Rainsy ( Kem Sokha, CNRP members) hasn't highlighted that Khmer has lost 4.6km2 of land to the Siam thief? are all Khmer leaders are cowards and hide the true to their own people? can we still trust them? Do you know we win just the cliff, with the temple Preah Vihear, but not the rest of the land (4.6Km2) that INTERNATIONAL COURT JUSTICE had given us in 1962. According to DPA, Thailand’s ambassador to The Hague, Virachai Plasai, said the ICJ had only awarded Cambodia a “small area” of the disputed land that would still have to be demarcated. Khmer should celebrate the loss of our land to the Thief Siam again.
Khmer social media I love Cambodia hot news II kem Sokha
The kingdome of cambodia tuesday 12 november 2013 my regards to the buddha monks Good-night Lady and gentlemen Now it is time that mr, Sam Rainsy and mr, kem sokha show his determination to drop out hun srn who betrayone his country. The citizans of cambodia have enough and don't want to see the ppc and the stranger of vietnam stay in cambodia. They are a really demon ,they have to come back their home befour the citizans of cambodia ..? Thank you.
Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA. 28TH OCTOBER 2013. Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha, leaders of the opposition Cambodian National...
To Mr. Sam Rainsy and Mr. Kem Sokha, question about collect finger print. Yes, good question and if khmer oversea can do, it is great.
CNRP vice president Kem Sokha on Monday denied claims made by Interior Minister Sar Kheng’s cabinet chief that leaders of the opposition party were making conflicting demands of the ruling CPP. The two parties have been locked in a political stalemate since July’s election, with the CNRP alleging massive electoral fraud and re­fusing to take their seats in parliament after negotiations broke down. In a statement released Saturday, Lieutenant General Khieu Sopheak, Mr. Kheng’s cabinet chief, said that CNRP president Sam Rainsy had called Mr. Kheng to say he no longer wanted the presidency of the National As­sembly, but that Mr. Sokha and CNRP spokesman Yim Sovann still profess to want to leadership position. “We’ve never said anything about what positions [in the Na­tional Assembly] we want, we al­ways said we are merely looking for justice related to irregularities in the national election,” Mr. Sokha told reporters after a Buddhist ceremony at the CNRP’s Tuol Kok headquarters to honor t ...
the political news today on The Cambodia Daily seems not to give positive hope for CNRP's international and local campaign: - CPP blames stalled talks on CNRP divisions (between Sam Rainsy who Sar Kheng said has lower his demand for the chiar of National Assembly and His deputy Kem Sokha while Son Chhay seems to support Sam Rainsy) - France, Asutralia Congratulate Hun Sen on Win (both of whom look forward to working with Prime Minister Hun Sen?) - Efforts to prevent opposition petitioning spread to provinces (some petitioners are questioned and the petitions are seized by authorities)... - Voter registration period extended by three days (NEC already and always know that during this season, there often flood and there has been many example. The 3-day extension will have no impact or allow more voter to registered)...
Hun Sen is powerful and rich, but is not respected. Differently, Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha are neither powerful nor rich, but are faithfully respected. Respect is a virtue that is rarely available with leaders.
What will Cambodia's opposition do next? By Jonathan Head South-East Asia correspondent, BBC News Opposition leader Sam Rainsy, left, and Kem Sokha are two different personalities For the past two decades, there has been one golden rule for observers of Cambodian politics: never underestimate Hun Sen. A poorly educated man from a rural village who lost an eye fighting in Cambodia's civil war and came close to being purged by the Khmer Rouge, he has now ruled the country for 28 years. He lost Cambodia's first post-war election in 1993 but still forced the winning party to share power with him. He won only narrowly in 1998, with just over 40% of the vote. Yet today he dominates the political landscape like a latter-day Angkor king. So what hope has the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) got of forcing him from office, after yet another flawed election delivered victory to Hun Sen's Cambodian People's Party (CPP)? So far he has offered minimal concessions - a promise to work on reforming the e ...
Mr. Kem Sokha has been blocked from leaving CNRP public forum in Kien Svay by 10 trucks right now.
My opinion regarding the mass demonstration against Kem Sokha and CNRP: 1)- CPP has a golden opportunity and a good pretext before election to show the cruel and merciless Khmer Rouge and Toul Sleng documentaries in all TVs in order to make Khmer People remember the past sufferings and then to console/please them like making Law on denial of Khmer Rouge Atrocities. (I help you and still do care of you) 2)- To remind Khmer people to be forever grateful to CPP (7 January) that saved them from such most miserable and tortuous living conditions. 3)- To discredit Kem Sokha and opposition CNRP before election while opposition CNRP has gained strong momentum. 4)-To divert public attention, national and international media coverage from talking and reporting too much about NEC Structure Reforms, local NGOs, international community and UN Rapporteur’s recommendations, Sam Riansy’s political comeback, inflated voter lists, ghost names on voters lists, no names on voters lists, unfair election procedures like Pr ...
During this time is Electiion Time, Why Jum Mee again only Kem Sokha. but Hun Sen and others government official were Khmer Kroham killing many cambodian people and he accept and he saw their actions did with our poor people. Jum Mee does not speak anything yet. Why does he do like this with people fight for freedom?
Cambodia foresees mass protests without apology from main opposition leader Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said Thursday that mass protests could break out nationwide if Kem Sokha, vice president of the main opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party, did not apologize for his denial of the existence of the notorious Tuol Sleng prison during the Democratic Kampuchea, or Khmer Rouge regime, from 1975-1979. "Large scale demonstration can happen not only in Phnom Penh, but also in provinces, where Kem Sokha is present," the premier said during the inauguration of new achievements at a Buddhist pagoda in eastern Kampong Cham province. "He (Kem Sokha) spoke without responsibility," Hun Sen said, adding that this was the individual conflict between Kem Sokha and Cambodian people, not the conflict between the ruling Cambodian People's Party and the opposition party. "I'd like to suggest that if there are protests against him, all protests must be non-violent in order to maintain dignity and public order," he sa ...
"NO KHMER IS AN ENEMY" HE Kem Sokha... Could not have agreed more. Stop Khmer vs Khmer "self implosion" if we...
9- Sat, 31/Dec/2005 X Kem Sokha, Director of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (“CCHR”), and Yeng Virak,...
KI-Media2 KI Media Meeting of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) held in Paris on December 8, 2012
B / Kem Sokha Kem Sokha was one of the few Khmer students in 1981 to have received a scholarship to study in Czechoslovakia, then a member of the Communist bloc countries. 10 years later, he created "Vigilance for human rights in Cambodia," an advocacy organization Human Rights, an area in which it has become a widely recognized figure in the Cambodian public and even Western. Two major events that marked his political career: he was a part arrested and jailed in December 2005 issue of defamation. This event allowed him to enjoy the support movements both in and outside Cambodia. After his arrest, he is gaining popularity and public support to the Cambodian population. And secondly, he was accused in 2007 of involvement in a misappropriation of funds, funding from the United States for its IRI NGO Cambodian Centre for the Defence of Human Rights (CCHR). Major milestones in his political career: 1. Born June 27, 1953 in Takeo province, south-east Cambodia. 2. In 1981, after studying law in Phnom Penh, he w ...
Cambodia’s two opposition parties will register this month with the government as a single party, officials said Wednesday.The conjoined party will be called the Cambodian National Rescue Party and will include officials from the Sam Rainsy and Human Rights parties. Opposition leader Sam Rainsy will be named president of the party.A vice president has yet to be determined, said Kem Sokha, head of the minority Human Rights Party.The party will seek to defeat the Cambodian People’s Party, which currently holds 90 of 123 National Assembly seats, in elections scheduled for next July, Kem Sokha said.Under the leadership of the CPP, he said, Cambodia has “slid into a dangerous hole,” with increasing problems of poverty, corruption, land grabs and illegal immigration from Vietnam.Yim Sovann, a spokesman for the Sam Rainsy Party, said the new party will welcome “all democrats” under its banner. “We should serve people to restore our country,” he said.Cheam Yiep, a ruling party lawmaker, said the n ...
Human Rights Party president Kem Sokha announced yesterday his party’s willingness to merge with the Sam Rainsy Party before next year’s national elections, eliciting calls for increased co-operation
Opposition dilemma: Human Rights Party President Kem Sokha has invited  members of the Kingdom’s largest opposit...
CCHR is a non-governmental, non-political and independent human rights organization founded by Mr. Kem Sokha to promote and protect democracy, human rights and development in Cambodia.
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