Kellyanne Conway & Bowling Green Massacre

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Kellyanne Conway resigns, citing PTSD from inventing the Bowling Green Massacre.
Somewhere Kellyanne Conway is saying "Ofcourse Covfefe is a word. It was coined by the Bowling Green Massacre."...
Kellyanne Conway is gonna use this in her next interview just like the Bowling Green Massacre, the Numbani Airport Attack
Libs hate Kellyanne Conway for lying about the Bowling Green Massacre (she misspoke) but are ok with Hillary lying abt Benghazi
Kellyanne Conway cites the made-up "Bowling Green Massacre" as justification for President Trump's travel ban
Wow, Kellyanne Conway didn't "misspeak" and has actually lied about the Bowling Green Massacre several other times?
Conway mentioned "Bowling Green Massacre" before: Kellyanne Conway said she misspoke "one word" on MSNBC's……
Kellyanne Conway referred to the "Bowling Green massacre" twice before her infamous MSNBC interview
Kellyanne Conway told fake 'Bowling Green Massacre' story at least 3 times.
Stephen Colbert goes in on Kellyanne Conway for inventing the fake "Bowling Green massacre": https:/…
Last week wasn’t the first time Kellyanne Conway mentioned the made-up "Bowling Green massacre"
Kellyanne Conway has claimed there's been a 'Bowling Green Massacre' more than once
Matthews interview was not the 1st time Kellyanne Conway mentioned the (which never happened) https:/…
Kellyanne Conway actually referred to "Bowling Green massacre" twice BEFORE her MSNBC interview .
Kellyanne Conway's 'Bowling Green massacre' wasn't a slip of the tongue. She has said it before.
We now have a THIRD instance of Kellyanne Conway citing a terrorist attack on Bowling Green.
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It was already pretty clear, but now we know: this is the case Kellyanne Conway's "Bowling Green Massacre" talking poin…
Kellyanne Conway has peddled fear about the fake 'Bowling Green massacre' more than once:
Kellyanne Conway made the 'Bowling Green massacre' a go-to LIE before she got called on it
Kellyanne Conway correctly spoke about Bowling Green Iraqi terrorists, misspoke on ‘massacre’ - -
Kellyanne Conway made a mistake with Bowling Green Massacre. Libs attacked her as if she committed the most horrible cri…
Kellyanne Conway admitted her mistake in falsely referring to the "Bowling Green massacre"
My bit on Kellyanne Conway and the "Bowling Green Massacre"
Kellyanne Conway lashes out at 'haters' who won’t let 'Bowling Green Massacre' story die
Kellyanne Conway lashes out at 'haters' after citing terror attack that never happened…
Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway blamed Iraqi refugees for the "Bowling Green Massacre," which never happened
The ACLU isn't letting Kellyanne Conway off the hook on this one.
Kellyanne Conway cites ‘Bowling Green massacre’ that never happened to defend travel ban via
Bowling Green massacre? Kellyanne Conway has taken alt facts up a notch
Chelsea Clinton takes swipe at Kellyanne Conway over "Bowling Green Massacre"
Kellyanne Conway slams the media for failing to cover "the Bowling Green massacre," which actually isn't a thing
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We should all take Kellyanne Conway's Bowling Green Massacre lie VERY SERIOUSLY:
People are hilariously trolling Kellyanne Conway over the nonexistent "Bowling Green Massacre" ht…
Kellyanne Conway is right. We did not cover the Bowling Green massacre -- because it never happened https:…
that terrible, now what about what your advisor Kellyanne Conway told early about that massacre in Bowling Green?
Trump has Alex Jones to deny real tragedies like Sandy Hook and he has Kellyanne Conway to make up fake ones like the Bow…
. Exclusive footage of Bowling Green Massacre, as invented by Kellyanne Conway, now surfaces !!!.
Bowling Green Massacre is Trump regime testing how far they can push the Alternative Facts envelope.
We all know today kellyanne Conway will figure out a way to make the Bowling Green Massacre an actual thing and Trump supporters will agree.
There was no Bowling Green Massacre. Kellyanne Conway invented a massacre. Meanwhile the people who believe her still cal…
Kellyanne Conway rationalized the Muslim ban by saying that 2 Iraqis masterminded the Bowling Green Massacre, wh…
Hot Mess Conway and the "Bowling Green Massacre" The more drugs you do the worse it gets.
Kellyanne Conway is now blaming Muslim immigrants for the "Bowling Green Massacre." There's no such thing. She just made…
Kellyanne Conway blames Muslim immigrants for "Bowling Green Massacre." There’s no such thing.
Kellyanne Conway lambastes the media for ignoring the "Bowling Green Massacre," which doesn't exist (via
[CLAIM:] Kellyanne Conway says media didn't cover the 'Bowling Green Massacre'. [FACT CHECK:] This is because it did not ha…
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"The Bowling Green Massacre? What is it?". "It's yet another thing Kellyanne Conway made up, but that's not important right now."…
shame on Kellyanne Conway for attempting to politicize the Bowling Green massacre, in which I was killed
Ultimate alternative fact from Kellyanne Conway - an invented "Bowling Green massacre" to justify Trump's racism https:/…
Kellyanne Conway blames refugees for 'Bowling Green massacre' that never happened | By .
The Bowling Green Massacre could have been prevented if Kellyanne Conway didn't lie about the Bowling Green Massacre act…
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