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Kellyanne Conway

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Kellyanne Conway makes herself comfortable on the SNL set - Daily Mail
Kate McKinnon as kneeling Kellyanne Conway tonight is gonna make me pee...
Made a side by side of Kate McKinnon & Kellyanne Conway 😂
To review: three sightings of Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway so far tonight on Where will she be next?
Watching this week is like playing a game of find the wild Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway in every skit. 😂😅
They're making Kate McKinnon sit on all the sets like Kellyanne Conway and I can't stop laughing.
Kate McKinnon&Kellyanne Conway will sit and text just about anywhere on &
Kellyanne Conway says women need 'bile in their throat' in office - Daily Mail
Kellyanne Conway explains her controversial Oval Office photo via
SNL is going to open by making fun of Kellyanne Conway on the Oval Office couch.right?
Liberals are clutching their pearls over Kellyanne Conway so here's a reminder of what Slick Willie did in the Oval Off…
the mainstream right: Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump, Steve Miller, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, Milo was for a bit
How about firing Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway for breaking law! You don't stand with or for law enforcement! PATHETIC
Kellyanne Conway be thinking she not part of this mess. | Jeff Sessions.
except if you're Jeff Sessions, or Kellyanne Conway, or Michael Flynn, or anyone else in Hitler's cab, right?
From a totaled Kellyanne Conway to a amazing Jimmy Carter: Little and often fill the purse. - The Wrecked Empousai
Rep. Cedric Richmond made an awkward joke about Kellyanne Conway, but he says it wasn’t meant to be sexual
From a thirsty Kellyanne Conway to a kind Jimmy Carter: Love to live and live to love. - The Silly Siren
>>>Photos of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway kneeling on an Oval Office couch with her shoes on have sparked...
Kellyanne Conway puts her feet on an Oval Office couch and the internet loses it.
Thanks Happy to snap/send pics. Kellyanne Conway has ‘incredible respect’ for the Oval Office, WH says. https…
I wrote something on Kellyanne Conway, the sofa thing and why manners matter.
Kellyanne Conway is treating the Oval Office like her own living room. Looks like she's settling in for a night of bingewa…
People are freaking out over a photo of Kellyanne Conway in the Oval Office via
Kellyanne Conway's 'feet on the seat' and more unorthodox Oval Office moments
Leftists & fake media outraged over Oval Office pic of Kellyanne Conway but no outrage over Obama secretly delivering $4…
Jimmy Fallon did an opening skit that made Kellyanne Conway appear as the "dumb blonde." Let's see the feminist outrage from the left.
. Kellyanne Conway set the internet on fire when she was captured in an i…
Kal Penn mocks Kellyanne Conway in hilarious photo 👈 see here 🇺🇸 🔁
Kal Penn spoofs that Kellyanne Conway couch photo on the set:
Kal Penn used the "Designated Survivor" set to spoof Kellyanne Conway and "Couch-gate."
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Designated Survivor's Kal Penn attempts re-enactment of Kellyanne Conway 'couch' photo -
.spoofs Kellyanne Conway couch photo on 'Designated Survivor' set
Stephen Colbert annotated Trump's speech — and destroyed Kellyanne Conway in the process
apparently, the White House found that Kellyanne Conway acted without nefarious motive. Interesting conclusion...
Never, in the face of white military leaders would Kellyanne Conway be on the couch, shoes off, on her knees. Period. https…
I'm saying it now: I will never vote for Kellyanne Conway on Dancing with the Stars.
to-do list:. Sunday: outraged about Jimmy Kimmel ✔. Monday: outraged about Kellyanne Conway ✔. Tuesday: outraged about Warren Buffett ✔
An historic moment happens in the Oval Office... but all the liberal media can focus on is Kellyanne Conway's FEET.
Oval Office drama: Being mad at Kellyanne Conway for sitting on a couch OR at Obama for putting his shoes on a desk is the DUMBEST thing.
Kellyanne Conway is sitting on that Oval Office couch as if she has very recent intimate, carnal knowledge of that couch.
Kellyanne Conway kneels on Oval Office couch, sparks debate on decorum in White House.
While media obsesses over Kellyanne Conway on the sofa in a dress, this is happening. CHECK YOUR PRIORITIES —> .
Trump's adviser Kellyanne Conway weird pose on Oval Office sofa sparks outrage... and a wave of memes…
The internet wants to know WTH Kellyanne Conway is doing on the Oval Office
Libs are OUTRAGED at Kellyanne Conway sitting on the Oval Office couch but SILENT while Bill Clinton got a BJ in the oval offic…
Breaking news: Kellyanne Conway uses "alternative etiquette" by putting her feet on the couch of the Oval Office.
Liberals are talking about disrespectful behavior of Kellyanne Conway in Oval Office. I think they've forgotten about one t…
As conservatives defend classless Kellyanne Conway in Oval Office don't forget they blew a gasket when a black man put h…
Kellyanne Conway nor even Obama himself is anywhere near as bad as what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office.…
Kellyanne Conway checks her phone after taking a photo of President Donald Trump and leaders of black universities, colleges in Ov…
Kellyanne Conway sitting on the Oval Office couch like it's her mother's house. 🤔🤔🤔
Wonder how Jimmy Kimmel and Kellyanne Conway are enjoying their time in the sequester bunker together.
Law professors are trying to get Kellyanne Conway disbarred
Kellyanne Conway is gonna use this in her next interview just like the Bowling Green Massacre, the Numbani Airport Attack
Additional link to watch LIVE Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Betsy DeVos & more speak at CPAC
CPAC day one: Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence and Steve Bannon speak – live
Kellyanne Conway piles in on Trump's attack on Meryl Streep via
The epitome of the drunk he looks like and that Kellyanne Conway is what happened to Kelly Bundy 30 years later I mean
Stephen Colbert says Moby is just as credible as Kellyanne Conway via
Condolences to the unfortunate volunteer from Trinity who reaches out to alumna Kellyanne Conway for a contribution.
Morning Joe’ has blacklisted Kellyanne Conway. And that’s not all. - The Washington Post. Great!…
I would say at least 70% of the women in Las Vegas look exactly like Kellyanne Conway
Kellyanne Conway attacked by alma mater president in scathing letter via
Kellyanne Conway attacked by alma mater president
Kellyanne Conway attacked by alma mater president. .
I trash graduates of Kellyanne Conway's alma mater after finding out it's her alma mater.
New post: ". Kellyanne Conway attacked by alma mater president. " .
Kellyanne Conway trashes graduates of her alma mater after school president calls her out for lying h…
if you're proud of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Kellyanne Conway, & Jeff Sessions. They're in the crossh…
The Downfall of Kellyanne Conway, via She's a one trick pony that we're tired of now. Another amateur in WH
The channel that employs Brian Williams won't have Kellyanne Conway on because of credibility issues. Actual true story.
Yelled at everybody. Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and Stephen Miller are crying. Donald has locked himself in the bat…
Mika Brzezinski is banning Kellyanne Conway from because she's "not credible."
"Morning Joe" will no longer allow Kellyanne Conway to appear on its air, so long as Mika Brzezinski is around:
Mika Brzezinski said Kellyanne Conway is “not credible anymore."
Breaking news: Morning Joe will no longer book Kellyanne Conway. . 1. Not news. 2. Thank God she doesn't have to deal with…
Morning Joe will no longer book Kellyanne Conway. Bad news for Joe Scarborough is any ratings he barley had, just evaporat…
"Morning Joe" can ban Kellyanne Conway, but most Americans already banned "Morning Joe" - have you see…
Kellyanne Conway is banned from Morning Joe, she's "not credible anymore!" Strange, she was the one who reported the Bo…
⚡️ Morning Joe says it'll no longer book Kellyanne Conway. is not going to lose sleep over this.
Kellyanne Conway banned from Morning Joe. That's 300,000 people that won't see her again. She's cut off from 0.01% of…
Mika Brzezinski says Kellyanne Conway's 'not credible' and won't be booked. via
Kellyanne Conway "is not credible anymore," says Morning Joe cohost Mika Brzezinski:
'I don't believe in fake news': 'Morning Joe' host explains why she barred Kellyanne Conway from the show
It’s been a rough week for Kellyanne Conway (via
Mika Brzezinski says she will no longer allow Kellyanne Conway on MSNBC's “Morning Joe.”
Susan Sarandon is no better than Kellyanne Conway. . A vile lying sack of opportunistic White Privilege who doesn't fool a…
I liked a video from Morning Joe Host BANS Kellyanne Conway
White House should investigate Kellyanne Conway for Ivanka Trump promotion, says https:/…
I heard that Kellyanne Conway died six months ago and was reanimated by Russia in the White House basement. It's starting t…
Office of Government Ethics recommends the White House investigate Kellyanne Conway
Ethics officials call for discipline of Kellyanne Conway after Ivanka product endorsement
The Office of Government Ethics wants Kellyanne Conway to be disciplined
Office of Government Ethics says Kellyanne Conway should receive disciplinary action from the same boss she was making 💵
Kellyanne Conway crumbles under the weight of her own lies
Office of Government Ethics asks White House to investigate Kellyanne Conway.
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform recommends disciplinary action taken against Kellyanne Conway for promoting Ivanka Trump brand
Do you predict Kellyanne Conway as the next member of Team Trump to be ousted?
President Trump has "full confidence" in national security adviser Michael Flynn, top adviser Kellyanne Conway says.
Now, when Trump has to fire Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus and Betsy DeVos in one day, I hope he does it…
Did you think Kellyanne Conway sketch went too far? says: 'If you can't laugh at yourself, you've got a p…
Kellyanne Conway obviously breaks the law when she says 'Go buy Ivanka's stuff.' Everyone should BOYCOTT everything the…
Stephen Miller is the new Kellyanne Conway: both are propagandists who Donald hired solely to lie to the public.
Rep. Cummings, top Democrat on House Oversight panel: Kellyanne Conway made "blatant" violation of ethics rules.
Kate McKinnon manages to be nearly as creepy as the true Kellyanne Conway in this hilarious 'Fatal Attraction' parody..…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Watch what happens when Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway finally goes off the deep end on http…
Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway and Elizabeth Warren all in one episode, Kate McKinnon is a BOSS. https:…
Melissa McCarthy reprises Sean Spicer (in heels) on "SNL," Kate McKinnon plays Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway
Libs hate Kellyanne Conway for lying about the Bowling Green Massacre (she misspoke) but are ok with Hillary lying abt Benghazi
Kellyanne Conway broke a glass ceiling as the 1st woman campaign manager to win an election for a presidential candidate. 1/2
Why does Kellyanne Conway look like Lip Service from Spongebob?
Kellyanne Conway behaves and serves the same function as Effie Trinket.
Kellyanne Conway should have just gone full Cruella de Vil and had a custom Dalmatian coat made for the inauguration.
Does anyone else think Kellyanne Conway resembles Cruella de Vil in both looks and demeanor!
Elijah Cummings asks Jason Chaffetz to refer Kellyanne Conway for possible disciplinary action after TV plug of Ivanka Trum…
White House rebukes Kellyanne Conway - I mean Jesus H Christ, talk about the pot calling the kettle black
You wake. 2 AM. The faint outline of Kellyanne Conway crouched on your bed. She reeks of Carlo Rossi. "U've always been a *** " she rasps
Kellyanne Conway tells America to ‘buy Ivanka’s stuff,’ may have just violated federal law
Don't overlook Marie Antoinette "Let them eat cake" idea of Kellyanne Conway's sales pitch. Ivanka's duds go over well in the rust belt?
Which is more like Rita Skeeter? Julian Assange or Kellyanne Conway?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Kellyanne Conway thinks Grayson Allen is a model student who values sportsmanship
Kellyanne Conway: "I must go now, so I can lick Donald Jr.'s shoes."
Asked about Trump's tendency to say things that are not true, Kellyanne Conway says the president says "many things" that are…
Turns out, Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly have been writing the cue cards for Kellyanne Conway.
Guys, do you know who could do a great Kellyanne Conway impersonation? Anna Gunn
"Never forget all the lives that were lost in the great Zoot Suit Riot of 1998" — Kellyanne Conway, probably.
Why does Kellyanne Conway look and act like she's a villain in an Agent Cody Banks movie?
Kellyanne Conway cites the made-up "Bowling Green Massacre" as justification for President Trump's travel ban
Kellyanne Conway makes up Bowling Green Massacre. Press: "Whoa, she may not be credible.". Really? Lie is what d…
Comments like Kellyanne Conway's "Bowling Green Massacre" claim are not mistakes, they are part of a bigger pattern:
Kellyanne Conway was making the 'Bowling Green Massacre' a go-to lie before she got called on it
Wow, Kellyanne Conway didn't "misspeak" and has actually lied about the Bowling Green Massacre several other times?
Conway mentioned "Bowling Green Massacre" before: Kellyanne Conway said she misspoke "one word" on MSNBC's……
Kellyanne Conway referred to the "Bowling Green Massacre" twice before her infamous MSNBC interview
Kellyanne Conway told fake 'Bowling Green Massacre' story at least 3 times.
Stephen Colbert goes in on Kellyanne Conway for inventing the fake "Bowling Green Massacre": https:/…
Okay can we get Anna Gunn to do the movie that will inevitably be made about Kellyanne Conway?
Well of course Kellyanne Conway wouldn't lie just the once...
Last week wasn’t the first time Kellyanne Conway mentioned the made-up "Bowling Green Massacre"
Kellyanne Conway has claimed there's been a 'Bowling Green Massacre' more than once
Matthews interview was not the 1st time Kellyanne Conway mentioned the (which never happened) https:/…
Kellyanne Conway actually referred to "Bowling Green Massacre" twice BEFORE her MSNBC interview .
Kellyanne Conway's 'Bowling Green Massacre' wasn't a slip of the tongue. She has said it before.
We now have a THIRD instance of Kellyanne Conway citing a terrorist attack on Bowling Green.
It was already pretty clear, but now we know: this is the case Kellyanne Conway's "Bowling Green Massacre" talking poin…
Kellyanne Conway has peddled fear about the fake 'Bowling Green Massacre' more than once:
Last week not the first time Kellyanne Conway told the press about the In other words, she di…
Kellyanne Conway correctly spoke about Bowling Green Iraqi terrorists, misspoke on ‘massacre’ - -
Kellyanne Conway made a mistake with Bowling Green Massacre. Libs attacked her as if she committed the most horrible cri…
Kellyanne Conway admitted her mistake in falsely referring to the "Bowling Green Massacre"
My bit on Kellyanne Conway and the "Bowling Green Massacre"
Kellyanne Conway lashes out at 'haters' who won’t let 'Bowling Green Massacre' story die
Kellyanne Conway lashes out at 'haters' after citing terror attack that never happened…
Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway blamed Iraqi refugees for the "Bowling Green Massacre," which never happened
The ACLU isn't letting Kellyanne Conway off the hook on this one.
Kellyanne Conway cites ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ that never happened to defend travel ban via
Kellyanne Conway looks like Caitlyn Jenner's character on South Park
Bowling Green Massacre? Kellyanne Conway has taken alt facts up a notch
Chelsea Clinton knocks Kellyanne Conway on comment: "Please don't make up attacks"
'Member when your mom was under sniper fire in Bosnia? Member? MT Chelsea Clinton knocks Kellyanne Conway: 'don't ma…
Chelsea Clinton takes swipe at Kellyanne Conway over "Bowling Green Massacre"
Chelsea Clinton zaps Kellyanne Conway for making up 'fake news' about Bowling Green - Democratic Underground
I Pray your crooked mother Hillary goes to Prison this is a great topic putting grandma in prison⚡️ “Chelsea Clinton & Kellyanne Conway ta
Chelsea Clinton knocks Kellyanne Conway: 'Please don't make up attacks'
Chelsea keep in mind America doesn't care about your opinions, we never have and never will . ⚡️ “Chelsea Clinton & Kellyanne Conway
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Kellyanne Conway slams the media for failing to cover "the Bowling Green Massacre," which actually isn't a thing
We should all take Kellyanne Conway's Bowling Green Massacre lie VERY SERIOUSLY:
People are hilariously trolling Kellyanne Conway over the nonexistent "Bowling Green Massacre" ht…
Kellyanne Conway looks like the South Park version of Caitlyn Jenner
Anna Gunn needs to play Kellyanne Conway in a biopic I swear to God. Or at least on SNL. She's already played a character e…
Kellyanne Conway is right. We did not cover the Bowling Green Massacre -- because it never happened https…
that terrible, now what about what your advisor Kellyanne Conway told early about that massacre in bowling green?
Trump has Alex Jones to deny real tragedies like Sandy Hook and he has Kellyanne Conway to make up fake ones like the Bow…
Whenever I see Kellyanne Conway open her mouth to tell another lie, I'm reminded of Mars Attacks!
. Exclusive footage of Bowling Green Massacre, as invented by Kellyanne Conway, now surfaces !!!.
Kellyanne Conway. Kellyanne. K. Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn Jenner. South Park was more right than we could've ever known
Bowling Green Massacre is Trump regime testing how far they can push the Alternative Facts envelope.
I continue to be baffled at how utterly hapless Trump’s surrogates are when it comes to justifying Trump’s travel...
We all know today kellyanne Conway will figure out a way to make the Bowling Green Massacre an actual thing and Trump supporters will agree.
Trump advisor now inventing a massacre. As Soviets said "The future is known. It's the past that keeps changing.”
Thanks Kellyanne Conway for bringing awareness to the They never covered it! And I died in it!
You know that phrase, 'You couldn't make it up'? Turns out they can. All day, every day.
My god, Baudrillard would not know what to do with these people:
There was no Bowling Green Massacre. Kellyanne Conway invented a massacre. Meanwhile the people who believe her still cal…
Stop inviting Kellyanne Conway on your shows to lie, spread conspiracies, and otherwise misinform the public.
Kellyanne Conway rationalized the Muslim ban by saying that 2 Iraqis masterminded the Bowling Green Massacre, wh…
In an effort to bring ALL Americans together the most eloquent KellyAnne Conway calls Half the country whiners for protesting
'And in addition, the type of people responsible for shooting JR Ewing should also be banned': htt…
Kellyanne Conway just made up a terrorist attack on television like it was her Canadian boyfriend.
Can Kellyanne Conway have confused the great Trumpton Green massacre for Bowling Green?
Kellyanne Conway: 'I meant to say Bowling *Alley*. That refugee centre team just massacred us in the tournament.'
If Trump doesn't sack KellyAnne Conway over the lie then we have to accept that the US is now an unaccou…
Guy I know, democrat, after her first appearance on Maddow: "That Kellyanne Conway? She smoth..."
Shouldn't it be a journalistic standard to stop inviting someone on who repeatedly tells easily debunked falsehoods? https:…
She looks so much like the Evil Queen from Snow White.
Hot Mess Conway and the "Bowling Green Massacre" The more drugs you do the worse it gets.
Conway referenced the “Bowling Green Massacre” as a means of justifying Trump's ban. The problem? It never happened. htt…
TFW waking up to Kellyanne Conway lying about Obama's Iraq visa action, and fabricating to justify her lies. WTAF?
Kellyanne Conway is now blaming Muslim immigrants for the "Bowling Green Massacre." There's no such thing. She just made…
creates fake Bowling Green Massacre terror attack in western Kentucky which never happened!
Kellyanne Conway blames Muslim immigrants for "Bowling Green Massacre." There’s no such thing.
Clearly news of the Kellyanne Conway Bowling Green Massacre hasn't made it to these guys yet.
Kellyanne Conway Justified travel ban with Made up 'Bowling Green Massacre'
(And here, ICYMI, is my explainer re: the strategies Conway typically uses in her media appearances.)
The is a haunted house that charges admission. Kellyanne Conway ought to fit right in…
Kellyanne Conway: Refugees have committed many crimes, such as the, uhhh *looks around, sees Coachella poster* Brian Jon…
Are they getting closer to a Reichstag fire?
Kellyanne Conway's comment about the was disrespectful to all who died that day, myself included.
Kellyanne Conway made up a fake terrorist attack to justify Trump’s 'Muslim ban'
Kellyanne Conway lambastes the media for ignoring the "Bowling Green Massacre," which doesn't exist (via
Senior advisor to the President of the USA...
Kellyanne Conway blames refugees for 'Bowling Green Massacre' that never happened
Like a blonde, mostly coherent sentencing Sarah Palin with her own subtle anorexic gravitas
[CLAIM:] Kellyanne Conway says media didn't cover the 'Bowling Green Massacre'. [FACT CHECK:] This is because it did not ha…
Kellyanne Conway made up a terrorist attack to justify Trump's 'Muslim ban'
"The Bowling Green Massacre? What is it?". "It's yet another thing Kellyanne Conway made up, but that's not important right now."…
shame on Kellyanne Conway for attempting to politicize the Bowling Green Massacre, in which I was killed
Ultimate alternative fact from Kellyanne Conway - an invented "Bowling Green Massacre" to justify Trump's racism https:/…
The Bowling Green Massacre could have been prevented if Kellyanne Conway didn't lie about the Bowling Green Massacre act…
The sun has gone down on the East Coast. It is time for Kellyanne Conway to rise from her coffin and feed.
Call me Kellyanne Conway but Oprah joining is the epitome of fake news. Morley Safer is turning in his grave. Sad!
We have a real problem in a White House that lies outright through Trump, Spicer, and Kellyanne Conway...
It would be a MAJOR upset if Kellyanne Conway didn't end up looking like South Park's Caitlyn Jenner by the end of…
Kellyanne Conway looks worse and worse every time I see her on TV.. that's what happens when you sell your soul to the devil
.Sales of George Orwell's 1984 surge after Kellyanne Conway's 'alternative facts'.
God bless Chris Wallace for not interrupting this spectacular Kellyanne Conway meltdown.
Kellyanne Conway: Travel headaches for 1% of travelers a ‘small price to pay’ for security via
Kellyanne Conway & Steve Bannon Members of Secretive Group: the Council for National Policy
Did I just hear Kellyanne Conway on Fox calling for widespread firings at news outlets, saying she has names of specific peo…
"This White House and the media are going to share joint custody of this nation for 8 years..." ~Kellyanne Conway. 8 years? Really?
on the one side, Eric Idle & Jim Sheridan. on the other, Kellyanne Conway. hmmm, which way do I go?
Kellyanne Conway re Trump: "To the March for Life 2017, allow me to make it very clear: we hear you. We look forward to wor…
We’re at the March for Life, where Kellyanne Conway and, soon, VP Mike Pence are speaking. Watch on …
Hollywood Reporter Michael Wolff's piece on Kellyanne Conway is a glam sympathetic PR piece - so at least open the comments! Scared? "Sad!"
Steve Bannon is reportedly registered to vote in two states. Kellyanne Conway says one of them is an alternative state.
Kellyanne Conway, you are a national treasure.
The march will be headlined by Kellyanne Conway, and comes a little less than a week after the Women's March on D.C.
Kellyanne Conway incessantly lies. That is a fact. News organizations that allow her on are willingly propagating lies to thei…
Excellent article by William Saletan on how to deal with the scandal of Kellyanne Conway.
In 2018 & Oxford are adding a new definition - Kellyanne Conway, Vicki Gunvalson, and…
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Kellyanne Conway punched a man in the face at inaugural ball-he should sue!
Sales of George Orwell's '1984' surge after Kellyanne Conway's talk of 'alternative facts'. Now No. 6 on Amazon list h…
This illustrator made a book for Kellyanne Conway full of other "alternative facts":
Kellyanne Conway allegedly punched man at inaugural ball - NY Daily News Our new regime. Geez
It dawned on me last night - Kellyanne Conway is exactly the kind of woman Leslie Knope would have to try to keep Ron Swanson from marrying.
Kellyanne Conway made her 'alternative facts' comment 40 years to the day after this warning aired on Doctor Who
As Trump’s team gets to work, gives you access to the White House & talks to Kellyanne Conway. It's a must-see Ha…
It all made sense when I learned that Kellyanne Conway is the love child of Spiro Agnew and Tammy Wynette.
Do not doubt Kellyanne Conway's commitment to Sparkle Motion!
"Alternative facts are not facts. They are falsehoods," Chuck Todd tells Pres. Trump's counselor Kellyanne Conway this mo…
I watched I Love You, Phillip Morris last night and now I'm almost positive Kellyanne Conway is Steven Russeling the whole country
Kellyanne Conway is now backing off promise that everyone will be covered under GOP replacement:.
Just watched Meet the Press.Kellyanne Conway's soul must be withering in her chest...back to you Brooke.
Kellyanne Conway ripped apart Chuck Todd on Meet the Press. is lucky to have her. 👍👍🇺🇸
Kellyanne Conway blithely threatens Chuck Todd’s access live on the air via
Quote from friend Mark Johnson about Kellyanne Conway's demeanor on interviews: "She's as calm as a gator eating a puppy."
Did you know that Kellyanne Conway is ACTUALLY former A-Team star Dirk Benedict in drag?? It's true!…
Kellyanne Conway reminds me of when Jenna Maroney got a role on Gossip Girl as the mom but she thought she was playing the tee…
Sean Spicer looks and sounds like the member of a cult. So does Kellyanne Conway. Gross. I can feel his spit flying th…
Last night got so crazy Kellyanne Conway did the walk of shame from the home of a Long John Silver's waiter.
Why does Kellyanne Conway look like the old New England Patriots logo?
Kellyanne Conway dressed for either a Mad Hatters tea party or Royal Ascot in place of
Is it just me or is Kellyanne Conway looking more and more like what I imagine Elizabeth Montgomery's corpse would look like about now?
to Kellyanne Conway's news appearances that looked quite different before joining the Trump team:
Submitted for your approval: Kellyanne Conway as the female version of the Chris Berman age comparison…
Chris Matthews and Kellyanne Conway comes to mind. Let's see how these male Dems fawn over Ivanka. NO WAY.
OMG, is Kellyanne Conway the most infuriating person ever? She's Drumpf's mouthpiece/attack dog because he's not...
CNN New Day with Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway exchange moments ago was awesome!! Good job Chris! maybe she'll answ…
May I suggest the wonderful Anna Gunn play the evil Kellyanne Conway in the inevitable HBO movie?
Kellyanne Conway: Details of Russia investigation should be kept secret ‘to protect the public’ >>
Breast Cancer Awareness
Kellyanne Conway is "no mere mouthpiece, no measly surrogate. She's more like the David Blaine of political spin."
Kellyanne Conway, an adviser to Donald Trump, is to speak at this year's March for Life https:/…
Talking to Andrew Garfield likened Kellyanne Conway to Goebbels. She's "enabling evil," he said.
Kellyanne Conway went to this morning for an interview with Dishonest media cut out 9 of her…
Kellyanne Conway's husband could get a job as Donald Trump's top Supreme Court lawyer via This is BS
Pretty sad that Seth Meyers did a better job at grilling Kellyanne Conway than most TV news journalists/pundits:
5/ Would love to hear someone like Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Megyn Kelly, Katrina Pierson, or Kellyanne Conway go 'round w Dean Richards.
Kellyanne Conway mopped the floor with Anderson Cooper who tried to defend CNN company
Giving Dolores Umbridge a run for her money: The Dark Magic of Kellyanne Conway
Kellyanne Conway is a dilemma for the media, she is Sr. Advisor to Trump, but is also an unrepentant liar, totally ignoran…
I loved Anderson Cooper telling Kellyanne Conway "It's not my job to have a good relationship with you."
Anderson Cooper is chewing up and spiting out Kellyanne Conway. I almost feel bad for her. No I don't.
You're both hacks. Kellyanne Conway owning Cooper right now. Anderson is such a slave to Jeff Zucker.
As Trumps presidency unravels I look forward to the placing of Kellyanne Conway back underneath Dorothy's house where she belongs.
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