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Kelly Shoppach

Kelly Brian Shoppach (pronounced SHOP-ick; born April 29, 1980) is an American professional baseball catcher with the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball.

Miguel Olivo Mike Zunino Jason Bay Felix Hernandez Russell Martin Brendan Ryan Adrian Gonzalez Nick Hagadone Yan Gomes Rod Barajas Fort Worth Chris Snyder Cliff Lee Raul Ibanez Kyle Farnsworth Matt Treanor Robinson Cano Mike Nickeas

2004: Carlos Beltran to BOS (for Kevin Youkilis and Kelly Shoppach) or NYY (for Robinson Cano).
Wrong I have a Nick Hagadone and Kelly Shoppach jersey
I'm hearing the Twins are IN on Kelly Shoppach.
Jay Bruce is gonna be one of those guys you think about in a few years and go, "oh yeah, I forgot he was a Met" a la Kelly Shoppach.
Funny the eclectic autographs you collect as a kid. A lot of Jamey Carroll, Kelly Shoppach autographed baseballs in the bin.
2011-09-25: Danny Farquhar (TOR) (born this day in 1987) vs Kelly Shoppach (TBR), bot 8th 2 out: Strikeout Swinging
it really is cool. Some of my own shirts are crazy like Kelly Shoppach, Mike Cameron, Jed Lowrie, Jose Iglesias to name a few
Hey Shapiro, Travis Hafner, Kelly Shoppach, and Jake Westbrook are all available.
If you dont know who Jeff Francour, Tim Byrdak, Kelly Shoppach, Josh Satin, and Valentino Pascucci are, you're not a true Mets fan
Kelly Johnson is the 3rd Kelly to play for the Mets. Who are the other 2? Kelly Shoppach & Kelly Stinnett
Are there any more former players on the ? Is Kelly Shoppach still on the team?
I recall Kelly Shoppach not getting it for 15 AB then had to go elsewhere to get it
if the Mets still had Kelly Shoppach or Mike Nickeas they'd be in first place.
Asdrubal Cabrera and Grady Sizemore are in the lineup against CLE tonight for TB. What, no Ryan Garko? Ben Francisco? Kelly Shoppach?
remember Kelly Shoppach? He was the strike out King... Worse then Nap
remember he wouldn't deal Bay for Cliff Lee, Franklin Guitierrez, Kelly Shoppach because Indians insisted on Paulino in deal
Always thought he could be the new Kelly Shoppach. Not yet.
It comes from when Kelly Shoppach used to let his bat go flying when he swung and missed. Those were "Shoppachopters"
If that was it, why couldn't we have Kelly Shoppach? He's a hometown boy, too! And he hits better than half the lineup!
Kelly Shoppach approved of that last at bat.
Catcher Kelly Shoppach, shortstop Robert Andino, and good lord I don't remember it being that bad.
OF Jerry Sands is wearing number 40. Last worn by C Kelly Shoppach in 2013.
Roberto Perez kind of reminds me of Kelly Shoppach. That ball traveled far. Indians lead 1-0.
Met the parents of Kelly Shoppach at my job today. Pretty cool.
Me and got some game worn signed cleats by Kelly Shoppach😏
anytime Kelly Shoppach shows up in my timeline, it's a good day.
The Kelly Shoppach gif more or less illustrates my career. This is the best
And here's Kelly Shoppach with the worst slide of all time, as comparison
Kelly shoppach have 1 career stolin base...can u gess y?.
For all you Hoyer D riders, Kelly shoppach once hit 21 Homers in one year
Kelly Shoppach took over Rick Dempsey's spot for the same reason Dempsey held the spot :)
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could bring trot Nixon around for another go. Or kelly shoppach
I'll say it now ... I WAS WRONG ... Yan is a stud and not going the route of Kelly Shoppach
Chris have you ever caught a foul ball I caught 1 from Kelly Shoppach when he was with Cleveland back in 09
According to that list it's just Kelly Shoppach.
There are a hundred retread FAs, ie Kelly Shoppach, who could play better than JPA has. Matt Treanor started in the WS as one
Ryan Hanigan is the first Rays catcher with a multi-HR game since Kelly Shoppach in 2010, first No. 9 hitter since Reid Brignac in 2010.
Kelly Shoppach did in the playoffs a few years ago.
Atta boy Escobar looking like Kelly Shoppach up there
oh yeah forgot about that one. Kelly Shoppach day
With Geovany Soto out for 10-12 weeks, former C and Ft. Worth native Kelly Shoppach could be a logical signing for
Remember how Kameron Loe, Kelly Shoppach, Robert Andino, & Jason Bay were on the Opening Day roster? Yeah.
Coco Crisp continues to mash and be a difference maker. The Indians preferred Andy Marte and Kelly Shoppach, though.
I want to get a Kelly Shoppach Jersey.
I'm hearings rumors (mostly from my mother) that Kelly Shoppach is back with the Indians?!
Matt underwood just said tribe should pinch hit kelly shoppach for Yan Gomes huh?
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It's so weird to me that Kelly Shoppach is back on this team.
Underwood saying to pinch hit Kelly Shoppach for Yan Gomes. Uhhh...
Apparently the Indians went shopping at Ball Mart today. While they were there buying Jason Kubel, they found Kelly Sh…
Brian McCann, Evan Gattis, Kelly Shoppach, John Buck. Derek Norris is an outstanding cub.
today signed free agent C KELLY SHOPPACH to a Minor League contract and assigned him to the Triple-A Columbus ro…
win! Salazar and Aviles play heroes, plus more on Jose Ramirez and Kelly Shoppach
Dear when will Kelly Shoppach's first game be?! :)
I love that the Indians signed Kelly shoppach
So through all this waiver non-sense I missed the return of Kelly Shoppach???
| | Shoppach gets call to add catching depth for Tribe: Kelly Shoppach was promoted to...
Thats why people mix up Kelly Shoppach and Kelly Olynyk.
I keep forgetting Kelly Shoppach is an Indian again. Lol
We better get to see a Kelly Shoppach bat flip during this final month.
Kelly Shoppach because he has the best homerun bat flip in baseball.
Because bringing back Kelly Shoppach will totally turn us into a playoff team
Indians have officially called up pitchers Nick Hagadone, Preston Guilmet and Blake Wood plus C Kelly Shoppach from Columbus.
C Kelly Shoppach will wear number 40. Was assigned to T.J. House (Previously worn by Jess Todd.
Kelly Shoppach? Even the front office knows that the season is over.
Glad to see Kelly Shoppach back on the Tribe. Reminds me of 2007. But this time we are not making it to the ALCS.
I'm not sure why we got Kelly Shoppach again. Paul Byrds not here and we don't need a mediocre catcher. IMO.
news: Indians | Kelly Shoppach signed - The Cleveland Indians have signed C Kelly Shoppach to a minor-league ...
Very excited to be welcoming Kelly Shoppach back to the Cleveland Indians!
Another AB like that and it's “That's exactly why Kelly Shoppach was signed...a lot of confidenc…
But don't worry everyone, we're calling up Kelly Shoppach tomorrow.
The Tigers trade for their shortstop of the future. The Indians get Kelly Shoppach.
free agent signee C Kelly Shoppach goes 1-3 tonight for the
don't give up yet. Kelly shoppach getting called up Sunday. He's what we call a ringer
“Francona stated pre-game Kelly Shoppach would be promoted to the roster Sun” wait we have Kelly Shoppach again?
I am a huge homer for Kelly Shoppach for no real reason. I just love the guy. I was the same way with Einar Diaz.
have only 2 position players in their September call-ups: INF Jose Ramirez & C Kelly Shoppach.
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Would you rather have Kelly Shoppach or Giancarlo Stanton
Syracuse Chiefs catcher Kelly Shoppach opts out of his contract in favor of free agency |
I wonder if Kelly Shoppach is available
is Kelly shoppach available to come back?
Is it time to bring back Kelly Shoppach?
Thinking the same thing. Also, did anyone sign Kelly Shoppach?
any concerns with billy hamilton? Saw him live tonight and he got thrown out stealing easily by kelly shoppach.
Pedro Beato has had an impressive season, both in AAA and with the Red Sox. Sox quietly acquired him for Kelly Shoppach in Aug. 2012.
I'll give ya $5 and a Kelly Shoppach bobble head for it.
Oh yeaaa the Mariners cut Kelly Shoppach, poor what if I'm still a fan.
current FA catchers right now per are Catchers Rod Barajas Henry Blanco Ramon Hernandez Kelly Shoppach Matt Treanor
Encarnacion with a Shoppacopter, Brian Anderson adds "Kelly Shoppach would be so proud"
Today's weird Mariners transaction... Kelly Shoppach has been DFA'd and Henry Blanco has been signed to take his place. Not really much here, except Blanco is 41 years old and is worse than Shoppach. Why they made this move, I'm not sure, so I'm going to file this under the 'more than meets the eye' file. Maybe Shoppach was unhappy about playing time? That seems weird since he was signed to be Montero's backup. This is basically trading one backup catcher for another one. The biggest thing about the move is that it seems to further the argument that Mike Zunino is now the everyday catcher, for better or worse.
Took this photo last night of catcher Kelly Shoppach.
Kelly Shoppach is a scrub..get him outta here..we wannsee the kid
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*turns on Astros vs Mariners* . *sees Kelly Shoppach is catching, not Zunino*. *Turns off TV*
What should be the catching rotation moving forward between Mike Zunino & Kelly Shoppach?
Catcher Mike Zunino called up to the today former he will most likely will split time with kelly shoppach
Mike Zunino called up to Mariners. Our JB Award winner will back up a former Award winner Kelly Shoppach. Congrats Greg& Paola
Mike Zunino not in Mariners' lineup: With Mike Zunino apparently still en route from Las Vegas, Kelly Shoppach...
Kelly Shoppach starting at catcher tonight for M's
Why is Mike Zunino getting called up? Since Jesus Sucre hurt his hand last Tuesday, Kelly Shoppach has caught 54 of 61 innings.
Who is happiest about Mike Zunino getting called up to the Mariners? Kelly Shoppach. No longer posing as a everyday catcher
I mean Kelly Shoppach must not be doing it for them which is shocking.
Kelly Shoppach seems to be having the same problem. Lol.
Bantz doesn't have 30 games' worth of stats in AAA, and Kelly Shoppach might actually be a zombie for all-play/no-rest last 3 wks
I guess he can't be worse than Kelly Shoppach...
Stats aside... Seeing Mike Zunino will be more enjoyable than Kelly Shoppach, Sucre, or Bantz(!).
I don't care what everyone's saying, I'm excited about Zunino being called up. I GUARANTEE he'll hit better than Kelly Shoppach.
pulling up next young prospect, C Mike Zunino. Is it too soon? Yes. Can it get worse than Kelly Shoppach and his .198 average? No
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Kelly shoppach just got intentionally walked. Who's Kelly shoppach?
Kelly Shoppach was again in the lineup Monday for the Mariners' series opener against t...
Kelly Shoppach with the double here in the second inning. The guy keeps showing up every night, despite being run into the ground.
Kelly Shoppach hit a two-out double down the left field line for the Mariners' first base runner of the night in the 2nd inning.
Mariner youth movement: Raul Ibanez, Endy Chavez, Jason Bay, Kelly Shoppach, Michael Morse? Must have some really old veterans.
Kelly Shoppach Steal?: via lol Rays catchers running got me thinking of this
I don't know why you'd have Endy Chavez PH for Kelly Shoppach. LH batters get the Rivera Cutter, RH batters do not.
Kelly Shoppach appears to have wooden planks for a catcher's mitt.
Premier Baseball Alum, Kelly Shoppach (Dallas Mustangs) is 1 for 3 w/2B R today vs NYY
Just stopping by to say Kelly Shoppach is awful
Robinson Cano goes to second on an errant throw by Kelly Shoppach. Shoppach had bad luck vs. Gardner, Nix and now Cano.
Kelly Shoppach has now struck out in 21 consecutive games for the Amazingly that's not the team record
Kelly Shoppach caught all sixteen (16) innings earlier in the week in a game vs the ChiSox. Wow.
Kelly Shoppach with the double. Man shows up to play with everything he's got, no matter how limited.
Finally Kelly Shoppach did something GOOD in this game... Smh -_- FINALLY!!
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S/O to Kelly Shoppach for comin out to Randy Rodger's Fuzzy
Kelly Shoppach is really not doing a good job calling the game for King Felix... This is very disappointing!!
Kelly Shoppach needs to go shopping for a new set of hands.
Lmao Kelly shoppach just took out the ump😂
Did you notice how many baseballs Kelly Shoppach dropped last night?? Wonder what was up with that..
I'd like to thank Kelly Shoppach for getting hit by a pitch to seal the victory
Kelly Shoppach's beard should give Nick Franklin's beard lessons on bearding
Pretty sure that Wedge is trying to murder Kelly Shoppach
Brendan Ryan to Kelly Shoppach play at the plate.
That Brendan Ryan-to-Kelly Shoppach play was nifty. Nifty, I say.
I wonder if Omar got as trashed for "getting a look at" Chris Carter as Sandy did for getting a look at Kelly Shoppach.
The A's picked up Casper Wells? I predict next year the A's will pick up Kelly Shoppach and Eric Thames or something.
Kelly Shoppach strikes out swinging. That's a great sentence.
Kelly Shoppach was a good come up for the mariners ⚾👍👌⚾
is there a way to look up splits stats on the mobile site? For example, Kelly shoppach's splits vs RHP and LHP...
Nice solid single for Kyle Seager, real nice hit to right field. Big Kelly Shoppach up now Lou Brock in the booth
Looks like Adrian Beltre and Kelly Shoppach are great friends... Hilarious
Jason Bay RBI single plates Kelly Shoppach and the are on top of the Rangers 1-0, bottom 5.
The way the rangers are hitting I don't think we'll win if Kelly shoppach scores!
Shoppach is my second favorite Kelly (behind Kapowski of course)
Kelly Shoppach with a lead-off double in the 5th that bounces into Edgar's Cantina. An homage to
Fort Worth's Kelly Shoppach with the ground-rule double off Ogando.
If Jesus Montero looked like Kelly Shoppach when he swung a bat, I'd probably like him a lot more. But nope, he looks like an ***
Kelly Shoppach with a double. He's a lot better than Montero. This is depressing.
Kelly Shoppach gets the first XBH of the night. Yes, the offense here is that bad
Kelly Shoppach is a “good receiver” Busby? Along with your penchant for claiming guys get fisted, well it’s starting to paint a picture.
Kelly shoppach just came up to bat. My son asks, "what kind of name is Kelly for a man?" Classic
IdealBat - Kelly Shoppach Edition. Loses grip on cool night, keep your head's up fans! Where's your
I've never seen anyone who looks more like a catcher than Kelly Shoppach. That guy needs no other profession.
Kelly Shoppach on SEA now what I miss?
Really impressed with Kelly Shoppach's receiving all game
Kelly Shoppach and Jason Bay are on the In TV terms, they've officially jumped the shark.
Buck 6 homers 10 games 2012 catchers (Kelly Shoppach 3, Josh Thole 1, Mike Nickeas 1 = 5... Good to see Thole and Nickeas out of here
Brendan Ryan and Kelly Shoppach getting hits off Jason Frasor... Are we in Tacoma or Round Rock?
Kelly Shoppach has recorded at least one hit in 3 of his 4 starts behind the dish thus far.
Kelly Shoppach is such a huge improvement over Miguel Olivo.
I officially want Kelly Shoppach as the Mariners starting catcher. I'm done with Montero. Though because it's Eric Wedge, it won't happen.
“That's the worst slide into 2nd I've ever seen.” -Kelly Shoppach anybody? Google it.
Kelly Shoppach is doing his best Josh Hamilton.
why is there a picture of Kelly shoppach in the medicine cabinet?
Seattle's backup catcher, Kelly Shoppach, went to Brewer! They said it since he's from Texas and they were playing Texas.
I got that last andrus strikeout ball from Kelly shoppach!!!
I love when they say "Kelly Shoppach, from Brewer High School in Fort Worth" and I'm like "That's my high school!"
Just for fun, have you seen this slide from last year?
Kelly Shoppach reached base 4 times last night (HR, 2B, 1B, BB) falling a triple short of the cycle.
Hamilton Collection
John Buck has some power, fans. I'll give you that. Then again, so do Rod Barajas, Russell Martin, and Kelly Shoppach.
Is Matt Joyce really trying to be my new Carlos Pena or Kelly Shoppach this season? Because he is racking it up right now
Radio: Talking Mariners on KJR, plus podcasts of Brendan Ryan, Kelly Shoppach - (blog): ...
Kelly Shoppach is a member of the NY Mets who forgot?
Kelly Shoppach's beard looked a little too manicured for a catcher, from what I just saw.
The Juice decided on a catching platoon of Gerald Laird and Chris Gimenez to start the season. Vet Kelly Shoppach will join Lester in AAA.
frustrated Kelly Shoppach broke a bat over his knee after a strike out and hit a walk off home run in same game v OAK
I actually learned my technique from Kelly shoppach
I hate when Kelly Shoppach uses my phone.
Kelly Shoppach chucking the lumber into the stands. Get some pine tar, bro.
Kelly Shoppach is DEFINITELY an improvement over Miguel Olivo. Loved Olivo, but the upgrade is very important to the M's clubhouse.
Baseball on TV! Kelly Shoppach just had a Borders-esque bat toss. It landed in former Rainiers owner George Foster's seats.
Gabriel Guerrereo got only hit off Hernandez, but catcher Kelly Shoppach joked that Gutierrez would have made a diving catch.
They Mariners have the slightest chance into the post-season, around a 1-100. The Mariners did pick up some key players in; OF/1B Mike Morse, OF Jason Bay, C Kelly Shoppach, OF Raul Ibanez. If they can work on their pitching, then they have a possible chance of "contending". They might be able to pull off what the Athletics did in 2012. The Mariners "on paper" have better-rated talent than the 2012 A's did, so it might be possible to pull-it-off.
In other ex-news, Nick Cafardo commented that a "bad attitude" might have led to Kelly Shoppach going to Seattle? Really? 25 guys?
Snohomish County Weekend Sports Update: By now all you professional sports fans have heard, but yesterday was a busy day for the Mariners. Felix Hernandez has signed a contract extension that, when added to the 2 years he had left on his current deal, with total 7 years, $175 million. They also signed SP Joe Saunders to a reported 1 year, $7 million contract and C Kelly Shoppach to a 1 year, $1.5 million contract. RP Shawn Kelley was designated for assignment to make room on the roster for Shoppach. This weekend, the Seattle Junior Hockey Association is hosting the Pee Wee 'C' Division tournament at Olympic View Arena in Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood Ice Center. Good luck to all participants! WIAA Wresting Regionals are tomorrow. Snohomish High School is hosting the 4A classification, while Marysville-Pilchuck High School welcomes the 3A classification. Good luck to all the high school teams! The Everett Silvertips host the Calgary Hitmen tonight and the Kelowna Rockets on Sunday at Comcast Arena. ...
Felix Hernandez deal still not officially done; Mariners do finally announce Kelly Shoppach move
For those of you that didn't see my link last night, the Mariners have signed Felix Hernandez to a 5 year extension which, with the two years he had remaining, brings his contract to 7 years and $175, which is a record for a pitcher. It is also the largest transaction of the offseason. In addition, the Mariners also signed catcher Kelly Shoppach to a 1 year deal. I am pumped for the season with all of these additions. Now only time will tell if they make a difference.
Wow, eventful day for the They signed Kelly Shoppach and Joe Saunders... and they also extended some guy named Felix Hernandez.
which back up catcher should LAD sign ? Miguel Olivo , Kelly Shoppach , Chris Snyder or Rod Barajas who is some what familiar with the team ?
Over the last decade, Major League Baseball organizations have treated top prospects as their most valuable commodity. They are inexpensive (at least for the first six or seven years) and they...
Espn reporting a trade that would give Toronto dickey and thole will happen by Tuesday. Mets would get Travis D'Arnaud, John Buck, and Noah syndergaard .
Same OLD Yankes they are discussing a trade for Vernon Wells, (key word OLD Vernon Wells is old and past his prime). Cashman get it Through your head WE NEED TO GET YOUNGER!! NOT OLDER!! Bring up the minor leaguers we have in our farm system, what is the use for a farm system when they never make it to the majors.
Kelly Shoppach was on the PawSox in 2005. Shop claimed at the time "Our manager's crazy, he always smokes dust."
"The Rangers have spoken about Miguel Olivo and Kelly Shoppach." The latter please.
Likely late, but was Kelly Shoppach considered for backup given that he crushes lefties and given Avila's injury problems?
True, but would a backup who can hit lefties and play good D to spell Avila (such as Kelly Shoppach) been too much to ask?
Kelly Shoppach would have been a better righty bat to platoon with Avila. brayan pena another that never walks.
If anyone wants to see the list of free agents, comment a position and i will reply with all the free agents available at that particular position
Mets with better OBPs than Miguel Olivo in 2012 include: Josh Thole, Kelly Shoppach, Mike Nickeas, Rob Johnson, Jon Niese, Chris Schwinden
According to the Rangers are not interested in trading Young and have shown interest with catchers Kelly Shoppach, Bobby Wilson, and Miguel Olivio. Be sure to watch the Winter Meetings at 3pm Eastern time on the MLb Network for more information as Ron Washington will be on
Sign Kelly Shoppach - Right handed catcher with some pop. Santana to 1B.
Bobby V ripping into Kelly Shoppach, "he always wanted to know when he was playing. He played once a week, what, was he going to be tired?"
Bobby V wouldnt mention by name but ripped Kelly Shoppach for wanting to know when he'd be in the lineup: "You play once a week! Just play!"
Kelly Shoppach wouldn't surprised me. Wasn't he part of the Cliff Lee for Jason Bay deal that blew up?
Yan Gomes could be a Kelly Shoppach type down the road. Low average, good pop, solid D. I like the deal.
so much for Kelly Shoppach being the 3rd best power hitting catcher. not sure what Gary Cohen was smoking that night
I think guys like Jonny Gomez/Kelly Shoppach/Kyle Farnsworth could have some value for the Stros.
come on! The front office likes kelly shoppach! He’ll probably be our starting catcher. What more do you want?
Other teams can start bidding on free agents Saturday -- Scott Hairston, Jon Rauch, Ramon Ramirez, Ronny Cedeno, Kelly Shoppach.
Really, do you think the mets acquire Miguel Olivo over Kelly Shoppach ??
What an exciting offseason when we get to debate the merits og Miguel Olivo vs. Kelly Shoppach...
Mets keeping an eye on Miguel Olivo, unlikely to retain Kelly Shoppach: Joel Sherman of the New York Post says t...
the Mets signed Anthony Recker dose that mean they wont sign Kelly Shoppach or is Recker a 3rd string C to replace nickeas
I wouldn't be surprised if the brought back C Kelly Shoppach on a similar deal, money-wise.
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more along the lines of Matt Treanor, Kelly Shoppach, someone if that skill set to back up Rossy for first few weeks???
I just met kelly shoppach the mets catcher!!!
I just met the mets catcher kelly shoppach!!!
I'm honing in on Kelly Shoppach as the free agent I most want to be a next year.
2012 Mets Postmortem: Catcher: 2012 Postmortem: A position-by-position look back at the season with some prelim...
One of the New York Mets glaring needs is the catcher position where they have the opportunity to retain a veteran on the cheap that can help this team short term.
Should the New York Mets Welcome Back Kelly Shoppach?: There isn’t a New York Mets fan around that does not know...
Kelly shoppach is a bum, but he has decent pop. I'd rather keep him.
I'd like to see either AJ Pierzynski, Russell Martin (if he becomes a FA) or Kelly Shoppach be the Mets starting C next year, or 2/3 C team
Year in Review: Kelly Shoppach: “The Mets got the most production they’ve ever gotten from the catching position...
A review of 's stint with the in 2012
Kelly Shoppach comes to mind right away. I’d have to see the others.
That's the Brewers. They give up oppo. field homers to Kelly Shoppach, first career HRs to pitchers, and grand slams to everyone.
sizing up catchers for the 2013 Pirates. There is no way they sign Napoli, so here are a couple of names to throw out there. These are NOT ENDORSEMENTS from me just available catchers that will fit into their price range. Kelly Shoppach, Chris Snyder, Russell Martin and Jesus Flores. I would have included Kurt Suzuki, but he is up around 6 to 8 million which I don't think the Pirates can talk the Nats into paying part of.
But seriously, my worst fear in the entire game of baseball is doing something like this-
You sure it's not actually Kelly Shoppach doing it and then trying to blame Adrian Gonzalez?
Something to do with Dustin Pedroia and a text message typed by Kelly Shoppach on Adrian Gonzalez' cell phone, I believe.
Kelly Shoppach is on deck, top of inning 4. Today: 0-1. Season: .236 AVG, .744 OPS
Kelly Shoppach is on deck, top of inning 2. Today: 0-0. Season: .237 AVG, .747 OPS
Kelly Shoppach's first Mets hit is a HR off Craig Stammen. 6-4 Nats in 7th.
ANIMATED: Kelly Shoppach has a stolen base, and he did it on the most bizarre slide ever
Rays exercise 2012 options for RHPs James Shields and Kyle Farnsworth; decline option for C Kelly Shoppach.
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