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Kelly McGillis

Kelly Ann McGillis (born July 9, 1957) is an American actress. Her films include Top Gun, The Accused, and Witness, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination.

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Jude Law would play the Kelly McGillis role.
No, but it does have Kelly McGillis. Which is nice. In '86 she could be my wingman any time
No sir, I can't call Kelly McGillis to brief you, no...Tom Cruise is not really a fighter pilot either.
Harrison Ford & Kelly McGillis in Witness, 1985 Peter Weir. "What you take into your hand, you take into your heart"
'Top Gun' Star Kelly McGillis Attacked by Home Intruder: The 58-year-old actress recalled in detail the alter...
Listen to chilling 911 call as she encounters an intruder at her home:
Kelly McGillis seeks to obtain a concealed weapon permit after surviving a terrifying home invasion.
'Top Gun' star Kelly McGillis says she's 'armed and ready' after home invasion
Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis attacked at home -
You might remember her as Tom Cruise's love interest in the hit movie from 1986.
If you're wondering whether Tom Cruise has had plastic surgery, google pictures of Kelly McGillis and everyone else that was in Top Gun.
LISTEN: 'Top Gun' star Kelly McGillis calls 911 on home intruder
Top Gun' actress Kelly McGillis attacked at her home
Kelly McGillis Knows a poopy raver that eats hugs
Key take away from this, how did I not know Kelly McGillis lives in NC?!
'Top Gun' Vow: Kelly McGillis said she plans to apply for a concealed carry gun permit after home invasion.
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star Kelly McGillis assaulted at her home by an intruder:
Actress Kelly McGillis attacked at North Carolina home - Chicago Tribune -
It's your celebrity update - all the silly gossip you didn't know you needed.
"Top Gun" actress Kelly McGillis was attacked at her home:
Top Gun’ actress Kelly McGillis attacked by an intruder
'Top Gun' actress Kelly McGillis attacked at her NC home.
"Top Gun" actress Kelly McGillis attacked at home:
"Top Gun" actress Kelly McGillis attacked at home
Top Gun’ star Kelly McGillis describes her terrifying home invasion
"Top Gun" actress Kelly McGillis says she was attacked in her North Carolina home
Aft home invasion left her scratched&bruised, Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis applying for a concealed handgun permit. https…
Kelly McGillis, 'Top Gun' actress, gets concealed-carry permit after home invasion
'Top Gun' actress Kelly McGillis left 'scratched and bruised' after home invasion
'Top Gun' VOW Kelly McGillis to get permit after home invasion via the app
Kelly McGillis can play the Tom Skeritt part!
is that cause you want Meg Ryan and not Kelly McGillis?
Vintage of and Kelly McGillis in the film 1986. -
My life is much easier now that I can just wear flip flops all the time instead of choosing outfits based on shoes for…
does that mean her sister dies and she gets to bang Kelly McGillis?
By not coming forward (about rape), you make yourself a victim forever.
check out the underwear before signing up! Amish is the way forward. No technology, Kelly McGillis (in her prime) and barns 👍
Who was your first movie crush, mine was Kelly Mcgillis in TopGun
WHY?! And why did you just put that image in my head?! Looking at aged Kelly McGillis to get that out of my head
Top Gun style Goose: "I took a Polaroid, really great shot" Kelly Mcgillis "how?" Maverick " Because I was inverted"
If 1987 Kelly McGillis looked like the 2016 *** Kelly McGillis it would have.
Breaking: Sharon Stone & Kelly McGillis to star in the new Broadway show, Grumpy Old Men
went to Ottawa to return pants and buy makeup remover, forgot both and came home with a new phone..😂
The thing about Bananarama is that they basically all look like Kelly McGillis?
Kelly McGillis looks like she could kick the crap out of Tom Cruise.
Do you mean Made in Heaven starring Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis?
Kelly McGillis as Charlie & Tom Cruise as Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell in Top Gun.
"Who's Kelly Mcgillis?/Why is she in my room?/This burger is undercooked/Rats/This paperclip collection is underwhelming."
I'll give you that based solely on Kelly McGillis tho time has not been kind to her. Doc Holliday > Iceman but close.
More or less, this is what Biden had to say, as said by Kelly Mcgillis.
Woman who inspired Top Gun character becomes top woman at Pentagon via
Fingers crossed Kelly McGillis turns up later in a vintage Spider. Your day will be complete.
Just tryna figure out why bad things happen to good people 😂😂😂
IKR? I did look, Tom still looks great, Val is a whale, Kelly McGillis is a *** and Meg has disappeared
Maverick!! Kelly McGillis was smoking. Hard to believe she was about 10yrs older than Cruise.
Fun perspectives w hubs. Tom Cruise has saggy pecs? Kelly McGillis doesn't look as good as back then? Cue Berlin? Too busy 😂😂😂
it's Kelly McGillis. would be affronted 😜. No the next 'cool one'
Kelly McGillis does say the line from Top Gun later in the movie. Meg Ryan says it first in the bar though.
Meg Ryan. Not Melanie Griffith. Kelly McGillis was Tom Cruise's girl in Top Gun. I have that movie memorized.
Maverick was such a wuss for getting mad at Kelly McGillis for correcting his classroom logic. It was the gutsiest move I ever saw, man.
Delighted that our very own Iceman & Kelly Mcgillis have not lost that loving' feeling
That's it, Witness! I couldn't remember the name & IMDBing Harrison Ford would be a process... "Kelly McGillis," not so much.
Just finished my first ever viewing of Witness. Thought it was pretty good... Kelly McGillis's sporadic accent notwithstanding
Charlie better cameo. Don't F this up please.
Tom Cruise tonguing Kelly McGillis' face in Top Gun has 10 times the sexy of these 50 Shades sex scenes. Don't understand why exactly.
Probay going to die during my patho exam
Am sure it was made into a film starring Peter Weller of Robocop fame and Kelly McGillis from Top Gun in 89.
another of Leonard's book made into film in late 90s starring Peter Weller/Kelly McGillis. Book much better
Oh yeah, , Kelly McGillis from Top Gun. I liked it when Ford's character, Witness, punched out the tourist.
FUN FACT. Kelly McGillis in Top Gun is 29 years old to Tom Cruise's 24. 28 years later... Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow is 31 to TC's 52.
Hey unless you’re talking about the Kelly McGillis sponge bath scene you don’t “bare” witness.
There is nothing more annoying than talking to someone who gives you short replies, I'd much rather a "bye, talk soon" …
4) Tom Cruise on his way to see Kelly McGillis
Had me googling that then I realise you meant Kelly McGillis. LOL.
Can't just have 1 Hershey kiss... must have all Hershey kisses
Take my breath away. Top Gun. Wow what a movie. Maverick. Iceman. Kelly McGillis
Wowzas!. How awesome it that?! . I just got told I look like Kelly McGillis from Top Gun, in the elevator scene...
Uh, Kelly McGillis and Tom Skerritt look an awful lot alike these days
It was all about Kelly McGillis' boob. (TMS 949)
Let's not forget that it was Kelly McGillis who made it look good, ok? 😉
Even though goose died, he came out on top. He got 80's sexy Meg Ryan and Cruise got that *** horse faced Kelly McGillis. See my point?
Girls day calls for 2 bottles of wine and getting our nails done💁💅
Watching, Someone to Watch Over Me with Mimi Rogers, Tom Cruise's 1st wife. She looks so much like Kelly McGillis in Top Gun.
Half expected to see Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis helping with this incredible wooden structure
although i marginally preferred the 80s version of Kelly McGillis than the 2015 one
Too disheartening to see how badly Kelly Mcgillis has aged. Who could say that see was the one stealing our hearts in ?
There is definitely more sexual chemistry between Maverick and Iceman than between him and Kelly McGillis
really like Kelly McGillis for Hannibal. She'd still have the cigar, right?
A-Team casting: Kelly McGillis as Hannibal, Matt Bomer as Faceman, Adore Delano as Murdock, Nicola Adams as B.A.
I don't know how to student anymore
ok ... I just can't get over those scenes with Kelly McGillis and shrimpy !
no words can describe how happy I am right now😋
Knitting while watching Top Gun. Man, the things they went through to hide the height disparity between Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis
Carol Danvers and Hal Jordan, better match than Tom Cruise and Kelly Mcgillis in Top Gun
Top Gun (1986) - Tom Cruise (1.70m) had to wear lifts in his scenes with Kelly McGillis (1.78m). (
About time! Seems like a no-brainer, if not for Hollywood misogyny. Always pictured Dennis Farina as Marino. Kelly McGillis as K!
Someone should probably tell Kelly McGillis and Jodie Foster then, it's only 27 years too late.
All the girls wanted to look like Kelly McGillis back in 1986 😄
If you're gonna play 'Take My Breath Away', you'd better bring out Kelly McGillis. Or at least Tom Skerritt.
the hot blonde one - Andrea something? Looked a bit like Kelly Mcgillis from Top Gun?
Right? Omg I have a picture of me & one of my friends in leather jackets/aviators as Tom & Kelly McGillis it's awesome.
Jut saw the hill Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis raced up in Top Gun! Woot woot
, is the kelly mcgillis from Top Gun of the future
Just realised that Tom Cruise was involved in two important sex scenes of my early teens. Kelly McGillis and Elisabeth Shue.x
Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis in The Witness - they show what chemistry is!
So you're saying they exist in the same universe? I want to imagine Kelly McGillis prosecuting the Fertellis so bad.
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My boyfriend says that Top Gun's Kelly McGillis and I have the same breathtaking eyes.
I'm always sad that Kelly McGillis probably doesn't look like that anymore...
What question do you think Kelly McGillis is most often asked?
Kelly McGillis nude brief in Witness (1985) hd1080p
Your bio pic reminds me of Kelly McGillis in the "Top Gun" movie. 😄
We're proud to be sponsoring this year's Kelly McGillis Tournament again this year. Come join us in KW from Jan 12-19!!
that will be exactly what I will be doing
Daily Personal Development: ...tragedies don't have to stop a person from having a positive outlook, being productive and living life to the fullest. One man is born with severe disabilities and decides the world owes him, while another...goes on to become a tennis pro. One person who contracts AIDS bitterly gives up on life, while another (such as Magic Johnson) builds his business and enjoys his family life. One woman experiences rape and withdraws into herself, while another (such as Kelly McGillis) overcomes the experience and becomes a successful actress in Hollywood. No matter how dark a person's past is, it need not color his present permanently. -John Maxwell, Failing Forward
Kelly McGillis gets into a twist as she heads into the storm in Storm Chasers -
Has anyone seen the difference in ageing of Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis from 1986 ... Wow...
Kelly McGillis is in this??? Of Top Gun fame?! This is already 4 million times better than Sir Kenneth Branagh’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
"I imagine the pouty face of Kelly McGillis... while she cowers and runs from Tom Cruise" -
"What really did it for me was Top Gun. Not Tom Cruise but Kelly McGillis" - Jennifer Duke. She knows how the plane flies.
Sometime after American Graffiti Harrison Ford returned to carpentry. In that time before Star Wars he built a recording studio for Herb Alpert. In the movie "The Witness" Harrison dances with Kelly McGillis' character to a Herb Alpert tune. Go figure.
Did you ever see the film "Made in Heaven"? Stars Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis, not incredibly well made, but a sweet one
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Kelly McGillis and Top Gun But after turning her back on Hollywood at the height of her fame, she has, at last, come clean about the double life she hid from the world for the best part of three decades. Following last week’s marriage, 53-year-old Kelly has gone public for the first about her love for music company executive Melanie Leis, the on-off lover she has kept secret for the last nine years. ‘I have no secrets anymore, and in some ways it’s a relief,’ the twice-married Miss McGillis said this week after finally tying the knot with 42-year-old Miss Leis. It was not always the case. Until the ceremony last month, attended by just 11 friends, Miss McGillis had steadfastly refused to ­acknowledge her relationship with the dark-haired Melanie. Their affair had long been the source of fevered rumour, with reports that the couple — who met when Kelly was still married to her second husband, millionaire Fred Tillman — were often to be seen walking hand-in-hand around the quiet town of Colling ...
I think you actually have to be Tom Cruise in Raybans, not ringing the bell not stopping at stations, shagging Kelly Mcgillis
Kelly McGillis is a *** ..and Tom Cruise is under suspicion. maybe we need to reevaluate that
Tom Cruise, Don Simpson, Kelly McGillis and Jerry Bruckheimer on the set of Top Gun.
one of the best romance movies ever is Made in Heaven with Kelly McGillis and Timothy Hutton!
Greg sold a car to Kelly McGillis today!
This is Charlie from Top Gun. Her real name is Kelly McGillis..
Are you really Kelly McGillis? Why didn't my school teachers look like you? Dr. Gavin
Have you seen Kelly McGillis from Top Gun today versus what she looked like back then? That may be your winner...
Goosinho and Maverhao sing a beautiful rendition of a weird brazilian folk song about murdering a farmer to kelly mcgillis
2 reasons why it won't be as good goose 2.Kelly mcgillis is no longer hot and recasting Top Gun would just be unamerican
Well, you could do a lot worse than Kelly McGillis
Alex, I'll take 80's Movies for $500 . An 80's movie where Meg Ryan was cute & Kelly McGillis wasn't a man. What is Top Gun?. Correct.
Kelly McGillis looks like Michael Jackson. Maybe that was the look he was going for...
I'm at the restaurant Kelly McGillis from Top Gun owns. Tom Cruise is not here I am sad.
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Will do my best to snap picture of it lying on Kelly McGillis's bedroom floor.
My wish: You be Tom Cruise and I get to be Kelly McGillis,
TBT Here are some pics from the set of Grand Street presently wrapping up post production. I make an appearance alongside Kelly McGillis and the film's stars, Charlotte Riley and Tom Byam Shaw. It's a very charming film directed and written by Lex Sidon. Charlotte and Tom are both from England and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed their beautifully executed American accents, love British actors. We had a blast making this!
I thought the one on the left was Jodie Foster and the other Kelly McGillis
Self-named Top Gun Margarita at Kelly's Bar (named after the legendary Kelly McGillis)
Channel hopping. Saw 'Witness' in the schedule. Yay, light entertainment! Kelly McGillis in a bath! Oh, it's Al Jazeera. Quite different
Kelly McGillis recalls making the 1986 blockbuster 'Top Gun' - “I feel the need, the need for speed”Maverick...
_i like sleepy,dreamy beach houses...reminds me of the scene from Top Gun [1986] movie. Tom Cruise,Kelly Mcgillis:;;-
Are Harrison Ford or Kelly McGillis in any of the episodes? :)
Kelly McGillis is a babe in that, though. The movie, I mean. Not just that scene.
Is it me? Or do you look like Kelly McGillis here?? You've lost, that lovin feelin'!
Proof of too much drug use in the 80s: . People thought Kelly McGillis was hot
can't get Kelly McGillis out of my head
Research shows I could wear a pencil skirt with a white top & a leather jacket for a Kelly McGillis look. I go to work li…
In the mood to watch Top Gun. Kelly mcgillis
Breast Cancer Awareness
Watching Top Gun! First time was almost 30 years ago - the summer before high school - at the drive in in oceanside!! Things I've learned since 1986...Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Kelly Mcgillis used to be Hot!! Goose wasn't a doctor yet! And Meg Ryan is still the cutest woman on the planet!!
Oh my yummy friends! What a great night we had last night! Thanks you all so so so much for coming out! Thank you Hole in the Wall for being an awesome venue staffed by awesome people! Thank you HEY,GURL for coming out-♥ Thank you Androma Skullcar for rocking out! Major super thanks thanks thanks to our dear friends, SCORPIO RISING for being incredible and for the love and support! Thank you Austin folks for being a righteous and energetic crowd...You guys were terrific-we were filled with the brio by your electric divinity-OW, I'm laying it on thick 'cos I got the HAPPYS! Alright-kisses for now. I just stayed up all night drinking the rest of my Big Red and watching Top Gun and it made me cry. I think I'm going to get in the tub and think about Kelly McGillis...or Anthony Edwards...I love being a free spirit!
Director of the day: Tony Scott, June 21st 1944 - August 19th 2012. He has made many good films but I've narrowed my favorites down to 4, although I could have picked a few more. Top Gun (1986) starring Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Kelly McGillis and Anthony Edwards. Nominated for 4 academy awards and won 1 for best original song. True Romance (1993) starring Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt and Christopher Walken. Crimson Tide (1995) starring Denzel Washington, Gene Hackman, George Dzunda and Viggo Mortensen. Nominated for 3 academy awards. Enemy of the State (1998) starring Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Jon Voight, Regina King and Lisa Bonet. What are the M4's favorite films from this director?
Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan just to name a few. :)
Good Morning and Happy Valentines day. Here are the picks for most romantic movies. Women "Sweet Home" staring Reese Witherspoon, Patrick Dempsey, and Josh Lucas. Men "Top Gun" staring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. Have a great day.
You never realize how dated and corny a movie is till you see it 28 years later.Top Guns love story is kinda corny.The Jets are scrap and Val Kilmer is skinny.Kelly McGillis switched teams.Lol
Forgot how good Top Gun was and how gorgeous Tom Cruise was in it... And how young! Kelly McGillis looks far too old for him. Lol. ✈️🔫😍
E4 Top Gun or More 4 Witness? Kelly McGillis in both, Harrison Ford or Tom Cruise? Sam Cooke or Berlin? Amish or F15?
For every scene he's standing next to someone (Anthony Edwards, Val Kilmer, Kelly McGillis, &c) who's actually taller than him
My Christmas wish to all my friends and family is that you are blessed wth the gift of Top Gun on Blu-Ray and that you all have suround sound so you can enjoy it, in its full glory! While Kelly McGillis looks really rough, Tom Skerrit looks amazing in HD!
"To me, acting is acting... I'd be happy working on a street corner in a mime troupe." ~Kelly McGillis
Ladies - I have heard from Diane Beruldsen, with the IWFFA (International Women's Flag Football Association). She is in definite need of a team sponsor for one of her 8 young girls' football teams in the upcoming 23rd Annual Kelly McGillis Classic International Women's and Girls' Flag Football Tournament to be held here in Key West January 20th - 27th. In years past, Girls Night Out has always sponsored a girls team, but in the end I have been the one to get stuck with paying the balance of the sponsorship fee. If we are going to sponsor a girls' team this year, then I need a commitment from you ladies to help monetarily. In return, Diane has said that she will have Kelly McGillis come to our GNO event that week. So let me hear from you if you think you can offer some money for this girls team sponsorship. Thanks!
Cybill Shepherd, Kathleen Turner, Kelly McGillis. Why did the line stop?
Officially registered for the 23rd Kelly McGillis Classic.. Let's the excitment begins.
Best of Rape and Revenge Movies - 53 The Accused (1988) The first scream was for help. The second is for justice. Storyline Sarah Tobias goes to her local bar and is gang-raped by three men. The district attorney on the case is Katheryn Murphy who wants to prove that although Sarah had taken drugs that night and was acting provocatively while in the bar, this is no reason for her to be so brutally attacked and the men responsible should be brought to justice. Director: Jonathan Kaplan Writer: Tom Topor Stars: Kelly McGillis, Jodie Foster, Bernie Coulson
I just realized that this will be Blue Wave's 10th straight trip to the Kelly McGillis Classic.. What is your best Key West memory from the last decade??
Newport Beach, California native Kelly McGillis found fame in several films of the 1980s including Witness (opposite Harrison Ford), Top Gun (with Tom Cruise) and The Accused (also starring Jodie F...
Kelly McGillis was a real hottie ...
Kelly McGillis returning to namesake IWFFA tournamentPosted on Mon, Dec 9 2013 by KONK Life EditorBy KONK Life StaffAfter an absence of two years, award-winning film and stage actress Kelly McGillis will again attend her namesake women’s flag football tournament, Diane Beruldsen, International Women...
Tv rubbish as per normal on a Saturday night. Suppose it's watch an old classic film night again. 'Witness', Harrison Ford and Kelly Mcgillis
I'm feeling very Kelly McGillis at the mo'
In remembrance of Kelly McGillis: she'd have loved this
Christine Fox, the former mathematician at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar who inspired Kelly McGillis's character in Top Gun, has become the first female Deputy Secretary of Defense, the number two role at the Pentagon.
BIG NEWS FOR MY BIRTHDAY GIRL... Bethany Blazetic was invited to the 23rd Kelly McGillis Classic International Women's & Girls Flag Football Championship & World Challenge in Key West. You remember Kelly McGillis from Top Gun. Bethany was asked to be the Grand Marshall of the parade (youngest ever) and will be joined by Kelly McGillis herself as Parade Grand Marshall's. Bethany will play in the tournament the January 23rd-27th. I will post a video I made for her and articles of Bethany on this International event mentioning good ol' Deland in one of them. My husband has coached Bethany for the last 11 seasons and will be coaching this International girls team for a week in the Keys. We are looking for local advertising from DeLand, Florida and sponsorships for this event. Put it this way, peak season in Key West for a week. Enough said. Please send a private message to me with any information about sponsorships or advertising so we can put things together. Any recommendations would be gladly appre ...
I echo the wonderful sentiments expressed here by everyone, especially the heartfelt prayers for Neil and their children, and the Baker, Butler and Yark families. Since last night, the most random quote from the movie Top Gun keeps playing over in my mind. It's from when Meg Ryan, Anthony Edwards, Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis are in some bar. Meg Ryan's character says to Kelly McGillis: "Hearts are breaking wide open all over the world tonight, (because unless you are a fool, that boy is off the market.) He is 100% prime time in love with you." There were hearts breaking all over the world last night because we lost someone very special. The posts this week demonstrated the depth and breadth of Shelly's power. All of us couldn't help but be "prime time in love" with Shelly Baker Butler. We are better for knowing you, Shelly - no matter what length of time. May you rest in peace.
Leading Men/Ladies Who Consistently Make People's Beautiful List But are Not Very Attractive: A List, by Joseph C. Krupnick Men. 1. Russell Crowe: Reliably overweight, slovenly unshaven, and facially asymmetric. Does not, so far as I can tell, possess cheekbones. Basically your average, impassive, completely bland physical presence whose romantic appeal to the likes of Jennifer Connelly (Beautiful Mind) and Kim Basinger (LA Confidential) remains one of life's great conundrums. 2. Matt Damon: All worked up with botox and plastic surgery these days, but even in his younger days was never convincing as a legit ladies' man. Short, smug-looking, actually a better actor than he gets credit for, but not much of a physical presence by even ordinary-American-on-the-street standards. Routinely compared to DiCaprio and Wahlberg, but this by the blind and aesthetically obtuse. 3. Ben Affleck: Like Damon, a better actor than he gets credit for. Taller, more conventionally attractive, but look in his eyes: There's ...
Apparently I crossed the line on my radio show, talking about Tom Cruise turning Kelly McGillis into a *** after their Top Gun kiss.
Top Gun” Christine Fox Named as Acting Deputy DoD Secretary Last week Secretary of Defense Hagel announced that he was appointing Christine Fox Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense. She will be replacing Deputy SecDef Ashton Carter who left the Pentagon on Thursday. Ms. Fox had been at the Pentagon until June when she joined the John Hopkins Physics Laboratory faculty. By making her Acting Secretary Hagel is avoiding a potential confirmation fight with the Senate Republicans who are still furious about the filibuster rule change. Ms. Fox seems chosen, at least in part, as an expert in cost analysis under sequestration. Secretary Hagel spoke about her leadership of Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation saying she was “ a brilliant defense thinker and proven manager." She “helped identify the challenges, choices, and opportunities for reform facing the Department during this period of unprecedented budget uncertainty…..She will be able to help me shape our priorities from day one because she know ...
Watching the Witness, with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis, good show and always liked her!! She was a looker!!
New upstairs restaurant (this place was started by kelly MCGILLIS of Top Gun fame. They framed her leather Moto cross jacket). Kind of cool.
Watching Top Gun makes me wish Kelly McGillis was straight.
fair enough. But yeah let's do it. She can be my Kelly McGillis anytime.
The inspiration for Kelly McGillis' character. . Christine Fox: from Top Gun inspiration to the Pentagon v
The woman who was the basis for Kelly McGillis' s character in Top Gun was just named Acting Deputy Defense Secretary. So many emotions.
Oh man, I forgot to take a shower today. Kelly McGillis' frizzy 80s hair reminded me.
Bcuz REAL Feminism means our women can be just as deeply amoral murdering fascists as men!
Christine Fox, inspiration for Kelly McGillis's Top Gun character now Pentagon
Is it true that script writers initially wanted to make Kelly McGillis' character a barmaid but she said, "No, make me someone SMART!"
Director Peter Weir, Kelly McGillis, Jan Rubes, & Harrison Ford discuss a scene on the 1984 set of WITNESS
I'm reminded that this is how we were visually introduced to the tactical air warfare expert played by Kelly McGillis in Top Gun.
Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun in 1986 vs now. Something's not right about this picture
Christine Fox, new acting Deputy Defense Secretary, was model for Kelly McGillis character in "Top Gun."
On a personal note~ . Congrats to the new acting Deputy Secretary of Defense Christine Fox! . My very talented and...
DTN Iraq: 'Top Gun' inspiration promoted at Pentagon: Christine Fox, who inspired the Kelly McGillis character...
Christine Fox, new acting deputy defense secretary, was the inspiration for Kelly McGillis character in "Top Gun"
The woman who inspired Kelly McGillis' character in Top Gun is now the person at the Department of Defense:
New post: "Woman who inspired Kelly McGillis' character in Top Gun promoted to highest-ranking woman in Departm...
Inspiration for Kelly McGillis' character in 'Top Gun' becomes highest-ranking woman at Pentagon
The Pentagon's new top woman inspired Kelly McGillis' Top Gun role.
dang... Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, Jennifer Grey Dirty Dancing, Kelly McGillis in Top Gun...
11/18/13-You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'-The Righteous Brothers-1964+-This is in my personal top 10 list of greatest singles of all time. I still get a chill if this song comes on the car radio at night. The opening line-"You never close your eyes anymore".from Bill Medley is absolutely riveting. The blue-eyed soul vocal duo of Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield was showcased again by the Phil Spector "Wall of Sound". I always considered Hall and Oates to be kind of the 70's and 80's version of The Righteous Brothers. Also remember that this song was used in the movie Top Gun when Tom Cruise (Maverick) was hitting on Kelly McGillis in the bar scene.
Apple, you're on my *** about getting Mavericks like my name is Kelly McGillis. Jesus.
My homework completion has hit a downward spiral
Just know I'd leave you for Kelly McGillis
Why don't we steer you straight back to base, and let's see if we can get you that Kelly McGillis.
Hi Kim , put on Top Gun , kelly mcgillis, is your double x
Also you should point that Kelly McGillis did come out as a *** The whole movie is hetero-suspect.
And can't operate a *** trash dumpster OH GOD A ZOMBIE KELLY MCGILLIS wait no just Kelly McGillis.
"He loses his real love and he's like 'Fine Kelly McGillis, I'll bone ya.'" on Top Gun.
orchestra *** from Money Pit is in it too. He wants the Kelly McGillis *** And who wouldn't?
Kelly McGillis in Top Gun with him was *** too,so he felt right at home
Com ha envellit la Kelly McGillis a 'We are what we are'! No està malament el remake de la peli mexicana.
when you look back at the female leads. Kelly McGillis - disappeared. Meg Ryan - SUPERSTAR
Speaking of the 80's - Witness is on Encore at the moment. :) (Hey Kelly McGillis - she's family, ya know!)...
Whenever I see the scene from Witness where Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis make-out, all I can think of is burping up bad goat cheese.
Nice wee private Island, where Kelly McGillis lives just off the coast of Key West. Mauritius will eventually sink.
Watched a movie on - The Innkeepers (2011) - Kelly McGillis from Top Gun has aged bad.
I'd take these things with a pinch of salt - as an astrophysicist I should be training fighter pilots like Kelly McGillis in Top Gun
it's pretty good, I enjoyed it, definitely worth 90 minutes of your time and come on Kelly mcgillis plays a nun in it :)
Note:check to see if Kelly McGillis was hotter in Top Gun or Witness. This is a private note. Not for
Note check out "how big Kelly Mcgillis head is" says. Hes crazy but this is a private note &he wont see.
The fact that my neighbour has started putting up the doors for the ODR makes me soo happy
The Accused: Kelly McGillis is a bit TV movie for me, but Jodie Foster was worthy of her Oscar in harrowing true rape story.
For tonight's movie, I took another look at THE INNKEEPERS (2011) starring Sara Paxton, Pat Healy and Kelly McGillis. Directed by Ty West. I really liked this little ghost movie the first time I saw it. Tonight was no different. This movie has a very intimate look and feel to it. The characters are interesting and very well played. It builds slowly, then really delivers some scary moments. This is a contemporary favorite of mine. Thanks, Brandon Stephens, for introducing me to this.
Thanks to my two daughters who sat thru one of my all time favorite modern movies with me last night ("Witness" with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis). They hated it.but Liv has watched "pride & prejudice" and "pretty in pink" many times, so Mom must not be all bad ;) Looking for "Some Kind of Wonderful" to have. Favorites I should check out?
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My favorite Philadelphia-born actress (no, it's not Kim Delaney. She's is Sylvia Kauders, who scored big in the season premier last week of Blue Bloods on CBS. She played a mature eye witness to murder whose aging memory made her a shaky witness. Got mucho screen time. Sylvia does well on auditions largely because of her writing skills, she says, for she can better guess than non-writers what the director is looking for. She rode the writing chops to a position as special events director with the City of Philadelphia, then retired in the mid-70s after 20-some years to try acting just as Philly was beginning to develop as a venue for movie shoots, pretty much starting with Witness starring Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis. Sylvia scored a small part and has since worked with some of the biggies: Woody Allen, the late James Gondolfini, Tina Fey (my Philly-born actress), Eli Manning (in a commercial) and the late Jerry Orbach, among many, many others. She is living proof there is no such thing as a late star ...
Just watched the movie "WITNESS" with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis for I know the 500th time.I love this movie.And little Lucas Haas has got to be the cutest little boy actor ever.
Sarah Lancaster, Kelly McGillis & Tom Everett Scott to star in movie LOVE FINDS YOU IN SUGARCREEK, OHIO:
Kelly McGillis broke a 10-year hiatus from theatrical films to appear in this movie -
Sam Cooke 'Wonderful World' playing in the cab home. Always brings Peter Weir, Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis and an Amish garage to mind...
What do Top Gun's Kelly McGillis and Family Ties' Meredith Baxter have in common?
important reminder: in Top Gun, kelly mcgillis has a PHD IN ASTROPHYSICS. so take her seriously, flyboys.
Was musing over what happened to Kelly McGillis, she was only really in 3 good movies. Seems being in Cat Chaser put her off acting.
Don't forget the fine example of Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis dancing to Sam Cooke. That's really the best part.
well Kelly mcgillis did come out but she was all straight and suity in that film.
Not now, but 1980s Kelly McGillis for sure.
Even I want to sleep with Kelly McGillis.
I think I have heard pretty brown eyes by Cody Simpson a solid 5 times today
And I loved you in that Kelly McGillis movie... Done now...
My dreams last night featured babies, haircuts, Poland, and, I think, Kelly McGillis. I forget the thread that tied it all together.
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yes i still think I'm Kelly Mcgillis
had a proper crush on Kelly mcgillis but have ya seen the kip of her now??x
Kelly McGillis has not aged well, maybe Scientology had it's uses after all.
She plays Goose’s wife. And Kelly McGillis is an utter TWEAKLE as the flight tutor person thingy.
"And I just don't want anyone to know that I've fallen for you."😘😘😘 Been wanting to be Kelly McGillis in that scene since 1989!
not telling Paul , he loves Kelly mcgillis might turn him on n it's too hot for that 😜
Ha! I do think Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis have sensational chemistry. I get goosebumps. Kelly is FOXY.
Is it that I find 'Witness' Kelly McGillis more attractive than 'Top Gear' Kelly McGillis???!!!
Is Kelly McGillis the original cougar?!!! Good girl!!
Just got back for TopGun. Kelly Mcgillis is sublime
Enormously kind & thoughtful. Just watching Kelly McGillis in Top Gun. Pre-birthday treat! See you tmrw.
You are too young to appreciate Kelly Mcgillis. Absolute dream.
Christ! Kelly McGillis ain't anything special is she?! . It's like someone's first go at making Kathleen Turner. :P
The hours and days that I prayed that Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan would get it on at that jukebox
and that Kelly McGillis, is a *** (well suited to Tom Cruise, bet that is a quiet night)
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I'm balding thank you!! Your hair looks like Kelly mcgillis's but worse. At least I am in charge of a ship!
Having to fast for a doctors appt at 10 is killing me
LOL I loved Top Gun when 'You've lost that lovin feeling' comes on *swoon* wished I was Kelly McGillis :)
I thought Kelly McGillis was pretty at the time but not as much now.
Susan George has... Alexandra Bastedo has.. Ursula Andress hasn't... Kelly McGillis hasn't.. I could go on.
Good film, flying, fast bikes, and Kelly McGillis when she was still hot!
Everybody just take a second to compare the Kelly McGillis vs Tom Cruise. What was their age difference in Top Gun? Jeez
U might want to be careful if U use the bathroom. U might have to hide in Amish country, but you'll dance w/ Kelly McGillis
ha ha I got her mate. I was just reminiscing about the good old English essay/magazine interview we did with Kelly Mcgillis
Lol. All my female friends loved Maverick but personally who could not love Kelly McGillis in Top Gun!
Kelly McGillis in Reuben, Reuben is the original Greta Gerwig. Uncanny.
Born on July 9: Kelly McGillis, Richard Roundtree, Tom Hanks, & John Tesh! May add to the list later, we'll see. Thanks for the good vibes.
My favorite scene from one of my favorite movies, Top Gun: The fight between Maverick {Tom Cruise} and Charlie {Kelly McGillis}. I do not own the rights to t...
Directed by Jim Mickle. With Connor Paolo, Gregory Jones, Nick Damici, Kelly McGillis. Martin was a normal teenage boy before the country collapsed in an empty pit of economic and political disaster. A vampire epidemic has swept across what is left of the nation's abandoned towns and cities, and it'...
mate I had the best shaggy perm, think Kelly mcgillis in Top Gun !
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Just saw the picture on Kelly McGillis' IMDB page, and have never felt older. Time is a bit of a ***
I do like the old 901 that Kelly McGillis drives. But there’s a 260ZX in every driving scene, it mus belong to the producer or something.
*** ever been told you look a LOT like Kelly Mcgillis
She was no Kelly McGillis, but she was I-ight...
It's an important day in any man's life when he realizes that he might not be Maverick. He might be Goose. Or, possibly, Kelly McGillis.
Kelly McGillis of Top Gun fame is a *** Well, years of dreaming about her riding that motorcycle with me are now ruined
Eating at a bar called Kelly’s, as in Kelly McGillis aka Charlie from Top Gun
One of the most romantic movies ever made. 1987's "Made In Haven" with Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis.
Also, whenever I watch Top Gun I'm reminded of how badly I wanted Kelly McGillis hair...and how much I paid for perms.
Last time I checked Kelly Mcgillis was 95% trifle.
I mean would they bring back Kelly Mcgillis as the love interest ..
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