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Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo South African singer and actress. She has so far released three albums: TKO, Itshitshi and Siyajabula.

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Stop focussing on Kelly and focus on CRIME and following proper procedures to investigate and take the criminals to face justice. I love South Africa and it's cultures, diversity, history and it's people...lets work to help South Africa make its mark for the right reasons. Do the right thing!!
This Senzo Meyiwa's drama is getting more interesting day by day,it is interesting more than GENERATIONS le di SCANDAL,with this characters,senzo's father,the police,Mbhoro,senzo's friendthe suspect and the Main Character kelly Khumalo and the media.aowa madutu a tloga ka nnete
Bujy jnr wrote You busy dissing Kelly Khumalo but your life has no purpose. You are not even in a stable relationship your baby daddy wants nothing to do with you. Keep calm and get your grant. Senzo was not your relative stop looking at people's situations and make it about you. You have nothing and I mean NOTHING
The Star says Kelly Khumalo and Senzo Meyiwa had been living together in a serious relationship for more than five months and spent most of the time at Kelly’s Mulbarton townhouse. However, it looks like he was still seeing his wife, Mandisa. It has happened before that a mistress gets more attention than the wife. Does this ring a bell? Do you still remember the love triangle story of Prince Charles (husband), Princess Diana (wife) and Camilla Parker-Bowles (mistress)?
I wish my ex girlfriend can be like Kelly Khumalo.i would be happy the way she behaves Yes
Its only God can judge Kelly Khumalo not thina bantu belizwe ngoba nathi amaphutha siyawenza nje
Kelly khumalo hay andimqondi why would she refused xa esithi senzo mabaye kokwabo kuba yayaz into ayi plan(nileyo)ngu Kelly shem
You are woman yet u judge Kelly khumalo you are a guy calling her names and talking ill about Senzo yet u know u have a steady or even married yet u go out looking for someone new let's focus on the matter on hand the"CRIME" its unfortunate that a well known couple was involved if it was ur normal day "sipho,nomvula and thembi" involved would it be such a big thing? After all we don't know how it started and what the other told the other and it was a public relationship.let's not judge yet be aware of the crime that is happening in this country
Kelly Khumalo has been arrested for speeding. Poor Kelly
I feel sorry for Kelly Khumalo yaz , only she knows how Meyiwa felt for her and what were their future plans manje thina esingaz lutho we argue she destroyed Senzo s life, she s now banned from attending his lover s funeral, for what gud reason vele? d guy died protecting d same Kelly!
How about this one Kelly Khumalo in love with Thembelani Dibate so this means if Thembelane Dibate was shot by those thugs Kelly was suppose to be riding his bycicle instead of Bmw X6 o ntja san
So I decided to gv Kelly khumalo s hit song (ASINE) an ear (wit ma utmost concentration since Itz in venda) nd it translates " im not the one who killed vho kutama " or " asenna ke bolaileng bo Kutama ". Coincidence neh
Family memberz of senzo ,meyiwa ,they say kelly khumalo z not welcme in senzoz's funeral,my sugestin z dat,would it b a gud idea or no?yt
Let's try speak SEPULANA this morning, I have a Word and we must also try arrange a sentence with it. "Watjiba" - Watjiba gore Senzo Meyiwa ne a ratana le Kelly Khumalo naa? Respond- Ketlo ditjibela kae mmanyane... Now make your own sentence with our word up there,and let's see how much do you know SEPULANA.
DEAR KELLY KHUMALO! WE NEED UR HELP AGENTLYH: 1:U dated prosper,nows he's on wheelchair. 2:U dated jub jub,now he's in jail 3:U dated our hero zenso meyiwa,and he got shot and died Can u plz date ROBERT MUGABE or Jacob Zuma
I am not one to judge I really feel for Kelly Khumalo she's going through *** because of people judging her and the very same people have their dirty linen just because it isn't aired in public doesn't make them saints.
Shame on her she has changed her relationship status from "side chick" to "single" .kelly khumalo
Mara Kelly you not suppose to drive Senzo's car as a black person you know the culture & I think your family suppose to stop you, why you go the media & you not suppose to refuse to give the family his belongs. Lvy I feel sorry for you and am not judging you, but avoid things ezizakwenza ubengumuntu omubi in ppl's faces. You not a child anymore you know what's right & wrong I know you ae a celeb but respect your dignity, Gal am a perfect woman & am not judging you Swallow your pride & bow your head to Senzo's family so that they will cleanse you, attend funeral 4 ur baby's sake
Kelly Khumalo has left with police, investigators still inside. Also Chris Mangena is here, ballistic exper…
KHUMALO NOT WELCOME AT MEYIWA'S FUNERAL: REPORT Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa's family have barred his girlfriend and mother of his child, Kelly Khumalo, from attending his funeral in Durban, The New Age reported on Wednesday. "The service is open to anyone who wants to come to pay their last respects to Senzo, but that girl [Kelly Khumalo] is not welcome. She mustn't even think about coming," Meyiwa's father, Samuel was quoted as saying. Gauteng detective unit head Maj-Gen Norman Taioe told reporters in Johannesburg that Meyiwa was shot in his upper body while visiting his girlfriend, singer and actress Kelly Khumalo, in Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni, on Sunday night. Two men entered the house as the 27-year-old national team and Orlando Pirates goalkeeper and captain and his friends were leaving. One of the attackers was waiting outside. "Senzo and his friends were leaving when the two entered the house. One of the attackers bumped into the first friend and a scuffle ensued," Taioe said on Monday. One shot ...
I so wish I was Kelly Khumalo. Yoh! Every single dog would certainly know where to bark vulgar rubbish at! Poor woman :-( !
Does anyone have single download link?
Senzo's father is spitting fire when he mentions name particularly that his son died @ her home & she never let them know..
ur current situation reminds of me those lines from johnny cash. My condolenses! Be strong girl.
POLL: 41% say Kelly Khumalo deserves to bury 36% think she should respect the family's wishes. Vote:
Kelly Khumalo saw it comming b4... by releasing her track
Kelly khumalo song send me ur whatsapp. or bbm I will send to you now. Asinne. weee
how are they gonna get death certificate and claim @ insurance without his ID?! Ai
So this kelly khumalo is now refusing to hand over senzo's belongings..jha neh
Shout out to all the people condoning the bashing, and hateful treatment, of Kelly Khumalo based on Christianity. Jesus would have done the same... or nah?
My heart goes out to Khumalo, their children and the entire Meyiwa clan. Senzo's death is a cruel blow.
I wouldn't be surprised if Senzo's wife put a hit on him. He had it coming. Kelly Khumalo is just a hot *** mess
"Kelly Khumalo didn't love Senzo. If she did, she wouldn't have dated him knowing he has a wife. It was bout money"true
Video ka Senzo Meyiwa ecula ingoma ka Kelly Khumalo on her instagram page. Hes so happy, u can see the glow on his face as he sings. Rest in perfect Peace Nzori
Kelly Khumalo's new song gets people talking - Sowetan LIVE via
"Stay away from Kelly Khumalo her ex-bf Prosper is in a wheelchair bf Jub-Jub is in jail n nw BF Senzo Meyiwa is now dead." Black.
Kelly Khumalo omw. That woman...sies! Ko True Love she said she didn't know he was married but she carried on AFTER she became aware
Who are we to judge mare... O busy o judge relationship ya ga Kelly Khumalo ontse o itse gore o Kelly Khumalo self... like I said, reflect on urslf 1st before u turn to aders Goodnyt y'all
How unfortunate is Kelly Khumalo everyone she has been with has either died, jailed or on a wheelchair.
While you're busy diggin' in other people's closets your skeletons might be fallin' out. Leave Kelly Khumalo alone. Really now! -_-
Ahh Kelly Khumalo, 2 kids with no fathers, :(, My Heart bleeds for her, from one Woman and single mother, to the next!! Goodnyt ppl!
Not funny! "Bathi Kelly Khumalo please do something about Jacob Zuma""
I see are up and arms defending Kelly Khumalo.
Updates about Kelly Khumalo di ntshwarisa lesokolla stru!!
It seems like everyone blames Kelly Khumalo for Senzo.M's death I mean if he was killed on his way to Kelly's home were you still gonna blame her?, come on people Kelly didn't plan this and another thing the child is gonna grow up without a father so are you gonna ill-treat her also because of her mum?, How were you gonna feel if it was your cousin, sister or friend dating the deceased? O.o O.o O.o "Acting like executors/prosecutors nyana here mxm le dom"
Senzo Meyiwa’s father Samuel is in Joburg to claim his son’s belongings – but Kelly Khumalo is nowhere to be found.
Someone wrote : Who can ask kelly khumalo to tell us the trust :v about Senzo :v death :v
Kelly Khumalo is the 2nd person to trend after Oscar
'My son would still be alive if it wasn't for Kelly Khumalo' via
So I just read that MS kelly khumalo is nowhere to be found,with BMW and Identity documentmina yaz
Kelly Khumalo needs cleansing, bad things happen to all men in her life. Eg Jub Jub - Jail, Senzo Meyiwa
Guys dont get me wrong why we so quick 2 judge why everyone making as if Kelly khumalo killed Senzo
.And you could hv it all my empire of dirt ,i ll let you down i ll make you hurt. ''
Kelly khumalo is refusing with the i.d of the deceased mmmhhh is this true?
Lol kikikikKelly Khumalo will attend funeral like this
If you were Kelly Khumalo would you attend Senzo's Funeral 1.Yes I will attend. 2.No I will respect the family and not attend. 3.I will go because that was my hubby. 4.No comment. Just choose yours and be carefully. Live on Night_Explosion
WATCH: Kelly Khumalo speak on her song about a woman accused of killing her husband.
Should Kelly Khumalo be barred from attending the funeral…?
Thank God I'm not Kelly Khumalo but I still pray for her!♥
People from uMlazi township will kill her if she does. "Kelly(Khumalo) will attend that funeral"
Kelly Khumalo treating the X6 like its a hoodie.
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shame I feel sorry for Kelly khumalo her life is a hot mess right now . One baby daddy is in prison another is dead . Sigh
The new definition of “mourning“ - cruising around in the deceased's car.. Kelly khumalo
Kelly Khumalo will attend funeral like this
Kelly Khumalo’s friends get messages from stolen phone: by and
Wether u lyk it or not da virgin kelly khumalo has a positive effect on upcoming celebrities,jub jub used 2 pose with a dummy everywer he goes,enter da virgin da guy drinks energy drinks & sing gospel songs,Meyiwa used 2b erracting & nervous behind da post,enter mis magic punani senzo got better reflexes & jump higher than a baskeball players saving our tim from been beaten,she just awakened da giant inside them
y’all peeps gotta stop making allegations about kelly khumalo saying that he killed Senzo Meyiwa *** What Happened To Innocent until proven guilty...this mey!wa’s saga is getting out of hand
Kelly Khumalo is a liar first and foremost. You can't trust her. We haven't forgotten how she lied to us about her virginity. Fake yentombi-nto!
releases statement after Meyiwa murder
Dear Kelly Khumalo. You dated Jub Jub and now his in jail. You dated Senzo and now he is dead. Could you please date Jacob Zuma?
Senzo's father speaks to the media about Kelly Khumalo being a media seeking *** .. Hmmmnnn!
Dear Kelly khumalo. We need your help kelly. 1. You dated prosper and now he in a wheelchair. 2. You dated Jub jub and he is in jail. 3. You dated our hero Senzo Meyiwa and he got shot. Please do something about Jacob Zuma because we are tired of him. . . . # awe dont hate sizwe
ai so u driving around in Senzo's car b4 he's laid 2rest? That's not on
Kelly Khumalo not welcome at Meyiwa's funeral (via Mobile)
Meanwhile Kelly Khumalo is nowher to be found with Senzos belongings..she was lastseen n heard today haa fana ka condolences msg...Metro police hav started searchin for her
Tweeps, when exactly did Kelly Khumalo start driving the deceased's car? I mean how long after his death?
Little Giant Ladders
Kelly Khumalo is inocent . She is also devasted like everyone else
Jayden Tayller wrote this, and I couldn't agree more! I am very angered by some of your status updates, where you're mocking and insulting Kelly Khumalo. Let me be very clear here. Senzo Meyiwa, may his soul rest in peace, was not a child. He was an adult, a MAN, with capacity to make decisions on his own. Kelly did NOT put a gun to his head and force him into a relationship. Kelly did NOT rape Senzo. These were two adults who consented to a relationship. All their recent photos that are splashed all over the internet show two adults happily engaged in public displays of affection. Their interview on DRUM magazine of two weeks ago shows clearly that Senzo WANTED to be with this woman and supported her by accompanying her to her rehearsals. He allowed journalists to take photos of him with Kelly and Kelly's sister, he posed for those photos willingly. He was unashamed to be seen with Kelly. Now that he is dead, you want to present him as this innocent person and Kelly as this bad woman, this *** . Quiet .. ...
Zero chill😂😂 "Lol "Loool "Kelly Khumalo will attend funeral like this
Singer and actor Kelly Khumalo has released a short statement after the murder of Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa in her home in Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni on Sunday
My heart goes out to Kelly Khumalo...!!
Sam Meyiwa is headed to Johannesburg to fetch all of his son's belongings including his two cars and ID which Kelly Khumalo is apparently refusing to part with.
anyone else noticed how kelly khumalo has brought together the side chicks of South Africa in unity? South Africa's side chicks have united into a formidable force to protect their queen, KK. Even sleeper agents that most of us wouldnt have guessed to be side chicks have come out of their low key undercover existence. PS: This is not a comment on the rightness or wrongness of side chicks.
Eix im so touched by this song ''ASINNE''. I realy feel for Kelly Khumalo ,all ths blames to her it's just unacceptable. .
Your sister is dating the husband nextdoor but you busy posting about Kelly Khumalo We watching you :/
Blaming Kelly Khumalo won't bring Senzo Meyiwa back.. :/ And nina abanye you be actin like you know him f2f kanti u only saw him ku SABC Sport nje -_-
Kelly Khumalo is involved in Meyiwa's death! I'm telling Ya'll.. Uthini wena??
Siyanda Sixhoka wrote: I wish u Kelly Khumalo angajola no Jacob Zuma ;)
Wena mos you don't care when Lindiwe Sisulu says no one under the age of 40 will get a house from her department. kodwa uzazi zonke ezika Kelly Khumalo. Keep up the gossip work, it will brighten your future
Kelly Khumalo has sent a message of support to the family of her slain boyfriend Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa.
Someone said he suspect that Kelly Khumalo is the one who ordered a hit but to my suprise I asked "Is she that stupid?" Why would she kill Senzo, what for? What does she stand to benefit from it? Who will inherit Senzo's money and properties? He didn't give me answers :(
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I strongly believe that the hit was set for Kelly ngeke,the reporters say that on that Sunday a group of Men had been asking where Kelly Khumalo lives,now they knew what they wanted and it only makes sense that they never knew that Senzo was going to arrive on that night,I think they should question the wife ngeke this doesnt add up.
let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone: this goes to everyone who is judging and disgrundling Kelly Khumalo
So pipo always tok bwt how one ain't supposed to judge others Then Meyiwa dies...then they think they have the right to judge Kelly Khumalo like she's the one who pulled d trigger Mxm
Part : 1 Dear Kelly Khumalo you should have remained a virgin eish...look now. Firstly you gave your virginity to Prosper and now he lost his memory Secondly you dated Jub Jub and hooked him to drugs and now his in prison... Thirdly you dated married man Senzo and now his dead... Kelly you're danger to society especially to children who looked up to Prosper, Jub Jub and Senzo and you too. Gents there is sick out there is called "KK type of girls".
Watching repeat ya Thursday Night with Marawa, Senzo was the guest and kelly Khumalo performing live, singing ASINE, eish so touching... But i love the song anyway...
Kelly Khumalo Uya imba whether you like it or Not.
Someöne wrote: Dear kelly khumalo ¤you dated prosper now he is on a wheelchair ¤you dated jub jub now he is on jail ¤you dated Senzo Meyiwa now he is shot to death can u pliz do somethng wit Jacob Zuma. . . . .
I blv Kelly Khumalo hv her own reasons to deny givin Senzo's family his ID, BMW X6 nezinye ke imoto, so ladies I know sum of u hate her judgin frm wat jst happen or her past relationship bt let wait until azikhiulumele yena
Its very simple, the first step is to apply for LLB Degree at any recognised university in the republic,after completion your cariculum you work and gain experiance then you can persue your wish of being a judge but for now you cannot Judge kelly khumalo unless you have evidence of probative value that is admissble in the court of law which links kelly to the killing of his bf senzo,but for now kelly is innocent like me and you until proven guilty By naledzani ndivho (law student)
Asine by Kelly khumalo meaning of ds song ingamfaka kwezimnyama izisele Kelly :v :v
Download KELLY KHUMALO-ASI NNE (Linked by fusco bell).mp3 free. File hosted free by DataFileHost.
Enough of Kelly Khumalo now, clean your houses ogh!
All the Side-Chicks in bots are defending Kelly Khumalo. Their role model.
People are busy cutting kelly khumalo to pieces about her past relationships, prosper mokaiwa, jub jub, now Senzo Meyiwa, but in life we all have our own skeletons in the closet, some killed people in tarvens, some have raped, some have committed abortions, so don't act like jesus and judge people.
kelly khumalo ka sebile extation 10 new lekgapo wow re le amogetse today late letlo dula mo m I cnt wait to c her pics
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People be writting "Dear Kelly Khumalo, this and that" I am glad that Kelly doesn't even read eznto nizbhalayo ngaye, and she's proffessional anyway khaniphole kwaske kwaqatsela nina ibe ifamily yomfi ithe cwaka! Niyadika maan!
Papa Senzo Meyiwa o hloile Kelly Khumalo with Passionebile ga a pretend(i).He doesn't even want Kelly to attend the funeral, like really Ntate Meyiwa??? Tja!
Asine by Kelly Khumalo. Who know that song?
Seens the death of Senzo Meyiwa..i see most of da women pointing their dirty fingers on Kelly Khumalo..buh dyr also dating married basadi!
Kelly khumalo dated 1.prosper and he inna wheelchair 2.then jub jub, he behind bars 3. Recently our beloved senzo, he now dead... I mean seriously.. I jus wish she date my *** Jacob Zuma... I seriously wanna see what cud happen to dat dude
Guys nw kelly khumalo will left with out anything nt even going 2 senzo's last place
Gud ppl lets stop lento of judging Kelly Khumalo she is a human being just like me and u and no 1 is perfect in this world even our hero ubab Mandela he was not perfect kodwa thina bantu simubeka amabala and sikhuluma izinto ezimbi ngaye even nawe lento emuvelele nawe kusasa ingakuvelela asikhuleni bantu
Asine - Kelly Khumalo a song if u want the song jst inbox me#
Ladies stay away frm married man baleka otherwise "the soup will smell on u while u ddnt eat meat" cn u imagine kelly khumalo all the fingers r pointing @ her, no body knws whether shes involve or nt bt all the blames r on her.ya ne!:o
''Ladies'' If you dating a married man, than from today is your name '' Kelly Khumalo'' hey
God know every thing,it happens,stay just life,chaveleleka .
I don't know how serious Kelly Khumalo and the late Senzo Meyiwa were but I feel sorry for her. I understand the family's grief but...
"Kelly Khumalo is not allowed at Senzo Meyiwa's funeral. " Said Senzo's father. Diaries of a side chick.
Kelly Khumalo's Qinisela was thee song of songs for di house party and stuff...
Kelly Khumalo sings of murder in new song - All4Women via
Kelly Khumalo is linked to the Meyiwas for life thru her baby. Every child has a natural right to attend his or her father'…
This side chick is trouble! Bathong they need the ID 2 process policies and death certificate!
younger brother, Sifiso and wife, Mandisa will be joining his dad when collecting Meyiwa's assets at house
The insults fying at the face of Kelly Khumalo ,leaves much to be desired of people calling themselves Black people.
Dear Kelly Khumalo. Could you Please bring back the BMW
Lol kelly khumalo is the boldest side chick ever! Using a dead married man's car?! Ha! Jesu! That babe is BOLD!
When the blame is shifted on Kelly Khumalo instead of the people who killed Senzo. How sad!
Hayi poor Kelly khumalo 😓 gatwe she's not allowed to attend her lover's funeral... Banna tlhe bat…
I've a couple of unanswered questions regarding Senzo Meyiwe death. Well' before his death Kelly Khumalo perfomed on Robert Marawa show and Senzo Meyiwa was invited, a song she sang it's a Venda one " a sine ndo vulaya vo musanda. meaning am not the one who killed the Cheif. 1. Who saw the "1 suspect that remained outside"? 2. Who saw all 3 of them running away? 3. They fired once at Senzo and twice as they were running away. What happened to the spent cartridges? Did the gunmen pick them up after firing each shot? Did they have so much time in their hands to do such even in the cover of darkness outside as they were running away?? 4. Who is Manqoba "fat free" Oliphant whose account was hacked as early as 7am and posted details about Senzo's whereabouts on that day?? He even mentioned the names of everyone in the house at the time long before.the police gave a statement. PLUS, he has dreadlocks. COINCIDENCE? ??? 5. How did the killers get into the house? Was the door left unlocked? If so, accidentally or ...
-> "Meyiwa family accepted Khumalo's baby but not her
Was Kelly Khumalo going to be allowed to attend the funeral had Senzo died elsewhere?
Please guys leaves kelly khumalo alone she is also going the same pain like everyonelse Meyiwa loves kelly so much…
Whats happening to Kelly Khumalo is exactly what happened to Jeffry Ntuka's gal friend
Am I the only person who's tired about this and shebang?!
dad is on his way to Joburg to collect his son's belongings that refuses to give -includes new BMW & ID
Just saw this picture of kelly khumalo with the suspect shown on paper..m kelly khumalo uyayazi indaba..akakhulume nx hai she's a B*
In the latest issue of DRUM: Kelly Khumalo's pregnancy crisis and Senzo's family speaks.
It sounds wrong to claim to love, and respect Senzo Meyiwa, whilst despising his heart's love desire Kelly Khumalo.
Awu kodwa RTkeep the baby, just give back the car
So sorry, you lost a friend. Be strong
CcMbathali: What does Kelly Khumalo and Shrien have in common?
My colleague says Kelly Khumalo is crazy, no wonder Jub Jub used to panel beat her. Ya neh
AF"This Kelly Khumalo saga is getting annoying"
You are so right masechaba. Senzo loved Kelly. You r matured .
Meyiwa senior, Sam says their angered by Senzo’s girlfriend Kelly Khumalo who is refusing to give them Senzo’s belongings.
Let's allow the family of the deceased to deal with the matter on their own way, Senzo's spirit will be with Kelly Khumalo.
father: Reports that Kelly Khumalo and mother were chased away when they came to report child not true
Even side chicks n side *** have a nerve to call Kelly Khumalo names. lol ya ne
hebanna.."Meyiwa family accepted Khumalo's baby but not her
Kelly Khumalo pulling some Brooke Forrester combined with Sami Brady stunts."
Iyo lmfao hai "Kana what are the lyrics to Kelly Khumalo's Qinisela?"
Hope Kelly Khumalo is allowed to attend the funeral.
Meyiwa family accepted Khumalo's baby but not her
This Kelly Khumalo saga is getting annoying
"The misogyny and entitlement inherent in the disgusting response to Kelly Khumalo makes me so worried for this country."
Sefofu sa Jericho "Meyiwas coming for Senzo’s BMW and Identity Document which are currently held by Kelly Khumalo:. do we really
Brothers and sister let's stop being bias ,kelly khumalo and mandisa are not dead here , let's respect senzos death please!
I honestly won't be surprised if in a couple months Kelly Khumalo is standing in front of a Judge.
These Kelly Khumalo jokes ain't funny but stupid, Senzo loved his girlfriend and he died protecting her,
Kelly Khumalo has had to go through so much pain from her childhood n all the drama shez been thru and now senzo's Gone!
It saddens me to see how South Africans even other women can be so inconsiderate to Kelly Khumalo instead of being awaken…
Kelly Khumalo jus became a Winnie Mandela for All the sidechicks Good for you Kelly, Now they have a Voice!
Dear kelly khumalo ;,, •You dated prosper -hes now on a wheelchair •You dated jub jub-hes now in prison •You dated senzo-hes now shot dead Could u please please do something about Jacob Zuma
If I was kelly Khumalo I wouldn't dare coming to Umlazi cos the hole of Umlazi don't wanna c her Face a.I can c if she comes she'l follow SEnzo ngokushesha!
my dear brothers pliz stay away from Kelly khumalo, shes bad luck, go ahead n date her if u wan go to jail or die
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i really feel for Kelly Khumalo the treatment she's getting, one would swear she is the one that pulled the trigger that killed Senzo. As for Samuel Meyiwa he needs to accept that his son loved Kelly.
Kelly Khumalo not welcome at Meyiwa's funeral
I still strongly believe that Kelly Khumalo is a human beings with feelings and emotions. Who are we to judge? Are we on the position to cast stones? How many women has been in wrong arms because someone told u he loves u more than another ( lies). How many women will refuse to be married to a man even if married but promised heaven and earth.? How many women are now single parents because were told otherwise. What special words was Kelly told. Kelly didn't cause any woman pain but a man caused both women a heartache. Kelly didn't take the vows but someone was suppose yo have kept those vows. That is in the past, let's forget it. Oh woman don't be deceived, we are sailing in the same boat. They lie and cheat and we still believe them. Is it hard to be supportive during this trying time? Let us not be the judges bcos we don't even know the true story. If we know the story, we did nothing to help.
Hlekisa ngo kelly khumalo tholukuthi ur man loves his side chick more than he loves you ...
...Kelly Khumalo is a disgrace to us African women. how can you steal a married womans husband, fall pregnant and be the reason he dies. phantsi ngonondindwa phantsi...
Can someone please moer us with that 'Asinne' song by Kelly Khumalo
If you were mandisa senzo's wife,would you allow kelly khumalo to attend the funeral on the burial day??
Girls who defends Kelly Khumalo are labeled as Side-chicks in my world, experience is da best teacher and Nikkas who defends her too love their Side chicks more than their Woman!!
Dear Kelly Khumalo You have dated Prosper now he's in wheelchair You have dated Jub Jub nw he's in jail You have dated Senzo Mayiwa nw he's shoot 2 dead Why can't u do sumthng with Jacob Zuma!!!(Copied)
kelly khumalo o re etsa bana. She thinks she is more wise dan us
Kelly Khumalo she's no where to be found wth Senzo Meyiwa's car nd her cellphone is off.
Wish i could deal with all baboons pointing fingers at Kelly Khumalo Nxa.Ndo tse mbe tsee!
Abomakhwapheni and nyatsies are defending kelly khumalo but that's none of my business
Senzo Meyiwa Story iz painful,i dnt care abt Kelly Khumalo,da family en his wife mst Bury him on they Cultural way
My opinion.. Kelly Khumalo should be allowed to pay her last respects..
Kelly Khumalo, I think she is a troubled woman and I kind of feel sorry for her. First she dated Prosper now he is on wheelchair, then Jub Jub who went jail and now her boyfriend Senzo was shot killed before her eyes. Somebody put a hex on her! She is a talented SAMA award winning singer so cut her some slack you people.
We all know that Kelly Khumalo is one of danger woman Her ex prosper is no wheelchair.. Jub jub in jail... Nd the 3rd one is dead.. She is quiet a history, father of Senzo Meyiwa said he expect no kelly to be at Senzo's funeral on coming weekend.
Who would benefit on Senzo's death between KELLY KHUMALO and MANDISA MKHIZE ? Who is behind his death between those two laddies ? Kgang e e straight forward maan!
Can people stop judging Kelly Khumalo hle. The fact that she's famous doesn't mean she's not human. She's human naye she also does ridiculous things like everyone else. You're busy writting bad stuff about her but you're not even close to perfect, and maybe you're even worse than her. We all have our mistakes and imperfections. That's why the judgement part should be done by God. Anime kancane ngoKelly :/ If you feel like ngyabheda gibel'oythandayo. Tsek futh
Robert Marawa interviews Kelly Khumalo about the meaning of the song she sang on the show that night. (Clip from the Thursday 23rd October 2014 Show)
Kelly Khumalo has been denied I visa yokuza eMlazi this weekend. Njenge mayor yaseMlazi I just want to reserve my comment on this. Wena umbono wakho uthini?
And now Kelly Khumalo relised a song 'It wasn't me..I didn't kill him' For the why vele?
The Past The Present The Future of Kelly Khumalo New album released, The Past The Present The Future. Just won the SAMA for Best Female artist at the 19th an...
Raise up your LIKE if you think KELLY KHUMALO is as guilty as the killers... personally i think Kelly had nothing to do with the killing of Senzo Meyiwa and they were happily inlove... check on INSTAGRAM you will see that SENZO loved KELLY.. its just that his family are to dramatic they just love acting by choosing SENZO's wife over KELLY accusing her of falling for a married guy.. why was Senzo at Kelly's house at the first place? think of such things before making accusations :/
of the people i have its either they changed their profile pictures to senzo meiwa r commenting bad about Kelly khumalo Ay suka its non our business really we were not there so why comment with the nasty comments
Aich Kelly this, Kelly dat...i'm tired of hearing about Kelly Khumalo bathong,it happened lets just move on Aw!!!
Kelly Khumalo is refusing to bring back Senzo's car to his femaly,thats makes suspect her for the death of Senzo Meyiwa
I remember watching Thursday nite with Marawa Kelly khumalo sayin the song she was going to perfom simply says, 'wen ur man die/pass on,u the girlfrnd/wife will be suspect!' Nw go diragatse and wi are blaming her for the death of Senzo.Botshelo ke mathata joh!
I feel sorry for Mandisa & Meyiw's family. Thanks Kelly for managing to identifier faces of these bustard
Only if Kelly Khumalo was white, a pettiton for her to attend Senzo Meyiwa's funeral would be circulating right now.
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Meyiwa family says Kelly Khumalo must 'not even think about coming' to funeral
*SMH* RT"Kelly Khumalo not welcome at funeral – Senzo Meyiwa’s family:
Kelly Khumalo not welcome to Senzo Meyiwa's funeral...Sidechicks United won't happy with this
"Kelly Khumalo not welcome to Senzo Meyiwa's funeral..." TOUGH!
Orlando Pirates' players are set to return to training today after being granted compassionate leave following the passing of their captain Senzo Meyiwa. Meyiwa, who will be buried in Umlazi on Saturday, was gunned down in Vosloorus this past Sunday whilst visiting his girlfriend Kelly Khumalo. Pirates administrative manager Floyd Mbele says Meyiwa's teammates will continue to receive counselling. The entire Bucs team will travel to Durban on Friday to attend Meyiwa's funeral the following day. The police have released identity kits of two suspects believed to be involved in the killing of the Bafana Bafana skipper.
Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa was shot dead last night by intruders, allegedly while trying to protect his girlfriend, singer Kelly Khumalo. Four days b...
Senzo Meyiwa was set to meet his wife Mandisa Mkhize in Sunninghill, at a party. However, Mkhize was shocked to receive a phone call that Meyiwa had been shot dead at his lover Kelly Khumalo's home. "Senzo was in contact with her (Mandisa MKhize). She told us he was on his way and we expected him, but then we heard Senzo wasn’t coming any more because he had been shot," said the source. Mandisa met Meyiwa in Johannesburg in 2005. They got married in 2013 and barely a year later he was seeing Khumalo albeit without Mkhize's knowledge. Mkhize later found out and a saga ensued with Khumalo assaulting Mkhize. Meyiwa has gone back and forth between the two women over the past year and recently went public with Khumalo by his side. Mkhize who has two small daughters with Meyiwa, is said to be too distraught to take any phone calls and is expected to leave for Umlazi - Meyiwa's home in the next two days. The funeral arrangements are yet to be announced although it is widely thought the funeral service will tak ...
Samuel Meyiwa, Senzo Meyiwa's father has announced that Kelly Khumalo will not be allowed to attend Senzo's funeral. Fair??? Rest in peace great son of Africa, Senzo Robert Meyiwa *I am Bucs 1st lady*
I see you on and on about Kelly Khumalo, calling her names. But there's one thing for sure, you will find most of YOU are not different from her, the only thing different is that Kelly's laundry is out there in the media. "Let he with out sin cast the first stone.." Stop Judging tu! Senzo Meyiwa (May His Soul RIP) made it clear that he wanted to be with Kelly, Kelly did not force him to date her nor did she rape him. Senzo's love for Kelly was blatantly undeniable. If there's anyone responsible for breaking Senzo's marriage, its him. Kelly is not a saint, neither are u. Its mostly women who are busy throwing stones at Kelly, what about It seems You guys are suffering from "Pull Her Down Syndrome" Stop it! can't imagine what she is going through.. A lover, A father of her baby being shot right infront of her. Give Kelly a break tu! Sanudika!
Adding 1 + 1 from this interview of Kelly Khumalo with Senzo Meyiwa's passing, makes one to think about so much.
Khumalo barred from Meyiwa’s funeral: Senzo Meyiwa's family have reportedly barred his girlfriend and mom of his child, Kelly Khumalo...
My heart goes out to Kelly Khumalo. U ppl are cruel & insensitive, it's shocking. Someone died, it's like yal don't even care. SMH! !!
BEHAVING LIKE THE WORLD Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavour, how shall it seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underneath by men” (Matt 5:13). While we mourn the untimely death of Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana goalkeeper and captain, Senzo Meyiwa I see that there are people who use what happens in the lives of celebrities to draw attention to themselves. This attention-seeking behaviour of speculating on someone’s death and making snide comments is sad, especially when it is done by Christians. There are those who choose to focus on Senzo’s adulterous affair with one Kelly Khumalo and those who downplay adultery by making themselves defenders of Kelly. Either way many of the comments do not follow the teaching of Scripture by either lacking compassion or diluting God’s word. The same line of commentary is what I also noticed during Oscar Pistorius’ trial. When believers behave like unbelievers then how do they hel ...
South Africa football captain Senzo Meyiwa shot dead South Africa’s football captain Senzo Meyiwa has died after being shot during a burglary, police say. He was reportedly attacked after men entered his girlfriend’s house in Vosloorus, south of Johannesburg. His agent described him as a humble man from a tough background who had become a “hero in everyone’s eyes”. The 27-year-old was the goalkeeper for Orlando Pirates and had played in South Africa’s last four Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers. On Saturday, he was in action for his club, when they progressed to the semi-finals of the South African League Cup, beating Ajax Cape Town 4-1. n a statement, the South African Police Service said two men had entered the house, around 20:00 (18:00 GMT), demanding mobiles phones and valuables. A third man remained outside. All three fled on foot after shots were fired. The footballer may have been trying to defend his girlfriend Kelly Khumalo, a South African singer and celebrity, when he was shot, repo ...
Kelly Khumalo. - Baby daddy 1. Is in jail. - Baby daddy 2. Shot dead. How do you as an individual find pleasure in that? Find Je…
Your Weekend update: It an extremely sad weekend and a black month for the South Africans and african sport in the country today we woke up to the saddest news for soccer and Orlando Pirate fans that the Bafana Fafana Captain and the Goal keeper of Orlando Pirate Senzo Meyiwa Was shoot in the back, dead by one of 7 suspects, the incident happened at around 20:h00, Zamo section in Vosloorus at Kelly Khumalo's place and currently Police are rewarding R150 for any leading information Meyiwa played Hero protect Khumalo when one of the gunmen pointed a gun at her, a move which resulted in him being shot in the back. Now Kelly Khumalo (Senzo's Girlfriend) vs Mandisa Mkhize (Senzo's Wife) and there is a mix reactions from fans some sending their condolences to Kelly Khumalo the Girlfriend and others to his wife Mandisa Mkhize. Others are asking why he was at Kelly's place in a first place... Eish Senzo wasenza yazi Currently the press release is underway at East Rand Stadium line up Dr Irvin Khoza, Shakes Mashab ...
Ya'll labelling Kelly Khumalo with names forgeting that you backyard ain't clean too. Call her names only if you perfect.
Wonder what funeral will be like. Kelly Khumalo and MRS Meyiwa together in grief? Just a thought. Might be uncomfortable...
I feel as if Senzo Meyiwas fam is gonna sue Kelly Khumalo for his death
"The Sad part about this MeyiwaSaga Is that before the year even ends Kelly Khumalo will probably have moved on to someone elses husband"lol
my condolences nana.u 2 where just a happy couple, he loved you so much that he took a bullet 4 u.may rest in peace. SA★
its all abt the gf what abt wife. Crazy world.
Prospa suffered a stroke.jubjub went to prison.nw senzo was shot dead.khumalo is bad news.
News coming from one of the seven victim who were on the house during the shooting of Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana Captain Senzo Meyiwa is that Senzo was not Robbed. Senzo reportedly left the Birthday party of Rooi Mahamutsa to see Kelly Khumalo. When he arrived at Kelly's house he found Kelly's in laws Zaza fighting with her Boyfriend (fiance). Apparently Zaza's boyfriend pull out a gun and Meyiwa tried to stop the guy when he gun shot him. The Robbery story is not true!
Poor Kelly Khumalo. de father of her first born is in jail and den de father of her second born was short dead.poor kids its really not fear
May you receive Love, strength, healing and guidance from God. You are loved ❤🙏❤
And condolences to Don't let anyone make you feel bad for being human.
Keep Kelly Khumalo in your prayers as well guys... That woman has had to deal with too many tragedies in her life.
To lose someone, in that manner futhi, is the worst feeling, EVER. I say that from experience. Pls go easy on
Since when do people enter a house to rob one for their phone? Let alone 7 of them? This was a hit... Wife & Kelly Khumalo w…
Kelly Khumalo has returned to the house where the late soccer star Senzo Mayiwa was shot
Social media has exposed how callous,cruel&evil some S.Africans can be. Some of these comments abt Kelly Khumalo. Haai cha
CRIME SCENE: This is Kelly Khumalo's house where was shot last night. Read more on the death of...
scenes from outside Kelly Khumalo's family home:
I hate kelly khumalo rha its ol her fault *rip senzo*
Tsho maar black people are creative shame, so they say "if you have a child with Kelly Khumalo its either you kill or you get killed. Hehehe
Sisters are once again taking the lead in bringing down another sister. Kelly Khumalo is hurting and some are hurling insults.
I pray for God to give Kelly Khumalo strength and grace to handle all of the negativity. I also pray she finds peace as …
Some senseless pple already attacking Khumalo for being girlfriend, meanwhile their moms are in simila…
Ngihlanganise woke amathambo wenqondo the only unswer engiphuma nayo iyi1 Kelly Khumalo is behide this if not she knws those killers,why are the police still searching while the unswer is ryt behide there faces?
Lesson number one: Never take a bullet for a girl/lady who doesn't have your ring on her finger. Guys lets stop being super heroes. Life ain't a movie but a show which u can't rewind or repeat. For e.g: jub-jub is in jail, senzo is dead. What do this two have in common? "Kelly Khumalo"
People please call a spade a spade. I'd told senzo to go back to his wife and kids, we wouldn't be in this predicament
I have read and learned how people felt about how dey felt about the passing of Senzo Meyiwa's passing the whole day. Some saying he deserved to die because of what he did to his wife, some blaming Kelly khumalo nd calling her names nd saying she deserves de dark cloud dt has fallen on her nd some blaming her wifes nd saying xe had enough of senzo's shameful doings. Honestly i pray dt de Almighty God gives both Mandisa nd Kelly Khumalo de strenghth to go through dis difficult time. May He be their hope in dis hopeless situation, may He be their calming rain in this hail stormy weather, may He be the Father to the both kelly nd mandi's kids as we all know that He is the father to the fatherless. nd lastly may he be a friend to mandisa nd kelly as He (God) who knows each nd everything that dey r both going thru, wen people will be pointing their fingers, He will be a shoulder to for them to cry on. I also pray that He becomes the strength to de parents of Senzo, de strength dt dey need, strength to his fami ...
VIDEO: singing Kelly Khumalo ’s new single days before his death:
Kelly Khumalo, the girlfriend of soccer player Senzo Meyiwa, who was shot dead, arrives holding a baby at her home http:…
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Thank you you say true things people keep pointing as if he shoot Senzo he loved him with al…
bet u dt whag Mandisa famuly are saying.She wi,, hv to endure a week and a year of mornung for ds $
wanker sounds more like Senzo waiving his stick at his mistress.he choked on his own vomit he shamed hs family
What I'm hearing is Kelly khumalo this and that,did she force Senzo did she put a gun against his head,who was married…
Let he that is without sin, cast the first stone at
I ddnt wanna comment on this one Buht I dont get why people are attacking Kelly Khumalo like Senzo wasnt a full grown make who can make adult decisions
People must just live alone, she also lost a loved one. Why you hating on her? Give her space and privacy to mourn in peace.
ppl are too much judging one side'''the fact is Senzo loved Kelly Khumalo and he spend his last momements with her ''not his wife''if he realy loved his wife why was he not...with her bt with Kelly'''now everyone is feeling sorry fo the Wife'''abt Kelly trauma ''she's a Human too***Ecasukile
udultery Kelly u so embarrasing. We need you on TV we wanna hear yo side
What if the bullet was meant for What if Mandisa had hired people to get rid of Khumalo.
Is it true Kelly khumalo is the one who killed Senzo Meyiwa
An emotional Kelly Khumalo leaves her Vooslorus home
SA please Pray for Kelly Khumalo that girl has seen it all
Senzo Meyiwa got murdered in the house of Kelly Khumalo - the alleged side chick. Let this be a lesson dear 'players' _ no…
I truly feel sorry for Kelly Khumalo. It never gets easy :(
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Kelly Khumalo is in mourning, regardless of what you think of her. Let her mourn in peace.
😰 😰😰 "I hate U kelly Khumalo Senzo Meyiwa would be alive if u were never exist nxx I hate U ***
is this Kelly Khumalo such bad news as iam hearing..?
you can call what ever you want..when gets home,Nzori is a father to her kid. not a superstar.
Kelly Khumalo has left her house driving Senzo's BMW X6 escorted by police. We are tailing them…
you know what I did not know about all this women I wondered why ppl are talking about Kelly Khumalo.So I googled
It seems like every man that comes near Kelly Khumalo he follow by bad luck 1st it was Prosper then Jub Jub and now Senzo who's next and me I don't want to be next
Don't be touched .. "argh.""Zulu girls are ratchet perfect example be Kelly Khumalo" Lmfao !""
Which God gave you the right to judge??? "Kelly Khumalo should be stoned for adultery"
So some of you people you think that Kelly Khumalo is cursed, 1st it was Jub Jub who's in jail now Senzo died... In a nutshell, how I wish julius malema and kelly khumalo would date!
O_O "Owh well.. "Kelly Khumalo officially charged for the death of Senzo Meyiwa - SA P…
❤️ praying with and for you hun. Strength, love and peace for you Queen. 🙏
Kelly Khumalo assists police in identifying Meyiwa's killers: Senzo Meyiwa was shot and killed last night duri...
Pre-match of Saturday evenin, which was Senzo Meyiwa's last game, he was hanging out w Kelly Khumalo, & wildly happy:
Kelly Khumalo's laundry is public. Yours isn't. That might be the only difference between you and her.
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Police deny claims that Senzo Meyiwa was shot while trying to protect Kelly Khumalo. Read more:
Children gathered outside Kelly Khumalo's house say Meyiwa inspired them to strive to be outstanding soccer p…
The late Senzo Meyiwa's final appearance on two weeks ago will be flighted 2nite at 18H00 on SS4/HD ft. Kelly Khumal…
Contradiction In Senzo Meyiwas Death. Reports indicate that Meyiwa was shot dead for a cellphone but Police Investigators rubbish the claim and said the phone was still there charging. Another report stated that Senzo Meyiwa took the bullet for Kelly Khumalo, once again the investigators dismiss the notion. Now Phiyega tells South Africa that Senzo Meyiwa was moving towards the door when he was shot dead. Some one here is lying to South Africa?
Mxm, why SA media "paparazzi" only starts following Kelly Khumalo around when something tragic happens?... Why don't they follow our celebs when clubbing or shopping too? You know like the Paris Hilton vibes. Cameras flashing non-stop every they go... Its fabulous that way.
Ah did u see Kelly khumalo s house aowa batho bawele str8
Senzo Meyiwa's childhood friend was inconsolable as he told reporters about his friend's last moments on earth. Related articles Derby on hold in memory of Senzo Meyiwa Senzo Meyiwa was top of the list Outside Kelly Khumalo's home (PHOTOS) Kelly Khumalo's home cordoned off President Zuma responds to Senzo Meyiwa's death ANC Youth League mourns Meyiwa and Mulaudzi Watch: A video of Senzo Meyiwa that will forever remain embedded in our hearts Meyiwa died protecting Kelly Khumalo Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa shot dead A very distraught old time KZN friend of Bafana’s captain Senzo Meyiwa struggled to speak as he arrived back in the house where the tragic shooting took place. Speaking in Zulu, Meyiwa’s friend, name unkown, told the EWN reporter that the goalkeeper had sent him money to come visit him in Johannesburg. At a loss for words, he said that he had just arrived yesterday to visit his best friend only to have him die in his arms. “We are both from section K in Umlaz ...
Mandisa Meyiwa was the wife of Senzo Meyiwa. Kelly Khumalo is the side chick. Don't get it twisted people
I swore I won't comment but... First of all according to the police Senzo died trying to protect Kelly Khumalo, again according to the police beside the two robbers inside the house nd one outside Senzo was alone with Kelly. So that means the story of "protecting" came from Kelly as no1 else was there wit them. So why r journalists printing it as the bible truth? Secondly in the case of murder the deceased's property should b detained by the police for further investigations. So y is Kelly being allowed to drive around his car? What if there's more evidence in that car that points to Kelly? Aren't they giving her a chance possibly to destroy evidence? And since Senzo is dead and the car legally reverts to the spouse, y is Makhwapeni still being allowed by our learnt authority to galavant around in it? I'm ashamed of our press and our police force... Really
The advent of social media has clearly robbed South Africans of Ubuntu. Kelly Khumalo has lost a lover and a father to her daughter however people are on her case just as they did with Oscar. Allow the woman to mourn the death of her lover. I also read a posting by one certain Mr Malindi loughing at Senzo's death. I'm seriously beginning to curse these platforms. I strongly believe governments need to regulate these social networks, there are no ethics at all
After a drama fill love affair, it is only recently that singer Kelly Khumalo and slain Senzo...
30'er will be talking negative of Kelly Khumalo. She ddnt shot Senzo so I really think ppl should stop judging! After all they got a child together. She must be going through a lot!!! RIP senzo... I will surely miss youfan#
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