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Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo South African singer and actress. She has so far released three albums: TKO, Itshitshi and Siyajabula.

Senzo Meyiwa South Africa Minnie Dlamini Khanyi Mbau Brenda Fassie South African Robbie Malinga

it seems as if you didn't feel anything when Senzo Meyiwa was shot and killed @ your place.where is ubuntu bakho?khumalo.
'I felt nothing when Jub Jub was sentenced': Kelly Khumalo
As Kelly Khumalo and Robbie Malinga keeping us warm during the interval..
Someone please tell the pretty that shes an amizing vocalist. Heaven can wait, keep singing sthandwa!
for those who did not believe Kelly Khumalo was a virgin
"I've had a life I was meant to have.I don't think God would've given me this life,if I wasn't meant to live it" - Kelly Kh…
MUST READ : KELLY KHUMALO tells it all in this INTERVIEW -
ASINE remix by kelly khumalo track agaim
Jealous down, Kelly "virgin" khumalo is so talented, like it not.
The music on the episode of is amaze. Great mix that enhances the story.
Kids of nowadays will never understand how big the Khanyi Mbau vs Kelly Khumalo beef was like the Vegeta vs Goku thotties version
I neva stop loving Kelly Khumalo but this Bonang Matheba she's in my heart too
South Africa has some beauties, the likes of Minnie Dlamini, Kelly Khumalo, Nandi Mngoma. Legit crushes. 👌
Lol,it seems that they got paid for saying lies moer. First it was Kelly Khumalo now Minnie Dlamini. Hayi voestsek man
LMAO! "I feel South Africa needs a new president, so please may you date Kelly Khumalo as…
WellSaid to all Women out there, go out n face the real World n empower urslf n be recognized as StrongWomen,
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Picture of the day: Kelly Khumalo and Arthur Mofokate's Nguwe Lo wedding - Sowetan LIVE - via
Week Highlights: Kelly Khumalo Dishes Out Some Relationship Advice:. "As you grow older there's no qualifications...
Kelly Khumalo is bleaching her skin naye?!? 😪 I don't know if some ladies think that being a "yellowbone" makes your life easy. Childish.
Catch on at 13:00 ... shares her story / she meets for the first time...
Catch on sharing her thoughts on the role of women as we wrap up August at ...
Senzo' s soul is hunting her down Kelly Khumalo's attitude ❤��
Shez got a smile, beauty, energy n voice not forgetting good team
The remix of this Kelly Khumalo track "Asine'We" is a killer track
"Kelly Khumalo is now a yellow bone" Ey sis I guess they all prefer being yellow these days SMH
Lol and you not gonna point any fingers...
Kelly Khumalo's face is yellower than her hands !!!
Oh Kelly Khumalo is also using the skin lightening products. but her hands aren't keeping up with the rest of her pale body.
...Is it my tv color or my eyes showing me Kelly Khumalo's light skinned body xcept for her hands nje dark
Kelly Khumalo's skin brighter than my future . That's another level of yellow bone
When Kelly khumalo forgot to bleach her hands...👀
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I don't believe Kelly Khumalo is looking that hot after having two babies.
Songstress & TV personality, is set to shine at the Cheyenne tonight at 9pm. R50 gets you in!
eyy its hard to hate u Kelly Khumalo uyacula maan that woman can sing despite everything.
So many HATERS outchea following me! – Kelly Khumalo -
Kelly Khumalo pulls an unapologetic Mshoza on fans -
A wise fan, tells Kelly Khumalo to calm her titties down! -
Just knocking off with Kelly Khumaloon Stadium with Mandoza,Zola,Pitch Black Afro and Alaska
How did you go from a virgin to a *** in less than a decade?.. Uyamangaza.. How many kids you got now?
could you please touch Kelly Khumalo's song it's gonna be a massive hit.
Kelly Khumalo is getting married, that *** must know his days are numbered.
Your chances of staying alive and living a good life after dating Kelly Khumalo
Kelly Khumalo and Robbie Malinga make such a wonderful duo. I love it whenever they collaborate.
what a lovely track by Arthur and Kelly Khumalo
Rob The Church is my fav from daym Kelly Khumalo sings man.
New & fresh FAVsong😍 I swear this is a by the gorgeous &
Kelly Khumalo has a beautiful singing voice♡
I'll never stop thanking Kelly Khumalo for this song 🙌🏾 Bless your voice
That Kelly Khumalo song goes in man! 💃💃💃💃 Asine Asine we
we'll see. You don't remember the campaign w/ the likes of Kelly Khumalo a couple of years ago. Did it help?
Kelly Khumalo a couple of years ago.
Was it in Botswana this weekend ,.. *WeekendThings nje .
Did kelly khumalo release that asenne song after being accused of killing Senzo Meyiwa??
Kelly Khumalo, iFani and Chomee cleaning somebody's garden. Awesome people...and yes I took this picture
Vuzu needs to give us the Kelly Khumalo "Stripped Down" that we deserve.
A radio host us single. I'm still waiting to see more known celebs. I'm sure the first one will be Kelly Unfortunate Khumalo
Mfana that Kelly Khumalo mix...where can I get it?
Will this remix of of Kelly Khumalo's. Asine be avail on any online store?
Whenever I hear this song ya Kelly Khumalo I think of Senzo...
If you're going to tell me about kelly khumalo's "reality show" I'll slap you
Kelly Khumalo is rising above the hate .
If there's a South African female singer who can really really SING its Kelly Khumalo...she's right up there with Siphokazi
watseba you do look like you can sing, like yo Jennifer Hudson or Kelly Khumalo kinda voice
Still in love with Kelly Khumalo's voice. ❤️
Kelly Khumalo knows who killed Senzo Meyiwa even Zandi and her boyfriend all of them knew who pulled the trigger why are they not telling the nation the truth all of them are criminals'
Lol, they argue like siblings "Kelly khumalo and Ifani must just get married
Kelly khumalo and Ifani must just get married
Kelly Khumalo got this sexy birth mark on her neck... LOOORD
well done boys... Kelly Khumalo plz play away from Brighton Mhlongo... By
be playing Kelly Khumalo's "Asi nne" just before analyzing Pirates lineup.
m sorry to say this , like any other man who is after kelly Khumalo is meek mill, she is like minaj had all the celeb boyfriend
Man ubufeba pays big money y'all. Kim Kardashian, Kelly Khumalo, Khanyi Mbau, and Amber Rose...y'all see where I am going with this right?
Kelly Khumalo's voice is STUNNING. It's always a treat listening to her!
Well jub jub in jail, senzo died and prosper on a wheel chair if not dead.this Ringo kid is living on the legend dating Kelly khumalo
Saw on a magazine cover that had a headline that said, "Ringo's son is Kelly Khumalo's next victim" next victim nogal
He is dating Kelly Khumalo so... "If Phila Madlingosi does not have a strong mack game, tat'Ringo has failed the nation shame
I read that"Move Magazine Says Phila is dating kelly Khumalo hayi."
So phila is dating Kelly khumalo.oh well something bad like not winning will happen
You people are mad😂 you're calling Phila "Kelly Khumalo's you boy/Ben10" why must we addressed like that for prospering on Abasisi?
I read on some magazine, apparently phila is dating kelly Khumalo
seems like Kelly Khumalo has already got it. Fall back
While we on that Phila guy he's dating Kelly Khumalo now.
Oh Phila on Idols... now I get Kelly Khumalo's role
Because he's dating Kelly khumalo makonya lomfana
Heaven knows how much I love Kelly Khumalo! . 😍😍😍😍
The Khumalo's Kelly and Khule.Khumalo Lol.. Being free of negative vibes and just being happy!
Am playing somizi by khumalo and cry smile and dance by I love those heat good night followers
As humble as MS Zenia is. I gave an admirable rendition cover of kelly khumalo's Asine in the heart of river...
Yess we on high rotation in all SA radios Choppa -sesi ft &
Back in Jozi after a week of promo in Mpumalanga sesi ft kelly khumalo& Masterkraft.
Lol she is going to make our grannies sick ! Yhooo hygiene plz
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Kelly khumalo is beautiful tho hey.
Ifani is bringing water for ogogo wayaya
I blame !! was right , he has no clue why he is even there
... . I like how you talk to ugogo. I can tell you reali took care of your granny
Yho"Do you know she's dating Ringo's son.😭😭"Kelly Khumalo got how many Kids? 4? 5?""
Kelly Khumalo wants a piece of the Senzo Meyiwa millions | Epyk Living
I haven't heard this new Arthur Mafokate x Kelly Khumalo song.
Kelly Khumalo and Senzo Meyiwa at each other's throat again -
Kelly Khumalo has such a beautiful voice. It's so powerful. 😍
This Kelly Khumalo house version is receiving lots of love. Is it her official remix or ke bafana ba pitori?
Kelly Khumalo could potentially be the next Brenda Fassie. her sound is so profound
MESSY FIGHT: Kelly Khumalo and Senzo Meyiwa’s dad, Sam are fighting over her little girl.Meyiwa wants his gran...
Yes! The load shedded! Ooooh modeeemo. Imagine watching a bunch of stupid girls claiming to be what Kelly Khumalo really is
Can Senzo Meyiwa's dad move on and leave Kelly Khumalo alone already. The old man loves publicity jerr!
We have these hot tunes from Kelly Khumalo Asine & Simizi. Which one tickles ur fancy?
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Top spotcoming up shortly, today we up and personal with Kelly khumalo,
Attention-seeker Senzo Meyiwa's dad is at it again ordering Kelly Khumalo - through media nogal - to hand over her baby to the Meyiwas
Senzo Meyiwa's father demands Kelly Khumalo give him her daughter :: NewsBite via
She's so talented"Kelly Khumalo voice bruhh, it hits home"
I know the only thing you guys want from her is the identity of Senzo's killer but Kelly Khumalo can actually sing hey. She sings well
Kelly Khumalo voice bruhh, it hits home
In DRUM this week: Read all about Kelly Khumalo's ghost house
I need the house remix of Kelly Khumalo - Asine. Anyone knows who remix it help!
I love you Kelly khumalo funa jola nawe
Hey Jozi, get to TODAY to meet from 12-1pm and at 1-2pm!
The media can trash her as much as they want khumalo but she writes and makes good music
I love kelly khumalo's song man its so inspiration that comes with it.
This Somizi song ya Kelly Khumalo I like alot.
Kelly khumalo has a great voice bt i woud neva buy her music
I'm having a friday nesthembu sakhe being and these ladies with thi…
Ngofa Nawe by Kelly Khumalo Feat. NVL, found with Listen now: with 4
Get to TOMORROW to meet winner from 12-1pm and at 1-2pm!
REWARD: R150K for info to arrest killers who shot at Kelly Khumalo’s home. Police Tip-off ✆08600 10111
In DRUM: Kelly Khumalo's ghost house. . Neighbours surrounding the house where Senzo was shot now fear …
But who came up with the story sa gore Tsotso Ngele o jola le Kelly Khumalo?
Ntse kesa itse gore Kelly Khumalo makes good music...
Kelly Khumalo- Somizi. Like this song. Makes me wanna attend a membeso so bad.
Kelly Khumalo is probably the best female vocalist in S.A right now... Saying that is so hard because I'm not a fan, but talent is talent.
Kelly Khumalo has that voice. That beautiful voice. She's talented af
News: SAPS have issued a statement confirming that Kelly Khumalo was not involved in the death of Shoes Mosheou!
Why did these artists let Kelly Khumalo have a solo on "We are the World". Bekha manje there's xenaphobia attacks.
When is Kelly Khumalo gonna be on OPW?
They are acting,,tjo reminds me of Kelly Khumalo's show on etv"fake with a capital letter F lol"
No official provincial funeral for it bcs not going out with Kelly Khumalo?
"should add Kelly Khumalo on season2" lol and Minnie Dlamini
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should add Kelly Khumalo on season2
Can she gezela Kelly Khumalo..she'll be sorted fastRT Patiently waiting for the day someone beats TF outta Nonhle.
Diski Divas would have been so interesting with Kelly Khumalo there.
Kelly Khumalo Slays on that we are the world song.. Big S/O
"Kelly Khumalo has a killer body, tjeerr"that's why these guys keep dying over her,she puts in work!
Kelly Khumalo has a killer body, tjeerr
Then there was the voice of Thembisile Ntaka.oh my goodness and Kelly Khumalo.them sistas can sing tjer...:)
I agree Kelly Khumalo. We need leaders to lead us to the future not shame.
Wen said they had a house mix for the kelly khumalo's A senna.. I thought he was jus pullin a lemonka.. Kante he tellin da truth
as i wait patiently for Kelly Khumalo. Hlala phantsi uphuze tjwala man...
Guys jealous down cracked the code, now the world wanna know who is. »»»Kelly Khumalo -...
Did Kelly Khumalo forget her password or what in *** is happening... Miss her 😞😞😞
Rihanna - American Oxygen 😞 Kelly Khumalo can do a killer RSA Oxygen 😊
Bought kelly khumalo's cd for my sis now addicted to it
Did Kelly Khumalo just say Portshepstone Here we come? Omg omg omg
SWEET VIDEO: Kelly Khumalo teaches Senzo Meyiwa's daughter how to sing -
Put the drama aside, Kelly Khumalo is gifted.
Kelly Khumalo is working so hard. She has similar presence as Brenda Fassie. She masters live performance. I'm liking everyday. Keep it up!!
Kelly Khumalo is a thief says Yvonne Chaka Chaka
Qualified Journalist write about Artist whereas Bloggers write about Kelly Khumalo or Cassper Nyovest.
# don't be stupid break up with Minnie Dlamini (Khune) but you breakup with Kelly Khumalo # you clever if you breakup with ha
Kelly Khumalo's Asine is actually a nice track
Kelly Khumalo on Instagram: “Truth be told, you lazy ppl will always blame someone else for your...
So Kelly Khumalo's gig in London is being boycotted due to
In Britain, Africans have boycotted Kelly Khumalo's concert. In Zimbabwe and Malawi,. they are boycotting products... http:…
Kelly Khumalo's concerts have been cancelled in the states & Casper's getting threats from Zimbabwe
What's with this hype about Kelly Khumalo's track,Asinne.☹
will be on SAFM at 19h30 discussing her nomination for Best African Adult Album. Tune in!
Asine by Kelly Khumalo is just that song!! ❤
If not the world, already London is boycotting kelly khumalo's concert
Gud music by Kelly Khumalo. All artists are against xenophobia.
Britain is boycotting Kelly Khumalo's shows,are they sending all Israelites home too?
Congratulations on your nomination keep your head held high
Kelly Khumalo box should be used as a litmus test for when something horrible is about to happen to a black dude.
live on Sunday - Best African Adult Album nominees: &
Big Nuzz, Mafikizolo and Kelly Khumalo had their concert cancelled because of these *** zulus who keep killed innocent people
Only camera can take such beautiful pictures
Londoners boycott Kelly Khumalo's gig because of xenophobic attacks in South Africa.
Apparently Kelly Khumalo's UK tours have been cancelled cz of what her country is doing to migrants :(
Wait, Kelly Khumalo has a tour in the UK??!! The UK!!???!!
UK drops Kelly Khumalo due to the xenophobic attacks
Party animals can enjoy a free show. .
Kelly khumalo and Brickz shows cancelled in UK because xenophobia attacks
Kelly Khumalo's UK tours has been called off owing to the recent Xenophobic outbreaks in South Africa.
Musician Kelly Khumalo forced to cancel performances in Britain after threats to disrupt her gigs over xenophobic attacks in …
Londoners to boycott Kelly Khumalo gig due to xenophobic attacks
Kelly Khumalo's UK Tour Suspended "As a Show of Solidarity with the Victims of Xenophobia"
SA musicians Kelly Khumalo and Brickz have had their shows in the UK suspended by promoters in reaction to the ongoing xen…
Sundowns. In need of Kelly Khumalo's witch doctor! :(
Can I start calling her Grace Kelly Khumalo or is it still too soon?
Kelly Khumalo got mad love for her and her music
Kelly Khumalo and Yvonne Chaka Chaka have something in common what is it?
What do you think bwt the way Unathi Msengana and Kelly Khumalo are using traditional Tswana attires in their music videos ?
Fourth time lucky – WEDDING bells are ringing for Kelly Khumalo!.
and will perform at Diamonds and Dorings in Kimberley (Langleg Resort) next Sun…
Ek is daar! Will not miss this for anything in the world
and will perform at the Diamonds and Dorings Festival in Kimberley on April 5! h…
how can 1 Book you plz provide details
I don't understand why people who throw events make us pay to watch Kelly Khumalo dance, I mean like we gow watch her singing Umkhunyana ***
Kelly Khumalo sizzles during performance, gets people talking!!
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how can Book you.. plz provide details..
Its true I love the sea. So my first official video with Kelly Khumalo yes with Kelly will be shot la egagasini kwelika banana.
Yesterday when kelly khumalo was performing all the *** were drooling
Asine remake-kelly Khumalo-. this dj made it a nuclear weapon its a massive tune
"Pulane is 31? So Ntshumayelo is a ben 10 mus?" remember you said same thing about Senzo and kelly khumalo? Soccer age?
". Spirit Cooler music. On my radio and Cd player.
Who is going to Diamonds and Dorings Music Festival in Kimberley on Sunday? will be there! h…
Wow. Kelly Khumalo kept quiet about Senzo Meyiwa's killers all this time but she claims she loved him 😳😳😳
Afro Café has my favs tonight 💃💃💃❤ Kelly Khumalo & Khaya Mthethwa. What a time to be awake 😀
Kelly the god"There ain't nothing u can do about it! “When a woman's fed up!”"
When is Kelly Khumalo getting married??? I heard people saying she is dating a traditional healer.and they are getting married soon...
Aah! Is only now I'm seeing this, so disappointed
Some celebs are just known 4 their talent, Some are known for being phenomenal is one of those
Did pre-record today of for Human Rights Day with Scary attitudes out …
I have tune in,the sound of your life ,,, we love you Kelly
Kelly Khumalo paints the town red with inyanga
So Kelly Khumalo is just a professional when it comes to being a widow.
Catch an interview with nominee, on OFM (96.2) at 20h30. Don't miss out.
'You forgot your armpits SISTERS' Kelly Khumalo told by fans
Glad that Kelly Khumalo wore proper clothes this time
When I'm ready to die I'll just date Kelly khumalo
Kelly Khumalo is getting married to a sangoma
Telling me about Britney Spears like we don't have Kelly Khumalo, Niyola, Yvonne Chaka Chaka
Hi there! Tonight I'm having a chat with Kelly Khumalo regarding this year's Do you have any questions for her?
"Female Celebrity most likely to be in the news for assault charges against her?" Tina Dlangwana/Kelly khumalo
Guy: Kelly khumalo is lookin for. me. Major League: Slyza Tsotsi
This past Saturday things with after we both kill it.
I wish to do a song with this beautiful soul
Bhaka Dedicate his song Thayi Lemoto to Kelly Khumalo☹Lol why vele?
Hy Kelly? How is life that side of the world?
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I still believe Kelly Khumalo is holding back information that can help SAPS to find Senzo's Killers. Okubuhlungu kakhulu okuka Mthoko Senzo's childhood friend, how can he betrayed Meyiwas like this. He was there kmele engabe kukhona akubona. Im praying to God that one day the truth will come out. Its amazing how fast people can heal and move on with their lives, ai Kelly I wonder how you do it. usumkhohliwe njalo uSenzo. May His soul rest in peace.
We saw the same behaviour when Senzo Meyiwa died. People vilified Kelly Khumalo as if SHE pulled the trigger. Why do we hate women so much?
A boyfriend a day keeps the doctor away. Who is Kelly Khumalo dating today?
In case you missed it: Kelly Khumalo and boyfriend Bhaka are still fighting:
Kelly Khumalo beat up her witch doctor boyfriend... That woman has breasts of steel (cause we can't say balls)
Kelly Khumalo is at it again. Whoever cursed that woman has a very strong witch doctor to say the least.
MOST READ: Kelly Khumalo accused of attacking boyfriend
if you still think Kelly khumalo is being "misjudged" for her disgusting actions.. Clearly u r just as disgusting as her!!
We don't want to marry Kelly Khumalo types; just a bit of fun. And not necessarily virgins...
Dear men, . Please explain. You say you want virgins. You laugh at so called 'loose-girls'. Then you all go crazy over Kelly Khumalo types??
Khumalo attacks new lover, Zamokwakhe Nzama ahead of the annual Metro FM Awards:
"kelly Khumalo moers boyfriend" lmfaoo Kelly can never get a break from the tabloids, born for this 😭
Kelly Khumalo 'attacks' new lover :: NewsBite via
More drama for Kelly Khumalo as reports say she got into a fight before the Metro Awards
So what did your Kelly Khumalo do this time?
KELLY ATTACKS NEW MAN: Kelly at the awards with her familyKelly Khumalo had a dramatic fallout with her new ma...
I'm pretty sure some celeb will date Kelly Khumalo despite people seeing she is bad luck.
Hi.Please vote for me for the Miss Wits Varsity shield 2015. Simply like my pic. Paulette kaise.
Kelly Khumalo is big thing in SADC but she is bad luck with men more than a black cat
Nothing for Kelly Khumalo at these awards. I blame Bra Sam Meyiwa for the bad publicity!
So Kelly Khumalo is a serial killer now. 😂
FAMILY of wealthy, married sangoma and maskandi musician Bhaka are allegedly worried about his relationship with controversial…
So Kelly khumalo want BHAKA to leave this wife?!
😂😂😂😂 adrenaline stuff! "Dating Kelly Khumalo is an extreme sport, she would probably be a hit with white guys
Kelly Khumalo at it again, but why are people so fast to judge?
Kelly Khumalo moers ‘boyfriend’ Bhaka ... mmm here u go again maKhumalo
Kelly Khumalo beat up the bf @ the ,he not sure about their relationship anymore. Ya neh!
LoL "😂😭 "My condolence to the family of they *** that left with Kelly khumalo at the after party"
Kelly Khumalo says she had nothing to do with Senzo Meyiwa's death:
Kelly Khumalo was seen with her new fiance yesterday. Should it be declared that she killed Senzo Meyiwa for her newly found Husband-to-be?
What's with cassper changing caps like the way kelly khumalo changes men on this tsibip music video
[LISTEN] Singer Kelly Khumalo opens up about life after Senzo Meyiwa
Kelly Khumalo to jet out on International tour
When sings "My Journey!". The song itself empowers me holistically, it reminds me that I'm created to write my own narrative.
But Kelly Khumalo's song, Asine is beautiful. And the video is all kinds of greatness.
i wonder how many showers u have to take to Wash off Kelly Khumalo probably 2000
LISTEN to Kelly Khumalo counting her blessings and denying being cursed
"Few hours left Can't wait to see Kelly's performance coz she doeznt wear undies .
Best video for me it has to be Robbie ft Kelly -Ngiyabuza
Kelly_Khumalo on her first tour to the UK. 1st May in London and 2nd May in Manchester.
I love P so much when I die I wanna be buried next to Khanyi Mbau's and Kelly Khumalo's house.
. We are tired of reading about Kelly Khumalo week after week. Don't we have something better to write about other people.
Kelly Khumalo speaks out on dating, being cursed and Senzo's murder - Times LIVE via
Friends let meet tomorrow and more will be perfoming you don't wanna miss this.
Greatest insult to food is pizza with bacon AND avo. Thats like featuring Kelly Khumalo on a Rihanna track :(
Wanna see some snaps from next music video?
1more sleep then we Invade Venda with yours ishmael
yavuhaxi today special Kelly khumalo
has waged a war against They are giving and a break.
Its tiring to see Kelly Khumalo on ur cover page again and again wit her scandals we need to read something new witout Kelly.☹
Hay ngeke Yvonne Chaka x2 must leave Kelly Khumalo alone.I have listened to her Rea lotsha 1997 track and Asine,minor similarities
How can someone say "Lock your sons indoors Kelly Khumalo is coming to the UK" 😂
Oh wow! Kelly Khumalo is very talented u knw she is singing this song like she is a Vehnda gal
I'm enjoying this interview , Kelly Khumalo claim Senzo's Meyiwa father wanted to be famous at her expense
I didn't break Senzo Meyiwa's family. It was already broken before I came into the picture! - Kelly Khumalo on
The irony behind Kelly Khumalo's "Asine" and the tragic death of Senzo Meyiwa though
Aw. kelly Khumalo shares some moment's from her son's athletics day. Totes adorbs
Lady Gaga can sing, she kinda reminds me Kelly Khumalo
this song has some effect in my heart...even though I've listen to It so many timeit*
I like this gal kell khumalo she's a strong woman, go Kelly go!!!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jesus did not die on the cross for 2b a side b*tch
Eish Kelly Khumalo ne. But engaged to who? Cause all the boyfriends are dead
I died after learning that Kelly Khumalo, your sister, is engaged before me
‘I STILL COMMUNICATE WITH SENZO’: Mandisa Mkhize claims she still ke ... -
Ur in my thoughts and prayers god has ruled and we have to admit it and pray for his soul to rest,,RIP
afternoon my sister..i'm with u nd I'm enjoying the music..especially 4 Kelly Khumalo"asinne.
The *** breaking happy families "I head that khumalo found another married man"
Thanks sesi for thia album it reflects true African Ubuntu.
I head that khumalo found another married man
I'm still asking myself gore why this Kelly Khumalo song was nominated for song of the year
First it was Naomi K now kelly khumalo, *** the is on point as always,proudle South African music
Asine By Kelly Khumalo i love the song
Robby Malinga and Kelly Khumalo make a great musical combination...
the media must leave Kelly Khumalo alon
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