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Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo South African singer and actress. She has so far released three albums: TKO, Itshitshi and Siyajabula.

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Kelly Khumalo leaves her home after boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa's death
Kim cant just ignore her. She is like Linda, Kelly Khumalo and of late Nonhle. Mme rra Kim o tshwere thuganyo e e leng gone ke e bonang mo lekgoeng. Tse ke size tsa serowe. Ka modimo.
Top stories of the week: Kelly Khumalo's book, album sales spike after Meyiwa's tragic death
If u cn fck wth a married man . &hv the audacity to make it a public spectacle lyk Kell u cn do anything;strongs
Are you not the one who told me that you and Kelly Khumalo serve SAtan. U knew Kay
Kelly Khumalo trying to 'move on' after Senzo murder -
nd Loko goes lyk "much mucher muchest nd gud guder gudest "lol but she is btful nd she talks lyk Kelly Khumalo...TeamJasekat
Just read the open letter to Kelly Khumalo. It was fair and honest
Dear u r really great singer keep it up girl, don't mind wat people say. Asine rocks
I know it's not easy, but life goes on. I wish you light, You make me proud. Tx for the call nana. 😘…
Kelly Khumalo banned from having sex for 6months-Read here , Like & Share
When the dust settles we'll all see that Kelly Khumalo happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It could have been anyone.
Kelly Khumalo also deserves protection from fame mongers like late Meyiwa's dad.Women Movement missed the opportunity to show it integrity.
I saw those who've never even spoken before, spoke against Kelly Khumalo. The need to blame was misguided & women movement was silent.
Life GOES on for KELLY Khumalo after Senzo’s DEATH >>> photos >>>
let ur mind not be polluted by ignorance of mankind.We all have our dark days.,yet many potray themselves as saints.B strong.
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You gold digger, you sacrificed Senzo's soul forrituals right?: Kelly Khumalo attacked via
She got bills to,pay, kids to raise. "Kelly Khumalo has the nerve to perform on after what happened 2 we…
Sad to read this viral virus open letter to Kelly Khumalo. Why should people be in other people's business kodwa.
"Princess without make-up looks like Kelly Khumalo kwa u r crazy now
Kelly Khumalo will remain one of the best vocalists in this county!!! Done effortlessly.
There's Kelly Khumalo then there's Khanyi Mbau. Keep on confusing the two ladies.
Kelly Khumalo will be perfoming live @ Moses Mabhida 2moro just before Bafana game kick off
Someone please buy me Dj Sbu, Kelly Khumalo and Khanyi Mbau's books. I'm sure they have a lot that I would learn.
So Irvin Khoza was the one who called Kelly Khumalo and told her to please release Senzo Meyiwa's belongings who wouldn't have listened???
Vv must date kelly khumalo or kanjan mabhakaniya?
Pirates players are coming up with excuses as if Senzo was the best player because everytime they lose a game it's gonna be like we are still mourning Senzo s death, to *** with that. pirates is not a 1 man team and the coach must take the blame for SuperSport defeat, I mean we're was Qalinge and Makola. Mom , And now my plea to Kelly Khumalo is to date Jacob Zuma and VV.
Zanokuhle Mbatha confirmed that he was hired by Kelly Khumalo to kill Senzo Meyiwa.
Ain't no use hating on Kelly Khumalo. Married men in the limelight should know better than to cheat on their wives with women in the limelight. Full stop! !
Kelly khumalo arrested for senzo murder
Senzo wanted to leave his wife and marry me says Kelly Khumalo
I blame kelly khumalo for that faken m still pirates fan
We've seen it with the Kelly Khumalo saga and now these careless statements by the Minister of Women: some women are o…
Sam Meyiwa has the same character ka Kelly Khumalo. Hence they don't get along.
According to a media report published this morning by a popular KZN newspaper, Meyiwa family members were allegedly summoned to an undisclosed law firm regarding the reading of the late Senzo's Will. To everyone's shock, Kelly Khumalo was also present at the meeting. "I...
the Meyiwas aggh. i believe God will guide u thru it all.sang "kuzodlula". It shall pass:-)
Did Kelly Khumalo Missed A Goal ? ? COZ they Blame her Now. jus type abashwe if you are hpy .
lost 2-0 against SS.and now the fans are blaming KELLY KHUMALO.
b4 the game. -ssu will not beat bugs. after The Game. -we lost bcoz of kelly khumalo. Senzo must be proud...
"an attention seeking old crocodile who is looking for fame instead of mourning his son's death" said Kelly Khumalo to Samuel Meyiwa=)) =D
if it wasnt for Pirates could hve won tht game this thing owe us a lot sies i hate Kelly
its a lie "Nazo "What?"Kelly Khumalo arrested for Senzo'S Murder
Evry1 knows hu 2 give all this one else ada dan "Kelly Khumalo".mxm
Its all over with marapo aka PieRats who do u blame nw?? Kelly khumalo?? Players or Senzo's death
Senzo Meyiwa's family say Kelly Khumalo must bring the child down to Durban for rituals or else...
"What?"Kelly Khumalo arrested for Senzo'S Murder the link
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Pirates is losing, mxm!!! Kelly Khumalo haven't you done enough??? 😐😐😐
Kelly Khumalo's son looks like a girl and the daughter looks like a man. They both look like their fathers.
Still hiding??Phuma lapho ukhona sisi you can't hide forever..What goes around come back around
it's about time takes her singing career serious. She has amazing voice. Pls close your legs,open your mouth &…
Senzo’s Will: Kelly Khumalo gets the cars and the house
"I have never been loved by anyone the way Senzo loved me."
Senzo Meyiwa's will: BMW X6 and VW Golf 5 GTI go to girlfriend Kelly Khumalo? - South Africa Latest News
Mandisa Mkhize ‘didn’t want to attend Senzo Meyiwa’s funeral’ It has emerged that Mandisa Mhkize didn’t want to attend her husband’s funeral. Senzo Meyiwa’s widow was reportedly persuaded by his father, Sam, to go to Durban and bury him. Mandisa’s friend told The Citizen: “In her view, there was no reason to attend as Senzo was already staying with another woman [Kelly Khumalo] at the time of his death.” The friend added that Mandisa was not sure if she was still regarded as Senzo’s wife. “Given that he had made it clear that he no longer wanted to be with her. She did not want to be seen as defying Senzo’s wishes,” the friend told The Citizen. The Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana captain and goalkeeper was murdered last Sunday. He was buried in Durban on Saturday
Kanene Longwe Twala (bf of Kelly Khumalo's sister) with Bongani Fassie and the other had a song about cheating.
News Update fd Kelly Khumalo senzo9 - Kelly Khumalo at her mother’s house in Vosloorus this week. Picture: Felix ...
Dear Side chicks learn from the Kelly Khumalo / Senzo Meyiwa saga. He is not yours until he leaves the main chick officia…
What will the parents of Senzo Meyiwa say if the inheritance of Senzo's are under Kelly Khumalo? asking
Kelly Khumalo's friends have been receiving messages from her phone which was reported stolen during the robbery in which her boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa was killed. A close friend of Khumalo's, who did not want to be named, showed City Press messages from Khumalo's number,...
MEYIWA'S WIFE SAYS HE CHOSE KHUMALO Slain Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa's wife has said her husband was leaving her for singer and actress Kelly Khumalo, City Press reported on Sunday. Days before Meyiwa was killed Mandisa Mkhize told the paper she had accepted she had lost him forever. "I respect Senzo's decision to be with Kelly Khumalo," Mkhize reportedly said in a sms when asked if she felt betrayed after Meyiwa told her he and Khumalo had broken up. "We did not end things on a sour note. He is the father of my daughter and despite all he is not a bad person. "I wish him well; I am at peace with everything," she said. In April, Meyiwa and Mkhize featured on the cover of Drum magazine, and spoke of their love for each other. The two said during a interview that they were working on their marriage and that Meyiwa had ended his relationship with Khumalo. When Mkhize discovered her husband was back with Khumalo she moved out of their apartment in Buccleuch, Johannesburg. Meyiwa was shot dead last Sun ...
NEWS: From Investigative Journalist, Zamokuhle Mbatha who's been arrested in connection of murder of Senzo Meyiwa was born on 12 September 1987 mean he's 27yrs,he was working in a car wash in the same area and he used to wash Senzo's Golf in many occassion.He's staying not far from Kelly Khumalo house.The community around knows the guy .
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THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS ASKED BY KHUNE ABOUT THE DEATH OF Senzo Meyiwa. I've a couple of unanswered questions regarding Senzo Meyiwe death. Well' before his death Kelly Khumalo perfomed on Robert Marawa show and Senzo Meyiwa was invited, a song she sang it's a Venda one " a sine ndo vulaya vo musanda. meaning am not the one who killed the Cheif. 1. Who saw the "1 suspect that remained outside"? 2. Who saw all 3 of them running away? 3. They fired once at Senzo and twice as they were running away. What happened to the spent cartridges? Did the gunmen pick them up after firing each shot? Did they have so much time in their hands to do such even in the cover of darkness outside as they were running away?? 4. Who is Manqoba "fat free" Oliphant whose account was hacked as early as 7am and posted details about Senzo's whereabouts on that day?? He even mentioned the names of everyone in the house at the time long before.the police gave a statement. PLUS, he has dreadlocks. COINCIDENCE? ??? 5. How did the killers ...
Controversial singer Kelly Khumalo has returned Senzo Meyiwa's cars. Kelly, who witnessed the murder of her boyfriend, has returned the Golf GTi and the BMW X6. Since the murder of the Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates captain on Sunday night, Kelly had held on tight to the two vehicles. "The Meyiwa family collected the cars and some of his belongings last night," says our source who stays at the same townhouse in Mulbarton, south of Johannesburg. Meanwhile the Meyiwa family collected murdered goalie's spirit during a short ceremony at Kelly Khumalo's house in Spruitview, Ekurhuleni east of Johannesburg. Senzo Meyiwa's father, Samuel Meyiwa and other family members of the murdered soccer star, were seen outside Kelly's house on Friday morning. Flanked by five police cars, Senzo's father Samuel and the family members took the coffin through the house where Senzo was shot. "The coffin was covered with a white cloth with red flowers," says a neighbour who was there yesterday morning. "The whole thing lasted ...
So news is that Kelly Khumalo is in a private hospital now, after trying to commit suicide, hours after the funeral of her late boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa. She left a 5 page suicide note.Doctors say had she stayed in that car for 2 more minutes, she'd be dead. Kelly is now angry at everyone who saved her... drama will never end
In biblical times a woman was brought 2 Jesus 2 b punished 4 comiting adultary!Jesus sd if des 1 of u who has never sined let him throw de 1st stone!De multitude left n Jesus told de woman she is freed!Kelly Khumalo is a human being!Put yrself in her shoes if dey hurt she is also hurting!Ive bin acused of many things n dat taught me o 2 Judge aders!Nite my bloved!
We all know that Kelly Khumalo's life is in danger, if you can't protect her pls make sure Senzo Meyiwa's daughter is safe.
Deep down in my hearts of hearts. I believe Kelly Khumalo is innocent. I hope and pray that the truth will prevail and the person behind Senzo's death will b caught. So kelly will move on and start her journey of acceptance. Shem she's been thru A lot. Senzo's Killers#
Kelly Khumalo- Asine( I did not do it) Song she performed on da last interview ne babby lakhe. Ey engathi wayebonisiwe umntanomuntu
No offense good people but it now starting to disturb me the way people look at Kelly Khumalo about the death of Senzo Meyiwa. I acknowledge that the country has lost one of their best keeper, but Senzo Mayiwa Failed to be man enough to protect his wife and family
I dnt think kelly khumalo should b considerd as a suspect leena,y batlogela mandisa?...
Kelly Khumalo talks us through the night Senzo Meyiwa was murdered. tomorrow
"Bathi you cant call Kelly Khumalo a *** if you and your siblings have different daddies"
's dad has reportedly barred Kelly Khumalo from the funeral: via
Men are saying you should avoid side-heauxs like Kelly Khumalo? Because you'll end in a wheelchair, jail or dead? :"""D
Ok lemmi play this jam before ndyo dlala . Kelly Khumalo-It wasn't me
The crowd that is said to be gathered outside Kelly Khumalo's house bathong...ARE THEY MAD?
If anything happens to Kelly Khumalo or her home, we will blame
flying without wings, Kelly Khumalo and me.
you are in my prayers, this too shall pass please be strong. The truth wil come out eventually
Enough is enough leave alone she is going through a lot
Kelly Khumalo is refusing to return Senzo Meyiwa’s belongings to his family. >>>
And as for those crazy folks camped outside Kelly Khumalo's house threatening her? I swear people are deranged and bored...
Yesterday Kelly Khumalo returned all Senzo Meyiwa’s cars. Its about time
Ow kelly khumalo y dat song mara"I've got arrested for thing dat I dnt knw" asi nne weee "u cn even ask aunty its not me" dis song is so sad
We miss you Tata uMadiba only if South Africans will allow to play their role
No matter what anyone can say about Kelly khumalo ,.she is my DIVA and I love her.mourn your man gal in your own way
1st i lyk to pas my condolence to da meyiwa family,frnds ad hs grl frnd,Kelly khumalo.I DIRECTED DIS TO DOS WHO CLAIM DAT KELLY KHUMALO KILLED SENZ:Da player ws never killed by Kelly bt he died in her pls leave her(Kelly) alone xem
Senzo Meyiwa LAID TO REST Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa's coffin was lowered into a grave at the Heroes Acre cemetery in Chesterville, KwaZulu-Natal, on Saturday afternoon. As the coffin descended, a police bugler performed a rendition of The Last Post. Meyiwa's wife wept, and appeared to be speaking to the slain Orlando Pirates goalkeeper as she threw a flower into the grave. Meyiwa's father Samuel looked lost and forlorn, and seemed to be confused after being handed the South African flag that was draped over Meyiwa's coffin. A heavy rain then began to fall. As relatives approached the grave, they too began to weep. Kaizer Chiefs players, led by goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune, placed flowers in the grave. Mining magnate Patrice Motsepe, SA Football Association president Danny Jordaan and Deputy Agriculture Minister Bheki Cele also paid their respects. Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula stood at the grave with a bowed head. Meyiwa's grave was next to anti-apartheid journalist Nat Nakasa, who was buried at t ...
Tragically, a life was lost in this love triangle. And when emotions run high, people play the blame game. Please leave …
Lol "was married to Senzo's family while was married to heart."
Kelly Khumalo a no show at her boyfriend's funeral though she was invited. She had to consider her safety.Fans would'v…
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yes she rightfully is. Kelly Khumalo is not though.
it was Crosper end up on wheel chair, Juju end up jail, senzo underground u know I wonder what wrong with her I wonder what will happen to her next lover around Kelly khumalo there is danger But non of my business
Abantu bafani kodwa babiliswa yinto engabachaphazeli ka kelly khumalo realy ppl u dont have anything 2say something positive about kelly and mandisa lost lets support them nt lighting fire senzo loved kelly khumalo u were nt there u just listening rumous to plz respect senzo personal life let him rest in peace ppl and he loves his wife 2
I dnt feel any remorse abt kelly khumalo she is getting what she deserves poor what a strong lady
Give the people tormenting Kelly Khumalo something useful to do. Let them go dig up a road in Limpopo or even Malawi. They're…
Your hatred for strong women like Kelly Khumalo is so deep in so much that you'd do anything that Angels of darkness whisper in your ears.
POP star Kelly Khumalo remained under 'voluntary house arrest' as she locked and hid herself in her townhouse south of Johannesburg as thousands of people attended her boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa's memorial service some 15km away last Thursday. Khumalo remained indoors all day as journalists camped outsi…
Wow the last time I checked Mandisa was also black"...Apparently, judging Kelly Khumalo means you hate black women."
Kelly Khumalo deserves to die not later but very soon
You know the man who raped and killed a young girl in your area and you didn't tell the police but now you want to burn Kelly Khumalo. Why?
Dis "asi nne" song of kelly khumalo if u play it on repeat thinking of Senzo Meyiwa surely u gonna cry its so sad
Pls good ppl stop persecuting Kelly Khumalo, Senzo loved Kelly, let respect his wishes.
I am a Orlando Pirates fan and I prefer soccer to rugby. The whole Senzo killing is for me rather difficult. Suddenly his girlfriend is the bad one and his estranged wife the good one. For me they are both nice and he, Senzo has been a jerk - Christian or no Christian!!!. I copy: I lied to wife and girlfriend: Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa has opened up about the cat fight that landed girlfriend Kelly Khumalo in jail, and admitted that he never told the singer that he is married. Khumalo was arrested last week on charges of assault filed by Meyiwa’s wife, Mandisa Mkhize, following a heated roadside, physical altercation on the Empire Road off-ramp near the M1 South in Johannesburg. “Kelly is a good woman. She is not the reason for my marriage falling apart,” the Pirates Keeper confessed to Sunday World. “This is all my fault. I lied to them [Khumalo and Mkhize]. “I approached her [Khumalo] and she asked if I was married. But I wasn’t man enough to tell her the truth. As a result, she ...
You probably saw the man who killed your neighbour and you're doing nothing about it yet you want to burn Kelly Khumalo's home. What for?
You should brake your virginity at a very young age or else you gona have bad luck like Kelly Khumalo sex =good luck (world wide)
Kelly khumalo, it doesnt matter what names they call you,one advise: go after the money as hard as you can shamelessly! Milk them girl, hard
So people want to burn Kelly Khumalo's house??..Hooliganism seems to be the order of the day in SA!
Fezokuhle Zulu umuhle, and i love you. Kefibo | Kelly Khumalo. Dineo Moekesti | La Manche my woman of the century
'Meyiwa would still be alive if it wasn't for Kelly Khumalo'
Not siding with anyone, not condoning anything... but the style is controvecial & hazadous like kelly khumalo, so don't f*with it
Kelly khumalo is must stay single 4ever
The threats and insults directed at Kelly Khumalo are not necessarily, it totally unbecoming.
"Angry residents are outside home in Vosloorus threatening to burn down the house Ba…
Who are we to judge Kelly Khumalo? Who are we to call her names? Do we have any evidence that she orchestrated Senzo's killing
kelly khumalo hake batle le *** mona wit ma naked eyes is dengerous bf ya hae ya pele is on wheelchair bcs of her the other one at prison Senzo is now dead who s next guys stop prostituting
Hayi guys, where have people's sensibilities gone? Leave Kelly Khumalo alone. Let her grieve and be the mother she needs to …
"[LISTEN] Kelly Khumalo's daughter entitled to part of Meyiwa's estate cc
One thing I respect Kelly Khumalo for throughout this whole thing is how she kept mum
plz take care of tht babygirl of urs cz she wil alwys be a reminder of how much Senzo loved u plz be strong 4 her she needs u
it is well. Stay strong this too shall pass.
Such lies around this Kelly Khumalo issue...gosh
[WATCH] Senzo's father is willing to forgive Kelly Khumalo |
cousin Siyabonga Miya has told reporters that Senzo loved Kelly Khumalo and his wife Mandisa had made peac…
Basically Kelly Khumalo's fault is being Kelly Khumalo. That's it.
Watch Kelly Khumalo talk about Senzo being a great father, weeks before he died:
Stay strong woman, God is with you.
I did not see Kelly Khumalo...maybe I just didn't notice her.
Gosh, I don't like where this story is going regarding Kelly Khumalo☹
"Kelly Khumalo did not pull the triger"
A friend of suspect says he (suspect) washed Kelly Khumalo, Meyiwa's cars so KK should have been able to identify him immedia…
Everybody has sumthin to say about Kelly Khumalo and Senzo Meyiwa,right? Here's the thing,Senzo was a married man (happily or not) but that didnt give him the right to openly cheat and flaunt his affair in public. If his wife had a public affair with a celebrity how would he feel about it? When your girlfriend and her sister beat up your wife,what does that say about the way you treat and care for your wife? Celebrity or not,being a role model does not start and end on the pitch. This tragic event started with Senzo,had he been at home working on his marriage instead of trying to boost his public image by choosing to date and openly flaunt his celeb girlfriend,this tragedy probably wouldn't have happened.So Shame on Senzo for cheating and openly disrespecting his wife by flaunting his affair in public. Shame on Kelly Khumalo for dating a married man and for beating up his wife and finally,Shame on Mandisa (Senzo's wife) for allowing herself to be humiliated in public n for stayin in a marriage with a man ...
Sanibona endlini guys nginombuzo la. If jesus was able to say go and sin no more to the woman who comitted adultry. so why people say Kelly Khumalo must not see where the father of Her Child is buried?why we judge her this much. Senzo loved her. Why don't we let her mourn as anybody else did?
I wouldn't love to see the mother of my child suffering like Kelly Khumalo is even if she orchestrated my killing. My spirit will never RIP!
Dear Kelly Khumalo You dated Prosper Mkwaila...he is now in a wheelchair. You dated Jub Jub...he is now in jail. Then you dated Senzo...he is now dead. Next, could you please date Julius Malema.
this Kelly Khumalo song is very nice. I love it
As a number one support for# meyima god showed today I am a great man too
Can you just sit for one minute and think about what kelly khumalo might be going through
Le migqakhwe are calling Kelly Khumalo a *** Look in your own family and see the similarities.
Hold On be strong I knw its hard for you ...
Someone Wrote! Dear Kelly khumalo we need help kelly. 1. u dated Prosper and now he is in a wheelchair. 2. U dated Jub jub and he is in jail. 3. U dated our hero Senzo Meyiwa and he got shot. Please date our President! angisathandi manje!!! This is wronG
Dear Kelly Khumalo I am writing to you in the wake of your popularity (or is it notoriety) this week to ask you to refrain from displaying your abundance of vanity in public. I don't think it suits you well. By the way ungubani vele wena? Who are you? I vaguely remember a girl by the name of Kelly Khumalo who told a Magazine and anyone who cared to listen that you were a virgin. Was that you? At the time I said good gracious Lord...are those things still around! I did not know that you have since procreated...sorry I mean popped two babies with different men. What kind of a virgin are you? Perhaps, they have since changed the definition. Please excuse my ignorance. I have never met a virgin. I also hear some serious allegations that you're a celebrity. Please tell me it isn't true! Lately, I am told you were in love with the late Senzo Meyiwa. Wasn't the guy married? I also didn't know this. After the poor guy died in your arms apparently, you were spotted driving in his BMW. Tell me it isn't true! ...
Lol! RT"Due to catching feelings, Kelly Khumalo to be dropped as President of...
My love for meyiwa was full fit thanks bafethu next to my uncle
those fans are stupid bcoz Nzori went there out of his own will.
Asinne asinne o vhulaya Vhafuwi along to Kelly Khumalo's Asinne :D ***Excuse my Tshivenda :v Oh man it's a great song indeed. No wonder Senzo loved it
The fate of Kelly Khumalo's men: Prosper in wheelchair, JubJub in jail, now Senzo shot dead in her house. Can she date JZ n…
You people must just leave Kelly Khumalo alone hey! Ae...
What is this I hear about a private investigator claiming Kelly Khumalo withdrew R250k from account after he w…
Angry residents are threatening to burn down home in Vosloorus
It's sad that wish to love Kelly Khumalo was not respected. Thanks to Siya for making it known to the world …
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I want to hook my ex with Kelly khumalo, I trust her taba tsahae
They say everybody got his own Kelly Khumalo, let me call myne.
Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo Kelly Khumalo has gone through a lot over the couple of months ago. Since her affair with slain soccer star, Senzo Meyiwa was made public knowledge; she has been called ...
Le bolokile jwang senzo? khumalo be ale gona? last fare well held 2day in moses mabhida soccer field.
DRUM chatted to Kelly Khumalo about her new album, being a mother and whats next for her. Follow us on
Men are always advised 2 respect other people's wives but women eat married men easily,why vele?has nothing 2 do with Kelly Khumalo, dont put her into dis,ryt.#
Kelly Khumalo returns all goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa’s cars!
Hands off Kelly Khumalo!!! Boyfriend and Baby Daddy is about to go 6 Feet Under. Kelly ga a bitsa Senzo!!! Senzo o ikisitse koo. Kelly o nametswe ke batho okare bona they have never slept with monna wa motho. Tlogelang Kelly
MAN CHARGED TO COURT FOR MEYIWAs MURDER as SUPPORTERS ARRIVE FOR MEYIWAs BURIAL. BY PATRICK OGBOGU A 25 year old local resident of Vosloorus , Ekurhuleni in South Africa, Zenokuhle Mbatha appeared in court last Friday in connection with the alleged murder of late South African football Captain Senzo Muyiwa. According to Gauteng Police chief, SA, Brigadier Neville Malila, the accused killer of the ex Bafana Bafana FC keeper and captain Meyiwa, the accused local was arrested and charged on the ground of positive identification. "After receiving information about a number of suspects on Friday , we conducted an identity parade during which some of the witnesses identified Mbatha.He said. Mbatha would appear in court again on November11 where he was expected to apply for legal aid. The South Africa football captain, Senzo Meyiwa was shot dead in Vosloorus, Ekurhleni Sunday while trying to defend his girl friend and South Africa singer Kelly Khumalo from robbers who forced into her house to rob her. Meantime, ...
used to call him mr open net aka kelly khumalo, now i cnt believe i cried whn i saw rebecca singing dat song, n i was like why did he go so early, only God knows, RIP senzo, we are alredy missing u ,u deserved to be hounerd dey way u wer todae ,king nzori meyiwa ,KING OF LuMBUMBASHI ,gone bt neva forgoten
If Kelly Khumalo uyayazi uba why u Nzori elele pha one day uzophendula. Aphendule nengabuzwanga kuye.
I jst want find out frm South African's..does anyone blame kelly khumalo for Senzo Meyiwa death & why?
okay.. if I see one more Senzo Meyiwa and Kelly Khumalo post I'm gona scream
Kelly Khumalo this, Kelly Khumalo that. 1st it was Alicia Keys...then Kelly unfortunately her scenario ended with death. All insults were said. But at the end of the day I say everything points back to us women. Thousands in churches are women wanting & praying for marriages, again it's numerous women agreeing to date married men. Truth be told the power is in our hands, question is do we know our worth? Question is when dating a married man and he bombards you with all the sweetness on earth, what is it you trying to achieve whilst your affair is damaging another soul sticking to vows at home? Again to the married woman whose neglected and shamed for years with a ring but no husband, we understand our culture will salute you for enduring the abuse for years in expense of your happiness and that when the abuser dies you get the pensions...but darling again if you know your worth no man can take you for granted for years without you stepping out in dignity. A worthy companion will find you, life is a journ ...
I still wish to know the whole truth now that the funeral is over, I can't judge Kelly Khumalo now. What would she gain by killing Senzo? Why would she kill him while he was living his wife for her? Mandisa on the other hand I can't judge aswell. She was married to this man,with kids then he dated some1 else. Suppose to be at a party with her but he went to Kelly Khumalo's house. Why Kelly egoloza nezimoto? Why izigebengu did not hide their faces? Yohhh! Trust me there is a lot we don't know! Let's hope the truth come out.
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Whoever has Kelly Khumalo's Asine song kindly whatsapp it to ma number!
Kelly Khumalo hit list!! First it was Prosper he is siting on a wheel chair now. Second was Jub Jub if landed in prison, Third is Senzo may his soul rest in peace. Now is time for Zuma, mthathe Kelly it's up to you as always. Lol.
May every cheatin man be blessed wif kelly khumalo
Kelly has the right to mourn her lover - Meyiwas must embrace Mkhize, Khumalo A FEW years ago, CNN journalist and author Fareed Zakaria asked President Jacob Zuma at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, whether he loved all his wives equally. It must have been difficult for him to explain his love for his many wives to a culturally hostile audience. One wonders whether Zakaria had for a moment thought Zuma would provide a different answer. Imagine what would have happened had he spoken about the relativity of love for his wives. It would have been disastrous. Those relegated to lower levels of the love table would most likely have made Mamelodi Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane's perennial rainy eyes look like nothing. Don't rule out the possibility of something akin to a service delivery protest at the Zuma household: those at the lower levels of the love table ganging up onNumber One. In response to Zakaria, Zuma could have chosen to place Nompumelelo, the wife alleged to have once cast her curio ...
If playing for Orlando Pirates and acquiring few bafana caps enables one to have provincial/state funeral. Truly speaking this country has a huge gap btween the have n the have nots. Crime is a huge factor in this country, lots of people die everyday bcause of crime, poor miners were shot by police and non of them got a show stopper funeral, so this boy dies @ a bloody makhwapheni's house "kelly khumalo" nog aan and now he deserves a heroship funeral. Hai no *** thata bana ba thari e ntsho!
Double standards. It is clear that the Zulu community and its populace have double standards. They continue to treat women with contempt. King Goodwill Zwelithini has 5 wives the last he picked at a reed dance was 17 year old at the time, gave birth to his child before they were married. He has 28 children. President has six wives, one of them died has 20 children. Why are the rules different for different folk. The reason i am saying this is because of the outrage the same community is showing towards Kelly Khumalo. Calling her a home wrecker etc and ostracising her. In any relationship it takes two to tango. We have seen that Senzo Meyiwa enjoyed his last moments with Kelly. She did not invite him into her home, he went there. He was separated from the wife the father says he paid Lobolo for. Since when that is so important. Irrespective of Kelly's background, the fact remains Senzo wanted to spend time with her and be in her company. That is the person he chose. At this very moment his s ...
Ok I do get this ting of not being judgemental but to ladies out there ungavuma indoda yakho yazane no Kelly Khumalo
Warning Warning!!! The public is adviced to stay away from Kelly Khumalo...her ex-boyfriend Prosper is in a wheelchair, boyfriend Jub-Jub is in jail and now boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa is now let there be no boyfriend .
Kelly khumalo wil u ever get over what happened. .wil u ever recover? I feel for u today really I do .I dnt doubt dat u loved each other. . . m nt yo fan bt I understand yo pain lovie
"SAPS confirms that Meyiwa was not protecting Kelly Khumalo when he got shot" ~ Sowetan Live
Shem Kelly khumalo I must say that senzo did not love you because he didn't marry you so you have jealous because you know very well that senzo was married you make baby and you wanted to end their marriage and it sin to me I say think if it was you the one who your. Husband is killed in girlfriend house how will you fell?Senzo,have wife so stop telling us that senzo loves Kelly because he didn't introduced her to his family.
Kelly what you must know Senzo did love you .and the whole world knows.its so sad that you are a victim in his passing,only God knows be strong ntombi yakwaKhumalo khulisa ingane zakho.dont forget God,in your life He will guide you through.
Fikile Mbalula had power to say "Stop attacking Kelly Khumalo because she is also lost someone she loved" but he didn't
May Senzo Meyiwa soul rest in peace.Kelly Khumalo may she find some comfort together with her beautiful child,so...
"Meyiwa's taking Kelly to court?" Senzo Meyiwa?s father is taking the legal route in order to retrieve his son?s belongings from Kelly Khumalo. Read more:
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“It was not easy watching the man you love die”,Kelly Khumalo said “Everyone is invited to morn with us funeraleng ya Senzo except Kelly Khumalo. If my son never dated her n went to his place he would stiil be alive”,Samuel Meyiwa (Senzo's father) said Mxm I feel for you Kelly though you were never really my favourite person! The only person who stood up for you when the world was insulting you like this again is dead! Surely you feel like the whole has deserted you girl mxm shem! As for the Meyiwa's family bona they gotta get over themselves not over Kelly kannete! RIP Senzo Meyiwa Pirates will never be the same again without you!
FACT: Senzo Meyiwa loved Kelly Khumalo only if he could talk I believe he would've wanted her to mourn him on mattress.
So this Zamokuhle guy who was arrested for killing Senzo Meyiwa is the reason why... 1. The Derby is not playing today 2. The entire nation is crying 3. Prasa sent trains and buses to KZN 4. A statue has to be build 5. Kelly Khumalo was called names and humiliated If he gets a good lawyer and a poor judge like Masipa he will be running the streets killing again. Jail is not enough for him, He must be crucified and be burned at the same time. Enough is enough I'm gonna start a petition on Monday. Is about time we became harsh to killers
So many harsh moral judgments passed on Senzo Meyiwa and Kelly Khumalo. I wonder if our private lives can stand public scrutiny for a minute.
The fact that the only issue about Meyiwa's death that y'all see worth discussing is the Kelly Khumalo drama saddens me. - Last year, Jacob "Baby Jake" Matlala (boxing WORLD CHAMPION) died, people paid no attention. - Last week, Mbulaeni Mulaudzi (renowned athlete, Olympic silver medalist & WORLD CHAMPION) died, again people paid little to no attention. - Senzo Meyiwa (only been Bafana captain for a couple of weeks) dies and the country is at a stand still, a statue of his is proposed :o In which way does this make sense? How many people are shot dead everyday? Hundreds. Of those cases, how many have a R150 000 reward offered for info regarding murderers? My guess is 'close to zero'. In which way is this fair?
Families fight over Meyiwa’s belongings Johannesburg - Senzo Meyiwa’s family is allegedly considering legal action to compel the goalkeeper’s girlfriend Kelly Khumalo to hand over his personal belongings, including clothes and two vehicles. The Star has been reliably informed that Khumalo flatly refused to give the Meyiwas their son’s property when the family went to the townhouse they shared in Mulbarton, southern Joburg. Sources told The Star on Thursday morning that the Meyiwas arrived at No 55 of the upmarket complex shortly after 7.30 on Wednesday night to collect the soccer star’s belongings. The family apparently arrived with Orlando Pirates boss and PSL chairman Irvin Khoza’s wife. Among Meyiwa’s relatives was his younger brother and some extended family members. The family called the police for an escort before they went into the house. Three police officers arrived shortly after 8pm. Then the Khumalos, including the songbird’s mother and sister Zandi, arrived. “Kelly was spotte ...
Tina Thabethe wrote: I am very dissapointed by some of your status updates, where you're mocking and insulting Kelly Khumalo. Let me be very clear here. Senzo Meyiwa, may his soul rest in peace, was not a child. He was an adult, a MAN, with capacity to make decisions on his own. Kelly did NOT put a gun to his head and force him into a relationship. Kelly did NOT rape Senzo. These were two adults who consented to a relationship. All their recent photos that are splashed all over the internet show two adults happily engaged in public displays of affection. Their interview on DRUM magazine of two weeks ago shows clearly that Senzo WANTED to be with this woman and supported her by accompanying her to her rehearsals. He allowed journalists to take photos of him with Kelly and Kelly's sister, he posed for those photos willingly. He was unashamed to be seen with Kelly. Now that he is dead, you want to present him as this innocent person and Kelly as this bad woman, this *** . Quiet frankly, it is Senzo who wa .. ...
People always have something to say, especially on the Senzo Meyiwa and Kelly Khumalo's case as if there know truly how Senzo felt about her, either way it non of my business and doesn't make me a cent, but what I would like to pass through, STOP judging on something that doesn't concern you, just help the family with blessings and prayers, besides that kwahle ukuphapha.
We want Gerrie Nel on this Kelly Khumalo case. Too many things don't tie up.
5 Marriage Mistakes That Killed Senzo Meyiwa Now I love football, I am a huge fan since time immemorial. I also know that football is all about MISTAKES. The defenders or goalkeepers need to make mistakes before the opposition is able to score a goal and win the game. It’s the same thing with our lives, romance, marriages and relationships. Soccer player, husband and father of three girls, Senzo Meyiwa, made some marriage mistakes outside of his usual tuff, the football field, which I felt contributed in bringing an end to this great and passionate individual. For the record Senzo met his wife Mandisa Mkhize in Johannesburg in 2005. They got married in 2013 and barely a year later he was seeing (cheating with) singer Kelly Khumalo albeit without Mandisa’s knowledge. Mandisa later found out and a saga ensued with Kelly assaulting Mandisa. Senzo has gone back and forth between the two women over the past year and recently went public with Kelly by his side. Are we surprised he was murder while he was wi ...
Kelly Khumalo is welcome after all at the funeral of Senzo Meyiwa :)
Playing wow Kelly she knows her story you very good keep on the great work...
The eerie theme of Kelly Khumalo's new song 'Asine', about a woman accused of killing her husband, has raised eyebrows in the wake of her boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa's murder.
god will help us if u not involve RIP menziwa
I don't know what to make of Kelly Khumalo's case with Senzo Meyiwa. Early media reports suggested Meyiwa took a bullet for Khumalo, although this remains unconfirmed. For me, if it’s true, it’s a scene from Romeo and Juliet. The ultimate love story with the ultimate tragic ending. What’s interesting about all of this is that, in a metaphorical sense, Khumalo took the media “bullet” for Meyiwa at the start of their relationship. In these matters, it seems it is always the woman who is to blame and not the man. It is always the woman who is the home-wrecker, not the man. Senzo was an adult, a man and a father. He made his own choices and took decisions whereby he defied his own family and society to a certain extent. It is not fair that this is blamed on Kelly. Kelly is human as well and its not as if she put a gun on Senzo's head forcing him to love her. Senzo was old enough to decide on what he wants. If anyone wanted answers, they should have asked Senzo whilst he was still alive.
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Khumalo Can Come To The Funeral – Meyiwa Family: Singer and actress Kelly Khumalo will be permitted to attend .
Dear: Kelly Khumalo First u dated prosper he ended up on a wheelchair then u dated jub-jub he ended up in prison nw its senzo he is u pls make Julius Malema yo next target. Thank you!
Dear: kelly khumalo you dated prosper,now he's on a wheelchair. You dated Jub jub now he's in jail, you dated senzo mayiwa they shot hem now he's dead.. Could you please date Julius Malema SYAKUCELA! from: ANC MEMBERS
Djmjithah Clubrockerz wrote: Dear: kelly Khumalo You first dated prosper now he's on wheel chair You dated jub jub and now he's in jail You dated senzo now he's short dead next
Kelly Khumalo is welcomed after all at Senzo's funeral -
"Lol Taura hako but on another note though,Kelly khumalo's got bad luck when it comes to relationships.😳"
If I were Kelly Khumalo I'd be busy getting an emergency dress from David Tlale so that Saturday "Kunyiwe"
Chief mourner Kelly Khumalo can cause a stir, writes
Chief mourner Kelly Khumalo can cause a stir
Dis is my first status regarding Meyiwa's death . Ppl say they h8 Kelly Khumalo ,others get so furiuos wen dey talk abt her to and extend dat,dat affect their personal lives .. tota mare.. ? O ka kgotswela mo2 yo o kwaa ,yo o senang sepe le wena ,she doesnt care anyway . And as for Mr Meyiwa. Thank u for the contribuation at pirates sins 2007 ,thank u for leading da team to African Champions league final ,u proved dat u r really Okpara Jnr . And thank u for another win on saturday ,u took da only star studed team in da country to the semifinal. The team will pay tribute 2 u ka go fenya makgaolakgang a
Eish im imagining de pain kelly khumalo is going through...people be insulting her,blaming her for wat happened even to her ex-lovers...imagine if it was u mxm,a person dying in ur arms,dey want to take wat ur lover bought u out of love
Kelly khumalo didnt even have A Like page :v :v i see
Iwona amadoda akhohlakele umuntu ashiye unkosikazi wakhe endlini ayofuna izeqa mgwaqo,yekana u Kelly Khumalo phansi washelwa waqoma bakwethu yikona ke nje ukuthi unezwaca emadodeni isifundo lesi sawo wonke umuntu if u are maried stick to yo partner if u have a fiance or fiancee to him or her finish!. Kusho mina ngisho
Dear Kelly Khumalo. We plead for your help You first dated Prosper now he is on wheel chair, you dated Jub Jub...
So kelly khumalo realeses a song Asinne 2 weeks bck meaning its nt me who killed my lover nd surprisingly 2weeks later the lover dies in her presence
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the most misunderstood person in SA.
"Meyiwa family have arrived in JHB to perform a traditional ritual at Kelly Khumalo's house,where w…
MOST READ: Kelly Khumalo’s friends get messages from stolen phone:
Hands off to kelly khumalo people a ke le bontsheng Botho
Sometymz u dnt choose whom to fall in-love with...leave Kelly Khumalo out of this, she has nothing to do with this, the worse part is that women are attacking Kelly as if she is the only one having an affair with the married man. be with u Kelly
Unbelievable so fast there is a song by KELLY khumalo saying Asine ndo vhulayaho mufun'a wanga if you don't believe I can send you via whatsapp tjotjotjotjo..!
If you post about Kelly Khumalo you get a hundred comments but if you post about politics/economics you get one comment. As if gossip will employ you and pay your bills. Ngiyile type eserious...
Kelly Khumalo is refusing to bring back Senzo Meyiwa's BMW X6 unless they allow her front row seat at Meyiwa's funeral scheduled for this Sat at Moses Mabhida Stadium. NewsFeed
Newspapers focus on Kelly Khumalo after Meyiwa's death:
Skeem saam excuse me.did kelly khumalo hired those thugs to kill sezo meyiwa or some players are jealousy about his archivement or some people did this to frame kelly khumalo
Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa died in his girlfriend Kelly Khumalo’s arms.
We all supporting Kelly Khumalo not cos we believe she is right but bcause we r also guilty of such.Not the most profound sense of judgement
You know she is a certified side chick when she defends Kelly Khumalo. Well I'm sippin on tea.
uthixo ukhona sisi,and we serve a living God who is always at work.God knew all this before u were even born,so let it be
how can Senzo's dad say Kelly Khumalo is a curse to the family,like honestly your son ran after her not the other way around
But was that Kelly Khumalo's house where the murder occurred looks like a crib in Mabvuku or Tafara.
Family said Kelly Khumalo cant go to the funeral, people were up in arms. Now they say she can go, people still complain. LO…
Apparently Kelly Khumalo is now allowed to go to the funeral. Which is a good thing!!
Chief mourner Kelly Khumalo can cause a stir When I read about Kelly Khumalo being barred from attending the fun...
Its amazing how all attacks are directed at Kelly Khumalo as if wazishela and forced Senzo to love her... aninaOrder kuTw…
Kelly Khumalo is now welcome at funeral this weekend
Kelly khumalo is not allowed at all to attend Senzo Meyiwa's funeral follow eNCA
Meyiwa family says Kelly Khumalo can attend the funeral
Finally!good sense prevails. Senzo Meyiwa's dad changes his heart abt Kelly Khumalo's presence at his son's funeral. Love & strength 2 both
Ka nnete side chicks will side with Kelly Khumalo.period
Heeban! "Kelly Khumalo welcomed to attend funeral. Live on DStv 405
Dear kelly khumalo. You dated prosper and now hes sitting in a dated JubJub nd hes now in dated senzo and now he got shot and died.. Can u please Date Jacob Zuma?
Kelly khumalo hle o sebete. Ke gore that car is hers now.
Meyiwa family welcome Kelly Khumalo to attend Senzo's funeral for the sake of their child Thingo.
since u r writing a letter 2 Kelly, I think the wife should receive 1 2. It nice being a celeb in SA
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Nne tshine nda divha tshone ndi tshauri musidzana u tou ambisiwa a ni funa na ya na lala nae na mufha nwana, zwino no no fa u jena gai nwana wavhathu, leave Kelly Khumalo alone coz she ddn't commit a crime by falling in love wit Senzo Meyiwa like evn u do, stop harasing Kelly coz evn u, u r in love wit mrrd man, so pls Kelly ddn't do anytng coz she ws not at Senzo's place but at her place, so wt's rong did she did on dat matter, oh guys *** on!!!
Bathong err.. ":O "Kelly Khumalo has been arrested in JHB Booysens for Speeding"
Oh oho ohho he is able... *singing along* God is able to do what he said he will do. He is able to do abudently above what we think or could even imagine. He is able to chnange our situations. Nke re tlogeleng Kelly Khumalo le Senzo banna and focus on God.
A Lashingly Sad Week it is as we fear for our Lives in S.A..Without more Fear It is with Great sadness that we can never feel comfortable whereas the License to carry a Gun can stop the World in Mourn of a Celebrity/Public Figure/Hero to many/Famous person and take such a drastic situation to be taken serious only when we lose such person's of that calibre...i question society that why did it have to take these people for us to realise that people shall end up hurting one another in thee name of "It was Self_Defence?"I, as a Proudly South African feels its time South Africa took action!there are many of those in a daily basis loose their lives unnoticed for they are normal Citizens and now that is happening in the Lives of people in the limelight it is to be taken into consideration??I am personally saddened even by how "We South Africans Take such a situation as a Mockery??"what happened to life when there was no media platform that again?society goes to say "Its Freedom of Speech"yet you speak bad of t ...
Dear Kelly Khumalo You dated Prosper, now uhamba nge wheelchair,U dated u Jub jub nd nw he's in jail, u dated Senzo nw he's been shot and you still drivng around nge moto yakhe engeka ngcwatywa,Wht's next? Why don't you date u Malema akbonise abntu abafana nawe bathwani,Pls don't *** to the Memorial service nalo Khanyi Mbau nizintloni
Aubrey Mabaso in rlshp with Kelly Khumalo jst nw
What if Kelly khumalo is the beneficiary to all senzo's assets? The man was inluv, who r we to judge! even his family is realizing that.
It's sad how people think they " Know Kelly Khumalo" whereas they don't!!! She was happily IN LOVE with Senzo, YOU WERE'NT THERE... judging her based on her past proves how limited people's intelligence/maturity is.
Me and KELLY KHUMALO!! we meet at rhythm city shoort 2years back!... she lyk mans to much & drinks!!
To date Kelly Khumalo,you have to have a good escuse for your wife,a good lawyer and a good life insurance.
Lunch we a having a lil discussion here then ma frnd advises me dat."If Senzo dies Kelly Khumalo has everything to loose n Mandisa has everything to Gain." Then da timing of da song Kelly Released is not questionable but unique.Pehaps its jus anotha violent crime.As we await da Law 2 take its course.
NOT ALLOWED TO ATTEND FUNERAL Reports in South Africa indicate that Senzo Meyiwa's family has told Kelly Khumalo not to attend Meyiwa's funeral on Saturday. Apparently Meyiwa was shot at Kelly Khumalo's house, her girlfriend. He was shot by intruders who are reported to have stolen the cellphone. KHUMALO'S FRIENDS RECEIVE MESSAGES FROM STOLEN PHONE NUMBER Meanwhile, other reports indicate that Kelly Khumalo's friends have confirmed that they are receiving text messages from the phone alleged to have been stolen by the intruders who shot boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa on Sunday.
I feel sorry 4 Kelly Khumalo. Nobody is on her side as if wazishelela kuSenzo.If ifamily kaSenzo ingamdingi emngcwabeni ingane ibekwaphi kulesosimo? Wat if ingoduso eyenzelento n Kelly has nothing 2 do with ths? Hhay fellow SA. Baphi omama abazolwela uKelly?
Dear Kelly Khumalo we need your help hle: •You dated Prosper he endend up on a wheelchair. •Then you dated Jub Jub he ended up in jail. •Now you were dating Senzo and now he's dead. Please do something ka Jacob Zuma!! want our money back!!
People are busy judging kelly khumalo,meanwhile they don't even know the father of their kids :/
The Meyiwa family has made a u-turn. Kelly Khumalo is now welcome to attend the memorial service this afternoon in Standard Bank Arena and the funeral on Saturday. This goes to show how Senzo grew up in this humane family with christian values. It's not for them to judge. I salute the family! Mara me think she must forget about any inheritance. I will also forget my christian values if she even dreams about it. R.I.P Senzo!
If Kelly Khumalo was really driving around in Meyiwa's car, i suggest she visits a psychiatrist!!
Here's a small breakdown of finding our icons killer... 1) arrest Kelly khumalo 2) bring back bheki cele 3) let the npa deal with the case 4) let nel be the judge
Ironic that people call Kelly Khumalo the adulterous witch.she wasn't even married to anyone but Senzo Meyiwa was the one married to Mandisa... Why kavese do people blame the girl most of the time instead blaming both the people involved?
Very Sad: KELLY SIMCARD SCAM IT IS only four days since Senzo’s death . . . and already cellphone thugs are trying to make a quick buck out of the tragedy. Singer Kelly Khumalo, who was football star Senzo Meyiwa’s lover and the mother of his daughter, has been hit by a simcard scam! On Tuesday night Kelly’s friends, including the author of her book, Melinda Ferguson, singer Wanda Baloyi and Athi Geleba all received messages from Kelly’s cellphone number asking for financial assistance. This is apparently the number of the phone which cops confiscated as part of their investigation following the murder on Sunday night. Wanda unfortunately fell for the scam and deposited R3 500, thinking she was helping a friend in need. Speaking to Daily Sun, an angry Wanda said: “I can’t cry about it but I’m sad people can use such a situation to make money.” She said it makes her ask questions about the morality of some of the people in the country and the ability of the police to protect citizens. “I ...
Hie frends,if u knew or where related to Kelly Khumalo wat wld u say to her? or hw wld u handle ths in her shoes? Just curious to hear yo views
Kelly Khumalo should be allowed at funeral after all Mandisa she's not the only one feeling pain if she is feeling it anyway. If she really wanted Senzo she could have tried harder. As for the father of Senzo shame him.
Those b*z who are defending Kelly Khumalo ar b*z like her :v:v.. kodwa crc ay
No matter what people may say, Senzo Meyiwa died a happy man...Miss Kelly Khumalo made him happy
Yerr, if i had time and energy, i'd unfriend bonke ababantu bangxola ngalento ka kelly khumalo. So boring today
u can't be going around spreading so much hate ngomuntu omazela ku TV I love Kelly Khumalo. Dakwake wena!!!
All of the sudden people have options when it comes to… Kelly Khumalo Senzo Meyiwa Mandisa Meyiwa I mean seriously? People are becoming Felebs over Senzo's death and I'm bored now Just let the guy rest in peace
The most annoying topic on these social networks is this Kelly Khumalo story, yho khani thule guys niyabaxa ngoku and the judgmental statuses imagine!!stop it, let the poor women grieve in peace
Kelly Khumalo committed adultery & it is said in the bible that such women should be Stoned to death :/
Kelly Khumalo is welcome at the funeral ne,im back to normal business.These South Africa...Zulu people are jst people of tradition hai suka
Eish just had a discussion with this old man who is a serious supporter of Orlando Pirates and a dreamer or visionary (soothsayer) whose dreams/visions are often true, though not always. Now he asked me: Who killed Senzo? He thinks Senzo died by mistake, the Target was Kelly Khumalo. Now who wanted Kelly dead? Were the killers bought or bewitched (hypnotised) into the act gone wrong? Then he laughs as he shook his head and concluded. 'Ungazo dlala wena, kubi la emhlabeni'
Kelly and Senzo: Asinne song a bad omen? (video) A few days before the death of the soccer legend Senzo Meyiwa, Kelly Khumalo performed her song Asinne on Robert Marawa’s Thursday Night Live show during the star’s last sport interview. The episode has since sparked social media comments, with people expressing shock at the meaning of the song. Before her performance, Meyiwa, the father of Khumalo’s baby girl, introduced the song. The Venda word ‘asinne’ translates to “it’s not me”. Explaining the meaning of the song to Marawa, Khumalo said: “It’s a song about a woman who is accused of killing her man, so during the court case she repeatedly says ‘it’s not me’.
phone puzzle Johannesburg - Kelly Khumalo’s friends received what appeared to be distress messages from her cellphone number – while it was being kept for investigations by police. Police confiscated her phone following the murder of her soccer star boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa on Sunday, but on Monday, her friends received Whatsapp messages requesting financial assistance. The messages, purportedly written by Khumalo, claimed she had been arrested for speeding on the highway and that her bail had been fixed at R3 100. But all she needed, according to messages The Star has seen, was R2000 to be deposited into an account held by a detective who would then ensure Khumalo would be released without the media knowing about her arrest. In the messages seen by The Star, the person claimed to be a detective from Kempton Park police station and demanded that money be sent to him through cellphone banking. Khumalo’s biographer Melinda Ferguson was among those who received the messages but just before she hit the tr ...
Khumalo ya uwrong yena bt i like her too much uyayaz into ayifunayo her happiness cms first ukube u kelly obeshadile *uMandisa ubezomzwela yin mxm abant besifazan abanandaba nomunye
Is in a relasionship with Kelly Khumalo
kelly khumalo is really a victim of circumstances...because im human i really feel sorry for her...You can critisize her all u like but senzo loved really pains me how South Africans can be great judges of character without considering someone elses feelings...put ur self in her shoes maan and support this devastated soul...You will find in ur family there is that person that is dating a married man and u survive by her efforts of milking the married judge that person first then kelly after
Andisavuyi nje Kelly Khumalo wamkelekile emngcwabeni womntu wakhe, some of us sotsho sifunde siyekutshata 4all the wrong reasons.
Dear kelly khumalo. You dated casper of which he's in a wheelchair,went to jub jub who's in jail and went on to date meyiwa who died. Wit all due respect cn u do something to Jacob Zuma stolen frm sbonelo biyela
I don't understand what does Prosper being in a wheelchair has anything to do with Kelly Khumalo. They split up a long time ago. And he was married to Tina at the time of his accident. And did she send Jub Jub to kill the kids?
Kelly Khumalo's phone was reportedly taken by police on the night of boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa's murder.
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