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Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo South African singer and actress. She has so far released three albums: TKO, Itshitshi and Siyajabula.

Senzo Meyiwa Khanyi Mbau Orlando Pirates City Press Robbie Malinga Robert Marawa

A Kelly Khumalo vs Vusi Nova track will be a vocal powerhouse.
I love kelly khumalo, i love her song "Asine" .. It touched me, first time i heard it, at our coronation night
"Minnie Dlamini and Kelly Khumalo are the main cause for the downfall of
Kelly Khumalo and Moneoa are my favorite South African vocalists. Insanely beautiful and talented.
Kelly Khumalo wants to be your friend. -ACCEPT- 0R -DECLINE- ? — watching Jub jub Senzo Meyiwa and casper
The healer? “Kelly Khumalo is dating another married man?”
You also date married men ? Kelly Khumalo's dating history is worse than mine.
Kelly Khumalo's dating history is worse than mine.
Ai lo mama "Married men are nice "Kelly Khumalo is dating another married man?""
Ausi eo ha kgathale hle! "Kelly Khumalo is dating another married man?"
I would never take advice from Khanyi Mbau and Kelly Khumalo
"Honourable Member you are out of order withdraw your statement Kelly Khumalo must date tokelo Rantjie"
Little Girl by Kelly Khumalo, amaqwathi by Gloria Bosman SHOW with ONE...
Kelly Khumalo's new track is very deep hey " asine we"
Kelly Khumalo thank You, dear for DAT track... Asine!!! Beautiful indeed... I am A proud Venda right now-;)**
Thank you for playing Asine . My fave😙😙
got me dancing with the Kelly Khumalo from Germany♥
Kelly Khumalo's Asinne is a beautiful song!
Look, the song Asine by Kelly Khumalo is bigger than life. This is leadership.
Someone must buy me this album ya Kelly Khumalo.
Asine by Kelly Khumalo I love dis song but I can't hear a word. Kahle hle I love its rythem may b naye umaKhumalo.
Jhb Club. 31st Dec, Kelly Khumalo gave us one Dope performance she never disappoints. That was just one night ever
I thought Senzo Meyiwa died in October 2014 but seems like Kelly Khumalo been in a relationship with another guy for the last 6 months
Saw Kelly Khumalo yesterday in Volkrust. She is now a yellow-bone. I wonder when she transformed
That is why news papers like Sunday World promote Sushi and Kelly Khumalo
Asine -Kelly Khumalo.. Here I am singing it and I don't even know the words.
Love or hate her,Kelly Khumalo can perform...
Trust her to do such"Anyday! "Kelly khumalo would sing a gospel track in a thong""
Smh RT"I'm here! "Where are the girls abazifelayo ngepipi? Ngiyanifuna!"
Sour new year notes for Kelly Khumalo and Professor Langa:
Kelly khumalo could be the best woman anyone could ask for ...with her past there is a lot of life lessons she carries with her
Sour new year notes for Kelly Khumalo and professor
dm me yo numbers, I think I'm in to you.
My best female artist for 2014 is definately
Kelly Khumalo celebrates 6 months relationship. This is a joke right? When did Senzo die kanti???
Im confused"Eվí ҍɾմհ!! I ցíѵҽ մԹ “pic "What did Kelly Khumalo do this time?.."
The article was about headlines you will never see. A random reader then commented about Kelly Khumalo. People don't read.
Lmao!!"RIP in advance to Kelly Khumalo's new man" :'D nooorrh guys"
Kelly Khumalo celebrating 6months with new partner...hayi no she's a beast she's a problem yo
"Yho Kelly Khumalo doesn't waste time huh.."
Eish..this song by Kelly Khumalo reminds me of Senzo Meyiwa singing the song in his losing Senzo Meyiwa
So vele u kelly khumalo dicided to capitalise on the issue ye publicity ayithole after yonke lenhlekelele ka Senzo Meyiwa ja ne there's nothing ekuthiwa yi bad publicity
Jah we heard bad news bwt Kelly Khumalo n evn kwamina angimncanywa bt her track z so nyc ''ASINE''
Listening to Kelly khumalo she is *** good vocalist soon I will hear my baby girl singing like that but with no Kelly drama .
Even Kelly Khumalo has less problems than you hun.
People be booing Kelly Khumalo at People's park
On a nice Sunday with my outies, listening to THE SOIL, KELLY KHUMALO , BERITA and any AFRO MUSICIAN you can think of!
I don't regret buying the cdU nailed it
Hands down on dis Lady shez a performer n left evry1 wanting more . SAQueen!!
Am I thee only one who doesn't like Kelly Khumalo's Asinne track?
Kelly what is the mining of tha sing asine asine we
Kelly Khumalo’s Christmas wish: For Senzo to come back
Please send me that Kelly Khumalo track,I know unalo. "was watchin obsessed but I'm about to sleep now"
Kelly Khumalo wants Meyiwa back for Christmas - SundayWorld via
eish mchana,I feel for ,I like her music,,especiall Asine,,had to go viral on fb looking for it,till I got it.
"asine" fever is in my blood. Wt language is dis? Bt well constructed. Thumbs up x10 to d power of 10
Mike Makaab the white man who insulted our own black women,Kelly khumalo because of profit loss & we will forget but not forgive
When sings,the world shuts its dirty mouth n listens to thee masterpiece!
*smh* Yes "Nare Kelly Khumalo is still a virgin???"
Yes "Nare Kelly Khumalo is still a virgin???"
Nare Kelly Khumalo is still a virgin???
Hello I love u so much and i'm willing to make u my wife...pls give me a chance.
Very few artist handle their entrance and stage presence like Kelly Khumalo! Say what you will but that girl got it and she knows it!!!
Mfm can't find kelly khumalo's Asine anywhere. I give up!
where can I download your track 'Asina'?
.morning Kelly ..u really Rocked the stage last night kwiJazz.that was powerful keep it up..
WhatsApp has ended more relationships than Kelly Khumalo, Brooke Logan and Karabo Moroka combined!!!
Kelly Khumalo's is one song I keep repeating these days mehn... Great song.
with Sello Chico Twala being the producer of 's Brand new track ,we are yet to see her flourish and shine again.
I hate Kelly Khumalo but her latest hit Asine makes me think twice about my hatred towards her.
kelly you know I lov u with all my heart gal.very talented, come to Botswana pls.will shower u with lov gal
When I hear that kelly khumalo song that Senzo sang! Mxm
So i ended up at the jazz festival...just got back!! While NaimaKay sucked for days, Ringo, Kelly Khumalo and...
Thandiswa Mazwai,Kelly Khumalo love you both to bits.Your stage presence crazy...
you brought the house down. Well done.
thank You for making me buy SouthAfrican music
&BlackMambazo best music ever Dey got me crying dis is best music ever and it's comes from home
The only time I saw a proper perfomance on LiveAmp was when & dancers performed. Artists must Up their Game P L E A S E !
Kelly Khumalo- Asine.. Its so easy to forget how talented she really is. 🎧🎶
. hi Kelly I love your song asine irrespective of what happened. The song is a hit,keep it up Kelly.
Mm, it was so good last night I rly enjoyed my Xmas xem thank you kelly khumalo. weh
As for the champ! "World Debating Champion, Ms Dana, Kelly Khumalo, Kuli Rhoberts, and Deepak Choprah."
I don't like Kelly Khumalo but her song Asine wow it a very nice song I like it
Not dat am saying being dark is bad but trust me celeb like mshoza, Khanyi Mbau, Kelly Khumalo, bonang, dd a fundamental thing wit bleaching so wise up sisters
Kelly Khumalo shows sexy BOOTY - photos. The boxing day picture from the Singer Actor Kelly Khumalo looks very nice... What do you think of the view? "I'm finished.a little bit of sleep would n...
Catch me today perfoming my duets with and sokwenzejani with
Asine _Khumalo love it CaraCara Charmer Mchunu my family
Singer Kelly Khumalo held a press conference at Universal Records in Rosebank, Johannesburg on 25 November 2014. She addressed the recent talks about her new...
6 days until we celebrate WOZA 2015 New Years!
We just average people with Kelly Khumalo dreams ☺
LMFAO! hackers can be too funny "Ntando and Hlelo are living proof that two wrongs don't make a right"
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Most Read this week> 'I won't entertain claims of Senzo's love child,' says Kelly Khumalo
heee motsetserepa maaan, it was happening at Jembe
On my way to work, Good Morning friends! — listening to Kelly Khumalo - Asine
Thanks kelly khumalo ft Robbie Malinga for ngiyabuza song , Jesus Christ I'm so in love with that song , God bless you
Watching Kelly Khumalo performing "asinne" @ Meropa,I don't like the gown she's wearing cause I'm used to the nude her
My cuz and her massive love for Kelly Khumalo's Asine track -_-
Lol .i will shake what mamma gave me
hi Kelly I rili like ur new album asine
a beautiful song, Kelly Khumalo made a hit is playing all over Southern Africa...that's a hit
I still think has one of the best vocals in SA. After some place far north we heard back to Meropa, Polokwane. Let's GO!
at Meropa Casino Jembe Tarven for Christmas After Party with powered by
The Kelly Khumalo song doesn't make any sense, it infact makes me angry.
Lol I wana go Ko Jembe,but I don't know the owner..can't pay R100 to see Kelly khumalo Mz_Terryenhle ya Jolang le emetseng."
Volume out wit on repeat and With my strong icy drink.cheers!!
Off to Zwigodini...hello Kelly khumalo,am on my way sister.
I am out at Jembe Tarven(Meropa Casino) tonight alongside & Kelly Khumalo,This gig is proudly powered to you by
Kelly khumalo is such great talent 😃😃😃
We at a Grand Opening of a new lodge in Zwigodini, Venda. Apparently will be here.
1st stop Industrial Shisa Nyama, then Xmas with
in the mix! and hes also playing tonight at the Christmas with at Jembe
Senzo died because of Kelly Khumalo's ancestral spirits, all her boyfriends will die too - South...
I just listern to the song of Kelly Khumalo I don't like her but wow Asine is a nice Song
My hatred for Kelly Khumalo is gone
I lv dis Woman @ Kelly Khumalo ay she's so talented all d haters May god bless u with many more years
I love Kelly Khumalo Sine song, it is really growing on me.
Kelly Khumalo takes the cup boss with her latest song.
Senzo Meyiwa, Oscar Pistorius and Kelly Khumalo were the biggest Google trends in South Africa in 2014
Des dis song by kelly khumalo senne senne eish it spins my world aroud
Please Check out interview with Rhymefest_Vsd. Interview ---»
No man but I love this Kelly Khumalo track... Asine sine weeeh
Mxm mara that track mxm i found it kinda emotional eish!
Maybe her dad is/was...RT"So Kelly Khumalo's album is titled "Back to my roots" is she venda?"
Kelly Khumalo better perform Asine Live at Moses Mabhida on the of 26 December if she knows what's good for her.
Not one of fans - but the lady is very talented! Her beautiful voice is intoxicating!
For some strange reason Asine by Kelly Khumalo gets me all types of emotional...
Which celebrity did South Africans Google most in 2014? Hint: It’s not Kelly Khumalo - All4Women via
Kelly Khumalo will not be benefiting from Senzos estates according to Senzos family
Slain SA Keeper, Senzo was killed by Kelly Khumalo’s in-laws: Man claiming to be a witness says
Waiting for him to call me when he gets to the office... Lol i think i got that has been spreading... 😍
Kelly Khumalo not getting anything from Senzo's estate
Asine by Kelly Khumalo love this song.
listening to the power play and loving it,thinking that Kelly Khumalo and Robbie Malinga owe the public a full ulbum they r magic
Listening to by You'd swear shes venda...
This was the longest day this week on behind the scenes shoots with Lorna Maseko,Kelly Khumalo,Zakes Bantwini. Shoot day 1down
if I look @ your life with Senzo Meyl1 I think jealousy people who killed Senzo you were more than happy together
Kelly Khumalo not getting anything from Senzo Meyiwa's estate -
I thnk Kelly Khumalo shld re concil today...
My Nephew can't speak properly but can sing Asine by
Sorry i once wished you to date Kelly Khumalo
People are so mean ... read something like 'Kelly Khumalo, do something about Nkatha' a few days ago.
Kelly Khumalo~ Asine plz if u have this song, e nkwatsappe hoo! @ 75116302
In tomorrow: Kelly Khumalo and baby gets nothing as Senzo Meyiwa's estate is divided
Because a woman's spirit can withstand the harshest abuse, we pray for Kelly Khumalo to survive all your abuse and come out in good spirit.
Congratulations to Kelly Khumalo and Asine is a great African song! Thank You.
But here is Kelly Khumalo seeking to bridge the gap between the old and the new – not by re-creating the past.
Kelly Khumalo should be encouraged. Much what has gone before called African music is nothing but commercial rubbish.
Songs tell people about history, teach morality, and explain human nature and changing social customs, as Kelly Khumalo is doing in Asine.
Yellow popo... Kelly Khumalo and Mshoza did it, So why can't I did it 😂😂😂
In the Asine song, the drummers create a dense deep felt emotive trance, where Kelly Khumalo inject her vocals announcing the theme.
The drums in Kelly Khumalo's Asine song, if you have a discerning inner ear, literally speak in words and sentences.
Sometimes simple acts as these as expressed by Kelly Khumalo in her Asine song become forces to be reckon with.
Kelly Khumalo’s new Venda song Asine is part of her album Back to my Roots.
My recent meditation on the history of Africa was aroused just recently by Kelly Khumalo’s new Venda song Asine.
Meyiwa family won't give anything to Kelly
As Senzo Meyiwa is laid to rest today I keep his soulmate in my thoughts,
They are USA, we are RSA*. They have White house,we have Nkandla*. They had Luther king Jnr and we had uTata Madiba*. They have Rick Ross,we have Khaphela*. They have Tom & Jerry we have Gundi no Mazwi...*. They twerk,ra itjukuutja*. They have wrong turn.we have lesilo rula*. They have Bugatti,We have BMW Gusheshe*. They have MTV, we have Channel O.*. They have YMCMB, we have Kalawa.*. They have illuminati , we have Boloi.*. They have FBI, we have metro police.*. They have denzel washington, we have Sibusiso dlomo.*. They have crack, we have nyaope*. They have miley cyrus, we have Kelly Khumalo.*. They have SWAT we have Maberethe*. They have the 1st lady,we have the 1st,2nd,3rd,4rth,5th n 6th ladies*. They have 50cent shot 9 times we have khuli chana missed 9 times*. They have Kendrick Lamar we have Rebecca Malope*. They have fantasia we have akhona*. They have mickey mouse club house we have Cool cats. [[upacman]] [[upacman]]
Its hard to see Kelly Khumalo and not think Senzo Meyiwa nowadays
Kelly Khumalo has benefitted handsomely from death of Senzo Meyiwa for a girlfriend of a relatively short time.
Inanda Fm, Business Class ,Bonga Mthembu, Lucky Zikhali and you for listening to Bheki Nqoko ft Kelly Khumalo Ngiyamthatha ngiyabonga
I think Gloria Kgosi is our own Kelly Khumalo she is so full of scandals!
TUNE IN: today on Rochle' Bloem will be chatting to about her new album " Back to...
Kelly Khumalo's new album would be a nice Christmast gift
All these 'virgins'. Kelly Khumalo was a 21 year old 'virgin' but where is she now?
Kelly Khumalo getting more gigs dispute controversy around her & don't forget Kelly will be co-hosting Fast Forward on Friday (12Dec14).
Like..I Cnt get over Kelly Khumalo's song :'(
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
power to you my sister,u r blessed with a wonderful voice n I'm so in love with yo song ASINE
oh yes. I was still absorbing her presence. Love that woman
Loving the *Asine song by I smile each time I see it on my playlist
Kelly Khumalo's new song could easily have featured Oliver Mtukudzi!
GPL See Photos: Kelly Khumalo shows off her *** while performing on stage -
Asine by Kelly Khumalo though ♥ She remains one of the best vocalists in SA
♥♥♥ the songs is playing are highly appreciated! Asine- Kelly Khumalo!
Wow guyz I am so inlove with this KELLY KHUMALO SONG,its so african,WELL DONE KELLY,KEEP GIVING US GOOD AFRICAN MUSIC.
I don't if I genuinely like this Kelly Khumalo song or if it just reminds me of that video ka SENZO
Listening to Asine by Kelly Khumalo on & I just remembered Senzo singing it..
I love this song ya Kelly Khumalo, though I don't get a word she's saying.
Kelly Khumalo "Hayi hayi RT"Girls! "Who won 2014, the Guys or the Girls???"""
this is such a beautiful song I have heard in a long time. Well done!
Sometimes intuition of our parents (and persons close to us) is wiser than we know: Senzo Meyiwa's parents didn't want Kelly …
Kelly khumalo needa take care of trey songs bruh
This person looks like Keri Hilson and Kelly Khumalo
It was gud to have her today in the studio Lunchtalk99.8 talking Zulu
Asine- Kelly Khumalo.. There's something about this tune 😄
In life you need the resilience of Kelly Khumalo otherwise life will chew u up and spit u out I didn't get it now I do.
can please send me a link I wanna download on my phone.
Kelly Khumalo's 'We Makhwelane' gives me life.Its everything and her vocals eish.I just ♥ it.
property it would be Kelly Khumalo's house
Been singing 's i dont even know a single word except "asine" and i went to purchase her album but twas not there
I am so happy for Kelly after this dark cloud big up khumalo
But this new Kelly Khumalo song is horrible tho. Tjrrr! Aowa!!! Le kwa eng gona mo?
That Kelly Khumalo could actually go to funeral to commiserate w full knowledge of killer, pretending not to know him, verges…
Kelly Khumalo's life is actually going on on instagram hey. She's avoiding you guys and your misbehavior here on thwitha.
Whooo I'm always getting curve balls at work though, I'm interviewing kelly khumalo on friday yew. I was never ready.
i think you can do best if you stick to Chicco Twala his production never goes wrong,remember the fall & rise of Brenda Fasie
Kelly Khumalo & her relatives lied to police about Senzo Meyiwa's murder? 1 of them killed Senzo
Meet Black Singles 300x250
do u need to take care of anyone else? JubJub maybe? I cn get it done 4a small fee
Life will surprise you, blacks want to be white, vice-vesa
You are brave sweety, let nothing hold you down, your pics wow, uyajima yini ntombi wafidi kangaka?
it is said that Kelly Khumalo who was his side dish know about who the murderer is
Kelly Khumalo never loved Why would she be silent when she knows what happened?
Book,Khanyi Mbau book,Brenda Fassie Book,Kelly Khumalo book list goes on with no storyline or narrative shame!
have a confession to make, football is my second wife. After my first wife this is one game I love so much. I am a huge fan since time immemorial. As a journalist, I have covered FIFA World Cups in Germany 2006, South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014, interviewing world class footballers. I am also very aware that football is all about MISTAKES. The defenders and goalkeepers need to make mistakes for the opposition to score a goal and win the game. It's the same thing with our lives, romance, marriages and relationships. Soccer player, husband and father of three girls – Senzo Meyiwa, made some terrible marriage mistakes outside of his usual tuff, the football field, these I felt contributed in bringing an end to this great and passionate individual's life. For the records Senzo met his wife Mandisa Mkhize in Johannesburg in 2005. They got married in 2013 and barely a year later he was seeing (cheating with) singer Kelly Khumalo albeit without Mandisa's knowledge. Mandisa later found out and a saga ensued wi ...
"Kelly Khumalo sacrificed Senzo's life for fame illuminathi" As for illuminathi
Kelly Khumalo dosn't go 2 Senzo Meyiwa and ask 4 lv so stop enterfering and mind ur own danm buiness
"Kelly Khumalo in our studios ...good one D,moss
I love this song ya Kelly Khumalo called ASINE.
Gees!! wheres Kelly Khumalo when you need her.. Kelly needs to date Mfundi Vundla so that he gets ill, bcoz this new Generations mina ngeke *it ***
so wait a minute this "Asine" song by Kelly Khumalo song is about a woman who says she didn't kill her husband?...
Woow this Kelly Khumalo song.I rememba she sang it on Super Sport on Robert Marawa's show nd she ws with Senzo there.. Chaii
Waitse mara le tla re bolaisa ka bo Kelly Khumalo"Side chicks deserve to be spoiled too this Christmas."
did you record Asine before or after Senzo's death? Done
Kelly Khumalo on motsweding fm. Being referred to as Senzo's girlfriend
👅“out at birthday celebrations TONIGHT! . |
with the stunning tonight at Can't wait :D
Hai kodwa has a beautiful voice shame hats off!! ft Robby.
'Kelly Khumalo could be charged over Senzo Meyiwa' :: NewsBite
Listen to Kelly Khumalo on Mafikeng FM today at 2pm. talking about her new album 'Back to My Roots'.
Catch Kelly Khumalo at NorthWest University at 12h30 today! . Download 'Back To My Roots' on iTunes
I added a video to a playlist Kelly Khumalo performs Asine
Hi We should have 's album in stores by the end of this week! So excited!
'Kelly Khumalo could be charged over Senzo Meyiwa'
Someone please send Kelly Khumalo directions to this department. We all have rights after all...
Kelly Khumalo u dated jub jub now he iz in jail u dated senzo n now his dead CAN U PLZ DATE JACOB ZUMA
Life goes on, I'm focusing on my music and career now says Kelly Khumalo - Times LIVE
Kelly Khumalo focusing on music, career - not dwelling on Senzo's death
Kelly Khumalo has broken down with emotion after saying she's not emotionally ready to talk about Senzo Meyiwa's death!
Kelly Khumalo leaves her home after boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa's death
Kim cant just ignore her. She is like Linda, Kelly Khumalo and of late Nonhle. Mme rra Kim o tshwere thuganyo e e leng gone ke e bonang mo lekgoeng. Tse ke size tsa serowe. Ka modimo.
Top stories of the week: Kelly Khumalo's book, album sales spike after Meyiwa's tragic death
If u cn fck wth a married man . &hv the audacity to make it a public spectacle lyk Kell u cn do anything;strongs
Are you not the one who told me that you and Kelly Khumalo serve SAtan. U knew Kay
Kelly Khumalo trying to 'move on' after Senzo murder -
nd Loko goes lyk "much mucher muchest nd gud guder gudest "lol but she is btful nd she talks lyk Kelly Khumalo...TeamJasekat
Just read the open letter to Kelly Khumalo. It was fair and honest
Dear u r really great singer keep it up girl, don't mind wat people say. Asine rocks
I know it's not easy, but life goes on. I wish you light, You make me proud. Tx for the call nana. 😘…
Kelly Khumalo banned from having sex for 6months-Read here , Like & Share
When the dust settles we'll all see that Kelly Khumalo happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It could have been anyone.
Kelly Khumalo also deserves protection from fame mongers like late Meyiwa's dad.Women Movement missed the opportunity to show it integrity.
I saw those who've never even spoken before, spoke against Kelly Khumalo. The need to blame was misguided & women movement was silent.
Life GOES on for KELLY Khumalo after Senzo’s DEATH >>> photos >>>
let ur mind not be polluted by ignorance of mankind.We all have our dark days.,yet many potray themselves as saints.B strong.
You gold digger, you sacrificed Senzo's soul forrituals right?: Kelly Khumalo attacked via
She got bills to,pay, kids to raise. "Kelly Khumalo has the nerve to perform on after what happened 2 we…
Sad to read this viral virus open letter to Kelly Khumalo. Why should people be in other people's business kodwa.
"Princess without make-up looks like Kelly Khumalo kwa u r crazy now
Kelly Khumalo will remain one of the best vocalists in this county!!! Done effortlessly.
There's Kelly Khumalo then there's Khanyi Mbau. Keep on confusing the two ladies.
Kelly Khumalo will be perfoming live @ Moses Mabhida 2moro just before Bafana game kick off
Someone please buy me Dj Sbu, Kelly Khumalo and Khanyi Mbau's books. I'm sure they have a lot that I would learn.
So Irvin Khoza was the one who called Kelly Khumalo and told her to please release Senzo Meyiwa's belongings who wouldn't have listened???
Vv must date kelly khumalo or kanjan mabhakaniya?
Pirates players are coming up with excuses as if Senzo was the best player because everytime they lose a game it's gonna be like we are still mourning Senzo s death, to *** with that. pirates is not a 1 man team and the coach must take the blame for SuperSport defeat, I mean we're was Qalinge and Makola. Mom , And now my plea to Kelly Khumalo is to date Jacob Zuma and VV.
Zanokuhle Mbatha confirmed that he was hired by Kelly Khumalo to kill Senzo Meyiwa.
Ain't no use hating on Kelly Khumalo. Married men in the limelight should know better than to cheat on their wives with women in the limelight. Full stop! !
Kelly khumalo arrested for senzo murder
Senzo wanted to leave his wife and marry me says Kelly Khumalo
I blame kelly khumalo for that faken m still pirates fan
We've seen it with the Kelly Khumalo saga and now these careless statements by the Minister of Women: some women are o…
Sam Meyiwa has the same character ka Kelly Khumalo. Hence they don't get along.
According to a media report published this morning by a popular KZN newspaper, Meyiwa family members were allegedly summoned to an undisclosed law firm regarding the reading of the late Senzo's Will. To everyone's shock, Kelly Khumalo was also present at the meeting. "I...
the Meyiwas aggh. i believe God will guide u thru it all.sang "kuzodlula". It shall pass:-)
Did Kelly Khumalo Missed A Goal ? ? COZ they Blame her Now. jus type abashwe if you are hpy .
lost 2-0 against SS.and now the fans are blaming KELLY KHUMALO.
b4 the game. -ssu will not beat bugs. after The Game. -we lost bcoz of kelly khumalo. Senzo must be proud...
"an attention seeking old crocodile who is looking for fame instead of mourning his son's death" said Kelly Khumalo to Samuel Meyiwa=)) =D
if it wasnt for Pirates could hve won tht game this thing owe us a lot sies i hate Kelly
its a lie "Nazo "What?"Kelly Khumalo arrested for Senzo'S Murder
Evry1 knows hu 2 give all this one else ada dan "Kelly Khumalo".mxm
Its all over with marapo aka PieRats who do u blame nw?? Kelly khumalo?? Players or Senzo's death
Senzo Meyiwa's family say Kelly Khumalo must bring the child down to Durban for rituals or else...
"What?"Kelly Khumalo arrested for Senzo'S Murder the link
Pirates is losing, mxm!!! Kelly Khumalo haven't you done enough??? 😐😐😐
Kelly Khumalo's son looks like a girl and the daughter looks like a man. They both look like their fathers.
Still hiding??Phuma lapho ukhona sisi you can't hide forever..What goes around come back around
it's about time takes her singing career serious. She has amazing voice. Pls close your legs,open your mouth &…
Senzo’s Will: Kelly Khumalo gets the cars and the house
"I have never been loved by anyone the way Senzo loved me."
Senzo Meyiwa's will: BMW X6 and VW Golf 5 GTI go to girlfriend Kelly Khumalo? - South Africa Latest News
Mandisa Mkhize ‘didn’t want to attend Senzo Meyiwa’s funeral’ It has emerged that Mandisa Mhkize didn’t want to attend her husband’s funeral. Senzo Meyiwa’s widow was reportedly persuaded by his father, Sam, to go to Durban and bury him. Mandisa’s friend told The Citizen: “In her view, there was no reason to attend as Senzo was already staying with another woman [Kelly Khumalo] at the time of his death.” The friend added that Mandisa was not sure if she was still regarded as Senzo’s wife. “Given that he had made it clear that he no longer wanted to be with her. She did not want to be seen as defying Senzo’s wishes,” the friend told The Citizen. The Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana captain and goalkeeper was murdered last Sunday. He was buried in Durban on Saturday
Kanene Longwe Twala (bf of Kelly Khumalo's sister) with Bongani Fassie and the other had a song about cheating.
News Update fd Kelly Khumalo senzo9 - Kelly Khumalo at her mother’s house in Vosloorus this week. Picture: Felix ...
Dear Side chicks learn from the Kelly Khumalo / Senzo Meyiwa saga. He is not yours until he leaves the main chick officia…
What will the parents of Senzo Meyiwa say if the inheritance of Senzo's are under Kelly Khumalo? asking
Kelly Khumalo's friends have been receiving messages from her phone which was reported stolen during the robbery in which her boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa was killed. A close friend of Khumalo's, who did not want to be named, showed City Press messages from Khumalo's number,...
MEYIWA'S WIFE SAYS HE CHOSE KHUMALO Slain Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa's wife has said her husband was leaving her for singer and actress Kelly Khumalo, City Press reported on Sunday. Days before Meyiwa was killed Mandisa Mkhize told the paper she had accepted she had lost him forever. "I respect Senzo's decision to be with Kelly Khumalo," Mkhize reportedly said in a sms when asked if she felt betrayed after Meyiwa told her he and Khumalo had broken up. "We did not end things on a sour note. He is the father of my daughter and despite all he is not a bad person. "I wish him well; I am at peace with everything," she said. In April, Meyiwa and Mkhize featured on the cover of Drum magazine, and spoke of their love for each other. The two said during a interview that they were working on their marriage and that Meyiwa had ended his relationship with Khumalo. When Mkhize discovered her husband was back with Khumalo she moved out of their apartment in Buccleuch, Johannesburg. Meyiwa was shot dead last Sun ...
NEWS: From Investigative Journalist, Zamokuhle Mbatha who's been arrested in connection of murder of Senzo Meyiwa was born on 12 September 1987 mean he's 27yrs,he was working in a car wash in the same area and he used to wash Senzo's Golf in many occassion.He's staying not far from Kelly Khumalo house.The community around knows the guy .
THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS ASKED BY KHUNE ABOUT THE DEATH OF Senzo Meyiwa. I've a couple of unanswered questions regarding Senzo Meyiwe death. Well' before his death Kelly Khumalo perfomed on Robert Marawa show and Senzo Meyiwa was invited, a song she sang it's a Venda one " a sine ndo vulaya vo musanda. meaning am not the one who killed the Cheif. 1. Who saw the "1 suspect that remained outside"? 2. Who saw all 3 of them running away? 3. They fired once at Senzo and twice as they were running away. What happened to the spent cartridges? Did the gunmen pick them up after firing each shot? Did they have so much time in their hands to do such even in the cover of darkness outside as they were running away?? 4. Who is Manqoba "fat free" Oliphant whose account was hacked as early as 7am and posted details about Senzo's whereabouts on that day?? He even mentioned the names of everyone in the house at the time long before.the police gave a statement. PLUS, he has dreadlocks. COINCIDENCE? ??? 5. How did the killers ...
Controversial singer Kelly Khumalo has returned Senzo Meyiwa's cars. Kelly, who witnessed the murder of her boyfriend, has returned the Golf GTi and the BMW X6. Since the murder of the Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates captain on Sunday night, Kelly had held on tight to the two vehicles. "The Meyiwa family collected the cars and some of his belongings last night," says our source who stays at the same townhouse in Mulbarton, south of Johannesburg. Meanwhile the Meyiwa family collected murdered goalie's spirit during a short ceremony at Kelly Khumalo's house in Spruitview, Ekurhuleni east of Johannesburg. Senzo Meyiwa's father, Samuel Meyiwa and other family members of the murdered soccer star, were seen outside Kelly's house on Friday morning. Flanked by five police cars, Senzo's father Samuel and the family members took the coffin through the house where Senzo was shot. "The coffin was covered with a white cloth with red flowers," says a neighbour who was there yesterday morning. "The whole thing lasted ...
So news is that Kelly Khumalo is in a private hospital now, after trying to commit suicide, hours after the funeral of her late boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa. She left a 5 page suicide note.Doctors say had she stayed in that car for 2 more minutes, she'd be dead. Kelly is now angry at everyone who saved her... drama will never end
In biblical times a woman was brought 2 Jesus 2 b punished 4 comiting adultary!Jesus sd if des 1 of u who has never sined let him throw de 1st stone!De multitude left n Jesus told de woman she is freed!Kelly Khumalo is a human being!Put yrself in her shoes if dey hurt she is also hurting!Ive bin acused of many things n dat taught me o 2 Judge aders!Nite my bloved!
We all know that Kelly Khumalo's life is in danger, if you can't protect her pls make sure Senzo Meyiwa's daughter is safe.
Deep down in my hearts of hearts. I believe Kelly Khumalo is innocent. I hope and pray that the truth will prevail and the person behind Senzo's death will b caught. So kelly will move on and start her journey of acceptance. Shem she's been thru A lot. Senzo's Killers#
Kelly Khumalo- Asine( I did not do it) Song she performed on da last interview ne babby lakhe. Ey engathi wayebonisiwe umntanomuntu
No offense good people but it now starting to disturb me the way people look at Kelly Khumalo about the death of Senzo Meyiwa. I acknowledge that the country has lost one of their best keeper, but Senzo Mayiwa Failed to be man enough to protect his wife and family
I dnt think kelly khumalo should b considerd as a suspect leena,y batlogela mandisa?...
Kelly Khumalo talks us through the night Senzo Meyiwa was murdered. tomorrow
"Bathi you cant call Kelly Khumalo a *** if you and your siblings have different daddies"
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