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Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo South African singer and actress. She has so far released three albums: TKO, Itshitshi and Siyajabula.

Senzo Meyiwa Robbie Malinga Khanyi Mbau Arthur Mafokate Minnie Dlamini Orlando Pirates

great game indeed, sleep well maShobane ☺♥
The house version of Kelly Khumalo's Qinisela used make me eat the foot...
I need a Kelly Khumalo of my own, look at how Senzo is performing from her 'support'
World class save by Kelly Khumalo's man.
Meyiwa has improved so much. Than you Kelly Khumalo.
I really want to have a figure like you, any few tips please!!
Nginamabhakede e FAITH inking Senzo Meyiwa is sleeping with Kelly Khumalo "have faith"
Pay your tv licence for what"DIVAS, Kelly Khumalo and Khanyi Mbau to star in a new series , more details
lol awume kelly Khumalo. Dis has nun 2 do wit da weather!
You don't want Kelly Khumalo after you bro "In Senzo Meyiwa I trust"
thanks for following back Makhumalo u#
it happens sumtimes in life dat ppl don't agree or like u so who cares I live 4 me no1 else
"You have enemies? Good.That means you've stood up for something,sometime in your life.
Kelly Khumalo must get back behind the mic...her voice is one of the best in SA
Where i work i get to see/meet a lot of Famous people. i haven't met Kelly Khumalo Though and Minnie . would love to meet them.
impela cc n I'm so proud ngaye shame
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its called bavk to my roots and its available on I tunes
"Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."
"Kelly Khumalo and Senzo Meyiwa seem to be together again -
Meyiwa has been outstanding for Bafana bafana, inkomo ka Kelly khumalo gave him superpowers
who produced Asine? Its a really dope track , enchanting too. Gr8 work sisi!!!
No stranger to the music in industry, has worked with the likes of Kelly Khumalo, Ringo and MXO.
U must *** perfome dis heat in DBN soon please babeU're amazing words fail me really***
Ungazongbhoshela mina ngingenaphi lapho xa!"what's your take on Jub Jub?"
Updating my CV, came across this with
Lol I kid... I kid sorry about that every time I hear of Senzo just sing Kelly Khumalo I kid Senzo I`m stopping now
Tongue in Cheek has a go at Kelly Khumalo
Just listened to it on Gagasi FM*wink-wink*Mabakuyeke uyibethile vha sana lwam,stay blessed
Gagasi FM is playing one of your beautiful songs sweety wam
,credit must also go to Kelly Khumalo(S Meyiwa) for a Clean Sheet I think hez better than Minnie Dlamini( I khune)
i hv a beautiful song for u, i know u the best Artist to sing this song
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My son singing ASINE my latest single how cute
married but u still sleepng alon. Old jam Qinisela by will your blues too the side
Hi , could I please get your email address for an interview on YFM. Thanks
Song of the morning. Breezy x Kelly x Drown in it🙏🙏🙏
"A loved is faithful to the end. A Scorpio wronged will have vengeance."
Lol if you read any sunday newspaper and Kelly Khumalo is not feautured then you got the wrong paper because she's always on the news.
There are a few things to note or comment on regarding current Bafana AFCON campaign, with more reference to this afternoon victory in Ponte Noire: • Orlando Pirates's impressive run in African Champions League not only gave SA players conviction to do well but it ensures that Kelly Khumalo (oops Senzo Meyiwa) gained valuable experience in the continent; • Complacency of the likes of Itu Khune has no place in future of SA football; • Giving a chance to outsiders but hard working players like Mandla Masango helps; • Shakes has enormous experience working with younger players - Brilliant Rivaldo Coetzee! •
Jub Jub's sentence has been reduced to 8 years. Hello Amanda Du Pont and Kelly Khumalo :)
Qinisela by kelly khumalo...LOl mxm reminds me of primary ndiyikhweleyo suka.
Kelly Khumalo has a better singing voice than Unathi.
I wonder what is it with this song from kelly khumalo and Robbie Malinga 1st it was playing it more often now its you
I still need to have a baby with Kelly Khumalo.
this is a Fake account of Nyovest this is real one
Lunch was lovely...thanks & Senzo and congratulations on the album and I look forward…
The first 30 ppl to arrive at 4pm tomorrow will get themselves a free copy of
Injalo gogo!"♥RT Cant wait for the Album to drop excited for dayz.
First copies of to my roots, bomakhelwane come through to universal tomorrow at 4pm nizozizwela !
Tomoro at 4pm is 's listening session.. We can't wait...
wow, just heard your song on Asine, that's a beautiful song there, can't wait for it to be released on iTunes
Such a beautiful song ntombi, keep it up 👆
shownice track of Kelly Khumalo..great one...
Asine on radio 2000 for the first time
INSTUDIO Lady Kelly Khumalo on her new album "Back to my Roots" we are revealing her new single "Asine" beautiful!
Can I please come to the listening session tomorrow?. .
Just like kelly khumalo"It's sad how Gaga's talent is underestimated. She's actually one the few female artists who have go
In my opinion Siphokazi is one of S.A's best female vocalists, right up there with Kelly Khumalo.
Senzo Meyiwa is addicted to drama. If we didn't already have a hint of that from the Kelly Khumalo drama 😂😂😂
is a great musician Kelly ft Sobabili
:Thanks Nathi for playing that song by Kelly Khumalo
Kelly Khumalo can get it with her crazy self.
I don't think a Kelly Khumalo wud het Ultimate Wooden Mic
You can't say banyana ba tshwana, I mean like come on, never o tshwantse mama ga Jeso le Kelly Khumalo.
Kelly Khumalo and Robbie Malinga ... they Zulu duets ah beautiful!!!
if a Girls like Mminie , same like abo Kelly Khumalo, Nabo Tina, a man will never be succeful with such chics
Can someone tell Kelly Khumalo to make music ? That girl can sang. I love her!
Dat track. Chicco on Pro. I can tell hey! lol Nice
Woza it would be nice to have you there"listening session..., nice. God bless all!"
listening session..., nice. God bless all!
I hardly noticed for a sec there what a humangus make over wow!!
Didnt know Kelly Khumalo is back in Senzo's life...the dark days are back again
great staff man I wonder y I was not invited hy
Kelly Khumalo raised the side chick bar with Senzo Meyiwa
Is this the reason why pirates are doing so badly? Kelly Khumalo & Senzo Meyiwa back in each other’s arms?
as long as Senzo made it kiss and make up with Kelly Khumalo, Orlando Pirates football club will never keep a...
Oh by the way, Senzo Meyiwa is rumoured to be back with Kelly Khumalo. Just saying.
In case you missed it: Kelly Khumalo and Senzo Meyiwa spent his birthday together
For as long as Senzo Meyiwa and Kelly Khumalo are together Pirates wont win anything
Singer and actress Kelly Khumalo cannot hide it, cupid hit her heart and will not give up on love.
"U no longer exist like kelly's Khumalo virginity"
Kelly Khumalo's TM?? It's like i'm passing at Merafe hostel, i've never seen so many swear words in my life.
How will you explain your behavior2your kids please grow up kelly khumalo.uyasinyanyisa shame
I am very much disappointed with Kelly khumalo how on earth you advertise yourself free its like she is a prostitute and a gold digger shame
maMzilikazi kaMashobane... Do you have instagram? Please follow me on ,I'll be sure to follow back :)
Kelly Khumalo...her voice makes me oblivious to everything else she does! ♥
Wait..can we discuss your avi tho sis? I am jealous :( "Sangweni!"
I hope that you won't touch the Kelly Khumalo story, we've heard enough, she needs to take a break.
Robbie Malinga, Kelly Khumalo & KB Motsilanyane should have been judges.
Standing next to someone like Kelly Khumalo but not sure cause I don't know if she's light or darkskinned right now.
Kelly Khumalo Kelly so this is how your dancers roll? Any rehearsal view sessions?
Now listening to: – We Makhelwane by Kelly Khumalo, from
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Kelly Khumalo and her sister cleared of all the charges against them -
In DRUM this week: Kelly Khumalo is a free woman
she wrote Kelly Khumalo's book, a journo from true love I think . Former junkie
Lol dead by ur response kodwa iqiniso ungenaphi vele
Invading Mpumalanga with:and my fav "Many More" http:…
Men must take praying lessons at Kelly Khumalo school of pray;
Invading Mpumalanga with:and my fav "Many More"
If Oscar is free also JubJub should come back. back besides Kelly Khumalo is lost
is so beautiful..I might just develop ambitions of buying her an island lol
can we have Kelly khumalo in the studio plz
Cnt get ova Uyinkosi Yamakhosi by the Gospel in her is amayzang!!!
What's going on, why am I being mentioned here RT
I also don't understand why I was mentioned
Ngingenaphi la mina?"I want Jub-Jub out of dat jail.if Oscar is a saint yhiiini kusiwe
Oom Shakes Mashaba says Senzo Meyiwa deserves to take over from Khune just like he took Kelly Khumalo over from jail bird Molemo Maarohanye.
Kelly Khumalo accused of stealing a weave -
Hy Kelly i would like to say i admire u as a lady u ambitious nd sophisticated may God bless u
True, the facts are not important but destroying ones life is the aim
ola Itu i hv to say i admire yr work ethic u inspire us as youth tp go afta our dreams
that's wat I like about you and u once told me this & I believe you u never meant to be broken u serve a might God 👄😍
they killed Brenda n now they wanna do it again with all of us. They cn. 4get wth I'm not goin down!
what makes me happy is that ur still standing, stronger n happier than eva. May God continue to strengthen n bless u more ☺☺♥
Awks. kelly Khumalo accussed of stealing a weave. Yes, really.
Kelly Khumalo accused of stealing a weave. Really? Really!
Ke stele"Kelly Khumalo's in bed with Arthur Mafokate now"
Kelly Khumalo's in bed with Arthur Mafokate now
The quality of journalism in SA is very degrading. No more hardcore facts, If its not it's sickening
Kwaito king Arthur Mafokate and singer Kelly Khumalo are an item.Kelly must be irresistible YES or NO?
THIS!!! "Kelly Khumalo has such an awesome voice guys!"
Kelly Khumalo has such an awesome voice guys!
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Robbie Malinga & Kelly Khumalo make the best collabos
Arthur was found naked in bed with kelly khumalo. Celebrities knows who to get attention out of us mun!!!
hello Ms Khumalo dnt mind ppl like Sir Wayde their job is to hate on successful ppl bt if u want him shot inbox me
Watching Kelly Khumalo, that's girl is talented something went wrong somewhere.
Cc "Sunday World tomorrow: Arthur Mafokate hooks up with Kelly Khumalo and makes a hit
killed her performance las' nyt.. Lookin hella sexy too.. Had erry man in that muph'ka droolin for daez:,(:,(:,(:,( DO
wOw! Yummy. I love u r so beautiful my Kelly
Babe, frequency yabheda nou☹ Just as I was listening in on Kelly Khumalo!! Will listen in again later. Great show so far
The SW article on Kelly Khumalo and Mafokate is misleading.
Eh "Lemme go to the BP and buy sundayPaperso jele kelly khumalo?"
He tells of how Kelly Khumalo was "more concerned bout extracting cash from JubJub" during a Soul shoot! Finesse must include
One headline is about Minnie vs Bonang & the other about Arthur getting it on with Kelly Khumalo? This stuff is news? Hayi man.
Lmfaooo *pic* Rt"“Kelly khumalo slept with arthur now? :/ smh”
Lmao modimo ☹ !!"“Kelly khumalo slept with arthur now? :/ smh”
“Kelly khumalo slept with arthur now? :/ smh”
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Kelly Khumalo is on a mission of becoming Mzansi's biggest *** Celeb she has surpassed Khanyi Mbau now
Pple r going on & on abt Kelly wanting everyman 2 taste ikhekhe lakhe,I mean lyk if Kelly Khumalo is helpin SA men I dnt see anything wrng!
Music is a universal language...listening to Kelly Khumalo-kulezontaba
Amen"...when we remain still and allow God Almighty to respond on our behalf the outcome silence…
One of my best song on n kelly khumalo- too late mama
The devil has surrounded me today. Who's got Kelly Khumalo's number?
good morning Kelly. Could you please send your email address thank you
The only thing you could do is to take several seats and stop using and to be relevant,its basic
LMAO Hehehehehehe Senzo Meyiwa ddnt see that penalty he only thot its Kelly Khumalo asking 4 love back
Hehehehehehehehe Senzo Meyiwa ddnt see that penalty he only thought its kelly khumalo asking for love back
So xited that finally gt paird up wit a producer that'l put her wer she deserves! The tOp! She's 1 o da best vocalists in SA!
Kelly Khumalo's career is safe with Chicco Twala.
I don't get those girls who claim to be virgins mara re bone di sex tape tsa bona. Bo Kelly Khumalo aba fele
Sello Chico Twala grooming Kelly Khumalo into the next Brenda Fassie.
Was in studio with doing the track 🙈 Once a HIT MAKER always ...
Just did a hit with at 999 studios, she is not featuring owamimafokate but djaj999 🙌🙌
If Kelly Khumalo is your idol .. you're a *** by default.
stole my weave or 'loaned'iy for the past 2 years and never gave it back nor paid me for it! What can I do!???
i'm not giving up on this issue hunnay child. So get in touch so we can talk girlfriend!
or do you want to refer me to your legal representative? Because it will be preferable if we can sort this out like ladies
hayi Kelz I want compensation for that weave you stole from me. You never settled that debt gurrrl!
Singing Gospel music was the best career choice Kelly Khumalo could have ever made. *** those pipes. U go girl. UThixo abenawe!
Lmao @ the spirit of Kelly Khumalo touching the geighs
twas really great having you in my school.I must know your thing
Kelly Khumalo has a stunning voice kodwa
Kelly khumalo looked good back then hay
I blame the Government for the Engrish I blame KELLY KHUMALO about this!! She teach MEYIWA to dance
It is clear that the final will be between Kelly Khumalo and Minnie Dlamini, aybo I mean and
should do a song with Kelly Khumalo.
They got 2chainz we got Pitch black Afro "They got Future.We got Psyfo. "They got Kim Kardashian.We got…
They've got Future. We've got Psyfo. "They've got Kim Kardashian. We've got Kelly Khumalo."
Just a few reasons why Amakhosi players are better than Rats. Tshabalala has scored in the World Cup ,Klate scored in Moqhaka Cup. Masilela was praised by Mourinho, Matlaba was praised by Pitso. Khune won keeper of season twice in a row, Meyiwa was messing Kelly Khumalo. Mphela Scored Against Iker Casillas , Bacela scored against Dijabal keeper. NKhatha is busy scoring while Majoro is busy running to the Media talking about Chiefs fans. Yeye Letsholonyane used his real Age ,can't say the same about Manyisa. Mathoho has more Bafana Bafana Caps than Lucky Lekgwathi.
where's Kelly Khumalo and Khanyi Mbau I miss ama scandals abo so much they know how to shake Social Netowrks!!
Im not saying Minnie Dlamini is better, all im saying is Kelly Khumalo is responsible for many of pirates losses
Kelly khumalo"This one is absolutely an entertainer..."Musician of life
for a second I thought the lady in blue was you =D
Are we gonna discuss Kelly Khumalo's baby? No?
What would you do if u lived your life without love♥ waking up 2 adorn myself and sing I live for love ka I love her so much
So kelly Khumalo stole Kelly Price's as we lay and made it hers -_-
well you did it again, you guys just know how to perfectly bland your selves to bless us,in love again. "Isikhwele"
Kelly Khumalo why you not sleeping ?
Kelly Khumalo going public with her gorgeous baby girl...See Pics.
Morale Ft Kelly Khumalo, is it's a dope song thou.
Hi babe, please send me Lindi's number.
if germany beat brazil 7-1 how many times did Kelly Khumalo slap senzo's wife?
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If Kelly Khumalo is a virgin, and Tupac is still alive... How many times is 2chainz gonna keep saying hi…
Just don't understand why most of my friends have issues with me playing Kelly Khumalo's music,well she does it for me,the voice is amazing♪
Hi please download and play this hit song by Cmphiwe (Emvakomkhukhu Records)
"Cc that Celebrity you will love to Kidnap very soon?
would you collaborate with kelly khumalo? Or probably with zonke?
Kelly Khumalo also had a powerful "God" moment at a concert of hers...when she sung "Uyinkosi ya makhosi". Please YouTube that...FIRE!
Zinhle Why you hide your self or you don't have BIS?
Only Kelly Khumalo knows what that means
Kelly Khumalo could be as great as Lebo Mathosa but she's sleeping.
Little Girl by Kelly Khumalo Ft Sibongile Khumalo, chasing a rainbow by Press LELAPA SHOW with the Exclusive One...
This is my journey,this is my life!Im gonna live it the best way I can.Cc
Kelly Khumalo shld EVER b on da cover.Its always abt drama with her.hating.
Feel sorry for her shem. "Kelly Khumalo and Robbie Malinga make beautiful music."
A + album? ... I'm pretty convinced that it will be the biggest thing to ever happen to SA afro pop music. ♥
I love kelly khumalo's song ft robbie "Ngiyabuza" so wish she can only sing songs like that her voice is everything
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if I had a chance I swear I'd kiss you. "My dream girl"
No offence but Kelly Khumalo's daughter is ugly hai. Or its the true love photographers fault
Yo! Kelly Khumalo is actually light skinned now. O_o
Kelly Khumalo looked hot in something like that. Tsek
Cnt wait to see ur outfit for Durban July
Kelly khumalo sings very nice love songs. Her and Robbie are a good combination. Mzuzu akafebi nie
Maybe Mshoza & Kelly Khumalo discovered Jik & decided not to only put it in their bathtubs but consume it too. Great...NOT!!!
Beyoncé Tops Forbes Celebrity 100 List Kelly Khumalo and Khanyi Mbau? They need to learn a thing or 2 from Queen B «
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. Aristotle
Most celebrities think they're living in hollywood... This is SA loxion culture baba no tym for bo Kelly Khumalo aka wanabe Diva
no talent to nkululeko sorry. Kelly khmlo can sing,ntokozo can,jenifer hudson can,chomi can't sing! All the examples!
With it was n amazing night had si much fun.
I think and should form a group..their duets is always dope
Urban dictionary ayisheki. The Kelly Khumalo Story(book)Sarah writes about Pulling A Kelly Khumalo which is explained in the dictionary
Robbie Malinga and Kelly Khumalo make thee best duo ❤. Their duets are always on point.
She has a very powerful voice!!! No lady can top hers in this industry. Yeah I said it RT"Kelly Khumalo sings very well."
I solved the X Factor SA with 'I Live For Love' by
yo ! Having a hella good time here in motherwell . s/o to Ntando , Kelly Khumalo , Loot love . All the artists !.
"This is sickness real"Kelly khumalo hmmm keepin it reall on stage
Kelly khumalo hmmm keepin it reall on stage
Imagine Kelly Khumalo collaborating with John Legend... Their voices blending... That would be so beautiful hey
Biggest waste of talent in SA has to be Kelly Khumalo...probably the best female vocalist in the country, but can't get her act together
Khetiwe is on the cover of July cover of TL. Last month it was Kelly Khumalo. Where is the respect?
is underrated! Lady can sing! Ubuye' KZN lo sisi ngamthathi kancane. I'll never forget her ...
Kelly Khumalo RT"The most underrated male and female vocalists in SA?
well I hope I get an invite next time 😁
Aw yes most deff God is working in that route hun lol but my sista has seen me in actions
Still at Aw u guys gave an amazing performance at Moyo
was a virgin till she was 19, but she was letting *** get their fingers wet since she was 14. Kelly Khumalo tendency nje!
PHONE CONVERSATION BETWEEN 2. Kelly Khumalo: "Hey babe". Senzo Meyiwa: "Hi love can you please buy me Debonez...
Somewhere in was overhead whispering to Kelly Khumalo that Dauda is his understudy. Something wrong with this pic!
When you rely on your power, there is no room for God.
I think that will sell after the he doesn't derseve 2 Be Kelly Khumalo's No2, oh I mean Senzo..
With immediate effect. "Kelly Khumalo Meyiwa should be benched"
Dauda is cashing on that doe. Kelly Khumalo might make a stealth move.
Kelly Khumalo? RTSisters sentenced for assaulting 'mistress'
Orlando Pirates reserve goalkeeper is playing in his 1st world cup, Pirates no1 goalkeeper is watching it at home with Kelly Khumalo
"You need to be tested so you can testify" - Kelly Khumalo
that reason didn't stop Kelly Khumalo
was amazing and she told me I was amazing. For a great vocalist like to tell me tht it makes me warm n fussy inside. Thanx
What a beautiful evening with amazing people. Had so much fun at Moyo. Thank u guys *
That Kelly Khumalo n Robbie Malingas song, love it love it love it!!!
And Plays Kelly Khumalo ft Robbie ngiyabuza Jam is life,tooo nice.
Its going down Nothende and Mariachan live
Out at the farewell with my family featuring 'a hairstyle nyana😁❤️
Out at the farewell with my family chadsaaiman featuring 'a hairstyle…
She's just a Nigerian Kelly Khumalo using her virginity to get attention.
Rehearsing 4 my friend send of party cc
are you guys coming to Port Elizabeth on this weekend in Motherwell?
Welcome Dudu. Please guys enlighten me what made you choose Kelly Khumalo for the cover of June issue?
True Love turning into Drum mag.1st Kelly Khumalo on the cover, now Winnie (Khethiwe). Wonder what happened 2 having influential women on it
"Your flaws are perfect for the heart that's meant to love you.."
They missed Kelly Khumalo “Here is the Top 10 most influential women in football
yeah the mandela guy can not even pronounce Amandla with bold voice
I also don't understand why they never took a South African for that role coz SA has plenty of actors with potential.
I second that Ma'am, no hard feelings
That's why much as I love Tata&would love to learn as much as possible about his story,I haven't had interest in that movie
Truth!!I'm sorry,I refuse to believe the notion that we don't have talent that can represent our own!Utter bull dust!!
I agree... Worse the Naomi chick spoke like she had stroke!! Worse when she say Amandla!!
Lol & smh at the society labeling Kelly Khumalo as a 'man snatcher' and Senzo Meyiwa as the victim !
Senzo Meyiwa "Can anybody tell me the name of Kelly Khumalo's latest hit. Heard it on the radio a few days ago. Wow."
While Senzo Meyiwa is busy scratching his ballz @ home with Kelly Khumalo.. is playing in da
Senzo Meyiwa is World Class. He keeps Dauda out but that guy plays at the world cup. Pirates fans! Be happy! Kelly Khumalo there you go!
Listening to Metro Fm jah neh loving the song Kelly Khumalo and Robbie Malinga. RIP baba Eddie Zondi.
Please free Jub Jub, Kelly Khumalo is trendin' more than spain on fb
Women are so hyped up about john legend's concert...made me think about usher and his silly ways of calling people's girlfriends on the stage. If i am ur man and i surprise u with tickets to usher's show, u better believe we will be sitting at the last row so that he doesnt see you. That *** never calls the single 'ugly' groupies who are directly in front of the stage...he wants security to get him a beautiful woman who is clearly enjoying the show with her man and they are in the 10th row...just so that the whole show can see as usher takes ur girl...if u try to leave me with ur bag i am pulling u by ur hair...the look on my face should be enough to let u know that ha ke tseye masepa vandag and u must remain where u belong...and why do they always leave their bags behind...becoz ke usher now you have forgotten about your period...coz thats what u always tell us when we ask you where the *** are you taking the huge bag...if usher calls u and u go.the two of u owe me a refund for the tickets i bought ...
In South Africa wen we lose we blame Kelly khumalo, zuma and Minnie When Nigeria lose we blame Borotho ka Rama(Boko) . Ghana wen it lose we blame their vintage jersey and lake of white people. Spain aowa nna i put d blame ga shakirah gape ba bapala Nnyoso. Gamblers have lost millions lol thanx to Spain
I love Kelly Khumalo so mich you guys.
Afro-pop star Kelly Khumalo says ending her relationship with baby daddy Senzo Meyiwa was difficult, because she still loves him.
The celebrity diva who is an Afropop singer, dancer, stage/theatre actor by the name of Tina Dlangwana who now lives a reckless life who changes man (having dated kwaito legend Oskido & is now married to playboy Prosper Mkwaiwa who is an ex of Tina Jaxa & Kelly khumalo) the girl who is constantly in the media for all the wrong reasons, wearing funny attire used to be a very radically saved young girl who worshipped God like there's no tomorrow she was a born-again gospel singer who wud sing with a heavy anointing and we wud be drunk in the presence of God, when she testified it wud be like she's preaching in a tent crusade, what an anointed vessel she was,I know this for a fact bcoz we use to be part of the same church in the then Border Region and she fellowshipped at the Scenary Park Branch & I was in Zwelitsha, we use to meet in big regional/district services. As long as she's still alive, I believe there's still hope for her... "GOD OF MANY CHANCES"
Lundi should ft. on his song. The J brothers don't do it for me on the song
Yeah look at Khanyi Mbau,Kelly Khumalo n Nonhle Thema.Life will humble you
compared 2 is like comparing herself to From baller to rapper.. in Kellys case rapper to baller
Kelly Khumalo blings up her casual all black look
I feel pity for Kelly 'Khumalo' Meyiywa . Congratulations Captain my Captain !
ur voice is amazing. I have a song that I think u will kill. How can I contact u
Actually, when is Kelly Khumalo and Robbie Malinga releasing an album?
The Robbie Malinga and Kelly Khumalo Combination is Very Beautiful when it comes to Music
Haaai mina idream yam ifezekile saw u doin it proper,sweet and slow! Power 2u! Anada person I want 2 c doin it is Kelly Khumalo
We can never compare with Kelly Khumalo Arg I mean Senzo Meyiwa
very.I wonder How yu could have been if Yu went the Worshiping Route..
"Cc that female you know is bleaching her skin? khumalo
Driving on the freeway with the fuel on reserve will have you praying in tongues & shouting "Rebesiya!" like Kelly Khumalo.
True Love cover story on Kelly Khumalo. "...Her undying love for Senzo Meyiwa..." Smh. Undying love for a married ***
We're speechless. Look at these racy pics of Kelly Khumalo
Sjoe. Kelly Khumalo gives us a sneak peak into her past...
WOW! Look at these raunchy snaps of Kelly Khumalo!
What is Kelly Khumalo's sister using to bleach her skin?
Listening to 's I Live For still goes in.♥️♥️
The way i feel guilty for loving this kelly khumalo track. 😞
It feels like a Sunday...kana I first heard that byon Eddie's show then I bought the cd☹
Robbie Malinga and Kelly Khumalo. beautiful song. I love it
I still say Robbie Malinga and Kelly Khumalo owe us an album!!! ❤️😍
dat no more jam still goes in. Its going to be timeless wen we look back at it in years 2 come"
yebo cc I agree with you uthando alunambala.
Ddnt i c da guy in glasses nd hat on Rolling with Kelly Khumalo? Is he an extra or wat?
it's called caring for each other so that we don't repeat our mistakes! No bad blood, no jealous. Umtu ngu'mtu ngabantu!!!
KZN was just to awesome demed man.. that was beautıful.. Can even watch repeat tmoro dats how good thy were..
everything was great except for the SUNGLASSES indoors. SUNglasses!
!!!"Strong team right there.RT Nazo team
Strong team right there.RT Nazo team
the Single is being Mixed and Mastered as we speak, it won't be long..
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