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Kelly Kapoor

Kelly Rajnigandha Kapoor (born February 3, 1980), is a fictional character from the US television series, The Office.

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tbh this just strikes me as another Kelly Kapoor scheme to get Ryan back
Kelly kapoor is the most annoying character in the office
Talked to millions Kelly Kapoor. Underated like Andy Stone. But I'm on they necks like cologne. To come properly seek the throne
If it did I would be so happy for Kelly Kapoor 😭
Kelly Kapoor is maybe worse than Skylar White
Fave The Office moment ever with my fave character Kelly Kapoor.
This is the kind of exciting news about which Kelly Kapoor and Mindy Lahiri would immediately text all of their co-workers, complete with a
Move over Beyoncé. Soon, there will be a mini to grace the earth 🙌 ​
I made Kelly Kapoor my contact picture on Alicia's phone because why not?
Image: Universal/Ko/REX/Shutterstock Kelly Kapoor looks like she'll be getting a tiny office assistant of her...
I mean I could never work there and Michael Scott is a terrible person, but then there's Kelly Kapoor who is honestly I think my fave.
omg Kelly Kapoor is pregnant!!! I'm screaming! I mean is pregnant. Is Ryan the baby daddy?
My excitement about having a baby=Kelly Kapoor's excitement about all other celebrity babies
If Mindy Kaling has a girl, she has to name her Kelly Kapoor-Kaling. It's only right
Kelly Kapoor is pregnant and I hope it's mine! 🙋🏼
I thought I was Kelly Kapoor in terms of keeping up w/ celebrity gossip. Then came home & told me…
Guys Mindy Kaling is pregnant & fan in me shameless hopes it's kid. . (P.S. Kelly Kapoor will be a…
What if is just pulling a classic kelly kapoor
What if Mindy Kaling is faking this pregnancy to get BJ Novak to marry her? That would be SO Kelly Kapoor.
Huge part of why the industry is in no rush to condemn Kelly is because he is by no means an anomaly.
Hollywood MUST stop enabling R. Kelly, a man who preys on young black women. take https:/…
R. Kelly is holding women against their will in a “cult,” parents told police
Is this a Kelly Kapoor thing? Don't worry, im not a Ryan, I'll support you
Finally Kelly Kapoor is pregnant and not lying about it !!!
wait no lmao it was bc ur thing Kelly Kapoor lmao
If Mindy Kaling is pulling a Kelly Kapoor I am going to be so mad.
"Well, I hope you're still committed because I'M PREGNANT...and guess what, buddy? I am keeping it!" -Kelly Kapoor
spent all this time thinkin I was Pam Beesly when I've just been Kelly Kapoor all along
😂you're funny af for making your name Kelly Kapoor
How long till that gold digger Kelly Kapoor comes crawling back?
SO salty that I could never pull off the Kelly Kapoor look for Halloween
I will forever worship at this GIF of Kelly Kapoor from 🙋🏾👑 
Ok this is actually serious even if you're too young to know about this pls vote you too Kelly Kapoor
10 times Kelly Kapoor was all of us:
Kelly price would be so much better if it were "imma make her dance like Kelly kapoor"
Why is Kelly kapoor portrayed as annoying on the office cos at least three people have said I remind them of her?? Idgi
seriously how awesome was Kelly Kapoor in 'The Office'. Such an underrated performance.
Kelly Kapoor is seriously my spirit animal
"yo mama so fat she could eat the internet" - Kelly Kapoor
And the spicy curry award goes to our very own Kelly kapoor
16 times Kelly Kapoor was the realest badass. ❤️
In the words of Kelly Kapoor, "yeah I have a lot of questions. First of all: how dare you?"
Sure, 'The Office' reunion may have been an April Fools joke, but we're using it to celebrate Kelly Kapoor anyway.…
I hope this is in Kelly Kapoor voice
These videos remind me of when Kelly Kapoor tried to lose a ton of weight and passed out in the warehouse
Kelly Kapoor is literally the worst. Lying to Ryan about being pregnant to get another date.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I'm growing up to realize that I'm less like Kelly Kapoor, and more like Stanley Hudson
I took a quiz to find out which office character I am and of course I get Kelly Kapoor.
I really think my life has never made more sense since I realized I'm a bizarre combination of Michael Scott and Kelly Kapoor
"I'm gonna get him to buy me a prime rib tonight" - Kelly Kapoor teaching us all how to go on good dates.
Kelly Kapoor, she's responsible for the shows storylines yet, she gave herself a menial role.
Tigers baseball starts in TWO days. Tiger fan Kelly Kapoor is excited
Phyllis Vance is sadness and Kelly Kapoor is disgust...crazy
For my bday this year I'd like a Kelly Kapoor themed bday. Brown balloons, It Is Your Birthday banner, & a white sheet cake w/ one chiclet.
We are all Kelly Kapoor and Kelly Kapoor is all of us.
Is it possible that April the Giraffe isn't pregnant, but is maybe just a Kelly Kapoor trying to keep her Ryan Howard around?
"I never really thought about death until Princess Diana died. That was the saddest funeral ever. That and my siste…
16 times Kelly Kapoor was the last great year in band names, 2016
Let me warn you if you're a brown girl in this day and age you will be compared to Mia Khalifa, Mindy Kaling or Kelly Kapoor & that's that
"He's the Ryan of this target" biiitch, call me Kelly Kapoor than 😛😛😦
I've learn so much from Kelly Kapoor
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Are we sure April the giraffe isn't pulling a Kelly Kapoor and just trying to keep her Ryan?
characters like Kelly Kapoor and Jenna Maroney are my role models tbh
I've decided that my 2017 New Year's Resolution is to be more like Kelly Kapoor.
"I talk a lot... so I've learned to tune myself out" -Kelly Kapoor
Out of all of the characters in I'm Kelly Kapoor
16 times Kelly Kapoor was the funniest character on “The Office”
I have spent my whole life thinking I was a Jim Halpert but it turns out I am actually Kelly Kapoor
I think I may be the Kelly Kapoor of my office
I been down with Mindy from day 1 including her days as Kelly Kapoor
Official decision at work: is Kelly kapoor, is Andy Bernard, and I am Michael Scott. BEEN A GOOD DAY
wanna marry someone like Kelly Kapowski. probably gonna end up marrying someone more like Kelly Kapoor
I took a The Office personality quiz and got Kelly Kapoor. I am neither surprised or ashamed
why is Kelly Kapoor my spirit animal
"I can't control what I say. I literally spend the whole day taking."- Kelly Kapoor 😂😂
Who wants to be the Kelly Kapoor to my Ryan Howard since I'm a pos
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Sometimes I hate how much I can relate to Kelly Kapoor. 🙃
i relate to kelly kapoor so much rn. I feel this meme on a spiritual level
Kelly Kapoor is the most annoying person in the office 🙄🙄🙄
Kelly Kapoor honestly slays looks on The Office
Kelly Kapoor though Kobe did it so hey that's proof enough
You're KELLY KAPOOR via this can't be right /:
Everything Kelly Kapoor has said in the office I have said in real life.
My inner self is just Kelly Kapoor dealing with Ryan
I'm just looking for the Ryan Howard to my Kelly Kapoor
I'm so much like Kelly Kapoor that sometimes I can't handle myself
I need that Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard love tbh
Kelly Schneider is Kelly Kapoor oh my god
Hopefully I find a Ryan Howard to my Kelly Kapoor
Kelly Kapoor taught me ultimatums are key, so if you don't make more seasons I'm going to kill myself
I feel like Kelly Kapoor from the office & her frustrations towards Glee when it comes to Dart
The Office trivia question for either of ya: what job does Kelly Kapoor have in the office?
I relate to Kelly kapoor more than I'd like to admit
Feeling like Kelly Kapoor on Valentines Day, because I thought someone left a cute note on my car, but it was a tic…
OK: if and follow me, I'll reciprocate. Kelly Kapoor is funny, I like facing t…
Imagine kelly kapoor and Tom Haverford together
I literally went to the gym for 1 hour and now i'm in bed looking like kelly kapoor when she takes the tape worm
Ok fight me, but Kelly Kapoor was the only good thing about the office and the rest of that trash heap of a show can go in the garbage
Kelly Kapoor was probably the most underrated character throughout the US office.
me watching the election: Kelly Kapoor when she swallowed a "tapeworm" for Dunder Mifflin's weight in
I am so Kelly Kapoor and it scares me
Kelly Kapoor isn't a character on Parks and Rec.wyd
It just occurred to me that I should have been Kelly Kapoor for Halloween 😭
now I want a young Mindy Lahiri or Kelly Kapoor spinoff instead
nvM MY SENIOR QUOTE: "i think sometimes people are really mean to the hot, popular girl" - Kelly Kapoor
Mindy Kaling . -a beautiful soul. -the Mindy Project is a blessing. -started out as Kelly Kapoor who is iconic. -has 2 amaz…
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more evidence that i literally am Kelly Kapoor
Felt like Kelly Kapoor when someone started asking me very specific questions about Diwali
Well tomorrow I start my first day of my new big girl job. So I'm basically Kelly Kapoor
I have been told that if I were to be a character from The Office, i would be Kelly Kapoor
Didn't think I could love Kelly Kapoor and more and then I read Why Not Me. Thanks for the chapter on soup snakes
Omg doing the "1. HOW DARE YOU" on gives me feels ILY KELLY KAPOOR
"He's so sweet. He pointed to my latte and said, 'Kelly, that will be the color of our children.'" -Kelly Kapoor 11/10
*Watching this is the end*. Mindy Kaling comes on the screen. Matt: look it's Kelly Kapoor. Me:
This week's may not have meant to reference my fave Kelly Kapoor line but I'm choosing to believe…
Happy B-day to the Phattest of Naths aka the Dwight Shrute to my Kelly Kapoor 💙🤘🏼
"A minority? Excuse me! I'm so much more than that. I'm a dancer. I'm a singer. I'm a fashion designer." - Kelly Kapoor
Kelly Kapoor might be the most annoying TV character of all time
Have YOU ever been called a real life Kelly Kapoor?! Go listen to my podcast 😂😂😂
Our psychological report (i.e., blog post) this month is on none other than Kelly Kapoor from Enjoy!.
Kelly Kapoor and Mindy Lahiri come full circle:
I find myself relating to Kelly Kapoor more than anyone on The Office, and that is terrifying.
three fictional characters you identify with ? — effy stonem, belle, AND maybe kelly kapoor
I'm so glad we finally respect Native Americans in this country. *gif of Kelly Kapoor subtly shaking her head*
It took me forever to decide on my Kelly Kapoor, Mike Wheeler, and Elizabeth Bennett
Always be yourself! Unless you can be Kelly Kapoor! In that case, always be Kelly Kapoor!
One of Kelly Kapoor's New Years resolutions was to get more attention ❤️ sometimes she just gets it, ya know?
Just had the Kelly Kapoor of dental hygienists
Me 24/7: Kelly Kapoor . Me with any guy i like: Toby Flenderson
Feeling: Kelly Kapoor on her juice cleanse diet
Kelly Kapoor would be horrified that Mindy Lahiri tried to sleep with Toby! AND that he turned her down!
omg the image of Kelly Kapoor coming on to Toby is seared in my brain
Just trying to find the Jim Halpert to my Pam Beesly, but NOT the Ryan Howard to my Kelly Kapoor
Kelly Kapoor decided the theme was not for her, cause you know, she looks really good in white
This is not Kelly Kapoor social hour
"There was no emergency. I look really good in white." Kelly Kapoor
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I'm just a slightly less dramatic version of Kelly Kapoor
I'm literally Kelly Kapoor I love her so much
Me and are Kelly Kapoor and is Ryan
There's people like Kevin Malone, then there's people like Kelly Kapoor
But if you think about, the real relationship goal in The Office was Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard's.
"Ultimatums are key. Basically nobody does anything for me anymore unless I threaten to kill myself." Kelly Kapoor gets it
Best romantic actor varun kapoor and the nicest couple kelly Shah and varun kapoor 😍😍
If I'm not kelly kapoor then who am i
Kelly Kapoor is the most annoying character to ever be created
If Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard ever had a kid I'm pretty sure it would be me
Like I really just want a Kelly Kapoor to my Ryan Howard.
I'm kelly kapoor Oh no how did we get so many outfits.
CHALO enough moping around I am now going to face this day with Kelly Kapoor levels of POSITIVITY and ENTHUSIASM and JOY and EXCITEMENT.
Kelly Kapoor is in the future, you guys are literally the same people
no, but I have a good feeling Kelly Kapoor might be
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please do another one with 3 side by sides and add Kelly Kapoor.
I like to think I'm a Pam Beesly, but deep down I'm really a Kelly Kapoor.
happy birthday to the Ryan to my Kelly Kapoor (the kelly to MY Ryan?) idk but ily! have a gr8 day!
I just had a dream that I helped Kelly kapoor with boy problems .
my personality is the worst mix of Jean-Ralphio and Kelly Kapoor and I am LOVING IT
UM just my idol Mindy Kaling playing Kelly Kapoor on The Office smh Becky
Kelly Kapoor, Alex Parrish, Tom Haverford...when y'all going to let pocs have poc names tho
April Ludgate is my spirit animal, but if my spirit animal had an alter ego, it would most definitely be Kelly Kapoor.
I hope to one day find a love like Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard
Kelly Kapoor is my tiny angel and I will protect her at all costs
I'm very emotional in general bc of wine goodnight no one but Kelly Kapoor realizes how hard it is to be Kelly Kapoor but I do I'm her
I know that's Kelly Kapoor, but you gotta love her dance moves too.
Bruh...Kelly Kapoor was one of the most tragic characters in any sitcom ever...
Because Kelly Kapoor and I both share an [illogical] love of celebrity happenings. 😂
I got mixed feelings about the show but jim & pam and kelly kapoor!!!
Kelly Kapoor is my spirit human and I'm not even ashamed of it.
at work people were assigning office characters to all the employees and no one said I was Kelly Kapoor where can I sue ???
can anyone prove that I am not actually Kelly Kapoor?
"Ya I have a question. . Number 1: How dare you?"- Kelly Kapoor. (Translation: my neighbors need to get. It. Together.)
You have a weekend jaunt with Kelly Kapoor?
I am Kelly Kapoor and all the men I date are Ryan Howard
Kelly Kapoor is honestly role model material sometimes
as much as I want to be pam halpert I know I'm kelly kapoor
My friends all say that I am irl Kelly Kapoor and I can't disagree
"I talk A LOT, so I've learned to just tune myself out." my favorite kelly kapoor quote
If you combine Kelly Kapoor and Tom Haverford you will most definitely get me. Melanin included
I'm mostly excited for Inside Out because Leslie Knope, Phyllis Vance, Kelly Kapoor and Stefan are the main characters.
"God I can't wait to get pregnant and have babies" said as Kelly Kapoor. Wonder what she'd think of Mindy and Danny?!?!
So far Erin's only MO is that she acts 19, and not in a Kelly Kapoor way but an awkwardly subdued way. Not the best-developed character imo
You want to call someone that texted you? You want to drive him away?. -Kelly Kapoor
Victoria's like real-life mashup of Kelly Kapoor and Peggy Bundy.
Andy just described me as a healthy mix of Pam halpert and Kelly kapoor. I'm good with that.
Nobody followed me ? [kelly kapoor from the office US voice] screw you guys. you're dead to me.
season 4's sassy and bitter Kelly Kapoor is forever my spirit animal
the Mindy Project (show on fox) and she was on the office as Kelly kapoor
I am OBSESSED with Kelly Kapoor. She is my life and soul 😎😎😎
Of course Kelly Kapoor would make sure Beyoncé played at her Diwali celebration.
Mindy Kaling aka Kelly Kapoor is staying at our hotel 😎
While on a Starbucks run today on my break at work I got mistaken for Kelly Kapoor from The Office.. 😌
Realizing how much I turn into Kelly Kapoor when I try so hard to be liked.
What is your favorite Kelly Kapoor moment?
is brilliant but let's take a moment to appreciate the hilariousness of Kelly Kapoor. Watching
you are definitely JD from scrubs. xo, kelly kapoor
"I love rivalries...but if I had to answer honestly, I'd have to go with LC. Heidi is a bad friend and her skin is terrible." - Kelly Kapoor
in Spanish class Ben Witt told me if I were a character from The Office I would be Kelly Kapoor because i'm "man hungry."
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You're telling me the Kelly Kapoor method doesn't work?!? Whateva
Alton Brown on Kelly and Michael...friggin love this guy SO MUCH.
I really loved playing Kelly Kapoor in A Day in the Office! Go check the show out on YouTube!
When I'm by myself I'm Kelly Kapoor but when I'm with people I become Dwight Schrute.
Sometimes I am Kelly Kapoor (except I'm mostly too lazy to even attempt putting the clothes away)
If I knew Kelly Kapoor in real life I would punch her so hard in the face.
I had an above average exposure to Kelly Kapoor today
The girl in front of me in class is on FB + I see a picture of Kelly Kapoor on her feed. I already like whoever posted that picture of Kelly
I honestly take pride in being the Kelly Kapoor of my office
"I mean, who says exactly what's on their mind? What kind of game is that?" - Kelly Kapoor.
First of all, HOW DARE YOU: 24 Signs You’re Actually Kelly Kapoor From “via
Guys, I have come to the horrible conclusion that I might actually be Kelly Kapoor:
Community: You’re over the petty games: 24 Signs You’re Actually Kelly Kapoor From “The Office”
I'm actually more like if Mindy Lahiri and Kelly Kapoor had a baby.
Kelly Kapoor and Dennis Reynolds are dating on Something I never knew I needed until now.
Vic Sotto as Michael Scott. John Lloyd as Jim Halpert. Bea Alonzo as Pam Beasly. Kris Aquino as Kelly Kapoor.
A dance off between Andy Bernard and Kelly Kapoor.
Mindy Kaling Masters Instagram — We Watch & Learn: Whether you loved her as Kelly Kapoor on The Office, as her...
I'm seriously Liz Lemon, Kelly Kapoor, and Mindy Lahiri in one
In my dream last night, I was in an episode of 30 Rock with Liz Lemon, Jack Donaghy, & Kelly Kapoor (from The Office). It was AMAZING.
People who like Mindy Kaling/kelly kapoor and live in Curitiba, Brazil. NINGUEM.
"Could you for once just let us enjoy a party instead of making it about all your issues?" -Kelly Kapoor
. Here lies Kelly Kapoor. Died of a broken heart
I close my eyes all I can think of are minions... & bananas... And Kelly Kapoor singing 'this day is bananas'. Omg.
Kelly Kapoor and I are a lot alike and I'm really not proud of that
My imaginary boyfriend is Ravi. Kelly Kapoor's new man in the Office. please make my dreams come true.
Omg this flight attendant sounds like Kelly Kapoor
This is kinda just like the Kelly Kapoor/ Hilary Swank cry moment "If Drake Is Ugly I'm Ugly"
Why don't Kelly Kapoor and Tom Havorford get married, they're basically the same person
I feel like a mixture of Kelly Kapoor and Kristen Wiig. Can anyone else see this?
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It would have to be a pink glittery tiffin with Kelly Kapoor written in sparkly purple letters. Lisa Frank?
Personality wise I'm either April Ludgate or Kelly Kapoor there is no in between
My spirit animal is a mix between Cory Matthews, Eric Foreman, and Kelly Kapoor.
In the Get 'Em Girls video Jessica Mauboy reminds me of Kelly Kapoor
Ryan has an on-again, off-again tie despite baccalaureate service blabberer kelly kapoor. the sisterhood has b... 967581
who on earth thought it would be a good idea to give Kelly Kapoor from the The Office her own tv programme?!
bj I think you just pulled a Kelly Kapoor
Ryan has an on-again, off-again sympathy among situation blabbermouth kelly kapoor. the affinity has been dist... 835740
Ryan has an on-again, off-again fraternity even with praise meeting windbag kelly kapoor. the closeness has be... 010970
no, but I swear to god Kelly Kapoor's character just referred to that exact person in the Office.. some US celeb?
Who is this walking around the universal studios lot with pajamas on?. (squints*) -_- thats.THAT'S KELLY KAPOOR! O_0
Kelly Kapoor is one of my favorite fictional characters ever
Ryan has an on-again, off-again bond toward divine service gabber kelly kapoor. the union has been turbulent ex: .dKW 728045
"Well you know what my middle name is? Rajani Ghana. And I hate it. I hate it!" -Kelly Kapoor
I love how Mindy Kaling has people from The Office guest star on her show. She misses her Kelly Kapoor days.
Ryan has an on-again, off-again relatedness among empowerment gibble-gabbler kelly kapoor. the nearness has be... 246272
"I'm gonna write something mean on his wall" - Kelly Kapoor
A Dwight Schrute spin off from the Office would be excellent. New e4 program is basically Kelly Kapoor moves to the city.
Ryan has an on-again, off-again cousinhood by dint of benevolence tabby kelly kapoor. the affairs has been dis... 534736
it's by Mindy Kaling. Aka I'm gonna be thinking of Kelly Kapoor the entire time
Ryan has an on-again, off-again relations by dint of order of worship utterer kelly kapoor. the sistership has... 645493
Ryan has an on-again, off-again liaison near bedtime prayer scandalmonger kelly kapoor. the relation has been ... 754684
"You can't just come into my nook and call me stupid" -Kelly Kapoor Classic is the best.
"I can't get anything lately unless I threaten to kill myself." – Kelly Kapoor.
I swear I just saw the actress that plays Kelly Kapoor on The Office walking around Katy Mills. ***
kelly kapoor is on something on E4 and i will not watch it for this reason
“one of my favorite Kelly Kapoor quotes
Some Arabs are darker than African-Americans. So dark they look blue. Kelly Kapoor
"I don't talk trash. I talk smack. They're totally different." - Kelly Kapoor
Ryan has an on-again, off-again motherhood regardless of immediate purpose tattletale kelly kapoor. the dealin... 364780
Ryan has an on-again, off-again affiliation by means of prime song patterer kelly kapoor. the enation has been... 074853
"It's like my life is buffering" Lol I need Kelly Kapoor back in my life ASAP!!
You wanna call someone that texted you?? You wanna drive them away?? -kelly kapoor
watched an episode of the Office w lots Kelly Kapoor and I felt confused when it ended and it didn't tell me to go to bed!
Ryan has an on-again, off-again closeness in spite of mummery blabbermouth kelly kapoor. the link has been dis... 746837
Ryan has an on-again, off-again blood relationship right with grace idle chatterer kelly kapoor. the disjuncti... 639026
Ryan has an on-again, off-again cognation in cooperation with main office scandalmonger kelly kapoor. the bond... 045754
That's about right with that accessory for Kelly kapoor!
Kelly Kapoor diet challenge accepted! Lol love this show
Ryan has an on-again, off-again affairs by virtue of lauds tabby kelly kapoor. the sympathy has been excited f... 807385
Ryan has an on-again, off-again mutual attraction not to mention necessary patterer kelly kapoor. the cousinsh... 290396
Ryan has an on-again, off-again union in virtue of commitment hot-air artist kelly kapoor. the connection has be: .WVG
Dwight Schrute and Kelly Kapoor are the reasons The Office is one of my favorite TV shows ever
Kelly Kapoor is just an older version of Meghana.
I love ur show, but I miss Kelly Kapoor! Will she be back at all for the of
So good! Uhm, yung character nya dito parang smart Kelly Kapoor lol
Is it good?:) Natypecast ko na sya as Kelly Kapoor & I can't imagine her as anybody else. lol
I know. It seems like without Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard there is no one left to write the series!
Since Kelly Kapoor is gone they should start calling Erin by her first name anyway.
Awesome!! I hope Michael Scott, Kelly Kapoor, and Ryan Howard are 3 of them
is your personality anything similar to Kelly Kapoor?
I love that Ryan Howard and Kelly Kapoor were reunited on The Mindy Project last night!
Can't cope with BJ Novak in The Mindy Project. It's like Kelly Kapoor and Ryan the Temp reunited.
Mindy Project: Nope. nope nope nope. All I see is Ryan Howard and Kelly Kapoor. Nope.
What's so crazy about wanting to name a baby usher!? Usher Jennifer Justin Kapoor!
Oh man! Ryan Howard and Kelly Kapoor back together on The Mindy Project?? TV Tuesdays just got better!
Ryan Howard and Kelly Kapoor are reunited - and it does feel good - in tonight's Yay!
Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard are together again!
Loved seeing Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard back in action! Hilarious.
Ryan and Kelly kapoor on Thanks for presenting this new dynamic between yous!
B.J. Novak talks 'Mindy Project' - Everyone knows that Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard — even if their...
A group of Indian girls next to me keep talking about Diwali and all I can think about is The Office and Kelly Kapoor
it could've used a touch of Kelly Kapoor, but other than that it was great!
Omg Kelly Kapoor from The Office has her own sitcom coming on Ch 7
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