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Kelly Hrudey

Kelly Hrudey (born January 13, 1961) is a former NHL ice hockey goaltender and current hockey broadcaster with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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More Elliotte Friedman, more Kelly Hrudey, less PJ Stock...please. Sooner the better.
Kelly Hrudey walked by at the Saddledome. Someone said "Isn't that the news guy!? The sports one!'
I hear Rick Ball and Kelly Hrudey say Abdelkader but think I hear Applicator.
It's called the mumps, Kelly Hrudey. The mumps.
Walked past Kelly Hrudey a couple of times... Game must be on CBC?
Conversely, I find Kelly Hrudey has insightful analysis of the game. Goalies see the whole game develop, not all can process
Kelly Hrudey apparently thinks the AHL team are the St John's Ice Dogs
Why doesn't Kelly Hrudey get to hold a goalie stick during Hockey Central?
The oanly like ting dat would make dis game like moar boaring would be if I add to lissen to dat Kelly Hrudey for de oal game
So many cringe worthy moments when kelly hrudey commentates
Good start Also love listening to Kelly Hrudey. Exceptional insight and great anecdotes.
It's great having Kelly Hrudey doing color commentary for the game against the
Watching Kelly Hrudey on Classic NHL while hangs at Nats Stadium for the to start!
Dustin Brown reeks of a lot of things, Kelly Hrudey
positive stuff... always like and Kelly hrudey. Elliot also knows what not to say. Those guys are valuable.
Can Kyper and Kelly Hrudey just thumb wrestle? It would be more entertaining
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Check out NHL Network. 92 Kings vs Leafs conf finals game 7 Kelly Hrudey is wearing pads that are smaller than my couch pillows
As a kid, I swear I remember Kelly Hrudey swinging his stick at an opposing player's head. Did it happen?
Just listened to my first Junior Podcast. Great listen and an awesome interview with Kelly Hrudey.
Kelly Hrudey is really into talking about how "big and strong" Shane Doan is.
There is a great Kelly Hrudey interview on the JUNIOR podcast you may enjoy.
Quick pulling a Kelly Hrudey out there
“The Islanders are getting some spectacular goaltending” … words not said since Kelly Hrudey played.
Jake Muzzin was born the day before Kelly Hrudey was traded?? MIND BLOWN.
now if ron mclean replaces strombo then rogers is on to something and where is kelly Hrudey on the leafs saturday broadcasts?
Kelly Hrudey called out Patrick O'Sullivan for bailing on a hit on HNIC. He's a god to me!!
Certainly not. But I'd say Kelly Hrudey knows his share about goaltending. He seems to think Randford's done a good job.
Is it just me or is anyone else missing Scott Oake and Kelly Hrudey doing HNIC After Hours?
Nick Kypreos is terrible. Bring back PJ Stock or Kelly Hrudey.
Drew Remenda AND Kelly Hrudey on the same broadcast team? Cat and I will be Oilers fans this year!!!
Why have the had a rough start? Because is letting that piece of garbage Kelly Hrudey pretend to be a colour commentator.
I forgot how annoying Kelly Hrudey and Glen Healy were to listen to.
Kelly Hrudey is either drunk already or really high on hairspray fumes. "TJ Brodie and Mark Giordano are one of the best 5 pairings in NHL."
that Kelly Hrudey is a smart dude. As I was driving through the Rockies today, I was also thinking you guys need to see them
As a goalie fanatic since age 5, the long conversation I just had with Kelly Hrudey was surreal and awesome.
One reason why the Oilers lose tonight. . . . Kelly Hrudey
Well it's good to see Kelly Hrudey is as dumb as he was on CBC
I don't know what's worse...Oil loosing season opener..OR having to listen to Kelly Hrudey.
The fact Kelly Hrudey is on sportsnet tops this whole Rogers deal with the NHL
I've had enough of Kelly Hrudey for one night.
Watching Kelly Hrudey totally avoid the puck on ice level during the and game is just priceless. Hockey is back!
Kelly Hrudey: I'm more worried about getting hit with a puck. Gretzky: Don't worry Kelly, that never happens to you.
Watching and can't understand how Kelly Hrudey has a job in broadcasting. Just brutal.
Oh boy, Kelly Hrudey between the benches is not a good idea. Not for any specific reason, aside from Kelly Hrudey.
Also a huge fail having the super Calgary biased Kelly Hrudey on
So weird seeing Ron McLean and Kelly Hrudey on SportsNet??! Lol
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Did Kelly Hrudey actually say the Flames had the best defensive pair in the NHL?
I think Kelly Hrudey has a man crush on Giordano, mentioning how good he is in plays that he wasn't even on the ice for.
The only thing worse than the Flames beating the Oilers is listening to Kelly Hrudey while the Flames are beating the
Hey Drew Remenda and Kelly Hrudey...stop flirting and let Quinn do his job...
Cam Kelly Hrudey go back to Calgary please
Kelly Hrudey can already identify our competent defencemen, love him already.
Kelly Hrudey is the new Sportsnet analyst? . Oh good.
Kevin Quinn and Kelly Hrudey, a pair of *** Yay... One doesn't know the players name the other sounds line he's sniffing glue
Kelly Hrudey is just amazed by As he should be.
players in the house for morning skate! Anderson catching up with Struds and Kelly Hrudey.
Tonight, we get Kevin Quinn, Drew Remenga & Kelly Hrudey on the call. I think Marek's the host.
at Canadian Tire, Northtown Centre. Visit the store for an autograph with Kelly Hrudey.
he really doesn't care bro. Besides Kelly Hrudey and Rick Ball are who we will have most of the time. is the
He'd better, plus we're supposed to have Rick Ball and Kelly Hrudey. It'd be nice to have the old crew back though.
It's Rick Ball and Kelly Hrudey,, not the usual Flames crew, but just as boring...
I'll I've been playing hockey at Culver City Ice Arena (RIP) and a fan since my *** Kelly Hrudey was in net. Lol, you mad
What is this Mike Johnson doing color for the Flames game crap. Where's Kelly Hrudey!! I feel cheated
so you'd rather listen to Greg Millen, Kelly Hrudey, and Kevin Weekes?
Kelly Hrudey is correct and Hughson is wrong, no hook on that play
I hope you like all the fancy graphics because Kelly Hrudey is gonna try to teach you something while you watch your Flames.
yup, Sportsnet is running the show now and Hockey Central is now John Shannon, Kelly Hrudey and PJ Stock
Kelly "The Oilers only need one more lottery pick (after the Hall draft)" Hrudey. What a genius.
We're totally getting Kelly Hrudey and Millions tomorrow night. Hopefully with game in Edm we get home crew.
3 o'clock is both early in the morning for Kelly Hrudey.
Oh look Kelly Hrudey is wearing one of those puffed up jacket.
Building on their exemplary Jays broadcast team of Gregg Zaun & Pat Tabler, Sportsnet has hired Kelly Hrudey & Glenn Healy.
Rogers announces they've added Glenn Healy, Kelly Hrudey, Craig Simpson, Mike Johnson and Darren Pang to their team.
Rick Ball is the new Flames TV voice. Will work w/ Kelly Hrudey. Congrats, Baller.
Wonderful pic of my oldest lad Scott with Kelly Hrudey yesterday on the Bow. We went out fishing…
Last call for next weeks charity golf tourney with Kelly Hrudey. Let me know if you're interested.
yep - Mike Johnson could probably handle it - Kelly Hrudey already uses tech on HNIC to show what's happening...
It's the Sunday Save, with a tip of the cap to Bob Mason and Kelly Hrudey, and their 4 overtime periods...
Bill Ranford or Kelly Hrudey are my two other guesses
Have you registered? Matt Irwin from the Sharks confirmed along with LeNeveau from the NYR and Kelly Hrudey!
Sorting through some old hockey cards, and found Nick Kypreos and Kelly Hrudey which I find hilarious for some reason...
lmao! The shirt was a graduation gift. I remember Dave Taylor, Kelly Hrudey, Luc Robitaille, not all bandwagon lol
I'll take Glenn Healy stories over Kelly Hrudey anything any day.
I nominate Kelly Hrudey for commentator of the year. "Brad Marchand needs a attitude adjustment just pathetic" lmao
also glad finally someone (Kelly Hrudey) mentioned why the SJ shark defence is playing so well ... Larry Robinson!!!
I wonder if Kelly Hrudey likes Drew Doughty, kinda hard to tell.
Hockey Night in Canada Radio, is on the air today from 3-5pm Eastern with Rob Pizzo & Kelly Hrudey. Catch us exclusively on NHL Network Radio, Sirius 207 XM 211 Today: Kelly Hrudey from Calgary Booked 3:15 - Garry Galley - Hockey Night in Canada Analyst 3:30 - Tyler Seguin - Dallas Stars forward 3:45 - Joe Haggerty - Bruins Insider at Comcast New England Sportsnet Game Night: BOS/BUF 4:02 - Glenn Healy - Hockey Night in Canada Analyst Heals has the Heritage Classic with the Caucks and Sens. He also will be in Edmonton for the Oil and Calgary 4:30 - Adrian Dater - Denver Post Beat Writer Game Night: LA/COL 4:45 - Ken Holland - Detroit Red Wings General Manager
Love Hrudey, wish we could get his commentary here in the states!
"They deserved to loose because they are individuals, there is no way they can play as a team" - Kelly Hrudey on
Is this what Crosby tearing up the tournament looks like? Hope not! I like him a lot tho...but it's hard to say he has no one to play with! Remember when Gretzky went to LA...he brought them from 14th to 4th in one season...who did he have to pass to? Kelly Hrudey? :p
Kelly Hrudey: Latvia needs to kill this penalty, Canada needs to score on it. Thanks for that analyst insight.
Kelly Hrudey-"he's a big guy with a big long stick"
I'm pretty sure Phil Kessel has been the best forward in the tournament so far, Kelly Hrudey.
The answer is Kelly Hrudey with 73 saves vs. Washington. DiPietro is wrong.
Kelly Hrudey is an effing *** and one of the worst play by play guys ever. Is there no one else that knows hockey that we could get to work the Olympics?
SPORT? Kelly Hrudey's NHL attitude, "These teams hate each other, and that's good for us." Kelly, don't promote hate!
Best line from my latest blog, "Dear R.A. Dickey, Kelly Hrudey called, he wants his headband back"
Love the chirps from Kelly Hrudey towards the Russian hockey team
Kelly Hrudey doing all kinds of backtracking and acting like he picked Price personally
What i enjoy most about the Olympics.Kelly Hrudey not doing Oiler games on Hockey Night in Canada.
Glenn Healey shut up you were a back up to Kelly Hrudey. Do you ever say anything positive? Your lucky they even engraved your name on the Cup backing up Richter in 94.
Healy and Kelly Hrudey have nude photos of the CBC prez. No other explanation.
Tied up 1-1 CAN vs FIN. Honestly, Kelly Hrudey commented the other day that Fins were nothing to worry about & I called B.S.
Kelly Hrudey. Prefaced it by saying he had picked Luongo then failed at backtracking
Holy smokes Kelly Hrudey-dynamite drop ins...that broadcasting school really paid off.
real question is why did CBC bring Kelly Hrudey to sochi
Little Giant Ladders
Wow. It took a whopping 3 seconds for me to be exhausted from listening to Kelly Hrudey.
Kelly Hrudey just did on Olympic Morning. Coach opting for dependable and predictable. PK is great and UNpredictable.
Kelly Hrudey is almost as bad as Don Cherry as mispronouncing names.
I say they put both Glenn Healy and Kelly Hrudey in so we don't have to hear them talk.
Calling it now... South Korea 2018 hockey broadcasting Glenn Healy, Kelly Hrudey and Martin Brodeur are "save tonight"
Don Cherry was talking about Kelly Hrudey's suits. First, the screen showed Hrudey in Armani. Second, in Hugo Boss. "Lookit, he looks like a Hollywood movie star." When the third image appeared, Hrudey was in an ugly purple suit which prompted Cherry to say "Hollywood can ruin a guy...not too many guys come out of Hollywood dressed well." Host Ron McLean and punmaster supreme summed it up with "Don, you were suffering premature jacket elation."
Kelly Hrudey just said, and I quote: “I see Syphilis is now on the bench getting treatment by one of the trainers.”
"I've never played with a bad Swede in my life," says Kelly Hrudey.
Mark Lee and Kelly hrudey not realizing when a penalty was taken then criticizing the player is rediculous.
My colleague Kelly Hrudey and I have recorded a combined 30 shutouts at the NHL level. Fun fact. Bobrovski? 4 shutouts.
I was around for the Gretzky / Robitaille / Kurri / Blake years. I even have a Kelly Hrudey jersey :)
Kelly Hrudey "I hate to call a dive" go ahead and tell us how you really feel, Kelly.
Glen Healy just tried to rip Kelly Hrudey only to be shot down by Jim Hughson.
Kelly Hrudey: "Better than the other 32 who played for the Kings?" Yes but funny anyway.
Totally digging hearing Kelly Hrudey comment on the USA vs Russia hockey game. His analysis has far less hyperbole than Glenn "I wanna be the next Don't Cherry" Healey
Kelly Hrudey Is there a better hockey analyst around? Don't think so! Informative, thoughtful comments & analysis, Kelly!
I feel sorry for you Americans having to listen to Pierre McGuire... so glad we get the CBC feed... though Kelly Hrudey ain't much better
OMG lol. Yo do you remember "Behind the Mask with Scott Oak and Kelly Hrudey"
When is going to correct their mistake and put Kelly Hrudey back in the studio where he’s at his best? Friedman & Hrudey 2015
Kelly Hrudey , a nice Ukrainian boy lol
Sochi Day 7 We had a morning shift but once again, not a lot to report. After our shift, we hung out around the house getting ready for the hockey game. We got decked out in all our Canada and Team Canada Hockey gear and headed over. On our way in, we saw Ian Hanomansing and a TV crew. Not sure why we didn't stop to answer his question (whatever it was he asked)... I guess we were all too excited! In the stadium we were located pretty close to the CBC booth where Kelly Hrudey, Ron Maclean and Don Cherry were doing pre-game stuff. Lorraine chatted up Kelly and one of agents for a while. In the end, she traded him some pins for some fandazzlers! Really hoping to see Ron and Don wearing them tonight!! The game was amazing to say the least. One thing you may not have seen, there was this one Canadian guy who joined the cheerleaders at every opportunity. At some point, he was given his own pom-poms! Canadians are awesome. We wish we could go to more games. Leaving the stadium was crazy because, once again, we ...
unbelievable that CBC cannot find anyone better to do color commentary for the Olympic hockey broadcasts !!! hopefully Craig Simpson will be better..Cassie Campbell is better than both !! Kelly Hrudey is a joke.
To the point we've made all along Kelly Hrudey says he thinks DD played well b/c Vlasic was backing him up defensively
How much time on the pwp did martin erat get in game one for Kelly hrudey said he played like crap
Kelly Hrudey of HNIC on 630CHED Inside Sports from Sochi right now
A rare appearance in the big chair on Inside Sports tonight, guests will include Kelly Hrudey, 3 Eskimos QBs , new Esks rec Akeem Foster ...
I hope CBC leaves Glen Healy and Kelly Hrudey in Russia.
Analysis during the second period intermission is the role Kelly Hrudey was born for.
I guess Kelly Hrudey doesn't know that the "rising fastball" is a myth. It's physically impossible for a human to throw a ball that hard
Kelly Hrudey is a complete *** It's been proven a fastball does not indeed rise. Good job.
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This game would be so much more enjoyable without Kelly Hrudey being part of it.
Why is Glenn Healy and Kelly Hrudey at the Olympics? Couldn't have picked 2 worse commentators. Where's Pierre
Kelly Hrudey looks like he spent the day at a Russian bar trying to keep up with the locals.
Kelly Hrudey just compared the goal scoring abilities of Jeff Carter, Mike Bossy, and Valeri Kamensky... Yup, Valeri Kamensky.
I'm ranking Elliotte Friedman up there with Kelly Hrudey and Pierre McGuire for most annoying commentators in sports. I'll be watching as much TSN coverage as possible if those guys are running the show.just horrible.
Kelly Hrudey tells us that Ovechkin can't "lead" his team, because he's too flashy. Datsyuk, on the other hand.. Nick Lidstrom taught him!
John MayorsManor MakeWay Kings . My father Is not doing so well of late he is one of the main reason I am such a die hard king fan after he noticed how much of a fan I was he went and bought me and my younger brothers tickets at G.W Forum he bought 4 two tickets behind Kelly Hrudey for my first game but only 2 were behind the goalie the other we're nosebleeds my dad took the nosebleeds gave me and my youger brother the goalie seats from that day it changed my life. And then came the luck of 802 he bought us tickets at the begining of the year and by luck it happened the right date and place G.W Forum 802 after that we stood by the team though thick and thin those years. Then Staple Center my dad retired from driving a bus and took a job as a security at staples and then it happened June 11,2012 he got to be there when they raised the cup and then the luck of the parade in which I attended then I get a call from my dad scored me and my younger brother tickets for the celebration inside when we seen him ...
Dont Push Me - By John Tortorella. Its gold! Canucks fans must watch.Torts is back to sing his side of the story after his suspension following the events of January 19th. "Don't Push Me" features vocal contributions from Roberto Luongo, Alex Burrows, Tom Sestito, Daniel Sedin, GM Mike Gillis, and Hockey Night in Canada's PJ Stock, Mark Lee, and Kelly Hrudey.
$100 to anyone who takes out Glenn Healy and Kelly Hrudey.
The 2014 CIS PotashCorp University Cup presented by Co-op Host Committee is proud to announce NHL-legend enforcer Marty McSorley, as well as CBC Hockey Night in Canada commentator Kelly Hrudey as the keynote speakers for the upcoming CIS Gala.
Vancouver Canucks defenceman Dan Hamhuis joined co-hosts Scott Oake and Kelly Hrudey to discuss the wild first-period brawl that highlighted Saturday night's game between his Canucks and the Calgary Flames.
Kelly Hrudey I can NOT stand hearing your voice, fyi every once in awhile a Canuck player who is not a goalie does something good. You clown!!
your mild mannered girl here...would love to lay the boots to Kelly Hrudey...what a complete *** ..
Kelly hrudey worst play by play commentator ever?
Real classy Torts...real classy. This is supposed to be the "elite" league...not tonight, nobody showing much class...except maybe Kelly Hrudey.
I'm assuming Kelly Hrudey is skyping this game.
I wonder if CBC realizes just how drunk Kelly Hrudey really is... Or even LISTENS to the color commentary he makes...
Off to have breakfast with Cassie Campbell and Kelly Hrudey in the morning! I sure hope they recognize me!
Happy belated birthday to Kelly Hrudey and, as more useless information follows, yesterday also marks the day in which I entered Air Force basic training.January 13, 1993. Where the *** has the time gone???
Late addition to the show, here on a Monday in January. Charlie Coyle of the Minnesota Wild is coming up at 4:45pm ET with Rob PIzzo and Kelly Hrudey on SiriusXM NHL Network Radio on Sirius 207 XM 211
Kelly Hrudey just walked right in front of me. Our eyes locked. I froze. Celebrities I'm fine, hockey greats, I freeze right up. God *** it.
Bob Cole to Kelly Hrudey: "You goalies get all the pretty ladies..."
Kelly Hrudey said similar but worse things about Rene Bourque. The stage was smaller but it was an honest opinion.
Brief as it was, loved have Kelly Hrudey at our fantasy camp - Kelowna ain't a bad place to have some summer fun:
yes, that would be correct. He's not Kelly Hrudey stupid but he's close.
good ratings Bruce. Can we add announcer grades, and give Kelly Hrudey a 0 for worst color commentating ever?
kelly hrudey hello Kelly. What do you anticipate the oilers will do with Nail Yakupov? What's he worth??
Now that the game is over maybe Kelly Hrudey can clean out his bong water.
Kelly Hrudey is the worst thing to happen to Please please reevaluate your broadcaster choices.
Kelly Hrudey essentially just said that the NHL shouldn't change the shootout rule because it's in the rule book.
I think Kelly Hrudey has had a couple
I think Kelly Hrudey referred to Wayne Simmonds as Steve Simmons
I think Kelly Hrudey has had a few beverages tonight...
Kelly Hrudey is a very bad colour guy.
Kelly Hrudey likes the shootout. Oh Kelly. We used to be friends.
Anyone else just hear Kelly Hrudey mistake Wayne Simmonds for Steve Simmonds.
How many Rexall Place heroin beers has Kelly Hrudey had tonight?
Kelly Hrudey is absolutely painful to listen to as a colour commentator. He's ok at the desk but Holy *** get outta the booth!
Kelly Hrudey is probably the worse colour guy in the league.
Kelly hrudey doesn't know how to use words when he does colour. It's like he's surprised with every word that comes out of his mouth
Kelly Hrudey is an *** How he got the gig is mind blowing.
"I know one thing, that's gotta hurt" -Kelly Hrudey being right twice.
Does Kelly Hrudey know any of the players names / numbers???
Fack I would love to tee up a big clapper at Kelly Hrudey's head right now
Passing a 6 ounce puck with only one hand takes amazing strength -kelly hrudey logic
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I dunno who is more lost right now... The on the ice or Kelly Hrudey colour commentary in the broadcast booth.
Can somebody at HNIC please tell Kelly Hrudey to stop talking during play? The guy sounds like he has marbles in his mouth, and his inane commentary detracts attention from the action on the ice. I'm sure he's a great guy, but surely there are better bingo callers out there. And I'm sorry, Don Cherry, but Taylor Hall hasn't earned a spot on the Canadian men's Olympic team. *** P.K. Subban still has a bit more work to do if he's going to earn a spot on that team instead of, say, Shea Weber or Brent Seabrook, and I still don't see how Claude Giroux is considered to be a better fit than, Patrice Bergeron, Patrick Sharp, or Chris Kunitz. Giroux is a good player, but I sense those other three players would have better chemistry with guys like Toews and Crosby, and it can't hurt to have the best faceoff man in the business (Bergeron) on the team. I'm glad Steve Yzerman, and not the older gents at HNIC, is picking the team. Between Stevie Y and Mike Babcock, they have as high a hockey IQ as any GM/head coach ...
If not for the inconsistencies you could make an argument he's been consistent- kelly hrudey logic
Kelly Hrudey should not be doing colour commentary on Hockey Night in Canada. He's terrible. He thinks he knows everything and he doesn't. That 1st Flyers goal did NOT touch Schultz at all like the *** kept insisting. It was tipped in by Simmonds and that was it.
Kelly Hrudey's new autobiography will be entitled:. "Weird Helmets and Wobbly Pops In The Press Box"
“Kelly Hrudey is having an off night.”
Kelly Hrudey is having an off night.
If Kelly hrudey references the lasic md net can one more time. I'm out.
Sorry Kelly Hrudey but you are a class A hypocrite. And it's easy to tell he's a Calgarian.
Has anybody ever told kelly hrudey he ***
why does Kelly Hrudey dislike Edmonton so much? Too cold? Or was it because he got lite up every time he played here? etc.
MT: "2 goals, 2 great individuals plays by Hall & RNH" Funny, all I'm hearing from Kelly Hrudey is "this should never happen"
Kelly Hrudey blamed that on Streit. That goal is on Mason.
2 minutes in and Kelly hrudey is already annoying me. Goalies are so stupid, I mean seriously, what kind of moron volunteers to stand in front of a 100 mph slap shot night after night? Hrudey has taken a few too many off the bucket.
Kelly Hrudey's one of my favorite Hockey Night In Canada annoucers.
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They should stand Kelly Hrudey on the ice in front of the zamboni.! Just saying.
"I was a goalie growing up, couldn't wait to get colored goalie pads, just like Kelly Hrudey had. He had the blue and the orange, for the New York Islanders." -Dan O'Toole "Looks like your uh, your goalie career worked out pretty well, you're a broadcaster now." -Jay Onrait (Insert incredibly awkward pause here.) "Hap... Happy Holidays" -Dan O'Toole That went well.
Edmonton Oilers forward Taylor Hall joined Scott Oake and Kelly Hrudey on After Hours to discuss what happened during a closed-door meeting following the 6-0 loss to the St. Louis Blues Saturday night.
The Hockey Night in canada drinking game.every time Mark Lee says bounce pass or kelly hrudey mentions how how hard someone shoots you toss 'em back!
Ah Crap!.Hughson and Simpson calling the Leafs-Wings game.I will turn the volume off .give me Bob Cole and Kelly Hrudey any day!.much more balanced call of the games.
CBC will have Hughson/Simpson/Healy at Winter Classic and Yankee Stadium. Mark Lee, Kelly Hrudey and Scott Oake will be at Dodger Stadium.
Bob Cole > Jim Hughson, Kelly Hrudey > Craig Simpson, David Amber is great. Now just get rid of Healy and I am good.
Kelly hrudey sounds like he's drooling on the mic as he is trying to say so much but his mouth can't keep up to his thoughts. kinda awesome.
A bit of a wonder seeing how much of a goaltending Black Hole the Kings have been basically since Kelly Hrudey
Edmonton Oilers forward David Perron talking about his Soho cut with Kelly Hrudey on CBC's After Hours. "We agree with Kelly, your hair looks great David. Welcome to Edmonton and a big thank you to your girlfriend for recommending us."
So Kelly Hrudey eats at Earls too. Would ya look at that
Mine is pierre maguire and kelly hrudey
Josh Harding with a little Kelly Hrudey glove save right there.
Who was the first LA Kings goalie to have their number retired in club history?. Kelly Hrudey. Mario Lessard. Rogie Vachon
Kelly hrudey fishing for compliments
"Don't you think that the Calgary Flames are great? Wouldn't you rather be a Calgary Flame, David?" - Kelly Hrudey
so what your saying is you're not a fan of Kelly Hrudey? I wish you would just come out with it.
Is it me or is Kelly Hrudey the most biased sounding colour man there is on
Kelly Hrudey does a better job analyzing hockey games than the played against a tired a flu-ridden team tonight.
Someone punch kelly hrudey in the face for me, he's a terrible announcer. Hit Glenn Healy while you're at it too
Man I wish Kelly Hrudey worked for TSN, know what I mean?
Kelly Hrudey is pissing me off even more.
Kelly Hrudey has been Painful to listen too tonight.
Does Kelly Hrudey's opinion on Hall matter, or only guys not named Kelly Hrudey?
Kelly Hrudey don't you be laughing at Dubnyk. You know what they say about karma.
“is there anything you can do to keep Kelly Hrudey's yap shut on
I think it’s time for the Kelly Hrudey drinking game.
Think he called him Kelly Hrudey once.
No no. We don't need to hear Kelly Hrudey. Turn the audio off!
I kinda enjoyed the two seconds of echo on Kelly Hrudey's voice. It was a nice changeup
Listening to Kelly Hrudey talk about swagger, is just as uncomfortable as listening to my Dad try and rap!!
On a scale from 1 to 24, Kelly Hrudey's beerability is a twelver plus a sixer. (FYI - that's up there).
Anybody know who's Kelly Hrudey's favorite team is??? At least try to be a tiny bit more discrete about it!
Kelly Hrudey has already given the Flames tons of excuses.
I'm sure CBC can find someone besides Kelly hrudey to commentate For the oilers games
This just happened, one of my all time favorite hockey players Kelly Hrudey! So happy!
Celebrity Breakfast Tix still available! Join Kelly Hrudey and Cassie Campbell and others on Thursday, January 16.
The Los Angeles Kings this Saturday night will honor former standout defenseman Larry Murphy as the organization continues this season’s popular Legends Night Series presented by McDonald’s. Murphy will be honored on December 7 prior to the Kings-New York Islanders game at STAPLES Center and it marks the second of three Legends Nights this year (Jim Fox will be honored on March 13 and Jay Wells was honored previously this year). The Kings will also wear their Vintage Jerseys as part of these special evenings -- it will mark the only time the Kings will wear these sweaters during the 2013-14 season – and Kings fans in attendance will receive a special Larry Murphy “bobble head” which is co-sponsored by FOX Sports West. An image of the giveaway is attached. Murphy will be available to the media during the first intermission in the Chick Hearn Press Room. Murphy played with the Kings from 1980-83. In 242 games with the club he recorded 207 points including 52 goals. Among club defensemen all-tim .. ...
Wow! Watching a Classic NHL game. Kings/Ducks. Wayne Gretzky, Marty McSorley, and Kelly Hrudey, goaltended for the Islanders, and the Kings are up 5-4 with minutes left in the 3rd.
FSW is showing a 1996 LA Kings-Anaheim Mighty Ducks game at the Great Western Forum. Wayne Gtetzky, Jari Kurri, Tony Granato, Marty McSorley, Kelly Hrudey.Paul Kariya and Guy Hebert with the Ducks. Gretzky just did one of those flawless behind the net assists, it was art. They skated a bit slower then, they hit a bit harder, and the Kings had one ghastly ugly uniform. Oh...and Fox Sports had some graphics that went beyond stupid. This is all so time warp it's ethereal. I wonder if I was there?
Rob Pizzo and co-hosts Elliotte Friedman, Kelly Hrudey, Craig Simpson, Tim Wharnbsy and Cassie Campbell-Pascall discuss the game of hockey in an entertaining way on Hockey Night in Canada Radio, the flagship of NHL Network radio on SiriusXM. Weekdays from 3-5pm ET on Sirius 207 and XM 211.
The winner of the Kelly Hrudey puck is Shira Whitesell CONGRATS !!
You're correct, Kelly Hrudey. Drew Doughty is hands down the best defenseman in the NHL.
Hockey Night in Canada analyst Kelly Hrudey ranks the Top 10 goaltenders in each NHL conference every two weeks.
Hey Canadians, what do you guys think about Rogers Communications buying Canadian NHL broadcasting rights for 5.232 billion Canadian dollars for 12 years of service? I know I may be a little late but I want to hear your opinions. I personally love this because the agreement guarantees no regionalization or local blackouts, which means I will most likely be buying NHL GameCenter next year so I can watch Flames games on my cell phone while I'm not at home. They may also give existing Rogers consumers better deals on NHL broadcasting services from wireless cellular devices or NHL internet broadcasting services if you have a myRogers account. Opinions on the deal and Hockey Night in Canada? What happens to Kelly Hrudey and Don Cherry? Does TSN which is owned by Bell negotiate with Rogers to sub contract NHL broadcasting rights like what CBC did? What happens to TSN? -SuperCold
Former Islander goalie Kelly Hrudey does a promo for Tom Rice Motors on Long Island. 1988.
Kelly Hrudey has been hit in the head too many times.
Pretty evident at this point in the game that Kelly Hrudey wants to blow Duncan Keith.
Well thanks Karen Christenson Beaudry, I guess I gotta do the 9 things you may not know about me (1) I am scared of lightning storms, electricity and heights (2) I am not superstitious yet when it comes to sports when my team is on a role I have to sit in same spot until they lose and usually wear same shirt for those games until they lose etc (3) famous people I have met include keith urban, sugerland, zac brown, guy carbonneau, Kelly hrudey, David nail, Terri Clark, sawyer brown and a few more (4) I saw shania twain live in vegas and heard our wedding song live after 20 years together. That's too cool (5) I love the Boston bruins and saskatchewan riders so much I would turn down a million bucks if you offered me that too stop cheering for them (6) I am a nice guy with a big heart who looks tough but has shed a tear or two during a movie on occasion (7) hit 4 home runs in 3 games at baseball provincials one year after being picked up by weyburn. I was on fire, coulda been the next johnny bench (8) saw .. ...
WCF recently learned more about OCD and how it affects 1 in 200 kids in Canada at a special event with Kelly Hrudey and others. BC Children's Hospital has an OCD clinic that can help. Read more about it here...
Ron & Don of course plus Kelly Hrudey, Cassie Campbell and more celebrities to be confirmed in the upcoming months. Exciting!
The great hair that was Kelly Hrudey..., very entertaining indeed :)
At one point, the went 304 games without needing a goalie other than Billy Smith or Kelly Hrudey.
Liam trivia back at ya- what did Glen Hanlon, Arturs Irbe, Don Edwards, Don Beaupre, Kelly Hrudey all have in common? :)
"Way to put that puck in the net where there was nothing in your way. *** of a job. So proud." Kelly Hrudey imagining Keith Acton thoughts.
Won't lie... I could go for some West Coast bias (Jim Hughson), instead of the Alberta nonsense (Kelly Hrudey & Mark Lee)...
Not sure I can listen to Kelly Hrudey for a full season of HNIC!
I think there's something wrong with Kelly Hrudey lmao! Thank god for the MUTE button.
We're back! New column this week. Watching preseason action now on So, Kelly Hrudey is still a thing, huh? Oh well.
I think Kelly Hrudey might secretly be Ty Rimmer's Dad
Kelly Hrudey praising the defnsive play by Brendan Gaunce.
Mark Lee sounds like an uncle who sells insurance and Kelly Hrudey sounds like he's going to cry and go home.
I'll assume Mark Lee and Kelly Hrudey have never worked together before.
Kelly Hrudey's love affair with the "young" Oilers is in mid season form.
Wow, we sure get hosed on the west coast with CBC crew. Kelly Hrudey is so bad...Mark Lee may be worse than Hrudey
Kelly Hrudey, basically saying Alberts is a complete stiff. That was subtle.
Kelly Hrudey is talking like every younger person in the audience has never heard of a Google contraption.
Kelly Hrudey is still CBCs number 2 color man. And by number 2 I mean he really stinks.
who'd you rather Kevin Weekes or Kelly Hrudey
You're kidding me, I don't even get a break in preseason from Kelly Hrudey. CBC is awful.
I sure hope that this season Kelly Hrudey finds his comfort zone in the booth...for his sake.
Nice to see Kelly Hrudey is still combing his hair with a brick.
Kelly Hrudey’s eyebrows are getting spikier than his hair.
Pre-season hockey is bad enough, but having Kelly Hrudey analyze the game has to be some sort of death penalty!
pretty sure Kelly Hrudey's in goal.
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I just hope gave Kelly Hrudey an autograph, that's all.
...wait some one wants Kelly Hrudey's autograph??can I ask why:)
Probably due to your Kelly Hrudey jersey...he was a great Islander...missed him when he went Hollywood...
Cassie Campbell and Kelly Hrudey are going to be in Edmonton, at Centennial Plaza from 330-9pm. Please go, and please take/post pictures
Hit up some After Hours with Scott Oake and Kelly Hrudey
"In hockey its not about how good you are, its about who you know" -Kelly Hrudey
Like our page, share this post, and leave your name in our comments saying you did. We will randomly select someone to receive a ticket to An Evening with Don Cherry featuring Kelly Hrudey as our host on July 5th at the TEC center. We will randomly select someone once we reach 500 likes.
O.K. so I am an American Hockey fan and my wife and I are up in Banff watching CBC and to be honest these announcers are homers. Last two Bruins games I had to listen to *** Glen Healy talk about the Ice and call everything against the Bruins because they came back and defeated the Leafs. The only Positive factor was Don Cheery who forgot more about hockey than Kelly Hrudey, Bob Cole and most of all Glen Healy know. Kings came back and lost in double OT. The dumb Kasey interviewing the players cannot even pronunce Boston. Tonight they have been so bias it is sicking. Kelly Hrudey and Bob Cole should just wear Black Hawks jerseys while they do the game. root, root, root for the Hawks and make comments about Hockey that a five year old would question. Tonight you had Glen Healy, Kerrry Hrudey, Elliotte Friedman, Bob Cole and P.J. Stock. Trust me P.J. Stock called out the Bruins and said yes they shut down Crosby but can they shut down all the Offense that the Black Hawks have? Back in the State on M ...
Kelly Hrudey is possibly the worst colour guy in the world.
Lovin' this early Chicago Blackhawks lead. Kelly Hrudey is sure in love with the LA Kings lol.
"Not making excuses for that terrible goal, but here's one anyway!" - Kelly Hrudey.
Bad time for Quick to do his Kelly Hrudey impression!!
Guess who else looks energized Kelly Hrudey?
I think Kelly Hrudey is wearing a Kings pin on his lapel. Not to be outdone, Edzo dons a Blackhawks do-rag.
I always mix up Kelly Hrudey and Glen Healy. Probably because they're both really stupid
Is that a painting of Kelly Hrudey behind him? Was that intentional?
I can't stand Kelly Hrudey. All his interviews are "back when I played" shut up.
Kelly Hrudey is the greatest goalie of all times!!!
that islanders team also had kings legend Kelly Hrudey
Kelly Hrudey listening to Pia on his iTunes to get his fix. Don't know what you have til its gone.Thx Pia
Kelly Hrudey continuing to make excuses for his beloved Kings. They are overmatched, end of story. Can they come back?
... Regehr is not having a great night tonight. Caught up-ice again. And, Quick makes a vintage Kelly Hrudey-style save.
Did Kelly Hrudey just say 'I tell you what'
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