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Kelly Gray

Kelly Gray (born April 7, 1981 in Palo Alto, California) is an American soccer player, currently without a club.

Geoff Tate Randy Gane Rudy Sarzo Simon Wright

No, not every GIRLS cast member is in red, Kelly. Zosia is in gray and pink. Not red. 😒
Really awesome quote from my MOPS magazine. This was from an article by Kelly Gray about kids and technology...
well better go get the kids fed. Hoping the ice that is suppose to come along isn't bad or doesn't come around...
Kelly bought 50 shades of gray handcuffs from an adult superstore 💥👅🚔🔗
Black and gray are the only colors of my wardrobe, with occasional blue.
He rang during the interval. He said it is amazing. Linda Gray from Dallas is so good, as is Wayne Sleep, Tim Vine & Matthew Kelly
Rainy. Gray. Want to crawl back in bed. Must rehearse. I hope they don't mind me doing it in a supine position.
Kelly, no gray loss, but I feel for the employees
home with the kids, quarantined in my room with the boys. they both have coughs, Addison has a nasty nose, and...
heading off to bed hoping I can sleep in tomorrow. Addison still feeling bad, im feeling yuck and William...
I’m lost in this crowd. I’m seein' shades of gray. Lookin' for the light. But I only found today 🎶
Kansas City political consultant Pat Gray has died
I wonder if feels like a real moron this morning. (via
Awh man, there was a Code Gray called & Kelly & Nick got to go 😒
Eagles drop heart-breaker 69-67. Robinson and Gray combine for 42 points.
Dylan Gray throws down alley-oop from Richardson to ignite crowd, Eagles still trail 57-47.
Sitting under 3 blankets 1 is heating blanket. Almost everyone in the house is sick. Still trying to decide if...
possible knock on effect down the punditry food chain that removes Keys and Gray again?
Home hanging with my kids until it's time to get my husband up. Had a good dinner and got Jacob home safely. Glad...
grays come in wherever they want my dad has gray in his mustache but none on his head. It's weird lmao
Tonya Fidler Parrish this would be cute with feet
Starting the day off...temp check nebulizer treatment. Towels folded and just hanging in the room with the boys...
Are there any Scottish Male Labour Politicians with a touch of charisma? Alex Riley, Pat McFadden, Iain Gray, James Kelly all dull?!
Gray Cook and Kelly Starrett discuss movement screening and injury prevention via
I just got to bed and two boys are gonna be snuggling with me. Giving Addison his breathing treatment right...
Becky Nevins Hey seen these and knew your little guy had red allergy this might be a good snack for all the kiddos
New talks from Matthew Kelly, Dr. Tim Gray, and more...:
So the Mario costume lady on University and 13th is now there, in a gray jumpsuit this time, belting out "Mr. Know It All" by Kelly Clarkson
these are pictures from my party last year. Robin Bowden Karen Baum Kachelmeyer Danielle Espenocilla
sitting in the room with my Addison, hes got the nasty coughs and their not going away. already did pain...
Everything is gray under these skies- ♫ Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly —
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
my husband just left for work getting boys ready for bed, neb treatment for Addison, temp taken, pain reliever...
Kelly Starrett of and on kettlebell swings. Fascinating stuff with no rubbish.
Happy birthday Diane Keaton, I wish you all the men's shirts and bell skirts your heart and little gray streak of hair desire
Good night tonight. taking care of addison sick with the coughs and fever no flu had swab today, chest xray...
The white and gray unis Oregon will wear are sweet but they should've just done those Kelly Green ones again.
just remembered something silly when I saw a picture of Grace Kelly and the name reminded me of someone. Do you remember this? 😂😅
It's smart to be fit. A study published in Brain Research says becoming overweight can shrink gray matter. One more reaso…
in a perfect world, Oregon would wear kelly green and Ohio State would wear scarlet and gray. prettiest national championship ever.
Man.. Taraji on Live with Kelly and Michael looking like... nvm
Mark Harris was a foot shorter than Kelly, a plain, ordinary-looking man, with a thinning mop of gray hair.
get it girl👏👏 I really do hope it works out for you and your happy, and have all the sexytime you want.
honestly I'm not going to🙅 I refuse😭 luckily we go to school together so I'm praying this lasts🙏🙏
yes. Bc that's how I was. But the distance just made it so much more worse for me.
stick with it. It'll all be worth it in the end😭🙌
I'm sticking with him but there's so much bs in the way that it's so hard for me to stay.. I want too but *** it's hard
domain names
MY LIFE😭 which is why I'm sticking with him fr bc no one else is gonna measure up to him
exactly! &even if you try &replace them it just doesn't work out. I always compare and contrast and end up second guessing
I know, I'm so mad. It's like I'm sexually frustrated if I can't have sex with you then I'm just gonna suffer here and wait 4 u
“Literally only want ONE person and it's probably not gonna change tbh lol.”. I can't have that 1 person 😒
“All these *** throwing shade at every female rn are corny af😴”facts *** are gunna lose all they pus…
commit A.J. Gray had a remarkable senior season and is proud of his future team and his decision.
* * OPERATION: MINDCRIME – NEW DEAL, NEW TRILOGY PREJECT!!! * * O.FB.P MINDCRIME - featuring singer Geoff Tate, bassist Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, WHITESNAKE), drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC, DIO), guitarist Kelly Gray (QUEENSRYCHE) and keyboardist Randy Gane (MYTH) - has signed a worldwide record deal for their forthcoming trilogy project. "They're (their new label...) giving us the creative freedom necessary to do the trilogy project I've envisioned for the past few years. It's going to be great fun for all of us involved and we hope our fans will enjoy listening to it as much as we plan to enjoy creating and recording it." OPERATION: MINDCRIME, named after QUEENSRYCHE's epic concept album from 1988, recently entered the studio to begin recording the album that is expected to be released in the late Spring / early Summer of 2015. Stay tuned for further details of the project in the months ahead.
Posted a new song: "Hang Man Down Produced by Jonathan Plum and Mixed by Kelly Gray"
That was insensitive of me. I'll hold off on posting his 50 Shades of Gray Instagram album. :)
Congratulations Kelly Gray on the purchase of your new Mazda 3 SP25 Astina. We know you were obviously delighted...
solid minute of everyone EXCEPT MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER shouting "Kelly!!!" on this ep of Criminal Minds
Today history was made in the City of San Antonio when Ivy Taylor, an African-American woman, was named interim...
Kelly is wearing the gray sweater I bought her aw :')
“'I saw a 61,' one cop said, 'a civilian punched in the face, menaced with a gun, and his wallet was removed.” -
You don't happen to be wearing a gray dress today? ;)
big up alex gray, his magic hands and an old piano made one of the best experiences I've had
"Since you been gone, ~ can breathe for first time, I'm still moving on, yeah yeah!" - Kelly Clarkson
Dear future roommate, please follow my Kelly green, gray and cream theme 😔
Left Cuddler Sectional -- love the idea of a gray couch... yellow looks great; kelly green would be
I'm going to go all gray once I hit 80% coverage. I'm at 20%, but I just don't care anymore. Know how you feel.
James David Gray you're FAMOUS! More than 5k likes in 2wks!!. It might be because you're a signed XFC...
Wacha, Kelly and Gray are my main guys in the rotation. I can't part with them right now.
No home or destination. Eyes bearly out of the gray stain from lipstick. Here we go again. Heart drifting. Never to fine t…
Gray goose henny,sexy black girl and she dark like kelly
They don't say that sequestration is the cause, not Obama. Gen. Kelly: Crisis on border threatens U.S. existence
I want to cry Kelly I actually want to cry!!! So loud woke me up and was well confused 😭
MADRAS KELLY on gray/taupe color field by reneesfabrics via
wow! Well done to you both. Web you're hairs gotten so gray . .
Congrats to Kacie Kelly, Mackenzie Gray, and Courtney Smith for making the All County Softball team- Amelia Olive was hon…
orange IS the new black... And by black I mean blue shirts and gray pants
Kelly, you can have John Guy's gray dummy.
To the 15 year old girl at Barnes and Nobles buying 50 Shades of Gray.. For your "mom..." Bless your heart sweetie...
Hello Friends!! Just wanted to let everyone know that I am having a Pampered Chef book party. There are some GREAT deals and specials this month. The BEST part is that you get 20% off your entire order!! Please message me for more details or to see a catalog or place and order. Hope to meet LOTS of you!! If you place an order, I will also bring you a special Thank You gift!! Thanks Kelly Gray Clark
he's still getting beat from last time, Kelly.
This Kelly Rowland song is your new anthem!
“I can't stop watching this 😂😂😂😂 musical k nope this is the best one by F…
I did tom lynch from suns and josh Kelly out for McGovern and Robbie Gray in
For those that care my trades this week are Watson & Polec to Kelly & Gray
I just want to go on record and say a few things about Advocare. I was slightly hesitant about starting this program because you do hear a bunch of miracle weight loss programs and, honestly, you DO need to be smart and research before you spend money on anything. There were so many of my friends that were doing it and when Chris actually brought it up to me, I was pulled in even more. Any way, I have obviously posted and spoken to so many people about Advocare, however, to me, it was/is definitley one of the best decions I have made!!! Chris and I have lost a total of over 75 lbs together and we are WAY more healthy that we have probbly ever been. We are exercising together and we are working together to truly change our lifestyles for the better. So I may not constantly post about Advocare like I should, but I honestly don't think I should have to. We love it, and I would love for everyone to be on the program and then maintain and learn from it to continue a healthy lifestyle and also pass it do ...
let Kelly know I'm in room can't talk I'm gray
Hey Panthers! My name is Kelly Gray and I am going to be one of your Panther Prep Leaders!!! I am originally from Jacksonville, Florida and I love living in Melbourne! I am a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. I am a part of Greek Life, the Society of Women Engineers, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. One of the things that I love about Florida Tech is that the school is kind of small and it is nice to know a lot of people outside of your classes. I can't wait to meet everyone in the fall! If you have any questions feel free to ask :)
I forgot to bring volleyball clothes and now I'm in Blake's sisters clothes which means gray love sweats and a Kelly Clarendon shirt 😭
Great black and gray tattoo just finished by Kelly Carlisle so who's next.
It's official, my sister, Rocheia Parks is married now! Congratulations Lynn and Terry...wishing you many...
NBPC VP will be on The Kelly File with tonight at 6PM Pacific to discuss the situation in south Texas. featured in NBC s Science of Love
The Sun popped through my letterbox this morning. They thoughtfully made this special edition's page three Kelly...
A good rap for Robbie on the footy show Kelly Gray
Lets turn monday into saturday, and pull the sunshine out of the gray.
kelly needs to name her baby Redd... to go with Blu.. or Gray if a boy
I love this pic. I was showing off to Councilmembers W B Zim Zimmerman and Kelly Allen Gray that I made it...
I'll miss you Councilwoman Kelly Allen Gray, but I'll be back to see your great "trustee vs delegate" leadership...
Saying a sad farewell to my good friend, Councilmember Joel Burns. He's headed to Cambridge but his heart belongs...
CONGRATULATIONS Kelly Woodard on your new purchase! Kevin Pickard and the Sales Team at Jimmy Gray Chevrolet...
What we really need is comprehensive President reform.
“I don't chase em, ion even replace em, I just do me😎”
we will Kelly is working so when she's off I'll text ya and we all can chill
Wants to wish my Bestie Donna Gray-Kelly a Happy 30th Birthday,hope you have a fabulous day,lots of love...
First gray pubic hair. Not sure how I'm supposed to feel about that.
This episode of catfish where he calls her a "fat *** Kelly Price" never gets old I holler every time!
Celebrating Pastor Gary and First Lady Tanya Brumfield 5th Appreciation Service at my childhood church, Corinth...
Little Giant Ladders
LOVE the sound of this - I'm totes in! Let me know when and where and I'm there xx
I am with you kelly! I think we should take bets before hand see who is the last one standing xx
I vote a pub crawl along the river to see how much pimms we can possibly consume in one day! X
yes yes yes! We are coming to visit you Martina! already! Xx
so good to see you last night my lovely, definitely organise that dinner soon! I hope your enjoying the sun xx
' Sunflower In Shades Of Gray' by David and Carol Kelly - via
Kevin Goldthwaite doing color for Sacramento -- Dynamo alumni are everywhere in broadcast world (Kelly Gray, Eddie Robinson, Jason Garey).
SS Tristan Gray, Ft. Bend Elkins HS, 5A, selected by New York Mets in the 37th Round,
Been a long day. enjoyed the afternoon at my great-nephews 4th birthday at the park and getting to visit with my...
Finally rid of the hideous gray stucco!
It's the weekend before school is out and we are celebrating a successful school year. I will admit I was worried...
Gonna finish getting ready and gather these darn kids up. Off to Greenwood today for a Birthday Party...
Kelly Clarkson and Tamyra Gray in Atlanta sing Whitney Houston's "Exhale...: via
Who do you believe? The NYT editorial board or these guys?
The party is in full swing!!! The water gun fight is underway and I'm feeling so sorry for the little who is too...
Brittany Gray scores Marians 6th goal, the assist goes to Kelly Sweeny with 3 minutes left. Marian 6-0 . Stangsational.
screamin happy birthday from Gramercy all the way to reserve happy birthday Kelly Gray on my way to the party
It is a gorgeous day here! After some much needed house cleaning we are sitting on the deck relaxing. Hubby worked early today and just got home about an hour ago. Poor guy needs a hammock, he's snoozing in the deck chair. LOL Then I Thought of home- Kelly Gray mentioned about men being able to sleep anywhere! Yep Ms.Kelly they can.
Early Bird Game 4: Thunder and Outlaws were tied at 1 after 7 innings. Game ended in tie due to time limit. Pitchers were T.Kelly & Gray
Got one more hour here at the church for William service hours then we will be done, he's working hard was hoping...
On this day 12 years ago, I welcomed my little bundle of joy into the world. Singing, shouting, and dancing as I...
The shadow of the day will embrace the world in gray
Well if the people in Waffle House didn't think Kelly Gray and I were *** ..they do now, considering we just finished ordering for each other...
Hey Justin Zaffiro we forgot to bag Kelly Gray Hamilton last night lol 😝😝😝.
Ive signed up with bestmark back in April and have done many phone/web inquiries and also dealership visits and...
"I got a Chevrolet, whatcha say, we take it off the interstate, good year, get away, show you my shade of gray."
SB: Top 5... Ridgewood in business after leadoff 2B from Lindsay Gray & 1B from Kelly Skettini. 1st and 3rd, no outs. Indian Hills up, 2-1.
I just register William it's free unless you wanna pay for a shirt or lunch
Dietitian Kelly Gray-Meisner will be speaking on the new labeling laws at our next meeting on 5/17 2pm
Time to go home and spend the weekend with my lovely girlfriend. Kelly Gray
Gray Patterson was a gift Alexis Kelly could've never anticipated! …
Anyone else doing the Flying Pig in Cincinnati on Sunday? Kelly Gray and I will be running the Half Marathon. I haven't ran in over a month..this should be fun.
Happy Birthday Dean Golinoski and Kelly Gray and Scott Applebee and Frank Winterlik and my Favorite Pearl Jam album! It's Great Day.
I should make this for our next potluck, eh Kelly Gray, Kim Williams
I'll tell you what else is brilliant. Kim and Kelly Deal doing an acoustic version of 'Gigantic' at Reckless Records http:…
Hey *** you're younger than Saggers, Danny Kelly, Brazil, Hawksby,&Jacobs, Keys and Gray...virtually a YTS
I'm horny and confused, I see boobs but then look up and see Andy Gray...
Happy birthday to my raj/tidy pal Kelly🎉🎉 hope your id comes in time and sorry I cant come out😭 have…
Happy birthday Kelly Gray have a gud 1 xx
Had such a GREAT time at the Jason Aldean Concert tonight. Had so much fun !!! Kelly Gray Amber Goldenbaum Thanks Kelly for my birthday present. It was so worth the WAIT.
Had a delicious dinner that my husband made, baked a for dessert and looking...
Need 99 more members to get to 150 for a free gift from Tastefully Simple and myself! Just post that you are new.
Going out tonight dressed as Kelly Gray 💁
Listening to Gray Cook and Kelly Starrett it's interesting that they remind us of an interesting point. . You...
James Gray and Kelly Reichardt set for Free Talks about The Immigrant & Night Moves in May
I don't always watch Kelly and that other guy that isn't Regis Philbin, but when I do it's because David Gray is performing.
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. ❥
Coming up on Live! with Kelly and Michael, Kiefer Sutherland, from "Scandal" Bellamy Young & musician David Gray performs @ 9
GWS/Port: Palmer, Shiel, Buntine, Greene, Kelly in for Hunt, Bugg, Plowman, Williams, Boyd. Monfries in for Gray.
Julia Kelly gray realize immediately that it was a mistake following a lame *** like marcus
Kelly's shoeplay with gray flats via
SPRING 14: BBC Vintage Sweatpants available in Gray or Black. Cop it here:
After 13 years of school I still don't know if it's "gray" or "grey"
"Far from being an old man's gray Lexus sedan, the 2014 CT 200h looks like a hot hatch with class."- Kelly Blue Book.
I think your beard looks hot. But like me, more gray than your head. Sorry, but it makes you look older.
Chris Kelly remains absent from practice. Florek is in gray, Caron is one of 4 in Merlot.
Southwind is full of a bunch of Wizard Kelly's... Reveal yourselves.😂😴
Frida Samuelsson Sally Gray Luke Kelly - - thought you would like this.
Jason is still in love with kelly omg
Photoset: hope-you-liked-your-gif: I love Gene Kelly but Dolores Gray is my favorite person in It’s Always...   10% Off
Happy birthday to one of my best friends in the whole world! You're my little bro and I love you so much! DBAP gray!😂
Gray Patterson was a gift Alexis Kelly could’ve never anticipated!
I'm leaving, never looking back again. I'll find somebody who does it better than he can. No more gray skies. Keeping my head high.
Savannah Gray. Just let me just wade in the glory of finally tricking someone. Kelly dear, you've been pranked
QUEENSRYCHE members Sean McNabb, Robert Sarvo, Kelly Gray, Brian Tichey with the casts of Raiding The Rock Vault
Megyn Kelly of Fox News sort of stirred controversy when she responded to an article on the topic of race in...
All I ever wear is black.maybe some gray.definitely black though.
Marie and Kelly Gray's new collection Grayse - Although St. John is best known for creating the conservative,...
got some work done for a client. finals are done no more school for a few weeks. Gotta get ready to get william...
Kelly told me I'll be his favorite mama if I get him a gray pit 😭😭😭 on it tho !
In between creating the sci-fi series Terra Nova and adapting 50 Shades of Gray, Kelly Marcel wrote the screenplay...
did one of you DVR the Kelly Clarkson special? forgot to record it :/
"Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn't mean it has to change." on Jesus' and Santa's race: http:…
William Gray we need to get the kids each one of these as a stocking stuffer!
home for the night, had to make a run to target to get Addison Pjs for his PJ party at school, got jacob home and...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
AMEN! I got a 74% in my Organizational Leadership Class! I got an 80% on my last and final Leadership Paper...
"Kelly Gray is the worst/best influence when it comes to shopping!
Kelly Riccetti - Gray Dogwood berries are for the birds, too...: Just like the Staghorn Sum...
: -2 & -3 .. Ms.Gray: No Try again .. Kelly: Yes it is Ms.Gray: No it's -2 & -3 Kelly: that's what i said, no?
If yesterday was dedicated to R. Kelly, today goes to Hova
*** Nikko Gray is hella feelin' that new R. Kelly tho...
Lmaooo I hate it! Kelly and I were just watching and laughed
Grace Kelly, this is me with 7 different females.
Rain couldn't stop Gene Kelly from singing & dancing but an ice storm has postponed the auction of his gray wool suit.
Parenting Solo on the radio yesterday (or, KRB not pausing for breath)
Kelly McFarlane, Darcy McFarlane, Cameron Castleberry, Paige Nielsen, Kat Nigro, and Bianca Gray check in for UNC
New Dark Gray & Kelly Green with Red Logos available now at
5 games is good. I have watched the Dupuis/Kelly thing a couple times...It looks like Duper went at puck but it seems a gray area
With that being said, Al Kelly is going to cause so many riots. What the heck was he thinking.
well looks like my book for my class will be here tomorrow (PRAYING) and I can finish up my last assignment and...
All purpose parts banner
The grossest thing on earth is that layer of gray in between the yolk and the whites of an egg oh god why does it exist
This is william at the Governor's Luncheon today, he got to be on the stage in front fo TONS of people to...
It's been a busy evening, Got allie and addison dropped off at grandma's while I took the boys to the dress...
Having dinner with my scout, the husband is picking up other two from grandma's. Hoping the weather doesnt get...
“Republicans don’t care if you live or die unless you’re a fetus. That’s it. There may be a gray area here …
'Singin' in the Rain' suit goes up for auction: A memorabilia collector is selling the gray wool suit Gene Kelly...
If you haven't yet check out Simply Tasteful Solutions-Tastefully Simple Consultant, Kelly and share with others,...
hey btw tell Kelly I said thank yu for helping me even though we don't get along lol
I wish I had a voice like Kelly Clarkson
If I could go a gray/ lavender like Kelly Osbourne, I would
Got the husband and addison asleep, i think the boys are watching tv and allies in bed, dogs are driving me up...
Looking for a Christmas Miracle... I need to close out a Tastefully simple party (qualifying) before 1130. If...
all current parties will close tonight for Cyber Monday, and Mystery Host. If you are...
If you are local and looking for some quick cash/carry Tastefully Simple Items I have the following: Beer bread,...
Feeling sick due to the gray chicken
'Singin' in the Rain' Suit Postponed 'Ice storm delays auction of gray wool Gene Kelly wore in 'S...'
It has been such a very long day but I am so glad I got to spend some of it with my high kickin' Dixie Darlings. I have spent many days of hard practice, some amazing Friday night at the Fountains, and even more amazing game days with some amazing girls. Tonight was the last Dixie Darling Christmas Party that I will be attending. I wish it wasn't so, but I am one step closer to calling myself an alumni of the DD's. (Of course I'll wait until auditions for the new rookies!) I want to send a congratulations to the lieutenants of the 2014 team, Sarah Day and Kelly Gray Hill, and the captains of the 2014 team, Caitlyn Dobson, Katelyn Knight, Brittain Allgood and Ellen Eubanks. Can't wait to come back for homecoming and see you all on the field again!
NEXT WEEKEND! Join us on Saturday NOVEMBER 9TH to finish our planting project! For more questions, please email: kelly.gray
presentation on employee engagement w/ Kelly Gray from FedEx & panel from Eaton, Levin Furniture, Pashek Associates & Bayer.
At this morning, Kelly Gray of says they look to employees for improvements in business, creating a people-centered culture
Excited to unveil the leader board standings this am at the workshop! First up: keynote Kelly Gray, Sr VP of HR
Bubbly, fun, Kelly Gray AKA see more at
Super fun last week with Kelly Gray AKA see more at
Missed yelling at you in the broadcast booth Saturday. Will have to store up my "Kelly Gray" yell till 2014.
Kelly Gray phobia:. The fear of Kelly Gray being so super awesome that everyone on the campus...
And yes. Dan Dibley and Kelly Gray are twelve kinds of horrible.
Just heard Kelly Gray say the the c-word. Literally dying 😂😘
When Kelly Gray offers to dress you for Halloween, you say yes...
Kelly Gray ❤️. Love meeting you in Glasgow on Saturday! Still can't believe it 󾌬󾌧 X Duncan James blue...
Jeff Young and Kelly Gray at the Vegas Rocks! Magazine Awards 2013 Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn Ve
Buy Miche Bag Online!
if Kelly gray did that then she truly is the perfect mom.
Kelly Gray during SJ game: "Well, they do say that a 2 goal lead is a very dangerous lead in soccer..." My god, will it never die?
Congrats to Kimberly Lineberger & Kelly Gray on their summer internships where they worked on ISS projects.
Well, Keith is still in the hospital. Doing better; more his funny, sarcastic self, but had a CAT scan this afternoon and there is still infection. I hope and pray he can get out soon, I miss him being here!!
Its funny how the media can try and convict and even ruin someones life when the whole truth is never told!
I talked to Randy Kerns this morning and he will not be able to make the breakfast, him and his family are going to be on vacation!
This is always a hard question to ask, but does anyone know any friends or family of Jessica Nicole Broadfoot who passed away last week? With everything that's going on with this case I don't want her memory to get lost in the shuffle. Please private message me, call me or email me if you can help. (mwaxel I understand this is a very private time for her family & sending my prayers to all those affected.
So Steve and I went for a walk, two little girls rode up to us on bikes. One little girl said, ( Hey, did you guy's know there is a molester that lives in that house)? I said "what? How do you know?" She said, ( he grabbed my friend in front of his mail box, she got away!) So I'm freaking out.. The other little girl said, (He is still there, and he dresses in girl clothes and has a wig.. He rides a pink moped. ) Steve told me he saw that guy on a pink moped. He asked the little girl if he had long gray hair with a pony tail. They said "yes'. Steve said "I believe them, I've seen that guy at the gas station. Steve said he looks evil and the guy gives him the creeps. I told the girls to stay away from his house and ride the other way.. I think I need to speak with the town Marshall.. I am very concerned..
Congratulations to my brother Andy Gray and his wife Kelli Gray!! They have a beautiful new baby boy,Reed Parker Gray!! He is so adorable and tiny!!
Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary to the sweetest couple around, BruceBecky Easley! Us kids love you so much and appreciate the decades of love, unity, and kindness. Its good to be an Easley! You both deserve so much joy and happiness. God bless! Angelique Murray, Kenji Easley, Kelli Arthur Easley, Davina Aiyoung Easley
This is Kelly Gray. Kelly Gray is a bad ***
Does anyone speak German. Some old guy sent me a message that says this. I hope it isn't gross. Dir tun sicher schon die Füsse weh, oder?! Denn Du gehst mir schon den ganzen Tag im Kopf rum. I must really look like a deutchman to have that. My grandpops spoke it fluently his first language but not the rest of us.
Alright I'm done with the SJ announcers. Kelly Gray just said "Jon Busch is one of besr keepers this country has ever seen" sigh...
Studs up tackle by Bernardez earns legit yellow (& subsequent red), and Kelly Gray says it doesn't look like he touches him? Homer much?
Seriously, Kelly Gray has groaned more than a blue whale giving birth
No Kelly Gray, Robbie Rodgers was not off balance but he was being pushed down.
I didn't know the new one. Who's the SJ guys? I know Kelly Gray is one.
Off topic but is Kelly Gray (quakes pbp guy) the worst commentator in the league?
Kelly Gray & Dan Dibley are painful to listen to. Why do the torture us?
Sort of, that's how Troy Dayak got the color gig before Kelly Gray
Lenhart's dirty play caught right on camera. And praised by Kelly Gray.
These SJ announcers are horrid. And unlike many Dynamo fans, I like Kelly Gray.
Kelly Gray looks like Zlatan Ibrahimovic's twin that was rejected in the womb.
We have some kittens which need a home. Are you interested?
Getting ready to leave in the morning for the mountains for 7 days. Excited about seeing my little sis and her family. Have missed them. John says I need to wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads so I won't get hurt again. He may have a valid point. Look out Tennessee here we come.
When you put things on your " bucket list" shouldn't you be excited about crossing them off?
Both girls are playing in a scramble format tournament today.its the first time out on the course for "real" for The Mo!! My caddy skills are improving all summer long! Happy Saturday!
No electric... sitting by candle light again. THIS time it only rained. Getting old
I'm taking orders until JULY 8th! My trip is going to cost about $2,000, so every shirt counts! You are helping me love on people in Jesus's name. Share with your friends and if you already have one wear it and advertise :) S-XL $17 2X-3X $18 Also, if I mail your shirt add $5 Thank you to everyone who has purchased so far!
Pepperidge Farm markets, advertises, sells and distributes “Natural” Cheddar Goldfish® *** According to the complaint, Defendant made and continues to make false and misleading claims regarding its representation that the Product is...
Foods high on the glycemic index, such as highly processed carbohydrates found in white flour, can cause excess hunger and stimulate brain regions involved in reward and cravings, according to research conducted by a team at Boston Children's Hospital. These findings suggest that limiting high GI f...
R.I.P. Sara-Su, our beloved beagle. I know what u did today is extremely difficult Marla Baskerville but she's in a better place with Diamond. I love you sis.
Looking for a last minute beach trip over the 4th. I think everything is rented! :( Anyone have any ideas??
Name Game: The song that makes you think about your significant other...GO
Sometimes I can't help but sit back N wonder "What If...?"
Watch the video How a trip to Africa changed one doctor forever on Yahoo! News. A doctor who is on-call throughout the developing world!
Layer your 4th of July outfit with our red and navy blue halftees! On sale today for $4.00 off! Order today and get them in time for your complete patriotic look!
PAULA DEEN tries to appeal to Bible-base (yeah like she loves all groups the same? what about us unBibly folks?)... Paula pleaded on TV today begging those of us who are perfect to stone her to death. Like I have time to stone someone.
Great night with all the family playing some gold tonight! Kelli Martin Gray is back in action after a long absence with her shoulder, Taylor Renee Gray is getting pretty good and The Mo is starting off well!
hi my names Kelly Gray and I say I'm saving money when I always buy food and stuff of eBay
See Kelli Renae can CrossFit's never to late !
Talk about a CRAZY day. So far, and the day is not over with, we have sent 48 animals out the door to rescues. 45 cats/kittens and 3 dogs. And superhero Kelli Maulden Bryson had 39 of those cats on the van.
My challenge to you know who in light of last night's atrocities: I dare you to meet me face to face and tell me you wish my mother had aborted me rather than carried me to term and given me up for adoption.
June 29th (this Saturday!) we are playing our home town; Seattle, WA at the Moore Theater and we are delighted to announce that we will have special guests Brian Tichy and John Moyer joining us in addition to Rudy Sarzo, Simon Wright, Robert Sarzo, Kelly Gray, Randy Gane and of course Geoff Tate. This is very special night you won't want to miss! Get your tickets today:
only my close friends will know this answer??? why is my car Scarlett??? hint::: football
Lots of emotions this week for sure! I will raise my glass to celebrate my sweet friend Judi Gray today. (Les Gray) Tomorrow Jason and I will celebrate 14 years of marriage. Thursday we will also celebrate the passing of both my grandparents (Nannie and Gocky Seals). Friday I will be having some outpatient surgery. So needless to say - emotions are all over the place. Also praying for other friends how all have a lot going on in their lives as well. God is good all the time!
Day 4! The sun beats down upon all of the remaining tributes. You feel exhausted. You need food, water, and rest. A sponsor would be glorious, but none seem to come. The island may be harsh, but if you look in the right places you will find food. This may be animals or possibly berries (some poisonous some not.), and if you look even harder, you'll find water. May the Odds be Ever in your Favor Everyone needs to RP getting food and water! Good luck! -Zaki
RIP Adam Whiddon. I'll remember you always for the big heart I KNOW you had. And for the amazing friend you always were to Ryon Gohde. I'll always think about you on our birthday:) And ill always have a drink in your honor.
I love my life and the people in it. Kelli Babb, I think I caught what you have: gratitude.
Good MOrning Face Book .!. Pilates and a mile to do and a lil hip swinging to some CMT .!.One more day and I am heading on my route to Chi town .!. yay .!. My diet is absolutely going amazingly great .!. I have learned a lot about eating on these plans thanks to my sister .!. Tonya Fields-Gray I love you very much .!. Love syas guys!.!. ((mwahs))
Well I wasn't expecting to pull an all nighter sitting here in the er with my father! Waiting for tests to be done to see what's wrong with his heart.
Waiver of Liability: In signing up for this race, I, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators hereby waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages of any kind against Atomic Race Timing, and any and all race sponsors, their agents, there employees, organizers and volunteers a...
START THE COUNTDOWN! Chicago Fire will return three months from today.
jamming/cleaning the Barn(lol) on my Pontoon listening to Five Finger Death Punch drinkin Ber.
Welcome friends! Let us entertain you. Let us show you.what there is to see and do.AH!!! EXCITED! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Alrighty it's time to get up and get ready to have this baby!!!
Thank you so much Sarah Sappington Gray and Jeff for the St. Jude donation! You guys are amazing as well!! ;) I am so lucky to have such great friends!!
Hello community! I am putting together some workshops and want to know what YOU want! What's the vote.would you prefer a gluten free baking workshop, summer cooking class, or a class on Ayurveda summer self care? Thanks so much! Whitney at Nourishing Roots.
One more push and BOOM... Kelli Gray has officially come into this world bringing the most beautiful heart and soul with her! Happy OFFICIAL 22nd Birthday Monkey!!! I have been truly blessed! I love you!!
Brayden gave daddy his first heart attack and a few more gray hairs tonight. Got his head stuck in our railing out front lol
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Finishing up Packing.I so feel like I'm forgetting something!
The USDA organic label is supposed to protect the consumer against being exposed to harmful chemicals and GMOs, but the sobering fact is that USDA-certified infant formula products are not only being allowed to use a pesticide in their formulas, but are advertising it as a 'healthy' mineral to unsus...
If anyone can take or knows a home for my dog Toby and my cat widdles (lil) PLEASE contact me asap. I have to take them to the pound asap because I can't find homes. I have 2 more cats too (they're all 3 related) but I'm really trying to find these two a home. I have to take them tonight. If someone knows they could take either I can wait until tomorrow. I'd never give them up if I didn't have to they are all really great and cute pets. Thank you. I just want to know they got a home. I'm reaching out as a literal last resort.
If the endless stream of YouTube videos are anything to go by (see related links below), laughing babies are a popular and effective method of stress relief.
I haven't been here a month yet and I've been mistaken for both, a bum in Times Square and a *** in a local bar. My life is glamorous & it's okay to be jealous of me. Xoxo
Although my birthday isn't until next week, my good friend, Kathy Hoagland Sinclair, treated me to a visit to the hair salon. I'm no longer gray LOL Thank you again Kathy !!!
I hope my brother has a boy and names him Grayson, so I can call him Gray Vy
After 9 years of being a baseball mom, I have finally learned the trick to getting white baseball pants bright and white!!! Thanks Tina Griffin:-)))
Good morning, it's Jeff, Kelli, & Mudflap. KLLL instapoll; What beauty product / procedure is it cool for men to use?
An even-handed look at the evidence for and against raw milk: do your research before you decide one way or another.
If you are looking for a unique summer treat for the Fourth of July try making this two ingredient ice cream bread!
I would like to welcome our newest member to the family...Ruger Norton...Born Apri 30th...Marcus Gray is one happy boy...He has always wanted a lab...let the memories begin...He is already bigger than our litte
Moving back to Potsdam, now all I need to do is find a home and a job. :P
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