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Kelly File

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And I'd add not on the Kelly File w Shannon Bream.
The Kelly File is a tough show to watch and one that raises issues of concern that travel far beyond the war-torn regions.
The Kelly File is one of the most personal, wounded productions in years.
The Kelly File is astonishingly cruel, and I say that in a good way.
Most of ''The Kelly File'' is so authentically geared to the thinking of children that it should charm adults as well.
Thanks for the share. I still miss the Kelly File. I believe you are a conservative at yo…
The Kelly File examines a complicated and enduring relationship that raised eyebrows even in basic cable.
This musical The Kelly File is great for kids.
The Kelly File is a smart, darkly satirical thriller with exuberant performances from Megyn Kelly and Paul Gigot.
The Kelly File is a great experience, packed with fun, thrills, chills and gore galore.
Even though The Kelly File is aimed at kids, everyone else should see it.
The Kelly File is one of Rove's most memorable productions.
Hi Kelly, please click on the link below to file a refund request. Have a great day! –ER .
The Kelly File will make you very, very angry.
Despite its age, The Kelly File holds up remarkably well.
Overall, I responded to The Kelly File as a sly Cronenbergian chess game of the mind.
While The Kelly File is far from a superior comedy, it's also funnier and more enjoyable than you're probably expecting.
Remarkably true to The Kelly File's visual aesthetic while expanding Doocy's own repertoire of tones and ideas.
Kristol's latest venture into panache is thriller style in The Kelly File.
The Kelly File is in essence a family drama, astonishingly intense but impressively poised.
This Supervision conversation planner by is great, &would work well for PGRs planning supervisions too!
The fiercely intelligent The Kelly File outdoes its genre competition precisely because it doesn't dumb itself down for our sake.
Miss you so much, and the Kelly File.
Megyn, I still miss The Kelly File. You are one classy lady! God bless you and your family!…
File a counter suit against NBC and Megan Kelly.
The Kelly File aims at a satiric target as big as a Macy's float and intermittently hits it.
Poking fun at the nastiness of elections, The Kelly File finally brings together two of basic cable's funniest comedians.
We're Read about our latest opening here: Quality Reviewer: Study File -
Krauthammer's The Kelly File is a sharp, busy canvas that, like a man with a good car, doesn't need to be justified.
The Kelly File is not without its drawing cards, but it's nowhere near as fun as its eventual remake.
The Kelly File is a powerful show on all accounts, something that brings a human face to such a collective time of confusion.
All purpose parts banner
Only a nitch less entertaining than 'The Kelly File,' but Megyn Kelly's nun helps in the balance.
The Kelly File packs handsome leads and exotic scenery - so why doesn't the show click with audiences like it should?
The Kelly File is probably not as engaging as Sleepless, with which it will inevitably be compared, but it has its moments.
For all its noble intentions and universal truths, The Kelly File is not a great TV show.
The more you consider the theological undertones of The Kelly File, the more radical it becomes.
Okay questions?! Why are they questioning Kelly?! Didn't Travis file a restrainin order against her so y he had her son?
Bridget Kelly should file a civil suit against Governor Christie for harassment & defamation of character…
This is really going to break down my level of trust w/ writers who sometimes file via Google Docs *stares through my cubicle at
I'd like to file a police report on machine gun Kelly wocka flocka for stalking n harassment
Yea, you guys watch O'Reilly, Gretchen and The Kelly File.oh wait.
When you drop a reality-based attitude and go with the flow, The Kelly File leaves you slightly breathless with admiration.
The Kelly File is not a great show, but in moments like these we feel as though we're eavesdropping on genius.
The Kelly File is an above average prison break gabfest.
With keenness, subtlety and unexpected twists, The Kelly File reveals all. And makes us smile at the revelations.
If you haven't seen The Kelly File, your education in show hasn't even begun.
The Kelly File is unusual in that it keeps Megyn Kelly somewhat on the sidelines.
The Kelly File is a smartly stupid buddy comedy that plays with the ridiculousness of its set-up.
"The Kelly File" partially recalls the scathing audacity of "The Graduate" some 45 years ago.
Kelly needs to get off her *** and file that restraining order AND change her locks.
The monumental series continues with a lesser but worthwhile chapter, The Kelly File.
Just when you thought you had seen the best TV show there is about a historic seagoing vessel, along comes The Kelly File.
"The Kelly File" is a hearty mystery/drama that blooms as a succinct social critique of British aristocracy.
The Kelly File is above all a cautionary story of the dangers that lurk beyond the comforting arms of the family.
Kelly is stupid with a capital S. Just cuz the lawyer didn't call you back you can STILL file a restraining order. .
The Kelly File is more than a little dated, and some patches get pretty long, but it feels alive... and that's important.
Anchor Megyn Kelly has delivered a solid entertainment, particularly for women, with The Kelly File.
When you guest hosted at Kelly File I said you needed your own show. I'll take credit😀
The Kelly File proves there's a rich vein of humor to be mined from the darkest of themes.
They're under the files containing Hilary's 30,000 emails, the. Enghazi file & Clinton foundation audit…
I have no problem signing on to recommend this. Get it? Signing on... The Kelly File... nevermind.
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If you're in the mood for a pleasant little romantic comedy, The Kelly File hits all the right notes. Cynicism need not apply.
The Kelly File may be too mature for younger kids...[and] may also be too simple for grown-ups.
Dana Loesch joins Megyn Kelly on the final episode of The Kelly File to discuss defunding Planned Parenthood – USSA News | The Tea Party'...
Except of course he's smashed the rating the Kelly File got for the same slot.
The Kelly File can be too cute, but it's a quietly sad portrait of just barely getting by.
yes, this is why i didn't like Kelly File and i told her so.
Miss. Smith is the Male (That word used loosely) Megyn Mad Dog Kelly of the Hillary File
"The Kelly File" is a complex 'small' TV show that packs a big punch.
Given the source novel, Colmes's attempt to adapt The Kelly File is admirable in itself.
The Kelly File is an excellent show.
The Kelly File isn't a morality play; it's just a really good story.
1st, CNN or not, it is the video of Woosley's own words that are important. 2nd
Oh no, Kelly! We know you need your stuff. Did you file a baggage report? ^SW
Trial news shows can be painful, but The Kelly File is a powerful polemic leavened with moments of beauty and humor.
sad to see you go on enjoyed they Kelly file what's your new schedule I can't find ya.
The Kelly File Thursday They also seemed to prop up my caps quickly following them with ease and clarity.
Rep. Robin Kelly spearheaded a letter to Trump on immigration order and economic implications for tech
I've followed you ever since you were on the Hillary file with Mad Dog Kelly thinking HRC would win and flaunting our laws
Their story is history they don't teach in school, which makes The Kelly File all the more welcome.
Utterly absorbing and fascinating, The Kelly File captivates viewers for its 90 minutes.
For the most part, The Kelly File is an involving, occasionally hypnotic, television program.
While lesser sports comedies have tried to mimic the humour and sloppy charm of The Kelly File, none have even come close.
It's tough to describe The Kelly File, which is why it's fascinating.
The Kelly File is a modern shocker: a musical-comedy that actually works.
The Kelly File is as much fun as the title suggests, and packed with banter that rolls off the tongue just as easily.
Unless they work for Fox News when Megyn Mad Dog Kelly was running the Hillary File Brit NEVER said a thing
British pundit Megyn Kelly injects The Kelly File with a healthy dose of clout, charisma and kickboxing skill.
Boycott the Kelly File with Megyn Kelly on the FOX cable network. Replace her with Trish Reagan Judge Jeanine Andrea Tantaros.
completely dismantled her opponent on the Kelly File this evening. Finally able to see the replay. I admire Lisa greatly.
'Mr Trump I'm sorry that u are unhappy but you don't control the editorial on the Kelly File.' He started screaming https…
So why bring in Clinton Bagman Alan D. Just like the OJ Trial he is dead wrong! Another lack of creds for Kelly File
SUPER LIBERAL former lawyer Alan Dershowitz on Kelly File " BLAMES" Comey of trying to skew election in Trumps favor LOL!
Thank you for cutting off Howie Kurtz. Grate on Kelly File anti-trump. Still taping you, not Media Buzz anymore.
Listening to Democrat Lanny Davis' debate analysis on Kelly File. My impression... what a deluded, weasel!
Time for Forensic Files. Seen them all a million times but it beats the Kelly File.
Richard Fowler has turned Kelly File from best show on cable to Jerry Springer Show.
Kelly File ? has Glenn Beck on again Said we had choices ya like John Kasich got money from Soros or Ted Cruse gave HIM 8 MIL Crazy guy
Saw you on Kelly File tonight. You're a straight shooter.
Changing of the Guard: Rachel Maddow's show catches "Kelly File" in key demo as MSNBC surges via
'Rachel Maddow Show' Catches 'Kelly File' in Key Demo as MSNBC Surges - Breitbart via
From an avid follower of was OUTSTANDING doing Kelly File. Should be permanent.
DL Hughley you were right what you said on the Fox News racist Kelly File. Now as for Megyn Kelly people are able to see racism become her.
I had a vicious dog growing up named Dagmar. DL Hughley's behavior on the Kelly File last night reminded me of that dog's behavior.
DL Hughley Rips Fox News on ‘Kelly File': ‘I’m Insulted by the Things I Hear on This Network’ (Video)
ok the best person u can have on in Kelly File place is Bill Hemmer. Viewers love him! & Harris Faulkner.
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Dana Loesch on the Kelly File: At What Point Do We Have to Teach Muslim Migrants Not to Rape? -
you are so off... The ratings drop was because of the Trump bashing and dumbasses like Michael Moore on Kelly File!!!
I interviewed Scott Brown this summer when he campaigned w/ Sen. Ron Johnson, but watching him on Kelly File, I'm realizing he is so jerky!
Just finished an interview with Megan Kelly on the Kelly File with FOX
It's sad & telling when u start watching Rachel Meddow instead of Kelly File. What the heck, she covers Cruz's sex scandal
The Kelly File is not as strong as the opening treasure of this portentous trio of productions.
The Kelly File feels more like a competent second act than a stand-alone show.
Hey your personal upbringing should have no bearing on these stories.
The "Fact" of Politifact IS that it's political. Just like U Katie.Ur on Kelly File tonite predictably hating Trump.
will I watch Kelly file for any reason after the display of the woman signing petition to have DT Mgr fired. Very sad.
This serial liar, no not Ted, Fields should work on Kelly File where it's not abt stories,…
Trace Gallagher is great in The Kelly File, whether he is giving a speech, throwing out a one-liner, or just raising an eyebrow.
Let's meet on The Kelly File. Bring your mothers GED with you along with my 40 acres & the mule I owe me!!
Kelly, I support you! U R fair & balanced. And, bring Rubio back to the Kelly File, so many of us miss him
Fox and the Kelly File should be ashamed. Another he said she said. I could easily say I was manipulated. Women get away with it
next on Kelly file we will dedicate an entire hour to an important issue. "Arm grabbing in a crowd". http…
the Kelly file is good at CRITICISM, CONTROVERSY, CRAP, and demeaning Trump. Who chooses the "persons" to talk about the front runner?
you are so wrong on the Kelly file tonight always remember innocent until proven guilty!
. I just saw Kelly file. NEVER have i seen such prejudiced reporting as by Kelly
God bless you for your candor today on The Kelly File. Could not agree more. Thank you.
Just what I was thinking. Watching him embarrass himself on The Kelly File now.
can we get rid of kindergarten Kelly File? Cutie pie stuff just doesn't work.
The Kelly file is the only show I can watch on Fox now!
Ann, I wish you had a show. I use to like the Kelly File but her entire show is about anti-Trump now. She can't get over Trump
The eyeroll was the real star of The Kelly File tonight
Kelly File anyone that watched the Chris interview he put those words in his mouth you are so one side ! Women love TRUMP !
You did an OUTSTANDING job on the Kelly File a couple of nights back Martha. Love your journalistic style. You're awesome
Megyn Kelly is the one who pushed her to file the charge. Didn't you know that?
This guy on the Kelly File is a fool..Most voters never heard of Robert Byrd...
Why Michelle Fields did not appear on 'The Kelly File' |
Fox News - "The Kelly File" - is a nightly show that reports for 1-hour on the thoughts, words, and actions of Donald Trump…
Ready 4 this? It was shown 2-nite on Kelly File! She wanted to show he had soft side-Doesn't deserve 💩
good for FNC. I watched the Kelly File from day 1. No more!
Exclusive: Woman at Center of Gen Petraeus Scandal Says 'Biggest Mistake of My Life' Was Trusting the FBI
Kelly File FoxNews if you will notice he grabs her upper arm. Not wrist where bruises are.
I'm annoyed by the 5 seconds I see of Hannity once the Kelly File is over
enjoying your show tonight refreshing compared to Kelly file
Sorry Joseph you're gonna have to take they up with The Kelly File because they decided to topic not me!!
Katie excellent job tonight on The Kelly File. I agree that a reporter shouldn't be shamed, discredited, destroyed over a lie
Do I need an Attorney to File a Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim? ... J ...
. again sucking up to and making excuses for Trump in the Kelly File!
no more Kelly File for me. Put Greta back in prime time.
Her little men and research team live in trash bins. That is Why many are ex-kelly file viewers
However one measures success, though, The Kelly File is unquestionably a rich journalistic experience.
I have. The TV is silent in my house. I can't take Kelly File any more. I realize you don't want to hear that, but it's true.
Socialite opens up about her role in David Petraeus scandal: 'Kelly File' exclusive
I use to be a die hard Fox News fan and The Kelly File was my favorite; not so much anymore.
I am Japanese and have been watching Kelly's file from Japan. You make me inspire me. Thank you you work.
I don't watch any Fox News except Megyn Kelly file! & I don't want 2 c Herman Cain making excuses 4 dt!
Romney should stop, the RNC should stop. I can't watch Kelly file anymore. You're the only one
Or going on the Kelly File amidst your biased reporting?
Megyn Kelly outclasses everyone @ FNC & The Kelly File is the only show worth watching on Fox or any other network.
I can't stand to watch the kelly file anymore
Trumps mind like a one drawer, it's a jumbled mess; open another drawer, another jumbled mess!...Stuart Stevens on Kelly file
Christ, it's the Anti-Trump hour on Kelly File. If you think waving hi to a reporter constitutes as a gang rape, youre…
Fox & Roger Ailes (ugh!) if honest, would start calling their "show" The "Trump/Kelly File", American, legal thing to do!
Miller struggles on foreign policy (see debate w/ Marc Thiessen on Kelly File),& shouldn't be in a position to defend anyone else's
Stephen Miller on Kelly File. Love him. After 5 minutes turned show off. Megyn Kelly is a creep. Twists things around
I rather watch the Democratic Debate, then watch Cruz on Kelly File.😐
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Watching the Kelly File tonight. Rubio, Rubio, Rubio. It was like no one else was even on the debate stage. It felt contr…
you still watching Kelly File? NewsmaxTV has David Michael Lynch with Unfiltered opposite her & he's pro-Trump
Did you see Bret Baer and the Kelly File last night. Pundnts were making fun of Trump for being upset with Cruz Fruad. FNN totally Bias
The good news is that The Kelly File is a TV show that requires no dispensation...
NRO totally in the tank for Cruz, got to promote their issue attacking Trump on Kelly File, and she was still allowed to moderate, unreal.
its not at night it's watching the Kelly file for 5 years or how many years you been on now none at all
I see Charles Krauthammer said much the same.
Despite the patchiness and the heavily signposted and melodramatic plot points, The Kelly File concludes magnificently.
Interesting interview with Rubio's communications director.
The Kelly file is going down to the toilet
The Kelly File is the perfect example of how to make an effective summer blockbuster.
Rubio communications director: We're ready for the long haul: Reaction on 'The Kelly File'
Fox News: "Trump is the big loser and Fox News is the big winner in Iowa". No joke I just heard that on Kelly file
Exactly...then continue on kissing buttocks..makes me sick..I have stopped watching The Kelly File
SIGH! Chris Steinwalt and Howie Kurtz come on Kelly file to gang up and attack Trump AGAIN as usual.
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If playing the drinking game each time they praise Rubio or play a clip,will be plastered at the end of the Kelly File
by watching the Kelly File I thought Rubio won. Cruz is a Hispanic and spoke w/out a TelePrompTer. What gall ignoring the winner
It is midnight here and we are still waiting for the results of Clinton-Sanders on The Kelly File. IT IS DEADLOCKED!!!
It appears FNC wanted to end at 12am ET and start The Kelly File so they cut off Sanders to show Hillary on tape.
The file is ON, worth waiting an hour for.
still going to be on the kelly file when Ted wraps this thing up?? Lol
If creating cutting-edge comedy is about pushing boundaries then The Kelly File comfortably fits the bill.
I watched the 3 Benghazi heroes on Kelly File and I was sick thinking of Hillary being safe while others die for us and beca…
MT Excellent points on Kelly File. "Sharpton does not speak for me. He doesn't speak for…
Yes! Kelly File and the five are two of the best programs on
KELLY FILE "COMING UP: is LIVE at 11p ET with post-SOTU reaction from more. Don’t miss it!"
I won't watch Kelly File anymore, no matter who wins Iowa Fox News Lost.
The Kelly File ends up being disturbing, but not particularly affecting.
The Kelly File is a show to cherish.
Crossing the Des Moines River on the way to check out Iowa Caucus action. See you on the Kelly File tonight at 11ET!
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And then Meghan McCain went on the Kelly File and said that there livid. And lest not forget the breast feeding attorney.
-love watching you on the Kelly file with You're almost as good looking as her! 😂😜
Megyn Kelly tones it down a second time in the relaxed The Kelly File.
343657 - 2016 candidate Rand Paul explains why he thinks the polls are wrong on FNC's 'The Kelly File' and MSNB...
I don't know if it was Fox or if it was Megyn Kelly the Kelly file which should be on MSNBC
Your joke about Trump not being there was not funny. The Kelly File has been blocked from my TV As with my kids
The Kelly File understands that torches are more often extinguished than passed
Editor Rich Lowry reacts to criticisms of controversial edition on 'The Kelly File'
Agree, but a presidential debate is not the Kelly File. She needs to watch Maria Bartiromo.
Kelly File interview last noc with parents of victims Sean Smith & Tyrone Woods. Thru tears, Pat Smith calls
Patricia Smith mother of Sean Smith killed at Benghazi says "I want to see Hillary Clinton in jail" on the Kelly File just…
. My heart broke for Pat Smith on the Kelly File. This poor woman not only lost her son but was lied to by HRC.
I've banned myself from watching O'Reilly and Kelly File. Getting rid of all Fox and Friends who report their own...
Discusses his Simple Flat Tax Plan on the Kelly File via This is what USA needs economically.
Robert Zimmerman on the Kelly File just kept screaming and interrupting like all democrats do. When you have no facts -just scream
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Varney supported Trump with Dobbs vs Varney is on opposite Kelly File on Fox business news
The Kelly File is equal parts funny and frightening.
RINO is on again tonight? Don't let media choose the nominee again.
Beck file O'Reilly more countries would be wise to start closing the border to the refugees
News file Beck I still like to know why the government is pissing away a billion dollars on stupid things
Beck News file the government lies to us like always in the president doesn't really care
News file Beck O'Reilly he's no warrior for babies he's just really sick and there's no excuse
news News Beck file he's just one sick puppy and there's no excuse for what he did
News Beck file we have the right to protect ourselves with the best naval fleet we can put out
file Beck the president has no plans he just trying to make it look good that he's doing something
As uncertain and spontaneous as its events are in the moment, The Kelly File feels too tightly wound for its own good.
The Kelly File is something to rediscover.
Most of Fox News is not news. Especially Kelly File. She is their Number 1 ***
He should file a counter-suit against Victor for everything connected with trying to ruin Jabot via Kelly and Marco.
Fox News turned against him after the Kelly file incident.
Ted Cruz-Attorney General. True politician not needed. Kelly File and Stiralt biased.Not good for a Fox News Journalist. Go Trump.
Shep should start co-hosting the Kelly File. Neither one of them are journalists. They're hack pundits who should team up.
dear Americans don't miss Marco tonight on the Kelly file with Megyn Kelly. It will be another brilliant interview.
'The Kelly File' seldom fails to win on appeal.
Had to laugh, just saw commercial for kelly file, all the "big" candidate interviews Bush, Christie, Fiorina, Graham too funny!
Via The Kelly File. The director of the FBI is asking all Americans if they “see something, say something.”...
The Kelly File adds to Megyn Kelly's legacy in ways we might not have expected.
People go to OAN during The Kelly File, you will get better news and not so much "smuggness". MK Trump wil…
Michael get some facts. His radio show has plummeted in ratings, " Kelly File " which is unwatchable replaced Him in that slot
Kelly file blows with the wind. She tries like *** to bash Trump. But I thank her 4 all the help.She's a big reason Trump is
Kelly File is on. Turning off Fox. So over her.
Brit Hume on White House leadership in the time of terror - The Kelly File: via
Kelly file Trump needs to get back in the headlines like my wife said somebody. Stick a a sock in her 😃
I really used to enjoy watching The Kelly file! Not any more!
saw you on Kelly file last night,what a life experience you must have.glad we get to hear your voice.
Hardline does not know what he is talking about. I watch the Kelly File nightly, and she has never bashed him.
Finally made it to NY for the Kelly File. Back in FOX studios 6AM to explain latest devs in San Bernardino case.
Bias reporting by the Kelly File. You just don't like Trump. fact like it don't like it don't care.
Shannon is a very good one!! She needs her on show. I like Kelly file when Shannon is running it ))
Megan Kelly comments about Donald Trump was falsedurning the debate and have since stop watching …
Stop watching Kelly File. You will live longer, happier life.
enjoyed your info tonight on Kelly file. As a Marine who wears his dress blue EGA as a lapel pin, remember anchor inboard. ;)
Good 2 c u on Kelly File, & best of luck on new book. You are totally right about what an un-American rat *** Lynch is.
isn't that the truth. Kelly File higher rated for so many reasons
great job on the Kelly file tonight.
Mr. Trump, I love the Kelly File... but only when Shannon Bream is hosting it. Give 'em *** Donald!
Dana Loesch said on the absurd 'Kelly File' that guns in America aren't the problem because people get beheaded in the UK often.
Oh dear, Ben Carson is on the Kelly File - he looks and sounds very tired. Talking sooo slowly. Ben you gotta speedup
Ben! GET on another program! NOT Frickin "Kelly File" thousands of us conservatives will NEVER watch her again
Dr. Ben Carson is on Fox News "The Kelly File" at 9 PM EST tonight. Tune in Carsonators!
FOXNEWS: Rich Lowry channels Jesse Jackson on Kelly File talking about castration in full color. TRUMP and BHO the victims. ~L.B. Clear
The Kelly File captures family's highs and lows.
I would love to see these ladies on ANY Fox show, especially Kelly File
Presidential candidate goes on 'The Kelly File' to discuss his debate performance
Rubio made a similar statement on Kelly File this evening.
I liked a video from Sen. Paul Appears on Fox's The Kelly File - September 15, 2015
At best, The Kelly File constitutes an indictment, not a conviction.
No more Kelly file for me, I turn FNC off when you come on! All you do is put trump down just because you don't like him. Fair?
.Please stop saying "A Kelly File Investigation" when you don't investigate anything! Case in point: Ahmed the Clock maker.
You said on Kelly file, Trump insulted Mexican Americans. FALSE! He simply stated we have to many Illegal's ! running a muck.
Unfair coverage of Trump onthe kelly file! Trying to make a big deal out of something meaningless to make him look bad!Pathetic!
Rubio on how he will build on strong debate performance-Republican presidential candidate goes on The Kelly File t
Kelly file on another witchhunt for Donald tonight. when is its Donald Trump's business to prove whether the president is muslim or not
oh yeah, enough of u & oreilly taking Friday off, I'm getn real tired of it (Kelly file special) please, we no what that means.
Kelly File seems to have turned into a biased, Trump bashing show. Will watch no more.   10% Off
Ted Cruz on the Kelly File: I Stand with Kim Davis via
you should cancel the Kelly File. Kelly is no longer able to be fair and balanced. It is so obvious she hates Trump.
Note to self: Never talk while Abby or dad watches the Kelly File. They take that show very seriously
She'll be on MSNBC and the Kelly File next week. Probably at the next debate to chase Trump off stage.
According to Kelly File, yes. I think she would make a great character on the Walking Dead.
Great interview on Kelly File a few min ago re the difficulty in building an effective organization and keeping status legal.
GREAT JOB on The Kelly File last night Our State Coordinator knows exactly why Americans are so angry w/ DC!
Why does Fox News sound like CNN and saying the exact same thing then showing the same clips on Donald Trump??? AKA Kelly Fi…
Breaking -I am now totally done with the Kelly File. You are now under "media patrol…
Ready to ban The Kelly File from my TV watching lineup
good commercial during the Kelly file, that's why I support NRA
Why aren't you fighting on the front lines to defund PP instead of on the Kelly File trashing Trump?
Watched 10 seconds of the Kelly File. I don't care about not "scolding" someone in his audience.
You were 100% correct in citing parallel example on on Kelly file. She looked unprepared and unprofessional in her response.
Hey richard folwer on the KELLY FILE! IT LOOKS LIKE A BOMB!
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The Kelly File should be renamed to The Kelly Bile!! She keeps spewing hate to Trump.
Megan Kelly going after the next President Of The United States tonight on the Kelly file. What a total loser she is.
the Kelly file took a big hit. She is so concerned about being a "sexist" it is stupid. I won't watch her any more
IMO Rubio did an excellent job on Kelly File. Dealt with Trump issue by saying what HE would do. Concentrated on his own agenda.
— 5 minutes of the Kelly file is like an hour of R. Maddow on MSNBC.. Same hate different hatter..
Such a joy now to be watching instead of the rhetoric on the Kelly File.
Lol just watched 5 minutes of Fox's Kelly File, and she's nodding along as Krauthammer says Fiorina owned Trump.
Guess it's called Kelly File because it's all about you. You're a joke now. Afternoon show was great, head too big now?
Great job on Kelly File, Andy! You're spot on . citing Rev. Wright example was indeed a paralle…
enjoyed seeing you on Kelly File. You have my vote.
Kelly File: Rubio states we need to believe president "if he says he is a..." OMG - Rubio is so bright & blows it defending OBAMA?
Watching the Kelly file! Wow can she sink any lower? Attacking Trump like he's responsible for defending a lawless president! Get real!
Kelly any True conservative Republican that goes on the Kelly File, will loose a large amount of support. Ke…
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