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Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Brianne Clarkson (born April 24, 1982) is an American singer, songwriter and occasional actress.

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Kelly Clarkson fangirls over idol Meryl Streep at Golden Globe Awards. via
Kelly Clarkson seeing Meryl Streep at the is the purest thing I’ve seen in a while.
Kelly Clarkson meeting Meryl Streep gave me hope for America's future.
Kelly Clarkson freaking out on the red carpet after meeting Meryl Streep is the purest thing
Happy early birthday! Kellin Quinn, Caspar Lee, and Kelly Clarkson have the same bday as you!
if you see your favs! . Britney Spears . Rihanna . Charlie Puth . Niall Horan . Jennifer Lopez . Kelly Clarkson. Lorde. One…
Writing a song as timeless as ”A Song for You” by Leon Russell and having everyone from Kelly Clarkson to Tony Bennett cut it.
made HISTORY!🌟 Along with Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and Kelly Clarkson!. 25.6 MILLION viewers tuned in duri…
YouTube: Oh you listened to Post Malone? The next 15 songs will be Kelly Clarkson, David Archuleta, or something co…
Btw, Kelly Clarkson looks like she ate Meghan Trainor.
Kelly Clarkson looks like an actual little person/ dwarf! . The frontal shot makes her look like an elf 🧝‍♀️
Kelly Clarkson shading most of the music industry
my mood: youtube @ Adele, Lana del Rey and Kelly Clarkson
- Baby Don't Go feat. Kelly Clarkson by Irfan Arifianto 1 on
Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album is way better than both of Mariah Carey's. Pass it on.
*** Clark has a ton of my faves this year!!. Kelly Clarkson. Camila Cabello. Bebe Rexha. Britney Spears. Mariah Carey
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Just listen to Kelly Clarkson's wrapped in red. That won't ever get tiring.
Kelly Clarkson - Piece by Piece via I can relate to this song on so many different levels
Such a beautiful performance by the super talented
Loved The show but have come 2 the conclusion, that WON The VOICE. They were all g…
Ariana asks you for a possible collaboration on AG4. Who would you choose out of these artists? ♡🌩. • Dua Lipa. • Camila…
Catch & performing on the finale of tonight!…
i developed trust issues when the Jonas Brothers broke up before they gave us the 7th album that was supposed to out sel…
Does anybody know whatever happened to Justin Guarini? Lol all I remember is American Idol, dated Kelly Clarkson, d…
To be frank, there is not even a lousy song in Kelly Clarkson's new album.. ***
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I thought was great...but then...I just heard her sing with on
I should be sleeping but nope I’m up watching a 20 minute compilation video of Kelly Clarkson’s journey on American Idol.
I have a video I was just wondering if you want to see it
ALL the stars are out tonight on ...
Is your favorite artist rocking out on performances include and more
Great respect to CBS for this, the most important holid…
🔥Check out my choreography to “Whole Lotta Woman” from her new album This is how we get do…
It's the greatest gift a family can give. Celebrate adoption with superstars and
Let's be real. It wouldn't be a without
The Voice fam LOVES when hits the stage. Her performance of her new hit, "Medicine" is perfection.
You're not wrong. The only difference is Kelly Clarkson wasn't actively trying to starve the audience.
This season of The Voice has been nothing that I was prepared for it was an amazing season but this finale everythi…
I added a video to a playlist Christmas Eve | Kelly Clarkson | Live Music Performance
She's a phenomenal artist and performer. I watched for Demi Lovato and Kelly Clarkson. Y'all…
I’m not sure if you take requests for your stellar reviews, but it’d be cool to read your thoughts on Kelly…
Very exciting last hour and a half, bonding with Renesme. She loves Lady Gaga, Jazz, Christina Aguilera (her faster…
When we talk about the best voices of today's generation, we gotta start talking about Kelly Clarkson more.
YASSS! is here to make her TV debut of her new single, “Medicine” AND return to The Voice stage.
SO. MUCH. YES. your voice is our medicine and we can’t get enough of this new jam.
Picture this: It's the year 3000. Not much has changed, but you live underwater. Your great great great granddaughter is do…
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.daughter River has quite the unexpected (and adorable) Christmas wish list! 😂 Watch Kelly perform on the
So much ATL love on tonight's finale 😍 Tune in to see performances from
And the winner of 'The Voice' is ... - The NBC singing competition show crowned a new winner Tuesday night. Demi Lo…
I went through a divorce at the start of this year b/c they cheated. While I picked up the pieces…
Y’all playin’ with my childhood now . I TOOK A TRIP TO THE YEAR 3000. THIS SONG HAD GONE MULTI-…
Kelly Clarkson is everywhere tonight...Josh Groban's special and now the Voice finale...
I want the cd Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson!
Kelly Clarkson getting legit teared up followed by Josh Groban singing "Bridge over Troubled Waters" just did me in…
Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson singing Phantom of the Opera was awesome!
Kelly Clarkson crying over the kids still in foster care & Josh Groban singing Bridge Over Troubled Water w/live in…
Amidst all this Baylor recruiting news, I am watching Home For the Holidays with Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson. Fo…
📹 dont-let-me-stop-you: Kelly Clarkson backstage with Billy Costa at the Kiss 108 JingleBall Thanks to...
Sia, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban & Jane Lynch Land First Songs of the Holiday Season on AC Chart
My heart is sinking somewhere between "My Immortal" by Evanescence and "Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson and my mi…
says ‘Tis the season: Sia, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban and Jane Lynch all debut on the Adult Contemporary ai…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I talked to about life before/after and her connection with She's performing at Mayor
So many people I love got nominations today. I can’t mention them all by name, but
Three reasons to catch Kelly Clarkson at the Joint. via
.hosted a romantic date for and her husband Brandon:…
Just watched the newest Carpool Karaoke with Kelly Clarkson and my girl did not sing Miss Independent. I’m upset.
YASS killed it on car pool karaoke..that high note was everything! and that ending my new jam...
.flipped the script on Instead of s asinig session, she made it into a date with h…
And a MASSIVE Congratulations to all nominees! What a night we will have to celebrate music. Cheers to my co-c…
16 times Kelly Clarkson was my favorite person to ever walk this green earth
This Christmas, head on over to listen to Meaning of Life and grab your Echo to "Play Side by S…
I love Kelly Clarkson she is natural and beautiful pure voice and fun funny and sweet kind caring and she…
Kelly Clarkson is fun on Carpool Kareoke with oh yeah i want to see Kelly do it
Ryan Seacrest said exactly what I felt!Kelly Clarkson's new album! of life
Fact: Kelly Clarkson's Carpool Karaoke proves she's still the best.
Watch Kelly Clarkson talk about the importance of reimagining education
Watch Kelly Clarkson go all out on a new episode of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden
Kelly Clarkson’s Carpool Karaoke is everything I wanted and more 💘
Watch: turns 'Carpool Karaoke' into a romantic date night with her husband
Kelly Clarkson’s episode of Carpool Karaoke will premiere tonight on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”!
Kelly Clarkson legitimately looks like Fiona from Shrek
Kelly Clarkson is the only celebrity white girl I grew up admiring who hasn’t been revealed as garbage, we stan an unprobl…
Kelly Clarkson turned her "Carpool Karaoke" ride into a hit parade and a romantic date with hubby Brandon Blackstock
Reason number 47,521 is my bestie in my head. Also.YOU. BETTA. SING.
Kelly Clarkson Has Date Night With Her Husband in the Middle of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden…
James Corden turns into a date night with husband Brandon Blackstock -- watch!
joined The Late Late Show host for the popular segment
Latest music news: Billboard Women in Music 'Powerhouse' Kelly Clarkson on Finally Finding Artistic Freedom
aol: Kelly Clarkson turns 'Carpool Karaoke' into romantic date night with husband: Watch
Corden and Kelly Clarkson make a pit stop to pick up her real-life husband (via
Kelly Clarkson turns into a romantic date night with her husband
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Please tell Joel and Lorna that Bryan Adams version of Run Rudolph Run is far better than Kelly Clarkson! 😀🌲⛄️
Dunno who is in charge of the cinemas music today but someone should check if they are okay. Kelly Clarkson - becau…
Having an aneurysm is a risk you have to be willing to take when singing Kelly Clarkson.
I'll end with Kelly Clarkson covering India.Arie. You better sing, Kelly!
If you only watch one performance, make it and moving duet:
Kelly Clarkson singing Miss Independent took me back! 😃👏
Another day, another performance, another reminder that is an alien from another universe. This wom…
Pink. Just moments before she's set to open the show alongside Kelly Clarkson, the pop-rock…
People going crazy about Kelly Clarkson's AMA performance like I've not been Sat here for years telling you she's a…
Demi Lovato was singing along to “Love So Soft” by Kelly Clarkson at the 2017 American Music Awards
I really don’t get all the hype with BTS...Demi and Kelly Clarkson should have been on this list!
Kelly Clarkson to me just a few moments ago.
OMG two of my fave people shared the stage last night - AMAZING - Kelly Clarkson & P!nk "Everybody Hurts" LIVE at t…
Hands down, Kelly Clarkson had the best vocal performance of the night at the Watch her sing "Miss Independent"…
This may be one of my fave looks on EVER! What do you think?! 🎨:
hi Macy I want a song on YouTube and it's "Love So Soft" by Kelly Clarkson she's awesome singer
The fans were NOT ready for and to join forces for a moving tribute 😭😭😭
I loved you performance you're a great and beautiful singer Pink and you together that was a beautiful song to sing
Have you experienced listening to a song and felt that it resonates with you? That's exactly how I felt when I listened…
Watching clips of and singing together has definitely made Monday morning more bareable. Amazing! I loved it! 💕
You sounded INCREDIBLE at dress rehearsal!! I’ll be fan-girling in the front row!! 😁😁😁
I wonder what it’s like to be and wake up every morning just knowing you are better than everyone else who e…
love a bit of Kelly Clarkson on a Monday morning
Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson. Listen online at
I added a video to a playlist Kelly Clarkson Performs 'Miss Independent' & 'Love So Soft' at American
Demi Lovato singing while Kelly Clarkson was performing at the
This is not a false alarm! is after Kelly Clarkson! ARMYs, are you ready?! Let the whole world hear us scream and…
Actual photo of my heart melting during performance ❣️
Kelly Clarkson, Ashlee Simpson & DJ Khaled brought their kids to the Cute photos:
Justin Hartley and Kelly Clarkson seem in awe of Diana Ross (As they should.)
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Watch Jamie Foxx, Pink & Kelly Clarkson kick off the 2017 American Music Awards with a stirring tribute to the country's…
Kelly Clarkson vocally washed Pink don’t @ me
Word of advice don't have Kelly Clarkson, DJ Khaled & Demi Lovato onstage at the same time, It will collapse !
If you don't absolutely adore Pink and Kelly Clarkson, you're doing it wrong ❤️😭
I don't plan on watching these awards, but my goodness. Kelly Clarkson & Pink... AMAZING!! 😍
I don’t usually like covers, but that was nice. Pink and Kelly Clarkson did a good job.
It’s ironic that Kelly Clarkson came in on this song when the lyrics were “don’t let yourself go.”
P!nk and Kelly Clarkson's opening of the is literally me and Connor in
Pink and Kelly Clarkson don't sound good! Or maybe it's this song
I really love how Kelly Clarkson don’t try to fit a Stereotypical Mold of what a Music superstar should look like.…
Two of the greatest voices of all time is P!nk and Kelly Clarkson? 🤔🤔. I mean they're good singers but I don't...
Pink and Kelly Clarkson please scalp me bald I don't deserve this hair
No offense but when someone says, "Here are two of the world's most powerful voices" I don't think about Pink & Kelly Clarkson.
BIG Kelly Clarkson would get the dang-a-lang😍😂
Now Playing on PowerON FM Second Hand Heart by Ben Haenow ft Kelly Clarkson - Listen live at
do you prefer Leona Lewis or Kelly Clarkson? (Tough question for me)! 😘😘😘
Kelly Clarkson tells Jimmy Fallon he's 'so lucky' to have known her for 15 years
How about free music this morning? Enter to win a digital copy of the brand new Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson or Sam...
Now we can get back to how Kelly Clarkson and Sean Hannity can be photoshopped into each other shockingly well.
I am convinced Sarah Sanders is an unsuccessful attempt to clone Kelly Clarkson and has recently discovered this news
talent, can't wait to meet Melissa E, Reba, Dolly, Kelly Clarkson and her voice, Carrie oh wow, Miranda, Alison, Emmylou, Kellie Pickler,
This new Kelly Clarkson album is just incredible. Album of the year.
Im so humbled & honored to still be in game. Thank you all for your love. you girls rock
It's never too early for a dance party! cc:
Watching win is what inspired me to take the same route ! Although I didn't win…
I just won to go see at her YouTube Space event. How the HECK do I get to NYC by Wednesday?
THIS JUST IN! Your first look at with is here! See you next Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c! 👀…
I just wanted to remind you all that I love ...soo much. I’m speechless. So happy I got to see you…
- loved watching you as a guest coach tonight on The Voice. I can't wait to see you as a judge next…
A voice as powerful as her story. Hear new album now
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Finally got a chance to listen to the new album today... sweet Jesus this album slays! I smell some Grammy…
I wish I was as passionate about anything as my Spotify is about trying to make me listen to Kelly Clarkson.
I've been listening to your new album in the car and it's fire. Gets me pumped to tackle the day.…
is going to be on next season. IM SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!! 😍😍😍
Kelly Clarkson Performs Songs from New Album at the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles. ht…
.Playlist: , Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson & more Did your favs make the cut.
Kelly Clarkson has something to assert about her weight and mental health --
Kelly Clarkson on body image: Singer was suicidal when she was 'really skinny'
[Album Trailer] Definitely going to grab a copy this week! Beyond amazing!
However I hope I can instead win tix to see Kelly Clarkson at iHeartRadio theatre. I feel like I'd do better plus it's Kelly! Lol
Kelly Clarkson hated herself when she was ‘really skinny'
Kelly Clarkson wanted to end her life. What is the cause of unhappy life? -
Kelly Clarkson has remained a major pop player for a decade and a half without checking the usual pop-star boxes
Thank you you have said exactly how I feel about Harry Styles by Harry styles. I'm just going to trust my opinion now.
Kelly Clarkson has been outspoken about the pressures that the music industry can place on young singers
Kelly Clarkson to appear as mentor in 'The Voice' season 14 knockouts: Kelly Clarkson will be……
'I'd rather have wine': Kelly Clarkson discusses weight on Ellen
Opening up: Kelly Clarkson - pictured in 2005 - has admitted to Attitude that she ... via
*Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway plays as dad reverses out of the drive way *. Goodbye Dunshaughlin,hello world x
I can't wait for new record to come out Fri. I've been holding my breath for a soul album since
- Kelly Clarkson talking about Harry (audio). (Via:: )
Kelly Clarkson says she was unhappy when she was ‘really skinny'
🎙| Kely Clarkson talking about Harry and her love for Sign of the Times. .
Y’all should go watch my new video. It’s the Studio SUBG note and when she did it live as the G5.
Kelly Clarkson's Meaning of Life album will be nothing fire 🔥👌🏾💎
🌎| Kelly Clarkson talking about Harry and “Sign of the Times”. (1)
I forget how depressing the morning playlist is at work, it’s not even 7am why is Adele and Kelly Clarkson playing 😭
🎙 | Kelly Clarkson talking about Harry and his first self-titled solo album in a recent interview.
My Queen's : . My mother, Hayley Williams, Kelly Clarkson, Sara Barallies, Lynn Gunn. . You all are the Queens of my life.
Prince Harry and several celebrities like Miles Teller, Bruce Springsteen and Kelly Clarkson honored the athletes...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jason Alden I like the song of "Don't you want to stay for a little while" from you & Kelly Clarkson okay.
Kelly Clarkson and P!nk are the two most underated 2000s girls.
Hillary Clinton quoted Kelly Clarkson in her book. TOO CHILL HILLARY, TOO CHILL
I think I'm having an emotional hang over. I nearly started crying thinking about Kelly Clarkson releasing a new album and…
Kelly Clarkson is not playing around with this new era. Y’all better not sleep on her!
"If it wasn't for talent shows, we might not know who One Direction, Little Mix, Kelly Clarkson and Fifth Harmony are" -Justi…
COPD but Rose stated she had Asthma. Kelly Clarkson in ANDERSON decoy house into this kidnapping was killed along w/ others including decoy
for AMA in cooperation w/ FBI. Recently to this kidnapping Kelly Clarkson singer was named to new ANDERSON HOUSE then in past time line
ICYMI: Kelly Clarkson called The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show this week to talk about her latest song, new album...
Kelly Clarkson walked away from millions of dollars in order to make a statement:
Kelly Clarkson lost out on millions of dollars because she didn't want to have a writing credit with Dr. Luke:
Kelly Clarkson lost 'millions' in feud with Kesha accused Dr. Luke via
What an unflattering picture of Kelly Clarkson. Do you work for Dr. Luke
I feel all the torture was worth this moment... can kelly clarkson sing a moment like this
I remember when Kelly Clarkson was attractive for like 3 weeks a very long time ago
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I aspire to have style & body positive image. You looked amazing on tonight! 💖
EK KELLY CLARKSON. is stepping up their game for reals!! 😱
I just watched a lady sing on America's Got Talent & thought 'man, she can really sing.' Turns out it was Kelly Clarkson.
We ❤️ U so much Angelica! Better have your own tour than being stuck in Vegas!…
Why does Simon deadass look like a wax figure?
FREAKING OUT! and singing “Stronger” with is a GIRL POWER DREAM COME TRUE.
Guess which 2 acts are singin w/ the aMAzing talent show pioneer on tonite!! Yup: and yours t…
was the best part of the AGT finale tonight!!
COntrats angelica! So sad u didn't win, but u were so amazint
Cutie ! You can see on her action her genuine happiness! Goodluck sweetheart! 😚
WOW. What a way to kick off the and - epic. That was epic.
This is how and celebrate slaying the stage. 🎉
Alternative headline: "Kelly Clarkson didn't want to work with a rapist and her career is still thriving"
Was awesome. I've had it on my Spotify for awhile now!
. Here's our favorite Angelica singing w/ Kelly Clarkson😘.
: Kelly Clarkson ‘lost MILLIONS of dollars’ over feud with controversial producer Dr Luke . KELLY CLARKSO…
It's time for us all to admit that Kelly Clarkson is one of the vocal greats of our generation.
You should not mess with Kelly Clarkson..
TODAY - Kelly Clarkson performs. Found on I love Kelly Clark son she so amazing
Kelly Clarkson has released the music video for her new single, Watch her new video here:
I liked a video Kelly Clarkson - Catch My Breath Live on Divas 2012
I wonder if it's the director's sky commentary on what he thinks about Kelly Clarkson...
Kelly Clarkson just straight up told them to make her an Orange Julius dress and they did it because YOU LISTEN WHEN KELLY CLARK…
Zayne and Sia was so boring... back to Kelly Clarkson
OK I'm changing my paper to examine how revolutionized pop culture when she won American Idol 15 years ago
Your so awesome. Love the new song and video.
I'm sorry, the new can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh. Cuz she's slaying.
.is back with two AMAZING new singles 😆💜💥
Kelly Clarkson's was the palate cleanser I needed this AM. 🙌🙌🙌🖤
Yas Kelly Brianne Clarkson for these bops today
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Gorgeous new video 'Love So Soft' from Kelly Clarkson. Is her voice getting better? .
Kellegend Clarkson is BACK and better than ever y'all!
Kelly Clarkson Sing it! The pop star performs songs off her new album in Manhattan.
if u needed more evidence that L*na Dunh_m is a monster plz note that she has not even once mentioned Kelly Clarkso…
NEW! announces here new album, releases TWO new songs. Watch the VIDEOS here…
We saw and Reba when they toured together. It was a fantastic show.
Yes. Zayn & Sia. And also the queen Kelly Clarkson as well.
Kelly Clarkson Returns With 'Love So Soft' - Clarkson makes a bold-but-restrained return with the first single ...
Yas girl! This is the video I've always dreamt of! Thank U for doing our gir…
.completely reinvents herself with soulful belter "Love So Soft." Watch the blockbuster video:…
RCA: The days of the powerhouse pop diva are gone. Atlantic: What do you wanna do, Kelly? . http…
My heart can't take all of these new tunes dropping from and You both nailed it!
YES!!! Definitely loving the new is incredible song!!
The sustained support of Kelly Clarkson is one of the most redeeming decisions we, as a people, continue to make
It’ll be available, the release is rolling worldwide. It should be arriving soon
Kelly Clarkson has officially returned with a new music video and album, ‘Meaning of Life’
I just watched the video and I loved it. 😂👏
I can't believe Kelly Clarkson just invented music with her 2 new songs
Disappointed in you world today. Tuning to Kelly Clarkson new songs. Bye
Good news, fans! Your fave just released some new music.
Love so soft is A bop and move you, ohh god😍. you did THAT
This is NOT a plug for The Voice...But...I feel like Gwen Stefani & Christina Aguilera had a baby a…
Thanks! We need that gem on Anghami!. Also, will new songs be available on…
Let us remember Kelly Clarkson Day, and keep it holy.
Kelly Clarkson & Demi Lovato are once again stepping out of the box and releasing ballads instead of generic/repetitive…
Kelly Clarkson is an Idol for the Ages20 years after becoming...
Kelly Clarkson, Zayn & Sia and Demi all delivered today!!! Sam Smith please don't let me down tomorrow 😩😩😩
.will always be our idol! 🎤 Get an exclusive preview of her soulful new album:
Today in 2002, Kelly Clarkson became the first ever winner of American Idol, she has come so far! 👏
Instead of talking about Taylor Swift, let's talk about the comeback of Kelly Clarkson, because GURL SHE JUST DID T…
If you don't root for Kelly Clarkson what are you even doing
2 more days until Kelly Clarkson saves pop music
I'm glad Taylor is paying homage to Kelly Clarkson's iconic Mr. Know It All phase, as all pop stars should.
Kelly Clarkson, Andy Grammer, and Blondie will headline Mix 104.1's MixFest show at the Hatch Shell on Sept. 16.…
Ffs Pedro, even David Brent would have cringed at quoting a Kelly Clarkson song, but then again, he was a Des'ree m…
I love younger katie. She was gonna be a kids bop star and sing breakaway by Kelly Clarkson when she auditioned for…
Any whispers of potential collabs for the album? I really want Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson and Ariana
But you should really hear my rendition of the Kelly Clarkson song "Miss Independence." It teaches you all about the lymphatic system.
Headlines: Jessica Meuse in Studio, Pudsey the Dog Dies, Kelly Clarkson surprise performance
Kelly Clarkson - My Grown Up Christmas List on Radio Santa Claus - Listen now!
I love this song. . Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) által
Interesting mashup. "I'm gonna make you sweat. Show me what you got."
Take Chances!. In the words of Kelly Clarkson ;)... I'll spread my wings, and I'll learn how to…
No just fat. Carrie Underwood is awesome
If it's legitimate body shaming, Kelly Clarkson has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Kelly Clarkson fires back at online body-shamer to fans' delight
You can talk..As soon as you can push out a 7 pound baby.. oh right..You can't.. Kelly did ,a…
Kelly Clarkson had the perfect response to a body shamer — and people are applauding her for it - INSIDER
Kelly Clarkson had the perfect clap back for body-shaming troll
why am I sitting on my bunk bed listening to sad tb Kelly Clarkson songs :'(
You are absolutely beautiful just the way you are , those who say nasty comments can 💖
Kelly Clarkson is not here for your body shaming -
You don't even have to try and you're awesome! Brains and beauty too! Love you
Kelly Clarkson responded brilliantly to a fat-shamer with 4 words — and 1 emoji.
Piece by piece by Kelly Clarkson always hits me.. . strong *** lyrics.
Kelly Clarkson. Blake Shelton. Tomorrow July 1 at the opening ceremony at Soldier Field…
you truly love Walk Away, here's a video of proof --->
.& are teaming up to honor our nation's veterans at the Saturday. Tix: https:…
Only her second? I wish I had the resources of I would have at least a dozen books in my series ou…
20) Kelly Clarkson was an international superstar. She had vocals, personality, sales and talent.…
anything by Phil Collins/Genesis, Oletta Adams' the rhythm of life, Supreme about no mountain, Kelly Clarkson catching breath
i just remembered that i almost started crying when Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson was playing at work today so that's how my day went
The when you're getting closer to kicking off
I am beginning to wonder if they are going to release it when she is on the voice :(
"Is this what it feels like to really cry?" - Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson to release second children's picture book as encore to her 2016 best-seller
Working for Sally's pet sitting & she said "you not spend enough quality time with them." Okwell I just sang a dog a Kelly clarkson song so
Kelly Clarkson has a new book coming soon!
Kelly Clarkson's second children's book is on the way
Oh my god coke and ketamine together are called a Kelly Clarkson im dead
Kelly Clarkson Announces Second Children’s Book About Daughter River Rose. Kelly Clarkson is back at the writing d…
Kelly Clarkson, Ben Stiller, and more stars sing Hamilton songs for Lin-Manuel Miranda's challenge
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