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Kelly Ayotte

Kelly A. Ayotte (born June 27, 1968) is the junior United States Senator from New Hampshire and a member of the Republican Party.

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🇶Losing NH seat, Kelly Ayotte resisted Trumplicanism?. 🚩Kelli Ward, fake conservatives, and the need for a new party…
We need Kelly Ayotte back in some capacity in this administration!
Kelly Ayotte would of been a good choice to work with the President on helping with judicial nominees.
Today Kelly Ayotte told me I had cool shoes
Are you saying that supports Diane Black, Marsha Blackburn in…
Kelly Ayotte I shared this 1 year ago, and said that you would be out for your pandering, welp, we were right and...
once again NHGOP with Even Kelly Ayotte agrees, how much did Chris get fro…
Await lefties in 2019 bemoaning reliance on Joe Manchin. Anyone miss Kelly Ayotte yet?
Imagine how different this year might have been if Maggie Hassan didn't beat Kelly Ayotte.
Gamma Pi was honored to spend time and hear Former US Senator & DG Alumnae, Kelly Ayotte speak at Roanoke...
Shame on Rob Portmann and Kelly Ayotte voted against denying firearms to known/suspected terrorists
Join us this evening in the Bast Center for the latest Fowler speaker, former Senator Kelly Ayotte.
Sununu is definitely sad Kelly Ayotte didn’t win so he has no one in the federal delegation to agree with him lmao
This level of ignorance is unprecedented for a staff member of a sitting member of Congress. You owe Kelly Ayotte a…
Yea - ask Flake and Corker and Kelly Ayotte about that.
Watch Sen. speak about her bi-partisan efforts to stem the tide of addiction on 4/13/17 @
Electronic Device Insurance
senator george allen was fake for the tea party! kelly ayotte was the lie of the OP in front of the welwood library tis morning! drak women😭
(2/6) came with us to New Hampshire last fall and helped put Senator before her name. There is no doubt in my mind that Kelly Ayotte...
Before you say an out of cycle vote doesn't matter the GOP, ask Kelly Ayotte what its like to be a former Senator.
Your reminder again that no matter their vote Susan Collins & Lisa Murkowski are awful ppls.Olympia Snowe & Kelly Ayotte at least are "gone"
Senator vows to take on Trump and vote for him. Sen. Kelly Ayotte has often found herself in a familiar spot
and if it wasn't for Democrat voter fraud, Kelly Ayotte would still be a Senator from NH.
If you really think going against Trump will help just look at what happened to Kelly Ayotte and Joe Heck last year
Former Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte has joined the News Corp’s board of directors, effective immediately
Some women yes. But when I hear people say America's better with more women in Congress, I say yeah but Joni Ernst, Kelly Ayotte.
Kelly Ayotte and Donald Trump could have each requested a statewide recount in New Hampshire for a mere $500. Neither did.
Kelly Ayotte on Gorsuch's comments: "He finds any criticism of a judge's integrity and independence disheartening and dem…
Lol. Wth, why is Kelly Ayotte still on the hill? Thought Hassan sent her packing 😂
I am appalled Harvard has invited Kelly Ayotte to be a Fellow. As NH Attorney General she not only defended the Racist Family Court +
Sen. Kelly Ayotte a 25% on the Scorecard: lacks support for Kate's Law, Supports daughter w Biden😒
Kelly Ayotte: 'I wouldn't want my daughter in the room' with Trump or Bill Clinton
One small silver lining.NH kicked uber-rightie, Sen. Kelly Ayotte to the curb for her SCOTUS obstruction. !DISGUSTED!
Somewhere Kelly Ayotte is crying into a tub of ice cream and a bottle of wine right now
None of us is certain about the outcome of the Arab Spring.
Kelly Ayotte lost for not standing with Trump. You will be 1 term again. We will vote our conscience too!
Former Politicians, including Kelly Ayotte, to be visiting fellows at Harvard Kennedy School of Governance.
Carly Fiorina has campaigned hard in New Hampshire to earn support f...
I'm the only pro-life woman in the Senate. I take this issue very se...
President Yanukovych, the deposed president, essentially, he gutted ...
Maggie Hassan is such an improvement over that phlegmatic windbag, Kelly Ayotte.
Go get em Maggie. Bright spot in Nov. Maggie Hassan beat Kelly Ayotte in NH. All Female, all Democrat, Delegation. Hillary won NH!!
missing Kelly Ayotte more than ever.
Kelly Ayotte went to DC, fell in line behind obstructionist McConnell. And noticed.
Maggie just got there a few weeks ago so he's boorish & wrong. Republican Kelly Ayotte was drained.
The clips from the confirmation hearings of are reminding me again about how grateful I am Kelly Ayotte lost
This is the kind of leadership we need, unlike Kelly Ayotte
She & other dems are so disingenuous with their questions. The folks that didn't like Kelly Ayotte have to deal wit…
Karl Rove, Rush Limburger, Roger Ailes, Carly Failurina Kelly Ayotte, Shelley Moore Capito. I just threw up in my mouth.
WMUR/UHN Poll of the New Hampshire Senate Race (pdf) finds Maggie Hassan leading incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte by
Yikes, absolutely painful response from Kelly Ayotte on whether children should look up to Donald Trump as a role model. https…
Anyone think Kelly Ayotte would have been able to deliver this line of questioning? No, she would not. . Go,…
Unfortunately, no matter how frivolous the lawsuit, you still, of cour...
In the United States, because we are a nation of laws, you can lose ...
I know it would be considered a demotion, but how about Kelly Ayotte?
because we all know what happened to Kelly ayotte lol sure McCain is missing her and Hillary as well
CONSORTING WITH THE ENEMY, thats what TomCotton and Kelly Ayotte did W Iran
Former office of US Senator Kelly Ayotte. She didn't have to lose. We could have saved her if she just let us. ;-(
That's NOT funny. It might have been if you spelled it RINO & showed a pic of Kelly Ayotte.
Traitors that includes the Author Tom Cotton & Kelly Ayotte
This was not a change election. The only incumbent who was defeated was Republican Kelly Ayotte.
wonder if former Senator Kelly Ayotte-(R)New Hampshire-regrets unendorsing trump-&losing her seat?that happened to many others. no foresight
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Ayotte concedes to Democrat Maggie Hassan. Republican Kelly Ayotte has conceded the race for her US Senate seat
In farewell speech, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, appeals to "better angels" to get things done.
Sen. Kelly Ayotte delivers farewell remarks goodbye and good riddance
Sen. Kelly Ayotte: I think we need to be much tougher on Russia
Kelly Ayotte says bye to the Senate
Sen. Graham: "the long list of things you have accomplished, you should be proud of" on Sen. Kelly Ayotte.
NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte now giving farewell speech; says takeaway is cooperation is key
"It has been the privilege of a lifetime," says Sen. Kelly Ayotte during her last speech on the Senate floor.
Dems-unless we can replace Joe Heck like w/ Kelly Ayotte, we need 2 appeal 2 Never-Trump GOPers
Ease people's concerns. Jon Huntsman for State, Shelia Bair for Treasury, Kelly Ayotte for Defense, Susana Martinez for AG
Cabinet members I'd be thrilled with: Larry Hogan, Nikki Haley, Kelly Ayotte, Mark Kirk, John McCain. Chance any would be named: None!
This turkey, Kelly Ayotte also went out of her way to confirm Loretta Lynch! Yes, that Loretta Lynch.
.Yes, most GOP voted Trump, and he did way better with minorities as well. No tears shed for Mark Kirk and Kelly Ayotte!
A bit ofgood news, Kelly Ayotte lost, one less obstructionist to deal with.
Kelly Ayotte and Mark Kirk, two Republicans who broke from the party on Clean Power Plan, lost their Senate races.
Mark Kirk and Kelly Ayotte, two of loudest Senate foes of Iran deal, lost seats. But new president may do it in.
Now she gets to go home to think about her missing spine. concedes to give Dems second Senate pick-up.
In New Hampshire, Sen. Kelly Ayotte has not offered concession as she trails Gov. Maggie Hassan https:…
Glad New Hampshire voters fired Kelly Ayotte. One less woman pretending to GAF about other women when she obviously doesn't.
Bye, Kelly Ayotte! We're better off with a Democrat in her spot. At least we won't get knifed in the back.
For Kelly Ayotte getting voted out is very satisfying. Dems did really well in all my local elections, too. T…
BREAKING: Gov. Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, has unseated Senator Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire. Republicans hold the Sena…
I mean, in terms of senators she could have unseated, Kelly Ayotte wasn't the worst.
Especially after Kelly Ayotte still refused gun reform background checks after Newtown.
BREAKING: New Hampshire Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte concedes race, says in statement she has congratulated Gov. Maggie Hassan.
Incumbent Republican Kelly Ayotte concedes to Democrat Maggie Hassan in the New Hampshire Senate race
Sen. Kelly Ayotte concedes in New Hampshire, leaving Republicans with 52 Senate seats.
Maggie Hassan declares victory over Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire Senate race
Great to see Kelly Ayotte lose in NH. An insufferable neocon in the mold of Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman.
Good news: Kelly Ayotte lost in New Hampshire, Joe Arpaio lost as sheriff in Arizona, and best of all,McCrory is losing gover…
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One small ray of hope today: Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who called Trump a role model, defeated in NH, by a margin of less than 1k v…
If there is a silver lining to this election, perhaps it's Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R) concedes to Gov. Maggie Hassan (D)
Kelly Ayotte lost her Senate seat by a 1,000 votes. She is a fool not to ask for a recount. Look at Norm Coleman.
and for your gets rewarded with a loss for her Trump bashing ways. not wise kelly. ht…
Breaking News: Maggie Hassan has unseated Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire. The GOP holds the Senate majority, 51-48.
I'm just old enuf to remember sayin🙋"Bye Bye Bye" to Sen Kelly Ayotte on Oct 23rd👇after her Trump betrayal. Maggie Hassan ha…
Kelly Ayotte also was one of the ten a Senators who voted for Lorretta Lynch.
Ron Johnson is running further ahead of Donald Trump than Kelly Ayotte or Pat Toomey. We know nothing.
the biggest irony of it all is that Mark Kirk, who along with Kelly Ayotte is the one moderate R in a competitive race, lost
As goes New Hampshire, so goes the Senate? on a toughening battle for NH Democrats to unseat Kelly Ayotte. https…
Kelly Ayotte says she would not want her daughter in a room with Donald Trump or Bill Clinton http…
Man, I sure will miss those Kelly Ayotte and Maggie Hassan ads next week!
Hopefully we can vote out Kelly Ayotte, John McCain and Mark Kirk in this election. We'll get more out…
Elizabeth Warren goes after Kelly Ayotte for standing by Trump
Elizabeth Warren shreds Kelly Ayotte for her on-again, off-again support of Donald Trump
Update your maps at Navteq
Richard Fowler on says Kelly Ayotte is failing because "Trump is toxic". Ayotte is her own disaster.Trump voters despise her
We need to re-elect Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Ron Johnson, Rob Portman, Kelly Ayotte, and Richard Burr to save the Senate.
If you really believe in America you will publicly support Trump, you made Kelly Ayotte lose, don't do same to U.S.
Pro-Clinton Super PAC zeroes in on the one-word answer Kelly Ayotte will 'absolutely' regret
Laura Ingraham blames Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte for 'blowing up' th...
Dear , Mike Lee, , Mark Kirk, Jason Chaffetz, Kelly Ayotte, and the rest of the
Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte, Jason Chaffetz, John McCain: The withdrawal of support is, undeniably, tantamount to voting for the Clintons.
Alarmist headlines that GOP is deserting Trump in droves. Then you see that means John McCain, Kelly Ayotte and Carly Fiorina. Yawn.
Republicans who called for replacement for Trump. Kelly Ayotte. Bradley Byrne. Mike Coffman. Barbara Comstock. Mike Crapo. Dennis Daugaard
As is Kelly Ayotte as she stands with her "good role model"
Here is the terrifying Kelly Ayotte who tells voters Trump is a "good role model" Happy Halloween. RT.
Kelly Ayotte thinks Donald Trump is a 'role model' for children ... oh, wait, she 'misspoke'
Kelly Ayotte says "Donald Trump is absolutely a role model for kids." She's right, kids don't pay taxes either.
NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte says Trump is a good role model for children, especially those who haven't yet learned how to mock d…
That didn't take long ... Kelly Ayotte says she 'misspoke' when she said Trump is a role model via…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Trump just spent a week fat-shaming a woman and bragging about not paying taxes; Kelly Ayotte calls him a role model http…
This one may have legs: Sen. Kelly Ayotte says in NH debate that Trump would “absolutely” be a role model for kids https:…
VERY disappointing to hear Kelly Ayotte say that Trump is a "good role model" suggesting that NH voters don't know bet…
Final words on tonight: 1. New poll came out showing Hillary +7 in the state. 2. Kelly Ayotte called Trump…
Kelly Ayotte: Trump a "good role model" - a whole new level of SAD. Enjoy that Trump-Ayotte ticket in November. https:…
New Hampshire Senate race ramps up in final stretch: Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) and Gov. ...
Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Kelly Ayotte, Lindsey Graham, & the rest of the usual suspects will cave
On Election Day, Kelly Ayotte maintains Frank Guinta should resign from Congress:
Check out "Town Hall Meeting with Sens. Kelly Ayotte & Joni Ernst" in Windham
Ayotte asking USDA secretary to respond to dairy farmers: U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire is inviting…
WPTZ "Governor Kelly Ayotte of NH...". Not a very reliable news source... do your homework WPTZ Jennifer S. Shameful.
Just reported that Governor Kelly Ayotte of NH... How reliable a news source are you. Back to WCAX.
Sen. Ayotte: I will stand up to Trump but will vote for him, reports
Kelly Ayotte 103 2016 Decision 2016 - Lot of 31 of this card
My son + I were the targets of Racial Oppression + Segregation by NH Judiciary. Kelly Ayotte opted to protect the racists instead of us
GOP Senator trys 2 run away from Trump
Kelly Ayotte used her position as NH AG to enforce Racial Segregation + engage in unlawful retaliation
How can Kelly Ayotte tout security concerns when she's missed 47% of homeland security hearings?
Kelly Ayotte needs to go she is just an obstructionist like rest of
yea that far left liberal state with that far left liberal soclialist Kelly Ayotte (R) as senator
says has her vote not her endorsement. Who votes for ppl they can't endorse? Kelly Ayotte=PARTY above COUNTRY
Sen. Kelly Ayotte's 'vote but no endorsement' statement on Trump is one of the most weak and pathetic acts of submission from a politician.
Under 70 days to go and Kelly Ayotte STILL has $2M+ more on hand than Harry Reid's handpicked candidate.
Maggie Hassan outraises Kelly Ayotte by $800K in pre-primary period, outraised her by 700K in Q2
"Too loose" laws like failure to prosecute for failing gun purchase background checks. .
Kelly Ayotte wants to see Roe v. Wade overturned.
Fact check: Kelly Ayotte voted to CUT pell grants. Here she is lying about that.
8 Zika cases in NH. Will you ask to approve $, protect
Kelly Ayotte Bribe money from Lobbyists. She works for Corporations not for Americans.
All you need to know about tonight's Republican primary debate:
Did Kelly Ayotte just brag that she has the same immigration position as Donald Trump
Mr. Trump, who had caused a rift by withholding support for Mr. Ryan, also called for the re-election of Senator Kelly Ayotte
Wow - Kelly Ayotte's Trump problem is literally following her around.
Democratic and GOP polls agree that Sen. Kelly Ayotte is trailing. This is not going to end well for her.
We (literally) caught up with in NH to ask whether she trusts Donald Trump to fill the SCOTUS vacancy:
Yes this is the same Kelly Ayotte who has proudly received the endorsement and stamp of approval from Trump.
Trump endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte after declining to earlier this week
I guess Kelly Ayotte wasn't able to get to Trump in time: "No! For the love of God!"
we made a joke about Kelly Ayotte at my brib Bisi it was actually way funnier than you think
whoa - Mike Pence declines to endorse Kelly Ayotte or John McCain in their re-election bids, saying "we need new leadersh…
Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte, and John McCain continue to endorse Trump despite his refusal to endorse them. Hilarious!
Trump says senators shouldn't distance themselves from him, suggests Kelly Ayotte is weak and disloyal
Kelly Ayotte, who said this, also wants Trump to be president, which is weird.
"Republican Sens. Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte did not while Mitch McConnell quietly left early."
Turncoat Republicans are already flocking to it, including Sen. Pat Toomey (PA), Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH), Jeff Flake (AZ), and Graham (SC)
NH's explains how Kelly Ayotte turned her back on NH gun owners.
Republicans supporting Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, Jeff Flake of Arizona and Lindsay Graham of South Carolina RINOS!! Call them!
Tea Party brought us winners like Kelly Ayotte, Jeff Flake, The Ellmers puddle, etc., etc. Cut their money off
Maggie Hassan, Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire would beg to differ.
Union Leader Op-Ed – Kelly Ayotte will have to answer for Trump
Some big names: John McCain, Kelly Ayotte and Marco Rubio. Also making an appearance is Chuck Grassley, who chairs Judiciary
We need an independent Berniecrat to run for NH US senate. We can let Maggie Hassan nor Kelly Ayotte to get the seat!
Ayotte to question feds on steps against drug trafficking: U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire will be…
But then we can't show just the GOP male village *** at least one female quote of idiocy,tho' mild,Kelly Ayotte
Stephen Colbert on Kelly Ayotte: “She is in Some Sort of Political Quant... via
If you're keeping score at home, it took Kelly Ayotte more than 4 minutes to make her first mention of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
yes, curious. Still--which Senator was he going to kidnap? Harry Reid? Hands off Kelly Ayotte, Jon!
Women like Marco Rubio, you are going to need that latino vote along with women /// or Kelly Ayotte, Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Mr Trump, you want the women vote, you need a strong women, Think >>> Kelly Ayotte and Cathy McMorris Rodgers.
all the experts and GOPe journalists blaming Donald Trump for RINO's like Kelly Ayotte and Mark Kirk getting beat.
is too important to lose. Maggie Hassan must replace Kelly Ayotte as Senator from New Hampshire.
Maggie Hassan running neck-and-neck with Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire Senate race
And over $4 mil in ads in support of this useless Senator Kelly Ayotte
Mark Kirk gives Hastert $ to charity. Kelly Ayotte gives back Foley $. says no way, that's silly.
Happy to endorse Kelly Ayotte for US Senator in New Hampshire! Ayotte brings common sense to DC!
Pat Leahy watches as Kelly Ayotte continues to ignore mortgage fraud CDO fraud.
Out in Portsmouth for Senator Kelly Ayotte! Hope to see you there
Conservatives bashed Republican Sens. John Boozman of Arkansas and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire for agreeing to...
Kelly Ayotte's real record shows where her loyalties lie, and it's not with the people of NH. https:/…
New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte will be the third Republican senator to meet with Supreme Court nominee
Kelly Ayotte, who’s been hammered by Dem opponent Maggie Hassan over the SCOTUS issue, said she'd meet with Garland
Pam Bondi, FL AG, endorses him today? After he's won it! People who aren't happy...Kelly Ayotte, Susan Collins, McConnell, Ryan
No one screamed obscenities louder last night than Ron Johnson, Kelly Ayotte and Pat Toomey.
Sen. McCain: 'This is not a plan': Senator John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte hold a press conf...
Ayotte won't meet with an Obama SCOTUS nominee: New Hampshire GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte said she would no...
.Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte hold a press conference on Gitmo closure. WATCH:
U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte supports a decision by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee not to hold a hearing on...
U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Gov. Maggie Hassan on Monday commented on the Obama administration's intention to...
Yes. Love your show but your guest, just mispronounced Sen. Kelly Ayotte's name. Should know better!
“Sen. Kelly Ayotte is an effective leader on national security issues.”
Republican U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte has challenged her potential Democratic opponent, Gov. Maggie Hassan, to sign a...
Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, visits with newest Americans at Holy Family Learning Center.
“If Donald Trump is the nominee, Kelly Ayotte might as well resign because it’s all over.”
no it doesnt. So are Joni Enst, Roy Blunt, Kelly Ayotte, Dan Sullivan, et al just suckers too?
Sen. Kelly Ayotte, one of only 3 GOPers to support Clean Power Plan; Susan Collins (ME), Mark Kirk (IL) are the others.
"State polls show New Hampshire's Senate race is one of the tightest, with incumbent Sen. Kelly Ayotte facing...
Republican leaders discuss primary challenge for Ayotte: Sen. Kelly Ayotte is up for re-election next year and… https:…
Republican leaders discuss primary challenge for Kelly Ayotte
would be super-duper if you could "like" Primary Challenge for Kelly Ayotte" keep up t…
You're really earning the support of New Hampshire voters, and you've got to do ...
possibly...but if Hillary wins nomination,they're gonna go with a woman.My guess is Kelly Ayotte .If not her, then Nikki Haley
voters of New Hampshire; Kelly Ayotte voted against background checks; hold her accountable in memory of Newtown
ICYMI, AFP-NH named Tom Thomson as "Conservative of the Year." Past honorees? Both Bill O'Brien and Kelly Ayotte:
Kelly Ayotte's GOP party went far right and she's voting party line every step of the way
Kelly Ayotte cartoon hits the nail on the head
New push to keep Iran sanctions in place after missile test: Sen. Kelly Ayotte is leading t...
"I'm more of a Ronald Reagan person..." - Kelly Ayotte, Senator of NH. Isn't that what every Republican says?
Safety leaders stress need to close terror gun loophole, call out for vote to keep it open
Shameless! Kelly Koch-Ayotte is all of a sudden concerned with .
New Hassan radio ad hits Kelly Ayotte for doing the bidding of the NRA
Funding bill would suspend medical device tax: U.S. Sens. Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen applauded the two-year…
85% of Americans would prefer background checks conducted for all gun
Ayotte Fact Check: voted against widening I-93 (only NH Member to do so)
Letter Thank you, Kelly Ayotte: To the Editor Sen. Kelly Ayotte has shown again that she is with us and our moose…
Sen. supports fishermen who filed lawsuit challenging legality of NOAA’s program https:…
And yet I still feel Reince & the Repub Establishment are going to force a Jeb!/Kelly Ayotte ticket on us.
Offended by Trump? Don’t forget these GOPers + Kelly Ayotte pledged to support him if he wins.
That was quick! Gov. Maggie Hassan with attack radio ad vs. Kelly Ayotte, returning the favor.
Kelly Ayotte fights for Washington special interests while Maggie fights to keep NH safe. Check out our ad:
Mia Love, Tim Scott, Joni Ernst, Barbara Comstock, Kelly Ayotte...but yeah, no, totally old white men all the way
Ayotte Honored for Support of NH Business Community: MANCHESTER, NH - On Monday in Manchester, U.S. Senator Kelly…
Yet another article outlining my vow to run against US Senator Kelly Ayotte in the general election if the...
U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte is on record opposing Obamacare, but her recent actions could be helping to expand its...
Sen. Ayotte on the hook if New Hampshire expands Medicaid: Sen. Kelly Ayotte backed a moderate for leadership in…
Effective pragmatists in GOP like Charlie Baker & Kelly Ayotte must feel like a stranger in their own party.
Sen. Kelly Ayotte asks for public health emergency declaration
Sen. Ayotte amplifies call for heroin health emergency: PORTSMOUTH — U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte has asked the Secretary…
NH Democrats getting ton of mileage from this article I did in June on
GraniteGrok. NH Senator Kelly Ayotte meddled in the race for NH Speaker of the House. As a result, moderate...
Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) draws conservative backlash, and a possible primary opponent, in her move to the center
Sen. Kelly Ayotte on Value of NIH and Caregivers: Co-chair ACT Caucus to elevate the issue of family caregiving …
Trump = crazy birther 8 years ago; Kelly Ayotte welcomed him into prez. race this year. Now she's worried he'll hurt her re-elect. Karma.
Pat Toomey, Ron Johnson, Mark Kirk, and Kelly Ayotte all have to run for re-elx in 2016... a Trump ticket would be disas…
R.e. Kelly Ayotte: If Trump is the GOP nominee, Ayotte will be hard-pressed to use local politics. Increasingly, all politics is national.
Kelly Ayotte would, indeed, be in trouble if Trump is the GOP nominee.
NH Sen Kelly A getting nervous, her fav is tanking and a leader continues to stay well above the pack
Kelly Ayotte team worries about Donald Trump NH fallout
Do not vote for Kelly Ayotte for Senator next year. She supports Syrian Refugees coming to NH!
I'm proud to stand with Sen. Kelly Ayotte next year. We may disagree on some issues, but she does a lot for the...
Ayotte IRS agrees to allow fraud victims to access tax returns: Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., has succeeded in her…
Letter: Ayotte and women's health: Sen. Kelly Ayotte has been talking a lot lately about making “women's healt...
And the real Sen. Kelly Ayotte is ... Don't miss today's Mike Marland editorial cartoon at
And the real Sen. Kelly Ayotte is who Mike Marland?
Sen. Kelly Ayotte -- who owes her 2010 election to Sarah Palin -- is now trying to triangulate.
Ayotte Drifts Away from the GOP via Political Wire - Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) “is positioning ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
In the “Live Free or Die” state, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R) pitches herself as independent of her party. by
"and calls for action to reduce future risk. In October, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) announced “formation of a Senate and
Courageous leaders like can never do enough to satisfy the far left. No wonder we are where we are.
Should I run against Kelly Ayotte in the Republican primary or general election? Please visit the poll at the...
Sen. Kelly Ayotte is introducing legislation to improve drug treatment programs for pregnant women and moms.
Ayotte bill to help pregnant women dealing with addiction: U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte is introducing legislation t...
New Hampshire conservatives are organizing to rally behind a GOP primary challenger to Sen. Kelly Ayotte. Fun!
Fmr. NH House Speaker to hold meeting w/ conservative activists about mounting primary to Kelly Ayotte
I hope Bill O'Brien steps up and challenges Kelly Ayotte simply to watch him get humbled again.
I'm sure a ton of people are pursuing Ernst, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, & Kelly Ayotte.
Meet the Republican senator who wants to fight global warming
O'Brien running would make me so happy:
NH, needs to know. KELLY AYOTTE is NOT looking out for NH interests ! She needs to go ! She's been sucked in to the political wormhole .!
May not know it but NH Sen supports end to cheap green credits used by NH to meet renewable targets.
We have much the same ,go along to get along RINO,side with BO on ACA politician, here in NH. KELLY AYOTTE
Kelly Ayotte is her women's health record-we're not buying it
The far right declares war on vulnerable GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte
ACCCE Statement on Senator Kelly Ayotte’s Support for President Obama’s Costly and Illegal Clean Power Plan
via Kelly Ayotte could get primaried in part b/c she backs rule
Former NH House speaker Bill O’Brien reportedly wants someone to challenge Kelly Ayotte in the primary via
U.S. Kelly Ayotte visits GateHouse Sober Community in Nashua at 4 p.m to discuss her efforts to address heroin and Rx-drug abuse epidemic.
Would love to see Kelly Ayotte booted from her position.
> Democrat Maggie Hassan will challenge Kelly Ayotte in a must-win Senate race on
Kelly Ayotte Senator speaks up about eating disorders. So grateful I got this opportunity to be...
David Koch is hosting Kelly Ayotte, Roy Blunt, and Jerry Moran in NYC tonight. "Business attire," please
..Proof of Jeb plant at Trump event… Kelly Ayotte intern. Link => H/T
OK, that ad definitely just claimed Kelly Ayotte is "keeping us safe", and…I'm pretty sure I don't believe that.
Ayotte Calls for Extension of Student Loan Program: WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte today welcomed the…
Kelly Ayotte is completely desperate to paper over her record on Planned Parenthoos and govt shutdowns
Sen Kelly Ayotte giving fellow GOP *** for proposed fed got shutdown. On C-SPAN now
Kelly Ayote: Where is the stategy for Planned Parenthood/Shut down plan:
Ignore Voters at your Peril...Kelly Ayotte should be next to go after McConnell
The only JOB Kelly Ayotte's Useless, Unethical, Inhumane *** is worried about is HER OWN.
No Labels praises Kelly Ayotte, Frank Guinta, & "progressive" Bernie Sanders is addressing them? Are you kidding me?
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) doesn't want to play games anymore. In a matter of days, the government could shut down if
The base is rumbling. Open Letter to from re if not now,when?
Sen. Kelly Ayotte is bucking the trend
is a proven Conservative, not a campaign conservative!. . . .
Sen. Kelly Ayotte visited with Greg and the Morning Buzz!
Sen. Kelly Ayotte is bucking the trend: ... problems, problems like dwindling Medicare and Social Security fun...
Sen. Kelly Ayotte is bucking the trend -
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