First Thoughts

Kelly Ann Conway

Pretty sure Dementors have sucked out Kelly Ann Conway's soul!
don't let Trump & Kelly Ann Conway BULLY you and the rest of the media. u pick a fight with the media U will LOSE
Kelly Ann Conway puts wrinkles in my forehead. Four wrinkles a glance. She's just that *** my eyes and ears!.
Kelly Ann Conway, you are the reason the gene pool needs a lifeguard.
Still waiting on that programmable battery pack to short-circuit in Kelly Ann Conway's spine. She is clueless!.
.You call that Hardball with Kelly Ann Conway? Try whiffle ball. You are too selective about who yo…
Kelly Ann Conway,r u going 2 hold yourself n team 2 thesame standards as u suggested that anderson cooper n cnn would if the briefing didn't
speaking truth on about and Kelly ann Conway disregarding facts and never admitting fault.
Kelly Ann Conway just sinks farther and farther into the cover-up. Could she find work again outs…
Because nothing Kelly Ann Conway says is the truth. She is a spin doctor and not a very good one.
5/ Would love to hear someone like Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Megyn Kelly, Katrina Pierson, or Kellyanne Conway go 'round w Dean Richards.
CNN Anderson Cooper's tough questioning of Kelly Ann Conway will give CNN a big boost In ratings. MSNBC better take note.
What drugs are Kelly Ann Conway on.??? asking for a friend
He's a liar, lies that he denies even when confronted with video/audio tapes. Kelly Ann Conway covering for his lies.
Here's the article Kelly Ann Conway was referencing. It's been edited a few times since yesterday.
Tell me again why you believe we should give Kelly Ann Conway "a chance" because we "might like her"?…
good job on your perseverance with Kelly Ann Conway. Maybe she'll eat her words. But then again I doubt it.
Yet, another example of why Kelly Ann Conway is a complete ***
I can't wait for Meryl Streep to play Kelly Ann Conway in the movie.
President-elect Trump is a master-mind at playing the media and he has a brilliant strategist, Kelly Ann Conway to assist.
Let Kathy interview lying smarmy Kelly Ann Conway. She will do better job than journalists. Would pay to watch.
Kelly Ann Conway gave Eva Braun a few tips on brightening the residence.
.And Judge Reinhold is wondering why Kelly Ann Conway has asked for his cell number...
Trump is going to court based on a precedent set by Kelly Ann Conway's husband's prosecution of Bill Clinton. Cool, right?
Whatever one thinks if Trump you have to give Kelly Ann Conway a lot of credit for helping a miracle take place. Trump will reward her
Kelly Ann Conway should be your press secretary ❤️🍷😎
Tell Lawrence all the divisiveness was caused by Pres Obama & Hillary: Kelly Ann Conway we would have voted for!
I'd keep an eye on Kelly Ann Conway. Watch how she has her hands all over President Elect Donald Trump on stage.
It's unbelievable that people can't see thru these guys. They dont care about helping people! Kelly Ann Conway makes me sick
would love to see Kelly Ann Conway play a prominent roll going forward.
Kelly Ann Conway broke the glass ceiling for all. Thank you kelly Ann.
Hope if Kelly Ann Conway becomes Trump 's new PressSec that she takes ZERO ZIP advice from the worst GOP Pres…
How about we give .Kelly Ann Conway the standing ovation she deserves for an very well thought out and brilliantly executed…
How on earth can Kelly Ann Conway keep a straight face defending fat lard!
Kelly Ann Conway looks like a bald headed beat up my lil pony doll🐎🐎
We have to be "fair" and make this seem terrible or Kelly Ann Conway will scold us.
Kelly Ann Conway shows how patriotic she is for America by accepting help from Russia to bring Hillary down.(Sad)
What the *** was that? brings Kelly Ann Conway on & just sits back & allow her to spew off lies with no rebuttal
Drumpf seems to think he's running against George W. Bush. And by the way, this Kelly Ann Conway is clever myth is ludicrous.
Could you have gone any easier on Kelly Ann Conway? Are you in the bag for Trump too?
IMG, Kelly Ann Conway, Jan Brewer & Anne Colter come from the same snake bed, the same bag of bitter
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