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Kellin Quinn

Sleeping with Sirens is an American post-hardcore band from Orlando, Florida currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Vic Fuentes Andy Biersack Austin Carlile Oliver Sykes Brendon Urie Ronnie Radke Oli Sykes Alex Gaskarth Patrick Stump Louis Tomlinson Jared Leto Adam Gontier Jack Barakat Memphis May Fire Gerard Way

Kellin Quinn is prettier than me tbh. He's too adorable 😭😭
Stg kellin Quinn is adorable ngl but AYATO GIVES ME CHEST PAINS
This news feed has lots of nash grier and white asians everywhere. Y no kellin quinn?
Did kellin quinn seriously delete the picture about Billie Joe Armstrong?
literally thought Kellin Quinn was in pierce the veil ok
Billie Joe and Kellin Quinn are my favorites idols and Kellin "loves" BJ. This make me wanna scream, you know?
I live for Kellin Quinn's arm freckles
I swear I'm so in love with Kellin Quinn's voice 😍 I could listen to it forever and never get tiredπŸ’•
if you solo dm with Kellin Quinn. must be following
ORDER any 4 of my pieces get my hand signed card with your order. Shop Here: http:/…
Im laughing bc me and Danah had each other saved as Kellin Quinn & Vic Fuentes
Everyone go look at kellin quinn's last selfie its really cute
My 11:11 wish was // kellin quinn adopt me, vic to kiss me, backstage at warped, easier going mom lol
How am I supposed to be everything they expect me to be, when I feel so alone. - Memphis May Fire ft. Kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn's selfies on Instagram are what get me through the day
Sausage for a day by Pierce the Veil (Ft Kellin Quinn) πŸ˜‚
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Mcdougal, Kellin Quinn, Vic Fuentes, Gerard Way, Brendon Urie, and all of both All Time Low and Fall Out Boy. (2/2)
This is very random but do you mind putting me in a group dm with Kellin Quinn or maybe just sending him a picture for me??
I don't understand how people like Gerard Way and Kellin Quinn aren't verified on insta but the 5/5 + the boys group account are?πŸ˜…
Sleeping With Sirens' frontman Kellin Quinn set an ambitiously high standard for Madness, the group's upcoming...
birthday cake. It's a pic of her and Kellin Quinn! HBD girly!
lockscreen, kellin Quinn and idk about the background !
Kellin Quinn is not even attractive ok.
if you're listening to the kellin Quinn version 😍😍.
Kellin Quinn beatboxing during Roger Rabbit last night at
I lied I do I have the same birthday as Kelly clarkson and Kellin Quinn
i would like to thank not only god but Jesus for creating kellin quinn
can finally cross seeing King for a Day preformed live with both Pierce the Veil and Kellin Quinn together off my bucket list …
"Don't give up because you're losing. You haven't lost yet"- Kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn is posting so much on Instagram today. 😻
Kellin Quinn's voice is higher than my grades...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"how do you exactly get a Kellin Quinn follow I'm just so curious omf"
Idc who you are, Kellin Quinn is gorgeous.
thought of Kellin Quinn when I read this
Ill be Vic Fuentes and you can be kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn's voice is the healer of emotions
I love Kellin Quinn more than I love pizza
Kellin Quinn. He's so sweet and taller than I thought. I can't believe I got to meet him and hug him.…
So obsessed with Kellin Quinn and his voice 😍
"Swing Life Away" Machine Gun Kelly feat Kellin Quinn (Rise Against Cover) is kinda the story of my life right now 🎡🎢🎡
i'll make you scream higher than Kellin Quinn.
Kellin Quinn's voice is so... soothing
how about kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes
you should do Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes
mourning the fact that I used to be obsessed with sleeping with sirens and Kellin Quinn
"She sounds pretty. She's not much to look at though." -my dad, talking about Kellin Quinn.
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I couldn't tell you the difference between Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes
Oh ya know the usual, Tyson Ritter and Kellin Quinn πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜†
I just really love Vic Fuentes and Jaime Preciado and Kellin Quinn and and Justin Hills and Gabe Barham and There arnt enough characters
My sister and I think we are the teenage girl versions of Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes
I started fangirling over Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn and started choking on my cereal omfg
Police: Anything you say will be held against you. Me: Jerard Way. Me: Frank Iero. Me: Patrick Stump. Me: Kellin Quinn http:…
Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens. The lyrics he writes ar
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you, Kellin Quinn from Sleeping W
Kellin Quinn best friends with Leda Muir and Emery Lane but t
I don't like Kellin Quinn and not in the way I don't like Ryan Ross. No, I really dislike Kellin Quinn. He's a ***
β€œKellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens in Denver, Colorado on The World Tour i love this picture
Kellin Quinn :) lead singer of sleeping with sirens.
And the rest of Sleeping with Sirens but mainly Kellin Quinn
I'm so excited to see Kellin Quinn OMG
I liked a video Kellin Quinn and Copeland making noises in the car
I liked a video Kellin Quinn singing Jingle Bells with Copeland
I liked a video Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn HUGGING!!! || Cute Kellic Quentes Moment!:)
How I respond when someone says Kellin Quinn from Pierce the
Kellin Quinn's singing voice is higher than my grades
I s2g Kellin Quinn is like an angel sent from heaven *** Ÿ˜­πŸ˜
Foto: stcktoyourgunsx: Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens by PureGrainAudio on Flickr.
So, God give me the strength to do what you created me to… β™« Miles Away [feat. Kellin Quinn] by Memphis May Fire β€”
This is officially the best band ever kellin quinn, Jesse Law
Kellin Quinn's voice is so beautiful holy moly
Relationship goals:. Will you be the Alex Gaskarth to my Jack Barakat. The Kellin Quinn to my Vic Fuentes. The Austin Car…
That moment when a picture of kellin quinn is in a pewdiepie video :o
"Kellin Quinn's exclusive line for Never Take It Off. Get some at 😍😍
In two days for now I get to meet Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes. Waited three years for this. πŸ˜…
Kellin Quinn's voice is so unique, you don't usually find people with a voice like his
"the guitarist Alan Ashley, I think his name is, looks like Kellin Quinn as a ginger XD"
Kellin Quinn is basically just a random emo
KELLIN QUINN OMFG i forgot this existed
I'll make you scream higher than Kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn doesn't even sound like a man
it's 2015 and Kellin Quinn is still making the cover of AP magazine
Unforgettable night. I held Kellin Quinn's hand, I shook hands with his sister, I saw my idols. A night to remember❀️
I get to see Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn in 2 days. :')
I'd cry forever if this happens lol . * indirect to ashton irwin and kellin quinn*
My ultimate question in life is could kellin quinn actually grow facial hair?
I got Kellin Quinn! (vocals) on "Which Sleeping With Sirens member is made for you?"
Basically the answer to anything. If anyone here asks me stupid questions, I'll answer "Because Kellin Quinn". Case closed.
Kellin Quinn used to cut my friend's hair
kellin quinn please be our nude sketch model I would be so inspired to do it
We'd rather die than live to rust on the ground. β™« King for a Day (feat. Kellin Quinn) – Pierce The Veil
kellin Quinn sounds like a 12 year old girl
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I'm bitter that I won't be in the same room as Kellin Quinn tonight πŸ˜’
"Kellin Quinn has the range of an opera singer". please stop.
Kellin Quinn aka Eduardo Sanchez aka Raymond Martinez πŸ‘¨ I have a feeling Kellin wishes he was Mexican.
I just showed chrissi a picture of jenna and she asked if it was kellin quinn .
The singer in legit looks and sings like a mix of Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes, how is this legal
Vic Fuentes, Kellin Quinn, and Brian Logan Dales are definitely on that list.
you& luke & Andy Biersack & Lana & Kellin Quinn & Ashton and Harry and Holland Rosen should all have a orgy and make a superbaby
Where can I find a hybrid of Kellin Quinn and Oliver Sykes? I need one.
Apparently you folks like josh dun, Jack Barakat, Kellin Quinn, and Vic Fuentes better than Ty, brendon, Pete and Patrick I mean
if you see your hero. Jared Leto. Andy Biersack. Adam Gontier. Corey Taylor. Vic Fuentes. John Cooper. Kellin Quinn. Hayley W…
The fact that Kellin Quinn's voice is higher than your grades. πŸ’
Swing life away is my favorite song bc 2 of my favorite people ever, Kellin Quinn and Machine Gun Kelly, did a calab.
IF YOU LOVE THESE BANDS. Kellin Quinn and friends. Austin Carlile and the ginger. Falling in Radke. Four Mexicans
Kellin Quinn stops the show to save a passed out girl - Amsterdam, 29-0...: via
"Hail mary, forgive me. Blood for blood, hearts, beating." King for a day- Pierce the veil ft Kellin Quinn
I know it's not Monday, but if it was, Kellin Quinn is bae😍
"Some say it's better to fall asleep and disappear." - Kellin Quinn
Someone at school did a Kellin Quinn drawing with pictures of him around it. Wish I got a picture of it πŸ’•
People who call Kellin Quinn Kells make me wanna Kells myself
Kellin Quinn is even more bae material than Josh..
Wrist are for using bracelets, not for cutting . -kellin quinn
my teachers must be confused when I email in my assignments because my email has kellin quinn's name not mine
I'm listening to a cover of Blank Space and the guy singing kind of sounds of like a mixture of Ronnie Radke and Kellin Quinn combined
In 2015 I promise myself that I will meet Kellin Quinn😍😘
I just want Kellin Quinn to sing to me. Is that too much to ask for
I love that science show on YouTube with nerdy Kellin Quinn
Interviewer- what turns you on and what turns you off?. Kellin Quinn- usually a light switch . πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜œπŸ˜Š
make me scream higher than Kellin Quinn
how do u just see kellin quinn in target lmao ΒΏΒΏ
My dad doesn't believe that Kellin Quinn is a guy lol
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" Keep looking down on me,. I am more than you’ll ever be. Cut me deep but I won’t bleed"-Kellin Quinn. Pretty accurate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
watched an interview from 2011 where Kellin Quinn said they'd love to tour with Mayday Parade and I just WANT TO KNOW WHY THIS HASNT HAPPEND
Hello my names Lauren and I love Louis Tomlinson, Jack Barakat and Kellin Quinn !
Kellin Quinn? Sorry to inform you but he doesn't sing this song. Vic Fuentes does..
according 2 my friend, Kellin Quinn & Vic Fuentes are my fathers (kellic is her otp) & Fronz is my vocal coach (I'm sick & I sound like him)
❌❌ I ship you with Calum . Song: King for a day - Pierce The Veil ft Kellin Quinn πŸ’•
||For sure Kellin Quinn, Andy Biersack, and Ronnie Radke, but Patrick Stump, Alex Gaskarth, Brendon Urie, and Gerard...
I'm single because people like the 1D and 5SOS boys,Oli Sykes,Kellin Quinn ,Andy Biersack,Vic Fuentes and Dylan O'Brien meet my expectations
When you're friends with All Time Low, Alexander Deleon, Kellin Quinn, and John Feldman but you're on Disney
I want to have a threesome with Kellin Quinn and Brendon Urie
If you can find me someone other than kellin Quinn who has a voice as amazing as then please bring him forwardπŸ™ jonny is bestπŸ™
What famous person would you like to meet? β€” Kellin Quinn
If Kellin Quinn and Taylor Swift can get money for singinh about their ex's then so can I
I just out on a Kellin Quinn funny moments video on our wii and my parents were watching it and my moms like I still think they're evil, devil looking and then my dads like, can we watch a movie or something now, that was absolutely boring.Just no. It was hilarious.
It is official, Kellin Quinn is god.
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Pierce The Veil - King for a Day ft. Kellin Quinn: via i love this band so much and i love kellin so much !
Kellin Quinn told me he liked my tank top. He's so perfect.
Lots a "bandgeeks" have things for Gerard Way, Oliver Sykes, Kellin Quinn, Vic Fuentes and that one guy. Here I am, being a cellmate all alo
like. Uggg. I know a check who said "I live kellin Quinn from pierce the veil! I was like "umm. Wut"
When you realize Kellin Quinn is in Des Moines but you won't see him πŸ˜”
Photo: unf-kellin-quinn: How can you not love these silly men?
"I hope he takes your filthy heart, and then he throws you away some day" - Kellin Quinn
the only way my sister knows who Kellin Quinn is when I tell her he's the dude who sounds like a girl. I think he's got a great voice...βœ–οΈβš“οΈ
I seriously don't understand how people can stand listening to Kellin Quinn's voice!!
Kellin Quinn's Instagram is the cutest thing ever❀️
Some kellin.Quinn music before I go to bed.goodnight sweeties
Call me a nerd I don't care but I'm just a LITTLE obsessed with Kellin Quinnβ™‘
This one time I met this guy named Kellin Quinn. He was pretty cool
Remember that one time some 5sos fan asked me to DM luke hemmings to kellin quinn and i did yeah me
Noah (Trevor Wentworth son) and Copeland (Kellin Quinn daughter) are going to date when they are older.😭
Kellin Quinn was like the love of my life 3 years ago
If you ever feel like you're too obsessed with a band just remember that Kellin Quinn named his first child after one
PVRIS is like Sleeping With Sirens, if Kellin Quinn was actually a girl. They sound so similar though, but PVRIS is way better.
For real if you're still crying tears of joy because you get to see Kellin Quinn. Youre either a preteen or need serious help.
If you ever feel bad about yourself just know that the girls in front of us last night were crying & holding hands bc the…
._DanielInTheDen. freraaard aw mi piace. king for a day -pierce the veil ft kellin quinn
Would I be wrong if I said I was only a little obsessed with Kellin Quinn?
I want to have a three some with Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn
I would act the same way when I would meet Kellin Quinn as 's reenactment in EP's new Q&A video
What about Ben Bruce? OR Vic Fuentess or Kellin Quinn... β€” If you wanted me to write all of them then be prepare...
"trust can take years to earn but seconds to break" - Kellin Quinn
Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn playing King For A Day in Pomona at The Fox Theater
My one goal in life is to just become Kellin Quinn.
Ok. So I had a dream Kellin Quinn was my step father and Kellin was brothers with Alex Gakarth WHAT IS MY ACTUAL BRAIN
it would be nice to open a Christmas gift and think you were getting a shirt and Kellin Quinn jumped outπŸ˜‚
why did kellin quinn block me I don't even know who he is!
There's people that still stan Kellin Quinn & sleeping with sirens why
Have you heard Kellin Quinn's version? Spot on.
Ma nana could write better lyrics than kellin quinn man
Oh god i have big crush on Kellin Quinn tbh
Kellin Quinn will always hold my heart
Real talk though, Kellin Quinn will get me pumped for anything, including this exam. πŸ‘Œ
I can't promise that things will be perfect, but I swear I'll never leave. -Kellin Quinn 😍
"The show must go on, so we'll show you all that we're made of." - Kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn beatboxing is honestly one of the coolest things on the planet
Bonding w/ over Kellin Quinn and jarred alonge videos
Photoset: the-son-of-kellin-quinn: Some of my favorite bands Sleeping with sirens Pierce the veil Of mice...
When someone says they don't like Sleeping with sirens or Kellin Quinn has a female voice:
Pierce the veil pierce the veil pierce the veil pierce the veil . Kellin quinn kellin quinn kellin quinn . Sleeping with sirens ~
I added a video to a playlist Showtime (ft. Kellin Quinn)
Kellin Quinn's voice is the most annoying thing I've ever heard whether it's whiny or not, it's way too high for a man
Kellin Quinn makes the hottest vampire ever
To be fair I though Kellin Quinn was a girl at first
I was waiting for Kellin Quinn to come up
I need my own Kellin Quinn or Mike Fuentes just
Devin Oliver sounds so much like Kellin Quinn.
I want to see "The Voice" but with undiscovered rock bands and Kellin Quinn, Austin Carlile, Oliver Sykes and Andy Biersack…
Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes singing together makes my heart happyπŸ’•β˜ΊοΈ
Wish i could sing like Vic Fuentes or Kellin Quinn 😏
Ronnie Radke and Kellin Quinn are forever my 😍
Her voice reminds me slightly of Kellin quinn πŸ™Š and kinda like they had a baby with mayday parade.
"Take what comes your way as an opportunity and not a burden! There is always a plan, sometimes it takes a little longer to understand the journey of life, but in the end everything is meant to be." -Kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn Is kind of completely perfect.😍
Why was I so obsessed with Kellin Quinn? Like really? WHY?!
I liked a video from FAPPING OVER KELLIN QUINN
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
yes, Kellin Quinn is attractive, but some girls really need to respect the fact that he's married. and is NOT gonna leave …
remember when I met kellin quinn & everyone freaked out but I was more excited about meeting max green bc I love him so much
why is Kellin Quinn's voice so beautiful
I'm watching "The Help" and I thought they said Kellin Quinn. I got really excited
The laugh at the end of for my friends by blind melon sounds like Kellin Quinn delete this
I know I ask for this a lot but could you maybe do a Kellin Quinn one when you feel like it because sunshine 😁
If Demi Lovato did a song with Kellin Quinn it would be the death of me
Kellin Quinn be giving me unholy thoughts
Please enjoy this picture of Kellin Quinn. ✌
Iris cover by Kellin Quinn never gets old😍
Kellin Quinn and his wife, they look so asdfghjkl; cute!
There will always be a special place in my heart for kellin Quinn ❀️
is that kellin quinn, rian dawnson, alexander deleon and brian dales all in one photo? DO YOU MEAN A DREAM...
Kellin Quinn has heard our new EP courtesy of our assistant manager. He dug it :O
how to achieve Kellin Quinn's hair: never shower
bears a striking resemblance to Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes
I want Louis Tomlinson, Kellin Quinn, Tony Perry, Mark Foster, spirit of Jim Morrison, Joe Jonas, and Matt Healy for my birthday. All naked.
if you like any of these bands . Kellin Quinn. Vic Fuentes . Danny Worsnop. M Shadows. Hayley Williams . Austin Carlile. Alex…
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