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Kellin Quinn

Sleeping with Sirens is an American post-hardcore band from Orlando, Florida currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Vic Fuentes Alex Gaskarth Andy Biersack Austin Carlile Oli Sykes Derek Sanders Tyler Carter David Schmitt Danny Worsnop Oliver Sykes Memphis May Fire Patrick Stump

why is Kellin Quinn's voice so beautiful
I'm watching "The Help" and I thought they said Kellin Quinn. I got really excited
The laugh at the end of for my friends by blind melon sounds like Kellin Quinn delete this
I know I ask for this a lot but could you maybe do a Kellin Quinn one when you feel like it because sunshine 😁
If Demi Lovato did a song with Kellin Quinn it would be the death of me
Kellin Quinn be giving me unholy thoughts
Please enjoy this picture of Kellin Quinn. ✌
Iris cover by Kellin Quinn never gets old😍
Kellin Quinn and his wife, they look so asdfghjkl; cute!
There will always be a special place in my heart for kellin Quinn ❤️
is that kellin quinn, rian dawnson, alexander deleon and brian dales all in one photo? DO YOU MEAN A DREAM...
Kellin Quinn has heard our new EP courtesy of our assistant manager. He dug it :O
how to achieve Kellin Quinn's hair: never shower
bears a striking resemblance to Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes
I want Louis Tomlinson, Kellin Quinn, Tony Perry, Mark Foster, spirit of Jim Morrison, Joe Jonas, and Matt Healy for my birthday. All naked.
if you like any of these bands . Kellin Quinn. Vic Fuentes . Danny Worsnop. M Shadows. Hayley Williams . Austin Carlile. Alex…
Photo: my-anthem-is-kellin-quinn: Kellin Quinn & Vic Fuentes - Behind the Scenes of King For A Day Music...
It saddens me there's no Alan Ashby, Oli Sykes, Kellin Quinn, Alex Gaskarth, Johnnie Guilbert, Ben Bruce or Josh Franceschi doubles near me
Drowning myself with my favorite music. The only people that make me feel ok. Ronnie Radke, Kellin Quinn, and most important Andy Biersack. Listening to the only music I can.
Patrick Stump and Taylor Swift and Andy Biersack and Kellin Quinn and Tyler Oakley all are so pretty I cry
Im probably still single because Andy Biersack and Kellin Quinn arent
I'm not an Alex Gaskarth, Vic Fuentes, Kellin Quinn, Patrick Stump, or even a John Rzeznik
At night I actually turn into Kellin Quinn, Vic Fuentes, Alex Gaskarth, Brendon Urie, Oli Sykes, and Andy Biersack or I'd like to think so.
that isn't beautiful. Pete Wentz, Kellin Quinn, and Shawn Milke are beautiful. That up there iz nashtay. Bye
Photo: smcgo26: Kellin Quinn, Mattie Mullins, and Danny Worsnop on We Heart It -...
Tyler Carter, Kellin Quinn, and David Schmitt have been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge by Fronz. Omfg 😁
Tyler Carter, Kellin Quinn, and David Schmitt got nominated for the ALS ice challenge by Fronz 😛
Kellin Quinn just ran a close race with Jonny Craig for my heart y'all.
Okay, Just gave in and listened to Swing Life Away by MGK and Kellin Quinn. It was horrible and I hated it. I don't care if you hate me for saying that, the music video was okay but the song itself sucked. Thought maybe it would be good since I keep seeing it on my newsfeeds but I should've known that nothing compares to Rise Against. That is all.
Kellin Quinn is like perfect okay. ♥
I was told that I look like Kellin Quinn yesterday...
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I dont know why im so obsessed with Kellin Quinn lately (Yes I only call the guy by his full name).…
warped tour was the best experience ever, the pits were so insane god I love moshing ((kellin Quinn u have my heart))
This is my version of King For A Day by Pierce The Veil ft Kellin Quinn. Recorded and Produced by Sean Bishop (→ Lyrics: "King For A Day" (feat. ...
His shoe size is 9 - Calum is Kiwi and Scottish HE IS NOT ASIAN -He prefers brunnettes (too bad for girls who have black and brown hair) -He got his first kiss at the age of 13 - Calum got drop out of high school -He would go *** for kellin quinn
I got 46 notes on my Kellin Quinn picture on tumblr I'm so happy
Sleeping with Sirens may as well change their name to “The Kellin Quinn band”
The fact that Kellin Quinn is more of a romantic at heart than I am>>>>>>>
Kellin Quinn was on point yesterday but he was right the girls at Warped Tour wear no clothes
This song is amazing, it's a shame Kellin Quinn had to cover it and ruin it.
of you would date Kellin Quinn and Fav if nahh
"I can't live without you now. And I can't even live with myself." - Kellin Quinn.
"I accept negativity with my middle finger flying proud". -Kellin Quinn
I walked past the clarkson and they were playing "iris" so I did my best Kellin Quinn impersonation. I think I'm funny.
Guys I seriously found out about Alex (well his band) when I read a Kellin Quinn fanfic.
I found out about you after reading a Kellin Quinn fanfic.
There are only three married men Id bang: Kellin Quinn, Channing Tatum and Guy Sebastian 😘💜😀
The fact that I have to use my head voice to sing along with Kellin Quinn in King For A Day is actually pretty awesome.
Photo: gillianhaley: DEEFIZZY IS STEALING MY MAN! Or is Kellin Quinn stealing my man? Kellin Quinn and...
The sweetest noise is Kellin Quinn's voice
I don't like Kellin Quinn and he *** live. I don't understand why girls love him so much.
Do not make fun of someone for freaking out over Kellin Quinn or even Dahvie Vanity. What they like has absolutely nothing to do with you.
How do lead singers always look so young like im pretty sure Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes still get asked for ID
Hannah Montana: Nobody is perfect! Me: Obviously you have never met Kellin Quinn or Vic Fuentes or Alex Gaskarth o…
Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens tour.scene girls rejoice. How much for a picture with Kellin Quinn?
Im wishing for a husband just like Kellin Quinn
If Kellin Quinn was to spit in the crowd: . This would be all of you
Kellin Quinn is like beyond perfect. Like woah, I'm fangirling🙌
you kinda looked like Kellin Quinn when you where younger..
Kellin Quinn is not rude I met him for about 30 to 40 minutes and he was nicer to me than my dad
fun fact if u like Kellin quinn I like u
Postcards and Polaroids is forever my favorite song, I'd die if I would ever meet Kellin Quinn 😍🎧
and then he changed his background from kellin Quinn when we beat sws in that poll thing lol
take me back to when Luke had his favourite bands listed in his bio and Kellin Quinn as his background
Wrist are for bracelets NOT cutting -Kellin Quinn. thanks kellin. put down the knife and live ur life.
Kellin Quinn is annoying and his child never seems to get's creepy af
not a huge fan of Chiodos but ADTR and SWS are amazing. Kellin Quinn live is awesome and intimidating
Kellin Quinn has the best voice ever okay
Kellin Quinn's voice is so hot lets be honest.
Kellin Quinn's voice is forever my favvv ❤️
he told me he was Jack Barakat then Kellin Quinn
Why do none of you guys know who kellin quinn is
Do you see the pain hidden in my pride?
The one time I'm all nasty & sweaty in public I see a bunch of people I know... Fml
suburbiamichael - the 👽 emoji, Michael, kellin Quinn, sws and patd
Story time:. Once I scared my little brother be playing King For A Day ft. Kellin Quinn by Pierce the Veil oops
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Photo: unf-kellin-quinn: this is so cute, my heart may explode
Kellin Quinn struggles to pull his foot out after it gets stuck in Jaime Preciado's unruly teenage afro
Me: omg! I love this song, turn it up!. Kellin Quinn: ... Me: ... Kellin: ... Me: ... Kellin: How long have you been in my backseat?
"Kellin quinn is hot idgaf what you say" be careful he might want you to pay him 80$ to look at him per minute (-:
if kellin and katelynn quinn arent your goals then literally who are¿
Kellin quinn is hot idgaf what you say
Kellin Quinn beat boxing is one of my favorite things ever
I added a video to a playlist Kellin Quinn - Skyline Drive
This is 19 year old Marie Fowler. Her cancer just returned and her final wish is to meet Kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn and MGK never fail to have sick collabs
I was about to turn off sleeping with sirens but oh man is kellin quinn a cutie oh boy
Does this dude not look like Kellin Quinn? Idk he did to me...
Kellin Quinn's hair in 2012 was the best
Happy birthday to my favourite female vocalist of Iron Maiden, Kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn has better legs than I do
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I just saved a bunch of pictures of Kellin Quinn and his daughter, Copeland
Some extremely ripped drunk man just screamed "Kellin Quinn" at the top of his lungs and tackled me
Can you please listen to my song? It's got kellin quinn/christofer drew type vocals cheers ☺️✌️
the second I saw Kellin Quinn in person on the side of a stage (before even performing) I started crying lmao
hello my name is laura and i love louis, pop punk, kellin quinn, hedgehogs, tfios and YOU millions 😺
kellin Quinn's voice brings out the 13 y/o scene kid in me
He's kellin Quinn not sleeping with sirens
♦ Got all kinds of songs suck in my head. From David Bowie to Kellin Quinn
"Wrists are for bracelets not cutting.". -Kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn with copeland pictures kill me
someone said clayton was Kellin quinn jfc
Hi there:) I'm addicted to pop punk and kellin quinn❤️
Kellin Quinn's voice is higher than my grades last semester.
Brother Part. 6 "Dare me to jump off of this Jersey bridge" Kellin Quinn
~ They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need -Kellin Quinn 💋
Why doesn't luke follow me we can dm about kellin quinn
You're not Kellin Quinn. is Kellin Quinn. so stop trying to be Kellin Quinn. You're never gonna be Kelli…
"Wrists are for bracellets not cutting"-Kellin Quinn
remember when kellin Quinn charged $80 take a selfie with him lmao ya I’ll never forget
"'Cita e rispondi sulle bands'. Kellin Quinn o Oliver Sykes?" Err 404 not found
"Four for Andy Sixx and none for Kellin Quinn, bye."
they're not even that good like Anthony Blue is just a wanna be Kellin Quinn
Photo: quality-band-photography: Kellin Quinn & Matty Mullins by robertoglvn on Flickr.
If you can't get the difference between Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes get out
I like how she said she's a girl and she screams like Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes LOL
Matty Mullins and Kellin Quinn pretty much sum up daddy issues
Can I just point out that kellin Quinn has possibly the cutest child in the entire world!
Pretty sure once I laid eyes on Kellin Quinn my life changed forever ... So did my boy standards 😍😍😍
Sobbing over Jayy while listening to pierce the veil ft. Kellin Quinn is hard
WHY PIERCE THE VEIL WROTE ALL THEIR SONGS A Flair For The Dramatic: “Lyrically, this was a very surprising record for me because I never thought I would write songs about relationships,” Vic explains when asked about the overall theme of the disc. “It just kind of so happened that I had a couple things happen recently relationship-wise that just came out in the writing—and I’m really glad it did because every word in every line feels like it has a lot deeper meaning,” The Balcony Scene: It is about taking chances with the one you love. Such as having adventures or giving a relationship a chance. is about him loving a girl & wanting to be with her so bad, & although she loves him & wants to be with him too, she’s afraid to take that next step with him because she has been scarred by past relationships that went wrong. I’d Rather Die Than Be Famous: This Song is about going to Hollywood and reaching fame, but once the person reaches fame they get caught up and get addicted to drugs and alcoh ...
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Kellin Quinn actually does look like a *** sometimes
Kellin Quinn is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met and if you disagree because someone else told you something bad about him then stop
Kellin Quinn lives in my town; I've seen him at the mall before, just fyi. :)
Wrist are for bracelets not cutting! . - Kellin Quinn
FHS new sounds: Memphis My Fire feat Kellin Quinn -Miles Away- [remix] by Funk Head Sound on
I was going on a little . Kellin Quinn Thing Right Now . Sorry.
My friend looks just like Kellin Quinn from the side ***
Just listened to a song and it was like Kellin Quinn even in a higher pitch. How is that even possible?
Mgk collabs with the best most diverse music 1st kellin Quinn now Steve Aoki !
uncommon nowadays thanks to bands like Kellin Quinn.
No. They sound too much like Kellin Quinn.
If you miss me, im just a phone calls away🎵 ♫ Miles Away (feat. Kellin Quinn) by Memphis May Fire
i had a dream last night and it was very weird, Kellin Quinn and Katniss from THG were there
i just showed Kellin Quinn like last week.. it's the thought that counts.😂
My reaction to Kellin Quinn every time
Ok you got me. kellin quinn is pretty cute. not 80 dollars cute. but like maybe 30.
I want to have sexual relations with Kellin Quinn's voice mmmpphh
Kellin Quinn is seriously bae forever 😘
Mitch Lucker: keep listening to music cause it gets you through everything Kellin Quinn: wrists are for bracelets, not cutting Austin Carlile: never make giving up an option Derek Sanders: save your heart for someone that's worth dying for ...And yet our music gets shunned as "devil music"
*Me listening to Sleeping with sirens* Grandma: Oh is that another one of those girl bands you like? Me: Grandma that's a guy... Grandma: You sure? Me: I'm positive. If it was a girl then dang Kellin Quinn is a hot chick. Grandma: *No comment*
what's some good songs to listen to when you want to clear your mind? ❤️ for example: Miles Away(Acoustic) Memphis May Fire ft. Kellin Quinn. -PierceTheAlly
Do I like someone: maybe ;) Do they like me back: possibly ;) Boy best friend: can't pick one Girl best friend: Rachelle Eads, Cori Paben, Amber Willey Last person I texted: my mom Something I hate: pop or rap music Something I love: hard rock, punk rock, heavy metal, ect. Birthday: 6/8/98 Single or taken: what why? Last song I listened to: something Kellin Quinn made up Favorate color: neon black :) Battery percentage: 70% Middle name: that is confidential
Can I just say, my obsession with Oli Sykes and Kellin Quinn is getting out of control
King for a Day (feat. Kellin Quinn), a song by Kellin Quinn and Pierce The Veil on Spotify.
Kellin Quinn & Caleb Shomo Acoustic / The Girl: I really like this for some reason
It's be awesome if Kellin Quinn ; Derek Sanders ; Jeremy McKinnon ; Oliver Sykes ; Vic Fuentes ; Austin Carlile, were at my house whenever I got back and started singing whenever I walked in.😍😍.
Last weekend to catch this St. Louis Arches act at Circus Flora ! by Kellin Quinn
I think the post hardcore scene is finally ready for someone who can sing higher than Kellin Quinn.
Q-how old are you? A-13 Q-whats your favorite animal? A-erm, i would say kellin quinn. Q-will you marry me? A-kat. umm i would think you would rather marry pants.. Q-can you write a WONDERFUL poem. pwwweez? A-kat. fine ~shards of glass
I saw the hottest kellin Quinn look alike today no fank u
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"Wrists are for bracelets not for cutting,"—Kellin Quinn
I'm all black with a brownish black shirt from Kellin Quinn's clothing line
That moment when kellin Quinn is to perfect
What are you listening to right now? — Pierce the Veil ft. Kellin Quinn // King for a Day
"wow! you sound like kellin quinn when you moan!" Aiuto
I told my self since day 1 , friends don't exist .
Summer will solve all of my problems
I have no friends , but it don't suprise me👌😂
Keep your circle small, and stick w/ your day 1 ppl
How can Kellin Quinn make those faces like idk and yet he's still so attractive I just
If you were my friend during the "big fat fatty crush on Kellin Quinn" era and you're still my friend now, bless.
what if heaven is star wars and kellin Quinn pops up occasionally...
I don't even have Kellin Quinn hair anymore goodbye
Kellin Quinn's voice is higher than my grades
Really don't like anything about Kellin Quinn
Today was the most stressful/fun day I've had working for since Kellin Quinn charged $80 for a selfie.
there's a guy who looks like kellin Quinn and *** I feel bad 4 u
I know this is weird but I could probably do it iv e done kellin quinn ashley purdy and Andy beirsack
I just fell in love with Kellin Quinn's voice. 👍👍😍
Prank calling 13 yr olds is funny, especially when I make them think I am Kellin Quinn
the *** girls w tattoos jokes about Kellin Quinn and his wife r so overused and not funny anymore😴😴
Kellin Quinn's musical mind makes my day so much easier.
Kellin Quinn, Thom Wall, Tony Pezzo, Ashley Ellis, Delaney Bayles, Jack Denger, Book Kennison, and Casey Boehmer — What do these incredible jugglers have in common? They have all been coached and/or trained by Richard Kennison. At this year's festival, Richard will be teaching a two-day special workshop. Participants will look at some of his practical ideas for building a better foundation for your juggling and for creating a juggling act that sets you apart from others. Learn more about this and other Special Workshops, here: on the festival registration site!
200 QUESTIONS! 200: My crushs name is: 199: I was born in: 1999 198: I am really: boredd Dx 197: My cellphone company is: AT&T 196: My eye color is:brown 195: My shoe size is:7.5 194: My ring size is: idk. 193: My height is:5'6 192: I am allergic to:EVERYTHING 191: My 1st car was: im getting an infinite coupe (; 190: My 1st job was: working on the corner (; 189: Last book you read: Touching Spirit Bear 188: My bed is: comffy 187: My pet: Rottweiler Rockie and Pit bull K.C. 186: My best friend: I don't have one 185: My favorite shampoo is: Idk Tressemme? 184: Xbox or ps3: xbox for sure mann 183: Piggy banks are: the 182: In my pockets: money I hope.. 181: On my calendar: I dont keep track of dates 180: Marriage is: cute 179: Spongebob can: SING! 178: My mom: is beautiful and nosey. 177: The last three songs I bought were? King for A Day , Rude and Classic 176: Last YouTube video watched: Cameradancer100 Hit me baby one more time 175: How many cousins do you have?alot 174: Do you have any siblings? ...
If every male looked like Kellin Quinn, Vic and Andy I'd be dead that's to much beautifulness
Kellin Quinn tells the world how he really feels about BryanStars Watch my first interview with Sleeping With Sirens HERE:
ASDFGHJ!YOU GUYS!!!I'm SO excited!I just figured out All my Heart by KELLIN QUINN on guitar! :D :D :D :D
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