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Kellin Quinn

Sleeping with Sirens is an American post-hardcore band from Orlando, Florida currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Vic Fuentes Andy Biersack Memphis May Fire Austin Carlile Ronnie Radke Oliver Sykes Matty Mullins Harry Styles Shorty Award Mitch Lucker Christofer Drew Swing Life Away Ben Bruce Ashley Purdy Andy Beirsack Andrew Biersack Miley Cyrus

// OMF WHEN A GUY AT HOT TOPIC THAT LOOKS LIKE KELLIN QUINN SAYS YOUR CUTE!*.* like. nO did that really just happen?! Like AH SINSHDHDBD. I'm fangirling over a Kellin look alike;-;
Kellin Quinn is like an older Justin Beiber
"Why are you walking away? I was it something I had did, or made a mistake cause i'm trying to deal with the pain. I don't understand this! Is this how it ends?!" -Kellin Quinn
C9 - Kellin Quinn can get the D ANY day
"They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need"▶Kellin Quinn/SWS ❤
Who knows me well? Cx 1. What's my fave band? 2. Which color do I perfer Green or purple? 3. Justin bieber? Yay or nay 4. Red bulls or monsters 5. Red nose or show me? Hum lol 6. Hot topic or Spencer's 7. What's something i always say 8. Who would I marry? Kellin Quinn or Oliver Sykes xD 9. Do I skate (skate boarding) And last but not least 10. What's one thing that annoys the *** out of me Comment your answers lol just board xD
Confession don't care if someone thinks Sleeping With Sirens *** I still like their music. I appreciate the lyrics. And I don't care if Kellin Quinn didn't write the songs, it doesn't change the final product. That goes a long with a few other bands.
Aw aw a couple on my timeline is naming their child after Mitch Lucker c: I named my own after Kellin Quinn c:
This coming from a page with Kellin Quinn as the page profile picture.
Kellin quinn. Does not have a girl voice just becaues he is gorgeous asf and your …… …………
If you hate Kellin Quinn and Oli Sykes, you my friend need to jump off a cliff.
Miss may I are a bunch of *** might as we'll listen to kellin Quinn there I said it
Wrists are for bracelets not for cutting ~Kellin Quinn
For you Samantha ! (: Age I was Given; 12 Where I lived; In Applegate Who had my heart; Christofer Drew, Kellin Quinn and Robert Pattinson. (I didn't get out much) Favorite thing to do; sit in my room on Omegle, Skype, listen to music and do my hair and make up like a "scene kid" Age Now; 15, almost 16. Where I live; Still in Applegate, unfortunately. Who has my heart; Chris Drescher (: Favorite thing(s) to do; play volleyball, run track, do theatre, play my trumpet, draw, and sleep! Like and I'll give you an age!
Who wants to do an acoustic version of king for a day by ptv ft. Kellin Quinn with me?
This is Kellin Quinn, as himself, a cheetah, and an old version of him. Cx I'm having too much fun with my iPad... xD ~ Seb, the Turtle
There is only two boys who can seriously pull off being hot nerds. And that's Harry Styles and Kellin Quinn (;
I shall turn up, i shall never turn down ;^; Kellin Quinn: Turn down for me? I...erm yea i'll turn down for you.
Me and Kaila talking about bands.. Kaila : Kellin Quinn is hot! Me: Uhhh, have you seen Harry Styles look at that face *Kaila looks up pictures of Kellin shirtless.* Me: Gross Kailia Your man has 4 nipsXD Im dead.
No, 12 year old fangirl, Kellin Quinn isn't from the band Pierce the Veil and doesn't sing Shadow Moses.
Confession actually cannot stand Kellin Quinn. ;-;
If I ever become famous my goal will be to sound better than Kellin Quinn live.
When im older like 20 ima tattoo all my arm and tattoo something on my chest and well my hand tambien but NEVER MY WRIST! Just like my bae Kellin Quinn❤️
Kellin Quinn is way to perfect, omf.
|| So. Tor goes from sounding like Gir, to Kellin Quinn, to Ozzy Osbourne. YEEAAASS.
Palaye Royale has been getting shout-outs from many artist, actors & bands recently! Quite thankful; Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens just reached out.
Kellin Quinn loves me he just hasn't accepted his feelings yet.
Fan fictions are so creepy. You're 12 and writing about Kellin Quinn "going down" on you. Stop. Go eat a fruit roll up.
Wrists are for bracelet not cutting - Kellin Quinn
I believe if you're man enough to bring someone into this world,then you should be man enough to stick around and see how they turned out -kellin Quinn
Band I got: Pierce the veil Fan: YUS Seen them live: No, I wish. Favorite song: King for a day ft. Kellin Quinn. Like for a banddd. xD
If your man enough to bring somebody into this world I think your man enough to watch and see how that somebody may turn out to be -Kellin Quinn Sleeping With Sirens ♥️
so. I have a serious question... why the frick isn't Kellin Quinn in my bed already?
"How could you not go through a Kellin Quinn phase? " You know not every thing is about kellin cx i had a justin & gabe phase cx
that awkward moment when you realize Kellin Quinn doesn't play guitar 0_0
Why cant someone who looks and sings like kellin quinn just marry me already..?.
Ronnie Radke and Kellin Quinn should make a song about how cocky and arrogant they are.
Would you rather have a hug from Andy Sixx or Kellin Quinn. Like=Andy Comment=Kellin . . ~*Te Amo*~
Andy Biersack & Kellin Quinn are the sexiest guys alive. 😘💜😍
CAUTION: You're about to witness a spamming of Kellin Quinn, Andy Biersack, and Ashley Purdy. Grab your inhalers :3 'Cause it's gonna be hard to breathe ^w^ ~Theo :D~
I dreamt that Ronnie Radke, Kellin Quinn, and Andy Biersack was fighting over me and asked me who I wanted to be with the rest of my life! Then that's when I woke up -_- grrr. why!!
I had a dream about Andy Beirsack, Kellin Quinn and Jarod Boyle . O.O
Ohio, got lost like ten times, Grove City Outlets, Kellin Quinn shirt, Life And Death shirt, Sex Pistols leggings, and finally home for pizza! What an eventful day! 💕
Apparently Volumes has Kellin Quinn and Tosin Abasi in it. I feel this new anticipated record is gonna change music forever.
if you could meet 10 celebrities who would you want t... — Kellin Quinn. Danny Worsnop. Ben Bruce. Austin Carlile. O...
If you say Kellin Quinn is the best vocalist in history you have clearly never heard of the bands queen, led zeppelin, Rolling Stones or the who
Little Giant Ladders
Police officer: anything you say will be held against you. Me: Ronnie Radke. Me: Andy Biersack. Me: Kellin Quinn. Me: Austin Carlile
Kellin Quinn is the second vocalist of Sleeping With Sirens, the first vocalist was Brian Calzini.
"since dear Justin bieber is trending" . Dear Justin bieber . You aren't as good as Vic Fuentes, Kellin Quinn or Austin …
if you guys send me a picture of Kellin Quinn, Vic Fuentes, Ashton Irwin, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne then ill love you forever
I think Andy Biersack, Kellin Quinn, Olliver Sykes, and Vic Fuentes should make a song dedicated to Mitch Lucker. C':
How can either: 1.not find Andy Biersack attractive? 2.not find Kellin Quinn attractive? 3.not find Vic Fuentes attractive? 4.not find Oliver Sykes attractive?
Okay, so my mum come in my room and she was looking at my posters and we was talking about all the guys in the pictures she thinks M. Shadows is good looking, she thinks Corey Taylor is good looking and Oli Sykes is good looking with his shorter hair, she said Andy Biersack's face is perfect, she thinks Matty Mullins is good looking for a ginger, she dont like Kellin Quinn or Vic Fuentes or Billie Joe Armstrong or Ronnie Radke or Ville Valo, she thinks the guy from The Prodigy is good looking and Matt Tuck, she thinks Alex looks plain and Austin is alright depending on the picture. Lol. -Ofmice&Lucker,
I have a man crush on Kellin Quinn and idc
Im wearing a kellin quinn shirt and mr preston was looking at it all weird and said who dat?
I think the song "dont you ever forget about me " by sws is irrelevant because i mean who would forget dating Kellin Quinn
Ugh KELLIN Quinn is a ray of sunshine
Oh you love kellin quinn? Tell me more about how punk you are.
So I had a dream that Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn came to my house. We played video games and danced like white girls xD
If you didn't know, I love Kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn's voice is on my mind. Can't sleep :3
So... Can kellin quinn have my children..?😍
Just fell in love with MGK feat. Kellin Quinn - Swing Life Away 😍🎵
Kellin Quinn is lucky to be blessed with an amazing voice. He's using it well too
Oh my. Kellin Quinn such a good vocalist. Wait, it is.
Song of the day 'King for a day' by Pierce the veil ft. Kellin Quinn :)
Do you even miss us? Your bottle, your mistress. I need to know. I need to know. .
Kellin quinn's daughter is just so flawless and cute and gorgeous and pretty and beautiful and everything.
If I could sing like Kellin Quinn, I would never stop singing.
I've just seen on my timeline.. now playing MMF ft PTV miles away... What? It was Kellin Quinn.. Wow check your facts..
Does farah quinn have some relations with kellin quinn? Hmmm
I was gonna put 2013 Kellin Quinn but oh well
they seem to share a lot of fans with Of Mice & Men. and a lot of people who's icons are Kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn follow me pls ur my favourite singer I can't get enough of ur song especially if I'm James Dean ur Aburey Hepburn I love u
"Wrists are for bracelets, not cutting" [Quote] Kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn and Oliver Skyles always make my night better. c':
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Omg! I just absolutely love Kellin Quinn. He is so amazing.
Kellin Quinn : Imagine living like a king someday. A single night without a ghost in the walls. And if the bass shakes the earth underground.
Kellin Quinn *** live. Sorrynotsorry he *** Miley Cyrus can sing better then him
I don't care what anybody says, Kellin Quinn can nail them high notes better than anyone I've ever heard.
Today Kellin Quinn Hopkins-Sprang was delivered. R.I.P. little angel. You will NEVER be forgotten. Fly high baby boy & watch over Mommy & Daddy and keep them safe and protect them forever. Moo-Ma loves you Little Man.xoxoxo
Want . I'd get a lil Brandon Urie, Kellin Quinn, Austin Charlie, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Emily Kinney, Jeremy McKinnon and idc if he sings for not every cast member of TWD, Bates Motel, and American Horror Story . And Attack on Titan . And Free ! And a lot others .
*_* Matty Mullins, Kellin Quinn, Vic Fuentes *_* Idk who the other guy is
Question. Why cant all guys be like Kellin Quinn.? Just saying.
You know how people choose selected lyrics of a song because they mean the most or whatever else that's personal; i wish i could just post this whole song, but that'd be weird. That is why i will just tell you all to listen to 'King for a day' - Pierce The Veil ft Kellin Quinn mhmmm
I seriously can't stand sleeping with sirens!! Kellin quinn is too far up his own *** No hate o_O -PanteraPurkins-
Even if you have a high pitched voice (let's say kellin quinn-high or Vic Fuentes-high) it doesn't mean you're good at singing.
Kellin Quinn, Trenton Woodley, Johnny Craig, Tyler Carter, Alexander Deleon, and Josh Ramsay are some dang good singers tho.
Why is it that I go listen to Jonny Craig and i decide to read the comments people are comparing Jonny Craig and Kellin Quinn ***
get out of my head you've been on replay. / Memphis May Fire - Miles Away (Acoustic) ft. Kellin Quinn: …
Kellin quinn is my fav triangle player of PTV
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I need you to show me how to change the inside of me, for my heart, for their sake, please be strong for me❤-Memphis May Fire, Kellin Quinn.
"If you're not attracted to kellin quinn you're lying to yourself 😍💋
I'm sorry but if you like kellin Quinn theres seriously something wrong
I think Kellin Quinn and Ronnie Radke should release an album together called 'i used to be good but my ego ruined it …
Kellin Quinn is such a stupid smartass, I love him so much 😆
I love PTV and Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes and dat song. XD
May The Lord forgive Vanessa for not thinking kellin quinn or Vic Fuentes are hot 😔
"Wrists are for bracelets, not cutting." ~Kellin Quinn
What if Kellin Quinn just awkwardly walked into my house? I'd poke him. 😂😂😂
Hit the notes like a combination of beyonce/kellin quinn
"Wrists are for bracelets, not cutting"-Kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn made the Goo Goo Dolls// Iris so much better
Mitch Lucker, Kellin Quinn, Vic Fuentes, Austin Carlile, and Oli Sykes are my inspiration ✊😌
I dream about Kellin Quinn's voice sometimes tbh
sorry I just strongly dislike sws and kellin quinn..
Basically my life is internet,bands,food,music,and obsessing over Kellin Quinn
It doesn't matter who he is ur bf is not more perfect then Kellin Quinn ♥ HE REDEFINES sexy, cute, adorable, and PERFECT sorry ur bf loses
Why I suddenly have the urge to watch Camp Rock to mark the similarities between Joe Jonas and Kellin Quinn I don't know. Halp.
What's your story? Mine's "I sang with Kellin Quinn because I'm a sexican" ;) And add me ;)
I killed kellin Quinn because the voices told me to?
Congratulations to Kellin Quinn for making it through the 4 day audition for Ecole Nationale de Cirque! We will know in April if he gets in.
"Dont you run away dont you run away Dont you run dont you run Hold on to me tight dont you dare let go" Kellin Quinn!! This song is exactly what i thinking!! The whole song!! "Don't you dare let go" by Kellin Quinn
Lms if you have heard king for a day: pierce the veil (feat kellin Quinn)
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I met Kellin Quinn because I was in love...
omg this would be me if I meet Kellin Quinn! Maggie Bashore
|| Doing this because what the *** Summary's of the Triplet's bios. **IceFlair: (femme) -As a Sparkling: The shy, sweet, adorable daddy's-girl of the three that would never harm a cyber-fly. Sometimes even afraid of humans, Autobots and anything that poses a threat. -As a Teenager: she is incredibly smart, clever and the tactical one of the triplets. Sleek, sexy and sometimes wears Cybertronian glasses while reading her collection of datapads. Loves nature and cold weather, has a bit of a crush on Prowl and doesn't enjoy combat; usually prefers to avoid it. -As an adult: Still very mature, does plenty of reading in her free time, often trains, and is more suited for combat. She loves to fly and is usually quiet and knows better than to let her curiosity fool her. **Scorcher: (femme) -As a Sparkling: Often gets into trouble and picks on her siblings, loves it when things blow up, and can be a little diva at times. Brave even against the biggest enemies and is hard helmed enough to not back down when told . ...
I kinda look like Kellin Quinn today. ._. I'm not okay with this.
I wish a Ashley Purdy or Andrew Biersack or Kellin Quinn account liked me and actually wanted to talk and be friends and stuff.
I went to dinner with Kellin Quinn because the voices told me to...
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I made out with kellin Quinn because I'm a sexican Farane XD
How do people bump into band like Oliver Sykes, Kellin Quinn, Austin Carlile and Christofer Drew? I can't even find my mother in asda :/
I think Kellin Quinn is the sweetheart of post-hardcore.
Seriously there is no other men more attractive that Kellin Quinn, Matty Mullins, or Brendon Urie like 😍😅 I swear
Clean vocals is like Kellin Quinn and Matty Mullins. Unclean vocals is old school aggressive. Love it guys!!
same, literally, I was the worst. I bummed Kellin Quinn and Austin Carlile n Matty Mullins omg ew
Research has proven if your scared of spiders you'll find them in more your room... Well *clears throat*cracks knuckles*grabs list* I'm scared of Dahvie Vanity, Jayy Von Monroe, Andy Beirsack, Ashley Purdy, Kellin Quinn, Vic Fuentes...etcetcetc
Okay, I just really feel the need to say this- Yeah, there are more people in a band then just the frontman/frontwoman, but just because someone likes them the most doesn't mean they don't respect the others. It's kind of getting really annoying seeing people saying things like "Kellin Quinn isn't the only member of Sleeping With Sirens" or "Austin Carlile isn't the only person in Of Mice & Men". JUST BECAUSE THEIR FAVORITE PERSON IS THE FRONTMAN/FRONTWOMAN DOESN'T MEAN THEY DON'T LIKE THE OTHER MEMBERS. Okay, sorry.
Peirce The Veil- King For a Day ft. Kellin Quinn is the best song ever go listen to it
Alrighty here we go then! Name: Izabela Krystyna Zimirowicz Age: 17 Relationship status: In a relationship with band members who don't know I exist Height: In between Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn Weight: Couldn't care less Shoe size: 6? I think? Hair color: Brown dye it red Eye color: Apparently its blue but Im not sure Boyfriend/Girlfriend's name: *lists all band members and Loki* Favorite Movie: The Avengers TV show: Supernatural and The Walking Dead Song: "You Make Me Sick" Of Mice & Men Band: 5SOS, ATL, PTV, BMTH & OM&M Book:Harry Potter books, The Fault In Our Stars and Les Miserables Person: *lists all friends who obviously know who they are* Celebrity: Tom Hiddleston Video game: The Last Of Us Color: Black Social media: Tumblr Animal: Koala Thing to do: Tumble This or that? Moon or sun: Moon Happy or sad: Eithers fine by me Up or down: Up if we're talking rollercoaster wise Coke or Pepsi: Fanta McDonalds or Burger King: That place where I can get baguettes for a £1 Black or white: Black Guys or gi ...
Later in life I will meet Oli Sykes, kellin Quinn, Vic Fuentes :))
How to win a girls heart: 1.Play Sweet Perfection by NeverShoutNever 2.Make that girl Somme tacos (girls love tacos ;) trust me) 3.Be one of the following people: Austin Carlile, Andrew Beirsack, Oliver Sykes, Christofer Drew, Kellin Quinn, Frank Iero, Vic Fuentes, or Alan Ashby XD
Kellin Quinn Hentoff-Killian, 17, has grown up around the circus. Performing is second nature, practice is a priority and creativity is paramount. Kellin is one of the premier jugglers in the world, and his passion for his craft has been parlayed into great success and promising tricks for the futur...
Never seen before proof that Kellin Quinn IS ***
Sometimes you have to fall before you fly Kellin quinn
I nominate for a Shorty Award in because...idk why this is even a vote, its Kellin Quinn people.
Lol @ the fact that I used to be a little obnoxious Kellin Quinn fan girl.
Foto: sirensquinn: Bob Marley by Kellin Quinn he’s an amazing artist :)
Okay. Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn will be the death of me with their BROMANCE!
"Kellin Quinn is the only one who can make a snapback look cool" 😂😂😂
no one understands how happy kellin Quinn makes me
Getting told off for picking Kellin Quinn as our famous person.. sir you do not understand. He is my husband.. he just doesn't know it...
If you could have anything you want for dinner tonight, what would you have? — Kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn's voice gives me chills every time 😁
I nominate for a Shorty Award in because... Kellin Quinn is my babe & this award is his.
I bet Kellin Quinn is the best dad ever.
I nominate quinn for a Shorty Award in because... he's not justin!
Yay got my kerrang earlier time to put up my frank iero,Andy Biersack,kellin quinn and alex gaskarth posters up tomorrow :D
I nominate for a Shorty Award in because justin bieber is a *** and kellin quinn saves lives
Kellin Quinn is indeed my fav. Singer. But when I met him at warped, he truly was a huge ***
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
all I could think about when learning this was Kellin Quinn.
Foto: thisispulp: Guys, what do you think of Kellin Quinn’s brand Anthem Made? Do you want to see it in...
For some reason obsessing over Kellin Quinn
I nominate for a Shorty Award in because... It's Kellin Quinn. Why not?
is it just me or does Kellin Quinn look a lot like Jesse McCartney
{ throwa away the urge to listen to Kellin Quinn. }
lmao. Im watching Law and Order and their trying to solve Kellin Quinn's murder 😅.
My god I just saw a gif of kellin quinn and memories of sophomore/junior year came flowing back so hard
"Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly." -kellin quinn — I love this so much
Groupies be like it's Kellin Quinn ft. Sleeping With Sirens. 😂
"I have an amazing crush on Kellin Quinn" . I mean who didn't back in the day?
Kellin Quinn is so close to winning a Shorty Award :-)
Kellin Quinn is perfection. Who agrees? -believerdreamer-
Person: -sends pic of kellin Quinn- Me: do you even know who that is? Person: ya. Your favorite band black veil brides. Me: no just no.
Image the type of noises that Kellin Quinn makes in bed tho.
10 facts about me; -Taken by the best.❤️ -I have the best bestfriend anyone cod ever ask for!😝 she is like my sister. -Even tho my sister makes stupid choices I love her to death. 💕 -My mom is always there for me.❤️ - I can't go a day without music. 🎧 - Kellin Quinn is perfect.😍 - I love bands😘 -I'm not a people person.😒 -I love my dad.☺️ - I love working out.😌
Remember when; Rob Tuck and I made a ton of people think Kellin Quinn died... Good times :')
I'd sell my soul for a kellin quinn follow
Sleeping with sirens taught me that partying with Kellin Quinn leads to pregnancy cx
Kellin Quinn is such a beautiful human being
Hmmm ♫ King for a Day (feat. Kellin Quinn) by Pierce the Veil (at Komplek kejaksaan agung blok A no 43) —
"There's a spider on my foot Jesse get it off for me ew ew ew mommy!" -Actual words from sws frontman Kellin Quinn htt…
If you are a die hard Kellin Quinn fan I don't have any respect for you.
Can I be beautiful like kellin quinn please
If you could interview anyone, who would you pick? — eminem.. kellin quinn or Vic Fuentes...why am i asked these...
I really like that pic of Kellin Quinn you uploaded XD
Is it true that kellin Quinn is leaving sws after there next album?
Foto: sirensquinn: Kellin Quinn & friends / "It looks like an front album picture" my edit 
Swing Life Away by Machine Gun Kelly feat. Kellin Quinn ❤️👌
Really, a thing like 'kellin quinn is a *** because' ever existed? I think I lost the little faith in humanity I…
Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn has the cutest bromance.
Kellin Quinn plans to leave Sleeping With Sirens after next album
Just heard Kellin Quinn is leving SWS after next album.hope to god it's only a rumour!!
Wait, is Kellin Quinn leaving sws? I swear loads of people only like sws as they fancy him though?
I really love kellin quinn but I always remember "destroy the boyband" and I feel awful. That *** man :/
Is kellin quinn really leaving sws?. does this mean Jesse can come back?
"Kellin Quinn from Pierce The Veil is so hot."
Rumours are going round that Kellin Quinn is leaving SWS let's watch the fangirls cry
Did anyone else hear about Kellin Quinn leaving SWS?. I hope it's true
I think your talking about kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn's selfie game is strong
'they say that love is forever,Your forever is all that I need' Kellin Quinn x
Kellin Quinn looks and sounds like a pre-pubescent girl
I'm sorry but I really hate Kellin Quinn.
If I was Kellin Quinn, then after a break up, I'd slowly back away singing If You Can't Hang
Kellin Quinn is leaving SWS. Oh well he was a self-centred *** anyway.
I predict Kellin Quinn will leave his band right after his next album Satan says that's okay yaay I just put an ending to sleeping with sirens after their next album
Why is it that 1D has to copy Mitch Lucker like the lucker stamp is now the styles stamp and one of them is now getting quoting kellin quinn butt saying they came up with the quote
I was right! Kellin Quinn plans on leaving Sleeping With Sirens after there next album to possibly continue music with My Chemical Romance and be there new singer.
"Everyone wants a hand out; they want things to come easily. I think that's the wrong vision and wrong understanding of what it is to live. Sometimes things take time, they're not easy, and that's okay. That's part of the adventure of everything." ~Kellin Quinn
Winking at kellin quinn leads to pregnancy
What's all this rage about Kellin Quinn leaving SWS? I kinda want him to leave..maybe the annoying fangirls will leave too :)
So apparently kellin Quinn has left SWS. Doesn't really bother me tbf... Guess I'm not so much of a "scene fagot" after all... I mean I'm still a *** .. But yeah. Moral I this status... I have no care for SWS.
Kellin quinn leaving sleeping with sirens :c
When some lad says "ill turn you from *** to bi". Nah mate. The only people that could turn me is Kellin Quinn, Niall Horan and Harry Styles. Become them or look like them and we have a deal (y)
So apparently Kellin Quinn is leaving Sleeping with Sirens, opinions? -Underland
Sleeping with sirens taught me dancing with Kellin Quinn leads to pregnancy
Is kellin quinn really leaving sleeping with sirens!?! D':
Can someone rp Kellin Quinn and marry me ty:*
Why is it that Channing Tatum is so *** gorgeous? Just marry me already. :P Or Daniel DeBourg, or Kellin Quinn, or Ian Harding, or Zac Efron. Any will do. :P
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5 people I would hate to be in the same room as 1.Ronnie Radke 2. Jeffree Star 3.Andy Biersack 4.Kellin Quinn 5.Christopher Drew I believe all of them are *** bags. Idk know them on a personal level, so maybe they could prove me wrong.
where's your Kellin Quinn right now fegets!
Baby(x Kellin Quinn-Sleeping With Sirens i normally would have used a song sws made but i technical difficulties occured /:/ so an alternate song was added b...
Kara McFace omg that what Kellin Quinn says :(
Sleeping With Sirens taught me that singing to Kellin Quinn leads to sex. cx aw ye
WRIST are for BRACELETS not for SUICIDE.- Kellin Quinn
Trinity just said I look like kellin quinn. I am so done.
"Heaven Again" (performed by Kellin Quinn & Jesse Lawson) What can I do? What can I do to find something better to do than this? I've been sitting around thinking of everything that I've done wrong. I've been playing it over and over in my head. I've been thinking about something that I might have said to you To make you go so far away. And it makes me think of I try so hard To find out where I've been I've been playing my cards, But I never, ever win. And if I fall short, Will you pick me up from this mess? Oh, be my heaven again. Be my heaven again. Trying to figure out this life I live. And everything that I'm trying to give Cuz I see so many people just thinking about themselves And no one else. Is that what this life's about? Getting what you want out of it and leaving the others out? Cuz I don't think that's got passion or love or anything of above. I just want to find Somebody who knows What it is or how it goes Cuz I've been thinking to myself That we can do better for ourselves in the end. I've b ...
The ultimate insult while listening to MGK and Kellin Quinn. Is that Miley Cyrus?? I'm so done -.-
Kellin Quinn gave a whole new meaning to flappy bird. :D
I love Kellin Quinn so much. I will marry him someday... Even if he is married :P
" wrists are for bracelets, not cutting " - Kellin Quinn
Steve-o and Kellin Quinn could be related.. They just look alike to me.
Dancing with kellin Quinn leads to pregnancy
See who nominated Kellin Quinn in the Shorty Awards, the awards for the best of social media.
i can't believe you thought Kellin Quinn was a girl -_-
Q; 1. Would you rather climb a tree or lay in a bed of flowers? A; lay in a bed of flowers cx 2. Which do you like better- The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland? A; Alice in wonderland c: 3. Name two movies that you feel characterize your childhood. A; uhh idk 4. What is one concert or music festival you would travel back in time to experience? A; idk tbh cx 5. Rock music or folk music? A; rock music 6. What is more important to you- being an excellent writer or being an excellent artist? Or neither? A; neither 7. Do you listen to jazz? A; no 8. What is your favorite meal of the day? Why? A; dinner bc that's all I get cx 9. If you had to devote a year of your life to excelling in one of the following art forms, which would it be- photography, pottery, or candle making? A; photography c: 10. What is your favorite Beatles song? A; um idk 11. What is one instrument you always wished you knew how to play? A; guitar 12. Would you rather cook a spectacular meal and watch others enjoy it, or enjoy a spectacula ...
When kellin Quinn makes a song about rough sex it's just kinda wow
Calum hood or Kellin Quinn singing in the world may never know
I dont know why and I dont know how i Love you . Kellin Quinn
Wow I forgot how drop dead sexy Kellin Quinn is
having a bit if a kellin quinn moment in your verse...and it was PERFECT!!.
I have an unhealthy obsession with Kellin Quinn
i want to hear Kellin Quinn do a cover of ”let it go” from the movie Frozen. That’d be great.
Acacia has SLSP on replay. Kellin Quinn has SLSP on replay. Liz has SLSP on replay. Obama has SLSP on replay. The world have SLSP on replay
Q11: put your iPod on shuffle and list the ten songs that come up. -the 7th cirlcle by motionless in white -sexing by botdf &jeffree star cuz jeffree is adorable - a trophy father's trophy son by sleeping with sirens -the human condition by Chelsea Grin - knives and pens by Etienne sin - Savior by skillet - king for a day by pierce the veil ft Kellin Quinn - southern constellations by Pierce the Veil - just the way I'm not by a whole time low - not the American average by asking alexandria
I'm listening to Miles Away (Acoustic) ft. Kellin Quinn by Memphis May Fire
king for a day will kellin quinn and vic :D
Anyone who has the new blunt can y'all send me a photo of the letter about Kellin Quinn
Andy Biersack and kellin Quinn my two faves in one pic. Help
Then vid chat me ;) or post a pic — I won't video chat with you unless you look like Kellin Quinn
omg Kellin Quinn baby stop singing about how you don't wanna be alone because I'm right here Id jump through the screen if I could :')
KELLIN IS SERIOUSLY MY LIFE. I love him to death.
Kellin needs to devorce Katelynne and marry me. c;
or maybe it was just Kellin Quinn..😕
Kellin Quinn stops the show to save a passed out girl
I know they say that no one is perfect, but I swear she's perfect for me and that makes it so much harder to leave. Memphis May Fire ft Kellin Quinn - Miles Away
"He's like a big piece of white chocolate!" -Again, my mom talking about Kellin Quinn
So i got ten likes... Am i single-forever alone :') Have i been cheated on-not that i know of Crush-kellin quinn Do i miss my last relationship-not really Who has my heart-kellin quinn Am i the jelouse type-if u make me jelly Ex i would take back-none if the above Last time i cried-3 days ago Favorite song-southern constillations by pierce the veil Who do i miss-my cousins tht i havent seen in 3 years Girl best friend-zitlhalyc castro Guy best friend-enrique Favorite color-purple Eye color-light brown Height-5'3 Do i belive in love-ehh Something random-i love to walk iin the rain Do i give chances-jes Someone i trust in my life-my closest friends Am i in love now-with kellin duh ;)
Now i feel so alone cause i forgot my heart at Miles away ~ Memphis May Fire (feat. Kellin Quinn)
This may be kinda dated, but if you think that Swing Life Away by MGK and Kellin Quinn is acceptable in anyway shape or form... please... STAHP.
Any new stuff coming out with Kellin Quinn?
So my best friend drew me a picture of Kellin Quinn. She won't even let me see it because it's a's torture! ~ASkylitJessica
Talking to my family about what celeb we wanna take to prom...Mom said channing...Papaw said a drunk stripper that can scratch back ..Tori her bf...and me...KELLIN QUINN! Yea
Miles Away ft. Kellin Quinn gives me the feels.
There's three people I want to meet. . Ben Bruce, Tony Perry, and Kellin Quinn. Just... please. 🙍
My dad just said that Kellin Quinn had a nice voice. He is my new favourite person.
Does anyone else get the chills when listening to Kellin Quinn? Pk Cess I know you're wit me on this.
you see Kellin quinn and vic and all of them are definitely better then him they would probably keep then in jail *Laughing*
That moment when I'm forced to end my love for playing Pokemon cos Kellin Quinn does it too and I don't wanna be like all...
See people who put People like Mitch Lucker and Kellin Quinn in a collective group? Attach your tie to the light in your room and kick the chair.
Photo: olliesky: Now you can say I look like kellin Quinn
Not the first person to say this but, Kellin Quinn needs a shower
With Ears to See And Eyes to Hear by ft. and kellin quinn ~
You guys are about to get spammed with kellin quinn in pink shorts, so have fun lovelys.:)
Kellin Quinn and Matty Mullins need another song together!
lay me down kellin Quinn and tell me everything will be alright
If i'm james dean, you're audrey hepburn - kellin quinn yg sebenarnya!
Pierce the veil ft kellin quinn-king for a day. Amazing song check it out people!!!
I am getting a Kellin Quinn AND a Jack Skellington phone case! Sayy what!? ( :
If anyone can successfully tell me who the following people are I will take them on a spectacular date. You must get them all correct for the date. Who is Chris Cerulli? Who is Oliver Sykes? Who is Kellin Quinn? Who is Ronnie Radke? Who is Andrew Biersack? Remember in order to get the date you must get them all right. Good luck and no cheating.
Pierce The Veil ft. Kellin Quinn. King for a day.
"I think your mouth should be quiet cause it never tells the truth." Thank you, Kellin Quinn for the words of wisdom. :)
Like I see Kellin Quinn more on the Memphis May Fire tag than the other Memphis May Fire members
AND SPECIAL GUEST KELLIN QUINN. not that i'm saying i was there or anything. (:
Good call man, Kellin Quinn has an incredible vocal range and extremely relative lyrics!Great band behind him too
Yknow as much as Kellin Quinn gets called an *** I've never heard it seen a legit story proving it. I've seen sweet stories and vids..
My valentine is the poster I have of Vic Fuentes Alex Gaskarth Austin Carlile and Kellin Quinn except mostly my valentine is Vic
you can get signed printed out nudes from me for $80 I'm on that Kellin Quinn hype
when i was napping i had a dream that Kellin Quinn was my neighbor and my family and their family had game night together
Zam look at that cutie. Kellin Quinn is just😍
Is this a picture of Harry Styles or Kellin Quinn?
I could listen to 'Swing Life Away' by MGK & Kellin Quinn all the time! That song will never ever get old. 👌
I posted a picture of my Left Eyebrow and everybody started freaking out. I wonder what would happen if Kellin Quinn started sInging like a man
"Heart's on fire tonight, feel my bones ignite" here's a lil game. Whoever got who sang that part right will get my add(extra friends; whatcha gonna lose? ;) ) so is it kellin Quinn or Vic Fuentes?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Adicted to king for a day pierce the veil and kellin quinn
I typed in kellin quinn on my ipod and it auto corrected it to killing quinn... I will turn off auto correct when im finished crying.
GIRL CONFESSIONS 1 . Do you sleep in your bra ? Sometimes. 2 . Does your dad know you like boys yet yeah, Its not like imma say i swimg the other way. 3 . Do you enjoy drama ? The subject yeah, random drama made by stupid crap not so much. 4 . Are you a girly girl ? Gross no. 5 . Small or large purses ? large 6 . Are you short ? No 7 . Do you like somebody ? Yeah maybe. 8 . Do you care if your socks are dirty ? Yes, so i put new ones on! 9 Do you like Halloween ? I love halloween 10 . Are you double jointed ? Yes 11 . Where is the weirdest place you ' ve slept ? Under my bed 12 . Are there any rumors going around about you ? Nope 13 . Do you call anybody by their last name ? yes 14 . How many guy will read this just because it says " Girl Confessions " ? how the *** will i know GIRLS BE HONEST... 16. Do you prefer light or dark haired guys ? dark 17. Are you currently frustrated with a boy ? Yes 18. Do you have a best friend ? yes 19. Have you ever had your heart broken yes 20. Have you ever thought of .. ...
am i single✨ : yep .-. do i have a crush😍 : yea //-^❤️ height🙆 : 4'11 ._.)/ girl best friend👯 : Jessica c: guy best friend👫 : Alexander :D last person i texted📱 : i don't talk to anyone so yea.. favorite color🌈 : lime green , purple , and black (: last time i cried😭 : like two days a go . worst thing said to me🙊 : go kill yourself .. ha something i hate😡 : snow -.- something i love💖 : food😁 birthday🎉 : february 11 :3 someone i miss💔 : no one . last time i kissed someone😚 : last year😂 but it was a kiss i regret. favorite kind of music🎶 : i don't really have a type favorite quote💭 : " wrists are for bracelets not cutting. " - Kellin Quinn❤️
I want to say that Kellin Quinn has saved me. I honestly thought I was going to kill myself until I listened to his beautiful words. It calmed me down and helped me think straight. so Thank you Sleeping with Sirens and Kellin Quinn.
okay you know you love kellin quinn when you watch sws music videos and see kellin and almost die because it hurts so bad that you cant just meet him. cant freaking wait till warped tour. August 2nd ❤️
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