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Kellin Quinn

Sleeping with Sirens is an American post-hardcore band from Orlando, Florida currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Vic Fuentes Oliver Sykes

Gotta appreciate me screaming about Kellin Quinn
I also saw Kellin Quinn walk by when I was walking to my carπŸ‘€
. I can name 3 of them. Andy Biersack. Ronnie Radke. Kellin Quinn
What I @ warped today:. 1. I'm terrified of being near band members. 2. Kellin Quinn's voice is a higher pitch irl, or maybe it's just me
I just saw kellin quinn carrying coke
Kellin Quinn had the best set today and I went so hard I got a concussion
I walked past kellin quinn and laughed in his face BC he thought I wanted to meet him HA
fml I saw Kellin Quinn walking out and through a fence I fangirled and yelled his name and he walked the other way
think about death, but then I remember Ronnie Radke and Kellin Quinn told us live to keep moving & there's a light at the end of the tunnel
When I feel so alone, cuz I left my heart at home. β™« Miles Away [feat. Kellin Quinn] by Memphis May Fire β€”
Remember in 2012 when King for a Day was THE hype song and everyone didn't hate Kellin Quinn yet
But me n Andy started out as Elliott gruenberg and kellin Quinn on here
when didi kempot meet kellin quinn.. πŸ˜‚ (with Seva and KAREEN) [vid] β€”
yall my sister's friend bater looks like chris drew, sounds like kellin quinn, but also looks like andy when he smiles. Who Is He
When Kellin Quinn guestlists you but pretends he doesn't know you after his set
SWS:. I only stanned for Kellin Quinn. The Iris cover had me in tears. Good music featured in NBC s Science of Love
Wrists are for bracelets not cutting-Kellin QuinnπŸ’™
I dont really have a high voice but when I saw Kellin Quinn at stage w frontrow my scream was higher then anyone on 4/20
Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens for Kerrang! Magazine UK -...
I wanted to thank so much for being such a generally nice sweet guy most people aren't as sweet and honest as Kellin Quinn is!!
When Oli Sykes and Kellin Quinn beefed and fangirls everywhere had no idea what to do
Wrist are for bracelets not for cutting - Kellin Quinn
||Going to make a dark!Johnny. Like a multi-universe Johnny. Kind of how I started. I won't be using Kellin Quinn as my FC though
I want Kellin Quinn to strangle me with his hair
now my whole neighbourhood knows that Kellin Quinn is beautiful, frank is a rat and dallon is my dad
imagine Hayley Williams and Kellin Quinn doing a collaboration togetherI pray for that πŸ™πŸ˜­
King for day Pierce The Veil ft kellin Quinn
Kellin quinn for best vocalist and Jack Fowler for best guitarist πŸ’–
I just found out that Kellin Quinn now vapes. We have lost him too.πŸ˜‘πŸ‘πŸ”«
hair dye and a poster of Kellin Quinn
this dad at mini golf was vaping I love Kellin Quinn
do you remember those emo band memes with kellin Quinn on them
πŸ“· my-anthem-is-kellin-quinn: It’s about creating a relationship between the artist and the listener.
why is it so hard to get noticed by a Kellin Quinn?
Kellin Quinn de Pierce The Veil is so hot 😍😍 and I love their song Hospital For Souls
Just to set the record straight, Matthew Daddario and Kellin Quinn are the most beautiful men on this planet. Alright, Goodnight, I'm out. πŸ’•
i know righttt. Dia selalu jugak hang out dgn kellin quinn and all time low. Mcm weird kan? Ke tak for you? Lol.
A bit amused that Kellin Quinn has the same vape as me :')
For anyone who says Kellin Quinn can't sing live :))
Who wins in a high note battle: jimin or kellin quinn
Kellin Quinn || A man who cares deeply for people & believes that our generation needs more positivity in life https:/…
Um Kellin Quinn from sings higher than that so...wrong
I hope they play KFAD 17 times I'm really only here for kellin Quinn
Kellin Quinn at Reading omg how delicious
Kellin Quinn or Josh Franceschi, Tyler Joseph would be cool too
A lot of cool people were born in April, like Patrick Stump, Gerard Way, Brendon Urie, Kellin Quinn, Matty Healy, Emma Watson and ME! πŸ’•πŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸŽ‰
Christofer Drew and Kellin Quinn are possibly the 2 most perfect guys ever.
The thing I don't like about my signing is that I sound like Jordan P/ Tom Delonge with Kellin Quinn's range
if Oliver Sykes made it through bullying,Vic Fuentes made it through self-harm,Kellin Quinn made it through living in a bro…
I want Luke Hemmings, Oliver Sykes, Kellin Quinn and Lynn Gunn to hug me into my death.
πŸ“· vicvibes: Austin Carlile of Of Mice & Men and Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens.
Kellin Quinn doesn't even have the decency to not wear toms to vans warped tour .. They better go this year goodnight
Daily encouragement from my boy Kellin Quinn
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