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Kellie Rasberry

Angela Kellie Rasberry (born April 13, 1968), better known as Kellie Rasberry is an American radio personality.

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interaction between Britney Spears & Kellie Rasberry on this interview KiddNation
Congrats Kellie Rasberry & Allan Evans on their nuptials from all of us at check it out!!!
Invitation to Kellie's wedding get lost in the mail? See all the pictures here!
Kellie Rasberry and (hello I'm) Allen are hitched! Here are some grabs from KiddNation's Instagram from earlier...
Kellie Rasberry is getting married TOMORROW! Is she ready? Hear all about it right here!!!
Does Kellie Rasberry think she should confess? What would you do?
Hear about Kellie Rasberry’s weekend.. which ended with a sweet moment! Check out this moment from the Kidd...
Does anybody have Harry's interviews with Smallzy, Cauet Officiel, and Kellie Rasberry?
Can someone please send me Harry's interview with Cauet Officiel, Kellie Rasberry, Smallzy, Cooper Lawrence, Roman Kemp and Niall with
KiddNation's Kellie Rasberry had all four of the kids yesterday and one had a MAJOR accident. Find out what...
Kellie Rasberry from was excited for her first class meal... until they gave her the options!
The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's Kellie Rasberry interviewed the guys and lived out our ultimate fangirl dream!…
The Backstreet Boys must have a lot of practice dealing with awkward fans.
ICYMI: hung backstage and interviewed the on
The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show just got a little edgier! Kellie Rasberry’s boyfriend Allen checked off the last...
All you people can't you see can't you see. How the Backstreet Boys affect (Kellie) Rasberry! The Kidd Kraddick...
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Kellie Rasberry RAN to interview Backstreet Boys! Hear the whole interview THIS MORNING at 8:50am on
Hear Kellie Rasberry's chat with the Backstreet Boys tomorrow on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show at 8:50am right...
Kellie Rasberry answers a "Love Text" on The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show! What would you do if you found your...
has finally been inducted into a Hall of Fame! But is she happy about it?
happy hump day tomorrow Kellie rasberry
You know Kellie Rasberry is all about this.
Airports are always a pain. Even when you’re Kellie Rasberry! If you missed this story on the Kidd Kraddick...
The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's Kellie Rasberry might have had the worst dinner of all time!  
Come join Kellie Rasberry for the silent auction held here Al Biernat's. Message her for more details. :)...
My marriage is in trouble! The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's Kellie Rasberry gives you relationship advice on...
THE Kellie Rasberry called me the queen of selfies once and I guess it kinda stuck... 👑 So,…
Feeling the love or just want some relationship advice? Send your Love Letters to Kellie Rasberry:
I trying to get in touch with Kellie Rasberry.
Great Sunday running into Kellie Rasberry at the shops! @ The Shops at Legacy
Little kids giving funny dating advice?! The cutest! Is it better than Kellie Rasberry’s advice?...
Kellie Rasberry from the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show has a boyfriend who impressed J-Si with his magic tricks over...
Kellie Rasberry runs down the celebrity news… including a police cover-up?!
happy birthday to the queen Kellie Rasberry happy birthday to u hope your day is a blessed birthday
The hound has some big news; we will be hosting Kellie Rasberry, Florence native, and the full cast of the Kidd...
Y'all should film a special with TV/radio star Kellie Rasberry. Would be a blast!!
In FULL agreement w/ Kellie Rasberry. Couldn't imagine giving up my dreams of a Sports Reporter...
Kellie Rasberry shares stories about her wild shenanigans over the break with KiddNation!
Dancing on top of shoulders to dancing on a veteran’s lap. Listen to Kellie Rasberry share stories about her wild...
Thank you Kellie Rasberry and Dana Jones for supporting Dueces to Divas! Kellie is rocking the 5 Points Blue...
How did Kellie Rasberry do this weekend without Candy Crush? Plus, were KiddNation members able to control their...
not getting married.. because going to wait until Kellie Rasberry realizes I'm her "one".
Kellie Rasberry is addicted to Candy Crush and TODAY was her day to quit! Listen to see how hard it was for her...
The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show’s Kellie Rasberry needs help quitting her Candy Crush addiction. Support her by...
The big boss at Kidd Kraddick Morning Show had an unusual (and maybe creepy) plan to find a man for Kellie Rasberry.
when ur in line to meet Ross Lynch right behind Kellie Rasberry
Hamilton Collection
.did a story on Kellie and the ethical hacker. WATCH -->
you're Kellie friggin Rasberry, dammit! You can do what you want 😋
Happy Father’s Day… Mom?! Check out this Angel Soft commercial and see why it got Kellie Rasberry all worked up...
Kellie Rasberry spent some time in Colorado where recreational use of marijuana is legal! What shenanigans did...
What did do this weekend to make Mr.Rasberry call in? Hint: 420
Are their wedding bells coming soon for Kellie Rasberry and Tinder Wolf?!
*** my uncle is dating Kellie Rasberry 😭” the radio lady?
*** my uncle is dating Kellie Rasberry 😭
Kellie Rasberry told me told me about your show. Let's get a pic together!
I knew today was gonna be a good day when Kidd Kraddick was playing clips of Kellie Rasberry going off this morning 😂✊
I love me some Kellie Rasberry. I'm the *** male version of her at work, I swear. We'd probably scrap and pull...
Check THIS out! Last week we were lucky enough to meet Kellie Rasberry and the rest of the awesome Kidd Kraddick...
Did the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's Kellie Rasberry get a kiss on her Tinder date? Click to hear about the details!
Kellie Rasberry the click in I'll sign your Name is opening the ink pen
I'm excited to announce Kellie Rasberry from 106.1 and Dish TV is the newest spokesperson for Slimdown America
How Kellie Rasberry forget Emma Kelly twice in one day?! Plus, Big Al MacK had a naughty dream about Jenna Owens,...
Julianne Moore would be a perfect Kellie Rasberry!
Coming up tomorrow morning:. *The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show’s Kellie Rasberry will dole out love advice during...
Kellie Rasberry and Jenna Owens are sticking up for me because they know I am Britney Spears' real boyfriend.
J-Si and Kellie Rasberry went head-to-head in the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's Voice Factor Idol song challenge!...
We were happy to do a birthday party for Kellie Rasberry's daughter, Emma Kelly, last weekend. Kellie was sweet...
"I want to be pro-woman but I don't want to be identified as a feminist" Kellie Rasberry on the radio this morning.
Is it me or is Kellie Rasberry breasts getting bigger each episode?
Thank you Kellie Rasberry for helping us spread the word! We are so excited for the upcoming Del Frisco's Grille...
Kellie Rasberry's segments about her daughter are always so disappointing and whiney. Some people aren't meant to be mothers.
OMG Kellie Rasberry was in the Pier 1 Imports in Allen!!😱
Kellie Rasberry from Kidd Kraddick's voice is one of my least favorite things on this planet
Niall and Harry with Kellie Rasberry backstage in Dallas - T
Ryan seacrest wishes he was the Kellie Rasberry of radio!
Kellie Rasberry bought me a squirrel feeder for Christmas, and ever since then, my backyard has become a squir...
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Get caught up on Hollywood scoop in minutes. Kellie Rasberry's Showbiz top 5 is coming up in minutes!
"Dating is all about crossing crazy people off your list." - Kellie Rasberry. Lol!
So Big Al MacK and Kellie Rasberry are wanting to support Operation Once in a Lifetime by helping us stuff a truck full of linens and toiletries for our returning troops. Looks like July 5th at McKinney Ave Tavern; Big Al's bar. Details coming soon!
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Don't forget to tell us your favorite Kellie Rasberry moment!. Use hashtag and we'll read some of the best.
Tomorrow, Kellie Rasberry celebrates her 20th anniversary on The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show! You don’t want to...
Just like Kellie Rasberry said this morning... people will cut you down as soon as you poke your head out.. Why...
A long, long time ago Kellie Rasberry really missed her boyfriend who broke up with her to go on spring break. She just had to find...
Kallie's in again for Kurtis today on The Party Nation Show! Happy Hump Day! This afternoon we have "Today's Reason the World is Coming to an End", The Showbiz Top 5 with Kellie Rasberry, and be sure to listen in during the 3pm hour for the "Katy Perry Song of the Day" because one lucky listener will be today's qualifier for a Trip to Nashville to see her live!
if I had my druthers I would take kellie rasberry over Sophia!
Kellie Rasberry said it best, "If you don't like Kimye, you better pray this marriage lasts so you never have to...
I am so proud to have friends on FB that aren't whack on a radio personality page (Kellie Rasberry from KKITM ) I commented that the out fit she was wearing was a bit young for her ( lace short-shorts) and I got the beat down of how rude I was and how she rocked the out you are 50 matter how good you look...there are clothing styles for the young people and clothes for the more mature...sorry...there is a point where the pursuit of youth looks silly... Anyway...all think of they defend her they are BFF's I was I wrong to post an honest opinion?..
Lady Gaga vs. Demi Lovato?! Kellie Rasberry has more at 4:15pm in the Showbiz Top 5!
Tune in to at 7:30 AM today as I had a chance to visit w/ Kellie Rasberry, Big Al MacK & the rest of the Kidd Kraddick crew!
Eating dinner a table away from Kellie Rasberry
While Kellie Rasberry is swooning over Alex Pettyfer, J-Si is ready for Aaron Paul to join the crew tomorrow...
Kellie Rasberry just might a thing for Alex Pettyfer. Check this out!
Alright- who are you pulling for today? Or, as Kellie Rasberry would say, "who are you voting for?" Lol!
I totally just want to be Kellie Rasberry. 😍
Kidd has fired Kellie Rasberry.ok not really but is this how Kellie would react to being let go? Watch her fake press conference...
Want to go on a date with you. Love to watch the show. You have a nice personality.
Kellie Rasberry teams up with mega-church preacher Joel Osteen for a very uplifting message.kinda.
Good afternoon, it's Kurtis Allen. Are you stayin' warm?? Details this afternoon on the Party broadcasting from Cellular One in Casey on Friday! Plus, more on our 'Tis The Season holiday weekend with Alorica and The Top 104 of 2013 on New Year's Eve. End of the World, Showbiz Top 5 with Kellie Rasberry, Socially Speaking, and new music from Karmin. Lets go!
Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner news tops Kellie Rasberry's Showbiz Top 5! Miss today's stories? Then head to...
Did you miss the Showbiz Top 5 w/ Kellie Rasberry? Well, Selena Gomez dropped a big f-bomb and Miley Cyrus twerked...
Kellie Rasberry is on my posting as its looking for this painting! Help jet find it!!! Please!
The clock is ticking…..if you want to order a locket for someone for Christmas make sure to get those orders in ASAP at me at CharmingHarperif you need help putting something together. Brian D. Harper Andrea Harper Kevin Harper Brooke Harper Tiffany Brookman Tracy King Curtis Carolyn Moore Hacker Kaitlyn Nicole Harper Larry P Harper Kellie Rasberry Gary R. Freeman Gary Harper Jerri Looper Sparks Lisa Sparks Newman Tammy Sparks Glover Gina Sparks Pierce Sharon Calhoun Crenshaw
11:50 p.m., I feel very dirty right now because two members of the band One Direction is very good looking! But hey, kellie rasberry on KISS FM sees Harry Styles as hot, can't be that bad, huh?
Great job last night by my little buddy Ridge helping me light the lights at Sparkle at the Hilton Anatole! Check it out it runs all month! Thanks Kellie Rasberry for emceeing!
Kellie Rasberry sat down with Robin Thicke for an intimate 1-on-1 interview! Check it out at the link, and be...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
So i'm gonna brag and say that i've been texting Kellie Rasberry all day :P (and yes she's been
Getting into the Christmas spirit with free food, beer, wine!! Waiting to see Mike Modano and Kellie Rasberry.
Looking forward to tonight's official at Hilton Anatole Dallas! FREE for EVERYONE! It starts at 6PM and will be featuring Dallas Stars Mike Modano as well as Kidd Kraddick in the Morning DJ Kellie Rasberry. SPARKLE! will be helping benefit the amazing Mike Modano Foundation.
Tune into 106.1FM Kidd Kraddick in the morning show to hear Kellie Rasberry rave about us and what sets us apart from every other dental office!
Mike Modano and Kellie Rasberry host the lighting of the Hilton Anatole Dallas' one million Christmas lights.
The Hilton Anatole gets things twinkling at Sparkle on Wednesday with Kellie Rasberry from "Kidd Kraddick in the Morning" and former Dallas Star Mike Modano. Oh, and a million lights. Want more lights? Go here:
Kellie Rasberry interview on death of Kidd Kraddick
Looking forward to dinner at Victor's tonight with Kellie Rasberry, Suzanne Lane Davis and the other sister:) need a break from cooking!
Kidd Kraddick in the Morning's Kellie Rasberry is the love expert! But, what do you tell a girl who thinks her boyfriend is as dumb as a rock? Kellie has the answer! Catch this edition of Love Letters to Kellie!
So excited!! In just a few short hours, Kellie Rasberry will be here! Velma Lane Tennyson Cindy Lane Altman
Kidd Kraddick in the Morning's Kellie Rasberry is sharing her Mama's macaroni & cheese recipe for Thanksgiving! We couldn't be more thankful! You can get it here!
Hey, what's up? It's Kurtis Allen and The Party Nation is packed today! I have chances for you to win Fighting Illini football & basketball tickets before 5pm. Plus, we'll play Pizza & A Movie with Papa Murphy's & Family Video. We'll also get to the juicy celeb-gossip with Kellie Rasberry & the Showbiz Top 5. I've got End of the World, Socially Speaking, New Music Meltdowns, and all the details on Christmas Wishes. Lets go!
I don't know how many of you listened to the Kidd's Kids trip on KISS FM, but I just want to tell all of you how wonderful my friends are! Kellie Rasberry, José Chavez, Al Mack, Jenna Owens and Shanon Murphy put many long hours into making dreams come true for chronically and terminally ill children. I'm blessed to know them personally and I can attest to the fact that they do this with their whole heart !!! There is a huge group behind the scenes too, and they also are true angels !!! Thank you all -- sincerely -- you are a blessing to so many !!! 󾬑
Omg!! I just got my pic made with Kellie Rasberry and Big Al Mac from Kidd Kraddick.. So fun!!
Omg!! I just saw Kellie Rasberry from kids kraddick.. I am so star struck!!! Lol!
I've been following Kidd Kraddick in the Morning forever, and it's that time of the year again! Kidd's Kids is coming to Walt Disney World. Last year they, of course, came to Finding Nemo the Musical on my day off, but I still sent them a letter thanking them for what they do, and Kidd Kraddick himself read it on air! I'm so glad that even though Kidd isn't here in person, he is here in spirit, and I know that Kidd's Kids meant a lot to him, and it means a lot to me. Kellie Rasberry, J-Si, Big Al MacK, and Jenna Owens better come say hi to me at Peter Pan's Flight and It's a Small World! And I hope Psycho Shanon has a good recovery! I wish you could be making memories with us, Shanon!
Big Al MacK said that Disney bacon is the best in the world and Kellie Rasberry said it is magic bacon. I can't wait to find out! Don't forget to listen this morning if Kidd Kraddick is on in your area. It's 97.3 for my Savannah peeps.
Kellie Rasberry & Jenna Owens from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. I really just want to be them ok? 😍
Phrases we didn't expect to hear from . Hear where it came from . .
Kidd Kraddick in the Morning's Kellie Rasberry has picked up an interesting new exercise routine! It may or may...
she is a radio station host. Kidd Kraddock show
Check out this cute article about in magazine:
ICYMI – Here's the story talked about on this morning:
Kellie was all set up for the "Perfect Single Mom" interview with this reporter...then reality set in. . Klassic...
Emma Kelly's face explains Kellie's experience with this article! "Kellie Rasberry" via
Kellie Rasberry is so negative it's annoying. She is the biggest hater on the radio
Lol at Kellie Rasberry and Jenna belting out O Holy Night on Kidd Kraddick.
I promise it's not bad. Read about the co-host here:
It's here! The story that came from an interview that will live in infamy. Read my profile on here:
A mom can relate to Kellie Rasberry's dilemma with Emma Kelly. Kellie just doesn’t know what else to do to get Emma Kelly to listen to her and end her temper tantrums. Have you ever been at your wits end with a child? Listen to the segment from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning on B101.7:
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On Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, today’s Teacher Test had Kellie Rasberry getting the “kids” to do yoga.
Kidd Kraddick in the Morning unveiled a new episode of “In the Car with Emma Kelly!” See what Kellie Rasberry’s...
lol! And that is why you rock Kellie Rasberry : )
Kellie Rasberry: "Kidd groomed us for the moment that he wasn’t going to be here"
Kellie Rasberry, Jodi Dean & others share w/ us @ 5pm on the death of radio legend Kidd Kraddick.
Kellie Rasberry & Jodi Dean among those who share with us at 5pm on the loss of radio legend Kidd Kraddick. Fuller...
I know. He wad the best him.and kellie rasberry :((
Wondering how and if Big Al and Kellie Rasberry will lead the show? — listening to 106.1 KISS FM DFW
I'm upset Kid Kraddick is dead, why couldn't it be Kellie Rasberry
Kellie Rasberry, it's up to you now because if I have to simply rely on Stevie G & Teapot, it won't even be worth listening in..
J-Si, Big Al MacK, Kellie Rasberry, & Jenna Owens it want be the same. Sorry for the loss of your friend.
Kellie Rasberry, Big Al MacK, Jose "J-Si" Chavez, Jenna Owens & . "Psycho" Shanon, my prayers are with yall. Yall lost a great one. :-(
my life is over. OVER I TELL YOU. I just wanna hug Kellie Rasberry.
But Kidd Kraddick and Kellie Rasberry were supposed to get married. I foretold it. 😩
Harry and KISSFM DJ Kidd Kraddick. Saw Kellie Rasberry at the entrance.
Breast Cancer Awareness
What would Kellie Rasberry's last words to the cast of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning be? Watch today's "Best of the...
I don't know what's on my TV, but I hate it... Because Kidd Kraddick and Kellie Rasberry are the literal worst.
"Even though people may not like Nicki Minaj, I personally love her. I love how she's her own person" - Kellie Rasberry on Kidd Kraddick
Kidd Kraddick this morning's flash back was hilarious!! Sorry for your embarrassment Kellie Rasberry!!
I can always tell how late I am by when Kellie Rasberry does the Showbiz Top 5
Congrats to our winner Angela Vanveckhoven who guessed correctly and will be going on a hometown trip to Florence, South Carolina with Kellie Rasberry! Did you
Kellie Rasberry has a long history of iPhone game addiction. In her most recent fall off the wagon, she couldn't put her iPhone down and stop playing "Candy Cru
Jenna and Kellie Rasberry have finished their infomercial! Now J-Si and Big Al MacK need to get started! Join us tomorrow on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning to hear each infomercial and see which team wins.
Kellie Rasberry and Jenna teach Kidd Kraddick how to pose in a picture. Watch and there any hope for Kidd???
Kellie Rasberry from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning has some great tips for getting out of a work out. Check out her...
Tonight on "Dish Nation" -- Kidd Kraddick lost his bet with Kellie Rasberry and he showed up to work as Abraham Lincoln! Plus, Oscar madness and find out why Rickey Smiley thinks he needs a lawyer!
Check out Kidd Kraddick’s “Best of the Day” and see what Kellie Rasberry does for her man.
"You're only as *** as your options." - Kellie Rasberry on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning
Kellie Rasberry’s celeb crush got engaged! Hear the tour bus story and get a laugh!
You’ve never heard about Kellie’s secret agent uncle, Red Rasberry! Until today. Hear the skit Kidd Kraddick in the Morning created.
Tonight on Dish Nation, what do Lindsay Lohan and Kellie Rasberry have in common? And apparently there is a blooper reel with me and Kidd. Watch in New Orleans at 1am on ABC 26 - tonight!
Did you know the Subway footlong isn't really 12 inches??? Plus, Kidd demonstrates the crazy way Kellie Rasberry consumes her food!
"Skinny people are cranky" Kellie Rasberry .. lmao Kidd Kraddick J-Si
Had a blast last night! Met my favorite radio DJ Kellie Rasberry and found out she is even funnier, prettier, and so sweet in person. Kidd Kraddick and Big Al need to just let her be! Lol. Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Hey it's Kellie Rasberry! Turn up your radio RIGHT NOW and LISTEN TO Kidd Kraddick IN THE MORNING, ON HOT 102!
More $200 gift certificates to win to Toys R Us, Breaking & Entering Christmas, more Christmas Wishes Granted, and "A Dollar Story w/Kellie Rasberry!" It's Kidd Kraddick in the Morning!
Kellie Rasberry stopped by our Trunk Show. Pictured is Dr. Bob and Artist Rolando Diaz and Kellie Rasberry...
What happens when Kellie Rasberry's has to deal with daughter Emma Kelly's loose tooth? Hear the funny story...
On Good Morning Texas today talking about event tmrw night! For Kidd's Kids! Hope you can join me!!
Dr. Birenbaum and Kellie Rasberry was on Good Morning Texas this morning talking about Kidd's Kids and our Trunk...
Paige McCoy Smith is interviewing Dr. Birenbaum and Kellie Rasberry. Be sure to catch the interview tomorrow...
Don't forget to turn on Good Morning Texas tomorrow morning. Dr. Birenbaum and Kellie Rasberry will be talking...
Dr Birenbaum & Kellie Rasberry will be on Good Morning Texas tomorrow!
Be sure to watch Dr. Birenbaum and Kellie Rasberry on Good Morning Texas this Friday. They will be talking about...
Big Al MacK, Jenna and J-Si all posted new blogs on KiddNation. Read them and subscribe here -
You won't believe what happened to Kellie Rasberry at her last doctor's visit!
What surprise did Kellie Rasberry get at the doctor?! Watch the best of the day from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning.
Curious to exactly why Kidd Kraddick hired Kellie Rasberry, Big Al MacK and the rest of the crew? Check out the... Kellie Rasberry had a blast today at Disney World on the Kidd's Kids 2012 trip.
I wanted to start today off by an overall recap of this trip. I can honestly say that Derrick Brown and Lyndsay Davis are amazing people. They're in charge of putting this trip together and, seriously, the only thing they could do to make this trip any more first class is rent out the parks just for Kidd's Kids. They have taken care of every. little. thing. Kudos to them!! Kellie Rasberry ha been someone I have looked up to since I was like 13. I have always thought that she is an example of what people should be like, but this trip continues to reinforce that year after year. She makes people smile. Plain and simple. And in reality a lot of these people don't have a lot to smile about back in the real world. So the fact that Kellie ensures that a happy face is glued on them at all times during this trip makes me respect her even more. I want to go on, but we leave for Animal Kingdom in 8 minutes and I've gotta get my stuff together. Have a fantastic day!
Kellie Rasberry had a fun day at Hollywood Studios today! Watch her recap here.
Kidd's Kids Recap- Day 3 1. I've decided that Mickey Mouse is a farmer and has extra special Disney cows and Disney pigs somewhere. I don't like eggs or bacon from anywhere other than WDW. 2. Kellie thought that a teenage boy was me today. And then Kidd said that a woman whose bottom face looked like Justin Bieber looked like me. She had nice lips, so I'm just gonna choose to take that as a compliment. Right? I have good lips?!? 3. Sharing a tender kiss with Kellie Rasberry was everything I dreamed it could be. Even though it was just on the cheek. With her mother, father, daughter, Beauty, Beast, and Chip watching. Compromise is key, people. 4. A lunchtime prayer led by Victoria in the middle of Hollywood Studios was the highlight of my day. Besides the kiss with Kellie, of course. 5. How fancy is WDW? So fancy that they put the cherry in the middle of the dessert instead of on top. Now we really fancy, huh??? That's all I got for now. Up early again tomorrow for my favorite park and ride. Animal Kingdom ...
Nov 10, 2012 Posted in Kidd's Kids, Videos Kellie had a great day at the Magic Kingdom on…
Kellie Rasberry is worn out after a long day in the Magic Kingdom with lots of Kidd's Kids!
Kellie Rasberry dancing with kids and working that white girl overbite.
Let's do a Kidd's Kids day 1 recap. 1. Kellie yelled at me for playing *** at the welcome dinner because she didn't know how to do it. So I turned it off, exchanged some words with her, and changed the song. I love Kellie Rasberry. I just want to make her happy. 2. Tiger Balm is amazing stuff. Just don't get it in a finger cut. OUCH! 3. I called the kid who sat next to us on the plane a turd. So he called me a boy. Then he said that God won't feed you in Heaven. I can't even get into where the convo went from there. 4.. I was in another airplane bathroom today. I still don't see how people do dirty, dirty things in there. 5. Todd Graves from Raising Canes is freakin' amazing. I'm going to eat chicken tenders at least 3 times a week now. Thanks Erin Knight Credo and all the rest of the Canes crew for being awesome. 6. Oreos for dinner and a Twinkie for a snack aren't gonna make my big ol' belly that I threatened to smother that turd kid with go away. oh Disney...why are you so delicious? 7. I think it's .. ...
Can you guess who Kellie Rasberry is dressed up as for Halloween? The answer, along with pics of the entire Kidd...
Is Kellie Rasberry a stalker? Watch Kidd Kraddick's Best of the Day video and find out:
Kellie Rasberry from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning told a story about stalking a boyfriend when he was on Spring...
There are several ways to donate this year. Stop by the offices of Dr. John Killough on Rt. 16 between Charleston...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Here in Florence to eat at Cain's BBQ on the recommendation of Kellie Rasberry! (@ Cains Bar-b-que)
Kellie Rasberry and Big Al MacK’s Presidential Debate...and another $1000 is up for grabs at 7:40am CT withFRIENDS WITH BENEFITS!
The BEST debate of the last 24 hours... Big Al vs Kellie Rasberry (as Obama vs Romney). You HAVE to watch it!
On KKITM today, J-Si asked Kellie Rasberry for advice on what his 10 month old should be for Halloween. Hear the...
What's your favorite smart phone app?
Britney Spears doesn't worry about being booed on but does.
Simon Cowell called Kidd Kraddick in the Morning to talk about the new season of X-Factor. And will he let Kellie Rasberry be his new girl?
Troy Aikman is doing okay, but his ex can't seem to keep it together! Kellie Rasberry and Big Al explain
Is the singer sending sweet messages to the brokenhearted RPattz? Kellie Rasberry and J-Si have an idea of what the messages might say.
50 Shades of Hay! Watch as Kellie Rasberry reads this spinoff!
Lindsey Lohan questioned by police... again. Kellie Rasberry questioned by me... again!
Lindsay Lohan was questioned by police and J-Si has some questions for Kellie Rasberry too ...
Kellie Rasberry shows off her daughter Emma Kelly singing Call Me Maybe.
Kellie Rasberry has the story about Tim Tebow's controversial magazine spread and Big Al demonstrates!
If you missed and Ustream chat on today, you can watch here (jump to 8:50 in) -
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Isn't Kellie Rasberry always on fire? That's what I hear about red heads.
Kidd Kraddick and Kellie Rasberry are coming to you from London with today's daily dish! Dish Nation premieres...
KStew and the director were just kissing and cuddling. Yeah, right! Kellie Rasberry and Jenna has the dish!
Kellie Rasberry and J-Si are coming to you from London to dish about Octomom's plea for YOUR money!
Kellie Rasberry has always been in her own booth, separate from the rest of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. But...
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