Kelli Ward & John McCain

Kelli Ward (born January 25, 1969 in Fairmont, West Virginia) is an American politician and a Republican member of the Arizona Senate representing District 5 since January 14, 2013. She is considering running against U.S. John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona. 2.0/5

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2 votes hit the mail for Kelli Ward over John Mccain . Boom
Arizona, PLEASE RETIRE John Mccain & elect Dr. Kelli Ward!. for a new America.
Need a reminder of how crazy Kelli Ward is? She floated that John Mccain would assassinate her. Seriously. https:…
I voted for Kelli Ward & I beg Arizona to vote for her too! John Mccain is part of the old order & they don't care!
Dr. Kelli Ward talks about her run for U.S. Senate against John Mccain
John Mccain'out of touch &tired'...Elect Kelli Ward to Replace John Mccain
Dr. Ron Paul former congressman endorses Kelli Ward for Senate in Arizona. Time for John Mccain to retire.
VOTE Kelli Ward for US Senate​ !!!. Few Arizona Republicans share values with John Mccain . Arizonans can do better.".
Kelli Ward hopes to unseat John Mccain: A republican woman named Kelli Ward is looking to unseat Senator John…
We need2 get rid of RINO's like John Mccain. Support Kelli Ward for Senate via
Dr. Kelli Ward is gathering tremendous support in her bid to defeat John Mccain.
Kelli Ward did resign from office to run against John Mccain. What are you talking about anyway?
It's time to force John Mccain into retirement, and YOUR help is needed. Contribute to Kelli Ward for Arizona...
Every now and then John Mccain has a lucid moment...but its not enough to keep him in the Senate for another term. Supp…
Dr. Kelli Ward is showing that she IS a formidable threat to Sen. John Mccain gaining support on Capital Hill!!... http…
Is John Mccain in trouble from Kelli Ward next year? Oh I hope so! He should retire, not run again
Kelli Ward beats John Mccain in new Arizona poll.
John Mccain his not done his job, Kelli Ward will do her job; and quite well.
Arizona: VOTE for Dr.Kelli Ward to replace John Mccain in U.S.Senate.
Kelli Ward is building national, grassroots support while John Mccain tries to act conservative 4 the primary. . h…
Message from Kelli Ward who will replace our Rino John Mccain
PHOENIX (AP) — Sen. John Mccain now has an official primary challenger in Arizona state Sen. Kelli Ward, a tea party fav…
Kelli Ward may challenge John Mccain for Senate seat in primary via
rCannot wait for the day ... Kelli Ward is seriously considering a run for U.S. Sen vs. John Mccain
My interview with Arizona state Sen. Kelli Ward, who says she might challenge John Mccain in the GOP primary in '16
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