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Kelli Ward

Kelli Ward (born January 25, 1969 in Fairmont, West Virginia) is an American politician and a Republican member of the Arizona Senate representing District 5 since January 14, 2013. She is considering running against U.S.

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Sen. Flake is weak on border security, Dr. Kelli Ward says | Kelli Ward for US Senate, Arizona
Kelli Ward zooming past by 26 pts. (Video) .
🌵Meet Dr. Kelli Ward: Learn about her strong principles | Kelli Ward for US Senate, Arizona🌵. .
Dr. Kelli Ward for Senator of Arizona! Let's primary Jeff Flake with a real populist.
GREAT INTERVIEW!. Dr. Kelli Ward on Fox & Friends talks about challenging Sanctuary Sen Flake in AZGOP primary
And that execrable Kelli Ward is applauding it. Do no harm indeed. I gu…
This is Kelli Ward who supports President Trump. She is running against Jeff Flake who is a member of neverTrump. R/T to gi…
BREAKING: Sean Hannity just endorsed Kelli Ward for Senate! Two great patriots — AZ, vote Jeff Flake out in 2018!
Kelli Ward is +14 over Flake right now. She was also endorsed by Mark Levin and Andrew Wilkow
Power hungry DC insider McConnell now smearing Kelli Ward in Arizona with millions of dollars in TV ads in hopes... http…
I'm with you on Judge Moore, but Kelli Ward is an Alex Jones loving nutcase. Flake needs to be repla…
'Trump cheers on Kelli Ward, primary challenger to Jeff Flake'. YES! She'll remove Flake's corner of the swamp!.
Kelli Ward is a Trump clone, Jeff Flake is a true conservative
Just FYI --- Here in AZ we are being blanketed on TV with a ton of TV commercials supporting Kelli Ward to defeat Jeff F…
Great to see that Dr. Kelli Ward is running against Flake Jeff Flake, who is WEAK on borders, crime and a non-factor i…
Names you need to know: Paul Nehlen, Dr. Kelli Ward, Judge Roy Moore, Omar Navarro, Antonio Sabato Jr
GREAT NEWS! VOTE OUT FLAKE!. The Money is POURING IN for Kelli Ward to TAKE OUT Jeff Flake! via
Jeff Flake is trying to have it both ways: Kelli Ward.. Related Articles:
One running in the primary against loser Sen. Jeff Flake is Dr. Kelli Ward, a patriot.
Kelli Ward shot herself in the foot. Flake might be okay staking out a position on the high ground. Rgds, Mark
Kelli Ward trying to take down this sign in Phoenix,…
Kelli Ward -AZ is endorsed by L Gohmert (who has an A grade at:) Phoenix Mesa Chandler Tucson Scottsdale Glendale
AZ vote Dr. Kelli Ward in and Senator Flake out. She is behind President Trump's agenda 100%.
Kelli Ward aims to oust Flake in 2018 via
Kelli Ward poll shows her leading Sen. Jeff Flake 30-23 in GOP primary... but good reason to be skeptical
Kelli Ward aims to oust Flake in 2018 This would be Amazing! Time to LOSE the RT
BREAKING NEWS: Kelli Ward has decided to run again for US Senate in 2018 cycle. https:…
Why President Trump will support Dr. Kelli Ward in the Arizona Senate race -
Now's the time to get on board with Kelli Ward to send Jeff Flake packing in 2018!
It appears that Kelli Ward is attempting to become the Greg Brannon of Arizona.
Flake is one the worst RINOs in congress. I will be contributing to Dr. Kelli Ward.
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Great news. Senator McCain on course to win primary (up +26 vs Kelli Ward) & senate race (up +13 vs Ann Kirkpatrick)
"This year, McCain will be facing Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick – assuming he gets by the juggernaut that is Kelli Ward." -The Ariz…
Excellent interview with on channel 3. One of the best I've seen! There is no doubt that Kelli Ward is...
2 votes hit the mail for Kelli Ward over John McCain . Boom
Arizona, PLEASE RETIRE John McCain & elect Dr. Kelli Ward!. for a new America.
Need a reminder of how crazy Kelli Ward is? She floated that John McCain would assassinate her. Seriously. https:…
I voted for Kelli Ward & I beg Arizona to vote for her too! John McCain is part of the old order & they don't care!
Dr. Kelli Ward talks about her run for U.S. Senate against John McCain
and yes Kelli Ward dump McCain is step in getting our country back
To all my brothers & sisters in ARIZONA please vote for Kelli Ward TODAY & bring power back to the people!
More good reasons to vote for Kelli Ward for US Senate
Join Ron Paul in his endorsement of Kelli Ward!
MT Kelli Ward - right on the issues that concern working Arizonans.
MT $2M in dirty ads... not working. AZ loves KELLI WARD!
MT Any thoughts as to why this guy is afraid to debate Dr. Kelli Ward?
For more info on Dr. Kelli Ward check out
Kelli Ward won't debate the whole field because she is afraid she'll come in 4th.
Dr. Kelli Ward is of, by, and _for the people_. She would be good for AZ, and for _all America_!
Go Kelli... Arizona’s Lady Trump: Kelli Ward is running a Donald-esque challenge to McCain and she just might win
for sharing about Kelli Ward, have a great Tuesday :) (Want this 🆓? >>
John McCain'out of touch &tired'...Elect Kelli Ward to Replace John McCain
TRUMPSTERS after Nehlen Defeats Ryan today we must focus on getting Dr.Kelli Ward elected to replace McCain.
On a corner in Winslow AZ - It's a girl, my Lord, who's going to take down McCain & her name is Dr. Kelli Ward!
Dr. Kelli Ward," McCain has backed evey incursion in the Middle East and policies that have created ISIS".
Thanks for the food for thought. Good luck with McCain v. Kelli Ward!
It’s time to shake up Washington -- I’m backing Kelli Ward for Senate. via $50 this week from So Calif.
Kelli Ward is the constitutional warrior we need in the Senate.
John McCain has not the temper to be a a good sen. Dr ward sen beside your name sen . Kelli Ward sounds great https:/…
Dr. Ron Paul former congressman endorses Kelli Ward for Senate in Arizona. Time for John McCain to retire.
Arizona Republicans get smart vote for Kelli Ward for Senate. Send McCain packing, If you vote for McCain you are a WACKO BIRD..
Alex Meluskey polling at 4% whereas Dr. Kelli Ward is tied with McCain. It's time that everyone encourages Alex...
Donated to Kelli Ward and joined impeach Val Jarrett. Johnnie signs up young girls for the draft, what no woman in POW camps?
C Steven Tucker to The Trump Army. 20 hrs · . .. Trump supporter Dr. Kelli Ward for US Senate seeks to "ride the...
Yes - Dr. Kelli Ward is working to primary his butt out of the senate. She could use all the help offered.
VOTE HIM OUT!!! Replace him with Kelli Ward for US Senate​. Sen. McCain questioned about donation from Saudi Arabia h…
VOTE Kelli Ward for US Senate​ !!!. Few Arizona Republicans share values with John McCain . Arizonans can do better.".
Can't stand McCain. He is not a hero in my book. I never voted for him! He is sickening. Kelli Ward is my choice. https:…
Kelli Ward courts conspiracy nut Alex Jones via would expect nothing less from
Arizona when you say Kelli Ward you've said it all! Keep thinking About the wall that McCain never built ! McCain YOUR FIRED
certainly Sarah Palin's conservative values are aligned with Kelli Ward, she is…
You had Kelli Ward running for (R) ticket US Senate Arizona. Pls. get Alex Meluskey (R) who is also running
.-McCain's divisive discussion of Romney's talk translates to Kelli Ward as the only candidate for election to the US Sen./AZ.
Don't get mad get even; unseat McCain; elect Kelli Ward to get rid of dirty politicians. Thx Sen McCain 4joini…
Kelli Ward hopes to unseat John McCain: A republican woman named Kelli Ward is looking to unseat Senator John…
We need2 get rid of RINO's like John McCain. Support Kelli Ward for Senate via
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Dr. Kelli Ward is gathering tremendous support in her bid to defeat John McCain.
Mark Levin interviews AZ Sen. Kelli Ward on Convention of States via
Kelli Ward is an excellent choice, I daresay Mike Jeansonne.
Kelli Ward did resign from office to run against John McCain. What are you talking about anyway?
ICYMI: Mohave County has chosen replacement for Kelli Ward in State Senate
Kelli Ward. Phil Gordon. Diane Douglas. I believe television have the makings of a new reality show.
Kelli Ward has doubts about CNSs, Rachel teaching Kelli about CNSs.
Darla Dawald for Kelli Ward. August 19 · Edited · . Dear Friends, I'm excited to announce that I am the National...
It's time to force John McCain into retirement, and YOUR help is needed. Contribute to Kelli Ward for Arizona...
Dr. Is Rx to most unpopular Senator in DC and AZ
Hi Justin - Kelli Ward is running against the McCain. Wouldn't if be nice to have him gone?
re terrorist watch list & guns, AZ Rep Senator Kelli Ward wants convicted felons to be able to buy guns upon release.
Kelli Ward is a RW whackjob like...YOU! She denies that the U.S. is a democratic republic.
State Sen. Kelli Ward reminded Yumans today all the reasons to retire Sen. McCain. Go Kelli Ward!
This should be a Kelli Ward campaign picture...hopefully.
Love love love it! Johnny boy is on his way OUT with Kelli Ward who's going 2 have him for snacks!!! LOL!
please crush Bowe Bergdahl McCain for me, Kelli Ward!
Come on out and meet Kelli Ward. Show your support!!
Senator Kelli Ward will be speaking this eve in Tucson at Golf Links Library 6:30pm!
Every now and then John McCain has a lucid moment...but its not enough to keep him in the Senate for another term. Supp…
Not this time ! We have Kelli Ward who will retire McCain once & for all !
McCain has a record. Time for him to go. Vote Kelli Ward, AZ.
So proud of Leo gave all his old toys to starlight ward this morning hopefully they get as much enjoyment as he did from them 😁👦💜
Dr. Kelli Ward is showing that she IS a formidable threat to Sen. John McCain gaining support on Capital Hill!!... http…
Is John McCain in trouble from Kelli Ward next year? Oh I hope so! He should retire, not run again
Join me on 740 KVOR today at 1p mtn; Ed Klein, John LeBoutillier, Laura Carno, Helen Collins and AZ state sen. Kelli Ward.
Endorsements cont. Kelli Ward for US Senate, Senator Tim Scott for re-election, Dwayne Stovall for US Congress, and Ron DeSantis for US Sen.
Kelli Ward beats John McCain in new Arizona poll.
There is no GOP candidate out there like Dr. Kelli Ward! Let's make sure she wins and defeats Senator John McCain! http:…
Hopefully not an endorsement and Salmon will support Kelli Ward: Rep. Salmon Tells McCain: I Won't Challenge You
John McCain his not done his job, Kelli Ward will do her job; and quite well.
Dr. Kelli Ward leads in poll by almost 10 pts 2 in 2016 http…
Arizona: VOTE for Dr.Kelli Ward to replace John McCain in U.S.Senate.
JOIN team Kelli Ward - next Senator from the great state of Arizona. AZ is poorly represented by John McLAME
Kelli Ward is building national, grassroots support while John McCain tries to act conservative 4 the primary. . h…
Message from Kelli Ward who will replace our Rino John McCain
When elected, Kelli Ward will be the first woman United States Senator from Arizona.
I know a lot of Republicans wanted Matt Salmon to run against McCain in AZ Well tough sh!+, youre stuck w/ Kelli Ward. The choice is obvious
PHOENIX (AP) — Sen. John McCain now has an official primary challenger in Arizona state Sen. Kelli Ward, a tea party fav…
Kelli Ward - Candidate for US Senate - Betrays Voters on Environment and Health Issues
The "she" is Kelli Ward, a Republican state senator in Arizona.
Sen "illegal immigration is still a hot button issue with the people of this state" …
At the Lincoln dinner with Senator Kelli Ward drkelli1
Fantastic Vietnam Memorial today here in Kingman!! Tony with Mayor *** Anderson and Senator Kelli Ward, great...
Tony at Nam 50th Memorial with Mayor *** Anderson and Senator Kelli Ward!! Thank all who attended and supported...
It’s time for the next generation of leadership to come in and to put America back on the right path.”
Breitbart interviews who speaks of widespread dissatisfaction w/McCain job performance . http:/…
Kelli Ward may challenge John McCain for Senate seat in primary via
rCannot wait for the day ... Kelli Ward is seriously considering a run for U.S. Sen vs. John McCain
My interview with Arizona state Sen. Kelli Ward, who says she might challenge John McCain in the GOP primary in '16
".McCain vulnerable in 2016: All eyes on Sen. Kelli Ward -
Hey Arizona looks like you may have another choice next election! Kelli Ward.. State Sen. Kelli Ward of Lake...
Sen. Kelli Ward, R-Lake Havasu City, behind proposal that would end Arizona's ban on sawed-off shotguns & silencers:
On Friday New state senators Kelli Ward and Bob Worsley, both Republicans, and David Bradley, a Democrat, discuss the is
Arizona state Sen. Kelli Ward -- who spoke at a Bundy rally in Nevada this month -- wrote in an e-mail to The Washington Post: "Apparently he has some thoughts that aren't shared by many Americans. He is free to think and speak as he chooses (even if it may offend) and we are free to listen (or not) and form our own opinions. I am thankful for our amazing Constitution and the 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech -- if I don't agree, I don't seek to silence or shame the speaker or to paint his associates with the broad brush of collective condemnation
States continue push for eavesdropping protections By Keith Goble, Land Line state legislative editor With revelations about federal spying programs fresh in the minds of many Americans, state lawmakers around the country continue to devout time to efforts to improve privacy protections for the traveling public. In Arizona, a bill on the move is intended to thwart wayward federal surveillance programs. The Senate Government and Environment Committee voted 4-2 to advance a bill for further consideration that would prohibit state and local agencies from providing or accepting assistance from the National Security Agency, federal security contractors and other U.S. agencies without a search warrant to collect metadata of electronic communications. Sen. Kelli Ward, R-Lake Havasu City, said that her bill isn’t an attack on the federal agency. “This isn’t a blanket anti-NSA bill. If NSA activities are constitutional we are all for it,” Ward testified. “But if they are collecting information on private ...
This is NOT good! Jeff Hall (Director of Lowell Observatory) recommends we " the members of the Legislature’s Government and Environment Committee, and your own representatives as appropriate, to oppose this bill. Their email addresses are the first letter of their first name, plus their last name (e.g., ccrandell, sfarley, ggriffin), Senate Government and Environment Committee: Carlyle Begay - Member Judy Burges- Vice-Chairman Chester Crandell - Member Steve Farley - Member Gail Griffin - Chairman Katie Hobbs- Member Kelli Ward - Member
Arizona state senator Kelli Ward (R-Lake Havasu City) and various co-sponsors are putting forth the the "Second Amendment Preservation Act", which considers any federal laws "invalid and void" in Arizona if said laws infringe on the Second Amendment. Go...
PHOENIX, February 3, 2014 – On Monday, an Arizona state senate committee became the first legislative body in the country to pass a bill designed to thwart surveillance programs from the National Security Agency (NSA). Senate Bill 1156 (SB1156), the Arizona 4th Amendment Protection Act, was introduced by Sen. Kelli Ward and 14 other sponsors and co-sponsors. The bill faced its first hurdle today, with an important hearing and vote in the Senate’s Government and Environment Committee, where it required passage by majority vote to move forward. After a lengthy debate with significant opposition from state agencies, SB1156 was passed by the committee with a vote of 4-2. One member was absent, not voting. Based on model legislation drafted by the OffNow Coalition, SB1156 would ban the state from engaging in activities which help the NSA carry out their warrantless data-collection programs, or even make use of the information on a local level. The Coalition is organized by the Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) ...
Heard them talking about SB 1156 on the news this morning. Anytime they try to put a stint on something you know your on the right track. Come on AZ exercise your rights! Call this morning to show your support: AZ 4th Amendment Protection SB1156 committee vote on Monday, make calls this weekend in support to help it pass! Late yesterday, Sen. Kelli Ward's SB1156 was put on the committee hearing schedule for Monday at 2pm. The bill is a strong push back against NSA spying, and will need to pass by majority vote in the committee on Monday or it will be dead for the year. Your help is needed right now - the following calls should be made immediately, even over the weekend. When committee members get in the office on Monday AM, they need to know there is strong support for SB1156. ACTION STEPS: It doesn't matter where you are in AZ, take these actions now! 1. Call the Committee Chair. Politely thank her for scheduling the bill for a hearing. And – strong, but respectfully ask her to vote YES on SB1156. G .. ...
| “When Arizona state Sen. Kelli Ward announced her plan to introduce the Fourth Amendment Protection...
And ended at the Rand Paul dinner. THANK YOU Mike and Sen. Kelli Ward for the invite my wife and I really enjoyed our time tonight!!
PASSING THIS INFORMATION ALONG (I believe this happened on Feb. 26,2013) ATTICA, Ind. (WLFI) - Communities are coming together to help 24-year-old Kelli Ward, the mother who lost her husband and two children Tuesday morning in a fire in Attica. No one could ever imagine losing your entire family at the young age of 24, but that's what happened. The fire took the lives of Kelli's two daughters, 3-year-old Ryleigh and 18-month-old Sage, and her husband, Lance Ward. Donations of money, clothes and other items are being accepted at several locations throughout Fountain and Warren counties. A designated drop-off site for donations has been set up at Williamsport Christian Church at 20 E. Third St. (open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and a fund has been set up at Fowler State Bank at 510 State Road 28 East in Williamsport. Charity organizers say the communities have already shown overwhelming support and will keep fighting to help with Ward's loss. "With whatever clothes are left over that Kelli doesn ...
WTG ARIZONA! A key Senate committee passed a bill opposing new Federal gun control laws in AZ. The bill would bar enforcement of any new federal laws affecting semi-automatic firearms or high-capacity magazines. It also makes any federal official trying to enforce such laws guilty of a felony and allows the state Atty General to defend anyone prosecuted for violating federal gun laws if the gun was made in AZ. The bill moves on to the full Senate. Principal sponsor Sen. Kelli Ward - who SWA endorsed last year - said “I believe the federal government has taken liberties that they are not at liberty to take, especially in encroaching on our Second Amendment rights.” Bill author Don shooter said: “The country is called the United States, it’s not called the federal government. The states are sovereign.” The AZ House is considering a similar bill written by Rep. Steve Smith. If you live in AZ please tell your reps to get behind this bill and be the first state to so assert our 10th Amendment rights ...
Me and Kelli Ward watched Killer Joe last night.. It was an insane movie.. insane and awesome.
Why vote Kelli Ward for AZ State Senate? From Steven Robinson today The most significant race in Mohave County is the newly redistricted Legislative District 5 race for State Senate. There are three candidates with varying degrees of experiences and background. Here is my breakdown of the three Candidates. 1. Nancy McLain is the most experienced candidate after being term-limited out of the House after eight years of service. She has worked effectively as a legislator, on banking and insurance issues. Nancy has often clashed with the more conservative current State Senator Ron Gould is also term-out of the State Senate. Nancy has stirred up controversy with her support of the placing the 1% sales tax increase on the ballot in the May 2010 special election. She also has garnered rather low scores with the Conservative Goldwater Institute for her more moderate votes, even earning “Friend of Big Government” a few times. Her record will give voters a clear choice on August 28th. 2. What’s not to like a ...
Dr. Kelli Ward is a conservative candidate for the Arizona State Senate old District 3. She is a family physician and has experience in business, health policy and education.
Please help my campaign be successful by contributing to Kelli Ward for AZ State Senate. Thank you in advance for your support.
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