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Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore (born July 12, 1989 in Prosser, Washington) is an American football quarterback who completed his college career with Boise State University in 2011. Moore holds the all-time record for wins by a starting quarterback in NCAA Division I FBS, finishing his career with a 50–3 record.

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I drafted Tim Tebow in the 20th round so I could experience him not making my final roster. I chose Kellen Moore instead
Michael and Mills solid pick ups - scouts eye: can you compare Austin Davis/Kellen Moore and Asante Clevelnad/Geoff Swaim.
Like that the signed Kellen Moore, loved that lefty at Boise St & reunites with Scott Linehan
Oh has to be happy “The Dallas Cowboys sign former Boise State star QB Kellen Moore
Kellen Moore gets to learn from the best: Brandon Weeden.
Former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore added to the Cowboys' practice squad, per
Great news for Kellen Moore to Dallas, tough news for our man Jay Ajayi out 8 weeks!
Kellen Moore watches film better than Andrew Luck, my column:
This COULD be the Lion's practice squad Jean-Baptiste,Kellen Moore,George Winn and Larry Webster.
There's one. Good chance you'll see Kellen Moore, George Winn and Andrew Peacock join him.
They'll establish their practice squad later. Andrew Peacock, Isaiah Johnson, Kellen Moore among those expected to be on
Update: Kellen Moore's hail mary pass just fell incomplete to Corey Fuller
This quarterback aure ain't no Kellen Moore. These announcers need to quit acting like he is the next coming of him
Kellen Moore just overthrew Corey Fuller... Keep an eye out for the other signs of the impending apocalypse
Kellen Moore is Smalls from the Sandlot. All he needs is Benny "the jet" Rodriguez to teach him how to throw.
Three things to watch for tonight: return men, CBs not Slay or Mathis, right tackle. Could be Kellen Moore audition night too
Dan Orlovsky is playing really good the past two games has definitely outplayed Kellen Moore unfortunately
Dan Orlovsky is actually not that bad this preseason but yall are all better than Kellen Moore.
One thing after watching two preseason games and practices, Dan Orlovsky should absolutely be the No. 2 QB over Kellen Moore.
Quick observations. . Kellen Moore is bad. Larry Webster too. . Kyle Van Noy can't football. Lions roster will be weird this year.
Time to see a Drew Stanton like fourth quarter comeback from Kellen Moore
QB Dan Orlovsky in for Kellen Moore got second-team reps in last game. Guys are competing for No. 2 job.
I have an unfortunate example. I really thought Kellen Moore was going to be a stud.
Watching lefty Kellen Moore for I'm reminded of Scott Mitchell. Just saw he gained some weight since NFL days
Already love it just because of the "Kellen Moore" related title
Hey you. Yes, you. Read my training camp observations from yesterday's practice, or else. via
The Bengals might have a Kellen Moore of their own. Sorry
What's going on? Lions training camp observations: Kellen Moore continues to… Get found ->
training camp observations: Kellen Moore continues to struggle
hearing your comments on Kellen Moore I agree. We need some backup help but I will take him over some starters on other teams.
To add on to this. Kellen Moore fans, please stop bothering me.
Kellen Moore might be more accurate, better at anticipating throws or reading defenses, but he doesn't have the arm.
maybe it was Kellen Moore himself that called in.
Kellen Moore stronger arm, better QB,
Ford Field just needs to dye the turf blue, THEN you would see the REAL Kellen Moore!
they think of Kellen Moore as their own personal girl in a pit
This just in: Kellen Moore has a better arm and is more accurate than Stafford. Per the guy who called in to ESPN Radio.
Kellen Moore! Give me an hour to yell at this guy please.
Kellen Moore fans have been strangely quiet lately :). Making my preseason boring
"Kellen Winslow was so cold in College."
20-team, 3QB, keeper league. You keeping Blaine Gabbert or Kellen Moore?
From Countdown to College Football Kickoff 2015, Day 11: Kellen Moore was a winner
Kellen Moore, Ameer Abdullah could receive a lot of snaps on Thursday
Broncos in the NFL: Kellen Moore chases backup job with Lions as preseason begin
Detroit Lions stock report: Kellen Moore fails to take advantage of opportunity
Kellen Moore still repping w/ second-team, Greg Salas getting those first-team looks. That and more Lions camp notes:
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is Kellen Moore a potential starter in the NFL and what year will he be inducted into the HOF?
camp: Kellen Moore gets chance in preseason games
Ok, um... So don't hurt me, but . NFL Kellen Moore might be NFL Ty Detmer. STOP THROWING THINGS!
Former Ute Trevor Reilly just drilled Kellen Moore near the goal line, forcing the incomplete pass. Nice QB hurry
Lions camp starts today! Ready to see how Eric Ebron, Zach Zenner, Ameer Abdullah, Kellen Moore, and Haloti Ngata do
Kellen Moore truthers are just as bad as Tim Tebow truthers...
Dan Orlovsky "still holds the edge" over Kellen Moore for the Lions' backup quarterback job, according ...
chose "Most Iconic CFB Players of All Time." fans know that Kellen Moore guy pretty well.
oh yuck, man. That's like saying Kellen Moore was going to be John Elway ;)
I said Wilson would win a Superbowl and now nobody believes me. Russ at NC State stole my heart along with Kellen Moore.
He inproved, but this is the 2nd year in a row that he had long stretches of awful. You want to see Kellen Moore?
Mayhew expects Kellen Moore to have a chance to compete for No 2 QB job
Its why Kellen Moore led the Lions to multiple Super Bowls... If he just had a chance
Is Pangos on the "Kellen Moore" plan for Gonzaga? He must have played with Violette or Morrison?
Serious question: How is Tyler Wilson not able to make a roster yet Kellen Moore is?
so I met Kellen Moore at work today so that was fun
Oh jeez, the Kellen Moore fan club is going to invade your mentions now
If you liked Colt Daniel, you love he's Kellen Moore with a Steve Young drive-train.
RJ Hunter, Nic Moore, Kellen Dunham, Dee many Indiana HS BBall players in the tourney today
Indiana kids owning these first games; RJ Hunter, Kellen Dunham, Nic Moore, Dee Davis
RJ Hunter, Kellen Dunham, Nic Moore.Indiana kids own the games so far today
Agreed, with the exception of Kellen Moore who has developed into the 2nd best QB in the NFL. Stafford's 1st obv.
Kellen Moore would've made that dunk
if Kellen Moore has the last shot, Boise is in the second round
still not as elite as they were with Kellen Moore. Didn't get much notoriety back then and still don't. Kind of a shame tbh
they were sweet with Titus Young and Kellen Moore tho
Boise State hasn't been the same since Kellen Moore left. Coincidence? I think note. Kellen is the GOAT
Obviously you've never heard of Kellen Moore
They already signed Kellen Moore. Didn't you hear?
All signs point to a Kellen Moore tribute at the spring football game:
Let's trade Kellen Moore & a mid round pick next year to the Eagles for Brandon Boykin
Just seen something that said best QB in college that came to the nfl and was a bust and they said Kellen Moore, ahhh he really hasn't had a
hey it's replacing Kellen Moore talk. I'll take it
I would love to know why people believe Kellen Moore is such a great QB
I wish Kellen Moore got a chance to be a starter on a team .greatest winner
Tebow, Keenum, Manziel, Kellen Moore, Graham Harrell, Luck, Winston, Young ... all in no particular order there's too many
Idaho Statesman losing Murph's Turf was like Boise State losing Kellen Moore, IMO.
Kellen Moore is the winningest QB in college history. Just because he's a winner didn't make him a good pro
that's your fault for signing him. And I'm not worried We got Kellen Moore as back up. He's straight baller
Lions want Kellen Moore back instead of Dan Orlovsky
Many of us have had run-ins with greatness (Kellen Moore at Cafe Rio). But did you get to lie to them, like
Case Keenum, Landry Jones, Graham Harrell, Colt Brennan, Kellen Moore just a few examples of big don’t lead to NFL success
Any thoughts on what might happen with Kellen Moore and his restricted free agency? Any chance of a reunion with Linehan in Dallas
Sure, look at the best "statistical QBs" in NCAA History: Keenum, Graham Harrell, Colt Brennan, Detmer, Kellen Moore, Tim Chang
“Kellen Moore, 48 games, inactive 48 times.”yep.
Boise State was nasty a few years ago with Kellen Moore, Doug Martin and Titus Young
Kellen Moore, Titus Young, Austin Pettis, and Doug Martin.. With Chris Peterson as coach. I think they could've won a national championship.
Boise St. will never be the Titus Young, Austin Pettis, Kellen Moore, Doug Martin talent filled Boise St. team again
If Matthew Stafford *** again next week in the first quarter, for the love of god, put Kellen Moore in.
Graham Harrell/Colt Brennan/Kellen Moore? What are you, 13? Have we been that blessed in the past 10 years at the QB position?
Rakeem Cato threw 131 touchdown passes in his career, tied for 4th in NCAA history (behind Case Keenum, Kellen Moore and Graham Harrell).
For the PM crowd, how QB Kellen Moore ended up at Boise State through the eyes of his recruiter, Justin Wilcox
Think we could work out a Kellen Moore for Mark Ingram trade?
Several Broncos had the opportunity to play today. Can you name them? Kellen Moore, Detroit Lions- that was easy, now you...
Things I've heard today: Kellen Moore is a better QB than Stafford and Calvin Johnson is overrated. I ef…
Does he really want to be lumped in with Kellen Moore, Colt McCoy, AJ McCarron and Ken Dorsey?
Brandon Pettigrew is tossing balls with what appears to be Kellen Moore. Decent sign he could play today for
Derek Carr was not a better college QB than Kellen Moore. Idc what Fresno does this season.
Some fans thought I was nuts for suggesting Derek Carr might have been a better college QB than Kellen Moore. . Well...see?
Mike Tirico reminding all viewers that Kellen Moore is the winningest QB in FBS history.
Boise State's quarterback commitment can surpass Kellen Moore for third place in career passing yards in Washington state history on Thursday. Newest commit Marnez Ogletree had a big special teams contribution last week, too.
Boise State commitment tracker: Rypien set to pass Kellen Moore, Ogletree goes coast-to-coast for TD.
two words. Kellen Moore. He was the Tom Brady of Boise St.
Kellen Moore, Collin Klein, all of em should be balling at the pro level idc idc idc
Calvin Johnson is active for the Lions. Joique Bell, Theo Riddick, Joe Fauria, Cassius Vaughn, Kellen Moore, Travis Lewis, Larry Webster out
It wasn't the same once Kellen Moore left, and Chris Peterson leaving was the final nail in the coffin of course.
please make this nonsense stop! Greg is insane. I'd trade Kellen Moore for a Lions alternate uniform.
If the Lions do cut Kellen Moore, what are the chances he ends up in Buffalo? Todd Downing is here, and Moore was best QB on field today.
Glad you guys mentioned Kellen Moore, -if he's in this game Boise has a shot.
Nice touchdown by Kellen Moore for The as they take the lead against The Bills right now.
Here it is! Kendall Ford of Meridian proudly accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge! We would like to nominate all other Kendall dealerships, including Kendall Subaru of Eugene, Kendall Audi Bend, and Kendall Auto Alaska, as well as Kellen Moore!
It's this same thinking that lets bums like Dan Orlovsky get jobs over better players like Kellen Moore. Another story
Lions I think should hold on to Kellen Moore. Like him more then no. 8. More accurate. Love Broylles 84 on last drive three great catches
Anyone else bummed that the Lion's final preseason game and the BSU game overlap?
well, I am certainly pulling for Kellen Moore. He deserves a chance to at least be a second QB somewhere.
chances Kellen Moore starts for a team within 2 years?
If Lions cut Kellen Moore, someone will claim him. He is smart, accurate and performed well every time when given a chance.
Get Kellen Moore!!! He fits in with system. Career changing qb!
so in other words, Kellen Moore ain't walkin' thru that door...
I love being excellent at Madden '15, that's why I have Kellen Moore as my QB*
ok mr Kellen Moore is a better qb then Marcus Mariota 😂
Just putting this out there for Detroit fans: If Jim Caldwell keeps Dan Orlovsky as his and cuts Kellen Moore, you know your future.
have Schwarz finagle for Kellen Moore. He'll finish the job Frank Reich wasn't allowed to.
Kellen Moore is a better QB than Orlovsky. Talent should factor more than Caldwell's comfort level w/Dan & he'll see if Stafford goes down.
How about Kellen Moore? Has quick decision making and accuracy, although not the best strength.
Idaho Statesman - Broncos in the NFL: Kellen Moore faces uncertain fate, big opportunity in preseason finale
Kellen Moore faces uncertain future going into preseason finale:
The should try to pick up Kellen Moore from the no injuries. Quick release. Lefty. Been sidelined for years
The Kellen Moore Bowl brought to you by the entire state of Idaho
If Kellen Moore gets cut and Dan Orlovsky stays, who will riot with me in Detroit?
in successive seasons he's failed to beat out Kellen Moore and Jeff Tuel. That's bad writing on the wall even tho I like him too
Kellen Moore / Will the Detroit Lions keep two or three quarterbacks? Jim Caldwell still unsure
Video: And Mr. and I start our 53-man roster predictions by discussing Kellen Moore's future in Detroit
Jim Caldwell non-committal about keeping 3 QBs, what does it mean for Kellen Moore?
If my QB situation was a disaster I'd make a phonecall to see what Kellen Moore would cost. Would't hand him the keys, but as an option..
History suggests QB Moore won't make 53-man roster
Clearly Kellen Moore is a stud amiright anybody?
Kellen Moore, I'm tellin you I should be a scout
I bet that if you had Kellen Moore from Detroit as your back up you would wake the *** up, and have a since of urgency?
not buying it. He hasn't done anything after Kellen Moore graduated. He'll be another Koetter//Hawkins in a real conf.
Video: Predicting the 53-man roster: Does Kellen Moore make the team as the No. 3 quarterback?
Kellen Moore made it through the first round of cuts!
hes *** Take Kellen Moore from us hes your only hope!
I think so too, they will regret not drafting an insurance QB behind Bradford tho. Kellen Moore looks good, but I hear u.
any chance of kellen moore or Matt Barkley if they get cut
enough already about Kellen Moore. What should we expect to see vs Ole Miss?
I was thinking about STL and their QB issue. I believe that Kellen Moore is the next Tom Brady. If the shot ever comes, mark my words.
If Kellen Moore doesn't dress all year what good does it do him?
The only time I watch the Lions is when Kellen Moore dresses.
The Rams should try to get Kellen Moore from the Lions...he can play, great passing arc super accurate,very very smart ..leader
The should really make a move for Kellen Moore. Kid deserves a chance & he has what it takes.
I pray every night to have Tim Tebow and Kellen Moore on the same team and fighting for the starting QB job. Irrational fan hilarity ensues
Don't like the mindset. This isn't Kellen Moore's Boise, but they better respect them.
Kellen Moore made the first round of cuts from the QB James Franklin has been cut. Does Moore make the t…
Lions cut a QB, but its not Kellen Moore
If the Lions do not trade Stafford to the Rams for a bunch of picks and start Kellen Moore I am Lions-free this year.
Video: Predicting the Detroit roster at QB - Does Kellen Moore make the team?
do you think the Rams pick up Kellen Moore if the Lions place him on waivers?
216 catches ago, WR Matt Miller caught his 1st pass as a Bronco - a 17-yard TD from Kellen Moore at the Georgia Dome. ht…
So, will like this maybe if he agrees, Kellen Moore could end up being the Greg Maddux of the NFL. If he gets a shot that is.
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"Effeciency"? Lol um just in the past decade but who was Vince Young? Tim Tebow? Matt Leinart? Sam Bradford? Kellen Moore?
Carter plays for the Lions? Kellen Moore mania is out of control.
Matt Leinart's stated he could pass in college, too. Same with Kellen Moore. They can't.
Players who stood out; Kellen Moore (Game MVP), George Winn, Cornelius Lucas, Andrew Peacock and Caraun Reid looked good too.
Detroit Lions reporter of the Detroit Free Press joins us now to talk Lions camp and Kellen Moore. 93-1 FM KTIK
I bet wishes that Doug Martin played for the Denver Broncos just like I wish the Kellen Moore played for the Seattke Seahawks!
- Like, there's a difference in Kellen Moore & Matt Leinart. IMO, Moore had much more to do w/their success than Leinart...
yes Sam Bradford think you got him and Matthew stafford confused lions other backup QB is Kellen Moore
Kellen Moore will be at Papa John's on Friday! I want to meet him SO SO SO SO SO BAD!
no that's why they signed my boy, the best lefty in the league, Kellen Moore
ask about that time Denarius Moore had his way with Joe Haden
- With more velocity then a Kellen Moore slant.
Now available! Kellen Moore poster is available today for only $12. It includes a poster, a free $5 Papa Johns...
Kellen Moore can read a defense and he's accurate. Running quarterbacks are open for injury and short playing time. Long ball throwers are often picked off. Kellen Moore is the best Detroit has, and he's a winner. How's Boise doing since he left?
FWIW, it wouldn't surprise me if James Franklin beat out Kellen Moore for the 3rd QB spot. That is if they want to carry 3 QBs on the roster
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He is basically a mobile Kellen Moore. Give him even odds on making the roster if they keep 3 QBs
Relax, there was no Kellen Moore, Eli Manning, Ken Dorsey, Chris Leak, Colin Kaepernick and more.
My first event is hosting a BBQ with Kellen Moore so yep I'm kind of excited to start my new job 💁
I can't believe there are still some Kellen Moore-ophiles hanging around Lions websites.
Can't wait to see the Lions 53 man roster. Allot of great rookie players competing for a roster spot like James Franklin vs Kellen Moore
While I don't support renaming Kyle Field. I'd be happy to rename Bronco stadium after Kellen Moore, and he wasn't drafted.
James Franklin is awful. A wasted 90 man spot. Doesn't have a chance to beat out Kellen Moore.
he's like Kellen Moore except he can put heat on it
Could the Kellen Moore experiment be over for the Lions?
.I think Franklin has a shot to get into camp. Clearly, with Kellen Moore surviving today's cuts, those two will compete.
wish the lions would've signed him. Better than James Franklin and kellen moore.
Lions backup QB watch: Kellen Moore's reign of terror might be over soon
quick side note Kellen Moore 50-3 in college went undrafted following his career
Watch some tape on Kellen Moore & make the trade. Best move you could ever make. Kellen Moore Highlights:
The Lions clearly have no idea they have a gem in Kellen Moore. A smart GM from another team should make a trade for him.
Michelle Maulkin was a speaker at the Idaho Freedom Foundation Banquet. Eric Cantor, US House Majority Leader, spoke to the State Treasurers in Washington, DC. Retired Navy Seal, Marcus Luttrell, the "Lone Survivor," spoke recently in Boise. Former BSU QB and now a Detroit Lion, Kellen Moore & wife Julie stopped by to visit Ron in his office and tour the capitol.
So far, Johnny Football is undrafted. Maybe the 2nd round. I think his height may have a lot to do with it. Remember that quarterback / Heisman trophy runner up Kellen Moore? Never got drafted by being 5' 10". Manziel is only 6.0 Foot tall.
Kellen Moore : Top 10 Boise State Broncos of all-time vía
Only three 4-Star QBs have ever committed to a non-AQ school. The names are: Kellen Moore, Derek Carr, and Colt Brennan. …
Kellen Moore is a present day Jason Garrett. He''ll be a fine coach someday...unlike Garrett.
There goes Sean hill, signed with rams. Now you only have Kellen Moore and stafford? Right?
I'd take Kellen Moore over Matt Schaub for the GAHHH
Celebrating Kellen Moore bday at very "urban" Habachi spot! Maxwell and Mary J in the background. Lol
Anyone have a feeling Detroit is gonna land Aaron Murray in May? Can't feel comfortable with Kellen Moore if Shaun Hill leaves.
I never really watched kellen moore, but it's no surprise he has a noodle arm. worst density from 2010-2014 with a whooping 2.7
Kellen Moore is standing behind me in the airport 🏈
Louisville scoring style points, though. Not just winning, but doing so with authority. A bit like Kellen Moore's BSU teams?
He's the Kellen Moore of college bball. Seems like he's been around forever. I'll be glad when he's gone. Pesky player.
are the Lions gonna draft a late round QB for the back up? Or is Kellen Moore going to be the number 2?
Is Kellen Moore's lack of experience the only thing keeping him from being QB2 if Shaun Hill signs elsewhere?
Another great TJ Max find. Although I don't know if Kellen Moore is better than my Kellen Clemens…
Well had Kellen Moore sit right behind us at the game
kellen moore had the worst density from 2010-2014 with a 2.7. Cam Newton had the best at 3.22
it sounds like you're describing Kellen Moore.
it just hit me. Opposite of a poor mans version. I guess a rich mans version of Kellen Moore?
Tim Tebow and Brandon Weeden were also winners in college kellen Moore won 50 games at boise where's he now
if he gets a shot he can try. But I dont see many people clammering for kellen moore and their game is similar
Kellen Moore has a good chance to be the number 2 QB in DET this year. Most said he wouldn't even make a roster
Check out this great item: Kellen Moore - 2012 Score Panini - Card - Detroit Lions
top-three winning QBs in NCAA (Kellen Moore, Colt McCoy, David Geeene) didn't do squat in NFL.
Maybe you can show the coaches that Kellen Moore deserves a shot
Also, expect the to still bring in a veteran QB (maybe Shaun Hill) to compete with Kellen Moore for the back-up position.
*** that just don't look right u gonna beast it up with Megatron backup Kellen Moore can play 2 u gonna star
I dont know if I believe that Kellen Moore can dunk the ball.
Finley is the new Dickfingers is the new Evan Moore is the new Kellen Winslow Jr is the new Visanthe Schiancoe
I wonder when the Lions are gonna finally realize they need to start Kellen Moore?
I'm still convinced Kellen Moore is the best qb in the nfl he just hasn't had his shot
"We have agreed to terms on a two-year contract with QB Kellen Clemens.” Ugh thought it was Kellen Moore for a second.
If Stafford goes down you have Kellen Moore leading the way.
Leon Rice on crowd vs. Nevada ton: "We're America's team. They love Boise State, We have the blue turf. Kellen Moore ... What's not to love?
Winning is not a transferrable trait tho. Ask Matt Leinart, Kellen Moore, Colt McCoy and Ken Dorsey
How many yards has Kellen Moore thrown for in this MWC football game between Boise St and San Jose St? Wow what a score
They will as soon as they put in Kellen Moore at QB!!!
Boise St up on San Jose St 23 -0. Is Kellen Moore and Ian Johnson playing? Titus Young too?
Kellen Moore is looking pretty sharp.
Kellen Moore has 3 TD passes as Boise State jumps out to 21-0 lead over San Jose State
especially if they get Stafford out of there and start Kellen Moore
Why!?!? Good luck over there bro. Say hi to my hometown boy Kellen Moore. We're gonna miss you.
Oh.. and you need a backup QB cause Kellen Moore is not a formidable back up. you cant trust that troll is Fatfford goes down
With pick 5 in the 2014 nfl draft the Oakland a Raidelololol trade for Kellen Moore QB Boise State
Kellen Moore throwing 1mph slower than Chad Henne baffles me.
all they need is Reggie Bush, Kellen Moore, and Kenny Stills and they will be the dream team
Mandy Moore and Kellen Lutz don't mix doe.
I would be willing to let Kellen Moore go for a 4th
but he wins! Get Tebow and make Kellen Moore his backup and count your rings!
is Kellen Moore or Jordan Palmer more likely to be a 2nd string QB in 2014?
BREAKING: Lions sign Revis Island and trade Kellen Moore to Seattle for Richard Sherman. Both agree to play for free.
Kip Moore got me feeling some kind of way
Everybody talks about Russell Wilson and his height when talking about Johnny Football. But let's not forget Kellen Moore couldn't cut it
Overview of Lions' roster and predicted moves of players on current roster as I see it: QB: Matthew Stafford, Shaun Hill, Kellen Moore. Hill's a free agent. Prior to the new QB coach hiring, name's eluding me at the moment, I assumed Hill would return as he was more or less the QB coach. Now, I'm less clear. I'll say he's gone and Detroit signs another veteran QB to replace him at the league minimum. Moore has a better chance in this offense than he did under Linehan, his weak arm being a poor fit for the vertical offense. Lombardi could make use of him. Need? backup QB as insurance. RBs: Reggie Bush, Joquie Bell, mikel Leshoure, Theo Riddick, Steven Miller, Montel Owens, Carlin Isles. Joquie will likely get a 2nd round tender , all but ensuring he stays. He may get a 2 year deal as well. Leshoure is gone. Montel Owens fate is up in the air. Need? No WRs: Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson, Kris Durham, Ryan Broyles, Patrick Edwards, Corey Fuller, Kevin Ogletree, Michael Spurlock, Cody Wilson, Jeremy Ross. Nat ...
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest wide receivers to play at Boise State, Austin Pettis! Pettis is the school's all-time leader in receptions(229) and touchdowns(39). With a 6 ft 3 inch frame, it was no wonder why Pettis was former Boise State QB Kellen Moore's favorite target. Birthdays mean not...
Nice...I spy Kellen Moore, Kirby Moore, Kyle Efaw and Nate Potter here at the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum.
former Boise qb kellen Moore is coming to the game
If my madden franchise was real, kellen Moore would be called the greatest of all time after 5 seasons
Nice to see Kellen Moore still hang out with Kyle Efaw
that award is named after Kellen Moore.
Kellen Moore is really not attractive at all
I heaped plenty of hate on Kellen Moore as well and he didn't become Brady...
First I'm on a flight with and now a flight with Please say Kellen Moore and are next.
It was great to have legendary Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore and his wife Julie in the office today!
that's huge if it works out that way. I think this qb is pocket passer ugh but so was kellen Moore so maybe something there
Mike Reynoldson with Kellen and Julie Moore at the Idaho Statehouse.
On I’m reminded that the NCAA wins record holder (Kellen Moore of Boise State) was QB in his class.
Kellen Moore of Boise State, current NCAA wins record holder, was QB in his class. Yak Valley represented there.
If not there is still Kellen Moore, who can hold a clipboard almost as well as he can try to not toss a football...
Its sad to see all these NCAA QBs are nonexistent like Matt Barkley, Kellen Moore, Collin Klein, Troy Smith, Brady Quinn, Colt Brennan, etc.
Kellen Moore did it with core work and improving weight transfer. And I say that as his biggest hater
glad my smokescreens are beginning to leak, I'm planning on drafting Kellen Moore though.
just did a double take.I read Kellen Moore for a second.
Pretty strong possibility that Hill will be gone. Lions would need to find their backup QB. Kellen Moore is on roster bubble bc of new staff
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Kellen Moore is 3rd string and he makes more than that
kinda remind me of a blonde Kellen Moore.
What a Superbowl!!! Did you know that Tim Tebow, Sean Canfield, and Kellen Moore are all Left Handed Quaterbacks?
“Kellen Moore's agent should be fielding calls right now.
3 reasons why bsu is losing . 1.Kellen Moore isn't playing for them. 2.Ian Johnson isn't playing for them . 3.they are used to the blue turf
you can't really ride that to the bank. Kellen Moore got it done in games...
yeah but a lot of NFL players are. Manziel had the same problem as Kellen Moore, talented but small
Kellen Moore jersey in the ESPN restaurant
My logic for saying Manziel won't be a first-rounder is this: Kellen Moore had superior numbers and is of similar size as Manziel
To: Jerry Jones, owner of the DALLAS COWBOYS, ☆ I watched the game between the cowboys and the eagles! Your reaction in your suite was seen by the whole world! Boy were u mad and embarrassed when Orton threw the interception! ! You avoid all the embarrassment by GETTTING RIID OF TONY ROMO or at least make him 2nd string! Go after Kellen Moore. Hes with the Detroit Lions right now. He's not real tall but is a better qtrback by far than tony! Think about this jerry and i'll be in touch! Don't make us lifelong DALLAS fans go searching for a new team to root for! Ok? Loyal since 67 Billy bateman. :)
I wanna meet Kellen Moore. That's a life goal for me.
Yeah.. No thanks unless someone named Kellen Moore becomes the new BSU QB.
Next giveaway will probably be a Boise St. authentic Kellen Moore jersey
ASU QB is the next Kellen Moore...he's gonna fizzle in NFL
yeah or kellen moore or Titus Young or Ian Johnson
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Too bad Kellen Moore never had a chance to play against Andrew Luck in college. That would rival the 2007 Fiesta Bowl as the best game ever.
lol!!! Gon have me making trips to the nearest one!
see they straight outta line for that.. Lmao they done followed two people that obviously love food lmao smh 😂
It's bad when you know Kellen Moore could run better than that.
my prediction: two years, Sanford moves on b/c is just so friggin awesome. In comes Kellen Moore, no beats skipped.
I have a feeling the new Lions coach with realize Kellen Moore is the answer
Am kinda worried about Kellen Moore's situation in Detroit. Will he finally get the chance he so richly deserves? Dunno.
So, with the Detroit Lions firing of Schwartz, what does that do to Kellen Moore's chances of playing/staying? I know that it depends on the new coach, but I had heard that they were thinking of not renewing Shaun Hill's contract and moving Kellen to backup. Am I mistaken?
you guys need to put in kellen Moore...come on! He's one if the best you got and your not using him.
So I fully expect Kellen Moore to be in a Redskin uniform by the end of the day.
Let's hope our new coach is smart enough to start maybe the best ever
So glad the lions fired Jim Schwartz he was a *** because ne never drafted/played the best quarterback in NCAA history Kellen Moore!
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