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Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore (born July 12, 1989 in Prosser, Washington) is an American football quarterback who completed his college career with Boise State University in 2011. Moore holds the all-time record for wins by a starting quarterback in NCAA Division I FBS, finishing his career with a 50–3 record.

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colt mccoy? Won the most games of any qb that wasnt in a weak conference (kellen moore)
Gary Johnson is the Kellen Moore of candidates. Fans want to imagine ways he *might* succeed, but pretty clear he doesn’t have minimum tools
It's like trying to replace LaVell and Detmer. Fans want Harsin and Ryp to be Pete/Kellen Moore.
to watch Kellen Moore lead us to an 0- start?
True. But my man Kellen Moore threw for 435 against division champs. Was very excited to watch him this year.
Unless he is Dak Prescott. Although I suspect he would've leapfrogged a healthy Kellen Moore soon enough.
he had Brandon Weedon, Matt Cassell, Kellen Moore and now a rookie throwing him the ball. With Romo he had 14 TDs.
Cowboys holding off on veteran QB after Kellen Moore injury
Speaking of QB "controversies", what if Kellen Moore hadn't gotten injured? If he were leading the Cowboys now...
How different would this be if was Cowboys starter?
Maybe should look at Kellen Moore out of Dallas
If Kellen Moore didnt get injured , Dak wasnt going to start.
Yep. Noticed that. Seemed pretty excited for Kellen Moore and Weeden last year not so much for Dak.
How different would this be if Kellen Moore was Cowboys' starter?
Thought Kellen Moore was better than Dak Prescott. And ranked Prescott their 6th best QB in this draft. I give them 0 credit for the pick.
kellen Moore to Cole Beasley pass didn't have to travel far from the ground
Dak so good the Cowboys thought Kellen Moore is better
They thought kellen Moore was better than Dak
Oh and thought Kellen Moore was better than Dak. So if you are saying they knew he'd be good, you are in denial
It's clear as day, they lucked into getting Dak. They wanted Connor Cook and thought Kellen Moore>Dak
26th in 3rd down conversion pct. last season. Amazing what anyone not named Brandon Weeden or Kellen Moore will do.
Dez was Kellen Moore's first TD last year at the Jets as well. It's good to have Dez, isn't it?
He can flat out play. Fascinating that 135 players were picked ahead of him and he was initially stuck behind Kelle…
Romeo's like, "I'm just glad I get to be next to this legend, Kellen Moore."
umm.. so is Prescott. We lost Kellen Moore our number 2 prior to that
So where would Dallas be if Kellen Moore never got hurt in preseason?
Fact of the day: Dak now has more wins than Kellen Moore, Matt Cassel and Brandon Weeden combined😏😏
yeah experience is important but this ain't Kellen Moore we're talking about
Nice of the Cowboys to let Kellen Moore hang around and keep the water coolers full
Neither did the Cowboys. He was behind Kellen freakin' Moore until that dude broke his leg.
don't get too excited were talking about a ravaged bears defense right now. Kellen Moore would look like something too.
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Kellen Moore looks like Romo's personal assistant on the sidelines
How lucky are the Cowboys that Kellen Moore broke his leg and opened up the backup spot for Dak?
. I swear Tony Romo is pilled up on the sidelines tonight. Why else would he talk to Kellen Moore?
Kellen Moore on the sidelines with Tony Romo at tonight's Cowboys-Bears game.
Kellen Moore isn't even relevant he might as well get put on da free agency fr 💀
and linehan is all about kellen Moore. My guy is dak. It's crazy.
what if Kellen Moore comes back before Romo, does he start over Dak?
Dak Prescott isn't hurt because Romo got hurt. Prescott is starting because Kellen Moore got hurt. Moore was the back-up to Romo.
I covered Kellen Moore in HS and college. . SO cool to see him on the sideline laughing and chatting with Tony Romo.
Kellen Moore is happy it is a night game. He could come after leading the youth revival this morning.
Best thing to happen to the cowboys this year was kellen Moore breaking his ankle.
Was that Kellen Moore or Casey Affleck talking to Romo?
if Dak takes the Cowboys to the post-season does Kellen Moore get the MVP nod? 🤔
why doesn't Kellen Moore get a head set?
Based on 2015 QB ratings, Dak Prescott would have been 67th last season, behind Kellen Moore's 71.0 mark.
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Remember when the Cowboys thought of trading for Josh McCown or signing Nick Foles after Kellen Moore got hurt?...
Don't think Kellen Moore will be coming back
[Fansided: The Landry Hat] Were the Cowboys really ever comfortable with Kellen Moore?
This morning, Kellen Moore asked Scott Linehan to give him a call after practice so he would know how the young guys did.
Should have thought of that before the injury to Moore. Kellen Moore was the answer??
backup QB Kellen Moore will have surgery on his broken ankle today in Dallas, source said. Recovery time is 3 or 4 m…
5 veteran QBs still on market: Who would you want the Cowboys to pursue after Kellen Moore's injury (if any)? Vote! https:/…
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters that backup QB Kellen Moore suffered broken right ankle at practice.
Kellen Moore has broken his leg/high ankle, according to Jerry Jones. Declined to address what club will do moving forwa…
My tell me they're going to have to put Kellen Moore down. 😕
weak arm is Chad Pennington, Kellen Moore. Kirk has an average deep arm.
Cowboys like backup QB Kellen Moore, no interest in Nick Foles
Kellen Moore: Brett (Rypien) will do great this year. . Tune in here:
Best of Matt Mosley: Why Kellen Moore as Cowboys' backup quarterback is a mistake
Sports: "Kellen Moore is the only hope of salvation for the Dallas Cowboys," say international group of witch-doctors and soothsayers.
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Yeah, Kellen Moore has the look of an NFL QB.
Jerry Jones on believing in Kellen Moore, NFL's impressive TV ratings and hosting the scouting combine
What the Dallas Cowboys see in backup QB Kellen Moore - Dallas Morning News (blog) Dallas, Cowboys
"Always loved this guy. He has the best anticipation that I have seen at any level - maybe Kurt Warner when…" — Edly
Got to talk w/ Prosser alum Kellen Moore today. Here's his advice to local athletes looking to play at next level.
3 Cowboys DBs with INTs today: Brandon Carr off of Tony Romo, Jeff Heath off of Kellen Moore and Jeremiah McKinnon off of D…
this guy's vocal range is like Kellen Moore's arm
Best of Randy White talking trash, what people overlook with Kellen Moore
you and I both know Kellen Moore wouldn't have thrown that tight of a spiral.
As low and off target as that pass was, you'd think Kellen MOORE came back.
do you dislike Kellen Moore as a QB simply because he lacks arm strength that you consider necessary? Mentally, he's very sharp
Best of Babe Laufenberg, 2016 edition: Randy White talking trash, people are...
I'd start Kellen Moore and beat you.
Jerry Jones: Kellen Moore can be an ‘outstanding bac... via
Find Kellen Moore and thank him for us.
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Kellen Moore is the right man for the Cowboys, Jones says again - Idaho Statesman
Imagine if Kellen Moore had a signing at the Blue and Orange store..lines would be outside the mall
Kellen Moore discusses his offseason and learning behind Tony Romo. 🎥:
Kellen Moore on his three-game audition last year: "There's a lot of guys in my situation who never get opportunities lik…
but we HAVE to keep Tony healthy. If something happens to him we better play Dak or Jameill tho not Kellen Moore trash *** 🙄
owner Jerry Jones says Kellen Moore is the right man for the team.
Jerry Jones: Kellen Moore can be an 'outstanding backup' QB to Tony Romo; the best lesson...
What's the plan at DT while Maliek Collins is injured? How's Dez doing? Comfortable with Kellen Moore as No. 2 QB? at 11
Is that Scott Linehan? Hardly recognized him without the umbilical cord connecting him to Kellen Moore.
quick ? If Showers outplays both Kellen Moore and Dak P is he qb 2
well yeah, all they have seen last season was Kellen moore, Matt Cassel, and Brandon Weeden.
Bruh caught a pass from Kellen Moore and put on the 🔥🔥🔥🔥
so we're planning on Dak Prescott and Kellen moore. To be our only back ups. With a starter that can't stay healthy season over.
Kellen Moore gets a chance at the 2 min offense
Steven Adams.a better choice than Kellen Moore for a backup QB.   10% Off
DMN has a transcript of my chat with the always fantastic and
Kellen Moore hasn't been good since Boise St.
Kellen Moore would start before Dak btw
Yall they even put Kellen Moore on a gif
So, after all the hand-wringing for the draft, the Cowboys are going to back up Tony Romo with Kellen Moore and a raw rookie? OK! Great!
If Linehan isn't the Cowboys' OC I don't think Moore is still in Dallas |
Over the last few season... John Skelton, Austin Davis, Ryan Lindley, Kellen Moore, Brandon Weeden all started NFL games... Tebow> all of em
Kellen Moore is garbage I have more faith in Dak Prescott then Moore in my opinion I feel Dak could win us more games
QB - None. Romo is Romo. Enough said. And with a lack of backup options Kellen Moore would have to be awful in camp to not make the team.
How Kellen Moore feels about officially being named the Cowboys backup!
I dropped a new nickname for the Dak Prescott/Kellen Moore duo in here. Got a feeling it’ll stick.
and IF is a big risk with the back and collarbone injury.. He gets hit once its over.. Bring in Kellen Moore
I hope Dak Prescott and Jameil Showers do enough to get Kellen Moore up outta there.
If Scott Linehan isn't Cowboys OC, I don't think Kellen Moore is still here |
Jerry just told the guys on that he sees Kellen Moore as QB2 for 2016.
Jerry Jones on about his confidence in Kellen Moore backing up Romo at QB: "He's got the instincts. He's got…
"He gives me and us a great feeling about basically improving." Jerry Jones on Kellen Moore. htt…
Owner Jerry Jones says club not compelled to take QB in final day of draft. Adds he's comfortable with Kellen Moore as T…
with Kellen Moore as the backup if Tony goes down, draft season 2017 will be similar. 😩
Also had Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel and Kellen Moore throwing to him most of the time. When Romo played he was fine
Rather have guys at 70 like Colt Brennan or Kellen Moore or Graham Harrell or ……
Big Ben? Cam? Flacco isn't a genius. Kap had some success, he's dumb. You can have ken Dorsey and Kellen Moore.
Kellen Moore / DETROIT -- The Detroit Lions have not drafted a quarterback since Matthew Stafford in 2009,
Jerry Jones: There's no question in my mind, Kellen Moore can win games in the NFL”
The longer RG3 is out there and longer Kellen Moore is our scheduled backup, the more anxious I get to see Jerry go to work.
Jerry Jones said he is comfortable with Kellen Moore as the backup quarterback though they would like to get him some competition
The Cowboys missed on a new backup QB in free agency. It's now Kellen Moore and the draft.
so having Kellen Moore starting 2 games if Romo gets hurt is the same as Matt Moore, who's actually won games in this league?
[Dallas Morning News] Laufenberg: Cowboys would be making a mistake by not considering Kellen Moore as next
Matt Moore, Brian Hoyer, Josh McCown, Matt Flynn, Kellen Moore, and Ryan Mallett are all the same person to me.
I have no idea why any Cowboys fan would want Kellen Moore on the team. Unless you're Scott Linehan, you should be begging for his release.
Brandon Doughty did the unthinkable and took away Kellen Moore and Anthony Boone's 0.00 for QBs. 138th out of 138.
anyone better than Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, and Kellen Moore
The velocity divergence from Wentz to Driskel and Kessler is stunning up close. Like Matthew Stafford to Kellen Moore size …
10 things to know about Kellen Moore; He had Tom Brady's combine picture as his screen saver
Kellen Moore threw more TD passes than teddy in last 3 games including teddys playoffs. Maybe mn should blame their QB
because Aaron Rodgers isn't Kellen Moore or Tyrod Taylor or Sam Bradford or Jay Cutler or J.Winston
Kept saying all week Skins played trash QBs Cutler, Kellen Moore, Bradford, Taylor all below average QBs now your playing the Big Guy
...until Kellen Moore (DAL) did it in WK17 supporting Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley, & Jason Witten.
42 wins as a starting QB by at TCU tie for 3rd all-time nationally (Kellen Moore, 50; Colt McCoy, 45).
Sounds like Jerry is already pumping up Kellen Moore as the next yr. SMH. Already trying to get out of drafting a QB.
If he started when Romo went down, We'd be in the playoffs... Kellen Moore is fantastic. Moore did not play a...
Kellen Moore named one of the top performers in the NFL.
Did one more update on my Kellen Moore story, with quotes from Moore and Jerry Jones, and some video.
Kellen Moore gets HIGH praise from owner Jerry Jones. He believes Moore can win games in the NFL.
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Think about this-Kellen Moore just threw for the 6th highest yardage total in Cowboys history. That is a lot of games i…
Kellen Moore throws for 435 yards in Dallas Cowboys' loss
Looks like I'm getting a Kellen Moore jersey
Kellen Moore has had a very solid fantasy day, not that anybody still alive in a fantasy matchup has Kellen Moore on their team lol
Kellen Moore picked off again. Look, the game is over but on second and goal from the 3, why not run it? Let McFadden have …
Are we sure that Kellen Moore didn't play for TAMU? He's the eking picks like Kyle Allen
Have to start Kellen Moore in shotgun. He takes forever to take his drop and the defense is in his face
Keith Wenning, Ryan Mallett, Alex Tanney, Ryan Lindley, Austin Davis and Kellen Moore are all playing in an NFL game. Wow.
Kellen Moore's good that drive was gooder than any non-Romo's good has been this year.
Kellen Moore might have a starting job next year👀
Kellen Moore's good is gooder than Cassel's good, but Kellen Moore's bad is much badder than Cassel's bad.
Kellen Moore at quarterback doesn't help, but this defense is nothing without Sean Lee.
All these skins fans coming out the cut like calm down we have Kellen Moore at quarterback, Sean Lee isn't playing, Dez isn't playing, etc 😴
Josh Freeman, Austin Davis, Ryan Mallett, AJ McCarron, Kellen Moore and Zach Mettenberger are just a few of the starting …
"Hey Kirk, how much talent does Kellen Moore have?"
Happy Birthday! Hope you can find a way to enjoy watching Kellen Moore throwing to Devin Street :)
Here you go. It's a minimum of five attempts; Kellen Moore has the 3rd-worst passer rating in the NFL:
they'd be fine with McCoy vs Kellen Moore
Thought was high on Melvin Gordon? You should've heard him gushing about Kellen Moore for years
Garrett's probably fine but it's still weird how Dallas went from Brandon Weeden to Kellen Moore
Kellen Moore signed my Tom Brady Jersey back when I was in like 4th grade.
Brice Butler, Sean Lee, Darren McFadden, DeMarcus Lawrence all stood out to me today. Kellen Moore was better than Cassel (not saying much)
According to Fox, Kellen Moore is the second coming of Tom Brady
Mallet, Gabbert, Hassleback, Kellen Moore, Weeden, and Mettenberger also started today keep that in mind.
I like Kellen Moore. I hate that the Cowboys went to Weeden,Cassel before him. And he knows the offense from Detriot Lions days.
Kellen Moore will be the next Tom Brady
Kellen Moore era starts without Dez Bryant for Cowboys
Kellen Moore will start at QB Sunday against the Bills, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said on 105.3 The Fan.
Kellen Moore will start against the Buffalo Bils, per Todd Archer at ESPN. Happy Monday
Good for Kellen Moore but you can't tell me he's that much better than Tim Tebow
Kellen Moore's NFL debut has its ups and downs
Kellen Moore throws it up for grabs and CB Marcus Williams comes down with it. That's the ballgame, folks.
Kellen Moore is the future of the cowboys!!! 😎😏 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Cowboys-Jets live updates: Kellen Moore in at QB as Dallas wo - Foot
The Cowboys playing Kellen Moore is so hilarious. The league has these sorry backup QBs in the league and still no one gives Tebow a go LOL
Kellen Moore's TD pass to Dez Bryant was his first since 12/22/11... in the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl.
Kellen Moore is going to win 5 Sup.Grey Cups
Kellen Moore the greatest of all time
Kellen Moore is no match for Kellen Clemens
COWBOYS! . Kellen Moore finds for the points.
Skip Bayless already loves what he's seen from Kellen Moore and predicts that he will be this year's Super Bowl MVP.
Kellen Moore is on Dallas. They can't sign Vince Young or Josh Freeman? Tajh Boyd? You saying those guys aren't as good as Moore? Man...
Quit blaming Matt Cassel. Y'all crying for Kellen Moore, his only two passes: -1 yard and interception in double coverage. Blame Jones as GM
Sir Mix-a-Lot must be a fan of Kellen Moore, he looks like he has a healthy backside and he's only 5'3"
Well, the have benched Matt Cassel. Hello, Kellen Moore (as fans rejoice)
So um Kellen Moore is now in the game...
via youtube. Kellen Moore/ John Gruden. Better than Cassell will ever be. See Lions video also.
Backup QB Kellen Moore discusses his current role with the Cowboys today in the locker room.
why do y'all think Jerry & Company won't start Kellen Moore he can't possible be worse
I'd rather see a guy off the street than Kellen Moore. If we had an actual prospect, I'd be all for benching Cassel
If I win this first fantasy playoff game against my brother, I'm starting BOTH Kellen Moore and Jay Ajayi next week.
I would like to see heavy doses of Kellen Moore, Robert Turbin, Geoff SWAIM TRAIN, Brice Butler, Chaz Green on offense now.
7) last games we may see more Kellen Moore, Brice Butler, Damien Wilson, Chaz Green, Rod Smith and more
they should just put in Kellen Moore
Matt Cassel is not a very good QB.can the give Kellen Moore a shot please.not making the playoffs, put Romo on IR too.
time to see what we have in Kellen Moore. Do you agree?
I'm tryna figure out where the other QBs at we got? Like the Kellen Moore dude..where he at? Why you go get him? I don't…
how does this guy not have an NFL job? Case Keenum, Austin Davis, Tavaris Jackson, Josh Johnson, Kellen Moore,etc. all better? please.
I wish Dallas would have put Kellen Moore in at QB. He has never been tested since Boise State. He is AWESOME!
Brett Rypien is Boise State's 2nd Freshman of the Year, after Kellen Moore won the WAC honor in 2008!
Kellen Moore fans hope will let him play:
If they don't take a hard look at Kellen Moore after this, they're stupid or blind.
I agree with that completely, Kellen Moore, Robert Turbin, Geoffrey Swaim, look at Hanna at FB. and more of Lucky
Come on now Jerry, not Kellen Moore? This aint Boise St. Or is it..
I like him.He sounds like a Roger Staubach,Troy Aikman,Tony Romo: elevate Kellen Moore
- It's time to give Kellen Moore a shot. He only knows winning.
Kellen Moore was 50-3 at Boise State, C'mon Give the guy a chance. He'll do better than all the QB's you've used this year.
ask Jerry why we won't start Kellen Moore at QB! And what will u do about Medicare and SS problems.
do you think Jerry is smart enough to lose out and try Kellen Moore?
I wanna see Kellen Moore too. Liked him since he was at Boise St.
Brock 6'8 yo, he has an arm and just need the mechanics of the greats. If Dallas is smart (Jerry I mean) Kellen Moore could be our future
tell Jerry to put Kellen Moore in as stater,Lefty is ready!.
Kellen Moore to save this season tell garret tell Jerry
My guess is that Kellen Moore is promoted from the p. squad sometime Mon. or Tues.
Hey Jerry Jones. Give Kellen Moore a try. I guarantee he will do better than Matt Cassell or Weeden.
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Yup, Kellen Moore.. Jerry pull the trigger & give him the shot to finish the season. See if he can win it for us maybe?
Obviously with it being Jerry Jones, can't rule out a run for Johnny Manziel. . Also, what is the deal with Kellen Moore...?
Jerry Jones: Didn't the Vikings dump that Ragnar guy?. J. Garrett: Yah, but he was their mascot!. Jones: Well we can't play Kellen Moore!
tell Jerry Jones to let Kellen Moore play in a game. What do we have to lose?
Reynolds was right up there with Brennan, Kellen Moore and Kaepernick as QBs who owned SJSU.
If you're whining that Kellen Moore isn't QB for you apparently missed he couldn't beat out Shaun Hill & Dan Orlovsky with
I thought Kellen Moore was gonna be the left handed Tom Brady.
Kellen Moore and former QB Matt Cassel are Brandon Weeden's backups in Dallas, by the way.
Dallas released a backup DT/LB today to make room for Hardy/McClain. Kellen Moore's roster spot was not affected.
"Cowboys have nothing to lose by giving Kellen Moore a chance. Only thing he has ever done in his life is win."
Who's not playing for Cowboys vs. Saints; Kellen Moore, not Matt Cassel as backup
tony is on temporary IR he will miss at least 8 weeks Kellen Moore will back up Weeden
Kellen Moore likely to backup Brandon Weeden on Sunday as Matt Cassel gets up to speed on the offense.
In case you didn't know: If you like Tebow, you'll really like Kellen Moore. He is a lefty that can throw the ball accurately.
I was thinking that too but I do like Kellen Moore too that we have. But I would try it
big Boise State fan. Do you think Kellen Moore should come up to the FAN..
Did everyone totally forget about Kellen Moore and Jameil Showers? What elite QB is in free agency right now?
How many Boise State fans picked up Kellen Moore on their fantasy team today?
Kellen Moore likely to be backup to Weeden
I think you're gonna see Kellen Moore become the backup
Nope. The real answer is already on their practice squad...Kellen Moore
okay Brandon Weeden, Kellen Moore. But what are the chances we trade for Zach mettenberger?
Nick, does Kellen Moore being a lefty make him less of an option, since that would mean Free would be his blind side tackle?
Sure, a chance. But in sticking with the idea of Brandon Weeden and Kellen Moore.
Kellen Moore not ready will probably look for FA QB.
Don't forget the saviour Kellen Moore plays for Dallas now!
Next week Weeden is going to throw 4 interceptions in the first half and then it's going to be Kellen Moore time in Dallas
How long before Kellen Moore gets on the field?
- I agree, I meant behind Weeden, still gonna need a 3rd QB. Not much to be had. I wasn't high on Vaughn, Kellen Moore?
Romo hurt time to get kellen Moore off practice squad and unto the field forget weeden
probably Kellen Moore off the practice squad.
Time for kellen moore to get some playing time
does Kellen Moore really make his way onto the 53 as backup QB?
Jimmy Johnson said Cowboys need to go out and find a backup QB. I'm pretty sure that's why they brought in Kellen Moore.
I'll tell you what as soon as Kellen Moore is starting for Dallas I'll be a cowboys fan.
Looks like your guys Kellen Moore may get his chance, finally. Not a good occasion with Romo's injury but he's the next man up
Here's a tip CowboysNation. Try to find a way to trade for Kellen Moore now. He's a hidden gem behind Stafford.
Kellen Moore was a beast in College. You should give him the keys to the offense. Worth a shot!
Does Kellen Moore finally make an active roster?
They'll probably go the conservative route & ride Weeden & bring up Kellen Moore or sign a practice squad QB but I don't think that'll work
oh yeah kellen Moore doubtful we sign anyone.
Totally Forgot we got kellen moore. So he will now be the back up most likely.
does Kellen Moore make the active roster next week?
I expect Weeden to start and Kellen Moore (from our practice squad) as the backup. Kellen was with Linehan in Detroit, knows his offense.
Kellen Moore is being brought up from the practice squad.
Little Giant Ladders
Kellen Moore will get brought up from the practice squad
I don't disagree but it'll be Weeden and Kellen Moore
I would expect Weeden and bring Kellen Moore up from the practice squad
Kellen Moore? I was just asking about him. Young kid right?
is there a chance that we see Kellen Moore as the starting quarterback in the coming weeks?
Kellen Moore could be active next week...
Romo does have a back up, Kellen Moore from Boise St 😳
they're gonna have another lefty backup instead. Kellen Moore
Kellen Moore is fantastic. And Linehan has a good relationship with him.
The Cowboys will be just fine...picked up Kellen "winner" Moore a few weeks back
I think the Cowboys should go outside of the organization to bring in another QB. Currently have Jameill Showers and Kellen Moore on (1/2)
I drafted Tim Tebow in the 20th round so I could experience him not making my final roster. I chose Kellen Moore instead
Michael and Mills solid pick ups - scouts eye: can you compare Austin Davis/Kellen Moore and Asante Clevelnad/Geoff Swaim.
Like that the signed Kellen Moore, loved that lefty at Boise St & reunites with Scott Linehan
Oh has to be happy “The Dallas Cowboys sign former Boise State star QB Kellen Moore
Kellen Moore gets to learn from the best: Brandon Weeden.
Former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore added to the Cowboys' practice squad, per
Great news for Kellen Moore to Dallas, tough news for our man Jay Ajayi out 8 weeks!
Kellen Moore watches film better than Andrew Luck, my column:
This COULD be the Lion's practice squad Jean-Baptiste,Kellen Moore,George Winn and Larry Webster.
There's one. Good chance you'll see Kellen Moore, George Winn and Andrew Peacock join him.
They'll establish their practice squad later. Andrew Peacock, Isaiah Johnson, Kellen Moore among those expected to be on
Update: Kellen Moore's hail mary pass just fell incomplete to Corey Fuller
This quarterback aure ain't no Kellen Moore. These announcers need to quit acting like he is the next coming of him
Kellen Moore just overthrew Corey Fuller... Keep an eye out for the other signs of the impending apocalypse
Kellen Moore is Smalls from the Sandlot. All he needs is Benny "the jet" Rodriguez to teach him how to throw.
Three things to watch for tonight: return men, CBs not Slay or Mathis, right tackle. Could be Kellen Moore audition night too
Dan Orlovsky is playing really good the past two games has definitely outplayed Kellen Moore unfortunately
Dan Orlovsky is actually not that bad this preseason but yall are all better than Kellen Moore.
One thing after watching two preseason games and practices, Dan Orlovsky should absolutely be the No. 2 QB over Kellen Moore.
Quick observations. . Kellen Moore is bad. Larry Webster too. . Kyle Van Noy can't football. Lions roster will be weird this year.
Time to see a Drew Stanton like fourth quarter comeback from Kellen Moore
QB Dan Orlovsky in for Kellen Moore got second-team reps in last game. Guys are competing for No. 2 job.
I have an unfortunate example. I really thought Kellen Moore was going to be a stud.
Watching lefty Kellen Moore for I'm reminded of Scott Mitchell. Just saw he gained some weight since NFL days
Already love it just because of the "Kellen Moore" related title
Hey you. Yes, you. Read my training camp observations from yesterday's practice, or else. via
The Bengals might have a Kellen Moore of their own. Sorry
What's going on? Lions training camp observations: Kellen Moore continues to… Get found ->
training camp observations: Kellen Moore continues to struggle
hearing your comments on Kellen Moore I agree. We need some backup help but I will take him over some starters on other teams.
To add on to this. Kellen Moore fans, please stop bothering me.
Kellen Moore might be more accurate, better at anticipating throws or reading defenses, but he doesn't have the arm.
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