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Kell Brook

Ezekiel Brinsly Reid, better known as Kell Brook, born 3 May 1986 is an English professional boxer from Sheffield who fights in the welterweight division.

Amir Khan Gennady Golovkin Errol Spence Jr Eddie Hearn Danny Garcia Diego Chaves Shawn Porter Canelo Alvarez Keith Thurman Anthony Crolla Devon Alexander Tim Bradley Frankie Gavin James Degale Adrien Broner Johnny Nelson Danny Jacobs

Kell Brook out to prove he's a man of steel | Daily Mail Online
LIVE Boxing this Saturday!. Kell Brook v Errol Spence Jr for the IBF Welterweight Championship!
Sugar Ray Robinson and Sugar Ray Leonard both moved up from welterweight to defy the odds at 160lbs,will Kell Brook be next…
Kell Brook not even favourite for his own world title defence 😂😂😂
Apart from Kell Brook, Gabe Rosado, Nobuhiro Ishida and Kassim Ouma. His career is littered with Welters and Light…
EXCLUSIVE: Kell Brook reveals what he told Anthony Joshua when he was a nobody
When is Kell Brook vs Errol Spence Jr, what TV channel is the fight on and where will it take place?
Who is Kell Brook? Background, record, net worth of World champ who fights Errol Spence Jr
When is Kell Brook vs Errol Spence Jr? What TV channel is showing it, where will fight take place and what are the…
'Kell Brook to defend welterweight title against Errol Spence Jr at Bramall Lane'
Kell Brook targeting welterweight domination after beating Errol Spence at Bramall Lane
Tempers flare as Kell Brook squares up to next opponent at Bramall Lane
Bramall Lane press conference: Kell Brook and Errol Spence Jr promises to be a tasty show
I don't think Gennady Golovkin will pressure Daniel Jacobs like he did with Kell Brook or David Lemieux... he respects Jacobs too much.
Kell Brook set for career-making fight if he can beat Errol Spence Jr
Showtime has picked up the rights to televise the IBF welterweight title fight between Kell Brook and mandatory cha…
Kell Brook will be on collision course with Keith Thurman if he defeats Errol Spence Jr, says Lou ...
And people are acting like Danny Jacobs is a better fight than Kell Brook. Ya'll DKSAB.
Errol Spence Jr. geared up to face Kell Brook in Sheffield |
Manny Pacquiao reveals he will fight Amir Khan, Kell Brook, Terence Crawford or Jeff Horn
Conor McGregor would lose to Kell Brook, get embarrassed by Timothy Bradley, get worked by Errol Spence Jr. The list goes…
Kell Brook, Errol Spence headed to purse bid ahead of welterweight title fight
Errol Spence Jr would welcome Kell Brook world title fight in Britain, says Derrick James via
I added a video to a playlist *** Eddie Hearn Reveals Problem in Kell Brook vs Errol Spence Jr is
Eddie telling US promoters how to do their job now. He's priceless. Maybe he should have built Kell Brook and Frank…
Kenny Porter slams Kell Brook for not fighting Shawn again - Boxing News 24
Kell Brook vs. Amir Khan talks go south. Fight no...
Amir Khan is deliberately pricing himself out of Kell Brook fight, he's scared so setting 70-30 split he knows cant be accepted
Kell Brook has one meaningful win. ONE MEANINGFUL WIN IN HIS ENTIRE 12 YEAR CAREER. Remember that the next time Eddie laughs…
The Amir Khan video is doing its rounds... 🙈 Kell Brook will deffo say he's a ✊💦💦 for sure now 😂😂
Jamie Moore wants to see Vasyl Lomachenko v Guillermo Rigondeaux and Kell Brook v Amir Khan in 2017…
Kell Brook suffered a first career loss to Gennady Golovkin, who picked up the IBF, WBC and IBO Middleweight belts.…
When Kell Brook was out for 6 months??
Kell Brook vs Amir Khan needs to happen in 2017
Is he the same guy that stabbed Kell Brook? He must aim for the legs.
Have you any idea why Kell Brook isn't ranked by any of WBC/WBA/WBO? Seems ridiculous when boxers like Bradley Skeete are!
why does chizzy sound like kell brook and he's from St. Helens 😂😂
exactly AJ is Hearns cash cow doing AJ no favors look what he did to Kell Brook
strange Kell Brook said that and it didn't end well.
👊 | Amir Khan has said he would "love" to fight Sheffield rival Kell Brook in 2017.
he needs to fight Kell Brook and prove he's a level above as he keeps telling us
just heard your impressions of Eubank Snr and Kell Brook - had me in stitches! Bet I could do a better Khan one
Watching and kell Brook vs GGG. Them first few rounds were class from Brook.
Am sorry but Kell Brook v GGG really? He had one good round. Almost got his chin taken off in the 1st ffs
Hope kell brook vs Amir Khan happens Kahn will be knocked out with the first 6 rounds! That will be is career over with
I love it when a fighter - who has never smashed anyone's face yet - threatens to smash someone's face
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What a fighter golovkin is, ultimate hard *** so much respect to be given to kell brook though two great fighters
Does Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence Jr. make sense? shares their thoughts on the possible clash
Kell Brook was ahead after 5 so a skilled boxer could out box him, but they'd have to be able to live with his power too
Amir Khan vs Kell Brook fight could happen at Old Trafford in May 2017
Tony Bellew, Anthony Crolla, Kell Brook feature in 'Fights of the Year'
Frampton, haye v Bellew, Joshua and a potential Kell Brook v Khan fight, some good boxing day nights for next year
Why Kell Brook should fight Spence over Khan - By Gav Duthie: The night is nearly over and the nightclub is clo...
hi Eddie. How do I get an autograph from Kell brook?.. massive fan
Tony Bellew, Anthony Crolla, Kell Brook feature in ‘Fights of the Year’
out of all the fights mentioned it either v or v for FOTY.
that's how the fight ends wi Kell Brook
don't you remember how much they hyped up Kell Brook. You would have thought the UK had a super weapon when talking about him.
ticket prices the same as Kell Brook GG as well 🎺🎺
well they're clueless. watch his fight w/Kell Brook he just took shot after shot. Great chin, bad defense.
Amir Khan says he could fight Kell Brook as a tune-up. Adds that Brook should not have fought Golovkin.
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Just watched Triple G v Kell Brook again, the atmosphere was the best of 2016 without a doubt!
and GGG's best win will still be Kell Brook.
Errol Spence Jr is in a pretty good position. He's been mandated to fight Kell Brook and Timothy Bradley. Both could take place next year.
“BREAKING: Kell Brook and Amir Khan are in talks to fight in May 2017. 🙏🙏🙏
Eddie Hearn has said that Amir Khan and Kell Brook are "in talks" over a possible fight next year. Full story:
Kell Brook Vs Ggg : What time is Kell Brook vs ... - Read more:
Assuming JMM is retired, top 5 favourite active boxers are: Miguel Cotto, Felix Verdejo, Kell Brook, Canelo Alvarez, and Vasyl Lomachenko.
Kell Brook to quit Matchroom? No way. Not yet anyway.. Eddie Hearn has extinguished rumours that...
Kell Brook accuses Amir Khan of lacking respect
If rumours true bit late Kell Brook should left long time ago as Eddie wasn't getting him big pay days or fights 👊👍🙈
Carl Froch gives Kell Brook a bit of advice ahead of GGG clash
Kell Brook asks his Boxing Friend Carl Froch for some help with his new chant
Nigel Benn: Amir Khan will storm back from hand surgery and take Kell Brook in showdown
Kell Brook tells Amir Khan quit talking and sign the contract if he really wants to fight the IBF king…
Amir Khan sitting out until summer 2017: Khan will target fights with Kell Brook and Danny Garcia on ...
taken risks and fought Kell Brook , Thurman , Broner , Devon Alexander .. These are all top 10 welterweight fighters
Right after Kell beat Porter,he callout Khan but Khan went and fought Devon Alexander to avoid Kell Brook.
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. news: Knocking out Gennady Golovkin, says 'Kell Brook hurt him!'; talks...
Just watched beat Kell Brook. . Deserves every comparison that comes his way - beast, monster..absolute murder in the ring
The wait is over!. 64 days. I have waited in anticipation for this fight. Gennady Golovkin V Kell Brook. https…
Kell Brook, a WW, is the best name on his resume. Needs a fighter at 160 or up as his top name. Not a WW
'Kell Brook knocks down full-fledged welterweights with one punch'. Which welterweights though? No one decent.
Kell brook warrior dom ingle true friend looking after his fighter hope your back soon.
Kell Brook's promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed that Brook suffered a broken eye socket, which will be operated on this Monday i…
you ran from GGG last time, at least Kell Brook had the courage to go up 2 weight divisions.
Kell Brook stared Gennady Golovkin down for 5 rounds before his corner threw in the towel suddenly.
Gennady Golovkin has retained his WBC and IBF middleweight belts - This after stopping Kell Brook in the fifth round o…
Kell Brook coming out to Kanye West's "All Of the Lights" (the interlude for the build up then the actual song for his entrance) is so dope
BREAKING: Gennady Golovkin defeats Kell Brook to retain his middleweight world titles 👊
Kell Brook's eye socket is broken after fight
All purpose parts banner
IBF world welterweight champion Kell Brook lost to Gennady Golovkin for the WBC, IBF and IBO world titles.
Heroic effort from GGG never hit as much in whole career as this fight:
It split opinion among some boxing scribes
Gennay Golovkin overpowers Kell Brook to retain middleweight titles
SMH. Like it could've been diff. Gennady Golovkin beats Kell Brook to retain world middleweight title – live!
Gennady Golovkin beats Kell Brook with fifth-round stoppage in London -
If you don't think Kell Brook was going to get KO'd, you're out of your mind. . But I'd love to see him fight !!!
I respect Kell Brook a TON for fighting GGG, but my friends across the pond seem to think Brook was close to winning that fight. He wasn't.
Today's word is balls; CM Punk got the balls to step into an Octagon, and Kell Brook got balls for facing GGG.
Kell Brook was landing good shots but GGG took the life out of him by walking through those shots.🤖💀🚫
Our own weighs in on as only he can. Check it out: https:…
Just saw the GGG and Kell Brook fight bruh 👀
Gennady Golovkin (GGG) defeats Kell Brook by TKO after Brook's team throws in the towel .
Gennady Golovkin wins by TKO when Kell Brook's team throws in the towel. Golovkin: 23rd knockout in a row.
Gennady Golovkin retains title with onslaught in fifth round
Title retained. Gennady Golovkin records his 23rd straight KO after Kell Brook's corner throws towel in the 5th. https:/…
Good luck to all racing in the morning. Race strong and show some of that Kell Brook fighting spirit
Ibrahimovic, Carroll and Prince Naseem at 02 to watch Golovkin v Brook via
Congrats to for the massive win, you're a beast champ 👏 Also respect to kell brook for showing so much heart 😊…
Kell Brook's dream turned into a disaster when his trainer called a halt to five brutal rounds as he lost to Gennady Golovkin.
LIVE: Haskins retains his IBF bantamweight title with points victory over Hall
Ngl it's funny tho Kell Brook put his hands down to GGG so GGG sent him home with no eye socket and his trainer home with no v…
(Sky news):By Golovkin After Five Rounds : Kell Brook's dream turned into..
It's nearly time for the main event... follow Brook vs Golovkin, blow by blow
LIVE: Zlatan Ibrahimovic is in the house...
Showing there is still top class fights left in boxing, v Kell Brook was a fierce battle, entertaining to the end...late I know
Tim Bradley was my favorite fighter for years soley because he was genuinely FEARLESS and had HEART. Kell Brook is amazing with his heart.
Kell Brook talking a good game about what he was about to do for a guy who had his eye busted and was 30 seconds from ge…
Can't decide whether Kell Brook will rise to the challenge or be another Ricky Hatton.
Gennady Golovkin poised to crush Kell Brook's dream in world middleweight title showdown Kell Brook faces...
Bernard Hopkins on Gennady Golovkin vs. Kell Brook fight: "Anything is p... via
Me gustó un video de Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook official weigh-in and face off
This is the only Kell Brook v Gennady Golovkin preview you need to watch
Golovkin v Brook: Start time, how to watch: KNOCKOUT machine Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin faces Kell Brook in a middleweight battle of unbe...
Gennady Golovkin vs. Kell Brook at the weigh-in: via
SHEFFIELD: Kell Brook can start a new boxing dynasty tonight by beating Gennady Golovkin
Gennady Golovkin's WBA middleweight title not at stake in fight against Kell Brook
Kell Brook standing his ground with big right hands against the physical come forward style of Porter.
Golovkin's WBA title not on line in Brook fight
If you care about belts, one of won't be at stake vs. My story: …
Brook outweighs Golovkin by five pounds: Kell Brook showed last Friday that he’s still bigger than IBF/IBO/WB...
Brook is an absolute embarrassment. If Amir retired 5 years ago, his CV would still be better than Kell's will ever be.
It's crazy Kell Brook is so scared of Errol spence that he's gone to fight GGG and I'm sure he will vacate that belt before fighting him
Kell Brook at his natural weight now via
Kell Brook: Purse for Golovkin fight: Some, if not most, believe Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin's natu...
Kell Brook insists after 'staring death in the face' taking on knockout king and unified middl...
Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook: Why Manny Pacquiao has everything to gain…
can't wait to hear All of the Lights for Brook's ring walk. Do it for Britain, Kell.
Round 1 Kell Brook gonna be running out of options v GGG like.
in 7 days time, I think Kell Brook will show us that GGG is the most over hyped fighter in boxing. Fought no one.
Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook: Triple G says he wants to win over 'true fans' in the UK
Kell Brook: Purse for Golovkin fight: In just one more week, Gennady Golovkin takes on Kell Brook in front of...
One week until kell brook gets separated from his senses
Kell Brook has been chewing some hard bubble gum. Look at them jaw muscles
Looking forward to fighting in London for the first time in my career next week, will be a great fight vs Kell Brook https:/…
Kell brook vs GGG on HBO September 10. . Who will be victorious? It's a miss match kell is moving up 2 weight class from 147 to 160.
I'm really starting to like Kell Brook! I hope he wins
GGG stoppage 6 to 9 rounds Kell brook will start good box well until he feels the power
Kell Brook is eating 8-9 big meals per day. I can guarantee you GGG wouldn't be doing that.
Freddie Roach Kell Brook desperate for a pay day...Has no chance WATCH at:
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Kell Brook: Beating Gennady Golovkin would be best British boxing win: The Sheffield boxer is stepping up two...
I'm all for getting behind the British fighter, but Kell Brook genuinely doesn't have a chance against GGG
Props to Kell Brook for taking about the toughest fight out there
Kell Brook 'fell out of love with boxing' before landing middleweight super-fight with Ge...
Kell Brook. Danny Garcia. Tim Bradley. Manny Pacquiao. . If doesn't fight 3 out of four of these fighters, I'll question his legacy.
Kell Brook has inspired Josh Warrington and other Yorkshire fighters, says Johnny Nelson: Saturday sees some ...
What Liam Smith and Kell Brook must do to beat Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin - Boxing News
Kell Brook announces surprise London showdown with Gennady Golovkin
I liked a video Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook "Can Kell be special?"
BBC Sport - Kell Brook to fight Gennady Golovkin in London in September
Boxing: Golovkin to fight welterweight champion Kell Brook in London: Gennady Golovkin was searching for some...
if that's the case imagine Kell Brook moving to face those great names like Toney, Jones, Hopkins no way its acceptable
Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook on September 10th in London. Wow.
BREAKING: Kell Brook will fight Gennady Golovkin for the unified Middleweight World Championship on September 10!
G+: Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook set for Sept 10 in London READ
BREAKING: GGG vs Kell Brook officially announced September 10th at the O2 in London 🇰🇿🇬🇧
thoughts on kell brook signing to fight GGG?
Love how It's Canelo's fault that ggg is fighting Kell Brook lol
GGG is fighting Kell Brook this year... A guy that fights at a division 13 Lbs lighter than him... Hopefully in 2017 it
Gennady Golovkin 100 . V. Kell Brook 98. Do I like this fight? What do you think of course.EH is reading the guidelines
Gennady "GGG" Golovkin will defend his belts against welterweight world titlist Kell Brook on Sept. 10 in London. https:/…
Kell Brook vs triple G.. Wow. I never would have seen this coming
Golovkin to fight two weight class smaller, Kell Brook
Kell Brook is not a jokeman. He can beat Triple G on his day. IDC.
These UK fighters have huge balls. Khan moves up to fight Canelo & Kell Brook steps up to face GGG. Huge respect even if Brook gets starched
When you hear Gennady Golovkin is fighting Kell Brook this September
*** Eubanks had me fooled 😩 I really thought he had the guts to fight ggg Kell brook won't make it past 8rds glad it's no…
WATCH: to fight on September 10 on Sky Sports Box Office:
Kell Brook steals Amir Khan's thunder: Brook may not be as big of a superstar as Amir Khan but...
Sheffield world champion Kell Brook may have to 'get in line' to fight ... - The Star: The StarShe...
I wanna see a rematch too but it's a ton of money to be made at welterweight. Kell Brook, Danny Garcia or Terence Crawford
Callum Smith or Rocky Fielding could face James Degale for title… and there have been Kell Brook vs Timothy Bradle…
Amir Khan sees Saul Alvarez as a 'no lose' fight… but there would have been no way back from a Kell Brook defeat
Filming the start of The Big Fish Off Series 3 with legends Carl Fogarty and Boxing world champ Kell Brook in...
Kell Brook if current world champion. . Robin Reid or Ricky Hatton if retired.
HBO turned down Kell Brook, but accepted Daniel Geale and Rodriguez. Just shows that Kell is an unknown nobody.
Kell Brook fights Jo Jo Dan and Frankie Gavin in Sheffield, Khan goes to the States and fights Canelo and Garcia but K…
Jamie Moore on Matthew Macklin's retirement, Anthony Crolla, Kell Brook and more via
some people believe in tooth fairy and Kell Brook.😜😜😜 and father xmas
How do you think Chris Eubank Jr and Kell Brook would fare against Canelo?👊🏾
. Time to shut up Edwina Hearnia and his poodle who speaks like Keith Lemmon aka Kell Brook
Liam Smith tells Eddie Hearn to his face that he won't get Kell Brook a big fight in the summer on iFL TV. 😂
I spoke to IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook about
Top three pound for pound in the world right now: Sergey Kovalev, Kell Brook, Danny Garcia
Kell Brook comparing Erroll Spence to Jeff Lacy is laughable . Let me find out the young fighter is already n Kell head already
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Errol Spence Junior calls out Kell Brook; finally a great fight for the IBF welterweight champ?: Unbeaten welt... https:/…
I can picture and see every top American welterweight beating Kell Brook. From Garcia and spence to guys like Broner and Berto. Yes Broner
but he said on Sky after Porter fight that he would fight Brook next and Kell wouldn't take the fight. Time came, Khan ran 😄😄
Kell 'i got stabbed in the leg by a rent boy' brook
Sure but don't you want Bradley paquaio Jesse Vargas and those guys involved?? Kell brook
KELL BROOK needs to fight a big name in the US . him fighting Bizier is embarrassing when Khan is stepping up to fight…
Amir Khan 'is not bothered' about Kell Brook bout as he prepares for mega-fight with 'Canelo' Alvarez
Kell Brook wants Danny Garcia next and sends out warnings to Adrien Broner and Errol Spence | Boxing Sky Sports
Kell would relish the chance to face the controversial Full: htt…
Kell Brook is gonna put Adrien Broner in the HOF. I like the matchup. Special K is much too stiff, no rhythm. Good fight
Have to feel pity for all Kell-ends still running with "Khan is ducking Brook" script. Holding on to whatever they can. Sad, sad, stuff!
Kell Brook dodged a bullet by not having to fight Spence.
Kell Brook wants Broner or Danny Garcia for July fight: By Scott Gilfoid: IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook says he wants to fight...
its most likely gonna be him vs Kell Brook because hes the mandatory for the title..thats gonna be a good *** fight fam
"Right now though, I want Danny Garcia. He is a big name, he is good and that would be my number one pick." Kell Brook.
IBF confirm is not yet mandatory challenger for More here: http…
Kell Brook says he wants to fight either WBC 147lb champion Garcia or former four division world champion Broner for his…
Kell Brook must stay busy. Should do at least another 2 fights this year.
Errol Spence calls out Kell Brook! If Eddie Hearn and Kell Brook want a big fight in the summer they've now got one!. ht…
Kell Brook has rejected a fight against Miguel Cotto in New York on June 18th, HBO have revealed.
Which comes a year after 1986 when Jess ennis-hill and Kell Brook were born!
IBF world welterweight champion Kell Brook calls out fellow WBC world welterweight champion Danny Swift Garcia
Kell Brook and Kevin Bizier both make weight ahead of world title fight: IBF world welterweight champion Kell...
He must think that Kell Brook is managed by Al Haymon...
According to Frank, Kell Brook vs Liam Smith is a huge fight that fans are calling for lulz
Kell Brook: We Should Get Mayweather Out, I’ll Take That Zero!: Brook would love to get Floyd Mayweather Jr. (...
Shane you should fight Kell Brook,Tim Bradley,Keith Thurman,Terrance Crawford or even a Adrien Bronner,Danny Garcia
"Tell me how Amir Khan is ducking Kell Brook if he's fighting Canelo, you little *** "
Amir Khan: "he [Kell Brook] needs to grow bigger balls!"/ laughs at the idea of brook vs GGG
Kell Brook: who is next? Amir Khan, Miguel Cotto... Diego Chaves: via
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Kell Brook: I've got the power to KO heavyweights: The reason for that is Amir Khan has alread...
Kell Brook states his desire for a Bramall Lane barnstormer this July. My follow-up report from the Sheffield Arena:
I liked a video from Amir Khan rips Kell Brook - EsNews Boxing
Kell Brook homes in on a July bout as 'no one can touch me at 147lb'
Kell Brook can fight! Just hope Eddie Hearn puts his hand in his pocket and gets him the names he deserves
Preview: Brook v Bizier: Your one-stop preview of Kell Brook's IBF world welterweight title defence against ma...
Brook looking for 'war' with Bizier - World champion Kell Brook wants a...
Kell Brook aims to add Danny Garcia's WBC world title belt to his collection - The Sun
heard Eddie Hearn wants AJ v Kell Brook at Wrestlemania 32 for the UFC bantamweight championship of Europe 👀
It's funny how Kell Brook is a bigger draw in Britain than James Degale, despite Brook not having been in a 50/50 fight for years.
Kevin Bizier to bring the heat in Kell Brook clash.
"Kell Brook: Amir Khan's decision to fight Canelo Alvarez makes no sense"
Bad foul by me. Atta way to save me Brook n Bogie!! Kell W the career high! Good win. Minnesota 🛫
dont make me bring out a Kell Brook pic...
She is gorgeous!! These boxers always have beautiful GFs. Like Carl Froch and Kell Brook.
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After Algieri, Spence told us he wants Kell Brook, winner of Thurman/Porter, DSG, etc. Listen at 5min mark:
Khan is TERRIFIED of losing to Kell Brook: Forum: British Boxing Forum. Posted By: BangOnTheChin:). Post Time: 0...
genuinely thought this was Kell Brook & to be fair it would have made sense then
how he's still in a job is beyond me! Remember him giving Shawn Porter a comfortable points victory over Kell Brook! 🙈👀
At least Kell Brook has some new wanking material
Jealous that my boss' are going too meet kell brook tonight
BBC Sport - Amir Khan demands unacceptable - Kell Brook's promoter Hearn lost all my respect for deluded Khan
Kell Brook vs Kevin Bizier.we preview the IBF title fight via
Kell Brook v Kevin Bizier betting tips – Brook to make easy work of Canadian.
I remember u wanking over the lads in OBC Drisc dressed like Kell brook ha ha
What was the moment you realised you should have fought Kell Brook, Amir Khan?
A loss definitely sets amir back and makes him the b side to kell brook shouts to steve farhood who mentioned that
he also has Kell Brook loosing by a long way when fighting Porter. Not the best pundit about now
[VIDEO] Kell Brook wants to focus on Bizier, not Khan...
The boxing fans view on Kell Brook 😂 . Some one said Brook vs The Mongolian milk man and the other said Brook vs Bo… https:…
Will Kell Brook deliver a special one at home? Pick Kell Brook at
Spence says after Algieri he will pursue a Kell Brook fight but is leaving his options open.
Spence wants Kell Brook, winner of or the winner of Garcia vs. TBA. Link:
Khan vs Brook should be 60/40 split. I think dat's fair. And if Kell wins, then it's 40/60 split.
guess they didn't offer an 80-20 split to Canelo the champ like they did Kell Brook. Makes it easier to make a fight no doubt
Billy Joe Saunders has announced he'll be facing Kell Brook on March 26th
Craig Poxton Talks being on the Kell Brook undercard
As soon as I heard Kell Brook asked for GGG, I asked for Canelo fight to be cancelled & wanted to fight prime Mike Tyson…
JEFF POWELL: Amir Khan has hit back at accusations that he ducked British arch-rival Kell Brook by claiming that promoter Eddie Hearn
Canelo should be getting ready to fight either Danny Jacobs or GGG and Khan should be fighting Kell Brook ...this fight doesn't make sense
Eddie Hearn looking at Golovkin, Cotto, Garcia and Thurman for Kell Brook via Thomas Tolkien
Amir Khan will struggle against Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and should fight Kell Brook says Matthew Hatton
Brook: Khan will lose to Canelo: By Scott Gilfoid: IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook seems to have taken th...
Kell Brook looking for new big name opponent this summer after missing out on Amir Khan mega fight
Kell Brook's mate Ryan Rhodes talking wet on SSN. Khan ducking Kell by fighting arguably the best p4p boxer in the world a…
It proves that Amir Khan is running away from Kell Brook&Danny Garcia. Why Canelo when he can't even win against Brook & Garcia
he knows Danny Garcia beats him and Kell Brook punch power worries him...get knocked out by a big man good excuse
Is Amir Khan vs Canelo Alvarez real? If it is...I don't think he's scared of Kell Brook; he's definitely mental though
I hate fighters not fighting the right fight, But I cant help but love Khan not giving into Eddie Hearn and denying Kell Brook a payday
Amir Khan should take the 10m, 60-40 split in favour to him to fight Kell Brook. World title fight and a opportunity to fight at Wembley
Amir Khan has dealt a blow to British rival Kell Brook's hopes of a multi-million pound summer showdown by targeting a rem…
Amir Khan: Now is the right time to take the Kell Brook fight
Why the *** does Kell Brook keep saying ppl were calling Shawn Porter the next Mike Tyson? Seriously, who ever said that?
Thurman won't copy Brook: Keith Thurman insists he will defeat Shawn Porter in far more convincing fashion than Kell Brook was able to do.
Porter: Thurman 'toughest' foe: Shawn Porter believes upcoming opponent Keith Thurman will be a tougher challenge than Kell Brook.
Amir Khan reportedly wanted a huge pay day to fight Kell Brook at Wembley
And now to Kell Brook.. Eddie Hearn is cool i had a good chat with him at the Smith fight in Liverpool and negotiations s…
Adam Smith & Johnny Nelson are in the studio to talk Kell Brook, Dereck Chisora & Deontay Wilder. now!
What do you think of ESPN's British pound-for-pound rankings? Tyson Fury, James Degale and Kell Brook
Wembley has been booked for a midsummer battle of Britain between Amir Khan and Kell Brook. This world welterweight title …
Kell Brook sitting on his *** while King Khan is helping refugees and the flood victims. Amir is someone we should al…
NEWS | Kell Brook to defend world title in States, then for Amir Khan showdown -
Kell Brook is living off that Porter win. Since then... Jo Jo Dan, Frankie Gavin and now Bizier?! Seriously needs to step up with big fights
Even Devon Alexander knew Kell Brook was *** A YEAR BEFORE he got cut with that machete looking for *** sex.
Amir Khan could be set to fight Sheffield boxer Kell Brook. Full story:
Kell Brook avoids Diego Chaves, so IBF makes Kevin Bizier the mandatory challenger. Keep padding that record champ!
ICYMI Avanesyan was one of the sparring-partners of Kell Brook for Diego Chaves fight, which was scrapped.
Kell Brook's IBF welterweight title defence against Diego Chaves off after r
Kell Brook's loss can be Chris Eubank Jnr's gain if the middleweight puts on a show in Sheffield: Glenn McCrory was…
Kell Brook has pulled out of defending his IBF welterweight title against Diego Chaves on October 24 after...
Kell Brook pulls out of title defense with ri... [Kitsap Sun, Washington].
Kell Brook ruled out of world title defence against Diego Chaves on Oct 24 due to injury -
Will Ricky Burns still be the Kell Brook show?
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