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Keke Rosberg

Keijo Erik Rosberg (born December 6, 1948 in Solna, Stockholm County, Sweden), nicknamed Keke , is a Finnish former racing driver and winner of the Formula One World Championship.

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Finland huh? 😄Also, Nico Rosberg qualifies since his dad is Keke (who is also a racecar driver).
Keke Rosberg, Williams-Honda-FW10 qualified 2nd for the San Marino Grand Prix, on this day in 1985.
Keke Rosberg admits that the last three years seem to have taken their toll on his son.
news via Keke Rosberg expects Nico to raise game after F1 title win
Formula One: Rosberg follows father Keke in his own fashion
🇫🇮Keke Rosberg won the 1982 F1 season an now his son 🇩🇪Nico Rosberg wins the 2016 Formula 1 season by just 5 pts fr…
Congrats!Huge Nico fan here.Saw Keke race CanAm in US when I was 9, so glad you got your well deserved championship!
Great moment of top weekend was chat with Keke Rosberg 34 years after reporting on his championship win in Las Vegas. Proud Dad...
Keke Rosberg driving Fittipaldi F7 in 1980. He picked up his maiden podium in the season opener at Argentina.…
F1: Nico Rosberg finally won a title to match his father Keke Rosberg’s achievement from 1982.
.son of champ Keke, won title today. 1st father-son to celebrate title together.Graham Hill died be4 won.
Well done Rosberg Jnr. Anyone criticising Hamilton's tactics knows nothing about racing drivers. Hope Keke is getting dri…
2016 F1WC Nico Rosberg, with his dad Keke aged 1 in 1985, with Lewis Hamilton in 1999 aged 14, After the race and on the podium.😊
Nico Rosberg the most undeserving F1 World Champion since Keke Rosberg, just asking? Unbelievable Mercedes were trying to i…
This is the second father-son duo to become World Champions, joining Graham/Damon Hill. Keke Rosberg - 1982. Nico Rosbe…
Keke and Nico Rosberg, Father and Son, 1982 and 2016 F1 World Champions. History made today
absolutely fabulous!! Like father like son, Keke, 1of my favs to watch years ago. Thank you both! amazing driving!
Thirty-four years after his dad Keke, Nico Rosberg joins a very exclusive club, becoming 33rd world champion http…
..I'm no Hamilton fan, nor a Rosberg fan (though Keke was great) but I'd rather see a tense showdown like that, than another Merc rout.
Thanks for this . "I took a big sip from my beer and thought ‘oh this is going to get hot’!" . -Keke Rosberg
1982: Keke Rosberg wins the Formula One world championship. 2016: Nico Rosberg wins the Formula One world championship https:…
Keke Rosberg in 1982. Nico Rosberg in 2016. Matches Graham/Damon Hill as fathers and sons to both win a World Champions…
What a lovely video from the new F1 WDC's growing up years with his dad Keke
Congrats Keke Rosberg won the in 1982;34 years later,his son Nico wins…
Father Son World Champions, congrats and sir Keke Rosberg !!so proud of you guys!
Great to see Keke Rosberg make a surprise appearance in the paddock. He watched the race "on a friend's couch" in Dubai t…
We were pulling for you to win WC all season! Husband Jim shows his support! He was a fan of your fat…
"I was banned from watching at the circuit so.I saw it from Dubai!" Keke Rosberg, the '82 champ, made the paddock in tim…
Probably the only man happier than now is his dad my friend Keke. Huge congrats to the family World Champi…
Nico and Keke Rosberg cut different paths on the track.. Related Articles:
What a great picture, greetings to Keke.
That's one from Keke Rosberg. Even the name has to change if it benefits the career.
Keke Rosberg's McLaren ran in a special one-off colour scheme, Rosberg retired from 5th place with an electrical pr…
Born in Germany as the son of Finnish former world champion Keke Rosberg.
22 wins would have Nico Rosberg match the win record of 98 & 99 World Champion Mika Hakkinen, who was managed by Keke!
what we miss … 80’s swag. Keke Rosberg (Canon Williams-Honda FW10) & Frank Williams at the 1985 Monaco Grand Prix
After qualifying only 10th, Keke Rosberg fought his way up to 4th in the other Williams-Honda.
Keke Rosberg (21) finished 5th in his Fittipaldi-Ford-F8. Eddie Cheever, behind Rosberg, achieved Osella's first
Today in '80 - Keke Rosberg took only his 2nd points finish, & last for in 25 race starts - finishing 5th at the Italian GP
Keke Rosberg was 11th in a Williams-Ford-FW08C. Michele Alboreto, 13th in his Tyrrell-Ford-011.
Keke Rosberg, Alain Prost, Mika Hakkinen, and Jorge Lorenzo all at the track atm
33: Days to the first race of 2016. 33: Keke Rosberg's age when he won the title. Could Nico (30) win it sooner?
Drove around Grand Prix circuit in South Africa with Keke Rosberg-in BMW 333i. My nerves! Great memory.
"Only toilets have doors." Keke Rosberg back in the 80s on racing with closed cockpits.
Team Rosberg Christmas party last night. thanks a lot for everything Keke, Arno & all of you!
Keke declares the true love of his life. Perhaps could incorporate it into his 2016 helmet design..
Update your maps at Navteq
Happy Birthday to '82 World Champ and Dad of Keke Rosberg. 67 Today!
. I was revived in the F1 machine MP4 / 2C where your father Keke Rosberg was riding. From Japanese.
'Uncomplicated, direct, aware of what he achieved, & yet modest', Keke Rosberg is 67 today: https:…
Pic of the day, no. 344/365: Yannick Dalmas/Keke Rosberg, Peugeot 905, Autopolis 430km, 1991. ©LAT
Keke Rosberg magicspin at Long Beach f1 1983 by magistar: via
at least keke can't be mad at nico for dropping the rhr tyre off at Austin!
1982 world champion Keke Rosberg was born on this day in 1948, Happy Birthday!
Keke had balls of steel. His undies were clean as a whistle. Mine and Andrew's on the other hand...
Keke Rosberg in a Lose it, Catch it, GO GO GO moment. Awesome control
Keke Rosberg is 67 today. From 2008, his career over (no) lunch:
Keke Rosberg (Williams) and Nelson Piquet (Brabham) at the 1985 British Grand Prix, held at Silverstone.
F1 drivers Niki Lauda and Keke Rosberg after the 1982 US Grand Prix West at the Long Beach circuit in California
Yesterday's set for chat. Praising cursing and reminiscing Keke's magic season.
Do you remember… Rosberg’s stunning Bahrain debut: In the Eighties few drivers could match Keke Rosberg for hi...
mancrushday has a male crush: [DailyBuzz] Hamilton wins in China to frustrate Rosberg
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[DailyBuzz] Hamilton wins in China to frustrate Rosberg
Nico Rosberg = di.rty cheat not sure what nationality he is tho?. Lives in monaco. Dad keke is finnish. Nico is GERMAN
Nico Rosberg's continued sparkling form shows there is more to him than following in Keke's footsteps.
The first racing car of Keke Rosberg, the Finnish formula 1 champion!
Not had one of these for a while.. . I'm no mechanic but... Keke Rosberg MP4/2C, Mexican GP '86
Keke Rosberg (on his way to victory, United States Grand Prix, Detroit 1985.
Keke Rosberg, father of en route to his first victory at the 1982 Swiss GP
Keke Rosberg Kyalami 1985 - Never realized how much of a beast the Flying
Keke Rosberg, is a Finnish pioneer, he has done everything it here, what others do not.
Keke Rosberg - yeah baby rad. Just at the shops looking for a mullet wig!
Nico Rosberg could become champion this weekend with five race wins, In 1982 his father Keke did it with jus
This Week in Race History:. Keke Rosberg drives a Williams to victory in the Swiss Grand Prix. Dijon, France 1982 http:…
It’s Back in 1995, Keke Rosberg is battling for points & positions in his Calibra V6.
I liked a video f1 keke rosberg magicspin at Long Beach 1983
Foto: legendsofracing: Keke Rosberg in the William FW08 at the Monaco Grand Prix, 1982.
wishing your Dad the great Keke Rosberg a very Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the coolest of all the 80's F1 drivers, and dad of Keke Rosberg!! 66 today!!
"Keke Rosberg, 1986 British Grand Prix. Look how exposed he is!
Bottas celebrates first F1 podium finish 22 June 2014, 18:31 Valtteri Bottas gave Finland another presence on the Formula One podium on Sunday when the Williams driver celebrated his first top three finish at the Austrian Grand Prix. "Really, really happy. Difficult to put into words really. Just really thankful to the team for giving me this car," the third placed 24-year-old declared. "It's been a long way for us since last year and many, many years at Williams and now it's so much better. The race was exactly what we needed at this point - clean, nice, everything went like planned really." Bottas, the latest in a line of top Finnish drivers that includes former world champions Keke Rosberg, Mika Hakkinen and Kimi Raikkonen, made his debut with Williams last year after a stint as reserve. It turned out to be a miserable season for the former champions, who scored just five points in total and finished ninth overall - a long way from the 1980s and 1990s when they won nine constructors' titles and seven d ...
On this race weekend in 1986 Keke Rosberg completed his last race in F1. Does Nico know this? A win for his dad?
Keke Rosberg, Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve are perhaps the weakest drivers to ever win a championship.
In 1986 today it was the Australian GP at Adelaide, Prost won the race and his 2nd title. It was also the final F1 race for Keke Rosberg
Keke Rosberg and Carlos Reutemann's FW07 and FW08 cars from the 1982 and 1983 seasons
James Hunt, Alain Prost, Keke Rosberg, Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna and Denny Hulme Talk about Epic, 13 World championships between them is this the most epic thing ever? - Rob
in 1985, took victory in the South African GP at Kyalami. Keke Rosberg 2nd, so Williams 1-2
Not a bad Top 10 but I would have put Nigel Mansell 1st and Keke Rosberg 2nd moving all the rest down.
We just got a question on the quiz machine that was like, "What is the name of Keke Rosberg's son?" and I was like I'VE GOT THIS GUYS
Photo : scudzy: 1985 Australian GP Keke Rosberg (Williams) lead Ayrton Senna (Lotus) in this final race of...
Didier Pironi won the Dutch Grand Prix from Nelson Piquet and Keke Rosberg. (1982)
Keke Rosberg won here 30 years ago, so go for it Nico, but I wouldn't bet on ya tmrrw!
I remember going down to Brands Hatch to see Keke Rosberg testing that beast - it had a throttle like a light switch...
Every time I see an image of Keke Rosberg’s McLaren MP4/2C from Estoril ‘86 my brain sends out an error message 😳
Watching Boxing with And the world champs keke & Andy Brehme
In 1982 I remember Keke Rosberg interviewed on grid - was smoking, then thru the butt away. I reckon THAT would cause hysterics 2day lol!!!
The way it was, 1986 Canada GP, Montreal. Mr Keke Rosberg and Mclaren MP4/2C TAG Turbo V6.
...unknown date but Keke Rosberg is driving (a nice pose next to his black Ferrari and Williams transporter).
Sky Sports F1 turns the clock back 30 years on May Bank Holiday weekend with highlights of the first five grands prix of the 1983 season.
Watching the 2006 Aus. GP. Murray Walker is commentating. I heard him say Keke Rosberg as retired.
Old Keke Rosberg would've struggled to keep up with me down 127
how about Nico and Keke Rosberg! It would be really interesting to see how such a relationship would work in 🏁🏁
Keke Rosberg has so much swag it's ridiculous. Definitely the coolest F1 driver in history.
Keke Rosberg is definitely the coolest F1 driver ever.
I remember when my country driver Keke Rosberg and Harri Toivonen once spoke of something 3.5 litre.
Was that the Senna one? I was wrong. It was Keke Rosberg WDC.
There are three things to do in F1, win your first motor race, win Monte Carlo & win the world championship - Keke Rosberg
And Keke Rosberg too. Nico Roberg is German because his mum and his license are German.
Damm ok guys if you Keke Rosberg as well as the others you are correct as well
Hi Everyone - here is advance notice of the press release about to go out to all motor sport publications. We would love as many as possible to come and join us at the BRDC Clubhouse on March 21st for the cheque presentation and lunch (£25pp). AGM to follow for members only. SIR Frank Williams TO PRESENT £20,000 TO CHARITY ON BEHALF OF THE DOGHOUSE. Sir Frank Williams, Patron of Williams, one of the world’s most famous and successful Formula One Teams, will return to Silverstone circuit, the scene of Williams’ first and hundredth Grand Prix victory, on Thursday 21st March, as a special guest of the Women’s Motor Racing Associates Club (WMRAC), known affectionately as the Doghouse Owners’ Club. Founded in February 1962 by a number of Grand Prix Constructors’ and Drivers’ wives, the 50th anniversary of the ‘Doghouse’ was celebrated during 2012 and culminated in a Grand Charity Ball, held at the Silverstone Wing last October. The glittering event was attended by approximately 250 motor raci ...
Hey Danica fans and all too compliant media, see this picture? Well that's an awesome young female driver flanked by Bernd Schneider on one side & Keke Rosberg on the other. She was on the top step of the podium 15 years BM (Before Motegi) and 2 decades before just being kind of relevant was enough to garner global acclaim. It would be nice, somewhere within this renewed Danica media apocalypse, if people put find some perspective and context. Ellen Lohr was the real deal and she still is!
Top gear on dave and the Greatest Finnish f1 driver is about to come on top gear. Know who he is yet
me too, I thought I was being clever, though I did get Keke Rosberg!!
Keke Rosberg. Pointless answer in the final. Thank you, thank you very much.
I would have won 15 grand on pointless today. ALWAYS SAY KEKE ROSBERG. Duh.
Keke Rosberg - quickly becoming the Central African Republic of questions on
Watching Pointless here and I'm surprised at my pointless Formula 1 knowledge. I said Keke Rosberg! Give me the jackpot!
Well, apparently Keke Rosberg rescued me there. Thought Panis was a surefire pointless answer.
Keke Rosberg was pointless. Trulli and reueteman were pointless, the latter winning it 1980.
Just got a Pointless answer, winners of the Monaco F1 GP: Jody Sheckter.
Wahey, got a answer with Keke Rosberg.
Keke Rosberg and Clay Regazzoni for the sake of giving two other answers.
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esse aki foi outro video q fiz Keke Rosberg
Oh Top Gear, you never fail to make me laugh xD
him and Keke Rosberg! Happy to say got both their autographs!
Nice pic of Merc driver Nico and his father Keke (F1 World Champion 1982) yesterday at testing in Barcelona
It'll be strange going home from testing and not spending 2/3 meal times with Keke Rosberg.
Last night's topgear with clarkson testing that Kia. Funny as *** Eric Clapton was quite impressed!! Funny!
"There is a fine line that separates commitment from risk. All drivers know about that line, just as they know the risks are there. The question is, where does judgement end and risk begin? What is normal racing and what is dangerous? Every driver feels that point to be an entirely different place." ~ Keke Rosberg, 1986.
Keke Rosberg,drove his Williams at an average of 160.938mph to claim pole in 1985,making Silverstone the world's fastest circuit at the time
Keke Rosberg had a *** of tasche, take lessons from this man.
Q18: Keke Rosberg. Q19: What was the first year that the Brazilian GP became the final race of the season?
If it's not Gilles Villeneuve then 1982 World Champion Keke Rosberg is my best guess!
DECEMBER 6: On this day in . Boxing promoter Don King turns 82 today. Keke Rosberg is 64. Jonathon King is 68. "Everybodys Gone to the Moon" Inventor Thomas Edison made history on this day in 1877 when he became the first person to record a human voice. He sung "Mary had a little lamb" into his phonograph and then replayed it to a stunned audience. That was in 1877. Mary had a little lamb Her father shot it dead Now she goes to school with it Between 2 lumps of Bread. On this day in 1969 the Rolling Stones played their tragic Altamont Speedway concert near San Francisco, where a fan got stabbed by the *** Angels, who the Stones had hired as body-guards. And later the stones exploited the whole thing when they used a video tape of the stabbing incident in one of their song videos. Musician Peter Buck (R.E.M.) is 56. Actress Janine Turner is 50. Musician Ulf "Buddha" Ekberg (Ace of Base) is 42. Paul Ellis 50.
It might only be Saturday but celebwatch is high - Patrick Dempsey, Matt Le Blanc, Courtney Love, Ken Block, Keke Rosberg, JYS, Rubens, Emmo
On this day in 1985 the Grand Prix of Australia was won by Keke Rosberg
On this day in 1985 Keke won the inaugural Australian on the streets of Adelaide - his final drive for And...
On this day, Keke won the inaugural Grand Prix in 1985!
[Benjamin] 1985 also saw Honda's resurgence in F1 with 4 wins with the Williams team. At Silverstone Keke Rosberg...
Probably Keke Rosberg and his single win in '82, only one that springs to mind.
Nico Rosberg: "Motorsport has always been in my blood, with my father Keke having been Formula 1 World Champion in 1982..."
Senna overtakes Rosberg! Bruno and Nico that is but imagine it were to be Ayrton and Keke
Blast from the past on the Flickr popular pic stakes today: Keke Rosberg's 83 FW08C from 1983 at the Williams Museum
I'm 16 :). Yeah but Ascari was the only guy to win every race in a season and then you get Keke Rosberg who only won one race
30 years after Keke Rosberg won the Formula 1 World Championship, RACER editor David Malsher pays tribute to the driver who became one of the brightest stars in F1s turbo era...even when he didnt have a turbo
Bruno Senna in the Williams FW08, Keke Rosberg's title-winning car, during Wednesday's partner day at Silverstone
"We won our first World Championship with Alan Jones & the 2nd with Keke Rosberg" Ross Brawn on his early F1 career
Did you know Ayrton Senna won the monaco gp more times then 1982 world champion Keke Rosberg's total gp wins
as Keke Rosberg said in 1982 "Strikes are no way for intelligent people to achieve their aims".
Attn: all family, friends , and Keke rosberg. I finally got the green light to come to Finland next's federal I'm coming at the en part of next month. See ya then aidin maa puolesta
The Williams Honda team of & Keke Rosberg. Check out the awesome moustaches :)
One of Audi's Teams in DTM is the Team Rosberg, with Keke Rosberg at the head. He is Nico's dad, who is driving in F1 in Mercedes
"Frank Williams and Patrick Head have never forgiven me for not being Alan Jones" - Keke Rosberg
Had that dream again about being stuck in a lift with Angela Merkel, Madeleine Albright and 1982 F1 world champion Keke Rosberg.
Oooh! My understanding of Finnish is limited to Nokia, Keke Rosberg, Mika Hakkinen and Kimi Raikkonen. :D
didn't Keke Rosberg win the championship without a victory 82 or 83??
first GP in Detroit was in 1982 won by John Watson in a McLaren-Ford. 1982 Driver Champion was Keke Rosberg in a Williams-Ford.
I should point out that Keke Rosberg did not kick my or any other dog to the best of my knowledge But he might have done if he'd met me
Well two drivers have won a WDC with only 1 win all season, Mike Hawthorn in 1958 and Keke Rosberg in 1982
don't forget Keke Rosberg won with only 1 win the precedent is there!
Keke Rosberg's 1982 title winning Williams in the Historic F1 car race (taken from Maggots)
In 1983 West USA GP, at Long Beach, Keke Rosberg, in a try to overtake Patrick Tambay, fails and makes a 360º spin, but he only loses 2 or 3 positions.
By the way Bruno Senna is the nephew of the late Ayrton Senna. Nico Rosberg is the son of Keke Rosberg.
everbody loves Alonso...hes well Alonso :-) I must admit i was happy for Rosberg, Keke would be so proud!
Canada will be Nico's 115th Grand Prix start! Beating Keke Rosberg's (his dad) 114 Grand Prix starts!
Interesting bit of information; Monaco was Nico Rosberg's 114th race in F1. Keke Rosberg raced 114 races in his whole F1 career.
Nico Rosberg now has as many starts as father Keke - see how their results compare:
Keke Rosberg won only one race as well
Solid drive from Nico Rosberg here, all weekend. 2nd's not bad. His dad, Keke, won here, in 1983.
Nico Rosberg, son of F1 legend Keke Rosberg managed to clinch P2 on monaco GP.
Nico's dad, Keke Rosberg, won here in 1983. Is he watching his son tear around the tiny principality today?
hi.just watched a vid of keke winning at Monaco,big blisters on his hands. real men race while boys ride around.good luck
Pop into Keke's for a cup of tea and ask how he felt becoming only F1 driver to see his son win an F1 race :)
There is one other Angry Birds level that I know of. It's in the original game, a level in honor of Keke Rosberg's championship.
I chose 83 as I love watching Keke Rosberg slide that williams around on slicks on the damp track. Awesome car control!
Hello Nico! I am Emerson's first wife and knew ur father Keke very well, he was a very good friend! Say hi from me pls!
Keke Rosberg in the damp on slicks in 1983 (wasn't alive but have seen the race!)
Keke Rosberg won the 1982 World Drivers’ Championship after winning only ONE race. Eleven drivers won the...
1980 - but failed to make start as only fastest 20 of 27 got onto grid so joined the likes of Keke Rosberg and John Watson with a DNQ!
F1's a funny game though... Keke Rosberg had 6 points to his name before 1982!
Check out video of Keke Rosberg showing his hands at the end of Monaco 1983. Now THAT is nasty!
Superb drive from Maldonado to win his first race in only his second year in F1! Congratulations to Sir Frank Williams, a belated birthday gift. Williams have returned to its former glory. Excellent race from The Spanish Donkey. The upgrades are indeed an improvement on The Prancing Horse which puts Alonso on equal points with Vettel in the Championship after 5 races. Great results from The Iceman and Renault. Second podium places Raikkonen 4th in the Drivers' and Renault 3rd in the Constructors' Championship. 5 different winners in 5 races. It's really an exciting and unpredictable season ever! Next stop the crown jewel of F1, Monaco! 2012 F1 Spanish GP Race results: 1st Pastor Maldonado 2nd Fernando Alonso 3rd Kimi Raikkonen 8th Lewis Hamilton Enjoy the video on the rich history of the Williams F1 team; 9 Constructors' and 7 Drivers' Championships. Many greats have driven for this independent team; Alan Jones, Keke Rosberg, Nelson Piquet, Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Aryton Senna, Damon Hill and Jacques ...
The last time F1 saw 5 different winners in the first 5 races was 1983 (Nelson Piquet/John Watson/Alain Prost/Patrick Tambay/Keke Rosberg).
"He was the hardest *** I ever raced against, but completely fair." ~ Keke Rosberg about Gilles...
Adam, you'll hear a few names in this video like Keke Rosberg and a young Villeneuve.
Keke Rosberg & in a classic scrap through the streets of Long Beach, 1982.
"...Gilles was a giant of a driver, yes, but he was also a great man." -Keke Rosberg
"If someone said to me that you can have three wishes, my first would have been to get into racing, my second to be in Formula 1, my third to drive for Ferrari" Gilles Villeneuve (1950 - 1982)
„Gilles was abnormally brave. (...) , he was the hardest *** I ever knew, but absolutely fair. He was a giant of a driver.“ Keke Rosberg
MT Just realised this Angry Birds level is in salute to Keke Rosberg!
Just realised this lvl of Angry Birds is in salute to Keke Rosberg!
Main one was Keke Rosberg, who'd be world champion the next year! Also, Derek Warwick, Derek Daly and Jean-Pierre Jabouille
my dad thinks youre the best driver out there but seem to have the same luck as his hero keke rosberg.. good luck in barca! X
Senna now 5th on the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix after overtaking Keke Rosberg
Nico & Keke Rosberg watching GP China 2012 win for 1st time together on TV: via
How amazing, jealous..fell in love with F1 in 80's watching keke rosberg win there ..awesome. :)
Keke Rosberg sliding and driftin his Williams throught the streets of Monte Carlo.
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Ross Brawn worked with Keke Rosberg and now with Nico Rosberg
Nico's dad, Keke Rosberg, was often seen smoking a cigarette after his races. Nico himself has "never touched a cigarette".
For all you formula 1 racing fans I have great news. Nico Rosberg, son of F1 great Keke Rosberg won his first race at at the China Gp. Driving a factory Mercedes he went from pole to checker. First time a factory Mercedes won since 1955 with the great Juan Manuel Fangio. Great race. Really looking forward to the return of F1 to U.S. in Austin Texas.
Mercedes Driver Nico Rosberg is the son of former World Champion Keke Rosberg. But
Finnish racing driver Keke Rosberg was born on December 6, 1948.
I don't think so, although Mike Hawthorn and Keke Rosberg have both won the title with only 1 win in the season.
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