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Keith Whitley

Jackie Keith Whitley (July 1, 1954 — May 9, 1989), known professionally as Keith Whitley, was an American country music singer.

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If it wasn't for Keith Whitley radio i wouldn't make it through Monday
I do not own rights to song, song written by Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz. Originally performed (much better :) ) by Keith Whitley and later by Alison Kra...
Keith Whitley was nominated, posthumously, for the Horizon award at the 1989 CMA Awards show. Ricky Skaggs sung the intro memorial this special night. (TPM =...
"Where there's a cloud don't mean there's rain tears in my eye don't mean there's pain don't flatter yourself I'm over you!" -Keith Whitley
Don't Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley is my fav song right now
Listening to some Keith Whitley. Hoping this day goes by fast.
You heard I been drinkin more than I should. ... that aint been looking all that good... someone told you I was takin it rough.. why are they makin those stories up... when I'm over you-- Keith Whitley ... sigh
Listening to some old school country this morning.. Keith Whitley, The Judds, Alabama...reminds me of better days and makes me miss my karoke buddies!
What a Great Saturday Night Karaoke and Cash Party at the Fraternal-Order Eagles 824 of Winchester!!! Starting with having a SOLD OUT crowd at the Cash Party with 2 people splitting the $1000.00 to having one winner for the $325.00 Members drawing and then finishing the night off with one of the BIGGEST Karaoke and Dance Party with almost 35 singers then packing the dance floor this turned out to be one of the Biggest weekends at the Eagles 824!!! The younger singers starting the night out for the Karaoke Party in the Social Hall was Alexis, Ashley, David, Kyle and Betty. Alexis starting with some Adele, Ashley and Alexis singing Cups & some Luke Bryan, David and Betty with Amazed, Kyle and Alexis with Forever and Ever, then Kyle and David finishing with I Cross My Heart. Other Singers Saturday Night were William & Jason (Taking it back with some Achy Breaky Heart), Jason Kirby (Sweet Annie by Brown, Pretty Woman and Must Be Doing Something Right), Lee Mabe packing the dance floor (Keith Whitley Don't Clo ...
Jesse Keith Whitley just responded to a post I awesome???keith whitleys son.told him to come to east Kentucky.ready for some Kentucky thunder in a mason jar🍻👊
I swear when Keith Whitley died his soul entered into Jake. Its crazy.
I cant stand to see a good man go to waist one who combs his hair and shaves his face a man who leans on love over love thats tore behind aww it tares me up to see a grown man cry so i never go around mirrors... Mr Keith Whitley
Half the country music you hear on the radio is not country! More like pop... How about a little Alabama , Sammy Kershaw, . Keith Whitley and the King . George Strait!! Half these guys on the radio have no place to evev compar to them legands.
Wesley's tribute to Keith Whitley I'm over you in Ste Marie de kent New Brunswick Canada Sept 7 2013 for 2nd annual agricultural music fest traditional count...
Listening to Keith Whitley around the fire.
like the rain by Clint black or I'm no stranger to the rain by Keith Whitley
If you like to slow dance to ol' Keith Whitley, long Sunday drives out in the country, I'm your cup of tea.
OMG! What's better than everyone karaoke'ing some Keith Whitley at the bar at a rain delay at the 500! Wo! I mean Keith Whitley!!! Wo!
I added a video to a playlist I'm No Stranger - Keith Whitley
My recording of Don't Close Your Eyes. a Coversong of Keith Whitley.
You know you're doing parenting right when your daughter wants to listen to Keith Whitley. Lol
With lots of ice and listening to Keith Whitley
Purchase your copy for $0.99: Watch the official music video for "Keith Whitley Song" the brand new singl...
nowplaying see ya later George Jones - Jesse Keith Whitley
The more I think about it my life will end like Keith Whitley but that's OK
Keith Whitley playing at parents would be proud I'm at least hanging out at a bar with good taste
Country music has been going downhill ever since Keith Whitley snorted an 8 ball and drank himself to death.
and I are Keith Whitley are Alison Krause tonight
Found myself the lone survivor of the 30%ers. Singin Keith Whitley and Bellamy Bros. out loud in the kitchen but no one here to see it.
"And And I think, Keith Whitley died to young and is up there with Hanks fighting the Nashville blues."🎶
What is your favorite Keith Whitley song?
Idk how someone can dislike Keith Whitley.
Alabama's a band and Keith Whitley and George Strait are old country singers 😂
If you don't know who Alabama, Keith Whitley & George Strait are then you aren't country in my opinion ✋
I can only imagine what music would be like if people like Keith Whitley and Layne Staley were still alive
Kellie Pickler covering Keith Whitley's "Don't Close Your Eyes" This was uploaded strictly for listening only. If you want it, I encourage you to buy the del...
Be sure and tune in to Seldom Heard Music tonight. We'll be playing music from David Parmley & Continental Divide, Tony Rice, J.d. Crowe & the New South, Claire Lynch, The Seldom Scene, Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul & Mary, The Del McCoury Band, Ricky Skaggs & Keith Whitley, Kristin Scott Benson, Junior Sisk & Joe Mullins, and Wake Frankfield (er, Frank Wakefield) too! 7:00 PM CST. - tune in at or on your radio at KSMU 91.1 Springfield - KSMS Point Lookout/Branson 90.5 - KSMW West Plains 90.3 - Mtn Grove 88.7 - Joplin 98.9 - Neosho 103.7 or listen on your smartphone with the NPR app or TuneIn. Also, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver will be on Prairie Home Companion beginning at 5:00 PM.
YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS GUY!! REQUESTED SONG VIDEO Submitted by Loretta Plants When You say Nothing At All- Brad James (Originally by Keith Whitley) -venturing across the rugged landscape of Virginia headed for the sub-zero temperatures of Kentucky. I have always loved doing Keith Whitley songs because each song can be done in so many different ways. Hope you all enjoy it!
Keith Whitley singing the King George classic.. sometimes this is hard to find.. but still sweetly worth a listen ;) ~MoonMist
Oh man listening to this throwback country music. Garth Brooks, Hank Williams Jr, Travis Tritt, Keith Whitley, George Jones makes me feel like a kid again at home. I can hear my sweet mother Sarah singing all these songs especially her George. RIP Mommy I miss you everyday sweet lady
Keith Whitley's voice puts chills all over me.
If Keith Whitley doesn't make your day better, you need to adjust your priorities.
Don't close your eyes x Keith Whitley >
Check out music from Jesse Keith Whitley! Lebanon is just down the road from us. Keith Whitleys son.
Nothing like listening to some good old Keith Whitley dont close your eyes.
If you sing Keith Whitley to me I automatically want to wife you up
First time I heard his music I fell in love with his music...
Nothin like playing guitar and singing "dont close your eyes" by keith whitley...
Some old Keith Whitley and Allman Brothers was exactly what I needed today. ✌🎶🇺🇸
Keith Whitley is single handedly making this drive home bearable.
Little bit of Keith Whitley this morning, waiting for the doctor to show up and let me outta here
Man. There ain't nothing like some good Keith Whitley.
Keith Whitley on my radio first thing this mornin... it's gonna be a good day!!
this Keith Whitley pandora station is on point today.
Ooo Keith Whitley got me feeling some type of way this morning! 👌🙌🎧
"And the smile on your face lets me know that you need me" -keith whitley orignal not the Allison Krauss version. Keith whitley was an amazing singer/songwriter even if he was drunk
What I wouldn't give for Keith Whitley to still be around & making music
so if i seem a little bit cold it only means you've lost the hold you had on me I'm over you~ Keith Whitley
Here is one of my favorite songs of the great Keith Whitley TELL LORI I LOVE HER, but i personalized it a little to, TELL HEATHER I LOVE HER. I hope you all enjoy, God Bless
I am listening to When You Say Nothing At All on George Strait Radio
Jesse Keith Whitley "Where Would I Be" written by Jesse and John Randall Directed and Produced by Harold Jarboe / Bell-jarboe Films
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I liked a video I Wonder Do You Think of Me -Keith Whitley
Me and my buddy, Jesse Keith Whitley! Still celebrating Thanksgiving!! :).
Don't close your eyes by Keith Whitley will NEVER get old 😭🎶
If you don't know who Keith Whitley is, I can't date you.
Man i love country music even the old keith whitley hank
Am I the only one left in this world that loves Keith Whitley?!? ❤️
Jukebox. - Somebody's Doing Me Right - Keith Whitley - lost an awesome performer when he passed on.
I really love this song. I never go around mirrors by Keith Whitley. I think my brother did him justice.
Any of you that know me and my voice.. What should i put on disc?? Keith whitley?? Josh turner??
Added a new video: "Don't Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley performed by Rocky Georg..."
“Keith Whitley on the music at its best.”
I'd give anything for a cool spring night setting on the porch swing while downing some cheap but *** good Boones Farm and listening to Keith Whitley. Sounds good to me :)
Keith Whitley.. Don't close your eyes.: takes me back to the 80s.. I'm getting old
Stream Hard Livin' by Keith Whitley on The Essential Keith Whitley for free on Grooveshark.
Keith Whitley and Ricky Skaggs when they were about 18 or so. "That's some bad hat, Harry."
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Me and pal Mo. The Keith Whitley sign gets passed down every 23 years. This is a story you don't want your kids or parents to know but oh well, we are 38 years old and there's not a lot that can happen now. 2 young boys ,who really lived Keith Whitley, were 13-14 years old and they drove from Louisa to Sandy Hook and found this really cool sign and "a nice man gave it to them" and they drove back home. To beat it all, neither had license and they drove a convertible Maserati with the top down and no license plate on it. I remember being fearless. Those were the good ole days! I live you Mo Mo. And yes, they both have less hair now. :-)
Just to clarify, I hate Lorrie Morgan because she killed Keith Whitley. With that said, I have to admit she had a beautiful voice. I had never listened to her debut album from 1989 until last night & it was pretty dang good.
Don't Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley; Lyrics Video; Watch in HD! Sorry for any mistakes; thanks for watching! **All rights belong to Keith Whitley. I do no...
Drinking by myself & listening to Keith Whitley eventhough I dislike country. I'm turning into my father.
One minute I'm checking out music by Georgette Jones and Jesse Keith Whitley and the next I'm jamming to Sevendust!??!
I got Alabama on the radio playing feels so right, gassed up my chevy we can ride all night. Got a pretty thang riding shotgun next to me. She's singing to Alabama & Keith whitley ♥ Sounds bout right :)
Bud Lite Classic Championship Bull Riding is tonight & Saturday at Oman Arena in Jackson, TN with WYN 106.9! Tonight, enjoy a post event concert by Jesse Keith Whitley. Doors open at 6:30pm and action starts at 8pm. Tickets on sale NOW at the gate.
For those of you that haven't heard yet or had a chance to help out, a campaign was launched yesterday to start an online streaming 24/7 Keith Whitley radio station. You can find all the details by clicking on the link below. Please like and share to help spread the word. Will also be playing many songs that never made it to the radio along with live concert recordings. Take a moment and check out the link and help where you can.
Sorry everyone, I had to redo the post to include the direct link as it was causing a bit of confusion. Please like and share this post to help spread the word. I am happy to announce that we are in the final planning stages of launching a 24/7 radio station to be included directly on the Keith Whitley website. A lot of work of redesigning the site preparing playlist and much more has already taken place behind the scenes. If you would like to support the station, please visit the link below for more details. This will allow you to see exactly where are the funds will be going. No one will profit from keeping the music alive. With that being said, it does take funding to do this correctly. There will be opportunities for artist to have their own covers or originals aired (must be approved). But, this will be very limited as the overall focus here is Keith. Please join is in supporting this effort in helping keep Keith’s memory alive.
Keith Whitley hit on this day back in 1990 with 'It Ain't Nothing' - It was his last single on the country charts.
Don't close your eyes by Keith Whitley will get you 6 feet deep in your feelings
IMPORTANT Change of Date January 18, 2014 Memorial Services held for Andy Walker (Ruben Andrew Walker) Died 12/29/2013 At his residence in Petal MS Andy Walker, over the years, worked as Mechanic for The Ford Company in Hattiesburg, Ms., Howard’s Industry of Laurel Ms. as a coil winder, and for the ten years he worked in the Maintenance Department at Wal-Mart in Petal, Ms. His hobby was music. He played the lead guitar in several bands, too many to count, among those a few of them included Larry Morris "First Cousin", Hayden Creek Band, Wallis Baker, Johnny Massengale, The J-Walker’s, Jeff Bates, The Cool Water Band, Clement White, Danny Donald, Randy Bailis “Williamson”, Dan Cooley, Mark Wellburn, Stevie Sanford and The Boys, William Michael Morgan, Forty Hays, and Clinton Hayman. He also shared the stage with many Nashville stars such as Randy Travis, and Keith Whitley; and he also played on many records. With these bands he played many charitable events, Relay for Life, hometown community bene ...
Highlight of my day was hearing people sing Dean Dillon songs that Keith Whitley cut..
Jason"the comeback kid" Edwards and Brad Hughes at the house in Nashville doing an old Keith Whitley song.
Listening to Keith Whitley and watching Ted Bundy on silent.. Lot on my mind
Keith Whitley , George Jones , George Straight , &' Hank to start my day 👌
Nights like these make me think back to them ole dirtroads with Keith Whitley, Hank, Doug Stone and so many more!! Ahh, the simple things in life! 󾌾
Tennessee Mafia Jug Band Five Guys and a Scrubboard, with Roots Like Wisdom Teeth February 21 at 7:30PM Click Here To Buy Tickets From the pastoral hills, hollers, shopping malls and interstate highways of Goodlettsville Tennessee, home of Bill Monroe, Bashful Brother Oswald, Stringbean, Grandpa Jones, Keith Whitley and some living country music performers, comes the most entertaining “blast from the past” since Lester Moran and the Cadillac Cowboys. They’re the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band– five guys and a scrubboard, with roots like wisdom teeth. The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band have shamelessly stolen a feature of the old Roy Acuff Show– a bit known as “Pap & the Jug Band“. There’s only so many graveyard numbers or raunchy love songs that even the most rabid country audience can sit through without some kind of relief. This frolicking fivesome brightens up the stage with rib-tickling old time tunes. Even better, they have an utter lack of self-consciousness (and some might say any sense of dec ...
Lorrie Morgan and her son, Jesse Keith Whitley perform an amazing version of her duet originally performed with Jesse's father, Keith Whitley. This was part ...
10 things about me. 1. I've attended more colleges than you. Yes, you. 2. I like Glee and One Direction. Deal with it 3. The first time I ever saw Kylie Davis, I told my mom I was going to marry her. Ask her, seriously. 4. My favorite singers in order. Reba McEntire, Angie Duduit, Keith Whitley, Brian Baer, Caleb Followill. 5. I'm a world class 6. I wanted to be Benny The-Jet Rodriguez growing up 7. I'm afraid of two people. Mom Thomas, and Gabby Evans 8. I used to be ranked top 100 in the world at minesweeper. 9. Fox and the Hound is my favorite Disney movie. A Goofy Movie is a close second. 10. Jesus saved me. It's amazing
Honest to God never thought id meet someone who doesn't like Doug stone, Keith Whitley, Clay Walker or Joe Diffie. Permission to kill yourself granted󾮟
I introduced Sophia to Keith Whitley and Blake Shelton songs today. She will be my kareoke buddy before long...
And for tonight's entertainment? I shall let Keith Whitley serenade me :) Everyone have a great Saturday night!
It's a shame Keith Whitley passed away at such a young age. The man is a country legend in my book.
lol.for sure..Mine was over Keith Whitley..
If I could sing like Keith Whitley I'd be serenading women
Still can't get over Garth lastnight. He sang George Strait, David Allan Coe, and Keith Whitley. ***
I added a video to a playlist Keith Whitley-I Never Go Around Mirrors
Lord, give us Keith Whitley back and we will give you Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood
All 4 of my passengers are asleep, which means a 1 person Keith Whitley jam session for me✌️
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This guy is the absolute best! Not to many can get out there and sing other artist song and actually do a fantastic job!!! Garth Brooks you truly are the best! That's my story and I am sticking to it:) And to be so kind and mention Keith Whitley who was also awesome has a special heart❤️
I declare today.well, we're just gonna listen to the country music of the 1980s and 1990s -- Pull out your John Michael Montgomery, Alan Jackson, Randy Travis and Garth Brooks people! Grab your Keith Whitley, Travis Tritt, Brooks & Dunn, Reba McEntire, The Judds, Pam Tillis, Kathy Mattea, Martina McBride.anyone else?
Don't close your eyes by Keith Whitley is such a good song.
"You say it best, when you say nothing at all." -Keith Whitley ❤️☺️😘
Keith Whitley is talkin to me tonight
If you do not know who Keith Whitley is we can not date. 👍
If you ever want to be friends, just start talking about Keith Whitley. You'll have me at Keith Whitley. Always.
Garth Brooks concert Live from the Wynn - Amazing Guy ! Influences by Randy Travis, George Strait, Keith Whitley, Bob Seger...
I sure wish Eddie Rabbitt and Keith Whitley were still around. A couple of talented guys.
Keith Whitley will always be one of my favorites.
Anyone watch Garth Brooks tonight? I was surprised he did not sing The Dance or a Keith Whitley song when he talked about Keith. Great tribute to Randy Travis
Taking the backroads home, listening to good ole' Keith Whitley..
Garth Brooks did an amazing show tonight on CBS, making me miss good, real country music. Gratitude for referencing all of his musical influences, including Chris LeDoux, Keith Whitley, James Taylor and Bob Seger, artists who know how to paint a picture and tell stories with their song lyrics (e.g. the breathtaking “Turn the Page” by Seger and “Feel my Love” by Dylan). Great story telling Garth, well done!
It was some of the things he was saying, though, like Keith Whitley being the Haggard of our generation (I agree), talking
Keith Whitley is the man... A legend if you will!
Headed into work with Garth Brooks and Keith Whitley songs on my mind :) time to rock the trailers
Highlight was still him singing Keith Whitley.
And now he's talking about Keith Whitley??? I love Garth Brooks even more every minute.
Here is some of the best country music lines ever. "I just need to be alone sometimes when she goes walking through my mind." The late great Keith Whitley.
I miss Keith Whitley. Loved his voice. Love people who write their own songs too.
Garth Brooks said tonight that Elliot County's Keith Whitley was Merle Haggard & George Strait wrapped into one.
Keith Whitley would be on country music's Mt Rushmore had he lived.
Trisha cut a Keith Whitley written tune.. You don't have to move the mountain..
If we're out drinking and I start singing Keith Whitley, cut me off immediately...
Garth Brooks just mentioned Keith Whitley on live TV! Praise ya Lord!
Garth singing Keith Whitley. I can die happy.
mentioning all the great singers especially Keith Whitley gone way too soon!
Keith Whitley loved his voice it's like syrup on pancakes
Keith Whitley! Whatever happened to Lorrie Morgan? Now we see
Garth is bragging on your boy Keith Whitley
shout out to Keith Whitley before announcing | Let's not forget you're at a GB show!
Garth ain't kidding about Keith Whitley... gosh, I love country music.
If you have never heard Keith Whitley, please, please check him out.
Keith Whitley. The name says it all! Country Music Royalty!
I hope he sings some Keith Whitley. Please
Sitting here watching Garth Brooks, thinking about my daddy. Garth was my second love (coming behind Randy Travis, of course). You see, I didn't grow up with Barney and Elmo... I grew up with Bob Seger, Alabama, The Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, Clint Black, George Strait, Travis Tritt, Chris Ledoux, Keith Whitley, Ricky Skaggs, etc... So thankful that my daddy didn't raise a nerd!!!
Little Keith Whitley on the trip back to Stilly 👍
On Friday morning, one of our WBKR Waking Crew listeners called in and requested Chris Young's version of Keith Whitley's country classic, Don't Close Your
Keith Whitley I just thought u might like to adomatis when he is older lol
After a lot of thought, I think I've decided that Keith Whitley is my favorite singer of all time... He had one *** of a voice...
It's a Keith Whitley and Ralph Stanley kind of evening, my favorite kind!!
Photo: If you don’t have at least one song from Keith Whitley on your favorites list, we may need to...
Please make plans to attend the Wayne Mills Memorial Concert and Benefit on Wednesday December 4th at Tin Roof Nashville. Performers include: Eric Lee Beddingfield, Jesse Keith Whitley, Trent Tomlinson, Craig Wayne Boyd, Kyle Wilson, Joey Allcorn, Zac Hacker and many others! If you would like to donate an item for the Auction please contact me at: Brandynor JR Roberson.
Are you quoting the one and only Keith Whitley?
At Holiday Inn grabbing a quick snack. Mom was heading out the door but the *** if I leave until my favorite song is over Their playing Keith Whitley Don't Close Your Eyes!!
Shower with a little Keith Whitley playing on Pandora, then it's time to finishing moving my entire life into my new place!!! Ready for new beginnings and some new memories!!
Gotta love this and you gotta love Keith Whitley.
Sitting on my back porch playing Keith Whitley songs, doesn't get more relaxing than this!
A little bit of Mr. Keith Whitley on this sunny day!
Tomorrow night ...In Willacoochee Ga. SHATTERRD will be rocking live at The No Name Bar and you gotta come get you some! And Special Guest Keith Whitley a party to prep you for a 2013 ending and another year is right around the corner folks!
I'm thankful for summer evenings spent in the old Ponce de Leon Park with George Byrd - eating roasted peanuts and watching the Atlanta *** play baseball. I'm thankful for that blustery afternoon on the farm when my grandfather helped me make a kite from scratch and then taught me to fly it over the corn field. I'm thankful for Saturday afternoons listening to Larry Munson call the Bulldog games. I'm thankful for the unconditional love of Sara Sue, a single mom who sacrificed unselfishly for her young and, I have no doubt, challenging son. I'm thankful for the memories that have lasted a lifetime of an amazing rainy afternoon spent with Gail Callaway in Ansley Park in 1970. I'm thankful for the hours I got to spend under my grandmother's pedal powered Singer sewing machine while she stitched quilt tops. I'm thankful that I was in Jordan-Hare for the first Iron Bowl played in Auburn - and thankful that we won that game. I'm thankful that I got to read every book written by Lewis Grizzard -- including ...
Just watched Keith Whitley and Vern Gosdin at the Grand Ole Opry, that's country music!
Listening to oldies on my way to see the babies!! I love old country music. Conway, Keith Whitley, and all the good ones...
Ok folks! Lets get ready to party that turkey away as shattered makes a much needed return to the world famous NO NAME BAR in willicoochie ga! It has been quiet a few years since we rocked the no name bar down! But it is on this saturday night as return to rock it out with special guest and great friend keith whitley! Will be a night to remember and you dont want to miss!
Heading home listening to The Essential Keith Whitley wishing there was still a place to get my two step on. Times like these, one of those sexy cowboys would sure come in handy ! IJS
Did she leave me somebody else or just leave me behind.that's a great lyric from Keith Whitley
Keith Whitley's mom, Faye Whitley, she is so beautiful inside and out. love her
enjoying what they always loved to do best. Left to right, Roy Lee Centers. Curly Ray Cline, Keith Whitley, and behind him is Jack Cook.
singing happy thanksgiving to all from Heaven to earth. by Keith Whitley "Come home soon all"
Well, I am still on cloud 9 from Sat night...I attended a songwriting workshop held by legendary songwriter, Dean Dillon. He has written over 50 songs for George Strait, including Marina Del Ray, Nobody in His Right Mind Would've Left Her, and he co-wrote The Chair. Has also written songs for Keith Whitley, George Jones, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Barbara Mandrell, and more...Anyway, after we had the idea for the song, he said the most important part other than the hook, are the first 2 lines. He asked everyone to write two lines to start the song.he chose mine!!! plus another line toward the end! I was in awe just to be in the presence of this man! Made me decide not to ever give up on my songs.
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Someone just told me I sound like a mix between Keith whitley and Chris cagle *** yea I'll take that 󾮗󾮗󾮗󾮗
sittin here with my baby, Sadie and Suzie jamin out :) to homecoming 63 Keith Whitley and Coal Keeps the lights on Jimmy Rose. Starting to get tired lol not made up my mind yet if im loving or hatein all this snow :) Hope everyone has a good thanksgiving
Keith Whitley radio bottle of crown a fire sounds pretty good to me
Working on a presentation, listening to Xbox Music (radio feature) and a little Keith Whitley (on the custom George Strait radio setting). Now that's country music.
I'll take Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, and Keith Whitley over Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and Florida-Georgia line any day
Friend of mine posted a John Denver clip and got me thinking about all the musicians and song writers we lost way too early, and wonder what might they have done later. Would we watch them do reunion tours until we begged them to stop because it hurt the memory of what they once sounded like? Or would they have retired before that happened, and ended at least their touring careers on a high note (like George Strait is doing.) Who do you think would have continued to do well? In my lifetime the two that come to mind (other than Denver) would be Jim Croce and Harry Chapin, both wrote songs that really spoke to me. Keith Whitley had a song that really hit although I don't think he wrote it, called "When You Say Nothing at All". Miss him too. So who would be your picks?
Probably the only 18 year old girl who jams George Jones, Keith Whitley and basically any old country on the reg.
The Legacy & Legends Tour features the music, songs and stories of Lefty Frizzell, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Keith Whitley, and Charley Pride. That collective group of artists account for over 84 hit singles in the United States alone (and hundreds and hundreds of additional charted hits). It's very safe to say that almost every song featured in this show will be a single. This show stars David Frizzell (a legend in his own right), Georgette Jones, Jesse Keith Whitley, and Dion Pride. Watch this page for forthcoming 2014 Legacy & Legends Tour dates...
This day in the History of country music 1. Nashville'a first Disc Jockey Convention,1952 ** 2. Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan wed,1986 *Disc Jockey Convention/Opry's Birthday Weekend As most of the Grand Ole Opry's annual birthday celebrations have taken place during the month of October, I thought it would be nice to take a few moments and review the history of the event and how it grew into what takes place each year. Originally known as the DJ (Disc Jockey) Convention, it was organized to honor the Grand Ole Opry while consolidating Nashville's role in the country music industry. The event, which originally commemorated the Grand Ole Opry's Birthday Celebration, was suggested in 1951 by Harianne Moore of WSM's advertising department. The idea was for the country music artists to thank the disc jockeys for playing their records and promoting their concerts, while giving the disc jockeys the opportunity to meet the stars and to tape spots with the artists to be played on their local stations. The first ...
Keith Whitley and Allison Krauss. I like them both
thanks for playing the Allison Krauss/Keith Whitley version of this song. Don't hear that one up here in NJ
... 10 things yadda yadda ... even though i ain't seen but only 1 other guy do this on here ... maybe we didn't get the memo , oh well , ha ... i'm not givin' numbers out & i'm gonna start from like David Letterman's Top Ten list ... so here goes , no rhyme or reason : ... Ozzy Osbourne & Keith Whitley r my fav. 2 male singers ... although who is better than Don Henley really , even though my fav. Eagle is Joe Walsh ... ... i dislike the capital letter " i " w/ a passion , never use it ... when printed in capital form , it's torn between being a roman numeral 1 or a letter ... when written in cursive & in capital , it's jus 'fugly' ... ... My middle name is Martin , named after my grandpa Montgomery who passed on b4 i wuz born ... ... had Kay or Mal been born a boy , 1 of their names woulda been Tyler Seth ... no reason why , i jus thot it wuz cool ... ... i actually failed my 1st driving test by a point or 2 , & lied 2 every1 @ school 'bout it ... but jus like Rain Man , i still insist i am a good drive ...
Keith Whitley,David Allan Coe,Garth Brooks,Hank...that's real country music, not that garbage people are bumpin to these days
I got 7, so 7 "unknown" facts about me.. 1. I have an undeniable love for old country music. Keith Whitley, Earl Thomas Conley, Vern Gosdin, George Jones, Merle Haggard.. I love those guys, it doesn't ever get any better than that. 2. I do my own oil changes. (I'm a bit of a mechanic at heart) 3. My bestest friends are guys.. Bradley Gibson and Rob Ward.. cause sometimes, they just understand me better than girls. Oh and can't forget about J.c. Thompson, he's my oldest, best, good friend, and he just gets me. 4. My baby brother will be my 'Man Of Honor' at my wedding. Period. No Questions Asked. 5. When I'm sad or have a hard day.. I want to talk to Lainee Cameron. Her 5 year-old innocence and simple mind always gives me answers, good ones, and her preciousness just makes my day better. 6. My hardest and loudest laughs come from the time I spend with Callie Howard. 7. My little brother is my hero!
Heading home to see my baby's and a docs appt listening to a little Randy Travis, Conway,Keith Whitley,Vern Gosdin and many more classic sure makes the ride a little more enjoyable see y'all soon
Legendary songwriter Dean Dillon was honored earlier this week at the 61st Annual BMI Country Awards in Nashville. Dillon was named this year's BMI Icon, which honors those who have had a unique influence on generations of music makers. Dillon has written hits for Alabama, Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius, Vern Gosdin, Keith Whitley, Kenny Chesney, Brooks & Dunn, and most famously, George Strait, who has recorded more than 50 of Dillon's songs.
Only question with the CMA's is where is Jamey Johnson? I liked the tribute to opossum though. Also I think Kacey Musgraves is perfect. But mainly like always I was disappointed with the direction of country music. It just keeps getting worse and the legends are getting older and before long I think we could be in real trouble. I miss the old country. Randy Travis, George Jones, John Anderson, Garth Brooks, Hank Jr., Keith Whitley, Travis Tritt, Tracy Lawrence, Sammy Kershaw, Joe Diffie! Now that's country music!
Ok lack luster CMA show tonight. Never thought I'd be saying one of my favorite performances would be Taylor swift. Of course she was performing with the wonderful Allison Krauss and Vince gill. That had a lot to do with it. I vote more country in the country music awards. I say we have a new lineup We will start with then some Danny Frazier Avery Glenn Crabtree George Molton then closing the show we bring back Keith Whitley and George Jones. Now that sounds like a great night! Glad to see George straight got entertainer of the year.
Keith Whitley's impersonation of Lester Flatt always makes me laugh.
Post the name of your favorite Lorrie Morgan or Pam Tillis or Mel Tillis or Keith Whitley or Sammy Kershaw song...
The Beatles, John Denver, Bob Dylan, Keith Whitley, George Strait, The Carpenters, Phil Collins, Garth Brooks and the list of my midnight music companions goes on ... but the honest fact is ...not every time I get the tranquility when I listen to this masterpiece by our own master . Thanks Raja sir for making music a part of our lives ...
Why in the world is Colt Ford on the Keith Whitley channel??? Don't let it happen again iTunes Radio.
Mostly artists recording albums or performing in groups in both genres... Keith Whitley, Alan Jackson, etc...
If you haven't listened and studied Hank Williams, Holly Williams, and Keith Whitley, you should be ashamed of yourself.
This date in 1989, The late Keith Whitley is featured at on the Billboard country chart with "I Wonder Do You Think Of Me."
I also like Keith Whitley and romantic walks on the beach..
I really hope he does it some day. I love me some Keith Whitley, and some Chris Young, and the two together is PERFECTION!
AMEN! He needs to just do an entire Keith Whitley album, I would cry tears of joy.
Oh my god! Can this man just sing every Keith Whitley song! Totally going to make an Mp3 of this!
Keith Whitley and a cold one... Can't get no better than this
Keith Whitley on the kick off return for UNLV
Keith Whitley is wrapping up from Gilley's '86. We go LIVE in 55 mins w/ the final word on UT football today.
it's all coming back to me now by Keith Whitley
Keith Whitley's voice has always been one of the greatest sounds.. 😍😭
she's ruining a great Keith Whitley song
both really, but hank jr the most. Garth Brooks, Keith Whitley, and John Michael Montgomery, and George are my favorite.
My radio doesn't go up loud enough when Keith Whitley comes on!
Don't close ur eyes by Keith Whitley
Couldnt sleep so i turned on my fav country singer Keith Whitley. Yes keith not george lol
I might be the only person who gets motivated and busts outs extra reps with a Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan duet.
"Just hold me tight, when u love me tonight ...". - Keith Whitley . ^_^
She spends most her morning talking to Jesus and at night it's wine and an old Keith Whitley song.
thought of you as I sang Keith Whitley and then switched to Jodeci! I am a well rounded Texan!
She spends most her mornings talkin' to Jesus, & at night it's wine & an old Keith Whitley song... Yeah, she makes me sing along.
I swear I could listen to Keith Whitley all day, everyday.
oh you like David? We sang Keith Whitley together in his truck😳
Keith Whitley on the radio this morning.. I like it.
There is no pandora station better than Keith Whitley radio!
Listening to Keith Whitley is making me really sleepy 😴
Is it weird that when someone else listens to Keith Whitley, Ronnie Milsap & similar artists, I'm honestly so surprised?
I'm in a Keith Whitley kind of mood right now! 🎶
Nothing better than some Keith Whitley makes me grab up a pretty girl an push her around the. Dance floor
he is! Jim Croce and Keith Whitley relax me lol
Needs to find me a man who appreciates some Keith Whitley.
My cousin is singing Keith Whitley and playing guitar for me 💛🎶
I believe you are the 1st person I've encountered outside of my native TX who knows Steve Wariner. What about Keith Whitley?
I've only listened to Keith Whitley today
I think Randy Travis Keith Whitley and George Jones just understand me ! We're best friends
Don't close your eyes by Keith Whitley always makes me so sad, but I love that song
I've been listening to Keith Whitley songs for the last hour and a half
I haven't listened to Keith Whitley or Vince Gill in 3 days.. Should I be concerned ?
Keith whitley. Clay walker. Randy Travis. Travis Tritt. Yepp its a good morning.
"Somewhere between your heart and mine.… ♫ Somewhere Between by Keith Whitley (at Garuda Sentra Operasi (GSO)) —
Keith Whitley really knows how to say what's on his mind
Music fantasy draft? Keith Whitley is high on my draft board.
Fun game: Take a shot every time you hear "Jadeveon" or "Clowney" until you end up like Bon Scott or Keith Whitley.
Anything Keith Whitley reminds me of my grandma Pat :)
great thanks! Just listening to classic country 'Don't Close Your Eyes' by Keith Whitley, one of reasons I sing and write!
I added a video to a playlist There's A New Kid In Town - Alan Jackson and Keith Whitley
Keith Whitley reminds me of everyone at corbins house singing out on his porch and playing corn hole
“I’m no stranger to the rain” by Keith Whitley :). Rain drops keeping falling on my head.
No matter what new music I find and like nothing will ever be better to me than old keith whitley songs.
"Nobody in his right mind would've left her, even my heart was smart enough to stay behind." Keith Whitley song> Just about anything else.
Im pretty sure that can sing the *** out of some keith whitley wish hed release a album with some on it
Keith Whitley, never lets me down..
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
We'd be talking about Keith Whitley up there with the Strait's and Brooks's if he had not died so young.
I love listening to the Keith Whitley station every night when I lay down. 🎧👌
I would have to love to see Keith Whitley in concert..
Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan in the same song is pure gold.
I just wanna slow dance to some old Keith Whitley
Keith Whitley for the rest of the night, he understands 👌
Listening to Keith Whitley at work because I AM A WINNER 😎
“Keith Whitley and George Strait never get old 👌” *** straight!
"I'm over you" - Keith Whitley . He said it all in this song!
I'm in love with Keith Whitley's voice. I could seriously listen to him all day.
“Don't flatter yourself, I'm over you. I love Keith Whitley soo much, if I sing like him I'd be a happy man
me and Jesse Keith Whitley just before the show
I had a dream that I was at a show, and Keith Whitley came out, and they sang 'Im Over You'. It seemed so real.
Keith Whitley was so good. Screw George Strait, Keith was real country music
I like him but only a couple of songs. Best singer tome is Keith Whitley but that's me
Keith Whitley always reminds me of when I was little, summer, haulin hay, my uncle, the farm...everything I love.
Somebody plz tell me why Keith Whitley had to go so soon.
people still jam Keith Whitley too, your in his tribute band I hear
Alison Krauss did a beautiful job, but I still love Keith Whitley's original version of "When You Say Nothing At All" more.
Dwight Yoakam, John Conlee and Keith Whitley are from ky.
Flashback Series: Lorrie accepts an award for Keith Whitley at the 89 CMA Awards.
Now that Sky's is closed, where am I going to go to beg people to sing Keith Whitley and Tanya Tucker?
If you know who Keith Whitley, John Anderson, and Dwight Yoakam are, high five.
The scene: riding in the car Keith Whitley comes on, my 15 year old nephew in backseat says " aunt Dawn you are old who is this singing?" Lol to funny
Hey gang, Randy here...check out this clip of the late great Keith Whitley talking about playing the legendary Ryman Auditorium Keith is a guy who literally drank himself to death at 34 years old...a great talent with a lot of demons...I think 'Don't Close Your Eyes' is one of the great country songs of all time.
Keith Whitley sings When You Say Nothing At All better than anybody else
"She likes daisies over diamonds, spends most of her morning talkin' to Jesus and a night it's wine and a old Keith Whitley song."
I guess townies don't like to listen to Keith Whitley ..smh
What is the best goal you have seen live at a game??
What song did you and your spouse dance to on your wedding day?
Just bought Keith Whitley's greatest hits cd. Best purchase I've made in the last decade.
Keith Whitley don't close your eyes
Enjoyed my self last nite with Trina Berry-jones ThaBrii Jones Keonia Berry Heather Holloway Veronica Holloway Carmen Metcalf IAm Frye Whitley Treadwell Keith Payne Depardrea Johnsonwe was too turnt up lol.
never get tired to hear Keith Whitley Don't close your eyes on the radio
In celebration of the Kentucky monsoon season 2013 let's see how many songs we can name celebrating rain.I'll start us out--- I love the rainy nights, It's a rainy night in Georgia, Who'll stop the rain, Kentucky rain, I know there are many , many more out there!
Moved from a Keith Whitley kick to a Blake Shelton kick. Dude, has put out some good music in the last few years.
Looking forward to tunes from Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard, Eddy Arnold & Tammy Wynette this weekend on The Country Oldies Show!
I'm listening to I'm Over You by Keith Whitley on Pandora
Karaoke via YouTube of old classics such as Keith Whitley, Doug stone, and the tractors with amandapanda! Ha.! Love it!
I truly believe Keith Whitley had the greatest voice in country mu... — ill keep that in mind when i get some time.
You a Keith Whitley fan? — ive heard of him, but i cant say ive actually listened enough to be a fan.
I'm about to do it like ole Keith Whitley.
I'm a definite Keith Whitley right now.
If you're a country music fan& you don't know who Keith Whitley is, you're not a true country music fan.
At night it's wine and an 'ol Keith Whitley song.." Who is writing tunes like T. Rhett?
It's me and Mr. Keith Whitley tonight. My fav!
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