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Keith Whitley

Jackie Keith Whitley (July 1, 1954 β€” May 9, 1989), known professionally as Keith Whitley, was an American country music singer.

Earl Thomas Conley George Strait George Jones Alan Jackson Tracy Lawrence Gary Stewart Chris Young Jesse Keith Whitley Vince Gill Clint Black Luke Bryan Ralph Stanley David Allan Coe Johnny Cash Randy Travis Alison Krauss Hank Williams

.Adams song blew me away! Your right about Keith Whitley it is something he would sing. Love his music
*** yeah Keith Whitley yes love Adams song
I feel like Chris Young is like Keith Whitley and corey smith is kinda like George Jones
Today is the anniversary of the death of Keith Whitley. He died from alcohol poisoning at age 33. While the...
Want to remember Keith Whitley today 27 yrs ago he passed away at 33...Love his music Chris keeping his music alive.
there's no way I could pick just one!!!But I also love Chris Young, George Strait, Miranda lambert,&Keith Whitley
Jesus they're playing Kenny Rogers where I'm at... All we need is Keith Whitley nowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ kill me
Rosanne Cash, Bobby Bare, Wade Hayes, Patsy Cline, George Strait, Chris Ledoux, and Keith Whitley make up halve my music
Earl Thomas Conley, Doug Stone, Clint Black, Mark Chesnutt, John Conlee and Keith Whitley are the people I'm always in…
Gary Allan, Chris Young, Blake Shelton, George Jones, Keith Whitley, Earl Thomas Conley, and Trace Adkins.. Just a few of my top favs. 😍
I've been in a Keith Whitley coma lately! Really can't think of a better sad song singer. Maybe even Jones ain't
my hope is Keith Whitley, Eddie Stubbs, and Ricky Scaggs in a dream world
thank you so much for the Keith Whitley cover !! Loved him so much! You rocked tonight @
if you like to slow dance to ol Keith Whitley, long sunday drives out in the country I'm your cup of tea, you're gonna love me🎢
Tonight is the OCG with he will be playing great Music and Keith Whitley is in the spotlight
Keith Whitley has been my jam lately..❀️🎢
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Thank you for keeping Keith Whitley music alive...His son Jesse does an amazing job also...
It's hard to go anywhere other than Keith Whitley in this case. Though I'm a huge Luke the Drifter fan.
So talented! Love seeing videos of you playing. Great song - just downloaded it and more from Keith Whitley.
Road Trippin' with Keith Whitley on the radio!! πŸŽΆπŸ’™πŸŽΆ
Keith Whitley is one of the best country singers of all time just died too young
Dude, having a few cold ones watching you sing Keith Whitley songs at the Grand Ole Opry!!
Keith Whitley on the radio and I'm thinking about you. Miss you Mom.
.recording this Keith Whitley demo herself! Excited to hear it! We miss you Keith!
The first of two. K.W. was the king of subtlety. Jesse Keith Whitley
Loved I would love to hear Don't Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley🎢
Faith just pointed out the fact that I drive a Mercedes, and I listen to Keith Whitley on the way to school.. πŸ˜‚
you say it best, when you say nothing at all -- Keith Whitley
Keith Whitley is my idol an is the s***
This reminds me of my kid summer road trips with my uncle. Buck Cash Elvis and Keith Whitley were always played! ☺
🎢 I'm No Stranger to the Rain by Keith Whitley on
Who is your favorite pre-1990s country artist? hard to pick just one! I'm going with Keith Whitley or Earl Thomas Conley
If you don't like Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers or Keith Whitley we probably can't be friends
Music in my truck can go from Kevin Gates to Keith Whitley..
hmm how about George Jones, Keith Whitley, Chris Ledoux, or Charlie Daniels? or do you know any of those?..
I'm not a big country music fan but i always loved this classic by the legendary Keith Whitley. I did my own take...
There are 3 artists in country music that I'm mad I didn't get to see: 1.Waylon Jennings w/ Jessi Colter. 2.Chris Ledoux. 3.Keith Whitley
Nothin like some old school Keith Whitley and George Strait
Tracy Lawrence, Keith Whitley, and Vince Gill get it going
Man I really love country music.. Shoutout Tracy Lawrence & Keith Whitley..
Alabama is better than LBT, Tanya Tucker is better than Taylor Swift, & Keith Whitley better than Luke Bryan. I was bor…
Mindy McCready, Chris Ledoux, Keith Whitley, Townes Van Zandt, and Hank Williams. A few of the reasons why I care.
Aand you're using it to spew your opinion right now. Go listen to Keith Whitley and enjoy your day.
great song by Keith Whitley. He is a legend.
I'm no stranger to the rain Keith Whitley
I liked a video The Life and Times of Keith Whitley
Sippin a few cold ones listening to CCSN the fire going with no cold weather wanna hear some Keith Whitley Kentucky BB
Lol my boys singing Keith Whitley "Miami, My Amy" nowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Some girl(s) gone be lucky they had a retro mama
Rare Footage of Keith Whitley performing β€˜Christmas Letter’ in this rarely-seen footage.
Tennessee Blues-JD Crowe & the New South with Keith Whitley via
I added a video to a playlist The Life and Times of Keith Whitley
Don't know why, but I can't look at a full moon without hearing old Keith Whitley songs in my head. Best part is, they drown out the voices.
Let's catch these feelings with some good ole Keith Whitley
every night is a Keith Whitley night in this house
Done trying to get errrybody outta their feels, so Keith Whitley it is. 😌
Listening to and all the greats: George Strait, Keith Whitley, Clint Black, Garth and so many more. Memories πŸ™‚
One of my favorite Christmas Songs by Keith Whitley & A New Kid In Town
Keith Whitley could sing the alphabet and give me chills
I'm pretty simple just sit by a fire with some Keith Whitley & I'm happy .
Keith Whitley will forever be my favorite country music singer .
So I was called out by Jesse Keith Whitley yesterday to post an original song...I've met some amazing people in...
A rare Christmas performance from one of the best that ever lived.
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ .Luv it! "Just like an old Keith Whitley song." Merry Christmas -Song . -Album
Keith Whitley will forever be my favorite artist of all time
I'm bout 3 sheets to the wind listening to Keith Whitley
Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys (featuring my late friend Keith Whitley). "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem"
Currently have my Pandora station on Keith Whitley & the past 5 songs have just about been word for word the story of my life...
Chris Young is actually country.. His favorite artist is Keith Whitley for Christ sake.
Hard to believe they were ever amateurs. Ricky Skaggs and Keith Whitley at Bean Blossom w/ Ralph Stanley, 1972:
This morning I'm going with Earl Thomas Conley, Keith Whitley, and Aaron Tippin for starters.
oh I agree I'm a strait fan and Clint Black and Alan and Conway and Keith Whitley but big Sean was
ok then do yourself a favor:Go to YouTube. Type in "Chris Young" and "Keith Whitley" & then don't blame me for your new obsession
Chris I'm from Springfield, KY and not since Keith Whitley have I heard such incredible vocals and music.
Bob Wills is the king , You cant go wrong with Randy Travis, Keith Whitley & Travis Tritt and may save …
I love Chris Stapleton but he's no Keith Whitley bulls
Might as well just stop watching now because unless Keith Whitley steps on that stage, absolutely nothing is going to beat Chris + JT
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All I listen to is willie, Waylon, Merle,gorge jones, and a little Tracey Lawrence, Mark Chesnutt, and Keith Whitley. True country artist
Hanging out at Kube Music tonight cutting radio promos for the Keith Whitley "Double Shot of Country" Tour. I'll...
me too πŸ˜‚ him and some Tracey Lawrence or Keith Whitley and it's gonna be a loong night
Just playing Keith Whitley songs on my ol Martin since and are both busy
You make me wanna dance all night beneath the neon moon two stepping to an old Keith Whitley tune
whatchu know about that Gary Stewart, Hank Williams David Allen Coe, Keith Whitley etc do I need to keep going? πŸ’πŸ˜
You heard I'm drinkin more than I should, and I ain't been lookin all that good. - Keith Whitley
Noam Pikelny's opening jam has songs by the Stanley Bros, Dolly, Bill Monroe and Keith Whitley.
Keith Whitley was the sh. Back in the day!
when you say nothing at all: Keith Whitley need I say more?
When Don't Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley comes on in the grocery store.
Never trust anyone who can't name at least 2 Keith Whitley songs
I'm listening to Don't Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley on
One of my favorite songs by Keith Whitley. Aw *** who I am trying to fool, All of his songs is my favorite.
"Don't close your eyes" if it ain't the original by Keith Whitley don't play it around me.
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Sitting in physics lab listening to Keith Whitley πŸ˜‚ Why am I such an old man??
It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart, without saying a word you can light up the dark - Keith Whitley
I think I know what killed Keith Whitley & it wasn't just the whiskey.
Rumor has it if you listen to Keith Whitley, Alan Jackson, Clint Black or Brooks & Dunn at Midnight you'll end up in your Ex's DM's...
I added a video to a playlist don't close your eyes - Keith Whitley (with lyrics)
Havin a party in my kitchen by myself. Grilling chicken, makin broccoli and jammin some Keith Whitley. Completely content ☺️
Randy Travis and Keith Whitley won't leave me be
Induct Keith Whitley into The Country Music Hall of Fame - Sign the Petition
Crank that Keith Whitley and wait for the end of the day
Why did Keith Whitley have to die so young.
Nate I see your looking for songs and I've been thinking about this but why hasn't anyone though about Keith Whitley songs πŸ’œ
fetty wap to Keith Whitley like it ain't nothing
Keith Whitley is putting me to sleep tonight 😴
So what was it like standing on the same circle as Keith Whitley & Tracy Lawrence & Many More Have Stood ?
You know, it's George Strait, Tracy Lawrence, Keith Whitley, Jason Cassidy, Aaron Watson, and Cody Johnson that keep me sane in college.
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Relationship status: listening to David Allen Coe and Keith Whitley all night long.
As good as good gets: A close harmony clinic by by Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mtn. Boys w/ Keith Whitley:
I had no idea Keith Whitley was in Ralph Stanley's band. Learn something new everyday.
When You Say Nothing At All by Keith Whitley and various other artists.
Just prefer Keith Whitley...πŸ˜‚ Maybe it has to do with Dad being a Lorrie Morgan fan? 😊
I am a fan of older country music. I guess they call it classic country today. George, Keith Whitley, Dwight yokam, etc
well, to be fair Keith Whitley did 😜 x
Keith Whitley mixed in with Chris Ledoux on a river bottom would be the perfect date. Just talkin about life
If you know who Keith Whitley, David Allan Coe, Gary Stewart, Tracy Lawrence, and Hank Williams Jr. are then plz be my friend asapπŸ’˜
Keith Whitley is a slam dunk HoF'er
Keith Whitley followed by Radio on point this morning! πŸ‘Œ
I could listen to Keith Whitley all day long
Sometimes you just need a night of some old Keith Whitley to feel at ease πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
So I stepped WAAAY out of my comfort zone and recorded my version of the Keith Whitley classic "Don't Close Your...
Not so bad with a six pack of beer and Keith Whitley playin though
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For not knowing who Keith Whitley is.. is now being forced to watch his life documentary. . You will learn one day, Jess.. πŸ˜‚
Fans gathered for the Keith Whitley Memorial page at Keith's grave this past Saturday Whoever took this photo,...
What in the world I just heard a Keith Whitley song that actually pertains to MEπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ something ain't right
Mini road trippin and so far this girl doesn't know words to jerry reed, D.A.C, or Keith Whitley. And we're supposed to get along?
Sure I guess ole Keith Whitley in the morning isn't too bad
Coming up next a great classic by Keith Whitley plus
One of the best songs, and Keith Whitley's voice on this song is just...
Keith Whitley... If you don't know him & you live in the south, you haven't been raised right ... 😍
So in love with Keith Whitley's music.😩😍😍
Just listened to a full Keith Whitley album. Thanks . Did this guy ever record a bad song? prob not
I wish Keith Whitley wouldn't have died so early. I love his music
PUSH 4 KEITH WHITLEY! , Check us out at sing the petition at.
Click on over and sign the petition for Keith Whitley! .
You know this song by Keith Whitley - Don't Close Your Eyes.avi via petition,
Keith Whitley - I'm Over You, REAL COUNTRY MUSIC at it's BSET via
make this go VIRAL for KEITH WHITLEY!
Love Keith Whitley go and listen to his music RIP Keith you have been gone 26 yrs and you are getting your shine on
.SIGN petition, help put Keith Whitley in2 the Hall of Fame.His Harley never sang a song & it's in there.Ain't right!
Keith Whitley has always been there for me
,Plz,RT, KEITH WHITLEY INTO THE HALL OF FAME,SIGN PETITION. His Harley is there but he ain't!,
, # SIGN petition,# put Keith Whitley into Hall if Fame!.
If there is a better country song than Keith Whitley's "I'm No Stranger to the Rain" I am not sure what it is...
Keith Whitley on the drive back home 🎢
Nothing like listening to some Hank Williams, keith whitley, and some skynard
Make a WRONG a RIGHT.Since Keith Whitley's HARLEY is in the Hall of Fame,put HIM there too! Sign the petition & RT!
If it ain't Texas country don't play it around me. Unless it's the 🐐 Keith Whitley
Keith Whitley-"Tell Lorrie I Love Her"...of course for those of you that DON'T know-yes, "Lorrie" wa... -
anything Alan Jackson, Keith Whitley, George Strait, Reba, Mark Chesnut, and caint go wrong with Garth
Alison Krauss' version of When You Say Nothing At All, better that Keith Whitley's version
I'm sorry Alison Krauss but you don't hold a candle to Keith Whitley. When you say nothing at all🎢
That mountain quaver in her voice! Carter Stanley & Keith Whitley had it, 2. Jean Ritchie at her most emotive:.
Chemo along with Keith Whitley, Dan Seals,George Jones and Johnny Cash on shuffle.
If you sing me a Keith Whitley or Earl Thomas Conley song I'll probably fall in love with you. Just sayin'
I liked a video Brotherly Love by Keith Whitley & Earl Thomas Conley
Cash (my all time fave), Ronnie Milsap, lots of Keith Whitley, George Jones (because we're at the GJ museum) 😘
Keith Whitley, Tracy Lawrence, Alan Jackson, John Michael Montgomery, King George I could go on for days but them boys wrote my life!!!
how about a true throw back?.. Keith Whitley, Doug Stone or Ricky Van Shelton
it went from fat chick to Judd's to Keith Whitley
β€œWhat songs should make the set list tonight?” Something by Gary Stewart or Keith Whitley.
I completely disagree Keith Whitley is the *** king and anyone that says otherwise can die in the rock quarry
but Keith Whitley has nothing on the version by and
Don't close your eyes is better performed by Keith Whitley or Alan Jackson?
This one of my all time favorite songs by my favorite singer Keith Whitley ..Great memories...Frenkie :-{>
DAMNIT! He followed up Keith Whitley with Luke Bryan? At least it was a good song and not bro-country stuff.
Would love to hear you and Bo do "Brotherly Love" by Keith Whitley and Earl Thomas Conley.
I've been wearin out Mo Pitney's cover of Miami, My Amy by Keith Whitley. Def one of my favorites Dean Dillon wrote.
Wow...Keith Whitley's songs are so good. So relatable. Christ!
β€œDoesn't get much better than ol' George Jones, Hank, and Keith Whitley.” πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ AMEN! And Earl Thomas Conley!
That moment when your driving your cousin who is drinking beer. And Johnny paycheck, Earl Thomas Conley, Keith Whitley, and Reba are played in sequence and you have finals tomorrow. Torture
Country music needs more people like Keith Whitley, Vince Gill, Chris Ledoux, Gary Stewart etc..
The Alison Krauss version is on right now, but I like the Keith Whitley version as well. I also love "Don't Close Your Eyes."
One of the first songs I learned on the guitar at 12yrs old. I played it over and over pretending to be on the Grand Ole Opry stage! Here's a little Keith Whitley, "Don't Close Your Eyes".
Dear Lord,. Can Florida-Georgia Line go away and Keith Whitley come back? . Sincerely,. Everyone that appreciates solid c…
I could listen to Keith Whitley all night
Love all the Keith Whitley they're playing before the concert 😍
So the pre-show music for is heavy on Keith Whitley where Luke Bryan played Bruno Mars. Keith was infinitely better.
I love singing, singing old Keith Whitley and George Strait.
I'm no to the country by . KEITH WHITLEY.
I prefer the Allison Krauss version but I love this song.
Hamilton Collection
Keith Whitley always knows what to say when I'm sad
Keith Whitley is starting this lovely Friday morning off just right!
Keith Whitley is singing some good stuff to me rn
I'm listening to I'm No Stranger To The Rain by Keith Whitley on
When Chris Young sings Keith Whitley's Don't Close Your Eyes it literally melts my heart
She spends most of her mornings talkin' to Jesus, and at night it's wine and old Keith Whitley song.
Jesse Keith Whitley has a show on 11/01/2014 at 06:30 PM @ Dauphin Is... in Dauphin Island, AL
Keith Whitley radio never let's me down at times like these
β€œDon't flatter yourself, I'm over you. Love some Keith Whitley!
A lil deep catalog Keith Whitley is a dang good soundtrack for a
"Ain't it funny how sometimes we can be unsatisfied With things we should be thankful for Like an old Keith Whitley or a slow dance at the senior prom Some things just leave you wantin' more" - Joe Nichols
|She spends most her morning talking to Jesus & at night it's wine & an old Keith Whitley song|
My coverage of from where he signed my RARE picture of his grandfather for me.
Got yall another Acoustic song uploading now someone asked me to do some keith whitley but we bypassed dont close...
"Don't Close Your Eyes" Keith Whitley: gotta keep an eye on him he's good
Keith Whitley was one depressed fella!
singing Keith Whitley's "Don't Close Your Eyes" is literally the best thing ever. His voice is so raw! 😍😍😍
Waitin for the mall to open for now just jammin sum Keith Whitley.
I l9ve if for no other reason they play fellow Kentuckians, Keith Whitley &Tom T. Hall
It's never too early for Keith Whitley and George Strait
"Theres a bond that brothers know,& it gets stronger as they grow.We disagree but in the end,there will be no closer friends" -Keith Whitley
Oilfield Dad Top 5 on traditional country charts on amazon music!!! Keith Whitley Just bumped me back to 3rd on Outlaw county charts...
I'm not ok with this list. The godfather of the mullet, Keith Whitley is not on it. I know my mullets!
Sittin here listening to Keith Whitley got in his feels!!
I should have never trusted you after I found out you didn't know who Keith Whitley wasπŸ™…
Just passed thru Corbin, KY. Isn't it weird that it's in Whitley county? Really- Keith Whitley.. Some of the best tunes ever.
Found Don't Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley with All the tears
Keith Whitley and Ricky Skaggs β€” Don't Cheat In Our Hometown: right now on
Don't close your eyes by Keith Whitley puts me all in my feelings. 😣
In a bar in Nashville I was the only person who knew Keith Whitley..what?!? so he sang this for me…
You guys can tell I'm obsessed with Keith Whitley "Miami my Amy what took u so long I thought you'd never call"
he's up there with Keith Whitley in my book! I remember listening to them a lot in high school.
Go iTunes Radio for playing the Keith Whitley version of When You Say Nothing at All
Listening to some Mel McDaniel , Keith Whitley, and Sammy Kershaw on way home. Life is great. Time to curl up w the girlfriend for rest of the night .
I added a video to a playlist keith whitley - Brotherly Love lyrics
Still can't believe pawpaws gone it feels like a dream.. I have so many memories with my pawpaw. But the one that means the most to me is when I was little he used to play the guitar and sing "don't close ur eyes" by Keith Whitley for me, it was the only way I would go to sleep.. And lord his motorcycles lol He loved them things. And all the stupid nicknames like "Duck work" and "cleptoe". We may not have got along all the time but he still loved me!! I'm not only going to miss him but I'm gonna miss his Cookin to
Almost home!! Finishing up our road trip with some awesome Keith Whitley!! 🎢 😊
Keith Whitley radio is on point today
got Eric Church Randy Travis Mark Wills George Jones Keith Whitley all performed by The Rapping Baker
Nothing makes a road trip better than some classic George and Keith WhitleyπŸ‘
a song that was saved from his demo sessions. Keith Whitley-"Tell Lorrie I Love Her" - YouTube -
Don't Close Your Eyes by delphcap in the style of Keith Whitley SingSnap Karaoke2
George Jones, Keith Whitley, and John Conlee all in a row πŸ‘
Keith whitley radio never disappoints!
okay Keith Whitley, I see your taste in music has gotten better
Keith Whitley-"Don't Close Your Eyes" if I could only have 2 songs this & Kiss Me
Ending the night with some Keith Whitley out in the shop.
I wish Keith Whitley was still alive. I'd love to hear him and King George get on a tune together.
R This is the original demo of a song George Jones later recorded, Keith Whitley's life was well sad
it's awesome being in Nashville and hearing Keith Whitley on my radio, I just love that voice!! 🎢 πŸ™Œ ❀
Jamming on some Vern Godsin keith Whitley with some on my ITunes play list " Favorite Voices"
I've realized, until I meet somebody that can listen to Keith Whitley and feel what I feel, I ain't settling. No better singer imo.
If you throw George Jones & Keith Whitley in a blender would come out.. *** good
Just throwing this random thought out there. Keith Whitley is one of the most under rated country singers of all time!
Let yesterday go and you will find more love than you've ever known -Keith Whitley
There's no day Keith Whitley and can't turn around! What would I do without headphones & those guys?
This is my jam: Brotherly Love by Keith Whitley / Earl Thomas Conley. This goes out to my brother Chris Adams
Omg I love this song Alan Jackson you did a good job on a Keith Whitley classic
I generally listen to my I heart radio app...Hank, Waylon, David Allan Coe, Keith Whitley, Chris Ledoux, so on
An old Keith Whitley tune for ya.. "Be-och at the Bottom"
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Recorded LIVE in May of 1975, Keith Whitley as one of the Clinch Mountain Boys singing the Stanley Brothers classic "Stone Walls And Steel Bars"
Apparently it's a Keith Whitley song, but it's become a fave of singing competitions.
How come you are such big Keith/Whitley fans? I saw their season but nothing seems familiar about them at all.
🎢Darling just once. Let yesterday go. You'll find more love. Than you've ever known🎢. -Keith Whitley
Keith Whitley radio and a nice hot bathπŸ›€
good question. Can you imagine Keith kohut doing a paul revere on whitley rd. ?
Always think of my dad when Keith Whitley is on... making this drive very enjoyable!
*Brian Mallery*. Exciting new update from the East Coast, . Announcement :. A special celebration of "Keith Whitley...
Oh my Keith Whitley,,,I'm no Stranger To The Rain is amazing. I love love his voice.
Keith Whitley on Spotify, little boy doing his own thing, & momma playing around with designs. =) =)
Keith Whitley comin out the speakers a fire and budlight makes for a good Thursday night in my book
If you can't get her wet, Keith Whitley can. πŸŽΆπŸ‘Œ
I can feel a Keith Whitley night coming on
What do you know about that Keith Whitley?
Spinning some Keith Whitley today. doesn't get much better.
I rather listen to Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, George Strait & Keith Whitley than listen to "My anaconda don't" or any other crap like that
Keith Whitley this early is much needed
Keith Whitley I'm no stranger to the rain
Lord I wish hard livin didn't come so easy for me ~ Keith Whitley
Late night listening to keith whitley ☺
Keith Whitley's voice was just one of a kind. I'll never get tired of listening to him sing.
Keith Whitley and David Allan Coe are the only 2 reasons I've been able to survive this calculus class
Few beers and some Keith Whitley... Thats real.
Don't close your eyes. Let it be me. Don't pretend its him in some fantasy. Just hold me tight. Let me love you tonight. And don't close your eyeess!!. -Chris Young. -Keith Whitley.!β™‘
Luke Bryan concerts: where every one thinks they're country musics biggest fan, but 92% dont know Clay Walker, Alan Jackson or Keith Whitley
Going to start a new game with my country music loving friends... classic country trivia... 5 questions 1. According to Willie Nelson and/or Keith Whitley what is not selling this year? 2. What went berserk in a Baptist church? 3. When you look at me with those stars in your eyes what could we waltz across? 4. How far am I from no where? 5. Who did Kaw-Liga fall in love with (and where is she?)
Do you love classic country? I mean REAL Classic country! Not like, Kenny Chesney classic country, but i'm talking about Keith Whitley, George Jones, Hank Williams, Sr & Jr, Vern Gosdin, David Frizzel, Charley Pride, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, and more! If you said, yes I LOVE all of that..then make your way tonight to Dock of the Bay Saloon on Hwy. 90 in New Iberia formerly known at Buckwild Saloon for Classic Country Saturday Night! Who needs a radio when you can come out and get it right up in your face with all of your friends! New Iberia is a short drive from Lafayette and well worth it! If you get too drunk, there's a hotel connected to the bar so you don't even have to drive home! Come out and have a good time tonight from 9 PM to 1 AM
when people say they love country music.and then say they've never heard of Keith Whitley, Earl Thomas Conley, or Ronnie Milsap..
Listening to Alan Jackson holiday material because I can and I'm not ashamed. Also, R.I.P Keith Whitley. Taken way before your time.
Keith Whitley, George Strait, Jamie Johnson, Willie Nelson, Gary Stewart and more has hit the spot tonight!
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This guy is truly one of my inspirations in my music career. Keith Whitley from Sandy Hook Ky
Here Mo Pitney,literally tears this song up..He does a beautiful job on singing this huge Keith Whitley hit...and accompanying him are Mr and Mrs..Jimmy and Michele Voan Capps...One of the best musical married couples in Nashville,Tenn and i believe are frequent members,on stage ,of The Grand Old Opry.Mo Pitney does an awesome job on this song...
Unless there's been change...Mo will be on the Opry tonight. Listen online. You'll be a fan. If I get more info, I'll post it. Danielle Clashman is in Nashville for a writer's conference. We met Mo Pitney a couple years ago. I'm sure she's tracked him down -by now. :) He reminds me so much of Keith Whitley--but Mo is very church oriented and---just a good guy--great singer/writer JUST REAL
Keith Whitley, Patty Loveless, Vince Gill, Randy Travis, Little Texas, Trisha Yearwood and Alabama all before 11am?! βœ”οΈ already a great day!
What's your greatest Fan Fair / CMA Fest Memory? I went as a fan from 1987-1991, before going in radio / press since.I think back to meeting so many artists at the old fairgrounds, but my favorite memory would probably be meeting Keith Whitley back in 1988. Used to love the Chuck Wagon Gang lunches that were part of it back then, as well. I do remember back in 1993, walking by the Warner Brothers booth and seeing the most beautiful woman I had ever seen (OK, I used that phrase today at *** Barrel Old Country Store), with NO LINE. So I got her autograph. One year later, Faith Hill had a five hour wait - and yes, I was there again!.Always get the newcomers autographs - because you never know!
Keith Whitley, George Jones, George Strait, Tracey Lawrence. How could they be beat?
Country Throwback Show tonight at 7pm on 107.7 FM WGTY. For those outiside the listening area you may tune in online at, or by using the tune in app on your smart phone. I'll have some Keith Whitley, John Denver, Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Barbara Mandrell, and Vince Gill. Also I bet I play a few you may have even forgotten. Have a create Sunday night everyone!
If the slow ride of a steel guitar playing on a Keith Whitley tune doesn't give ya chills, well then you don't know what country music really is!
I listened to Merle haggard,buck Owens,Keith Whitley,and I'll be damned if my kids don't listen to the same country music I did.
You wanna learn and hear REAL country music???.go search and find Amos Staggs, Earl Musick, Tommy Alverson, Terry Rasor, Deryl Dodd, Jamie Richards, and Cody Jinks.this is REAL country.these guys sing it like it should Red Sovine, Lefty Frazzell, Hank Williams (the first), George Jones, and Keith Whitley sang it and that's all y'all need to know.js :)
Keith Whitley would be proud of your boy, Jake.
Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan sing I’ll be here if you should turn toΒ me…
3rd place memphis in May champs! Great guys! I had the best time with you guys! Keith Whitley radio ! I'll bring the stereo. Let's do it again soon!
TTH. Keith Whitley. Big shoes. TTH makes me happy. There are C&W guys who make you
: no, I watched tonight on DVR and I think they got it wrong. Josh is good but Jake with Keith Whitley : hit song
Great times with Guy Nix. Thanks to Jesse Keith Whitley for getting up during the "Happier Hours." Check us out...
awesome cool calm and collected could u do a Keith Whitley song please xx :-)
Darn u Jake Worthington! I have never been a huge country music fan...but I can't get ur version of Keith Whitley's song out of my head! "Don't close your eyes, let it be me."! What's happening? Lol! :)
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