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Keith Vaz

Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz, known as Keith Vaz (born 26 November 1956 in Aden, Yemen) is a British Labour Party politician and a Member of Parliament for Leicester East.

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Isn't it wonderful that to Brexit or not to Brexit is left to same folk who thought Keith Vaz worthy of a place on the Justi…
Keith Vaz just nudges it for his 'support' for both sides during The Satanic Verses furore.
2/2 Keith Vaz didn't have the guts to face him in the Chamber, but John Bercow had his back. Pantomime!.
William Hague wanted to get rid of John Bercow as Speaker but it wouldn't have been of Bercow's support for Keith Vaz
Keith Vaz is Not a Fit and Proper Person for Parliament's Justice Committee via GuidoFawkes
Bercow Cut Off Bridgen Mid-Speech Before Vaz Vote . Remember, the Speaker has protected his friend Keith Vaz before….
So 207 MPs believe Keith Vaz is a fit and decent person to sit on the UK's Justice Committee! What are THEY like? Tonig…
Labour MPs have turned up in numbers to vote for Keith Vaz tonight.A proven crook is now on Justice Select Committee.
The decision & conduct of Parliament to put Keith Vaz onto the Justice Committee tonight is a reminder of why I'll never vot…
there should be a mechanism for the Speaker to recuse himself - a blind man could see John Bercow is too involved with Keith Vaz.
Andrew Bridgen says he's going to force a vote in Commons tonight to try & stop Keith Vaz election to Justice Select Com…
Tory MP Andrew Bridgen writes to all MPs in his bid to derail Keith Vaz's Commons comeback - will force vote later. https:…
Keith Vaz to be added to the Women and Equalities Committee. Really.
and now KEITH VAZ is on Justice Committee. some may be in order.
Aangirfan: MYSTERIOUS KEITH VAZ i spent my youth groomed by the lodge but never allowed to enter my destiny was mapd
Keith Vaz and the Mystery of Barnes Common via
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how about stopping Keith vaz being on the Justice Committee as well
'employs' driver by text, free passes to HOP, £4mill in property? Sold story sayin suicidal?
Hi, still no reply from my question about Keith Vaz cannot be
Is the media going to out Keith Vaz for what he is ?
Anti-corruption officer arrested on suspicion of bribery Keith Vaz shelved my aligations of chld mrdrs in grimsby
I do have major concerns about handling of case of Keith Vaz.
Keith Vaz to scrutinise legal policy & fraud - what a joke. Maybe he should start at home or his second home.
Is this where Keith Vaz has taken up a role? Rotten to the core
Lol: Keith Vaz MP Labour has secured roles on the Justice Select Committee and Women and Equalities Select Committee
Arrived in Miami Beach. In the words of Keith Vaz "let's get this party started". 💪
So we're supposed to take the word of a select committee that had Keith Vaz as its chair seriously? Nah...
Sunday evening is not a good time for the washing machine to pack up!!!. anyone got Keith Vaz's number?
'Ain't no party like a Keith Vaz party' 😂
Just seen the Diwali lights switch on video, would have thought they would have got rid of Keith Vaz from the stage! Lo…
And he was appointed acting Chair on Keith Vaz recommend while Vaz is , er, indisp…
Keith Vaz: Child abuse panel members 'intimidated' over what they can say to Commons committee | via
asked if she was happy KEITH VAZ of rent boys + coke infamy was going to Justice Committee, she blocked me!
KEITH VAZ on JUSTICE cttee is obscene! yet NO MPs have replied to me asking about it, NOT ONE!
I hope that is watching the reaction to Keith Vaz appt to Justice Committe:
Sort out the Keith Vaz debacle whilst you still have a scrap of credibility.
An must object in the HoC who will? Ongoing legal case must stop this. http…
Keith Vaz makes it hard for me to trust Corbyn
In hiding MP Keith Vaz known as the buggerer , thinks lying low everyone will forget
The least can do is to ask Keith Vaz whether this article refers to him.
All luvvy duvvy: Why is Diane Abbott so immune to any criticism of Keith Vaz. Islington skeletons?
Why did Keith Vaz launch an EDM in favour of paedophile Michael Jackson? After this week's developments, I want to know more…
Keith Vaz backed BuggerJanner, praised paedo Michael Jackson and funded Slade. Does he have any moral right to oversee
And the same Keith Vaz who launched an EDM in praise of Michael Jackson, a man with a horrific stash of chil…
Can Labour deselect shameless Keith Vaz? Resigns from HASC & is appointed to the Could…
Greville Janner salivated over this pervert and Keith Vaz even sat on his throne for an Early Day Motion.
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A Country where corruption and child abuse brings wealth and prestige. Keith Vaz appointed to Justice Committee https…
Keith Vaz takes up position on the Commons Justice Committee - despite being investigated by Police
If the integrity of the select committee system matters so much to Keith Vaz, why can't he keep away from it whilst un…
I've never liked Keith rule for them and for the rest of us. Makes my blood b…
paedophile Andrew Boeckman made and shared thousands of images of toddlers and children bein…
Hi Keith, is it ok for an asian to call me a Gorah? Half asian half white! If I called them a *** I am racist? Ban 'Gorah'
that isnt KEITH VAZ wife there is it?
Justice Committee suddenly has a cuckoo in the nest. How is this even possible?.
any comment on Keith Vaz appt to JUSTICE cttee after the rent boys cocaine + poppers scandal?
Get in there & ask some straight forward questions about Keith Vaz's Behavior! Or start to sink again! Dead wood slows you down!
You couldn't make it up: Keith Vaz to join House of Commons committee which oversees Criminal Justice system. https:/…
Sam Allardyce and Diane James, that's two for this year's I'm A Celeb.. alongside Keith Vaz and Lionel Blair.
Elizabeth Filkin - A TRIBUTE - she investigated Keith Vaz, William Hague etc. & was praised by Robin Cook
Keith Vaz getting the clap from Labour NEC; similar to Vaz & pals giving 'Lord' Janner a round of applause for his 'bravery' in the HoC.
Hope it wasn't something I asked Keith Vaz - Care to comment on your mate Lord Jenner ? Greville Janner is not dead https:/…
Why the Sunday Mirror was justified in exposing Keith Vaz by
Keith Vaz. Lord Irvine . he of Tony Blair & Cherie. and . Lord Willy Bach .
Keith Vaz told the NEC 'If my leader asks me to support him, I will’. . Details from that historic meeting:
Who does Keith Vaz think he is, Tony Soprano? via dodgy GATEKEEPER
Keith Vaz 's father committed suicide for no known reason Maybe daddy liked boys too but Cathol…
Hm, the Keith Vaz linked with Janner, Elm Guest House, Grafton Close Childrens Home and covered it all up in Richmond and Barnes?
Was "Keith Vaz" already being investigated by the over Elm Guest House and Peadophile Janner???
Keith Vaz still holds posts on Privy Council, national security committee and Labour's NEC. .
KATIE HOPKINS: Keith Vaz can tell us to mind our own business via
Breaking news: reads Keith Vaz statement as he stands down from chairing Home Affairs Select Committee https…
The Home Affairs Select Committee all keeping straight faces whilst speaking after Keith Vaz resigned.
Keith Vaz quits as Home Affairs Committee chairman. He has been flying close to trouble for over 20 yrs ???
What the attack on Keith Vaz is really about, according to someone who would know
Exclusive: Keith Vaz will quit as chair of the Home Affairs Committee later today
"Members of Home Affairs Committee paid tributes to Keith Vaz's work"-
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Lets get the party started! Keith Vaz resigns as chair of Home Affairs Select Committee.
Keith Vaz resigns as Commons Home Affairs Committee chair after tabloid exposé- Politics live
BBC News - Keith Vaz quits as Home Affairs Committee chairman and it's goodbye to Mr Smarmy B
Keith Vaz quits Home Affairs Committee chairman job over prostitute scandal.
Keith Vaz apologises to MPs as he resigns from Home Affairs Committee after sex scandal: “Keith...
Keith Vaz is no longer on the Home Affairs Select Committee, which seems cruel considering that was literally what he wa…
BREAKING: Labour MP Keith Vaz stands down as chair of Home Affairs Select Committee after escort allegations.
Keith Vaz quits as Home Affairs Committee chairman in wake of rent boys scandal
I have a feeling the BBC were rather banking on keeping Keith Vaz as Chair of the Home Affairs Committee (for some reason.…
.has been nominated as the acting chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee replacing Keith Vaz
Keith Vaz has resigned as chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee
Keith Vaz has stepped down as head of the Home Affairs Select Committee
Theresa May attacks Keith Vaz. Silence on Cameron, Osborne and Johnson who burned £50 notes in front of the homeless ht…
BLOGPOST: My thoughts on the position Keith Vaz finds himself in.
My only opinion on Keith Vaz is that when did a comic strip taking the *** out of him, he wrote in to complain. What a nob.
Labour MP Keith Vaz shamelessly clings to power after paying 'male' escorts for sex. Such debauchery...
Jeremy Corbyn would be forced to explain Keith Vaz. Owen Smith gets a pass.
Keith Vaz clings to power after paying male escorts for sex. via unbelievable
Labour MP Keith Vaz should be sacked show some grit and integrity. Feel wife and family
Keith Vaz supports Owen Smith. I am so happy he doesn't like Jeremy Corbyn 😁
Keith Vaz has been taking his job as the Home Affairs Select Committee a bit to seriously I think. He has been having affairs at home.
A prolife of long-serving Labour MP Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee.
No wonder Keith Vaz was so upset over the Brexit vote. He feared his supply of Eastern European rent boys would dry up
Keith Vaz preferred Eastern European rent boys. What's wrong with the British ones? Not good enough for him ?
Keith Vaz recently asked in parliament whether any MPs in the Home Affairs Select Committee use poppers - awks!
Keith Vaz: The Labour MP caught up in male escort claims
Keith Vaz to step down from Home Affairs Committee over male escort allegations
Goan origin Brit MP Keith Vaz forced out of closet as well as the Home Affairs Select Committee:
Keith Vaz doesn't want "any distraction" from the work the Home Affairs Select Committee carries out - bit late for that
Keith Vaz stands down after male escort sex allegations politicians, bishops what's going on?
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Should have got Keith Vaz upfront. He is great at stretching young Eastern European lads and getting a shot off.
Keith Vaz should stand down as an MP, not just from the Home Affairs Committee. The man is a dodgy, slippery liar. http…
Regardless of the stories concerning Keith Vaz: we sex workers, stand firmly by the recommendations made by the HASC https…
Keith Vaz stands down from Home Affairs Select Committee after male escort sex allegations - on
Keith Vaz reported to be considering his position as head of the Home Affairs Select Committee. A role he has held for 107 years.
Keith Vaz should resign as an MP just resigning from the Home Affairs Select Committee is not good enough
Married Labour grandee Keith Vaz resigns from Home Affairs Committee after claims he paid male escorts for sex
MP Keith Vaz top politician double life revealed.He buys drugs and pays male prostitutes all paid for by tax payer http…
Keith Vaz: Who is the Labour MP caught up in male prostitute claims?
get that Keith Vaz on at half time, he will be right up the back of that Eastern European back 4! X
Just when you think life couldn't get harder for Eastern European migrants. Some of them have to have sex with Keith Vaz.…
If you're a looking for a cheap Eastern European washing machine, Keith Vaz is your man... apparently.
Do you do dedications still on your radio show If so can i have Dame Shirley Bassey "Lets Get The Party Started" for Keith Vaz
MP Keith Vaz 'hid his identity from 2 Eastern European rent boys' by posing as a Washing Machine Salesman named Jim
MP Keith Vaz to inform Commons Home Affairs Committee on Tuesday about decision over his future as chairman
How MP Keith Vaz 'hid his identity from two Eastern European rent boys'
Married Labour MP Keith Vaz leading double life with drug fuelled meets with Eastern EU male prostitutes!!
Keith Vaz is an Owen Smith supporter, yet the media are finding pictures of him and Corbyn to use. Shameless.
David Blunkett "in shock" and seen steadying himself at revelation that Keith Vaz is NOT a washing machine salesman
"Keith Vaz - Vaz was very close to Janner and in parliament described powerful paedophile evidence against Janner" (Craig Murray)
Labour supporting BBC propaganda show back on TV whitewash the discussing Keith Vaz and tells fatboy Ed Balls he's slim.
Keith Vaz - a hypocritical tool of the British government and a complete liar. Your failure to ban video games has finally gained karma, Jim
So it's legal for Keith Vaz, chairman of Home Affairs Committee, to pay for prostitutes & drugs?
Trying to find a way to turn the Keith Vaz 'situation' into . Where's when you need him?
So "Jim, the Washing Machine Salesman" is really Keith Vaz, MP & Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee?
I didn't know Keith Vaz was born in Aden. So was Eddie Izzard
oh and the reason that folk like Keith Vaz might not be 'out'? because of what is happening now to Keith Vaz
I don't understand why the left wing Daily Mirror has gone after left wing MP Keith Vaz, when they should get a child molesting high ranker!
Why picture him with Corbyn. Keith Vaz backed Owen Smith. And by backed I mean.. backed
I know Keith Vaz was probably annoyed by his eponymous game, but wasn't that going a bit overboard to draw attention away from it?
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Keith vaz is a corrupt criminal and has been for years...hence why the labour party always made him feel welcome.
MPs be on the phone trying to persuade David Miliband to come back & stand, when Keith Vaz resigns...
Looks like Keith Vaz needs to put this on a SPIN setting.
Keith Vaz was Leicester East MP from 1987. Guess who was Leicester West MP at the time??? Greville Janner!!…
Meet Keith Vaz, the Labour high-flyer involved in male prostitute sex scandal
Was Keith Vaz put under any pressure to laud Greville Janner after child abuse accusations on his return to parliament?
Keith Vaz asks Shami Chakrabarti to clarify when was offered peerage by Jeremy Corbyn.
I think Keith Vaz is gross - having unprotected sex with someone he didn’t know was infected or not and then proceeding…
Keith Vaz showing he's out of touch with the electorate not knowing how much a bag of coke likely to cost.Should stick t…
'Keith Vaz chair of a powerful parliamentary group probing vice and drugs.' He certainly is. Probing 24/7.
Began reading Keith Vaz stuff. Nope. Can't read it. Poor family, poor him.
So, the man who grills Chief Constables is recorded with two male escorts discussing a cocaine purchase... . https…
Who in the right mind is suggesting the Keith Vaz story is homophobic? The man is a serving MP using drugs and prostitutes as a pastime
Trending at No1 Keith Vaz the drug & sex paying Labour MP. Yet nothing just silence from & ?
Keith Vaz's son was in my year at college in Cambridge. There's a human cost to these stories we probably shouldn't forget.
Looks like Keith Vaz won't be on the Home Affairs Select Committee for much longer
And now blocked by for pointing out that the Keith Vaz story IS people's business - reason below... ht…
Married Labour MP Keith Vaz tells prostitutes he invited to flat to bring poppers .
It's a shame I can't @ anymore as he's deactivated his account. Wonder what else he was involved in/covering up. T…
Keith Vaz wasn't necessarily a Corbyn Fan, so why is Mirror outing him?
So Leicester MP Keith Vaz (aka Jim) was paying male prostitutes for sex at his flat?. Madness..or is this the norm & acceptab…
We have all failed the Keith Vaz game
How long before Keith Vaz announces he's got dementia? Seemed to work for his mate.
Rumour: Keith Vaz's constituency office used to be a shop selling washing machines.
I think everybody just lost the Keith Vaz game. Including Keith Vaz.
Good thing Keith Vaz is leading parliamentary group probing prostitution laws and drugs. He certainly has lots of first…
When you hear about Keith Vaz bumming rent boys...
Unfortunately for Keith Vaz, there is legitimate public interest in knowing someone chairing inquiry on prostitution is involve…
Ok first I laughed really loud, then I read "male escorts" and screamed my mums gonna kill me it's 2am!. Uncle...
I hope it all comes out. Keith Vaz is Chair of Home Office Select Committee that looked into alleged Paedophi…
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Keith Vaz has done a cracking 80s political downfall Tribute Act...
Losing the Keith Vaz game in ways I never imagined right now
Keith Vaz helped kill a 90s probe into the Greville Janner claims: why is he silent now? 2015
This isn't just losing the Keith Vaz game. It's losing the Keith Vaz set, match, tournament and Grand Slam.
Labour MP Keith Vaz 'met male prostitutes in his London flat'
Keith Vaz, who tried to ban the Coke truck from visiting Leicester, gets coke delivered to his house for rent boys. Glorious.
Keith Vaz hid real identity from male escorts . So... who IS
As an antidote to the (subliminal messaging) photos of Keith Vaz with Jeremy Corbyn in the Daily Mirror...
Today, we all lose the Keith Vaz game.
New post: ". 'Let's get this party started': Married Labour statesman Keith Vaz 'met male prostitutes in his Londo…
David Blunkett, Keith Vaz and Crispin Blunt all have letters in the Times today regarding Calais and Le Touquet
Ellie Reeves, Glenis Willmott, Margaret Beckett and Keith Vaz to name but just a few of them,
There's a lot of talk of Keith Vaz on social media Could you not ask him about it Mr Humphrys? htt…
Right! Keith Vaz was one of those who wanted to stop investigation into Greville Janner, too. https:…
TBF she was the first to admit it was moronic. She won't do it again. I'd watch Frank Field & Keith Vaz though!
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Keith Vaz: £75,000 for a flat 12 miles from home - Telegraph when I hear him talking this is all I see 🏡🚇 https:/…
Home Affairs Select Committee chair Keith Vaz says Theresa May has done "extremely well" on police reforms as Home Secretary
Keith Vaz: BBC acted ‘perfectly properly’ with police over Cliff Richard Might as well throw this…
Down the rabbit hole: We might get Keith Vaz yet - and 'Kitty'...
It's time Keith Vaz - CHAIRMAN OF Home Affairs Select Committee - apologised for his comments re:
"He was responding to questions put to him by the Home Affairs Select Committee chair, Keith Vaz"
Met Commissioner to be interrogated by the severely corrupt, Keith Vaz who protected child rapist Lord Janner.
Can't even bring myself to laugh at Keith Vaz. He's such a slimy, corrupt *** that it seems inappropriate.
Keith Vaz. Desperate to be up front on that open-top bus. Not so desperate to be up front on his bank accounts. https:…
Keith Vaz, wearing Leicester scarf, uses PMQ to ask David Cameron whether should present MOTD in his pant…
I'd have thought Keith Vaz MP would have been too busy writing his apology to all of Janner's victims ...
So why hasn't cowardly Keith Vaz MP apologised to all of Janner's victims? Maybe out PM will kindly ask him that question ...
Keith Vaz welcomes the Minister's comments. Says they have moved a long way. Adds that it's important LAs are given the right resources
My article for on Leicester's Premier League win
Is it me or does Keith Vaz have an unhealthy interest in seeing Garry Lineker in his undies?
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If votes to leave Leicester City will be thrown out of Cup. A Keith Vaz clone army will play instead.
Leicester on Top of the World: If you were the man on the moon on Saturday 7 May at 5.30pm, there is only one...
UPDATE: Labour's Keith Vaz is no longer wearing his Leicester City scarf in the Commons. Normal service has resumed.
BME policing event with Keith Vaz MP at ACNA Centre
Thank you to Keith Vaz for his little gift
where's balvirs '' freedom of speech '' can't say anything about Keith vaz most corrupt politician criminal from you nihal
Jay Rayner is a good man. Was also on Keith Vaz's case re. The odious Lord Janner
I almost got through an entire show without seeing Olivia Colman there. This is harder than the Keith Vaz game
One the billing tonight we have Keith Paedopal Vaz v Fat chops Eric Pickles!
TERRIBLE nightmare last night. Keith Vaz had moved in nextdoor and insisted on speaking to me. Woke up bored.
Just lost the Keith Vaz game by watchung a paper review (a paper review!) on the Marr show. Turning off all media now.
>Ukip raises Leicester vote fraud alarm. Prepare to lose the Keith Vaz game.
Story about Ukip alleging electoral fraud in Leicester, about postal votes for the police commissioner in Keith Vaz's constituency.
.urged to keep pants promise by Leicester MP Keith Vaz in
Cowardly Keith Vaz MP needs to apologise to all of Janner's victims on his way out ... Enough is enough
Leicester's title win has victims. Spare a thought for Keith Vaz MP who is going to spend the next week pretending to…
Just watching Keith Vaz in Commons today in his scarf...he was at King Power Stadium last night partying. Is he the…
I know how keen Keith Vaz is to demonstrate his closeness to Leicester FC, but this is getting silly now: .
. : a challenge to Corbyn? Keith Vaz's invite and Sadiq Khan refusing to celebrate with him. …
Like it appears Budgets' LATE Keith Vaz throws senior civil servant out of Home Affairs Committee
Some days I just want to mash up the themes and ask if the Keith Vaz Game should be played by city-based franchises in Scotland
More than half of cabinet including PM, Chancellor ,Fallon, Hammond, May, have no asylum seekers in their constituencies s…
Labour MP Keith Vaz would have “no problem” with reintroduction of UK blasphemy laws laws
It's simple. You win the Keith Vaz game by not being reminded of his existence.
what's the Keith Vaz game, pray do tell
Snake-hipped party animal Keith Vaz was Corbyn's warm up act.
Just realised house move takes us out of Keith Vaz's constituency 🙌🙌🙌 Thankfully still Labour, Liz Kendall, who I find far more palatable.
Keith Vaz: we might need to help by sending sniffer dogs to the port of Dunkirk, as they only have two. France can't afford to train dogs ?!
Keith Vaz on telly talking about criminals. 😂
Keith Vaz on the telly. What a toad.
Keith Vaz, Chairman of is very confident that an inquiry into this TOEIC/ETS saga will be held. https:…
Keith vaz asks May whether she has ever visited asylum accommodation since being Home Secretary. She replies that she has…
ridiculous. Everyone knows Keith Vaz is (Shadow) Minister for bandwagon.
Keith Vaz said 2000 in this country under servailance on TV yesterday ?
*** IT! That's twice today I've just lost the Keith Vaz Game. Gr!
Oh crap, I've just lost the Keith Vaz game.
I'm incredibly dense, what is the Keith Vaz game?
Gutted to have lost the Keith Vaz game again.
my record in the Keith Vaz game today is P 4 W 0 D 0 L 4 Pts 0.
Sorry, I'm not that naive - I shall not be losing the Keith Vaz Game tonight
I'm sure you meant to give him his full title: Snake-hipped Party Animal Keith Vaz.
It's not everyday that someone else losing the Keith Vaz game thanks to a kebab makes you lose the Keith Vaz game.
Keith Vaz was his warm up guy. Not a word of a lie. Both greeted as rockstars.
Oh Vaz, I have just lost the Keith Vaz game (intergalactic edition)
Arms around the world in the Keith Vaz game :(
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I wasn't surprised to see that Keith Vaz is on the judging panel for the kebab awards
And I just lost the Keith Vaz game.
To huge cheers Keith Vaz MP announces "For first time ever we have the leader of a major political party here"
Early controversy as Keith Vaz claims best restaurants are in Leicester. Who knew this would be such a political storm?
'I've had more kebabs in the last year than I got votes in the General Election' Keith Vaz .
you just made me lose the Keith Vaz game.
Brilliant and bold Keith Vaz MP, Chair of influential has just arrived at the UT for TOEI…
SPEECHLESS? So is Keith Vaz who helped kill off a 1990s probe into Greville Janner abuse claims - WHY?
LIVE - Keith Vaz MP calls for international judges on any tribunal in to bring justice and closure.
I've just noticed that Keith Vaz sound like the Martin Bashir character from Bo' Selecta.
Edward Garnier is part of the protection squad Hague, Harriet Harman, Keith Vaz and Margaret Hodge too
Edward Leigh was at Richmond Council at the same time as Keith Vaz & Elm Guest House.
Keith Vaz, Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee stated in the debate on 15 March 2016:. “The Government...
Why is Keith Vaz still Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee? Is no one in the Commons concerned?
Here before the game started with Speaker John Bercow, Leicester MP Keith Vaz&Tom Meighan from
Little Giant Ladders
Keith Vaz must apologise to survivors & victims of without delay.
Keith Vaz must apologise to the survivors and victims of Janner without delay. It's really not much to ask.
unfortunately I look like Keith Vaz with hair and am about to be mortgaged to eyeballs to pay for separation. Good luck!
Daniel Janner and Keith Vaz debated at the Cambridge Union with Andrew Mitchell. Why didn't he ta…
Keith Vaz was a senior solicitor for the London Borough of Islington.
Keith Vaz has come off Social Media as a scandal is about to break:is a parody
Daniel Janner and Keith Vaz were invited to visit Greville Janner in Parliament together.
Keith Vaz first got involved with the Cambridge Union when Andrew Mitchell was President, Lent Term 1978.
So when are they gonna arrest Keith Vaz for corruption in a public office and other, far more serious, crimes?
Daniel Janner was President of the Cambridge Union Michaelmas Term 1978. Keith Vaz graduated in 1979.
Where as Keith vaz bin,no where as he weely bin ???
>> Vaz &15 other MPs campaigned 4 laws to be changed to grant anonymity to people accused of ht…
David Cameron Valerie and Keith Vaz and the other professionals should be ashamed of there selves and be guilty
VAZ MUST RESIGN. Did Keith Vaz get to become an MP because he covered up for
With the Mayor? Where's you're best friend Keith Vaz?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Obscene graffiti painted on Keith Vaz's Leicester office
What will Keith Vaz be getting up to next, I wonder?
Further proof that Keith Vaz is trying to hide evidence ...
Janner friend Keith Vaz tried to to change laws to stop reporting of child abuse claims
Oh the irony of having to go to police force investigating him for CSA to report obscene graffiti!
Customary reminder of Keith Vaz and the Rushdie affair.
And pictures allegedly showing graffiti where none to be seen. Or did they mean 2words 'Keith Vaz' were obscene?
"Three MPs caught with pants down at EGH and solicitor Keith Vaz hadn't heard a whisper!
Could your Assistant Police Commissioner please ask HASC chair Keith Vaz whether he is currently being investigated for CSA?
Obscene on Keith office | Another in need of ANTI GRAFFITI...
Keith Vaz hasn't got around to reporting graffiti on his office window. Too busy trying to paste a Blue Tick onto his …
Keith Vaz and Daniel Janner studied law together at Cambridge, and debated together as part the Cambridge Union. Family f…
Is this the same Keith Vaz who supported, and then betrayed, Salman Rushdie over The Sata…
of by government unacceptable, Free
of court orders by Nigerian gov.& silence of good people will force us to free
'Stop circus' Furious locals spray graffiti in Praia da Luz via Graffiti at …
Since when did I What is today the updated "Keith_Vaz"?
Obscene graffiti painted on Keith Vaz's Leicester office ? Can yer tell what it is yet kids ? Not ?
So will Michael Gove be attending Lord Janner's funeral? How about Keith Vaz, Paul Boateng, Peter Mandelson?
Keith Vaz. Solicitor at Richmond & Barnes during Elm Guest House. Senior solicitor at Islington at height of councils kids home paedo ring
Is Clarence Mitchell advising him ? ? Any words of wisdom from Keith Vaz ?
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