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Keith Van Horn

Keith Adam Van Horn (born October 23, 1975) is a retired American professional basketball player.

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Disrespects Keith Van Horn every time he touch the court.
Desperately looking for a Keith Van Horn jersey lol
all long sock team . Eddie house . Keith Van Horn. Rodney Carney
Paul Pierce really just a darker Keith Van Horn.
Had a dream that the Lakers traded Jordan Clarkson to the Kings for Keith Van Horn.
Keith Van Horn's final home game against New Mexico, he came out blazing, called TO for NM
I look at Dekker and see Keith van Horn.
When did Keith Van Horn start playing for OM?
Kevin Love would be as useful as Antonio McDyess or Keith Van Horn on the Knicks
I looked up Keith Van Horn and automatically knew who he was talking about.
*** really said that chick look like Keith van Horn
Chris Webber, Elton Brand, Glenn Robinson, Keith Van Horn, Larry Hughes, Mutombo. Sixers fans got an argument too.
Spurs would of won all those titles if they didn't tank for Tim Duncan! They coulda had Keith Van Horn instead
Just had some guy tell me I am too young to wear a Keith Van Horn jersey and that I look like I'm 16. Very strange, that's a first lol
Guys I'm signing for the . Keith Van Horn, Mikki Moore, Boki Nachbar, Jordan Farmar, and Keyon Dooling.
Anybody involved in a Keith Van Horn trade shouldn't be expected to provide much in 2016.
Richard Jefferson is the last dinosaur from pre-historic era. Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles all extinct
The only thing more surprising than Richard Jefferson playing right now would be if Keith Van Horn came in and knocked down a three.
It's great today that kids have athletes that are positive role models like Steph. I only had Keith Van Horn. Look how I turned out. ๐Ÿ˜”
Klay Thompson is just an overrated, poor man's Keith Van Horn
No team keeps all it's draft picks in building a contender. None. The 76ers traded Stackhouse, Keith Van Horn and Tim Thomas.
Thomas Robinson out for the tonight. Nets expected to start either Keith Van Horn or Chris Gatling.
That was a Utah team who went to a Final Four without Keith Van Horn.
Poor Keith Van Horn came to this league 15 years too late
Karasev just tripped on the ghost of Keith Van Horn
Do you suffer from DPD (Delusional Parent Disorder)? shows how to fight DPD for your kids sake. .
Keith Van Horn??? I see more like a tall Ginobli the kid can do it all
I look at Tyler Lydon and I see a young Keith Van Horn. Was really impressed when I saw him live against St. John's.
nowhere near as good as the time Shaq gave himself the nickname Osama Bin Shaq after he terrorized Keith Van Horn
This Day In History (98) drops 50 on the Nets, Keith Van Horn gets mad about it
Delusional Parent Disorder diagnosed by former NBA player.
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*twitches* it's, it's Von. Von Miller, not Keith Van Horn.
just a question, when is the TBT '99 Keith Van Horn going to be released?
season tickets package includes popcorn and dry hand jobs from Keith Van Horn at each game
Without looking at replies, gotta say Keith Van Horn
Andre Miller played at Utah with Keith van damme Horn not Arizona
Keith Van Horn, otherwise known as the white Toni Braxton
Conference tourney week...and you know what that means...time to watch Keith Van Horn, the legend do work
Keith Van Horn never thought he'd coach. Now, he runs one of region's Premier hoops clubs
"Keith Van Horn in 'Premier' position to give back" by Read it here:
Denver Colorado News Keith Van Horn in "Premier" position to give back
Yo: Keith Van Horn in a position to give back.
Yes U did make that up! New Mexico was Keith Van Horn's senior game in 97 & we won that game from start to finish. I was there.
Dare we ask where the Keith Van Horn tattoo is?
Keith Van Horn talking about those great Utah teams in late 90โ€™s, 9-year NBA career, & his perspective on March Madness
Frmr Utah and NBA player Keith Van Horn (joins & to discuss memories of
Afternoons w/ & starts now. They'll be joined by Jerry Allen (& Keith Van Horn
was Keith Van Horn still on the team at that point??
Keith Van Horn: "Man, if I came out of retirement for the fifth time, Russell Westbrook wouldn't be running wild on me!"
need to throw a KEITH VAN HORN in the middle of the chat
We all suffer from it. "Keith Van Horn: Delusional Parent Disorder". via
almost forgot Tony Battie existed... my dad said "keith van horn and Tony Battie will be the next mega-stars"๐Ÿ˜น
I just can't deal with irrational parents. Some suffer from DPD so bad there is just no hope.
I also got to watch a hockey game with Larry Walker, meet Keith Van Horn and James Hetfield. All at ST. Magical
I really thought Keith Van Horn was going to win the Iowa Caucus last night...
Keith Van Horn used to be one of my favorites idk why
it's possible but TD was the sure fire that year. I think Keith Van Horn went ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
you're comparing Simmons to 3 of the top 12 players of all time. Not like he's going to be in Keith Van Horn's neighborhood.
I have the swagger of AI and the ability to switch forward positions like Keith Van Horn
Keith Van Horn wins it for the New Jersey Nets at the buzzer in the Big D back in the 1999-2000 season:
and keith van horn was nicer than sprewell. Reach gods
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Bruh it dont matter. Keith Van Horn started so thats all we need to know.
This Thunder/Knicks game is good.. KP reminds me of Keith Van Horn
Worse jersey to own, Keith Van Horn or Chris Weber? I say Van Horn because Weber was good at one point
Photographic evidence of said Keith Van Horn supporter.
There is a man sitting two rows over from me wearing a Sixers Keith Van Horn jersey.
Like that time Keith Van Horn got hurt vs. HOU, and made Avery go super small, down 0-2 in the 2005 Playoffs.
. Keith Van Horn, Aaron Williams, and I think Kendall Gill? looking on.
If you played in backcourts with Eric Snow & Aaron McKie and the 2nd best scorer was Keith Van Horn you would take some bad shots too lol
My Cavs really just got the Keith Van Horn treatment from a Rich Paul and Tristan Thompson.
There's Brad Davis. If Tyson played 12 years for DAL he would've had better numbers than him. But so would Keith Van Horn...
Ya r in rare "I am going to get mentions" form. fwiw answer is 945893rd, right ahead of Kerry Kittles but behind Keith Van Horn
my favorite case was when Keith Van Horn was at Utah his father died, he was taken to the airport by the coach Rick Majerus
So... Rick Pitino's ORIGINAL NBA Draft plan was to get Tim Duncan & Keith Van Horn. Get drafted "the backcourt of the future" instead. SON.
Anyone else want to hear Keith Van Horn on the
people joked that she looks like former NBA players Keith Van Horn
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:Mood: right now one of my favorite players Keith van horn.
Keith Van Horn would not appreciate that... I know, I know... You don't know who that is. I'll see myself out.
Know the truth about early specialization in sports. Thanks for a great post!
Former NBA Star Keith Van Horn invites you to join in supporting PCA to help
Everyone's doing they're not! Play sports, raise kids not robots!
Keith Van Horn wouldve been great in
Keith Van Horn, Joel Pryzbilla and Michael Doleac were all involved in one 3-team trade once.
Keith Van Horn played for the Nets, very good player! Kenyon Martin, Richard Jefferson, Drazen, Vince Carter, Derrick Coleman
Some guy just told me I have this certain Keith Van Horn style. This is Keith Van Horn.
Tristan Thompson is to Dennis Rodman as Keith Van Horn is to Larry Bird.
Isiah Thomas has been named President of the NY Liberty. His first move was to offer Keith Van Horn a max contract...
Best NBA comparisons for Frank Kaminsky are Keith Van Horn, Rick Barry, David Brooks, Tom Glavine and Peyton Manning.
FALSE. Van Morrison is the love child of Keith Van Horn and Adam Morrison.
Hey settle a bet for myself & Frank Kaminsky is the love child of Keith Van Horn & Adam Morrison. True or False?
Kaminsky looks Keith Van Horn killed Shaggy from Scooby-Doo then skinned him and wore him as a suit,
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your crazy about Decker.."the next a. Morrison "..Decker is the next Keith Van Horn...
Is it just me or does Sam Dekker look like a cross between Keith Van Horn and Jimmy Chitwood? And they say all white guys look alike.
Dekker is Keith Van Horn and Jimmy Chitwood from Hoosiers. All my final four teams Alive & MSU
too bad Keith Van Horn played basketball instead of hockey
what?!? Kidd, Kittles, Lucious Harris, Jefferson, and the great white hope Keith Van Horn
I would've cried like I did when my Tarheels lost in the final four to Utah and Keith Van Horn
Utes have some good retired jerseys including Andrew Bogut, Andre Miller, Keith Van Horn and Rick Majerus' sweater.
I'm from that NBA era with Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Michael Finley, Keith Van Horn, Eddie Jones, Brian Grant, Antonio McDyess and Shawn kemp.
And Kendall Gill! (Keith Van Horn lived in Franklin Lakes and was extremely nice.)
Pretty sure CP3 would take the Nets to the Finals 2 yrs if he had Kenyon Martin, Keith Van Horn, & Kerry Kittles as teammates.
Great post by Keith Van Horn. Recently we didn't sign our boy for organized BB after MS season. He goes to REC forโ€ฆ
I heard a song where a dude said he was "moving rock" like Keith Van Horn
oh yea him too and also Keith Van Horn
8-6-02: Nets trade Keith Van Horn and Todd MacCulloch to 76ers in exchange for Dikembe Mutombo.
I think we gave up our existing 2019 pick in the Eddy Curry trade. Or maybe it was Steve Francis. Or Keith Van Horn.
I remember when I read the newspaper and saw him and Keith Van Horn couldn't beat Rick Pitino's Kentucky Wildcats in the title game.
Keith Van Horn one of my favorite non black NBA players. He's up there with The Professor and White chocolate
Ya'll are gonna have to resurrect the immortal Kerry Kittles and Keith Van Horn.
Thanksgiving and the winter break is open to be with family. Is 1, 2, or 3 more days of practice that important? .
my man Keith, no sweat.Van Horn. Man you genius.
Andre Miller was college teammates with Keith Van Horn. He's that old.
no he is really pretty Keith Van Horn
Make it happen Patricio. By day's end I need you or to get on the Keith Van Horn with ESPN.
Splash Alert! Repost special: Keith Van Horn's great article on Delusional Sports Parents
stephon Marbury was outstanding... Keith van horn... I mean there are guys who were straight up teflon in colleger
100 years from now some kid is gonna pull my basketball card collection out of an attic box going "who the heck was Keith Van Horn?"
Before the '97 draft many Spurs fans were arguing for SA to pick Keith Van Horn over Duncan because they already had Robinson. Scary thought
Bojan is nice, that dude is Keith Van Horn part II lol
Jason Kidd, Collins, TJ Kidd and Mr. Whammy are all here tonight. Nets should have invited K-Mart, RJ, Kerry Kittles and Keith Van Horn too.
Don't Drink the Kool Aid! Check out information on the Layups and Rebounds three part series.
Oh yeah... and screw Andrew Bogut, Andre Miller, and Keith Van Horn.
Can't wait to watch my amazingly talented and beautiful little sister ball it out this season
"When *** act up cuz it's a substitute ๐Ÿ˜‚ keith van horn mad af he gotta teach in the hood
You need someone like when Keith van Horn was signed and cut in the Jason Kidd deal.
nets been pump faking since Keith van horn
โ€œKeith Van Horn might be the only white hooper to get a video game cover.
You Iooking for that Mavs Erik Dampier, Keith Van Horn, and Nick Van Exel too?
You think Brady Hoke cares if he gets fired? He'll be sitting on the couch Keith Van Horn style collecting them checks.
The 2003 Hornets-Sixers game is on right now. I love seeing A.I. ride the refs and had seeing Keith Van Horn be Keith Van Horn.
& then I said Keith Van Horn was my favorite player ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Real question is how many guys could have been Richard Jefferson, Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles, Lucious Harris, etc.
Listen to my new episode FSP: Live Draft and Keith Van Horn inerview plus news of the week at
Francesca listed Majerus. Like he didn't have talent?? Let's see, Andre Miller, Keith Van Horn, talent there smh
i keep forgetting that keith van horn was drafted at 1-2. KEITH VAN HORN
Are you sure you aren't thinking of Keith Van Horn? Easy mistake to make.
Lakers beat a horrible Nets team rolling out Kidd, Kittles, Keith Van Horn, KMart and Todd MacCulloch. Get serious...
The difference between Keith Van Horn, and Johnny Manziel is that both were needed but Manziel frets evrmore
I ain't scared to buck at dude, he's a Keith Van Horn *** he was only tough in school. Ooo
Keith Van Horn is the greatest all-around basketball player in nba history. Case closed.
Also would be fun, a set of dudes who purchased Keith Van Horn jerseys.
nothing better than seeing Bradshaw walk into the gym with a Keith Van Horn jersey. Used to have the same one.
I went with Kemp. Keith Van Horn is for special occasions only.
It was a tough decision on whether to wear my Shawn Kemp or Keith Van Horn jersey.
I never realized how celebrated Brian Scalabrine career was, whose next Adam Morrison, Keith Van Horn
Or even before that...being Larry Brown's puppet and bringing dogs such as Keith Van Horn, DC, Glen Robinson, to pair with AI
Take away the narratives for both Kyle Korver & Danilo Gallinari and they are over glorified versions of Keith Van Horn
Keith Van Horn is 9th on the Nets all time rebound list with 2,398.
Keith Van Horn the most underrated SF of all time. I bet y'all don't even know who that is
The Mavs have added Richard Jefferson & Rashard Lewis my dream of Keith Van Horn & Mike Finley returning is still alive
says the guy that drafted Larry Hughes, traded for Matt Harpring, Derrick Coleman, Keith Van Horn, ect
Don't get me started... Ya girl look like Keith Van Horn
Lin might be my favorite Sixers acquisition since when they reacquired Keith Van Horn.
If the Nets need a new mascot Keith Van Horn is probably available.
Mardy Collins, Chris Dudley, Shandon Anderson, Keith Van Horn(lol!). I still remember them as Knicks even tho some more known w/another team
This just in:Ray Allen, Tim Thomas, Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson, Sam Cassell, and you guessed it Keith Van Horn all back to the bucks ๐Ÿ‘Œ
So many better options New York Knicks: Wally Szczerbiak, Kerry Kittles, Keith Van Horn, Keith Van Exel. Do i need to go on...
Sixers were pick when John Wall and Duncan went Got stuck with Keith Van Horn and Evan Turner.
Tim Duncan then Keith Van Horn and Chauncey Billups, Tracy McGrady at and the next-best player after that was like, Tim Thomas
Keith Van Horn retired 11yrs ago and Rick Majerus passed away but Andre Miller still chilling getting buckets
Keith Van Horn (above average), Wally Szczerbiak, Adam Morrison we have seen this before
Jameer Nelson, Bo Kimble, Christian Laettner, Patrick Ewing, Keith Van Horn. Now this is college only. Scoring, Defense, Clutch.
Worst case scenario for 2nite's game: Cavs lose to the Jazzaliers led by Richard Jefferson and the ghosts of Keith Van Horn and Nenad Krstic
โ€ฆKeith Van Horn for Latrell Sprewell. That was the end of everything.
It was nice hearing Tony Kornheiser talk about Andre Miller, Michael Doleac, Keith Van Horn & Rick Majerus on podcast today.
you're the only person to ever comment on Andre Miller lol Keith Van Horn my top 5 faves wbu where he rank??
An NBA name I haven't heard in a LONG time. Keith Van Horn
I stood next to Keith Van Horn back when he played for the Nets. Man, that guy was tall. RT??
Bogut would still have had to fend off competition from the likes of Arnie Ferrin, Keith Van Horn & Andre Miller.
Doug Christie and Keith Van Horn are in my backyard
Ray's new nick name is Keith Van Horn. Ray is now, Keith Van Horn Paquette the 4th.
Keith Bogans the highest paid guy sitting at home in all of professional sports since the Keith Van Horn
id do a few months for a pair of Keith Van Horn' XV
Who's better...Keith Van Horne Vs Bargnini(the *** on the knicks)
- we have to get Keith Van Horn trending. Sure that would be a first.
The last time Keith Van Horn was relevant was in "The Family Man."
lmao! Of course! I called some kid at work Keith Van Horn yesterday! Lmfao
Your girl look like Keith Van Horn "your girl look like possum alliwishes jenkins
I don't understand how it's 2014 and Knicks still have Keith Van Horn on the roster.
Excited to announce our partnerships with Keith Van Horn's Basketball &
I thought Keith Van Horn was a much better shooter than the numbers suggest.
Kobe was really out there abusing Keith Van Horn and Kerry Kittles. That was the best the East could do back in 2002? Sheesh
Thxs 4 the follow. Was student at UNM from 94-97. Loved being in the pit watching you guys play. Couldn't stand Keith Van Horn!
last time a white man will be the face of a basketball game.and it's Keith Van Horn sad
Keith Van know this game is real!
can u make an all time list and put Keith Van Horn up there. He'd crack the top 5, *** those white sox
Keith Van Horn might have made Larry Brown feel better Friday night. Van Horn came within two points of his career high, scoring 33 points on 11-of-19 shooti...
Ayo Keith van Horn and Nick Van Exel better that Kevin Durant and Melo
Gordon Hayward = what white ppl wished Keith van horn would be
Sharing this for my new followers of Bonnbury labs : Christina Marie Spade & Byron , Rhonda Braatz & Corie , Sybil Rupeka& justin , Judy & Keith Van Horn & Tonda & Eric Rudy !!
Creighton 79, Seton Hall 66, final in Big East men's basketball at Newark. The Doug McDermott show arrived at the Prudential Center, and the Bluejays' forward did not disappoint, scoring 22 of his 30 points in the first half as Creighton took a 45-33 lead and the Hall never got closer than eight the rest of the way. McDermott jumped from 51st to 40th on the NCAA Division 1 career scoring list, ahead of Austin Carr; he also passed Keith Van Horn and Calvin Murphy, among many others. Sterling Gibbs scored 17 for the Pirates, who host Villanova Wednesday evening.
Has anyone seen Keith Van Horn? If you don't know who Keith Van Horn is you're probably 18yrs old and don't know who Kerry Kittles is either
For the NBA teams that are stinkin' that should be doing better: To the LA Lakers. You guys should bring back Shaquille O' Neal , Rick Fox, Robert Horry, and Phil Jackson. To the NY Knicks. You guys should bring back Latrell Sprewell, Allan Houston, Patrick Ewing, and John Starks To the Brooklyn Nets. Fire Jason Kid a bring back Sam Cassell and Keith Van Horn. All of these retired players are old and over forty but you guys need all of the help you can get.
If it was good enough for Keith Van Horn, it's good enough for anyone.
Keith Van Horn ruined a lot of white ppls lives
But he still ball like Keith Van Horn.
This just hit me, if I was Jason Kidd, I'd clean house and start from scratch with my boys Kerry Kittles & Keith Van Horn.
In ESPN The Magazine's Interview Issue, Chris Jones writes that Rick Majerus never had kids, but Keith Van Horn remembers the night his coach became his surrogate father.
There was an erroneous/hilarious Keith Van Horn sighting by during last nite's game
If the Nets fire Kidd as coach, does that mean they'll replace him with Keith Van Horn or Richard Jefferson?
Kidd took a squad of KMart, Kerry Kittles, Keith Van Horn, Richard Jefferson, and Donyell Marshall to the finals, untouchable.
Nick Van Exel was so ugly but he was a baller lmaoo. Keith Van Horn had to be the most un-athletic nice *** tho lmao
This is why I picked Stanford to win the title. But, Utah, really.It's not like Keith Van Horn was playing
Wade better than AI but he not that much better...AI never had quality players on his team..let's see Wade play with Keith Van Horn
I miss the old in the early 2000s Chris Webber, Robert Horry, Rick Fox, Keith Van Horn, Shaq & Kobe , the old Vince. Notโ€ฆ
one of these days he's gonna rock the Keith Van Horn
In Utah you see Keith van Horn jerseys on the walls at bars and just accept it
One of our school clients has a box in the admin office with unopened Wally Szczerbiak and Keith Van Horn action figures I MUST STEAL THEM
Walt Williams all the way. (Keith Van Horn sobs in disappointment)
Are you seriously leaving Keith Van Horn off your list?! Did you even consider Robert Swift?
Complain about a 1-3 record, smh do you fools remember the Marbury days? How about when Keith Van Horn was the best hope for the Knicks?
All purpose parts banner
Question: Which Sixer of the past 15 years had the second-best offensive game? Because I'm only mostly sure it wasn't Keith Van Horn.
thanks meme! She's so tiny that when I put socks on her feet, they go half way up her leg! Reminds me of Keith Van Horn!
every white kid in America has a Keith Van Horn jersey
I love that there was an NFL player also named Keith Van Horn(e)
My socks game sicker than Keith Van Horn
If the Lakers wanna trade Jordan Hill for like Keith Van Horn or Devean George yeah I'm cool with that
Hayward could be the happy medium between Keith Van Horn and Kyle Korver we always needed.
Iverson took 4 years to retire, but still not sure if Keith Van Horn has filed the paperwork.
Somewhere in Singapore, Nick Van Exel and Keith Van Horn are starting up a sock company.
Keith Van Horn is one of the greatest players to ever play.
I should in this convo here BUT I gotta say this first... KEITH VAN HORN=1st ballot hall of fame
m pretty sure Keith Van Horn is more famous and more accomplished.
STARX. Just another athlete in a long line of great Keith Van Horn, I'm looking at you.
Who knew when I met these crazy girls so many years ago we'd see the day when we welcomed the 20th baby!! Good Luck today Keith Van Horn & Melissa Van Horn
At what point does Garnett really help activate "Brookie Monster"? Dude has 295lbs of muscle and still playing soft like Keith Van Horn.
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Jake Layman has 23 points, on 7 of 12 shooting. That could be a common stat line for the sophomore forward, who is resembling Keith Van Horn
but a bad record doesn't guarantee a good pick: 1997 Keith Van Horn
Steph Curry might pass Elliot Perry and Keith Van Horn as my all time favorite player
Been a sixers fan ever since I can remember. When we had Todd McCullough, Keith Van Horn, Clarence Weatherspoon and all them other scrubs ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Been a sixers fan seince Eric Snow Derick Colman Arin Mckie Keith Van Horn and Allen Iverson of Course and we had Mutumbo That Year to
Spencer Hawes tied with Keith Van Horn for sickest white Sixer ๐Ÿ˜‚
who are you gunna be. Keith van horn?
Heat pick-up its consicutive lost since January NEW YORK (AP) -- Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson scored 19 points each, and the Brooklyn Nets ended years of futility against the Miami Heat and sent the NBA champions to their first losing streak in 10 months with a 101-100 victory Friday night. Pierce and Johnson both hit two free throws in the final seconds as the Heat were trying to pull off a comeback. Instead, they fell to 1-2 and have dropped consecutive games for the first time since Jan. 8 and 10. The Heat got Dwyane Wade back after he missed Wednesday's loss in Philadelphia, and he scored 21 points. LeBron James led Miami with 26. The Nets ended a 13-game skid against the Heat with their first victory since March 20, 2009, before Miami's Big Three got together and when the Nets were still playing in East Rutherford, N.J. - two homes ago. Brooklyn, bigger and deeper, opened an 11-point lead after three quarters and kept the lead right around there until the final 2 minutes. Then Miami ran off 10 straigh ...
Lopez 8th all time rebounder in nets history passing Keith van horn
from day one Lucius Harris, Kerry Kittles scalabrine. Keith van horn Rodney Rogers days
Danny Ainge has been approached by Celtics fans warning the teamโ€™s president of basketball operations against winning too many games this season, he told Sports Illustrated. Those fans seem to be taking the long view that one season of pain is worth getting a high pick in next Juneโ€™s draft and earning a chance to draft Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle, Jabari Parker or one of the other enticing names expected to be at the top of the draft.โ€œAs I walk around town, more than anything else there are those that say, โ€˜Hey, donโ€™t win too many games,โ€™โ€ Ainge told Ian Thomsen. โ€œThere are so many fans that want us to play for the draft.โ€ All these fans must be forgetting 1996-97, when the Celtics went into the tank to try for Tim Duncan, or 2006-07, when they stunk up the joint and the prize (supposedly) was Greg Oden. In neither case did the Celtics get the first or the second pick, meaning they not only were unable to draft Duncan or Oden, but Keith Van Horn or Kevin Durant, either.โ€œIf Kareem Abd ...
Keith Van Horn looks like he runs the carpool in his neighborhood.
My guys got teks u wouldnt see dat strong i feel all u *** softer than keith van horn
Keith Van Horn 1997 Ultra Masterpiece 1/1 pushing $400 with 15 to go
U keith van horn n I'm dirk. We both have resemlance but everyone knows who's the one who gives dirt
Keith Van Horn was smooth on the court
Don't think anyone would complain if they were QB coach. Their hair gel would offset to Chud's Keith Van Horn look.
I fully expect to see Kerry Kittles and Keith Van Horn there for the ceremony .
The Nets retiring Kidd's number is nice, but not as nice as that time they gave Keith Van Horn $4.3 million just because.
Retiring Jason Kidd's jersey during a preseason game just isn't right. If it's Keith Van Horn or Kenyon maybe, but Kidd deserves better.
Keith Van Horn for the Bears I watched every hr he played then that was it.
Currently watching J-Kidd, Kittles, K-Mart, and Keith Van Horn do WORK on the Pacers. Beautiful
decent pick up but I'm not getting giddy about it until we bring in Josh Powell and Keith Van Horn
KG and Paul Pierce on the Brooklyn Nets? Jason Kidd might be assembling an aging all-star team! Now all we need is Keith Van Horn...
Where is the montage of Stern shaking the hands of the drafts like DeJuan Wagner, Darius Miles, Keith Van Horn and Kwame Brown
There have only been 2 white guys drafted overall in the last 35 yrs.; Andrew Bogut and Andrea Bargnani. Cavs you have been warned. Also in the last 35 yrs., 6 white guys were chosen overall; Darko, Keith Van Horn, Shawn Bradley, Danny Ferry, Rick Smits, Steve Stipanovich. So ORL, you've been warned, too. (Ok, Smits was good, but I think the others can safely be considered busts...).
ok, if the game goes into ot I also have a nice collection of Peja Stojakovic and Keith Van Horn. But really, we should chill :-)
My top 5 player who I Thought was going to be raw 5.Keith Van Horn 4.Eddy Curry 3. Dwane Wanger 2.Greg Oden 1.Michael Beasley
On Atlantic Avenue, Keith Van Horn rips off his tie and throws it onto the ground like George Clooney at the beginning of Out Of Sight
"Keith Van Horn is the greatest since Michael Jordan" - Jayson Williams, apparently
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Read this article from 1998,Jayson Williams says Keith Van Horn is the best basketball player since Michael Jordan.
your all star center looked like Keith Van Horn in the playoffs pal.
I been balling so *** hard, I swear I think that I'm Keith Van Horn
Keith Van Horn should make a comeback lol
What ever happened to Nick Van Excel and Keith Van Horn?
Just got finished talking to Keith Van Horn
I'm looking forward to the matchup between Adam Morrison's mustache and Keith Van Horn's high socks
TD # 37 1998 Rookie of the Year Voting: Tim Duncan 113 out of 116 votes (97%); Keith Van Horn picked up the remaining 3 votes
Yahoo! Sports reports the Knicks have also signed Keith Van Horn and Richard Jefferson for 10-day contracts
Of no *** where to watch mf lose by 30, foh w// Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles & Kendall Gill
Players drafted ahead of T-Mac who are still available: Keith Van Horn, Antonio Daniels, Tony Battie, Ron Mercer, Tim Thomas, Adonal Foyle.
We putting the entire Nets roster in one big dustpan, Keith Van Horn,Kendall Gill or Kerry Kittles not walkin through that door playboi!
I was always more of a Keith Van Horn guy.
I hit one three pointer in my life, and I swear to you, I did the Keith Van Horn:
son Net since Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles Luscious Harris and Kidd K-Mart always have been! I say cuz they moved!
not anymore remember when they were talking about Keith Van Horn being the first 200 million player? David Falk was gangster.
I once thought I was the next Keith Van Horn. Turned out I was the next Adam Morrison. Now I sell cell phones at a kiosk.
Tim Thomas vs. Keith Van Horn was truly one for the ages lol
They get the 2nd pick when Keith Van Horn, Tim Thomas and Evan Turner are sitting there!!!
JJ is the best player to wear in a Bucks uniform since the Tim Thomas days in which we traded for the double 44 Keith Van Horn
Question of the day Along with Kidd and KMart, should this team be trying to acquire Richard Jefferson, Kerry Kittles, Keith Van Horn and every other member of the 2001 Nets?
Doc Rivers, Keith Van Horn, Jim Crews, as well as close family & friends pay tribute to the great coach Rick Majerus.
the better not trade shumpert cause it would be like when they traded Keith Van Horn for Tim Thomas one to many moves.
Keith Van Horn at Utah...them Fresno mobs with Chris Herren...Charles Smith at New
don't forget Keith van horn and Kerry Kittles
dude in the Keith van horn socks doe is killin it
Keith Van Horn! (I don't know if this is even remotely close, just had to bring him up lol)
Give me some Keith van horn kangaroos!!
spliced next to Ron Riley and Keith Van Horn.
you take that over Jason Williams pass off his elbow to Keith Van Horn? Both were dope
Argue that Keith Van Horn was one the purest shooters the league has ever seen.
No need โ€” Keith Van Horn cemented that demographic for us for decades.
Croshere was white thunder before Keith Van Horn...Lawrence Moten from Cuse...rocked one high...loved his game 2
while I love Sir Charles, I do recall he picked the Nets in the 2002 NBA Finals and predicted Keith Van Horn would be series MVP.
Sources: to hire Keith van Horn as head coach.
In all truth, it reminds me of the NBA's silly trades. "Let's swap a useful player and a stiff for picks and Keith Van Horn's broken body."
And I was a net fan when Kendall Gill, Keith van horn and Kerry Kittles were starting. I had a Keith van horn jersey when I was 7 years old
The Nets/Mavs did something like this with Keith Van Horn, but that was to make cap hits match on a trade, there was no cap/floor evasion.
Just me and Keith Van Horn, talking about how great a coach Rick Majerus was.
sum sorry *** white boy det play for Orlando den he called Keith Van Horn lol
The Lakers should try and convince Keith Van Horn out of retirement or another big guy in free agency because Gasol and Howard are out.
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