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Keith Urban

Keith Lionel Urban (born 26 October 1967) is a New Zealand-born Australian, country music singer, songwriter and guitarist whose commercial success has been mainly in the United States and Australia.

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Teen raped on lawn at Keith Urban show, police say
Man accused of rape at alcohol-fueled Keith Urban concert via the iPhone app
I blocked Allie because she doesn't appreciate Keith urban the way i do
Having to make a decision ... Keith urban in Sacramento? Or Florida Georgia Line with Jason Aldean in Sacramento? And who too bring hum...
are you going to Keith urban tomorrow?!
Police: Teen raped at Keith Urban show via
A teenage girl was raped at the same Keith Urban show where 20 people got so drunk they were hospitalized, police said. The attack happened in front of a large crowd of other concertgoers on the lawn of the Xfinity Center, an outdoor amphitheater in M...
Country music singer Keith Urban’s Boston concert made news earlier this week after at least 46 fans were treated for alcohol-related illnesses, and 50 people were taken in to custody by police.
After tonight I just can't wait for Keith urban with my best tomorrow
ugh I'm going to be grumpy tomorrow at keith urban bc I'm going to bed late, then have to get up early tomorrow and work & can't nap -_-
00 Reports: Daily Mail A teenage girl was allegedly raped by an 18-year-old at a Keith Urban concert in Boston this weekend amid hundreds of other fans.
Download this song here: Stupid Boy - Originally performed by Keith Urban Hey guys. Hope you enjoy my cover of this song. I have...
Still have one more Keith urban ticket for sale for $35. Message me if your interested.
Tonight I wanna cry by Keith urban is like my new favorite song
This is the same Boston Keith Urban concert where 50 fans were held by police on alcohol-related charges, and 22 were sent to the hospital for intoxication.
I'm too pumped for Keith Urban tomorrow. 😁🎶🍺🎉
Who's all going to keith urban friday?
It was such an honor for us to be apart of this awesome contest. Keith Urban was in town last Friday night (July, 25) and asked us to help him with a contest
Man accused of raping teen at Keith Urban concert
“so... I know 0 Keith Urban songs and yet I am going...” See you there señorita 😏😉
17, 'at in Boston on Sat. In front of fans unaware & filming….
Emily West is prof singer. Hit recording on Billboard top 40 Country, recorded single with Keith Urban. Why is she on AGT?
"Take your records, take your freedom Take your memories, I don't need'em Take your space and take your reasons But you'll think of me And take your cap and leave my sweater 'Cause we have nothing left to weather In fact I'll feel a whole lot better But you'll think of me Someday I'm gonna run across your mind Don't worry, I'll be fine I'm gonna be alright While you're sleeping with your pride Wishing I could hold you tight I'll be over you And on with my life..." You'll Think of Me by Keith Urban
Somewhere in my car x Keith a Urban
Over the weekend, a 17-year-old girl attending a rowdy Keith Urban concert outside of Boston broke away from her friends with a man she'd just met. Minutes later, the man was sexually assaulting her out in the open as more than a dozen passersby watched, with some even taking cell phone videos.
i have 2 extra tickets to keith urban tomorrow that i'm trying to sell, is anyone interested¿?
Can't wait for our 1-year anniversary at Keith Urban this weekend! I love ...
"You're trying not to think about what went wrong." - Tim McGraw ft. Taylor Swift & Keith Urban
Emily West is a professional singer. Been on Billboard w/ hit song, recorded with Keith Urban. Why is she on AGT?
Boston man charged with rape at Keith Urban concert
In addition to multiple alcohol-related medical issues and arrests at a Keith Urban concert held at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield Saturday, a man was arrested 17-year-old girl was allegedly raped on the lawn section while onlookers used their cell phones to videotape the incident.
Driving in the car, windows down, Keith Urban singing Somewhere in my Car, and this is the start of my five days off!
Man Charged With Rape At Keith Urban Concert :Time for rapist to become someone's wife? YEP. Book onlookers as well
I wonder if any Country people know that Keith Urban IS Australian? Hmm...
Jul 30 - Boston Thug rapes 17-yr-old at Keith Urban concert as country music fans record on video
Video by "Keith Urban - Cop Car" please help me out and click on this link!!
Boston man charged with rape at weekend Keith Urban concert after bystanders told police
It has been reported that a 17-year-old spectator at a Keith Urban concert last weekend was raped by 18-year-old Sean Murphy, in front of hundreds of people,
Teen, 17, 'raped at Keith Urban concert' via What the ***
Reminder, the Concert Series at Puyallup Fair this year should be awesome. Lindsey Stirling, Pentatonix, Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban
Alrighty! Keith Urban and OneRepublic coming up this weekend to the Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, IN! AND Kountry Kids will be sporting new shirts! Well, they will look the same but they are new!
Note to self: if you're ever sad and want to feel worse, listen to "tonight I wanna cry" by Keith every time
Your daddy's gonna kill me, but if I survive tonight, I wouldn't change one thing. -Keith Urban
A Keith Urban concert in Massachusetts went south over the weekend with police taking 50 concertgoers into protective custody and "and a number of others arrested for alcohol-related issues" while 46 more required medical treatment for "alcohol-related illnesses," 22 of whom were transported to hosp…
An 18-year-old man charged with raping a 17-year-old female at last weekend’s Keith Urban concert says the encounter was consensual.
The incident occurred at a Keith Urban concert.
I never knew Keith Urban concerts were that out of control.
Alright so I saw Keith Urban live in Nashville back in February. He is one my favorite singers/performers/songwriters of all time. To hear this appalling petrifying story of how 17 year old girl was rapped at his show is heartbreaking! My heart goes out to her and her family.
All I really wanna do is go to Keith Urban tomorrow, why is that so hard to accomplish😫
Really should be going to Keith Urban tomorrow with
I can't explain how excited I am for the keith urban concert tomorrow omg
Depressed that I'm not going to Keith urban tomorrow...
Teen girl raped in front of large crowd at Keith Urban concert, police say.
Weird that so many ravers were at a Keith Urban concert. Oh wait…there’s a drug/alcohol prob OUTSIDE of electronic music?? Sho…
It's that time of the week again - time for another edition of The Musik Cube live from 4pm Australian Eastern time on 94.7 The Pulse. Today live in the studio we'll have some people from a Melbourne band called Charlie Lane. With their upcoming EP launch it'll be great to chat to these Cube first-timers and hear some of their music!!! It should be a great episode so do not miss it!! We'll also be featuring a raft of great tunes to get you home or wake you up this July Thursday including another edition of "4 Sides" - today we pay tribute to legendary Aussie rocker Jimmy Barnes - Official as well as another "2 Scoops" - today we again pay homage to another Aussie star in Keith Urban. If you'd like to join us you can by calling (03) 5222 5947 or you can send us a text on 0488 259 947. Don't forget if you can't catch us on 94.7FM we will be streaming around the world on!!! Finally we thank our Business Subscribers in HarvesterMoon, Beavs Bar, Sold Out Productions, Lucinda Goodwin Photogr ...
Keith Urban's song Cop Car is an awesome song! Love it!
Last weekend's Keith Urban concert in Mansfield, Massachusetts made national headlines after drinking got out of hand and nearly 50 people were treated for alcohol-related illnesses, but unfortunat...
I've been listening to a lot of country music all summer lol. Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, Hank Williams, and Carrie Underwood are all great artists... I must say country music is quiet lovely...
To bed, early to rise, Sandy Kay Chapman & Karrie Chapman Vance to Cincinnati, Ohio we go! Keith Urban here we come!
We are at it again! Hello YouTube, Tony and I had a lot of fun doing this cover of Keith Urban's "Somewhere In My Car" off of his recent album titled Fuse (R...
Massachusetts police are investigating the alleged rape of a teen at an outdoor Keith Urban concert.
Dear TMZ: You continue to put Keith Urban's photo on all of your social media releases regarding his recent concert outside of Boston. 1. How is it his fault people got drunk and acted like fools? 2. If you're using stock photos, why Keith? Why not the city of Boston? Or, the venue? 3. Why are you trying desperately to tie him into crimes that aren't even substantiated? Your reporting has been horrible on this matter. I hope Urban sues you.
Country music concert with Keith Urban 50 arrests 46 medical reports with 18,000 in attendance. EDM concert with Avicii 2 arrests 17 medical reports with 140,000 people in attendance. We thought only people that listen to TECHNO were bad people. But that's none of our business
Who's going to the Keith Urban concert this Saturday?
More people were injured/arrested at a one night Keith Urban concert than the entire 3 days of EDC. Yet rave culture gets persecuted??
I have a soft spot for country music, Keith Urban, Alan Jackson and Jo Dee Messina 👌
your first task is to make Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj like you,
MCM. are five guys I have a crush on and Luke Bryan, Toby Keith, Keith Urban and Blake Shelton. now the five guys I have a crush on. (four out of the five might freak out) 1. Jessy Taylor, 2. Hunter Bott, 3. McCoy Brimhall, 4. Silas Quist and 5. Blake Dreamcatcher Jones. (just being honest and if you can't handle the truth then deal with the truth!)
Craig Ferguson on injuries at a Keith Urban concert "...and 50 people were blinded when they looked directly into Nicole Kidman's forehead!"
Time is running out for your chance to win tickets to see Keith Urban at Riverbend Music Center! Click the link...
Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and their daughters visited for family fun!
More than 20 people were hospitalized Saturday after a Keith Urban concert in eastern Massachusetts that the country star called "nutso."
Two Keith urban tickets for sale. $35 per ticket. Let me know if you are interested.
“Keith Urban concert turns into alcohol-fueled chaos
Keith Urban concert leads to 22 people in the hospital, 50 others taken into custody . *goes on Keith Urban tour*
this is a rant and I'm sorry but I'm just annoyed bc I grew up listening to nothing but country. Keith Urban was my "boyfriend" when I was 3
Anyone going to Keith Urban, be cautious.He had an issue at his last concert with the crowd being extremely drunk. Lot of police will be out
Keith Urban concert in Massachusetts sees dozens treated for alcohol-related illness
Keith Urban, it turns out, was one of the few sober people at his show in Mansfield, Mass. on Saturday night.
Keith Urban tickets for sale! I have 3. The concert is this Saturday! Message me if interested
The Keith Urban concert on 8/10 at Musikfest is sold out, but we've got your chance to win the best seats in the house for the show:
Fans hospitalized after 'nutso' Keith Urban concert
I have a Keith urban slash mom won't let me
2 Keith Urban tickets for August 1, upper center NN 101 & 102. I paid $150.00 selling for $125.00. Must pu tonight, going out of town tomorrow.
Tracklist: Azealia Banks, Banks, Ballet School, Beck, Beastie Boys, Keith Urban, Sublime and more: >> Here is...
A Keith Urban concert devolved into a drunken mess Saturday night ... with dozens of people being treated by medical personnel for alcohol issues ...…
I need to find someone to go to the Keith urban concert with me
Dozens treated for illness at Keith Urban concert... Hot on
Is it friday yet so I can enjoy Keith Urban with my best of frans?
pay for a cure! Maybe once we find a cure they'll stop going to Keith Urban concerts
he's part of the group with Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, and Hunter Hayes that I don't consider country artists.
Little Giant Ladders
Y'all ready for ANOTHER?! For those of you that have followed his videos before on Tonight Elias Viloria Music has another premiering, doing a cover of Keith Urban's newest single "Somewhere in My Car"! Be sure to stay tuned and keep checking YouTube! Help SHARE and REPOST this Announcement as we are excited to have this video DROP TONIGHT!!! Gone Country Promotions C'monn Country Go Country 105 K-FROG
So excited for the Keith Urban concert this weekend! Ready to be second row from the stage!!
WQAD-TV: More than 20 fans were hospitalized over the weekend after a "nutso" Keith Urban...
So many people came down with alcohol-related illnesses at Keith Urban's concert Saturday that fire officials declared a mass casualty incident.
at the Keith urban concert there were 50 ppl that got arrested and 20 ppl injured all from alcohol. but its legal? they say that marijuana lowers your IQ by 5, but what they don't say is that marijuana is safer and is less prone to violence than alcohol. OUTLAW ALCOHOL & LEGALIZE MARIJUANA NOW!
Will you guys have Keith Urban Meet and Greets?
"I don't need too much of nothing I just wanna sing a little chill song Get my groove on Pour something strong Down in my drink Oh, I know That I don't need a whole lot of anything I just want a little bit of everything Na na na na, na na na na A little bit of everything Under the sun So, when I kick back basking in it I'll be OK with what I've done Still having fun" I love Keith Urban songs. :-)
I have a Keith Urban ticket for sale! The concert is this Saturday August 2nd. Let me know if you're interested!
i wanna go to the Keith urban concert so bad 😩
20+ people treated for alcohol sickness at a Keith Urban concert. I can't imagine how much you have to drink to sit through t…
I've been listening to my Keith Urban/Jerrod Niemann/ Brett Eldredge playlist non stop. I am so ready for this concert it's no…
“.sends 22 people to the hospital: See, IT'S NOT JUST PITTSBURGH. 😊
I can't wait for this weekend! Keith Urban, St. Louis adventures and catching up with my girls! 😍
Dozens of people were hospitalized late Saturday night after attending a Keith Urban concert near Boston, Massachusetts. Authorities say the primary cause of hospitalization was alcohol related issues. Police and fire officials gave the statement that a total of 46 people were treated and another 22 were transported to local hospitals. An additional 50 individuals […]
Watch: Keith Urban Sends Thank You Video After Boston Concert We gotta say, that based on this video, we are pretty sure Keith Urban had ...
Breaking News: Bland, lifeless music causes Illness at Keith Urban concert. Dozens treated for severe boredom and sleep…
Jaclynn recording a song for a Keith Urban contest.
Alcohol big problem at Keith Urban show
It's Monday!!! Let's talk about man crushes today! Who do you have the bigger man crush on? Jason Aldean or Keith Urban? Get your vote on and remember that likes, comments, and shares are all getting counting!!!
Almost 50 Keith Urban fans treated for alcohol-related health issues at Mass. concert, :
Keith Urban concert turns into alcohol-fueled chaos - USA TODAY
2 lawn seats this Saturday night keith urban with Brett Eldredge and Jerrod Neiman 75.00 obo oos fcfs
46 hospitalized after they became ill at a Keith Urban concert Saturday Night. That number feels really low to me.
Reports say 50 people were taken into protective custody at Keith Urban's concert near Boston; 22 people were sent to hospitals for alcohol-related illness.
Keith Urban's concert in Massachusetts last July 26 ended with 50 fans arrested and 22 others hospitalized.
Sounds like that Keith Urban concert was really something!
22 hospitalized and 50 arrested at Keith urban concert but "ravers" are the trouble makers.
For many concertgoers, Keith Urban's Saturday night (July 26th) show in Mansfield, Massachusetts, didn't go as planned as they finished the evening receiving medical treatment after consuming too much alcohol.Urban is currently on his Raise 'Em Up tour Over 40...
Emergency workers responded to numerous reports of illness at a Keith Urban concert.
Over 50 arrested and many injured after all *** breaks loose at a Keith Urban show near Boston, Sha
Making Memories by Keith Urban covered by us
Jordan Hokaj from Lancaster entered out 'Sing with Keith Urban' contest last week. She sent in a video of herself singing 'We Were Us' in her car before work
Dozens treated for illness at Keith Urban concert
EMS and police had their hands full at a "nutso" Keith Urban concert over the weekend:
2 Keith Urban tickets for sale for this Friday! August 2nd lawn seats!
We've finally secured our Keith Urban VIP concert ticket winner from the MY Ride Challenge. Congratulations to Alice Ruffin who will be checking Keith out at the Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach on August 9.
I really want to sing Miranda Lambert's part at the Keith Urban concert this Thursday. This is my submission.
Have two Keith Urban, Jerrod Niemann, and Brett Eldredge tickets for sale! The concert is this Saturday ❤️🎶 message me if interested!
Over a dozen concertgoers required medical assistance during Saturday's Keith Urban concert at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield.
Selling two lawn seats for Keith Urban concert. The concert is this Friday, August 1st. Price is $50.00 for both tickets.
Had a great time at the Keith Urban concert with melinstein summer...
Keith Urban performs at the Highline Ballroom in New York City on July 21st, 2014.
"I believe the new rock stars of today are Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Darius Rucker. " - Doc McGhee...
PBS program Front And Center film Keith Urban at Highline Ballroom and we're there
American Idol Season 13 has arrived! The reality competition show made its grand return to Fox back on Wednesday, January 15, with a new, exciting judge on the panel: the charming and uber-talented Harry Connick, Jr. We've already seeen chemistry between Harry, Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban ...
YMA NEWS: cover of Keith Urban's 'Stupid Boy' is 32nd on cover chart. .
I would kill to be going to Keith Urban on Friday 😭😭
You were so innocent, but you were stealing my heart. -Keith Urban
The Johnny Bernhard Band is a formation on request, that plays country music for a wide audience, both listeners and linedancers. In short for everyone who loves country music. The various styles that the band plays are for instance: Modern Country, Traditional Country, Country and Western. The repertory includes titles from Freddy Fender to Keith Urban and from The Bellamy Brothers to Brooks and Dunn, also suitable for dancing. The Johnny Bernhard Band performed at several Country festivals with among others, Kenny Rogers(USA), Heather Myles(USA) and South Mountain(Canada) in Belgium during the well-known Budfeesten in 2007. And they played during the Pinksterfeesten in Bornerbroek in 2008 with Burrito Deluxe(USA), at Zoutpop in Boekelo with several Blues/Pop and Jazz-bands. Besides the festivals the band played country evenings such as Country Club The Jolly Jumper, Crazy Sunday Special Afternoon with the John Jorgenson Electric Band. The band has recorded a Mini-CD titled "No Problem" which was receive ...
I'm so ready for the Keith Urban concert 😩😍
Tyler is singing Keith Urban right now 😂
Australian Country and Western singer Kaylee Bell Music recently performed a duet with the great Keith Urban.
Richard Marx goes behind the scenes to write hits for Keith Urban, Kenny Rogers and Jennifer Nettles
Keith Urban invited a couple up on stage to dance during his concert at the Calgary Stampede over the weekend.
I don't care what you guys might say about Luke Bryan, Keith Urban is everything 🙌
Country music needs more Justin Moore and less Keith Urban
Craven has been the best yet! Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett, Tim Hicks, Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban! Front row for all
if Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban came to Omaha together my life would be made
Keith Urban has the strangest Southern accent I've ever heard.
I am always amused when I fake a Southern accent to sing along to "Long Hot Summer" by Keith Urban...who is also faking a Southern accent.
To celebrate the release of Colt Ford's brand new album "Thanks For Listening" We have a SIGNED Copy to giveaway. The album features brand new collaborations with stars Keith Urban, Lee Brice, Duck...
Fox411 Country with Colt Ford talking new album collaborations including Keith Urban, state...
Seeing one of my idols tonight. .Then Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Keith Urban
BOB’S WEEKLY BLOG 9th JULY 2014 - Brett Eldredge is rarely in the same town for more than a day or two at a time, thanks to his tour schedule, but he heads back to his hometown of Paris, Illinois every few months to get his feet back on the ground. The city has just 9,000 residents, so it retains that small town feel. Brett hits the road with Keith Urban's Raise 'Em Up tour later this month. Blake Shelton has new music out soon. Finishing up his newest album in the next couple weeks, we don't think Blake is going to stop making music. He's said in the past he likes to make each album as if it's his last one ever. Blake certainly hit a six! With, Based on a True Story. The project won CMA Album of the Year and produced five Number 1 hits. Like many modern country stars, Lee Brice probably wouldn't be making music if he hadn't gone to see a Garth Brooks concert as a teenager. Now that he's playing arenas and stadiums on the road with Luke Bryan, Lee still tries to give his fans that feeling he got from G ...
Just had to pick up that Bruno Mars & Keith Urban joint
WBOY 12 News wants you to have an awesome summer! We are giving away 2 four day passes to the 2014 Jamboree in the Hills festival, featuring a number of musical acts such as Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Brantley Gilbert, Kip Moore, Neal McCoy, Darius Rucker and so much more!
A year ago Taylor brought out Tim McGraw & Keith Urban to sing 'Highway Don't Care' at
Kick off the week with new tunes! Vote for today's New Country Challenge: Brothers Osborne vs Keith Urban.
If U like Keith Urban,Check out MyNewMusic Video (John Olzard-Say it to Me) Album on iTUNES RT#
Had the most wonderful time with my gorgeous Mum at the Keith Urban concert perth arena on Sunday x . ...
We're ready for July 2, 11 - 2, +15 level. Bring out your inner competitive cowboy & compete to meet Keith Urban in style!
Cowgirl, Chanel style. That was me last night at the Keith Urban concert, cowboy boots & Chanel baubles! On trend.
Qualifying people all week for Paul Brandt and Keith Urban tickets! Kristopher will make the draw for both on Friday!
Blake & Kenny's earlier stuff was better. I only like a couple Luke Bryan songs. I love Jason, Darius, & Keith Urban.
Keith Urban takes private jet to play gig in 7,300-strong town via
Do you have a video of Keith Urban singing goondiwindi moon? Pleeease send me the access.
I just need a man that looks like David Beckham, sings like Keith Urban, and can cook like Bobby Flay. ❤
No Judges Shake-Up For Season 14 Of "American Idol" They're won't be any changes at the judges' table on the next season of "American Idol." Fox says Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Junior will all return for Season 14. Host Ryan Seacrest is coming back, too. A statement from executive producer Simon Fuller says they're an absolute joy to watch. Idol's ratings have taken a dive in recent years. But this will be the first time in several seasons without a shake-up at the judges' table. Auditions for next season have already started.
All three judges and longtime host will be back for season 14 of the Fox competition "American Idol" holds the team together for season 14. Late on Monday, Fox announced that Judge Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, Harry Connick, Jr. and longtime host Ryan Seacrest their contracts for another season of t…
Buying 4 concert tickets: 2 for Keith Urban, Jerrod Nieman, and Brett Eldridge. & 2 for Lady Antebellum, Billy Currington, and Joe Nichols!😁
idk who to pick . Keith Urban, Jerrod Neimann, and Brett Eldridge . or. Miranda Lambert, Justin Moore, amd Thomas Rhett
Just got interviewed by Richard Wilkinson in front of the VIP crowd at Keith Urban
I am 21 now and from calgary is blue eye . And my celebrity crush is Keith Urban me I am single now
Happy 22nd birthday today to London, Ont.-based singer/songwriter Genevieve Fisher! She recently performed in her hometown during the Memorial Cup festivities. Also celebrating birthdays today: Saskatchewan singer/songwriter Samara Yung (1987); singer Grace Potter, who sang with Kenny Chesney on his 2010 hit "You and Tequila" (1983); Chris Thompson, drummer with The Eli Young Band (1980); singer/songwriter Chuck Wicks (1979); singer Dan Tyminksi, of Alison Krauss & Union Station (1967); actress and Keith Urban's wife, Nicole Kidman (1967); Pam Perry of the group Wild Rose (1960); pop icon Lionel Richie, who's had a few country hits over the years including "Deep River Woman" with the group Alabama (1949); and former high school gym teacher and iconic singer Anne Murray (1945). Chet Atkins was born on this date in 1924. He got his first guitar in a trade for a rusty old pistol! Chet passed away in 2007. And singer/songwriter T. Texas Tyler was born on this date in 1916. He wrote the classic "Deck of C ...
Had a dream Keith Urban and John Rzeznik from the were both in love with and I am not complaining about it 😍
Went to Keith Urban's show on Tuesday at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, and loved every single second of it.
Watch State of Origin or go to Keith Urban concert? Keith Wins? — feeling confused at Brisbane Entertainment Centre
My father is claiming that he "just missed" Keith Urban at Wood Ranch.can I get some verification
Why does Keith Urban singing make news? I pulled a staple out of a piece of wood today I want to be on the news
Keith Urban rocked the Brisbane Entertainment Centre last night. Two members of the country all over team were...
Keith Urban fans, we trust you’ve been counting the ‘days go by’ until tonight's Brisbane Entertainment Centre...
Are you seeing Keith Urban at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre tonight?
We had a great time on Friday at the 'Ride of Your Life' bull riding contest. A huge congratulations to Jessie Beaugrand for lasting the longest on the mechanical bull. Jessie has won two tickets to Calgary on Central Mountain Air, tickets to see the following sold out concerts Shania Twain, Keith Urban and Reba McEntire at the Calgary Stampede. Five nights accommodation at the International Hotel Calgary, reserved seating tickets to a Stampede Evening Show and Rodeo along with two tickets to the Calgary Zoo and Heritage Park Historical Village..Ohh and gift certificates to Riley & McCormick and Chinook Centre. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and of course the sponsors who made this prize awesome: Tourism Calgary, Central Mountain Air, Calgary Stampede, International Hotel Suites Calgary, Country 97FM and the Prince George Airport Authority. Take a look at how everything went down Friday afternoon at YXS.
So excited about the Keith Urban concert😍🎤
Last hour to vote for Keith Urban or Thompson Square. Steve Mann will play the winning song at 6:05pm!
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban hit the red carpet together tonight for the Celebrate Life Ball at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne.
In a daily blog group I belong to on FB today's question is to name the top 5 men you find attractive. ONLY 5?!!! So here are my 10, in no order of importance, just so you know where I stand: 1. Bobby Cannavale 2. Jon Stewart 3. Dwayne Johnson 4. Daniel Dae Kim 5. Alan Rickman 6. Denzel Washington 7. George Clooney 8. Liam Neeson 9. Brad Pitt 10. Taye Diggs Honorable mentions: Kevin Bacon, Christopher Gorham, Keith Urban
What kind of impact do you think Keith Urban has on American Idol?
I bought Keith Urban tickets today and I think it was just cause he used to sit next to Nicki when they judged American Idol together?
My music just went from AA to BAAO to Keith Urban to the Weeknd to Luke Bryan to Juicy J to FGL 😂
People Magazine says Luke Bryan is the sexiest man in Country music...Carrie Underwood says it's Keith Urban. What do you say?
country songs are on point! Keith Urban, Luke Bryan. Let's get some Brantley Gilbert in there! Lol
✋I HAVE to see Luke Bryan, FGL, Justin Bieber, Keith Urban & Justin Timberlake in concert.
Tech n9ne, Keith Urban, Drake, Kendrick, Luke Bryan has been my shuffle so far. Idk I'm weird ok.
Need to go to a Keith Urban and Luke Bryan concert
Watch out, Nicole Kidman! Carrie Underwood says Keith Urban is the most sexy country singer:
Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Dan & Shay, Keith Urban .. all of em good
Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, and I'm gonna go see Dallas Smith in the beer gardens cause he was amazing at FGL!!
If you want a few good artists I listen to a lot of Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Chase Rice, Florida Geogia Line, Luke Bryan ect
Win a meet and greet with Luke Bryan & Keith Urban at Craven 2014!!! Your chance to win only at…
I need me a like Luke Bryan or Keith Urban. Oh ya!!
Yuck, All this talk about Luke Bryan being sexy and not a word about Neil Perry or Keith Urban.
Day 2 recap- Moved downtown to the Renassiance for the rest of the trip . Our awesome friends Michelle Lysy King and her daughter Emilly King joined us. We went down to the Hard Rock to see Jaime Lynn Spears perform. She has a great voice and I look forward to meeting her tomorrow. Had lunch at one of our favs Demos. Just chilled downtown until the CMT Awards. Hooked up with my sweet friend Kristy Tara Ervin Ramker and her family. Then hugged and did a selfie with Frankie Ballard. Hugged my girl Meghan Linsey formerly of Steel Magnolias. Then saw Keith Urban and his wife Nicole rush by to the Red Carpet. I loved the show with all the amazing performances!! Loved seeing my girls do "Somethin' Bad" live!! Then headed to the After Party to see Dean Alexander, Frankie Ballard and our Georgia boy Cole Swindell perform. Wow we are having a blast!!!
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban like newlyweds on the red carpet at the CMT ... - The Daily Telegraph
Country Men are so fine , damm , I love me some Luke Bryan , Bradley Gilbert , Keith Urban , Jason Aldean and many more .lol
The winners of my contest on the red carpet Keith Urban!
Nicole Kidman is ugly as *** now.. She was hot before Keith Urban
After a lot of procrastination I finally accepted my offer over the past few days and figure I should write this post before exams start up! Name / Nickname: Alex About Yourself: My name is Alex, and I’ll be living in University College for first year! I have a passion for writing and travelling, and am really excited to start at U of T in September and meet all of you! Hometown: Guelph, ON High School: Bishop Macdonell CHS Age: 18 Faculty: Arts and Science Intended major: Life Sci Favorite Music: Hedley, Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Keith Urban, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Coldplay, Simple Plan…and so many more Favourite TV Shows: Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS: LA..and I just started watching Game of Thrones (currently binge watching the first season) Favourite Movies: The Notebook, Bourne Identity, Argo, She’s the Man, Harry Potter and The Order of the Pheonix, We’re the Millers Favourite Food: I’m a pretty adventurous eater and love to cook from scratch (from chicken tikka masala to ...
Keith Urban singing at a private event. his wife Nicole was very nice too.
Sing Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Billy Currington, George Strait, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood songs with me. I'll love you
Special event tonight 8 ball all the way from Australia. The new upcoming Keith Urban . So come on out and see him tonight Tommy's tavern . 403 Riverside Drive Columbia Tennessee. I will see ya there.
Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood are next level. Way too advanced for the rest!
Keith Urban decided to make an appearance at Pump it up today!
the kid has spoken. Hartford pretty book Keith Urban for tonight pronto!!!
I feel in love in the back of a Cop Car. Keith Urban
Keith Urban is a song writing genius.
Omg Keith Urban is coming to the fair this year... I might just die..
Who wants to see Keith Urban with me!?
Lady A should've let Keith Urban sing the guy vocals & play the guitar in that new bartender song. He would've been SO perfect for it
Keith Urban is a great country singer!
If America was a person it would be Toby Keith
Currently singing Keith urban at the top of my lungs.
Forever one of my favorite Keith Urban songs ❤️
Keith Urban - "Making Memories of Us" Last show on the Light the Fuse Tour Nashville, TN Feb. 1, 2014
I'm gonna love you, like nobody loves you, and I'll earn your trust making memories of us. - Keith Urban
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Keith urban songs make me so happy ☺️👌
Keith urban concert or first day of college?
Dear Keith Urban, no one falls in love in a back of a Cop Car!!!
Keith Urban makes my heart melt a little inside ❤️💙❤️
previous view count: 10,584,514 Music video by Keith Urban performing You'll Think Of Me (video).
"You stole her every dream and you crushed her plans." - Keith Urban (via praying-to-be-happy-again)
Got my first speeding warning ticket and of course the song Cop Car by Keith Urban was playing in the car.
I listen to Keith Urban while I warmup
After Jake Owen the other night I canot wait for Keith Urban on the lawn later this summer.
Every time I hear Cop Car by Keith Urban I laugh my *** off because it reminds me of me and almost gettn arres…
So. Do I wanna see Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, or Blake Shelton in concert? Helllp
No butthurt. Just sayin. Keith Urban for president 2018
HELP!! We don't know what song to start off our set with, so I need our fans to help us out! Out of these 3 songs, you tell us which one you all want to hear! A. Wreck My Train- CBB B. When She Says Baby- Aldean C. Where the Blacktop Ends- Keith Urban
I had the wildest dream last night. I guess with all these graduates graduating made me in school. The coolest thing is that Keith Urban was my teacher and he was right in the chair sitting next to me very close helping me with my problem. Boy, did I have lots of problems. lol :-)
Has touched Keith urban, Jason Aldean and Gord Bamford. Don't think I'm creepy and just be happy for me
That's what it's all about!! 2nd best concert I've ever been to behind the one and only Keith Urban! Earl even threw in The Thunder Rolls right after.
Guess who picked up front section free tickets to the Country Music Television awards in Nashville for next! We love you Nashville! Performers (amongst others) are; Keith Urban; Hunter Hayes, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Kacey Musgraves, Jennifer Nettles, Jake Owen, Dierks Bentley, Brantley Gilbert, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Florida Georgia Line, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood... woohoo!
Aussie superstar Keith Urban is back. And Katy Perry, the world's biggest popstar rocks The Voice, SUNDAY 6.30pm on Channel 9! LIKE The Voice Australia on Fa...
Keith Urban and I are cleaning out my wardrobe ;-) (Along with a 'few' of Daisy's apple cidars)! Don't seem to be getting TOO far tho...??
Yes Reggae my number one choice..however I LOVEZ ME some Country jams.I love Keith Urban, but Kelly Clarkson" Catch My Breath".I LOVE THAT SONG..Country is just R&B..Soul, with a different beat..however, it tells the Story of the song..Real talk.
Hey Jaryn Bliss remember how I used to *** you off so bad you would cry when I sang your favorite songs by Keith Urban in cartmans voice??? Lol I just remembered that because I just found myself pissing kamryn off singing "Let it Go" in cartmans what's wrong with me??
A little piece of a cover We Were Us by Keith Urban. Hope y'all like it.. It's short and excuse my face expressions. Lol.
Got 4 Keith urban tickets July 12 at the Calgary Stampede 8th row on the floor
Had an awesome time at Casey Fogg album launch. Thanks to Lauren Lee Dianne Dorrington Mark Dorrington Will Boyd Zac Alfred. Oh and red on red and unsought duke. (Who's lead singer would pass as Keith Urban's twin!). Also to Casey Fogg, for the poster:) and putting the show together and the New Globe Theatre for being a wicked venue :)
previous view count: 1,176,349 Music video by Keith Urban performing Better Life.
Another Keith Urban song and another $100 out the door! Congratulations to Jenna Steen.If another Keith Urban song plays before 7pm tonight be caller 10 and you win with the Free Money Star Of The Day from New Country BOB 95!
I have officially started my vacation!!! I kicked it off with getting my Keith Urban tickets!!
Feeling a little nostalgic. just listened to Keith Urban's song "For You" from the movie "Act of Valor" in the song he sings of a brother on his right and left. To all my Army Brothers thanks for all the good times. And, yes I would take a "Bullet" without thinking twice. :)
Luke Bryan concert in May, Keith Urban in July and Alan Jackson In September!!! Think I can handle this!! woohoo
So that Friday Song Challenge thing. This playlist is called Is That So? Songs with "so" in the title. I started with Carole King cause she rules and we've had Rob Zombie, Weezer, Chicagor, Eagles of Death Metal, Mellencamp, George Strait, Keith Urban, MJ, Pink, Breaking Benjamin, The Police, Carly Simon (duh!), Black Crowes, Outkast, Lloyd Banks, Elton, & Joni. SO throw us some suggestions. You might even make the playlist. Sharing this mofo when it's so done.
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Watching my husbands video Keith Urban raining on Sunday.
Ok seriously? Iowa State Fair, $500 a ticket for front area/section and $270 for the middle area.for The Goo Goo Dolls? Come on, seriously *** ? I think i paid $65/ticket for Keith Urban at Jones Co. Fair last year which was (surprise to me) one of the best live shows i've ever seen.stood about 50ft from the stage...What did Steel Panther say? Oh yeah."FGoo Goo Dolls, they can suck my bthe fun out of live shows. screw em.
A huge thank you to everyone for their lovely birthday sentiments. I feel blessed and filled with gratitude and abundance as I graciously step forward into another year of healing growth opportunity and expansion. As Keith Urban sings, "My heart is open!" A special thank you to Gail Singer Ruhlman and Rudy Ruhlman for hosting my birthday gathering. It was very special to be with you, Jessica Duffy and Benjamin Duffy, like in the old times. You are family and the 3 of us cherish that. With love-
I'm sorry but the Keith Urban song Cop Car is dumb if I'm in the back of a Cop Car I'm mad lmao
Should find out on Monday if I have won tickets to see Keith Urban in Toyotas corporate box woo hoo.
Don't miss The Voice Australia legend Keith Urban as he rocks the Stage, Sunday 6.30pm on Channel 9!
Wow wow what a fantastic week I have had - life changing I would say. I am on a natural high. I am so pumped so look out my St Francis team. Congrats also to all the students who participated in the super challenge - we took out the big trophy. Special congrats to 11 of my year 7 students and mrs Corrine wright. Yes I happy dancing to Keith urban as I drive home. A great week 😄
Just me listening to keith urban and chris young and Brantley Gilbert making icing roses for graduation cakes!! I've got good company!
Irony. ..fate...who knows. Oddly enough another ' hockey stick moment' today. Looking for cushions for the outdoor furniture. Trying to not spend a lot, so stopped at about 7 stores today looking for the right ones. Last store I checked today was Daves Christmas. Figured they have seasonal items.Fingers crossed. Boy did I find something alright. A flood of memories. I know sometimes what a person with PTSD must feel like. I walked in and wanted to walk right out. Forgot this is where I was when I got the call last year. Standing in the flag isle looking for a flag for our camper. The call came in. It was a guy working with Kev that day. "Brandi... it's Wayne! Kevin passed out." I lay everything down that was in my hands and start thinking like the ER nurse that is always in me. I say..."Did you call 911?" He says "Yes". I then tell him to take him immediately to Sisters and I would meet them there. I call ahead to my friend and tell them he is coming in and I know nothing more than he passed out. ...
Keith Urban probably shudders in fright every time he looks at Nicole Kidman‘s face, so I’m not surprised to hear that the two have been having relationship issues recently. Plus, there’s also the sheer amount of time they spend apart, what with Nicole’s filming and Keith shooting American Idol. Th
Keith Urban is coming to Australia in June for his 'Light the Fuse Australia Tour'.  You could have the chance to win a double ticket see Keith perform at one of his Australian shows and meet him after the show. To enter all you need to do is tell us in 25 words or less why you want to meet Kei…
Hypothetical question... If you could swap any coach from to bring back Keith Urban, who would you ditch?
Faith and Keith Urban rehearse "Piece Of My Heart" for the All For The Hall benefit show in Nashville, TN
Be Sure to like our page so you'll get other great opportunities to win this summer! How about Jason Aldean, or Tim McGraw or maybe Miranda Lambert and Rascal Flatts! Keep up with all your favorites. Oh I forgot Keith could that happen. Tune in to 92.9 Kickin Country for all the details!
In need of a willing participant with an extra $100 to go see Keith urban with me at Darien lake on July 25th. Any takers?
Me trying out "Cop Car" by KEITH URBAN. Hope u guys like it.
previous view count: 2,038,076 Music video by Keith Urban performing Sweet Thing.
Neal McCoy vs. Keith Urban on today's Challenge at 1:30!
Today in Country: 1991 - Wynonna Judd begins recording her first solo album in Nashville 1998 - The movie "Hope Floats" opens, with Harry Connick Jr. and Sandra Bullock in the leading roles. The soundtrack includes Garth Brooks' "To Make You Feel My Love," plus music by Martina McBride, Bob Seger, Lila McCann, Deana Carter, The Mavericks and Trisha Yearwood 1998 - Shania Twain launches her first major concert tour with a show at the Sudbury Arena in Ontario. The set list includes "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!," "You Win My Love," "Love Gets Me Every Time" and "Any Man Of Mine" 2004 - George Strait, Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett co-headline a date at Texas Stadium in Irving. The three join voices on "Hey, Good Lookin'" and "Margaritaville" as the show becomes an album, "Live At Texas Stadium" 2010 - Taylor Swift headlines a stadium for the first time, at the Bayou Country Superfest at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. Also appearing are Keith Urban, David Nail, Kellie Pickler and Gloriana 2013 - Blake Shelton ra ...
Ten new stars have signed on to perform at the CMT Music Awards among them are Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, and Brantley Gilbert. They join Kacey Musgraves, Dierks Bentley, and Hunter Hayes, as well as Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, and Florida-Georgia Line Who are you most excited to see?
I just have to brag on the line-up of CMA fest. For all of you that did not take us up on the 4th ticket, you are gonna miss out! Brantley Gilbert, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Rascall Flatts, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, Jason Aldean, The Band Perry, TravisTritt, Chris Young, Daruis Rucker, Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Sara Evans, Brad Pasiley, Charlie Daniels Band, Hunter Hayes, Lady Antebellum, Thomas Rhett, and Zac Brown Band! OMG what a trip this is gonna be! Nashville HERE WE COME!
who's down to go to one or all of these? July 13 Tim McGraw, Cassadee Pope, Kip Moore August 14 Brad Paisley, Randy Houser, Leah Turner, Charlie Worsham August 24 Keith Urban, Jerrod Niemann, Brett Eldredge
My mom Sue Berber keeps trying to make me choose between Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Daryl Dixon, and Johnny Depp. Talk about an mission impossible! oie how could anyone expect so much from one person?? just cruel!
The list of performers for the 2014 CMT Music Awards just got longer, with the addition of Brantley Gilbert, Dierks Bentley, Hunter Hayes, Jake Owen, Jennifer Nettles, Kacey Musgraves, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Lee Ann Womack and Little Big Town. They join already announced performers, Blake Sh…
The 2014 CMT Music Awards just added a lot of star power to the lineup, with Brantley Gilbert , Kacey Musgraves , Keith Urban , Lady Antebellum , Jake Owen ...
books that Fb assumes I've read: Grinch Who Stole Christmas, The King James Bible, Peter Rabbit, The Color Purple, the New Better Homes & Garden Cookbook (from 1954 it looks like), and Hello Moon. Tv shows it thinks I watch: Smokey & the Bandit, School House Rock, WKRP in Cincinnati, The Gong Show, Donnie & Marie, The Price is Right Movies it thinks I like: Beverly Hills Cop, Miss Congeniality, The Lion King, Willy Wonka, & Lethal Weapon. Music: Maroon 5, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, & Keith Urban! What the... no rhyme or reason. Of course I obviously have no taste according to their algorithm. They're not even phoning it in any more.
All I saw was smoke and fire. I didn’t feel a thing. But suddenly I was rising higher. I felt like I just made the biggest mistake. When I thought about my unborn child, when I thought about my wife. The answer rang out clear, from somewhere up above: "No greater gift has man than to lay down his life for love." I wonder, would I give my life? Could I make that sacrifice? If it came down to it could I take the bullet? I would, yes I would, for you. -Keith Urban "For You" (Written for the film, "Act of Valor") Happy Memorial Day!
Everyone who knows me knows that I have had a mad crush since I was 18 on John Schneider, well that hasn't changed but I have found a close 2nd.Keith Urban. If a man can be called beautiful he fits the bill. He is happily married (a rarity in Hollywood), a rocking career, two lovely young girls and he is Australian to boot. The full package and to add to it all he leaves love notes for his wife everyday he is gone. So tell me what not to love about Keith Urban. Read some of his interviews and listen to them and c where his head and heart is. I hope they continue to be a great couple. Here's to u Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman
So here is my prescription for a perfect birthday: 1) Morning Devotions with Jesus (commentary provided by Beth Moore and C. S. Lewis); 2) Giving Noah Lund English and Pre-Algebra Instruction; 3) English and Anatomy Lesson Planning for new job; 4) Sunbathing and tete-a-tete with my horses while being accompanied by The Eagles, Styx, Carol King, Tommy Dorsey, Selena Gomez, Keith Urban, Frank Sinatra, ABBA, Gaither Band, Rascal Flatts, and Beach Boys (I'm ridiculously eclectic); 5) Quick trip to Salon for fast hair fixer-upper; 6) Rejoicing in and Being Overwhelmed by all the rich relationships God has blessed me with (as reflected by my wonderful daughters' Keturah Lund, Shiloh Anne Hubbard, and Terah Lynn posts along with all my FB buddies' well-wishes); 7) Dessert Social at Word of Life Fellowship (not for the dessert but to hang out with Alex Chai , Rob Griggs , and Jim Haw); 8) Staying up late to read while waiting for DH (my MC) to get back from his Oklahoma trip. That about sums up my day...Thanks t ...
Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. at FOX's "American Idol XIII" finale in Los Angeles, California.
Familiar Faces by Fred "Finagle" Nagel opens Friday with a reception from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Dinner follows at NANCY. This is a great exhibit pf photographs of iconic and celebrated Baltimoreans including our own Marty Bass, Ethel Ennis, William Donald Schaefer, Kurt Schmoke and James Rouse as well as superstars John Denver, Pope John Paul, Joel Grey, Keith Urban, Don King and more.
Keith Urban and his fellow American Idol judges rocked the finale last night! watch them perform songs from Cyndi Lauper and Fleetwood Mac:
J-Lo , Keith Urban and Ryan Seacrest are staying in our hotel!! Crazy
I hate to admit it, but I did watch, on and off, the finale to American Idol. The apex of the broadcast was the guitar work by Keith Urban. My god, that man is a beast on guitar. Sounded better'n Fleetwood Mac. The whole song was hot by them all... *** of a performance, in my humble opinion...
Watching the finale of American Idol. The judges just did a rendition of Fleetwood Mac's "You Can Go Your Own Way." Keith Urban plays a smoking lead guitar!
LL COOL J and Chris O’Donnell, stars of the hit CBS drama series NCIS: LOS ANGELES, will co-host ACM PRESENTS: AN ALL-STAR SALUTE TO THE TROOPS, a concert event featuring some of the biggest names in country music paying tribute to our armed forces. Additionally, Dierks Bentley, Lee Brice, Luke Bryan, Hunter Hayes, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Kellie Pickler and Keith Urban have been added to the star-studded lineup of artists scheduled to perform at the event. These artists join previously announced performers Merle Haggard, George Strait, Carrie Underwood, Florida Georgia Line, Lady Antebellum and The Band Perry. The concert will honor the country’s remarkable servicemen and women and include special moments and stories of incredible bravery and integrity. AFN|prime 7pm CET/JKT Wednesday.
Caleb Johnson performed his second song “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney on American Idol Season 13 Finale Showdown, May 20, 2014. “It’s such a deep emotional song,” said Keith Urban. Keith warned him not to get caught up in gymnastics. It loses the emotion. Jennifer Lopez said felt him holding…
About Yourself: I'm just really excited to be attending my first choice of university and to begin a new chapter in my life! I want to meet a lot of new people and have a lot of new and exciting experiences!! :) I live on a farm in the middle of no where and I am really interested in law and hope to become a lawyer some day! Oh and I hope to one day travel the world... and I like cats!!! :p Hometown: Midland High School: St. Theresa's Age: 17 (18 in August) Faculty: Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Intended major: Law & Society Favorite Music: Nirvana, Justin Timberlake, Keith Urban, Eminem, anything catchy or with a good beat really! :p Favourite TV Shows: Suits, Freaks and Geeks, Criminal Minds, and The Goldbergs Favourite Movies: The Dark Knight, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Role Models Favourite Computer Games: Gary's Mod and Minecraft Favourite Food: tacos, Subway, and sushi Sports you play: a little bit of everything Do you party?: yeah Do you drink (coffee)?: yes... caffeine addict lol Do you sm ...
I have 4 tickets together to Keith Urban - Raise 'Em Up Tour at Riverbend on Thu. Jul 31, 7:00 PM for sale. $100 ea
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