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Keith Urban

Keith Lionel Urban (born 26 October 1967) is a New Zealand-born Australian, Country Music singer, songwriter and guitarist whose commercial success has been mainly in the United States and Australia.

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That was a terrific concert! It started with George Strait doing a duet with Merle Haggard, went on to pairing up some very talented servicemen and women with other folks like Band Perry, Kelly Pickler, Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban in duets and ended 4 hours later with Toby Keith. It will air on CBS May 20th. Don't miss it!
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Wow what a disappointing ACM Country show last night. Years ago it was just The Academy members who got to vote. Somewhere along the way, they threw in fan voting. Then why call it The Academy Of Country Music Awards? No, I'm not still bitter George Strait won Entertainer Of The Year. lol. However, radio buzz today was that he sang out of tune last night. I did notice/hear that. He wasn't the only one off key either. Did you notice that Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban were lip syncing? So my question is: why have a live show from Las Vegas? Perhaps someone was sick? Perhaps! Last night was one of the weakest ACM shows I've seen in a long time. Found it odd that Blake Shelton performed twice in the first hour. Maybe there was a cancel? But didn't Miranda look hot?!
Late night things didn't go as planned with Jason Aldean. I had a drink with keith urban and now Jason wont speak to me. Don't you just hate drama! Oh well my Prince charming, keith Pearson, is yelling for me he must cant find the remote again. Lol
Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert have won Vocal Event of the Year with "We Were Us," over "Highway Don't Care!" Congrats Keith and Miranda!!!
Yes! Keith Urban you are rocking our world with your new record. -The Twinz
Keith Urban. .fell n luv n bak of cop car.. playing now..awesome song I have a confession to make... I used to say that I HATED Keith Urban. And then he came out with "we were us" and I thought I liked that song because Miranda was in it. But I absolutely LOVE his newest single and can't get it out of my my confession.I think I'm starting to like Keith
Singer/songwriter Keith Urban performs onstage during the 49th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 6, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
tried doing the version without back voice but IT was keyed was to HIGH! So i sang along with the actual song. ...Keith Urban - "Somebody Like You"
In 13 hours, I will have 2 (hopefully front row) tickets to Keith Urban in St. Louis. I'm so excited for tomorrow!! Gonna get my rest so my ticket buying skills are sharp! :-)
Present from hubby to be listen Ruth Lapchuk-Viens Keith urban tickets August show, great seats wish you could go!
That's Jordan Hahn, at the ACM Red Carpet Sunday night. He asked Keith Urban to take a selfie with his group.
My son Tyler crushed all my hopes and dreams today. He told me he won back stage passes to Keith Urban I was so excited then he told me he got me good! I guess it's my own fault because I told my kids we were having April Fools month instead of day. Hm what he forgets is... PAYBACKS!
Tim, George , and Garth. It doesn't get any better. OK maybe Keith Urban!
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I officially have a crush on Keith Urban.
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My Man ROCKS... Just got our KEITH URBAN tickets for August. Wow he really knows how to please a gal.!
When Keith urban sang last knight he really surprised me cause he had 3 drummers in the back and it sounded like he just had 1 how ever do they do that!
I've listened to all the haters last night and today, and I have to admit I'd rather be in the back of s cop car with Keith Urban than George Strait. Just saying.
The day Tim McGraw and Keith Urban sit on the front row and they put Merle Haggard on row 7 or 8... Is the day I stop watching those stupid ACM awards. New Country Music is like a man dressing in women's clothes. Just ain't right!
I wonder if Keith Urban fell in love in jail too.. 😑.
Cop car by Keith urban is one of the dumbest songs I've ever had the misfortune of hearing. Please bring country back to ktex...
Did Keith Urban win anything last night?
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See footage of Justin Moore, Keith Urban & more from our Coverage week in Las Vegas:
Have you ever wondered what 'American Idol' judges Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr., and Jennifer Lopez talk about when 'Idol' cuts to a commercial?
I have three Keith urban tickets for sale if anyone wants them please let me know going to post on yard sale too
Nicole Kidman ‘Does Amazing Job’ Keeping Family Together, Keith Urban Gushes! Nicole Kidman keeps an umbrella over her head to shield her eyes on the set of Strangerland on Monday (April 7) in Sydney,...
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Looking forward to an amazing July! Keith Urban tickets, motel near the venue and then to Arundel ME for Bentlys Saloon!! Ready to go!!!
What is your favorite song by Keith urban? Comment what it is
Keith Urban is my favorite country artist but in all fairness I love listening to John mayer. Country and soothing music always makes the Day alittle better
Who watched the ACM Awards last night? What did you think of the performances & winners? I LOVED that Keith Urban had THREE drummers during his performance - how cool was that?!?!?
Another beautiful day out there! Work out hard tonight since im sure my vertigo is gone!!! Im happy happy happy!! Oh yea im obsessed with Keith Urban :)
After watching a very small sample size of those Country Music awards last night, I have concluded the following: Florida Georgia Line is the Creed of Country Music. They have a dude that looks like Scott Stapp, and they had guys doing back flips on bikes off of ramps that were on fire. Please stop that. You make me wanna roll MY windows down, then jump out of the moving vehicle. Also, I'm not sure why Keith Urban needs 3 drummers. I'm not talking about, like, percussionists in the background. 3 drum kits, all lined up in a row. I'm sure there are 2 bands out there looking for a drummer. Quit hogging them, Mr. Urban. There are better songs on the television show Nashville than there are in real life.
George Strait won his second entertainer of the year — 25 years after he won his first — and Miranda Lambert and Keith Urban teamed up to earn top honors Sunday night at a jam-packed Academy of Country Music Awards that had a little something for everyone.
Watching the Country Music Awards I missed last night.I could watch Keith Urban all day.!
Had a great Sunday evening Champagne and Congrats to a amigo who will be playing with Debarge on the Arsenio Hall Show tonight! And we watched the Country Awards. Wow those Cowboys do more Rock!! Keith Urban had 3 Drummers on Stage!! I was LIKING IT !.Congrats to my buddy
Dan + Shay "Summer of 19 You n Me" Miranda Lambert "Automatic" Brett Eldrige "Beat of the music" Keith Urban "Cop Car" These songs I have the lyrics on repeat in my head = so good.
So Keith Urban last nite... Great artist, phenomenal guitarist, but why THREE DRUMMERS?!
So happy that Keith Urban finally got some well-deserved recognition at the ACM awards last night. Only wish he could have won entertainer of the year.
My review of the ACM's -- Brad Paisley you looked a little sickly for some reason. Keith Urban - cut your ugly hair, I think Nicole has ruined you...kind of like Faith has ruined Tim(not impressed) - oh and Faith, you're starting to resemble Joan Rivers !! I think we should have a rule that hot country singers can't get married ! ;-) Miranda - you looked fabulous but I have to admit - I miss seeing your gorgeous CURVES !! Taylor - your dress was fine, if that's "showing too much skin" keep it up !! Luke - what can I say, you can do no wrong. Blake - you were awesome as ever and I'm so glad you have an amazing wife who hasn't ruined you ! George -- you will always be a legend and I will stalk you as long as I live in Texas in hopes of meeting you (joking...a little) and Dierks - favorite !!!
So on the ACM's last night... Keith Urban had 3 drummers, Florida-Georgia Line had three bass drums (all of which I totally approve!)... But did anyone have a FIDDLE player (that wasn't just playing acoustic gtr)?? Anyone?? Jason Aldean and Strait had steel but uh... Yeah... Country Music anyone? Twin fiddles?
Just watching CMA'S now.. I think I love Keith Urban.
why do none of my friends like Keith Urban? Am I going to have to go to that concert alone???
The ACM Awards this Year... It was the best ACM show in a very long time. They seemed to have stepped it up in almost ever category from wardrobe to production to songs and sound. Keith Urban was great as was Sheryl Crow and Dierks Bentley and Hunter Haze and Eric Church and many others . George Strait earned entertainer of the year honors which was no surprise and well deserved. The great Merle Haggard was honored...what can I say about the Hag except that unfortunately they just don't make em like him anymore. Was so glad to see songwriters Brandy Clark, Kacey Musgraves and Shane McAnally properly recognized for writing such a great song and single of the year for Miranda Lambert. The were some so so performances and one band who lip synced but All n all it was a great night for Country Music at a time when Nashville was in desperate need of some credibility after 5 years of Truck, Tractor, Tailgate, Beer, Dirt Road and feet on the dash songs.we can only hope that next years 50th anniversary ACM awards ...
Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert tied as the big winners at last night’s ACM Awards. Miranda won for FeMale Vocalist, Vocal Event and Single of the Year, and while Keith only won in two categories, Vocal Event and Video of the Year, he picked up a third trophy for being the producer as well as …
Welp, tried to watch the Country Music awards last nite...lasted about 30 seconds. Would switch over for a couple of seconds every so often. Everyone was doing the same song & trying to be cooler than the last guy. Keith Urban had 3 drummers in his band! Now that's good Country Music! Biggest bunch of crap I've ever heard. So glad I'm not in N'ville anymore. Doc Watson had an old hour special on Channel 35 with David Holt...guess who won.
Watching the ACMs; who hijacked my Country Music? Besides George and Merle, the rest was 1980s pop-rock. Can't wait for Boy George to sing a duet with FGL; what was that Keith Urban song? (Eddie Van Halen was not impressed). Where was Alan Jackson? Allison Krauss? I didn't hear a single fiddle or steel guitar...
Great American Country Music awards last night! How about Lady A and Stevie Nicks!! Amazing! Let's not forget Keith Urban and Eric Church!
Congratulations to George Strait on another entertainer of the year ! what a great show, with awesome performances by Keith Urban, the beautiful & sexy Faith Hill & hunky Tim McGraw. Those were my favorites.
Going to be 3 mins late because I refuse to get out of my vehicle while Keith urban is on the radio.
So apparently contemporary Country Music entertainers have begun differentiating themselves via how absurd their drummer setup is. Florida Georgia Line's drummer had three bass drums (and only two legs) and Keith Urban had three drummers playing the same drum part on three different drum kits... I can't wait to see what happens next year.
Keith Urban's performance of 'Even the Stars Fall 4 U' got the crowd at the 2014 ACM Awards on their feet and dancing.
7:02 we will give you the keyword to text that will get you on the plane for the Kicksclusive Keith Urban/Idol Flyaway!!
Ok I think the ACM's last night were great ! Miranda looked great she has lost some weight. Luke and Blake were hilarious ! I loved Guy Fieri's camo suit jacket ! Stevie Nicks amazing as always ! Tim and Faith were wonderful glad to see I'm not the only woman who has packed some junk in the trunk since getting older but Faith wears it a lot better lol It did however seen that Rascal Flatts were lip syncing and I was surprised that Jason Aldean got Male Vocalist of the year. Don't get me wrong I love Jason Aldean but this was Luke Bryan's year. Oh and Keith Urban rocked it like he always does ; )
Watching the American Country Music awards Keith Urban has a new haircut looks like Justin beiber *** bag
Not that anyone cares but, this is my take on the Academy Country Music Awards: 1) Carrie Underwood's dress Amazing and Classy! 2) Miranda Lambert attire wasn't so appropriate for the occasion. 3) Luke Bryant was the Male Class Act of the night (Next to George Strait ;) 4) Shakira and Stevie, good job but, don't know what they were doing at ACM? 5) Keith Urban needed to twang up his guitar a little, 5) Male Vocalist of the year, Jason Aldean? Seriously? 6) Luke Bryan goes home empty handed? Something definitely wrong with that picture! 7) Entertainer of the Year, none other than George Strait! Yes! ACM got that one right for sure! 8) Great Entertainment and Loved the tribute to Merle Haggerd!
only watching the country awards for Blake Shelton & Keith Urban tbh 😍   10% Off
Stevie Nicks and Lady Antebellum were amazing tonight on ACM Awards tonight! . Then there's Keith Urban.
Congratulations to Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, and our queen Taylor Swift for winning the ACM Video of the Year for...
CONGRATS to Taylor, Tim McGraw and Keith Urban. They got Video of the Year for Highway Don't Care! OMG!
so tonight I was in the same room as Stevie Nicks Keith urban Darius Rucker Carrie Underwood Merle Haggard Garth brooks George Strait and ll cool j. and a lot more. tonight was a good night. thanks mom and DR PEPPER
Wow!! Love the Country Awards BUT stop showing Taylor Swift (she acts dumb) Love Keith Urban but he needs to go to another barber. Almost everyone rocked it. Even saw Vince from Mötley Cru in the audience.
Definitly a good night for my favorite miss miranda! Single of the year... mamas Broken Heart, vocal event of the year we were us with keith urban, & feMale Vocalist of the year.
I can't believe I'm still awake at 11. Gary recorded Country Music awards and I couldn't go to bed until Keith Urban sang. Huba huba.
Keith Urban - I love it when a singer plays their own guitar solo...well done. But someone tell me why everyone is singing off key, please.
So now Tim McGraw is on my TV.more yummers :D George Straight, Keith Urban and Tim McGraw in one night..seriously hot eye
Caught myself watching ACM award, initially to see Keith Urban, but found myself hypnotized by those country boys tight black pants.m
Loved the ACMs, but it sure is disappointing to see what is considered country these days. Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban, and Rascal Flats are NOT country, thankyouverymuch.
Keith Urban you have the whole package! So talented and so easy on the eyes😍😜
Lori when's our next concert my Country concert buddy? Seeing Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Florida-Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, George Strait, Lee Brice, Darius Rucker, Tim McGraw and everyone else tonight on ACM... I am getting the itch LOL Lets do this it's time :D Hey lets get tickets to ACM in Texas next year too :D
My bucket list is growing, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, and the long hair guy from Florida Georgia Line. Oh yeah! Of course they are all behind Adam Levine. Great music on the CMA's. Stevie Nicks always great..
wow Keith Urban looks like Bon Jovi!!! oh and my wife has no clue who Stevie Nicks is!!
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Ok so Keith Urban is pretty amazing. And so was Blake Shelton n Shakira but Kip Moore. 😳❤️😊 Ok okay ENOUGH already where is ?!
Keith Urban on the ACMs with 3 Drummers! Eat your heart out Paulies Garage!
Catching Keith Urban on Academy of Country Music Awards ... Rich called him the "Bon Jovi. " of Country Music! LOL! Love it!
Keith Urban... Still my favorite country singer.
My gosh Keith Urban is an amazing guitarist and so so gorgeous Country awards or something is on
Gotta admit Keith Urban has grown on me, since "take your records, take your freedom..." He's proven to me he's an incredible musician & now I'm excited to hear his new music bc he outdoes himself everytime...
Just got the phone charged! It sure was great seeing Keio Stroud playing tonight for Keith Urban. You did good!! :)
Congrats to George Strait, Kacey Musgraves, Jason Aldean, Justin Moore, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, The Band Perry, Lee Brice, Florida Georgia Line, and Keith Urban! Was a great show and a great year for Country Music! Thanks for doing what you do!
American Country Music Awards are all sounds the same now...except for Keith Urban of course
Watching the awards. Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan are perfect hosts. Blake Shelton and Shakira singing "Medicine" = Ahmazing! Stevie Nicks sounds as good as ever. And, Keith Urban missed his Rock n Roll calling.
CMA's were great! Darious rocked me mama... Taylor Swift has a good time anywhere. And Luke was hot...but Keith Urban is still the cutest...and those eyes!
First thoughts on acms. Somebody needs to let the guy from Florida Georgia Line that Keith Urban originated the white T & jeans look with that hair style years ago when he was that age. Lol! Next, Keith Urban looked like Bon Jovi tonight. *** But he can pick a *** of a guitar still though. & Justin Moore, The trophy was as big as he was! LOL
Congratulations Nicolle Galyon--and co-writers Jimmy Robbins and John Nite--for writing and winning "We Were Us" --ACM Vocal Event of the Year!!! Bravo! What an incredible hit for Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert. You might remember Nicolle from Season 2 of NBC's The Voice where she chose Adam Levine as her coach. She has been a voice client of mine and I credit her for bringing RaeLynn to me. RaeLynn was also on Season 2. The two of them have written some awesome songs together! Nicolle and RaeLynn both are MEGA talents!
Is there any doubt that Keith urban was a rocker (true story) before he became a Country Music superstar ... His ACM performance kicked *** ... And how about that shreddin solo !
Everybody knows I love Keith Urban and Adam Levine but I have to say The King George Strait is the finest man ever and the reason God made Wrangler jeans!,!,
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What is better than 2 drummers? Three Drummers! Thanks you Keith Urban! Man his voice and guitar playing is simply incredible!
More Merle, George, Garth and less Florida Georgia Line, hunter hays, Keith urban and the rest that are there
(Sigh) Considering the ACM Awards. To be ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR you're supposed to further the format of Country Blake Shelton (music, The Voice) or Keith Urban (Music, American Idol, QVC, Colgne, etc.)does. Why is George Strait the winner? Seriously? Why? He's done the SAME SHOW for 30 years and nothing else. If it's because he's retiring then give him a Lifetime Achievement Award...not Entertainer of the Year.
Keith Urban with 3 drummers!!! Cool!!! Gonna have to try that in the studio one day soon!! Gonna need a bigger board!!! Lol
OK music friends, riddle me this. Why does Keith Urban have 3 drummers? One not good enough? Makes too much money? All for show? Two are air drumming?
I have to ask this after tonight. What part of Keith Urban is Country? All these electric guitar riffs he does during the song. Is it me? Do you think his music is COUNTRY?
Can someone please tell me why Keith Urban is not in the entertainer of the year category? Thought for sure it was him this year.
Just saw that Keith Urban is going to be in Atlanta .who wants to join me?
ok wait a minute, Keith Urban and Tim McGraw right beside each other, YUMMY!
I think Keith Urban and I have the same hair cut!! Lol.
Casey Fredrickson says he will buy our tickets if we go to Luke Bryan next year instead of keith urban! Lacey Maxfield Carly Condos Hollie Condos Amber Condos :-)
I luv Country Music, and I really wish Keith Urban knew he was my boyfriend. It's ok Rod is aware Keith is my boyfriend :-)
Someday Keith Urban will realize he married the wrong Nichole.someday
My ACM Awards recap...Luke Bryan has big hands, Lady A and Stevie need to record an album together, Eric Church is a cutie and sounded so good, Miranda Lambert lost lots of weight, Keith Urban can still rock that guitar, and I think Blake should win entertainer of the year!
Keith Urban looks like a girl. There. I said it.
Not a fan of Hunter Hayes voice but his new song is great, great message just wish Keith Urban or somebody else covered it but he did ok
Seriously! They picked Jason Aldean over Keith Urban for Male Vocalist! So wrong! That's it! I'm changing the channel!
Congrats to Justin Moore winning ACM New Artist of the Year! More than deserved and way overdue! And how about those performances by George Strait, Keith Urban, Eric Church, Tim McGraw, and the list goes on!
Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, and Luke Bryan. Need I say more. On the ACM's. Oh then there's Jason Alden, Kenny Chesney, and. The list goes on.
I'm amazed at the lack of talent on the CMAs.Keith Urban and Stevie Nicks are the only 2 singers that have sang in tune. The out of key or deaf tone singers are quite terrible. I cant listen to it anymore.
I hate to admit this, I actually really like Country Music. Pop music has gone to *** I can't understand the words and no one can actually play a guitar any more. Keith Urban just rocked on it. Besides, Blake Shelton is cute as a bugs ear. :)
Ok so I decided to watch the Country Music awards tonight, haven't for several years and there's Stevie Nicks! Wow! She still has it! That voice! I'm gona tell a secret on myself...when I was a young teenager I would stand in front of the mirror singin into my hairbrush to Fleetwood Mac! I so wanted to be Stevie! Lol! Well it didn't work out! Lol! There are some good singers on this show! I'm impressed! And saw my Keith Urban and he was amazing as always! I've been missin out on this Country Music!
Lady Antebellum with Stevie Nicks, Keith Urban and Kip Moore...Which was your favorite performance in that set?
I'm turning off this acm thing on tv. I just saw Keith Urban's band, which had 3 drummers playing the exact same thing. Only way to reset my brain now, listen to Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples.
I can't live without you, I can't live without you baby~. Congrat!! Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and Taylor Swift!!
Saw Thomas Rhett, Justin Moore, Florida Georgia Line, Rascal Flatts, Dan + Shay, Lee Brice, Keith Urban, and many more in just 2 days!!
Wow, what a great Country Music weekend here in Vegas I was able to experience this weekend - Friday night included - Danielle Bradbery, Thomas Rhett, Justin Moore, Florida Georgia Line and Rascal Flatts, Then yesterday and last night I was Tyler Farr, Brett Eldredge, Kip Moore, Lee Brice, Jerrod Niemann, Joe Nichols, Chris Young and finally Keith Urban - who was totally awsome! Totally great 2-day Concert!!
Nite 2 of the ACM Part for a Cause: Lee Brice, Jerrold Niemann, Joe Nichols, Chris Young and Keith Urban. 2 days of 26 Artists and none of this would be possible without our dear friend Peggy. Thank you for a memorable Girls weekend!
Keith Urban, Chris Young, Lee Brice, Kip Moore and Jarod Neimann all raising funds for veterans along with the best people in the world. Does it get any better??
Watching Lee Brice, Joel Crouse, Jerrod , Chris Young, and now Keith Urban came on at 11 and it is cold in Vegas! Back home tomorrow since not going to ACM award show- has gotten really expensive!
Gail, her daughters, Katie , karrie and her niece Erin and I at Brett Eldredge ,, Keith Urban, Joe Nichols, Kip Moore, Dan and Shay,, Lee Brice, Jerrod Niemann and Chris Young
How about...Male Vocalist of the year?? -Jason Aldean -Lee Brice -Luke Bryan -Blake Shelton or -Keith Urban
This day in music history 1985, At 3:50pm GMT, over 5,000 radio stations worldwide aired the charity single by USA for Africa 'We Are The World'. The single went on to be a No.1 in the US & UK, and most Western territories. 1997, Trace Adkins earns his first single in Billboard with "(This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing" 2003, Darryl Worley kicks off a seven-week reign at on the Billboard country singles chart with "Have You Forgotten?" 2008, Johnny Cash's "Hurt" ranks when CMT debuts its latest installment of "100 Greatest Videos" 2009, Brad Paisley wins Top Male Vocalist among three trophies during the 44th annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. He also earns Video of the Year, for "Waitin' On A Woman"; and Vocal Event, for the Keith Urban duet "Start A Band"
Nicole tells us what it's like when the whole family tours with her husband Keith Urban, and she talks about her new film The Railway Man. Jimmy Kimmel Live ...
American Country Awards in Vegas! I wish I was going with my good friends to see Keith Urban tomorrow night at the Linq. I love when Luke Bryan, tin McGraw, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood and all the country artists come to Vegas. Rascal Flats performing at the Linq tonight with others. The Mandalay Bay has great plans for the entire weekend for all the fans! I'm a BIG Luke Bryan Fan! Such a babe! Enjoy all my friends!
EK! I'm FINALLY going to see Brantley Gilbert in concert! I'm SO SO SO EXCITED! It's not his solo tour, because they aren't stopping anywhere close BUT- it's the "We're All for the Hall" concert that raises funds to support the preservation of the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, so that's even better. Now I can see Keith Urban, Darius Rucker, Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, and more! This is a Nashville girl's dream come true! If I had to choose between a concert or a night out dancing, I'd choose a concert every single time. Live music makes my heart smile, but after all, my hometown is "Music City". Anyone else a HUGE Brantley Gilbert fan???
First i have great respect for Amerian Idol judges this year. The "jazz singer" and pianist Harry Connick Junior, The rockin country singer Keith Urban, and the pop female star J-Lo, but they just use the "save" on a contestant that should have not been saved. This kid is good, but he will soon be out anyway i think, cause he's not that special. I don't know what in the world they are thinking. Well maybe true, the American Idol cannot comeback, since Simon is out.. Never they produce real star again since the dinamic trio judges Simon-Randy-Paula. They made Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Doughtry, Adam Lambert... etc... But I think if Jessica Meuse is the winner, this season maybe not that bad. Cause that girl got star quality. Oh well. let see what else good on TV.. what?? nothing??
"It's a longshot, baby, I know it's true, but if anyone can make it, I'm bettin' on me and you. -Keith Urban"
Falling in love with Lewis Hamilton , Ed Sheeran & Keith Urban :*
Rodney Atkins, Country Jam, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, and Jason Aldean tickets all purchased and received 😍
There are just three girls left on this season of "American Idol." And the last two contestants to be voted off were girls. So, the guys would seem to have a slight advantage going into tonight's elimination. Jessica Meuse was criticized for being a little stiff during her performance last night. Malaya Watson was told she needs to work on her runs. J-Lo told Jena Irene that she has the vocal power to blow everyone away. Keith Urban calls Caleb Johnson a rock and roll Viking. But Harry Connick Junior says Caleb needs to show a softer side. Tonight, Daughtry performs before the elimination
This is (one) of the weeks Vegas goes country!! Academy of Country Music Awards this weekend! Concerts start tonight with a free concert with Hunter Hayes, David Nail. Then Friday and Saturday there is Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Joe Nichols, Jerrod Niemann and more, then Sunday is the main ACM event at the MGM and the ACM Fan Jam hosted by Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan will be over to sing us a song too. Monday is another LiftingLives concert with George Strait, Merle Haggard, FGL, Lady A, Band Perry Dierks Bentley, Lee Brice, Hunter Hayes, Toby Keith, Carrie Underwood and more! I have tickets for all of that. That should take care of my Country Music needs for a while lol
Making the final plans for my 2 day Party at the ACM FESTIVAL with my long time BFF MaryLou Bongiovanni Esquer and my Las Vegas friend Diane Kalnitz (originally from Buffalo). Two days of concerts with Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Golden Cadillac's, and Taylor Swift just to name a few! I think it's going to be a great Friday and Saturday!! Giddy-up!!! :-)
OK ~ This is for all my sweet Keith Urban fans and friends watching American Idol! C J (from Jasper, AL.) did a killer performance of "Soulshine" by The Allman Brothers Band tonight. His girlfriend is from Muscle Shoals, AL (my hometown) Please support C J and help keep him on American Idol! 1-855-4-IDOL-05 Thank you so much :)
Crazy day interviewing Keith Urban,Atlantic City luncheon with Liza,Broadway's Peter and the Star Catcher & The Colorists concert at Schubas
Hamilton Collection
Another great day! Lunch is almost over, but wanted to say "HI!" and hope that your having a good day so far! Sitting in my truck, "But For the Grace of God" by Keith Urban is playing-gotta love life! Later gators!
Scotty McCreery, Thomas Rhett, Billy Currington, and Keith Urban would equal a pretty awesome concert for me.
Luke Bryan,Florida Georgia Line,Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, and Keith Urban are my men👌😋😍
A few years ago, students in a media literacy course developed a “Tournament of the Twentieth Century” – a bracket game that compared the most resonant media images of the last century to determine the most effective icon.  Batman eventually triumphed over Franklin Roosevelt, Adolph Hitler, and Elvis Presley.  The activity helps the students critically evaluate different eras of media and their audiences in ways that increase thoughtful engagement with print, broadcast, cable, and digital content.   This column invites its audience to engage another tournament, based on eight areas of performance – music, comedy, athletics, film, television, politics, education, and economy.  What follows is an initial reflection on the possible outcomes, intended to spur greater discussion. There are eight nominees in each category.   The initial nominees in contemporary music are, in ranked order: Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Pharrell, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Rhianna, Kanye West, and Bruce Springsteen.  B ...
Driving with the windows down, shades on, and listening to Keith Urban is my idea of a perfect Sunday.. 😎✌️
Listening to Luke Bryan and Keith Urban makes me wanna see them in concert honestly
Ten confessions to share. 10. I was born in Kentucky. 9. I. met my husband in 1996. 8. Me greatest accomplishment in life was my daughter. 7. I adore my step granddaughter Riley. 6. Losing my dad was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. 5. I have a big crush on Hugh Jackson and Keith Urban. 4. I have amazing step kids. 3. I love living in Florida 2. I do miss my friends. 1. I converted to Catholicism last Easter vigil .
Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez throwing what they know on tonight!
Keith Urban reminisces about his first time hearing himself on the radio! Subscribe now for more American Idol clips: Tune in to ...
Also featured in this picture is: Steven Tyler and the rest of Aerosmith, Hugh Jackman and Keith Urban! :)
Age I was given: 15 I lived in: New Jersey I drove: Lexus RX 350 (My Mom) What I did: Student, volunteering Who had my heart: Tuxedo Mask XD My age now: 29 Where I live: Calabasas California I drive: Acura ILX What I do: PHD Student Who has my heart: Still love tuxedo Mask but have added Jared Padelecki aka Sam, Keith Urban, Jake Owen, Gibbs, Tony, Benedict Cumberbatch, David Tennant, Matt Smith. Need I go on.. lo ;) Those that like these answers I will give you an age for you to do your own!
take you home - Chris Young . Raining on Sunday - Keith Urban. Aside from country, a truly underrated genre is jazz 👌
This man just rode by in the funniest broke-down truck BLASTING Keith Urban. Watch out, America. That thug music is gonna afflict our kids.
Never have I EVER seen a man named Keith who wasnt a babe. Look at Keith Urban, Keith harkin etc.
Jess, when I first saw and heard you, I dont think I was alone in thinking you could win this competition by a country mile. You're a naturally beatiful young lady, and I'm pleased that the red streak in the hair was fully restored tonight. The downside - I didnt think your performance was that much better than the past two weeks, and after tonight, you could be in danger of being in the bottom three; since all of the others have decidedly upped their game. It has to be said; the judges repeatedly offer you their advice or critique, but you seldom appear to pay attention to what they say, Despite what they advise you, each song seems to come out the same. I know Harry Connick Jnr. seems to be particularly harsh, but thats his style; he's a musical genius, and he knows what hes talking about. Keith Urban is also excellent, but he's sympathetic and doesnt spell it out the way Harry does; And then of course J.Lo is J.Lo... Please next week, pick a song that showcases the full range of your singing capabilit ...
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CJ Harris sang "Invisible" by Hunter Hayes on American Idol XIII season 13 Top 10 Live Show for March 19, 2014. Here's what the judges have to say about his performance. Keith Urban says he nailed it in rehearsal, but so out of tune tonight. He's got to stay in control of his pitch. "Work hard
Okay so, Sam Woolf like seriously waved at me TWICE and smiled at me! Jennifer Lopez is beautiful and so is Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. All the contestants sound so much better live!
Watching American Idol with Hunter. I ask if he knows the judges. He says "I know the one on the left is Keith Urban" I ask him about the girl "Jennifer Lopez?" And the one on the right, "something something Jr?!" Lol. Crazy kid. Knows his music and stars
Years of watching American Idol had the funniest moment ever tonight. Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban mocking each other accents, mannerisms and sayings.
So, I'm watching Amercian Idol (no I don't know why) when I suddenly realize...Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban don't know enough about music to know that they don't know anything about music. Harry Connick Jnr is embarrassed for them.
“Y'all know Keith Urban my uncle right??” Sthu
Y'all know Keith Urban my uncle right??
What the *** is wrong with Harry Connick Jr. tonight? I mean is he trying to be the new " Simon Cowell" or what? First off, I don't like his music, secondly, he's cocky as *** and third he gave every singer a bad critical comment. I don't think he's funny but obviously he thinks he is and he acts as he's a "know it all" when it comes down to it. When you can perform like Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban, then that's a different story. Sorry, but he *** as a judge and seems to suck at life in general. He *** even more with his type of music most of all. My rant is over.
Only music in her car is Keith Urban music
Also I've really started liking Country Music. Keith Urban is just too much for me to handle. 😍❤️
Keith Urban. Excited to announce that Keith will be performing at the 2014 CMA Music Festival on June 7th!. For...
Keith Urban's music always makes me feel the different feels every song.
Omg a cop car was right behind me and he started flashing his lights then passed me and turned it off... Cop car by Keith Urban was on...
CMA Music Fest has released some of their lineup for this year! - Luke Bryan - Rascal Flatts - The Band Perry -Tim McGraw -Keith Urban -Hunter Hayes - Little Big Town -Blake Shelton - Miranda Lambert -Darius Rucker -Brad Paisley -Eric Church -Florida-Georgia Line - Jason Aldean - Lady Antebellum - Zac Brown Band More artist to be announced soon, & 102.3 The Coyote wants to send you there to see them all, stay tuned!
This Saturday at the Whale throw down with the area's hottest Nash-Pop party band Rebel! All of today's hits like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Keith Urban. And the classics too! We didn't forget the rock in you so there's AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and REO too!
Are all of Keith Urban's songs about Nicole Kidman? Did they really fall in love in the back of a cop car??
L’Wren Scott dead at 49: Fashion designer’s apparent suicide happened at pricey, exclusive New York City condos The ultra-posh building where *** Jagger’s girlfriend killed herself is one of the most exclusive addresses in New York City — and one of the most expensive. Some condominiums at 200 Eleventh Ave. — a striking building in Chelsea with stainless steel-encased glass on top of a terracotta base — go for more than $10 million, with one penthouse currently listed for more than $18 million. The condos come complete with James Bond-esque “sky garages” in which residents like Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman and designer Domenico Dolce can drive their cars in a personal elevator up to their apartments. Apartment 9S, where L’Wren Scott apparently committed suicide, is a 2,364-square-foot duplex with 3.5 baths and 3 bedrooms. Andrew Schwartz/For New York Daily News L’Wren Scott, fashion designer and girlfriend of *** Jagger, lived and sadly died at this exclusive Manhattan address. A neigh . ...
I am in love with Keith Urban . Just gotta get rid of Nicole Kidman.oh and Brian.
Shane Gamble is one of my favorite singer/songwriters on the planet. Shane is raising funds via Pledge Music for the marketing of his newly finished record. A % of funds will go to the TJ Martell Foundation. Shane is coming off of his 2013, Top 2 Sirius XM Country hit, "Turn My Way." For this record Shane has co-written songs with the cream of the Nashville scene including hitmakers for Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Keith Urban. I have been deep in the trenches with Shane on this record- it does not disappoint! Please support quality independent music-- I guarantee you'll feel good about it! For details please watch Shane's heartfelt Pledge Music video below!
Today in Country: 1972 - An outdoors festival in Dripping Springs, Texas, is one of the first to draw hippies and traditional country fans. In the lineup: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, Roy Acuff, Buck Owens, Kris Kristofferson, Tex Ritter and Tom T. Hall 1973 - Keifer Thompson is born in Miami, Oklahoma. He becomes one-half of Thompson Square, a husband-and-wife duo that earns Vocal Duo of the Year from the Academy of Country Music in 2012 and '13 2001 - Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning marries Ashley Thompson. Kenny Chesney sings "Me And You" during the ceremony 2005 - Keith Urban begins a three-night stand at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium. The encore includes a surprise appearance by Kenny Chesney, who joins him in a laughter-filled cover of Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried" 2007 - Big & Rich and John Anderson are teamed as an installment of "CMT Cross Country" debuts. It includes collaborative versions of "Swingin'," "8th Of November," "Seminole Wind" and "Save A Horse (Ride A Co ...
This week S Factor has Gone Country, and it's good. Your saddle's waiting, come and jump on it. Ride it... Give us your most curve-a-licious take on country living, combining music and clothing for some down home fun. Tap into the slow and easy flow of ice tea brewed by sunshine on the hood of a beat-up ol' truck. Feel the twang of each guitar strum as you stomp and kick up a little dirt in cowboy boots, cut-off shorts, a plaid shirt, and cowboy hat. Swear off big city life in favor of lip-smacking BBQ ribs and sweet homemade apple pie cooling on a windowsill. Dance off into the sunset to songs like Chillin' It by Cole Swindell, Last Name by Carrie Underwood, Stupid Boy by Keith Urban, and Doin' What She Likes by Blake Shelton. YE HAW! ;)
SXSW photos: The wild scene; bullriding; rappers in the street, Keith Urban; Willie Nelson
Starting the day with Rick Ross and Chris Brown Entertainment. Ending it with Mickey Guyton, Willie Nelson and Keith Urban. My kind of day!
"actress Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban, singer Billy Joel and author Arianna Huffington"
Love . Get to see Jake Owen, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and Zac Brown all in one month.
road tripping with Eric Church, and Keith Urban. my main men.
With Zoila Moncibaiz Dustin Hall Tyler Hall and Jaden Hall ready for a fun day and nightcap of Keith Urban
I woke up and I'm's a good start to the I was making my coffe this morning I had a knock at the door...what the man was holding was a better surprise for me...My ticket to Keith excited!!! It's gonna be a lot of fun with a group of friends that I spend my summer with for the past 3 years..and I am so looking forward to it..I just finished my to be a pin cushion..gotta finish up with immunization so I can move forward ...Then who knows what tonight will bring...keep your smiles on and enjoy your day!
[Idol’ Recap: Harry Connick Jr. & Mali Music Perform, Ben Briley Goes Home] American Idol‘s results show revealed the identities of the top ten finalists after Wednesday’s cinema-inspired performances. That means one unfortunate soul narrowly missed the opportunity to be a part of the show’s summer tour. It’s a bittersweet experience for the young contestants, who seem to have genuinely formed a bond. Still, this brings them each one step closer to finding the next big winner, which was what they came here for — so let’s get to it. Dressed in a trademark perfectly-tailored suit, host Ryan Seacrest kicks off the night by ushering Idol’s panel of judges to the stage, Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr. and the ever-fashionable, Jennifer Lopez. C.J. Harris, Dexter Roberts and Caleb Johnson are the first to be beckoned by Ryan to find out which contestant is in the bottom three. Caleb, unsurprisingly after his stellar performance on Wednesday, is the first to run happily screaming to the lounge. Bu ...
TONIGHT rewind with Rascal Flatts and go backstage at American Idol with Keith Urban! Tune in to CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan on your station:
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
and keith urban u guys got another *** yea from me again bc new award! Yay congrats! :)
Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban could quite possibly have some of the sweetest lyrics in the world ❤️
Got into the office and Keith Urban was on. April and Paige , are you ready?
Hi friends, well I was sure wide awake and ready for a rock show at Texas Reliant Stadium last night. The series goes on for 21 days with a roster that is a who's who of the biggest country acts including Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, The Band Perry, Zac Brown Band, and tonight Jason Aldean. REO is the only rock band on the schedule, which is an awesome honor. The photo is me singing "Can't Fight This Feeling" with 58,000 background vocalists...I was blown away! Last night will go down in REO folklore for sure. Thanks Houston, y'all rocked it last night!
Keith Urban baby these are for right there! Maybe some for Nicole...lil!
leave Keith urban outta this you little masterbator
AND I get to see Keith Urban's fine self tonight 😁😚😍
and Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban for International Video Of The Year for their clip 'Highway Don't Care.'
Wish I could sleep.. Up til 3 then up at 5 and wide awake ever since.. U would think with only 2 hrs of sleep I'd be tired, nope! Great! On the bright side going to the rodeo tonight and gunna see me some Keith urban!! 😁😆 3 more days and I get to see these lovely faces! Amanda & Donna , R U READY!? 😉
Bobby Barnett would like you to join the Keith Urban Experience and play Keith Urban's App. Become Bobby Barnett's friend in the app by downloading the app on the App Store.
Congrats to Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban for winning the CMC International Video of the Yea…
BREAKING! KX COUNTRY WELCOMES... "KEITH URBAN" and his pals Jerrod Niemann & Brett Eldredge LIVE IN CONCERT at Darien Lake Friday, July 25th. Tickets go on sale Friday, March 21st at 10am. Listen to KX947 to access tickets before they go on sale and starting Monday March 17th, you can SCORE TICKETS to KEITH URBAN with the KX COUNTRY SONG OF THE DAY! Be listening for all the details at 7:35am with Toff & Melissa! ~Toff
YOU'RE MY BETTER HALF of Keith Lionel Urban for his future wife myself Mrs.Janet Urban !! JLo,HarryGayaGaya
I'm sorry Keith Urban but Cop Car is the dumbest song ever
YOU & ME of Lifehouse..The Park Movie..Lisa as Myself Janet !! Hartnett as Keith Urban !! GayaGaya JLo,Harry
even Keith Urban can't resist using the word "raw" lol.
4 Keith Urban Tickets with parking pass. Concert is tonight. $100.00 for all 4 including the parking pass. I am located in La Porte but willing to meet you.
"A picture paints a thousand words it's true, but it's still not enough for how I feel about you" - Keith Urban
If you like Keith Urban - You're My Better Half you'll love listening LIVE to Humboldt 101! Go to
Keith urban has some great songs. What a guy
Keith Urban came to the studio today and I missed him! Ah! It's okay. I was working *** a cover for you guys!
I wish I was going to watch Keith Urban today! 😔
Cop Car- Keith Urban. Has me thinking bout him right now. Oh CMT you suck but then don't at the same time ☺️ ;)
I know I'm already going to taste of country. But I really want to go to Keith Urban😅
Keith Urban needs to cut his bangs. He looks like a hot Kate Gosselin pre "fame"
Sweet going to Keith Urban with my sister can't wait should be a very good time
RodeoHouston, Keith Urban Friday, March 14, 2014, 6:45 PM RodeoHouston is an annual livestock show and rodeo with something for the whole family. See the world's largest livestock show and indoor rodeo, along with exhibitors, children's activities, food, live music and much more. Cost: $16-$300 Phone: (713) 629-3700 Reliant Stadium Two Reliant Park Houston, TX 77054
While further down behind the masquerade the tears are there I don't ask for all that much I just want someone to care -Keith Urban [Romeos Tune]
Here's my take on the new Keith Urban song "Cop Car" :) In the video, I'm playing acoustic guitar and singing but you will also hear a harmony vocal in the b...
Called Mom and wished her a happy birthday. Keith Urban tonight. And Pi Day. With only 50 batches this should be a great Friday!
This morning with Jake and Dana.Jump Start Trivia for a 4 pack of tickets to the Capital District Garden and Flower Show at HVCC!...A pair of tickets to see Chris Young at the Glens Falls Civic Center!...What is your favorite drink (adult beverage)!!!...Jennifer Anniston loves nachos so much that if they fell on the floor she would still eat them!! What food do you love that much where the 5 second rule doesn't count?.Do you feel lucky? Your chance to get qualified to find the lucky charms on Monday to win a pair of tickets to see Keith Urban!.It's Friday and we are so ready for the weekend!!! Let's get this party started!!!
No more American Idol and Keith Urban on tv..
Train and Keith Urban at the Delaware State Fair, hmn I might actually go this year...
Okay, it's Keith Urban day at the Rodeo, so you know where we'll be found tonight.we won't get as close as we did at the Woodlands, lol, but it'll still be a blast! Have a most enjoyable Friday!!
i have come to the conclusion i have to many hobbies . i love sports , basically all sports . i love comic books and comic book movies . i love video games . i love star wars , mainly the dark side . ( i wonder why i am not a democrat ) i love animals and the counry ( not america , the outdoors ) . i love roller coasters . i love music , mainly classic rock ( beattles , pink floyd ) and country ( George Strait , Keith Urban ) i know , weird music taste . i have too many hobbies . some people think i like politics . truth be known . i hate it . it bores me . i don't know how y'all feel about eggs but walgreens has them on sale ( $ .98 a dozen ) that is not to bad . you know it is sad but i can't fry eggs . sure i can scramble eggs but who couldn't ? eggs are very useful . i remember egg head on the old batman series . i always liked that series . some people use eggs as a work out thing . you drink them ( yuk ) i think you use eggs in brownies . i am getting sleepy . i sure as *** don't want to dream of e ...
Saturday, a very special Bransfords Fishing Show on 846. 7-45 am. JR will be telling you about the super specials in store, our $15000 giveaway Barra Buster. promotion and where they're biting! Then.he will introduce State Member for Barron River Michael Trout who will announce some positive initiatives for recreational anglers in the Cairns region. Don't miss this's all in your best interests!!! Good Fishing, Keith Urban
Crankin "old blue jeans - Keith urban" thinkin of Aunty Nicki and gettin pumped for the urban Country Music festival! (Unfortunately not till May but :( )
Keith Urban though. Oh and Gerard Butler. & of course you can't forget Luke Bryan ❤️
Thinking about going to either/both if the budget can stretch.., Keith urban and Robbie Williams... Any one interested?
Just skipped a Blink song to listen to a Keith Urban one.. What have I become..
Isn't this the first season that Ryan Seacrest introduces the judges on for them to come out from behind the stage making a grand entrance? I seem to remember they were always in their seats. Since Jlo has been on before, as well as Keith Urban, I'm thinking it's Harry Connick, Jr's idea, since he seems to have the biggest ego of the 3 of them.
I don't know who's sexier Harry Connick Jr or Keith Urban
Maybe JLo and Keith Urban just learned what talent looks like. Harry Connick, Jr. just showed them. (The only reason I watch American Idol.)
I CANNOT wait until Keith urban tomorrow night. And to hang out with the girls
Am I really going to miss Keith urban? I am distraught now. .might be home for Blake and Zach brown band.who knows...
Any Keith Urban fans? Brian Nutter is in the store now! Come by and enter to win an awesome pedal
In the studio with Jackie James Barnes and Keith Urban
Anybody not going to Keith urban tomorrow and has 2 tickets please let me know ASAP!
Suite at Keith Urban Concert at the Rodeo, Mom's Wedding at Brae Burn, Skiing in Aspen. Living Large the next week.
My baby got us club seats for KEITH URBAN tomorrow...I'm so excited ...I wanted to go so bad, club level sold out quicker than I thought and I've been trying to win them since then..happy happy happy
Sure, Simon Cowell and his signature black crew-neck tees may seem ancient to "American Idol" viewers, now that Keith Urban is officiall
Kyle Miller and I in Times Square NYC. May 2007. I had Keith Urban hair...nice.
My sister in law is selling her Keith urban tickets unfortunately she won't be able to make it...he is playing at the Houston rodeo tomorrow night she has 2 tickets sec 117 row AA seat 23 and 24 price is $150 for both she will overnight the tickets to you
First it was Keith Urban. Then Taylor Swift. Now former FrogFest guest Josh Thompson has cut his hair. See him without his signature ponytail. Share if you think it looks strange.
The Delaware State Fair announced new additions to 2014 Concert Lineup with performances by Keith Urban, Train, Brantley Gilbert & much more. Get dates and info about the fair at on staying overnight? Hotels are available during the week in Harrington, Milford and surrounding areas including the beach! Book now at
Hal Dornadic updates your Eagle News Watch at 1 O'clock then we will have hits from High Valley , Kenny Chesney & Keith Urban. Jay Bedford is on location @ Sydney Mitsubishi, 104 Disco Street Sydney. He'll be there til 2pm this afternoon.
For those of you who don't watch or may have missed it.check out this America Idol contestant. Wow. And for those of you who you don't like American Idol or appreciate this song, you can simply enjoy the beauty that is Keith Urban. 🍭 for the 👀
funFACT: JD Shelburne has been mistaken for artists such as Jake Owen, Joe Nichols, Keith Urban, Jack Ingram and Tom Petty.
Keith Urban is coming to Fiddlers Green August 29th with Jerrod Niemann & Brett Eldredge - tickets go on sale Friday but you can snag them early with the Wolf's presale code TODAY at 10am. Get all the details online now at
Keith Urban heads out of RivaBella restaurant after having dinner with friends on Wednesday evening (March 12) in West Hollywood, Calif. The 46-year-old singer taped a live performance episode of his show American Idol earlier evening. The theme of the night was Songs from the Cinema and a contestan
The iTunes Festival SXSW kicks off Tuesday in Austin, Texas, with performances by Coldplay and Imagine Dragons. The Festival runs through Saturday and also features Pitbull, Keith Urban, Kendrick Lamar, Soundgarden, Willie Nelson, and more. Catch all five nights of the iTunes Festival for free as a live or on-demand stream in the iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC. Watch the performances on Apple TV or download the iTunes Festival app. And gear up for the shows by listening to the iTunes Festival at SXSW Artists station on iTunes Radio. Read more:
I want to be a contestant on American Idol just so Keith Urban can call me baby. :)
Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban arrive for a day of work at American Idol on Wednesday afternoon (March 12) in Hollywood. The theme on that night’s episode of the singing competition series was “Songs from the Cinema” and just as we hoped for, one of the contestants decided to sing Idina Menzel‘s Osc
Keith Urban,Ryan Seacrest,& Harry Connick,Jr. are beautiful to look at. Immediate solution to the crisis of Mariah Carey & her boobs.😳
I never really liked Keith Urban but cop car is my jam for sure
Keith Urban at the Nashville airport tonight... He was on my flight to LAX!
This song Rewind by Racal Flatts might beat Cop Car by Keith Urban for best summer country song of 2014.
i remember the first time i heard Keith Urban was when he sung You'll Think Of Me && ever since then i been a fan. love that song.
I am in love with Cop Car by Keith Urban 🚓
Could probably listen to cop car by Keith Urban for the rest of my life.
I credit the survival of today to David Nail, Eric Church, Eli Young Band, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, and Miranda Lambert.
hi I'm listening via stream .from Brisbane Australia. And it warms my heart to hear u playing Keith Urban .our Aussie own .
Soemone please get Garth Brooks, George Strait, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert at my birthday.
I would win tickets to the Keith Urban and Willie Nelson itunes festival show.
I see all these people going to the Luke Bryan concert and all I can think about is I am 6 days away from seeing my sweet thing Keith Urban!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
A I sad that 1. I still watch American Idol and enjoy it. 2. I think Keith Urban is a really nice guy. 3. I think Harry Connick Jr. is hot.
Spotify, stahp. You're reminding me of how loathsome Sussex County is. "Trending near you: Keith Urban, Kanye West, Muse, 2Pac..."
Now I know (again) why Nicole Kidman left Tom Cruise...*melototin Keith Urban*
My dream watershed lineup would be Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, and Eric Church 🙏🙌🙏
Watch the music video premiere of Keith Urban's single Little Bit Of Everything with lyrics to sing along to.
The first round of ACM performers April 6th have been announced! Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Blake and Miranda, George Strait, Keith Urban & The Band Perry. KEEP LISTENING to 107-7 THE BULL...another chance to qualify for the Flyaway to VEGAS for the ACM'S coming soon!
On Wednesday night, Keith Urban guaranteed Emily Piriz would return to American Idol next week. The voters had other plans for her. Thursday's episode indicated viewers won't lose a thing when the results
I have been trying to watch American Idol in the past two weeks. I thought I would give it a last chance since I like Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban. It's unfortunate but it looks like their demographic is going to take them right back to "white guy with guitar." I frankly am surprised that musicians of the caliber of Harry and Keith don't get a simple fact. Yes, the kids they selected have good voices. So do millions of other people. In order to make it in the music business you have to be unique. They simply do not do a good enough job of encouraging the "different" and "eclectic". Screaming big notes does not a star make. Originality counts for much more.
[Idol’ Recap: Phillip Phillips & Kodaline Perform, Emily Piriz Heads Home] Thursday night’s American Idol results show continued this week’s theme of “home,” with the show’s prodigal son, Phillip Phillips, returning home to the Idol stage for a performance. The judges even get in on the spirit, sharing some of their theme-inspired stories. In case you hadn’t noticed, Idol is serious about being consistent with this whole home theme, including sending a contestant there by the end of the episode. After a web video montage of the kids singing Phillip Phillips’ “Home” to open the show, host Ryan Seacrest is quick to usher the three panelists to the stage. Jennifer Lopez is divine in a wine satin shorts jumpsuit while fellow judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. sport matching black leather jackets. Twinsies! We get another quick behind-the-scenes of the kids hanging out at dinner to remind us just what great friends they are becoming. After that, the panel of judges face the 12 nervous ...
listen to the Sam Hunt version Cor. That's who wrote it. So much better then Keith Urban
I have yet to see a "powerhouse" singing performance on American Idol this year. Biggest motivation for me to watch it weekly is the judges- beautiful and gorgeous JLo, sexy and talented Keith Urban and the musical lengendary guru, Harry Connick. It's the best set of judges American Idol has ever had in my opinion
*** you, Keith Urban! One of the contestants that sang tonight on "American Idol" - and he's saying how she hit that F# - and I'm going no, it was a G. Humming to myself all the way to the piano. He was right; it was an F ER, ER, ER! *perfect pitch* (Only music majors will understand this post.)
Does any one watch American Idol? I like Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez. Harry Connick is getting too picky.picky. I used to like him. Does anyone agree.
This is why ppl don't watch American Idol as they used to.. How could Keith Urban say he never heard Tamela Mann Take me to the cross. So when the grl sings it he cant relate.. It always a problem when Gospel music is sung at any social gathering..Lord I now see why things are the way it is now..PRAY IS POWERFUL AND IT WORKS.
Keith Urban and Willie Nelson sign on for iTunes Festival at SXSW.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Over five nights there will be performances from Pitbull, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Keith Urban , Willie Nelson,...
I won FREE tickets to see Keith Urban and Willie Nelson perform at the iTunes Music Festival in Austin! I wanted Coldplay tickets too lol.
Just won tickets to see Keith Urban and Willie Nelson during
Harry Connick Jr.'s and Keith Urban's brotp is my favourite part of 2014.
Am I the only one who is noticing the "friendship" between Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban getting dangerously intense every week?
Harry Connick Jr. : I haven't seen Keith Urban naked, but would like to
Am so enjoying the Voice and American Idol, this year. The Voice has Usher and Shakera back on and American Idol thank God does not have that twit Nicki . Harry Connick Jr, JLo and Keith Urban doing a great job, the Voice having lots of laughs, really really enjoying them
I am usually a Keith Urban fan but his latest song "Cop Car" to me is so stupid.. two thumbs down buddy!
If you watched American Idol last night, did you think the young guy Keith Urban introduced was a great artist named Jake Bugg, who I never heard of was good? I am sorry, but the bottom three Idol performers were better than he was. I hated the song and sorry to say his voice wasn't the best. Wish I could be a judge. The Idols that have won in the past that were memorable to me were Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jordan Sparks, and of course Adam Lambert who can sing anything flawless. This year is not the best as I see it.
Can American Idol just be on 24/7 so I can look at Harry Connick Jr, hear Keith Urban's sexy voice, and listen to Alex Preston sing!!
Random question for the day. Those watching American Idol what do you think of a Keith Urban's new hair? :)
Morning! Alright, we are talking about American Idol vs. The Voice. Steve prefers The Voice, and Lil Zim likes American Idol (only because of Keith Urban of course) Which do you prefer and why?
Well I hate real country then. Lol but ZBB, Keith Urban, Hunter Hayes, Scotty McCreery, guys like that. 👍
Hunter Hayes, Scotty McCreery and Keith Urban compete in the Video Shootout.
In the spirit of the upcoming rodeo, I have two field level tickets to Jake Owen (3/12), Keith Urban (3/14), Go tejano day (3/16), and Robin Thicke (3/18) available. Message me if you're interested!
his jaws still on the floor from my mentioning of Chet Atkins, Duane Allman, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and Roy Clark
I watch American Idol basically to see Keith Urban and The Voice to see Adam Levine, but I think Usher is my new favorite. He is so sexy!
Music History for Monday, 2/24/14 2010 - The Los Angeles Fire Department announced that a 911 call, supposedly from a paramedic in an ambulance with Michael Jackson, that was posted by a British tabloid was a hoax. 2009 - The United States Mint launched a coin commemorating jazz legend Duke Ellington, making him the first African-American to appear by himself on a circulating U.S. coin. 2007 - George Strait took the number one spot with his song "It Just Comes Natural." 2003 - CMT featured an entire day of Shania Twain programming. 2002 - Martina McBride performed at Salt Lake City's Olympics Medals Park on the closing night of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Willie Nelson took part in the closing ceremonies, singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water." 2001 - Keith Urban picked up his first number one hit with "But for the Grace of God." 2000 - The Spice Girls lost a lawsuit filed against them by an Italian motorcycle manufacturer over a sponsorship deal. 1999 - Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols emceed VH1's live Gram ...
I've moved on from Florida Georgia Line (much to my daughter's delight). Tonight's editing is being fueled by Keith Urban and Cadbury. What a kick *** combination ;)
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