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Keith Richards

Keith Richards (born 18 December 1943) is an English musician and songwriter, and a founder member of The Rolling Stones.

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Working on channeling as much Keith Richards & Tom Waits as I possibly can into some new songs. (📷: Rob Culpepper) htt…
Stapler[BTEG]: When British police conducted a drug raid during a party at Keith Richards` Redlands estate in 1967, they found *** Jagger
I mean some doctor told me I had six months to live and I went to their funeral. Keith Richards
today in 1975 - Rolling Stones' Keith Richards was arrested in Arkansas for reckless driving and firearm possession
“If you're going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use two feet.”. ―Keith Richards
At some point we have to ask what kind of planet are we going to leave Keith Richards?
Thankfully stopped the zillionth attack on or as John Oliver calls it, "the legislative equivalent of Keith Richards."
BTW, for all 3 people wondering, Zsa Zsa Gabor is STILL ALIVE. Keith Richards is now in amazement.
Rock Calendar 7-6-75: Keith Richards arrested in Arkansas for reckless driving & possession of an offensive weapon, a 7-inch hunting knife.
"There's only one song, and Adam and Eve wrote it; the rest is a variation on a theme.". - Keith Richards. .
"yes, somehow Keith Richards is still alive"
You only live once, they say. Really? Explain Keith Richards to me.
Keith Richards to speak at NIPR Lagos Public Lecture, holds 26th AGM -
For every cigarette that you smoke.. God takes an hour of your life and gives it to Keith Richards
I feel highly ashamed of myself. It was Robin Williams talking about Keith Richards, the bit was he smoked the roach's uncle.
Saw the Stones tour in 1989. If you told me then I can see them live in Buffalo in 2015 I'd say holy crap Keith Richards …
Ivo Karlovic was right to liken Andy Murray to Keith Richards. A rolling stone gathering momentum. Match report
Photo: pinkfled: Brian Jones and Keith Richards by the pool at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater,...
Brian Jones and Keith Richards wrote Ruby Tuesday.(Jagger and Richards customarily got the credit for most all...
RIP Brian Jones! Should've been Keith Richards that died not you.
thank you *** Jagger,Keith Richards,Ronnie Woods and Charlie Watts for making my evening perfect ❤️
Yeah? 'cause my faves are G. Burns, Don Rickles & Keith Richards... I guess your head ends up where u put it.
Photo: gammagouchie: Joe Walsh, Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood backstage at a Stones gig in Nashville last...
*** Jagger & Keith Richards on The Old Grey Whistle Test in the 70's via
"Throw another Stratocaster on the fire..." Nick Lowe on playing with Keith Richards the day he got out of jail.
Sat 8 rows from the stage!! I could basically touch Mic Jagger and Keith Richards!! Hands down…
Found a brilliant Nick Lowe anecdote online about the night Keith Richards sat in with Rockville, which I will...
*** Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood talk about playing 'Sticky Fingers' on the road and hint at future plans: htt…
Brian Jones, Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards in Tangiers, Morocco, 1967, photo by Michael Cooper
Keith Richards just ran on the stage for 30 yards. That's 30 yards more rushing than Pitt had in 2013 against us at B…
9 June 1969. *** Jagger and Keith Richards informed Brian Jones he was being replaced in the Rolling Stones.
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More on 'Sticky Fingers,' from our friend of ... An interview with Keith Richards!
On this Day June 08, 1969 *** Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts visited Brian Jones at his home in Cotchfo…
Celebrity look-a-like list so far: 6 foot punk rock Michael Cera, fat Jodie Foster, black Keith Richards
Keith Richards says he's 'ready' to record The next album
Keith Richards playing a guitar on set of Pirates of the Caribbean.
Today my global teacher told me when I grow up I'm going to be like Keith Richards without the fame and fortune.
Do you know your turned down Keith Richards and Brian Jones to be lead singer in a band they were
Where do willy Nelson and Keith Richards get that magical anti-aging skin cream?. Gotta get me some...
‘Poem for Keef’: Patti Smith’s poem for Keith Richards, 1978 - rockhalllibrary: Dangerous Minds covers the...
It's only rock'n roll, but I like it. Keith Richards
Elmore James passed this day in '63. Influenced BB King Stevie Ray and Keith Richards.
Follow the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards and *** Jagger on Face Book, you will get a lot of the latest news etc!
Keith Richards is looking pretty good these days. h/t Marc Lafontan
Keith Richards inducts ZZ Top Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions 2004
I dream of a world where Billy Corgan & Billy Joe Armstrong work behind the counter at my local Spar,while Keith Richards stacks the shelves
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Photographer Roberto Pazzi is documenting people in India's poorest districts. Including, apparently, Keith Richards.
I always think of him as a guitar virtuoso, technically perfect, impossibly adept. But you'd rather listen to Keith Richards.
Today in 1965: In New York City, *** Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones fight with five guys who call them ***
I wish 70 was young so musicians like Keith Richards and Steve Winwood could keep making music for 30 more years.
Watching Pirates of the Caribbean and realized the guy who plays Jack's dad is Keith Richards. How rock and roll is that!?
Johnny Depp once said that Captain Jack Sparrow was imagined as a blend of Rolling Stones icon Keith Richards and cartoon sk…
Expert panel at webinar. Keith Richards, Paul Etheridge, Robin Melley and Martin Lines
"I only get ill when I give up drugs." -Keith Richards
I'll put your questions to Chris Hannant, PFS chief exec Keith Richards and Tenet's Mike O'Brien
Keith Richards, Bob Dylan and Jon Bon Jovi – they all swear by their The man behind the...
why does he look so much like Keith Richards?
Makes me miss the E. Village. Nicky Hopkins on piano. Sonny Rollins on sax. Keith Richards on _.
Brian Jones in the Olympic Studios 1968 See his reaction at 4:50 on Keith Richards his guitar work..
Keith Richards was originally considered for the role of Jack Butler
The most revealing photos of Keith Richards, John Lennon, and Jim Morrison:
Order Miche Bag Online!
Keith Richards from The New Barbarians tour in 1979! - photo by Henry Diltz Photography
To chill out on tour in the US Keith Richards used to take heroin, in Lush we used to watch Bob Ross:
I'm sure Bon Jovi is nice guy but I'd rather have Keith Richards as commencement speaker.
What a once-in-a-lifetime honor it was for *** Jagger and Keith Richards to meet me.
Has any doctor or scientist conducted research into how the likes of Iggy Pop and Keith Richards are still living?
"I've never had a problem with drugs, only with policemen."- Keith Richards
Just dreamt about hanging out with Keith Richards and some friends tracking about Hitchcock’s The Birds. good morning.
there are no Keith Richards bobbleheads
Keith Richards, said "everybody talks about rock these days; the problem is they forget about the roll" ;-) rock and rolll…
I wrote a story its called "Harry Styles: a Nick Cave, *** Jagger and Keith Richards love child."
New Orleans. Wow. People think Manchester, Newcastle & Dublin are party towns. That's like comparing Cliff to Keith Richards
Awarded title for Rolling Stones tour in USA was: . "Rolling Stones live and Keith Richards"!
Sometimes I worry about the world we're leaving behind for Keith Richards.
Things you didn't know: The first artist to release a song written by *** Jagger and Keith Richards was the UK si…
Did Keith Richards really snort his dad's ashes? Find out April 10 why we care by going to Angie's List Karaoke Night for SNDF at
I just had the weirdest dream ever. Randy Orton and Keith Richards (with a Spider-Man tattoo on his face) were wrestling in a bath tub.
ha! I wasn't sure if it was him or Keith Richards!!
Keith Richards, *** Jagger & Peter Tosh backstage at the Saturday Night Live, 1978.
On this Day April 03, 2007: Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards denied that he snorted the ashes of...
❄ "It's great to be here. It's great to be anywhere." - Keith Richards
What kind of a world are we leaving for Keith Richards?
We need to start worrying about what kind of world we are going to leave for Keith Richards.
Suge Knight is to getting shot and living as Keith Richards is to shooting up and surviving for fifty years
[american idol 2092]. Keith Richards on a stage snorting an 8-ball & playing the piano, everyone else is dead
"Ever look at Keith Richards and think; Heroin must be really good for your hair?" - Richard Jeni
Happy birthday to baby Tara who would of been 39 today. Son of Keith Richards & Anita Pallenberg, sadly died at 10 weeks from pneunomia.
Spring aesthetic: Anita Pallenberg Goes to Disneyland with Keith Richards, Then Smokes a Huge Joint While Listening to "Expecting to Fly."
At the Bruce Willis birthday party last night u know its high profile when Keith Richards is at the bar n nobody notices
If you party with 5 people in the world, who would you pick? . Conan O'Brien, Paul McCartney, *** Jagger, Keith Richards, and Bill Murray.
Brian Jones, Keith Richards & *** Jagger at the Renfrew Airport in Scotland, 1965.
*** Jagger, Brian Jones & Keith Richards at press conference (Charlie i...:
[Keith] Keith Richards - You Got The Silver I think Green Onions sounds cool in this video! I made this video 'cause…
I love more than and *** Jagger & as much as Bowie and Keith Richards. She'll totally geddit
Good friends with Boo Mitchell the owner. Is where Al Green recorded all his gold records. Keith Richards, etc
Predicting that will end in 1966 with Lady Dowager Mary Crawley handing the keys to the castle to new owner Keith Richards.
Keith Richards can get away with it though. He really is cool. What d'you think of Wolf Hall?
There were two zombies on SNL tonight, Keith Richards and John Lovitz
“I don't think anyone loves Keith Richards more than my dad”
I'd pick Justin Bieber to die before Keith Richards. He'll outlive us all.
Keith Richards was more coherent then Chevy Chase. We'd all have lost a bet!
In the nuclear holocaust, only cockroaches and Keith Richards will survive. . - Robin Williams.
"When the world ends there will only be Keith Richards and 3 cockroaches left." -Robin Williams
Whenever I read about someone like David Carr dropping dead, my first thought is, how is Keith Richards still alive?
David Carr was the Keith Richards of media reporting - after all he’d been through, it was like he was indestructable. And now…
Malcolm Young & Keith Richards at Molson Canadian Rocks for Toronto - Show
OK-Tony Bennett and Gaga---what's next, Keith Richards and Rhianna? The Who and Taylor Swift? How 'bout Annie Lenox and as yet unborn child?
Foto: electricstateco: Keith Richards and Gram Parsons at Joshua Tree. Photo by Michael Cooper
to You Don't Move Me by Keith Richards on LIPSapp Classic Hits in Fort Lauderdale
Keith Richards, *** Jagger and Peter Tosh backstage at Saturday Night Live in New York City in 1978. . Peter Simon
always a fave. Met Keith Richards there. Which tells you all you need to know about that jukebox.
Just read an interview with Brian Williams where he recounts the events of Altamont, obviously mistaking himself for Keit…
Keith Richards wedges his e-cig into his headstock for a long solo...
“[John] Belushi was an extreme experience even by my standards.”. ― Keith Richards, Life.
I was asked to leave an art gallery and then a tea shop today. We're more rick n roll than Keith Richards' Tesco receipts.
For those who want to know more about unohoo, here is something to ponder. Mom has admitted he is *** Jagger and Keith Richards. Sorry wann
*** Jagger & Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones after a show.
Keith Richards describes hurtling around swinging London fuelled by speedballs, a cocktail of cocaine and heroin he refers to with his
Keith Richards & Brian Johnson at Molson Canadian Rocks for Toronto - Backstage
Who are our guests? Do the names Matt Damon, Keith Richards and Brad Pitt mean anything? None of them. But if lucky, Bob the Lift Guy is on.
Courtney Love has been a crazy mess but so has Keith Richards & Jim Morrison and the rest. She jsut pisses us off by surviving
Cartoon cameos: the Simpsons' best musician guest appearances, from Lady Gaga to Keith Richards -
My 80's came out this morning with Motley Crew on FN this morning. Man Vince is kinda hurtin'. *** kinda has the Keith Richards syndrome.
Photoset: biancajaggers: Keith Richards and *** Jagger photographed by Jim Marshall at a backstage of a...
Keith Richards & Rolling Stones at Isle of Wight Festival - Day 3
Keith Richards and Ron Wood on a private jet, Los Angeles, 1979. Photo by Henry Diltz.
Mellow Morning Cafe: Good Morning Everyone!!! Here's a Mellow Morning Rock Block to enjoy with your coffee, brought to you by The Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones are an English rock band formed in Dartford, Kent in 1962. The first settled line-up consisted of Brian Jones (guitar, harmonica), Ian Stewart (piano), *** Jagger (lead vocals, harmonica), Keith Richards (guitar), Bill Wyman (bass) and Charlie Watts (drums). Jones left the band less than a month prior to his death in 1969, having already been replaced by *** Taylor, who left in 1975. Since then Ronnie Wood has been on guitar in tandem with Richards. Following Wyman's departure in 1993, Darryl Jones has been the main bassist. Stewart was removed from the official line-up in 1963 but continued as occasional pianist until his death in 1985. Other notable keyboardists for the band have included Nicky Hopkins, active from 1967 to 1982; Billy Preston through the mid 1970s (most prominent on Black and Blue); and Chuck Leavell, active since 1982. Th . ...
Keith Richards book is awesome. I've read Hamilton, Jim Morrison autobiography and now Keith biography
Keith Richards, 71, was 'not impressed' with Justin Bieber who he called a ... - Daily Mail
I'm off to a nice start, but I'd like some others. Here's my list: Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Prince, Ann Wilson (cont.)
COOL comes as standard. . "Keith Richards, 1972. Photograph by Jim Marshall.
“Keith Richards, James Brown & John Belushi, 1980 Is there anyone who does not want to be at this party?
John Fogerty, Keith Richards, Neil Young and Chuck Berry at First Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Awards, 1986. http:/…
Kathy Lee Gifford is the Keith Richards of morning show hosts.
Mine would be: Elton John, Robert Plant, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Paul McCartney — who are you? i love you.
Rock Stars get all the girls featuring *** Jagger, Michael Hutchence, Keith Richards, David Bowie (Official), Billy Joel and Rod Stewart.
Why did I leave my Keith Richards book in mt pleasant. what a clown move.
6 Style Moves to Steal from Zayn Malik :- 1) If you don't have a teenage female cousin, you're probably wondering: "Who the f**k is this kid and why am I taking style pointers from him?" For the uninitiated, Zayn Malik is the best-dressed member of modern boy band One Direction, and he made our Most Stylish Men list last year. As you can see here, his specialty is the understated look. All black everything is as minimal as it gets, but pulling off a single hue isn't that simple. For best results, make sure everything is a slightly different shade––100% one color is very Backstreet Boys. 2)While One Direction frontman Harry Styles has a habit of wearing Keith Richards-invoking bandanas in his hair, Zayn opts for the classier, of-the-moment neckerchief. Like we showed you in our trend report earlier this year, throwing on a bandana is an easy way to punch up a formal look. You can tie it up like the one you see here or, for a downplayed take, use it as a pocket square. Also, no need to go designer–– ...
Just ordered 3 more live dvds of the Rolling Stones and Keith Richards and the xpensive winos
Keith Richards will be the last man standing
Having survived 45 years of annual Dead Pools, it is amazing that Keith Richards turns 71 today.
In celebration of The Rolling Stones legend, Keith Richards's Birthday today, Let's rock this!
Dakota looks like a mixture of David Bowie and Keith Richards and attractive is a bit of an understatement
Happy 71st birthday Keith Richards! Look back at his reflections on the debaucherous 1972 Rolling Stones tour:
Keith Richards turns 71 today. The fact that he, Ozzy and David Crosby are still walking God's Green Earth is a miracle.
Some Great Days in History. Who can forget the day in 1352 when Etienne Aubert became Pope Innocentius VI, George Washington was buried, the "Nutcracker Suite" premieried, Wonder Woman debuts on TV and the shock we felt when Darryl Strawberry pleaded not guilty to tax evasion. We also had the deaths of Barney McNulty, Mamo Clark, Horatio Parker, Lilia Skala, Winifred Zillig and of course Huna Mari bar Mar Zutra who was executed in Pumpedita. Then we had the births of Brad Pitt, little Di Wright, Christina Aguilera, Katie Holmes, Betty Grable, Kieffer Sutherland, Ray Liotta, Steven Spielberg, Keith Richards and the unforgettable Michael Moorcock. That day, of course, is December 18.
Great version of "Yer Blues" by John Lennon with Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Mitch MItchell.
also Jim Morrison bday today. Would've been 71, a la Keith Richards
Patti smith would take a picture of Keith Richards when she got her hair cut. . I will do this with Donald Fagan in 1975.
Edwina Currie looks like a healthy Keith Richards
Check out Joe Perrys version of Run, Rudolph Run. He recently recorded it in the Boneyard. Joe has always loved Chuck Berrys and Keith Richards version of th...
Christopher Walken is my favorite thing possibly ever. Hook is like Keith Richards mixed with a geisha
I share a birthday with Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera and Keith Richards.
in '65, Keith Richards' guitar hit his mic resulting in an electric shock knocking him out for 7 minutes. http:/…
**Passings: ~Bobby Keys (1943 - 2014)~ Bobby Keys, the long-time saxophone player for The Rolling Stones, has died from cirrhosis of the liver at age 70. Keys was born in Texas on December 18, 1943 and shares his birthdate with Keith Richards. Bobby Keys first met the Stones in 1964 and joined the band in the studio in 1969. The first track they worked on together was Live With Me from Let It Bleed. *** Taylor also joined the band for that record, replacing Brian Jones. Keys also played for Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs and Englishmen in 1971 and was the sax player on John Lennon’s classic Whatever Gets You Thru The Night. Bobby Keys was a highly sort after session guy. He has played on albums by Barbra Streisand, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Carly Simon, Dr John, Eric Clapton, BB King, John Hiatt, Nilsson and Warren Zevon. Bobby Keys played with The Rolling Stones right through to the 14 On Fire tour. He came to Australia in March this year and performed his own shows when the tour was postponed featuring . ...
Good morning Rockers! Your Wednesday Mindbender: Bobby Keyes the sax player on Brown Sugar and other great Stones tracks passed away yesterday . He got bounced from the band once for missing a session. Keith Richards found him otherwise occupied with a French blonde in a bathtub filled with _. Post the answer B4 Noon to get in the running for today's DRIVE Listener Reward
I've been preparing for the chance to fill-in for Keith Richards even though the call will never ever come. May as well prep for zombies
» » This day from the past, December 3rd, is the 337th day of the year (338th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 28 days remaining until the end of the year. → 1609 - Galileo makes first close-up observation of the moon through a telescope. → 1653 - Fur Trade - Nicolas Denys purchases rights to islands of the Gulf of St. Lawrence from Cap Canseau to Cap des Rosiers on the Gaspé Peninsula; gets royal mining concession; becomes Lord Proprietor and Governor of Cape Breton, Canso, Nova Scotia. → 1755 - Gilbert Stuart born, (artist: portraits of George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, etc.; dies July 9, 1828). → 1775 - American Revolutionary War - Richard Montgomery meets up with Benedict Arnold's force; the two American armies of the Continental Congress turn downstream to attack Québec. → 1776 - American Revolution - Washington arrives at the banks of the Delaware. In a letter dated December 3, 1776, General George Washington writes to Congress from his headquarters ...
The Rolling Stones are "devastated" by the loss of their "very dear friend and legendary sax player" Bobby Keys. The 70 year old has passed away at his home in Franklin, Tennessee, after a long illness. Keys frequently led the horn section for Jagger and the boys in studio and on the road, but also played with other greats like John Lennon, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and John Lennon. "Bobby made a unique musical contribution to the band since the 1960s. He will be greatly missed," said the Rolling Stones. His sax playing was a key part of the band's sound on albums including Exile on Main Street and Sticky Fingers. "I have lost the largest pal in the world," said Keith Richards. "I can't express the sense of sadness I feel although Bobby would tell me to cheer up."
Sad to hear about Bobby Keys, Keith Richards partner in crime, sax-wielding secret behind the sound of the Stones in the 70's. RIP
When Keith Richards threw that TV off the high rise hotel balcony, Bobby Keys was lifting the other end. "Exile on Main Street" is a masterpiece due in no small part to his playing. He played with Buddy Holly. He connected the original Rock and Roll to the new Rock Music. He was my favorite Stone. Rest in Peace Bobby Keys.
Here's the Keith Richards story from with
Keith Richards has written a tribute to the Rolling Stones’ late saxophonist Bobby Keys in a moving hand-written letter. A message from Keith on
Keith Richards of addressing the nation. Helping with webinar
Keith Richards narrates Wendy Richards - that sort of thing.
Keith Richards reflects on the loss of saxophonist Bobby Keys...
Keith Richards - Did Johnny Cash influenced your playing: via
Rolling Stones saxophonist Bobby Keys has died. In accordance to Bobby's wishes, his ashes will be snorted by Keith Richards---
RIP Keith Richards Drops a TV Set out of Hotel Window 1972: via
It is no mean feat of saxophonist Bobby Keys to die of liver cirrhosis before his former employers Keith Richards or Joe Cocker.
Keith Richards on Stones sax-man Bobby Keys: "A soul of rock and roll, a solid man, also a depraved maniac."
In 1965 Keith Richards was electrocuted and knocked unconscious during a Rolling Stones concert in Sacramento,...
December 03, 1965-Rolling Stone Keith Richards was knocked unconscious by an electric shock on stage at the M...
Pal: a very close, intimate friend. Eg: " 'I have lost the largest pal in the world', Keith Richards wrote about Bobby Keys."
Keith Richards and Bobby Keys drop a TV out of Hotel Window in 1972 via
That whole "Hunter S Thompson interviews Keith Richards" thing is probably my favorite story in existence. One hero converses with another.
“A message from Keith on the passing of Bobby Keys. Keith Richards habla de Bobby Keys. . DEP
Dropping like Flies. RIP Bobby Keys . Legendary Stones Saxophonist, & born on same day as his soul mate Keith Richards.
*** Bobby Keys is dead. I can't imagine how sad Keith Richards is right now.
SALUTING Bobby Keys: Who was the greatest ROCK saxophonist? Bobby Keys billed himself as "Mr. Brown Sugar" for a time. Apparently, the sax solo for "Brown Sugar" was a late move as neither Keith Richards nor *** Taylor had a solo ready and Jagger liked the idea for a sax solo. The result -- what really makes this song such a classic, one of the greatest riffs on any instrument ever!!
Born same day as Keith Richards and how is Richards still alive? . Sax Player Bobby Keys Has Died at 70 via
*** Jagger was born on July 26th, 1943. Here's *** Keith Richards and Bob Dylan at *** 29th birthday party http:/…
Photo: *** Jagger & Keith Richards: Keith is officially over it. (NYC 1975, by Bob Gruen)
Lenny Kravitz is as old now as *** Jagger/Keith Richards were when Voodoo Lounge came out.
1963 - *** Jagger and Keith Richards meet singer Gene Pitney at a taping -
Does anyone know the name of Keith Richards' primary care physician?
Keith Richards is cooler than any of us will ever be. (Photos: Michael Cooper)
and it sounds great - Keith Richards, Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams & Hank Williams III - Dead flowers -
Best Kierkegaard philosophy reference since Waynes World from 'What would Keith Richards do?
Kurtley Beale should have thought before he texted: 'What would Keith Richards do?'
Photo: pinkfled: *** Jagger and Keith Richards at the Beggars Banquet photoshoot - June 14, 1968
"Keith Richards, James Brown, and John Belushi imagine how epic that night must of been
Keith Richards, *** Jagger, and Bob Dylan at Jagger’s 29th birthday party, July 1973. Photo by Ken Regan.
Keith Richards with Anita Pallenberg at *** Jagger and Bianca's wedding reception in 1971.
West Trenton: a the union member formerly known as Keith Richards lodged in the engine is causing 10 minute delays
Imagine being able to say Keith Richards is your grandad
With a little help from Biffy Clyro, Keith Richards and more, it's NME's 101 Albums To Hear Before You Die
There are better people to devote ur life to than Alex turner, like Iggy pop, or Keith Richards, even Shaun Ryder:)
Keith Richards informed about about the death of Jack Bruce, takes a couple swigs of Jack Daniels, makes plans for 100th birthday party
That was our real bus driver, who went by "Tom Cat," a nickname he was given by Keith Richards. - lang
James Brown, Keith Richards, and John Belushi who wouldn't want to be at this party
Today in Music History - Oct. 24 1811 - Composer Ferdinand Hiller was born. 1939 - "Let's Dance" was recorded by Benny Goodman and his orchestra. 1962 - James Brown recorded "Live at the Apollo, Volume I." 1963 - The Beatles left Great Britain for their first tour outside of their homeland. 1970 - U.S. President Richard Nixon appealed to radio broadcasters to screen songs with lyrics that urge drug use. 1971 - In New York, Pablo Casals conducted the premiere of his "Hymn to the United Nations" with text by W.H. Auden. 1973 - Art Garfunkel received his first gold album of his solo career for "Angel Clare." 1974 - In London, "Stardust" premiered starring David Essex. 1978 - In Toronto, Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) pled guilty to heroin possession. He was given a one-year suspended sentence. 1980 - Guinness Book of World Records gave Paul McCartney a rhodium-plated disc for being history's all-time best-selling songwriter and recording artist. 1988 - The John Fogerty vs. Fantasy Records case began. Fantas ...
Breaking News: Tom (from my block) thought that Keith Richards was the man with the "big bird puppet"
Imagine a local boy from Winter Haven, Florida made an impression on Keith Richards that has lasted nearly half a...
Little Steven. Imagine Bob Dylan, Ron Wood and Keith Richards making an album.yeah, it is that great.
Photoset: Keith Richards and *** Jagger with producer Jimmy Miller and engineer Andy Johns while the...
Things you might not know. 16 Oct. 1. 1951: Jump-blues singer Richard Penniman, already going by the stage name Little Richard, makes his first recordings at Atlanta radio station WGST, though it would take four years and a move to clubs in New Orleans' French Quarter to turn him into a rock and roll phenomenon. 2. 1954: Elvis Presley, still stinging from his rejection at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville, joins the Shreveport, LA radio broadcast Louisiana Hayride , appearing weekly for the grand sum of eighteen dollars. The show, broadcast on local station KWKH-AM, represents Presley's first major musical exposure and would prove invaluable to getting him noticed nationally. 3. 1986: Chuck Berry is the center of an all-star "60th birthday" bash in his hometown of St. Louis, a tribute concert -- held three days before his actual 60th -- where the legendary rocker is joined by Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Etta James, Robert Cray, Linda Ronstadt, and many others on stage at the local Fox T ...
On a scale of 1 to 10; (1 being Julie Andrews and 10 being Keith Richards) how bad is it that I have TWO open bottles of gin in my fridge?
Keith Richards in the high California desert, 1969. Photo - Michael Cooper
OH: "Mark Knopfler looks a bit like how a Keith Richards that is alive would look."
I liked a video Robin Williams on Keith Richards
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Today In History (Music) October 3rd 1901 - The Victor Talking Machine Company was incorporated. After a merger with Radio Corporation of America the company became RCA-Victor. 1945 - Elvis Presley appeared in a talent show at the age of 10. It was his first public appearance. He won 2nd place and $5. 1945 - Stan Kenton and his orchestra recorded "Painted Rhythm." 1957 - "The Pat Boone Chevy Showroom" premiered on ABC-TV. 1961 - Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose, and Hank Williams became the first to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. 1965 - Manfred Mann became the first western band to perform behind the Iron Curtain. 1970 - The group Lifetime was formed when Jack Bruce (Cream), John McLaughlin (Miles Davis' group), Larry Young and Tony Williams joined forces. 1980 - Bruce Springsteen forgot some of the words to "Born to Run" in Ann Arbor, MI. 1981 - The Kinks played their first show at Madison Square Garden. 1988 - The album "Talk Is Cheap" was released by Keith Richards. It was his first solo alb ...
I've hired Keith Richards to assassinate David Crosby and Roger McGuinn. . I'm hoping to kill two Byrds with one Stone.
Also not holding back on James Patterson, Keith Richards, Eric Schmidt, Mitchell Zuckoff, Tavis Smiley, ...
I liked a video Anna Gunn on Meeting Warren Buffett & Keith Richards
Some of us are Keith Moon. Others are Keith Richards. You don't know which you are until you end up in a coffin or an old people's home.
EMIL DEAN ZOGHBY BORN 9 FEBUARY 1942 DIED 26 SEPTEMBER 2014 In 1965 Keith Richards came up with the classic guitar riff for "Satisfaction ,the song "Downtown" hit number one in the US singles chart, making Petula Clark the first British female vocalist to reach the coveted position since the arrival of The Beatles, The Temptations took Smokey Robinson’s "My Girl” to the top ,Tom Jones hit the airwaves with It’s Not Unusual, Bob Dylan was booed off the stage at the Newport Folk Festival for playing an electric set and the Beatles released their groundbreaking album Rubber Soul In 1965 something happened that my blew my seven year old mind into orbit; the 25 old Emil Zoghby ( called Emil Dean) held number three position on South African charts with “ Key to my heart” I didn’t know the Beatles , or Bob Dylan. I did know Emil Dean. One of his nine brother’s was married to my sister. ( Emil was the youngest) Emil’s early career as a South African performing artist continued for an ...
According to roster, Toews wearing the C and Keith, Richards and Sharp each wearing A's. Morin also in lineup instead of Ben Smith.
Ronnie's first solo album, I've Got My Own Album To Do features some of the most stellar musicians of 1974: George Harrison, Keith Richards, Rod Stewart, *** Jagger, Willie Weeks, Andy Newmark, and more.
Have been invited to participate in a gratitude challenge for 7 days. Today is my first day, here goes. 1) I am grateful for my husband, Rich. 2). I am grateful for my smart, handsome, funny Son, Daniel. The day he was born was the happiest day of my life. Second happiest day: when I caught Keith Richards guitar pic at a Rolling Stones concert. 3). I am grateful for the blind date, on a Mississippi River boat, those many years ago that brought Rich and I together.
don't pick Keith Richards in the celebrity death pool
One for listened to and unusual pairing: John Lennon on Guitars and vocals and Keith Richards.
Thanks to Johnny Depp, talk like a pirate day means talk like Keith Richards.
Can Keith Richards even vote in US elections?
keith richards: It was truly disgraceful. I had to take
Keith Richards won't rule out second volume of memoirs
All purpose parts banner
Just got home to find Keith Richards new children's book waiting in the mailbox for me, it's SO musical and cute
ye look lit Keith Richards on a come doon
Keith Richards is still alive but Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson have passed away.
"If I knew I was gonna live this long I would have taken better care of myself." - Keith Richards
Touching Great book For Kids still manages to surprise
Keith Richards just finished first solo album in 22 yrs. How that effects the Rolling Stones: h…
keith richards: Don't worry SA will eventually come out with
or imagine being adopted by Keith Richards or Slash!!
Dave Navarro vs. Keith Richards: For your favorite to move on, you have to VOTE!
When Keith Richards watches saved by the Bell he's appalled at the amount of drug use done by pointer sisters cover bands in the early 90s.
The world is in a weird spot when Keith Richards makes a children's book. HEY KIDS! Grandpa likes drugs!
I'm still pretty sure that Alice Cooper is just Steve Carrell dressed up like Keith Richards.
*** Mars Doing a Keith Richards with the smoke in the mouth.
Our androgyny icon of the day is: Is Keith Richards he is a guitarist, singer, actor,…
September 19, 1973 marks the death of Gram Parsons and along with it one of the more bizarre stories you'll hear. If you don't know of Gram, he is considered by many to be the Godfather of alt-country music. He played with the Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, and made solo records with a very young woman he found in a D.C. night club named Emmylou Harris. He also was good friends with Keith Richards and is said to have influenced the Let It Bleed and Exile On Mainstreet records. Gram was the first person to record the song Wild Horses. Anyway, as musicians sometimes do, Gram fell into a horrible habit of drugs and alcohol, and he was found dead in a California hotel room on this day in 1973 at the tender age of 26. Here's where it gets strange. Gram was infatuated with Joshua Tree National Park and always told his road manager, Phil Kaufman, that when he died he wanted his ashes spread over Cap Rock, a famous feature of the park. But, Gram's greedy family wanted his body flown to Louisiana. For some reaso ...
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Watch 's interview with Keith Richards now on
‘You've got the sun, you've got the moon, and you've got the Rolling Stones’- Keith Richards.
. Inventor of the Fruit Rollup Tampon. Ron Jeremy's stunt double. Keith Richards taxidermist . Congrats on 23k …
A stylish and dandy looking Brian Jones and Keith Richards...
Keith Richards has confirmed rumors that The Rolling Stones world tour will continue through 2015.
"Before Elvis, everything was in black and white. Then came Elvis. Zoom, glorious technicolor." - Keith Richards
DID YOU KNOW:... In the 1960's *** Jagger and Keith Richards wrote a song called 'Wastin Time', for the British comedian Jimmy Tarbuck.
Slight misread on my part. Keith Richards is a Rolling Stone and appears to have gathered some moss.
Picked up books on my favorite guitar players: Django Reinhardt and Keith Richards.
Keith Richards, children’s author. His new release is like “Where the Wild Things Are”, except the wild things in his story are mushrooms.
I guess Keith Richards should get with Britney Spears to record the new single "Hit Me Berry One More Time!" Lol
BEST LINE of the century so far, Keith Richards saying he wears his link bracelet to remind him to stay out of jail.
Keith Richards. The Replacements. Debra Messing. One of these doesn't belong. Oh, Britney Spears doesn't belong, either. Not that she ever did.
PLAN NOW TO JOIN US FOR THE JIM PARKER'S SONGWRITERS SERIES ON SEPTEMBER 25th IN DECATUR! SPONSORED BY VALLEY BUDWEISER! Join us on September 25th for a fun evening of outstanding music performed by talented award-winning songwriters. You'll love hearing the stories behind the music told by the songwriters themselves. WHEN: Thursday, September 25, 2014, 7 pm WHERE: The Magnolia Room (216 Moulton ST W, Decatur, AL) CASH BAR will be available! TICKETS: $10 general admission / AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR TICKETS ONLINE - SEPTEMBER FEATURED SONGWRITERS: Ricky Ray, Victoria Banks, Jim Parker RICKY RAY Alabama born Ricky Ray took up slide guitar at the age of three as he sat on his great grandmother's lap and watched her play slide guitar using a butter knife. He hasn't looked back since! Primarily recognized as a guitar player's guitar player, no matter what the venue, when he plays everyone in the room sits up and takes notice! A player, producer, singer-songwriter, he works with some of the b ...
NEW YORK (AP) — There's one person who knew Keith Richards would become Keith Richards: his grandfather. The Rolling Stone member said Augustus Theodore Du
_ is dead, yet Keith Richards is alive: .
on the Today Show, the coolest grandpa ever, talks about his new book.
The are going to win the AL East and Keith Richards is writing for kindergarteners. The end is near!
So The Replacements and Keith Richards on The Tonight Show? Looks like I'm watching that later!
Keith Richards has a children's book out. Let that settle in and realize: Keith Richard's has released a book for kids.
Keith Richards turns children’s book author The legendary rocker sits down with Matt Lauer to talk about his new kids’ book, “Gus & Me,” which is about his g...
I was not expecting it to be this good. Very well thought out and written. Keith ...
Keith Richards on new book, Stones tour and solo music -
Everything you need to get excited about the Replacements, Keith Richards and 30 Rock. via
I can't believe I am doing this. It is like a chain letter where I have to find 10 friends who "read". Anyways... My friend Justin Testerman challenged me to list 10 books that have stayed with me in some way and to tag 10 people to do the same. Rules: don't take more than 10 minutes and don't think too hard. They don't have to be "right" books or even great books, just ones that have affected you in some way. Tag 10 friends, including me, so I can see your list. If I can only do ten, these are the first ones that pop into my brain. Becky, Wes, Scott, Pete, Maggie, Seth, Ylandra, Aaron, Angela, Dan what pops in your into your brains. Catch-22 - Joseph Heller Oracle Bones - Pete Hessler The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck Life - Keith Richards Fiasco - Thomas Ricks Behind the Beautiful Forevers - Kathrine Boo Love Goes To Buildings on Fire - Will Hermes Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry The Last Policeman - Ben Winters The Yiddish Policemans Union - Michael Chabon
Me gustó un video de Keith Richards with Eric Clapton - Key To The Highway
Check out Win a Keith Richards Signed Guitar and a Copy of His Book ‘Gus & Me’
Keith Richards has finished his first solo project since 1992, but won't release it until the current Rolling Stones tour ends.
so obviousLy i'm a Huge Ravens fan & i know Ray Rice beyond the gridiron & presently i have just got home & am overwhelmed by the Nation's focus of this story: this happened Feb., 15 2014 (why are we rallying about it 7 months after) let those whom it concerns handle it - it's their own business ... & take Your time & energy & focus it on Yourself & Your Family . lead by a better example, yaH digg?!? & don't waste your energy on others peps personal problems . . . Keith Richards released a really beautiful children's book today with his daughter & i'd rather focus on this positive, than judge someone else's negative (that's just me though . two quote's come to my mind right now: - "We can change the World with the stories that we tell." & - "; small minds discuss people." —Eleanor Roosevelt.) if You can do something about it to make it better, then do it ... otherwise, leave it alone.
"Good music is good music. It's timeless." ~~ Keith Richards
Keith Richards on writing children's book: 'It's time to make grandpas hip' - via
DVR ALERT Don't forget The Replacements are on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And Keith Richards is on the show tonight too!
Keith Richards working on his first solo album in 22 years.
Keith Richards on Jimmy Fallon tonight. Don't miss it!
The new Keith Richards album is done! But when do we get to hear it?
Sir David Minehan is on Jimmy Fallon tonight with The Replacements not to be missed! Keith Richards is the guest!
Keith Richards and The Replacements on Jimmy Fallon tonight. That's some serious rock & roll late night TV
Listening to audio book version of Keith Richards auto biography read by Johnny Depp who does full "Jack Sparrow/Keith Richards" voice when Keith quotes himself. Awesome.
Kieth Keith Richards is announcing the release of his new children's book 'Gus and Me' Tonight on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Replacements and Keith Richards tonight. @ House of Wine & Liquor
Teevee programming note for my music loving pals--The Replacements are on with Jimmy Fallon tonight. With a bonus of Keith Richards, too.
I wish Keith Richards and Tom Waits would join the Replacements.
Inside the Box: Talk-show Tango Sept 9-12: Keith Richards, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Adams and more
Keith Richards' secret to a long marriage is ...
Keith Richard's Childrens Book "'Gus and Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar' Hits the Stores Today
I'm not much of a tv person anymore.I'll make an exception tonite.The Replacements and Keith Richards on the Tonight Show tonite! I have waited years to see Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson back together.The only thing missing is Bob Stinson,bless his heart and may he RIP!
He's a singer, guitarist, songwriter and founding member of one of the bands that's come to define rock 'n' roll, but Keith Richards...
Remember this: Even Keith Richards slept and Bob Dylan said yes sometimes. The subtlety gets lost in the retelling.
"Keith Richards is pretty cool, right?"
Keith Richards is reading his children's book on the radio. This is very surreal.
Keith Richards keeps it all in the family for kids' book - NEW YORK — Keith Richards knows exactly what you’re...
Keith Richards ... I've always thought of you as an inspiring children's book author. I have officially heard...
Keith Richards has written a children's book. That is all.
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