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Keith Olbermann

Keith Theodore Olbermann (born January 27, 1959) is an American political commentator and writer.

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Who has money on Keith Olbermann as the next pervert to be outed?
Keith Olbermann will need 2 straight jackets.
Let me explain why there is no such thing as a superior race:. Keith Olbermann, Erdogan, R. Kelly, Justin Trudeau,…
what i think OF Keith olbermann ...i think i need to a Olbermann soon
You left Keith Olbermann off the list.
Keith Olbermann can say whatever he li…
You literally sound like Keith Olbermann right now. He's abusive, too. Never…
Keith Olbermann was an L.A. sportscaster who somehow blew up into a thing…
Wow! I just saw Robert Zimmerman Democratic Strategist on Tucker.what a nut job that Robert dude is.he a…
Oh Keith Olbermann no truer words were ever said. .
Don't encourage Kurt Eichenwald or Keith Olbermann to up the ante 👍
Keith, I wonder if it would feel good for you, if I sucked you off with a mouthful of seltzer..what…
- why is Keith Olbermann's account not su…
How about Keith Olbermann? President Trump looks like a saint next to him! 🙄
Keith Olbermann needs to have his Twit…
Stick to sports *** .. Your almost as bad as Keith Olbermann...
Ok...but why doesn't crackdown the alt-left hate groups, like the ANTIFA & BLM, or individuals, lik…
Kind of makes you wonder how someone like Keith Olbermann is still verified...
We all know nasty, nut job celebrities and those in so-called media, like Keith Olbermann are gett…
Still waiting for to take the appropriate action against Keith Olbermann and remove…
Not sure what "Baked Alaska" did or said, but I am sure Keith Olbermann has said far worse and repugnant things on Twit…
Looks like Keith Olbermann’s brief flirtation with rap is over
Keith Olbermann is a sorry example of a human being!
Keith Olbermann with his vituperative rants has no trouble w…
F to say F censorship. Why not ban someone like Keith Olbermann who has some of the nastiest bullying on…
. An interesting profile on your pathetic life and the career your obsession killed.
In their own words blue checks give perception of endorsement.. lemme know when they revok…
Why hasn’t Keith Olbermann been suspended yet?
Just out of curiosity, why does anyone respond to Keith Olbermann anymore? He’s certifiably insane. It’s not even funny anym…
you know, if Trump wins a second term I think Keith Olbermann'll straight up have a stroke
Keith Olbermann the unhinged mental hospital escapee. Is very upset that his buddy Kim Jong un. Will be hit with more san…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Keith Olbermann is the world's leading koi expert. He did go to Cornell's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. https:/…
Keith Olbermann gives Japanese prime minister lessons on koi feeding because he feels need to double down on mocking Trump.…
WATCH: Keith Olbermann and Meghan McCain battle over Trump being more damaging to US than bin Laden
Keith Olbermann, you guys have seriously lost your minds. We should set up a psyc ward in Cali for…
Keith Olbermann belongs in a phyco ward or send him to fight with ISIS. UNBELIEVABLE!
Keith Olbermann argues claim that Trump did more damage to the US than bin Laden via the Android app
I think Hannity fills the same void for the right as Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Jake T…
Does anyone think Lawrence O'Donnell, Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann are rational sane people? I sure as *** don't.
Fox. That’s the network with Keith Olbermann and Lawrence O’Donnell, right?
Rob Reiner and Keith Olbermann as an example have both made horrendous attacks against the President rep…
They have no problem with Keith Olbermann though.
If Roger Stone is getting suspended how come Keith Olbermann isn't?
Hey please explain the rationale for suspending Roger Stone, but not Keith Olbermann. -- Signed, every conservative o…
Keith Olbermann uses vulgar language all the suspension, nothing!
Lol all these people saying they are immature. Do you really want your sports from Keith Olbermann s…
Never thought we would see Yasiel Puig & Keith Olbermann in the same sentence but here we are.
Bingo.Keith Olbermann has been sick for years. I have repeatedly suggested that he visit Dr. Jack Kevorkian.
Cher, Nancy Sinatra, Ashley Judd, Keith Olbermann, these are America's great thinkers. No doubt. Oh man, get ready to learn Russian.
MSNBC:Home to the likes of,Keith Olbermann, Rachel Madcow,Al Shaprton, Ed Schultz,Melissa Harris-Perry & Lawrence O'Donnell. Check the Water
Not a surprise. Keith Olbermann is nuts. Ed Schultz was spewing spittle all over the place. Marin…
Robert Mueller is Zeroing in on Trump’s Cover Up | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann - via
Ooh, edgy. Congrats, Steve. You're a only a few F bombs from becoming Keith Olbermann...
I love Keith Olbermann! Well, if Donald Trump get caught smoking crack in the Oval Office like Rob Ford, ex-Mayor of Toronto
I agree. Martin Bashir and Keith Olbermann are two great journalists. They would never allo…
Pair Scott and Keith Olbermann, two verified psychos in one straight jacket!
Do ppl remember what Martin Bashir and Keith Olbermann were fired for?. Seems like a diff…
This is the same guy who nursed a three-year hate-on against Keith Olbermann for mocking Dan Ab…
Keith Olbermann: Trump could face 17 charges from 6 alleged crimes over the past week via
When even Keith Olbermann thinks you're crazy, you're covfefe CRAZY!
Keith Olbermann to head up the blue-ribbon panel as subject matter expert.
Keith Olbermann just committed textbook treason against the United States! He must be arrested!
Keith Olbermann wants Donald Trump impeached for listening to Keith Olbermann
Claude has not been wrong yet. Keith Olbermann has spoken to…
The only resistance Keith Olbermann is leading is the resistance against sanity.
Keith Olbermann's current show was expected to end after Election Day. Donald Trump’s win changed that.
I love Seth Meyers & Stephen Colbert. John Oliver, Keith Olbermann, & Samantha Bee are good too (only if y…
I think Keith Olbermann just agreed with you! Godspeed to the investigators, judicial system, & tr…
Mojo Nixon is awesome/drunk Keith Olbermann. Just sayin'.
Keith Olbermann Calls Out Trump: 'You Are A *** - Keith Olbermann has some blunt words for President Donal...
"Carter Page" Once again, Keith Olbermann, too stupid to remember last summer Obama said Not possible for Russian's…
Chris Matthews, Joy Reid, Scott Pelley, Keith Olbermann, making it happen. Need more from CNN.
|Keith Olbermann believes Russia’s interference in our Democracy is just cause for new election. Sign to agree
I want a debate between Keith Olbermann and Alex Jones.
I feel sorry for being manipulated by Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann & Dem
5:39 Why Trump is Refusing to Confront Reality | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann via
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
or please dismantle the fraud of Michael Moore or Keith Olbermann
Keep it up Michael Moore! We need u & Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Madow, Chris Matthews & anyone w/a voice to speak for us!
So Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann were responsible for the shooting of Gabby Gifford?
1) just made an equivalence between Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann in the atmosphere that led to the shooting of Gabby Gifford.
Keith Olbermann is the biggest snowflake ever.
You are right. Keith Olbermann must go!
Via GQ Australia // The Closer -- Keith Olbermann may be on to something here. And President just made...
you're gonna end up blocked by Keith olbermann one day Mr Sarcasm. :)
oh shut up you cheap hooker. Go make Keith Olbermann *** on your face sweetie.
so? Doesn't change the fact their advertising for keith Olbermann, a far left hater of Trump.
Keith Olbermann must go. SNL skit trash?
OR fill the seats with dogs since DJT loves dogs so much and dogs like food...
Countdown over and above keith olbermann showery smoking - eye set anywhere - possession televisor since…
How do I get my mom to stop watching Keith Olbermann?
Keith Olbermann: ‘Whack job’ Trump is facing an intel coup — but he still blunders on obliviously
Keith Olbermann at his best: on why he must go
Keith Olbermann is being RT'd into my TL and it's making me stabby.
the only thing she is an expert in is making Keith Olbermann ***
I added a video to a playlist Is The Trump White House High? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann |
The Intel Community and the Slow Death of Trump's Presidency | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann
..said by the chick that used to sleep with Keith Olbermann.
Keith Olbermann's been saying for weeks not to carry him live.
Join & Keep informed. Don't let despair keep you from action! Where we get inspiration!…
/ trying to legitimize fake news because you're a political hack who should stick to sports = unfollow. Keith Olbermann like
Keith Olbermann lists all the reasons Trump ‘must go’: His next enemy ‘could be you’ htt…
Have you seen Keith Olbermann's video? In addition to info. about puppy mills, also hiding info. about tainted, pos…
Keith Olbermann has taken aim at Trump administration for scrubbing public animal welfare records from the Departme…
Have liberals found their combative new leader in … Keith Olbermann?
Did you guys see this Keith Olbermann video on Trump and dogs?
The French resistance in WWII had more testicular fotitude than Keith Olbermann ever will.
Keith Olbermann stands up for Rep. John Lewis and offers a reason why Trump shouldn't be considered legitimate
oh god, 2 panels and a breakout group on "fake news," appearances by Keith Olbermann & Mark Pincus. what a humiliating show.
Keith Olbermann gets $10m a year for rants, no one bats an eyelash. . Milo Yiannopoulos gets a $250k book deal, everyone…
give me a Keith Olbermann and a Stuart Scott jersey
I don't know what made me like Keith Olbermann, but now he sounds like a progressive: loud, incoherent & irrational…
Kurt Eichenwald, Paul Krugman, and Keith Olbermann walk into a bar... bartender says, "Sorry gents, the insane asylum is one b…
Keith Olbermann is gonna be the Glenn Beck of the Trump years only he'll sell organic survival seeds and Jed Bartlett gold co…
Solution = I'm currently muting the nonsensemongers like David Frum and Keith Olbermann that people are RTing. Hopefully that works.
.. A pattern is emerging >> Keith Olbermann abruptly dropped by NBC | Richard Adams
Sportscenter use to be great -- but the show with smart and funny anchors like Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick being funny, is dead. And wh…
Let's see.who is more in touch with reality...Kim Jon UN...or Keith Olbermann? Yep...I too think the North Korean madman.
mmm well everything was normal until what I believe was a Keith Olbermann rt...
little strange but true, I believe that I was stalked by Keith Olbermann of MSNBC as a writer for Bleacher Report. Help? Think
On the news side, my list includes people I used 2 love: Keith Olbermann, Michael Moore, Maddow, Cenk. I'm done w/them all
I feel the same way. I wish Ed Schultz & Keith Olbermann were back on MSNBC.
He can recruit Ed Schultz and Keith Olbermann. They will say anything for $$$
Keith Olbermann calls Donald Trump Jr. an "a**hole" for making Holocaust joke via
you never know... Keith Olbermann went from sports center to msnbc.
I haven't seen Tommy Christopher this worked up since Keith Olbermann made fun of Dan Abrams' toupee:
Keith Olbermann on getting beat up by Gordie Howe via
Bill Bailey yes he is British so what, he would make a better president, Keith Olbermann, he would *** trump off
Katy Tur used to sleep with Keith Olbermann. So that is gross.
Seeing this ridiculous Scott Van Pelt show makes me really miss Stuart Scott and Linda Cohn or Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann.
Keith Olbermann: Donald Trump is winning because the media has failed the American people
is going to bed and watching Jon Stewert / Keith Olbermann
You know, I stand by my belief that Keith Olbermann's return to ESPN resulted in a *** good, often extremely witty show. All else aside.
If there is a silver lining in the action of MSNBC against Keith Olbermann,...
Still can't believe she and Keith Olbermann dated! The breakup must have been epic.
Gross comment relevant in 2008, and relevant now "Keith Olbermann Special Comment: Clinton-Obama Assassination"
if was consistent with this policy ok but they are not.Keith Olbermann has used Social media many times on politics
Dear Keith Olbermann, how I have missed you...❤️
First Keith Olbermann then Bill Simmons and now Colin and now Skip Bayles..
Keith Olbermann makes Archie Bunker look like a model of tolerance and calm reason.
It's Keith Olbermann, which...I guess you kinda sound like?
Keith Olbermann could be his shouting-mate.
Keith Olbermann, Colin Cowherd, Curt Schilling, now Skip Bayless? . I may watch ESPN again after all...
Stand up for your principles, you're right in what you're saying. I hate ESPN anyway. After all, they spawned Keith Olbermann.
Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, and Joy Behar/Whoopi Goldberg all need a smack.
At Current, television is all we do - that's our business. We don't have am...
Lets not forget the venomous,wacko Keith Olbermann
and here is Keith olbermann discussing it. Which he mentions she said it more than once.
Makes me miss Keith Olbermann real bad. ☺
I MISS Keith Olbermann. Used to call *** Cheney what *** Cheney is -- a WAR CRIMINAL.
Keith Olbermann Special Comment: Clinton-Obama Assassination - YouTube. How sick is this? Watch!
Keith Olbermann delivers very special comment about Hillary Clinton
Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick always mentioned *** Trickle on Sportscenter back in the day.
Last two years Mike Tirico, Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Bill Simmons and Keith Olbermann all dipped from ESPN.
Pick 1… ESPN personality you will miss the most. Keith Olbermann, Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Mike Tirico, Bill Simmons or Jason Whitlock
Piers Morgan, Keith Olbermann (as political commentator), Chris Matthews are some others that come to mind.
kind of like saying, if Keith Olbermann said anything worth listening to (fill in the blank)
Mocks Donald Trump as a buffoon...bangs Keith Olbermann
In the last year, prominent personalities Keith Olbermann, Bill Simmons, Colin Cowherd, Curt Schilling, Mike Tirico have been fired by
Keith Olbermann is simply the most unbearable sports personality I've ever listened too. I don't know how anybody could like his shtick. 😷
Keith Olbermann wants a piece of the 2016 campaign via
I loved Keith Olbermann's "Special Comment" takedown of HRC after that. Wish we had him on TV covering this mess this year.
. MSNBC hasn't been the same since Keith Olbermann left!
YIKES...thought Keith Olbermann was back on tv.
in a perfect world.Ben Shapiro will b keith olbermann for the next 8 yrs, complaining nightly bout Trump
Kinda reminds me of when Tom Brokaw would get stuck on panels with Keith Olbermann.
Clay Travis is becoming the right wing version of Keith Olbermann. Both should stick to sports, but they know there's $ in hot politic takes
Keith Olbermann obviously. He'd be fun at this.
Keith Olbermann is a very drunk Sous-Chef threw a lit chafing dish at me but then had to put out the flames because — oops!
Oh yes. And Keith Olbermann in skinny ties.
ESPN is losing everyone who is anyone at their network: Bill Simmons, Skip Bayless, Keith Olbermann, Colin Cowherd, Mike Tirico. Who's next?
ESPN lost Bill Simmons, Keith Olbermann, & Colin Cowherd last year. Now Mike Tirico & even Skip Bayless are leaving. Rough times for ESPN.
Keith Olbermann delivers a special comment about Clinton
Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Bill Simmons, Keith olbermann , and Mike Tirico? Come on what are u doing?
That makes it Bill Simmons, Keith Olbermann, Colin Cowherd, Mike Tirico and Skip Bayless all in the last two years.
Keith Olbermann is desperate for Trump to give him any attention at all.
This from the very switched on Mr Keith Olbermann: How would Trump remove 11 million people from the US? - BBC News https:…
I think Keith Olbermann and Charles Pierce are proof that men are not ordered to stay in their corner.
Yep. SportsCenter in the 90s was the best. Dan Patrick, Kenny Mayne, Rich Eison, Keith Olbermann, Stuart Scott. It was great.
MSNBC has lost all credibility when it fired Keith Olbermann, David Shuster, Martin Bashir & many others.
Keith Olbermann tells Bill Simmons SportsCenter can't be fixed: “It's not solvable” - Awful Announcing
I'll ALWAYS think of Keith Olbermann as throwing the BEST Felicia shade.lmao
I hear and Keith Olbermann will be cohosting a talkshow on public access TV from under a bridge.
Law, you're getting as delusional as Keith Olbermann. Every *** thing in life is offensive. You embarrass yourself.
Please, , appear & talk on the TV. Use your big words. You're acting like Bathtub Boy Keith Olbermann. High energy!
MSNBC has been going downhill ever since Keith Olbermann left. 😩
How many times has Dan Rather, Phil Donahue or Keith Olbermann been called out by conservatives, directly challenged to a fight?
Keith Olbermann from 2009 likes this question.
Can you please invite Keith Olbermann on your show to do Special Report on this Donald Trump craziness that's going on?
Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner, Keith Olbermann among victims of...
Yes. This man spits hot fire. Keith Olbermann: I can’t stand to live in a Trump building anymore
Interesting, fires smart people (Jim Rome, Keith Olbermann), yet keep you. Oscar Robertson is right and you know it.
Keith Olbermann, Joy Reid, Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton, and now Melissa Harris Perry: the list of talent let go or denied by …
They want to be fox which means no libs. They have been cutting people little by little Keith Olbermann, Ed Shultz, to MHP
Melissa Harris-Perry, Keith Olbermann, Cenk Uygur, Ed Shultz & Phil Donahue! I have started watching Free Speech TV instead of you!
Denise I have, when they dumped Keith Olbermann, Martin Bashir, Ed Shultz. And then put Sharpton on weekends
I won't watch again until they fire Andy Lack & Phil Griffin for this crap, & bring back Keith Olbermann.
I suddenly miss Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World" segment. He should Martin Shkreli it every single day.
Your sister Rosie is way tougher than you could ever be Larry so please stop the wanna be Keith Olbermann act
Discovering new talent like being a kid in LA Times' Jim Murray, Scott Ostler, Keith Olbermann, Rick Reilly
ChuckTodd the worst after . Bring back Martin Bashir and Keith Olbermann
is just happy to have gotten rid of Martin Bashir, Keith Olbermann, Ed Shultz, and others behind their backs. True Alabamian!
Hey American media included I have switched to news for my truth in the news since u fired Keith Olbermann. Martin Bashirs
Richard Lewis with Keith Olbermann at the 92nd Street Y -...
Phil Donahue, Keith Olbermann, Lawrence O'Donnell, Ed Schultz & Chris Hayes. MSNBC has been good to watch at 8PM.
That last one reminds me of Ben Afleck doing Keith Olbermann demanding everyone immediately resign.
Curious to know how ESPN came to decide that what Sportscenter needed was Scott Van Pelt playing Keith Olbermann-lite a few times a week.
Its like Keith Olbermann meets Sean Connery...I love it!
Gwen Aviles '17 interviews Noel Bright '94 and Keith Olbermann '79 on their involvement with BoJack Horseman.
“MSNBC working to bring Keith Olbermann back to the network, report says I wish! Martin Bashir too.
Utterly unwatchable. I miss David Shuster, Keith Olbermann, original Rachel before she got intolerably preachy and condescending.
did you know for three years Katy Tur was Keith Olbermann's girlfriend? Despite age difference.
Olbermann's on Maher Friday. Maher's a *** They're old friends yet Keith never challenges him. That ticks me off.
I would really love it if Big Bird, Jeff Daniels, Keith Olbermann and Samantha Power showed up right now.
You know who I miss? Keith Olbermann. We need him right now.
I remember when started filling in for Keith Olbermann. I had a hunch she'd get her own show, she was/is a natural Congrats on 7!
More importantly, what will Keith Olbermann B doing? Colbert's Ed Mc Mannon? Back on Corporate News? Ring of Fire Radio? TYT
Just by happenstance, I caught a few minutes of She's a lesser version of Keith Olbermann. But, now watching with Carson
Countdown regardless of cost keith olbermann radiant shine - flight set anywhere - polity television set in that…
.I think the is so great, love how it has bit of a Keith Olbermann feel to it, so cool.
Replace King with Olbermann or Keith Law or Murray Chass or something
My God I left out Keith Olbermann !. Top 9 . Add to your team on . Play now at
is like Keith Olbermann's show without the shouting and ridiculous opinions. It's a breath of fresh air.
Keith Olbermann, Dan Patrick, and Linda Cohn were the best sportscenter anchors back in the day.
How weird was it to see on tonight. I would love to see one more Sportscenter with Keith Olbermann.
Kind of get a Keith Olbermann vibe from this without all of the snarkiness.
I'm so here for Keith Olbermann/Dan Patrick clips on SVP SportsCenter.
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this Scott Van Pelt dude by himself is like that Keith Olbermann show
Didn't realize Keith Olbermann's ESPN show was no more. Looks like this SportsCenter/ SVP mash-up is its replacement.
This is like a late night Keith Olbermann lol
This has Keith Olbermann flop written all over it.
Is SVP trying to be the next arrogant, obnoxious, troublemaking Keith Olbermann?
That happened to me once from a curious source. But I take full credit for Keith Olbermann blocking me.
I'm imagining him and Keith Olbermann at a bar. "ugh, that Doyle woman, amiright?"
then chances are you've also been BLOCKED by Keith Olbermann & Arthur Chu!
in my-mancrush-news I've moved on from Keith Olbermann to you. Sorry Keith.
I'm blocked by Captain Awkward, and I'm pretty sure also still by Keith Olbermann.
Listen to these predictions from 2010 by Keith Olbermann based on Citizens United and how many came true.
I love it when you get fired up. You’re like our own millennial Keith Olbermann. “Be a human being, maybe!”
That screencap is from the moment that Olbermann told Joe to GOD I miss Keith...
started going downhill when they fired Keith Olbermann & Martin Bashir. I loved them both.
I used to love watching Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, and the rest of them. I don't bother now.
Next it will be shirts and a suit jacket!! Lol. Keith Olbermann used to do it!
Remember that fired Keith Olbermann who was our real liberal spokes person on then network. He introduced Rachel to fill in for him.
Yes, Maddow and Hayes, and I like Chris Matthews, too. I also miss Keith Olbermann!
Blocked also by Megyn Kelly, Chuck Todd, Keith Olbermann and Lizz Winstead. Guess I get under peoples' skins :-))
Hoping Scott Van Pelt can help fill the void of Keith Olbermann at ESPN. Excited he can give opinion in new late show
Sign me! Add to that:. any Kardashian, their spouses and children. Keith Olbermann. Michael Moore . Al Gore. Michelle Obama
Keith Olbermann should be proud: HGTV titled an August 2014 episode of House Hunters International "You Say Dubai and I Say Hello."
Keith Olbermann happened when John Larroquette said "Hey, let me borrow those glasses".
Bill Simmons, Keith Olbermann and Colin Cowherd are leaving the sports network as it contends with increases in productio…
That right there is why Duffy is rookie of the year and like I heard Keith Olbermann say we might have tied ROY from
Colin Cowherd, Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, Bill Simmons |formerly of ESPN|, and Keith Olbermann are a few of the many ESPN clowns.
Martin when are you coming back to MSNBC their is talk Keith Olbermann may return. Make MSNBC great again!
Having both Martin Bashir and Keith Olbermann back would be great. KO will have O'Reilly running scared
In a perfect world the great Keith Olbermann,John Fugelsang,Van Jones,Lawrence O'Donnell would share a M-F primetimeTV gig…
. lost me a long time ago. I only watch Rachel If they were smart they'd rehire Keith Olbermann, Martin Bashir et al
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I especially noticed that with Keith Olbermann. If they let Jemele Hill go, Ima snap lol.
With the departures of Bill Simmons & Keith Olbermann, ESPN gets dumb. Always provided dope edutainment. At the end, too smart for the room.
Giuliana Rancic: Out. Keith Olbermann: Out. Michelle Collins: In. (But only after Rosie Perez has her moment.)...
Tom Selleck, Keith Olbermann, David Byrne, Ariana Grande all make appearances in today's via
. According to ESPN's Keith Olbermann, Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy is now a better actor than Rob Lowe.
Keith Olbermann Leaving ESPN Again: ESPN and Keith Olbermann are parting ways later this month, the sports net...
"Keith Olbermann, you're not good enough. You're not smart enough. And doggone it, nobody likes you." --Stuart Smalley
Keith Olbermann says some alright stuff but let's not pretend he's Winston Smith here.
Keith Olbermann ties Redskins' name in with the Confederate flag and Charleston shooting.
Keith Olbermann shares his thoughts on the Redskins and the Confederate flag.
"Moonlight" Graham remembered - Countdown with Keith Olbermann via
There are more who blocked me like Tamron hall, Keith Olbermann, Karen Finney, Jimmy Williams guess what network need I say more
Martin Bashir and Keith Olbermann told the truth and got fired. Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough lie and get to stay.
Edward R. Murrow. For awhile, Keith Olbermann was doing it as well.
was the place to be when Martin Bashir and Keith Olbermann were there. Now it's overrun by RW racists like
Hope Solo has a Hollywood ally ... Charlie Sheen ... who just warned Keith Olbermann to...
Started going downhill when they got rid of Keith Olbermann, Martin Bashir, Joy Reid.
Keith Olbermann and Mike Lupica on air together right now.
Keith Olbermann: If David Letterman did a sports show, ‘he’d get the res
Hey Melissa Harris-Perry is nearly as rabid as Keith Olbermann was. before you fired him.
Keith Olbermann thinks Tom Brady should be suspended for a year:.
Video: Keith Olbermann calls for one-year suspension for Tom Brady
Keith Olbermann on Ernie Johnson awarding his Sports Emmy to the daughters of Stuart Scott. Video - via App
Blocked by Tucker Max and Keith Olbermann, not a bad list if I do say so myself.
It's like getting Keith Olbermann onto WIP to follow Angelo Cataldi.
Voice twins: Lester Holt and Keith Olbermann. Also, Jason Mewes and Steve O. Close your eyes and try to tell the difference. I dare you.
Also Al Gore couldn't run a TV station without Keith Olbermann making it popular. Not sure how he'd run the world
Check out Esquire magazine The meaning of life Emmy Rossum Winter fashion Keith Olbermann via
Keith Olbermann's SportsCenter shtick on his show is played out & lazy. Unfunny smug ***
Keith Olbermann's opening monologue about baseball stadium food today was hilarious. Now I'm hungry. 🙊😂
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I'm not sure how anyone can watch Keith Olbermann
Keith Olbermann is easily one of the worst ESPN analysts there is
worth reiterating, Eric Holcomb does look an awful lot like Keith Olbermann
When actress and comedian Maysoon Zayid made her television debut on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann
Is there a bigger coward than Keith Olbermann? He has to be the worst person on ESPN
Keith Olbermann's sports pieces are one of the examples I use when I say that I don't watch sports, but I watch people talking about it.
LHS was Keith Olbermann's worst last night on his worse worser worst segment
Is this the real Cornell or the Keith Olbermann slop the hogs & feed the chickens Cornell?
See What Thinks of Mascot Name Change also makes it
for goober Keith Olbermann to defend
Well, They did allow Keith Olbermann to attend.
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