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Keith Morrison

Keith Morrison (born July 1, 1947 in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan) is a Canadian, veteran broadcast journalist.

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"That narration is appalling. Does he think he's telling a bedtime story to five year olds?" yea keith morrison is the absolute worst tbh
WHAT ABOUT JIM MORRISON OR RORY GALLAGHER? KEITH MOON, JOHN BONHAM, the list goes on of all the people better than Kurt Kobain.
The Keith Morrison Band will be at the blue moon at Poplar Bluff April 19th 9-1 come out and join the party it's sure to be a great time!
I hate Keith Morrison. I'm going to bark at him on the TV. But only him. I love everyone else.
Nothing says "Get a life and quit watching tv" like preferring Keith Morrison over Josh Mankiewicz on Dateline Mysteries.
Keith Morrison says 'Cap-Sized' very oddly and it is really bothering me.
Wow, today marks 19 years that Keith Morrison and I have been married ❤I am so thankful everyday for the man of God that he has become and look forward to at least 19 more wonderful years together, love you more and more each day❤
Nobody tells a story like Keith Morrison.
Things seem a LOT more significant when you imagine Keith Morrison narrating your life.
Your bit about Keith Morrison calling a Dodgers game was priceless.
"Throughout this debate, I've felt embarrassed by Morrison et al trial data ..only serves to further clinical psych"
I love keith moon. He is who I wish I was. Too soft though. Him and jim Morrison make me smile. Xx
Imagine Zaha, Morrison, Pogba, Januzaj all keeping their heads down, humble, giving it all for Manchester United.
Morrison is like Zaha, does it when he wants too. And that's the problem, it's ONLY when he wants too. Such a shame.
Ravel Morrison with a neat finish, 4-2.
I might have been half asleep, but when I first saw the story on Kathleen Sebelius on Today this morning I thought she was Keith Morrison.
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I want to report this stalker on tumblr but I also want be featured in a special on Dateline hosted by Keith Morrison one day. Tough choice.
"Keith Morrison reports a harrowing story of survival. In the winter of 2013, four young men from the U.S. and...
Are there gonna be any holograms at this year? Notorious B.I.G.? Jim Morrison? Jimi Hendrix? Janis Joplin? Keith Richards?
Keith Morrison something is in the air here at Augusta and its not the azeilias pêrhaps murder
The list is as follows Mark Ruffalo, Jared Leto, Kellan Lutz, Chris Pine and Keith Morrison.
If I ever come up against foul play, please have Lester Holt introduce Keith Morrison as he calmly narrates my gory tale.
I'd be fast asleep right now if Keith Morrison came over to read me a bedtime story. I mean that in the most G-rated way possible.
Man white crack. Keith Morrison is just 3 years older than my dad and he looks like 20 years old older. I love him though.
the idea of Keith Morrison interviewing Lady MacBeth pre-suicide is everything
Your impression of Keith Morrison sounds more like Bane from Dark Night Rises.
What do J. Morrison, Johnny Cash, Keith Moon, Bob Dylan, McCartney have in common? Arrests.That & more at 10:35
Jenny and I frequently impersonate Keith Morrison from Dateline, through the Bill Hader filter.
Is this Dateline or RHONY? Get Keith Morrison on the case to fill in the gaps. Oops.
do you ever joke around with Keith Morrison about the way he says "murder", it's like murhhh-der. Or would he be offended
Keith Morrison saying is the scariest thing I've ever heard.
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'I'd rather walk around Morrison's with a stone in my shoe than go fishing' - Keith Basnett.
Work peoples are we still early tomorrow John Keith Morrison James Anderson Chris Wood Brian Robertson Ashleigh Hanlon
Keith Hayes looks like Elton John! Hadn't realised that Central continuity guy Kevin Morrison was also on
I added a video to a playlist Keith Wetmore of Morrison and Foerster Frog Message for The Prince's
Am I the only one that finds Keith Morrison's voice calming?
I particularly love when Keith Morrison is the reporter on Dateline. His reactions are awesome.
Is it sad that when told me that Oscar Pistorius took the stand, my response was, "What did Keith Morrison think?"
I just saw Dateline NBC's Keith Morrison at DFW. My dream of a celebrity sighting at the airport is complete!
Keith Morrison's voice might be more soothing than Morgan Freeman's.
When my wife murders me, will someone please make sure Keith Morrison narrates my episode?
Internet, I really need a video of Bill Hader doing his Keith Morrison impersonation. DELIVER THE GOODS.
Keith Morrison via Mr Morrison your a Great Reporter I thought you should know that thx
Keith Morrison has a Vincent Price quality to his voice...
Dateline is great because of Lester Holt, Keith Morrison and the amazing producers. I hope Lester does more reporting, he is great a reporter as he is an anchor. NBC hold on to that guy, him and Richard Engel are their greatest weapon.
I hate Keith Morrison. I'll just take Chris Hansen and Lester Holt for every story
Keith Morrison is the best/worst, can you imagine being interviewed by that guy? Sounds so ominous & condescending at once!
Mornings dawn cooler in the Arizona mountains... Keith Morrison
I love Dateline. Keith Morrison is so over the top. They show a river and Keith's voice over is " truth is often long and winding."
Channel 4 News preempted the last 45 minutes of Dateline for the stupid earthquake! Now I'll never know if the husband did it! Come on people, do you really need to ruin Keith Morrison's stellar investigative reporting FOR 45 MINUTES to tell me tectonic plates are moving around?!?
Sometimes when I'm doing something and I get a creepy vibe I can hear Keith Morrison narrating my dateline murder story. I need to stop watching dateline late at night.
Keith Morrison is so frightening I'm afraid he might murder me.
if I die tonight, give my eggs to someone to make a grandchild for my mom and make sure Keith Morrison does my dateline story
We all watch for Keith Morrison anyhow, right?.
ok, here's the deal: on 20/20 what's his name just said someone "sneaked" in the house and killed so and so. I mean it was Keith Morrison. So from now on sneaked will no longer be snuck. WE were all confused by this past tense and whatever Had is called way back in gradeschool. So, I say, get rid of it.
2 Hr dateline with Keith Morrison " oh yea woohoo gotta love Keith he is the man
Watching Dateline… what a nightmare to have your story told by Keith Morrison.
Switching back and forth between Giants/A's and watching Keith Morrison dig up blood and gore on Dateline NBC
Why is it called "Dateline With Lestor Holt" when Keith Morrison is the one who carries the show? You know I'm right...
Love this show, but if Keith Morrison is telling your story, it's NOT a good thing:(
My favorite Friday Night activity: watching a creepy creepily narrated by Keith Morrison!
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Keith Morrison from Dateline can read tax codes and it would still sound like an intriguing murder mystery.
My main thought after watching Dateline is that I want Keith Morrison to narrate my murder.
Like Keith Morrison, I refuse to button shirt buttons above my nipples. Or to button button fly jeans.
Keith Morrison is a good story teller
Keith Morrison (is basically Lesley Stahl (with Leslie Nielsen hair and fewer Keith Richards face wrinkles.
Watching Dateline, and Keith Morrison just said on phrase that is like a huge per peeve " he was babysitting his son"...WTH? You look after your son, you babysit your neighbours kid.
Datelines' Keith Morrison is one cool, wrinkled dude with the best voice ever!
We must be tired. We can't stop cracking up over Keith Morrison's raised eyebrow. DVR's are great. It cracks me up every time. :-D
I love seeing Dateline before Keith Morrison's voice is the best thing I've ever heard.
I want Keith Morrison the Dateline NBC guy to narrate my life
is keith morrison doing the commentary. Have to support the Keiths
Falling asleep to Dateline with Keith Morrison talking about Mr. 603 makes me think/hope a dream with Bill Hader & Pitbull is in my future.
I love Keith Morrison! He's masrered the lost art of video storytelling. Love the cadence & inflection he uses in his voice.
is awesome but Keith Morrison kind of looks like a skeleton wizard.
I'm biting my toe nails. This Keith Morrison is on fire and knows when to cut these commercials in asaatttggh
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listening to the dulcet sounds of Keith Morrison right now
is amazing, but I remember Keith Morrison from back in the day... .
Can someone make Keith Morrison record an audio book of the bible.
Does anyone else find Keith Morrison's face really funny when he is listening to ppl on It cracks me up.
Is that a burnt tortilla or Keith Morrison's face?
ikr. ...never miss my Morrison .!
Can we just have a Dateline show with Bill Hader as Keith Morrison? Now that's a show I would watch
Dateline has strong stories but listening to Keith Morrison is like cutting tall wet grass with a push mower. He pauses like every 4 words!
I seriously want Morrison to narrate the story of my life. He weaves a fascinating tale.
Good tonight. Keith Morrison is an incredible story teller.
Keith Morrison the very soul of Superb reporter. Program would be pointless without him.
I love to hear Keith Morrison speak!! Love his voice!!
I wonder if he gets Fridays on purpose... It makes sense. Keith Morrison, Grimm, Hannibal.
Keith Morrison is a very creepy man.
If you haven't seen Bill Hader portraying Keith Morrison on you need to! So funny, so perfect!
Keith Morrison and Hannibal Lecter might be too much for once night.
Every time I see Keith Morrison on Dateline, I can't help but think of It's crazy.
Keith morrisons voice on dateline,there's just something about it.what a dream boat
This seems like an interesting murder mystery and Keith Morrison is creepy as usual
I could listen to NBC's Keith Morrison's reports all his style. :)
I know I say this every time I watch a narrated by Keith Morrison, but, nothing is better than Keith Morrison narrating anything.
Watching I know it's wrong since it's a show about murder but always makes me feel better. Keith Morrison's voice is so soothing.
Keith Morrison, 2 hour Dateline on a Friday Night, now we're talking.
Tonight at 7p on Dateline NBC, Keith Morrison reports on a murder case so unbelievable, it shocked even those...
Looking forward to it. Absolutely love your reporting- reminds me of Keith Morrison from Dateline.
Keith Morrison reports on the murder of beloved college professor, mother, and artist Carol Kennedy. It is a case so unbelievable that it shocked even those ...
I just think we all need to take a moment to geek out over your Dateline performance. STELLAR. Watch out Keith Mo…
I'm happy to report that not only is with Keith Morrison tonight, but its a 2 hour episode!
YAY its Friday! Think I'll whip up a batch of brownies for the occasion. Hope its Keith Morrison tonight
How many is coming out to see The Keith Morrison Band tonight we all will be there.?
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In the Hot Springs Ark area??? Dave Stepp will be on guitar this Friday Night with The Keith Morrison Band!
Okay Keith Morrison, you suave talkin mofo - what else ya got for me?!
One for Keith Morrison - can you name the power station I'm working next to today?
go to Lloydminster, Saskatchewan to meet Keith Morrison, another great Canadian :)
The first time tonight's Saturday Night Mystery aired, Keith Morrison surprised a group of Dateliners, already with Josh Mankiewicz, as they got ready for tonight’s show. Needless to say, they were a little taken aback by the episode AND the visit! See you tonight at 8pm ET.
Not to be ugly but Dateline's Keith Morrison is an old wrinkly peanut looking piece of a man...
Read any Dr. Suess book in a Keith Morrison voice. Just as creepy as an unsolved murder.
Stolen pic but I want to build such an tortoise enclosure. Keith Morrison
I gotta spit over that Dateline beat. Get Keith Morrison on the hook
Watching Dateline mystery on NBC - host Keith Morrison is way creepier than any of the suspects.
Watching Dateline - Keith Morrison has to be the best story teller on TV.
Leave it to Keith Morrison to refer to a double wedding as a "foursome."
b. Are we just going to pretend he doesn't look like the male version of Glenn Close?
a. Keith Morrison's narration on Dateline NBC is so much TOO MUCH, and yet I fall for it every time.
Does Keith Morrison do any voice acting for for books on tape? If he did, I'd probably "read" more books.
Yes recorded Dateline Saturday night mystery - Keith Morrison is narrating I'm home from work electric blanket on happy happy joy joy
When Keith Morrison tells murder stories on Date Line he sounds, to me, like he's reading a children's book. It's sort of creepy and funny at the same time.
yes, but Keith Morrison looks like one of her handbags.
I want Keith Morrison from to do my eulogy-she was a good person, or was she?
Stuck on Dateline NBC. Correspondent Keith Morrison's voice just *** me right in...
The way that Dateline NBC reporter Keith Morrison talks is really kinda creepy! He gives me the Heebie Jeebies!
Keith Morrison is the best storyteller. But I don't need him showing up on my doorstep.
Is it possible for Dateline NBC to replace Keith Morrison with Bill Hader impersonating Keith Morrison?
Keith Morrison is my favorite narrator. His voice just makes any story line so much more awesome.
Dear Keith Morrison. I hope you're well. I'm about to start watching your Saturday Night Mystery programme.
Are we 100 percent sure that Keith Morrison of Dateline NBC doesn’t murder people and then eat them?
Why is Keith Morrison from Dateline so OVERLY dramatic???
Keith Morrison's voice can make me suspect the Pope of murder. Kinda love it.
Two nights in a row with my handsome, older TV boyfriend Keith Morrison.
Dateline with Keith Morrison is my kinda Saturday night
Watching - Keith Morrison is the best story teller ever!
Check out my two hour program tonight on dateline - keith Morrison is the correspondent - 8-10 pm EST dateline Saturday night mystery
Keith Morrison shares his thoughts on, 'The House on Sumac Drive' - NBC News
Why do they call it Dateline with Lester ? It oughta be called Dateline with Keith Morrison. Great job that you do !!!
DONT FORGET THE Keith Morrison Band WILL be @ Lannys in Kennett, Missouri we start the party at 9pm hope to see ya out its going to be a good night and I would like to thank jason penn for setting in with us
Keith Morrison Band in the EA web series.
Keith Morrison completes my Friday Nights and Mrs. Butter-Worth's completes my Saturday mornings! 😬
"But the woman inside never felt the cold. She would never feel anything now." And of course Keith Morrison is doing this story.
Last night, I checked in Keith Morrison… flying from Boise to Orange County…. talk about a flashback and connection to California!! Just hearing his voice, I felt like I was watching ABC7 news or Dateline…. weird but funny
Keith Morrison is my absolute favorite!! I want him to narrate my daily life.
No one tells a story like Keith Morrison. Big fan of his storytelling and voice work.
Friday Nights just wouldn't be the same without Lester Holt and Keith Morrison
. Keith Morrison is the best reporter/storyteller ever!. I was in TV for 30 years, including NYC, and I've seen and heard many.
COMING UP: On Dateline NBC, Keith Morrison reports on a murder at a residence outside of St. Louis, Missouri.
Friday Night with Keith Morrison. Doesn't get much better than that.
Keith Morrison makes 48 hours mystery way creepier then it needs to be
Yes! I love his voice o, Keith Morrison makes sounding😱
.Have you ever thought about changing the S in Morrison to a $?
When I die, I want Dateline's Keith Morrison to be the one to explain how I passed, just to give everyone a good narration.
serious question do you think Keith Morrison from dateline could have done it
I wouldn't be able to lie to Keith Morrison though. He would see right through me.
A grown woman said fart. on tv. to KEITH MORRISON!
Keith Morrison's voice is just awesome
Nobody does it better then Keith Morrison!!
I have a strange attraction to Keith Morrison. I think it may be his smooth voice.
o, Keith Morrison makes sounding😱
You and Keith Morrison? That's what I call a perfect Friday Night, my gorgeous fiancé. Sigh!
It's like Christmas to me when Keith Morrison is on
Something in the tone of Keith Morrison's voice makes me suspect that he knows exactly what happened to that airplane.
Keith Morrison is Pippen, but YOU sir are Jordan. Hope to see you soon on
15 minutes until Before you watch, hear what has to say about it:
"Can a man be in two places at the same time in a digital world?" -
I dreamed our cat was missing, Keith Morrison was narrating my hunt for him "the cat ran away...OR did he? you make the call"
Pitfalls of research preregistration. The Morrison et al paper New points by
So Keith Morrison from Dateline NBC is sitting in the coffee shop right now. Wearing Levi 511 and converse.
Waiting for the episode of when Keith Morrison finds out he's the killer during one of his own voiceovers.
Pitfalls of research preregistration. The Morrison et al case V impt points by
"Dateline NBC" " Friday, Keith Morrison uncovers brand new developments in the murder case against Olympic track star Oscar Pistorius. PREVIEW: " SEE VIDEO
cruise is hilarious... A crazy mix of Jim Morrison, axl rose and Keith Richards
What a guy! I'm gonna go to Morrison's and purchase your entire back Catalogue Mr Lemon!!
I can only sleep if Keith Morrison is narrating stories of murder to me
My best friends Freddie mercury jim morrison jack kerouac john lennon Ingmar Bergman Andrei tarkovsky &keith haring they never let me down
The usual suspects. I like it. Keith Moon, Biggie/2Pac, ODB, Jim Morrison, Hendrix.
Jay Leno on 60 min. I have always loved Jay Leno but NBC not so much but love Keith Morrison (CDN) & Dateline but only watch when he is on!
Bummer. I was really hoping we'd get Keith Morrison.
My sister say Keith Morrison is a slightly-built man as well
Shoutouts to judges Mariano Dance Andrew Pyro Chung Daniel Keith Morrison Morrison and DJ HITMAN&GLITCH Paulo Genovesi Nigel Edwards + Jackie Chung for being part of the team to make it all happen at The Battle Royale 2014 All-Styles Dance Competition. I discovered none of the jobs were easy as they looked.. and everyone did it for free as it was for a good cause. All dancers brought some real energy. Triple tiebreaker tho!
Pyro: Teaches Popping, Locking, Hip Hop... You name it! Mariano Dance: Teaches and Preaches Haight. Daniel Keith Morrison: Is Hate. Nuff said. Aha Dope day at Battle Royale with everyone. Saw some wicked stuff and Everyone threw down like crazy whether you battle or not. Best time I've had in a while. S/O to Rhino of Northbuck for Winning the 1v1 Battles. Too ill. And S/O to Niako Micheal for coming out and giving Tdot a crazy final. Wicked. Thank you Creative Catalysts A great event. Cant wait for the next one! … and to the judges. Good Job! But No more ties, please… Like ***
So many things to say but imma TRY (emphasis on the TRY) to keep it short. BIG UPS to Jackie Chung, Ryan Ing, and the whole crew for setting up this amazing battle. Thank you judges, the winners and every one who were involved in this dance event for sharing positive vibes and the beats (courtesy of Paulo Genovesi & Nigel Edwards) THANK YOU PSYCH! You thought I was done eh? You did didn't you? WRONG SON!! *trollface* Anyways, I really just wanted to say Thank you because if I say "sorry for panicking at the event and bothering you guys" some ppl, like Daniel Keith Morrison will beat me up for saying that. So instead I say thank you. Thank you for allowing someone like me to dance despite my disability. I've been told by other dance studios that I'm not allowed to dance without a doctors note, I have been deferred from school because of it, nor am I able to get a job because of my panic disorder. So thank you. It really meant the world to me that you allowed me to dance today. And I couldn't have done it w ...
Huge shout-outs to Daniel Keith Morrison, Andrew Pyro Chung, and Mariano Dance for not only providing us all with strong and credible judgments, but also for putting on one heck of a performance. You guys are truly the heartbeat and leaders of the Toronto dance scene! Another big shout out to Paulo Genovesi and Nigel Edwards for spinning life into the jam with the dopest tracks! Lets not forget to give a round of applause to Ryan Ing for hosting his first battle jam! And last, but not least, Kevin Yu should take a bow for his professional filming of the battle footage. Special thanks to Mina Pingol for her touching speech. I was nearly brought to tears by her authenticity and passion towards dance. As she said, we must never take the gift of dance for granted. Instead, we must cherish it! Congratulations to Jamari Rhino Whittaker for winning the 1v1 All-styles battle and also TK Kim, David Reginald Forteau, Daniel Gomez, Kevin Birung, and Michael for taking the 5v5 prize home. Everyone today took dance .. ...
Theres just something about hearing Keith Morrison's soothing voice telling me about a murder i love. Dateline on ID marathon. Oh, Keith, you had me at "but, was it murder..."
Men tend to be afraid to sleep with me because Keith Morrison of DATELINE narrates all of my dates behind a splatter proof sheet of plastic.
Video on Before Friday's all-new report, Keith Morrison give you the details.
Query: could anything be made worse by a Keith Morrison voiceover?
Dear Keith Morrison, You have a voice that is so easy to fall asleep to. The problem is, the stories you cover on Dateline; Murder, Rape and Arson.ya, they leave me with night terrors.
by far the best concert I have been too, I love Keith Urban 😍🎶
Who dressed Lester tonight? Who locked him in the basement? Who picked out that tie? Keith Morrison with: WHO DRESSED LESTER?
Just carved through a couple backlogged Keith Morrison Datelines. When Im suspiciously murdered he better do my episode
Keith Morrison has the most soothing voice. Especially when the story is about possible murder/suicide plot.
Red potato salad , with sea salt and pepper , Dr pepper and Dateline with you know who , Keith Morrison in the house WUT WUT
Nobody narrates a murder mystery like Keith Morrison.
Nevermind Morgan Freeman, you get Keith Morrison narrating ANYTHING and I'm locked in.
After many disappointing Keith Morrison-less Dateline Friday's - tonight did not disappoint. Now I can enjoy my weekend.
As always it's a good one..Keith Morrison is the best narrator..
I want Keith Morrison to read my life story. He'll make it sound way more interesting!
watching dateline with my rad Keith Morrison blanket
After reading an article pointing out Keith Morrison's "... or did they?" "... or is it?" thing, I hear it after everything now.
Keith Morrisons voice makes Dateline that much better!!
that's nasty. Don't talk like that in front of Keith Morrison.
Love the voice of Keith Morrison on
That Keith Morrison seems a bit odd, is he a wesen or just Canadian?
Keith Morrison's voice is transfixing..Love it!
There are two types of people in this world: those who find Keith Morrison's narration a salve for the soul, and joyless jerks.
come on out and support a good cause tomorrow! watch some awesome battles i'l be judging a long side Mariano Dance of Twisted Ankles Dance Crew and Daniel Keith Morrison of Moon Runners its gonna be some crazy battles The Battle Royale 2014 All-Styles Dance Competition
Watching Dateline. Keith Morrison has the best voice for narrating.
You bump into Keith Morrison in a dark alley. Are you excited...or scared?
"Maybe. Maybe not.." That's why Keith Morrison is the best in the business
I guess if you're home on a Friday and your body is falling apart, a Keith Morrison Dateline episode is as good as you can hope for lol.
Guess I'll be watching my NBC programs on and Hulu more often. I'm so mad at WSAV in Savannah, GA that I could scream. You do not air a paid program instead of a Keith Morrison Dateline! You just do not!
I'm watching that too, I love Keith Morrison. I remember when he was on w5.
Keith Morrison. The man hasn't aged well.
I just watched the new Teen Mom and want to kick just about all of them in the neck...but who am I? I'm spending Friday Night with Keith Morrison.
Keith Morrison has the best voice for any murder/detective show
What the F is up with Keith Morrison? Dude on SNL nailed it back then.
I miss chatting with Keith Morrison I'm back baby
going to start a subsidiary of NBC that airs nothing but Keith Morrison episodes of dateline
Lester Holt doesn't sound as turned-on by murder as Keith Morrison does. Not sure if that makes his voice-overs more or less disturbing.
Almost time for Dateline with Keith Morrison! Don't judge!
Keith Hernandez: "LoMo?". Gary Cohen: "LoMo.". Keith: "What did he do to deserve that nickname?". Gary: "He was named Log…
Keith Morrison why doesn't your old man bike do this
I love Friday Night dateline and Keith Morrison! 😍
who will be the correspondent of Dateline? or Keith Morrison?
Looks like I've got plans tonight. ;) I can just hear Keith Morrison already... Oh, the excitement... ;)
Keith Morrison has the most creepiest voice on the planet
"Morrison is still spooning it out to hungry journalists..." The latest blog post from
lol yeah Keith moon, Morrison and Joplin are rollin in their graves.
Keith Morrison is phenominal. If I ever get murdered...I want him to tell my story.
Keith Morrison joins the show tomorrow from Dateline NBC. Any questions for Keith? Leave a comment below and...
So remember when we said there was no Dateline this week? ... Yeah, never mind. We decided to give you all an all-new mystery with Keith Morrison instead. That OK with you guys?
Keith Morrison shared the following link:
Story of RN.FM Radio. . RN.FM Radio was the brainchild of Anna Morrison, Kevin Ross & Keith Carlson, nur…
Waking up in the middle of the night and hearing Keith Morrison's voice is the stuff nightmares are made of!!! LOL. Curse you Dateline on OWN!
Omg Keith Morrison! I want to say awful, but I'd be lying. It's like a hate awesome. Wilde awesome, Swift is ridic awful
This is why I love Keith Morrison. So dramatic.. I want him to narrate my life in a live play by play...
"But it was their Honeymoon. What...::dramatic pause::...could go wrong?" - Keith Morrison
I'd pay good money to watch Keith Morrison talk about this picture in that brooding whisper voice he does
It's narrate your day like Keith Morrison! My office mate Betsy and I are having a blast with this.…
Keith Morrison watches you go to the bathroom.
I am sitting here trying to get into Dateline...I have come to the realization that Keith Morrison's voice is what makes this show..Only he has a way to keep the viewer/listener captivated in the story...I had to turn it off as I couldn't get with this woman's narration...
matteo719 sleep talking..I think he's channelling Dateline's Keith Morrison
The Lee Radder story will air on Dateline this Friday 1/24 with Keith Morrison.
Watching with and you are so here in sprit and by that I mean in Keith Morrison's voice.
Depth Insights » Trickster and a Comedian Walk into a Bar: The Sacred Art of Transformation via
Video on Dateline NBC's Keith Morrison gives a personal preview of the story of a woman who woke up to find her husband murdered in their bed.  'While They Were Sleeping' airs Friday, May 4th, at 10pm/9c.
proper bang into it me.Spent a night on Youtube watching Jim Morrison Keith Moon and Janis Joplin love it
Rest in paradise mother. You were more than a Mother - In - Law to me you were my mother. I met you when I was 16 and you have been a great mom to me and always treated me like your own. You were the only one who understood me. I'm will miss you dearly. You helped mode me into the woman I am today and I thank you. I love you so much and I will always appreciate you and everything you've done for me. I will miss our talks. I will miss talking with you when im feeling down. You've always be one of the few who listened With open ears and gave me feedback if I was right or wrong. Nothing will be the same without you. I love you mom and you'll always be a part of me. I love you baby Abdon Woods. I love you Keith Morrison(RIP). I love you Levi Morrisonlevi and Ashley Morrison
Yo. Just so we are clear. I Daniel Keith Morrison am not looking at foundation in an All Styles Battle. I do not know every style like the other two. So save the I have a better Pirouette speech. Down for everything else tho. Tired of looking at things in a contest format. I just wanna see something i like. peace.
That moment when Lester Holt says, "And now to present this Dateline Mystery, here's Keith Morrison"
So it does affect me. I learn today, that my bloodwork prior to an annual physical can no longer be done ahead of time due to ObamaCare. What? Part of the value of the time with the doctor is having my lab results available to discuss together. Keith Morrison, any perspective?
Can Keith Morrison narrate my life? "She realized the salad dressing was different, a recipe change? Or something more o…
Keith Morrison Chat Conversation Start December 2, 2013 12:31 pm Hi,how is Kenya? all your names resembles those of my good Kenyan friend who worked in my hotel here in UK as an accountant.i plan to invest there and i am coming very soon but i don't know anybody.can you please send me your email address and phone number so that we can get in touch.
Bill Hader does a better Keith Morrison than Keith Morrison does.
Keith Morrison & Lester Holt have the greatest voices I've ever heard.
If I was an artist, I'd paint Keith Morrison's face. So much goodness there.
Thanks to the Keith Morrison Band, Ron & Brenda, Barbara, Shawnda and Farmer. We have the BEST members and guests. Bar is ROCKIN tonite!!!
A compelling story, AND narrated by Keith Morrison? Thank you, Dateline!
Watching Dateline about a rescue of a mom and her baby and older daughter from their mangled car that was hanging over a road railing. Military used this huge gigantic forklift and Keith Morrison was talking about it being from science fiction. My old man says "Science fiction? That thing's been around for 20 years" He should know. He's been a test driver at APG for over 30 years. He says there's nothing unusual about it even though Morrison is there saying it was.
Keith Morrison is the narrating tonight!:) It's a rerun,but I haven't seen this one.It makes no difference if I had seen it or not, I just love to hear his voice!
I am loyal to two men ... Edward R. Murrow and Keith Morrison
Time to head to work. Happy b day Dakota Keith Morrison. Sissy loves u.
Ah, it's a lady reporting on Dateline! I wish NBC would green light my sitcom starring Josh Mankiewicz and Keith Morrison titled Mank and The ***
Ya know, when Dateline NBC is narrated by anyone other than Keith Morrison, it just sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher to me.
You can count on me watching, & I am not alone! I sure do miss Keith Morrison narrating though. I love his voice!
Settled in to watch Dateline NBC. Hopefully with Keith Morrison.
"If this guy kills me, make sure Keith Morrison narrates my Dateline." - Anonymous friend, currently the victim of a stalkery suitor
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there's a subset of crime tv fans who are really into Keith Morrison and I'm glad I'm one of them
Turnover on the inbounds and it certainly looked like Morrison walked while grabbing ball at midcourt. Ashland prevails 52-50. Stunning
Wishing my bro Keith Morrison good luck one of the only fsu fans I know
Something tells me Keith Morrison isn't much fun at parties.
This sounds awesome. Can I join and write an essay about Keith Morrison?
“Source: We have been informed that will make a bid for Ravel Morrison in the coming week.”
Final thought for this night: Dateline ID's Keith Morrison is the God Damned Man...And it is not close...
Keith Morrison is just being evil at the end here.
The boobalicious Einstein should've had this translated:.
Nolan sounds just like Keith Morrison from
Bruce Jenner is 20 lbs and a dye job away from being Keith Morrison.
Loves me some Keith Morrison! His voice draws you in and keeps you captive for 60 min.
I know gets me on this: Keith Morrison has the voice of an angel. Good for naps.
Jason aldean and Keith urban will always make my night.
Oh Keith Morrison, your voice could turn 1st Corinthians into a haunting story...
[US] News | - 'Dateline NBC' Keith Morrison reports on small town 'Killing in Cottonwood' via
And all of the sudden around the corner came Keith Morrison-whew, not a criminal.. LOL
I want my life story to be narrated by Keith Morrison.
i love Keith Morrison. i could easily be entertained listening to him read a grocery list.
No Keith. For two reasons. One, your name is Keith. Two, you're half naked and I'm a straight male.
'Dateline NBC' reports on town 'Killing in Cottonwood' - Jan 4 @ 4:40 PM ET
Don't know what it is. I just like Keith Morrison effing much.
Not when you're Keith Morrison, the apex of journalistic and human integrity. Impossible. ;)
Ruby Keith Morrison, 91, passed away on December 26, 2013 due to natural causes. Ruby, daughter of Harrison and Mattie Clay Keith, was born on January 25, 1922 in building at the Shell Oil Camp
If I had a million dollars: I would hire Keith Morrison to read me a bedtime story once a week.
Keith Morrison: 7 of mark's family members weren't called despite being subpoenaed. Bc subpoenaed, they couldn't sit in gallery at trial
“So they practically lived in each other’s skin?” - questions that only Keith Morrison asks. cc
Keith Morrison I heart you - from tonight's Dateline: "Redding California, with its famous Sundial Bridge, its parks, its middle-America feel; there's a whole different place, a different life, than the California whose reputation blares Technicolor from the Botoxed, the TMZed narcissists from 600 miles to the south..."
Why is Keith Morrison reading this prosecutor for points 😂😂😂😂
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