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Keith Morrison

Keith Morrison (born July 1, 1947 in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan) is a Canadian, veteran broadcast journalist.

Bill Hader Lester Holt Wendy Moore Matthew Perry Grinch Stole Christmas

Grant Morrison terrify with the brilliant "Nameless Here's an early review:
Academy Members should have to answer for these White Fella nominations. Can we get a Dateline group interview with Keith Morrison?
I want to know what it's like shooting one of those Keith Morrison stand ups. ...
Hey Jay can you guys put Keith Morrison on the Canadian wall of fame i just found out he is Matthew Perry stepdad wow
I can't really describe how much i love Keith Morrison's narration on Dateline. Just Keith Morrison, really.
I can't even not read that without the Keith Morrison voice...
keith morrison, josh mankiewicz, and andrea kinney of Dateline Mysteries, Candace DeLong of Women Who Kill, and the
“. "I don't like Keith Morrison..." Total deal breaker. Who doesn't LOVE him?
That person is definitely nobody *I* would want to know since I'm a part of the "Isn't Keith Morrison the GREATEST" club. :)
. "I don't like Keith Morrison..." . Who would ever say that though...
BREAKING: Bowman Hall will "no longer be used to house undergraduate students" starting fall 2015, per EVP Keith Newman.
Keith Morrison: K. Busch was a professional driver but did his ex take Him for a ride? And what was on that gown
Keith Morrison: Kurt Busch your wife spilled wine on her dress, or maybe it was, "murder".
NBC Dateline personality Keith Morrison in GR for sentencing
In courtroom for sentencing of tutor Abigail Simon on sex charges with student, 15. Dateline's Keith Morrison also is here.
NBC Dateline personality Keith Morrison just breezed through the courtroom.
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Warning: Odds are very high I will use any excuse to reply with one of my Bill Hader as Keith Morrison gifs.
Steve Higgins from Fallon has a spot on Keith Morrison impression from Dateline and it is hilarious.
Can you guys put Keith Morrison on Canadian wall of fame ?
I guess Willsnott was trying to channel Keith Morrison as the questioning narrator of the phony secrets. aka haggard ***
Higgins needs to do more Keith Morrison impressions.
Gaudino started the by thanking BOT Chair Sid Morrison & Trustee Keith Thompson for their presence.
Don't be upset, Josh! I love you all -- I just sometimes need that extra Morrison creepiness
I finished Grant Morrison's splendid "Doom Patrol" run today. It had me grinning from ear to ear and…
Just had another knock on the door offering water, this time Arlene Foster and Keith Elliott of Tonight you see who really cares
very much so although I think Keith has it worse than I do. NIWater are alluding that it's a huge problem
Do I have a secret crush on Keith Morrison? Who can say! @ Val…
Keith Morrison could narrate my life
If somebody kills me, I want Keith Morrison to report it on Dateline.
Why does Keith Morrison say stuff weird like "debris" and "records"?
if you are ever in Portland Oregon I have to get a selfie with you on the Morrison bridge!
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I’d record Keith Morrison reading a children’s bedtime story, but no kid would be able to sleep, after hearing it.
NBC Dateline’s Keith Morrison’s voice is simultaneously soothing, and incredibly unnerving.
All of Keith Morrison's statements are said in question form 😞😕😂
One time I saw Keith Morrison on Hollywood Blvd and I yelled, "Hey Grandma!" and he drop kicked me in the epiglottis. . Very hurtful.
Now time for candles, tea and Keith Morrison telling me stories. ❤️✨☕️
Leave it to Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy to make me get choked up over a book. "Joe the Barbarian"…
LOL some people are just too *** nosy. Alysha MsOfficer Daniel Keith Morrison Danielle Davis Cee Guyanese
Which next? KP, Trescothick, Keith Gillespe, Andy Morrison, Craig Bellamy all waiting on my Kindle
I hate re-runs! I did get online and let Joshua listen to Keith Morrison reading the grinch! I LOVE HIS VOICE! Spooky!
Keith Morrison fascinates me so much
Watching Dateline - Keith Morrison, just can't even get any better.
I’m watching 48hours discovery right now btw. But no Keith Morrison :(
The three ages of man are:. Hearing Jim Morrison in a van. Hearing Van Morrison in a gym. Watching Keith Morrison in a home
just listened to the Keith Morrison podcast, and all I can say is I want Keith to announce my daily routine!
Wonder how Keith Morrison feels about Serial stealing his steez.
Just caught the Keith Morrison interrogation - thought he might confess but no.. that guy's a locked safe!
I don't know how I'm gonna die, but I totally foresee Keith Morrison narrating it.
It's with Lester Holz, so I'm a little disappointed. No Keith Morrison. Mystery at Cottonwood Creek.
If you read my plans for the evening in the voice of Keith Morrison, it really sounds like I'm going to be murdered later.
A classic tale read by Keith Morrison
Watched movies on Jim Morrison and Keith Moon, and finished the night with a concert DVD of Black Sabbath. Christmas.
Lester Holt: "Xmas was a lot more Merry at the Davis house before the murder of the family snowman. Keith Morrison has the story."
from The team! Enjoy reading Dr. Seuss's 'Grinch'! http:/…
Keith Morrison reads And life is perfect.
A present for you: Keith Morrison reading The Grinch in his signature voice:
WATCH: 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas,' as read by 'Dateline's' Keith Morrison -
A new tradition? w/the classic tale, sinister plot & @ the end, a twist no one saw coming...
Christmas Eve seeing and Keith Morrison caps a great year.
'Twas the night before Christmas... & news junkies like me cannot help but post Keith Morrison! Happy holidays,
Currently enjoying the only good thing about Xmas: Dr. Seuss' “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” Read by Keith Morrison
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Check out How The Grinch Stole Christmas as narrated by Dateline's Keith Morrison. Thank you .
I can't get enough of dateline, so I hope if I'm ever (unfortunately) murdered that Keith Morrison will narrate my life.
Could there possibly be anything better than Keith Morrison reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas?"
Few things in life are as satisfying as Bill Hader impersonating Keith Morrison.
Cool keith.morrison. ・・・. Cool shot from my swivel cam. gopro…
If you missed my shoutout last week during & how to fund your film Listen to it now!
Dad parked in the boy racer corner of Morrison's car park so I could eat my maccies :/// why Keith why :/
love Keith Morrison and his narration. Just close your eyes and listen and still get the picture. Awesome!
lol's Friday night, I'm watching my weekly dateline and missing keith Morrison.
I all want is a 2 hour of Dateline on Friday Nights with Josh Mankiewicz and Keith Morrison and I can't leave out Dennis Murphy
When introduced episodes with a great awesome way absolutely you will be with Keith Morrison Reports.
Unsolved Mysteries guy thinks Keith Morrison's voice is creepy. Oh the power of Keith Morrison.
Thank GOODNESS for full episodes of Dateline on Youtube. Keith Morrison is great company while studying.
let's not ask. That's one mystery best left uninvestigated. *spoken in Keith Morrison's voice*
Wow! Fingers crossed. What if you get to be interviewed by Keith Morrison?!
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Yay! I look forward to my Friday night Dateline, especially when it's a pkg by Keith Morrison!
Not even Keith Morrison's story telling could lull me back to sleep this morning. I give up. Good morning y'all!
This is my jam: Roadhouse Blues ( LP Version ) by The Doors on Grateful Dead Radio ♫
Is it bad if the voices in my head sound like Keith Morrison?
Keith Morrison (Dateline NBC) would make even the phone book sound creepy.
also jim Morrison bday today. Would've been 71, a la Keith Richards
totally agree. the new dateline wasn't up yesterday and I considered writing a letter to Keith Morrison.
I bet he's taking his Keith Morrison "Return of the Mack" CD
If you don't know Phil Morrison, he & Keith Williams, composed "Beijing Olympics Hao Yuing" which was featured at the Beijing Olympic Games!
Thank you a lifetime ago with Dinah Morrison I wrote a book about it called Becoming Single
It's obviously a crime procedural. Esp if Keith Morrison is narrating.
I would very much like for Keith Morrison to narrate my life. That'd be great.
Dateline What Happened to the Beauty Queen? Keith Morrison Reports. by caliston tomakin ...
I'm in love with 'somewhere in my car' by Keith Urban, if you haven't heard it, you haven't lived😏
. Exactly. . Plus, I think of Bill Hader when I see Keith Morrison.
Keith Morrison from Dateline gives me the Heebie Jeebies.
Keith Morrison looks like a vampire.
I love tuning in for that Keith Morrison.
Keith Morrison looks like he could suck the marrow right out of your bones.
I'm I the only one that hates shows like 48 Hours, Dateline, 20/20? Do they really have to do murder stories . . . . like that's real upbeat and rewarding for folks to watch! Dateline tonight: The 2008 murder of a teacher and mother is investigated. Keith Morrison reports. 48 Hours tonight: A reality show producer on trial for murdering his wife turns the camera on himself inside a Mexican prison. We need more feel good stories!
I want my life narrated by Keith Morrison from
I'd like a recording of Keith Morrison reading anything just to listen to his calming voice.
Why is Keith Morrison's tells of murder sound like he's reading us a version of "The night before Christmas"
probably not new news to but there's a keith morrison two hour dateline on RIGHT NOW!
Could Keith Morrison's voice BE any creepier? I love it tho.
why not get it over with and just rename the show to "The Keith Morrison Show" ??
Is it just me, or does Keith Morrison's tan get darker the more twists there are in a murder investigation?
Keith Morrison narrates my internal dialog
Shhh silence Keith Morrison in on -he makes me stay home even on Friday night.
What's better than happy hour on a payday Friday? Coming home to a Keith Morrison narration on Dateline.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I don't always watch but when I do, I prefer Keith Morrison to be reporting .
all I have to say is, that Keith Morrison, is one awesome story teller!! You make this show what it!!! BRAVO
For sure. Keith Morrison will never be fooled by fake crying. He's the master of voice fluctuations.
I swear Keith Morrison can tell a story like no other.
keith morrison? Ever notice how his voice sometimes goes really high lol?
I cannot even halfway listen to Keith Morrison narrate without picturing Dateline: Whoville. Every time.
any time Keith Morrison shows up, it's not a good thing!
If I owned a coffee shop, Dateline NBC's Keith Morrison would be my head barista.
Whenever a description ends with "...Keith Morrison reports.", I will stop whatever I am doing and watch. (
Why doesn't NBC just change the name of Dateline Friday to Keith Morrison's House of Death?
Oh no you don't Keith Morrison, you will not suck me in with your eerie voice and your who dunnit.
"Now other night with Dateline and Keith Morrison
Now other night with Dateline and Keith Morrison
Mr Morrison has the most fabulous voice. Great right up there with them all
Chinese food and Keith Morrison , my Friday night couldn't be any more perfect .
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I could do nothing but watch Keith Morrison narrate episodes for the rest of my life and be pretty happy.
Tonight, Keith Morrison investigates the death of a young real estate investor and father who is found dead in...
Keith Morrison is my favorite on There, I said it.
Aww, Keith Morrison...good man! Sounds like u r ready for the weekend to begin! Big plans?
whether these beliefs are endorsed by a community or idiosyncratic? (a la Morrison model) Dimensions: distress, preoccupation?
I feel like at the end of the Dateline NBC episode Keith Morrison would just look at my ex, shrug and be like "Eh, no harm, no foul."
Keith Morrison. Yes the cowboy line backer is so tough, he is known for sacks and murder
*** Keith Morrison on Dateline I hate u in the most endearing way put your *** fingers down & unsquint but also keep it up bro good job
Can you imagine Dateline NBC's Keith Morrison narrating the audiobook to Stephen King's No~
TRUTH BOMB: I LOVE anything hosted by Brad Meltzer (as much as I love anything narrated by Keith Morrison (
Please pray for those who are unwell: Joy Morrison, Isabella Peet, Kiyomi Thornton, Keith Kent & Gill Caswell
Well, that voice may be too stimulating you need to watch a Keith Morrison episode , much more soothing.
What is it that makes Serial that much different from Dateline other than it is serialized and doesn't have Keith Morrison?
Keith Morrison, Global Exec. Dir., Benefits and Comp, for Whole Foods Market will provide the view at the Nov...
Silver and black has killed more careers than Keith Morrison!.
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Keith Morrison CEO of opening annual conference. Poor health caused by MSD costs individuals and business.
Podcast - Making Videos, Exclusive Listen to Nightmare Fuel and Dreams: Keith Morrison was the Dateline re...
was it Keith Morrison Julien was trying to find on google?
I want Keith Morrison to start narrating all my dates.
People acting like true crime story telling is a new thing or something, though. (Insert best Keith Morrison expression here.)
Sounds suspicious. I think Keith Morrison should do the reporting on this.
he's got mad vocal skills. Have plans to add "Keith Morrison" to next video
Tune in to this morning at 10. and I will be discussing Keith Morrison. And True Crime shows.
I don't know why, but I already can hear Keith Morrison's voice after reading this article..
I wish my life was narrated by Keith Morrison.
Keith Morrison Year 10 competing at the NI Carriage Driving Association event. Well done
CARLISLE: Keith Curle has confirmed an interest in forward Clinton Morrison
At this morning's press conf Keith Curle confirmed he is interested in Clinton Morrison, but he's also trained with Hartlepool
made this picture of you and the Morrison bridge in Portland, Oregon I call it "Morris-Ness Monster"
Keith Morrison is everything. His voice is up there with James Earl Jones for best of all time.
Little Giant Ladders
I wish I had Keith Morrison's voice from Dateline NBC. Great voice.
Hey Keith Morrison really needs to be working for you.
Can Keith Morrison read me a bedtime story?
Made decision not to watch it. Right move obviously! RTHorizon - is your brain male or female? has already irritated & lost me
“I love I love the timber in Keith Morrison's voice
if I ever 'make it' in life, I want to hire Keith Morrison as my personal story teller
I tried watching this ep with Keith Morrison's voice as the narrator in my head. It just wasn't the same.
Too bad Keith Morrison isn't the narrator.
Keith will be at Ciderfest in Morrison from 9-5 tomorrow manning our booth. Our daughter will be spending the...
I also think would tell you that I do the best impression of him... and Keith Morrison.
of the mighty Zep in one moment and Jim Morrison in the next. It's the Black Crowes and Keith Moon and Buddy Rich and Hendrix and ***
It's Friday. If you're not I'm telling Keith Morrison on you. Really.
who were the police who decided 'no further action', after the Morrison incident? Why?
which other Tory grandees knew but did not challenge,or even worse?
what exactly did William know, and when, about Peter Morrison?
Come and visit us if you have the chance in December, would be good to catch up. We're good at Scottish hospitality!
congrats by the way - on getting chair and becoming Head of Psych - fantastic- well deserved
glad to -lovely place - in Edinburgh to talk at Scottish Mental Health Network in Dec
Yeah! Edinburgh is fabulous, you'll have to come and give a talk some time at Still miss Leeds, though...
It's Jeter's last home game...or is it? (Insert Keith Morrison voice) How potential rain could impact your Thurs on
Jason Orange leaves Take That to allegedly form duet with Keith Lemon.
And of course Dateline is being reported by Keith Morrison ... And this is the only thing I see when I hear him.
with that FBI profiler Candice something... And Keith Morrison
this sound like the start of every Dateline with Keith Morrison I have ever watched.
Do you know who Keith Morrison is? That guy who is, I think, on Dateline, or some show like that?
Happening now on SAGANLive - ASU's Astrobiology Coffee Hour featuring Keith Morrison on "Antibacterial minerals"!
I like watching dateline on own . Keith Morrison is my favorite his voice is so unique and scary
Shut it down! Tell Minister Morrison to close Manus Island. via
If Keith Morrison sleeps like the dead, does he wake up and say, "Murder?"
Keith Morrison is the best on dateline
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Annotations: digs into the Society of Superheroes issue of The Multiversity by Morrison and Sprouse. …
I like how My phone went from Slim Thug to Van Morrison to Toby Keith. Lol.
our devotion to Keith Morrison is apparently intense and a little bit dark. Kudos to us.
I swear Keith Morrison committed some of these murders so he can have something to talk about.
Gotta get that keith morrison voicemail ringtone
Dateline decided to cover 1 of the more bizarre SC stories in the last 30 years in the region "The Charleston Affair"
Keith Morrison really knows how to tell a story, fabulous Dateline episode as always
Such greatness! His Alan Alda, John Mayer & Keith Morrison get me every time. Bill Hader's impression supercut:
how can I get my Keith Morrison photo signed?
Every time I'm watching Dateline and hear "..and here's Keith Morrison" I think "YES! Going to be a good episode!"
HA! I heard Keith Morrison from Dateline say it & the way he said it was funny LOL! U should come in and keep me company.
And the one thing I've learned in my time with Lester Holy & Keith Morrison is that it's always the husband. ALWAYS.
I hope he does another Keith Morrison/Dateline skit.
On the latest 3 eps of Dateline, Keith Morrison used the phrase "he lied like a sidewalk." Sidewalks don't choose to lie - I don't get it.
very good. I watched this morning. and my main guy Keith Morrison hosts!
you are great Keith Morrison, just finished watching Dateline
Watching Keith Morrison on tonight. Hoping Bill Hader does his spot-on impersonation on Oct. 11!
*** you Keith Morrison and your piercing blue eyes.
no disrespect because I love him, but Keith Morrison literally looks like a corpse with a spray tan
Want to hear more from Read his take on tonight's case here:
I want Keith Morrison to whisper in my ear
I wish my would have the voice option of 'Keith Morrison' for my Siri.
Whole bunch of muscle relaxers and Keith Morrison's voice should have me snoozing in no time.
Tonight's has one saving grace: Keith Morrison's silky-smooth voice.
Keith Morrison will forever be my fav correspondent!!
Keith Morrison is creepily addictive. I forget if I'm watching Dateline or Tales from the Crypt.
Keith Morrison is the purveyor of SHADE! He has the perfect amount of skepticism with any report
I want the number of the person who styles Keith Morrison's hair
My wife just now: Can you imagine walking down the Battery and seeing Keith Morrison conducting an interview?
Keith Morrison's skin looks like a corduroy jacket.
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"He lied like a sidewalk," Keith Morrison is one of the few people that can get away with saying ... http:/…
Keith Morrison's voice is creepy yet interesting.
Why do I feel like that clip of Vivian reading the poem will end up w/Keith Morrison voiceover on an upcoming Dateline?
Keith Morrison looks like the ghost of winter but he's only sixty seven
I will be interviewing Dateline's Keith Morrison live on News 2 @ 5. He talked to Chris Latham and Wendy Moore behind ba…
It's been along time in the making BUT I finally got a s/o from Keith Morrison!!
Dateline has another cheesy South Carolina true crime story. Keith Morrison is narrating.
Nothing like the soothing tones of Keith Morrison.
"But then Aaron got jonesin' for dope." - Keith "Street" Morrison
He is only 79 1/2!RTKeith Morrison is a stud. I want2 look like him when I'm 80
I really hope Keith Morrison at least ventures into the weird Kentucky past of Wendy Moore and Samuel Yenawine tonight...
Watching Dateline just because foes the BEST Keith Morrison impersonation.
Wouldn't it be crazy if I were killed while watching Dateline? Keith Morrison would have a field day.
Keith Morrison best crime reporter ever!
Keith Morrison and Dateline ROCK. Watching it right now.
Is sick? Maybe you and Keith Morrison should team up on your illness for a case... of murder.
Keith Morrison is the BEST STORY TELLER EVER!!! Love that man on Dateline!
I want Keith Morrison to tell me a bedtime story--his voice is such a sweet lullaby "But it was too late, she was gone. Forever."
And Keith Morrison is narrating too. That voice.
When a woman is found dead in her burning house, her husband says it was suicide... Morrison reports.
Does it make you old if the thing you look forward to on a Friday night is watching Keith Morrison on Dateline?
Check Out This AWESOME Photo of Our CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER: KEITH MORRISON on the LIVEWIRE at the Dealer Show...
Tonight on Dateline NBC, Keith Morrison reports on a mother of two found dead in her burning house in “Burning Suspicion.”
If I'm ever murdered I hope my story ends up on something classy like Dateline with Keith Morrison, not Southern Fried Homicide.
A lovely review of last weeks gig with Jayde Morrison and Lucy Davies-Kumadiro thanks to Keith Jobey at Music in...
Chris Hanson as Keith Morrison: So you showed up with gloves, a mask and appears you're here for murder.
Keith sweat -Twisted. Mark Morrison- Return of the mack. My absolute two favorite songs to Schmurda to 😂😂😩😂
An inside look on how Dateline NBC and correspondent Keith Morrison work to tell murder mysteries as they cover...
In the dorm room with and they all hate my manz ()
Thanks to Keith Mitchell Nige Morrison and Darren Thursfield for my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge nominations. Please...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
It was just discovered that a player will get a three game suspension.for murder. /s Keith Morrison
Looking forward to Keith Morrison's narration of this Dateline NBC story in the near future.
Keith Morrison has a lovely voice and manner. Is he only on Dateline ID? Why does he seem so familiar?
no but they did Keith Moon, Jim Morrison , John Belushi & Janis Joplin..I haven't seen them all yet
and they don't even mention his Keith Morrison impression. bo. "Bill Hader’s Day Off"
I want Keith Morrison to record my outgoing message! Ohooo. This bit is the best. .
go the in the second. Morales, Seager, Morrison coming up for the No score at Safeco…
I wonder if anyone else gets sucked into the "Datline" vortex when Keith Morrison narrates?
Keith Morrison from dateline is my best friend. Could watch this show every second of my life
Just because I love these guys!!! They're amazing and deserve a shout out! domenic_trujillo, Keith Morrison
downloaded the app on droid. awful. There is only 1 good impression of Keith Morrison. ORIG KEITH MORRISON!
Dateline's has been ruined for me ever since Bill Holder unleashed his Keith Morrison impression
Tooghey got u the Keith Morrison interview that's how he became champ
the ultimate would be Morgan Freeman AND Keith Morrison !!
Keith Morrison opens with a fine drive on the 10th
Check out with Keith Morrison tonight. talks about search for
Keith Morrison-"so you saved 3 people during your hunting trip" Hunter- "yeah but we didn't see one long horned sheep..."
For $64,000, is Keith Morrison expressing disgust, glee, whimsy, or rapture?
Didn't tell Bobbie what? Keith Morrison in his creepiest voice!!
Turns out the Girl on this episode Dateline NBC survived. I bet Keith Morrison's *** went so limp once he got hit with that twist
Watching on Nobody does creepy like Keith Morrison!
Because you responded to me Dateline it is! It also helps that Keith Morrison is reporting,
My amazing friend KEITH MORRISON is for Donate to KEITH's page
Just up late listening to Keith Morrison tell me stories...
I rearrange my schedule just for back to back episodes. My life goal is to have Keith Morrison read our Haggadah.
Keith Johnson and Jacob Morrison before the main events at the Marshfield fair. morrison261
Oui!! Watching Dateline. I like me some Lester Holt, Josh Mankowicz, and Keith Morrison. But Sharon Martin still has the best voice!!
The world needs a new Cold Case Files with Dateline's Keith Morrison.
Just read that Keith Morrison is Matthew Perry's stepdad from a young age. I prefer Morrison's death comedy, but regardless it makes sense.
Woman just addressed her husband as Mr. Difficult. They will probs be featured on a later episode of Dateline as told by Keith Morrison.
with all do respect to mr. freeman, i secretly wish keith morrison could/would narrate ALL THE THINGS!
Priest at my cousin's wedding ended his sentences like Keith Morrison on Ohhh. What's going to happen next?
I think Lester Holt and Keith Morrison should be a team on "The Amazing Race."
Lester Holt & Keith Morrison of Dateline throwing Rock, Paper, Scissors over who narrates the War Machine Story.
another criminal *** exposed by Keith Morrison. You're the best at telling these stories, Keith.
Keith Morrison, someday I want you to narrate my inevitable biopic.
Keith Morrison seems disappointed that this episode of Dateline has nothing to to do with murder.
Friday night tradition back home... Just me, my parents, and the eerily soothing voice of Keith Morrison on
Watched your interview with Keith Morrison and it was heart breaking. You're a very gorgeous, confident, significant figure.
Keith Morrison: "How could a man of 85 perform ... the functions of a husband?" Dateline euphemisms are the best.
If I have to have a voice in my head I'm glad it's Keith Morrison.
Keith Morrison and the FLDS are two things I find extremely fascinating.
I turn on Dateline each week and will definitely stick around if I hear Keith Morrison's familiar voice. amazing storyteller
This is a rerun. But it's summer so that's to be expected. Glad it's a Keith Morrison ep though! Lol
Keith Morrison should be NBC's utility anchor. Dateline, The Today Show, Nightly News, Meet the Press, Weekend Update...
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I love so much. I'd have Keith Morrison's babies.
You must also swear fealty to Keith Morrison. Part of the Dateline process in our household.
Join Morrison for a journey to Utah for an amazing story of courage and resilience tonight on
Join Morrison tonight on for a Journey inside the Mormon funde
Live music with Keith Hubbard, Jeana Sue, and Dwight Dunlap TONIGHT! Fri, Aug 8 at 10pm! Songs from Van Morrison,...
it wasn't fun in the sun, it was murder. Signed Keith Morrison
Quick edit from today. keith.morrison _traviie_
West Ham youngster Ravel Morrison driving around in his Ferrari wearing the new Arsenal shirt.
I could listen to Keith Morrison from NBC's Dateline narrate anything. ANYTHING!
Why did it take me so long to watch Forced Friends w/ Seth and ? Best. Video. Ever. via
I never realized how celebrated Brian Scalabrine career was, whose next Adam Morrison, Keith Van Horn
Have you ever thought of doing an impression of Keith Morrison from Dateline NBC?
I can't watch Dateline after 4 PM. Keith Morrison's scary voice keeps me up at night bc I imagine him narrating my own murder
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