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Keith Morrison

Keith Morrison (born July 1, 1947 in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan) is a Canadian, veteran broadcast journalist.

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Why is it called "Dateline with Lester Holt" when Keith Morrison does all the work???
They should just show eps of Dateline instead. Much more helpful. Plus Keith Morrison. I love Dateline. I hate this juror video.
Keith Morrison is bad. But Chris Hansen is way worse. And he's coming back!
-UNBELIEVABLE show last night! Have I mentioned Keith Morrison looks a LOT like my next husband! LOL lights my life!
I have not watched many DatelineNBC eps, but after last night's, I will! Keith Morrison is the man, and I've become a fan.
can't wait for Lester Holt and Keith Morrison to get this on dateline.
Keith Morrison makes even the most brutal crimes sound like a sweet bedtime story.
If planning to commit a crime, first ask yourself, "What would Keith Morrison say is where this goes horribly wrong?"
the dateline info now says when Keith Morrison is reporting. Pretty sure you guys can take credit for that!
When says "Really" in that special Keith Morrison way, you know something's up.
I gotta feel for the children of Dateline's Keith Morrison (if he has any). If he read me a bedtime story I'd never sleep.
Irony is Keith Morrison looking for tire tracks. Try a mirror.
I cannot listen to Keith Morrison without thinking of
Crime reporter Morrison spoofed on SNL by the multi-talented Kristen Wiig,
I want to see your best Keith Morrison interpretation.
Keith Morrison has a way about him...doesn't he?
Ok, what store can I walk into and order the Keith Morrison jacket? That's got to be trademarked, right?
Keith Morrison is the best narrator
Me too. Bob Cole. James Earl Jones. Keith Morrison. Any one of them could narrate my life.
The most revealing photos of Keith Richards, John Lennon, and Jim Morrison:
New life goal- live a life that doesn't end with Keith Morrison narrating my story.
I love the badgers and Keith Morrison.
FALSE. Van Morrison is the love child of Keith Van Horn and Adam Morrison.
Hey settle a bet for myself & Frank Kaminsky is the love child of Keith Van Horn & Adam Morrison. True or False?
I added a video to a playlist Dateline The Root of All Evil Marc Despain Murder Keith Morrison
I would have like to seen The Doors develop over time if Morrison stayed alive unless he became a Keith Moon
Daniel Keith Morrison yo DKM, remember you used to tell me about how you lived in your civic I'm just saying...
your crazy about Decker.."the next a. Morrison "..Decker is the next Keith Van Horn...
Keith Morrison reads me the phone book until I can take no more and get the vapors.
😂 it's always the husband. Keith Morrison has a perfect voice for bedtime stories 😴
my sis and I start a Keith Morrison narrative when we are in a creepy setting. tune into Snapped. It's always the wife
We have been binge watching Dateline. Keith Morrison is a boss. One thought though, just give us ONE episode where it wasn…
I was in a NY restaurant. NBC journalist Keith Morrison was sitting behind us! The Al Jarreau of TV voices!!! I'm a big KM fan!
I can't watch a dateline episode with Keith Morrison and take it seriously because of Bill Hader
The end of another Dateline. Thank you Keith Morrison for my Friday night story. You Sir, could read me the phone book.
you must search jay mohr impersonation of keith Morrison.. hysterical..!!
-_- Dateline is longer than I thought it would be, I just wanted to know who hired the hitman...Get to the point keith Morrison
HD cameras are a particularly cruel mistress but EESH Keith Morrison does not look good
I LIVE for Keith Morrison's covert shade. I do. He's like at this guy like, "Really? Sir, come clean..."
From Dateline's Keith Morrison's clever, one-liner mouth: "But he lied. Lied like a sidewalk." Good one, Keith.
if you dug up my grandfather, I think he would look like keith '' the corpse'' Morrison. my grandfather died in 1964. I don't understand why people like to be talked to like third-graders. how disturbing.
i heard you look like keith morrison. Maybe. If you died and had been decomposing for several days.
Thing one and Thing two, lol Keith Morrison!
Watching Dateline and getting creeped out by Keith Morrison's sing-songy reporting. More journalism less ***
Ahh I love Keith Morrison! could listen to him talk all day...
Keith Morrison's voice is mostly why I watch also to learn what to watch for if my husband suggests upping my life insurance
I use to rock n roll on Friday night, now I go to bed listening to Keith Morrison & Lester Holt telling horrible bedtime stories
If I ever need my story told, I want Keith Morrison to tell it. No1 tells a story like he does. I love that guy.
Drawn to by creepiness of Keith Morrison. He's interesting, great storyteller. Not Chris Hansen creepy HA
I could listen to Keith Morrison all night.
The sheer joy on my face when I'm waiting... and it's Keith Morrison's voice in the Dateline intro.
Sounds like a true keith Morrison story!
Ever watch Dateline NBC with Keith Morrison the dark? Alone??
I'm not afraid to proclaim I have a man-crush on you, Morrison. My fiancé is jealous. Keep killing it, pun intended.
Keith Morrison could possibly, potentially, maaaybe get a taste.
Some of these WVa kids on the sidelines look like they just finished being interviewed by Keith Morrison about a friend's homicide.
Is there no one that can get Keith Morrison a haircut?
Oh hey. We're on in three. It's Morrison, Keith.
Tune in 8pm EST to find me on the Press: 5 things he told Keith Morrison via
Five things McAfee said about the press to who is a member of the press.
Dateline's Keith Morrison always sounds like he's watching someone take the first bite of a meal he poisoned.
Keith Morrison could do an hour on Mother Teresa and Gandhi and I'd feel like I needed to bathe in alcohol and antibacterial soap after.
Keith is also seeing giant mushrooms sprout from the walls and hearing Jim Morrison tell him "if you build it they will come
To be the guy who gets dumped... it's bad... - Keith Morrison
True Life doesn't get any better than Morrison! The King of scary stories 👑 !
Time for some and the silky smooth tones of Keith Morrison
really enjoyed Thanks for the laughs, great show. Keith Morrison rules, "or..." Ha! Be well my man.
Seriously, Keith Morrison & Morgan Freeman would be the craziest narration collab any crime show, documentary or feature film has ever seen.
I'm not fascinated by murder so much as Morrison's sexy voice.
My dying wish will be that Keith Morrison from Dateline and Morgan Freeman narrate my life story at my funeral.
Man, I need for Keith Morrison to personally approve all my future boyfriends from here on out
I'd let Keith Morrison tickle my balls
I bet after every episode of Keith Morrison licks a lizard before crying himself to sleep.
it's all about Keith Morrison. He is mesmerizing. Like I seriously think he's a Mage.
Keith Morrison's voice makes Dateline 100 times better. Sir, you & Lester are irreplaceable.
If Keith Morrison didn't lean against something in his leather jacket, did you really watch Dateline?
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Got suckered into Can't watch without thinking of Bill Hader's Keith Morrison impression
I don't even like the country but I want to go on vacation to the Blue Ridge mountains with Keith Morrison.
Sooo happy to see Keith Morrison back on my Dateline!! He just makes all the mystery itself, more seductive. Mesmerizing!
Keith Morrison is a unicorn among horses.
"Hi,I'm Keith Morrison. Just hanging out in the woods in my leather jacket looking kinda creepy."
Keith Morrison in that leather jacket tho.
Keith Morrison looking sexy in that leather jacket leaning against that tree. What a silver fox!
Even if I die peacefully in my sleep at an advanced age I want Keith Morrison to deliver the eulogy, setting an ominous tone of suspicion.
Nobody tells a murder mystery story better than Keith Morrison His stories are always so dramatically told u want more.
No one compares to Keith Morrison - his reporting, his voice. I love have watched for over 15yrs and he's the best!
talks about becoming an artist: Don Hatfield talks to Keith Morrison about…
All better. Keith Morrison is telling a story on . That's when things got interesting.
Hands down, Keith Morrison is the best storyteller on the Dateline staff
The look on Keith Morrison's face while talking to her skirt-chasing Jesus-freak dad is priceless.
Keith Morrison just said the phrase "mad crush." My life is complete.
"Intoxicated by a married woman, well, no good can come of that!" Keith Morrison's narration is the best!
Keith Morrison I love your voice. You're the best story teller/narrator.
Keith Morrison could use a lil botox, no?
"It's bad." ~Keith Morrison, a man of few words Lol!
I love Dateline NBC but can't stand Keith Morrison. He's too animated to take seriously as a reporter.
Keith Morrison on Dateline. Craziest corn disc jockey voice. What happens next? Repeat everything after the commercial. "Hm"
Keith Morrison has the best story telling voice😊
You got a good Friday going when it's a Keith Morrison hosted Dateline.
Dateline on at 9pm. Keith Morrison reports "Deadly Twist."
hmmm. I never met a Keith Morrison I didn't like. Or a tree. Or a good combo.
my dad won't watch dateline because he thinks Keith Morrison looks too much like a monster. I agree
I would like someone to create an app that turns your voice into Keith Morrison.
If Daniel Keith Morrison shows up tomorrow my day will go well.
they could've at least used Keith Morrison
Great to see u back on tonight, but what's with the creepy "Keith Morrison" voice?
he is kin to Keith Morrison if Dateline
Don't let Keith Morrison hear you say that.
Keith Morrison: The Cardinals played against the Dragons, but they got set, on fire.
. Keith Morrison is wearing a Iowa State tee-shirsey right now, sad, thinking "Is this cotton.or.melange."
I was watching that channel because number 1 I like it, and number 2, I thought that I would hear Keith Morrison.
Keith Morrison via How Elohim , saved my life with a coin417-294-7267
any way we can get Bill t come back as Keith Morrison interviewing Kate as Bob Durst for next weeks show? Would be a dream come true
Keith Morrison latest reporter to knock on The Door of our newsroom via
Keith Morrison is my favorite narrator for Dateline
“Keith Morrison...I'm transfixed every time...” i have the coolest mom
*** I'm hearing Keith Morrison's Dateline NBC voice..."Did she fall or was she pushed?.She fell." Then Lester says thats all
I adore Keith Morrison. He was born to be a creepy murder mystery reporter.
I love how Keith Morrison is creepier than every murderer that has ever been covered by Dateline NBC
While other student on break are partying in Cabo, I'm on a date with Keith Morrison!
Keith Morrison I love you and think you are so sexy.. Holla
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A Keith Morrison Does it get any better? Actually, it does. Because I also have cheesecake.
I miss the quality investigative storytelling of when Dan Rather hosted. Glad there's with Keith Morrison. Solid.
how can you outdo being Keith Morrison?! You can't.
I should be taking a drink every time Keith Morrison says "El Cubano"
Keith Morrison you are a silver haired fox with legs that just. won't. quit.
Well I wish I was as provocative as Mr. Morrison!
Nobody in the world has a better voice than Keith Morrison!
Little known fact, Keith Morrison is Matthew Perry's stepfather. Yup. Look it up.
Seriously, who is better on than Keith Morrison?
Keith Morrison askin all the right questions
BREAKING NEWS: Kickstarter now taking donations for Keith Morrison's facelift. Budget tentatively set at 4.7 million.
Keith Morrison can spin a yarn. It's not a mystery unless it's told by
Morrison's voice is so great, I'm ready to confess to the crime & I've never been to Long Beach Ca. In my life!
I think Keith Morrison's style is just somewhat disturbing.
Keith Morrison's narration turns even the most gruesome stories into unintentional comedies
It's pathetic how excited and I got when we found out Keith Morrison is narrating tonight.
Watching Dateline. The is no greater narrator than Keith Morrison. What a story teller!
Finally! Seems like forever since Keith Morrison has been on
Can you read me a bedtime story Keith Morrison?
Keith Morrison is snarking on Los Angeles here, behave yourself, some of us spend a lot of time there.
See you next show! I'm off to Dateline. Love me some true crime. That Keith Morrison narrator sounds like a serial killer. 💀💀
Keith Morrison doing tonight's Dateline if you need greatness/creepiness
Keith Morrison is the best part of my Friday night! So glad he's back!
So happy it's Keith Morrison tonight. He always makes me feel like he's telling me a bedtime story. Love betrayal murder bedtime
Going out for a bit my chickies & daughter aka Conner. Back home by 9 to see Dateline w Keith Morrison
I do love a good Keith Morrison narration...
Every band Keith Morrison has ever been in is a reference to bug spray or jerking off.
Tune in tonight for another Mystery with Keith Morrison.
hi. Keith Morrison returns to Dateline tonight.
Keith Morrison is the BEST story teller on Dateline! Love his voice!! Keeps u intrigued! Luv Ya xo
If I ever go missing I want Burt Macklin working my case and Keith Morrison to host my Dateline episode. This is my final will and testament
FYI, y'all, I'll be appearing in this segment of Dateline (promo'd here by Tomorrow, 9 p.m.
I hope that entire ABC's video was narrated by Keith Morrison in Spanish.
The art of the Punk: Billy Morrison's not afraid to pick up a brush: Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards…
Coach Keith Lowkey changing Sports here and it's pretty nice tbh
Thank you Keith Morrison from Dataline NBC for coming to Heroes Elementary.
Keith Urban just sang like a virgin on the bobby bones show..
Refusing to let a Keith Morrison marathon rob me of sleep.
Maybe Multnomah County could use this for the Morrison Bridge.
Kelsey is a psychopath. Give her a few years, she'll be on Dateline NBC w/Keith Morrison from her jail cell.
Anyone else love this? MT Keith Morrison reading to Heroes Elementary students.
I'll be narrating a short video about prison sentences. I think I can manage to be more sensitive and far less creepy than Keith Morrison
Its a shame that Professor Anthony Morrison wouldn't come & debate CBT for psychosis with me ...
I think Professor Anthony Morrison is pretty clear how the updated (sic) NICE guideline for psychosis operates
I'm starting to schedule my life around watching with Keith Morrison narrating. I could listen all day long.
Where the heck is Keith Morrison from Dateline? A great program, but Keith's style is unique and missed.
I love when Keith Morrison hosts, he's so intriguing!!
Keith Morrison is on his way to Vanderbilt as we speak
Wk of 7/5-7/9 1976 (3pm NBC) In New York with her new lawyer, Keith Morrison, Iris walked in on Pat and M…
"Who is Keith Morrison.and how is he related to Matthew Perry ?" by on
Keith Morrison to a convicted murderer: [what you did] "was the super bowl of losing it"
Morrison et al & both claim that CBT efficacy is as good as antipsychotics - politics ...not science
True -no doubt reflects addition of Morrison to Committee but is a clear steer where they want to go (viz his Lancet trial)
Who will try to interview first? Dr. Phil, Oprah, Keith Morrison, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer. What say you?
ESPN Suspends Keith Olbermann for Remarks on Penn State. is amazing. Olbermann has a culture problem.
I would've rather watched keith morrison report about an old lady on fire than watched that crap tonight
ICYMI: called Penn State students "pitiful" after raising more than $13 million for pediatric cancer. http…
Happy Anniversary, Love, your forced friends at
I'm sexually attracted to Keith Morrison is that why I'm single?
Dateline on ID - Danger on Diamond Mountain. Keith Morrison tells the story of Stanford graduate Ian Thorson and...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Would be the coolest band ever Jim Morrison billy Duffy Paul simonon and Keith moon
"Or DO you?" *spoken in my best Keith Morrison voice*
that Keith Morrison's voice though! Seriously, I love all the episodes narrated by him.
I'm from the Alan Moore/Neil Gaiman/Grant Morrison days. That was actually good stuff. Or give me a solid Keith Giffen comic.
Keith Morrison or . RTIs it the creepy guy doing the voice work? Or else GTFO.
I was walking around disney world w brian *** n keith and we were eating ice cream and we saw sid vicious and jim morrison :-)
😀Looking 4ward to hearing CEO Keith Morrison at NI 
Looking forward to hearing from CEO Keith Morrison at Northern Ireland 
Nothing better than the sweet, poetic voice of Keith Morrison to lull you to sleep. Right, ?
Ted Simon, Esq., and Keith Morrison joking around at
Denise Morrison, CEO clearly articulates the headwinds facing the cpg-food industry
Omg I just met Keith Morrison from Dateline! He was sitting right behind me the whole time! I look like a doofus...
Thanks man! Was it the one where Keith Morrison replied to me that pushed me over the top?
Oh there is. It's the pristine music of Toby Keith.
Kim Anderson isn't really a bball coach. That's actually Keith Morrison embedded for a really well done Dateline feature to be seen in 2016.
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Also, if I'm going for Bill Hader, I'm going for either Stefan or his imitation of Keith Morrison.
I don't want to be murdered, or murder anyone, yet if it ever happens, I want to be on specifically a Keith Morrison ep.
Your discussion of Bill Hader on SNL reminded me of my favorite moment of his...Keith Morrison on Dateline. Brilliant.
Battling the cold weather all week. Shot by Keith Morrison 💜
If Liam Neeson and Keith Morrison (and camera crew) showed up at my door I'd run and try to hide.
I do this for MY culture... Documenting one of my Jay Morrison Academy students and protégés, Keith…
same. Him and Keith Morrison on Dateline . I have to support Keith's, not many of us left
WWKeith - Tough Enough (Music Video) w/ John Morrison: via Keith to the WWE!!!
The way Keith Morrison narrates a story is incredible
An character I'd love to see tonight — though I'm probably the only one — is Bill Hader's Keith Morrison
every time a relationship takes a bad turn i think is this the part Keith Morrison will narrate?
But just why WAS Keith always wearing black? Was it love...or something more sinister?
- my husband knows nothing gets between me and Keith Morrison! Yes, Andrea and Josh too;)
I love Saturday Night Mystery, but it isn't quite the same when it isn't narrated by Keith Morrison.
I'm studying Arabic, as you do, and have on in BG wall to wall Keith Morrison, sometimes you need a little ...
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Nothing is better than Dateline on ID as long as Keith Morrison is the reporter.
Oh what are you doing on ? I've been up since 4am and about to take a nap to the soothing tones of Keith Morrison.
Just last night, I was talking with friends about Bill Hader's Keith Morrison impression.
next years super bowl halftime show: Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, John Lennon come back from dead, form ultimate band of life
I get happy when I hear "Here's Keith Morrison" :) He's my fav on He seems the most sincere and I like that
Miss Oklahoma visits Morrison By Amy Keith has 'S in "Physician Assistant" which is incorrect.
Scott Morrison on the list to place Abbot! Personally I'd prefer the LNP chose a human being.
"A picture paints a thousand words, it's true, but it's still not enough for how I feel about you" - Keith Urban.
Uh excuse me Keith Morrison? Why do you think you can take two Fridays off in a row!! Need my Keith fix!!!
Keith Morrison is the epitome of cool. It's that leather jacket.
Well, that hour went by quickly. Wish Dateline would do a 2hr with Keith Morrison. Thanks for watching w/ me my fellow Dateliners.
You have nothing to fear unless Keith Morrison shows up at your house with a camera crew.
So, Keith Morrison walks into a bar and the bartender asks, "Why the long face?"
Dateline Keith Morrison can narrate a story but Will Lyman from PBS Frontline has him beat.
- Keith Morrison surmising how Sherman snapped on his wife for making him miss the superbowl
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Winch set yesterday, we'll have an edit dropping soon.! 📷 keith.morrison uscablewakeparks
Finished Bats Loved the tie in to Gotham's mythology, Morrison, and bonus Sam Keith art. Stellar
Courtney Love has been a crazy mess but so has Keith Richards & Jim Morrison and the rest. She jsut pisses us off by surviving
GNews: WHO'S NEWS: Morrison & Foerster announced that Keith Print, a real estate attorney in its New ... Print...
this might be the only person who can rival Keith Morrison's creepy voice--
not at all. Slept like a spacebaby. Did not even have sex dreams about that silver fox Keith Morrison
"I'm here so I won't get... possibly... murdered." /Signed, Keith Morrison.
Keith Morrison,"what's the name of your monkey doll that looks Tom Brady?,is it bellicheat,or is it Murder?
Interesting! Though I would argue that Keith Morrison is way more exciting to represent
I'm ready for my closeup, 48 Hours Mystery's Keith Morrison.
Mine isn't older men in general, just Keith Morrison.
just playing tho, I don't want to bone Keith Morrison. But he is my favorite dateline host EVER
That Dateline will give you the creeps. But Keith Morrison tho.
I'm down with anything Keith Morrison likes.
Hardest conversation to follow:. Larry merchant & Keith Morrison
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Grant Morrison terrify with the brilliant "Nameless Here's an early review:
Academy Members should have to answer for these White Fella nominations. Can we get a Dateline group interview with Keith Morrison?
I want to know what it's like shooting one of those Keith Morrison stand ups. ...
Hey Jay can you guys put Keith Morrison on the Canadian wall of fame i just found out he is Matthew Perry stepdad wow
I can't really describe how much i love Keith Morrison's narration on Dateline. Just Keith Morrison, really.
I can't even not read that without the Keith Morrison voice...
keith morrison, josh mankiewicz, and andrea kinney of Dateline Mysteries, Candace DeLong of Women Who Kill, and the
“. "I don't like Keith Morrison..." Total deal breaker. Who doesn't LOVE him?
That person is definitely nobody *I* would want to know since I'm a part of the "Isn't Keith Morrison the GREATEST" club. :)
. "I don't like Keith Morrison..." . Who would ever say that though...
BREAKING: Bowman Hall will "no longer be used to house undergraduate students" starting fall 2015, per EVP Keith Newman.
Keith Morrison: K. Busch was a professional driver but did his ex take Him for a ride? And what was on that gown
Keith Morrison: Kurt Busch your wife spilled wine on her dress, or maybe it was, "murder".
NBC Dateline personality Keith Morrison in GR for sentencing
In courtroom for sentencing of tutor Abigail Simon on sex charges with student, 15. Dateline's Keith Morrison also is here.
NBC Dateline personality Keith Morrison just breezed through the courtroom.
Warning: Odds are very high I will use any excuse to reply with one of my Bill Hader as Keith Morrison gifs.
Steve Higgins from Fallon has a spot on Keith Morrison impression from Dateline and it is hilarious.
Can you guys put Keith Morrison on Canadian wall of fame ?
I guess Willsnott was trying to channel Keith Morrison as the questioning narrator of the phony secrets. aka haggard ***
Higgins needs to do more Keith Morrison impressions.
Gaudino started the by thanking BOT Chair Sid Morrison & Trustee Keith Thompson for their presence.
Don't be upset, Josh! I love you all -- I just sometimes need that extra Morrison creepiness
I finished Grant Morrison's splendid "Doom Patrol" run today. It had me grinning from ear to ear and…
Just had another knock on the door offering water, this time Arlene Foster and Keith Elliott of Tonight you see who really cares
very much so although I think Keith has it worse than I do. NIWater are alluding that it's a huge problem
Do I have a secret crush on Keith Morrison? Who can say! @ Val…
Keith Morrison could narrate my life
If somebody kills me, I want Keith Morrison to report it on Dateline.
Why does Keith Morrison say stuff weird like "debris" and "records"?
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if you are ever in Portland Oregon I have to get a selfie with you on the Morrison bridge!
I’d record Keith Morrison reading a children’s bedtime story, but no kid would be able to sleep, after hearing it.
NBC Dateline’s Keith Morrison’s voice is simultaneously soothing, and incredibly unnerving.
All of Keith Morrison's statements are said in question form 😞😕😂
One time I saw Keith Morrison on Hollywood Blvd and I yelled, "Hey Grandma!" and he drop kicked me in the epiglottis. . Very hurtful.
Now time for candles, tea and Keith Morrison telling me stories. ❤️✨☕️
Leave it to Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy to make me get choked up over a book. "Joe the Barbarian"…
LOL some people are just too *** nosy. Alysha MsOfficer Daniel Keith Morrison Danielle Davis Cee Guyanese
Which next? KP, Trescothick, Keith Gillespe, Andy Morrison, Craig Bellamy all waiting on my Kindle
I hate re-runs! I did get online and let Joshua listen to Keith Morrison reading the grinch! I LOVE HIS VOICE! Spooky!
Keith Morrison fascinates me so much
Watching Dateline - Keith Morrison, just can't even get any better.
I’m watching 48hours discovery right now btw. But no Keith Morrison :(
The three ages of man are:. Hearing Jim Morrison in a van. Hearing Van Morrison in a gym. Watching Keith Morrison in a home
just listened to the Keith Morrison podcast, and all I can say is I want Keith to announce my daily routine!
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Wonder how Keith Morrison feels about Serial stealing his steez.
Just caught the Keith Morrison interrogation - thought he might confess but no.. that guy's a locked safe!
I don't know how I'm gonna die, but I totally foresee Keith Morrison narrating it.
It's with Lester Holz, so I'm a little disappointed. No Keith Morrison. Mystery at Cottonwood Creek.
If you read my plans for the evening in the voice of Keith Morrison, it really sounds like I'm going to be murdered later.
A classic tale read by Keith Morrison
Watched movies on Jim Morrison and Keith Moon, and finished the night with a concert DVD of Black Sabbath. Christmas.
Lester Holt: "Xmas was a lot more Merry at the Davis house before the murder of the family snowman. Keith Morrison has the story."
from The team! Enjoy reading Dr. Seuss's 'Grinch'! http:/…
Keith Morrison reads And life is perfect.
A present for you: Keith Morrison reading The Grinch in his signature voice:
WATCH: 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas,' as read by 'Dateline's' Keith Morrison -
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