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Keith Morrison

Keith Morrison (born July 1, 1947 in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan) is a Canadian, veteran broadcast journalist.

Lester Holt Bill Hader Josh Mankiewicz Matthew Perry Morgan Freeman Oscar Pistorius

Woman just addressed her husband as Mr. Difficult. They will probs be featured on a later episode of Dateline as told by Keith Morrison.
with all do respect to mr. freeman, i secretly wish keith morrison could/would narrate ALL THE THINGS!
Priest at my cousin's wedding ended his sentences like Keith Morrison on Ohhh. What's going to happen next?
I think Lester Holt and Keith Morrison should be a team on "The Amazing Race."
Lester Holt & Keith Morrison of Dateline throwing Rock, Paper, Scissors over who narrates the War Machine Story.
another criminal *** exposed by Keith Morrison. You're the best at telling these stories, Keith.
Keith Morrison, someday I want you to narrate my inevitable biopic.
Keith Morrison seems disappointed that this episode of Dateline has nothing to to do with murder.
Friday night tradition back home... Just me, my parents, and the eerily soothing voice of Keith Morrison on
Watched your interview with Keith Morrison and it was heart breaking. You're a very gorgeous, confident, significant figure.
Keith Morrison: "How could a man of 85 perform ... the functions of a husband?" Dateline euphemisms are the best.
If I have to have a voice in my head I'm glad it's Keith Morrison.
Keith Morrison and the FLDS are two things I find extremely fascinating.
I turn on Dateline each week and will definitely stick around if I hear Keith Morrison's familiar voice. amazing storyteller
This is a rerun. But it's summer so that's to be expected. Glad it's a Keith Morrison ep though! Lol
Keith Morrison should be NBC's utility anchor. Dateline, The Today Show, Nightly News, Meet the Press, Weekend Update...
I love so much. I'd have Keith Morrison's babies.
You must also swear fealty to Keith Morrison. Part of the Dateline process in our household.
Join Morrison for a journey to Utah for an amazing story of courage and resilience tonight on
Join Morrison tonight on for a Journey inside the Mormon funde
Live music with Keith Hubbard, Jeana Sue, and Dwight Dunlap TONIGHT! Fri, Aug 8 at 10pm! Songs from Van Morrison,...
it wasn't fun in the sun, it was murder. Signed Keith Morrison
Quick edit from today. keith.morrison _traviie_
West Ham youngster Ravel Morrison driving around in his Ferrari wearing the new Arsenal shirt.
I could listen to Keith Morrison from NBC's Dateline narrate anything. ANYTHING!
Why did it take me so long to watch Forced Friends w/ Seth and ? Best. Video. Ever. via
I never realized how celebrated Brian Scalabrine career was, whose next Adam Morrison, Keith Van Horn
Have you ever thought of doing an impression of Keith Morrison from Dateline NBC?
I can't watch Dateline after 4 PM. Keith Morrison's scary voice keeps me up at night bc I imagine him narrating my own murder
Keith Morrison is my favorite narrator.
Still watching on Joplin..Keith Moon..Jim Morrison..& now Tupac.   10% Off
“: Ravel Morrison gives a thumbs up as he leaves Strangeways prison:
Hayden and I are obsessed with Keith Morrison...
I liked a video Dateline Mystery in Manson Tunnel Keith Morrison Reports.
Weekend is over. *** I won't see Keith Morrison again for 5 days. :(
I'm a little obsessed with listening to Morrison narrate stories about murder.
The more I watch Dateline with Keith Morrison, the more I get where is coming from.
Oh Keith Morrison you always suck me in. *** you
I think he'd make a pretty darn good grandfather
Is there a way we can get directly in touch with Mr. Morrison without having to go through intermediaries?
Keith Morrison drops KNOWLEDGE on Dateline: "Hard to change minds that have lost faith in facts."
I can't wait to show my signed Keith Morrison photo at work tomorrow. He's going to be so impressed.
.Obviously we will watch this tho, right? It's a Dateline in the making! Someone call Keith Morrison!
I just can't take enough of Keith Morrison but I still like to see Josh Mankiewicz and Dennis Murphy
Keith Morrison- Repackaged cases of meat sounds like a prelude to... murder.
*** why they couldn't have Keith Morrison narrating? I love his voice.
. Is it just me or does JJ's Keith Morrison mimic sound a lot like Bain from "Dark Knight Rises?"
I'm thinking dateline episode with of course the favorite voice in my head Keith Morrison.
When is Keith Morrison going to narrate a documentary about Keith Morrison?
I liked a video Dateline Fatal Face off Full Episode. Len Canning and Keith Morrison Report.
Lester Holt and Keith Morrison should have a rap battle.
"Time for sleep, or time for...murder?“ . Dammit Keith Morrison and your lugubrious voice!
*** you JJ. Now I can't stop thinking in the Keith Morrison voice. . "Did I turn off the iron? Or was it...murder?". *** you!
Dateline's Keith Morrison is my secret crush. So
Dateline marathon; Keith Morrison popping-up like crazy. PlayStation 4 Remote Play options. Making tacos for dinner. Saturd…
Seriously life would be so much more exciting if I could just have Keith Morrison narrating everything I did.
I sure hope that this Caleb/Amber situation doesn't turn into a future "Dateline" episode with Keith Morrison!
replied on He is Keith Morrison. Matthew Perry's step-dad
Happy birthday, 19 reasons why he's TV's greatest gift to mankind
OK so the stories on Dateline are creepy enough but somehow Keith Morrison makes them creepier
Highlight of my weekends, Dateline and Keith Morrison with his "mystery " voice :)
I trust Keith Morrison's judgement, if he thinks he knows who the murderer is I don't need anymore details, I'ma just go with it
Keith Morrison is exceedingly good at his job.
I'm excited. Sure do love me some Keith Morrison.
Keith Morrison is coming across as extremely creepy in this episode.
Been watching Final 24 all day. John Belushi, Anna Nicole, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, Janice Joplin, Pac, Gianni Versace. So good. So sad.
Keith Morrison is truly the Buck Martinez of investigative journalism
Keith Morrison top 5 creepiest looking dudes alive
If anything unfortunate were to happen to me I'd like Keith Morrison to narrate my story bc that voice is pure gold
Keith Morrison has changed the landscape of mystery narration through journalism; that voice!
I'd like to find Keith Morrison at my fence. If you know what I mean. No, wait... What?.
Seth and Keith Morrison take a break outside 30 Rock. (Photo by
I cannot watch without thinking of the Keith Morrison sketch. And that's a good thing.
Keith Morrison, covering all the murders in Whoville.
Keith Morrison is rocking it for the last two night with dateline you go Keith
I've never seen this one! My favorite Saturday nights include Keith Morrison. Sheer bliss, people!❤️
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I liked a video Forced Friendship: Keith Morrison - Late Night with Seth Meyers
Just settling down to watch with my favorite host, the Emperor...err, Keith Morrison
Keith Morrison always sounds like he's narrating a twisted fairytale or deliciously horrid Twilight Zone ep.
This was hysterical! Can we next see Keith Morrison and Brian Williams together? :)
Matthew Perry's stepdad is Keith Morrison from Dateline.” Always figured it was Stone Phillips not Keith.
Nothing says Friday night like watching Keith Morrison on
Do you ever pay attention to voices on television -- mostly news programs or specials? Some voices are so soothiing... almost comforting. Walter Cronkite was one... Keith Morrison on Dateline (NBC). What voices do you like?
"This is a story you need to watch." -Keith Morrison Keith with a word about the extraordinary and inspiring people you’ll meet tonight.
I wish Keith Morrison would talk on every show I watch! Your voice is captivating!!
Parker, party of 1, your mystery w/ Keith Morrison is ready. Parker, party of 1. Right this way, please, Fri night awaits.
.I meant to write Dateline. Tonight's Dateline is called "Deadly Connection." With Keith Morrison of course.
Keith Morrison: night of the living dead.
Keith Morrison would be the worst telemarketer ever. If I hear that voice on the phone, I'm hanging up.
Yes Virginia, there really is a boogeyman! Keith Morrison
I love you Keith Morrison. Your voice soothes me to sleep every Friday and Saturday night.
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Let it be known that if I am ever killed in some intriguing, mysterious situation worthy of Dateline NBC --- only Keith Morrison can tell my story.his voice.his story-telling .so perfect.
Keith Morrison of NBC .that is the best *** Dateline you have done in in peace Kenya Monge and good luck Lydia Tillman.God bless you.
everytime I see keith morrison, I just start laughing because he always reminds me of Bill Hader now.
If it weren't for murderous rampages, Keith Morrison would be a traffic reporter in L.A.
I want Keith Morrison,(the voice behind Dateline NBC Mysteries) to be the narrator for my audio books...
my favorite dateline is on . . . excuse me while i take on the role of Keith Morrison alone in my living room 😈
Yay! Tonight's has Keith Morrison at the helm! Keith is the best! Lol
It would be amazing to listen to Keith Morrison of Dateline NBC and Morgan Freeman discuss ANY topic whatsoever!
We no longer call it Dateline in our house. We call it Keith Morrison's Show.
I really really wish they'd do a three-minute promotional thing along those lines. With actual Keith Morrison.
Serious journalism question: does Keith Morrison write the words he says during Dateline? If so he's the perfect journalist.
Are we taking bets on whether or not I make it through both hours of Dateline--even though Keith Morrison is my all-time favorite human-interest reporter?
I really want a Dateline on the Chesapeake Ripper narrated by Keith Morrison. "The suave Dr. Lecter wasn't the Ripper... OR WAS HE?"
my fiancé just said, "I'm going to kill you and have Keith Morrison air your murder mystery" just an FYI :)
Keith Morrison from NBC is so white he's almost translucent.
All I want in life is for Morrison to narrate our drinking adventures one night.
A Dr. Seuss book narrated by Keith Morrison would sound terrifying
Dad's only request if mom kills him is that Keith Morrison narrates his Dateline special
Keith Morrison's voice is so soothing! Watching Dateline!
Mr. Morrison, would you like to be a special guest intro on my Teacher Podcast?
5 more minutes till I get 2 full hours of dateline!!! I have the biggest crush on Keith Morrison
John Keith Morrison can we do more than spoon
Just struck me, is Ravel Morrison Keith Curle's long lost son?
I love to watch dateline mysteries but I get so scared and Keith morrison's voice gets me spooked right away, even if he were saying, "chickens have 2 legs." I would hide behind my pillow lol
Of course David Goyer would have a problem with J'onn. He's not half the writer Grant Morrison, John Ostrander, or Keith Giffen are.
Keith Morrison Rachel Darby Morrison Eric Morrison Well I had to post this on all ur pages bc anytime I see anything to do with walmart shoppers it brings me back to that video Keith showed us ! Enjoy! Lmao!!
.don't get me wrong, I love Lester Holt, but I live for Keith Morrison asking "but why?" So please do more of that.
Looking for pre-sale promo code for Toby Keith tickets. I can send mine & my cousin's marriage license, proving I'm a fan, if that helps.
593 RWHP Keith Morrisons 99 Vortech Supercharged and Aftercooled Cobra with the 2003 Aluminator engine, aftermarket cams, LT headers, on 93 octane with Alky injection with a bit over 10 psi boost. This was a heat soaked pull. I am going to Lethe cool down I am confident shell break 600 RWHP!
I had no idea that Keirrison was named after Jim Morrison and Keith Richards
Hamilton Collection
I love this world, Keith Morrison is Matthew Perry's stepfather.. yas
His Keith Morrison impression will never die
"I'm gonna record this Keith Morrison news segment. You never know."
my Keith Morrison real dolls keep getting in the way.
She thinks the person to best narrate her life is Dateline's Keith Morrison
baseball takes an empty seat to Americas new pastime...murder
word of the day (kinda sad) . Legubrious - gloomy: extremely mournful, sad, or gloomy
most of the crop of players he was part of, have gone. Pogba, Tunnicliffe, Fryers, Morrison, Cole, Blackett
Mr. Morrison - would you be interested in recording a podcast introduction for an elementary teacher?
Keith Morrison and the Chucky Doll (sold separately)
I simply cannot watch Dateline when it is not narrated by Keith Morrison
Good conductive reasoning, who figured that out? Keith Morrison?
Keith Morrison's Jeopardy Answer:"Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth and Oscar Pistorius" Q:What has 5 legs and murders?
In a perfect world David Caruso would arrive at all crime scenes...and Keith Morrison would narrate it.
Keith Morrison on Jay Mohr Sports..Cmon David Caruso..where u been!!??.
Tonight at 8/7c, in a very special hour of Dateline NBC, we tell THREE incredible stories of survival, hope and love... and we have a bit of fun, too. Michelle Knight, one of the women rescued after 10+ years of captivity in Cleveland, tells Savannah Guthrie her story. Keith Morrison introduces us to a horse that has defied all odds, Lisa's Booby Trap, and her amazing owner. And finally, Lester Holt takes us behind the scenes of The Voice. It's going to be quite the night... spend your Sunday with us!
Back of Keith Morrison's head on mast. Did you know he's Matthew Perry's stepdad?
Logan Morrison exited with a tight right hamstring.
Michael Saunders now in RF for Mariners. Logan Morrison gets credit for starting the game game. I know, crazy, right?
"That narration is appalling. Does he think he's telling a bedtime story to five year olds?" yea keith morrison is the absolute worst tbh
WHAT ABOUT JIM MORRISON OR RORY GALLAGHER? KEITH MOON, JOHN BONHAM, the list goes on of all the people better than Kurt Kobain.
The Keith Morrison Band will be at the blue moon at Poplar Bluff April 19th 9-1 come out and join the party it's sure to be a great time!
I hate Keith Morrison. I'm going to bark at him on the TV. But only him. I love everyone else.
Nothing says "Get a life and quit watching tv" like preferring Keith Morrison over Josh Mankiewicz on Dateline Mysteries.
Keith Morrison says 'Cap-Sized' very oddly and it is really bothering me.
Wow, today marks 19 years that Keith Morrison and I have been married ❤I am so thankful everyday for the man of God that he has become and look forward to at least 19 more wonderful years together, love you more and more each day❤
Nobody tells a story like Keith Morrison.
Things seem a LOT more significant when you imagine Keith Morrison narrating your life.
Your bit about Keith Morrison calling a Dodgers game was priceless.
"Throughout this debate, I've felt embarrassed by Morrison et al trial data ..only serves to further clinical psych"
I love keith moon. He is who I wish I was. Too soft though. Him and jim Morrison make me smile. Xx
Imagine Zaha, Morrison, Pogba, Januzaj all keeping their heads down, humble, giving it all for Manchester United.
Morrison is like Zaha, does it when he wants too. And that's the problem, it's ONLY when he wants too. Such a shame.
Ravel Morrison with a neat finish, 4-2.
I might have been half asleep, but when I first saw the story on Kathleen Sebelius on Today this morning I thought she was Keith Morrison.
I want to report this stalker on tumblr but I also want be featured in a special on Dateline hosted by Keith Morrison one day. Tough choice.
"Keith Morrison reports a harrowing story of survival. In the winter of 2013, four young men from the U.S. and...
Are there gonna be any holograms at this year? Notorious B.I.G.? Jim Morrison? Jimi Hendrix? Janis Joplin? Keith Richards?
Keith Morrison something is in the air here at Augusta and its not the azeilias pêrhaps murder
The list is as follows Mark Ruffalo, Jared Leto, Kellan Lutz, Chris Pine and Keith Morrison.
If I ever come up against foul play, please have Lester Holt introduce Keith Morrison as he calmly narrates my gory tale.
I'd be fast asleep right now if Keith Morrison came over to read me a bedtime story. I mean that in the most G-rated way possible.
Man white crack. Keith Morrison is just 3 years older than my dad and he looks like 20 years old older. I love him though.
the idea of Keith Morrison interviewing Lady MacBeth pre-suicide is everything
Your impression of Keith Morrison sounds more like Bane from Dark Night Rises.
What do J. Morrison, Johnny Cash, Keith Moon, Bob Dylan, McCartney have in common? Arrests.That & more at 10:35
Jenny and I frequently impersonate Keith Morrison from Dateline, through the Bill Hader filter.
Is this Dateline or RHONY? Get Keith Morrison on the case to fill in the gaps. Oops.
do you ever joke around with Keith Morrison about the way he says "murder", it's like murhhh-der. Or would he be offended
Keith Morrison saying is the scariest thing I've ever heard.
'I'd rather walk around Morrison's with a stone in my shoe than go fishing' - Keith Basnett.
Work peoples are we still early tomorrow John Keith Morrison James Anderson Chris Wood Brian Robertson Ashleigh Hanlon
Keith Hayes looks like Elton John! Hadn't realised that Central continuity guy Kevin Morrison was also on
I added a video to a playlist Keith Wetmore of Morrison and Foerster Frog Message for The Prince's
Am I the only one that finds Keith Morrison's voice calming?
I particularly love when Keith Morrison is the reporter on Dateline. His reactions are awesome.
Is it sad that when told me that Oscar Pistorius took the stand, my response was, "What did Keith Morrison think?"
I just saw Dateline NBC's Keith Morrison at DFW. My dream of a celebrity sighting at the airport is complete!
Keith Morrison's voice might be more soothing than Morgan Freeman's.
When my wife murders me, will someone please make sure Keith Morrison narrates my episode?
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Internet, I really need a video of Bill Hader doing his Keith Morrison impersonation. DELIVER THE GOODS.
Keith Morrison via Mr Morrison your a Great Reporter I thought you should know that thx
Keith Morrison has a Vincent Price quality to his voice...
Dateline is great because of Lester Holt, Keith Morrison and the amazing producers. I hope Lester does more reporting, he is great a reporter as he is an anchor. NBC hold on to that guy, him and Richard Engel are their greatest weapon.
I hate Keith Morrison. I'll just take Chris Hansen and Lester Holt for every story
Keith Morrison is the best/worst, can you imagine being interviewed by that guy? Sounds so ominous & condescending at once!
Mornings dawn cooler in the Arizona mountains... Keith Morrison
I love Dateline. Keith Morrison is so over the top. They show a river and Keith's voice over is " truth is often long and winding."
Channel 4 News preempted the last 45 minutes of Dateline for the stupid earthquake! Now I'll never know if the husband did it! Come on people, do you really need to ruin Keith Morrison's stellar investigative reporting FOR 45 MINUTES to tell me tectonic plates are moving around?!?
Sometimes when I'm doing something and I get a creepy vibe I can hear Keith Morrison narrating my dateline murder story. I need to stop watching dateline late at night.
Keith Morrison is so frightening I'm afraid he might murder me.
if I die tonight, give my eggs to someone to make a grandchild for my mom and make sure Keith Morrison does my dateline story
We all watch for Keith Morrison anyhow, right?.
ok, here's the deal: on 20/20 what's his name just said someone "sneaked" in the house and killed so and so. I mean it was Keith Morrison. So from now on sneaked will no longer be snuck. WE were all confused by this past tense and whatever Had is called way back in gradeschool. So, I say, get rid of it.
2 Hr dateline with Keith Morrison " oh yea woohoo gotta love Keith he is the man
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Watching Dateline… what a nightmare to have your story told by Keith Morrison.
Switching back and forth between Giants/A's and watching Keith Morrison dig up blood and gore on Dateline NBC
Why is it called "Dateline With Lestor Holt" when Keith Morrison is the one who carries the show? You know I'm right...
Love this show, but if Keith Morrison is telling your story, it's NOT a good thing:(
My favorite Friday night activity: watching a creepy creepily narrated by Keith Morrison!
Keith Morrison from Dateline can read tax codes and it would still sound like an intriguing murder mystery.
My main thought after watching Dateline is that I want Keith Morrison to narrate my murder.
Like Keith Morrison, I refuse to button shirt buttons above my nipples. Or to button button fly jeans.
Keith Morrison is a good story teller
Keith Morrison (is basically Lesley Stahl (with Leslie Nielsen hair and fewer Keith Richards face wrinkles.
Watching Dateline, and Keith Morrison just said on phrase that is like a huge per peeve " he was babysitting his son"...WTH? You look after your son, you babysit your neighbours kid.
Datelines' Keith Morrison is one cool, wrinkled dude with the best voice ever!
We must be tired. We can't stop cracking up over Keith Morrison's raised eyebrow. DVR's are great. It cracks me up every time. :-D
I love seeing Dateline before Keith Morrison's voice is the best thing I've ever heard.
I want Keith Morrison the Dateline NBC guy to narrate my life
is keith morrison doing the commentary. Have to support the Keiths
Falling asleep to Dateline with Keith Morrison talking about Mr. 603 makes me think/hope a dream with Bill Hader & Pitbull is in my future.
I love Keith Morrison! He's masrered the lost art of video storytelling. Love the cadence & inflection he uses in his voice.
is awesome but Keith Morrison kind of looks like a skeleton wizard.
I'm biting my toe nails. This Keith Morrison is on fire and knows when to cut these commercials in asaatttggh
listening to the dulcet sounds of Keith Morrison right now
is amazing, but I remember Keith Morrison from back in the day... .
Can someone make Keith Morrison record an audio book of the bible.
Does anyone else find Keith Morrison's face really funny when he is listening to ppl on It cracks me up.
Is that a burnt tortilla or Keith Morrison's face?
ikr. ...never miss my Morrison .!
Can we just have a Dateline show with Bill Hader as Keith Morrison? Now that's a show I would watch
Dateline has strong stories but listening to Keith Morrison is like cutting tall wet grass with a push mower. He pauses like every 4 words!
I seriously want Morrison to narrate the story of my life. He weaves a fascinating tale.
Good tonight. Keith Morrison is an incredible story teller.
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Keith Morrison the very soul of Superb reporter. Program would be pointless without him.
I love to hear Keith Morrison speak!! Love his voice!!
I wonder if he gets Fridays on purpose... It makes sense. Keith Morrison, Grimm, Hannibal.
Keith Morrison is a very creepy man.
If you haven't seen Bill Hader portraying Keith Morrison on you need to! So funny, so perfect!
Keith Morrison and Hannibal Lecter might be too much for once night.
Every time I see Keith Morrison on Dateline, I can't help but think of It's crazy.
Keith morrisons voice on dateline,there's just something about it.what a dream boat
This seems like an interesting murder mystery and Keith Morrison is creepy as usual
I could listen to NBC's Keith Morrison's reports all his style. :)
I know I say this every time I watch a narrated by Keith Morrison, but, nothing is better than Keith Morrison narrating anything.
Watching I know it's wrong since it's a show about murder but always makes me feel better. Keith Morrison's voice is so soothing.
Keith Morrison, 2 hour Dateline on a Friday Night, now we're talking.
Tonight at 7p on Dateline NBC, Keith Morrison reports on a murder case so unbelievable, it shocked even those...
Looking forward to it. Absolutely love your reporting- reminds me of Keith Morrison from Dateline.
Keith Morrison reports on the murder of beloved college professor, mother, and artist Carol Kennedy. It is a case so unbelievable that it shocked even those ...
I just think we all need to take a moment to geek out over your Dateline performance. STELLAR. Watch out Keith Mo…
I'm happy to report that not only is with Keith Morrison tonight, but its a 2 hour episode!
YAY its Friday! Think I'll whip up a batch of brownies for the occasion. Hope its Keith Morrison tonight
How many is coming out to see The Keith Morrison Band tonight we all will be there.?
In the Hot Springs Ark area??? Dave Stepp will be on guitar this Friday night with The Keith Morrison Band!
Okay Keith Morrison, you suave talkin mofo - what else ya got for me?!
One for Keith Morrison - can you name the power station I'm working next to today?
go to Lloydminster, Saskatchewan to meet Keith Morrison, another great Canadian :)
The first time tonight's Saturday Night Mystery aired, Keith Morrison surprised a group of Dateliners, already with Josh Mankiewicz, as they got ready for tonight’s show. Needless to say, they were a little taken aback by the episode AND the visit! See you tonight at 8pm ET.
Not to be ugly but Dateline's Keith Morrison is an old wrinkly peanut looking piece of a man...
Read any Dr. Suess book in a Keith Morrison voice. Just as creepy as an unsolved murder.
Stolen pic but I want to build such an tortoise enclosure. Keith Morrison
I gotta spit over that Dateline beat. Get Keith Morrison on the hook
Watching Dateline mystery on NBC - host Keith Morrison is way creepier than any of the suspects.
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Watching Dateline - Keith Morrison has to be the best story teller on TV.
Leave it to Keith Morrison to refer to a double wedding as a "foursome."
b. Are we just going to pretend he doesn't look like the male version of Glenn Close?
a. Keith Morrison's narration on Dateline NBC is so much TOO MUCH, and yet I fall for it every time.
Does Keith Morrison do any voice acting for for books on tape? If he did, I'd probably "read" more books.
Yes recorded Dateline Saturday night mystery - Keith Morrison is narrating I'm home from work electric blanket on happy happy joy joy
When Keith Morrison tells murder stories on Date Line he sounds, to me, like he's reading a children's book. It's sort of creepy and funny at the same time.
yes, but Keith Morrison looks like one of her handbags.
I want Keith Morrison from to do my eulogy-she was a good person, or was she?
Stuck on Dateline NBC. Correspondent Keith Morrison's voice just *** me right in...
The way that Dateline NBC reporter Keith Morrison talks is really kinda creepy! He gives me the Heebie Jeebies!
Keith Morrison is the best storyteller. But I don't need him showing up on my doorstep.
Is it possible for Dateline NBC to replace Keith Morrison with Bill Hader impersonating Keith Morrison?
Keith Morrison is my favorite narrator. His voice just makes any story line so much more awesome.
Dear Keith Morrison. I hope you're well. I'm about to start watching your Saturday Night Mystery programme.
Are we 100 percent sure that Keith Morrison of Dateline NBC doesn’t murder people and then eat them?
Why is Keith Morrison from Dateline so OVERLY dramatic???
Keith Morrison's voice can make me suspect the Pope of murder. Kinda love it.
Two nights in a row with my handsome, older TV boyfriend Keith Morrison.
Dateline with Keith Morrison is my kinda Saturday night
Watching - Keith Morrison is the best story teller ever!
Check out my two hour program tonight on dateline - keith Morrison is the correspondent - 8-10 pm EST dateline Saturday night mystery
Keith Morrison shares his thoughts on, 'The House on Sumac Drive' - NBC News
Why do they call it Dateline with Lester ? It oughta be called Dateline with Keith Morrison. Great job that you do !!!
DONT FORGET THE Keith Morrison Band WILL be @ Lannys in Kennett, Missouri we start the party at 9pm hope to see ya out its going to be a good night and I would like to thank jason penn for setting in with us
Keith Morrison Band in the EA web series.
Keith Morrison completes my Friday nights and Mrs. Butter-Worth's completes my Saturday mornings! 😬
"But the woman inside never felt the cold. She would never feel anything now." And of course Keith Morrison is doing this story.
Last night, I checked in Keith Morrison… flying from Boise to Orange County…. talk about a flashback and connection to California!! Just hearing his voice, I felt like I was watching ABC7 news or Dateline…. weird but funny
Keith Morrison is my absolute favorite!! I want him to narrate my daily life.
No one tells a story like Keith Morrison. Big fan of his storytelling and voice work.
Friday nights just wouldn't be the same without Lester Holt and Keith Morrison
. Keith Morrison is the best reporter/storyteller ever!. I was in TV for 30 years, including NYC, and I've seen and heard many.
COMING UP: On Dateline NBC, Keith Morrison reports on a murder at a residence outside of St. Louis, Missouri.
Friday night with Keith Morrison. Doesn't get much better than that.
Keith Morrison makes 48 hours mystery way creepier then it needs to be
Yes! I love his voice o, Keith Morrison makes sounding😱
.Have you ever thought about changing the S in Morrison to a $?
When I die, I want Dateline's Keith Morrison to be the one to explain how I passed, just to give everyone a good narration.
serious question do you think Keith Morrison from dateline could have done it
I wouldn't be able to lie to Keith Morrison though. He would see right through me.
A grown woman said fart. on tv. to KEITH MORRISON!
Keith Morrison's voice is just awesome
Nobody does it better then Keith Morrison!!
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