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Keith Judd

Keith Russell Judd (born May 23, 1958) is an inmate at Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Beaumont, Texas, and a perennial candidate for political office.

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Keith if you want war against Trump people just say so...we`…
Ashley Judd claims that the election of Donald Trump was worse than rape. Hey Ashley tell that to the Weinstein victims!
I think old JUDD is trying to Ride the Trump name just like that tool Keith Olberscum proud of Ashley Judd for speakin…
Ashley Judd will sort it she knows weiner but hates Trump
Cher, Nancy Sinatra, Ashley Judd, Keith Olbermann, these are America's great thinkers. No doubt. Oh man, get ready to learn Russian.
Queen honours Westminster attack PC Keith Palmer for bravery
working w/NHL GMs, including Stan Bowman. And of course, he tells some stories about his dad Keith Magnuson.
Ashley Judd belongs in a nice padded room in Chattahoochee. Mentally ill
Watching Martha's Piece on Ashley Judd. She really needs to see a shrink and soon. If Dr Keith Ablow is watching, This woman needs help.
Q switching his Dpairs for a shift; Keith and Hjalmarsson together now. Helps vs. Ovie
c'mon John. Keith Judd got more than 40% of the West By Gawd Virginia vote in 2012 primary.
hi sorry, I don't know of any relative named Keith Judd.
he beat Hillary in Mingo County, coming in second after Bernie. Same county that Keith Judd won over Obama.
Reason why Sanders will win comfortably in West Virginia today: in 2012 a convicted felon, Keith Judd, got 41% of...
Willie Wilson has surpassed Keith Judd, John Wolfe, and Michael Steinberg in total primary votes and is now ranked 19th.
C - Sets the tree on fire: Keith Mutch. H - Eats all the cookies left out for Santa: Bonnie J Judd. R - Ruins...
Since NHL debut in 05-06, Keith played at least 74+ games each (full) season. Missing him for a month or more something new for Blackhawks
They can file in West Virginia for a meager fee. Imprisoned convict Keith Judd nearly pulled off a win.
refreshing to hear from Aitor. A draw doesn't really help anyone, should be a great game!
Once upon a time there was Aomori who lobes rabbits Akkadian difismfivj Keith Judd Elsie. Alcoveeodus . Kidd Keith's Keisha dloving McD ...
KEITH JUDD FOR PRESIDENT OF USA 2016, Democratic Candidate; Are you investigating my Federal Criminal Case now ?
Will 41% of Democrats go with Keith Judd and his mullet from prison in Texas again?
I already like Mark way btr then Judd and I always loved Judd and Pat and Keith and Ron lol Mark is awesome!!
Keith and Hjalmarsson paired up at practice. Seabrook with Oduya.
For one, she's not likely to bleed support like he did in KY, WV, etc. Remember Keith Judd?
it went from fat chick to Judd's to Keith Whitley
Keith Judd (not Sheriff Joe Arpaio, pictured below) is a VIP (Very important prisoner). Keith Judd is on Federal...
Report: Obama Eligibility Lawsuits Filed In Virtually All States; Alabama Ruling? When Will the Alabama Supreme Court Rule on Barack Obama’s Eligibility? NO DECISION IN MCINNISH; LAWSUITS FILED IN VIRTUALLY ALL STATES By Sharon Rondeau | The Post & Email (Feb. 14, 2014) — On Friday, a personal acquaintance of this writer sent a link to a video produced by the Western Center for Journalism (WCJ) which stated, among other claims, that federal inmate Keith Judd, who ran in the 2012 West Virginia primary against Barack Hussein Obama and garnered a significant portion of the Democrat vote, was relocated in December from a federal prison in Texarkana, TX to a federal prison in Oklahama. Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution states that the president must be a “natural born Citizen” The video headlines an article dated February 12, 2014 and states that Judd has filed “several lawsuits” challenging Obama’s constitutional eligibility which ultimately could remove him from office. W ...
0_o Keith Judd filed a lawsuit in Iowa in May, in essence to invalidate the 2012 election by having President Obama officially declared a Kenyan and not an American. Judd filed the papers from a federal penitentiary in Texas, where he is serving 17 years for threatening a woman he believed to be a "clone" of the singer Stevie Nicks, because Nicks (or the clone) had tried to sabotage his home improvement company. (Bonus Fact: In the 2012 Democratic presidential primary in West Virginia, Judd, a write-in candidate, defeated President Obama in nine counties and lost the state by only 33,000 votes.) [Des Moines Register, 5-23-2013]
Pat Hughes & Keith Moreland at 3:05. Pre Game coverage begins @ 2:30 PM w/& Former Cub will be on the air in the BOT 6th
'Found out recently that the Star Trekkin music video - 1987 number one - was filmed in Walthamstow. Life Jim, but not as we know it! Anyone else have any little known musical trivia about the area?!'
NU's Head Football Coach PAT FITZGERALD joining Keith Moreland & in the BOT5th today on Cubs Radio. Fitz singing the stretch
Pat Hughes & Keith Moreland today at 1:20 PM. Cubs-Pirates coverage begins at 12:45 w/SEE YOU on the radio!
Sorry for the repost (I'm not really sorry) but I like to share this on Fridays.
A big THANK YOU to all who wished me a happy birthday. I lost my mom yesterday :'( It gives me great pleasure to know that she held on to make sure she wished me a happy birthday before letting go. My mom was a wonderful woman with a big heart. I will miss her so much. Birthdays won't be the same. A big thank you to Patricia Judd, Roger Williams and Shylo Boberg for being there for me. I love u guys. And a big thank u to those who have helped in any way, shape, or form.
My parents first and only house in good old Doveton great memories here thank you Michael Boehm for taking these for me
Canucks defenseman and former Gopher Keith Ballard joining Judd and Dubay right now talking hockey! Stream live at
TRIVIA QUESTION.Name a bull rider that was a stunt double for Luke Perry in "8 seconds" in Del Rio, TX in 1993.
finally getting an iphone on thursday, so I have to order a bigger keith lemon phone case
So everyone is over here like I love my man or I love my girl and I'm like I love ice cream yeah yay ice cream………
Booked for freakin' Boracay for Geeks on a Beach. Pero way uli-ay. XD
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Well I just found out my friends husband died, my thoughts and hugs and prayers are with her while she goes through the emotional dollar coaster of today and the days ahead of her, I really thought Dan was a great grounded man, despite all of challenges he has endured with his health over the last 7 year's, he never lost his positive, bright sunny outlook on life and all of its beauty, no matter how bad he was feeling that day. The man was truly thankful for all of the gifts life has to offer and he loves his wife.he will be missed in the world. Dana here is a hug for I love girl and be strong k...I'm here for ya...
Today was my last official say at the Wyoming pioneer home:(. I'm going to miss my residents and co workers, however I am enjoying this time with my boy while we're still a family of three:) Pamela Judd Billee Mayfield Janice Darlene Keith Turner Deanna Culp Rita Patricia Dawn Wollan Larson Dara Johnson Patsy Troxel Pam Johnson Kelly Lori Geneva Helene Bev Jackie Joyce mike Larry Marty Debbie Sharon Bev penny bill Kathy Maggie Bev georganne barb
What is your favorite country song of all time?
Today In Country Music: March 6 (source: 2012- Garth Brooks, Connie Smith and session piano player Hargus "Pig" Robbins are announced by the Country Music Association as the 2012 inductees in the Country Music Hall of Fame. 2012- Capitol releases the four-song Luke Bryan EP "Spring Break 4... Suntan City" 2010- In the closing notes of his final song, "Alcohol," Brad Paisley falls off stage at the Charleston Coliseum in South Carolina. He's treated for bruises at a local hospital. 2007- The "Jason Aldean" album is certified platinum. 2007- MCA releases the Gary Allan "Greatest Hits" album. 2006- Miranda Lambert nabs the first gold single of her career with "Kerosene" 2006- Gretchen Wilson collects a gold single for "All Jacked Up" 2006- The Dixie Chicks earn a digital gold single for their Stevie Nicks-written "Landslide" 2004- Julie Roberts makes her Grand Ole Opry debut, as does Uncle Kracker, who sings "When The Sun Goes Down" with Kenny Chesney, following an introduction by Jeannie ...
10:09 Mar 7, 20130Card on the TableFive years ago, we lived in a house over the fence from Middleton Grange's school auditorium. Some mornings, when I went to hang the washing out, I'd hear the cheerful strains of Queen coming from that hall, and it really used to *** me off. How about we have a ru...
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everyone's going to see Pink & i'm just like... front row to Keith Urban, Little Big Town & Dustin Lynch.
5 o'clock a.m. Tuesday morning what to do what to do what to do
These officers are gone but not forgotten. RIP
While I don't want any Democratic Senator to lose in 2014 to a Tea Party Republican, I would rather see activists pool their resources to help Ashley Judd win McConnel's seat in Kentucky than spend a dime on Democrats who cower and cave in to the Republicans out of fear of losing an election. Does anybody remember how well the "acting Republican to survive the next election" strategy worked for Blanche Lincoln in 2010? Hint: If you forgot who Blanche Lincoln is it is because she lost by twenty some points in 2010. (Keith)
RE the TV show Criminal Minds: Here's thoughts on an earlier thread I wanted to post stand-alone and invite comments. Once among my fave shows, it USED to be about WHY people did those terrible things (best in the Gideon era), but now it's too much about HOW. After the eps with drugged Living Dolls, Human Marionettes, the Reaper run, and that harrowing two-parter with Tim Curry kidnapping a cop's daughter to teach her his killing trade (notwithstanding the unintended chuckles caused by Tim's unbelievably bad American accent), the recent killing of Doctor Reid's first real girlfriend, three minutes after he first sees her face to face, has pretty well sent me fleeing to Modern Family and Subpurgatory (I don't own a VCR or DVR to record shows - gotta watch 'em as they air or hope they turn up on Hulu or's practically like living in Bedrock 'round here!). Julianne Dongu, you're a CM fan - what's your take?
I'm doing fine!!! Crazy night out with my loverly man THE JUDDSTARR lovin' the CANDELONIANS that shared the night with us. Love you allx Must sign off now as the boy is asking for extra curricular activities! YAH! Thanks for the extra hour of music my lovely publicans and friends Keith and Chris.x Now Judd is making me also type BIG IT UP to the Sweedish House MAFIA!!! WOOPWOOP YOU KNOW IT! HANDS IN THE AIR PEOPLE!!! DON'TYOU WORRY NOW.BOunce Bounce to the old school English crew.
This post from Dianne Brzeski: Does anyone know any descendants of Judd Oakley and Susannah Shipp. I need to know some more information please.
Can't hardly walk my big toe is hurting like a f "O the pain of it" Still on the bright side of things I enjoyed my return into judo after my 5year lay off British Masters here I COME
So, I was going through some of my old Local Music CD's. Ah, The good old days. I came across a band, and one of my favorite songs...Normal People by THEND. Hey Keith Eagle you hearing me. Here Come The Freaks...Here Come The Freaks Now!
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Daily Telegraph - good read re financial problems of football 'financier' Keith Harris & broker Seymour Pierce.
What is the worst name for a person? Boy and girl.
A hot air balloon has exploded and plunged to Earth at Egypt's ancient temple city of Luxor during a sunrise flight, killing up to 19 tourists.
I just saw the cast of dancing with the stars and I don't see any stars, who are these people ? I can't stand wyonna judd ( puke) sorry got sick for a sec lol and i do recognize Lisa Vanderbuilt, love her, and Kelly pickler and that is it, i see a bunch of kids, I guess the real stars can't compete, am disappointed and the professionals, where is my Maks I hate that, I said i wouldn't watch american idol, because of the *** judges not you Randy and keith the other 2 idoits, so I guess I won't watch dancing with the wanna be stars either
Well my Son Ryan Bouland is stuck in Denver but thank goodness my dear, awesome, wonderful cousin Pat Kramer is able to do me the biggest favor ever and transport and feed and house him. Thank you! I love you and judd dearly for helping us!
What's next Michelle? Dancing with the Stars? How smitten with Hollywood are the Obamas? I was also so surprised to see a sitting President do a cameo in a "B" action flick "Battleship". Why belittle the office of POTUS and position of First Lady?
2 Country stars are rumored to be on season 16 of dancing with the stars. I'll tell you who at 6am, 7:09, 8:10. Jeff Roper
**Festival info is out.What was the FIRST FESTIVAL you went to??_--
I love NASCAR, it's my kind of race. Just to see "Big E" back on the track, Would put a smile on every face. No-one drove a car, quite like Earnhardt. Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, I love NASCAR!! -Cledus T. Judd / Toby Keith
Crazy story - Keith Judd, an inmate in Texas has received 42% of the vote in West Virginia's Democratic Primary for President.
Keith commented on a girl from. FAYETTEVILLE ARKANSA said he heard a lil Wynnona Judd in her voice
..Curtis Mayfield’s People Get Ready. Keith Urban hears some Wynonna Judd in that voice, which is an apt comparison
So glad Keith mentioned my girl Wynona Judd!
LBDK01-02 "Into the Breech" completed (one rounder). LBDK01-03 "It's Only a Model" (three rounder) in progress. Still no mage in the party. So far we have a druid, a cleric of Ralizhaz, two rogues as player characters. Fighter or Barbarian as NPC's to fill out the party depending if we have three or 4 players at the table. Still need arcane. No deaths, but a few comatose folks barely saved before they bled out. So far, so good!
We had an amazing time at the EMI Showcase/After Party for the 28th Annual Stellar Awards ! Here are a few outtakes from our time there. Big thanks to Lady Shaunte' Garrett of WENO 760AM "The Gospel" Nashville for hosting! Also, Congratulations to the EMI family and all of their winners!
Anyone got a room to let?-flatshare? Etc.going crazy where i am and need to get out!!
Yee haw, vote for Keith Judd or Willie Nelson!!! Lol
Clarine Dinn liked Richard Mourdock and Keith Judd vs. Washington: Richard Mourdock stands a good chance of being…
Only in WV... We have 12 candidates on the ballot for the upcoming presidential election. The 12 include folks like, Obama and Romney of course, then we have Rosanne Barr, Virgil Good (some random dude) and Santa Claus! Yes you heard right, a man in NV changed his name and Santa is officially running for president! Ironically, Keith Judd who for some reason did well against Obama in WV, is not on the list, not because he is in a TX jail, but because he didn't get his paperwork in on time. Who will you be voting for?
There are 12 write in candidates for pres. on the WV ballot including Rosanne Barr. Inmate Keith Judd didn't get his paperwork done in time.
Psyched to be playing Cork in the Fork this Sat. in Leiper's Fork, TN! Hope Judd's show up. And Nicole & Keith. And the ghost of Elvis.
Keith Judd MT 90 min 'til Dems are figuring out how to replace Obama on ballot after the clip devastates him?
Still trying to figure out why Keith Moreland switches to play-by-play in the 5th inning. Is it because he knows how much we loathe Judd?
"The shame isn't he was on the ballot, it's that people voted for him." - on Keith Judd.
I don't really care who wins.. I'll write in Keith Judd tomorrow
I reckon me and keith lemon would get on so well..
I wonder how Keith Judd from West Virginia would handle these embassy attacks. Probably better than our current POTUS.
Sitting in today for Pat Hughes on Cubs-Pirates on alongside Keith Moreland and Tomorrow, vs BC!
I like Keith, but I've always been one to have unpopular opinions. Judd I find can be too shouty.
“Come on, Sporto, level with me. Do you give her the hot beef injection?” –Judd Nelson ‘The Breakfast Club’ 1985
And Keith Russell Judd ran as a Dem, this isn't the time for that bs, you know no party wants anything to do with that pos
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Re: Why is Obama winning? (Same as in 2008): I'd like to introduce you to Keith Judd, Federal Inmate # 11593-051...
Interesting Keith! He's very valuable to Suns, but any more valuable than Pav to Freo, Buddy to Hawks or Judd to Blues?
The WV Democratic Party disenfranchises its voters again. Denies the rightful delegates owed to runner-up Keith Judd.
Umm, excuse me didn't Keith Judd get 40% of the vote?
West Virginia casts 44 votes for Obama - no mention of Keith Judd. . .
Can't wait to see the give their delegates to Keith Judd!
“Here it comes, Keith Judd's big chance” Literally laughed out loud at this.
Texas the home of Keith Judd, a convicted felon and runner-up in the WV Dem Primary.
I'm thinking that if he wanted to, Clinton could have gotten the convention to nominate Keith Judd.
How many delegates does Keith Judd get?
Still waiting for the Keith Judd delegates to cast their votes.
Is Keith Judd gonna get his delegates or what?
They're doing the roll call now. With Clinton's support, Obama should pull ahead of Keith Judd and Randall Terry.
are any delegates voting for Keith Judd?
Someone interrupt this process and do the nomination by acclimation. I doubt Keith Judd will really challenge it.
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West Virginia pledging its delegates to felon Keith Judd tonight?
It's going to be awkward when the West Virginia delegation gives delegates to federal inmate Keith Judd.
Here it comes, Keith Judd's big chance
Are the votes for Keith Judd precious? What about the votes for Randall Terry?
So who's going to give the speech nominating Keith Judd?
What's up with Keith Judd not being placed into nomination???
So, West Virginia felon Keith Judd won't be the Dem nominee?
You know. People make fun of Ron Paul out of ignorance. He lost the nomination because the GOP had to cheat it's *** off to do it and had the help of the Main Stream Media to get it done. To say I am a supporter of Ron Paul in no way makes me feel bad or shameful. My Presidential Contender fought with honor even when he knew that he could do better if he stooped to " their " level. He didn't. He stuck to his guns and even though he was underfunded by 300 to 1 compared to Romney.even though he got only 2% of the media coverage that Romney got.even though he dished out WWE sized smack-downs of the other candidates at any televised debate he was able to get speaking time in.the RNC/GOP STILL had to engage in vote/election fraud in order to steal the win. Even when the GOP had EVERY card in their favor...they STILL ended up having to throw out the entire deck and bring in a new one in order to defeat Ron Paul at the end. I don't care how you slice it.Ron Paul is a bonafide Rock Star when you think of all the ...
President Obama is looking forward to hitting the stage at the DNC after narrowly winning against Presidential Powerhouse contenders such as : Vermin Supreme - Came in 2nd to Obama in Florida and 3rd against Obama in New Hampshire. and Keith Judd - An inmate serving a 17 1/2-year prison sentence for extortion at the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana, Texas, took 41 percent of the vote in West Virginia’s Democratic Primary — 72,000 votes to Obama’s 106,000. He would qualified for convention delegates. Vermin Supreme is attending the Convention in North Carolina as the only alternative choice to Obama...Judd was unable to secure the special release needed to come to the event.
Has to be said, Keith Lemmon had got some huge ***
Type in to youtube keith lemons potato song abd click on first one AMAZING XXX
Will Keith Judd be speaking at the Democratic Convention?
One upside of late-inning Cubs blowout: Pat, Keith, Judd, and Boltzy doing lightning round trivia on
During Keith Judd saga SOS Tennant defended her actions saying she has to "follow the law." But in S.Ct. public financing case she doesn't?
West Virginia = Keith Judd over Obama. is a proven candidate that you can feel good about voting for.
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When America gets the olympics i want Toby Keith in charge of opening ceremonys and a mob of drunk people wearing TJ Maxx dancing in unison
Someone mentioned this morning that Keith Judd, the inmate who ran for President in WV, also tried to get on the ballot here in Arkansas.
for posterized by Keith Wilson today
Join Keith Moreland and me for the postgame show in Pittsburgh. 720
Keith Judd (convict serving 17-yr sentence) won 58% vote to Obama's 42%. West Virginia, what's going on in Hardy County primary?
The only thing this NBC poll shows is that the DEMS "Keith Judd/Anybody But Obama" number is larger and more persistent than many believe.
I wish my boy. Judd, Dylan, Keith, and hudd was here.
It's not bad just obvious based on the actors playing the characters. Sean Bean, Ashley Judd, Keith Carradine.
Cubs baseball is on the air from Busch Stadium in St. Louis! Keith Moreland and Judd Sirott bring you the middle...
I love Pat and Keith. Tonight its Judd & Keith. Its still great. I enjoy Bob but Len sometimes annoys me. I miss Ron's passion.
i can vote this year. but im not voting for obama or romney. KEITH JUDD 2012!
you realize voting for Keith Judd will not defeat's "cause you're from WV" that you don't understand democracy
So, the plan is to accuse your political opponent of being a felon? Sure...that'll work. *cough*cough*...Keith Judd...*cough*
Toby keith is pretty much a walking american flag, awesome concert with for last night in maryland!
rockin the Chinese hats at Brantley Gilbert and Toby Keith with
Although WV did vote for Keith Judd...just google it. WV: Come for the scenery, want to leave because of some of the people!
The reason Obama's lackies made the felon remark: They're still all butt hurt about Keith Judd.
shout out to for using my extra Toby Keith and Brantley Gilbert ticket
Well Bill i.e., unless your Keith Russell Judd who polled 41% against Obama in WV:
.Prison for Romney might not be a bad thing -- it worked for Keith Judd.
Grape of wrath: What's eating Appalachia? 'Democrats in the region seem to hate their president. Keith Judd, a c...
I think if another primary were held in WV, Keith Judd would beat Obama this time around. And I'm not even kidding.
I love it when all the parents talk about the crazy neighbor especially Keith and Judd :)
The video for Toby Keith's Who's Your Daddy? stars Tiffany Fallon & music parodist Cledus T. Judd who pretends Keith's mansion is his own
Keith Judd, a convict serving a 17-yr sentence for extortion in jail. Mr Judd won 58% of the vote in Hardy County to Barack Obama’s 42%.
Mark Allen, John Higgins, Mark Williams, Judd Trump, Stephen Maguire, Graeme Dott and Ronnie O’Sullivan are not in the Oz open.
Just listed to Keith Moreland's play-by-play for the first time. Uh, what did do to or with Judd Sirott?
Love listening to Pat Hughes, Keith Moreland and on the broadcast. Takes me back home to Thanks guys.
Yeah, especially Pat and Keith's reactions to it.
Kena Precella liked Why felon Keith Judd did so well against Obama in West Virginia: Keith Judd, who is serving a 17…
How can an inmate beat out a sitting president in his party's primary? In parts of West Virginia, the answer is easy to explain. Just ask those who say Obama's policies threaten the culture of coal.
Mingo County, deep in the southwest corner of West Virginia, has sent a "protest vote" to the attention of President Obama. In the May 8 Democratic Primary, voters chose a man named Keith Judd to run for president. He got 61 percent of the vote. Judd won't be available. He's serving a 17-year sentence for extortion. From prison in Texas, he managed to file the papers, pay the fee and get on the West Virginia ballot. Obama did win statewide, but Judd beat him in the coal mining region, where many believe the president is waging a "War on Coal." In West Virginia, residents vote the way they want to vote: Republicans have won the state in the last three presidential elections. But the governor (Earl Ray Tomblin) and both U.S. senators (Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin) are Democrats. But still, how could a president running in his party's primary lose 10 counties to a guy in prison? The Answer: Coal The overwhelming issue in Mingo County is the future of coal mining. You will hear, see and read talk about "Ob ...
you're comparing Keith Judd and John Wolfe to Pat Buchanan... none of the former even got 2% nationwide.
Former umpire Bruce Froemming joins us for the pregame show at 12:45 p.m. Pat and Keith check in at 1:20 on 720
"No idea who Keith Judd is, but his convicted *** is probably smarter than Obama so he has my vote"- 40% of us
Why do you think West Virginians voted for Keith Russell Judd?
Ballot expert suggests lower fee: CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- One way to avoid future Keith Judd fiascos, an expert on ...
BUCKHANNON Conventional wisdom once held that West Virginias longtime Congresswoman couldnt be beaten. But one candidate says the era in which Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., was seen as an untouchable incumbent a shoo-in even has passed. And Howard Swint, her Democratic oppon…
McFLY - Harry Judd and Aliona Vilani with torch in Blackpool (BBC NEWS I...: via
Whether incompetent or malicious, uses law to stop GOP SC candidate, ignores to help Keith Judd.
Can Cubs/WGN Radio really not find anyone better than Keith Moreland to team with Pat Hughes? Judd/Moreland innings are BRUTAL
Keith walked in on Judd singing about 2 in the morning and asked if he was *** Very awkward
Like those uneducated racists that voted for Keith Judd. Wait, those were Democrats too.
Judd asking Pat and Keith trivia questions is something I look forward to. They can get plain silly.
Obama forced to serve time in the back woods of W VA with Keith Judd as his cellmate.   10% Off
Next, I'll be restoring the, uh, vote to felons. Not Keith Judd, though. He's not allowed.
The state with the highest racially charged search rate was West Virginia, where 41 percent of voters chose Keith Judd, a white man who is also a convicted felon currently in prison in Texas, over Obama just this May. Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Alabama, and New Jersey rounded out the top 10 most-racist areas, according to the search queries used. And then they say Black folks are "ignorant" because we intend to vote for him Because he's Black ..
Just found out that West Virginia is one of the most racist states, this past May 42 percent of voters actually voted for a man name Keith Judd who is currently serving time in Texas for a felony over Obama for Presidency. Wow.
Naw Toni me Judd and Keith are all Jefferson
Dude I feel so lame only knowing Judd and Keith in
“Keith Judd, the felon who took 40 percent of the vote in the primary against
Kindra Seaton liked Federal Prisoner Fares Well in West Virginia's Democratic Primary: Keith Judd, who is serving a…
Be sure and vote for Keith Judd delegates to Charlotte!
The last typewritten letter we got was from Keith Judd.
Keith Judd and Kevin Rudd= the US-Australia Alliance saviours. Vote Judd and Rudd
Tony Campana joins us for the pregame show in Milwaukee at 6:35 p.m. Game 2 with Pat and Keith gets underway at 7:10 on 720
Honestly, if I were in Wisconsin, I would've written in Keith Judd.
ha, I blame this on Obama. Keith Judd should get our space program back on track.
I voted for convict Keith Judd for President! He got 40% Of Vote vs Obama in WV. Us Indep. voters in CA can only vote D
Carlos Marmol joins us for the pregame show at 2:10. Pat and Keith have the call at 2:45 on 720
.Has there been any talk of dropping Biden and replacing him with the Keith Judd?
Hi which challenger does Obama fear the most this primary season? Keith Judd, ‘undecided’, ‘no preference’, or John Wolfe Jr
Fed inmate, Keith Judd brought in 40% of vote against you know could be .
Who is to blame for our failing schools and colleges? - The more I thought about my rant about Keith Judd...
David DeJesus joins us for the pregame show at 8:40 p.m. First pitch with Pat and Keith at 9:15; Cubs and Giants start 4-game series
You sure about that? You might want to ask Keith Judd, Uncommitted & John Wolfe about that.
Not to be outdone, Burger King has endorsed Keith Judd.
What!?! Prison interviews about politicians and nothing from Keith Judd?
Uh, the folks that voted for Keith Judd?? Ha
Let's all take this moment to watch the Keith Gardener video together and relive one of the funniest moments of McFly history.
Keith Judd, John Wolfe, Uncommitted: 3 more trophy stickers for the nosecone of Air Force One.
Pretty sure Keith Judd got more votes for President than Craig James did for senator in Texas
Keith Judd is incarcerated in Texas but he wasn't on the ballot there today.
. did you contact Keith Judd campaign HQ to talk about their GOTV efforts? Beaumont-TX Victory (Correctional) Center making calls?
Election laws must protect 'little guy': Many West Virginians voted for convict Keith Judd in the May 8 primary ...
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Today's Dot Race finish was more dramatic than the Indy 500. But no Ashley Judd.
Hilarious, people in WV will vote for anybody but Obama...42% voted for an prison inmate.
Four in ten primary voters in Kentucky and Arkansas vote against the incumbent
Using my handy “C.Q. Guide to U.S. Elections,” I went back to the birth of presidential primaries in 1912. There are only seven sitting presidents who have ever received less than 60 percent of the vote in any primary: Taft in ’12; Coolidge, ’24; Hoover, ’32; LBJ, ’68; Ford '76; Carter, ’80; and Bush ’92. All of these presidents, with the exception of Coolidge, were not re-elected -- and he eventually faced a substantial third-party challenge from one of his primary challengers. Moreover, consider the men who brought these challenges: former President Teddy Roosevelt in 1912, Sen. Bob LaFollette in 1924, Sen. Joseph France of Maryland in 1932, Sen. Eugene McCarthy in 1968, Gov. Ronald Reagan in 1976, Sen. Ted Kennedy in 1980, and TV commentator Pat Buchanan in 1992. Obviously the quality here varies substantially, but all of these upstarts began with a much stronger national profile than Keith Judd or John Wolfe. I think we can reasonably begin to view this as a sort of organic primary cha ...
Just two weeks ago, more than 40 percent of voters in West Virginia's Democratic Primary chose a federal inmate named Keith Judd over the president.
Mitt Romney’s victories tonight in Arkansas and Kentucky may have been foregone conclusions, but besides two more batches of delegates on his way to the 1,144 he needs to clinch the Republican presidential nomination, they also gave him something else — bragging rights over President...
Keith Judd is a lot more exciting of a candidate than uncommitted.. I will say that.
"Uncommitted" looking to do the same or better than inmate Keith Judd. With 88% reporting in KY it's Obama 58% 104K, "Uncommitted" 42% 74K.
Keith Judd and John Wolf need to drop out and let Democratic voters coalesce around Uncommitted as the anti-Obama.
Arkansas Dem Primary results. Keith Judd will be watching.RT LIVE RESULTS...
holds press conference calling on Keith Ellis Judd to drop out, asks Judd's supporters to unite behind his candidacy.
Keith Judd/"Uncommitted" making a play for attention in Charlotte.
Funny Keith Judd got more votes against Obama in the primary than Obama got vs Hilary in 2008 WV primary.
That was West Virginia! Keith Judd is inmate in TX. Wonder what he's up to these days.. besides the usual prison stuff.
Obama may lose Dem primary in Alabama today--
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If you watch election returns tonight, you just might catch a glimpse of the next Keith Judd:
Keith Judd vs President Obama It's Arkansas- Jed Clampett could do that well too !
safe to say there is no chance of Obama making gains in West Virginia this presidential cycle
President Obama faced his toughest competitor in West Virginia this week and barely came out ahead. Mitt Romney? Guess again. Keith Judd won 10 counties in West Virginia and 41 percent of the vote ...
Biden doesn't blame people for voting for a felon Keith Judd over Obama in WV
Kevin D. Judd with President Daryl Parks, Past President Keith Waters and members of the Region XII Fundraising Team
Finally reading the Sunday paper. Looks like Phil got around to reading all the keith judd fec filings that made my eyes bleed 2 weeks ago.
WND » Joe Kovacs You are viewing a feed that contains frequently updated content. When you subscribe to a feed, it is added to the Common Feed List. Updated information from the feed is automatically downloaded to your computer and can be viewed in Internet Explorer and other programs. Learn more about feeds. Subscribe to this feed WND » Joe Kovacs Today, May 20, 2012, 1 minute ago Lou Dobbs mystified by Obama-birth 'taboo' Today, May 20, 2012, 50 minutes ago | Joe Kovacs Lou Dobbs Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs says he’s mystified by an apparent “taboo” Republicans and the national media have as they continue to bury any question or news story probing the eligibility of Barack Obama to be president of the United States. On Friday night’s edition of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network, the veteran broadcaster was having a political discussion with National Research founder Adam Geller. “Let me ask you a question,” Dobbs said to Geller. “Why aren’t the Republicans talking a ...
Small government begins with a small office, an 8X12 jail cell. Keith Judd
Y'know you should book Keith Judd, the convict who got 40% in WV. I mean, the prison demo is strong for
Oh just talking about Obama and Keith Judd with my dad. God bless the south and the state of WV. Lol.
Don't expect another Keith Judd moment in the Kentucky primary. Obama's only opponent here is "uncommitted."
Jailed for making threats against the University of New Mexico.
I bet Judd was at least born in the USA.
It's okay, West Virginia. Biden doesn't blame you for voting for an inmate over Obama.
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Joe Biden doesn't blame West Virginia Dems who voted for convicted felon instead of Obama
Biden on West Virginians' vote for felon Keith Judd: 'I don't blame people ... - Washington…
Biden on West Virginians’ vote for felon Keith Judd: ‘I don’t blame people’ for frustration over economy: Why di...
Keith Judd for president. His hair can be vp.or first lady?
Texas inmate Keith Judd carried 41 percent of the vote in West Virginia's Tuesday Democratic Primary. The Washington Free Beacon decided to imagine what a Judd campaign ad might look like: People sh
Obama clearly hoping Keith Judd doesn't get his hands on defunct Americans Elect ballot access...
Is another Keith Judd moment brewing for Obama? (via
Is another Keith Judd moment brewing for Obama?
Obama nearly loses primary election to prison inmate:
Does the name Keith Judd ring any bells? lol
THEIR VIEW: The real culprit in the Keith Judd case: By PATRICK MORRISEYHARPERS FERRY -- All around West Virgini...
(CNN) -- No balloons. No banners. No cheering crowd. No need for a victory speech to a throng of adoring and loyal supporters. As he sat in a prison cell in Texas, Keith Judd, inmate # 11593-051, was winning 40% of the vote in the West Virginia Democratic Primary last week amid whatever fanfare ...
A TX Federal Prison inmate Keith Judd took 41% of the WV Democratic Primary, even to the point of winning 6 counties.
Keith Judd: An embarrassment to West Virginia - Sandstone Falls, WV (taylor) By now most...
When Judd and Keith come on i get easily distracted.
Keith Judd People actually voted for him.
Shawn Camp joins us next on the Central pregame show. First pitch at 7:05 with Pat and Keith on 720
Patrick Morrisey: The real culprit in the Keith Judd case: Keep it clean. Comments that are obscene, sexually ex...
Morning News Headlines: Man wanted for double-murder and sexual assault in Boone Co. arrested early this morning in Kanawha Co., a Preston Co. man is found dead in the elevator shaft of hospital in Kingwood, state lawmakers may consider giving Secretary of State more discretion in denying candidacy to those not qualified to serve in office--a reaction to the success of prison inmate Keith Judd on the Democrat presidential ballot last week, and Mountain State University will soon learn the fate of the school's accreditation.
Keith Judd says he doesn't know where the money came from that helped get him on the ballot in WV -
Listening to on Talkline, of course the first question is about Keith Judd
Question for next hour on Talkline: Was there any harm by Keith Judd being on the ballot?
Keith Judd is kinda making sense, you guys...
While many blame the West Virginia secretary of state for this national fiasco, she is not the only elected official with culpability.
Read Patrick's op-ed about how a felon got on the WV ballot:
Inmate Keith Judd to CNN: "Thurston Howell was a millionaire... but his money didn't do him any good"
Keith Judd to CNN: "It's like Monopoly...When one person gets all the money, the game is over."
A commenter on the CNN story said Keith Judd has it backwards: Democrats get elected first and then they go to jail
Keith Judd, the federal inmate who won over 40 percent of the Democratic Primary vote in West Virginia on Tuesday, just might be gaining momentum! (President Obama carried the state with 59 percent of the vote.) In this recently released ad, the Washington Free Beacon makes the case for Judd:
Friday Caption Contest: Keith Judd Edition – WINNER!: Winners are below the fold! *** Yes it is caption Friday o...
Read this post by Appalachian Lady, which explains what really happened in the WV primary. Wow. Just, wow.
In what world does this make any sense? The only thing proven is that you sabotaged your own candidate. Good job.
Will Barack try to sway Keith Judd's delegate at the convention? Or will Keith get the nod ahead of Joe for Veep?
Keith judd .. Texas fed prison. # 11593-051. I do inspire you and with much encouargement and may someday we meet..
Is there any chance that th president will pardon Keith Judd n select him as running mate over Biden?
Virginia primary: I volunteer to be Judd's delegate to the democratic convention. With great glee.
Keith Moreland should not be doing play-by-play in Pat's off inning. Why not have Judd do it and keep Keith on color?
So in WV's Democratic Primary, an INMATE named Keith Judd won 40% of the vote. Look him up. This is why we make fun of WV
Federal inmate who challenged Obama in W. Va. tried to get on Md. ballot (by
Spoke with Keith Judd from prison today. His interesting take on WV Primary today at 6
Quiz: Van Jones or Keith Judd? The poor...r being controlled by the wealthy. It's like monopoly/ When 1 person gets the money, game is over.
Democratic Presidential Candidate Keith Judd says it's all about the economy:
Ron Paul may be out but at least Keith Judd is still in the running
Jonah Goldberg writes on NRO: For most of 2012, President Obama has been running in the Democratic Primary. I know that seems odd, given that he’s essentially running unopposed — though don’t tell that to West Virginia Democrats, who cast nearly half of their votes for Keith Judd, an inmate currentl...
Disappointed by the lack of "Keith Judd 2012" signs as I passed through West Virginia.
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... with many people assuming that Judd Winick (who wrote that reunion book), or perhaps Keith Giffen, would be writing it.
Conspiracy theories abound about how federal inmate Keith Judd got 41% against in West Virginia primary.
- Biden replacement found: Federal Inmate Keith Judd Receiving 40 Percent of Vote in West Virginia Democratic Primary
So so crazy! - This Man Beat President Obama in Ten West Virginia Counties
What started as a message that West Virginians do not want Barack Obama in the White House any longer has turned into a message that the public wants a closer look at election laws and ballot access.
John Wolfe, Randall Terry are also on the list
Keith Judd is a white man! Even you are smart enough to know the Racists of West Virginia won't vote for a black man?
Video: Week in Review: Keith Judd, Putin and the president’s big announcement
And in case many of you forget/forgot...Mother's Day was started here in West Virginia...we don't always pull a Keith Judd
The winning ticket: Mitt Romney+Keith Judd (aka inmate If Judd can take 42% of the vote in West Virginia's Dem primary...
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