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Keith Jackson

Keith Jackson (born October 18, 1928) is an American former sportscaster, known for his long career with ABC Sports (1966–2006), his coverage of college football (1952–2006), his style of folksy, down-to-earth commentary, and his distinctive voice, with its deep cadence, and operatic tone considered like Edward R.

Howard Cosell Whoa Nellie Hugh Keevins Brent Musberger Jim McKay Pat Summerall Frank Broyles Brent Musburger Lindsey Nelson Neil Doncaster Al Michaels Brad Nessler Dave King Peter Lawwell Chris Carter Jim Lampley Verne Lundquist

Keith Jackson, David McCarthy and Euan McLean pull no punches as they deliver their verdicts on the midweek action
Congratulations to Keith Jackson on his Super Late Model win at Hagerstown during the Ernie D's Fall Bash.
I feel that way about College Football bowl games. I miss Keith Jackson and Brenr Musberger
1994 A-1 Masters of the Grill Recipe Card - Keith Jackson - Miami Dolphins
Neil Doncaster would pish himself. Andy Walker would start greeting. Keith Jackson would blame it on Hibs fans.
How about this 2OT TD by Arkansas to win..called by Chuck Barrett & Keith Jackson
will have frame where I can rotate jerseys; have Sims, Clayton, Roy Williams, Bradford; Keith Jackson last one I need
There's Keith Jackson ripping the pish out of Mad Phil as well now. Time for him to chuck it.
Keith Jackson getting raging when anyone criticises Andy Murray is quite entertaining
Keith Jackson and Frank Broyles, now that was a great booth.
My 3 favorite CFB announcers of all time:. 1) Keith Jackson. 2) Verne Lundquist. 3) Lindsey Nelson.
Keith Jackson. Jack Buck. Harry Caray. Milo Hamilton. Pat Summerall. Even back to Howard Cosell (who was slightly before my time).
One of the coolest things about the 87 Winston was that Keith Jackson called it. Been cooler if Bill'd wrecked him
You need to do all time. Lindsey Nelson/curt Gowdy/Keith Jackson
can you spot the odd one out? Brothers Grimm. Hans c Andersen. Keith Jackson. Alex Thomson.
Keith Jackson asks if Celtic chief Peter Lawwell should hands over the keys to the Parkhead boardroom:
Jim Nantz can broadcast any sport. So rare. I always wanted to hear Jim McKay do football with Keith Jackson back in the day
Al Michaels is a good announcer. I think Keith Jackson is a terrific announcer. I always loved (1/2)
Keith Jackson should be worrying about his own job. Daily Record circulation is in free fall. 📉
Nothing better than Keith Jackson saying "Bo Schembechler." And no one does hockey like Mike Emrick.
God morning London, its Keith Jackson kicking off your weekend. . Listen |
As Keith Jackson said when traveled to Ole Miss in 1993: "Runnin' through a thunderstorm
Rarely seen 1912 photo of Joe Jackson with Cleveland Naps, batted .395 and led the league in hits with 226
Now I know where Michael Jackson got his moves emoticon
You know Chris Carter, Keith Jackson, & Keyshawn Johnson will play the race card
Wilton Pl. Henry Clay , Keith Jackson My sickle cell foundation needs you Myke Holla at me Tis ! Not looking for money!
Eddie Jackson at Pompano Beach Amphitheater - The Amp (photo by Keith Johnson of Big Shot Concerts)
If you comeback as a Ghost writer would you be the Keith Jackson BAD DUM TISH !
Keith Jackson mocking anyone's job? That's a joke. Remind us how you got your job Keith.
Na Tarentino is notorious for putting *** in all his movies. They called Samuel Jackson a *** like 50 times
Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson playing basketball in 1992.
Friday morning frolics, now! BRING FORTH THE live with you 6am Saturday MiSoul.DAB London X
Video: Watch Keith Jackson and co discuss the Scottish Cup fixtures
The Queen of Harlem by Brian Keith Jackson (2002, Hardcover w/ dust jacket)
Keith Jackson grills Neil Doncaster, as only he can!
Keith Jackson's done a Q & A with Neil Doncaster. Somebody haud me back.
. Keith Jackson will be looking for an interview, it seems you just want the publicity Embarrassing
More details from Neil Doncaster on the Champions League cartel disaster.
Because of Jackson I notice all the preps I use in text messages
Thanks again to former President Bill Clinton for stopping by Jackson State University!
Rise, shine & turn up the radio, Keith Jackson is back, it’s Friday baby!. Listen |
READ the full Keith Jackson Q&A with SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster on plans to block Scotland'...
How does one write a Jackson level paragraph
Gotta have Musberger and Keith Jackson do a basketball game together.
I don't no too many personally ,but Keith Urban TobyK TM,Brad paisley ,B&D Alan Jackson Jamey Johnson KIdd R Nickel back afew
Isabelle Farrell has 10 points to lead Fox. Abigail Hermann and Kayla Keith each had 3 points to lead Jackson.
Ding, ding... winner on points - weemoose. Taxi for Jackson. Night Keith z
Looked after Michael Jackson, got shaded off by Keith Allen, drank shorts with Frostrup, did all sorts with Charley Boorman.
Celtic fans asking Keith Jackson questions ffs! Him and his DR buddies will be laughing up there sleeves.Cringeworthy.
Here's the latest video. Featuring this pair.
No man is ever old enough to know better. - HOLBROOK JACKSON (1874-1948)
The title talkers: Watch Keith Jackson and Co as they discuss Deila, McInnes, Warburton and Stubbs
Frank Caliendo needs to get a Keith Jackson impression down and start calling Saturday night football on ABC.
Keith Jackson on national television said Woodson should be the Heisman Trophy winner
the only thing that could make it better would be Keith Jackson and Frank Broyles on the call.
Keith Jackson gets a pass. He was as pro-Mich as much as John Ward was all-Vol
Sam Hunt is not country music. I miss Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, and the Judds. Bring real country back!
2005 Texas OU game: Keith Jackson "get out of the way because the Longhorns are coming" 2016 we GOT everyyybody
Internet archive save the old HFNZONE Keith Jackson Notebook.
Jackson back for Johnson. SVG going with a Johnson-Jennings backcourt at 1:09 3Q
Stanley Johnson starts the 2H at KCP's spot ... Pretty much means Reggie Jackson will guard Isaiah Thomas
ahh gotcha. I really don't know how people listen to it. I'll take Alan Jackson and Toby Keith over today's stuff any time.
Neither Jackson nor Thomas guarding each other .. KCP on Thomas, Bradley on Jackson
Wd it be wrong of me to ask your opinion on abuse Chris Jack, Keith Jackson & Matt Lindsay get from Celtic fans?
Do you think R. Jackson has peaked in his career or will he get even better in the next years?
particularly welcome after the drivel Keith Jackson of the Record was wittering about today - well done ICTFC
just had a look down that Keith Jackson thread, right pair of wallopers you had on your hands there!
Who gone promote you like how you promote yourself 🤔 nobody ( Keith sweat voice) 😂💪🏾 trust the process
Keith Spencer Carter the got you at work cuz. A Jerome Jackson Vance Smith Asap Fitz Maurice Coleman look at this...
Keith Jackson is hilarious and super sweet! @ Hot Springs…
Keith Jackson is our guest speaker for our 2016 Suddenlink Leadership meeting!
what Andy Murray should do to overcome Novak Djokovic
6-1-2 takes on 7-1-1 tonight with 1st place in the CAL on the line. In the words of Keith Jackson: "Whoa, Nellie!"
is an Arkansas all-stater and son of six-time Pro Bowl selection Keith Jackson »
15th recruit to sign for Illinois this morning is DT Kenyon Jackson, son of former NFL and Oklahoma tight end Keith Jackson
Hi Keith, I'm interviewing cool people. Just interviewed Colin Jackson. Are you available for an interview in March plz mate?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
No Tansey, no title? My thoughts on the bad blood between Aberdeen and ICT.
Keith Jackson: Tsunami of bad blood from Greg Tansey saga will take
Will Andy Murray ever add to majors haul? I voted NO in the poll! Have your say:
Kool Keith: Sly Stone picture with a DJ and a Numark mixer .
Jim McKay, Howard Cosell and, Whoa Nellie, Keith Jackson on the scene at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.
I know you’ve all been waiting for this - my 1990′s TE power rankings…Jay Novacek, Keith Jackson, Eric Green, Ben Coates, Brent Jones.
I remember when OU knew what a TE was.Keith Jackson, Jermaine Gresham, Trent Smith, Stephen Alexander
Leigh Griffiths, Brian Laudrup, Darren O’Dea & Keith Jackson live on Sportsound tonight as we discuss the SC draw
That voice of Keith Jackson is real nice. Especially with Rocky Top playing behind it.
watching a docudrama Snake and Mongoose and they just showed Keith Jackson! Lots of memories watching this!
Mr. Scott was unique. I have always felt he was the Keith Jackson of the new generation, with his own special style.
Soph, James, Keith and I went to see HATEFUL 8 at three hours long. Sam Jackson & Jennifer Jason Leigh -- both terrific. …
best part about this clip is Keith Jackson's voice
Keith Jackson is still the best college football sportscaster of ALL TIME. No one else is even close.
Two undefeated teams, Rose Bowl, Keith Jackson's final game, no hackneyed conference narratives. If it's ever topped I'll be surprised.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
if I mention succulent lamb, level 5 and radars, do I win the Keith Jackson bingo?
Reggie Jackson tweaked his ankle late in Saturday's game at Indiana, but he's good to go tonight vs ORL
I can still recall where I was and what I was doing when Keith Jackson called that play! Hook 'Em!
Col. Keith Gibson is addressing the attendees of College of Chapters in Jackson Memorial Hall at VMI.
As noted, 10th anniversary of USC-UT Rose Bowl, 1 of best games most of us ever saw; also was final game Keith Jackson did.
Hard to believe it's been 17 years since the Keith Jackson retirement party (and according to ABC, some UT football game).
...Chick Hearn & Keith Jackson had catchphrases back in the 70's & 80's.
The highlight of the USC vs. Texas game. The great Keith Jackson on VY's game winning TD: "he's got it!" silence from Jackson right after
10 years ago today, one of the greatest CFB games ever, Texas-USC, national title game. Keith Jackson's last game.
One of the best parts of Texas-USC game was Keith Jackson's call of VY's final TD. Stepped back and let the scene tell the story. Sublime.
It's almost sort of depressing to rewatch, though. Keith Jackson was struggling big time by that point.
10th anniversary of the USC/Texas Rose Bowl means 10th anniversary of Keith Jackson's in game promo for ~Emily's Reasons Why Not.~
"What he did is show the world the damndest exhibition of playing quarterback I have ever seen" - Keith Jackson
Excellent column with plenty of good ideas from my office colleague this morning...
Keith Jackson has negative opinion on Celtic. Celtic fans get upset. This Celtic fan shakes his head wearily. . Happens again …
Keith Jackson: Dundee United look like the next to get their brains blown out, can everyone...
Let's see - Keith Jackson, Lindsey Nelson, *** Enberg, Mel Allen, Brent Musburger and Chris Fowler. Chris Fowler? I don't think so.
only six guys have ever done Rose Bowl PBP on TV Mel Allen, Curt Gowdy, Keith Jackson and Brent
Always been more captivated by college football PxP voices: Keith Jackson, Verne Lundquist, Brent Musberger, Brad Nessler, Sean McDonough
I've been hearing it since the days of Keith Jackson, Lee Grosscup&Lindsey Nelson, I may just notice more.
I'll take the Kelly Greens with Randall throwing to Keith Jackson, Fred Barnett & Calvin Williams :)
That was Keith Jackson, NOT Chris Schenkel who called Lakers-Bucks in that 1972 footage from ABC.
Keith Jackson admits that Rangers started all over again!! .
Every time I watch the 85 Iron Bowl, I always wonder whether Keith Jackson & Frank Broyles can call college football forever.
Vin Scully, Keith Jackson, and CO's Own.LARRY ZIMMER!!! State of Colorado was lucky to have him. 👍🎤🏈 wasn't a good experience. Stick to softball Beth Mowins. She ain't the next Keith Jackson
Beth Mowins, with her twangin' upstate NY accent. Keith Jackson she ain't.
Keith Jackson: Celtic chief Peter Lawwell has backed himself into the corner
Keith Jackson: Celtic chairman Ian Bankier came out fighting but Peter Lawwell's just backed himself...
he wouldn't get in for Keith Jackson and Jim traynor
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
But Richard Wilson, Keith Jackson & Graham Speirs.Had them winning or challenging the premiership in 2016/17 so ur wrong😄
Brilliant Richard Wilson and Keith Jackson this is so funny
No disrespect to Verne and Gary, but I wish Keith Jackson was doing this game.
Keith Jackson's legacy lives on in the broadcast booth at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Jackson Co., Mississippi State communities 'shocked' by deaths of Keith Joseph Jr., father
As Keith Jackson might say, these two teams just do not like each other.
VIDEO: Georgia RB Keith Marshall puts defender to bed with nasty stiff arm on TD run
Play by play announcer for FL v Vandy is no Keith Jackson.
In my best Keith come the black horses
MSU freshman, former Pascagoula star Keith Joseph Jr. and father killed in car accident
Brick Mem is the 1 seed in Central IV. Brick 2, Freehold 4, Jackson Mem. 7, Jackson Lib. 8.
Even with Keith Jackson calling this game it would still suck!
For those who missed this morning's show. Happy Weekend.x
Want to see that play for UofL for Jackson. Clemson uses it well also.
Just realized that Bolin pretty much did the same emoji thing Jackson did when he took over. Gonna look way too much into that just b/c
Michael Jackson, Wolfie Smith, Keith Chegwin, Hugh Grant, Nigel Havers, your boys are taking one *** of a beating
Coming 2 Mountaineer Field today? Stay in your seats @ halftime to hear Director Dr. Keith Jackson joining us playing trombone!
I'm actually heading up to David's tonight with Keith Jackson for some fine wine & nice red meat you want to come ?
remember that 'we' are programmed not to praise 1. Daily Record 2. Keith Jackson or 3. Our Bazza☺
get 6-game trip off on right foot, thanks to their PGs. extends lead, closes.
Nothing but laughs, entertainment news & a soulful soundtrack in the AM with Keith Jackson.
I miss Keith Jackson calling college football games.
MSU football player Keith Joseph, his dad die in wreck
Better bench play and some big plays by Reggie helped us pick up the win, writes in his recap:
That's the way you start a 6-game roadie. 100-92 at PHX. Jackson 14 in 4Q to finish with 23/6/7. Morris 20, KCP 18, Drummond 12/17
That's a 13-point 4Q for and his 3 puts up 10 with 1:09 to play
Huge runner by Jackson puts Pistons up 5 and he fouls Bledsoe out in the process. 1:47 to play
U better go off tonight Lawrence Jackson Keith Davis Y'all Soon
.a tough driving layup and a sweet bounce pass for a dunk as open 2H on 4-0 run to lead 46-40
2 quick fouls on Markieff Morris, plus a T .. cracks the ice on the FT at 8:43
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Keith Jackson converts fake punt, but now faced w fourth down at 19
don't like him, but I must admit, Keith Jackson was the best in my generation.
Keith Jackson always alludes to having the best interests of Rangers at heart, so what a chance for him to man up
why is everyone I know Nat type strict? any other game we play we connect, but not on BO3
Tapster, being from GA I once asked Keith Jackson where is his hometown Roopville,GA? He said, "Alan, they puh-lowed it up"
Great being at the alma mater of the BIG *** Keith Jackson, w/BA Sam Younger, & Dir. Doug Freeman.
that was an AWESOME Keith Jackson you just did my good sir! 😁🍻
During this whole Hardy fiasco, where have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton been hanging? Oh, that's right, it was a white wom…
Keith Jackson: The calm’s been blown away as Mike Ashley and the taxman hit Dave King with questions
yea I heard Keith Jackson pillaring you. Strachan played 4-4-2 at Celtic and guess what sir Alex done that too.
If they lose the feed again, we may get Keith Jackson, Howard Cosell and Jim Palmer calling the game in yellow blazers...
Better than Keith Jackson and Howard Cosell. I loved Keith, but Cosell knew less about baseball than football.
Jim Mcmahon hits Keith Jackson for a 73 yard TD. Lawrence Taylor in coverage had NO shot at keeping up. 91? 92?
With complete respect to Happy Birthday to the greatest college football voice of all time: Mr. Keith Jackson - "Whoa Nellie"
Oh how we need Keith Jackson for that. RUMBLING!!! Or Bill Raftery crossing over sports - TAKE IT IN BIG FELLA!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
If Mark Andrews is a TE he just tied a 69 yrs old Rcd/TE's held by Jim Owens in 1946. (Keith Jackson had 3TD catches as a Freshman)
Can we get a Whoa Nellie from Keith Jackson today for the Big House
Whoa Nellie! coined by *** Lane voice of wrestling/roller derby from not Keith Jackson.
If hearing Keith Jackson's voice doing college football doesn't give you goosebumps...I have no words for you.
Keith Jackson in his lance Armstrong gear
agreed with every word you said tonight. Get Griffiths in and also Steven Naismith is a must! Keith Jackson is a clown!!!
Avd this game that whoevr is plyng ...the Keith Jackson remembered Toni Fulton ...and so the only thing the so stamps shoukd had been saying
Feel like Keith Jackson or Chris Schenkel should be broadcasting 1st half of Big 10 games. A whole lot of bad offensive football.
Thank God for Keith Jackson as I thought Tommy Cooper could never be replaced
Can you imagine the Selmon brothers, Joe Washington, Keith Jackson, Josh Heupel, Ryan Broyles, Jason White, or...
I still remember Cosell ruining Keith Jackson's call of number 3..
Every minute of Kirk Herbstreit with access to a national broadcast and I just miss Keith Jackson that much more. Please, make him stop.
One of my all time favorites! With win over Nebraska in Keith Jackson era!
Brad Nessler is still the best play-by-play guy in CFB, IMO. Been that way since Keith Jackson retired.
your voice is slowly starting to represent Fall for me, replacing Keith Jackson.
Brilliant. Never forget watching him and Keith Jackson announce games as I was growing up in the 1980's.
when u play Akron on ESPN3 do you expect Keith Jackson?
What do you expect from Keith 'Off The Radar' Jackson?
Keith did and he said he was expecting some stick but was relieved only we would remember!
I see Keith Jackson is trolling now he's crawled out from Dave King's ***
Keith Jackson trolling tonight looking for bites about Deila. Don't give him the attention.
Wish Keith Jackson was calling this game!
Keith Jackson is in a recliner somewhere saying "whoa Nelly" a lot watching this Jax State game.
In the words of Keith Jackson, "Whoa Nellie!" ... Jacksonville St. Scores and takes the lead over Auburn... Yes Auburn... At Auburn...
Lamar Jackson is good he's just a true freshman making true freshman mistakes just give him time
Question with benching Jackson is his confidence.
Bronx cheer after Jackson throws it away.
I actually thought Houston would to try and confuse Jackson.
Lamar Jackson started out 4-4. Went 3-10. Then finished 3-3. That’s likely the norm for him for a while.
I was just screaming “don’t try to throw it” the entire time Jackson was spinning around.
No clue what just happened there. Looks like everyone was running a run play but Jackson.
Wouldn't it be nice to watch one of these football games today with Keith Jackson and Kevin Calabro behind the mic?
Keith Jackson td from noah gray about 20 yards kick no good devils lead pats 20-0 559 left 1st half
Keith Jackson leaps over a defender and hauls in 30 yard TD. cruising 20-0
Keith Jackson intercepts nm pass in end zone
you're right Keith Jackson has the best voice in broadcasting & OSU/UM is the best rivalry in football, well not lately tho
Keith Jackson's verdict: Scotland came so atrociously short on a ...
Kyle Jackson takes an end around and makes a number of Patriots miss en route to 60 yard TD run. 14-0
My phone is dying. Tell Scott Jackson and Mike Dylie I said Hi.
Keith Jackson gets in on the act with a 30 yard TD grab from Gray. Kick fails. 20-0 with 5:59 left in half.
Keith Jackson puts an end to that drive with an INT.
Oh my GOD did you guys just see Braxton Miller spin move! Oh Nely!! "Keith Jackson's voice". College 🏈🏈
Ken Squire and Ned Jarrett are the Keith Jackson and Frank Broyles of racing.
Heard that Keith Jackson broke the news that JT is starting this Monday. Then I found out this wasn't "Whoa Nellie" Keith. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
And the announcers were folks like Keith Jackson, Jim Lampley, Sam Posey, Jackie Stewart. Yes, I get it that some of them are older.
The dream team to call a CFB game-Keith Jackson, Brent Musburger, Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit
Whoa, whoa! Randall, Byars, Keith Jackson, Quick, Chris Carter, Barnett in 1990!?!? Spider, we my have our 1st fight since '83!
Brent Musberger went from copying Keith Jackson to being a goofball, I kinda like it
Do you ever get to talk to Keith Jackson in the offseason? Hoping he is doing well &enjoying retirement. CFB fans miss him
Keith Jackson, Frank Gifford, Al Michaels, & Mike Tirico are the only play by play men in the history of Monday Night Football
Keith Jackson who worked for plead guilty
Another club have also banned Hugh Keevins and Keith Jackson of the Daily Record.
Keith Jackson: Only team that can stop Celtic romping to a domestic clean sweep.. i
Out of interest any idea why we've not had the same reaction when Keith Jackson and Hugh Keevins were banned?
I trust you take the same issue with Keith Jackson being banned by Celtic and Hugh Keevins before him?
Keith Jackson is banned from Parkhead as was Hugh Keevins.
I knew Hugh Keevins is banned. Didn't know about Keith Jackson.
Jenner sidebar: Jim McKay, Al Michaels, Jim Lampley, Keith Jackson, Howard Cossell. What an era. Miss the good ol days of ABC Sports.
Be better if they dubbed over John Ward. then we'd hv a real . Keith Jackson *** compared to the GOAT
Keith Jackson: I'm backing Murray to go all the way.. but he must cut out worrying blips to see off the big guns
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
"Welp, they didn't stumble into it, they didn't back into it, they just whipped Miami 34-13" --Keith Jackson
Exclusive! Keith Jackson will report later on the lively discussions between Chris Graham and Harpo Marx.
Hall of Fame inductee Keith Jackson, wrestler "Diesel" and WWE Chairman ~ http:/…
Even better, two of the announcers are Keith Jackson and Howard Cosell.
Keith Jackson publishing to Jim Traynor's instructions again 😂
ESPN Classic with a treat right now. Keith Jackson and Howard Cosell calling baseball.
how come Dave King blames David Murray for losing £20m yet Keith Jackson says it was under Craig Whyte's watch??
Keith Jackson was calling baseball. The Holiday Bowl did not exist.
Joe Paterno, Keith Jackson, and Urban Meyer (so I can throw him overboard)
Expecting Jim Traynor in a helicopter, filming Keith Jackson as he tails Big Mike in an OJ style rolling newsathon on STV news tonight. 🚁🚗🚔🚘
Masters Notebook: Golf editor Keith Jackson finds a couple of mind-boggling facts and figures and enjoys...
President of ACIA Keith Jackson and President of IACA Carolyn Cassidy at 1st Plenary Session.
I love the way makes every game feel like a big one. The greats show the game that kind of respect - like Keith Jackson.
Keith Jackson from Glasgow coming to show case Financial Wrecking of Glasgow Rangers ht…
He's no Keith Jackson but he's 100x better than Joe Buck.
*Sigh* I just want Keith Jackson to read me a story ...
Keith Jackson risking the wrath of ISIS. Hope it's a fair, clean fight.
Due to the patriots and colts playing each other for a trip to the super bowl our own cody parkey is now in the Pro Bowl and is the first eagles rookie to make it since keith jackson did it in 1988 congratulations cody glad to have you and look forward to watching you have a great career that now makes 7 eagles in the Pro Bowl also Macattack18
I wish Keith Jackson would call tonight's game.
I hear a Keith Jackson on my television!
Is there any way we can bring back Keith Jackson for tonight's game? If not, can we just duct tape Fowler's mouth?
I often like to close my eyes, mute the TV and imagine that Keith Jackson is still in the booth calling the Nat'l Champ game. Still the best
Samuel L Jackson gets mistaken for Laurence Fishburne, Keith Chegwin gets mistaken for Les Dennis, it happens.
They had Keith Jackson on A Football Life, the 2006 Rose Bowl...The Grandaddy of them all!
PYT my lady Michael Jackson in the eighties
When you've been spoiled by watching Keith Jackson and Brent Musburger call national title games for decades, not easy to accept Fowler.
I wish Keith Jackson was calling the game tonight
I wish Keith Jackson were calling the game tonight.
If you r going to do Keith Jackson imitations u gotta use "OH NELLIE"
Baby Bro said Keith Jackson was a terrible announcer.. obviously he is an ***
Breast Cancer Awareness
Keith Jackson's words ring loudly. "Too much analyzing is oh so paralyzing!!"
Watching the OSU-Miami game on BTN. Is Keith Jackson still alive?
I wish Keith Jackson could be the third member of your team tonight, I would love to hear a "Whoa, Nellie!"
Big difference from 2003 and 2015 Ohio State? Keith Jackson described Andy Groom as "one of the fastest Buckeyes." Groom was the punter
the last championship game that didn't feature an SEC team was called by Keith Jackson.
Keith Jackson...keeping the deluded in delusion since 2012.
Too bad Keith Jackson isn't on the call for tonight's game!
Nailed it by playing those Keith Jackson clips. He brought the pageantry of the game to the fans.
LIVEWIRE SHOW THIS FRIDAY! Austin Keith, Jackson Lawrence, Juliet Rome and Brett Smith will be performing. For...
Keith all action Jackson reports that Park n co will lend and in return get 2 places on the board.
.McInnes a master as he defuses Niall McGinn row
Monday's column. Why Derek Mcinnes is now the real deal:
How many 'Exclusives' does Keith Jackson need to get horrendously wrong before his employers say "Maybe this *** at it?"...
Keith Jackson: Douglas Park consortium winning the battle for Rangers
Come visit your girls tomorrow at Barrett Jackson ♡ we'll be bartending at the Toby Keith tent…
Nothing like Keith Jackson's ability to provide goosebumps before the national title game tomorrow. .
Parkey is the first Eagles rookie to make a Pro Bowl team since TE Keith Jackson, who caught 81 passes for 859 yards & 6 TDs in 1988.
Of all places I have lived since marrying my love Dan Rowell Tulsa has been my favorite. No where else will you...
alright since we can't have Keith Jackson ... You guys do an awesome job can't wait ..
Want to hear Keith Jackson chatting with Bob Griese as they watch an 2OT game? Oh, and you'll watch a different 1.
my top 10 are 10 Keith Jackson 9 Brent Musburger 8 John Madden & Pat Summerall continue
Keith Jackson, there, for some reason thinking that Robert Maxwell being a crook 24 years ago excuses the Record's plaigarism now.
It would be beautiful.. and throw in Keith Jackson running Go routes!
Keith Jackson and Dan Fouts called a great game, Jeff Fisher and Norm Chow wanted Matt Leinart and Bud Adams said no
Keith Jackson. What poetic justice for this game to be his last. Amazing.
Keith Jackson and Pat Summerall were my favorites
Weird to see Brad Nessler looking old. He the next elder statesman a la Keith Jackson, Pat Summerall, and Brent Musberger?
To start the fourth of the they should always play the legendary voice of Keith Jackson "Sun sets over the San Gabriel Mountains"
immaculate...not the same without Keith Jackson calling it.
Why can't Keith Jackson pull a Barry Alvarez and just do bowl games
"It's amazing how popular she is since she's a dirty skinny anorexic" Keith Jackson on Taylor Swift
During the last time out Keith Jackson ran to get Chuck Barrett a brisket sandwich. Keith Jackson has now out rushed Texas tonight
ate at Gourmet Taco Co. Gave it a Keith Jackson "Whoa Nellie!"
The only person that said Green was being investigated was Keith Jackson via Malcolm Murray.
Brent Musberger is during my time. Keith Jackson not so much.
For those who haven't heard the day's news Keith Jackson will drive a MBH for Ernie & Connie Davis in 2015.
Keith Jackson will drive for Ernie Davis in 2015
When a Keith Jackson equivalent weighs in on our scheduling I’ll read it twice. Brady Quinn? Nah.
Your commentators - Keith Jackson and Howard Cosell. These two were really good.
My all time favorites Brent Musburger Brad Nessler and Keith Jackson
Ole Mo as Keith Jackson would call it has really shifted in this one
Video unearthed in honor of return to London. Jim Kelly and Keith Jackson having tea circa 1991.
Doing my 1st play by play game this weekend CC VS Shasta @ contra costa college football -- need to pull out my best Keith Jackson voice 😂
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