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Keith R Harkin (born in Derry, Northern Ireland) is a singer, songwriter, actor, and surfer. 5.0/5

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ON SALE NOW: An intimate evening with Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder Official on April 11 at The Walnut Room -... https:…
Keith Harkin, member of Celtic Thunder Official, comes to Vega this Sunday evening! It won't be purely Celtic...
last show of . Big shout out to Celtic Thunder Official for a FABULOUS tour ! Keith Harkin
What an amazing show to end the Celtic Thunder Official 2014 Australian tour! After a morning spent editing yesterday's photos, I got up to the city about 2:45 and met up with Alice Ingley & Bridie Lee, who proceeded to tell me that I had not long missed Celtic Comet - Emmet Cahill Official Music & Colm Keegan - *** it! Went to the arena to wait for Charlotte Rollinson and soundcheck, so got to have a good long chat with the wonderful Stephen :) once we got let in and Stephen was giving the spiel, he said to us that we know all this already anyway! :P Soon we were allowed in to a very amusing soundcheck! Alice, Char and I could help but burst out laughing (quite often) at some of the boys antics! At one point, first Emmet and Dave M, then Colm and Ryan Kelly Music Official came off the stage and walked to the back of the floor seating... We may have got a little paranoid, so instead of watching Keith Harkin on stage, we kept turning around to see what they were up to! At the end, Dave talked to the sound ...
CONGRATULATIONS Keith Harkin and to everyone associated with Celtic Thunder Official on another successful OZ...
Well tonight was another awesome Celtic Thunder Official concert, and my closest to home at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre! It was their first time here, and from the reports I heard, they enjoyed themselves. :) The day started off with Robyn Neighbour and i heading down about lunchtime, where we went to San Churro for lunch, after which we went walking and enjoyed the scenery. About 3 pm we headed towards the venue and met up with Alice Ingley and Bridie Lee while i waited for Kelly Simmonds to show up. While we did, I noticed two familiar figures on the boardwalk headed towards the Centre. I sat watching them and then Alice clicked as to who they were - none other than Colm Keegan and Emmet Cahill Official Music! So we went out to say hi and have a quick chat. After they left we headed back in and chatted with Stephen, Kelly showed up and really we just killed time until soundcheck at 4pm. Soundcheck was so much fun! Emmet did Always There, which was hilarious because Colm, Keith Harkin and Ryan Ke ...
watching Celtic Thunder Official on WETA. Nice to see Neil Byrne, Ryan Kelley, Keith Harkin and the late George Donaldson (Official). Nice to see and hear the 'new' lads Emmett and Colin though it is not the same without Paul Byrom and Damian Mcginty (Official). But I give Emmett credit - he does a great version of "Danny Boy"!!
Keith Harkin 'Tears of Hercules' from Celtic Thunder Official This stunning song is also on Keith's debut solo album:
Check out this Sneak Peek of the new DVD from Celtic Thunder Official 'Home'. See our favorite lad Keith Harkin in this wee clip!
Ok, so while I'm suppose to be wrapping gifts to see what's what, I, instead, decided to hang a lot of Celtic Thunder Official, Keith Harkin, and Paul Byrom framed photos! Oh, and my signed poster that I had outside my stateroom is right above my sofa in my bedroom; all of the pics are in my bedroom. I still have many other photos of Craig Ferguson, Rick Mora, Actor, Model., Colm Keegan, Dango Nguyen, and I know I have others that need framed and hung. I'm tired of seeing them on the floor. NOW, I must wrap even though I want to knit. Lots to do and little time
Class shot!! TONIGHT! Keith Harkin in Grand Prairie with Celtic Thunder Official and then at Poor David's Pub! You lucky Texans you!! ENJOY!! \m/
Got to meet singer, Keith Harkin and guitarist Dave Bakey of Celtic Thunder Official last Wednesday while out shooting street style. Didn't get to Lisa Marie Presley, who apparently was roaming about also. Not a bad work day if I say so myself.
You've heard it from Keith Harkin . . . "YOU MISSED OUT" so let's NOT miss out on next year's Celtic Thunder Official cruise! Today's your final day to sign up and have a chance to win a FREE cabin for two!!!
Detroit Sound check in progress...thanks for the pic, Keith Harkin! Have you your passes for a Celtic Thunder Official sound check party?? Good craic, don't miss out!
Keith Harkin "Last Christmas" TODAY (Oct 11) the new Celtic Thunder Official "Christmas Voices" CD was released! Have you your copy? Still need to get it? Makes a great gift and is sure to put you in the Christmas mood! Visit: or to order!
Don't forget to get yourself signed up for this chat with Keith Harkin . . . this is the OFFICIAL link to sign up and it's the ONLY place you will be able to see and chat with him via the Celtic Thunder Official link below!!!
Keith Harkin, lead singer of Celtic Thunder Official will perform LIVE in the Grand Ballroom...
Another great "busking around America" video from the one and only Keith Harkin via Celtic Thunder Official...
Well Done, Celtic Thunder Official, George Donaldson (Official), Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly Music Official, Neil Byrne, Colm Keegan and Emmet Cahill Official Music!!! You guys are absolutely AMAZING and we couldn't be more proud of you all!!!
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