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Keith Harkin

Keith R Harkin (born in Derry, Northern Ireland) is a singer, songwriter, actor, and surfer.

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Absolutely love this kid! His talents are an ultimate dream and his respect and intellect surprise us every day. A young man that posts the essence of what is important on Palm Sunday -- Socrates Satre Christ -a young person with so much perception . Hope he sings for the Pope someday. Ahhh the Irish the real the heart the souls of us all and they get the do bi do bi do bit too. Adore Keith Harkin. Take care and continue to be on that higher plain. Continue to honor George and now you will be the lead of the family and George would be proud to release that to you. You inspire others- with grace!
~ the fact that you posted this for us all to see shows your heart Keith Harkin.very touching ♥
Harkin just joking about the K doll!
Keith Harkin Artwork: he posted this great lookin fish in 2013 then stating he was workin on a line of clothing, etc ...these are all his artwork I have collected pics of since he started to post them on his website so amazing are they, each and every one are treasures. Some are pics of the drawings at different stages.the oil painting of a boat in brilliant colors he did back in 2012 looks so fine! Cannot wait to see all of his artwork.
I got sent to my room to listen to Keith Harkin...yea!!!
Have not shared a photo of my boyfriend recently.Love this Keith Harkin!!
I thought this might be of interest to the group. I was reading my local newspaper today, The Baltimore Sun, and there was an announcement of Celtic Thunder going to sea. The picture with the article was the one from Mythology with all 5 guys, which, of course, includes George and Emmet. The article goes on to tell you that we would be entertained by Keith Harkin, George Donaldson, Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne and Colm Keegan. No mention of Emmet whatsoever even though he is in the picture and no mention, of course, of George's death. After the article there was "Special to Tribune Newspapers." I guess the article was written over a month ago and now just put in the newspaper. Just thought that I'd pass on this info to you.
I'd like my very own sheet set with Keith Harkin on it!
so excited about all the new projects that you are doing. I am so hoping to get a Keith Harkin original art to go with glasses
Great new Keith Harkin merchandise is in the works!!!
No hosting does not count as a tax deduction. Now when will you put KEITH HARKIN on your show?
~ Please enjoy a Keith Harkin Slideshow as you listen to "Now We Are Free"
So when can we expect to see Keith Harkin on your show???He is worth the time-so talented-so kind-so nice to look at!!!
Beautiful artwork Keith I want one with your name on it
Enjoy with a Keith Harkin cover of John Martyn's "Over the Hill" Oct '12 Bethlehem PA via
Dear Elen we Keith Harkin fans would like to see him on your show please watch this video andhis others
This guy why is he soo handsome..Keith Harkin Busking in Perth Australia, Landslide cover. Keith Harkin: via
Hoping Ellen is hearing us ! Fabulously talented Keith Harkin is !!!
~ Enjoy Keith Harkin Tuesday with part 4 of 4 of the program recorded at AETN Studios in 2011:
Keith is just Fine as himself. GOD create sand no need to embellish with anything-- love the way he chides the Mo's and their cohorts tho. He always does that with style. Don't try to typecast this kid he really is far above what the Mo's think is cool. He has his own personal cool that is way above and enlightening every day . Doesn't need tats because he has intellect. Love you babe!
You need to check out harkin awesome talented guy! :-)
WE WANTTO SEE KEITH HARKIN on your show soon. He. s gorgeous, talented, and Irish. with the loveliest accent!!!
To spend a few days with Keith Harkin and some of those *** glasses!! LOL :-)
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday...enjoy your day, come check us out :)
Done & dusted, gentleman. Proud to support. Harkin/Kerr = Lethal. Go on, Barry! Best on your new one as well,Keith.
/ Get Keith Harkin on the Ellen Show! You will be amazed! You gotta love those Irish lads.
But I had a place picked out to display my signed Keith Harkin! Congratulations Jesse Coutts.
You will fall in love with Keith Harkin after listening to this song! ❤️
~ Enjoy Keith Harkin perfoming his new song "Mercy". via
Reply to *** .. I really wanted a signed Keith Harkin :)
Didn't know you are wearing Keith on your shirt.. is that H co for Harkin company ;) safe travels Colm
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via I would love to see Harkin play this beauty!
KEITH HARKIN MY LOVE GOES ON FINAL SHOW CT: fabulous, listen to that voice at the end
put Keith Harkin on the Ellen Show make us all HAPPY
Please enjoy your Sunday with four songs from Keith Harkin live AETN
Keith Harkin Live at Atlanta's Hard Rock Cafe - Part 1: via . Amazing video of Keith Harkin.
and we love our American Keith Harkin as much as our Irish one..
Calling ALL Keith Harkin fans! Want This weekend we're making a list (and checking...
I want those Keith Harkin sunglasses. But I'm not even gonna ask how much they cost because I know I don't have the money for them. 😥
I forgot how much I love Keith Harkin 😉
Night all sleep well sweet dreams time for Daisy and I to go to bed hubby has been there since 10 pm.Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday
Keith Harkin - Don't Forget About Meplease listen. Great entertainer. Moles will love it!
Keith Harkin performing "Orange Moon" at Poor David's Pub in Dallas,TX on 3/2/13
Keith Harkin the most caring and talented thoughtful man may you somehow be enlightened by this loss and continue to bless others with your gifts. We do treasure you and CT Family always.
Keith Harkin shares a fun memory of George DonaldsonPeace Be With you
Keith Harkin shares a fun memory of George Donaldson
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Slugs are cuddly. Slugs are sweet. They're never nasty or mean. I'd give a home to all the lost slugs, if ever one day I were Queen!!! OH WAIT! I am a Queen! QUEEN OF THE HILL BABY OH! Gosh darn y'all, Keith Harkin is such a hunky piece of man. Talk about yer eye candy. He's like a Jolly Rancher with arms. Yeehaww
3/15/14 Trocadero Theater, Philadelphia, PA. Keith Harkin shares a funny memory of the late George Donaldson, and dedicates an acoustic version of much loved...
Keith Harkin and Dave Bakey rock the Troc in Philly
on | Singing with a Sister, Hanging in Hermosa & Standing in the Sand…
Never have I EVER seen a man named Keith who wasnt a babe. Look at Keith Urban, Keith harkin etc.
~ Enjoy a song for Sunday from Keith Harkin "Now We Are Free" on Reverbnation
~ thanks for adding this site as another place to enjoy the work of Keith Harkin during your time online
Thanks Keith. Beautiful pic. And it's so nice to hear from you. I'm sure you are having a great time.
Great shot of you & Rebecca doing what you love to do Keith!!
I watch ur show everyday. I wish u and mike would host KEITH HARKIN on ur show. He Is amazing, funny and hot. He is a singer!!!
I watch ur show all the time and would REALLY love to have u have KEITH HARKIN on to sing. He is amazing and we love him. PLZ!
Keith Harkin on Static Beach w Rebecca & Jonny article and photos
I added a video to a playlist Keith Harkin - Don't Forget About Me
I added a video to a playlist Tears of Hercules - Celtic Thunder - Keith Harkin
Such beautiful frames for Keith Harkin! Who wants more? Thanks for the pic! . Tag yourself...
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For the morning sun in all it's glory. Greets the day… ♫ Have I Told You Lately That I Love You by Keith Harkin —
Hi Ellen... Please ask Keith Harkin to come on your show and sing for us his devoted fans love him and his music. He's great!!
Keith Harkin just finished his ST. Patrick tour and it was awesome. Acoustic and just pour fun, he is gorgeous, talented and hot!
I would like to tell you about Irish singer Keith Harkin who is promoting his solo career. He is also touring with Celtic Thunder.
Keith Harkin and all Celtic Thunder fans say "Good Night George Donaldson" http:/…
Hi Ellen! I just wanted to ask you to look into having KEITH HARKIN from CelticThunder to come on your show and sing. He's g8!
Keith Harkin's tribute to George Donaldson - dream-girl-loves: This was performed the day of George’s death...
Debut 'Keith Harkin' Download just $5 - CD for $10.99 on The BEST u will ever hear! HERE: …
Keith Harkin on tour with Rebecca Harkin Music & Johnny Nutt. My ma (Loraine Hooker), Carol Mahaney, Ginnie Ann, Lisa Saffels Ritchie & a lot more of us had the MOST WONDERFUL TIME. Being entertained by such talent. Thanks Keith, Rebecca, & Johnny for the storytelling & AWESOME music. Can't wait for the albums to come out.
Beautiful St. Paddy's Tour and Tribute to George. Your heart and ours have been broken but you managed to make us remember him with love and respect. This St. Paddy's is a different one of pensive thoughts. You mentioned you were afraid to call Carrie and Sarah but GO to them instead and put your arms about them for you will then feel right your whole life. Lost my Dad a few months ago and those first days you want separation then you seek those that interacted and loved them as much. You will never regret making that trip otherwise it eats and you try to form ways of honor that don't measure up. It is a way of closure and healing. Thanks for everything this tour. You always do your blood justice. Bless and love you and the guys/CT Family
Keith Harkin . A knight in shining armour!
Sleep time after a great show! Keith Harkin is an amazing performer! Upsetting I couldn't get a picture but it's understandable and I respect that.
Keith Harkin at the Hard Rock Atlanta 3-14-14
Had a blast at Keith Harkin show at Ceoltas Irish Pub
I agree! I saw Celtic Thunder live last yr. I am so love Keith Harkin! When they came out in kilts I almost rushed the stage!!
watching Celtic Thunder Official on WETA. Nice to see Neil Byrne, Ryan Kelley, Keith Harkin and the late George Donaldson (Official). Nice to see and hear the 'new' lads Emmett and Colin though it is not the same without Paul Byrom and Damian McGinty (Official). But I give Emmett credit - he does a great version of "Danny Boy"!!
Keith harkin said it all. " ladies if a man said he'll fix it. He will so there is no need in reminding him for the next. 4 months. "
The last two nites were mad fun ! But now it' s time ta rest. We celebrated St. Patrick' s Day early and twice ! Thanx fer everything Babe, I love you ! And a ginormous thank you to Keith Harkin as well ! You proved what an awesome talent ya are even during such a rough time, love ya Keith ! Safe travels and God Bless ! ♥
Light another incense, burn away the nonsense. - Keith Harkin
"Go on now, take her hand. Are you scared to? And go on now, be the man. I dare you to!" -- Keith Harkin
Had the opportunity for a second time to meet amazing Irish musician, Keith Harkin, of Celtic Thunder this weekend in Dallas, on his St. Patrick's Day tour. He's such a sweetheart.
Loving my husband and "our song" at the Keith Harkin concert in Harrisburg.
me and katies decided were moving to ireland tae a marry Keith Harkin and she marries Danny O'Donoghue, a love an irish accent!
Keith Harkin performing My Love Goes On live at the Historic Old Church in Portland, Oregon March 8th, 2014
~ Keith Harkin 15 March The Trocadero - Philly singing his new song "MERCY" (+playlist): via
I'm sure they don't mind. Look what's waiting at the end of this Irish rainbow - the Keith Harkin pot of gold!!! ENJOY!!!
Sweet photo of the Keith Harkin Purple Heart frame that went to Stacey! These turned out great!! Thanks for the...
The show last night in Philly was emotional but probably THE best show I've ever witnessed from Keith Harkin!!...
~ Keith Harkin photo shoot slideshow on Static Beach
TONIGHT 3/16/14 is the LAST SHOW of Keith's and it's SOLD OUT! Ceoltas Irish Pub There have been many laughs, tears, tunes, hugs, friends and craic along the tour trail this March. THANK YOU, Keith Harkin, Rebecca Harkin Music, Jonny Nutt, Joey Harkum and Dave Bakey for the miles, the music, the memories!! Don't forget everyone...if you have video of Keith's St. Patrick's Tour, send him your 'short clips' to: khfanvideo
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~ Selected Online Favourites from the Keith Harkin St Patrick Tour ... including 3 yet to be studio released songs, and a tribute to George Donaldson
My snowshoe Siamese Derry Keith named after the foxy Keith Harkin
Ok.went to the Keith Harkin concert last night in Philly. It was fabulous...again!!! But...and this is a BIG but..I was not allowed to take my camera in. daughter was kind enough to take photo's with her phone. Now, we had front row seats...if I had had my camera, I would have been able to take pictures of Keith's nose hairs, but, I couldn't so here are a few pictures from last night. Thank you Jenn for taking these. Keith dedicated the concert to George and his last song was Caledonia, a song George loved to sing. I had heard him sing lots of times at his solo concerts too. Needless to say, we all had a great time. Thank you Keith Harkin!
~ Enjoy SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS of the Keith Harkin St Patrick Tour - 5 pages - best viewed in frame
3 Irish Pubs within 3 blocks of our hotel ... it was a successful evening :) Now to pack up and hit the road to Harrisburg for the final concert on Keith's Tour - and this is the night we celebrate Norma McBrayer's birthday which is actually Monday but who wouldn't want to party with Keith Harkin in da HOUSE?
Keith Harkin getting ready ta rock The Troc ! And that he did in fine style . Thanx fer a fabulous show Darlin !!!
Nothing But You and I . . . A love song for United Airlines! Who'd a thunk it! Keith Harkin that's who !!! LOL
Entirely accidental on the timing, but I'm about to see Keith Harkin play on Danny Carey's birthday. What is my life.
Oh my god.Keith Harkin is so gorgeous. ;.;
"Always looking to laugh, joke and see the best in things, no matter how dark or dreary the situation. A big kid at heart, the fatherly figure that never stopped breathing, eating and sleeping Sarah and Carolyn. George was a good man, a hard worker and one of the best people to have on the road, both on and off the stage. I'm sure you’re playing music with the angels now George, I am going to miss you man. This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to write. RIP George Donaldson. Keith x" – Keith Harkin
Keith Harkin tonight at Poor David's Pub! Come get some take out for the show...see you soon!
A lot of you know how much I enjoy the Group Celtic Thunder.Last night I took Aaron to go hear Keith Harkin one of the principal singers on his solo tour.Then today I was saddened by the news of one of the other principal singers George Doaldson had a massive heart attack and is now with our Lord. I have met George and he was a very gracious Man. My prayers go out to his Wife and Daughter.:(
At Keith Harkins show Saturday night he shared a story about George and a reporter. George told the woman he was going to get two rabbits tattooed on his bald head, when she asked why, he explained that way he would have hares on his head.Keith said she didn't get it and was glad we all laughed and understood.That was George.
With great sadness we are just learning of the sudden and unexpected passing of George Donaldson (Official). Our deepest sympathy and prayers go to his family, friends and fans. A tragic loss...we will miss you George. The Oklahoma~Texas Celtic Thunder Fan Group The Keith Harkin Street Team
So beautiful that George D. And you Keith treasured him and we are all in a daze. The Father and the trunk of the tree he taught by example and guided with care. We were blessed to hear that strength in his perfect voice. Adored his ways and he will be a star in the heavens now. Come together all of you now in his behalf and tho we love each of you as solo artists the total sum was always the light and the best as the family. God protect all of you and remain united for his sake. RIP graceful spirit, George we will always adore your talents and spirit. Stay strong CT family and protect what beautiful george left behind. We are in tears today Keith with you babe.
~ Keith Harkin condolences on the loss of George Donaldson from the Celtic Thunder Official Site
So glad tomorrow is Friday! And whooppee it is payday too! Heading to Harrisburg this week-end to a keith Harkin ( Celtic Thunder ) gig in an Irish pub. Took Monday off and am staying overnight. I need a day off!
Keith Harkin 2m To a dear friend, my days spent with you have been some of the happiest days of my life. Always remembering the...
Wonderful music and great solo tour for Keith Harkin who is also a major singer with Celtic Thunder!!
Keith Harkin will be playing a SOLD OUT show in the Velvet Underground at Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta tomorrow night!! Ticket Holders can pick up their Will Call Tickets in Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta's Rock Shop starting at 11am on Friday March 14.
Keith Harkin performing with Barry Kerr at the 2013 St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC. Originally broadcast by WNBC channel 4 out of New York City. For a list ...
Tour with Keith now.Check out Keith Harkin tour dates!
Keith Harkin last night. Louisiana Baptist Singing Women tonight. Now I just need to get myself from Houston to Albany, LA by 2pm.
I had such a great time at Keith Harkin's gig in Houston last night!!! I am on my way to go pick up Shelby for a road trip to Dallas so that we can both get to go see him together tonight!! Watch out Big D we are heading your way!!!
Going to see Keith Harkin's show in Philadelphia on Saturday night. I have a "meet & greet" ticket.I already met Keith at two of his concerts. Last year at this time, he was at Hotel Bethlehem.
Aaron and I had a great time last night Thanks Keith Harkin. you are as cool as they come
Leaving for Dallas and Keith Harkin concert tonight at PDP!!
yes you are!!. Check out Keith Harkin at Poor David's Pub on Mar 13 :
Had a blast at the Keith Harkin show tonight!! 2nd times a charm for this girl. Can't wait until next time. Also go check out the band Pasadena, they are kickass and everyone should go and see for yourselves.
Which frame will YOU choose? Tonight don't miss out on owning a pair of Keith Harkin
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I liked a video On The Front Row With Keith Harkin Part 2 of 4 of
Still a few left for the show TONIGHT here in Houston…. also i have support tonight from the one and only west...
Keith Harkin lyrics: a reflection of his heart, his mind, his soul.
Burns with same passion Keith Harkin's lyrics do.
These flames dance with same energy Keith Harkin's lyrics do.
flying to Philly on Friday night for Sat night Mar 15 Keith-Harkin-at-the-Trocadero show, fly home Sunday, get in 3:30pm-ish
Just finished a little write up on our collab with Keith Harkin! Have a read, and find out which fan got their...
Love this poster of Keith Harkin I got at his show on 3/9 at Kells.
You ain't nothing but the truth Keith Harkin! Wishing you love luck and LAUGHTER :-) :-)
From Poor David's Pub : "Poor David's Pub Dear News Friends: On March 15, PDP turns 37, 1/2 of my 74years on this Earth water planet in the Solar System located in the distal end of one of the spiral arms of the Milky Way Galaxy, one of the billion galaxies in the Known Universe! Can you tell I watched the reprised "Cosmos"? Anyhoot, it is quite a varied and diverse weekend, starting Thursday with Keith Harkin, a heart throb from the Celtic Thunder band; he has already sold 250 tickets at 30$+ each, mostly to women of all ages. They will come early, listen to the O's open and wait breathlessly for their darling Keith to take the stage. From then on I confess I do not know what goes on in their minds, but his show is mesmerizing, exciting, even paced and very personal so that every woman in the audience probably thinks Keith is playing to her. This is a good thing in show business, and he does it convincingly, Afterwards, he signs and poses until every last drop of fan estrogen has "left the building"..."
Hope everyone has an amazing Keith Harkin Tuesday! I'll finally be seeing his solo show on Friday! Oh boy, I can't wait! :D Lyrics from "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" and "I Want To Know What Love Is"
I decided to make this because Keith Harkin is one of my ALL TIME favorite singers right next to Chloe Agnew. I was going to make a series of little videos o...
-/-points to Colm and Jace-/- wouldn't happen to be Colm Keegan and Keith Harkin? My daughters swear it's you"
I have been sad while working today. Keith harkin was the best yesterday.
All you folks going to Keith Harkin's show at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar this week are in for a HUGE treat! Saw...
Opening up acoustic for Keith Harkin at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar (Houston, TX) Wednesday then Austin the rest of the week for
These woods are going make great eyewear for Keith Harkin! Look at the variety!
Seattle was absolutely beautiful! My Dad used to say there are the givers and the takers in this world and God blesses those givers. You are just that Harkin the way you treat the fans and reach out to them and care so much. We will be right there exclaiming your talents and kindness. Thanks for including Johnny and Beautiful Rebecca. Both of you make your parents and blood proud as you reach out. Seattle won't ever forget you Irish!
Miriam and I got to celebrate celebrate St. Patrick's day a little early with a show at Kell's Irish Pub last night. We saw Keith Harkin who is a fun young Irish singer who also performs with Celtic Thunder. (Crumby video but we had a good time!)
Heading to Atlanta on Thursday to spend some quality time with daughter, AmyBeth Sisko, and new, soon-to-be, son-in-law, Mayur Diar!! Also looking forward to introducing Guinnes Marie to her 2 doggie cousins! AmyBeth & I are going to be working on Wedding Plans.and I will also attend my 'boyfriend', Keith Harkin's show at the Hard Rock Velvet Underground!! Great week ahead!
Dan Electro's Guitar Bar w/ Keith Harkin (Houston, TX) this Wednesday then off to Austin for
At the keith harkin concert in San Francisco.
Good News . . . more exclusive limited edition Keith Harkin sunshades for the East Coast leg of the...
Day of the 2014 Keith Harkin St. Patrick's Tour is underway! The gang is headed back to LA for their show...
Keith Harkin Concert with my Sittin Buddie :) lol we sittin
I have an extra ticket for Keith Harkin on Tuesday March 11 in Santa Monica let me know if you want to go I'll meet you at the venue
I liked a video Keith Harkin performing Nothing But You and I
I liked a video Keith Harkin performing The Island
your Keith Harkin glasses were a HUGE hit. Beautiful, classy & a bit Harkin sassy. Hope more are comi…
how's your honey boyfriend Keith Harkin?
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I was gonna do that with Keith harkin... Sooo yeah?
enjoy "Castles in the Air" by Keith Harkin plays Sunday 9 March. via…
Love Keith and Rebecca and Johnny Nutt together but can't help think KH new mountain man gorilla look is setting him a bit backward in the business. He has worked so hard and a shame not to use his look to further the goals. This does not suit Keith and should be discharged. Takes away from his true personality and talents.
Keith harkin show tonight so excited. hot boys weekend continues
~ Cheers 10 lucky owners of Keith Harkin Glasses after two shows !! ... Enjoy the shows in Seattle
Green Vans - Rachel is Irish cool. Keith Harkin on Tour.
WOW! Just confirmed with Keith Harkin ...we're going to be making more frames for the east coast part of his...
The day is getting brighter the longer I am up!! Going to the Keith Harkin Tour with Rebecca Harkin Music and Johnny Nutt which makes me happy!! What else makes me happy today.see old and new friends.will meet new people...and get to be on the Puget Sound.will see Ferry Boats and water birds and look down at the Public Market!! I could not ask for a better day and evening!! And...yes my FB friends who are unable to go...I am thinking of you and wish you could be with me!! Thank you to all who are going to be with me today!!
Great. I am in Portland. I am celebrating my birthday & my friend's birthday with food & fun. We saw Keith Harkin too.
A glimpse of the brand new Official Keith Harkin Merchandise available at the shows for purchase!...
Day of the 2014 Keith Harkin St. Patricks Tour . . . Sounds like Portland showed the gang lots of love last...
Brandon of Seattle area proposed tonight in Portland - she said yes! Heis best news: learned of Keith Harkin.
Only a couple more days til Keith Harkin is in town. Tonight, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and he will be here on Thursday night! Woo hoo! I am ready to hear two of his new songs. I heard them in a live interview but they went by too fast.
This week's schedule.. Sunday church. Monday work n painting class. Tuesday work and laundry. Wednesday Kiley permit, get rental car, drop off my car at shop, pack. Thursday load up, pick up Kiley n Lacey n Kenzie, drop drake off, pick up sister, drive to Dallas, find hotel and check in, eat, AND THEN I get to see Keith Harkin at Poor David's Pub. With everyone. Can't wait for Thursday.
With Jenn on the way to see Keith Harkin
Busy fun .check.keith harkin up next..lots of hot boys.
Cheers to the Keith Harkin St Patrick Tour TODAY 8 March ... thx for the tune
Some Cali friends of mine got to see Keith Harkin in a little venue last night. There aren't really words to talk about how jealous I am.
~ enjoy "Castles in the Air" a Keith Harkin gem as recorded with Celtic Thunder: via
Saturday, March 8 at 8pm: Keith Harkin with Rebecca Harkin and Johnny Nut. As a lead singer and a songwriter for...
Did you know we gave away 2 pairs of tickets to the Keith Harkin show through our newsletter?. If not you might...
~ Keith Harkin rebroadcast on NOW ... thx Static Beach (live at
have followed u since Keith Harkin an sis were on.Now play ur music all day on computer. Rather hear urs than whats around here
Keep safe Irish and Rebecca and nice Johnny as you travel around USA this St Paddy's week. You are all so talented and glad Rebecca is here to balance out the guys! They can get crazy out there and she will manage the good sense! Love you all and love your talents and kind ways. Enjoy it all and thanks for being there for the fans. We treasure you all. Blessings and great success on the road guys!
How to spend your birthday -- a three city tour following a great musician Keith Harkin first up Kell's Bar SF. Then tomorrow night the Old Church completing my tour at O'brien's Bar in Santa Monica. Cant think of a better way to spend my birthday.
You folks always amaze me,Keith Harkin is one of a kind! Thank God :-) LOVE LUCK LAUGHTER
The naturally beautiful engraved with Keith Harkin lyrics for the St.Patty's tour w/ Rebecca Harkin...
KEITH HARKIN. solo tour...March 7 Kells Bar, San Fran,CA...thoughts are with you..."Captain"...
Keith Harkin this is one of the reasons why it's so important! This really hits home for me. It makes me wonder how many of my ancestors were locked in them, or ones like them. So sad. Gone but never ever forgotten!
Keith Harkin Here is the ticket link for the up and coming shows in the St.Patrick tour, which KICKS OFF TOMORROW in San Fran. are you excited??? I AM! k
Meet Black Singles 300x250
San Fran, Portland, Seattle - get the dates here for the Keith Harkin tour with Rebecca Harkin Music and get...
I like Celtic Thunder. My favorite artist is Keith Harkin.
Another pic of these exclusive, hand-made, limited edition sunglasses with Keith Harkin song lyrics engraved on...
Here they are!!! Engraved for Keith Harkin official tour merch!
This is BIG, BIG, BIG . . . Keith Harkin is going to do an OFFICIAL Tour Video and is giving his fans the...
Looking forward eagerly to KEITH HARKIN's soph CD! Can do??!!
looking for updates on Keith Harkin's 2nd CD, when will you be releasing his great, new music???
And then there's Keith Harkin . . . do I even need to ask the question?? LOL
Rebecca Harkin Music's been helping sort OFFICIAL Keith Harkin "On Tour" merchandising today on the boat in LA .
Limited Edition Keith Harkin sunglasses made by http:…
Ten (10) pairs (talk about your "limited editions" LOL) of custom-made Keith Harkin wood sunglasses made by Sires...
Another nice looking guy, but.there is only one Keith Harkin.
"When you come to San Fran cis co, be sure to wear some flow ers in your hair" via
Show number one of the St.patrics tour commences tomorrow. here is a ticket link to the Kells ALLA GES show in...
~ Keith Harkin fans you can now with the accumulated display preparations for the informati…
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Keith Harkin with Celtic Thunder "The Show' his first recorded cover of "The Island" on Vimeo
Okay, who wants to show their KH Pride with their very own Keith Harkin bumper stickers???
The Keith Harkin St. Patrick's Tour kicks off tomorrow at Kells Bar in San Francisco, CA
Here's a little preview of the Keith Harkin, Rebecca Harkin Music and Jonny Nutt's photo shoot from yesterday's visit to Static Beach. Stay tuned! The full shoot and video is coming in the next two days on Static Beach! ***By the way all of you Keith Harkin Fans are incredible! Static Beach loves you guys!!!
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday. Hopefully my daughter gets some good pictures from Portland to share this Saturday
Sneak peak of the sanding process at Sires Headquarters for the Keith Harkin with his...
having a resting type of day right now... ate a huge bowl of spaghetti, cleaned my apartment all morning and printed out my ticket for Keith Harkin's upcoming concert at Ceolta's. I cant wait to see him again/ Great voice and sense of humor.
Guess one should never come back from physio and sit down to eat their lunch and fall asleep.( maybe if I could sleep the whole night I might not fall asleep during the day) Thank goodness the phone rang or I would still be asleep. So guess I should get up and get busy to see what I can get done before hubby gets at 6 for his supper before going to work at 7. Hope everyone is having a great Keith Harkin Tuesday!!
SocialToaster SuperFan toast Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday. Thunderheads are the best.
Words of wisdom via Keith Harkin. What do you think?
Alexandra Keith Harkins this was you yesterday!!!
Happy Keith Harkin travels to all your concerts!! Check us out..
It's Keith Harkin Tuesday. Only 4 days til San Francisco I'll be there:)
,hear thegreat Keith Harkin, Irish music man with a built-in fan base...can't go wrong ZUUS.
Check out this video "Keith and Rebecca Harkin on Static Beach 3-3-14" on !
Hope everyone has an amazing Keith Harkin Tuesday!
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday! :) I think I could like attending events like this, posting and sharing photo's of the good looking CT Lads.. who are all very easy on the eye's! LOL!!! :P
~ All Available LINKS Keith and Rebecca Harkin on Static Beach 3 Mar and 21 Feb on !
Go like Static Beach and let them know how much you like seeing and hearing Keith Harkin on their station!
Keith,Rebecca Nd Johnny at Static Beach Radio ... Find it and sigh. Prayers are working and Keith sounds professional and together and passionate about the music and the life. Love that kid! Give him continued support and check out Static Beach Radio!
Laser cutting in process for Keith Harkin lyrics on o_O look at that laser spark!
Here's the link to the recording of today's Static Beach show with Keith Harkin Rebecca Harkin Music and...
~ Thx for having Keith Harkin, Rebecca Harkin and Jonny Nutt on today ... Cheers R2 !! (live at
You have great taste having Keith Harkin on,he is amazing!!!
Keith Harkin getting ready to stream here.
GET READY: Hope everyone is tuning into Static Beach for the LIVE radio interview with Jonny_nutt, Keith Harkin...
This is SO exciting! Working with llc on Keith Harkin on our for his official tour merch!
Best New Irish Artist It's official! The Gothard Sisters have won Best New Irish Artist from the Irish Music Awards! Other recipients of Irish Music Awards this year include Runa, the Chieftains, Moya Brennan, Keith Harkin, the Fighting Jamesons and the Dubliners.
Don't Forget! Today at 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern) Our good friend Keith Harkin and his sister Rebecca Harkin Music...
RADIO ALERT and LISTENING LINK: Don't forget you can catch Keith Harkin and Rebecca Harkin Music Today on Static...
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CUTE SIBLINGS ALERT: Rebecca Harkin Music and Keith Harkin are enjoying some fun times in LA before the start of...
Extremely excited for next Sunday. I know I said that I would get out to Bar Myx soon to see some of you all, and as much as I love the place Keith Harkin means a little more to me so I am going to see his performances instead. I still love you all and will plan something soon to see everyone. :D
Anyone know what's going on with Keith Harkin tonight..he has over 35,000 people talking about him on here??? He only has slightle less than 33,000 likes???
~ Keith Harkin ...the back table and the brews Keith Harkin "The End of Innocence/Baton Rouge" medley : via
Check out Keith Harkin with Rebbeca Harkin and Johnny Nutt @ The Old Church via
WELL DONE. LINDSEY D'ANDREA!!! . you are the winner of the official Keith Harkin Signed Merchandise!!! . It will... http:…
Freddie Mercury pranced on stage. Keith Harkin Strides! Both singing artists are examples of commanding stage presence.
~ Keith Harkin with his amazing cover of the theme from 'Gladiator' ... enjoy "Now We Are Free"
Here's your Keith Harkin fix for the day.
Thank goodness someone has had the guts to speak out in support of Keith. We all love him and although Ryan had physical challenges that needed our prayers and positive efforts now it is Keith. The booze is hurting him and his challenges are equally imperative. This kid has been pushing out for years and working beyond belief non stop for ever. It is taking a toll. Please pray for him to be protected. All thunderheads please do your uplifting NOW .. We just cannot pretend anylonger. He may twist away at first but the outcome will be he will thank us. This is urgent and he has given so much. We have to pray and have God clear his mind and keep him safe. Thanks to all whom see the truth and care about our Keith. Blessings to all. Perhaps the concert at the church coming up will be there for a reason.
Keith Harkin are you ok with all the rain and mudslides and stuff? It's pretty bad there!! Let us know how you are xoxo
Keith Harkin performing "Callin Baton Rouge" at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar in Houston,Tx on 4/6/13
Did something happen after Necker that changed this sweet man? Hope it wasn't the dreaded Caine and then we see this drift that is hard to understand. Just want my Keefer so much returned to the center where he seemed wise beyond the years. God bless what started out with joy and he always pushes too hard. Turn the ship in the righted direction for we do believe. Love you Irish !
Is Keith and Rebecca Harkin still on your show tonite?! 8D - Didn't want to miss them on your station.
Years ago, Ryan Kelly came close to losing his life. Thousands of prayers were sent to God in his behalf. Well, if you know me, then you know how much I care for Keith Harkin. Right now he's in danger. He's starting to believe his press. He's starting down a bad path. What I want to ask is that all of us again bombard Heaven with our prayers. This time in behalf of Keith Harkin. Please pray. If someone wants to set up a group where we just come and pray like we did for Ryan. I'm not good at that, but many of you are. I just want it to be a place of prayer so Keith doesn't go down that path of destruction. Please pray.
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on Celtic Radio, today's top 10 songs, is Here Comes the Sun sung by Keith Harkin.
Enjoying winter sunshine and listening to harkin
Keith Harkin - Nothing But You and I (lyrics on screen) Watch more fabulous lyric videos at: Actually funny ...
Good for you Lindsey!!! And thanks Keith Harkin for the craic! :)
Looking for St. Pat's plans? Keith Harkin from Celtic Thunder will be at the Hark Rock Cafe's Velvet Underground 3/14
~ Celtic Thunder 'Mythology' Keith Harkin and Colm Keegan - "The Sound of Silence" via
WOW, look what Sharon Browne, producer of Celtic Thunder, has in stored for us: SCHEDULED EVENTS We hope everyone is as excited as we are about the Celtic Thunder Cruise 2014. We have loads of entertainment scheduled for everyone, with much more being planned. Take a look below of all the fun you will have to make your vacation entertaining and one you will remember for a Lifetime! - Sail Away Party with Celtic Thunder - 2 Different Celtic Thunder Shows in Main Theatre - Ryan & Neil Gig in the Main Theatre - George Donaldson Show in the Main Theatre - Keith Harkin Show in the Main Theatre - Colm Keegan Show in the Main Theatre - Paddy Cole Jazz Show - *** Thomas Comedy Shows (One of which will be family show, 1 adult only show) - Sandra O'Hara 'An Evening of Spirit Messages' - Gaelic Rhythm Show - The Kildares Shows - Galeic Storm Shows - The Young Dubliners- Celtic Thunder Band Gigs - FullSet Band Gigs - Duelling Pianos - David Munro on Piano - Seamus Brett on Piano - Mixologist Parties - Surprise Enter ...
COUNTDOWN to Keith Harkin and his St Patrick Tour !! Check out
2 week countdown until we head to Dallas for Keith Harkin show at PDP.
VIDEO: Marco Rubio destroys Tom Harkin's fawning love of Cuban, Venezuelan communists
👀 Looky here! 🍀OFFICIAL KEITH HARKIN TOUR MERCHANDISE🍀 It can be yours on the I 💚 KH! 👀 h…
If anyone missed interview you can view here .
~ Keith Harkin and Colm Keegan ... always golden. "The Sound of Silence" from Celtic Thunder 'Mythology'
Keith Harkin doesn't always wear jeans while he records his when he does... he wears ;-)
This would be Keith Harkin and Colm Keegan you just Have to Love them!!!
~ IT'S LOOSE !! Keith Harkin and Colm Keegan from Celtic Thunder Mythology - "The Sound of Silence" : via
Thanks for the words of inspiration, Keith Harkin. ;)
Can't wait 4 this one 2 come out so's I can dedicate it 2 my "keep on rollin til the wheels fall off"
Keith Harkin and Colm Keegans duet for The Sound of Silence is amazing
Thanks Keith Harkin for the terrific advice
I seen this on my friend Louie's page today, made me think of my Grandma. You can shed tears that she is gone, or you can smile because she has lived. You can close your eyes and pray that she'll come back, or you can open your eyes and see all she's left. Your heart can be empty because you can't see her, or you can be full of the love you shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday, or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember her only that she is gone, or you can cherish her memory and let it live on. You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back. Or you can do what she'd want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.” Author David Keith Harkin
Dueling Pianos and the OK Corral! Fortune recently produced Dueling Pianos and A Round up and Roast featuring performances and salutes from athletes, (Ali and Elway), performers (Taylor Hicks, Keith Harkin, Reba, Garth and Trish), and Sir Richard Branson even weighed in on the events. Thanks to all who participated in making these events so incredibly special!
~ Enjoy Keith Harkin Tuesday with these choice postings on tumblr portbreak1
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday EVERYONE! Hope you have a Supertabulous day! :D
This is great perspective. Keep your eyes on the prize! Thanks for sharing, Keith Harkin! :)
Tuesday is here, and it's KEITH HARKIN Tuesday! :) This is a part of Keith that I absolutely love - when he is in his Donegal element. Same pic, two different sizes -- can't decide which one fits better into the frame, so y'all get both! I'm off to run a couple of errands for the trip to see him next week, but y'all have a wonderful Keith day! :)
I would do almost anything to win Keith Harkin apparel! He is an excellent singer/song writer and you should check him out! Ruth Amick Gavin Lendt Tricia Sanchez Bonnie S. Amy Moerer Wehner
Bell Street Middle wins twelfth consecutive state Science Olympiad Published on Tuesday, 25 February 2014 04:57 On Saturday, the Science Olympiad team from Bell Street Middle School won its twelfth consecutive state championship. The Science Olympiad consists of events covering a range of scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and earth science. The teams enter two members in each event, with a maximum of four events per member. “We entered two teams this year, each team is limited to fifteen players,” said Terri O’Shields, team leader. “Students at Bell Street have to try-out to make the team. Tryouts are typically held in late September. We practice after school and on Saturdays.” The 2014 state competition was held at Newberry College. Twenty schools participated in the event. “We have competed every year since South Carolina started twenty-eight years ago,” said Superintendent David O’Shields. “This is Bell Street’s twelfth consecutive state cha ...
Wishing everyone a great Keith Harkin day!
Hope everyone has a fun Keith Harkin Day!
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Good morning everyone. Hope you have a wonderful Keith Harkin Tuesday. Love you Keith.
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday everyone ! The St. Patrick's Tour is gonna be here before ya know it ! I can't wait ta hear some of Keith's new music ! And it won't be long . ! This is one of my pics from the Hard Rock in Philly! Rock Agus Roll March !!!
Happy Keith Harkin Day to all my FB friends
Have a great Keith Harkin Tuesday! It's a little fuzzy, but, this is Keith in Charlotte NC in 2012!! This was at his CD signing!! 8)
Happy Keith Harkin Day...hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!!! :)
~ Enjoy Keith Harkin and Neil Byrne from Celtic Thunder 'Heritage' - "Whiskey in the Jar": via
Howdy Richard, we have the same friend...a beautiful wakeup with Keith Harkin from Donegal
~ Keith Harkin photo post from the Los Angeles area 19 February 2014 ... Keith is in California working on his next album
Keith may have to shift gears but hope he will continue to hold on to the frame. CT is a strong background from which to financially protect his interests. The support of Verve and DF is something any young gifted musician would be over the moon to have in the pocket. Becareful babe some may be wanting to throw brambles in your path-- just jealousy. Stay with what has worked just a little more stretch and you will be right there. Look at all the positives and if you shift be it smooth. You have the gold and maybe do not realize the sweetness and good has been the ticket right along! C'mon Irish trust in God he will direct you best.
@ Keith Harkin @ March will be here before ya know it @ Ceoltas @ The Trocadero @ So stoked ta hear yer new music @ Irish angel !!!
Keith Harkin, McPherson Guitars Cali sun, waters and tunes...
Keith Harkin and Paul Byrom probably have the most beautiful singing voices I've ever heard
You have worked hard & I'm sure that when it is done it will be all the best of Keith Harkin!!
a complete Keith Harkin album! I want one that is all you. Thank you for all your hard work :)
Hey guys,. Spent the last 2 days in the studio studio recording and demoing up new songs for the album, i...
One of my all time favorite Keith Harkin tunes, enjoy. Cheers \_/..
Don't forget about March 07 Kells Bar in San Francisco Tickets: http:/…
~ This is Keith Harkin singing "The Tears of Hercules" ... the song is on his first solo album 'Keith Harkin' and Celtic Thunder 'Mythology'
Love the picture!! Keith Harkin makes everything thing look sexy,great model for your glasses!!
Keith Harkin 'Tears of Hercules' from Celtic Thunder Official This stunning song is also on Keith's debut solo album:
Keith harkin this is good with tea and honey when you are sick!
For all things Keith Harkin visit his official website!
Texas fans of Keith Harkin are in for a real treat when they get to see Joey Harkum open for Keith! I have seen him and his band Pasadena perform in Derry Ireland with Keith's band the Durty Stopouts and at the Jersey shore. Awesome!
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