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Keith Harkin

Keith R Harkin (born in Derry, Northern Ireland) is a singer, songwriter, actor, and surfer.

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You are the Big Deal and that is for sure! Looks like a nice shop for V Day gifts and maybe ideas for HH. Hey hope you can give a lift to some Irish a lift in the N so we could buy some local stuff from your woods. Love what you performed in Fla over the weekend. You and the guys are beyond quality and then those Grmmys. Just skipped out on that horn stuff. Stay focused on the sand sparkle better deal! Luv ye.
I did a cover of The Island... Please listen? It would mean the world. . The Island by Keith Harkin:
Good Day thank you for the post and reminder of the St Paddys Day Keith Harkin Irish Drinking Team Tee ~ got one coming !!
my pleasure to help someone. Especially to enjoy Keith Harkin's music
Rosa: this is from solo album. Its simply called Keith Harkin. It looks like the picture of this song
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she go to see my Colm Keegan and Keith Harkin too
Hey beautiful heart thanks for the thoughts about trees and kiddos and your new website. In this world of hard notes your ways make everyone stop and think and go smooth. Thanks to ye for all you always offer we are blessed to have you lead. You are the good around the army and thanks for remembering G too!
The one time that the Keith Harkin bracelets aren't sold out!! and I can't get one 😣😔
Great interview!! Looking forward to book. Did u see Keith Harkin while in LA?? Another great singer song writer.
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday...have a great rehearsal, come check us out :)
Stop distracting me Harkin, I'm writing a poem. But thank you. Very lovely. I'll call my poem "Colm and Keith"~~~ ;-D
Had & still have SO much admiration 4 U at PDP Mar 13th. An amazing Keith Harkin gig filled with love for George THANK YOU!
Breaking the chains of poverty, but not the memories "MarieClaire" Like&Follow
Making it a Keith Harkin kinda day off to work Harkin
Keith Harkin doesn't like me .. but he and Dave Bakey are so good we listen anyway (and we love McPherson Guitars)
Beautiful Static Beach! Do that again Wow like redoing the presentation All Keefer all talent all caring for others all big arms and heart All talent!
Probably best with a male head on that body. My hero Keith Harkin would do.
why didn't you promote Keith Harkin's album when it came out? Did you drop him?
all I have to do is listen to your album Keith Harkin to recover from my panic and anxiety attacks. So thanks
when you make a purchase from Harkin Headquarters , Thnx4 the reminder Keith !
Celtic Thunder and solo artist Keith Harkin performing at the McPherson booth.
:Great article, thanks 4 posting, Keith Harkin as easy on the ears as …
Hi, thought you might enjoy Keith Harkin's song, "Keep on Rolling," watch to the end--lots of fun; He'd be an awesome guest!
March 27, 2015 in Grand Rapids sounds like a plan to me!!!Love these guys!! Especially Neil Byrne and Keith Harkin!!
Only about 2 weeks now till all the lads Keith Harkin Ryan Kelly Music Official Neil Byrne Colm Keegan Emmett O'Hanlon Damian McGinty (Official) Get started on the rehearsals for the up and coming tour... Here are the dates... You comign to a show?
Beautiful leather works by KH! Is there Nything more he can create and/or embellish?? Just becareful with those leather tools. You know the story of Louis Braille in his father's shoppe so watch those eyes and hands. Looking forward to the new album and your prints on it . Telling everyone! Are. You ever still? Only when you drop off from exhaustion? Carry on as my Dad would say and we'll be there for ya! Always.
Weds. Jan.21st 7pm PacificTime Keith Harkin on Static Beach Radio for
Let's help Keith Harkin and Static Beach raise funds for the local artists that give their all for us.
Yep, listen to Tears of Hercules by Keith Harkin. My favorite of all! 🐸🌼🎶
Now this is how you do a commercial ! Beautiful Donegal and singing to Keith Harkin people !
it,s sad when a great musician gets the big head, Humbleness is endearing. Keith harkin I will no longer follow you, Not into big egos.Sorry
That is cool Keith!! I love that you used recycled products,you used your creative mind!! Your an awesome person Keith Harkin!!
love seeing Keith Harkin art! I've four of his originals hanging on my wall, I LOVE art & artists,...
~ Gallery painting of 16 Jan 2015 - Keith has other prints on Fine Art America
A wee bit of therapy aft dealing with the 900+ questions? You are amazing, Keith Harkin!
Keith Harkin nope and yes lots of songs about that there old LOVE stuff
Did you miss Keith Harkin on Static Beach last week? Check out this video "fnl 1-9-15" on !
From the ans on Q and A to the beautiful video with MacPhearson you do it all again for the peeps and I got home from a B WEEK and became a puddle until seeing that which ye post so poetically with the passion for the positive and the funny too. So lucky The Lord sent you to soothe the weary. Will support and love your ways forever. Just thank you for giving out the strength to others. You are a gift of joy. Bless and keep strong. Adore KH and that heart!
I added a video to a playlist Keith Harkin - Now We Are Free
I missed my TBT yesterday...endorsee with "Everybody's Talkin at Me"
My boy, Keith Harkin showing off his hats! Looking forward to seeing him soon!
Want free stuff from Harkin Headquarters?? Check out this latest post from our very own Keith Harkin! Enter now...
Rebecca Harkin Music is at it again folks! Go give her a listen! Keith Harkin
Seventies Throwback and there you are ready to win Most Handsome ever.really better than Pitt or others... And so we swoon and remember under all of that package is you and mountain man is the other side of the Geminii and who's keeping track?? Just lovin the music and the heart of you. But that handsome seventies is when you'll wrap up the biggest star streak ever. The world will always notice you KH. You really are fashioned of comet dust. Luv Ye Kid.
to 2014, the CT Cruise and Keith Harkin in white pants.
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♪ A very special Keith Harkin and Colm Keegan from Celtic Thunder 'Mythology' - "The Sound of Silence"
You guys ready for the NEW Album from ? Here's a tease: . Like&Follow
Stopped in the middle of the drugstore to Shazam this Beatles cover, because it's so awful that I want to know who to blame (Keith Harkin).
o i will support Keith Harkin family
Happy Keith and Rebecca Harkin Tuesday here is a we video I took on the CT cruise
I love this collage I made of Keith Harkin it my favorite
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday to you .hope you have a great day ...some good times on the CT cruise
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday...have a fantastic day, come check us out :)
who do you like more Keith Harkin or Avi Kaplan
♪ The new Keith Harkin album is coming in 2015 ~ Enjoy the Tease with "Mercy" acoustic as the play later
Love this Keith it looks like a Harkin Sun Set
Keith Harkin has mailed a check to Artists For Justice charity, for the first two months of "his" business.
♪ Keith Harkin "Chasing Dreams" on Fuerteventura surf holiday with Glasgowbury '08 as the play later via
Happy yew year to the Harkin's. What a great way to welcome 2015. This is going to be your year Keith I just feel it!! Love ya!
And so the 2014 draws to a close and you in the desert the canyon and this year was no picnic in paradise but you grew and mastered the hurt and straightened out the path for yourself. In appreciation for the beautiful gifts of music and song you make for family friends and us. Your army. The direction is always thoughtful and of promise. We are lucky to know ye and treasure how much your gifts and thoughtfulness mean. The real treasure is that heart of yours. Bless and beautiful luck for 2015 kid!
~ The Keith Harkin "My Love Goes On" T is available from here's the website
Keith Harkin with Paul Branchflower (left) and unidentified Mohawk concert goer concert Las Vegas
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday...last one of 2014, come check us out :)
Thank you! I feel very special right now.:) Am still running around with all those Keith Harkin stickers on back of the van.:)
♪ The Keith Harkin cover of Joni Mitchell's "The River" is still available for listening
You should check out this very talented Irish singer song writer, Keith Harkin. He has videos on you tube,give them a watch!👏
Keith Harkin on a break to Spain from an earlier tour. Composites from an original Keith Harkin photo.
~ Thanks to those who have discovered SELECT the special little secret of Keith Harkin memorabilia.
this is the way I "remember" Keith. Classic Keith Harkin at his best. Munro elicits K's best. :)
Gallery - selected shots from the Keith Harkin show 26 Dec 2014
Keith Harkin posted this photograph from his show 26 December 2014
A great shot of Keith Harkin time did not allow for displaying during the show.
Keith Harkin show did not begin until 8:30PM EST, was NOT in progress before 8:00PM EST. What is up with invalid pwS?
At 7:57pm EST you are telling those attempting to purchase a ticket for over two hours, Keith Harkin show in progress???
GET YOUR TICKETS HERE no resting on your laurels for Public Television phenomenon Celtic Thunder! The group has just disembarked from its second Celtic Thunder Cruise and is currently in the midst of a US Symphony Tour, all the while making preparations for the Very Best of Celtic Thunder tour which will visit 45 cities across the US and Canada in the spring of 2015. Celtic Thunder Fans are bound to be thrilled with the lineup for this nostalgic Very Best Of Celtic Thunder Tour. Damian McGinty (Official) (former Glee Star) will be back performing as a Guest Artist with the Celtic Thunder guys Colm Keegan, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly Music Official, Emmett O'Hanlon and Neil Byrne. Backed as ever by the amazing Celtic Thunder Band, Celtic Thunder will deliver the best of their much loved ensemble numbers with selections from their 9 Public Television shows, including “Heartland” (Celtic Thunder -The Show), “Galway Girl” and “Seven Drunken Nights” (Voyage), “A Place in The Choir” (Heritage) and ...
Thanks to keith for sharing his talents on Boxing Day via Internet. Sooo good to his fans and caring to those whom can't always get out to be dazzled in person. Get on the site because you will be rewarded with the joy this kid can muster up in a cloud of Irish magic. He is truly amazing and beyond that sinew of Irish guts. Love and appreciate you KH. And so many thank yous for what you create.
♪ Keith Harkin is performing on Friday the 26th of December, there are tickets available via
OMG. Jealous!!! I got The Mythology CD/DVD and Keith Harkin's CD, and I thought I was lucky! :)
Looking good & well rested Mr. Harkin Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve Keith Tell Kelsey hi & I wish her Merry Christmas
StageIt _ Keith Harkin _ December 26. 8:30pm EST $11 . Njoy from the Comforts of Home
Don't miss Keith Harkin Live on this Friday at 5:30pm PT. Grab your ticket here:…
This is such a great way to enjoy a Keith Harkin mini show. 30 minutes of fun!
finally going to get to see Keith Harkin in concert. Merry Christmas to me
- Video Tube for YouTube - Androidkek Keith harkin Celtic Thunder :-)
♪ Keith Harkin Christmas 3 Song Playlist ~ "All I Want for Christmas" and "Last Christmas" studio and live :
~ Gallery - Keith Harkin photo of 21 Dec 2014 - Arizona
My profile pic- my fave singer from Celtic Thunder-Keith Harkin! Love this lad ❤
Outstanding Normal sign in Ms ! And you in that beautiful navy classic coat... All the music you share so selflessly all those hours of music and your hearts together for the man lost. You never cease to amaze and we are proud of each turn in your careers and the fact that the fealty to each other may it be forever strong. The greatest guys a true family of talent and the symphony of hearts stands. Adore KH and all the guys. Blessings this Christmas for each and thank you.
Keith Harkin talking about his favorite song to sing followed by "The Tears of Hercules" as a play later via
I'm going to at Poor David's Pub in Dallas, TX - Dec 14
Gallery - a few shots of Keith Harkin from the ABC-TV New York appearance.
No comparison with Keith Harkin. We were sitting in irish pub 1st day, Salamanca in walks Keith. OMG! http:/…
Celtic Thunder Keith Harkin Emmett O'Hanlon are on now at this link.
Can we talk about how talented Keith Harkin is? He is amazing!
‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ sung by Keith Harkin is one of my very favourite Christmas tunes.
Gallery ~ here's the great Keith Harkin photo by Iron Mike Savoia for open stream display.
Foxwoods and Wesbury... You are outstanding and so kind to your fans every single tour date posting and thanking people our team. Proud to know your ways and hey kid you are the heart with an edge and a laugh. Your fans will be right there every moment because of your beautiful ways. Your music is at this new level now so having a great time taking it right in with a sigh. Wow you are making Mona Lisa smile. Adore the frame... Golden!
~ A few more choices of Keith Harkin Christmas Greeting Cards
♪ Enjoy a taste of the Celtic Thunder Holiday Symphony Tour with Keith Harkin "Comfort Ye"
We're w'ya on that one & we're here to support YOU Keith Harkin !
Gallery - Keith Harkin Tour Postcards - 5 Dec 2014 (re-flipped for correct reading and room perspective)
got it on cruise & was stopped in miami because they told me they loved Kid Rock, nope its KEITH HARKIN I said
♪ Enjoy the Keith Harkin solo with Celtic Thunder "Last Christmas" : via
~ Gallery - Keith Harkin photograph - "What happens on the road, stays on the road"
Keith Harkin . look him up on YouTube.Whisky in the Jar
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My grandmother, Barbara, says her favorite favorite Christmas song is 'Last Christmas' by, Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder.
“Nearly at 47,000 followers... ooh me ooh my.” Keep on rollin' KH!
god bless you with ur family, and with all your goals ♣♧ ☆Keith Harkin☆ forever in ours hearts "Mary"
Keith Harkin went to the Kriskindlemart and I did not so I'm taking this as a person offense
Wishing you a very Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday...enjoy your day, check us out!!
This is why I love Lauren, she brings wonderful things to my life such as Keith Harkin looking sensually into the camera as he says my name
Keith Harkin's accent does things to me
Keith Harkin with all of Celtic Thunder has a travel day Tuesday, 2 December.
Fox Theatre and Detroit and KH all wrapped up in Ireland's Call. So beautiful it's beyond belief and then he's got the guts to step up and sing from the heart with a shout for George! This man has the talent and the intuition to smooth our hearts and keep a memory alive. He is sooo good for this life and the world is beginning to recognize that gift. Adore the way he addresses the hurt and presents what is the essence. Thanks just thanks to ye.
have fun!☺ better not get too close to Keith Harkin😏
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday...have a great show tonight, come check us out :)
Keith Harkin sings all of these types of music! He has fans, Celtic Thunder has fans …
from the Celtic Thunder Cruise 2014 Keith Harkin - All Day Long (mobile): via
- Indeed Pamela, so keep on using. Lucky we found Shivon Soap & that thru the help of Keith Harkin.
Keith Harkin has invited you to Bali . . . don't forget to do your holiday shopping at Harkin Headquarters!...
Meet me one more time in town underneath this Orange Moon 🎶
Harkin Headquarters have made one especially for Santa himself... he loves it... check it out... ;). HHQ. Harkin...
this looks like something Keith Harkin would do.
Keith Harkin photo of a gift in Bethlehem that did not flow to open net.
“Have you got you tickets to Keith Harkin Last show of 2014 ??? "
~ Gallery - Keith Harkin post of an Emerald Surfwear photo New York surfer Dylan C. Stott in Ireland
I mean I'm a little tired of "All I Want For Christmas.." but then comes Keith Harkin and I fall so deeply in love I might drown. Ok?
Will have a look. If u want to see how 'normal' they are have a look on u tube 'Keith Harkin Barry don't leave'
Are the Keith Harkin ornaments for sale? If so what is the link?
In honor or seeing tonight, just a little flashback to 2013 when I met him at the Keith Harkin concert.😍
Yes! But I would say ASO is backing my favorite, award-winning musician Keith Harkin. On my way now! Excited!
Nobody can sell a song like Keith Harkin!!
Celtic Thunder is in Atlanta today at Symphony Hall Woodruff Arts Center - Keith Harkin "Last Christmas" via
Did you see that swimsuit picture?? Bought gave me a heart attack!!! he,s one handsome Harkin is our Keith!!!
All of you that loves Keith Harkin should come and follow Harkin Headquarters please please please please please...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
♪ A very special video provided by Carrie Engeman Sandler ~ Keith Harkin "Rosa" live from the Celtic Thunder Cruise
Photo: cakemaker2: Forthcoming the much anticipated new album from Keith Harkin  from pb Anchor Gallery
Which color do you like? . Harkin Headquarters top quality hats. unisex... stocking filers... ;)
I want a Keith harkin Bedspread so I can take a picture laying beside him!! :)
I added a video to a playlist Orange Moon by Keith Harkin cover
Keith Harkin singing one of his newest songs on the Celtic Thunder Cruise
♪ Keith Harkin will be in Jacksonville, Florida tonight 15 Nov with Celtic Thunder - "Carol of Bells" via
Hey babe, YOU look and sound amazin on that cruise. Even the tube videos are out of sight! Just so proud of what you accomplish as a one guy team always managing to hold up the sky. Like to see your face smooth and the sound just as. The videos from Cruise II could be a video all by themselves. Your personality always magnifies it all and the Irish heart well that is God given. Adore what you do for your friends family and fans!
This is the last Chance this year to catch a Keith Harkin Show backed by the one and only !! Tickets...
~ Keith Harkin photo 12 November 2014 of for open stream display.
♪ Keith Harkin announced "I Remember It All" would definitely be one of the tracks on his new album, here's the video
Ahoy !! Thank you for making this site part of your Keith Harkin net day. A welcome song
This segment from has the Keith Harkin new song "I Remember It All" a definite track for his next album
Thanks to for recording and sharing the videos of the Keith Harkin appearance on the Celtic Thunder Cruise
All the best to you ALWAYS! Life is Good Keith Harkin. Will see show in Morristown, NJ. Yes! Thanks again for your hard work.
And now a message from Keith Harkin!!!
Did you guys know you can load up on Keith Harkin gear on the site too!? We've got stickers, magnets, hats,...
This is one of the CT shows I haven't seen. Will need to order the DVD. Ellen, have Keith Harkin on your show :)
Keith Harkin is a singer and songwriter. This channel was generated automatically by YouTube's video discovery system.
Keith Harkin is the whole package, wonderful musician and he has a fantastic voice
Absolutely. Ellen, what will it take to get Keith Harkin on your show?
Song for Sunday ~ from the Keith Harkin 'Keith Harkin' album "The End Of The Innocence" : via
FANTASTIC !! Most of the Keith Harkin 'Keith Harkin' CD is now on Youtube ... here's "Tears Of Hercules" :
Cruzin happy and out there with the CT Family ! How lucky are you to be off on your own and then back together as the cement? You look so happy funny and it's not run of the mill including The Dave all part of the heart that centers you and you are smart to know it because it shows so clearly and across the sky and so sailing out there with the missing heart all wound up inside and so just laugh and lead. Admire all you are,kid all the bits.
. Looks like they have Keith Harkin hats let us know whats going on :D
Keith Harkin : HHQ are giving a free cash credit give away... Go to t.
Pls listen & bring Keith Harkin to your show at Christmas Keith Harkin sings Handels "Comfort Ye" …
I liked a video from Orange Moon by Keith Harkin cover
Thanks to my BB live feed friend for turning me on to Keith Harkin last March. Fabulous singer and easy on the eyes.
Our Keith Harkin is ALL smiles as he and Dave talk shop enroute to the ship!!!
Keith Harkin and the Celtic Thunder principals can be seen last night in this short video clip provided by :stefferz
Keith Harkin photo for open stream display - 7 Nov 2014 - Miami Meet and Greet for Celtic Thunder Cruise
remembering how much I love Keith Harkin again
Keith Harkin at the HRC Philly 2012. Seeing Keith for the first time solo. Yes!!!
Beautiful kindness for the holidays opening Harkin Headquarters! We all appreciate the long road to that goal.. You are always apart of your fans concern and caring and the whole army is right there. I think of it as a group of good floating around the world. You are the best of what is lost sometimes in this crazy world and we are greatful babe. Hey God made you famous for a reason and you got the meaning way back when. Admiration to that spirit. See you in Tex!
You are beautiful,funny,talented singer, Keith Harkin is also can you listen and maybe let him be on your show. He is great
Gallery - Keith Harkin is now follow here and for all updates
Funny story with this one: Poor David's Pub-3/2014 "TheHeart of Saturday Night"
This one tugs at your heartstrings: "Tears of Hercules" Like&Follow
Agree..Keith Harkin is the whole package.
Hark! It's Keith Harkin. Sorry, just couldn't help it lol
Check out Keith Harkin at Poor David's Pub on Dec 14 : Please Santa send me a ride & tickets to meet him 4one timeXO*
I'm listening to Tears Of Hercules by Keith Harkin on
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday...have a great day at rehearsals, check us out :)
Keith Harkin used to have that hair but e grew it shoulder length and it's too much
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I have one weakness and one bucket list item meeting Keith Harkin not slot right?
What is this looong haired looky all about??? Makes my KH look like an old guy. Nobody likes that. Too old looking for his spirit. Sorry telling the truth.
you rock ! I just love your movies ! You and Keith Harkin make awesome vampires!
Listening to Comfort Ye by Celtic Thunder - via Keith Harkin
Listening to Keith Harkin, and doodling in my sketchbook is how I'm spending this cold, snowy night. ❤❤
Gallery ~ Keith Harkin image touring on the release of his first album 2012
Busking around Australia, Tamworth, Keith Harkin performing Original "My Love Goes on" to him ht…
Really excited about the new Keith Harkin album. Can't wait to hear all the new music.
Out of London and leaving a part of your heart there in music and we await that with open thoughts. You touch everyone in a way that is impossible to describe. We can hardly wait to hear the results of the efforts there and now off to your other CT family ... Rest and enjoy that light and remember George and surround the lads with your piece of it. We honor these efforts and your spirit. Just thanks Nd great cruzin bless all the energy it takes. You are the best. L J.
Enjoy Keith Harkin Tuesday with this presentation of "I Remember It All" on Tumblr
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday...enjoy your special day, check us out :)
: Keith Harkin a great talent, if you haven't followed him yet please do now !!
Queen can we talk Keith harkin and Shivon Soap!!! Totally Irish and magical! I love you. You make me laugh!!! Love it!!!
~ Now in production the from Keith Harkin
Gallery ~ forthcoming the much anticipated new album from Keith Harkin
My 'gonna-get-me-one' second favorite. Other is Not to say they aren't all unique & special
from one of Keith Harkin 's gigs but it has Keith bragging on putting the spotlight on the great Dave Bakey.
Keith Harkin working on his second album.
Keith Harkin Handsome ,very talented Irishman. A member of Celtic Thunder getting his 2nd cd out. He,ll knock your socks off!
Thank you Keith. I have tow gingers in my life. They are both unique, I love them very much,as you do Rebecca
You're in trouble, Keith. You know that, right?😉
Shannon is a ginger with freckles as well. Loves Keith & Rebecca
Keith, I think you just might be trouble with this one 😉 watch out Gingers are fierce 💪☺
Keith Harkin is just an ordinar, or nothing soecial, human..unless u r 20!
Last month was 3 B&K shows and 1 Keith Harkin show...those were my first for any of them. Hard to bel…
Hey Keith Harkin is the new album finished yet? We're waiting no so patiently to hear what you have for us! :-D
Keith Harkin buskin "Keep on Rolling" in Mackay A…: And we'll keep on rollin GO NOLES 🐸🏈
Those # from The Irish aren't Keith's fault people stop to think
So some people aren't getting the Obviously not Irish. God never Let's us forget NEVER Wow It's just an Irish thing way down deep Sorry.
Just got home. Had a few drinks with Keith Harkin again. Its 3am, bed. No work tomorrow thankfully.
'Surfers Cross' & 'Mountain Road' by Available on ht…
Hear, hear we'll always be a Keith Harkin supporter.
Wish Keith Harkin could have been there too, the two of them together would be magic!
Gallery - singer Ayala photo in studio with Keith Harkin - London 23 October 2014
Celtic Thunder's song for is 'Christmas 1915' presented here for a Keith Harkin site
♪ Good Day Sunday 31 August Do you still have Keith Harkin in the bar? I just got his fans with you.
Are we still having the prize give away?? want keith harkin
I'm on a kick lately. Tonight it's The End of the Innocence (Keith Harkin edition) ☺ road trippin music at its finest.
, Keith Harkin, singing "The Alamo" outside the via An Irishman who'd be at home at RCC!
Keith Harkin's an Irish man who loves his adopted country of America and her history! He'd be great at the RCC
lol iam sure if my sisters lived with me now they would say the same thing to me about Keith Harkin & CT
Port Break1 Anchor now has a Muzy, too !! ~ a website with things like Keith Harkin collage
Have you ever met Keith Harkin? I think he would be a great opening act for you, like Ed Sheeran was.
youreally need to meet Keith Harkin(Irish)You have the same style and he is good.Check him out help him,he played tootsies
Keith Harkin in concert at the Historical Old Chichi In Portland performing Eye of the Hurricane
Love this video. Keith Harkin is such a sexy Irish man. Thank you, Carol for posting.
You're welcome. Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday!!! Please have a blessed and wonderful night tonight!!! ;-)
So there you are in Londontown and on your way to the biggest plus of a new album and we are proud and e static for you and the hard work that continues to float you to the top of the heap and Verve thought they'd keep you down?? WRONG! Adore the soul and stamin of this guy and then he surfs and helps his parents and family too. Take a picture Verve snobs. Ella would smile now!
. I thought we would rename you Sir Keith Harkin :-)
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday...enjoy your very own special day, come check us out!
Hi loves, I know this is great music time, Keith and Rebecca Harkin together! Bring it on=
A collection of photographs during the recording of the Keith Harkin new album of 2014 (a)
Rebecca Harkin posted these photos with Keith Harkin today 20 Oct she's being isolated by IG and can't reach her fans
No one homesick & 💔 better than the Irish. MT "Keith Harkin singing From Clare to Here. Fantastic. ”
Thank you for spotlighting Keith Harkin with "From Clare to Here" from an appearances at Poor Davids Pub Dallas in 2011.
The displays are prepared for large screens perhaps this delivery will be user friendly
it's a song by Keith Harkin but I see what you did there and I like it 😏😉
This my friends is Keith Harkin!!! Buy his music!!! Hes great!! and his music is great. and did I mention he,s a hottie!
Current mood: I only want to listen to Keith Harkin all day long.
Keith Harkin - Don't Forget About Me I love this song.
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Any idea yet on the name. Could go eponymous again you know, Keith Harkin II. After all, it's more of you than the first. Just💡
OK for an older man but Keith Harkin.
This is keith Harkin. He's smart, funny and Irish. He sings lots of the old songs. His audience is mostly over 40s. http:/…
Gallery - singers Ayala, Filip and Keith Harkin - after the show 17 Oct 2014 The Candlemaker - London
you nailed it! The anticipation of, the excitement over Keith Harkin's new album is at fever pitch.
Keith Harkin performing "Mercy" at Ceoltas Over the moon excited ta hear his new CD ! Love his style !!!
I am looking into the future. Keith Harkin's new album is Number 1 on the charts. This will come true.
Gallery ~ Keith Harkin photos in studio with Andrew Wright for new album 2014 - London
Like and follow Keith and his daily life for music, fun, and adventure
Oh, to be in Battersea, Candlemaker Pub in London this evening! sigh! If only...Rebecca with Keith Harkin performing live - a treat.
Gallery - Keith Harkin photo - 17 October 2014 in studio with Andy Wright - album London
The Canlemaker: "Keith Harkin is coming to the Candlemaker on 17th. What a way to kick off our live music night
Musician Keith Harkin is such a man.
Gallery - Keith Harkin photo - 13 Oct 2014 at home in Donegal with
Well sometimes same-oh is good if it's Keith Harkin music.
I want to see Sasha in Dallas in Nov, then Keith Harkin in Dec.
Keith Harkin is scheduled Friday, 17 October 2014 London ~ here's their page with video http:/…
Sending good vibes your way:) Feurteventura! Sligo Surf Team!!! Keith Harkin, filming, Documentary! Enjoy!
☼ Keith supporters ~ Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday with a video from Fuerteventura Telly
Calling it a night and sweet dreams y'all!!! NNGB See y'all tomorrow. Happy Ryan Kelly Monday and Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday!!! :-)
Trying to help Keith Harkin cook some Mexican food
Would Love to see Keith Harkin on my list of followers would really make me ecstatic
I just don't watch it all the time ...watching uplifting movies or listen to Keith Harkin music CT or Damian McGinty
♪ Well my goodness ☺ Keith Harkin is about music. Here's his "Surf Medley" on Tumblr
Video: pbanchor1915: Keith Harkin with the other Celtic Thunder original principles Damian McGinty, Ryan...
A dose of Keith Harkin will have u up jumpin. Happy 2 c u gettin stronger. Prayers continue.
What a fun night . . . only a few pics uploaded but will add the rest tomorrow night!! Keith Harkin
Beautiful song by the amazing Neil Byrne, Keith Harkin, Ryan Ke…:
Listening to Wichita Lineman by Celtic Thunder & Keith Harkin via
I would like Nashville to meet the incredible Keith Harkin singer songwriter of Donegal Ireland
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Keith Harkin ,havin fun and then singin one of my favorite songs at Ceoltas!
Video: pbanchorwhiskey: ~ Keith Harkin and Neil Byrne are spotlighted on this Irish folk song in Celtic...
Cheers Here's another great shot of Keith Harkin at his closing of appearances show Ceoltas Pub Harrisburg. Thx for posting.
~ Cheers great shot of Keith Harkin at his last appearance before leaving for Ireland and the Canaries for the
Celtic Thunder's Keith Harkin & Davey Bakey: via Listen as they do magic with this Irishsong
I love you and Michael Berry!! Thank you for watching Keith Harkin's video!! His fans love him and his unique talent!
Fox Theatre st.louis by Keith Harkin on Socialcam - Nov 08...
Necker island by Keith Harkin on Socialcam - Jul 17..
Here's with her full shot original of the Keith Harkin displayed photo today. It is from the Trocadero Philadelphia
Beautiful in Pa. Just don't make us worry too much the whiskey ...the chasers Pray you don't have the Irish disease my Dad would say because it can alter dreams in a big way! Becareful and stay on the straight so all of the rainbow pieces can shine. We adore you here in the states and forever wish you the luck but HE already smiles down on you every day. Adore what you give here and thank you with the most appreciation. Don't be parted from us too long now!!
Cheers to a job well done! One of the best ever Keith Harkin photos!
Thanks Keith Harkin for such a great tour! Best of Everything to you across the pond! See you on...
"I Remember It All" from the closing show of Keith Harkin summer appearances 27 Sept 2014 via
♪ Here's Keith Harkin last night in Harrisburg, Pa - 27 Sept with "Take Me Down" via
Keith Harkin, wowin us all at Ceoltas with " I Remember It All" love the song !!!
Home safe and sound after an AWESOME show in PA by Keith Harkin and Dave Bakey!! Nothing like a Keith Harkin show...
Oh heavens no! That page is fiction! Angel Smith Harkin does NOT have anything at all to do with Keith. She completely fabricates
Keith Harkin singing Mercy via Keith may be Irish, but like a true Texan he can fight back!
Keith just shared THE funniest memory of George . . . involving cheese singles and the typical Keith Harkin...
is a pleasure for us, you are here again! Thanks God for our best friend!! ♧keith♣♧ harkin♧♣
Keith Harkin singing Keep On Rollin at the Irish Center: via
Hanging with the guards today and Keith Harkin this evening. Gonna be a good day!
Wow KH you are spreading those wings and you are strong in so many ways! I do think God gives us all that physical strength in our 20's and 30's so we can protect our families and shape the world on our way. Wishing you all the lift and go to do that. And that brain strength will be with you forever. So enjoy the fact you push the boundaries but treasure the traditions. We love you as the gentile Irish gentleman who knows and respects the best of friends and the land of this earth. HE made you famous for a reason. Love ya babe!
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