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Keith Harkin

Keith R Harkin (born in Derry, Northern Ireland) is a singer, songwriter, actor, and surfer.

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Keith sings Pontchartrain and all is right with the world. Nice after a crazy workday and the g playing sublime. Wow he just gets better and better. Nice thoughtful guy. Could we fans know better? Adore K H . Always!
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday soon to be Tour Tuesdays don't miss his live shows. An evening not…
Keith Harkin is coming all the way to Saskatoon, SK !. September 11th in the amazing Village Guitar & Amp Co.
The one and only Keith Harkin is playing Fredericton, NB. August 23rd. Grab you and your friends tickets before...
Billboard selling artist Keith Harkin is playing Halifax, NS. . August 23rd. Get your tickets before they are...
See live at O'Reilly's, Tue Aug 22! Don't delay, tickets are going fast:
Current with Keith has added a second show in Chicago, the tickets (40 only) here:…
- just added 2nd VIP ONLY NITE on Sept 3rd at 🎶 🎫TIX:…
Keith Harkin Paying Tribute to The Stars and Stripes on Electric Guitar!!! via
Thank you . I've ordered the CD.I listen to it often . Keith Harkin is fantastic , his…
There are some gaffe people out there who make the negative their mantra. Float away gaffe people. KH does the most for his fans and includes us in just about everything. We appreciate all he is and does. He takes the high road... Always has. Adore K/K. Bless his ways.
I liked a video Keith Harkin Rockin' the Kilt
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday. If you haven't noticed Keith is out on the high seas with some…
Yeah👍!Lets dance on the table to this rad song in Keith Harkin…
I listen to Keith every day🤗🎼!As soon as I awake Keith Harkin is to hear all over the hous…
Harkin has a way with country...evident with the latest. Looking for the Irish country of his nation . He's a way with that too! Want that album of his roots Ah . He can share that talent so well. Adore KH.
Jane, you met the most I ncredible and biggest Pirate of them all Keith Harkin. Such a down to earth a…
Check out Wait On Me by Keith Harkin on Amazon Music. . My favorite
Check out I Remember It All by Keith Harkin on Amazon Music. . Listen to
Carefree Heart--Keith Harkin I loved the story about you meeting Jack and writing this so…
Country superstar shows major love for track by Donegal’s Keith Harkin -
Congrats Keith Harkin you've had 10.3 k views of that fab video…
I added a video to a playlist Achy Breaky Heart 25 - Keith Harkin style
Cool write up on the new cover from Donegal Woman.
Click on link to check out Keith Harkin new take on Achy Breaky Heart 25 !
Musician Keith Harkin has got a big thumbs up from country star Billy Ray Cyrus.
Love this 💚 Another amazing job by THE Keith Harkin!!
Congrats Keith Harkin. New version of a fun classic.
I love Keith Harkin's version of Achy Breaky Heart ! Country with an Irish twist! Such a unique and passionate perf…
I love Keith Harkin singing Achy Breaky Heart, does it better than Billy!!! Keep up the great singing, Keith.
HOLLA We'd LOVE you2sing this tune on tour! Keith Harkin Billy Ray Cyrus
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Achy Breaky Heart 25 - Keith Harkin style. This a great version with a Irish twist. Congrats love it. htt…
When keith does Golden you will sigh. So great with the classic pieces! Love the way he can turn from the hard Rock to the intellectual with such ease and great heights. Keith knows what works for him musically. He knows well what the fans will swoon over. He'sa musician a marketeer and PT Barnum with a handsome face / demeanor. Stop fighting it people!! Just sit back and take it in. Still waiting for the pure Irish sentiment. When it comes out. He'll be back to the stardom we want but he'll be building an addition to that house on the sod or carving a cradle. You have to adore that KH brain. The best!
Sounds like the old eating habits of a certain Keith Harkin. Cooking for a week at the time 😀
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday. Time for a bit of easy livin'. blueelan
Start your Monday off w' some at Glasgowbury 2010, EPIC show! Thnx Keith Harkin Shivon...
Current with June 11, 2017 ~ Ethan Lovell phone images June 10 on grounds of Keith's home…
Happy birthday to the one and only, KEITH HARKIN! Hope you have the best day EVER!! 🍻🎉🎁🎂
10 Jun 1986,. Derry City:. Keith Harkin born. The musician/songwriter is best known as. an original member of the...
Can you find it in this list of music from today's show?
.correspondent "Hiring women is not a risk, hiring women is when you get pure gold." https:/…
Current with ~ here's Keith's page for his show Edmonton, Sept 12
Current with June 9, 2017 ~ here's Keith's page for his show in Edmonton, Alberta.
Keith Harkin . -the first irish man i ever stanned?? . -am lowkey gonna go to one of his shows sometime idk when thou…
Keith Harkin will be in Lavallette, NJ on 8/15/17
I added a video to a playlist Keith Harkin Golden Hair
I wish you a wonderful Keith Harkin Tuesday,too😘!Have a great one Carol🤗😀!
Keep it up with your beautiful voice Keith Harkin 🎸🎵🎶🎤
Current with Cheers Join in wishing Keith a Happy Birthday June 10 ~ Website…
Keith continues to surprise us and move ahead with his newest projects. Would still like a new effort with classic Irish music. An album that would reflect his sod. Take Kel for a grand trip around your country and then collect the oldest traditional before they go away with that WWII generation. Keith had the demeanor and the people skills to do it well. And then the greatest voice and temperament to share that music. Appreciate all he does! Keith is truly the best!
Wish you all a wonderful Keith Harkin Tuesday,too🤗!Enjoy this day Carol and a lot of craic to al…
Yes, It's KEITH HARKIN TUESDAY a day to relax and listen to your favorite tunes.…
Keith Harkin, Monaco and Alameda (Peter/Erika were great when they opened for you in Nashville), Glen Campbell, Paul McCartney
GREAT blog at by Brilliant photos too! Keith Harkin...
Current with May 9 ~ Hello this is Keith's introductory photo today blog here…
Current with May 9, 2017 ~ Hello this is Keith's introduction to the blog her…
Keith looks tremendous in the photo in the van. Now he looks younger than his age! Let him be clean and a youngin with grace. He's got plenty of time to look old! He will always think that special way . Adventure looking for new ideas/and what is new around the corner. Please Nanas stop putting him in the Kurt Cobain column. He needs to be himself. Forgot how handsome. Let the younger set see. Star quality with a kind Irish heart. Like the look much!
Congrats ! Best of Luck heading for the next 1, 000. Should be a breeze Keith Harkin Rocks ! Spread the word !
Welcome to KEITH HARKIN TUESDAY celebrating the success of and the last Tuesday of the ST…
Brilliant by Keith Duggan in today's Irish Times. 5 years of Donegal v Monaghan in a nutshell.
Spreading the word in The Keith Harkin Darlins on fb !
Just bought some of these Panama Pom hats from ! Harkin Headquarters Keith Harkin
Hello Jacksonville are you ready for a Keith Harkin evening full of great music and those…
I liked a video from Keith Harkin Where Did You Go My Lovely in Nevada, IA
AMAZING VIP House Show in Milner GA tonight! tonnes of Get your TIX at…
Beautiful work in Columbus, Ohio. And that Irish babe still got IT. Adore the clean K. Looks like he grew so much younger cleans up. Takes ten years off when that happens. He then appeals to the younger crowd. Good by Nanas! The sixties are over. KH can still capture the younger crowd. Glad to boost the push. The Irish magic all there hiding under the grub. Knew it! Bless! L his talent. You can appreciate him 60's people but let him look like the youngin he is... Pleze.
Jacksonville FL! Keith Harkin LIVE March 26th... Get your tickets now!
Please note: Date for Milner GA VIP HOUSE CONCERT is this Saturday March 25th. See ticket link:…
Hey there Atlanta,GA are y'all ready for an evening with KEITH HARKIN bringing with him great…
Yes, it's still a wee cold here in NJ and I couldn't decide which Keith Harkin hat to wear? 🎩👒⛑.???
KEITH HARKIN heading to Charlotte, NC for tonight's show at Ri Ra.…
Off 2 Nashville for the weekend where I will be sure 2 sport my Keith Harkin shirt for all to see!…
Keith Harkin's live performance on the CT Style... Don't miss Keith on tour right now!.
selling artist KEITH HARKIN in Atlanta GA, March 24th by via
Just wonderful at Callahans and you with that little Cassie! A wow guy show and that face! There's Keith! Under that grub hiding. ?? He looks so handsome clean. C'mon keep the hair groomed . Then you look like the youngin you are! Enjoy the St Pats Day babe!!!
my mom is going to see Keith Harkin tomorrow
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did you know Keith Harkin is here as well? Gotta 💚the 🍀 men in Michigan ✋🏻
Can't wait to hear this "live" at the when comes on Friday. Everyone check it out. ☺💚☘XO.
ICYMI: Here is Replay of On this morning 🍀🎶
FOX17: Keith Harkin performing in Auburn Hills for St. Patrick’s Tour
The Keith Harkin photo's of are amazing, go and take a look at them!!!
Are you going to Keith Harkin's concert this Friday?
KEITH HARKIN is on his way to Barrington, IL for SHOW of the ST PATRICK TOUR. Seems they are…
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday. It's back on the road again after a day off. The last one until the…
Current with ~ Keith has the new beanie available on tour, too. Order from website her…
Callahans Music Hall in Auburn Hills Michigan has the best sounding room ever. Still a couple of tickets left,... https:/…
Current with ~ The ticket link for Barrington, Illinois is here:…
If you're looking for M&Gs to Barrington, IL show grab 'em quick! Keith Harkin Keith Harkin Street Team h…
Keith on Tour Amazing. But I am 26 and the hair no. Makes him look too old. Just saying... Still makes him look way too old and he thinks and sings the best. Go see!
Sunday, March 12th, Minneapolis, Kieran's Irish Pub. Great bar, great food, great craic.
TONIGHT in Des Moines Iowa... Shout out to everyone last night in Kansas City who came for the two shows!
so...saw Keith Harkin in concert last night and gave him this. He looked it over good and thanked me…
Keith Harkin's heading for Kansas City today. 2 shows For future shows check…
I saw Keith Harkin in concert tonight, gave him a copy of your CD so when he is on the road he won't miss good music :)
Friday, March 10 - Keith Harkin returns to Knuckleheads for Two Big Shows! VIP/Meet and Greet Tickets...
says join for his at 4PM PST today! Keith Harkin Eagles Songwriter Jack...
~ Current with ~ Minneapolis fans make note of venue change here:
Thanks for the BRILLIANT show at Hard Rock Cafe Seattle last night! Keith Harkin Keith Harkin...
KEITH HARKIN TUESDAY St. Patrick's tour coming to a Town near you for info go to 😎🎶🎤🎸.
Kansas City here comes Keith Harkin ! Everyone get ready for an epic show !
Come on over to Milner GA for an. exclusive house concert w/Keith Harkin . Get your tickets today . Tix:
WooHoo! Seattle + Doesn't get better than that! Keith Harkin Keith Harkin Street Team
Im playing the best venue in Kansas City on March 10th.. the amazing Knuckleheads Saloon. Cannot wait!
Never a week without KEITH HARKIN TUESDAY be sure to follow while he's on tour
THIS concert is happening in Portland, OR TONIGHT! Keith Harkin Keith Harkin Street Team
Go find Keith/ Kelsey on Green Tour for St Paddy's 2017. It will be unbelievable music and fun and memories galore. Don't wait just get those tickets and let the stars come out. He plans out the very best!
playing in concert on March 22 get tickets here:
I liked a video from Keith Harkin LIVE at La Paloma - "Take Me Down"
Mark your calendar for & at Feb.12th! Keith Harkin Eagles Songwriter... https…
Jack Tempchin LIVE w/ Keith Harkin at thehotelcafe . at 7:00 PM . Set times: Jack Tempchin…
I'm going to at Baur's Listening Lounge in Denver,...
🎵 Keith Harkin coming to Phoenix on Mar 30. Grab the tickets! 👉 →
Thanx for airing my interivew on 100+ stations this weekend. We talk Glenn Frey, JD Souther, Hoyt Axt…
The best sound is any place Keith Harkin is singing! His voice & music sends good vibes all over th…
One of the best sounding rooms around is Callahan's Bar and Grille in Auburn Hills MI. Im playing there on March...
Keith and Kelsey's house in Donegal looks like Old Christmas. Hope they had a good one and a tree with a star. Keith is smart. We love him here in the states but the culture is worn. He will raise his babes on the sod where it is safe with a nana and great nanny and uncles. The children will adore the Lord and music and taught the beautiful ways. What a great young man, son , husband and someday father. Ah the Irish have the roots and their hearts in the right place!
sharin a bit of GORGEOUS Donegal, Ireland 🇮🇪 with us 💚 Keith Harkin
Merry Christmas Keith and Kelsey & the entire Harkin Family...Nollaig is on repeat all day !!! Stay Safe My Friends 🎶🌲🎅❤
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday, enjoy your special day...join us at your Event :) http…
We're keeping it lit at The Keith Harkin Darlins ! Looks like another milestone weekend for you Irish ! h…
Listen to Rosa by Keith Harkin and Brian Byrne on
Great concert with the Keith Harkin Band in Columbus, Ohio htt…
OK, dishes done, got the fireplace going and some Christmas music by Keith Harkin Nollaig, loving it.
Irish singer and crowd favorite, Keith Harkin comes back to The Old Church on 3.6.17! Tickets on sale now ☘️
Thank you Siobhan & Kevin .what a joy to have Keith & Kelsey home for the Holidays Merry Christmas to the entire Harkin Family
Gerry Kelly is live with sessions from Mark Daly and Keith Harkin, & Gerry chats to the cast of Give My Head Peace.…
Congratulations ! With love from The Keith Harkin Darlins ! Keeping it lit for you Keith ! So well deserv…
Happiest of Birthday Wishes to you from The Keith Harkin Darlins ! Enjoy your day ! 💖💖💖
My first Christmas card was from Keith Harkin. Such a sweet, cool thing to do!
Ok so go to YouTube and take in the magic of Christmas! It's Keith right there putting out the Nollaig and reaching new heights. Wow! So many home concerts so intimate so perfect. He never ceases to amaze and spreads out that holy ground of the season. Always honors the Lord and so the goodness follows. Ah the Irish . They so know what really matters! Adore and enjoy. IHN. Blessings!
Thanks for the support Croydon Radio in our act Keith Harkin!
Can't wait to see Keith in Stroudsburg, PA, again in March 2017. via
Snippet of the Stageit shows, thanks to nikknack, love this Joni Mitchel song by Keith Harkin.
Keith Harkin hits on the Billboard World Music Chart with new Christmas Album 'Nollaig' 😃😃😁😁
Keith Harkin is back in Pittsburgh on March 17. I'm in if you are!
Sit back and press play folks and get into the festive spirit with Keith Harkin and his festive Billboard...
Nolliag the very best of Keith. Pure talent pure music pure grace! This guy never falters. Pure joy! A Christmas Blessing. Stars come right out of the eyes on this one. Adore Keith!
This is the Amazon purchasing link to the new Christmas album 'Nollaig'…
are you the girl with tickets to Keith Harkin Dec. 9, but can't go?
Kelsey has provided this photograph announcing the availability of the 2017 Calendar here:…
2017 Keith Harkin Calendar is Here!. So happy to announce a new project with our buddy...
Adore Keith and Kelsey! Can hardly wait for the little ones. They will be the greatest skilled parents. Bless
I liked a video Keith Harkin KC Irish Fest - Whiskey in the Jar- 2016
Phone Video Images of Nov 8, 2016 - Keith and Kelsey are celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Harkin Hea…
So glad I have a Keith Harkin Christmas concert to look forward to. See you in Chattanooga Lynn
The Christmas album 'Nollaig' can now be purchased at Target Stores online here:…
Amazon pre order link of my new album "Nollaig"
Screen Cap from today's video short - Keith Harkin Band bound for Dallas.
Can't get enough of this💜☮️ Keith Harkin Eagles Songwriter Jack...
Keith Harkin at LOCE THE DOVE 2016: via by via
Eagles Sing writer, Jack Tempchin and song writer/musician Keith Harkin at the La Paloma for…
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Keith Harkin was mesmerizing at LOVE THE DOVE benefit for the La Paloma Theatre last night! Had…
Preordered Keith Harkin's Christmas album. Fingers crossed that am lucky enough to get the singed christmas postcard with it.
Is everybody ready to Rock Agus Roll with Keith Harkin this fall ? "The Keith Harkin Darlins" are ! Yeooow !💖💖💖 ht…
Keith Harkin is phenomenal..great choice
The day Keith Harkin gets married (which is happening soon) I will drink the tequila under the sink.
Just Bought Our Tickets to the Keith Harkin Farm Show in Ojai Cali on 9/17! Stoked! Who is Joining?
You really should put "September Sessions" by Keith Harkin on regular rotation! He Is phenomenal...
Yesterday Raudi had to wait for his walk!First I had to order my NOLLAIG CDs+Tees from Keith Harkin😉!
You ,and your audience are missing out on a super talented performer. How about having Keith Harkin on your…
Co-writer & pal Keith Harkin will join me at The Hotel Cafe in L.A. on Sun 10/16! Tickets at http…
Meet up w' for a FB Chat in about 15 minutes! Keith Harkin
: To a sweet guy like Keith Harkin.may you be blessed and may you be happy forever and ever! I love Celtic Thunder
I liked a video Keith Harkin talks about his dad and Celtic Thunder
I live Keith Harkin's September Sessions video. Would love to see it in a regular rotation on your station
I would like to see Keith Harkin's video September Sessions be put in video rotation. He is a very good singer & great video.
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💜💜💜 If you love this song, get the cd 💜💜💜. Keith Harkin - September Sessions
Keith just gets better and better. Miss him in CT but that is a lifetime team and although there are new horizons he will always be connected to it and the sod.
's 2nd LA house concert TIX now live-Dont miss out! 1st show sold out in seconds! Keith Harkin...
please, put Keith Harkin's video, 'September Sessions' from'On Mercy Street' in regular rotation! This song/video needs to be seen!
Hello! Thanks for premiering Keith Harkin's "September Sessions". I would love to see it in regular rotation. Many thanks.
Just watched the Keith Harkin video September Session Huge fan here pls put it on your regular rotation. Awesome musician so talented
Keith Harkin - September Sessions via Please watch and enjoy! I have the same relationship with the water!
Hey guys was wondering if you would be able to put september sessions by Keith Harkin on your rotation such an amazing talent
I put the word out on The Keith Harkin Darlins page ! Let's go Harkin Army !
last night the KC Irish Fest ROCKED! the Keith Harkin Band is EPIC! LOVE , was there, too https:…
. (Japan). Hi,my dear Keith ☝🏻️San !. You are so lucky to have strength Harkin goodness! . Thank you so much 😊❤️. (*´∀`*)x∞
Christmas Tour - grab a ticket while they're still available! Keith Harkin
Just some phone photos of yesterday in Ojai! With Keith Harkin
In about an hour Check out and the Keith Harkin Band…
if anyone was wondering Keith Harkin is coming to my gmoms house to put on a house concert with 50 randos,
All purpose parts banner
One of my favorite screen caps of Keith Harkin!
Just want to share photo of Keith Harkin Signed!
Good Day to those new who have found little secret site of Keith Harkin past and present
Who isHosting Keith Harkin in Dallas please so I can ask my mom if I can come to your home?
Now that Keith has shown his beautiful face again. He looks so young! Get rid of the sixties do! Just too dated and appeals to nana types. His contemporaries like short look that started it all. Then he is STAR quality and can compete looks with anyone at all. The music always shines. Get the package together again and the world is tops. You then stand out and get noticed. Leave the 60's behind. Just drags it down and puts him in a smaller marketing window. KH is outstanding talent!
I liked a video Wait On Me - Behind The Scenes with Keith Harkin on The Ayala Show
Keith Harkin is the best Irish singer ever. :D
Celtic Thunder rocks big time is great. Thunder Heads are cool. Keith Harkin is the best and h…
Still say by far, album Keith Harkin is the best album out there. He's such a phenomenal artist so, much heart a…
I'm sorry but Keith Harkin is the best looking thing GOD ever put on earth!! :-)
Orange moon alert. I chased it 8 miles & this is the best I could do. Keith Harkin must be coming to town. ( giggle) http:/…
You are a good son Keith Harkin . Shivon Soap is the best thing that ever happened to my skin .
Fantastic article about by Jeremy D. Bonfiglio of the The Herald-Palladium gi' it a read! Keith Harkin
This Friday come see Keith Harkin at the Acorn Theater!
A gr8 in depth interview with a gr8 musician - 'Nothing holding back Keith Harkin'
Great interview with The Herald Argus about the past, the present, the Future and of course . The Show in...
Keith looks so much younger sans beard. That hair do is way too dated. Maybe the Nanas like to remember the 60's but his own contemporaries want the clean-up. He really is movie star quality with a short look. Too much M monkey on the road probably led him down that path. He'll get the package together. Smart, super talented, caring guy!
I liked a video Keith Harkin 'Suspicious Minds' in Harrisburg PA March 28, 2013 at Ceoltas Irish Pub
•••TUESDAY KEITH HARKIN of Celtic Thunder . Tickets in advance at…
Well done ! The is with you all the way!!! Keith Harkin Keith Harkin Street Team
I liked a video Keith Harkin Performs "Lauren & I" at Guild Headquarters
Agree! The hippy-dippy thing makes him look too old. Love the music and the guy underneath a that.
Glad you are in Ohio for Celtic Fes. Like Keith sans beard and shorter hairdo. It makes him look 10 yrs younger!
!!! Say Hi to Alec & John for us and have the craic lads! Keith Harkin Keith Harkin...
This is one concert you do NOT want to miss! The classy Cindy Alexander and the ever brilliant Keith Harkin on...
If you are in the area here's your chance to see the fantastic Keith Harkin on theMiller Lite stage tonight OHIO...
R U with Keith Harkin on tour? A pic he posted has some1 who looks like my pic of U taken in Little Rock. Am hoping it is U. :)
Hi there Harkin Army still time, numbers don't lie 338 FB likes, RTs send Keith on tour with 72k FB followers
Come see Keith in Lakewood Ohio August 24th perform a private show.
The Keith Harkin Band on tour, Aug 9, 2016 with original photo here:
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& the coming to a venue near you on !!!. Keith Harkin
you guys want an underrated trio? Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly, and Neil Byrne. love those guys. so underrated.
So glad you two are safe and sound. Beautiful pic from Cannes. Take care of each other for a lifetime.
I am so Thankful that Keith Harkin and Kelsey Harkin were not in Nice Yesterday!!!
Keith Harkin has me feeling some sort of way.
Oh my god. This made my day. I found out that Keith Harkin is following me
And so... Our love has found his and the music will continue and reach new heights and together Keith and Kelsey will be a force together to buffer the world. Adore you both and remain true to your parents fealty to each other. Rear the new ones on the sod where it is still true. Stay strong with the traditions And the Lord will bless.
Wishing Keith Harkin would add a stop in St Louis to his Ball & Chain tour! 😍
Congratulations to Keith Harkin and his new bride Kelsey on their wedding this weekend. Wishing you a lifetime of...
Beautiful picture of Keith & Kelsey Harkin! You could always tell they were destined to be together.The love was in their eyes!
Congratulations to the entire Harkin Family.. wishing Keith & Kelsey "Forever Happiness " ❤
TY 4sharing your GORGEOUS wedding photo w'us Keith & Kelsey Harkin! CONGRATULATIONS! We are over the moon for...
Pittsburgh!! Thurs. Aug.18th 8pm at the . Keith Harkin...
Just scored a discount on tickets to KEITH HARKIN TOUR...
I'm going to at Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis, MN - Aug 29
Update your maps at Navteq
Congrats to you and Kelsey on your marriage . I pray that you two will have many many more happy years together and LOVE ? each other and never go to bed angry
Let us know how it goes tonight Keith
No one does Flip Flops & Summertime quite like Be sure to . FB:
I liked a video Keith Harkin and Barry Kerr performing at the 2013 NYC St. Paddy's Day Parade
Show Poster with revised date as per Keith Harkin. The original posting here:
Touched by so many on your musical is good Keith Harkin. All the best to you.
Not sure,if I'll be able to sleep. lol . Keith Harkin in the House
Loved what made for our favorite Irish man; Keith Harkin. He turns 30 this June 10th.
Happy Birthday Keith Harkin and have a great day and weekend ahead!! Much love to you
Happy Birthday from The Keith Harkin Darlins ! We love you, Rock On ! # simply the best 💚💚
Happy Birthday Keith Harkin :) hope you have a wonderful day :) I made this cake to celebrate today :)
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday, have a fantastic day...come join us at your Event!! ht…
Our goes out to one of our Top 21 artists, Keith Harkin. This green isle singer songwriter must have the...
Go home to the sod and rest with family. Let nature heal you like the great outdoors of Ireland always has. We love and want you well. Too many life changes . So take it slow and concentrate on the good food family and blessings that God has given to you. Too much MJ and motion and uprooting. STOP and get back to where you belong. We all appreciate the full throttle but no calm and sing the quiet tunes of your heart. Clean up inside and out. Refresh we will never stop being concerned. We all cherish you, kid. Bless.
A Get Well wish from everyone at The Keith Harkin Darlins ! We love you Keith please take care !
Sending you healing vibes, Keith. Hope you feel better very soon! . Love, . Harkin Army
Sending our best wishes for recovery,get some R&R dear Keith Harkin & proper healing! Very sorry to...
I am sorry to hear that Keith Harkin :( I hope you get well soon :) I am glad I saw you in Hobart :)
If your not following Keith Harkin, you're missing awesome music !
Love the new song penned in Oz. this man has his heart and brain around humanity and truly loves people. What a great person and talent! We have adored him for 10 years and it just keeps getting better. Love him with the CT too! So glad the fans can see him with his bros down under. Hope he never leaves them ever!
we are SO looking forward to your new music video! Keith Harkin
So, Keith Harkin is going ON TOUR again! . This time a lot more shows, coast to coast and everywhere in-between. http:…
So many. Keith Harkin is young but sings the old tunes
Celtic Thunder are in Sydney without guitarist Keith Harkin after Dublin airport officials refused to let him travel with a crack in his
From Last Time was playing in LANDSLIDE (cover) 🎶 Follow FB
is Keith harkin who you are working with now?
Will Keith Harkin perform at The Orpheum in Los Angeles in November? We spent so much on those tickets. This was the 1st time seeing CT.
We're so looking forward to this Keith Harkin !
is on his way to OZ! Let's give him some traveling music!. ALONG THE ROAD LikeFB https:/…
nothing like a sweet puppy sleeping in your lap while you work. — listening to Keith Harkin
So happy for Keith and Kelsey! So glad they will be married on the sod. That culture is still pure and honest. Wish he would let USA fans hold a giant reception after the wedding. Their monetary gifts could help finance the big big arena. Thousands would come we know. C'mon Harkin army! This could be organized by us. Keith and Kelsey deserve this and WE could organize it. Maybe some CT members could show up too! Keith would only sing once. His turn to rest. Go Harkin Army, please. We then can truly be part of the celebration and left over$ can finance the next album !
now at ! Congrats Keith Harkin ! Looking 4the perfect Mother's Day gift?...
Have you seen the Channel? Check out the Challenges 2see what you can win! Keith Harkin
Keith Duffy pleads for help as daughter Mia's dog goes missing from their garden.
favorite place to be: HOMES OF DONEGAL FB IG
"On the road again! I just can't wait to get on the road again!". Follow on FB
& Slow it down with THE DUTCHMAN studio
Not just for New Year's shares the love of AULD LANG SYNE FB
Reachin' for that brass ring... is CHASING DREAMS FollowHimOnFB
How big is your dream? Are you willing to RISK THE FALL. on FB
Our 'Love Goes On' for as does his, FB:
that's exactly how feels 'bout you too ! ❤️ Keith Harkin
and I love you as well Keith and Kelsey Harkin!! Xxxs and 000s.
Sad news indeed ... Harkin bad move. You need to juggle both. You are a Gemini and will be board soon and miss the people. You are too intertwined and its part of the DNA . The Manson look is just slowing you down. Would have expected you to take the leadership road in CT. Then have the solo thing too. Want Keith back. Don't walk backward go forward with that talent. You have miles of that but treasure your roots. The $ can fund you experiments and keep you in the forefront. The look puts you backin the garage band neighborhood. You are so far above that. Look about you... What the heck happened to Paul Damian Emmett when they left?? Just struggle developed. Use CT as the pivot point. Had to share because have admired your talent for so long.
Keith Harkin we at Rising Star want to wish you all the best! We will continue to support and promote you in...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
❤️felt news from . Keith Harkin the supports you 10+% !
Keith Harkin is taking a break from Celtic Thunder. . Excuse me, I have mourning to do.
Keith Harkin version, perfect for Mia's voice
Props to Keith Harkin and Dave Bakey on a stellar concert in Hershey last nite ! You guys are precision personified !
The Keith Harkin House Party was totally kick *** ! How is it possible that some as talented as Keith is, just keeps dazzling us with more 💚
it was awesome but we're talking Harkin here! he never disappoints
We have 3 people here but 4 chairs so we put a poster of Keith Harkin in a chair
Keith Harkin LIVE from house concert in Hershey. performing on via
Keith Harkin LIVE from house concert in Hershey.
Everyone heading to The Hershey House Party tonite to see Keith Harkin, have a safe trip ! Can't wait to see you all again !
Check out these babies hot off the press!!
This sunday night Siamsa Irish pub... Grab your tickets here!!!. or pay at the door!
Where is Keith under that big haired flounce! Nah the first look out more$ in the pocket and fans on line. Do not fix what ain't broken. The music continues to be so sublime!
Back to LA ? When does this lad rest. Great night in the Hub! We love our Keith and CT too! Come back in the autumn!
LOW TICKET ALERT! Only 5 VIP/M&G tix left for THIS Thurs show at Get'm HERE:
Oh god, I am in love with my Celtic music station. Keith Harkin is a genius.
ok tweeps - Keith Harkin's album is the bomb and you need to get it! my fellow canadian cousins - DO IT!!
Keith Harkin is more than awesome, he is fundamental, elemental, a treasure. He is the embodiment of the Iris…
Keith Harkin is the most beautiful man on this earth.
Keith Harkin! "Mercy" is the first single off KEITH HARKIN's highly anticipated second album, "On Mercy Street."... https:/…
Good day Boston. A lucky day with Keith here!
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