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Keith Harkin

Keith R Harkin (born in Derry, Northern Ireland) is a singer, songwriter, actor, and surfer.

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After seeing vids from Portland you are back with lightening and grace and all of your talent for writing such beautiful songs is just Stella! Keith, you have something very precious and powerful to give and it shines in God's house poignantly. Wow just Wow and Verve is the loser here. You are of the goodness and controlling money grabbing heartless beings are the dark. You couldn't be there honestly just remain in the light. All will be well and better. Stay all Irish even in America. The wholesomeness and caring is always better. You gave so much in Portland and it was appreciated. We treasure your ways.
Proud to be part of join us in promoting & supporting on FB Keith Harkin Street Team
if Keith Harkin likes your FE sandwich, I'll try it when next in Portland :)
☺ an individual song video of a previous set - Keith Harkin "Chasing Dreams" at AETN Studios is online via
♦ Keith Harkin performing a new favorite from his show in Portland "Take Me Down" : via
. -Keith Harkin, he can be GUESS model! I looked 2x, thought it was him, disappointed.
@ Keith Harkin is back in The Velvet Underground!!! September 6th, 7pm. Tickets on sale now!.
I'm going to Keith Harkin at Poor David's Pub on Aug 30 :
♦ Keith Harkin self-issuance of the ticket link to HRC Atlanta - 6 September | Different from Hard Rock display/both authentic
For my heart today... Keith Harkin - The Dutchman: via
tix bought for Atlanta Keith Harkin show. Check!🐸
Need to buy one VIP Keith Harkin Atl HR Sept 6 HR ticket : anyone?
For a Good Time! Lotsa Laughs! Great Music! Follow/Like & Sounds like the walls back in High School!LOL
Tickets on sale @ 12noon to see Keith Harkin 9/6 in Hard Rock Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta's Velvet Underground
Keith Harkin in Concert “I’ve been working to make this album ever since I left school,” says Keith Harkin. “It’s a bit of a cliché, but I always knew what I wanted to do, and I’ve stuck with it. So I’ve been working hard for six or seven years, because I didn’t want to put …
Just want the Golden Guy back. Get back to where you one belong. Stop making it so hard. You proved the point and we All Love you just the same. You WERE happy then and life was easier so get back and rest it easy. We Irish have the dark side to contend with but wipe it away and get back and take it smooth. Love KH.
Were you at the Portland Show? If you were and you don't already...Give a Follow and "Like" his FB Page
“Keith Harkin performing Blue Denim Jeans/ Suspicious Minds: via what's her name :)
Hey guys tix only went on sale for this show at noon but is almost sold out already. So if you wanna come. A wee... http:/…
ok I can see that. Hey want a really good singer? Look up Keith harkin. Don't know if he's soulful, but he's amazing!
You know I love the faces that inspire me. Here's Finn (Keith Harkin) & his son Darach (Andrew Stetson). Darach...
Keith Harkin at The Old Church in Portland sharing some of his new music.
Last night's show was simply THE best performance I've ever witnessed from Keith Harkin, he has a new fire and a... ht…
Good luck in Portland you will outshine as always and the fans appreciate all you do and your kind ways. There are back doors in . Hope you make big business deals for merchandise and start a music co of your own in Cali that would be an experience with Execs having to deal with Your Co. Just love your heart and mind. God's directing so follow the good babe!
Craig is frm Scotland keith harkin frm Ireland they should meet & oh yah keith can sing too
Flying from DC to Portland in the morning for what is sure to be an EPICAL Keith Harkin performance at The Old...
Good Day thx for your interest and support of Keith Harkin. Pls enjoy this site's Keith on tumblr
when it rains it pours! Three in a row...Colm& Laura.Kelly&Co. Keith Harkin. Dancing in the streets!!
I added a video to a playlist Keith Harkin at Sunset Sessions - Nothing But You & I - S…
we can't wait for the new Keith Harkin cd to come out . He's the best!
☺ Here's Keith Harkin at announcing new shows and an updated list of appearances
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From Keith Harkin. KANSAS CITY IRISH CENTRE . Sunday Sept 14th. Tickets go on sale this sunday at noon!! . looking...
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Not because I don't adore you but the Neanderthal Civil War look is just hurting you. Started at Necker and has slowly made ya trouble. Get back to you and the offers will explode. You don't have to fight yourself because the looks and talent are built in. Enjoy what you have my sweet one.
"Mercy," by Keith Harkin LIVE.: via Houston talk show Czar Michael Berry might like this song!
Fans of Keith Harkin Button - A button for all fans of Keith Harkin!!!
"Mercy," by Keith Harkin LIVE.: via Keith's Street Team will help get his music heard!!
Videos of the song 'From Clare to Here' - irishmusicdaily: Videos of five top acts including Keith Harkin...
NNGB I'm going to sleep now. I'm tired and needs some sleep now see y'all tomorrow. Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday...
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday I would love to drive with Keith under an Orange Moon!!! ;-)
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♣ Would like to caution people against rumours of third parties that Keith Harkin has not self-issued. His posts are verifiable.
♣ Gallery the Keith Harkin image 22 July 2014 at his merch page Harkin Headquarters
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can you book Keith Harkin on your show? He's right in marina del Rey. The best singer ever
Wishing you a fantastic Keith Harkin Tuesday...come check us out!!
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Ellen, please book Keith Harkin on your show.
♣ Keith Harkin video snippet with the "Stars n stripes" kite on IG limited
Because we adore you just return to where you began in Hooolywood the look is everything and you had it and released it to something else. The execs want $ and your first album proved you have the talent . Bet if you look like the first preppy album cover instead of C C they will scoop you up for # 2 and love every song you pen. The LOOK is everything in Cali. Your a Gemini so flip back and enjoy the easy ride . Your heart is the most important but in Cali the looks rule and you already have it Wow. Lucky man !
You were given those beautiful looks for a reason and sabotage of them makes sadness because just a few try to say they flatter but put you out of the loop and into a fringe of popularity. Guy you have it and don't let it be pulling at you. Don't forget the look that got you noticed in the first place. The heart is always the greatest and caring for others. The new ideas ideas are fantastic. Let yourlooks work FOR you in the music world. Continue to do God's work with a clear mind and the fans will support lovingly. You are the best and remember you have been given many gifts. Be Happy!
Can't believe that happened. Keith Harkin vs. Pink. Keith Harkin would win :)
KEITH SHARE: Exciting new textiles coming soon to Harkin Headquarters!!
"Mercy," Composed by Keith Harkin LIVE.: powerful performance.please watch
I don't understand,what more do they want? Keith Harkin has it all!!
they don't know Keith Harkin fans ! This song rocks! It will be a hit once it's recorded! It blew me away.
Videos of five top acts including Keith Harkin singing From Clare to Here. Fantastic.
"Mercy," Composed by Keith Harkin LIVE.: Love this guy and great song!!!
I am the proud purchaser of two works of art by Keith Harkin. Hope they don't take long to arrive!
♦ Gallery Keith Harkin image of photoshoot 17 July 14 free Net Neutrality
♦ Keith Harkin at his photoshoot today with IG posting
Right now I only want to be with you 'till the morning dew comes… ♫ The Island by Celtic Thunder & Keith Harkin —
Video: allinmycorner: Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder sings “All Day Long” from Voyage.
Please, all of you faces out there, urge Keith Harkin to audition for The Bachelor before it's too late! He deserves the most awesome women in the world, and the show will find them. Maybe this time they will let him pick more than 1 because HE IS SO AWESOME!
KEITH SHARE: Another great shot of Keith Harkin enjoying the surf, sands and sunshine of Southern California!...
"Kiss on My List" On my list would include Ryan Kelly, Emmet Cahill, Keith Harkin and etc. :-)
All the best to you Keith. I need a Keith Harkin fix.
Don't forget to let Keith Harkin know what you think of this possible idea of a different kinda Keith Harkin show...
New ideas and plans always from this kid! What a great focus for the yacht and sea and see KH and hear the best musical experiences ever. Kevin and Shibbohn need to write a parenting book so the rest of us younger moms can have the guide to shaping the kids with creativity and respect and caring for others and doing God's work as well as Keith and Rebecca . These parents did it perfectly and continue to be there with such support. The Harkins did achieve what all parents hope for and they are blessed by their children's out reach to others. What a great family! Write the book.. Please.Here in America it is so needed.
Keith Harkin and Ryan Kelly are my Happy Place 4 now! ;-) on
Keith Harkin coming to The Irish House September 13, 2014 New Orleans, Keith, your fans are waiting, we love you.
How about FRESH, SEXY, SWEET, HANDSOME, and TALENTED - I nominate Keith Harkin for the BEST Bachelor yet!
you need to have Keith Harkin from Celtic Thunder on your show. Please
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I nominate Keith Harkin for the next Bachelor ;-D
Keith Harkin fans want to see Keith Harkin on The Ellen Show.
Come on Ellen have Keith Harkin on your show
Keith Harkin from Celtic Thunder's very first DVD 'The Show'. Remember to 'SHARE' it if you love it!
Yes,that was a Neil Byrne & Ryan Kelly show.2nd Guinness was last March..same place..Keith Harkin show.
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday Here is my favorite memory of meeting Keith at Dan's Eletro Guitar Bar in 2013!!! :-)
Good morning everyone. Have a great Keith Harkin Tuesday. Hope he's enjoying Romeo. Love you Keith.
Glad you could get out to enjoy some live tunes. Must be weird to be on the other side of the lip and take it all in. Wish you some rest and peace and joy to refuel. So lucky to have you out there for us so much of the time. Nice change and wanting you to do a whole stint of Irish historical tunes of Derry's past cause that's your roots and nobody could do it like you would. When you go back to see family travel and speak to the old before they pass and collect that gold of tunes to be lost. It's out there and you have the ear and heart to listen and shape it for the youngins. Appreciate your heart for that babe. x
♦ Keith Harkin photo "Great to hear live music tonight..." on
One more time... Please work out so that Keith Harkin will be on The Ellen Show. Two of my faves in one package.
End of the Innocence covered by Keith Harkin
♦ A Good Day and thx for the Welcome and please enjoy a Keith Harkin slideshow ►
♦ Please enjoy the Anchor slideshow contribution to Keith Harkin ►
"just a fool" by christina agulaira and blake shelton also "tears of Hercules" by keith harkin.
Amazing..Keith Harkin posts by friends... Seriously believe there's a DEEP meaning n all KH posts.. Mesmerized at Guesses..:()
has anyone ever listened to Keith Harkin? he has the voice of an angel I swear..
Nothing like a beautiful Sunday ride through the mountains blaring Keith Harkin through the speakers.
Media Gallery photo - Keith Harkin image and Song For Sunday from
♦ Keith Harkin 'Mountains of Mourne' now available Celtic Thunder Youtube via
Needed to include Keith Harkin, and should be
♦ 42,000 hits it's first week available on Youtube Keith Harkin "Stand & Deliver" : via
Heard the news? Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder will be here for our celebration Sat Sept 13th!
Keith Harkin sings National Anthem Boston, MA Mar…: Best cover of our National Anthem!
Keith, just love your picture of George and offerings. If we could only treasure like you the friendships that balance us and help us grow. YOU are a class act of love and respect and George sees your happiness and struggles and worries too! Thanks for writing about the Big Man for we all need to remember and never forget never. Thanks for being right there for his memory and keeping it so secure. You have much character and you seve The Lord well . Do this forever so George will be in our hearts and we can laugh again and look for him in so many ways. Adore your heart and brain KH!
♦ The Keith Harkin "Orange Moon" with a beautifully inspired fan video at via
♦ Enjoy the Keith Harkin bio page at Celtic Thunder with his "The Tears of Hercules"
♦ Keith Harkin offers his original art and photography. View them
You don't know what your missing if you haven't heard Keith Harkin sing
♦ Enjoy your courtesy of with Keith Harkin cover of "All Out of Love"
Photo: wordsarealivee: Keith Harkin from the group Celtic Thunder, btw yes I know the facial hair *** I...
oh my - when god made PERFECT he made KEITH HARKIN 😉😉😉 xxx have a Good Day surfing guys & be safe x
I've been on Keith Harkin FB most of the afternoon..attempting to settled confusion among fans .turbulence is a better word
Hi Jimmy, I've sent you songs by Keith Harkin; here's one by Colm Keegan. Pls. have them on your show?
I wanna know what love is. I know you can show… ♫ I Wanna Know What Love Is by Celtic Thunder & Keith Harkin —
God but I love this Song. It is so beautiful. ♫ Hallelujah – Celtic Thunder, Neil Byrne, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly
I know the feeling...especially if I've posted in the Keith Harkin Controversial Section! LOL
Is Keith Harkin coming back to Kells next month???
♦ Keith Harkin buskin "Keep on Rolling" Mackay Australia from his Youtube via
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday I♡ Keith's backside he does have a nice behind! :-)
Well you have been on tour with (Keith I love me some booze Harkin). I can see how things might get a bit fuzzy. :)
My birthday is on Friday August 29th! I'll be seeing Keith Harkin in Dallas on August 30 at Poor David's Pub..
stop making fake sites on Keith Harkin!
♦ A Welcome and thx for the please enjoy a Keith Harkin SLIDESHOW ►
Just got tickets on TicketWeb for Keith Harkin at The Old Church on 07/26/14
Be the person to put over 42,000 on his FB Page Only 14 likes to go!! Go! Like!! Have fun!!
♦ Keith's debut album 'Keith Harkin' is available on Amazon via
Good Day this is a Keith Harkin specialty site. You are welcome & may also want to follow multi-musician base
♦ the Keith Harkin first album his self-titled 'Keith Harkin' is available at Amazon via
♦ In addition to his music presents his art prints and photography at ►
♦ rare, street video of Keith Harkin (brown jacket) Dad, Mom ABBEY ROAD Apr 2012 - he waves via
Safe everyone home from Aussieland now. Thanks for all you put out there for every show.Adore Keith and the CT Family! The best of Ireland and now someone new to join the clan. Accept him everyone's hard but welcome the new kid and give him the kindness George would put out there. Love the guys and the fans and the whole Thunderlandas the big guy would say. Honor him with respect and an open heart!
♦ Keith Harkin treated the audience to "What A Wonderful World" on his St Patrick Tour 2014:
♦ Pssst has a secret, past and rare of Keith Harkin SELECT some hardly viewed from '07 to current
♦ Keith Harkin on tour this summer in the US Venues/Tickets at top of
♦ Song for Sunday ~ Keith Harkin live at the Trocadero medley "Marie Claire / The Dutchman" : via
Keith Harkin returns home to perform again
The HMH Admins would like to wish all the wonderful dads in your life a very Happy Father's Day and a special shout out to the father of our two favorite siblings Keith Harkin and Rebecca Harkin Music . . . have a lovely day Kevin Harkin of Shivon Soap!!
Wondering what Keith Harkin thinks about these underwear? ???
See the Happy Father's Day wishes from the son's of CelticThunder on the CT website now: A Happy Father's Day to Keith and Rebecca's Dad, Kevin of Shivon Soap and a very happy, happy ('let's say it again') happy one to all the Daddy-o's out there! Enjoy YOUR day!! photos by: Keith Harkin &
This is a tribute fo Keith from Beth O on his birthday 2011...thank you Beth Keith Here
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Happy Birthday Keith Harkin: via This is a tribute to Keith from Beth O...thank you Beth
♦ Keith Harkin has not yet publicly announced his end of tour plans. How about Kunta is pumpin…
Thanks so much Keith for that beautiful picture from Perth! There you all are and you mean so much to all of us. Good friends and good musicians and the best people! George's friends and you DID it for him so beautifully in Australia. You were all so brave and united with all the fans throughout Celtic Thunderland in this whole world. We love you all and appreciate the loyalty for each other. There truly is no other musical family like you. God bless each and thanks for what you did to honor the Big Man. He is forever there imprint on your hearts and ours too. You welcomed him to The Lord. Just so many thank yous and stay cemented all of you forever!
A fund raiser by the Keith Harkin Street Team has raised $6,600 for the singer's favourite charity.
♦ Keith Harkin photo post of 13 June 2014 | This will not be in the Media Gallery.
The Cliffs by Keith Harkin - The Cliffs Photograph - The Cliffs Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale
Dallas are you ready for some awesome music from the one and only Keith Harkin??? Here's the information you need...
Okay Portland area Keith Harkin fans . . . have you gotten your tickets yet for this show??? Hurry, don't delay .
Have you purchased one of Keith Harkin's original prints yet? Personally, I'm chomping at the bit to own a few...
Irish Music Daily article about Harkin's fans' generosity in honor of his birthday!
My amazing son made this coffee cup for me mother's day three years ago I love it and yes. That's Keith Harkin..
Keith Harkin 8h A massive shout out to all this crowd of good people. Another fun tour (cont)
Friday on My Mind...Easybeats from decades past. Keith Harkin tunes on a sunny Friday. Add CT to the mix. Can't be beat!
What an amazing show to end the Celtic Thunder Official 2014 Australian tour! After a morning spent editing yesterday's photos, I got up to the city about 2:45 and met up with Alice Ingley & Bridie Lee, who proceeded to tell me that I had not long missed Celtic Comet - Emmet Cahill Official Music & Colm Keegan - *** it! Went to the arena to wait for Charlotte Rollinson and soundcheck, so got to have a good long chat with the wonderful Stephen :) once we got let in and Stephen was giving the spiel, he said to us that we know all this already anyway! :P Soon we were allowed in to a very amusing soundcheck! Alice, Char and I could help but burst out laughing (quite often) at some of the boys antics! At one point, first Emmet and Dave M, then Colm and Ryan Kelly Music Official came off the stage and walked to the back of the floor seating... We may have got a little paranoid, so instead of watching Keith Harkin on stage, we kept turning around to see what they were up to! At the end, Dave talked to the sound ...
I think Keep on Rollin by Keith Harkin is my new favorite song. Gets stuck in my mind and keeps rollin around in there!
Keith Harkin last show of the Celtic Thunder Official Australian tour tonight here in Perth, i just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who made it happen! All the cast, crew, promoters but most importantly all you guys for coming along and making this tour the most memorable Australian CT tour we have ever done. Thank you so much kx...
CONGRATULATIONS Keith Harkin and to everyone associated with Celtic Thunder Official on another successful OZ...
♦ Media Gallery photo | Keith Harkin and Celtic Thunder at Closing of Australian Tour-Perth | 13 June 2014
Keith Harkin's mum with her Shivon homemade soap in Ireland. Gotta get it !
Mrs. Harkin you are a beautiful woman. Now I see why Keith & Rebecca are so beautiful. Mr. Harkin's not too bad either. lol
♦ TICKET link to Keith Harkin at Poor David's Pub - Dallas TX on 30 Aug 2014 :
♦ SELECT is best experienced on site with Keith Harkin rare videos, current and past event photos. Ju…
It's the day after my Birthday on the 29th of August! :-) Can't wait for Keith Harkin's concert in Dallas...
Just a reminder because I just responded to a private message about this topic that our Promotional Team page is OPEN and EVERYONE is welcome to be a part of it . . . all they have to do is LIKE it! We don't openly promote ourselves or our Page but we are happy and delighted to have ALL fans of Keith Harkin, and Shivon Soap join us!
U should listen to KEITH HARKIN from the group Celtic Thunder. Keith rocks and is so handsome!!!
What?~no shouts to KEITH HARKIN for his birthday but you did it for the worst pres we ever had? tht *** !! rules
Keith harkin mom cut home made soap
♦ has made no announcement of his plans after Perth-Be sure to and LIke
♦ Thank you . Keith Harkin also has related pages on Port Break Tumblr. • Port Break1
Thank you very much for sharing those wonderful pictures of Keith!!!...appreciate all you do for us Harkin fans!
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Look up the movie in imdb an click cast members Keith Harkin as Mayor comes up it was made 2004 it is K!
SELECT Keith Harkin with Celtic Thunder from the 2009 production and song "Take Me Home" via
Well tonight was another awesome Celtic Thunder Official concert, and my closest to home at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre! It was their first time here, and from the reports I heard, they enjoyed themselves. :) The day started off with Robyn Neighbour and i heading down about lunchtime, where we went to San Churro for lunch, after which we went walking and enjoyed the scenery. About 3 pm we headed towards the venue and met up with Alice Ingley and Bridie Lee while i waited for Kelly Simmonds to show up. While we did, I noticed two familiar figures on the boardwalk headed towards the Centre. I sat watching them and then Alice clicked as to who they were - none other than Colm Keegan and Emmet Cahill Official Music! So we went out to say hi and have a quick chat. After they left we headed back in and chatted with Stephen, Kelly showed up and really we just killed time until soundcheck at 4pm. Soundcheck was so much fun! Emmet did Always There, which was hilarious because Colm, Keith Harkin and Ryan Ke ...
Hi Jimmy, Please consider having Keith Harkin, Celtic Thunder, on as a guest? Thank you!!
I NEED to know. Lost: Black Earth. Keith Harkin is listed in the cast. @ what point does he appear? I'm thinking 38 minutes?
Okay I NEED to know. Keith Harkin's name is listed in the cast for Lost: Black Earth. Where is he? I'm thinking 38 minutes?
What was Keith Harkin like to work with?
.Gees..U have a way with words . Charmer and Charming all n One Keith Harkin.
Happy 28th Birthday Keith Harkin!! For the love of music and chasing dreams, the Keith Harkin Street Team held a successful fundraiser benefiting the Horatio...
Good Night to all ...I'm turning out the lights ...I am knackered ...hope everyone had a fantastic Keith Harkin Tuesday and Birthday celebration
Almost two inches of rain in the past few days. Humidity is much lower. My tickets for Keith Harkin came in and makes me smile. Rowdy had to have several knots of fur cut off of his ears. Wonder what made it so matted. I put rubberized tree rings around my trees, and Rowdy has not been too bad about digging there. Other places, not so lucky. I bought some red pepper spice and considering using it around the digging area. What do you think? Will it hurt him or will he smell it and not get in it?
...and...a Keith Harkin solo gig. Hope you can schedule another..soon. Oh please..oh please!! Yes and thank you!!
How can we make a return Keith Harkin gig happen?? Oh please, oh please, oh please!!
Listen to Official Keith Harkin | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
Thanks to everyone who sent out Keith Harkin's solo CD(s) to their local radio stations, libraries and...
of the best looking men r Irish ie. Ryan Kelly, Keith Harkin u know the lads of Celtic Thunder
♦ Cheers This major is empty. Hear and follow Official Keith Harkin on
Keith Harkin an awesome video chat from his birthday last year!! I love Keith Harkin!
I liked a video Keith Harkin shares a fun memory of George Donaldson
AWESOME,Don't forget that it's Keith Harkin's birthday today!! :-) :-) :-)
An older post of my guy, Keith that he is 28...the hair is a bit longer...always a cutie!
Happy Birthday Keith Harkin!! Cheers to an amazing musician and artist! 󾀼󾦇😎
AWESOME love it!!!Come on now it's Keith Harkin's birthday today..Show the love.. LOVE LUCK LAUGHTER :-)
Happy Birth Day to Keith Harkin I Love this Photo of us!!!
What can I say about Keith Harkin...his music came along just when I needed it to. Hooked the instant I watched him singing with Celtic Thunder on my TV screen. First time I met Keith was at the Sunset Sessions event in SF last year. I will never forget that weekend, since then I've traveled the open road of the 'Harkin Hwy', became involved in this amazing group of folk that is the KHST and am really looking forward to all the good times ahead of us as Keith's star continues to rise! Thank you Keith, for the music and so much more! May you be blessed today and always. x R
Happy Birthday Keith Harkin! June 10th should be a national holiday in Ireland.:-)
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday everyone! And a very Happy Birthday to our surfer man from Celtic Thunder.I will never forget first seeing him on The Show on Hungarian Telly more than 3 years ago! :)
Have a wonderful Keith Harkin Tuesday. Enjoy his 28th Birthday with him!
Birthday wishes to Irish singer Keith Harkin - Member of the band Celtic Thunder who performed well on the Billboard charts and who released several original songs. He performed music at a very young age and this led to his aspiration to be a musician as he grew older. Some of the songs he wrote on his own include "How I Wish," "September Sessions," and "All Day Long." Harkin and Van Morrison are both musicians from Ireland.
he sings solo and with Celtic Thunder
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So grandpa and Keith harkin have same birthday?
playing my Keith Harkin CD on repeat in honor of your Birthday today...yeeeow
This is a special day, Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday! :)
Happy Birthday to Keith Harkin...hope you have a blast!
Brian got tickets for us to go see him!!! Can't wait! First Keith Harkin now Danny Bhoy!! I am one lucky lady.
I was just looking at my orders of my prints on fine art America, and i find it so satisfying that people all...
Keith Harkin 1st Birthday in te Southern Hemisphere!! THANK YOU for all your good wishes!! Kx Keith you positively look like the cat who got the canary Hope you have had a positively awesome day packed with great craic!!
Happy Birthday Keith Harkin, have a wonderful day down under
Welcome to Keith Harkin Tuesday!! Wishing Keith a wonderful birthday and year ahead! Safe travels and may all your wishes and dreams come true for you!! Happy Keith day to all the Thunderheads out there...wishing you a wonderful day as well!!
Join Harkin's MadHatters @ to celebrate Keith Harkin 28th Birthday! We've sent his CD to our... h…
Happy Birthday TO THE AMAZING KEITH HARKIN!!! I love this song :').
Well today's THE day . . . Happy 28th Birthday Keith Harkin!!! May the day be as much of an adventure to you as...
How about 41000 likes for on his birthday!? Just need 22 more! And GO!
Happy Birthday KEITH HARKIN hope ur day has been a wonderful party &
Keith Harkin: What's It Like Touring The US In A Van? Keith Harkin chats with Access about hitting the road with three other guys in a van for his tour. Does he enjoy all the driving? And, what does he think about having to do all the setup and tear down work a crew would normally do? Plus, how long will he be on the road?
domain names
1st and for most. I want to wish the man of the hour a VERY HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY today Keith...with many more to come...with all my ♥:-) To everyone else. I hope that you all will hVe a fantastic fun and safe Keith Harkin Tuesday. With all -♥:-)
Here's hoping Keith Harkin has a wonderful birthday. May God bless and keep you from all harm. Happy Birthday to a very talented and awesome man. Thanks for all the great craic and music, keep it coming.
We have a very especial Keith Harkin Tuesday to celebrate since this one is also Keith's Birthday. Keith, I hope you have a terrific day, full of Surprises and Birthday Treats. This day only comes once a year so lets everyone join Keith and enjoy a piece of the Birthday Cake after he blows out the candles.
Well, it is officially June boyfriend's 28th Birthday!! Happy Birthday KEITH HARKIN!!!
Happy Keith Harkin day to all my CT Family - have a fabulous day!!! Happy Birthday Keith!! :)
Keith Harkin, Barry Kerr, and Dave Bakey at Poor David's Pub in Dallas on March 2, 2013 singing Marie Claire... The video starts in with Keith talking about ...
10 June 2014 Congratulations and Happy Birthday! John Robert, my grandson. Congratulations - Graduating from High School. Keith Harkin, singer/songwriter/musician/and one heck of a nice guy. Happy 28th Birthday. Shona lá breithe Keith Harkin. He's a bit on the crazy side too. lol. One Cool Dude. I will be at JR's graduation tomorrow so am posting this today.
"The Irish; be they kings or poets or farmers, they're a people of great worth. They keep company with angels and bring a bit of heaven here on earth." Irish saying. Happy Birthday Keith Harkin. You are truly a bit of heaven.
All I can say is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday everyone!!! :-)
Well timed - its his birthday on Keith Harkin Tuesday . He is the same age as my youngest son . ( Andrews birthday was in March ) Hoping that Keith has an extra special day , with many well wishes from all over the world . Love watching him get the guitars to sing !!
It's already Tuesday in Australia!!! Happy Birthday Keith Harkin and Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday too.
Love that Keith's birthday falls on Keith Harkin Tuesday. Have a great Keith day everyone and Happy Birthday Keith!
Time to wish the one & only Keith Harkin, a very Happy 28th Birthday!! May he have many, many more years to come. 🎈🎈🎈
Many thanks to our admins, Roxie Rycher, Teresa West Sherwood, Julie Jansen, Den Fry, and Katherine Sherwood for providing the wonderful forum that is the Keith Harkin Street-Team to share and promote the artist we love. Without KHST, none of us would be on this page today, celebrating the AWESOME success of this fundraiser!!! Just a short little tune for this special couple of days --- TO OUR ADMINS!
Keith Harkin this made me think of you.
Keith Harkin is the sexiest, handsomest man alive!!!
Tired of a few who keep raving about The Neanderthal Look and how cute. Stop hurting KH's chances for ultra success. He used to look like a movie star and up there with no one else. Now the shag defeats his unique personna and makes it a hidden secret of his good looks. He resembles a bum and it is but slowing him. Stop you and fool him no more. Let KH grow and mature into the success he has the potential for accomplishing. This small group does damage. His heart and appearance are golden. He was right there on the cusp about to burst forward when a few through this out. Wake up pretend friends.
Just for your info this rumor came from a loon who claims to be married to Keith Harkin.."Julia Harkin" on fb!!
Watch as Keith Harkin performs live on PTL!
Keith Harkin photo "Postcard" -Exclusionary Instagram is ONLY presented here to reach all who support
Keith Harkin is onto something here. I really, really like Paul Connolly lyrics and Dan Acheson mix: Wood Burning Savages - have to explore them further.
♦ Keith Harkin photo Melbourne 7 June not presented on open net
Nothing beats going for a drive listening to Keith Harkin - wish my speakers would go LOUDER!! 😀
- Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder fame does a great rendition also.
Especially if you hear Keith Harkin singing it. He does a great job, but unfortunately I've only seen videos of it.
Keeping it all in perspective. Thanks Keith Harkin :-)
This photograph was taken by Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder. He is a man of many talents. He also has his own group and plays just about wherever there's a beach! The group is touring Australia now. He's as handsome as he is talented. Love those Irish lads in their kilts!
♦ Keith Harkin photo "Melboure by day" this is a possible landscape and will not be presented on the Media Gallery.
♦ Enjoy Keith Harkin Busking Australia last year in Geelong, "Going Home" via
♦ Cheers to the show tonight Hello from singer Keith Harkin and it's been awhile...Hope you're well
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
♦ Europe and the Americas ~ a song so memorable, Keith Harkin takes us to "The Island" http:/…
Less than 5 days left until Keith Harkin's 28th birthday . . . hope you're all attending this event but more...
please have Keith Harkin sing in your show ! He's awesome.
we Florida girls need some love from our Keith Harkin !
Senator wants closed captioning of in-flight movies by
I own no Copy right to this song or pictures Keith Harkin's cover of Hard to Say I'm Sorry
♦ For easy reference, the TICKET links to Keith Harkin Summer Solo shows will display at top of this page ►Anchor
This looks like something Keith Harkin would try!
Keith Harkin - The Dutchman: ❤ |Some tea with whiskey keeps away the dew| :')
Keith Harkin responds to his fans' many requests for summer shows!!! First stop: lucky, lucky Portland OR. Get your tickets at:
Sharing those thoughts with Stubbs Radio was outstanding and the version of Turning Away beautiful and poignant. KH you made us all cry then laugh and put the sinew right out there about how you feel for the loss. We treasure all of you and how you have come together with such resilience. Adore KH and the Thunder. Stay strong!
OK friends...who is Keith Harkin? See lots of shared photos...curious.
I ordered my second row seat for Keith harkin at poor David's pub on 8/30/14. Woo hoo. Can't wait
thanks!! :D that was one of my favorites too! That one and the Keith Harkin graffiti took the most work
LOL I just noticed that 's FB page has 5 times as many likes as Keith Harkin's does.
Photo: celticfan13: Keith Harkin “boys are back in town” at bendigo Let’s help Keith get to 50,000 likes on...
Keith Harkin will also be returning to Poor David's Pub on August 30th!
Awesome! You see Keith Harkin, God does love you and has invited you back to his house. Cheers XOX :-)
If only Keith Harkin would check my schedule before booking dates! Love you too little sister
♦ Keith Harkin tour poster for first show of Summer US Tour
from Keith Harkin: Just announced the 1st gig of the summer JULY 26th @ "the old church" in Portland Oregon.
Okay, MadHatters . . . it's less than a week now until Keith Harkin's 28th birthday! Why not join us in...
Head's up Pacific Northwest... Keith Harkin is comin in hot! Pass it on!! TICKET LINK:
Very sad news. I just heard it last night on PBS...George Donaldson of Celtic Thunder passed away in March of a massive heartattack. He was only 46 and leaves behind a wife and a 13 year old daughter. RIP George Donaldson. you will be very missed by many! Tragic death of Celtic Thunder singer George Donaldson from heart attack IrishCentral Staff Writers March 14,2014 04:28 AM LinkedIn Email Comments George Donaldson, the lead singer of Celtic Thunder, has died from a heart attack at 46-years-old.Photo by: Celtic Thunder The Irish singing group and stage sensation Celtic Thunder was deeply saddened to announce the loss of principal singer George Donaldson, who passed away Wednesday, March 12 at his home in Glasgow, Scotland. The cause of death was a massive heart attack. Born February 1, 1968 in Glasgow, Scotland, Donaldson was 46 years old. His wife, Carolyn, and his daughter, Sarah, 13, who he described as the “light of my life,” survive him. George Donaldson was a self-taught musician, accomplished ...
Hope everyone had a great Keith Harkin Tuesday!
I got an e-mail that Keith Harkin is playing at Poor David's Pub on 08/30 . The first and second row reserved seats are already sold out. I hope I can get third row seats, but any way I will be there to see him.
Can't think of a better way to REALLY knock his socks off, and put this look back on Keith Harkin's face! Click "See More" for all details and donation site.
Nine more days until Keith Harkin's 28th birthday . . . I cannot think of a better way to show him how much you... htt…
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday Europe and US !! Enjoy a fan video for "The Mountains Of Mourne"☺via
Wishing you all a very Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday.
Welcome to Keith Harkin Tuesday!! Hope you all have an awesome Keith day! Had a rain shower this morning but the sun is shining now! :)
Happy Dancing all over the place! Keith Harkin returning to Dallas for a concert at Poor David's Pub on Aug 30. Yah!
To all my dear friends have a joyous and beautiful Keith Harkin Tuesday!!!
Just reserved my tickets to see Keith Harkin in Dallas at Poor Davids Pub in August!!!
Wishing everyone a beautiful Keith Harkin day.
♦ Keith Harkin photo "Suits on radio" ABC Radio for all inclusive transparency.
♦ A nice shot of David Munro and Keith Harkin from Albury, Aus on 1 June 2014
NNGB tho may be too excited to sleep.Keith Harkin has a gig in Dallas August 30!
Keith Harkin will be at Poor David's Pub on Aug/30th
From Celtic Thunder a video w Keith Harkin walking you thru a sound check party - make sure to get in on one they... http:…
Keith Harkin has an eye for art wherever he goes. :-)
Seeing those clothes tags belonging to George that you photoed made me lose my breath and realize how much I adore and respect you KH because you are so heartfelt and real and good. When my own dad passed and I knew everyone wanted to be quiet and say nothing I had to talk and talk and TALK and find the signs and share a about him every day. Thanks for showing your heart and keeping the Big Man here with us all. When you stop identifying those outlines then the person is gone. Thanks for letting us remember with you. Sharon and Phil did a wonder when they selected you but methinks it was someone even higher. Love you babe. We are there with you guys always.
wow what a great night i had with my daughter sharni and my son tony we all went to see Celtic Thunder .. our seats where good.. and it was tottally aworesome.. i new all their song coz i have all their dvds and cds lol..i was so happy that i got to see them. after the show i went to meet them and all i can say is wow Ryan Kelly HAD ME LOST FOR WORDS i just stood in frount of him all jitters as i said hello and he smiled and said hellooo there lol wow ... then i met Neil Byrne... once again wow my knees went weak as he looked at me and said hellooo. then i met Colm Keegan ... but i was sad that KEITH HARKIN wasnt their.. i asked the boy were he was and all three laughed as they said to ha ha hes washing his hair. . GEORGE DONALDSON the oldest of the group died sadly afew months ago of a heart attack so sad coz i loved all his songs as well ... my night was wonderful and . im forever a Celtic Thunder fan and if their in town again ... ILL BE THERE ...AWRESOME
Hi, Check out KEITH HARKIN for your show. He's in Celtic Thunder, Irish Group.
So happy to donate for the 2nd time Come join me...Check it out! I donated to Keith Harkin Bday Charity Fundraiser!
Wud luv it if u would check out 1 of our favorite artists & possibly have him on ur show!
Had to do it, Keith Harkin told me to, lol
MADHATTER CHALLENGE: As we all know, has a birthday coming up on June 10th and what better way to...
Listening to Everybody's Talking at Me (original). Keith Harkin sings it better
come to think of it - you haven't been tagging oz with your stickers!!! Would love to see oztag by Keith Harkin ...
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