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Keith Harkin

Keith R Harkin (born in Derry, Northern Ireland) is a singer, songwriter, actor, and surfer.

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Calm Keith and get over the rough cold. We all wish happiness and rest for you. Thanks for giving of yourself every year. Touch base with Sharon and guys. Your duel personality Mr Geminii requires that. Need some new CT music from you too!
Considering the weather on the East Coast We need this video! LikeOnFB
plays a couple of favorite covers LikeOnFB
Hey Guys,. Just an update on what I've been at. Ive been home chilling and working on my place. Hammering, sawing... https…
Just got to order my On Mercy Street and a tshirt today. Oh! also ordered a cd from Ireland, original Keith Harkin.
"Who's your God, will he be my friend?".
via youtube All the Eagles were great at helping out other artists. Like Jack helped Keith Harkin!
Have fun in Ireland and relax a little. Helping supporting and lending his ideas and skill. That is what this guy does best! Hope there is a wedding soon. Lucky lady that Kelsey and that KH he came to US to find her. Fun story and all the best wishes. Hope there is another CT tour. Save $ for the future sod. Adore them both!
I'll bet Keith Harkin really is an *** I guess we'll never know.
Take time to find your 'Mona Lisa' available
♪ 2015 version of "Lauren & I" with Keith Harkin Band at Guild Headquarters
Follow a man that truly 'feels' the music he performs! on. FB
The little town of is on the official tour poster. Happy, pappy!
Check out the Keith Harkin Tour Poster -- Wagener, SC (12/5) is right up there with Atlanta, Knoxville, Chicago,...
Keith Harkin - Don't Forget About Me I'm off for awhile,be back soon.
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Great photo of our friend, Keith Harkin !!!
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You don't wanna miss Keith Harkin on get you ticket now .it's gonna be spectacular Woo-hoo
I'm listening to Keith Harkin's new album . Along the Road
He surfs and fixes cars and crafts things too! What a guy! Truly amazing... Look for this guy and take a pic!
Who is KH? C'mon just the best in Irish American music. This lad is the top of the heap and has had many facets from Celtic Thunder top of the line success to formulating his own bands and travel throughout Am and Ireland. He is an artist and innovator an entrepreneur as well as a lover of music and photographer. Renaissance guy with a sense of humor. Loyal and faith carrier to all fans and his greatest fan girl, Kelsey. What an experience to see him live. Always evolving new and Classic at the same time. C'mon whom are these schmooks anyway?? Hope he extends but stays with the foundation too... Ah the CT Days so classic. He will always be part of that family. He will forever respect his fans!
Make someone happy for Christmas. give them a bitta Keith in their Stocking... ;)
The Hotel Cafe is gonna be a fantastic end to a fantastic tour.
Keith Harkin "" Still some amazing shows coming up for the end of an amazing tour. You can...
We weren't blue at all about seeing Keith Harkin and his band play tonight! So glad that my…
Last 2 shows of the Tour!!! I'm going 2the Dec.21st show, can't wait!!! Keith Harkin
we love you more Keith Harkin You are the bomb and is phenomenal Boom Boom Baby Stay Safe my friend
September Sessions - still my favorite Keith Harkin song! The whole On Mercy Street is top class, though!!
Tomorrow is the DAY!. Everyone who pre ordered the new album will get theirs tomorrow!!!. For everyone who didn't... https:/…
From "Whats you favorite song from the *On Mercy Street* tour? " Pre order Keith Harkin 's amazing...
see you there!! Can't wait it's my first Keith Harkin Show! Can you say excited counting down the days!
Tomorrow at Rams Head Live in Annapolis, Matinee ALL AGES SHOW. with support from local boy Joey Harkum. We... https:/…
Literally only a couple of tickets left on this show before it sells out. Get them before they are gone.
The Show at the one and only Culhane's Irish Pub is also almost SOLD OUT. . Great family joint with good food too!
Only one more ticket left for the Tour Bus Show in New Orleans.
Houston TX ~DEC 12TH ~ Dan Electros is one of the very 1st old School american places i ever played in USA. I...
As the show in Pittsburg Sold out we decided to do this one for everyone who missed out . :)
Wonderful in Portland and the picture over Plymouth Bay out of this world, Keith. You never cease to amaze. Glad you were in the land of the Pilgrims! Have a distinct feeling way back you have an Anglo connection to that. That tenacious manner flows out from you in so many ways!
Getting ready for my first Keith Harkin solo show
Keith Harkin - meet and greet before the show. Show was great!
Who is Keith Harkin? Here's a 2012 video that answers the question you've all been asking. Catch him LIVE in...
wish I could be there Keith Harkin is phenomenal thank you for having him
it's gonna be a blast Keith Harkin You are gonna bring down the house Stay Safe my friend
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Be smart and do not leave CT. Try to manage both. You have been managing that way for a long time anyway. Stay on top by juggling the two pursuits. The others that left have become second rate now. YOU are so capable of making it all a go. Trust! Your Gemini personality needs both avenues. Proud of the way you always treat everyone. Treasure that talent and the fans whom appreciate you forever.
see you in a couple of hours Keith..Are you going to sign anything for fans at the meet and greet in hershey PA
Keith Harkin Live in Wagener, Limited Seating . Like and Share this image for a chance to win Keith Harkin's new...
2NITE! 🏠🎶 The Band will literally Rock the House in A FEW tix left: h…
Please excuse the intrusion Keith's fans are using the IG hash of
The Keith Harkin Band On Tour! on Instagram: “Back at it again tonight at The Living Room...
Make sure to go see on his You will absolutely love it. Like on fb for venues
Keith Harkin at The Living Room, Brooklyn, NY Just to brighten the day!
Watch this serene video of a recording session in a glen: || See Keith Harkin live …
Best-known as the principle singer for Celtic Thunder, Keith Harkin performs with his full band Dec 2 at...
Tonights show in Siamsa Irish Pub in Stroudsberg will be off the hook!!! . Get you tickets here or at the door!...
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Coverage for the upcoming show Atlantic Beach/Jacksonville, FLA via
Conn was something else! This time KH put it all together and presented a new facet to the music with the band. He is a diamond in the rough with a clean face. Glad the grunge thing is over. Someday soon he'll get back to that movie star look. Keeps grinding out beautiful music... Top of the mountain always. Ah the I Rish God's gift and when he mentions that in his songs it all goes down with charm. Adore his talent!
I can't keep calm...I'm too excited! TONIGHT's THE NIGHT!I'm gonna see Mr. Keith Harkin & his band YAY🎉
Don't miss the Keith Harkin Band, NYC, The Living Room, 11/22 & 11/23, 7:30pm. You will be glad you did CarsonDaly
Thanks for coming to Boston! Outstanding new perspective on K's music. Love the sweet clean face and when the hair looks like a strong Irish guy. The fans swoon. That long grunge makes K look old. The 60's look blast from the past never suited him at all. He can be the Irish and grab many more fans. Be yourself KH it always worked and when hair is shorter he has movie star potential better features than Pitt. All there and always wish well. Blessings to a good guy and his gal. They are truly the best.
This time tomorrow I'll be traveling to see on his in NYC.Like on FB for more venues
TONIGHT! Celtic Thunder alum Keith Harkin brings his your ON Mercy Street to the Bijou! 8pm show, get your tickets!
ONE more day till I get to see on his Can you tell I'm excited? like on FB/venues
I feel like I don't appreciate Keith Harkin as much as I should and it makes me sad
LIVE on Keith Harkin meet and greet in Boston!
I can't wait to hear in on Dec. 5th!
How many of you have followed the links to see what Keith Harkin sounds like? If you're familiar with his solo...
You can pre-order my New Album On Mercy Street right now and receive it in time for Xmas!
Only standing room tickets left for this show... hope you get one... ;)
Keith Harkin on Mercy Street Tou... at The Cavern Club at Hard Rock Cafe Boston on Friday, Nov...
~ Keith Harkin performs "I Remember It All" a song from his new album live on The Ayala Show
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"An island alone at sea..." if didn't have your love of a Carefree Heart! FB:
I see my 2016 Calendar has gotten to LOTS of the Harkin ARMY! . We added another load of them to the website.
Like this music? will perform at our Hometown Holiday Dec. 5.
Keith is fantastic as a performer and mostly as a person he is above all. We want to keep him close and enjoy the talent. Thanks for putting yourself out there for the fans.KH music lifts us up and that clean face so beautiful! Hope Kand K include us in the wedding someday too! Love them both now!
These just arrived in today as well!! Get your Keith Harkin Plectrums from the merch desk!
Playing the Red Line Tap tomorrow night in the beautiful city of Chicago. . Get your tickets HERE! Or ya can pay... https:/…
Have you got your 2016 Calendar yet? Order at Keith Harkin Harkin Headquarters
♪ The writing of in times of caring ~ the 126 ~ Keith Harkin "I Am The Hurricane"
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday, have a fantastic day...come check out your Event :)
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you're gonna rock the house Keith Harkin have a blast Stay Safe my friend
A place near & dear to Prayers for those affected by flooding... LikeOnFB
🎤🚌 Only 2 tix left for The Band Bus Concert on Dec 11th
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Pre- Order 's new album 'On Mercy Street' from now, &receive it just in time for...
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Epic at last night! The Keith Harkin Band totally Rocked…
How long you willing to wait for an Bus Gig? All Day Long, of course! LikeOnFB
Hey Peeps! says He'll Buy ya a Pint if you Follow! . FB
Taking in a few shows and adore KH work but have to say the band is excellent but K shines with the Thunder. That is his strength in this life.
Make sure to get tickets to awesome tour. like on FB for dates
3 general admission tix to see Keith Harkin, Hard Rock Cafe in Boston on 11-20 100.00 for 3 (cost 120.00) or separate for 35.00 each
"Let's be honest...Hearts on sleeves.." Mercy! LikeOnFB
Love the man the music the talent and Kelsey too but the grungy look why?? Does not suit Keith some fans lie It just holds him back.. Not what drew the fans to begin with. Stay with what worked!
11 more days! Check out and like on FB for dates of the
an acoustic show is amazing, but with The Keith Harkin Band, it's a whole new level of AWESOME!
The serenity of the Glen Sessions...But, can we talk about those jeans!
Keith Harkin Remembers It All! So should you! America Don't Forget to Attend the Best Concert of…
Amazing entertainer! Gotta let people know..They're missing out...
Sign up for the Keith Harkin News letter for all the scoop on the new album and 2015 Tour!!. :)
NASHVILLE TONIGHT at Hard Rock Cafe Nashville... Get your tickets here or pa at the door. :). I LOVE NASHVILLE!!! https:…
He always stands out KH wherever he performs! Just a joy to be there and see that talent all over and Davey too! We could not ask for more. Oh the Irish so beautiful those bards. Bless you all on tour and wish you could record a live cut to preserve that for all. Our Keith so there for the fans. You have to adore his ways!
Keith Harkin, member of Celtic Thunder Official, comes to Vega this Sunday evening! It won't be purely Celtic...
Good Day to and The Keith Harkin Band bound for Denver, Colorado.
now has over 61k FB likes,way to go ! Keith Harkin Keith Harkin Street Team Harkin's...
Congratulations Keith Harkin 61k+. Thanks Harkins Army for a job well done.
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4:40 AM here in NY...Hoping numbers continue to rise! . See you at 7AM
Monday night after The Keith Harkin Band show at Vanderbeck Valley Farm!.
See her tears..Feel his pain.. recounts . "The Island" LikeFB
Hotel Cafe in LA... last show of the on Mercy Street tour DEC 21st. come and see the Keith Harkin Band go out... https:…
Help get to 61,000 on FB Needs 45 more
YES!! They'll be beating down the doors to get in!! Keith Harkin are you listening? lol
.rehearsal Los Angeles. The singer launches his new album and begins The Keith Harkin Band tour 19 October 2015.
Best wishes on tour but miss you in CT. First love is truest! Take care around the country. You be teenager all over again!
♪ The fresh sound of and The Keith Harkin Band "I Remember It All" from new album
Ready to rock Littleton? Keith Harkin at The Toad Tavern on Nov 7!
Cheers to and members of The Keith Harkin Band assembling in Los Angeles.
Let's join in keeping up with the tour dates for The Keith Harkin Band Tour.
The Bands-In-Town announcement for and The Keith Harkin Band has posted.
Keith overnight from Los Angeles preparing for The Keith Harkin Band tour.
Word from lead guitarist arriving in Los Angeles for rehearsals with The Keith Harkin Band in preparation for tour.
DAY after NEW ALBUM releases don't miss this BRENTWOOD CA Keith Harkin House Party!... htt…
Need a friend? Scamper on over to FB page hit Like! "You've Got A Friend.."
Beginnings ~ Keith Harkin from Celtic Thunder 'The Show' "The Mountains of Mourne" (playlist) via
The Keith Harkin Band is coming to a town near you soon,go & watch,listen, enjoy these talented men. Vezio Bacci Geoff Holroyde Dave Bakey
Love the carbon f guitar sound and the look in that video. Remember the CT look brought you from Donegal to the World. It worked beautifully then and will serve you well again. Use it and be glad of what God gave you to draw the folks in. Never thought that casual dirty scruff look kept it fresh. Too many use it been done. Be yourself! You are musically gifted and the package will keep it fresh! Adore KH
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What was the last song you sang out loud to? — keith harkin nothing but you and i
That's their name? Keith Harkin and the Keith Harkin Band?
I guess that's as good a name as any. Here's to "The Keith Harkin Band"!!!
StageIt show is going to be awesome fun here in LA... It'll be the 1st show you see "The Keith Harkin Band"...
OMG Keith Harkin where did you find it? I haven't seen one in a long time . Stay Safe my friend See you
Indianapolis NOV17th just went ON SALE today. VIP and GA tickets available. Birdy's Live
Join us on November 1st in the theatre for Keith Harkin.
Almost Mercy Tour but stay with CT too! Band idea nice but you don't have to prove a thing out there in Music Land. You've already arrived lad over and over. The performances top of the notch the writing is beyond belief. If it's to have fun great! Just enjoy and WE will too. You have so many facets and thanks for sharing. You and Kelsey are a team now and we adore her too!
♪ Happy 3rd Anniversary to the release of 'Keith Harkin' the self-titled album from via
Dream big & go for it! Colm is living his dream. Keith Harkin too. You will someday too! Big or little!
Irish Sisters are super excited to have Irish Rock Star friend "Keith Harkin" back to Culhane's!! via …
God gave Moses the words to say, but does God like Keith Harkin?
all last two weeks Keith Harkin Instagram posts disappeared - not getting new posts. Last post: Dave Bakey
I will. My first Keith Harkin gig. So excited!
Get your tickets here for Keith Harkin playing the Iowa Talent Factory on NOV 14th.
Great to be working with Keith Harkin and Rebecca Harkin Music tonight with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra at the...
Adore KH love of music ... All genres. This guy is very astute in so many ways. Hey Irish you have captured our hearts. Your army is here and will always adore your ways. You will continue to do greatness. You honor parents and family the music and the Lord. Pure sod KH!
Keith Harkin & Rebecca Harkin Music performing! Get your tickets Dublin, Ire to this very special...
Cromwell, who died on this day in 1658: the 'most typical Englishman of all time'? [from the archi…
ATTENTION!. We put Keith Harkin's ticket on sale yesterday. Over half the Meet and Greet tickets. were sold...
Keith Harkin - Don't Forget About Me via still love Kieth Harkin.
2 out, on 1st. Wright singles to RF, Cespedes tries to go 1st to 3rd, doesn't make it. Keith said good aggressive baserunning
SEATTLE! Keith Harkin , Tuesday Nov.3rd at The Hard Rock Cafe Seattle !. Get your tix before they're...
What about Cespedes? Keith let him off easy, awful ending inning stretching to 3rd.
Catching up with the day's new shows ~ the link to the Iowa appearance
Just got tickets on TicketWeb for Keith Harkin at Hard Rock Cafe - Seattle on 11/03/15
The Talent Factory in Nevada, Iowa on NOV 14th... Looks like a great Venue. TICKET LINK BELOW.
Keith continues to stay in forfrontvof it all Smart man to be the anchor of The Thunder and yet manage those businesses of his own. Adore both endeavors. He is still the IT guy of both!
how about Keith Harkin and us (unidentified strings, surfers,studs...whatever they feel that night but the band name is us)
Yippee! vip tic to stroudsburg to see Keith via
VENICE BEACH CA at the amazing Full Circle Venice. OCT 30th.
TICKET link to is now LIVE for the On Mercy Street show in
have a great weekend. How about Keith Harkin& The Melting Pot Band
how about " Keith Harkin and the coolest band" or Harkin and the madhatters, whatever you choose I'm sure it will be awesome♡♡♡
Byrne and Kelly photo visiting with Keith Harkin Friday 28 August 2015 before leaving California.
Risk the Fall by Keith Harkin coming soon: On Mercy Street 🎸
Get An Evening with Keith Harkin tickets at Hard Rock Cafe's Velvet Underground in Atlanta, GA via
Keith on Static Beach Radio.Pure talent, pure song, pure vision, Wow! Love that Irish on Friday night. Replay for pure JOY!
anyone have link to Saturday replay. Can't find it. (live at
I just got tickets for Keith Harkin at on 11/7/2015: on
Colorado Keith Harkin will be here in November! Littleton Colorado! Check the website for tickets and get...
This link show several past show/chats that has done. Last night's show isn't up yet...
Thanks HARKIN and Beach for a great Friday night. 😎
that was super exciting for this little small-town girl to hear her comment read out first to Keith Harkin!!
Thanks for having Keith Harkin on again!
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In just a few mins a whole hour of on Keith Harkin Static Beach !
8pm Radio will host link2view on Static Beach site Keith Harkin
Listen to Here Comes the Sun by Keith Harkin on
come on people only need a few more!! Love me some Keith Harkin
Thanks so much Mr. & Mrs. Harkin!! . I will, not a problem. . I keep hinting to Keith about coming to Pittsburgh for his tour. 8D
Keith Harkin performing the single "don't Forget About Me," in Philadelphia featuring Dave Bakey
YAY! Keith Harkin has finally released the first dates of his On Mercy Street Tour! Check a venue close to you...
Keith in Adams Mass? Wow! Wanting to perform for fans. This young man is truly a role model. Hope they got to see Susan B Anthony house. Her words: Failure is impossible is all Keith and Kelsey! Welcome back to states. You have two homes and groups that adore you two!
I will forever love Keith Harkin and Damian McGinty.
Tix for Keith Harkin on 11/7 are on sale now. Get them while they're hot.
I do, always have followed u Keith Harkin on INSTAgram.
Those are some very lucky people! Keith Harkin Harkin Headquarters h…
This is great Irish! I bet getting there fun! Looks like the perfect place to have a bonfire sing a long with Keith Harkin!!:-)
If there are any Keith Harkin fans, I put this collage together. Enjoy!
Necker island by Keith Harkin on Socialcam - Jul 17 2012 . Heaven on Earth*.
Breast Cancer Awareness
This fan filmed video is Keith Harkin singing "Take Me Down" a song planned for his 2015 album 'On Mercy Street'
From Clare to Here – Videos of artists Keith Harkin and Paddy Reilly singing the classic song
This man is unbelievable... Builds beautiful table, bench as well as well crafted songs. Worry about the next generation sometimes so dependent but KH demonstrates the talent and ingenuity that young men husbands fathers needed to have centuries ago. This kid is so blessed and of goodness and makes us proud. My dad was exactly like this but 1/2Irish/ English. He'd tell us to get up each day and do something productive. Kel is a lucky lady. Treasure each other!
Keith has some very nice items on headquarters. He has the cost of importing also, has fair prices.
Thinking the world of new music will be outstanding! Glad Keith has had the time to reconnect with family and his sod. Thanks for all the photos of that land and your ways. New notes and horizons upcoming and proud of how you have grown and yet stayed connected to the CT family too. KH you are still IT!
Listen to The End of the Innocence by Keith Harkin on
Ok Harkin Army you wanted more tickets for Keith's Stageit show we need to move these tickets make it a 3rd sell out 180 tickets are left
added (I just checked, still 190 tix left !) Keith Harkin Sat. July 18th...
ANNOUNCEMENT Sunday 12 July: MORE tickets are available for Keith Harkin performing on 18 July via
Listen to The Heart of Saturday Night by Keith Harkin on
5 more FB like till 56,000. Get to 's FB page and give a like. You know you want to 😉
wants to "Know What Love Is" Skamper on over to his FB page and show him!
I would like to go surfing with Gerald or Keith Harkin!!! :-) Happy Friday Morning y'all!!! :-)
11 StageIt tix left for Keith Harkin July 18th show
Always a great treat to hear Mr. Keith Harkin sing. Beautiful song.
Still 52 tix left to Keith Harkin July 18 show,
Check out Keith Harkin FB..y'll like I promise..
I'm not surprised. Underestimating Keith Harkin can make you look a little foolish!
Becky, Melissa , Heather and Masumi, OMG Keith Harkins New album . I'm in Harkin heaven and I don't care.I was...
So there you were- the surfer and the songs. At birthdays so nice to look back. Miss that clean cut look. You were competition for Brad Pitt in those early days and a shoo in for the look awards. You beat out everyone in the movies and then the pensive and darker personality snapped in. Wishing for the simpler days. Will love you and appreciate no matter what. Just think you star shine with that earlier look and then the music surpasses everything. Hey kid use those looks to get the music noticed. It worked the first time around!
Christmas - 'Hallelujah I love this version with Neil Bryne, Keith Harkin and Ryan Kelly from Celtic Thunder
calling all HMHrs! Our esteemed colleagues at the Keith Harkin Street Team have created some Happy Birthday...
Keith Harkin and Heather,loves keiths faces he makes , he always makes me smile,enjoy
Harkin Headquarters & Keith Harkin gathering up all kinds of goodies for their shelves!...
Straight from the "Keith Harkin Street Team"!. Who's seeing Keith Harkin at the Rocky Mountain Irish Festival in... http…
Keith Harkin,6 years now a Granny's been askin'..please sing Donovan's classic, "Catch The Wind."You are perfect for it & V/V.
That's what's up Congrats We'll drink 2 that! 🍷🎉🎆 h…
That's what's up Congrats We'll drink 2 that! 🍷🎉🎆
Best Tour ever although George missed but in our hearts. Now K H just flat out rest and take care of you and Kel and enjoy the beauty of where you began and family and the joy of being connected to it all. Don't forget us here in the states cause we treasure your ways but rear your beebs in Ire rather then here because the culture has become worn and fretful. But stay with CT family tooreciation! Re. You are the big Daddy now that George has passed on his rule and you Sir have the vision to take up the mantle with grace. Thanks for giving so much of yourself over the years. We are greatful and can hardly wait for you to lead the way. It will be all more than good. Admire your brain. Love your heart. Thanks for all given on this tour to your fans. In appreciation.
Yep. About sums up Keith Harkin's live performance effect on those presence.
All the best to you Keith Harkin! Keep on keeping on. Can't wait to c what's next!😉
One last March with the lads! This tour has been incredible!! Colm Keegan Ryan Kelly Music Official Keith Harkin...
Static Beach has been very supportive of Keith Harkin. I LOVE this radio station in California. They are a small...
last show of . Big shout out to Celtic Thunder Official for a FABULOUS tour ! Keith Harkin
Never seen Keith Harkin live? If you have followed Celtic Thunder you have because he is one of the principals.
Both of Keith Harkin vids of "Nothing But You & I" have reached a quarter of a million views! Well...
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday, have a great day off...check out your Event :)
Keith Harkin has been writing his second album for almost 2 years, it launches this summer. We take a look at...
Just received my Keith Harkin Nautical Tee. It is without a doubt the softest tee I have ever had. Thanks so much
I screamed & the guy in the elevator asked me why I was so excited I said cause Keith Harkin's On Mercy Street will be out soon
STOoooP now and rest Keith we want you all safe and fine and secure. Want to see the wedding pics and the Harkin beebs of the future. Hey you've been doing a lot now and the Army supports every move. Don 't let any of it worry you. Too much in the last few years and life changes make us pause and think. Nice Long rest in Ireland with Kelsey and family soon and just be near that soap shack and the sun. Good food Good rest Good people and stay with your Celtic family too .You've got alot of love around you. God take care of you. Blessings
now playing the Keith Harkin cover of "Wichita Lineman" via
Week top posts - Three great solo videos from Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder
Would you believe me if I said the album 'Keith Harkin'? At least it's the one I most wanted.
Dead Long Enough filmed in Ireland in the wedding scene I'm sure Keith Harkin was one of the guests? anyone know if its him?
I think your right Keith might even need 2 of them ...fits the Harkin Army perfectly
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Wake up. Coffee. Keith Harkin. Repeat. has got YOU covered! …
Check out 's FB page and give him a follow Fun page, great pics and tour info
Our very favorite page on the book of face! >> 👉🏻
Just comented on the 2015 V Festival asking for who we would like to appear. Had to go with Keith Harkin with Dave Bakey...:)
So your in Boston the Vt and New England is it like Europe?? Ireland at all?? Just wondering here in RI and wishing you we're closer but looking at the stars and thinking Shoe 45 WOW you guys are flat out and still pushing it out! That's why we love you and thank you. The sillies are the added bonus and may the rest go by quick but enjoy the time together too because it all goes by even when we are young. L to you KH wise one sod
From our friends & colleagues at Keith Harkin Street Team How coolios is this! Keith Harkin...
Beautiful video and I love the song by Keith Harkin, one of my favorites on his album!!!
. (Japan) my dear Keith-San! You two, are talented 😊❤️it comforts me to see both together!Thank you (*´∀`*)!xxx
the new album from Keith Harkin "On Mercy Street is due August 2015 : via
From Clare to Here – Videos of great artists including Ralph McTell, Keith Harkin singing the classic Irish song
time to Keith Harkin , thank goodness for coffee eh!
Check out Keith Harkin's latest blog and watch him painting using sidewalk for "easel" - tough!
I was highly insulted they had no idea who Celtic Thunder was or Keith Harkin was. So much for fake Irish pubs!
I'm tired and I am bored but Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday and Happy Tuesday afternoon!!! :-)
I love to paint and take shots of everything around me. Check out some of my work here... there is prints/...
The face of perfection always love for our Keith Harkin
The caption was "your bfriend Keith" ft an old pic of me and keith Harkin from
U can now get ur favorite and on throw pillows & phone cases!
~ Keith Harkin acoustic "Lauren & I" 2015 and 'On Mercy Street' promo video : via
I added a video to a playlist Keith Harkin - Nothing But You & I
I added a video to a playlist Celtic Thunder, Keith Harkin - Surfer Medley
Keith Harkin - 'Now We Are Free' this was filmed on Keith's birthday 10 June 2014 Adelaide, Australia :
Amazing show ny Celtic Thunder. ..they never disappoint. Picture Creds Keith Harkin
So glad for that recording in front of 5,000! We have missed them on PBS and thankfully they will be right out in front again. Can hardly wait for the opportunity to see Keith and all the guys. Sharon always has the mind going. Has she not been down these roads? Keep the guys right out there. She stands above with Celtic Brains. Keep it godly and with love and kindness. The way is good. Looking for them with that joy. Thanks all.
Keith Harkin photo for Spring 2015 'On Mercy Street' promo by
Keith Harkin - I can't make you love me. CT cruise 2013
This Keith Harkin of "She Gave Me Her Love" video will open in most personal computer video players
Thx for the stellar job you do keepin everyone abreast of the doings of my friend Keith Harkin. Nice!
Risk The Fall by Keith Harkin. This ones on his new album "On Mercy Street" due out August 2015
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday, have a great show tonight...check out your event :)
Good Morning Pamela and Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday to you too!!! Please have a blessed Tuesday!!! :-)
Convinced team member James Harkin on is actually Keith Lemon with a black curly wig.
Gallery - Keith Harkin new album 'On Mercy Street' poster
Another good one is by Keith Harkin. The full production one.
Please stop telling him the grub look will work as it makes him look old and in Thomas business the opposite is indeed true. Let KH soar he has all the pieces to do that and the ability to do that with Irish class. Some cloud the facts for their own selfishness. He will seize the opportunity and be as successful as Sherran but in his own way if you let him.
I'm listening to Don't Forget About Me by Keith Harkin on
If you want to know something about love, listen to The Dutchman, on Utube. Liam Clancy or pretty boy, Keith Harkin.
Happy for you as always. Life is Good Keith Harkin. Getting closer to NJ...sort of.
: Such a talented and personable young man, Keith Harkin rocks !
promo ~ There is a planned August 2015 release for the new Keith Harkin album via
Who remembers this Lovely throwback? and "The Island" on WGBH Boston. Like&Follow
Check out the Talented Keith Harkin's upcoming album!.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"Keith Harkin" - New Album Tease 2015: dont miss out!!!
Check out Keith Harkin's teaser for his upcoming album!
Check out Harkin Headquarters and follow their page..along with Keith Harkin.
Keith Harkin supporters are conducting a new contest. Visit for full details.
"Keith Harkin" - New Album Tease 2015: geing this new cd in august R U Ready
Thanks a 8 year fan of Celtic Thunder and Keith Harkin I help promote them and Keith Harkin's music by word of moth
Cheers nice addition to any Keith Harkin collection. Looking forward to the poster from
Posters now live on the site! And they're signed by yours truly only $10 :) ...
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