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Keith Ellison

Keith Maurice Ellison (born August 4, 1963) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 2007. He is a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

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One thing I will say about Rep. Keith Ellison, in his fight to lead the DNC, is that he was the one who predicted earl…
Keith Ellison: The Democratic Party isn&only for Democrats by Washington Post via
Did you know Keith Ellison is running for DNC Chair?
Here's what Keith Ellison would tell President Trump if he had two minutes with him.
DNC leadership race reshuffled with endorsement for Keith Ellison - Washington Times
Great news! Now is the time for Keith Ellison to become chair of the Democratic Party.
More Text is Devoted to Jew Hatred in the Qur'an than in Mein Kampf. . Potential DNC Chair 👉🏻Keith Ellison demanded the Qur'an.…
Racist David Duke just endorsed Keith Ellison for DNC Chair, why isn't the MSM outraged like they were when he endorsed Tr…
My head hurts from the stupidity of people. David Duke said he supports Keith Ellison (African American Muslim rep of MN) for DNC Chair.
Keith Ellison wants Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to know "they have a friend in the Democratic Party."
Keith Ellison says the Democratic Party needs to do more to court Asian Americans. Here's his plan to do so:
Look like the DNC has hired David Brock to run the campaign against Keith Ellison.
Keith Ellison - The Future of the Democratic Party - Extended Interview on The Daily Show via
Perez Gains on Ellison in DNC Race. Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez appears to be gaining on Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota in the increa…
but in some ways he's winning when I see David Ignatius respond by asking Keith Ellison about how muslims should police...
If you miss your flight, you can blame Rep. Keith Ellison! Way to promote civil disobedien…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
John McCain, Warren, Pelosi, Keith Ellison, Sanders, Feinstein, Schumer and Harry Reid are all examples of why term limits are a good idea.
You can expect that explanation right after Keith Ellison explains his ties to George & Al…
From a public relations view, Ray Buckley or Keith Ellison would be the best choices. Though I love Sally's ideas and passion
My top 3. Keith Ellison. Ray Buckley. Sally Boynton Brown. Did not like the others for the job
I like Buckley. He seems like he gets it. He's my second choice to Keith Ellison.
Among democrats who are skipping Inauguration are Barbara Lee & Keith Ellison. Both praised Fidel Castro. http…
This made me like Keith Ellison a lot! And makes me wonder why Joy Ann Reid is on tv.
Rep. Keith Ellison was wrong on this one
Joy Reid: Being Black and Muslim Puts You in ‘the Crosshairs of Trumpworld’: While Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) touted…
Keith Ellison vows to ban lobbyist contributions to the DNC
Martin Heinrich is rooting for Keith Ellison as well.
If you're arguing the DNC will continue to ignore its base, when Keith Ellison is likely to take the helm, that's...
I think this, alone, without anything else, would be enough reason to fire every person from DNC management and put in Keith Ellison
Former Labor Sec. Hilda Solis endorses Keith Ellison for DNC Chair, cites his skill as coalition-builder who will energi…
Tom Perez's predecessor as Labor Secretary endorses Keith Ellison for DNC chair!
As labor secretary, Tom Perez implemented 2 new rules long pushed by Keith Ellison through the Progressive Caucus.
Path forward for Dems: Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader, Keith Ellison as DNC chair, attack Trump's tax plan. That oughta do it. Morons
Chris Sacca, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Wendy Davis, Keith Ellison, Deray. Problem is lack of citizens who want 2 WORK 2 that future
North Korea's Kim Jong Un has been invited to be DNC Chair. Liz Warren, Keith Ellison & Howard Dean argued Un is just too mode…
I love working at the liberalism store in Washington, DC. Keith Ellison is in al Qaeda, Glenn Beck is good, & we should go…
Keith Ellison, Al Franken, Mark Dayton, Amy Klobuchar and 50% of the clueless, misguided, brainwashed people in Min…
Young Democrats say the battle for the Democratic Party begins with Keith Ellison
As the Democratic Party grapples with its future, Keith Ellison has a lot of support in his bid for DNC chair.
On Thursday, Bittel unveiled the support of U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota
The fight between Tom Perez and Keith Ellison to head the DNC puts labor unions in a tight spot.
No Bernie (I-VT), you can't take over our party via Keith Ellison. Tom Perez is much better suited for the DNC Chair.
While Tom Perez was lobbying for anti-union TPP provisions, Keith Ellison called out "Cabinet officials" pushing Congres…
Rep. Keith Ellison now faces formidable competitor race for DNC chairmanship in U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez.…
maybe one reason Rep. Keith Ellison has the support of almost every labor union is that he didn't stan for the TPP . https:/…
ok, how am I a "paid to flack for Keith Ellison's party". U just mean that Im a Democrat here? Like also Sen Menendez's party too?
Did anyone tell Cornel West and Keith Ellison and Nina Turner that Bernie is "only for white men"?
I find it quite ironic that Hillary trolls claim to love POC yet hate Nina Turner, Keith Ellison, Cornel West, and others... 🤔
Larry Cohen: "It makes no sense that Tom would challenge Keith Ellison."
Keith Ellison and Tom Perez well-represent the two ideological "wings" of the Dem. Party. They're both bad choices. Suggest Turner, Kander.
It really offends us when an HRC backing dem says Keith Ellison is too black and muslim to win working class votes.
Concern trolls on the left will claim Fred Hampton then say Keith Ellison matured once he left that radical black ID politics behind LOL foh
Rep. = Representative, not's like saying MP Keith Ellison.
Isn't. Keith Ellison their. congressional. representative who the. democrats want as their. DNC chair???
I am so thankful that Keith Ellison is my Representative. I treasure his voice and work on behalf of all Americans.
The Observer, owned by Donald Trump's son in law Jared Kushner, tells Democrats not to choose Keith Ellison
DIVISIVE DNC Chair pick Keith Ellison wanted separate country for black Americans.
What’s fair to Donald Trump should be fair to Keith Ellison – Pocono Record
Dems don't get it, which is why they picked racist Keith Ellison as DNC chair
NEW: Keith Ellison claimed Jews are "mobilized" by Israel to "do its bidding in America" .
New in Rep. Keith Ellison: I should have listened more and talked less.
The smear campaign against Keith Ellison is repugnant but reveals much about Washington by
right wing trolls: Keith Ellison hates Jews and hates Israel!. actual Jewish member of the Israeli Knesset, Tammy Zandberg:…
You described current modus operandi of Democrat Party. Great to see Pelosi back and Keith Ellison being considered
will u cover Keith Ellison audio 2010, or only trump audio.
True friends of Israel will stand by Keith Ellison & reject Saban's tribal branding of "pro-Israel" that prevents dece…
Watch Keith Ellison talk about Israel-Palestine and tell me one thing he says that is wrong
Keith Ellison took his oath of office w/HIS hand on the Koran. I'd like to know his views on Sharia Law vs USA Constitution/B…
Treasonous *** Rep Ellison met with cleric that endorsed killing American soldiers!
Why are you not more worried about anti-Semitic racist Keith Ellison than what the right is doing?
What Keith Ellison says about Israel versus what Keith Ellison believes about Israel. https:/…
It's super interesting to see who is concerned about Keith Ellison but not Steve Bannon.
Keith Ellison is just the latest in a long line of black political leaders attacked by zionists over Palestine
Keith Ellison is being smeared like so many before him. If you're Muslim in public life or even sympathetic to Muslim concerns…
I'm pulling for Keith Ellison as DNC chair. A black Muslim with ties to the Nation of Islam would be a great foil
After 2 disgraced chairs, prop up Keith Ellison, who has radical views & ties. Why? Civilization Jihad…
Frankly, if a Bernie proxy like Keith Ellison leads the DNC, I'm not donating to anymore; I'm that sick of B…
Not true. It is just in the rebranding phase. It will soon be called the IRC, the Islamic Rainbow Coalition - per Keith…
Via Keith Ellison’s plan to save the Democratic Party: “Organize, organize, organize”
Israel hater Keith Ellison's reaction behind closed doors as he realizes that he is actually going to be named to l…
The full context of Keith Ellison's speech that got the ADL so salty is released
So says his comments on Israel were "taken out of context"... here is the full transcript: .
Saban says Keith Ellison’s DNC win would bring ‘disaster’ to relationship between Jews and Dems
Where are all the identity-first Clintonistas now that Keith Ellison is being smeared by white conservative religious funda…
This knuckle dragger really means success not WS. Obama, AG Lynch, Keith Ellison. All white supremacists? Quit cryi…
I've no problem with Keith Ellison, Jaime Harrison, Dean etc. for But the bullying game of Ellison or Bust won't b…
In 2010 speech, Keith Ellison urged American Muslims to organize like AIPAC
Once thought to be the favorite for DNC chair, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison faces resistance |…
They don't know anything about the requirements or qualifications of other contestants, but Keith Ellison MUST be a…
ADL Retracts Support for Keith Ellison in Wake of New Evidence, by Steven Emerson
Attention Richard Spencer - in planning the next event, remember, Keith Ellison may soon be free for keynote speeches about J…
Keith Ellison is a perfect representative for the a Democrat Party of Islam.Both Crazy Nancy and Shumer favorite
.and You owe Keith Ellison an apology. You played right into Emerson's game without doing due diligence. Shame
Why did Steve Emerson release a deceptively-edited clip of Keith Ellison first, and the whole tape only later?.
I wonder if NPR ever interviews Keith Ellison, if they'll do a trigger warning like they did with Richard Spencer...or some nationalism OK?
Howard Dean drops out, Keith Ellison may go all in on DNC chair job
Howard Dean drops out of DNC chairmanship race leaving Bernie Sanders backed Keith Ellison as the favorite to win. http…
Howard Dean is a shadow of his former self. Keith Ellison the only choice if we hope to continue a progressive move…
Brilliant - Howard Dean Drops Out of DNC Race Paving Way for Keith Ellison... via
Howard Dean drops out of Democratic leadership race, leaving Keith Ellison as the frontrunner via
Ellison Considers Leaving Congress if Picked for DNC Chair, Dean Drops Out: Rep. Keith Ellison, said he may leave…
Richard Spencer condemned for white nationalism but I don't see the same reaction to Keith Ellison.who promoted black nationalism
Honestly?. ISN'T Howard Dean more representative of Democratic Party than Keith Ellison?. Keith actually appears...
Richard Trumka AFL CIO supports muslim Keith Ellison to head DNC. Don't cry when jobs leave to accommodate muslim prayer time!
Keith Ellison represents the Dem party perfectly if u ask me👉🏻the party of anti-American racists & Muslim terrorists ht…
Keith Ellison: The Wahhabist choice for Congress -endorsed by Zogby and the American Arab Leadership Council /AAI
Potential DNC Chair, MUSLIM Keith Ellison, demanded he be sworn into Congress on the Qur'an, a book that calls 4 the killing of…
EXCLUSIVE photo of Keith Ellison with ANOTHER leader of the organization Stokely Carmichael led.
LOL... Keith Ellison called for a black ethnostate and he's being endorsed for DNC chairman. Richard Spencer though ... an…
Rep. Keith Ellison faces renewed scrutiny over past ties to Nation of Islam, defense of anti-Semitic figures
Kinda strange how and BuzzFeed haven't asked what potential DNC chairman Keith Ellison's imam believes about hot…
Democrats have gone full looney toon in picking Keith Ellison for the head of their party- good, keep it up!
Keith Ellison's trip to was paid for by this front group that calls for Revolution in U.S. ht…
MSM calling all conservatives 'alt right Nazis' while ignoring Jew/Christian hating MUSLIM, Keith Ellison eyeing the DN…
Why would a Keith Ellison distance himself from & if they are "respectable" Islamic orgzs? htt…
Keith Ellison is just a fatter, lower IQ version of Reverend Wright. That's why he wears glasses-- to look smart!
.if you were smart & sincere, you'd work to undercut Keith Ellison to Dem base/Dem leaders. You doing that?
So you promote Keith Ellison for new DNC chair who is a RACIST and Anti-Semite? Makes Sense!
Will and ask Keith Ellison about his earlier association with the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan?
Keith Ellison, proposed dem party leader, HUUUGE supporter of Louis Farrakhan, HATER of white people hater. WHERE's…
I was kind of leaning towards Keith Ellison until I heard about his previous dealings. .
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The DNC poised to tap a guy in Keith Ellison who supported violence towards *** Americans
Hey care to comment on the cozy relationship Keith Ellison has to bigots? Nice possible DNC Chair
Keith Ellison told in '14 he wishes D's would come out against the 2nd Amendment. disagrees. https:/…
REP. Keith Ellison a muslim, is against Israel! HAS ties to Muslim Brotherhood!. Harry Reed wants this guy for Democratic Nat'l Chair!
So here is Fox giving platform for a guest to spread Islamphobic rhetoric about . Rep. Keith Ellison allegiance to the "Islamic ci…
Is Elizabeth Warren THE leader of a different Democratic Party? Along with Keith Ellison?
Will you please ask the American Communist party why they oppose Trump but love Keith Ellison
Michael Moore on who should run the DNC: Rep. Keith Ellison "is the exact way to go"
Rep. Keith Ellison formally announces candidacy for chairman of the Democratic National Committee - Politico…
Who is Keith Ellison? Left-wing congressman with past ties to Nation of Islam wants DNC job via the App
Keith Ellison: "We've got to have a vision to strengthen the grassroots at the county level, at the precinct level." htt…
I'd also throw a close eye on MN Governor Mark Dayton & of course Keith Ellison...there's gotta be a…
If Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison are asking me to side with George Soros, a weirdo billionaire ruining our world, then I'm…
Who is Keith Ellison? Meet the Muslim American who Bernie Sanders wants to replace DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile
Obama deported more than 2.5 million illegal immigrants but that was ok to Keith Ellison
Podesta wants Jaime Harrison; Establishment wants Keith Ellison. Who do elect to
If someone is telling you to back Keith Ellison, that person is pro-war. Any of these people supposed to be pro-war?…
BREAKING NEWS: Keith Ellison earns endorsement from CWA Union for DNC Chair.
Many people without models. Again, why is Nate Silver better than, for example, Michael Moore or Keith Ellison, who claimed same?
hey, Keith Ellison IS a pretty good choice for chair, isn't he?
Rep. Keith Ellison foresaw the possibility of President Trump while the establishment laughed it off. Make him DNC Chair…
If one good thing emerged from this week, it would be at the helm of the DNC
Chuck Schumer backs a Minnesota liberal to be the next Democratic Party chairman
The death of the democRATS: Race to rescue the DNC: Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison floats to top
Your DNC Chair options:. • Howard Dean, big pharma lobbyist. • Keith Ellison, who predicted the rise of Trump.
I don't think the political establishment and the billionaires would like as the DNC chair. Great. https:/…
NEW: Rep. Keith Ellison, first Muslim congressman, is running for DNC
DEMOCRATS: Give us one really good reason why you should be the next DNC Chair. KEITH ELLISON:
250,000 agree that should be DNC chair. Sounds like people want a political revolution at the DNC. https:/…
So the tarnishing of Donna Brazile was the pre-emptive strike before throwing Keith Ellison out there as new head of th…
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I'm with The next DNC Chair should be Add your name if you agree:
That's Alex Soros. And second from the bottom on the left? That's Keith Ellison. And Bernie at best doesn't vet anyo…
Rebellion in the Democratic Party: Keith Ellison eyes top spot as DNC staff berates Donna Brazile via
The choice of Keith Ellison v. Howard Dean as DNC Chair is such a perfect test of whether Dems learned anything
We'll send a powerful message if we get more than 500,000 signatures supporting as the next DNC chair. htt…
Sanders, Warren and *Schumer* now all backing Keith Ellison for DNC Chair. That should seal it up.
Schumer joins Sanders in backing Keith Ellison for DNC chairman
Keith Ellison's DNC bid supported by Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders
The next DNC chair must understand the dire need to listen to working families. Keith Ellison is that person.
Rod Miller commented on "Keith Ellison, Howard Dean offered as possible DNC chairs as Democrats seek to regroup"
Lisa Goodman. Frank Hornstein. Scott Dibble . Keith Ellison . Betsy Hodges . I only don't know the sherif.
"Not voting is not a protest. It is a surrender." Keith Ellison is going in...
Muslim terrorist Keith Ellison introducing Bernie. Not a good start at all.
Our state elected Keith Ellison, Michele Bachman, Al Franken and Jesse Ventura. Never forget how fascinating we are.
Additional DNCC speakers announced, including Raul Grijalva, Keith Ellison and Jeff Merkley, all of whom endorsed Sanders…
Rep. Keith Ellison on race relations: Thank goodness for the governor's candor
Rep. Keith Ellison in attack in Nice and the Newt Gingrich statement about testing every Muslim.
I liked a video Rep. Keith Ellison: Arrest the Officer Who Killed Philando Castile, He Has to Be Held
Rep. Keith Ellison gets reprimanded by his mom for not participating in the sit-in
Bigger picture is supporting people like Tulsi Gabbard, Keith Ellison, Nina Turner, etc for prez in 2020 after HRC loses.
Sherrod Brown or Keith Ellison or Nina Turner or Jeff Merkeley we need a "real" progressive to balance the ticket
so I think it'll be interesting to see what happens when someone like Nina Turner or Keith Ellison run
I really like Bernie's picks: Dr. Cornel West, Bill McKibben, Deborah Parker, Rep. Keith Ellison, and James Zogby!.
Keith Ellison, Collin Peterson, & now Rick Nolan are the 3 rockstar superdelegates Bernie has from MN. Welcome to the revol…
Just subscribed to We the Podcast series, excited to give it a listen tonight! cc: &
"A true champion who stands up for justice for all communities" . Congressman Keith Ellison
at some point the people who have endorsed Bernie (Keith Ellison) have to pull Bernie off the ledge.
U.S. Rep. will be a special guest at
I've only seen reference to the Founder's Dinner. I have seen Sanders speak in support of Keith Ellison.
Progressives on Parade: Chuy Garcia, Raul Grijalva, Cornel West, Keith Ellison to introduce Bernie in Cedar Rapids https:/…
Thin Skin Rep Keith Ellison can not take criticism that comes from my heart blocked me
"I, along with my staff, am committed to read and respond to every call, letter, and email we receive." -Congressman Keith Ellison MN
he supports democrats that want actual change like Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison
Keith Ellison, Congressman: plan after undermines rights of Americans.
(2/2) want to run for office, run. But do something to make this world a better place. - Keith Ellison (Politician).
Pressure to halt (year over year increases)of protesters, Keith Ellison asks John Kerry.
When Keith Ellison tries to pass a *** law like this I'm sure he will.
Rep. Keith Ellison bringing his guitar and smooth pipes to 2016
"Rep. Keith Ellison is calling on the federal government to pressure its close ally Saudi Arabia to pardon three...
you should do piece on superdelegates that do support Bernie e.g. . Keith Ellison 1st Muslim and 1st black from MN in Congress
Congressman Keith Ellison introducing Couple hundred supporters here a day before MN caucuses.
Trump: "Temporarily ban Keith Ellison from the country. We have a serious problem & don't know what's going on"
Rep. Keith Ellison is different from other members of Congress… he’s got a podcast | MinnPost
Rep. Keith Ellison to sing a parody at MinnRoast 2016
Pressure Saudi Arabia to halt executions of protesters, Keith Ellison asks John Kerry, as beheadings break records http…
Laura Flanders: "What’s Missing from the Debates: Rep. Keith Ellison and Phyllis Bennis"
This week, visits Progressive Congress Summit to talk with Rep. Keith Ellison and Phyllis Bennis:
*replaces all lightskin boys from Ellison to fineee zico and Keith ape looking boys*
This is a sad day for our country. . My full statement on the passing of former Congressman Martin Sabo:
Martin Sabo longtime DFL congressman and politician, dies Served 14 terms in seat now held by Keith Ellison
Sabo was better than his replacement. (Keith Ellison)
Since Warren effectively lost Massachusetts for us, I'm looking at Keith Ellison as a possible VP.
Keith Ellison doesn't help run the state. Lukewarm, tepid, weak Ds by and large in the state legislature. Same as it ever was.
A nice visit from US Rep. Keith Ellison from Minnesota tonight in Oklahoma City with Tom Guild and Ismat Esrar.
Representative Keith Ellison D-MN with Tom Guild and Ismat Esrar tonight in OKC!
Nurse Tim Feelin the BERN in Mpls after meeting with US Cong Keith Ellison about Future Prez Sanders! https…
OR they are all corrupt and they don't want an honest man to mess up their deal. Congressman Keith Ellison endorsed
I am going to work with Judge Keith P. Ellison on Wednesday...very intimidated...
If you looked just at who has endorsed him, you'd think Bernie Sanders was a bigoted crook poseur who somehow duped Keith Ellison.
Jill Stein or the young black progressive congressman from Minnesota, Keith Ellison
The scene in when scouts put the muzzle on predator Nick = when made Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison swear his loyalty to US
Can you imagine if it's Keith Ellison? A Jewish/Muslim ticket. Wow!
THIS SATURDAY at 10:30am: Join us in welcoming U.S. Representative Keith Ellison as he speaks to the community...
In fact Keith Ellison would be the single best insurance that Hillary stayed alive.
she also quit her post as DNC to endorse Bernie Sanders. Ben Jealous was the president of the NAACP. Keith Ellison, senate for
Our democracy is not something to be taken for granted. You have to fight f...
i say Bernie for prez, Keith Ellison for veep, Barbara Lee for sec of defence
Looks like Keith Ellison, Nina Turner, Ben Jealous, Cornel West, Killer Mike, and Ta-Nahisi Coates are on the wrong side of history.
Rep. Keith Ellison MN Muslim, wants 16yo to vote, thinks they are smart enough to vote. shouldn't vote!
Adrian: "they just bulldozed the occupation. We knew it was going to happen" when Keith Ellison got out there calling for it to end.
Keith Ellison thinks that Bernie has the power to increase voter participation. Do you agree?
1 in 3 families struggle to pay for diapers. Read about a proposed policy to provide assistance to families in need htt…
There must be something in the water in Minnesota because historically, des...
If Keith Ellison supports there's NO chance I'll vote you just lost A LOT of votes!
wonder what Keith Ellison is thinking about now...
Keith Ellison receives the Walter Mondale award. Talking about Flint.
Keith Ellison has more cred on the civil rights movement than John Lewis right?. Mistake by Sanders and Ellison.
Keith Ellison: Sanders strongest progressive in the race via
Keith Ellison: Sanders strongest progressive in the race …
Keith Ellison: Sanders strongest progressive in the race
Keith Ellison tells MSNBC why he has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.
Keith Ellison- America's first Muslim congressman, a Democrat from Minnesota, in 2006
In 2007, Quran for the first time was used to swear into office a new US Congressman, Keith Ellison
Minnesota, Home of Americas FIRST muslim congressman, Keith Ellison, and now home for thousands of Somalians
.No worse than electing Jesse Ventura as Governor, Al Franken as Senator & Keith Ellison (Muslim) as a US Congressman.
Good question.Y R Islamic totalitarians like Keith Ellison& Andre Carson still in Congress,pushing America closer2 totalitarianism?
Anti-Muslim activist says Reps. Keith Ellison and Andre Carson speak "the same mantra" as Al Qaeda
Keith Ellison rips Steve King for 'spewing' same anti-Muslim 'nonsense' as GOP candidates
Rep. Steve King (R-IA) suggests Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) upholding Constitution be questioned because he is Muslim
we need Bernie, Nina Turner, Keith Ellison, Raul Grijalva, and the others waiting til the waters are safer
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Rep. Keith Ellison re "demagogues like Trump": "They have never been celebrated in our history books - from Joseph McCarthy on."
U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison emerges as key political leader in unrest.
New TPs re Van Jones, Keith Ellison, Mark Warner: "Trump's rhetoric will inspire violence" What about the Ayatollah's rhetoric?
More protests in Minneapolis over police shooting of Jamar Clark | Cop points gun at son of Rep. Keith Ellison.
Rep. Keith Ellison: Netanyahu must stop inciting violence Ellison is an anti-Semitic ***
Twitchy: Rep. Keith Ellison links to an editorial in Haaretz which makes absolutely no mention ... …
Andre Carson, of Indiana's 7th district and Keith Ellison, of Minnesota's 5th Congressional District. B…
How about Keith Ellison as a running mate for Sanders? Added benefit: Richard Dawkins spontaneously combusts.
Rep. Keith Ellison D-Minn said it best. What if an entire caucus used Congress for electioneering? What if huh.
My former Fleming Fellow classmate, now Congressman Keith Ellison is at SIX!
Con.Keith Ellison"I'm tired of people unsure how 2 talk about issues.Say 'Black' say 'White' it's alright!"Time 4 frank talk
Cong. Keith Ellison (MN) speaking & Chair of Cong Progressive Caucus speaking to
Keith Ellison says it, and we should push this. It's a one-minute speech with a lot of heft.
Never? This will come as a surprise to Keith Ellison, D-MN.
Thanks for saying what everyone was thinking about the hearings
I liked a video from Bernie Sanders & Keith Ellison Call Out GOP Islamophobia
"Rep. Keith Ellison obeys sharia law and his imam ignoring his constituents." Is that Islamophobic, or "silly?"
Congressman Keith Ellison nails Kevin McCarthy: the GOP Benghazi hearings illegally used staffers to...
How to drop a mic, Congressional style.
This is Keith Ellison, he's pretty outraged.
Rep. Keith Ellison on McCarthy's Benghazi committee comments: "This is a scandal, people!" Suggests electioneering ethics probe is in order
Rep Keith Ellison was told in writing by the and by his colleagues that he should not associate with...
...Keith ellison is a muslim congressman from MN?
Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison introduce bill to abolish private prison industry
Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison carries clock in solidarity with Ahmed Mohamed
Please donate even few bucks to Keith Ellison, one of the most progressive members of Congress. We need him!...
Don't give up.The program is important says Congressman Keith Ellison at the Spirit Rally!
Congressman Keith Ellison with the compañeros at the carpas last week. . Kudos to everyone at Witness for Peace...
though honestly I think people confuse him with Keith Ellison who is Muslim and a congressman
Join me in supporting Keith Ellison via PLease HeLp Keep KeiThELLis0n in C0ngress: We ALL need him W0rking
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Americans should visit Dearborn Michigan. AKA little Iran. Thanks to Keith Ellison & Barack. That's what America will look li…
Your request is unreasonable. Here you go two Muslim congressmen who took an oath of office: Keith Ellison, André Carson
One of ours is a Muslim. Keith Ellison. Unbelievably
TY for demanding safegurads against currency manipulation in
“His Holiness made it clear: when we prioritize people over profits and politics, America wins.” Rep. Keith Ellison
coming from Minnesota we see Keith Ellison swearing in on the Koran, not the Bible, think that's American culture, values?
Muslim Dem. Keith Ellison (D-MN) has become ground zero, threat to the USA from Islamist terror groups such as ISIS
Donors like people like Tim Scott and Cory Booker not Keith Ellison and Barbara Lee, same goes for all other vestiges of power
Congressman Keith Ellison thinks EVERYONE should have the right to vote!…
Want to have your voice heard around Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) wants to hear from you!
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) addressing the crowd at the event in
ICYMI: Listen to Keith talk on with Chad Hartman.
If black journalists do stories, others will be forced to. "You all can help ensure democracy" - US Rep. Keith Ellison
"Racism didn't just happen to black people, racism happened to America" US Rep Keith Ellison at Plenary : Race in America
"Racism didn't happen to black ppl, it happened to all of Did your ancestors benefit from racism? Do you?" -U.S. Rep Keith Ellison
Racial justice must be centerpiece of progressive movement, says Rep. Keith Ellison
Best place to talk about race is your dining room or your living room, in newsrooms, in broadcast booth. - Rep. Keith Ellison
US Rep Keith Ellison says racial justice must be centerpiece of any progressive movement. Talk about race "everywhere"
U.S. Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina and U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota are discussing Race In America...
US Rep. Keith Ellison speaking on challenges w/policy regarding race. Calls on press to "bring perspective".
Keith Ellison says that the way black media has brought race to the forefront with a black lens and (cont)
NABJ convention in Minneapolis host Congressmen Keith Ellison and Clayburn. Speaking about police actions and race.
U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison says he is working on demilitarizing police departments, reducing mandatory minimums on drug charges
U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison and Rep. Clayburn speak w/ NABJ now about race and police
Keith Ellison and Paul Thissen: Minnesota knows how to clean up its energy. Doing so is economic boost.
Should have walked out on Rep Keith Ellison when he used the Koran for his oath of office, ugh.
When you realize Keith Ellison and Obama share a birthday.
When you see Keith Ellison in Maine and try to play it off like it's nbd @ West Street Cafe
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