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Keith Chegwin

Keith Chegwin (born 17 January 1957) is an English television presenter, former child actor and singer.

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Oh. I *did* get blocked by whatsisface, Keith Chegwin. *proud face*
Same, but for me its Keith Chegwin.
we played leek a few years ago, their keeper looked like Keith chegwin
Imagine if washed-up celebrities ran for political office in the UK, Keith Chegwin would be the new Conservative MP for Newton Abbott
He's trying to get Keith Chegwin's number to surprise a fan on a weekday morning.
You sound as posh as Katie Price getting raped…
Got a copy of Whackers on DVD. Now that's a real comedy. Bill Dean as a pub lanlord, A…
Is that Keith Chegwin without his wig?
it's by brown sauce featuring Keith chegwin and Maggie what's her face!!
Umberto Tozzi in that pic looks as tho it's really Keith Chegwin under an assumed name.
Keith Chegwin did it once. He won't be doing THAT again.
Labour denies that Jeremy Corbyn reshuffles his cabinet too often, in statement from shadow business secretary Keith Cheg…
Sooty, Keith Chegwin or the guy from the Cillit Bang ads
For some reason this reminds me of Keith Chegwin.
Am I the only one who thinks Les Dennis and Keith Chegwin look scarily alike, because they do, and it freaks me out
Keith Chegwin trolled by cruel Mum Joke on Mother's Day
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
when I got to the Giants Causeway, Keith Chegwin was there with a film crew.
If you believe in God answer me this. "How did Keith Chegwin get a job on Swap Shop? Why was Robbie Williams mates with Jonathan Wilkes"!
Ah pantomime. For the celebs who only get to work once a year...Bobby Davro, Keith Chegwin, Joe Pasquale...
Pointless today features Bobby Davro, Keith Chegwin, Joe Pasquale and Leslie Joseph. Evidence that the BBC does not care about ratings.
Joe Pasquale, Bobby Davro and Keith Chegwin on Pointless Celebrities. This is the best Christmas Eve ever.
Beats from is Hugo Chegwin aka Keith Chegwin's nephew who has written for Sam Smith, Tinie Tempah & Emeli Sande http…
Noel Edmonds hosting, Keith Chegwin out and about with the Swaparama outside broadcast and John Craven bringing gravitas.
With the whole break up, I've not felt this sad since Keith Chegwin & Maggie Philbin went their separate ways
you don't 'arf go on Keith Chegwin without the jokes but least he got to shag Maggie Philbin
Keith Chegwin? Bob Holness?! Wee Maggie from the Chippy down the road??
That team needs to be docked 50 points immediately for not recognising Brian Johnston AND Keith Chegwin.
Reply to 'restaurant too expensive' comments in review 'I'm off to read Keith Chegwin's review of a Mars Bar from M6 Services'.
You've just won Keith Chegwin's latest LP and a ticket to see Bob Grant and Stephen Lewis at the Blackpool Empire.
.the Keith Chegwin of the fashion world.
Hey doesn't matter what you are punks, skins, rastas, mods, rockers, Keith chegwin even, everybody everywhere stop snoggin..
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I have a joke that is impossible for Keith Chegwin to steal. Why did Keith Chegwin quit drinking?. Because Cheggars can'…
definitely Polanski's MacBeth just to play "spot young Keith Chegwin". Yes, he's really in it.
Keith Chegwin once stole my bed and pretended it was his. Story of medium length. Unverified.
May you have a sex dream involving Keith Chegwin.
May your timeline be rifled by Keith Chegwin & he gets more `Likes` for your jokes than you did
This kid's party guy thinks he's a comedian now. It's like listening to a collision between Keith Chegwin & Tom O'Connor & it's not pretty
Didn't know Keith Chegwin was an Arbroath fan.. Smokie Ultras ! Love Scottish fitba 💚⚽️
Just sat opposite Keith Chegwin in our local Thai, sadly not accompanied with a giant cheque 😩
It's 2016 and people are still reposting from The Fat Jew, The Lad Bible and Keith Chegwin.
Wiiliam Hague,IDS had all the gravitas of Keith Chegwin bit..
Good reality check on Blair's legacy, bit unfair on Keith Chegwin though..
for me personally, it was Keith Chegwin but I can't speak for all :-)
Keith 'Cheggers' Chegwin said to my mate c. 1983 'dont stand like that, you look like a poof'. He was 10.
In tribute to Melania Trump tonight alun Cochrane & me will tell Keith Chegwin's jokes & pass them off as our own
Apparenty, Les Dennis and Keith Chegwin are not the same person.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Not making light of someone's demons but when Keith Chegwin was an alcoholic did no one think to use the headline Cheggers Can't Be Boozers?
sorry lads, I don't like to talk about when I ran a marathon or when I met Keith chegwin
incredibly cultured! I've been to the theatre. Admittedly it was Keith Chegwin in panto. But still.
in fairness, sitcom scene in with Keith Chegwin was one of TV Comedy's best.
Of course Katie Hopkins, Keith Chegwin, & David Icke have made mistakes. But they can't ALL be wrong!
Keith Chegwin trying to get through a border manned by customs officers, the kardashians
I wonder when Keith Chegwin made the conscious decision to unblock me. At what point did he deem me forgiven?
The Keith Chegwin ''I burried my sister today'' on extras kills me everytime
News: Melania Trump blames conference scandal on her speech writer, Keith Chegwin.
I think I am the only person not blocked by Keith Chegwin!
BREAKING NEWS: “copy writers” of the speech gave were (allegedly) Carlos Mencia, Keith Chegwin and Amy Schumer
I'd have to admit that Keith Chegwin means an awful lot to a great number of people.
Keith Chegwin's from earlier was interesting reading...
Watching Pointless. Keith Chegwin just claimed to have the same dentist as Ben Kingsley and everyone ignored him.
Keith Chegwin thinks Kaiser Chiefs were formed in Manchester
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Louis Spence, Keith Chegwin & Vanessa Felts all on pointless celebrities at the same time. Anyone got any C4 explosives lying about?
Word on the street is Keith Chegwin and Les Dennis are actually two different people?
Jesus Christ now I'm seeing Keith Chegwin on there too. Have I gone back in time? I'm going back outside to die a melty death.
If you watch Keith Chegwin and don't smile, you almost certainly have no soul.
Louie Spence & Keith Chegwin. Kriss Akabusi & Vanessa Feltz. all on the same show. Pointless Celebs indeed !!
'Now on BBC1 Pointless Celebrities featuring Keith Chegwin and Vanessa Feltz.'. That's very honest of them :)
Is Keith Chegwin working on the Trump campaign?
I wonder if it will be presented by Keith Chegwin...
.That's what happens if you employ Keith Chegwin as speech writer.
Still waiting for Keith Chegwin to post Melania Trump's speech
Bloody *** ! How did Keith Chegwin get in on this? Is this a new reality show?
I see Keith Chegwin's first day as Melania Trumps speech writer has gone well
If Gove is Einstein, Farage is Robert Oppenheimer & Boris & Keith Chegwin are Watson & effing Crick
Apart from Ian Botham, Joan Collins, Michael Caine & Keith Chegwin. Name any other celebrities who wanting to Leave?
Brian Adams, Keith Chegwin, Right Said Fred, *** Hucknall, Jim Davidson. It's like all the worst parts of the 90s are Vote Leave.
Update your maps at Navteq
- is basically Keith Chegwin off of Big Breakfast... WhoOoOoOoOooOoo
Found it!.*emerges from round the back of the fridge with Keith Chegwin*
he sold me my 'John Lennon in conversation with Keith Chegwin' tickets too!
– Wait, what? This whole time? I thought Keith Chegwin was in charge.
I was caught by that Fake Kitten scam. Turned out it was nothing more than Keith Chegwin in a onesie.
Keith Chegwin PHP you legend $x = 'wat' $x++ echo $x ‘wau' QUEEN “…and finally a Lannister always pays his debts Hang on that wasn’t in the
Today's Top News. Keith Chegwin the chicken is back laying after a long break. Nice one Cheggers.
Jim Bowen was the first man on Everest Bobby Davro and Keith chegwin were also part of that team ..lionel Blair never made it.
Just witnessed Keith Chegwin running around filming something on my lunch break 🙃
Just went outside work for a quick break, guess who's out there?? KEITH CHEGGERS CHEGWIN. Day made
sadly not. I've been blocked by Keith Chegwin though.
. . . and the best film Keith Chegwin ever appeared in!
Keith chegwin and Chris Evans love child you egg man.
I managed that with Pete Wishart, Keith Chegwin and Mo Ansar. I imagine there's a conspiracy involving them.
I love how Jack Nicholson is called 'jack' in most of his movies, like the Keith chegwin bit in extras
indeed. also positively baffling that anyone can find Keith Chegwin aka Cheggers at all humorous
Just seen an angry Keith Chegwin realising the reduced Xmas *** he'd just bought contained nail clippers and party…
The Keith Chegwin scene in Extras is absolutely hilarious!!
My one ongoing problem is that Ser Alliser is the spit of Keith Chegwin
So that's what Keith Chegwin is up to nowadays!
Casey Batchelor, Stevie Ritchie ,Keith Chegwin,Bobby Davro and Jim Davidson thank you for a great night at the Concorde Club tonight
Polanski's Macbeth, most famous, of course, for featuring Keith Chegwin as Fleance.
what kind of world do we live in when Bowie & Prince are dead but Keith Chegwin is gigging?
What, really?? 😄 I think we covered all bases between us anyway. I forgot to add Keith Chegwin though.
Keith Chegwin, is now trending in United Kingdom
Wish me luck with the London Marathon. Did under 4 hours last year. Then turned over & watched something else. Keith Chegwin - 2016
Or a cracking Keith Chegwin joke from Stubbs :(
Does anyone vaguely remember that film where Keith Chegwin, playing himself, was a ferocious serial killer?. What a thing that was.
watch out for appearance of a young Keith Chegwin - I think he plays Fleance (long time since I saw it)
did u know that Keith Chegwin is in the Polanski version of Macbeth? (I'm sure u do)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
BREAKING: Keith Chegwin admits to new oil squeeze.
A bull at Pamplona's Running of the Keith Chegwin.
Keith Chegwin. In the toilet at MacDonalds, ketchup in his hair and fries in all orifices.
I enjoyed the Polanski version of Macbeth, the one with Keith Chegwin.
The Keith Chegwin of journalism...Parker you should be ashamed
BREAKING: Keith Chegwin unsure over UKIP dentist rights.
I think its time we put all the talented people on lockdown now, or by the end of 2016 we'll just be left with Gary Barlow and Keith Chegwin
Illuminati are killing every celeb on earth. Get Keith Chegwin,John Virgo and Screech to a safe place! PROTECT JEFF STELLING AT ALL COSTS!
At this rate the only celebrities left alive will be Keith Chegwin, Madonna and that funky one from Police Academy
I've got a copy signed by Keith Chegwin.
anyone from game of thrones, most actors who do photoshoots...Keith Chegwin.
St Mats dancers in panto with Basil Brush and Keith Chegwin. Smiles all round😀
I loved this show so much, I nicked all the jokes! - Keith Chegwin.
remember the big Keith Chegwin joke stealing scandal?
(Cheggers is the common nickname for former UK TV presenter Keith Chegwin)
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Lies and Scripted one liners is Cameron a Keith Chegwin tribute act
some one lost 300 pounds today, Keith Chegwin stole their joke
BREAKING: Keith Chegwin agrees to vague pie fightback.
National League is ace. We've got a Fanzone now, the Drifters popped in and we had a night with Keith Chegwin
This week we're talking Tom Jones, Wales, Lego investments and a whole lot of wee. .
First Keith Chegwin comedy night, now Status Quo & Will Young at Prenton Park. Life in non-league
Keith Chegwin writes his new Edinburgh show:
this week we're chatting about this brilliant Lego set and how the value will keep on rising! .
I share my past experience to help a guy trapped in a car and needing a wee in this week's
I wouldn't mind,on the old account,Keith Chegwin unblocked me 😂😂
We're also talking and is it ok to pull at a funeral?.
This week's submission from is expertly answered by .
So here it is. The penultimate . This week's babble... Best technique for weeing in a car... .
In the past 24hrs Ive had a 2nd DM off of Keith Chegwin and been followed by a member of Fairground Attractions!
Mike does a bit on Keith Chegwin, Grax shares his experience with urinating in a bottle while driving to a...
May you never be blocked by Keith Chegwin!
May you be unblocked by Keith Chegwin
In other news, Keith Chegwin doesn't like toast. More on this as we have it.
phew thought it was Keith chegwin for a minute
Almost had a heart attack thinking this meant Keith Chegwin
I've just blocked Keith Chegwin as I can't cope with his hilarious puns.
Just did a face swap with my dad and he said he looked like Keith Chegwin! THANKS DAD
do you know when pointless celebrities with Ian Lee and Keith Chegwin will be shown?Went to see it being filmed, was awesome
Today in our Warhammer rpg, stole a giant's heart (literally, not figuratively) and cast Keith Chegwin into ***
Keith Chegwin would have stolen the script ..
Saturday catch-up: Policeman turned comic Alfie Moore on the subject of Keith Chegwin's joke theft
You are the Keith Chegwin of this campaign.
I just want to thank Keith Chegwin for the years of joy he has brought into my life with amazing comedy
WARNING! this is Keith Chegwin using a contactless gag reader to steal jokes from YOUR pocket.
Keith Chegwin's now stealing lines from Terry Pratchett to pass off as his own jokes. This one's from the book Eric.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
I've been unblocked by Keith Chegwin. He must really hate me.
Imgur. It's just an online hosting platform for images. Originally set up by Keith Chegwin if I remember rightly.
I'm a bit like Keith Chegwin cos no comic can follow me m8
Why did Keith Chegwin cross the road? Because it worked for the chicken and nobody can really "own" crossing the road.
ANNOUNCEMENT: We're changing our name to 'The Keith Chegwin Show'. It's the right thing to do.
The Keith Chegwin joke book has more contributors than Band Aid, Oxfam and Save the Children combined.
Keith Chegwin's Autobiography. "How to win Friends and plagiarise people".
has finally gone mad. Recommending me to follow Eamon Holmes and Keith Chegwin. ***
Well, at least, he isn't Keith Chegwin?. 💩. * pop!
I've just seen an old man's willy. 😥. And no it wasn't Keith Chegwin's.
"I think I must be the only comedian to not be blocked by Keith Chegwin" Keith Chegwin
That Keith Chegwin repeats old and current circuit comedians' jokes without crediting them and has created a paid app of them?
Keith Chegwin has been having an affair with a married woman. When he looks after her kids, Cheggers Plays Pop.
Never ever thought I'd live in a world where a legit comparison could be made between Faustino Asprilla and Keith Chegwin but here we are.
The Tory who's ten times worse than Keith Chegwin
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Keith Chegwin seems to be unblocking people. He's never blocked me and that's why I rewrote this party song for him. htt…
If you don't go to Wrestlemania in Dallas I'm sending Keith Chegwin round to batter the granny out of you o…
Keith Chegwin seems to block a lot of people...
They seem to have blocked me. They're in good company. Them and Keith Chegwin.
Slightly unusual that Joseph Stalin, Superman and Zak Hardaker are all "Man of Steel". And spelt, slightly differently so is Keith Chegwin.
Watching the great Emo Phillips show 'Comedian and Mammal'. Amazing to think Keith Chegwin wrote & performed the whole thing.
For his next app, Keith Chegwin is releasing a game in which you catapult birds at green pigs called "Irritated Fowl".
Keith Chegwin has claimed he was the one to get Daniella Westbrook off cocaine.he kept stealing her lines
we were locked in Prenton Park. fortunately Gary Brabin had a key. went outside to be met by Keith Chegwin.
Top 'filling' work from and at a soggy Sepang. The new Maggie Philbin and Keith Chegwin of Saturday morning TV
I love Steve Coogan, but I adore Keith Chegwin, so imagine my joy at finding this video from the Big Breakfast
What do Brian Blessed, Miranda Hart & Keith Chegwin have in common? Morrisons has found out
What such a silly advert from Keith Chegwin to Louis Walsh to Gareth Gates it was a bread advert lol
Louis Walsh, Gareth Gates and Keith Chegwin battle it out to appear in new Warburton -
Michael Jackson, Wolfie Smith, Keith Chegwin, Hugh Grant, Nigel Havers, your boys are taking one *** of a beating
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
I don't even think Keith Chegwin blocks me now. I'm down to Peter Hitchens, Dom Joly, Ray Keene and CJ de Mooi.
Andrea from Wythenshawe says she was once stuck in a lift with Keith Chegwin and he smelled quite strongly of Nik Naks and it made her ill.
Who can forget Keith Chegwin and Martin Shaw in the 70s film?Had to watch for Eng Lit!
Although not known for his culinary skills, Keith Chegwin once made a lasagne using brown sauce , tin foil and a photo of Robert Wagner
This whole campaign has only got me Keith Chegwin
New followers, I wouldn't bother, go and follow Keith Chegwin
rumour has it Keith Chegwin came first
Awake, with a face like Keith Chegwin's left bum-cheek.
Your mum's been used more times than Keith Chegwin's hotel room minibar.
Only had time to watch celeb masterchef now with Keith chegwin
Comedy by committee for some brands. Funny. Got one email saying "Can you do funny stuff like Keith Chegwin does?"
So... Keith Chegwin and George Galloway are a couple of *** then?
I notice that there are no Keith Chegwin crisps. Each one would be a different flavour taken from different packets.
Keith Chegwin heavy slidin' in ma DMs like that "YAS!"
Can someone please explain WHY I was dreaming about Keith Chegwin last night 🙈
Throwback to when Keith Chegwin DM'd me crying because I said one of his jokes was gash. 😆😆
heads to our neighbours 4 doors down to be spoilt. He also gave us Keith chegwin
Keith chegwin was he was in the house
Just imagine being played by Keith Chegwin in an iPlayer drama and then let it sink in how bad that would be...
I have a deep and unrivalled hatred of Keith Chegwin.
Daniel Baldwin even said he was in recovery in his vt! Keith chegwin, Janice they are all in AA x
Keith Chegwin is a really nice guy. Just found this out first hand, top bloke!. How's your Wednesday?
Keith Chegwin is a recovering alcoholic - wasn't as dramatic tho lol
So you're in a situation where you have to choose between kissing Keith Chegwin or eating a bowl of lard. Which do you go for?
no pics,but saw Russell grant at fleet services the other week and keith chegwin & Christopher peacock live locally in Andover
I never knew Keith Chegwin had a son.
I wish for firing squads for everyone who listens to Heart FM. And Keith Chegwin.
I saw Keith Chegwin in town yesterday by the castle
Maggie Philbin. I can only assume it was Keith Chegwin's job to empty bin
I asked Keith Chegwin a question a couple of years ago and he replied via DM. Anyone like to guess what I asked him?
Fav this twee if you'd start keith chegwin v everton
Wait, Keith Chegwin was in a Roman Polanski movie and no-one told me??
Keith Chegwin in Cardiff. Watched him for years as a kid.
Keith Chegwin rather than Chris Tarrent! 😳. Sally James was lush I just couldn't get into her programme 😱😜
Keith Chegwin was rushed to hospital overnight in London, after he got a Blankety Blank chequebook and pen stuck up his *** More to come
Russians shocked as banned Western cheese destroyed (sadly not Jedward, Keith Chegwin or Louis Spence. Actual cheese)
Keith Chegwin will go on to be the new face of Wiltshire Farm Foods, thus starting a bitter rivalry with Ronnie Corbett
You know it's going to be a hot day when Keith Chegwin and Les Dennis are sunbathing at the back door
All very well but where's Keith Chegwin?
I bet Sep a latter is sweating his corrupt little *** off now, just like Keith Chegwin is sweating about operation Yewtree
tonight with Keith Chegwin, Bungle from "Rainbow", Barry Bethel, Grotbags from Emu, Cilit Bang's Barry Scott and Nick Clegg
why have i been blocked by Frankie Cocozza? first Keith Chegwin and now this :'(
Are Zoella and Alfie the 21st century version of Maggie Philbin and Keith Chegwin?
"Now entering the ring, blocked by one half the chuckle brothers, AP McCoy, stan Collymore, paul Daniels, keith Chegwin...James Chambers"
Mohamed al fayed, Michael Jackson , Hugh grant, example, Keith chegwin. ..your boys took one *** of a beating!
Is the lead singer of Brotherhood of Man Keith Chegwin's Dad?
Oh my, Keith Chegwin's let himself go
and one of the men with Keith Chegwin
Separated at birth, Keith Chegwin and the lead singer of Brotherhood of man!?
Can you do me with Keith Chegwin please as he's blocked me so I have no other way of expressing my love for him :(
you gotta know who Keith Chegwin is everybody does
I'd go go-karting with Keith Chegwin. No alcohol after cos Cheggers can't be boozers.
Miliband's like Keith Chegwin in Extras, keeps gawping at the camera!
Sturgeon and Wood the clear winners. Although had Keith Chegwin shown up he'd have been in with a shout.
You won’t believe what said about old Jordan look
Asking Plaid Cymru how they'd pay off our debt is like asking Keith Chegwin how he'd fly to the moon. Irrelevant.
I feel like Andy Milman and Ed Miliband is Keith Chegwin, 'don't look at the Camera Ed, never look at the camera'
I just can't take Ed Milliband seriously. He's like a cartoon character. Panto awaits for him. Widow twanky with Keith Chegwin
Leaders Debate Prediction: David Cameron claiming he's also related to Peter Andre, Keith Chegwin and Pat Sharp
I never knew Janice Long is Keith Chegwin's sister. Do now.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
How did I not know that Keith Chegwin was Janice Long's brother? That is totally the kind of thing I know.
Keith chegwin, Kylie, Shirey McLaine,...can't think of other two.
Thanks for the follow, Keith Chegwin is no great loss. 😋
Cheggers Plays Pitstop? Keith Chegwin and Les Dennis put forward as Top Gear hosts.
How about this for a potential team to replace and former co-stars?
ECHO - Keith Chegwin and Les Dennis to replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear? -
Shortly after that picture Idris Elba took with Keith Chegwin, Chegwin stole his jokes. You either get that one or you don't.
The only reason shouldn't be Bond is that he likes Keith Chegwin.
Hi . Has Keith Chegwin blocked you yet? He seems to have blocked everyone else on here
Keith Chegwin with the Rushen Majorettes at Castletown filming for Saturday Superstore in 1984 - Norman Kneen
If someone said you can have Sterling one on one with the keeper for a million pounds or a blindfolded Keith Chegwin I'd be undecided
The very funny B4 he met who met him with bag of my via
.I like new natural look, but I was a fan of Jordan .
Keith Chegwin: I like Katie Price’s new natural look, but I was a big fan of the original Jordan: Woah! Keith ...
Morning Chris, don't watch it, but will have a random guess of Keith Chegwin. J
I can see kids going after Keith Chegwin next.
Hi I've been blocked by both Keith Chegwin and Dom Joly 4 no reason, I thought with your experience,you could help. What do I do?
PSY's a nobody nowadays, we're gonna see him on Celebrity Coach Trip scoffing rice and pissing off Keith Chegwin or someone
Just seen that I'm one of the millions blocked by Keith Chegwin. I've never spoken about or to him. The man is a dictator in…
"I'm nothing special, in fact I'm a bit of a bore. If I tell a joke, you've probably heard it before". - Keith Chegwin.
Wonderful dream. Keith Chegwin and I went shopping for A3 lined paper in Germany and then enjoyed a pleasant game of hoopla in the park.
So good.Im not sure how they got through any of those scenes.Especially the keith chegwin hand gesture one.Glad they did.Golden.
Right!. Really am off to sleep. Blocked by Keith Chegwin. What a brilliant day. See ya!
Wondering if Keith Chegwin still has me blocked???
other than Keith Chegwin: "I can take a joke, and pass it off as my own."
Voting about to close. This is the last time I'll ask you to do the decent thing. Please. Keith Chegwin is presenting
So, it turns out Noel Edmonds and Keith Chegwin were in a band together and you've all been hiding it from me.
"Edmonds was one of the trio Brown Sauce, along with Maggie Philbin and Keith Chegwin..." WHAT???
"Back at the BBC... Is it still run by your Jews n *** " - Keith Chegwin
Not everyday you see Keith Chegwin having a walking argument with a traffic warden on Alderley Edge high street.
Breast Cancer Awareness
James Sutton is my third favourite C list celebrity you know. Just behind Michelle McManus and Keith Chegwin
Ha! Keith Chegwin blocked me too. Never followed or interacted with him. That one's a badge of pride though ;)
let's get the train the biggest celebrity follower start with Keith chegwin work our way up !
One Word Keith chegwin ignored 30 years ago still ignored wot the story
BREAKING NEWS: Keith Chegwin beaten in controversial doping disturbance.
Come on, who wouldn't want a pancake that looks like Keith Chegwin or Noel Edmonds?
Janice Long is Keith Chegwin's sister? Didn't know that
good grief. He's Keith Chegwin waiting to happen isn't he?
Dare I watch a film that "stars" Keith Chegwin and features Tony Blackburn, Russell Grant and Joe Pasquale?
Keith Chegwin, a man so plain & vanilla that he couldn't even get himself mixed up in Operation Yewtree
Slightly ashamed of myself but am still amused by Keith Chegwin's marshmallow/pillow joke ??
got Les Dennis and keith Chegwin both down for doritos cool original and Mila Kunis as chilli heatwave.
Have you ever wondered what Keith Chegwin looked like as a baby?
The heartbreaking truth about Celebrity Big Brother's Keith Chegwin and his battle with alcohol - now via
Can't watch big brother without seeing Keith Chegwin as the singing boy in Macbeth
I swear Keith Chegwin is the cutest man
Watching bbbots from the other night when stereo kicks were singing roar to clips of Keith chegwin and my dad walked in like *** is this?! 😂
embarrassing that I have the same polo shirt as Keith Chegwin from
Kavana | There's worry for Celebrity Big Brother housemate Kavana after his housemates revealed he had been boozing…
Perez Hilton makes shock exit as CBB housemates are told 'he will not be returning': Keith Chegwin is the first star to pipe up and ...
Katie Hopkins, Keith Chegwin are the current joint favourites to win:
Catching up on absolutely love keith chegwin. He is adorable!
The enthusiasm in Keith Chegwin's voice when he says 'WAHEY!' has diminished over the years. A tragic element of 21st Cent…
Loads of old DM's just came back. No idea why Keith Chegwin sent me this 😳
Ha! No, not even Keith Chegwin and he blocks EVERYBODY!!!
Kavana | After being provided with booze it was perhaps only a matter of time before a row erupted.
TV idea: an interview with Keith Chegwin on his approach to writing jokes. Maybe have him write a couple during the show.
Apparently I served 2 people that were in Big Brother today. It wasn't Keith Chegwin or George Gallaway so I had no idea who they were.
Celebrity Big Brother: Kavana in drunken row with Keith Chegwin 578
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