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Keith Burns

Keith Burns (born September 26, 1960) is the Assistant Special Teams Coach for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.

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First of all Keith, is Mark Burns a real pastor of a church? An second, does he believe in God or Trump.
Only Burns, Hedman, Karlsson, Shattenkirk, Keith & Byfuglien had more points than Krug las…
Don’t give him a more attention Keith! . Mr. Burns is color blind to his skin color. Apparently, he do…
As a child, watching Nebraska's Johnny Rodgers was the spark that got me to fall hard for college football. A love…
Trending on jackson. keith. keith jackson. pa…
I ever tell you about the time Keith tried to deep-fry a turkey? Third-degree burns over 90 percent of his body. Hi…
“Witch hunts” eh heh, I get it. Seriously though Keith, the hotter the fire burns the more boils ou…
The First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.
Never-before-seen footage from the archives. You asked, Keith answered... "Do you believe in…
If NHL players were at the Olympics, this would be my idea of their roster. Marchand-Crosby-Bergeron. Benn-McDavid-St…
Doughty, Subban, Burns, Pietrangelo, Vlasic, Weber, Keith, would all make Team Canada before Morgan Reilly.
Keith's hair is brighter than the Smosh crew's future after Smosh inevitability crashes and burns
Completely agree, them trading OEL ups the price for Dahlin a ton. But I would have p…
Keith Moon received one of the sickest burns in history when he told Jimmy Page that he thought their band would go…
DC Keith Butler said that he’s “hopeful” that Artie Burns and Stephon Tuitt will be able to play Sunday.…
Keith Butler on bye week injuries to Burns and Tuitt: “Hopefully they’re just sore.” . Butler said he feels better…
Well, after a (very) brief reprieve, we're back to -39°C temps here... the kind of cold that burns. ❄. Daydreaming of…
Mock Lines if NHL Players were at the Olympics. Marchand-Crosby-Bergeron. Benn-McDavid-Stamkos. Tavares-Scheifele-Mack…
Price is the best goalie in the league also with dubnyk. Keith, doughty, subban, weber…
Subban. Burns. Keith. Pietrangelo. Doughty. Weber. Giordano. Ekblad. . Maybe as the 9th or 10th *** lolol SMH at the Leafs bias.
Oh god. Keith Burns son? Hasn’t he been on staff helping Bielema with special teams? Do not want!
Keith was no where near Redding, Calif. this time.
|n other retro news, Keith Burns hired at UTEP. He's been everywhere, including Arkansas. El Paso Herald-Post
UTEP head coach Dana Dimel introduced three new additions to his coaching staff, Scotty O’Hara, Keith Burns and Bar…
Okay okay back to my R&B . 41. Twisted // Keith Sweat . He's the best Idc Idc
When the pizza so hot it burns your mouth burns youre to hungry to care. Fuuuck.
If i were a head coach in college , Keith Burns would be me my defensive coordinater above all !
‘I’ve trained all my life for this. It’s my big moment. You can do this, Keith. Time to step up and- oh god it burns!’
Fire burns out of control in south-east SA amid catastrophic conditions
Hey, will we see a return of the special team operatives like Keith Burns and Bill Bates in modern NFL?
.Keith Burns will release his first solo holiday song, "Santa's Daughter." More here:…
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When asked about struggling CB Artie Burns, Keith Butler said that he's got to get stronger. Something he'll work on in the offseason.
Watching horror movies burns more calories??? no wonder ma bro eats alot n still he neva grows tnx
DC Keith Butler matched up rookie CB Artie Burns against veteran WR Dez Bryant...that was complete stupidity!
Bridgenorth aka Carl Burns aka Keith Tatlow he has not got it now..
too bad the mov bergy, mov seguin, 92 Malhotra, mov eichel, mov Keith, and mov burns you have aren't decent :(
he ought to yes, his nightly activities have left him with pale skin. He burns easily.
Keith supplied first hospital pool for Ethel in 1990 and also for Coombe in 2013!!
Among all NHL defenders, Morgan Reilly trails only Brent Burns (10) and Duncan Keith (9) in even-strength points this seas…
how about this great Song for my boss John Ritter & Keith Burns wrote
Check out this song my boss, John Ritter and Keith Burns of wrote
John Ritter and Keith Burns of wrote a great Rally song for you! Check this out!
One of my favorite groups of LBs.. Ian Gold, Al Wilson, John Mobley,etc. Oh, and my boy Keith Burns!
Davis is definitely a guy we need to re-sign. Nelson reminds me of a Keith Burns. Solid ST & can fill in any LB spot
misleading. Burns, Klingberg, Letang, Josi, Weber, Seabrook Barrie, Suter and Keith are all playoff teams.
So I have Kris letang, Duncan Keith, John klingberg, Brent burns, and Shayne gostisbehere as my defenseman. This league belongs to me.
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"Classic "Caught up with Keith Sweat vs Montell Jordan on mzansi magic.😚📺"" This kinder music never burns out. 🔒
Toby Keith should do the National Anthem next year! 🇺🇸
I have Mov Keith, should I sell him and get Mov Subban OR Burns, or keep the Mov Keith. Will Keith get TOTY?
Simon Torry and Keith Morrell won the Warren's Rabbie Burns stableford
Love seeing this in my feed right after photos of very obvious lack of martial law. Is this guy actually IN Burns?
Saw Keith Burns many times during the original run & great to see him again at the 25th gala. Great photo 😀
A candle's light flickers most violently right b4 it burns out.That's Y I stay humble...God can take everything away from…
Keith Dunlop was mentioned in a poem by Robert Burns to her mother, called New Year's Day.
My latest comic review on well done and for an amazing job!
.filming the golden football donated to by Keith Burns in recognition of the NFL's 50th.
Fire the thrusters! continues to Jupiter after path adjustment for July 4 arrival:
Trick Pony is BACK! Heidi Newfield and Burns are stronger then ever with their NEW MO SIC...
Seriously man, Keith Gavin is closer to being the size of a DE than Burns. He's gotta be shirting.
Just as he promised, DB Rodjay Burns of Louisville has signed with Ohio State. That's 12.
I guess adherence to facts isn't necessarily your point.
Yet Bundys still quoting Shawna Cox - eyewitness was caught in pretty significant lie about Finicum's death. Frustrating.
The Birmingham's coach name at the time was Jeff Halpern, he coached Keith Owens and @ Reseda Marquis Burns, both to UCLA.
Absolutely. Current charge is just a placeholder. There'll be more.
Thinking if/when the refuge is cleared, Feds will do broader sweeps and arrests?
My buddy Keith Burns from Trick Pony just told me they have a new EP coming out end of Feb. Go ck it out on ITunes!
Johnny Red the best war on shelves right now! It's the awesome art that…
I was kind of surprised that Petrino didn't visit Burns after he flipped. Urban showed up the next day.
42 years ago tonight, Keith Emerson of E-L-P suffered burns to his hands when fireworks loaded in his piano went off prematurely in SF.
"If your house burns down, there is probably a point where some food is perfectly cooked before it's over."
Last coach to get flagged during a game wasn't Kyle Shanahan... it was Keith Burns @ Dallas in 2013
The owner lent me this original for the Telford Model Show, hadn't seen it framed...
just can't see him getting in over Keith doughty weber pk burns gio?
Going to be hard for Muzzin to leap frog Subban, Doughty, Keith, Pietrangelo, Weber. Have to think Burns up there.
These are gorgeous! How much do you charge for something like that?
Benefits of for service chaining and NFV? Visibility, tracing and telemetry it brings. Keith Burns
Keith Yandle on tribute: "It was amazing. I didn’t expect it. It was something I will never forget & it was really nice f…
Check out this episode of You and Yours on Radio 4 involving Keith Oliver and Alistair Burns
Keith' More-Fire - A F T E R H O U R S. I enjoyed making this one for you guys! 🎬
A review of Gath Ennis, Keith Burns and Jason Worde's Johnny Red published by
Great meeting today and seeing some of the amazing original artwork that's going into the new comics.
Signed my first copy of at Telford Model Show with cover
Ricky burns needs to retire he's a pale shadow of the great boxer he once was. Can't keep going to the well.
Also loved Johnny Red & especially the contemporary context. Took me back to my childhood reading Battle …
Keith Goodman for his entertaining speech and Neil Burns for his reply on behalf of the guests
A must read for those who grew up on Battle comic - a new mini-series by Garth Ennis & - Johnny Red
Set up at framed prints standing by
Finally, I love Johnny Red. Garth Ennis and made a very compelling first issue. Love the back matter, and all the extra detail
JOHNNY RED by Garth Ennis & from is our comic pick of the week
I have to agree with it. Joint fav with Keith Burns. And I've seen a lot of people play Judas. Xx
Back in the air: James Bacon on Garth Ennis & Keith Burns reviving Johnny Red for
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Any got Keith Teeth's number need some Stone Roses tickets
Really enjoyed Johnny Red by Ennis & Like reading Battle all over again.
No worries. I love WW2 comics...hence my Kickstarter. Have a look if you get a moment: All the best!
JOHNNY RED starts this week! Garth Ennis and revive this classic WWII British pilot! Check it out!
My colors from Johnny Red out now! Art by and written by Garth Ennis.
Listen to KMPT Dementia Envoy Keith Oliver discuss finding a dementia cure with Alistair Burns on Radio 4:
Panel from issue 1 of Main implements Series '0' brush, rotring ink and white gouche
We're so happy to find out that our friend has illustrated the new "Johnny Red" book by Garth Ennis!
Great first issue of Johnny Red from Garth Ennis and from
Johnny Red out today by Garth Ennis and I. Dream job
Off course BTTF will always be the best . Keith Lemons Back t' Future Tribute! Itv2 October
Congrats to first year head football coach Keith Burns and his Monarchs as they beat LGHS 45-16.
Mitty starts Keith Burns coaching era with electricity, leads Los Gatos 14-0 after first quarter
for all I knew it was a Toby Keith concert 😂
Saturday my rooftop Cowboy's Star goes up. It's been 8 long months since it was last lit. Here's hoping it burns thru Febr…
Terrible fault to have to live with...
Wow, I need to get my hands on this when it hits.
Listening to Ken Burns’ thousand-hour documentary on WWII & anytime narrator Keith David drops an F-bomb, I jump in my seat.
loads more on the go but need to go into previews to get into USA market. All good though. Busy
Also writing for Berserker. Artist TBC. Need to get into previews :)
No worries Michael. Keep up the cracking work and I'll keep buying it mate :)
"some old white dude says rap music *** . "big deal". "It's Keith Richards". "Son of a" *burns all Rolling Stones records*
Check out Michael Burns' photos of Metro Triple Threat -->
Yakob as well. Brilliant. Is the book going to be coloured Keith or old school b/w
Thanks Rod! I'll be able to start posting some soon...
Looking forward to seeing your artwork in Roll on November! -
Garth Ennis and Keith Burns Bring Johnny Red Back on November 4th -
A new Johnny Red series by Garth Ennis & is coming to this November!
WHOO! At last, my self-published crime/noir baby ReincarNATE is hitting comic shops w/ Order today! http…
Thanks man! is comics' best kept secret. He's phenomenal.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Season 2 w/out Keith Burns and special teams is still an issue. Can't always blame the coaching
Keith Burns and Hedi Newfield of Trick Pony entertain on the Summer Motion, wearing his Billy Ray Cyrus shirt.
Attending a panel in memory of the late Jeff Guy: panelists Cathy Burns, Megan Healy-Clancy and Keith Breckenridge
this is so *** funny. I've showed a couple of my burns this year.. My ancestors are of course from Scotland
4 of Westwood's 5 RBIs came from their Dedham products. Dunn had one in the fifth and Burns with one and Powers had two on consecutive 2Bs
Just seen some art from his and Garth Ennis' forthcoming Johnny Red series.from Looks wonderful.
Surely, the first rule of Font Club is "No Comic Sans".
*** I forgot the first rule of Letterer Fight Club!
Not sure who is doing it, but I believe Garth is quite particular about lettering, so I'm sure it'll look great!
No way - didn't know that, would have had the band back together!
I even offered to fight other letterers in the Titan car park for the gig! Too much, perhaps?
Didn't get the lettering gig on that book, and I *really* wanted it…! :-(
Delighted to have all six paintings accepted in this years GAVA exhibition
Accepted submission for this years Guild of Aviation Artists exhibition in the
Seriously, look at this slab of moody gorgeousness from also-draws-comics splendournaut
Yeah? 'cause my faves are G. Burns, Don Rickles & Keith Richards... I guess your head ends up where u put it.
Just spoke to Div. Chief Keith Staples, told us one woman had minor burns, she's being treated right now
I saw Minty Burns at the Smoker's Club Tour show in this man's spitting amongst legends like Keith Murray & Hakim Green. HOW?!!!
Portland man found under tarp accused of attacking postal worker, bicyclist: Keith B. Burns, 35, of Portland faces…
Hard to describe it was a very busy picture, it had ships and water and planes (that narrows it down) It was 2 piece one.
The President Mr. William J. Burns, calls on PM of in Delhi http…
BRIAN KEITH BURNS got their posted to Charlotte Mugshots
Based on our numbers from this weekend, boxing is dead, but sometimes its undead corpse storms from the grave and burns down the…
Just saw the Dreamy Keith street sweeper. Plus it's Star Wars day! Everybody smile and have a good day!
Woke up in A&E with minor burns on my scrotum. Epic night. Keith
It's been so long since the Keith Burns era that I'd forgotten what rock bottom looks like. Thanks for the refresher, Bill!
CONCORD, NH—Keith Burns, 41, of Merrimack, was sentenced in United States District Court for the District of New...
1994 subject of today's "Caught in the Draft" on Best bargains: 7th-rounders Tom Nalen, Keith Burns, Jamal Anderson. (1 of 2)
Former trio Trick Pony has reunited after breaking up six years ago. Original members Heidi Newfield, Keith Burns and Ira Dean are headed back into the studio to record a new album. According to reports, Trick Pony was asked to perform at a benefit concert in the wake of the Boston marathon bombing last year and the reunion went well. Read more at
arent done they gotta decide what to do with Kyle Shanahan Jim Haslett and even Keith Burns who all led overall BAD units
Now if Jim Haslett and Keith Burns aren't fired I'm gonna flip
Keith Burns? He could be a Mike Tomlin, just has to learn to bump players not refs!
Kyle Shanahan and Keith Burns are gone but Jim Haslett remains
Bye-bye Mike & Kyle Shanahan,Jim Hasilett, and Keith Burns. Ready for a new Regina
Some have been told of their fates already - reported Kyle Shanahan, Jim Haslett, Keith Burns and Matt LaFleur have been fired as well.
Now withe the season over, it is time to say goodbye to a lot Redskins coaches/players. First and foremost, London Fletcher. He is such a class act. The franchise has not seen anyone like him since Darrel Green. His leadership and hard-nosed play will be sorely missed. Kyle Shanahan... He was doomed to fail the minute he was hired by his father. Santana Moss... He was great in his day, but became a liability last season. Keith Burns... Arguably the WORST special teams coach IN HISTORY... Fred Davis... He was one of the biggest overachievers on this team. May all of you have the best of luck in your future endeavors!!!
Shanny's ego led to letting Danny Smith go and bringing in Keith Burns who makes Jim Zorn look like Vince Lombardi
The have a lot of needs for 2014 Goodbye Jim Haslett and Keith Burns
One more week of Mike Shanahan, Jim Haslett and Keith Burns 😤
If I was Dan Snyder I would have security go down and get Keith Burns (Redskins Special Teams Coach) and have him thrown out of Fed Ex Field. And I'm not kidding. Right at this very moment that is what I would do.
Fred Smoot: No way the "Oyster" Jim Haslett or Keith Burns are back next year. Tune in NOW for the WGDU Tailgate Show
When did Keith Burns take over as the Special Teams Coordinator for the
I think we're going see a lot of new special teamers next yr. Keith Burns is not much better. New coach or not, he's gone.
One big Mike Shanahan problem is his blind loyalty to people he has football connections with. Kyle obviously, Keith Burns, etc
BREAKING: Keith Burns is really the signal caller. Shanahan calls ST. Kyle is Facetiming wife during game.
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Keith burns can redeem himself here on this onside kick
Keith Burns must coach the Atlanta Special teams in his spare time
My sister could coach special teams better than Keith Burns
Please tell me why keith burns is still coaching for us
Maybe the greatest mystery in the free world rgt now is how Keith Burns (Skins ST coach) continues to keep his job.
Keith Burns thought it was an excellent play.
Problem is Shanny shoulda fired his longtime buddy Keith Burns, a really great guy, months ago. Skins ST awful
The benching of Mike and Kyle Shanahan, and Haslet and Keith Burns begins in 3 weeks. For my long term mental health.
It's impossible to blame Keith Burns for each individual special teams error. He does deserve blame for not correcting the issues at all.
Good D. Special teams are horrible tho. Keith burns gotta die lol.
I have my to be fired list: Mike Shanahan, Jim Haslett, Keith Burns.there is more lets see
Keith Burns is garbage. I know that's not on him but special teams has sucked *** all year.
You can say how it's not Keith Burns' fault...but if you don't play on do you have faith in Shanny who didn't get rid of Burns?
Keith Burns should have been fired in August
Mike Shanahan should be fired for many reasons.. Most notably, employing Jim Haslett & Keith Burns.
Way to go Honestly, why is Keith Burns on this staff?
I think I got all of my drinking for the next few months done in one night.
tell Haslett again. Dan came to tell them again. bye!. tell Keith Burns Dan came to ca-an them +
it's a Christmas Miracle what about Hazlett and Keith Burns???
Ugly Christmas sweater: check. Alcoholic Beverage: check. Beer Pong: check. Let's do this.
I heard Keith Burns has the inside track.
I swear, Trafford cops are the only *** who would sit and try and bust speeders in a snow storm.
Rest Peacefully, Michelle. We will always remember you.
3 more games for JimHaslett and Keith Burns!!! Good luck in your future endevers
Tomorrow's another long day. Hope I have some energy left to party! 😁
Kyle coaching Texans? That could happen. Keith Burns has to go. What is Raheem Morris's future in Washington.
Redskins fans forget Mike Shanahan put all of his confidence into Keith Burns just like he did with John Beck?
Yeah I'm sure he will.. that POS Keith Burns needs to be fired like week 4! He's effing terrible!
So, he won't fire Keith burns or sack haslett but *** bench RG3 to maintain locker room integrity? Not buying
Christmas is in less than two weeks and I have NO idea what to get ANYBODY!
That's a special teams play a Keith Burns Squad never could make
Shanahan is crafty, 100% of the attention is on RG3, NOT terrible ST, D, and O-Line...Mike hired Keith Burns, NOT Mr Snyder!!
In need of some Pink Floyd in my life, so I'm makin' that happen.
Conspircy: Keith Burns responsible 4 RGIII benching, rift between Snyder and Shanahan, and pending firing of coach.
You want Shanny gone? Danny boy...Fire Kyle. Fire Keith Burns. Strip Shanny of HC position and make him special teams coach. Done deal
Keith burns definitely needs to go. But Haslett isn't going anywhere if we can't do any better. Haslett has terrible players
Does anyone know a country singer named Keith burns?
Shanny has tons of Black Keith Burns, who is a laughingstock...Terrell Davis, who he put back in a game +
Lol Keith Burns is a joke as a coach in general, you'll do phenomenal
and credit for what? John beck? Jamal brown? Keith Burns and that special teams? The defense?
irony: Robert Griffin III, the face of the franchise, no longer has his (starting) job. But ST coach Keith Bur…
Please say a prayer for my friend who lost his mother today. I can't even imagine. My heart is just sad... 😢
Shanahan has killed career of Jim Haslett and Keith Burns. Gave them limited players to work with
Shanahan should fire Keith Burns then sign Billy Cundiff to take over as the Skins Special Teams Coach
I'm willing to allow Mike Shanahan to stay 1 more year, if he fires Jim Haslett & Keith Burns.
how about we just give them Kyle Shanahan. We'll even throw in Keith Burns and Jim Haslett for free! 3 for 1 special!!!
I want Mike Shanahan fired. Get him out Fire his son too. Fire DC Jim Haslett. Fire STC Keith Burns fired as well. Just fire them all snyder
5 things to know after Chiefs rout Redskins 45-10 as a Washington DC Football fan: 1) Dan Snyder is a rich *** 2) Mike Shanahan is a richer *** than he was four years ago. 3) Kyle Shanahan is an *** with an Offensive Coordinator headset on 4) Keith Burns is an accomplished traffic engineer, albeit in the wrong business. 5) Jim Haslett is an *** with a Defensive Coordinator headset on.
Both Shanahans must go and Jim Haslett, and Keith Burns...HTTR!
Harry Bao-Bao Hall Dum de dum dum DUMB! WHICH REALLY SUCK? Mike Shanahan might be cleaning out his office for good this time. With rumors of Shanahan's exit swirling, the Washington Redskins imploded in a 45-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Shanahan's squad was a disaster in every facet of the game. Speculation has him interested in the Houston job. If Texans owner Bob McNair sees the tape of this game, Shanahan won't be on the list of candidates once he's shown the door in Washington. Here's what else we learned in Sunday's game: 1. CBS broadcast Solomon Wilcots called the Redskins' special teams the POOREST display he's ever seen. They went on to allow a kickoff return for a TOUCHDOWN after that statement. Special teams coordinator Keith Burns' unit has been an UNMITIGATED DISASTER ALL SEASON . Tight end Niles Paul suggested earlier in the season that players aren't buying in to Burns' coaching. 2. Shanahan said he only pulled Robert Griffin III for Kirk Cousins in the fourth quarter becaus ...
Didn't think it could get any worse but it can! Ridiculous!!! Kyle Shanahan and Keith Burns has got to go!
-Keith Burns might want an apology by games end...
Wisdom Martin said he'd fire Kyle Shanahan, Jim Haslett, and Keith Burns, but keep Mike Shanahan. Oh OK.
Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan refuses to blame special teams coach Keith Burns for the unit's struggles
Fans we will have yo re-visit the evaluation of Keith Burns @ the end of the season. | Redskins Journal:
Keith Burns will take over for Danny Smith
.is reporting that have hired former Ast. ST coach Keith Burns for ST Coach job, vacated by Danny Smith.
the locker room i came to in the league had Shannon Sharpe and Keith Burns, Jimmy Spencer. they held no punches
Got the yard and gutters cleaned yesterday with My daughter Leigh. Went to Brian Scott EMT graduation last night which was great! Church this morning and to lunch with and Keith Burns and Michele Musick Burns, cooked and cut a turkey for tonight and closing the pool this afternoon. All that is left is to start putting up the Christmas lights on the house tomorrow. I love spending time at home with my family! Especially the lovely Dawn Musick Scott!
Celebrity Birthdays November: 16: Actor Steve Railsback is 67. Actor David Leisure ("Empty Nest") is 62. Actress Marg Helgenberger is 54. Drummer Mani of Stone Roses is 50. Country singer-guitarist Keith Burns of Trick Pony is 49. Jazz singer Diana Krall is 48. Guitarist Dave Kushner of Velvet Revolver is 46. Actress Lisa Bonet is 45. Actress Tammy Lauren is 44. Singer Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd is 43. Actress Martha Plimpton is 42. Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal is 35. Singer Trevor Penick (O-Town) is 33. Singer Siva Kaneswaran of The Wanted is 24. Actor Noah Gray-Cabey ("Heroes," "My Wife and Kids") is 17.
the thud you just heard was my jaw hitting the floor... is he bringing in Paul Hackett to coach the receivers? Keith Burns as DC?
Shot pool with Brad Fyfe and Keith Burns tonight at the Ale House... I didn't shoot very well but I had a good time :) Thai spice on chicken wings is good stuff :P (I ate too many lol)
Keith Burns, formerly of Trick Pony has formed a new duo with Michelle Poe, who used to sing backup for Dierks Bentley
Me, Keith Burns (Trick Pony) and Jim Peterik (he wrote Eye Of The Tiger) after writing. Great dudes, great experience
Nothing better than cooking Garlic Shrimp and garlic bread for my wonderful baby! Luv you Keith Burns!
FireMarine38 (Keith Burns)Get the best price on this beautiful ipod touch!
Now on iTunes and Amazon! Here's the official video for the Dallas Cowboys song "Cowboy Stomp" - with Cowboy Troy, Keith Burns, Michelle Poe, and featuring t...
Join Michael Britt, Daniel Kelley, and Keith Burns, a.k.a. The Special Delivery Band tonight as we kick off the over the hump to the weekend party at Cockeyed Charlie's SportsBar.starting at 9. The newest hippest trendy place to be on the West Side!!! Hope to see ya out!!!
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