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Keir Dullea

Keir Dullea (born May 30, 1936) is an American actor best known for the character of astronaut David Bowman, whom he portrayed in the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey and in 1984's 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

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it would be neat if you bring Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood in honor of the 50th anniversary of…
📷 orwell: Keir Dullea photographed by Dmitri Kessel on the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey
Keir Dullea from 2001 Space Odyssey looked dead up just like my ex wow
Like the old saying, Keir Dullea gone tomorrow.😄
Tonight on is Keir Dullea night! One of the talented and legendary actors both stage and screen whom I had the oppor…
I wasn't able to see DAVID AND LISA at 2017 but I saw handsome-as-ever Keir Dullea on the red carpet. Tonight at…
I hope he's had a fulfilling career and a happy life, but I have to say, in a just world, Keir Dull…
"I was glad to get the role in 2001, because for years I had only played sensitive young boys with emotional proble…
A young Keir Dullea would have been perfect as R. Daneel Olivaw.
It's Keir Dullea night on TCM. My DIRECTV NOW app on the Roku doesn't care, and is acting all buggy.
Keir Dullea's performance vs HAL really holds ups. Even more so in the silences. .
Young Keir Dullea and Janet Margolin in DAVID & LISA (1962). Haven't seen this until now!
Keir Dullea actually looks younger now in real life than the age makeup used on him in this movie,
Keir Dullea's performance as David Bowman in 2001 is one of my very favorite in all of film, for some reason
Keir Dullea is really good at intensely staring
Keir Dullea is so nice to look at. ❤️
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It occurs to me that I've been in the same room as Keir Dullea (at a screening of DAVID AND LISA :).
Don't miss the Keir Festival tonight!!. Before it goes Dullea!
Keir Dullea was a cutie back then lol. If I had a time machine, I'd go after him + Rod Serling. 💕😍
Stanley Kubrick directs Keir Dullea on the set of '2001: A Space Odyssey' (1968).
Currently sitting in Birmingham Airport waiting for Keir Dullea from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Kubrick never explained the ending to us, or what his intentions were.
SET LIST for stage. SAT 19th . 12pm Keir Dullea & Gary Lockwood. The is open, got a Q?…
For me the most moving moment came when I first started working on 20...
Keir Dullea is my ideal guy, he's 80 now but it's okay (turning back to Space Odyssey times)
I think the life we are living now is just a blink in the eye of eter...
When Noel Coward was introduced to the actor, Keir Dullea, he replied, rather cruelly, "Gone tomorrow."
Wish I could see this! Am a fan or Harlan Ellison, who created this show. Didn't know it starred Keir Dullea.
I'm half-way thru this treasure of a conversation: Keir Dullea + Gary Lockwood talking about 2001. Thx
Underwhelming actor Keir Dullea was in both 2001 and Brave New World. Holla.
You feel like Keir Dullea after the explosive bolts went to work.
"2001:A Space Odyssey"=Gary Lockwood (Frank), Keir Dullea (David) and Stanley Kubrick in amazing view of set...
That was the first one I've ever gone to. Also met Graham Greene, Keir Dullea & Gary Lockwood of
Photo: humanoidhistory: Keir Dullea on the set of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
Mia Farrow, Keir Dullea, Tom Conti and the ghosts of children. Can't beat that!
It's funny, Keir Dullea looks less old now than his old self does at the end of 2001.
Meet stars Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood from 2001: A Space Odyssey at
The informs: . Meet stars Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood hailed director from 2001: A…
If you look closely you can briefly catch both Jodie Foster and Keir Dullea during the interdimensional travel sequence of interstellar.
Great day at today. Met Nichole Nicholls, Terry Carter, Keir Dullea, Gary Lockhart and Sylvester McCoy for autographs.
HENRi is an epic sci-fi short film starring Keir Dullea (2001: A Space Odyssey) and Margot Kidder (Superman).
Gary Lockwood with Keir Dullea . in "2001: A Space Odyssey" . by Stanley Kubrick
Video on Demand now available for a Talk with actors Keir Dullea and Mia Dillion at Buck’s County Playhouse
Keir Dullea and Mia Dillon answer the call for On Golden Pond at Bucks County Playhouse
Photo Flash: In Rehearsal with Keir Dullea and Mia Dillon for ON GOLDEN POND at Bucks County Playhouse: The re...
Photo: humanoidhistory: Keir Dullea as astronaut Dave Bowman in a movie still that came packaged with a...
Keir Dullea, the lead actor in 2001, is now 78. He looks really good for that age.
There was no CGI in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968 movie), Keir Dullea says. Pretty amazing, groundbreaking stuff for that time.
Keir Dullea: not dead. 78 years old though.
Discovery Astronauts Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood are now on pre-order in one sixth at the Lair.
SVU on USA: 'Justice' - The detectives investigate the rape/murder of a woman whose stepfather is a judge (Keir Dullea) known for his hars..
Soderbergh remixes 2001 A Space Odyssey says Kubrick would di..-Keir Dullea in 2001 A Space Odyssey directed by ..
Keir Dullea & Olivia Hussey's characters are talking mature and then they're not.
Photoset: popfilm: ◼  Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea reunite with HAL, and recreate the iconic scene from...
Holiday tales to be shared by Keir Dullea and area actors - NewsTimes via
Got the thrill to meet Keir Dullea during a Q&A for 2001.Signed a book.Got to one to one briefly. Awesome.
Check out Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood on why 2001: A Space Odyssey is such an enduring classic. . Screening 30 Dec.
Here is the micro budget film we made with Keir Dullea, Mia Dillon, Sachi Parker, John Augustine, Siri Baruc and...
Cor, I've got a little crush on Keir Dullea. Not sure if it's his eyes or that fabulous beard
totally not. Keir Dullea is pretty great in it too.
Meet the star of Keir Dullea & ask him any ?s you have about the movie, his career or Mr. Kubrick.
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Live at 3pm. 2001: A Space Odyssey in discussion with Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood
Top 5 discoveries about 2001: A Space Odyssey from Keir Dullea’s AMA!
Reminds me when I sat on Keir Dullea's lap two years ago. 😉
Keir Dullea looks amazing with that white beard & that voice! Would love to see him in cinema again. My Life in Science Fiction
Keir Dullea came to a play I was in in 1986. After the show, I was told he was there. Never got to meet, but saw him exit. So close!
"In a way, HAL is the most alive character, and that was intentional." - Keir Dullea on 2001: A Space Odyssey
Just back from 2001 (the film, not the year). Never noticed before how star child has Keir Dullea's exact lips
Get your questions ready for 'Dave' from 2001: A Space Odyssey! Keir Dullea is doing a tmrw, 2PM GMT.
In my kitchen, processing the fact that I just spent an hour chatting about 2001 with Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea! :-) …
I have hots for Keir Dullea in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Suspect HAL did too. Made spacesuits sexy.
Some swine beat me to the last seat for the showing of 2001 tomorrow with Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood
This is a recent video of Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood talking about 2001!
Actually, on November 27 I was busy talking 2001: A Space Odyssey with Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood.
In the week of its UK re-release, 2001: A Space Odyssey stars Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood explain the sci-fi...
Wonderful chat with the legends Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood. 2001 is back on big screen from tomorrow - do go see it
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Yes, that's me looking very happy with Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood, the stars of
Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood thrilled to see BFI re-release of 2001: A Space Odyssey
New odyssey: Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood thrilled at 2001: A Space Odyssey re-release
The original Black Christmas starring Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder & John Saxon was released today in 1974
And yet the cast includes Peter Fonda, Britt Ekland and Keir Dullea.
Keir Dullea, Gareth Edwards, Brian Blessed, Terry Gilliam and the cast of Blake's Seven!
Did anyone see Evacuate Earth on the National Geographic Channel? A neutron star is detected heading for Earth, and we have 75 years to design and build a ship to carry 250,000 people to a planet around Barnard's Star which is six light years away. Also found out Keir Dullea will be in a movie called Space Station 76 with Patrick Wilson and Liv Tyler.
Great pics of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick. 2001: A Space Odyssey, tonight at 7.30pm with guests Keir Dullea & Gary Lockwood live on stage for a very special Q&A:
So by midday today i met: John DiMaggio, Jeremy Shada and Hyden Walch (Adventure Time) Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood (2001: A Space Odyssey) And Veronica Taylor (Ash from Pokémon and April O'Neill from the Ninja Turtles)
Keir Dullea as Peter in "Black Christmas", (1974) Black Christmas (also released under the titles Silent Night, Evil Night, and Stranger in the House[1][2]) is a 1974 Canadian independent horror film directed by Bob Clark and written by A. Roy Moore. It stars Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder, Andrea Martin, Marian Waldman and John Saxon. The story follows a group of sorority sisters who are stalked and murdered over Christmas vacation by a killer hiding in their sorority house. It was inspired by the urban legend of "The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs", but was also largely based on a series of murders that took place in Quebec, Canada around Christmas time. Was he...or WASN'T he...the slasher ???
2010: The Year We Make Contact MPAA Rating: PG/ Genre: Sci-Fi/ Stars: Roy Scheider, John Lithgow, Helen Mirren, Bob Balaban, Keir Dullea; Voice of: Douglas Rain/ Runtime: 116 minutes There are films for which if a sequel is made from them it often seems either unnecessary or downright impossible, and while Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey would initially seem to fit into the latter of the two categories it seems that with the mysteries left by its ending, it certainly left viewers (and readers of the novel by Arthur C Clarke) wanting answers. So when Clarke wrote his own sequel to it, published in 1982, it was perhaps only a matter of time before it would grace the screen, and two years later, 2010 (later to be given the subtitle "The Year We Make Contact") was released and while it is a much different film than its predecessor it still is an enjoyable film in its own right. The plot is as follows: nine years have passed since the loss of the Discovery near Io and while the ship is stil ...
I just show my 10 year old daughter 2001: A Space Odyssey, in preparation for Keir Dullea's visit this Friday Night to the Saint Augustine Film Festival. Keir will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award Friday, Jan 17, 7;30pm, Lewis Auditorium. We will show a montage of his films and then Jessica Clark of First Coast News will present the Award. That will be followed by Australia's submission to the Oscars, THE ROCKET. THE ROCKET Laos / 2013 / 96 min / Laotian w/English sub-titles Laos: A boy (Ahlo, 10), who is believed to bring bad luck, is blamed for a string of disasters. When his family loses their home and are forced to move, Ahlo meets the spirited orphan Kia (9) and her eccentric uncle Purple: an ex-soldier with a purple suit, a rice-wine habit and a fetish for James Brown. Struggling to hang on to his father's trust, Ahlo leads his family, Purple and Kia through a land scarred by war in search of a new home. But bad luck seems to follow Ahlo, and in a last plea to prove he's not cursed, Ahlo desp .. ...
"Black Christmas" (1974) starring Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder, John Saxon and Andrea Martin is a classic Canadian slasher that is low on the gore but high on the suspense.
The flavors one finds in this cup of Yuletide sneer may seem familiar--an "old dark house" (sorority house, that is) for a setting; numerous young victims-in-waiting; a psychotic stalker/killer waiting in the wings; and everything from a "don't go in the basement" moment to the camera giving us the prowler's-eye-view--but it is all effectively rendered with considerable skill. For good measure, this holiday horror came along from Canada a full four years before Michael Myers made a mess of Haddonfield's Hallows' eves. It's an R-rated outing featuring Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder and John Saxon, with the warning that, if you don't want to get decked in the halls (or elsewhere) then kiddies, you better WATCH OUT!
Just found out that the legendary Keir Dullea, star of Stanley Kubrick's 1968 classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, will be coming to town next month to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. The event begins at 6:00 PM on Saturday, January 18 at Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale with a 45th anniversary showing of 2001 on the big screen! Then a Q&A moderated by author and film historian Foster Hirsch, Professor of Film History at Brooklyn College. No way I will miss this one. More details as they come in...
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[My Movie of the Week: Trivia] The Graduate (1967) - Did you know? Some of the actors considered for the lead role of Benjamin Braddock included Robert Redford, Charles Grodin, Warren Beatty, Burt Ward, Jack Nicholson, Lee Stanley, Steve McQueen, George Peppard, George Hamilton, Anthony Perkins, Keir Dullea, Brandon De Wilde and Michael Parks.
Debra Winger last week. Keir Dullea this week. This is a pretty amazing show!
This Friday night on "Up Late with Alec Baldwin" his guests are Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood talking 2001: a Space Odyssey.
Got here late last night but CHILLER THEATRE is awesome so far . Hung with Mikey Plague for a bit sharing war stories and talked shop . Got my Black Christmas insert signed bt Keir Dullea , Twins of Evil british quad signed by Damien Thomas , Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde by Martine Beswick , House of Hammer book signed by Kate O'Mara and the previous two , Ken Foree signed my Dawn of the Dead one sheet ... Today is Ace Frehley and Dennis Dunaway . Jill Shoelen still looks hot . I will be handing Ralph Machio a Blowrods cd . Kobra Kai ! After party in my room .
FYI Alec Baldwin's new show (Up Late) on MSNBC is going to have Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood as his guests next week.
Alec Baldwin will be interviewing Gary Lockwood & Keir Dullea about 2001 on his new MSNBC show next Friday
Last Night Horror Movie Review: The Haunting of Julie 1977 R 98mins Starring: Mia Farrow, Keir Dullea, Tom Conti Director: Richard Loncraine After the death of her daughter, Julia Lofting, a wealthy housewife, moves to London to re-start her life. All seems well until she is haunted by the sadness of losing her own child and the ghosts of other children. A true 1970's horror flick! Love Mai Farrow in roles like this, she pulls you in. Love the storyline and what it could have been if it wouldn't have been pulled together instead of random ramblings pulled out of thin air. Why was the girl evil, what was the thing about the heater (they show that a number of times) why kill off the people that had nothing to do with anything.I feel it was a missed opportunity of a true haunting story. But I still love the classics so I give this movie 2.5 Goosebumps out of 5. you just have to love the oldies. : )
Man, I love but how much would it suck if it weren't for the amazing chemistry between Keir Dullea & Gary Lockwood? Right?
And I didn't even put Peter Fonda (heard he's not so nice), Keir Dullea, Ken Page, John Savage and Katey Sagal on the "must" list.
Watching a very creepy and disturbing horror classic called FULL CIRCLE. It's from 1977 and stars Mia Farrow and Keir Dullea.
Every time I see Andrea Martin I think of her in the scary "Black Christmas" with Keir Dullea and Olivia Hussey. And SCTV of course.
Once again, Noel Coward was wrong all along, "Keir Dullea, gone tomorrow"...Oh, *** no! In my rendition, it's "Keir Dullea forever!" Happy Birthday to one of my favorite actors in film, TV and theater! I'm going to have my own Keir Dullea movie marathon! Keir Dullea Forever!
The complete trailer for the awesome 1974 Canadian thriller starring Olivia Hussey, Margot Kidder, Andrea Martin, Keir Dullea and John Saxon. 'If this movie ...
Good points: cinematography, Gunner Wright (who looks eerily like Keir Dullea in some scenes), music.
Carefull not mistaking it for MGM's De Sade, that came out the same year & starring Keir "2001 Space Odyssey" Dullea.
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Just found out from Keir Dullea's wife that Keir and will be in a film together. This may be the best news I've heard all week.
Except for Armie Hammer’s aged makeup. He looked plasticky, like Keir Dullea in 2001.
Black Christmas starring Keir Dullea and Olivia Hussey? Ok, where can I get this film?
directed by David Lowell Rich starring Lana Turner, John Forsythe, Ricardo Montalban, John Van Dreelen and Constance Bennett... also appearing in this video ...
"Keir Dullea, gone tomorrow" is what Noel Coward is alleged to have said to/of Dullea on the set of Bunny Lake is Missing.
In space no one can hear you scream, especially if you're screaming, "Open the pod bay doors, Hal!"
Classic Photo: Keir Dullea and Stanley Kubrick on set of 2001 A Space Odyssey.
I had been thinking of Keir Dullea, but I think it would be very stressful for him, always worrying what HAL is up to.
I'm grateful to the documentary on the late Stuart Freeborn for teaching me at last how to pronounce the name "Keir Dullea."
RIP Stuart Freeborn... he created Yoda, Chewbacca, 2001 apes, Dr Strangelove, Fagin, Jabba the Hutt, BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI, Finney's Poirot and the make-up effects for SUPERMAN THE MOVIE. My step-mother looked after Stuart and his wife for a while and was able to regale some tales of his utter humbleness as well as kindly pass on to me some bits and bobs he was going to bin when downsizing, including never-seen-before photo tests with Peter Sellers for DR STRANGELOVE, Keir Dullea's make-up checks for 2001 and, curiously, a little something from Diana Dors.
sci-fi short film overload - - Keir Dullea and Margot Kidder star. Want a sneak peek of the trailer?
Here's Guy Berryman, likely the product of another Medea Figner grandchild + first cousin Keir Dullea. Inbreeding, eh?
Only 3 more chances to catch Anthony Arkin, Keir Dullea and Carol Kane in THE EXONERATED Come on by!
Actors Don Murray and Keir Dullea will introduce a rare big screen showing of their 1961 filmThe Hoodlum Priestat the landmark Loew's Jersey City Theatre on Sunday, November 18. Murray will then introduceBus Stopin which he co-starred with Marilyn Monroe. For more detailsclick here
In the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Believing they're talking in private, Bowman (Keir Dullea) and Poole (Gary Lockwood) discuss disconnecting the Hal 9000 computer, but they don't realize Hal can read their lips.
Anway Mukherjee dekh ei chhobit te Keir Dullea looks so much like Jim Parsons
I just watched 1962's "David and Lisa" with Keir Dullea and Janet Margolin. I saw this just before I left for New York. I had been working at the Cameo Playhouse on Santa Monica Blvd. and had auditioned for Solly Baiano at Warner Brothers and thought I was going to be the next new star like Keir Dullea - - - - What happened? In some ways I think it was better to end up my way. But Dullea was beautiful and talented. Oh well, I wax nostalgic in my old age. Nite all.
Everything I know is wrong: Just found out that it is not Ed Harris that stars in 2001: A Space Odyssey but some guy called Keir Dullea.
Directed by Stanley Kubrick. With Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester, Daniel Richter. Humanity finds a mysterious, obviously artificial, object buried beneath the Lunar surface and, with the intelligent computer H.A.L. 9000, sets off on a quest.
As much as I love Guy Pearce, wouldn't it have been great if Keir Dullea played his part?
Famous film names born today -Duncan jones son of Bowie-Mel ' what's up doc' Blanc and Keir Dullea the doomed star of 2001 Space Odyssey
don't know if you have seen this before but Bud Cort and Keir Dullea!
Keir Dullea looks a lot like Michael Fassbender here.
Michael Kelly (dir.) and actors Nick Stevenson, Jonah Young and the inimitable Keir Dullea.
An obvious one, for film buffs, is Alec Guinness in "Oliver Twist". Also, just came to me, Keir Dullea at the end of "2001".
2001: A Space Odyssey Movie, Science Fiction. (1968) Keir Dullea. Supercomputer HAL 9000 guides astronauts on a trip to find the origins of humans. Wow. Gotta be the worst description of that movie, ever. Makes it sound like HAL is leading a merry band on a great adventure.
Tickets on sale now for 'Morning's At Seven' reading with Frank Converse, Keir Dullea, Ed Herrmann.
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